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Before They Preach to Us About White Privilege
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Stanford University study reveals: “Some 80% of (Jews of colour) respondents said that they had ‘experienced discrimination’ within Jewish settings, including synagogues, congregations, and Jewish spiritual communities.”

People who are familiar with the history of Zionism are aware of the rich history of White Jewish (AKA Ashkenazi) abuse towards Arab and Sephardi Jews in Israel. In the years after the creation of the Israeli state hundreds of babies went missing. Their parents, mostly Jewish immigrants from Yemen, were told their children had died, but suspicions linger that they were secretly given away to White Jewish childless families. The Israeli government approved earlier this year a NIS162 million settlement with the families of these ‘vanishing’ children.

Volunteering the Israeli population as guinea pigs wasn’t invented by Netanyahu or/and Pfizer. Blood samples drawn from Yemenites Jews in the 1950s were tested to determine whether they had “Negro blood.” According to the Times of Israel “60 hearts were harvested from the bodies of new immigrants from Yemen post-mortem for purposes of medical research, in a project purportedly funded by the US.” Also in the same period, the Jewish state irradiated children who arrived from North Africa and the Middle East en masse in an attempt to fight ringworm. In the years to follow many of these children died from cancer. In 1995 the Israeli government decided to compensate the victims and families of the Ringworm Affair.

In the late 1950-1960s Jewish immigrants from Morocco were sprayed with DDT as soon as their feet touched the ‘promised land.’ For them, this bitter departure was merely an introduction to decades of abuse and humiliation that is still taking place.

It took the Israeli Government more than a few decades to lift its 1977 ban preventing Jews from Ethiopia donating blood. This late immigration wave of African Jews sent their children to serve in the army and to die for Israel but apparently their blood wasn’t as good as their fellow Israelis.

The Yemenites, Moroccans and Ethiopians have something in common. They are ‘Jews of colour,’ not exactly the most privileged Jews in Israel. Just slightly above the Palestinians and the African non-Jewish immigrants. Some anti-Zionists may insist that this is exactly what we should expect from a racist criminal State. However, the fate of American Jews of colour isn’t any better, in fact it is far worse.

The Jerusalem Post reported yesterday on a study conducted by researchers at Stanford University that delved into the experiences of American Jews of Color. The new report titled Beyond the Count revealed large and systemic discrimination and scrutinization based on race in the Jewish Society.

The data was gathered at Stanford University by a multi-racial team of researchers, with over 1,118 respondents participating. It revealed that “Some 80% of respondents said that they had ‘experienced discrimination’ within Jewish settings, including synagogues, congregations, and Jewish spiritual communities.”


“Additionally, respondents indicated that they had previously experienced an increased sense of awareness regarding how others perceive them because of either their race or their Jewishness.” Some participants admitted they found it “more difficult for their identities to co-exist in predominantly white Jewish spaces than in Black indigenous people of color spaces.” Furthermore, 44% said they had changed how they dress or speak in white Jewish spaces, and 66% reported feeling “disconnected from their Jewish identities at times.”

I wouldn’t dare to ask Jews or anyone else to morph, to become more tolerant or harmonious, as that is not my task in life. I wouldn’t expect anyone who upholds racist and/or white supremacist views to change their spots. I just expect Jews in general and Jewish institutions (such as the ADL or AIPAC) in particular, to look in the mirror twice before they preach to us about ‘race’ in general or white privilege in particular.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Culture/Society, History, Ideology • Tags: Discrimination, Israel, Jews 
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  1. gay troll says:

    “White” Supremacy is a euphemism for Judeo Christian supremacy, which derives from the Bible. If CRT was Critical Religion Theory it might make more sense. Instead whiteness is used as a scapegoat by Zionists to shield their racist religion.

    If “white” is a cultural construct, and “black” is a skin color, then why does NYT capitalize only the latter? Shouldn’t it be reversed?

  2. There are no White jews, only white-looking jews. How jews divide themselves should not matter to anyone but themselves. Whether you breed more or less with negroes is your problem. It’s not like Whites are pushing it on you. Unlike the other way around.

    The same thing with zionism and anti-zionism. Stop enlisting us in your internal disputes. Go be a jew somewhere else.

    • Agree: Hitmarck
    • Thanks: Angharad
  3. Svevlad says:

    Breed with westoids, get westoid autism.

    Truly the eternal Ashk*nazi are probably the worst type of human to ever pollute the Earth. Imagine having western blood cell counting autism and middle eastern clannishness and ethnocentrism.

  4. @actual White man

    “Go be a Jew somewhere else.”

    You do realize this website is owned and run by a guy of Judaic heritage, right? You do realize that Gilad is not the only writer here of Judaic heritage, right? What authority do you have to tell him to get lost?

  5. Nice article.
    How have we have allowed a cult(Yahwism) of madmen to take over the world?

  6. @actual White man

    I would say there are no Jews just a bunch of folks who have been fooled just like the Christians and Muslims.

    All fooled to believe a volcano is god and hope for someone else to fix their problems. Messiah will come and fix all the problems they created. Have you read these clowns text?

    Some fked up people our world is filled with!

    • Agree: goldgettin
  7. anon[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Yid – most racist, sickest.
    The Yemeni Jew a delusional convert.
    American black Jew is what? Delusional. Ignorant.

    They deserve to be treated like dogs for being fools.
    Now, need someone/thing treat Yid like a dog.

    Palestine not their home.
    None of ’em belong there.

    5 dancing shlomos

    • Replies: @Observator
  8. Biff says:

    It’s a world of double standards – all you need is media control, and a place called Hollywood.

    BTW, somebody should slip this article into the mainstream media somewhere, and wherever CRT pops up make sure you confront it with this very scribe

  9. Jews being anti-black isn’t a problem as blacks are a destructive people.

    The problem is Jews being ‘racist’ against blacks but dumping all the blame on whites(who also have good reasons to be race-ist in regard to blacks).

  10. 9593 says:

    Lately I heard a local Jew denounce Jews who “identify as white”. In the old days the assimilationists were denounced. Perhaps a new stress created by the Frankfurt School’s Critical Race Theory to make Whites the Bete Noire in a system of of universal tribalism.

    Part of the difficulty of justifying the killing of Palestinians and seizing their land.

    “The minute we classify as white, we allow ourselves to be seen and treated as foreign colonizers in the Middle East. Ashkenazi Jews who identify as “white Europeans”, and refuse to own their Middle Eastern identity, are opening *themselves* up to delegitimization.”

  11. Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.

  12. @anon

    I have an Israeli friend whose people came from Yemen to Palestine in the great 1880s migration of Jews from that country She is dark like an Arab and said that because of her looks the white Europeans and Americans who claim to be Jews in that unfortunate place today treated her with so much contempt that eventually she left for Canada.

  13. But, Gilad Atzmon, you didn’t tell us why the European Ashkenazi who launched the state of Israel in colonial Palestine did those mean things to oriental Jews. They obviously knew that those other swarthy Jews were somehow different from their own pale northern stock. But why the distinction we now call “racism”? Perhaps a Jewish flavor of “anti-Semitism”?

    Shlomo Sand (Invention of the Jewish People) and Arthur Koestler (The Thirteenth Tribe) both apparently knew the answer, although they probably would not have approved of the discriminating abuses you cited in Israel. Both those Jewish scholars were obviously aware that their Ashkenazi bretheren aren’t Semitic at all. In a more honest age, British Col. T. Lawrence of Arabia knew it too because the Ottoman people he called Semites were the Arabs, including Palestinians and the oriental Jews.

    Could it be that the Ashkenazi of the Western world are simply well informed “race realists” who know perfectly well where they originally hailed from? Koestler called their Asian steppe homeland medieval Khazar, far from any holy land of Israel.

    For obvious political reasons, decades of Israeli geneticists have tried gamely but futilely to prove to the gentiles that the dominant Eastern European stock of Jewish Israel is somehow Semitic. Could that endeavor have had something to do with the kidnappings and subsequent Ashkenazi adoptions of oriental Jewish infants who really were Semites? But couldn’t they have produced a more convincing result if Israel had decided at the start to try peaceful integration with the indigenous Semitic Palestinians.

  14. Who’s “Privileged” are the rich white liberal elites that invented this insanity.

    Privileged white liberals are placing the burden of their social engineering projects on the backs of poor whites in order to achieve their goals of freeing the oppressed and instituting liberal social justice. Elite rich liberals simply do not like the average white working man. They say he’s dumb and racist and incorrigible.

    We’ll use Biden as an example but this could apply to any elitist including Republicans. Whites such as him and his professor wife only know other well-off whites like themselves. They seldom interact or associate with the average working class white. On the other-hand, they see a black or other preferred group as being kept down not because it’s their fault but because of racism and oppression. A similar white is viewed by them with disdain , they see a white who is down on the economic ladder deserves to be because he’s stupid or chose not to work hard or apply himself. They have utter contempt for poor working class whites. These are the folks in school who dad bought a new corvette for them at graduation as they prepared for a fine university while the rest of us went into the army.

    As far as racism, I must really be living in a bubble because I simply don’t see blacks being discriminated against.. Sorry,, if it’s happening I must be missing it.. I know at the workplace they were always given hiring and promotion preferences. I do see prodigious worshiping of black stars in sports and entertainment primarily by white fans.

    I would also add that if somebody has a belief in their head about a group of people so what ? I mean you can’t control what somebody thinks. If somebody want’s to say people that wear blue hats are dumb they should have the right to say it and demonstrate to everyone how dumb they are. But for the system to threaten you for saying what somebody determines is the wrong thing then this is well along it’s way to becoming very much like Stalinist USSR.

    • Agree: Annony Mouse
    • Replies: @Annony Mouse
  15. Hitmarck says:

    Who’s that mythical “Us”?
    Tikkun Olaming again?
    One can’t escape his skin. 😉

  16. anonymous[187] • Disclaimer says:

    The Izzies were the worst most genocidal colonizers in Africa’s history.

    They avoided blame for it because they just stripped all the assets, got everybody killing everybody else, and then moved on.

  17. @Bartolo

    Can’t understand all the hatred towards the Jews—is this a post Hate the Three Stooges Movement—Marx Wrong —Harpo – Groucho Cheeko and Zeppo were great—– Marx electric train set post reaction– got wired on the wrong track ??

  18. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:


    Jewish anti-racist movements are extremely powerful at bashing non-Jewish Whites for racism, but the fact is that Jewish Whites are usually much more racist.

    Jew have, in fact, became more White in the last century. A hundred years ago Freud wrote a reply letter to a Jewish girl that she shouldn’t marry a blonde goy because he didn’t want blonde Jews. She listened, but oh well, a century later and there is a substantial percentage of blond Jews, so I guess many didn’t listen.

    That’s why Judaism is, as Herve Ryssen noted, is a “mental race”. It’s not a true race. It’s an imaginary race based on an imaginary God that claims to be real. But it’s all fake. It’s a made-up nation like many nations. What makes it dangerous however is its delusional belief it is the only true nation:

    • Replies: @Robjil
  19. @Bushy-Squirrel

    “These are the folks in school whose dad bought a new corvette for them at graduation as they prepared for a fine university while the rest of us went into the army.”

    I’ve seen that happen so often – and yet, it is those poor white, working-class kids who would die for their country that has all the hate thrown at them by the very spoilt brats whose daddy had bought them luxury cars and the best education his money could buy. Talk about unjust!

  20. Robjil says:

    That’s why Judaism is, as Herve Ryssen noted, is a “mental race”. It’s not a true race. It’s an imaginary race based on an imaginary God that claims to be real. But it’s all fake. It’s a made-up nation like many nations. What makes it dangerous however is its delusional belief it is the only true nation

    We have a Theocracy in west, it is a Jewish Theocracy. Our wars are for it, our media supports it. This delusional Jewish Theocracy has been a danger for over a hundred years in the west.

    The Seven Nations to destroy is a classic example of this Jewish Theocracy in promoting wars by using its Golem USSA.

    And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!” [emphasis added]

    Since these seven nations no longer exist4 a person could think that this commandment is not noheg l’doros [for all generations5]. But only someone who does not understand the concept of noheg l’doros would think such a thing. A command that can be fulfilled without being limited to a certain time is considered noheg l’doros, because if the act would become possible in any generation, the mitzvah would apply.

    Pelosi supports this Jewish Theocracy with all her heart.

    Nancy Pelosi pledged support for Israel “even if the Capitol crumbles,” as major Democratic Party funder and pro-Israel advocate Haim Saban looked on – TRNN’s panel discusses anti-Semitism, Israel and the Democratic Party with Jacqueline Luqman, Jeff Cohen and host Paul Jay.

    • Replies: @Thermostatus
  21. @Robjil

    Many Jews are living in a a sort of a religious hypnotic trance. Even many of the “secular” ones. Forcing prophecies, looking for meaning in their books, irrational hate towards different nations based on mythology, etc.

    The thing that makes Judaism dangerous is.. its powerful hypnotic effect.

    That seems to be a feature of many religions. Islam, for example, also has a very powerful hypnotic effect and many people willingly kill themselves in the name of Islam. It appears that a religious hypnotic trance can be more powerful than the biological desire to live.

  22. Another superb piece by Gilad.

    Many thanks for your continued outstanding efforts. And to Ron for his providing this forum.


  23. saggy says: • Website

    Just more endless B S from crypto-Jew GA. Atzmon’s sole purpose is to convince you that Jews are rational people just like you and are not salivating at the prospect of ruling the world and decapitating the non-Jews and having sex with 3 y.o. girls. Here you can listen to a real Jew tell you that you don’t really need to wait until a girl is 3 y.o to wed her by intercourse, as she is 3 y.o. when she has completed her third year, so that rabbi Meir contends that when she is 2 y.0. plus one day she is ready for intercourse … this is not a joke …
    The rabbi explains this passage from the Talmud ..

    “The Gemara raises an objection against the explanation of Rabbi Yannai from a baraita: A girl who is three years old, and even one who is two years and one day old, is betrothed through intercourse; this is the statement of Rabbi Meir.”

    • Replies: @saggy
  24. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    Awfully quiet here on the Eastern Front, I guess Lady McTaubman got vaxxed?

  25. S says:

    Good post.

    I might add that those who routinely use the terms ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ [two terms invented in relatively modern terms that easily fall into the realm of being language and intellect degrading ‘thought terminating cliches’/’loaded language’ ] might also wish to take a look in the mirror about their motivations for using such.

    When one understands exactly what a thought terminating cliché is, it becomes apparent that the use of such terminology is problematic, even disingenuous, if one has a sincere interest in open and honest discussion about any given topic.

    In the case of the terms ‘racist’ and ‘racism’, the context of their use has cleverly and forcibly married the perfectly legitimate concept of race with the uncalled for abuse which unfortunately at times can take place between distinct peoples, ie ‘races’, two wholly different subjects, the latter of which (abuse between peoples) most people of good will certainly don’t advocate.

    The actual primary target for suppression here with the use of such terminology is the legitimate concept of race, and much less the occasional abuses.

    As elaborated upon by Dr Robert J Lifton…

    Thought-terminating clichés, also known as thought-stoppers, or semantic stopsigns, are words or phrases that discourage critical thought and meaningful discussion about a given topic…..The term was popularized by psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton in his 1961 book, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of “Brainwashing” in China.

    Lifton wrote, “The language of the totalist environment is characterized by the thought-terminating cliché. The most far-reaching and complex of human problems are compressed into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorized and easily expressed. These become the start and finish of any ideological analysis”.

    Sometimes they are used in a deliberate attempt to shut down debate, manipulate others to think a certain way, or dismiss dissent. However, some people repeat them, even to themselves, out of habit or conditioning, or as a defense mechanism to reaffirm a confirmation bias.é

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