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A Brief Examination of Some Facts Related to Mass Vaccination
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The case of Israel, leading the world by far in the mass vaccination contest, doesn’t leave much maneuvering room for skeptics. Since Israel launched its vast vaccination campaign in December, it has been witnessing an exponential rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths. By now, the British Mutant has become Israel’s dominant COVID strain. Israel’s health system is on the brink of collapse.

In my article Guinea Pigs United I pointed out that the rise in cases and deaths correlates with the distribution of vaccines. In Israel, the Orthodox Jewish communities that were vaccinated en masse saw COVID cases rise 16-fold, while Israeli Arabs who at large refrained from vaccination saw numbers of COVID cases dropping sharply.

But Israel is not alone. Some other states have followed a similar path and their situation is becoming as catastrophic as the crisis we witness in the Jewish State.

I would have loved to believe that it is not too late for Britain to postpone the current mass vaccination campaign and closely examine the possible correlation between mass vaccination and mutants. For those who wonder, I am not against vaccines or modern medical practices, but I do contend that before a nation decides to inject a new substance into its muscle, it may want to verify what this substance is and what are the exact implications involved. It is crucial to verify, for instance, whether the rise in lethal mutations that we have seen in Britain is related to mass vaccination and the vaccine trials that have been taking place in the kingdom since the summer. The rapid change in the age of COVID-19 cases which we see in Israel and Britain also correlates with mass vaccination. Do we know what are the implications of vaccines on pregnant women or embryos?

It is hardly a secret that those who seem to be enthusiastic about the vaccines are also claiming to be in favour of ‘good science’ or even ‘real’ science as they often refer to it. The statistical facts that are related to mass vaccination are not very promising. Examining the situation in the countries that are engaged in mass vaccination such as Israel, Britain, the USA and the UAE reveal that these countries witnessed a clear decline in COVID cases and deaths during late November and early December. However, just a few days after those countries launched their vaccination campaigns, the numbers of COVID cases and consequently deaths went through the roof.

In comparison, you should also examine the case of Britain’s neighbours such as France, Belgium and Holland. Those countries are subject to similar climate, urban conditions, and demography, yet COVID’s curve in these countries is completely the opposite: COVID deaths and cases that were in decline since mid-November, early December are still dropping until now. None of these countries saw a sharp rise in cases, let alone deaths, in the given period (December, January).

As I was writing these lines I was informed that Portugal is also facing a COVID crisis. A brief examination of its latest data reveals that its COVID curve is identical to Britain and Israel. I obviously assumed that the current sharp rise in COVID cases is somehow related to the vaccine. A quick internet check revealed that Portugal started its mass vaccination campaign on 27 December. As you can see in the graph below, until that date the numbers of COVID cases per day were in clear decline. Yet, 3 days after the mass vaccination campaign started the numbers of cases started to grow exponentially. Portugal’s health system is now on the verge of collapse. Its situation is identical with other countries that favoured the mass vaccination path.

On Optimism

Both British and Israeli governments report almost once a day about some ‘positive signs’ that may suggest that the ‘end of the pandemic’ is just behind the corner. These news are usually supported by claims about a ‘decline in cases.’ Needless to mention that reports on the ground usually contradict these optimistic suggestions. But since we are in a scientific mode, let’s examine the ‘statistics.’

A quick glance at British and Israeli ‘numbers’ reveal that the numbers of new cases in late January are in sharp decline, and this seems to be positive news, yet the number of daily deaths keep climbing. This is very worrying.

However, a quick examination of other European and Middle Eastern COVID statistics in countries such as Austria, France, Germany and Jordan reveals that the graphs representing numbers of new cases and daily deaths are almost identical in shape. How do we then explain the peculiar anomaly that is reported in Israel and Britain: a ‘decline’ in cases on the one hand, a sharp exponential rise in deaths on the other?

One (clumsy) possible explanation is that in the mass vaccinated countries less people are contracting COVID, yet for those who do the virus is far deadlier. This would mean that that if the vaccine is producing some positive results for the vaccinated (such as immunity), the general impact on the whole of society is pretty devastating, the number of deaths is growing rapidly.

Another explanation which I believe is far more likely is that both the British and Israeli governments are conducting less tests. This obviously leads to a reduction in the number of new verified cases. It may look good in the Guardian or the Jewish Chronicle’s headlines but unfortunately it doesn’t stop the disease or its lethal impact.


In Israel, mass vaccination was Bibi’s genius political ploy, except that it didn’t work very well (so far). It is more than likely that Trump also gambled on a vaccine being approved ahead of the election. As we know, Pfizer actually announced its ‘success’ very soon after the election. Needless to mention that Boris Johnson shares one or two features with Bibi and Trump. It is more than likely that in the USA, Israel and Britain, mass vaccination was unleashed as a political tool. Peculiarly, it is the progressive and leftist crowds who are most enthusiastic about the vaccines delivered to them by the most outlandish right wing political icons of our time.

What is it that drives certain nations to morph into testing grounds with some possible grave implications? What is it that drives some nations to the vaccine yet pushes others to be vigilant and suspicious? I will try to address these crucial questions in my next paper.

(Republished from Gilad Atzmon by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus, Disease, Vaccines 
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  1. If you’re a healthy person why would you want to get this controversial vaccine? Even if you get “Covid”, which by now is just another variant, you have a 99.98% survival rate. They say their vaccine is about 94% effective (from one acct I read), but that’s probably been puffed up big time. You may actually already have an immunity to it if you had one of the previous sars outbreaks according to people like ex VP of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon (who has been summarily censored off the internet, but you can find him on bitchute, Brighteon, New You tube,, etc).

    The main clincher on Covid is understanding the PCR test, which bases the “cases” by the amplification process at a molecular level where the most obscure pieces of the virus may be detected. But they have been using a very high Cycle Threshold (ct); well over 30, which noted doctors say should be the maximum ct. But they’ve been using 40 ct and higher which has produced a huge number of False Positive “Cases”.

    If you recall, when the spikes were occurring in 2020, it was in line with the “cases” which has nothing to do with sick people. In other words, the Covid19 “Pandemic” was way over blown and deaths were recorded in huge numbers as “covid” if a person tested positive for it, even though most were likely dying of other disease.

    Here is Michael Yeadon. I thought there was a longer version but maybe not:

    Video Link

    Trump, Johnson, Netanyahu: All of these men were worrying way too much over how the virus would affect them instead of helping to thwart this Terror Operation (and that is what it is).

    No doubt the newer more lethal variant should be investigated thoroughly, given what these leftist monsters have done this last year.

  2. Higher dead body counts? Great! Every legacy media can move their hysterical reporting from irrelevant “cases” to actual deaths. Lockdowns can continue indefinitely or even permanently as a decently high vaccine uptake will lead to a never-ending stream of deaths which fuels the perpetual lockdown machine. Every screw can be tightened, Herr Schwab loves global uniformity, and in the meanwhile, let’s enjoy all the miracles his Great Reset will bring you for the rest of your “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” life. Hobbes didn’t saw this global Antichristian Leviathan coming.

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  3. Anonymous[572] • Disclaimer says:

    Israel’s case proves this virus and the response to it isn’t some Jewish conspiracy. It’s either a global capitalist conspiracy or it’s an insane overreaction to a virus with a very small fatality rate which kills almost exclusively very old or very sick people. And since a conspiracy of this size is somewhat difficult to coordinate globally, I’m more inclined to believe it’s the latter. Basically somebody yelled “fire” in a crowded theater and everybody is rushing for the exits, trampling everything in their path.

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
    , @ariadna
  4. To verify your hypothesis, you would have to know how many people were vaccinated in each country, and be able to show that this number can account for the observed rise in cases (i.e., given a reasonable value for the transmission rate). This would be the absolute minimum requirement for publication in a peer reviewed scientific journal.

    • Replies: @lloyd
    , @Gilad Atzmon
  5. Dumbo says:

    I don’t know… How many people have been vaccinated in Israel?

    In theory the vaccine IS the disease. I mean all vaccines provoke an auto-immune response so they are in a way “diseases”. Either if caused by attenuated viruses, or, as in the mRNA ones, a “hacked” code that makes your body produce a viral protein.

    Many of the “symptoms” of a viral disease are actually the result of actions of our immune system, so it is common for vaccines to cause the same illness that they are purported to fight in a few cases.

    Now i don’t really know how the vaccines affect the body… But quite a few people have died after taking the shot, so far. (statistically not very significant, I assume)

    Anyway, I am not even a great believer in general of the “virus theory of disease” at this point. But Covid surely is a strange pandemic…

  6. Dumbo says:

    If you’re a healthy person why would you want to get this controversial vaccine?

    Because eventually they will force you to take it if you want to work, travel, go to a concert or perhaps even just get out of your house.

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  7. lloyd says: • Website
    @gar manar nar

    Unz Review is not a peer reviewed scientific journal. The scandal of Lancet in reporting the effects of quinine drugs on covid should make one very doubtful of scientific journals when mega politics and money are involved.

    • Replies: @gar manar nar
  8. My wife had SARS 10 or more years back. She felt she had picked it up from one of her students who was recently back from school holidays in Iran. She was really sick. I slept in the same bed with her throughout, didn’t get sick at all, neither did our children. Only found out it was SARS when she had been sick for more than 3 weeks and the doctor did a test. By the time we had the results she was on the mend.

    What’s the relevance of this? I think that there are a limited number of people who are susceptible to these infections which is why humans were not much prone to covid style virus pandemics until scientists started playing with gene editing techniques more recently. The mechanisms of these new vaccines are far from certain and may have very unanticipated outcomes, as indicated above.

    If we look at the caliber of persons promoting this panic we should have good enough reason to pause. Every snake oil salesman, panhandler, seeker after unearned rents and general all round con artist on the planet has jumped into this feet first. So much so that we have even had a bit of a break on the climate alarmism front.

  9. lloyd says: • Website

    Messing up the DNA of human beings maybe has got a divine or natural retribution. Even President Macron in a Yahoo news reports now says the Covid vaccinations may be causing more virulent and dangerous mutations. Humanity is being rescured by natural science. France has not entirely abandoned its nativist culture. It is suppressed knowledge that Soviet Union scientists tried for years to create a human monkey hybrid from a laboratory. That was to prove humans are just the highest form of the animal world. Scientificall,y they should have been able to. But they had no success at all. The Masters of the Universe have now got blow back. Israel is most sick of all. Massada strikes again.

    • Agree: Gilad Atzmon
    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  10. @Dumbo

    No, You want to fight that kind of force, which is a form of violence.

  11. Anon[917] • Disclaimer says:

    Get 15 minutes a day outdoors on your bare arms. You will have enough vitamin D for the virus.

    Zinc and ginger (the strongest natural antiviral) will help.

    3) Go live your life. Dont waste another year.

  12. Burkhardt says:

    If Yeadon is correct, what accounts for the large surges in hospitalizations?

  13. Brilliant article! However, I could not help but notice that the real pandemic is not COVID-19 but MASS IDIOCY on the largest scale the world has ever seen. The good news is that there is a cure: COVID-19 vaccines, as so eloquently described in this article. Finally, the humankind is going to pay the price for its stupidity. The very fact that we can read Gilad’s articles is the proof that access to good information and analysis is luxury which any intelligent individual can easily afford.

  14. roonaldo says:

    Who are the most likely to die? Old folks. Who are most likely to be killed by Covid vaccines? Old folks. Who are prioritized to receive the vaccine ahead of most others? Old folks. Who must be dying in droves for the post-vaccination Covid deaths to be skyrocketing–nubile young supermodels or old folks?

    “Gosh, Goober, quit askin’ so many darn questions!” “But Andy, I just gots to know–and isn’t Aunt Bee s’posed to be gettin’ her shot tomorro’? Are ya jus’ gonna let ’em zap her with that stuff?”

    “Dang it, Goober, you keep that up and you’ll sure enough be put on some list o’ complainers, malcontents, or even terrorists–an’ ever’one gonna look at ya funny, an’ ya won’t even be able to git a haircut at ol’ Floyd’s….”

  15. If Bibi gets into too much strife the odds of an attack on Iran shorten markedly.

  16. @freedom-cat

    There are at least two safe medications which, when taken early, prevent sero-conversion from SARS CoV-2 infection to CoViD 19 disease-hydroxychloroquine and ivermection. Yet the WHO, BigPharma and the medical industrial complex in the West, allied with the MSM presstitute vermin, are moving heaven and hell to suppress their use. There’s a very, very big Why?, there.

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Aardvark
  17. @freedom-cat

    The survival rate of 99.98% was certainly a correct reading of the first wave, however, we are now entering an unpredictable zone due to the mass experiment that is taking place in Israel, UAE, Portugal, the UK and the USA. the graphs of cases and death reveal that we see a game changer…

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  18. @Yellowface Anon

    FYI, In israel they start to accept that it is the vaccinated who actually spreading the disease or shall we say the new mutants. The IDF intelligence (AMAN) predicts the appearance of an Israeli mutant. The Israeli health ministry will discuss today whether to lockdown/isolate the vaccinated. In Germany the top scientist and RKI President has commented yesterday that “the more we vaccinate, the more mutations we will have”

  19. @Anonymous

    ‘There are no Jewish conspiracies, everything is done in the open.’ Yet you can’t really talk about it as ‘J-power is the power to suppress the discussion on J-power.’

  20. @gar manar nar

    This is not a scientific article and UNZ is not a scientific journal, but if you are really interested to know, we enjoy a full access to the exact numbers of the vaccinated in each country, we know their percentage of the population at any point in time. Countries that engage in mass vaccination produce the numbers every day as those states regard these campaigns as political achievements …

    • Replies: @gar manar nar
  21. @Dumbo

    “I don’t know… How many people have been vaccinated in Israel?”

    As for today: vaccinated (first jab): 3.005.625
    second jab: 1.728.625

    Israeli population is 9.200,000

    Mind you that the Arab Israelis (Palestinians really) refrain from vaccination.. they are about fifth of the population.

    Here is a close review of the Israeli situation:…

    • Replies: @Wade
  22. @lloyd

    Tx for this … This is exactly where I am at ,,, Massada all over again,,, a collective suicide,,, but it isn’t just israel, it is really all the Jerusalemite universe,.. this is exactly what I realised here:

  23. jsinton says:

    What is it that drives certain nations to morph into testing grounds with some possible grave implications? What is it that drives some nations to the vaccine yet pushes others to be vigilant and suspicious?

    In a word, it’s the Beast. Some nations have been serially abused by the Beast for centuries and instinctively see it. Some sense the danger on a secular level. Some ARE the Beast and are all in. Others are blissfully unaware and assume the light at the end of the tunnel is just around the corner. Believers recognize the Beast for what it is and resist. Non-believers will “trust science”.

    When they decide that having a “vaccine passport” is not enough, not efficient, then you get your microchip on your wrist or forehead so you can enter the store, that’s when their should no longer be any doubt.

    Am I crazy? I sincerely hope so, but nothing that has happened has dissuaded me.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  24. Lately, the mutations are making the news labeled with the country of origin. Then they start showing up around the world. The first X was discovered in one city and then the first Y in another.

    I want to know how these are being identified and what caused someone to go thru the trouble of identifying it.

    I can’t believe the symptoms of a variant are so different that it would cause someone to check, via electron microscope, that this person has a new strain of the bug. What would lead someone to take a sample from a person and place it in an electron microscope to see it’s something different? Then, I want to know how they determined it is different. The only reliable way to check would be to look at the thing using electron microscopy, to the best of my knowledge. Are they actually routinely using such high dollar gear to screen everyone? I doubt it.

    I’m suspicious of the reporting of these new strains. I don’t see the logical mechanism that A) leads to suspecting a new mutation and B) putting this unlikely suspicion in a lab to actually test for it. I smell a manufactured mutation story.

  25. @Dumbo

    In theory the vaccine IS the disease. I mean all vaccines provoke an auto-immune response so they are in a way “diseases”. Either if caused by attenuated viruses, or, as in the mRNA ones, a “hacked” code that makes your body produce a viral protein.

    Why don’t we stop calling these concoctions vaccines? The mRNA cocktails are experimental genetic therapeutics.

    As for the rise of cases and deaths in places deploying these therapeutics, why are we surprised, when more than a few attempts at mRNA “vaccines” in the past have been halted after failing animal tests. The coyest explanation for the first SARS-Cov vaxx was that it was not economical to pursue as the problem had passed, with nary a mention of the dead test animals.

    The funniest “expert” comment about concerns of the genetic impact was from this, in the J-post:

    Brosh said that this does not mean the vaccine changes people’s genetic code. Rather, he said it is more like a USB device (the mRNA) that is inserted into a computer (your body). It does not impact the hard drive of the computer but runs a certain program.

    In hackerspace, this would be called a “bad USB.” I realise he is dumbing things down for the proles, but I can’t help but wonder if he is really telling the truth … they aren’t changing our cells genetic code per se, they’re just hijacking the “processors” like ribosomes and tRNA that interpret and run the code and thus screwing with what amino acids are converted by the cells into proteins.

    This is a pandemic, but so is the common cold, of which there are billions of cases every year with hundreds of thousands of related deaths … I’d love to see testing and case counts for people who died with a common cold or flu within the 28 days prior to death.

    My view of the political response to this is that it has gone way beyond blunder and is so intentionally wrong at this point to constitute a crime against humanity. In that context, the “vaccines” are like the experiments of Dr. Josef Mengele; just a piece of the bigger crime.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Adam Smith
    , @Dumbo
  26. @roonaldo

    I’m an old guy. Took the flu vaccine for the first time in recent years – had a bad reaction that keeps on giving (recurring rash). Won’t take it again. COVID vaccine? Forget it.

    Merck stated it best when they recently stopped production of their COVID vaccine. Something to the effect that COVID vaccines are useless and one is better off catching COVID and letting it run its course. I’m getting over a severe head cold – first in many years. COVID? Alka Seltzer Plus worked well. Am I getting tested for COVID? Nope.

    The employment I retired from required alot of international airline travel. I’m glad those days are behind me.

  27. ariadna says:

    It depends on how you define “jewish.” Over time the term has expanded so much as to need a footnote every time it is used, to indicate the specific connotation intended.
    If “jewish” is meant to identify a certain ideology and the nefarious behaviors associated with it (narcissistic, messianic supremacism; anti-humanist worldview; ruthless greed and thirst for power, dishonesty), then Gates and Faux are definitely “Jewish.” The leadership of the EU, and WHO are also “Jewish.”
    Jews themselves are, or aspire to be (dreaming of identifying with the Rothschilds) Jewish, but some in the ”diaspora” are only somewhat Jewish, and some are false-positive Jewish.
    The Sino-American research into dual-function viruses and the creation of COVID 19, the deliberate fear campaign to facilitate the draconian measures that devastated the economies of the Western world (while monstrously enriching the already obscenely rich), and the expanded population control that gutted free speech, freedom of movement and association, all look very much like a “Jewish conspiracy.” Given the fact that the world’s financial system, the media (including the social media), and the pharmacologic giants are owned by a disproportionately large number of Jews, and given the behaviors exhibited by the global elite in the “plandemia,” it is justifiable to call it a “jewish conspiracy,” although most Shlomos and Itzhaks (whether in Israel our elsewhere) are not only not in it but, as always, pay a dear price for what their “betters” are doing.

  28. ariadna says:

    Mysterious prediction of unclear source (CIA?) shows Israel’s population by 2025 at 4 million inhabitants, down from today’s 8.7 million.
    How come?
    Kissinger neither confirmed nor denied his alleged statement that “in 10 years Israel will no longer exist,” but such a prediction would “come due” in 2022.
    Equally eye popping: US population by 2025 at 100 million, down from the present 332 mil.
    What gives? Deaths of most “useless eaters,” economy totally ruined by lockdowns, emigration?

    • Replies: @MarkU
  29. Realist says:

    I smell a manufactured mutation story.

    Yes, to go along with the manufactured pandemic.

  30. Greg S. says:

    For those who wonder, I am not against vaccines or modern medical practices

    Shows how far we have sunk in society when such cringe inducing disclaimers are necessary. What’s wrong with saying the truth that vaccines and modern medical practices are mostly a for-profit ponzi scheme?

    You cannot call this stuff science anymore, because we have long since abandoned the core principles of scientific theory. Any scientist or doctor who comes out against big-pharma practices is quickly fired, blacklisted and never heard from again. The rest quickly learn to shut up and protect their nice incomes.

    Also the COVID-19 “vaccine” is not, and never should be referred to as, a vaccine. It’s actually a COVID-19 experimental mRNA gene therapy. I guess the marketing department at Fizer nixed that name.

    • Agree: Adam Smith, Skeptikal
  31. @Gilad Atzmon

    Yes, but you are making a scientific claim. What is the mechanism for the increase in cases after the vaccinations start . . how do you explain it? I also came across these statistics today in The Guardian which conflict with what you are saying here . .

    . . not that I put a lot of faith in The Guardian, but this is something you would have to refute.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  32. @RoatanBill

    This piece may shed some light on some of the issues you raise:

    ‘A quirk of COVID-19 tests can track the new coronavirus variant’

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  33. @Brás Cubas

    Thanks for the link.

    It’s as I suspected, they’re using the flawed PCR test to come up with a mutation here, there and everywhere without REALLY looking at the virus. How is this test telling the difference between the South African, British and other variants so far declared?

    More theater.

    • Replies: @HarvardSqEddy
  34. Altai says:

    In Israel, the Orthodox Jewish communities that were vaccinated en masse saw COVID cases rise 16-fold, while Israeli Arabs who at large refrained from vaccination saw numbers of COVID cases dropping sharply.

    But that could be from a number of factors since there is a lag in the efficacy of the vaccine. Since the Orthodox are not known for their scientific literacy, they may have engage in risk compensating behaviour before it was warranted and went ahead with their typical mass communal gatherings and general lack of social distancing. This may have been exacerbated by the young age profile of Orthodox communities, making them both more social and less likely to exhibit serious symptoms if any at all.

    It may also represent cases processed before the vaccinating programme and since symptoms only appear about a week after infection, this would add another layer of latency to the timings of infection and vaccination.

    I imagine Israel has gone so hard on it because the issue has been made one of political tribalism and Israel skews ever farther rightward combined with the intolerable situation of trying to control the pandemic with such a huge Orthodox population.

    • Replies: @gar manar nar
  35. @The Alarmist

    Indeed. A crime against humanity.

  36. @RoatanBill

    My understanding is that nobody has yet identified SARS-CoV-2.

    So the entire fairy tale stinks.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  37. @lloyd

    Of course, peer review is not infallible, however, as I see, the studies you are referring to were retracted after the authors were unable to complete an independent audit of the data underpinning their analyses :

  38. @Altai

    the Orthodox . . went ahead with their typical mass communal gatherings and general lack of social distancing

    exactly . .

  39. Dumbo says:

    This is not a vaccine, but just a mass test of new technologies of mRNA delivery. I don’t think it kills you on purpose (although accidents happen…), but I also doubt it even cures “Covid”. But then again, “Covid” might not even exist. The product is you.

    I googled, and this is a veritable horror story, with transgenic chickens and rats used to create “human antibodies”, to be injected by means of mRNA “vaccines”. This is real, this is happening right now.

    Meet the New Island of Dr. Moreau:

    People have no idea what’s in store for them.

    We are just millions of human guinea pigs for a new mRNA technology to “hack” our own cells to produce whatever they want. Like they do with the transgenic chickens and rats.

    I will NOT take that stupid “vaccine”. Will you?

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  40. @Ralph B. Seymour

    There’s a guy on Lewrockwell, Jon Rappoport, that has claimed loudly and often that the virus has not been isolated. He lists the research steps deemed necessary by those in the business to know, and those steps were not followed, according to him.

    Although it might be hard to believe that a virus could be declared and none actually exists, medical mistakes on a huge scale have happened before such as the Pelegra incident where the medical community went in the completely wrong direction for quite some time and then it was discovered that the condition is a vitamin deficiency.

    That was probably a mistake. But then one has to ask how was such a mistake possible. I can imagine an influential individual or group proclaiming something and then the rest of the medical establishment salutes it because of the reputation involved. At the lower levels below those that have the actual tools and knowledge to investigate such thing, they have to believe what they’re told. Doctors and nurses don’t typically have electron microscopes laying around and don’t have the necessary education in the specialty required to do the research, so they want to believe, as Mulder put it, because people in their own profession are adamant in their declarations.

    The current situation seems tailor made to declare a virus so that the corporatocracy can swoop in and purchase all the distressed businesses and claim all their former customers. Amazon and Walmart are doing extremely well. The gov’t gets to shout orders and pick winners and losers. The grunts in the medical establishment, and by that I mean the doctors and nurses in the field, just start marching to information they are being spoon fed by people and organizations that benefit from the scam.

    Then we get to the bankers or more generally the finance mafia. They know damned well that the entire worlds currencies are in the process of becoming worthless due to uncontrolled spending for wars and votes with the US leading the way. They need a new system that keeps them in control AND fattens their bank accounts. They need cash to disappear so bank runs and hoarding can’t happen. They need a kill switch for individuals they don’t like to simply remove their financial resources. All this can be accomplished with a digital currency that the conspirators that dreamt up this fiasco designed.

    That there is something killing and sickening people is believable. That it is what has been advertised is doubtful, at least as the singular agent. There are too many players in too many fields that benefit tremendously from this scam for it not to be a planned and over hyped event.

  41. Dumbo says:

    There are no “mutations”, it’s all a stupid lie. How do they detect them? They don’t even have a decent, reliable way to detect “normal Covid”…

    Now Goldman Sachs is telling us in advance that there will be a “vaccine-resistant mutation”:

    They will do it. Wait and see.

  42. Gilad Atzmon writes Brilliantly. I have followed him for around 10 years, and I have seen him play his Saxophone (special treat) cos I don’t really like Sax that much, except when done Brilliantly…

    I guess I have met many Isralies in my time in The Med and The Red Sea..I trusted them with my kids lives, when they were diving deep.

    So I don’t particularly have a problem with the unmentionables

    I live in London, and I like it here. I don’t care where you or your parents come from ..

    Do you want to come in?

    Can you sing or play a musical instrument?

    Like minded people – be it live music or anything…are attracted together.

    With live music, no one could give a sh1t re what you might or not believe in.

    You are dancing and having a good time.

    What is happening now is completely extraordinary.

    I think they are trying to kill us all – not through COVID which is much the same as the flu – very similar death rates..but through all these lockdowns and social distancing etc.

    I have to admit that the behaviour analysis and behaviour modification techniques are far more powerful now, done on a worldwide scale, but I thought there might be just a liitle bit more resistance to the continuous propaganda
    Hope you are well.


  43. @RoatanBill


    And the idiotic public continues to wear masks!

  44. I don’t know. The neighbor got the shot. She’s 80 with a pace-maker and co-morbidities galore. No problem.

    So we get hysteria from one side, and now you give us hysteria from the other.


    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @follyofwar
  45. @obwandiyag

    What in the article is hysterical?

    The author is skeptical, for the reasons he provides.

    Your neighbor’s experience is anecdotal, and refutes nothing.

    As you say, sheesh.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  46. @RoatanBill

    Bingo! Thank you ALL. You likely know that the inventor of the “RT-PCR” testing apparatus explicitly stated that it was intended ONLY for experimental/laboratorial purposes and NOT for diagnostic use. The inventor’s suspicious death (pneumonia in August?) was followed by the patent rights being sold at some $300 M and has produced profits in the Billions.
    Some years ago, I spent several days at the Patent Trademark Office (PTO) in Crystal City which is magically located between the Pentagon and the Naval Annex. My first day at the PTO took place on a Friday afternoon which, for some, is the eve of the sabbath and I counted an alarmingly high number of yarmulkes. And some among you (Roatan Bill) might appreciate that I once owned a 220-Volt Black & Decker side-grinder. Best to all.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  47. @RoatanBill

    I doubt it… I smell a manufactured mutation story.

    It’s all part of the show.

  48. @freedom-cat

    I don’t have the reference at hand, but you are correct. That 94% “success” rate is actually massaged from an overall 5% reduction in 2 or more symptoms.

    One quote I’ve seen absent this whole time is the Mark Twain quote, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

    • Replies: @HarvardSqEddy
  49. MarkU says:

    I had a look at the Deagel link, rather extreme predictions but not entirely unrealistic in the event of a complete economic collapse. People generally do not appreciate the extent to which modern agriculture is dependent on fossil fuel input.

  50. How do we then explain the peculiar anomaly that is reported in Israel and Britain: a ‘decline’ in cases on the one hand, a sharp exponential rise in deaths on the other?

    For COVID-19 “vaccines”* the animal trials were skipped. No coronavirus vaccines made it out of animal trials in years past. This is because after “vaccination,” when the animals were exposed to the wild virus, they ALL died from a resultant overreaction of the immune system, a cytokine storm. Perhaps this is the explanation for the rise in deaths observed in England and Israel immediately following “vaccination.” Vaccination should be halted until this question can be fully answered.

    *The COVID-19 “vaccines” do not conform to the specific medical definition of a vaccine, injection of an attenuated pathogen or antigen that stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies, they are more along the lines of gene therapy, injection of mRNA as a carrier for the antigen when is then reproduced in the human cells, secondarily producing the immune response.

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  51. Dumbo says:

    I find it pretty curious that Kary Mullis died EXACTLY from a respiratory disease, just before COVID appears, then soon after, his PCR test becomes the “gold standard” for “detecting COVID”, when he himself said it should not be used for diagnostics. Moreover, he was skeptical of the HIV virus theory, he thought Aids was a manufactured pandemic. God knows what he would have thought of COVID craziness.

    I think the Satanic Powers That Be probably murdered him and use his PCR test on purpose, for post-mortem humiliation.

    • Replies: @JasonT
  52. MarkU says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    There seems to be a concerted suppression of any and all potentially prophylactic or alleviating alternatives, even things with no significant likelihood of adverse effects. In a sane world, when operating in unknown territory it would seem sensible to encourage experimentation, at least with harmless substances, anything which reduces the severity of the symptoms might save lives. Since the powers that be are blatantly ignoring the precautionary principle when it comes to hastily rolled out vaccines, it is hard to see what justification there can be for their policy in this regard.

    Since it is way too much to believe that every nation on the planet is collaborating to perpetrate an enormous hoax on humanity I have to believe the virus is real enough, however the reaction to it seems bizarre. One gets the impression that it is being used as a pretext for the destruction of civil liberties, the stifling of dissent and for the remaking of our economies to suit the globalist agenda.

    As other people have mentioned, vitamin D appears to be a key substance for the maintenance of a healthy immune system, keeping people locked indoors may well be exacerbating the situation.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
    , @Wade
  53. JasonT says:

    Mullis did not invent a “test”. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a technique for amplifying the amount of a polynucleotide to produce large amounts of the polynucleotide. Mullis’ technique allows researchers to produce a lot of the polynucleotide for research purposes.

    It is other people who have proposed and developed the use of PCR in testing for pathogens as well as for other things.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  54. TG says:

    I admit that I am not very clear about what’s going on here, but certainly if Israel has a very high vaccine coverage and yet COVID is exploding, that is surely signs of concern – which should be publicly discussed, but of course anything that goes against the corporate party line is ‘anti-science’ if not actual white supremacy or domestic terrorism (and racism, obviously).

    I do point out however: the vaccine takes some time to work. People who have been given the first shot may feel that are safe, but for at least a couple of weeks, they are not. Could the vaccine be giving people a false sense of security, and the real issue is a sudden drop in ‘social distancing?’

    It also needs to be remembered that COVID19 is extremely contagious, the most recent mutations apparently even more so. Even if half the population is vaccinated, the infection can still rage out of control. You would need 90% or more coverage for herd immunity to damp down something as insanely spreadable as this virus.

  55. A very similar situation has arisen in Ireland where cases are down but deaths are up.

    See data here:

    Deaths have spiked since beginning January, coinciding with the first vaccinations performed on 29th December. One reason for the reduction in cases is that on 31st December, the authorities stopped testing people who did not present any symptoms.

    The daily death toll has tapered off a little, but so has the vaccination rate. It will be interesting to track the correlation between deaths and vaccinations over time. If the deaths surge again with increased vaccinations, then the link will be clearer.

    Of course, all the deaths are attributed to the Christmas period (despite severe restrictions) and the mutant variations (which is obvious bullshit, since no-one is testing the deceased for the different strains). The end result is govt. calls for greater lockdown and public calls for more vaccinations. We’ve lost our collective minds.

  56. @Greta Handel

    Cretin. You’re hysterical.

    He says:
    “The general impact on the whole of society is pretty devastating, the number of deaths is growing rapidly.” That sounds hysterical to me. You apparently don’t know what “hysterical” means.

    And the article implies that everybody’s gonna die if they get the shot. Anecdotes are relevant to refute such arguments. You really don’t understand logic and rhetoric so don’t argue with me.

    Anyhow, “the problem with this pandemic isn’t short-term death. The problem is long-term health and reproductive challenges that could be horrible if children do not develop immunity. Expect a shortened lifespan for contemporary adults.

    The virus is similar to the kind that cause colony collapse in bees or bats when especially among populations weakened by environmental exposure, poor nutrition, pre-existing conditions, etc.”

    That’s from another expert. Smarter than you or your little skeptic.

  57. @jsinton

    Am I crazy? I sincerely hope so, but nothing that has happened has dissuaded me.

    Dude, it’s all happening man!

    I have no doubt that people like creepy Bill Gates read about the Mark of the Beast in the Bible and thought “Hey, that’s a great idea!”.

    So here we are, in a time when our leaders have both the vision and the means to accomplish it.

  58. @MarkU

    Since the powers that be are blatantly ignoring the precautionary principle when it comes to hastily rolled out vaccines, it is hard to see what justification there can be for their policy in this regard.

    It’s really hard to see a justification that doesn’t exist – but that doesn’t matter, they’re quite happy for us to keep ourselves occupied looking for it, while they get on with their agenda.

    One gets the impression that it is being used as a pretext for the destruction of civil liberties, the stifling of dissent and for the remaking of our economies to suit the globalist agenda.

    As Leslie Nielson once said, “Bingo!”.

    And part of that economic makeover includes fundamentally altering our position in the overall scheme of things. George Orwell nailed it – only he was about 50 years too early.

    You can be assured at this stage that things are just going to get worse and worse – they’ve already got the noose around our necks, now all they have to do is rein us all in.

  59. @Weston Waroda

    For COVID-19 “vaccines”* the animal trials were skipped. No coronavirus vaccines made it out of animal trials in years past. This is because after “vaccination,” when the animals were exposed to the wild virus, they ALL died from a resultant overreaction of the immune system, a cytokine storm.

    The “vaccines” referred to here, of course, are the experimental mRNA “vaccines” produced by Pfizer and Moderna & etc. The same companies which have been indemnified by our democratic governments against any legal liability for the damages that their “vaccines” may cause.

    Not to be confused with actual vaccines produced by various companies in Russia and China, for example (which are being blocked from most people across the Western world by their democratic governments. )

    Everything that you said stacks up 100%. I especially appreciate this piece by a PHD who knows what she’s talking about, and it meshes exactly with what you have said, and it is horrifying.

    The real “pandemic” is yet to hit us with full force – the eugenicists’ wet dream of a vicious circle wherein the more we “vaccinate” the more we die. For people like creepy Bill Gates and the rest of his kind, there’s simply no downside to any of this.

  60. @obwandiyag

    How long ago did she get her “first” shot? Couldn’t have been more than a few weeks. And, there’s still a required second one to get. Does that sound at all dangerous for a person who is old and frail?

    It took 18 days for the first shot to kill 86 year-old African-American hero Hank Aaron, who was said to be in excellent shape for a man his age. He took the shot publicly in hope it would encourage blacks to overcome their vaccine hesitancy. Boy, did that backfire!

    None of those who already took the jab should delude themselves into believing that they’ve been saved from corona. As Gilad reported, deaths have skyrocketed among those elderly who have taken it. They are, after all, just human guinea pigs.

  61. Skeptikal says:

    “It is other people who have proposed and developed the use of PCR in testing for pathogens as well as for other things. ”

    Is this what Germany’s Christian Drosten did?

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  62. Skeptikal says:
    @gar manar nar

    Just a reminder: correlation does not equal causation.

    So we need at least a couple of hypotheses as to the connection between higher vaccination and death numbers.

    I should think the first place to look would be whether the deaths are actually from those vaccinated.

    Then, what would be the mechanism whereby a vaccination person generates a variant, this reaches another individual, and that individual keels over and dies.

    • Replies: @gar manar nar
  63. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Gilad’s propaganda is disgusting, he’s trying to undermine the war effort against the virus, a real fifth columnist. He should be arrested and forcibly vaccinated, to show all the deniers that the vaccine is safe.

  64. @anon

    / sarc?!

    Please, dear scientist – enlighten us how vaccinating one human being would create an accurate enough statistic to label that vaccine ‘safe’?!

    .. It is impolite to ask one’s age, but given the Covid thing – may I? I will accept your fear if you are over 60.. sure, it’s a fractional old people killer, even above an average flu season like thing.

    But aside from correlation != causation (a worthy argument), why is pointing out that detected Covid cases are not only not falling, but skyrocketing in vaccinated nations, unreasonable?

    Or are we yet too inexperienced to understand how to debate an opposing point of view, without throwing shit at the messenger?!

    • Replies: @MarkU
  65. Wade says:
    @Gilad Atzmon

    That link doesn’t work for me, Gilad.

  66. Wade says:

    One gets the impression that it is being used as a pretext for the destruction of civil liberties, the stifling of dissent and for the remaking of our economies to suit the globalist agenda.

    One gets the impression? I swear the Unz Review has been really slow to catch up on this one. You needn’t surmise anything, the World Economic Forum, whose efforts to enact a “Great Reset of Global Capitalism”, underwritten by the IMF (see a Forbes article on it), who’ve stated “You will own nothing. And you will be happy!”, have been screaming these slogans from the rooftops, making TV commercials for it, putting it on banners, etc.. from the first moment COVID was a recognized pandemic.

    Still Ron Unz thinks, based on not unreasonable circumstantial evidence, that the USA did it to slow China down. The USA has been irrevocably hurt by the virus; China has benefited considerably as they are being praised by the WEF and the WHO, who want the US to become totalitarian like China. We have a global organization who have been waiting with bated breath for such an opportunity (sponsored by the WEF, they simulated a mass COVID outbreak just a few weeks before the initial outbreak), then had all the world governments react in lockstep to a plan they had devised at least 8 years ago. There was even an EU comic book, of all things, written expressly for EU bureaucrats on what will happen to our world in the event of a coronavirus pandemic nearly a decade ago. But because a US intelligence agency seems to have been aware of the outbreak prior to the Chinese knowing about it (it can’t be simply due to good spy work), Ron thinks it was done by the US to hurt China.

    For all I know it came from Fort Detrick, not the Wuhan lab (although we have a Chinese whistleblower saying that COVID-19 was a Chinese bioweapon developed at the Wuhan lab). After all, the 911 anthrax came from there. But how many people does it take to smuggle a vial of something from here into China? It doesn’t prove who did it and why. If someone of any official capacity within the US government, military or intelligence services is responsible for smuggling a bioweapon into China, it’s just as likely they did it because their private-sector handlers, assuring them of the necessary cover, had them do it as a part of a plot to unleash a global pandemic that has nothing to do with the US’s real or perceived interests in hurting China.

    Ron assumes that the US was just stupid to think that there would be no blowback that would hurt the US worse more than China. However, if it had been me, a mere mid-wit, my first thought would be “Hey, could this spread and hurt us somehow?”

    I have to assume the masterminds behind this understood more or less what they were doing. They wanted a global pandemic and hurting the USA was a bonus if not one of the top 3 reasons for doing it.

    Davos has always hated our freedom of speech and our gun rights. Donald Trump spoke there and he rebuked them saying that wise leaders do what is in the best interests of their countries. He said nationalism, not globalism, is the way of the future. He pulled out of the Paris climate agreement. George Soros had an emergency meeting with the other Davos globalists where he said that Trump was a danger to humanity (i.e. with Trump at the helm, the US isn’t going to cooperate in the Great Reset). And shortly after this the COVID pandemic began which is still destroying American capitalism as we speak. The US constitution is on its last legs as a result. COVID has given the totalitarian wing of the Democrat party the cover it needs to destroy election integrity. It has given big tech the cover it needs to wipe out freedom of speech. And it has possibly given Biden the impetus he needs to enact the Green New Deal. Forbes, in an article about the Great Reset, estimates a potential increase in energy prices of 1000% (due to many factors) in the foreseeable future.

    How can everything from COVID, BLM/Antifa riots, to the fraudulent electoral overthrow of Donald Trump all conspire so effectively towards the same universal goal –The Great Reset– without it giving everyone pause that “Globalist” factions, who do not care one wit whether China or the US is #1, are responsible for the pandemic?

    If the neoconservatives are responsible, why? Did Trump not genuflect before Israel enough? No, I don’t think that the old ideology of neoconservatism has much to do with this (although I’m sure that neoconservatism’s original sponsors, the bankers, would overlap on a Venn diagram with the Globalists who want to put an end to American freedom.) The neoconservatives have been quite happy with gun rights and jingoism as long as they can direct all that energy to Israel’s benefit. They’ve successfully done that in spades.

    Recently in the news there was talked about an infamous video of a Chinese professor bragging about CCP access to the halls of US power. He explained that this had been going on for decades thanks to “their old friends” in Wall Street. He gave an example of a woman “with a long nose” (his words) who is a dual-Israeli citizen who was responsible for many favors for the CCP. He explained that after 2008, there was a temporary drought because Wall Street had become toxic, but that was getting better until Donald Trump came along. Trump stood up to the Chinese according to him.

    Trump lost in part due to COVID. Wall Street has been doing just fine. The Great Global Reset is off to an auspicious start. I don’t think the COVID perps were motivated by pro-USA jingoism even if some of our citizens and institutions were involved. I’m willing to bet that the CCP’s “old friends” in London, New York and Davos have been promised very advantageous positions in a New World Order with the CCP as the #1 superpower. And the traitors have reciprocated. Given their materialism, it was all inevitable when you think about it.

  67. Whats in the shots Shark liver oil ????? Hydrogel See A stimuli-responsive, pentapeptide, nanofiber hydrogel for tissue engineering Our Rapidly Assembling Pentapeptides for Injectable Delivery (RAPID) hydrogels are syringe-injectable and support cytocompatible encapsulation of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs), as well as their proliferation and three-dimensional process extension. Furthermore, RAPID gels protect OPCs from mechanical membrane disruption and acute loss of viability when ejected from a syringe needle, highlighting the protective capability of the hydrogel as potential cell carriers for trans-plantation therapies. Oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs), also known as oligodendrocyte precursor cells, NG2-glia or polydendrocytes, are a subtype of glial cells in the central nervous system.[1] They are process-bearing glial cells (neuroglia) in the mammalian central nervous system (CNS) that are identified by the expression of the NG2 chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan (CSPG4) [2] and the alpha receptor for platelet-derived growth factor (PDGFRA).[3] They are precursors to oligodendrocytes and may also be able to differentiate into neurons and astrocytes. ????? Human Brain Modification through Injectable Hyrdogels and or quantum dot ??? Moral of the story do not get tested DO NOT TAKE THE SHOT

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
    , @ImaBotKnot
  68. @ImaBotKnot What we are told is in the vaccine. Question Being can we trust them???? This is interesting See VIENNA—A key ingredient in what could be the first U.S.-approved Covid-19 vaccine comes from a family-owned company with 90 employees in the Austrian countryside, underscoring the fragility of the potential treatment’s supply chain.

    Polymun Scientific Immunbiologische Forschung GmbH is one of a handful of makers of lipid nanoparticles, microscopic vessels used to deliver genetic material into the body.

    For years, this was a niche application, used to deliver new forms of cancer treatment, for instance. Then came the coronavirus pandemic.

    Lipid nanoparticles are required in the manufacture of so-called mRNA vaccines, including the one developed by Pfizer Inc. and Germany’s BioNTech SE that is currently being tested in humans and is a front-runner in the global race for a Covid-19 shot.

  69. Dumbo says:

    He should be arrested and forcibly vaccinated

    LOL. What a psycho. And then the “anti-vaxxers” are the radical, crazy ones… Not those who want to arrest and forcibly vaccinate people with an untested mRNA concoction.

    • Replies: @anon
  70. Dumbo says:
    @The Alarmist

    From what I understand, not even animal testing is conclusive. Because of genetic differences. But, of course, better to test a vaccine on them first. And if it’s true that all animals died after taking an mRNA vaccine, then this is quite worrying.

    But even the tests about viruses and their transmission, in animals, are not always convincing.

    The way they tested SARS-COVID 1 on monkeys, for instance, was quite badly done. (see the paper published in Nature – not even a control group, and they were not injected with an actual isolated virus – so, it does not really prove “Kock’s postulate”).

    Was any similar, or better test, performed fro “COVID-19”? Did they even try to apply “Koch’s postulates”? I don’t think so.

    • Thanks: The Alarmist
  71. @Wade

    Yes Read the Book Bloodlines of the Illuminati…. China, Hong Kong, Singapore have long been under the sway of worldwide Globalist Forces, it is not a matter of China against the US or the US against China, the Banking and Corporate and Government functions in both China and the US and all countries of the world, Israel included are managed by a Global Evil Leadership with their depopulation agenda and worldwide control grid agenda.

  72. @Skeptikal

    correlation does not equal causation

    Yes, of course, and the problem with Gilad’s last two articles is that he seems to be saying that vaccines cause an increase in covid cases, but he doesn’t offer any reasonable explanation for how this might happen. Meanwhile . .

  73. Around the world people know that the United States, has been long captured basically from the beginning of the country by City of London Evil Globalist forces. The common people of the countries are kept ignorant and are just Pawns in the Game… Book by William Guy Carr…. Even if a leader of a country is even somewhat righteous on behalf of the people of the country, the leader is beset by these Globalist forces… like Muammar al-Qaddafi. The United States is being used as a Great Satan, but now it looks like the Globalists are done using us/US. Remember the globalists want us all to fight each other worldwide. God Forgive and Bless the dumbed down people of the United States and God Bless and Save the common people of China. Some people do live amazing lives See Asking what are the 10 Commandments??? Remember the Globalists control Capitalism and also Created Communism Search engine Albert Pikes Plan for 3 World Wars.

  74. (Unofficial) Chinese Bible Project 启示录 纵览 (上)The Book of Revelation (A) (or The Apocalypse of John)

  75. @ImaBotKnot

    Additional Note that astrocytes deal with penetrating the blood brain barrier.

  76. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    You can bitch and whine as much as you want, you WILL take your vaccine. Otherwise antisocial people like you will have to be locked away in a Corona-reservation for the good of society.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  77. Dumbo says:

    LOL. Anything to get away from psychos like you… Bye troll.

  78. Aardvark says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Both of these treatments are off-patent and generate little in the way of revenue. Pharmaceutical companies *always* want to push the latest chemical abomination if it is under patent because it allows them to charge much higher prices. The cream on top of this is that the pharmas have been absolved of any liability for the damage done by their experimental injections, so it makes the revenue stream even richer. Many of the has been wonder drugs eventually wind up in the law suit cycle which costs the pharmas in settlement payouts. I have also noticed on assorted consent forms to receive the experimental injection that you must waive liability against the local government or medical institution administering the experiment.

    I suppose it did not help that Trump endorsed hydroxychloroquine, he could not be allowed to take credit for anything and the number of doctors that actually came out and said this substance was dangerous was nothing short of disgusting.

  79. @WaffleStaffel

    Love the Samuel Clements root!
    One of my favorites: “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”
    And here’s a variation more on-topic: “You couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Republican.”[VaxxAdvocate] Edited.
    By now the two-party tyranny is fully exposed.

  80. @Gilad Atzmon

    The survival rate of 99.98% was certainly a correct reading of the first wave, however, we are now entering an unpredictable zone due to the mass experiment that is taking place in Israel, UAE, Portugal, the UK and the USA. the graphs of cases and death reveal that we see a game changer…

    I believe you are mistaken in your interpretation of exactly what it is that is causing the increase in deaths among people `treated`, not `vaccinated`, (1) with an mRNA injection. Since there is no hard evidence of the existence of the original SARS-CoV2 virus (2), it cannot be shown /proven that a variant of said virus exists, let alone shown /proven that it is responsible for killing people. The more likely culprit is the adjuvants in the mRNA treatments themselves which is killing people.

    The alleged virus and any so-called variants are mere hypothetic constructs.



    “The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is a vaccine and may prevent you from getting COVID-19. There is no U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.”

    The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.”

    In other words, this is not approved as a ‘vaccine;’ it’s a ‘treatment.’

    (1.2) Moderna — Vaccine Recipient Fact Sheet | EUA | Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

    “The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is a vaccine and may prevent you from getting COVID-19. There is no U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19″

    The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine.

    In other words, this is not approved as a ‘vaccine;’ it’s a ‘treatment.’

    (2.1) The virus itself cannot be shown to exist, by which we mean that it cannot be reliably differentiated from all the other normal coronaviruses, that have been with us since time began. It has never been isolated, let’s be clear about that. Last April an EU science department ( admitted:

    “No virus isolates with a quantified amount of the SARS-CoV-2 are currently available …“
    Source for [2.1]:
    “There Is No Pandemic, A British View of the Imposture”

    (2.2) And the same thing was echoed a few months later by the US Centre for Disease Control:

    “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”[2]

    [2] CDC ‘2019-Novel Coronavirus Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Panel performance characteristics’ p.39, 13.7.20. This has been scrubbed from the Web, but see BMJ response to it. (

    Source for[2.2]:
    “There Is No Pandemic, A British View of the Imposture”

  81. MarkU says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    Or are we yet too inexperienced to understand how to debate an opposing point of view, without throwing shit at the messenger?!

    I like it !! I fear though that that horse has already bolted and it isn’t just young people doing it by any stretch of the imagination. Alas, the flaming of anyone that presents a disagreeable argument is now totally routine these days.

    • Agree: Ilya G Poimandres
    • Replies: @Ilya G Poimandres
  82. ariadna says:

    I have a very similar fantasy but Gilad isn’t in it. In my fantasy there would be a live televised Vacumentary in which a group led by Bill and Melinda Gates, Fauci, Bezos, Gov. Cuomo, Gov. Newsome, Gov. Pritzker, and Chicago mayor Shrillfoot would be given both doses of Pfizer and both doses of Moderna at one sitting. The vaccination would be witnessed by international observers who would certify the syringes and the vaccines.
    By popular demand and skyhigh ratings the Vacumentary would be turned into a serial having the whole Congress (except for Tulsi), Jessica Yellen, Biden, Harris, and Biden’s entire cabinet vaccinated as well. A separate show would feature the Wall Street and the banking industry, and another the MSM.

    • Replies: @Joe Sifatsouz
  83. @MarkU

    Sucks to be a Vulcan amongst Humans! :p

  84. rienzi says:

    Back in the 1940’s health “professionals”, like Herr Dr. Mengele, tried out all sorts of untested injections and killed a bunch of Jews.

    In our enlightened 2020’s health “professionals” in Israel are injecting the population with poorly tested vaccines, and are killing a bunch of Jews in the process.

    Somewhere in Hell, Herr Dr. Mengele is laughing his ass off.

  85. @rienzi

    Very true, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. For some reason the Israeli Jews don’t know that. If they decided to exchange the belief in Yahveh to belief in Pfizer I am afraid they are not getting a very good deal. In fact Yahveh is a jealous God and may be against the transaction. What happens when this guy is upset? Just read the old testament.

    • Replies: @anon
  86. Ugetit says:

    Back in the 1940’s health “professionals”, like Herr Dr. Mengele, tried out all sorts of untested injections and killed a bunch of Jews.

    Prove it.

  87. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Poorly Defined Jew

    Israel’s rapid progress with vaccinations is evidence of divine protection for the Jews. Don’t be dumb like Gilad and reject this gift. Take your vaccine, it will be good for you!

  88. @anon

    If God is on your side, why take the vaccine?

  89. @anon

    “It’s a cook book!!! It’s a cook book!!! Remember the twilight zone warning.

    • Replies: @Poorly Defined Jew
  90. @HallParvey

    Right! They are here to serve the man (or woman).

    • Replies: @anon
  91. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Poorly Defined Jew

    Well, don’t complain then if you catch Covid and suffocate painfully or become permanently crippled, unable to walk more than a few metres (and that only with a Zimmer frame), your lungs riddled like a Swiss cheese. I tried to warn you. Your choice if you prefer to listen to a charlatan like Gilad (who’ll probably laugh gleefully if he learns of your misfortune, I suspect he’s a misanthropic sadist who wants the virus to win).

  92. @anon

    If I get sick this will be purely my fault and I will have nobody to blame but myself. My life is not worth very much so I am willing to take this risk. You are welcome to attend my funeral. It will be quick, I promise. No lunch included. The date is not set yet, sorry!

    • Agree: HbutnotG
    • Replies: @anon
  93. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Poorly Defined Jew

    My life is not worth very much

    Don’t be so nihilistic. In your comments history you mention that you’re married, so unless you’ve gotten divorced since December, that sounds like a good reason to avoid premature death (or even worse, life as a Covid-invalid).

    • Replies: @Poorly Defined Jew
  94. @anon

    I believe that people who refuse to take the vaccine will be ridiculed, humiliated, scapegoated, deprived and isolated. Judging from the COVID 19 situation we are already living in fascist society where people are no longer allowed to make decisions for themselves. I would rather die from a severe pneumonia at home than from maltreatment in a detention/concentration/reeducation camp. Yes, I am married and have no intention of getting divorced. However, I don’t want to endure socialism for the second time in the US (the first time was in the Soviet Union). People who never immigrated don’t understand this feeling. I was stupid enough to run from the socialist/fascist evil across the globe and finally realized that there is no escape from it anywhere. Dead end.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @xcd
  95. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Poorly Defined Jew

    I would rather die from a severe pneumonia at home than from maltreatment in a detention/concentration/reeducation camp.

    I doubt it will get that bad (my comments about forcible vaccinations, Corona-reservations etc. were meant as a joke, because it pisses me off that Gilad is writing all this anti-vaccine stuff, when he’s totally unqualified to comment on such issues). And it will take time anyway until there’s enough vaccine for everybody, so you can wait and see how this turns out with side effects etc. and then make an informed decision, whether you want to get vaccinated and which vaccines might be acceptable or not for you.

  96. Vojkan says:

    I refuse to take vaccines, not because I don’t believe in the concept of vaccination but because I don’t trust the vaccine makers.
    I don’t trust the vaccine makers, not because I’d believe in flat Earth but because they have proven numerous times to be untrustworthy.

  97. @Skeptikal

    Yes, Drosten is the individual who defined the criteria around the PCR process that are being used to, “detect,” the virus.

    JasonT’s summary of PCR is succinct and excellent. Mullis himself is on video stating PCR is not a test and is not for diagnostic purposes.

  98. @Wade

    This is a good take, though if the US is ultimately responsible they’ve scored the worst own goal of all-time.

    That said, for various reasons, there does exist a, “China Class,” within the US who have grown very wealthy from selling out to China. The Harvard professor who made millions selling his research is a notable recent example.

  99. gnbRC says:

    This whole ‘vaccine’ issue seems a little (/a lot) sketchy.

    For example, given that the Pfizer and Moderna jabs are are actually ‘gene therapy’, and because people getting these jabs will be allowed to travel internationally, what’s to say the mRNA components in the jabbed’s blood stream won’t be shed to unsuspecting populations on release to travel (i.e. condition of travel passports).

    Or worse, the blood supply could become contaminated with mRNA therapy components and the mRNA gene therapy will be spread even further.

    Regarding this latter point, there is/was a hypothesis (Mikovits – Plague) that XMRV (mouse viruses) contaminated the [U.S.] blood supply and was causing a widespread outbreak of chronic fatigue syndrome – a hypothesis met by stiff resistance from Fauci and supported by his erstwhile collaborators.

    Coincidence … ?

    Why sketchy? … well, an accumulation of observations that really have not been discussed, a list …

    a) Denial of commonly available medicines (HCQ, Ivermectin in particular) at early stages.
    b) Denial of efficacy of improving immune response (Vit C/D, NAD, Quercetin, Zinc, improved nutrition, etc.) [forming part of a person’s “terrain”].
    c) Using lockdowns to dramatically increase stress, which harms immune response.
    d) Media (social and otherwise) blocking the dissemination of counter-COVID studies/arguments and expert analysis.
    e) Denial of elimination EMF (e.g. 5G or military weapons test, especially given Wuhan was the first site of a massive 5G test roll-out at the time of the initial outbreak – The Contagion Myth [Cowan & Morell] causative factor [also forming part of a person’s “terrain”]
    f) Mask mandates to damage the lungs and produce a low grade oxygen starvation. (Made worse recently by double/triple mask mandates).
    g) Nasal COVID swabs using procedure almost identical to that of surgery for the pituitary gland (harming the endocrine system).
    h) Recent COVID anal swabs in an area responsible for major support of the immune system and maintenance of the blood-brain barrier.

    Just saying … perhaps a little too much coincidence to be considered a conspiracy theory. Maybe at this point of COVID gene therapy roll-out the only way to survive might be rural isolation.

  100. xcd says:
    @Poorly Defined Jew

    Subversion of capitalist government gives us fascism. Subversion of socialist government gives us communism.

  101. HbutnotG says:

    All vaccines provoke an auto-immune response?

    No they don’t
    Immune response, maybe, but “autoimmune” (no hyphen) is something different, typically having nothing to do with vaccines..

  102. HbutnotG says:

    Already had one stroke due to a small blood clot of unknown origin and I have an autoimmune disease. My left side is already 70% non-functional. I’ve had COVID twice. So I’m immune as I’ll ever need to be. So, I’ll pass on the jab. Of the numerous things I’ve heard, “The Clot Shot” story was enough for me to hear, and I can’t ignore it any more than I’d ignore any other of those numerous conflicting stories. The censorship flying around enforced by totally unqualified people is a stopper too. I don’t know what this shot is and neither do you.

    And, btw, I’m an old white specialist MD.

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