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Bibi and the One State Solution
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I am slightly amused by the many voices who celebrate what is perceived as the end of the Netanyahu era. Of course, I am not a Netanyahu supporter, far from it, but I will give Netanyahu credit where he deserves it. ‘King Bibi,’ as his Jewish supporters often refer to him, was actually a crucial factor in the rise of Palestinian resistance and Palestinian unity. Bibi was a pragmatist who managed to pull his nation, the region and even the entire world into a chain of disasters in a desperate but relentless attempt to save himself. Bibi is not a conspirator. He did it all in the open, and despite this, he is still the most popular politician in Israel.

As I have pointed out many times before, Israel is not politically divided. The vast majority of Israeli Knesset Members (MKs) are to the right of Netanyahu. Israel’s political establishment is divided over Netanyahu, but primarily due to personal rifts.

Israel is now governed by a very weak coalition unlikely to hold together for very long. One minor border clash in Gaza or a Jewish right-wing march in Jerusalem could topple the government and bring to an end to the ‘spirit of change’ in Israel. Since the current government enjoys a majority of just one Knesset member, every member in the coalition possesses the power to topple the government, or alternatively to mount significant pressure on the leader. The Government is practically paralyzed.

But the issue is far deeper. Netanyahu’s potential disappearance (be it through retirement from politics or shelter from his legal issues in a friendly country) will see the immediate collapse of the current coalition in favour of an ultra-right government. Such a government would enjoy the support of at least 80 Knesset members. It would include whatever is left out of the Likud party, the rabbinical Orthodox parties and of course around 20-25 of Netanyahu’s right-wing rivals who happened to end up (momentarily) in the so called ‘change coalition’.

In the complicated political stalemate that emerged due to the unresolved tension between Netanyahu and his rivals within the Right (such as Naftali Bennett, Gideon Sa’ar and Avigdor Lieberman), the Islamist party and its leader Mansur Abbas became kingmakers. On the face of it, the success of Abbas could bring many more Israeli Arabs to the polls. If Arabs in Israel see a benefit in their political participation and decide to go to the polls at a similar rate to their Jewish counterparts, they could almost double their representation in the Knesset. Israeli Arabs could easily become the most significant political bloc in the Jewish State. Yet Netanyahu’s disappearance would lead a shift in the complete opposite direction. With a right-wing Jewish coalition comprised of 80 MKs, no one would be dependent on the support of Ra’am or any Arab party.


What are the chances of Netanyahu disappearing? It depends how his trial evolves. But despite some calls to replace him within the Likud party, every grassroots Likud activist knows that Likud’s future and its electoral survival are totally dependent on Netanyahu and his charisma. Not only did he fail to prepare a successor, he worked tirelessly to undermine every gifted politician around him. He turned every rising right-wing alternative into his bitter enemy, and to a certain extent owes himself his own demise.

Unlike the naïve voices who speak for Palestine in the West but hardly understand the region and are too scared to ask what is it that drives the Jewish State, Hamas’ strategists see it all. They helped Bibi stay in power: he let them win, they let him paralyze Israel and let it spiral down. I also believe that Mansour Abbas can read the map. He knows that the Israeli Left is a comical compromised act. He knows that Meretz and the Labour party have removed themselves from the conflict and are solely concerned with climate issues and Identitarian matters (LGBTQ in particular). Mansour Abbas made a strategic effort to bond with the Jewish right wing, to form a coalition with the Orthodox parties. Bibi was happy to take Abbas into his coalition but Abbas failed to achieve his goal because the ultra-right Jewish parties identified his strategy and worked hard to undermine it.

I would have thought that in light of the above, those who wish for one state between the River and the Sea should consider accepting that Bibi may be the safest and fastest route towards such a goal.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
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  1. For those who feel Israel has too many political parties for practical governance, remember where you find 10 Jews you will find at least 12 opinions.

  2. To the issue of increased participation of Arab citizens in voting as blocs and doubling or even achieving majority status in the Knesset, looking at the vibrant white Israeli Nazi/nationalists waving the Israeli blue and white bullying the locals in East J, I’d guess that Arabs wouldn’t get even a wiff of the polls on election day. No chance.

    And you say, Gilad? I haven’t been to Jerusalem in over 40 years, but I didn’t see the Israeli yewts rioting for their side and attacking the Arabs the way they have the past few months leading to further ruin in Gaza. Meh, 6000 American sailors roaming the country three years after Yom Kippur, even then, they could easily let us see only what they wanted. It was very much mellow then, my impression anyways.

  3. bob sykes says:

    In a one state solution, the number of Arab citizens with the vote rises from 2 million to about 7 million. That is half the electorate. The new state could not possibly be Jewish. It would have to be secular and non-ethnic. The current Israeli state would have to be dismantled in detail.

    Is that Abbas’ gamble?

    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @joe2.5
    , @badu
  4. Notsofast says:
    @bob sykes

    israel will regret not accepting the pre 67 boarders two state solution and peace with the arab world. the axis of resistance and more importantly the russian, chinese, and iranian axis have revealed the u.s. and its mini me as a toothless paper tiger. the world is no longer uni-polar and i don’t think a one state “solution” will end in everybody joining hands and singing tzena, tzena, tzena.

  5. @Hannah Katz

    It’s their nutty closed party list proportional representation system that’s the problem. And proportional representation of parties is not proportional representation. Go for Single Transferable Vote PR, with no legal recognition of parties.

  6. lydia says:
    How Israel tried to put Gaza out of business
    Ola Mousa The Electronic Intifada 17 June 2021

    A mural has been painted on the ruins of the Shorouq tower, which Israel bombed last month. Naaman OmarAPA images
    A smashed sewing machine is one of the few things that Muhammad al-Madhoun has been able to retrieve from his workshop.

    He and his staff used to design and make clothes in the Shorouq tower. The clothes were sold – along with fashion accessories and cosmetics – in a store within the same building.

    Al-Madhoun had been hoping to do a brisk trade on 12 May.

    Eid al-Fitr – a holiday when many people don new clothes and give each other gifts – would begin that evening. In his own words, al-Madhoun wanted to “sell like crazy” as business had been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “But on 12 May, we got a phone call that made us jump out of our skin,” he said. “We were told that a bunch of missiles would be fired at the building in 10 minutes.”

    Israel bombed and destroyed the Shorouq tower soon after that call.

    The call had come from a security guard working in the tower, who had been warned by Israel that everyone must leave the building. Israel also fired a missile at the roof of the building – as a harbinger of how it intended to destroy the entire tower.

    Al-Madhoun and his staff had to evacuate hurriedly; they did not have time to carry any equipment with them.

    “We were seven workers,” al-Madhoun said. “We were all working hard to support our families. Now we are left with nothing but sorrow.”

    The Shorouq tower hosted media organizations, medical clinics and various firms. It was located in al-Rimal, a neighborhood of Gaza City.

    “Pile of rubble”
    A commercial hub, al-Rimal was targeted much more by Israel during its May 2021 attack than it had been during the three other major offensives against Gaza since December 2008. Al-Rimal was the scene of a particularly gruesome crime last month – the massacre on al-Wihda street, in which at least 44 people were killed.

    By bombing businesses in al-Rimal and elsewhere, Israel was inflicting damage on Gaza’s economy that would be difficult to repair, the human rights group Al-Haq has suggested. Al-Haq noted that Gaza’s economy was already on the brink of collapse before the May offensive began.

    Israel destroyed or damaged an estimated 525 businesses in Gaza last month.

    “The greatest destruction was to shops,” said Ali al-Hayek from the Federation of Palestinian Industries. “The losses to goods prepared for Eid al-Fitr were very heavy, especially in the al-Rimal neighborhood. This beautiful commercial neighborhood was turned into a pile of rubble.”

    The official unemployment rate in Gaza stood at 48 percent ahead of last month’s attack. According to al-Hayek, it would not be surprising if the actual unemployment rate climbs to 70 percent because of the damage caused by Israel in May.

    “Everything was lost”
    Aliaa Zimmo ran a boutique for women’s clothing in the al-Walid building, also located in al-Rimal.

    She had started the business – named SHE fashion – with her husband and daughter two years ago. They had invested a great deal of time and energy toward making it successful.

    Then Israel bombed the al-Walid building on 13 May.

    “In one moment, everything was lost,” said Zimmo. “The building had shops, a beauty salon, an education center and a press office. There was nothing there that threatened Israel. The shop had just been renovated for Ramadan. And we had got new stock for Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha [a holiday which falls in July this year].”

    Zimmo had kept some of the new stock in her home. She is trying to keep her business going by selling the stock that remains, using Facebook as a promotional tool.

    The losses she incurred because of Israel’s bombing are estimated to be more than \$60,000. She is unsure if she will receive any international aid for her business.

    The al-Susi brothers operated two restaurants in al-Rimal. They specialized in falafel, hummus and ful, a dish made with fava beans.

    The family had been hoping to expand their business. Israel has wrecked their plans.

    The restaurants were situated next to the Shorouq tower. The restaurants were badly damaged when the tower was bombed.

    “We never expected all the bombing in al-Rimal,” said Imad al-Susi, who ran the restaurants, along with four of his brothers. “I have worked here since 2007. We’ve witnessed many Israeli attacks and disasters before.”

    “We’ve endured endless hardship,” he added. “Demand has been insanely low and, with Gaza under siege, the economy has long been fragile. But we haven’t seen anything like this before. No one thought the Israelis would bomb this neighborhood as heavily as they have now.”

    Ola Mousa is an artist and writer from Gaza.

    • Thanks: Mustapha Mond, Robjil
    • Replies: @RobinG
  7. those who wish for one state between the River and the Sea should consider accepting that Bibi may be the safest and fastest route towards such a goal.

    I totally agree that there will be a one state between the River and the Sea. However, that state will neither be what we see today nor what the zionists entertain in their wild dreams. It will be like South Africa today. i.e the former inhabitants of the Bantustans (in this case Gaza, West Bank and occupied territories) will be in charge of the new “de jure” state and some of the former Apartheid regime supporters (hardcore zionists) will voluntarily leave the country. It will have to be a democratic state instead of a theocracy (Jewish).

    What is called today Israel is a “de facto” entity that has no legal existence and no known borders.
    So, it’s obvious to me that it has no future in its present form with or without Bibi.
    Pieter Willem Botha could not keep the lid on a boiling Apartheid regime in South Africa and I don’t think that Bibi or his clone can force millions of Palestinians into submission forever. That new Apartheid is doomed to fail and miserably.

    So, how will a de jure state come into existence?
    There has been a strategic tectonic shift in the Middle East since May 2021. The Palestinian genie cannot be put back in the bottle anymore. They will win back their rights to existence by fighting only and they are aware of it. There is no other option left. The PLO is useless and Palestinians recognize that. So, the OSLO accords are dead and buried and Palestinians are back to where the ANC (African National Congress) in exile was in the 1980s.

    • Replies: @Jim H
  8. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Hannah Katz

    That’s pretty funny – it’s almost like the entire nation is nothing more than a chicken coop filled with angry vicious hens.

    For that matter, the same goes for this place – but we’re run by dual citizens, so no surprise.

    • Replies: @Tsar Nicholas
  9. @Hannah Katz

    You know the old saying – how many synagogues does one Jew need? 1 to worship at and one to boycott.

  10. @Anon

    That’s pretty funny – it’s almost like the entire nation is nothing more than a chicken coop filled with angry vicious hens.

    And a huge proportion of the chickens have been vaccinated, a fact which made me think of what vaccines do in the case of Marek’s disease.

    Prof Andrew Read of Penn State explains:

    Video Link

    • Replies: @RogerL
  11. Unlike the naïve voices who speak for Palestine in the West but hardly understand the region and are too scared to ask what is it that drives the Jewish State, Hamas’ strategists see it all. They helped Bibi stay in power: he let them win, they let him paralyze Israel and let it spiral down

    Interesting quote. A number of questions come up – Who are some of these Naive Voices who support palestine but misunderstand the region? Ilhan Omar/AOC? JVP?

    They are too scare to ask what drives the Jewish state in your opinion Gilad- what is it? Greed? Ethnic animosity?

    How did Hamas let Bibi win? How did they let him paralyze Israel? What evidence do you have for this?

    • Replies: @RogerL
  12. Jim H says:

    ‘The OSLO accords are dead and buried and Palestinians are back to where the ANC (African National Congress) in exile was in the 1980s.’ — Nostradamus

    Letting Israeli Arabs vote — but not the five million Arabs in Gaza and West Bank — resembles the last stand of the South African apartheid regime.

    It created parallel Asian and Coloured parliaments, patronizing them with divide and rule tactics, but still excluding the majority black population.

    Anybody could see that silly arrangement wouldn’t work. Neither will Israel’s technocratic engineering of an artificial Jewish majority that doesn’t actually exist within Israel’s full geographic sphere of influence, including the West Bank and Gaza.

    Who will be the Nelson Mandela of the Palestinians? She or he? And where is Israel’s F W de Klerk, willing to negotiate an end to the disgrace of apartheid without an orgy of violence?

    • Replies: @Nostradamus
  13. @Jim H

    Who will be the Nelson Mandela of the Palestinians? She or he? And where is Israel’s F W de Klerk, willing to negotiate an end to the disgrace of apartheid without an orgy of violence?

    Yasser Arafat was the Nelson Mandela of the Palestinians and was poisoned with Polonium by Ariel Sharon.

    Yitzhak Rabin was the F. W. de Klerk of Israel and was assassinated by a Bibi motivated terrorist.

    That’s why I came to the conclusion that the OSLO accords were permanently dead and buried after Israelis supported Bibi for 12 consecutive years, implementing the worst Apartheid crimes against an oppressed people since the end of the South African Apartheid.
    That’s also why I came to the conclusion that only armed struggle can free Palestinians from a servitude openly supported and financed by “free democracies” (US, Germany, Austria, the UK, etc…) and by Arab despots (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, etc….)…

    So, the birth of a new nation will be violent in nature and that’s the legacy of 12 years of Bibi.

    The Netanyahu’s Netanyahus’ government is just an ephemeral phenomenon
    that might be the catalyst of a new and last Intifada. And if that happens, I can bet that Bibi’s legacy would become obvious to most Zionists. He has mortgaged their future and they don’t know it yet.

    The military assumptions that Bibi used to dismiss the OSLO accords have been proven WRONG and WRONG and WRONG in the past 6 years.

    1. He had thought that Raytheon’s anti-ballistic missile systems (ABM) – PAC-2, PAC-3 and THAAD could magically immunize a country from all air-bone threats.

    2. He had thought that the Iron Dome financed by the US tax payers could magically immunize a country from all short range air-bone threats.

    3. Sucking from US tax payers \$4billion per year infinitum in Arms gifts was enough to ignore any peace treaties that they had signed.

    All of the above assumptions are being seriously challenged right now by a serious geostrategic shift by the US in the Middle East – You won’t see that from the mainstream media though.

    1. Since 2015, the Houthis in Yemen have brilliantly proven to the world that Patriot missiles and THAAD systems are useless when you know how to work around them. They’ve brought Saudi Arabia to its knees with cheap drones, cruise and ballistic missiles and the Saudi’s ABMs that cost \$Billion are useless.
    Iran proved late last year that US military bases in Iraq were all vulnerable by launching 13 ballistic missiles against the main US base and none of which was intercepted by Patriot or THAAD missiles.

    This year, the Resistance movement in Iraq attacked Riyadh (Saudi capital) with drones and the ABMs were all silent. The same group attacked the Mossad’s office in Erbil with drones and all
    Raytheon’s ABMs kept quite

    2. The Iron Dome rockets shield in Israel proved to be a great rockets sieve between May 10 and May 21, 2021… and that’s the backbone of Bibi’s defense system against Palestinians that had justified ignoring the OSLO accords.

    3. There are already uproars in the US (Democratic party) about the justification for unconditional apartheid support in Israel and Bernie Sanders is the spiritual guru of those leftists.

    On June 2, the US Secretary of Defense announced that the US was removing 8 ABMs from the Middle East. The US is moving its focus from the Middle East to its West Pacific “Lake” in order to “contain” China and Russia.

    Bibi’s legacy will be disastrous to say the least.

  14. @Nostradamus

    Can you post links to the Arafat poisoning and the Bibi I spited assassin? New to the topic and curious to learn more. Also, Israel regularly assassinates any and all Palestinian leaders who aren’t agents working for them. They tried many times to assassinate Arafat, but I didn’t think they succeeded.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  15. joe2.5 says:
    @bob sykes

    The new state could not possibly be Jewish. It would have to be secular and non-ethnic.

    How so? What would create such an obligation?
    South Africa managed with an overwhelming majority of slaves (as earlier Sparta, Athens, etc.)
    We had a nice majority of Blacks in the South but they sure didn’t have to say much.

    Yes, the places mentioned changed in the long term… the American Indians, however didn’t survive until equal rights etc. So who says the US-Zionists will let the 50% local inhabitants stay alive, long-term? They don’t look as if they intend to.

    • Replies: @RogerL
  16. RogerL says:
    @Tsar Nicholas

    I don’t remember hearing about leaky vaccines before. I can’t watch or listen to video. This page is all I found on Wikipedia. However it was enough to get the general idea of what leaky vaccines do. It sounds worse than what antibiotics do.

    Everybody keeps speculating on what the real agenda is behind the whole covid thing. Extrapolating out the effects on human civilization, from a widely used leaky vaccine on humans, is a bit scary because maybe that is an intentional part of the whole program.

    • Replies: @Tsar Nicholas
  17. RogerL says:
    @ginger bread man

    That is a good question. I’ve read a lot about problems with Jewish culture and Israeli culture, but not about this question.

    What does drive the Israeli state?

    I realize my question is a somewhat different question from yours. I’d be interested in the answer to either question.

  18. @ginger bread man

    Uri Avnery wrote about how Sharon gave the order for Aradat’s murder, and Dahlan delivered the Po 210. Hardly a controversy, but straight down the Memory Hole.

  19. @Nostradamus

    If Mandela had been a Palestinian the Zionazis would just have murdered him, and no-one in the West would know his name, or care.

    • Agree: Tsar Nicholas
  20. Hulius says:

    The Jews never had a nation-state. The present is still just a work of state. He is barely 73 years old.
    It won’t last even 100 years. They demolish it, as the Jews did with Jerico …
    … and there will be a single state again.

    • Replies: @Anon
  21. badu says:

    According to Professor Kontorovich and Mr Howard Grief who know somthing about international Law, Israel already has sovereignty over West Bank and Gaza via the Mandate for Palestine. The example of Gaza shows that these areas can never ever be an independant state as they are so consumed with hate. So the solution is to declare them protectorates of Israel. There are many examples of protectorates worldwide. This results in their being given a certain degree of autonomy, but no ability to overwhelm Israel. Israel needs to take back Gaza. The experiment has failed. Building on “Area C” I am sure will continue. Israel just needs to give Gaza and Westbank a name. ISRAELI PROTECTORATE.

    • Thanks: dude dudley
  22. badu says:
    @bob sykes

    A ONE STATE SOLUTION IS FINE Within that state Gaza and West Bank will be protectorates with no voting rights for Knesset.

  23. A123 says: • Website

    in favour of an ultra-right government. Such a government would enjoy the support of at least 80 Knesset members. It would include whatever is left out of the Likud party,

    The author is applying obsolete benchmarks to label the sides.

    Post-Bibi, Israel will have a Centrist government. The Center-Left, Center, Religious Right, and Secular Right all agree on policy. Parties not included will be the Far-Left (Labour/Gesher) and the Ultra-Left (Joint Muslim List).

    The Centrist Israeli government will maintain the current, non-controversial stance — Jewish Palestine is a nation for Palestinian Jews.

    The next government for the Muslim Authority is much more likely to fundamentally change the status quo. Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah are substantially less popular than lepers, however they did maintain the pretense of theoretical support for the Oslo arrangements. The next Muslim government will end Oslo: (1)

    [from 2017] — “Hamas affirms that the Oslo Accords and their addenda contravene the governing rules of international law in that they generate commitments that violate the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. Therefore, the [Hamas] movement rejects these agreements and all that flows from them such as the obligations that are detrimental to the interests of our people, especially security coordination (collaboration).”

    “Hamas believes that no part of the land of Palestine shall be compromised or conceded, irrespective of the causes, the circumstances and the pressures and no matter how long the occupation lasts. Hamas rejects any alternative to the full and complete liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea.”

    Muslim termination of the Oslo Accords will lead to severe hardships under Hamas rule. The burdens of staying will make Muslim emigration out of Judea & Samaria look much more appealing by comparison.

    PEACE 😇


    • Thanks: dude dudley
    • Replies: @Art
  24. RogerL says:

    I agree that the Zionist elites would prefer that all Palestinians be killed.

    Fortunately the Israeli iron dome is defective, and the Axis of Resistance has thousands of missiles aimed at everything of value in Israel. This, plus the fact that Israel is loosing the propaganda war, is what is stopping the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians.

    Israel and the Arabs around it have reached a point of mutually assured destruction, very similar to what the US and Russia have. Israel has their nukes and the Arabs have huge numbers of missiles.

    I am awed with Putin’s finesse in diplomacy, and the Arabs near Israel have been learning from him and growing stronger. On the other hand, the Zionist elites seem to becoming less and less rational, and more and more disconnected from reality, and less and less effective in dealing with challenges.

    People adamantly cling to hard-line fundamentalist religions because a weakness in their psyche blocks them from being able to deal with the messy, complex, evolving reality around them.

    In short, they use their religion as a crutch for getting thru daily life. When their confidence in their crutch is destroyed, they tend to have psychotic fits.

    So what happens, when eventually the Palestinians are pushed into unlimited conflict with Israel, they start winning, and in every sense the state of Israel starts unraveling?

    What will the Jewish right-wing extremists do then, when they are forced to confront their delusions and see their fantasies destroyed?

    As I walk thru different scenarios, they all end up with Israel doing a kind of Jim Jones mass-suicide thing with their nukes, taking a lot of the world with them, and making the land at the east end of the Mediterranean uninhabitable.
    If Hamas and their supporters seem to be pussyfooting around, then this is what they are trying to avoid.

    Since Israel has lost the capacity for political solutions, the only options for the Palestinians are military solutions. However there is a great range of these options, and many ways for them to backfire. I’m glad that Qasem Soleimani had a strong influence on the training of the leaders opposing Israel.

    How can the Palestinians gain control of all of the land in and around Israel, which is currently controlled by Israel, while avoiding triggering the Israeli use of nukes?

    Gradually Palestinians are gaining support, and gradually Israel is loosing support. Maybe the Israel economy will simply collapse. Then maybe the Israel government will collapse and fall apart. Then maybe the Palestinians could slide in and organize a new government that is nonsectarian.

    That is a lot of maybes in a row. The US evacuation of pro-US people from Saigon comes to mind, with huge numbers of panicking people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Even if Israel simply falls apart, without a significant Palestinian military offensive, I can see the hardliners saying “if we can’t have it, then nobody will” and as their last act, using their nukes.

    It would be kind of a joke, after all the hysteria about global warming, and all of the fears about nuclear brinkmanship between the US and Russia destroying our Earth, that an Israeli nuclear suicide caused a nuclear winter that caused human civilization to collapse.

    Personally, I’d like to avoid that scenario. On the other hand apartheid states are so bad they make me angry and inarticulate. So I’m in a big quandary about constructive ways forward on these issues.

    • Replies: @dude dudley
    , @joe2.5
  25. @RogerL

    Everybody keeps speculating on what the real agenda is behind the whole covid thing. Extrapolating out the effects on human civilization, from a widely used leaky vaccine on humans, is a bit scary because maybe that is an intentional part of the whole program.

    There’s too much “incompetence” for it to be anything but intentional. I didn’t really think this at the start, only harboured a few suspicions at the back of my mind, but I do now.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  26. Art says:

    Jewish Palestine is a nation for Palestinian Jews.

    Without question, that is the most nonsensical sentence ever published about Palestine.

  27. @RogerL

    Palestinians (“muslims”) are going to start leaving Israel en masse and the whole Arabistine cause will fall apart eventually. Israel is going to EXPAND BIG TIME, make common cause with so many others, and gain a lot of new population. Apartheid is good and natural, and the Arabs like it better that way too.

  28. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    “They demolish it, as the Jews did with Jerico …”

    Jericho was an actual pile of rubble for at least a couple centuries before the fictional Joshua led the fictional Hebrews on their fictional conquest.

  29. @dude dudley

    No way. The Palestinians who fled in 1948 were either the rich elite who had connections or the super poor who had to flee or get killed by the Zionist militias. This completely depopulated Palestine of it’s Christian population which went from 20% of the total in ‘48 to around 1% today.

    Those who remained either had no options to leave or remained steadfastly in their land as a sign of defiance

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  30. A123 says: • Website
    @dude dudley

    Palestinians (“muslims”) are going to start leaving Israel en masse and the whole Arabistine cause will fall apart eventually.

    Even the UN admits that Hamas has destroyed the aquifer supplying fresh water for Gaza. Rainfall and other ground water can support 250-500K. Desalinization is unaffordable and prerequisites, such as reliable electricity, are unavailable.

    The physical reality imposed by Mother Nature presents a pressing need for 1.5-2.0MM non-indigenous Muslims to leave Gaza and return home.

    Israel is going to EXPAND BIG TIME, make common cause with so many others, and gain a lot of new population.

    The Jordan River valley provides a natural border for Jewish Palestine (a.k.a. Israel). There is no need for expansion further East. It is hard to see “big time” expansion in population or land area.

    Muslim conspiracy theorists have these wacky unsupported ideas about a “greater Levant” plan that does not actually exist.

    PEACE 😇

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  31. bayviking says:

    The right thing to do would be to restore the 1947 borders. Restore Palestinian properties to their respective owners or pay a just compensation. But that would require a balanced approach from DC. Impossible in the current political stalemate that keeps our government in the grips of s ruling elite.

  32. @A123

    Funny how Zionazi stooges are such VICIOUS liars. The slimier the better-it feeds their Judaic Masters’ hatred and contempt for the goyim.

  33. @ginger bread man

    When the terrorist capo, Ben-Gurion, heard that the Galilee had not been ‘cleansed’ of Palestinians, he flew into a rage. Look up the Judaic genocides of goyim during the Kitos War to see the millennial roots of ethnic cleansing and genocide, religious obligations under Talmudism.

  34. @Tsar Nicholas

    The maniacal drive to outlaw cheap, safe, highly effective medications like ivermectin, with lies, character assassination, threats and general bastardy, and the concomitant drive to force people to receive the experimental gene therapy injections, plus the ruthless suppression of ALL informed discussion, and the facts of massive injection reactions, including deaths, at rates unknown from any other vaccine drive, ever, tells me that this is it. The injections are designed to prime victims for a new ‘variant’ that will be the killer.

    • Agree: Tsar Nicholas
  35. RobinG says:

    “One Day in Gaza,” the 2019 BBC documentary on Gaza that PBS Frontline refused to air.

    Video Link

    “The film is missing important context about the issue, but it includes footage that Americans, as Israel’s top funders, should see – including a young, unarmed teen being shot in her head.
    BBC, the coproducer of the film, broadcast it to British viewers. We are posting it below so that Americans can also view it.”

  36. joe2.5 says:

    Agreed with almost every word.
    None of that, however, agrees with the much-repeated mantra that the Zionists would be obliged by the sheer number of Palestinians to give them equal rights — and camels bearing pearls and lapislazuli…

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