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Defrauding Americans for a Living
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Binary options fraud flourished in Israel for years before the industry was gradually outlawed by the Knesset which first made binary options illegal only for Israeli investors. Finally, in 2017 the Knesset managed to ban the sale of binary options altogether (with a three month grace period). The legislation followed superb investigative reporting by The Times of Israel that began with a March 2016 article entitled “The Wolves of Tel Aviv.” At its peak, thousands of Israelis were employed by hundreds of Israeli companies engaged in the fraud.

Despite the fact that an Israeli industry was defrauding Americans and Europeans, the American and European press have remained quiet about it. The US media has barely reported on the FBI’s arrest or the trial of Lee Elbaz, CEO of Yukom Communications Ltd, an Israeli company accused of defrauding American investors out of millions of dollars. Maybe it is too much for the American MSM to advertise that a state that is pumped with billions of dollars of American taxpayers’ money gives little in return and ran an industry designed to separate Americans from their savings.

Apparently the Hebrew press also ignored the issue. Maybe this is because, after spring 2016, only non Israelis were being defrauded. Perhaps the Israeli press was intimidated. After breaking the story, The Times of Israel was subjected to a ‘welter of legal and illegal threats’ and intimidation some of which were delivered by Israel’s most prestigious law firms no doubt paid for by the billions scammed.

The Times of Israel once again brought to our attention the trial of Lee Elbaz that is presently before a jury in Maryland.

The Times of Israel reports that in closing arguments on August 1, prosecutor L. Rush Atkinson described Elbaz as someone who lied to investors about their chances of making money and lied about their ability to withdraw money once they had deposited it. If an investor came to understand that he had been duped or wanted his money returned for whatever reason, his money was suddenly unavailable.

A defense attorney said Elbaz did not condone the fraudulent tactics used by employees who worked under her supervision. Federal prosecutors alleged that far from being unaware of the fraud her employees were committing, Elbaz directed her sales agents to lie over the phone in addition to lying herself.

“In her own words, she was ‘a money-making machine.’ She was the center of a devastating fraud,” Atkinson said. “Her workers couldn’t remember a single client who withdrew the money they invested,” he added.

Elbaz’s defense attorney Barry Pollack displayed some pilpul* sophistry suggesting in his closing argument that being a “money-making machine” is not a crime.

Pollack is correct, some would even argue that making money is a mitzvah, yet making money by means of fraud is a crime even when the American press is too embarrassed to report about it.

Pollack argued that Elbaz had drawn that line at a place she thought was proper, based on a ‘legal opinion’ offered by David Bitton, lawyer for Yukom Communications. Bitton had opined that under Israeli law it is not illegal for a business to lie unless that lie is specifically about the product they are selling. Did Bitton affirm that lying for the cause is a kosher procedure, at least in Israel? You can sell products under fake name. You can fake your credential and even invent your past as long as you don’t lie about your (non existent) product.

Asked by her attorney whether she thought it was wrong to use a fake name when interacting with investors, Elbaz replied: “No. I saw a legal opinion that it was allowed and I was asked by the broker to do it and also not to say we are from Israel; some people don’t like it [for anti-Semitic reasons].”

For those with short memories, this is the second time we’ve learned this month that Jews should be allowed to lie about their identity and even fake their passports because of anti-Semitism. ‘Explaining’ the fake Passport found in Jeffrey Epstein’s house his defense lawyer Marc Fernich wrote: “Some Jewish-Americans were informally advised at the time to carry identification bearing a non-Jewish name when traveling internationally in case of hijacking.”

“Did you know your employees used fake names?” prosecuting attorney Henry Van Dyck asked. “We were asked by our broker not to expose Israeli names, and anti-Semitic-wise we are Jewish, working with people who don’t like it.”

“Some names are difficult to pronounce,” she added, offering this as another reason that employees used what she referred to as stage names.

“Why did Austin Smith need a fake name?” asked Van Dyck. “What about Oren Montgomery?”

“It’s hard to pronounce,” she replied.

“Harder to pronounce than Bill Shneizer?” he asked, referring to the pseudonym used by an employee named Oren Montgomery.

Prosecutor Caitlin Cottingham said that far from being harmless lies, the fake names and locations Elbaz and other used were essential to the alleged scheme, and used for a simple reason. “They used fake names because they didn’t want to get caught,” she said.

Or maybe the Israeli employees were asked to hide their Jewish names, not because their clients were potentially ‘anti-Semitic’ but because this entire operation evokes bad memories of the wolves of Wall Street.

* Pilpul – a method of Talmudic disputation among rabbinical scholars regarding the interpretation of notions, actions, rules, principles and Scriptures.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, Fraud, Israel 
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  1. An interesting article. Hopefully binary options will not resurface in other forms.

  2. Betting on an binary outcome.
    Neither investing nor speculating nor hedging.
    When the Mob runs a similar scheme, it is illegal and immoral.
    Israelis run it and [crickets].
    Madoff’s crime was in his fellow Jews incurring losses.

  3. Criminal predation on out-groups is actually highly functional among fanatical fringe sects. Mormons do it too. It gives unskilled lumpen an easy job as long as the trust norms of the out-group can be exploited, and after that it helps group cohesion. The consequences of Jewish crime promote animus that the Zionist cult leaders can use to induce a siege mentality.

    Here is the limiting factor.

    Go ahead, drop a 100 MT airburst on Tel Aviv. That’s 1960s-vintage throwweight. Play with the altitude and see how easy it is to put a stop to this shit. That’s probably what it will come to, because Israel’s not a rational culture. It’s a death cult.

  4. Rick says:

    High functioning gypsies.

    • LOL: Nodwink
  5. Angharad says:

    Americans have been the blood supply, in every way, for Israel, even before Israel existed.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  6. @Bruce Arney

    ‘…Hopefully binary options will not resurface in other forms.’

    It will. The fundamental requirements are people willing to engage in fraud and a government prepared to condone it.

    Have either of these conditions changed?

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Hibernian
  7. Lot says:
    @Colin Wright

    No fraud elsewhere huh? May I interest you in some Herbalife?

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  8. @Lot

    ‘No fraud elsewhere huh? May I interest you in some Herbalife?’

    Huh. Herbalife took in ten billion a year, did it? What was the foreign government that connived with it? For how long?

    Whoever it was, they would have been as criminal as Israel, wouldn’t they? Should we treat them the same?

  9. @Bruce Arney

    ‘An interesting article. Hopefully binary options will not resurface in other forms.’

    In fact, now that Israel was finally forced to shut these operations down, it’s my understanding that the same firms and the same personnel are just exploring other possible operations.

    The beat goes on. You can take the boy out of the country, but…

  10. @Nose Fulla Nickels

    Go ahead, drop a 100 MT airburst on Tel Aviv. That’s 1960s-vintage throwweight. Play with the altitude and see how easy it is to put a stop to this shit. That’s probably what it will come to, because Israel’s not a rational culture. It’s a death cult.

    I’d rather imagine that there are some people in the vicinity of Israel who are unhappy with the past few decades, but do nothing because of US military capabilities. By the same token, it seems likely that at least some if Israel’s available deterance would be used, possibly in a preventative war. A standard form of attack would be to destroy port infrastructure and any large scale irrigation infrastructure with nuclear fire and let the dependent populations starve. Not good.

    Point? Something like this could happen if the US loses its capacity to support expeditionary forces or (as it already has in part) loses its capacity to formulate and enforce a productive strategy using these expeditionary forces. US misgovernment and resulting domestic problems have larger consequences than are generally realized.


  11. 10, very true, Mr. CoIn. Another implication: since Israel leads the USG around by the nose, everybody can spare a nuke to encourage The Jewish State to bring their good offices to bear and calm things down. Israel’s a one-nuke laydown. To decapitate the US command structure you can blow up Langley, the Farm, Camp Swampy, No Man’s Island, every fusion center, and a multiplicity of specialized bunkers. Or you can just canoe it, nuke Tel Aviv.

  12. Binary options themselves are not a scam.

    Pointless gambling on things one doesn’t know much about – yes, but scam – no.

    The problem was those folks (almost) always finding excuses to avoid paying those who gambled and won.

  13. anon[683] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nose Fulla Nickels

    Roger-dodger. Problem with that…

    One other purpose of Israeli nuclear weapons, not often stated, but obvious, is their “use” on the United States.

    Warner D. Farr, “The Third Temple’s Holy of Holies: Israel’s Nuclear Weapons.” Counterproliferation Paper No. 2, USAF Counterproliferation Center, Air War College, September 1999

    Why do you think they got those German submarines?

    Operation Sampson: Israel’s Deployment of Nuclear Missiles on Subs from Germany

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  14. Anyway, maybe you can’t keep a good dog down. The last legislation Atzmon references was passed in 2017. This is what The Times of Israel has to say about it.

    ‘…The law that passed on Monday was a constrained version of the draft law that was introduced earlier this year. The original bill would not only have banned the entire binary options industry, but also forex and CFD companies that operate from Israel without a license. It was subsequently watered down to apply narrowly to binary options. Critics have charged that this creates a loophole and that, with the new law in place, fraudulent binary options companies can simply tweak the product they offer and continue to operate…’

    So remember, folks. If that nice salesman on the phone doesn’t sound like he could possibly be a Nigerian, he could be calling from Israel.

  15. Not to forget Agora Inc of Baltimore with their CIA and City of London and Israeli connecctions such as Technion University connected Pluristem biotech fraud that Agora’s James Dale Davidson and the old CIA CARLYLE PATRICE LUMAMBA MURDER SUSPECT FRANK CARLUCCIC BOTH HELD LOTS OF SHARES IN…….. I looked for this,my blog post of 2017 re binary options after this post frrom Gilad reminded me of it but I think Google disappeared it as they often do.

    Monday, June 5, 2017
    BINARY OPTIONS ISRAEL WIKIPEDIA – Jimbo Wales Wikipedia Promoted Naked Short Selling Lie Of CIA James Dale Davidson’s AGORA INC AS WELL

    Note dailyreckoning.con also promoting Israeli ‘binary options’ scam against Americans is part of Bill Bonner’s,James Dale Davidson’s,Porter Stansberry’s,’s Agora Inc of Baltimore that the corrupt U.S. SEC and CIA protect.It also has ties to financial elite including Rothschild connections of the City of London…….They also have promoted bitcoins of course.It was Jimbo Wales’ Wikipedia that removed all I compiled on Davidson some years back and claimed he was just a business writer etc…..

    Exactly How ‘Pickpocket’ Trading Works – The Daily Reckoning – UK …
    Feb 23, 2017 – PLUS: Using binary options to bet on gold. Places are being snapped up for our new trading service launched earlier. Get the details here.

    ‘Wikipedia vs. Banc De Binary: A 3-year battle against binary options ‘fake news’Binary options fraudsters employ experts to outwit Google, create laudatory news sites, engage on social media — anything to encourage new victims and keep the truth from coming out. One key battlefield: The online encyclopedia……’ – The Times of Israel

    Note that in fact Jimbo Wales alleged Wikipedia founder had been involved in internet porn as well as the Chicago Mercantile Eschange before Wikipedia and has aided AND ABETTED A NUMBER OF FRAUDULANT COMPANIES TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES AND THEIR WORTHLESS SHARES ON WIKIPEDIA

  16. @Nose Fulla Nickels

    I’m hoping Russia and China form a jointly owned company that leases intermediate range nuclear-tipped missles to countries that are targets of Israel’s agression.

    Maximum one hundred missles per country, payment by commodies accepted, and a dead-man’s hand launch system available as an option.

    Priced reasonably.

  17. Some folks have no soul … and, from this article and the links to articles cited, it would appear that israelis are prime examples of just such creatures of darkness.

    In one of the cites, the explanation for why some in israel wanted to cut down on this fraud was because it made jews look bad — especially in light of the growing BSD movement in the United States. NOT because the whole flock of these folks had absolutely no redeeming social value — NOT because what they were engaged in was a massive fraud — but ONLY because they got caught at it — which, in one of the articles, was listed as the jews’ 11th commandment — thou shalt not get caught.

    It’s just like the jew who recently wrote online about how jeffrey epstein and all of the other jewish sex offenders are making jews look bad — NOT that they’re doing anything totally criminal to young, underage females — but because they’ll look bad and maybe someone will once again get sick and tired of them and want some of them to actually be punished for their sickening and depraved behavior and culture that tolerates it as a badge of honor.

    • Agree: druid55
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  18. anarchyst says:

    Look up the “samson option” which is a threat by Israel to detonate a nuke in any city around the world, No delivery systems are needed as Israel’s nukes are already “in place” in cities around the world. Israel’s choice of “targets” will be Chicago, Los Angeles, or internationally Rome or Brussels. This is the main reason why Israel will not allow inspection of its nukes. It could not produce them as they are scattered around the world.

  19. anarchyst says:
    @Anthony Aaron

    Jews are of the only group that lacks a moral component. Jews are very amoral, think nothing of screwing a “goy” out of money, possessions, or even reputation or life. You see, the jewish talmud elevates the jew above all others, “goyim” being “livestock with souls, created only to serve the jew”.
    This amorality is a critical component in jewish life and is partially responsible for jewish successes. When one does not possess a moral compass that defines and separates “right from wrong” THAT in itself gives the jew greater latitude to “get what he wants” as there are “no limits” on what a jew may do to gain the advantage in just about any situation. The lack of a moral component within jewish life is a major reason for jewish supremacy in civilized societies.

  20. Hibernian says:
    @Colin Wright

    Also victims willing to fall for it.

  21. UPDATE: Lee Elbaz was found guilty, up to 60 years behind bars, She will have plenty of time to discuss dirty tricks with Epstein, Madoff and a few other prominent predators and fraudsters…

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  22. @anarchyst

    I do not know about Jews as a group but it is true that Judaism lacks ethics. It replaces ethics with a body of mitzvoth. The pious Jew is expected to follow the law rather than producing a ethical judgments … It may as well be possible that this is the core of the problem. Accordingly we are talking about legislation as opposed to morality…

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  23. @Gilad Atzmon

    ‘…The pious Jew is expected to follow the law rather than producing a ethical judgments …’

    To be fair, this is to some extent a universal human problem.

    General Dyer had posted notices banning public assemblies — therefore he was justified in shooting down hundreds of trapped women and children in Amritsar.

    America doesn’t torture people — but it’s quite alright if we send our prisoners off to others to torture them for us.

    Ironically, the Nazis — one would think a group free of the contagion of Judaism if anyone was — were perhaps the most egregious practitioners of this sin. Somehow, the vast majority of Hitler’s little helpers managed to convince themselves that what they were doing was really okay because…

    As so often, I return to the realization that it’s perhaps not that Judaism or Zionist or Jews themselves are vile in some way that others are not. It’s also at least partially that they’re just better at getting their way. There are a dozen groups that would be equally vile — if only they could figure out how.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  24. Tony Ryals says: • Website
    @Gilad Atzmon

    My most recent post regarding Israel and stock fraud against Americans posted by accident before it was ever finished and I was hoping you could delete it and replace it with this finished version.

    Long before the binary scam I was fighting Israeli stock frauds against Americans at the highest level of the Israeli government because a British Israeli named Michael Zwebner,previosly of the Camelot phone crd call scam in London, was running a penny stock scam registered as UCSY in Nevada while he lived and promoted the fraud claiming to make and sell ‘air to wate’ machines’ out of Miami.His friends Ehud Olmert who was Israel¡s Minister of Industry at the time and President Moshe Katsav later convicted of rape aided and abetted him.

    In 2004 Michael Zwebner took Wolf Blitzer and CNN to court in Florida for $100 million claiming THAT CNN AND BLITZER WERE RESPONSIBLE for damaging his reputation,(ha),because I was posting warnings about him using the alias wolfblitzzer0 on a sleazy penny stock message board promotion site called emailed Blitzer to him him of my real name and to expain that Zwebner was running a fraud selling worthless shares NOT ‘air water machines’.Even a sleaze Palestinian out of Hollywood named Mohamed Hadid was involved.As it turned out Blitzer and CNN being Israeli controlled had a vested interst like Zwebner in protecting Olmert and Katsav so they didn’t expose the scam and Zwebner continued his penny stock scams.

    In 2006 both Christopher Byron of the NY Post and then in response the N Times business blog wrote about me saying CIA connected stocks were being promoted by a boiler room company out of Kuala Lumpur called Bellador Group but they made sure to only mention my name and not the penny stock compaies or the CIA’s SRA International that I was blogging about so the NY Times could attack me and make sure not to mention SRA International a CIA that was IT company for the White House and even Charles Schwab’s anti-money laundering experts through their Mantis subsidiary.SRA more recently turned up as some kind of experts in the Guantanamo trial farse in Cuba and main stream media made sure not to mention their CIA connection and conflict of intersest..They were also recently purchased by the Crown family’s,’sGeneral Dynamics.


    Oh yeah.And now some Russian-Israeli oligarch, Michael Mirilashvili, is running a scam called watergen and claims to provide water from air for California firefighters and his been endosred by Trump’s EPA.AND YET IF THEY WORK AND THEY REALLY ARE THE HUMANITARIANS THEY PRESENT THEMSELVES TO BE WHY ARE THEY NOT TAKING THEIR MACHINE A FEW KILIOMETERS FROM ISRAEL TO PALESTINE AND PROVIDING FREE WATER FROM THE AIR TO THE PALESTINIANS WHO HAVE HAD THEIR WATER STOLEN FROM THEM BY ISRAEL ? Trump and U.S. Congress never explain to Americans that what they are really funding in Israel is the Russian mafia.

    As you can see Menachem Atzmon is mentioned in the indymedia post because ICTS International that played a still not so completely explained role in 9/11 was in my opinion also a stock fraud against American investors and so its contract to guard Logan Airport on 9/11 through its purchase of the Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops and their contract to guard Logan Airport Boston was purchased through stock fraud in my opinion.

    The Russian-Israeli billionaires embroiled in Israel’s latest corruption … › Israel News

    May 31, 2017 – Michael Mirilashvili, a 57-year-old Russian-Israeli billionaire and … Capital, Hoshen Argaman Diamonds and Water Gen, whose technologies extract potable water from the air. …. My Affair With Meyer Lansky, the Mobster.

    Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s American Crime Family: 9/11, WTC,’Orthodox Jews’,Stock Fraud,Gay Prostitutes and Death Threats

    Had Ehud Olmert been involved in Michael Zwebner’s multi-million or centi-million dollar swindle in Israel instead of the USA and had he profited from a stock fraud whose money went to harrass and intimidate and threaten the lives of Israeli citizens as he and his ‘business’ partners have done to Americans and to pay lawyers(with money from UCSY penny stock scam) in an attempt to suppress Americans Constutional rights to free speech and to hire male prostitutes – he may not have gotten off as lightly as his other partner in U.S. penny stock fraud and money laundering,ex Israeli President Moshe Katsav……….

  25. bjondo says:
    @Colin Wright

    There are a dozen groups that would be equally vile — if only they could figure out how.

    I am not well read.

    Is there another predatory group that has their
    vileness codified as a mandate from their god
    and their elders?

  26. I still get emails and even messages at sites from Nigerians wishing to invest or move money.. After so many years I dont read what they write once I know but it seems now they also name a few other countries in the area.

    Also it seems some even want to import hard to find items and ingredients used in production of drinks and such. Which was really hard to understand. But a business venture where I would buy it for $25k and sell it to him for $50k and he would bill his company $100k.. Sounds legit except for all the Nigerian scams before him.

  27. @anarchyst

    What a pile of crap. All humans are the same, every race has monsters and saint. Every religious group also. You know nothing about the Talmud so do not speak about it, your comments are ignorant.
    Look at Mr. Schadenfreude himself Gilad who takes special pleasure in the demise of Jews so morons like you can say stupid stuff.
    Why don’t you read about marquis de sade or French or any Aristocracy from the 17th and 18th centuries, where sex slaves were the norm, the younger the better.
    The Jews are a drop of the moral decay of ALL PEOPLES.
    The Jews just invented a desalination system which is preventing deaths by draught in all of Africa. They are the leading researchers in cancer research and Alzheimer researcnh, you fucking ignorant moron.
    Study history people are people with universal traits.

    • Replies: @Tony Ryals
    , @anarchyst
  28. @Fran Taubman

    Jews DIDN’T just invent a desalinization system any different than the others that are now polluting coasts around the world and Israeli desalinization systems are likely consuming as much fossil fuels in desalinating water as their Saudi allies,which is a LOT of energy.And even with all your alleged genius and water miracles the poor Palestinians wake everyday without hardly a drop tp drink or it’s contaminated while you if you are in Isra-hell are stealing and consuming all of their water then building more Jewish ticky tacks on their land to steal more of their water you canuse to flush your shit to the Jordan or the Miditeranean or nearest arroyo or wherever you flush your fowl shit to.

    Do you also think Russian-Israeli crime boss Michael Mirilashvili has solved the problem by magically getting water from the air just like the British Israeli sheister and pal of Olmert and rapist Iranian Israeli Moshe Katsav claimed to do ? Or what about the Israeli-Argeniane-Guatemalan Uri Roitaman?(suspect in the Israeli holocaust of the Maya in the 1980′), who sold his ‘magic water’ formula to the corrupt Israeli controlled Guatemalan government to ‘clean’ Lake Amatitlan by his secret formula that turned out to be salt ! Probably salt from all that toxic pile Israel is producing by it’s ‘magic desalinization’ whose miraculous benefits somehow never trickle down to any Palestinians.

    You idiots can’t even produce food to feed yourself,(to paraphrase Bob Dylan),and use your world news control service to pretend you’re food and water experts as well ! Just sell more arms to Argentinian military pals so you can buy wheat from them ! If Arabs hadn’t taught you how to make falafels…- oh excuse me you invented those too.

    If Jesus or his pal John the Baptist were to stage a second coming the poor guys would get sick along with anyone else crazy enough to dip into the Jordan river since you white honky ass pseudo Jews arrived from Europe in the last century and destroyed Palestine.If your god Yawe or whatever you call it returned he’d be sick to find the area infested by a bunch of white assed honky aryans claiming to be – ha – his ‘chosen Semites !

    Some years back I wrote an essay titled ‘the pope’s misconceptions about conception and science history’ pointing out the catholic church taught Aristotle’s four (or five) elements particularly ‘earth,air,water and fire in the European educatuional system after retreiving lost Greek writings from the Arabs and translating them to Latin.Then in the last couple of centuries we discovered atoms and now know the ‘earth element’ or soil is conposed of phosphates,potassium,(and nitrogen that came from the air like the organic matter),and other essential trace minerals in that soil.Well I only recently happned to search about the four elements of Aristotle and found the rabbis of the Kabbala also plagiarized Aristotle’s,’s four elements for their great work – manly because the Old Testicle or Torah was too primitive to even have four elements ! They only had gawd’s gift of fire and brimstone if I remember correctly.

    .So to make the same argument I made about the pope and catholics in my essay,’the pope’s misconceptions about conception and science history’, all your rabbis and your jews shit about a pound and a half of phosphates from their bodies per year or earth orbit of the earth around the sun,(or do you still take the filthy Torah as your ‘map’ and claim the earth is standing still and the sun is in orbit around it ?),and for each orbit or year each of your rabbis and all of your jews are shitting about 600 something grams of phosphates into the Jordan or Mediterranean and most of you, like the catholics,are as confused about the atoms moving into and out of your bodies as the pope in Galileo’s time was about the movement of the planets and other celestial bodies but theere’s a good chance we are going to deplete our water and soil and phosphate mines long before we run out of earth orbits.

    And because about 20% of that phosphate we consume in our food and that you import to Isra-hell,
    more every year as your population grows,is used to run and maintain your brains so on a psycho-physical level you could say you are throwing your dreams away as well in the water everytime you flush the toilet.And yet the population of Isra-hell grows as you import more white ass honky hopefully Jewish Russians so you can out vote those evil Palestinians.How democratic of you.But for this very population stress you become more and more like the Nazis who helped your Zionist
    leaders found your idiotic Jewish police state and must like the Nazis did with the Polish and other surrounding nations – you must rev up your military industrial complex to conquer more ‘liebensraum’ ! And your Jews have the mentality of bactreia growing on a lump of sugar until it is all consumed to the last drop ! Then maybe shalom will finally arrive cause your perverted god certainly isn’t going to except in your deludedperverted minds which shall disappear with the phosphates.Now that will be a miracle won’t it ?

    The Russian-Israeli billionaires embroiled in Israel’s latest corruption … › Israel News

    May 31, 2017 – Michael Mirilashvili, a 57-year-old Russian-Israeli billionaire and … Capital, Hoshen Argaman Diamonds and Water Gen, whose technologies extract potable water from the air. …. My Affair With Meyer Lansky, the Mobster

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  29. @Tony Ryals

    Some years back I wrote an essay titled ‘the pope’s misconceptions about conception and science history’ pointing out the catholic church taught Aristotle’s four (or five) elements particularly ‘earth,air,water and fire in the European educatuional system after retreiving lost Greek writings from the Arabs and translating them to Latin.

    Was your essay written in english? Because the above writing sure the fuck isn’t even readable as English no less of any understandable substance. You sound irrational angry as a some sort of Pseudo intellectual.

  30. anarchyst says:
    @Fran Taubman

    Shalom Franny,

    Looks like I hit a nerve…GOOD!

    Your name-calling exposes you as an IDF unit 8200 employee or some other hasbara who is attempting to deflect criticism from your jewish talmudic practices.

    Moral decay is impossible for most jews as morality does not exist in jewish culture…PERIOD!

  31. @Gilad Atzmon

    “UPDATE: Lee Elbaz was found guilty, up to 60 years behind bars, She will have plenty of time to discuss dirty tricks with Epstein,”

    60 years won’t do it,
    It will have to be capital punishment.

    Or so we are told.

    You point about the lack of ethics is true, Since the influx and rise in influence of Jews English common law has been replaced by multitudes of Talmudic rulings.

    5,000 indictable Federal offenses and counting,

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