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If you are upset by the undeniable fact that our greatest scientific minds are failing in their battle against Covid-19, you should be relieved to learn that the West’s greatest minds are momentarily occupied with a way more important battle: the war against antisemitism.

The Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) reported a few days ago that the Alfred Landecker Foundation (Berlin) launched a new international ‘Decoding Antisemitism’ project to stop hate online using ‘Artificial Intelligence. ’Apparently, the multi-national team comprised of ‘discourse analysts, computational linguists and historians,’ will develop a highly complex, AI-driven approach to identifying online antisemitism.

The Jewish news outlet reports that studies have shown that the majority of anti-Semitic defamation is expressed in implicit ways – for example through the use of creative codes such as ‘juice’ instead of ‘Jews. ’The highly sophisticated algorithm is, presumably, designed to scan the net continuously and attribute security alerts to every possible reference to ‘juice.’ However, if you see law enforcement agents surrounding your local grocery shop you should assume that its owner may have issued a complaint to the manufacturer about the integrity of his last orange juice delivery.

The genius AI application will also spot certain conspiracy narratives or the reproduction of stereotypes, especially through unusual images. I guess that we are referring here to images of an un-named orange who kept his underwear on. It may as well be that the AI application will be sophisticated enough to trace the exact favourite fruit extract that drives the Open Society Institute.

Issues to do with COVID-19 are particularly important as far as the new AI application is concerned due to “the rise in conspiracy myths accusing Jews of creating and spreading COVID-19.” This is no doubt a demanding task for the state of art application, as most Jewish outlets actually openly admit a unique and concerning level of intimacy between Jews/Israel and the virus. Back on 1st April, Zionist outlets were the first to admit that Jews were as much as 8 times over-represented amongst Covid 19 death in Britain, at least in the first days of the epidemic. As early as the 3rd of March, an Israeli company named Migal was quick to announce that it has the vaccine for Covid-19. The new AI system will have to learn to turn a blind eye to the fact that Jewish outlets openly admit that Orthodox Jews in New York and in Israel consciously and strategically let the virus spread in their communities as they truly believed (and for a good reason) in herd immunity.


Dr. Andreas Eberhardt, CEO of the Alfred Landecker Foundation told the Jewish outlet that “Antisemitism and hatred directed against minorities are putting the future of our open society in jeopardy. And the problem is only getting worse in the digital sphere. It’s essential that we use innovative approaches – such as using AI – to tackle these issues head on.” I guess that Dr. Eberhardt is correct and the next obvious question is why are the German academic and his institute fighting antisemitism in particular rather than fighting hatred in general and universally?

On my part, I could save the Alfred Landecker Foundation a lot of energy and resources. Instead of adopting a Stasi doctrine, scanning the net, spying on our profiles for poetic expressions and ‘juicy images,’ just ask a few basic elementary questions: why is antisemitism back on the rise? What is it that Israel and its Lobby are doing that is so upsetting to a growing number of people? What is it that we cannot talk about and why?

I actually believe that one old Zionist text from the late 19th century answers all those questions. Bernard Lazare’s Antisemitism: Its History and Causes attempted to figure out why Jewish history is an endless chain of tragedies and expulsions.

Lazare believed that if Jews want to dominate their fate they must emancipate themselves from their choseness, that unique racially oriented sense of privilege and exceptionalism. Zionism in its early version, was for Lazare the way forward. Zionism at the time was distinguished by its total rejection and negation of the Diaspora Jewish culture and identity (Shlilat Ha-galut). When Zionism was a spiritual metamorphic aspiration, the Jews were loved and admired, their Jewish state was even ‘forgiven’ for its colossal crimes against the indigenous people of Palestine (The Nakaba). But when Israel drifted away from its idealistic roots, when it gradually became the ‘Jewish State’, the tolerance towards Israel’s actions and its lobby also started to fade away.

The Alfred Landecker Foundation may do better using their historians, linguists and computer scientists identifying this shift in the Jewish universe rather than treating the rest of us as suspected bigots.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Anti-Semitism, Censorship, Jews 
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  1. Were the Jewish Covid deaths in England similar to the Orthodox Jewish clusters in Westchester County , New York?

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  2. saggy says:

    Judaism is a religion that explicitly and openly plans to dominate the world and make slaves of all non-Jews. All that is required is that the 3rd temple be rebuilt[1], the mosiach return and conquer all the nations of the world[2], and all inhabitants in all nations are subject to the Noahide laws which demand worshipping the Jewish god[3], with transgressors decapitated.[4]




    The sons of Noah are to be executed by decapitation for most crimes

    • Agree: BuelahMan
    • Thanks: Ilya G Poimandres
  3. @Lost American

    I guess so but no one in the USA was brave enough to point at it at the time…

    • Replies: @Lost American
  4. “Dr. Andreas Eberhardt, CEO of the Alfred Landecker Foundation told the Jewish outlet that “Antisemitism and hatred directed against minorities are putting the future of our open society in jeopardy. And the problem is only getting worse in the digital sphere.”

    Hear! Hear!

    Europeans number 480,000 people on Earth. This comprises 6% of the worlds population of 8 billion. Clearly we are a minority.

    Genocide watch speaks of 10 stages of genocide. Lets see whether they apply to whites in America.

    1. Classification. Yes. Definitely. Whites, and in particular, white males, have been singled out as being worthy objects of scorn and persecution.

    2. Symbolization. Yes. Definitely. White males have been stereotyped as incompetent boobs on television commercials. Invariably, they are the “bad guys” in Hollywood movies, even when the actual character being considered is a Jew, as in movies Hollywood has produced depicting the evil excesses of Wall Street. Also, it is safe to assume that if a blond man appears in a Hollywood movie, he will be the pathological murderer/torturer.

    3.Discrimination. This one’s easy. Every affirmative action law written since 1965 places whites as second-class citizens and gives preferential treatment to coddled negros, hispanics, women, gays et al.

    4. Dehumanization. Again, laughably easy to see. Democratic main stream media has respected no limits in denigrating Trump and his supporters, calling them scum, vermin etc.

    5. Organization. The entire Democratic Party is a collection of aggrieved colored people who have organized so as to destroy European America.

    6. Polarization. One only had to watch evening TV or YouTube to see the Antifa “Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda…..Extremist terrorism targets moderates, intimidating and silencing the center. ”

    7. Preparation. The Gang of Color prepares the final solution of breeding whites out of existence–and crows about it when they remind us that many of our phenotypic genes are recessive.

    8. Persecution. Death Lists are drawn up. See Robert Reich’s comments last week calling for so-called Reconciliation Camps.

    9. Extermination. Whites are losing ground as a percentage of the world’s population with respect to most other populations. Land hungry, the teeming throng of the world’s breeders eyes wealthy Europe and America with hunger for riches.

    10. Denial. And Jews deny that they have anything to do with the ongoing, slow-motion genocide of Europe and America, going so far as to completely reverse the roles of the victim/persecutor.

  5. The NYTimes says,

    “About half of Americans born at the turn of the 20th century had blue eyes, according to a 2002 Loyola University study in Chicago. By mid-century that number had dropped to a third. Today only about one 1 of every 6 Americans has blue eyes, said Mark Grant, the epidemiologist who conducted the study.”

    Today only 1.8% of the world’s people have blond hair. Since blond hair is found chiefly in Europeans and since their percentage of the world’s population has dropped dramatically since 1900 (due to population explosion in India and China et al), it is safe to assume that the percentage of blonds in the world has dropped as well. They are a tiny and disappearing minority.

    The Alfred Landecker Foundation would better spend its time and money taking steps to preserve this valuable minority who, once gone, will not likely spontaneously reappear. There are billions of clone-like Asians of a few flavors, but relatively few blond/blue Euros who, it may be noted, were disproportionately represented among the world’s technical and artistic geniuses. That Jews ignore this is evidence of their resentiment, the insect gnawing away at the Jewish soul.

    • Replies: @James O'Meara
  6. What is the catchy phrase that you’ve heard used numerous times to signify disdain or hatred of Catholics? How about Hindus, Buddhists, Protestants, etc?

    Why is it that only the Jews have the catchy antisemitism moniker to throw around?

    Antisemitism is nothing but a public relations phrase used to shout down anyone that’s wise to how the Jews operate and has the temerity to say so.

  7. How come the juice aren’t orange juice? That’s enough to debunk their pretence of being semites, isn’t it?

  8. If conservative Americans don’t stand up to Jewish Supremacist violation of the First Amendment, they have NO credibility on Free Speech. Jewish Power is using state power to suppress the free speech of Americans. It is ‘McCarthyism’ x 1000.

  9. geokat62 says:

    Instead of adopting a Stasi doctrine, scanning the net, spying on our profiles for poetic expressions and ‘juicy images,’ just ask a few basic elementary questions: why is antisemitism back on the rise? What is it that Israel and its Lobby are doing that is so upsetting to a growing number of people? What is it that we cannot talk about and why?

    Glad you asked, Gilad.

    The biggest reason for the resurgence in antisemitism is the tremendous efforts expended by Jewish Supremacist Organizations (JSOs) to turn western countries into “open societies” while at the same time ensuring Eretz Israel remains closed.

    Bottom Line: Never Again! means Westerners saying goodbye to “blood and soil” and hello to “multiculti.”

    • Replies: @geokat62
  10. geokat62 says:

    See what I mean?

    Could you imagine SPLC or ADL or HIAS or IsraAID demanding that Eretz Israel free all the migrants trying to cross the border into the Jewish state? Me neither.

    • Replies: @thotmonger
    , @James O'Meara
  11. roonaldo says:

    So, once the AI of Landecker and his pals tags you, they will bag you, I suppose, by doxxing, prosecution, SJW hordes, etc..

    Not to worry, as clever resistance forces can confound their machines by deep-coded communications, for example: “Choose hold tomb mulch powwow whir in dumb eat ya.” (Jews hold too much power in the media.) Or by the old reliable: “Etanyahunay isyay ayay iminalcray.

    That oughtta keep the bastards off-balance!

  12. Sirius says:
    @Priss Factor

    One would think right and left should be united on this issue. It goes to the core of free speech. One can only conclude that Zionism is the biggest threat to the US.

  13. frankie p says:

    Anti-semitism is a rational response to the manifestation of Jewish anti-gentilism in gentile societies.


    It may derive from the one pillar of Judaism, messianism, which requires the Jews to tikkun olam or fix the world to bring about the coming of their Messiah, endeavoring to do away with all of the organic development of humanity throughout history. Therefore, there should be no conflict among nations; let’s do away with nations. There should be no conflict among races; let’s miscegenate the world. There should be no conflict among classes; let’s implement Marxism, which grew out of the brain of a Hasidic Jew. There should be no conflict among sexes; let’s introduce and support gender bending, globohomo and gender by choice. What’s the result? Anti-semitism! Gentiles will react to these attacks on their traditional societies, ethics, and morals.

    It may derive from the other pillar of Judaism, talmudism, and yes, I realize that the two pillars are connected by a complex web. Talmudism is the epitome of evil, the tyranny of the Rabbis according to Shahak, and it features the teaching of behavioral patterns to promote an ethnocentrism that prioritizes Jews and allows treatment of gentiles similar to that of animals, because at the core, the belief is that gentiles are not human, they are animals. This has led to the worship of Mammon, the nepotism of Jews, the rampant runaway manipulation of western governments by money and influence. What is the result? Antisemitism.

    Any gentile who isn’t antisemitic needs education and development of the will to self-protect.


    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Beautiful Evidence
  14. Wyatt says:

    In my kitchen there is problem,
    and that problem is the juice.
    It take everybody’s sugar
    It never give it back.

    Throw the juice down the drain!
    So my pantry can be free!
    You must grab him by his handle
    Then we have a big party!

  15. Talha says:

    Will they go after Dave Chappelle?

    He did run into The Juice four times:


  16. @Priss Factor

    I actually believe that American Left and Conservatives are equally guilty here. We are dealing with two sides of the same authoritarian coin…

  17. Once it could be said without discomfort “She has many aids.” Then HIV spoiled the expression with the acronym AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). I do so hope that does not happen with jews being compared to my fruit… squeezing?

    p.s. To understand “antisemitism” it sure would be useful to have a workable definition of semitism. If it is used to represent a consistent suite of virtues like honesty, humility, generosity and universal loving kindness (as demonstrated by a small exemplary ethnic group, ha ha) then its opposite would signal conduct less becoming.
    If, on the other hand, semitism were ever to represent an actual scenario of apartheid, sex and organ trafficking, assassinations, mass murders, war mongering and criminal ethnic conduct of the worst sort, then of course antisemitism would only reflect a moral outrage in its purest and most proper form. Judeo lese majeste notwithstanding.

  18. BuelahMan says:

    Most people I know (whites) don’t even have a clue of the jews’ power and ability to turn their lives into shit, even as it is occurring right before their eyes.

    Once they do, though, they are still afraid to say anything because muh racism, etc. It isn’t until they acknowledge the absolute hypocrisy that the jews use for protecting themselves as they steal every advantage (and wealth) from their hosts, that they get pissed enough to say something.

    Having laws and governmental initiatives that seek to destroy those that see and acknowledge this hypocrisy only congeals the obviousness of the crimes.

    Personally, I don’t hate jews. I despise jewish control in my life.

    This makes me an antisemite.

    • Replies: @NotaDuck
  19. anarchyst says:
    @Priss Factor

    Actually McCarthy was right but was slapped down by the jews in his own party. He was getting too close to the truth…jewish supremacism.

    • Agree: SolontoCroesus
  20. ariadna says:

    “When Zionism was a spiritual metamorphic aspiration, the Jews were loved and admired,…”
    BY WHOM???
    “… their Jewish state was even ‘forgiven’ for its colossal crimes against the indigenous people of Palestine (The Nakaba).”
    BY WHOM???

    “But when Israel drifted away from its idealistic roots, when it gradually became the ‘Jewish State’ the tolerance towards Israel’s actions and its lobby also started to fade away.”

    Israel did not “become” a Jewish State, it only eventually acknowledged that is was one when it was totally safe to do so.
    The world’s increasing Jew-weariness progressing to outright antagonism (labelled anti-semitism) was not due to some sort of disappointment that it drifted away from its so-called idealistic roots.
    That is laughable. It has less to do with what the Jews have done with their “idealism” and everything to do with the late awareness of the Goyisch frog that it is beginning to boil in the jewish pot.

  21. @frankie p

    Amen to your comments.

    Anti-semitism is a rational response to the manifestation of Jewish anti-gentilism in gentile societies.
    I think this lens, that you so clearly stated, is the lens that must be used to understand all of recent history. In particular the Kennedy assassinations and 9/11 two coups that have had massive implications for Judaic and Talmudic power.

  22. NotaDuck says:

    Thank you. As I was contemplating how to word a comment I realized you pretty much expressed my position. I would only add a bit of advise to anyone white. Get the f**k out of the cities while you still can.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
  23. I don’t know how their system will work but the tricky part with AI is something called unsupervised learning. Microsoft’s Tay bot got ‘repilled’ after a few hours of exposure to the real world.

    Speaking of AI those who have done data science or stats are familiar with the correlation coefficient (r). In the case of so-called anti-semitism (y) and organized Jewry antics (x), r is probably closer to 1. This means y can nearly always be predicted by x.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  24. @ThreeCranes

    Blond hair and blue eyes are both social constructs,

  25. @geokat62

    So that’s where Nilson has been ! I was worried. He had a lot of great songs in the 70s.

  26. Judaism must be identified as subversive, cultural rot and banned from all countries. Yes, NSA, you heard me right, squeeze the juice.

  27. Juice gives me horrible indigestion.

  28. @saggy

    Judaism is a religion that explicitly and openly plans to dominate the world and make slaves of all non-Jews.

    Primitive retards believe all sorts of stupid shit. It’s a fool’s errand to take any of it seriously: just ensure that you ridicule anyone who does take it seriously, and have a ‘bright line’ marker that keeps them completely out of your life.

    As an example of stupid shit that primitive retards believed: my maternal ancestors believed that the North Island of New Zealand was a gigantic sting-ray that was fished up and beaten to death by PolynesianJesus (Maui).

    If any of my relatives believed that nonsense nowadays, I would have nothing to do with them. It’s literally that easy: if someone reveals to you that they believe stupid ignorant horse-shit, just stop having anything to do with them on a personal level. I’m not saying you spit in their soup or otherwise do that sort of shit (that goes the other way, generally: any gentile who buys ‘kosher’ deli is a “mange-crache“)

    All that is required is that there is a non-zero probability of it being anything other than primitive drivel. [Fixed it for ya]

    So we’re all safe then.

    It’s not sensible to be worried about the fulfilment of the masturbatory fantasies of Bronze Age goatherds and Eastern European hovel-dwellers too stupid to wash off lice. (Obviously it’s a gigantic pain in the arse for the occupants of places that the ex-hovellers are trying to steal).

  29. @Amerimutt Golems

    More importantly, y can be predicted by lags of x – i.e.,

    yₜ α xᵣ, r < t

    Antisemitism is a function of prior societally-maladaptive Jewish behaviour.

    Regular as clockwork, throughout all of recorded history.

    The genuine tragedy – again, repeated time after time after time – is that it is always allowed to fester until the host society is outraged. Then there’s a ‘babies with the bathwater’ phenomenon, where people who play no part in the societally-maladaptive behaviour are swept up with the miscreants (who are usually in the ‘peak grifter’ class of Jewish society).

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Vojkan
  30. Yes,that is the great tragedy of jewish history…..the BIG jews stir up trouble in the host society….usually financial shenanigans or taking advantage of the populace…..and then the rank and file jews pay for it.

    This is why it is so hard to get people to understand jewish influence….because they have jewish friends that are not involved in any sort of subversive activity. Obviously there are many jewish people that are just normal folks trying to live their lives as decent people on this earth.

    But ORGANIZED jewry ruins it for all jews.

    It’s very strange and stupid. As organized jewry pushes policies that wreck the host society….people in the host society awaken to the jewish subversion…..and then all jews are blamed for the damage that the elite jews have done.

    Then your innocent jewish dentist gets blamed for what George Soros has done.

    I wish that God would sort this shit out and be done with it.

    It just gives me a headache.

    • Agree: Lost American
  31. @saggy

    The second video especially – pure ideological grooming. Push ideas on kids before they can reason through it themselves, and they become firebrands without a willingness to reason.

    Just batshit. I’ve never spoken to my 5 year old about faith because he simply has never asked me about God, or this whole existence and how it is.. when he does, we will explore theology and philosophy, but I won’t force his mind into a cave.

    So sad to see people damaging minds like this.

  32. i have no trouble with Semites, i only have a problem with eastern european pharisees and political zionists.☦
    When you accept a lie you become part of it, i do not accept the occupiers of Palestine as Semitic simply because they are not.
    I think real jewish Semites exist in Iran and Yemen and i guess there is a possibility that there are a few in the occupied Palestine areas, the racism that non european jews live trough in occupied Palestine is evident if you do a bit research so i hope and pray that real semitic jews are anti zionist and against the occupation off Palestine.

    Study the Bible, see what is said about pharisees and learn to “judge” people after the fruit of their labors not what they say. Then study what was “common knowledge” in Europe before the 2 world wars and the history of the word “jew”.
    ☦ ☦

  33. geokat62 says:

  34. Yep. Warnock is definitely dead. R.I.P., dude.

    ‘Raphael Warnock’s Blood Libel

  35. @Robert Dolan

    ‘Then your innocent jewish dentist gets blamed for what George Soros has done.’

    My sympathies are limited. It happened to innocent ethnic German farmers in Transylvania in 1945. It certainly happens to Palestinians. It happened to me when I went to a public swimming pool the day after Martin Luther King was shot.

    Things are tough all over. At least odds are that the Jewish dentist does support Israel. If just about everyone else pays for the crimes of others, why shouldn’t he?

    I’m certainly not going to go ‘oh no — I mustn’t say that. That would sound antisemitic.’

    Jews are welcome to disavow and disassociate themselves from the crimes of their people. Meantime, we need to get on with saving America.

    ‘It just gives me a headache.’

    It doesn’t need to give you a headache. Let it give them a headache. They can figure out what to do about it. You just fight to win.

    • Agree: ariadna
  36. FoSquare says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The Jewish phenomenon can never be understood through individual Jews, and it is a waste of time to try to do so. Analyzing Jewish behavior with respect to the Host population through isolated individuals will put one on the defensive and lead to endless inaction. It is a group phenomenon and can only be understood through that dynamic. Think of it as an Emergent Property of the collective genetic makeup of the ethnic community of Jews. That is, their behavior as a group is different in kind from the behavior of the average individual making up the group. Of course, their leaders and organisations representing the community as a whole better reflect the group dynamic.

  37. @saggy

    This on Mondoweiss:

    California Model Ethnic Studies appears ready to adopt Trump’s racist definition of antisemitism

    Instead of targeting the real source of antisemitism in the United States—white supremacy— proposed revisions to California’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum target Palestinian children and their families.

    we knew that Jewish supremacy was the real agenda of BLM.

  38. @Gilad Atzmon

    Thanks very much for answering. I get it. Don’t dare point a finger at or blame certain ethnic groups.
    I see why little was written about the first groups to have Covid in the NY City Metropolitan area.

    I live 300 miles north of the NY City border and when I travel south on the NY Thruway and am some 40 miles or so north of NY City I see clusters of Orthodox Jews at the rest stops. Many months back I looked up the areas where the outbreaks began in Westchester County just north of the NY City line. I didn’t know there were clusters in England too.

  39. @Robert Dolan

    I will pray to St. Pio of Petralcina and ask him to intercede with God to sort this shit out for a change.

  40. @Priss Factor

    Priss factor: I watched this 14 minute video and I feel the same way I have felt for the past 12 years and that is “anything goes and the Rule of Law means nothing” at least to the radical left but we also know that most non Democrats in our Congress and Senate bow down to Israel .
    When will this Georgia case be decided?
    The Rule of Law under Obama was whatever Obama, Lynch, and company wanted it to be.

    Lawyers try anything no matter how illogical it is.

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