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Bibi, Pfizer and the Election
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Israel’s biggest news outlet Ynet reported a few hours ago that in the country voluntarily making itself Pfizer’s testing ground, “75.4% of those diagnosed yesterday were under 39. Only 5.5% were over 60. “The number of critical patients dropped to 858 – the lowest since January 4. However, this number is more than double that in mid-December, just before Israel started its ‘pioneering’ experiment in mass vaccination. Ynet reports today that “In Israel 59.9% of critical patients are over 60 years old. 18.2% are aged 50 to 59. In addition, 10.8% are aged 40 to 49 and 7.5% are in their 30s. As of today, more than a third of critical patients are between 30 to 59 years old.”

The meaning of the above can hardly be denied or at least demands immediate attention. The country that leads the mass vaccination contest reports a radical shift in the nature of the pandemic. It doesn’t take a genius to suspect that there may be a correlation between the mass vaccination campaign and the growing vulnerability of younger age groups including new-born and pregnant women. The biology here is also far from being too complicated. The virus that initially preyed on the elderly and vulnerable has morphed by means of mutation and is now fit enough to attack other segments of society and particularly younger age groups.

Up to the 20th of December, the day Israel launched its mass vaccination campaign the country had logged 3,074 deaths. In less than two months of ‘successful’ mass vaccination that number almost doubled. As of writing this article, it stands on 5,526. This spectacular rise in deaths (80% in less than two months) occurred when the country was in lockdown, hence it wasn’t exactly ‘social gathering’ that helped the virus spread. The only thing that was spreading in Israel in these two months was the Pfizer vaccines and the so-called British mutant that is apparently more popular in Bnei Brak than in Kent. The inevitable question here is whether there is a connection between vaccination and mutants, but this is the one question no one is allowed to ask in Israel.

In November 2020 Israeli Health Ministry data revealed that Israel detected 400 cases coronavirus under the age of two. By February 2021, that number grew to 5,800. We are dealing with a clear rise of about 1300%, impressive indeed. Israeli Ynet reports that this kind of rise in numbers of new-born Covid-19 morbidity are reported around the world, I investigated it but didn’t manage to find any confirmation that this is indeed the case. In Britain, for instance, all I find is reports on a ‘Covid-19 baby boom’ and some concerns regarding a rise in child obesity. In fact, nobody reports on a rise of 1300% in new-born Covid-19 except Israel.


I am not in a position to determine what led Israelis to make themselves into guinea pigs for a pharma giant with a dubious safety and ethical record. The possibility must be considered that in Israel the success of a mass vaccination campaign could be Netanyahu and his party’s primary ploy ahead of the coming election. Netanyahu faces a serious legal battle, and winning the election extends far beyond politics for him. It is an existential survival battle. I believe Bibi had to choose between war with Iran and a Pfizer vaccine. He had good reason to assume that Pfizer is by far a better and more peaceful option.

Netanyahu probably gathered that a successful mass vaccination campaign would secure his victory. This was indeed a reasonable consideration on his part, and it may prove to be correct. It is worth mentioning that not one of Netanyahu’s political opponents on the evaporating Israeli Left or centre dare challenge Netanyahu’s vaccine policy. More so, not one Left-wing institution in Israel has stood up for the many Israelis reluctant to be vaccinated (currently more than 50%). Not one politician took their side and stood for their elementary rights.

Meanwhile, the government is desperate to make sure that the entire nation is vaccinated. The government won’t hesitate to introduce totalitarian measures. The Jerusalem post reported today that “a green passport will be required to enter certain places and to participate in certain activities. Only people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from coronavirus will be eligible for one. As part of the program, registered gyms, theatres, hotels, concerts and synagogues will be able to operate starting next week.” Israel already signed agreements with countries that will open their gates solely to the Israelis who carry green passport.

One may wonder why the Israeli Government is so obsessed with vaccinating the entire population, including the youth, army and other segments that aren’t necessarily high-risk. One possibility is that the Israeli government knows by now the real implications of the vaccine. Israel can’t turn a blind eye to the 1300% rise of Covid-19 cases in new-borns. They also can’t ignore that the number of Covid-19 deaths since the vaccination campaign started equals that of IDF fatalities in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, a war the country is still traumatized by.

It is possible that Israeli leadership now acknowledge the fatal mistake it has made distributing the vaccine widely. It may be plausible that the only solution they could come up with is vaccinating the entire population, hoping that this may provide at least temporary protection, which may last until the March election date.

If there is any validity in my dark depiction of the Israeli reality, it is reasonable to conclude that with Bibi at the helm and Pfizer with a needle, Israelis do not really need enemies.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Regarding mRNA vaccines in general and the Pfizer jab in particular, there is no better canary in the global coal mine than Israel. Thank you Gilad Atzmon for these updates!

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  2. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Israel’s biggest news outlet Ynet reported a few hours ago that in the country voluntarily making itself Pfizer’s testing ground, …”

    Who exactly has “volunteered”, the government [ on behalf of its citizen/slaves], or individual citizens themselves, entirely free from government coercion?

    Are you saying that Israels vaccination program is entirely voluntary at this time?

    Just asking.😎

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  3. Sirius says:

    Of all the aspects of the Covid vaccination debate world-wide, there is nothing more confusing than the situation on which you are reporting. Can a government be that incompetent, that stupid or just that careless? Worse, are many other governments ready to follow in its footsteps?

    It would be interesting to compare and contrast with the UAE, which is in second place in the percentage of vaccinated citizens.

    In any case, thanks for the perspective.

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  4. Notsofast says:

    “the inevitable question here is whether there is a connection between vaccination and mutants, but this is the one question no one is allowed to ask in israel.” ….. we may not be able to ask that question anywhere soon, as the biden administration is working directly with silicon valley to root out “misinformation and disinformation”. working with platforms like facebook and google they plan on suppressing anti-vax information to insure such material does not start trending and become a broader movement.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  5. To be frank, I was prudently skeptical about Atzmon’s claims in the articles previous to this. Other writers in this website seem pretty confident that Israel is delivering results, and even the editor-in-chief Ron Unz published a comment with a link to an upbeat Wall Street Journal report.

    But upon reading this latest piece, I have to admit at least that there are some things which need to be explained, especially the rise in cases in children. A doctor in the February 19 Ynet story is quoted as saying:

    “There is no doubt that the British variant of COVID-19 is ‘partial’ to children and the contagion rate among them is higher than we’ve seen with earlier variants,” says Prof. Eli Somekh, head of pediatrics at the Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak.

    But, as Atzmon stresses, it’s hard to find similar occurrences in other parts of the world. And the World Health Organization has a Q&A in January with Dr. Maria van Kerkhove where she plainly paints a different picture:

    So, virus variants mean changes in the virus and we are detecting changes in the SARS-CoV-2 virus over time. This is expected. Many of these changes do not have any impact on the virus in terms of its ability to transmit or the disease that it causes. But some variants we call “variants of concern” and these viruses need more study. And scientists are looking at the way the virus transmits, the disease that it causes, and luckily so far, these variants do not tend to cause more severe disease across any age group. The disease presentation looks the same and the severity looks the same as the other SARS-CoV-2 viruses circulating. In terms of transmission, the virus variant that was identified in the United Kingdom, they noticed an increase in transmissibility across all age groups. This includes increased transmission among younger children as well. In the area where this virus variant was circulating, schools happened to have been open. And the virus that was circulating, also circulated among the students and the faculties in those schools that were open. So, there’s much study that’s still underway with these virus variants, but the studies in the United Kingdom, for example, do not indicate that the virus specifically targets young children, meaning that it’s not infecting children more than would be likely of other viruses that are circulating in the area.

    Episode #22 – Children & COVID-19 (22 January 2021)

  6. roonaldo says:

    Remember, the pressure is on, not only for Bibi to declare the vaccination disaster a success, but for other governments as well.

    Merkel has just declared that everyone must get jabbed, that everyone must cooperate.

    The zombified Biden gang and social media giants are diligently conspiring to brainwash the public and force people to the sacrificial altar of the vaccine gods.

    Hey, newly minted U.S. citizen Neil Young, it’s time to re-release, “The Needle and the Damage Done,” but with the killer covid jabs in mind.

  7. In November 2020 Israeli Health Ministry data revealed that Israel detected 400 cases coronavirus under the age of two. By February 2021, that number grew to 5,800. We are dealing with a clear rise of about 1300%, impressive indeed.

    Depending on the criteria used, and the underlying purpose that the criteria is intended to serve, you can largely formulate your own desired outcomes by a sliding scale PCR diagnostic standard.

    You would be better aware of the on-the-ground practices, but I recall a criteria within Israel to the effect that they were only actually testing (post-vaccination) people ‘showing symptoms’, for instance, as opposed to clinically meaningful random sampling at, say, certain time frames distant from initial inoculation.

    To be fair, this is largely an offshoot of not actually being able to require anyone to submit to such periodic or randomized follow-up visits, which is basically the entire point of standardized, formal (paid participant) study ahead of any approval.

    The un-vaccinated infants in particular likely make an ideal ‘test-plot’ (in-lieu), whereas there was no point to this data collection prior to deploying the now mandated experimental vaccination.

    Up to the 20th of December, the day Israel launched its mass vaccination campaign the country had logged 3,074 deaths. In less than two months of ‘successful’ mass vaccination that number almost doubled. As of writing this article, it stands on 5,526.

    When ancient man was driving wild auroch toward their intended kettle, someone needed to stay behind the bovine masses to agitate the herd in the right direction.

    There was no benefit to pumping infection rates when the state had nothing to offer, quite the contrary actually.. but once the auroch are in full stampede, the more sturm-und-drang, the better.

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
    , @Tom Verso
  8. Darb says:

    The nRNA injection is causing the increased deaths. There is no virus never mind mutants. See Thomas S Cowan who explains the latter in ‘The Contagion Myth’. Watch Dr. Cowan and Dr. Kaufman interviewed about the lack of virus isolation at The Conscious Resistance (“Has Covid19 Been Isolated?” The answer is no. Watch for the explanation. )

    Professor Dolores Cahill (Molecular Biologist and Immunologist) discusses “WHY PEOPLE WILL START DYING A FEW MONTHS AFTER THE FIRST MRNA ‘VACCINATIONS’” here:

    People need to wake up fast and face the fact this injection only causes harm and has zero therapeutic effect. Accepting that there is no virus (and certainly no PROOF of a virus) one can only look at post vaccination increases in deaths as toxic-injection related.

    What Israel has effectively done is put it’s entire nation in jeopardy. Every country that follows suit will have the same consequences (The Russian vaccine, however, is a traditional vaccine and will not cause such harm even if it is still of no need.)

    When the mass deaths break out, do not be so foolish as to think it is a wild mutant virus. Wake up. The injection is a killer.

    • Agree: Flying Dutchman
  9. @onebornfree

    As of today, 49% have taken the 1st jab .. many of them did so voluntarily, others were pressured to do so as I explain in the article …

  10. @Trial by Wombat

    This is a fair comment.. I am not running here an independent Covid research unit. I therefore substantiate my argument referring to official and widely accepted numbers .. I do agree that there is a lot of politics involved , especially in the Jewish state and the information that is available to us could be grossly misleading.

  11. What is small is easily scattered.
    – Lao Tzu

    I Ching – Hexagram 28: Stress, Great Exceeding
    Judgment: The facts are overwhelming; a new approach is needed.

  12. “The government won’t hesitate to introduce totalitarian measures. The Jerusalem post reported today that “a green passport will be required to enter certain places and to participate in certain activities. Only people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from coronavirus will be eligible for one. As part of the program, registered gyms, theatres, hotels, concerts and synagogues will be able to operate starting next week.” Israel already signed agreements with countries that will open their gates solely to the Israelis who carry green passport.”

    And how do they square this with the fact that all the leading vax-mongers themselves insist that getting injected does not necessarily prevent one from being a carrier and spreader, and therefore there is literally zero public health reason for any institution or entity to have any policy whatsoever on whether or not someone got injected.

    Well, like everywhere else they don’t even try to square it, but rely on the doublethink of the masses.

    Nevertheless this is yet another PROOF that the system and all its institutions and partisan political factions are doing nothing but lie about Covid and have none but ulterior motives.

    • Replies: @Johan
  13. Since the system liars are determined to depict all deaths and illnesses caused by the injections as caused by Covid (just as they’ve always logged flu deaths, cancer deaths, cardiac deaths, deaths from car accidents and lightning strikes as “Covid deaths”), so as a matter of method we must regard every likely illness and death following upon injection as caused by the injection, and call it such.

    As we see especially from the evidence from the Zionist state but also from Britain, Spain and elsewhere, this theory is very likely to be true in all cases.

  14. utu says:

    The country that leads the mass vaccination contest reports a radical shift in the nature of the pandemic.

    No. You are just projecting your confused mind on reality that you do not understand. Numbers and issues of causality are not your thing. Why don’t you write something about music?

    Only 5.5% were over 60. – The over 60 constitute about 15% of society. They have been the most vaccinated so their infection rate is the lowest. In this case it is 3.3 times lower than among those below 60. If 80% had already two doses of vaccine in the over 60 group one would expect that the ratio would be higher than 3.3.

    The daily deaths maximum was around Jan 25. People who were dying then were infected around January 4. Since then daily deaths went down by factor of larger than 2. People who are dying now were infected in the end of January.

    One would expect that results of vaccination in Israel would show more dramatic change in the daily stats. There are possible explanations: (1) The vaccine has lower efficacy than advertised, (2) Israelis are cheating by cutting in line ahead of older people, (3) Israelis are cheating by faking vaccination and forging papers and green passports, (4) Israelis are risk compensating because of vaccination campaign that leads to increase of R0 and relative increase of infection rate among the unvaccinated population..

  15. ariadna says:

    It appears that the Israeli government, in line with all the others, has taken to heart the “Follow the Science” slogan which translates as “Ignore any scientist that does not toe the line and dares to disagree with the wisdom of the Renaissance genius –agronomist, nutritionist, virologist, microbiologist, epidemiologist, climatologist, social engineer, visionary, and above all philanthropist— Bill Gates. After all, Bedros agrees with him too and, although not a doctor, he took some courses in Public Health, didn’t he?

    It so happens that Israel has a modest scientist, who is probably the world’s top immunologist; in fact he is considered “the father of auto-immunity”: Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld.
    I say “modest” because clearly he is incapable of multi-tasking. He seems to be one of those one-track mind basic science bores who never gave a TED talk in his life..
    I did a thorough internet search and did not find anything at all authored by him in any of the many fields in which Gates has made pronouncements of great impact. It is possible Prof. Shoenfeld does not even know a thing about synthetic meat.

    Even so, when he warned the government of Israel last year about the danger of mass vaccination with vaccines like Pfizer or Moderna that pose two dangers (the spike protein and the adjuvants) that could produce a super-epidemic of auto-immune diseases with very severe consequences, you’d think someone could have whispered to Bibi:
    “Wait. Let’s not rush. This guy may know what he is talking about.” Either this did not happen or Bibi may have replied (paraphrasing Stalin): “How many votes can this guy bring me?”
    The article linked below concludes: “Shame on them!” Who can disagree?

    • Replies: @ariadna
  16. Wait for it Some background….See
    Jerusalem – 3 July 2019 – The Israeli government today announced their participation in the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) program. Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chairman of the Board of Israel Innovation Authority and Chief Scientist of the Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry attended a signing ceremony in Israel earlier this week. The Israel Innovation Authority will represent Israel at C4IR.
    A delegation of senior officials headed by Aharon Aharon, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority, attended a WEF conference in China to kick-start participation in the C4IR network. The delegation met with senior Forum officials including Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF, C4IR members from various countries, and senior officials from the worlds of governance, regulation, and technology.
    Murat Sönmez, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum and head of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Global Network, said: “We are very excited to welcome Israel as the newest member of the C4IR network. As the ‘Start-Up Nation,’ Israel has already proven itself as a global leader in technology innovation. Now, as part of the C4IR network, it will extend this leadership to the global governance of key emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Precision Medicine.
    See Youtube Retail & Covid-19 | Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Israel Innovation Authority & Ministry of Economy & Industry …. In here Dr Appelbaum points out that water resources are a problem for a growing Israeli population…. So if Israel really is giving a dangerous vaccination to parts of their population and not just doing fake vaccinations, then maybe it is to reduce the population because of water supply??? Dr Appelbaum seems like a nice enough guy. We should ask Dr Appelbaum to tell the people of Israel and the World the truth about Globalist Population reduction plans via injection. Point being everybody in the world is a target, keeping in mind Albert Pike’s plan for 3 world wars, the Luciferians have no real love for Jews either.

  17. ariadna says:

    What can you say about someone who encourages “vaccine hesitancy” (dangerously close to vaccine denial) on the pretext of having data to support his warning? (Data, shmata!) And he has been at it for a while!
    Luckily, half of the population has already been vaccinated, most of the rest don’t read scientific journals, and the real ‘Science’ (medical establishment) vilify him as needed:

  18. Tiberius was the emperor when Jesus Christ was crucified.
    Operation Warp Speed…. Tiberius is a Pilate program …. The title of the article is very telling. NOTE … aids get the joke???? This just screams covert but out right blatant BIOwarfare by the US Government against US citizens on behalf of the Global Luciferians. Download this………
    Tiberius was specifically developed for Operation Warp Speed — the collaborative effort led by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Defense Department to develop, manufacture and deliver safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines to Americans.…… Col Maddox is high up the command chain for Operation Warp Speed???
    In addition to a Bachelor of Arts in History from VMI, COL Maddox earned a Master of Military Arts and Sciences from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth in 2005. In 2014, he completed a U.S. Army War College Fellowship in Supply Chain Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2015, he completed the Army Materiel Command’s Depot & Arsenal Executive Leader Program at the….. University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill … well as the Joint and Combined Warfighting School in Norfolk, Virginia.… ????? WordPress??? won’t let me post this somewhere else….. OK so point being if COVID was a joint globalist effort in most all countries … Then yes maybe China and US dark forces were in on COVID together…. One virus source could be the Chapel HIll source, delivered during the military games,the other source the Wuhan lab this gives both sides plausible deniability with their own people and midlevel government types, China to say the US did the COVID release, the US to say China leaked the virus ( if any such lab created virus truly exists, which it probably does but is not really that fatal ). Keeping in mind that North Carolina and the wuhan lab were funded by Gates and Fauci types.

  19. Sirius says:
    @Gilad Atzmon

    Thanks. I will have a look and see if it helps clear my confusion on this matter.

    Also, I suppose it’s too early to have medical, peer-reviewed studies on the effects of the vaccinations but there must be at least some discussion in the medical communities around the world.

    There is at least one anecdotal example of potentially bad effects that I am aware of: Hank Aaron’s death in the US 2 weeks after being vaccinated by the Moderna vaccine. But will the causes of his death be revealed or will it just be an argument over whether it was a coincidence or not as he was 86 years of age?

    There must be plenty of other anecdotal examples of public figures (or non-public ones) I suppose.

  20. Anon[332] • Disclaimer says:

    There are a number of very suspicious things that occurred last year. Charles Lieber and a few Chinese nationals were arrested due to fraud and scientific espionage. China maintains a program called the “Thousand Talents Plan”, which is designed to recruit foreign scientists with bribery and convince them to divulge proprietary information to the Chinese, giving them a strategic technological advantage.

    Charles Lieber has been working at Harvard on silicon nanowire tech for the past 22 years, and with nanotech and nanoscale structures in general for even longer than that. He was arrested All of his publications are readily available:

    Many of his papers describe using silicon nanowires as the basis of BCIs, or brain-computer interfaces, a.k.a. “Neural Lace” tech, like Neuralink (which is similar, but uses electrodes that are much larger and much more primitive than nanowires).

    Silicon nanowire field effect transistors, or SiNW-FETs, are transistorized silicon nanowires. They’re extremely small, on the order of a few micrometers long by a few nanometers thick. They are small enough to be coated with HIV TAT peptides and slipped right through the membrane of a cell.

    Once inside, they’re capable of reading signals from (and modulating the activity of) individual neurons. How does one power them if they’re inside cells and have no batteries, capacitors, or other power source? Simple. RF induction.

    What device is capable of directing RF of the required frequency directly into someone’s head? A phased-array beamforming antenna, capable of steering beams of RF towards anything with high precision. What uses phased-array beamforming antennas? Fifth-generation wireless cell networks do.

    They even have a 600 MHz band in their bandplan that can penetrate tissue very deeply (millimeter-wave frequencies only penetrate the skin to a depth measured in millimeters).

    Just one little problem left. How to get the nanowires into the brain, past the blood-brain barrier. Normally, the BBB keeps foreign objects out of your brain tissue. There is one thing, however, that compromises the BBB very handily. SARS-CoV-2 Spike proteins. You see, COVID-19 is a vascular endotheliitis. This virus attacks the lining of people’s blood vessels. That’s why it causes blood clots, heart attacks, pulmonary edema, and all these other weird symptoms that one would never expect from a pneumonia. Its manifestations are protean because blood vessels are everywhere in the body. This is why it seems like an “everything-virus” that can impact every organ; it can cause viremia and inflammation in many different vital organs, as well as aggressive coagulopathy and neutrophilia.

    SARS-CoV-2 Spike proteins, on their own, even without the rest of the virus (even the shed spike proteins) can injure the blood-brain barrier and make it more permeable.

    SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines contain a bit of mRNA suspended in a lipid capsule. These enter your cells, and then, your ribosomes take the mRNA and manufacture copies of SARS-CoV-2’s Spike protein. This Spike protein acts as an antigen, training the immune system to detect it and form antibodies against it, like a typical vaccine, however, as described above, these free-floating Spike proteins may also compromise the BBB.

    Now, what do you suppose would happen if someone with a compromised blood-brain barrier happened to have a bunch of silicon nanowires injected into their bloodstream?

    Klaus Schwab openly professes transhumanist leanings in his books, even describing the use of mind-reading to determine people’s level of security threat:

    Canada’s “global reset plan” involved confiscating property and shoving people into cities.

    This is how it works: the federal government will offer to eliminate all personal debts (mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc) which all funding will be provided to Canada by the IMF under what will become known as the World Debt Reset program. In exchange for acceptance of this total debt forgiveness the individual would forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets forever.

    All of this “Great Reset” nonsense seems rather nonsensical, until you realize that the goal is to force people to move from rural areas into denser, more populated areas, which would make them easier to influence with a Smart Grid (putting the necessary infrastructure in rural areas is too expensive).

    On 4chan, someone claiming to be part of one of the wealthy families outright stated that smart-grid mind control involving 5G was on the way, and people needed to be forced into the cities for that very reason (though they were reticent to explain exactly how the technology would work):

    Bonus mind control craziness this year linked to Betsy DeVos (the sister of Erik Prince, of Blackwater/Academi fame), Neurocore, Blackrock, and the use of old-school Utah Arrays:

    Aftermath of a police shooting in Moody, Alabama. Witness at 17:57 begins talking (off record) about suspects being Europeans involved with underground digital mind control devices. from conspiracy

    COVID-19 provides the perfect excuse. It creates an international emergency justifying the use of emergency powers. It creates a pretense for people to be injected with unknown substances without their knowledge or consent, believing that they have been vaccinated. It demonstrates quite aptly why there has been so much well-poisoning about 5G and anti-vaxxers; though 5G technology on its own is not particularly harmful, and though vaccines are a proven technology that do confer immunity to viruses, this particular application of 5G and vaccines may have nefarious intent behind it. Namely, acting as a trojan horse for nanotechnological mind control. Silicon nanowires degrade over time, so naturally, SARS-CoV-2 immunity cannot be long-lasting; there must be an excuse for continuous, yearly “vaccinations”, which will contain both the actual mRNA vaccine protecting against the virus, but also, silicon nanowires. The Spike proteins will compromise the blood-brain barrier every single time, allowing the nanowires through into the brain tissue. Then, the 5G towers energize and control the nanowires by RF induction. All of the necessary elements of a functioning mind-control device are present, and they’re openly described in publicly-available scientific papers.

    Currently, the large size and small number of electrodes in BMIs limits their stimulation and measurement resolution. State-of-the-art devices for DBS typically have 4–8 millimeter-sized electrodes (Stanslaski et al., 2012), whereas BMIs for neural recording typically use a few dozen electrodes that are 10–100 microns in diameter (Hochberg et al., 2006; Donoghue et al., 2007; Du et al., 2011) (Figure 1A). This density and feature size is a far cry from that of the human brain, which contains approximately one hundred billion neurons, each with diameter as fine as 10 microns (Williams and Herrup, 1988). In fact, a single square millimeter of brain tissue contains approximately one million neurons (Williams and Herrup, 1988). To match this number and density, future BMIs must feature smaller and denser electrode arrays in order to precisely monitor and control neural circuit activity. Furthermore, smaller electrodes (<1 micron in diameter) may also enable the recording of intracellular electrical signals of individual neurons (Figure 1A): compared to extracellular recording, these intracellular measurements will have improved signal to noise ratio and enable a clear cell-to-electrode registry (Figures 1B–D). Importantly, the improved signal to noise ratio also enables intracellular electrodes to record subthreshold neural activity (e.g., postsynaptic potentials) that can be used to determine the strength of synaptic connectivity.

    The Internet comprises a decentralized global system that serves humanity’s collective effort to generate, process, and store data, most of which is handled by the rapidly expanding cloud. A stable, secure, real-time system may allow for interfacing the cloud with the human brain. One promising strategy for enabling such a system, denoted here as a “human brain/cloud interface” (“B/CI”), would be based on technologies referred to here as “neuralnanorobotics.” Future neuralnanorobotics technologies are anticipated to facilitate accurate diagnoses and eventual cures for the ∼400 conditions that affect the human brain. Neuralnanorobotics may also enable a B/CI with controlled connectivity between neural activity and external data storage and processing, via the direct monitoring of the brain’s ∼86 × 109 neurons and ∼2 × 1014 synapses. Subsequent to navigating the human vasculature, three species of neuralnanorobots (endoneurobots, gliabots, and synaptobots) could traverse the blood–brain barrier (BBB), enter the brain parenchyma, ingress into individual human brain cells, and autoposition themselves at the axon initial segments of neurons (endoneurobots), within glial cells (gliabots), and in intimate proximity to synapses (synaptobots). They would then wirelessly transmit up to ∼6 × 1016 bits per second of synaptically processed and encoded human–brain electrical information via auxiliary nanorobotic fiber optics (30 cm3) with the capacity to handle up to 1018 bits/sec and provide rapid data transfer to a cloud based supercomputer for real-time brain-state monitoring and data extraction. A neuralnanorobotically enabled human B/CI might serve as a personalized conduit, allowing persons to obtain direct, instantaneous access to virtually any facet of cumulative human knowledge. Other anticipated applications include myriad opportunities to improve education, intelligence, entertainment, traveling, and other interactive experiences. A specialized application might be the capacity to engage in fully immersive experiential/sensory experiences, including what is referred to here as “transparent shadowing” (TS). Through TS, individuals might experience episodic segments of the lives of other willing participants (locally or remote) to, hopefully, encourage and inspire improved understanding and tolerance among all members of the human family.

    None of the computation would need to be done on the nanowires themselves. They would merely act as a brain-computer interface. All of the actual mind control would be done with cloud computing architecture, likely using machine-learning programs that observe societal stressors and manipulate people to make them more docile, more compliant, less likely to join populist movements, less likely to rebel against unfair economic conditions, and so on and so forth. It wouldn't be anything precise or subtle like implanting false memories or getting you to forget certain things, at least not at first. It would be general things, like Pavlovian conditioning through direct control of human emotions. The controllers of such a system could make someone hate anyone they liked, love anyone they liked, and so on and so forth. Democracy would be rendered utterly pointless.

    Julian Assange tried warning us:

    IOT and Smart Dust sound like innocuous buzzwords until you realize that they want this stuff INSIDE people.

    Harvesting the energy to run these things from GSM networks is already something that they've proposed in these papers.

    We're in some real trouble, here. We need to raise awareness on this unspeakably evil shit as much as possible.

    • Thanks: Mustapha Mond, AnonStarter
  21. @Wyatt

    You bastard!

    That clip led me onto a whole bunch of other Family Guy shorts.

    Wasted about half an hour…

  22. @utu

    No. You are just projecting your confused mind on reality that you do not understand. Numbers and issues of causality are not your thing. Why don’t you write something about music?

    None of u can definitively say anything, we are all merely speculating.

    The man is taking his time to compile stats and offer them for our consideration, the least you could be is polite. This type of needless insult offer nothing, and is nothing in the article justifies it.

    • Agree: Ugetit
  23. @utu

    (4) Israelis are risk compensating because of vaccination campaign that leads to increase of R0 and relative increase of infection rate among the unvaccinated population.

    All those grannies hugging their grandchildren… *Perhaps* you nailed it.

    • Replies: @utu
  24. Anonymous[294] • Disclaimer says:

    What makes you think this is a vaccine?

    It is an experimental 2nd order genetic modifier.

    COVID-19 fake. Anyone still believing the hysteria at this point is hopelessly retarded. It appears as if this injection only marks you for potential attack via bio-weapon. Source ->

    What better justice for the Palestinians, than for the Israelis to *genocide themselves*.

  25. Tom Verso says:

    Call me “Statistically Challenged” if you will!

    But, the numbers reported in this article, seem to me, to stand in stark contradiction to those reported in ‘big number brained” Steve Sailor’s 2/18/21 article

    “Good But Not Great Vaccine News from Israel”.

    “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics” ?

  26. What a nutter. Not one of your stats mean what you imply they mean. Not even close. Why can’t you see this? What in you is stopping you?

  27. Tom Verso says:
    @Trial by Wombat

    “you can largely formulate your own desired outcomes by a sliding scale PCR diagnostic standard.”

    Good point.

    Awhile ago, all the discussions on the Web was about the PCR tests and the variability of the results based on the variation in sample processing.

    That ‘conversation’ seems to have dropped off. Nevertheless, there can be no meaningful evaluation of a vaccine without consistent testing and sample processing procedures across various population,

  28. @Notsofast

    That situation is exactly what Mike Whitney’s latest TUR essay is all about. But it’s been the government/media message ever since the first days of this plandemic. Scary shit!

  29. I really do not understand this action by Israeli politicians. I could never have thought that they would agree to be massively vaccinated.
    Are they so blind?
    Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation?

    • Replies: @Johan
  30. Johan says:
    @Flying Dutchman

    “The Jerusalem post reported today that “a green passport will be required to enter certain places and to participate in certain activities. Only people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from coronavirus will be eligible for one. ”

    Let me see if I can make sense of it. Vaccinated people allegedly cannot get COVID, those who have recovered are allegedly beyond it. So they are trying to protect the unvaccinated who did not have COVID yet against the potential carriers whom are by now (for the time being) immune.
    That must be the logic.

    • Replies: @Flying Dutchman
  31. Johan says:
    @Dum Spiro Spero

    Some have started to think that humans are rarely reasonable, I agree with that, I think they made that up about two centuries ago, everyone started to believe in it, much also for the sake of appearances. So we are tediously to the point of causing much headache trying to find out the reason behind things.

  32. @Johan

    “Vaccinated people allegedly cannot get COVID, those who have recovered are allegedly beyond it. So they are trying to protect the unvaccinated who did not have COVID yet against the potential carriers whom are by now (for the time being) immune.
    That must be the logic.”

    But that’s precisely what the vax-mongers deny. The one and only effect they vouch for is that getting the injection means one becomes less likely to come down with symptoms if infected, and much less likely to have severe symptoms.

    They disavow any claim that it means one is less likely to become infected or to spread the infection, which is why at the same time they work to stampede everyone into getting injected, they also insist people must continue wearing face diapers and engaging in anti-social hex spacing.

    So the point stands that according to the testimony of the injection impresarios themselves, no institution or entity should have any policy whatsoever which discriminates on the basis of injection status, since according to them getting injected doesn’t necessarily change one’s ability to be a carrier.

    So no discrimination policy can have any public health intent whatsoever, but must have some other, ulterior motive. And we know what these motives are: social control, escalating the police state, transhumanist genetic modification (this is a religious goal of the technocracy cabal driving the whole Covid scam), plus the usual Big Pharma profit motive and corruption among government officials and media hacks.

    • Replies: @Johan
  33. utu says:
    @Brás Cubas

    I think that (4) could be the chief reason behind relative increase in infection rate among the unvaccinated, so the drop in the total infection rate is not as rapid as it was expected. But also

    (2) Minister slams public figures under 60 ‘cutting in line’ to get COVID-19 vaccine


    (3) Thousands reportedly attempt to obtain easily forged vaccinated certificate

    • Thanks: Brás Cubas
    • Replies: @Dumbo
  34. Johan says:
    @Flying Dutchman

    My guess is that they are trying to exhaust the capacity of reason of those capable of reasoning, that we may ever become more flabbergasted and consequently dumbfounded, and give up on it ultimately. Not even that they are trying to accomplish that deliberately, but rather that they have no reason, but only what appears as reason, fundamentally supported by the idea of an assumed Age of Reason.

    • Replies: @Flying Dutchman
  35. Dumbo says:

    Mr. Atzmon,

    German media is making a big propaganda about the “Israel success story”. Supposedly the vaccines prevents 98.9% of Covid deaths. 😀

    LOL. 98.9%? How did they calculate that??? The method is not clear at all…

    Also isn’t strange that of all countries, the one that is most keen on pushing this vaccine to its citizens is Israel? What gives? Maybe they are taking a fake vaccine just to convince other goy countries to take it too? 😀 LOL. I have no idea. They also created “green passports” for vaccinated people that can only then move freely – another idea soon to be adopted in other countries, for sure. We won’t be able to travel, work or even buy food without a “jab”.

    This global push for this vaccine (actually an unproven mRNA cocktail, NOT a vaccine) is really strange, I’ve never seen anything like that!!! It’s uncanny.

  36. Dumbo says:

    Don’t you get it that this whole Covid thing is a lie?? And that this vaccine plan is basically to use millions of people as guinea pigs in a live test for the new mRNA technology??

    1) If the vaccine DOES NOT PREVENT CONTAGION then there is no reason for this stupid campaign to vaccinate everyone in the world. Would you buy a car from a company whose CEO says, “I’m not sure if the brakes work”?

    2) The vaccine was NOT approved by the FDA, it has just an “emergency use authorization”. Another huge red flag.

    If you want to take the vaccine, by all means take it, it might be harmless, but stop pushing it to people who DON’T want it and who surely DON’T want these absurd techno-authoritarian changes in the world, not allowing people to work or live if they don’t take a vaccine.

    It’s absurd! Governments worldwide removing the rights of people who don’t want to be vaccinated with something that is not needed and has completely unproven long-term effects! Why???

    • Agree: ariadna
  37. Deepfake Queen: 2020 Alternative Christmas Message


  38. @Johan

    They’re certainly trying to push doublethink to an extreme where the only options will be total psychological surrender or total rejection. They’re betting that almost everyone will surrender.

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