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Who the Hell Is Mitch McConnell Anyway?
And Why Would Anyone Care?
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It is curious: Though I have for decades worked in journalism, mostly in Washington, I know almost nothing of Congress. I mean this literally. I do not know who Mitch McConnell is, his function, or his politics, though I have the impression that he is a Republican. Who was, or is, Paul (I think it is) Ryan? Is he in the House or the Senate? I don’t know. I have no idea who heads any committee.

You might ask, “What sort of fraud is this Reed guy? Why doesn’t he know stuff that everybody knows?”

Easy. Because Congress doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. It is a bauble that fascinates the strange ingrown world of DC, but the marionettes are less important than those who pull their strings.

It may seem odd, but the national legislature has nothing to do with anything of importance. Consider the most crucial issues affecting America:

The endless wars. These kill millions who have done nothing to deserve killing, threaten America’s position in the world, and cost trillions. Congress does nothing.

The military budget, euphemistically called the “defense” budget. It drains money desperately needed for other things, encourages massive corruption, and distorts the national economy. Congress rubber stamps it.

The Empire. Washington’s attempts to dominate the world through hundreds of military bases, sanctions, and tariffs that have made enemies of Russia and China and increasingly unite the world against America. Congress does nothing.

Israel. Jewish, and therefore Israeli, control of Congress and the media engenders disastrous policies in the Mid-East. In particular it drives Iran into the growing Sino-Russian project of Eurasian integration. Congress does nothing.

The national debt, a form of counterfeiting. Its headlong growth encourages de-dollarization of the international economy with likely catastrophic results for America’s financial position. Congress rubber stamps it.

The opening of American borders. The influx causes fury that offers to tear the country apart and causes all manner of problems that urgently need attention. Congress does nothing.

Racial disaster, especially, the dysfunction of the country’s Negros, their inability to function in a modern society. It has lead to tens of thousands of abandoned buildings, to rotting urban no-go zones infested by rats, to savage racial attacks on whites, and the annual loosing from the schools of millions of semi-literates who will never be employable. It is probably irremediable. It could be ameliorated, however, if Congress had the virility. It doesn’t, instead doing…nothing.

The end of constitutionality. The Constitution is being–has been–eaten away. Congress has abdicated its authority to declare war or not to declare it. If it had not done so, we would have few or no wars. Surveillance increases, censorship rushes onward. Religious freedom dies. Police power grows. Privacy no longer exists. Unelected college dropouts at Facebook, Google, and Twitter determine what we are allowed to know. Congress does nothing.

The rise of lawlessness. Groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa attack anyone they don’t like, besiege government (in Portland, for example), beat reporters, and prevent access of speakers to their audiences. Mobs of blacks loot stores, kick whites into brain damage. America’s murder rates astonish the world. Congress does nothing.

Corruption. In America it takes many forms, often legal. Regulatory agencies are controlled by the industries they are mandated to regulate. Medical care is worse and more expensive than in other developed countries. Wall Street operates cons like the subprime scam, and nobody goes to jail. The pharmaceutical companies rape the government and the public. Congress does nothing.

Deindustrialization. This gutted American manufacturing and created the Rust Belt. Jobs still move to Mexico and China. The result has been profits for shareholders but catastrophe for the American working class. Ditto the importing of cheap labor from Mexico. Congress did nothing, does nothing.

Infrastructure. The problem goes beyond creaking subways and shaky dams. The country seems paralyzed. To anyone who has enjoyed China’s high-speed rail, or its payment system, or watched its domination of 5G, America looks like a country of the past. Fast trains are not just a clever gimmick. They are a major improvement in efficiency. For trips of at least 300 miles, and probably much more, China’s trains at 180 mph are comfortable, and go from downtown to downtown. Their maglev trains in development will cruise at 360 mph.

But in America the automotive and airline lobbies oppose fast rail. They have lots of money. Fairly obviously, this is why…Congress does nothing.

So why pay attention to Congress? Of what use is it?

It works on the principle of the Coca-Cola machine: You choose your law, put in your money, pull the handle, and– voila!–out comes a tax break. You want an overpriced contract for something unnecessary? Repeat the process.

Aside from selling the country to the highest bidders, Congress works chiefly to avoid responsibility and to get reelected. So…what reason is there for knowing who Mitch McConnell is?

In high school we are told that the federal government consists of three parts, the executive, the Supreme Court, and Congress. It does not. Rather it consists of five departments, the Presidency, the corporations, AIPAC, Wall Street, and the media. Do you see Congress in that list?

True, there is amusement value in the more prominent congressistas--AOC, Maxine Waters. These make the legislature seem an overpriced playpen for retarded marsupials. So why Congress? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to watch reruns of Jerry Springer instead?

Really Screwy Stuff

The thundering onrush of weirdness: Hail in Zapotitlán el Rey a few days back. In midsummer. An inelegant pose, but you can’t have everything. The weather has gone mad, and needs counseling. We probably need a federal program.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Congress, Corruption, Washington DC 
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  1. ruralguy says:

    Yes, studies have shown our government is an oligarchy, but other studies have shown that the average American has a 7th grade reading comprehension. A democracy and republic can’t work with that low level of comprehension, so we have a national freak show to dupe the voters into believing their middle-school wants are met, while the real decision making plays out in the markets. It works, but its rather torturous.

    • Agree: Realist, Rabbitnexus
  2. CharlesD says:

    There is much valuable information in this article and it raises questions we should all be asking. Unfortunately the impact of the article is ruined by overtly racist passages that undermine the credibility of the author and limit the audience for his message.

  3. America’s murder rates astonish the world

    This has to be irony coming from a resident and loud defender of Mexico. It is, isn’t it?

    What’s that you say, he was serious? Oh that’s right, Fred’s the guy who talks like he lives in Switzerland, while actually living in Mexico, because of the cheap help factor, or the meager pension — probably a combination of both. So when he says “the world” is astonished he certainly doesn’t mean Mexico, the murder capital of North America, where petty thieves are beaten to death in the town square while police stand by and onlookers record every grisly moment.

    But I would like to offer him congratulations on becoming based on Israel. It occurred in his seventh or eighth decade on this planet, which isn’t very impressive, given that a dumb Yank like me was subscribing to Israel Shahak’s newsletter when I was 29. But hey, better late than never Fred!

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  4. anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    What does ‘racist’ mean?

    • Replies: @CharlesD
    , @icedoc
    , @Vyncennt
  5. CharlesD says:

    For example, “… the dysfunction of the country’s Negros, their inability to function in a modern society”. This assertion is the epitome of a racist statement.

    “Mobs of blacks loot stores, kick whites into brain damage. ” I’m sure this has happened at some point in our history, but I can’t recall an incident that fits this description in at least 20 years. I’m sure people of all races loot stores under certain conditions, and assault other people.

    Neither of these statements add anything of value to the argument the author makes, they are simply there to prove his racist credentials.

  6. I was going to mention impeachment. But they haven’t done anything about that either.

    • Replies: @Doug
  7. A man without grace. We need more Gracists. Gracism all the way.

  8. Dennis Dale says: • Website

    This faux naif schtick is wearing thin. Years of this tired routine. Enough already.

  9. I was reading through, wondering when Mr. Reed would get to the part about the Constitution. He did, amazingly enough, though he just didn’t push through those coupla more thoughts necessary to figure out anything. Those additional thoughts would go along the lines of:

    How come it all worked better 50 years ago and before (for the most part), when Fred was a kid in tidewater Virginia? Hello, Fred, you were there! Any bad Supreme Court decisions?? Do you follow any of that?

    What changes were made to the US Government, in particular, to the US Constitution, over the years, say, oh, about a century back?

    Could Amendments 16, 17, and 19 have changed anything? (I’m not using Roman Numerals to help Fred’s head.) Might the income tax, with that drastic change in the flow of the money, leaving the States out of it, be a factor in allowing big money to pull the strings. How about 17, which takes State legislatures out of the loop in choosing the State’s US senators? How about the thing about women voting, with their compassion and all (with other men’s money)?

    No, we can’t get into this stuff without being labeled one of those Constitutionalists or Libertarians. Fred Reed doesn’t like those people, or anyone else who actually tries to work to fix things. Complaining is perfectly OK with him, though.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  10. Oh, since no one has answered your question so far:

    Mitch McConnell is some sort of turtle, tortoise, or tortuga.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  11. Doug says:

    Uh, Charles? Telling the truth isn’t racist.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  12. Racial disaster, especially, the dysfunction of the country’s Negros, their inability to function in a modern society. It has lead to tens of thousands of abandoned buildings, to rotting urban no-go zones infested by rats, to savage racial attacks on whites, and the annual loosing from the schools of millions of semi-literates who will never be employable. It is probably irremediable.

    Yeah, about that: Ever seen the ever-growing colonias of our border area, you fuckin’ beaner-lover? The only way in which they’re superior to what you describe is that whites passing through after nightfall probably won’t be raped, killed or robbed (except by the IRS on April 15th to pay for all the SNAP, TANF, etc.)

    • Replies: @turtle
    , @flattop
  13. Sulu says:

    From your comments I gather you are either living on another planet or are simply being disingenuous. Blacks are the perpetrators of crime, often violent, that is way out of proportion to their numbers. Some might point to the demonstrable fact that the black I.Q. is on average 15 points lower than Whites as to the source of their dysfunction. It certainly can be seen as the main causative factor in their utter lack of intellectual achievement. If you can’t recall any recent incidents of black crime it might be because the Jewish owned media fails to report most of it. Even the most egregious examples of black on White violence, and that is the norm, frequently go unreported. No reason to wake up the slumbering Whites, I suppose.
    I’m guessing of course but I suspect that in your world a racist is defined as any White that happens to be aware of those aforementioned facts.
    I couldn’t help but notice that your tirade didn’t make any mention to Mr. Reed’s quite cogent take on the fact that Israel controls our government from top to bottom. Is it perhaps because that fact hits a little too close to home?

  14. @CharlesD

    Just take a gander at Paul Kersey’s articles on this very site for innumerable official reports of mobs of blacks looting stores and kicking whites into brain damage.

    Your willful ignorance on the topic is no reflection on Reed’s veracity or his purported racism.

  15. turtle says:

    It is probably irremediable. It could be ameliorated, however, if Congress had the virility

    So, KneeGrows are mostly too stupid to function in a modern, technological society (with exceptions, of course). What has Congress got to do with that? Absolutely nothing, AFAIK.
    What are you proposing, Freddy Bear? Aktion T-4? Deportation to Liberia? Inquiring minds want to know… But who will play The Basketball? White men can’t jump.

    Facefuck, Google, [JewTube] and Twatter determine what we are allowed to know.

    Only if you let them, Bozo.

  16. turtle says:
    @Ray Huffman

    Too much Mexican pussy done fried up Fred’s brain.
    That, and old age.

    Send not to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.

  17. flattop says:
    @Ray Huffman

    Failure to be raped, killed or robbed is important in my book.

    • Agree: byrresheim
  18. icedoc says:

    Racist means “I don’t like you. You make me feel bad. So, stop it”

  19. @CharlesD

    ‘…Unfortunately the impact of the article is ruined by overtly racist passages that undermine the credibility of the author and limit the audience for his message.’

    The only racist passage I saw referred to blacks — and I thought the frank description of blacks increased Reed’s credibility. It what way do you feel his description is incorrect? Do you feel people should pretend the truth is other than what it is?

  20. @CharlesD

    ‘For example, “… the dysfunction of the country’s Negros, their inability to function in a modern society”. This assertion is the epitome of a racist statement…’

    If so, then racism is a valid and defensible position.

    You can declare it heresy to say that the earth rotates about the sun. Nevertheless, it remains true that the earth rotates around the sun.

    • Replies: @Realist
  21. @CharlesD

    ‘…“Mobs of blacks loot stores, kick whites into brain damage. ” I’m sure this has happened at some point in our history, but I can’t recall an incident that fits this description in at least 20 years…’

    For ‘years’ read ‘minutes.’ There is then a reasonable likelihood that you are making an accurate statement. You could try ‘hours’ — but it would be chancy.

  22. @CharlesD

    Hold up now, because what you’ve claimed is definitely a lie. It’s not twenty years, it actually happens relatively regularly, as if it’s part of a schedule. Go click Paul Kersey’s title. Read the news. Watch the news. Look at the riots they cause under the guise of protests against “police brutality”. Look at the broken windows, the burning streets, the smashed up cars with hordes of uncontrollable Negroids on top.

  23. Good one, Fred.

    “[The modern Federal Government] consists of five departments, the Presidency, the corporations, AIPAC, Wall Street, and the media. Do you see Congress in that list?”

    You hit the nail on the head. But you left out 0ne very important department: the judiciary (the courts).

    The Supreme Court and other lower courts are getting stronger (they keep expanding their own reach) and ‘more involved’ (more intrusive) in people’s lives than ever before. This fact is not widely recognized.

    Today’s breed of judicial activist (and their cronies on the bench) have discovered ‘constitutional rights’ in areas where no such rights were previously seen or ever even imagined. The impact has been enormous.

    Our power-hungry court system has grown right along with the progressive busybodies who routinely use the courts to find ‘rights’ hitherto unknown.

    For example, had the SCOTUS not interfered in the People’s right to regulate abortion, we would not still be squabbling as a nation about the personal conundrum involving pregnancy termination. Leave it to the people in each respective state to decide this issue. Ditto on the ‘death penalty’. (See: democracy.)

    Many counties in America do not allow the sale of alcoholic beverages. Many states still resist the spread of organized gambling. This is as it should be. Let each state be a laboratory of democracy.
    Let the People self-rule.

    Among the worst and most egregious instances of judicial overreach is when the SCOTUS discovered a human need (proclaimed a Constitutional ‘right’) for a black child to sit next to a white child in a public school. This ‘right’ was not discovered until 1954. It’s had calamitous consequences ever since.

    Gee, how come Chinese children don’t need to sit next to a white child in order to get an ‘equal education’?

    This absurd, feel-good court edict (school integration) has damaged the lives of millions. And it’s also ruined countless public school districts. Ditto on ‘court-ordered busing’. It’s unfortunate that the pompous jurists responsible for these awful decision were never tarred and feathered.

    The bad news is the courts have been steadily seizing control of the US since Earl Warren. And it’s not getting any better.

    America’s volatile, divisive, and crime-ridden ‘civil rights era’ was the ugly, artificial, and maladjusted love child of the SCOTUS. Countless lives were ruined by those decisions and they still are being ruined.

    Today, (((liberals))) are using American courts to block President Trump’s last minute attempt to preserve and protect the America’s core demographic from the slow-motion invasion oozing up from Mexico and Central America.

    More and more personal and political acts now fall under the roving eyes of our activist judiciary. The courts have been usurping democratic power from the People for decades. And there’s no end in sight.

    Not only are today’s courts are still taking aim at white Americans via ‘affirmative action’, but their latest Constitutional contortion involves the expansion of ‘hate crime’ statutes which criminalize disdainful talk about Jews, homosexuals, and other precious ‘minorities’.

    As their ‘rights’ increase, ours diminish.

    This zero-sum relationship is worth noting.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Rogue
    , @Sulu
  24. @Achmed E. Newman

    Currently, old Mitch exists to ensure that any radical proposals that the radical democrats in the House pass dies in the Senate, which actually ain’t so bad. But the man still sucks AIPAC’s ass. Except for the “the Squad” they all do. It’s too bad that the anti-white Squad is wrong on everything else.

  25. aNOn[110] • Disclaimer says:

    The thundering onrush of weirdness is a consequence of evaporating earth’s coal beds and oil fields into the atmosphere. Did anybody really think such a vast geo-engineering project would be free of consequences? 1.5° global warming = 10.5% more water vapor = more fires and droughts and more hail and flooding.

    More fires and droughts and more hail and flooding pretty much describes 2019 so far. The earth is quickly becoming uninhabitable. It is worse than you think.

    • Replies: @Patricus
  26. anonymous[209] • Disclaimer says:

    The dysfunction of the country’s Negros?

    How can one claim dysfunction, when the primary biological function of humans are consumption of resources and reproduction of their kind?

    Negroes are thriving in consumption of resources and reproduction of their kind. With fewer Americans and more Africans as time passes, one must conclude that it is whites who are dysfunctional.

    • Agree: The scalpel
  27. Fred,

    Bang on big time, as usual!

    From my perspective, the wheels really started falling off the American dream almost from its beginning on July 4th, 1776. Any nation/republic that is founded on violence usually falls on its own sword around the 200 year mark. America is now more than 243 years old and is well past its “sell by” date!

    The development of a real dream into a frightening nightmare only goes back, in fact, about 74 years in less than a week’s time. That is when President Harry S. Truman ordered 2 atomic bombs to be dropped on Japan – Hiroshima & Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th, 1945 respectively. World statistics reveal that less than 7% of the more than the 8 billion people currently on the planet were alive on those dates.

    It all started out really well when the founding fathers decided that the American form of a republic in 1776 should be patterned after the one in Switzerland dating back to 1291. To a formula that had been perfected by the Swiss over a period of almost 5 full centuries, the Americans decided to tinker with it.

    And tinker with it they did to the point where almost everything wrong in the world today is due in some respect to the United States of America. This includes, but is in no way limited to, the following in no particular order of importance:

    1) In Switzerland, the power has always been with the states (Cantons) and has been that way from the outset. Along the the way, the U.S. has allowed that power to be shifted gradually into the hands of the Federal Government rather than the states. Talk about a grenade with the pin pulled for America and the world at large. The absolute mishmash that has resulted is almost impossible to believe or comprehend.

    2) Attacking other sovereign nations without cause has been America’s “badge of courage” for more than 90% of their existence since 1776. They have engaged in warfare of one kind or another for 221+ of its 243+ years in existence! Their so called Department of Defense which has become funded beyond reality has done very little, if any, defending over that period of time. On the other hand, they have attacked/invaded other nations without justifiable cause more times than most people have had hot dinners. With a military presence in +/- 154 countries and troops in +/- 80 of those (ref: Nick Turse – Tom Dispatch) it is difficult to use any term more complimentary than “WAR MONGERS!”

    3) One amendment (2nd) to their constitution makes absolutely no sense at all and has resulted in a situation which has become catastrophic. It allows most Americans who are not housed in a funny farm (other than the United States itself) to keep and bear arms. The current records reveal that there is more than 1 firearm for every child, woman and man amongst its +/- 320 million population. This has manifested itself, not surprisingly, into firearm injury and death statistics to rival and exceed most third word and “shit hole” countries!

    4) The greatly feared military-industrial complex which President Dwight David Eisenhower (a decorated military person) warned about in his final speech to the nation on 17th January, 1961 has been totally ignored. So too were his prophetic words about massive deficit spending. Did anyone pay attention to his warnings in the intervening 58+ years? The bloody hell they did! Very much like Sir Winston Churchill’s warning dating back 130 years to 1889 about the non violent takeover of the western world by Islam!

    5) Everything one could name that was positive in America such as infrastructure, education, inventions, civil liberties, free speech, rails services, safety, pride and so on have gone to hell in a hand basket. Everything negative has sunk to the top like prison incarceration rates, fake media, mass shootings, bully politics, nuclear weapons buildup, immigration controls, choking debt, threats against other nations, ad infinitum! The term “Ugly American” has returned with an absolute vengeance!

    6) Much of the cause associated with the above ills and those Fred Reed points out in his article is due to the fact that the most important ingredient the U.S. failed to copy and adopt from Switzerland was the referendum process. This is an absolute necessity so that those who pay the bills get to vote on issues of major importance to the country. These matters include issues such as deficit spending, attacking other sovereign countries, huge uplifts in military equipment, lobbying, fear mongering, changes to laws and constitutional amendments and so on which all must go to the citizens for approval or disapproval by the referendum process. Whatever the outcome on major issues, the politicians cannot do anything but implement the wishes of the people.

    The best recent example of the referendum process not working because it is not a standard feature in that country is the United Kingdom. The Brexit referendum more than 3 years ago has still not been implemented and has resulted in an unbelievable financial and divisive mess in the U.K.. & Europe. Everyone knows that politicians around the world are incompetent, dishonest and corrupt. The referendum process doesn’t remove all of their known peccadillos but it does allow the people they supposedly represent to crush them on major issues!

    7) With the huge political, social and racial divide in the United States of America, there is absolutely no possibility whatsoever of America returning to its former days of glory. Couple this with an archaic voting system at the Federal level called the Electoral College and it offers no hope. This system means that even the President can be elected to office as happened in 2016 with less popular votes than his/her opponent. Up to 5,000,000 less it is estimated based on the current number of eligible voters. The current voting system in the U.S. is how dictatorships work all over the world and is what America has become.

    The country is doomed!

    “America Is the Only Country That Went from Barbarism to Decadence Without Civilization In Between” according to Oscar Wilde!


  28. Rogue says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    How about 17, which takes State legislatures out of the loop in choosing the State’s US senators?

    Though I’m not American I feel I have a reasonable understanding of the USA and it’s political system, but I truly didn’t know that. Easy to understand how political abuse can occur under the circumstances.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  29. Realist says:
    @Colin Wright

    You can declare it heresy to say that the earth rotates about the sun. Nevertheless, it remains true that the earth rotates around the sun.

    The earth revolves around the sun….it rotates around it’s axis.


  30. BuelahMan says:

    Uncle Fred,

    I understand that it is easiest to ignore the real (((culprits))). Not knowing these Congress people means you don’t have to know who controls them. Surprisingly, you made a one paragraph mention of (((them))), then you moved on.

    Poor, pitiful old man. Don’t know if you are an outright liar or a fool.

  31. Beb says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    Freda, do not the Swiss require that every man of military age take his service rifle home, along with a couple of hundred rounds of ammunition? The availabilty of firearms hasn’t translated into “injury and death” for them. Swiss society is cohesive. Ours isn’t any more, and that , rather than the 2nd amendment, is the source of our misery. 50 years ago I grew up in a community where literally every household had a firearm or two, and in the more than 20 years that I lived there not a single person was hurt. No one took notice of a teenager toting a shotgun – it was “just a kid looking for rabbits”. Of course in those days we respected and looked out for each other.

    • Replies: @Freda Lipshitz
  32. anon[223] • Disclaimer says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    > a republic in 1776 should be patterned after the one in Switzerland…amendment (2nd) to their constitution makes absolutely no sense at all

    The second amendment is patterned after Switzerland’s militia.

    “The inhabitants of Switzerland emancipated themselves by the establishment of a Militia, which finally delivered them from the tyranny of their lords.” -Representative James Jackson of Georgia, first U.S. Congress, 1791

    “The Swiss Confederation in the Eyes of America’s Founders,” 48 Swiss American Historical Review No. 3, 32-69 (Nov. 2012).

    Make sense now?

  33. Who What the Hell Is Mitch McConnell Anyway?

  34. @Rogue

    Thanks for admitting that, Rogue. You don’t get that behavior in a comments section often!

    I thought till I looked deeper into it, and I’m sure 99% of Americans still would think (if they even know about it) that Amendment XVII was nothing more than a “housekeeping” change. It was much more than that. It was another power grab by the Feral Gov’t in a time of massive power grabbing. (Then, decades later, there was a big 2nd wind of power grabbing with the Welfare State, starting with FDR, but in ramped up to 11 by the scumbag Lyndon Johnson.)


    * This term is often used in computers or engineering to describe just cleaning up – trivial organizational changes.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  35. @CharlesD

    Nothing racist in the truth.

  36. @CharlesD

    I saw nothing racist in this article. It’s past time to stop the nonsense about everything being racist. Stick your PC crap where it belongs.

  37. Congress is basically a lifetime sinecure; just look at the fossils still inhabiting the place. The Swamp would have McCain’s corpse propped up in there if they thought they could get away with it.

    If you’re a “conservative” Republican, you got there from your safely gerrymandered district or reliably white State based on your speechifying about low taxes and traditional values and the free market. Once there, you don’t even bother with the details of governance, just show up to vote the way the lobbyists tell you on increasingly arcane, extruded legislation drafted by K Street law firms.

    And here’s the part you don’t want to hear: Trump got elected, and is HATED, because he shone a light on the Republicans’ enfeebled coziness. It turns out, all Paul Ryan and that whole crowd were doing was just speechifying about their precious, precious principles. They never actually governed and don’t practice actual politics: gettin’ s*** done for your team. Ron and Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard and Jeff Sessions (who should have stayed put) seem like actually decent people who think or thought it’s their job to study legislation and give a considered vote. Naturally, the Left and Muh Constitution Conservatives hate them.

    Now, Trump is a huckster and being co-opted by the very Swamp he promised to drain, but eventually the real deal is going to show up, inside or outside the system. And I expect we’ll still hear the principled principletarians in National Review moaning about Original Intent.


  38. Rogue says:
    @mark green

    Very valid point you make about the overreaching power of the US courts.

    The case where a federal judge decided that the arrogant, disrespectful CNN reporter be allowed back at the White house really says it all.

    Trump wimped out on that one. He should have told the judge to go fly a kite, and made it clear that this reporter dude was no ways getting back to the White house while Trump was president.

  39. Rich says:

    Well, you’ve made it to Unz, anyway, that’s a start. If you have the inclination to research the truth, you can start with Paul Kersey here and continue on from there, you’ll begin to open your eyes to all the stories the main stream media ignores. Have you ever heard of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom who were raped, tortured and murdered by a gang of Negroes in 2007? Start there, you’ll find there has been a vast cover up of Negro crime in the US. Just look at Chicago, who do you think is committing all those murders? I’ll give you a hint, it ain’t Whitey.

  40. Brendan says:

    Ugh. Another column where Fred bats his eyelashes at China. “Sure they’re oppressive, but by golly they get things done!”

  41. Sulu says:
    @mark green

    Right on target Mark. The ever expanding power of the courts are a bane to freedom. When you can have some insignificant liberal judge block, even temporary, a sitting President there is something out of whack. And power seems not unlike a sea saw. When one group goes up another goes down. Guess which group has been going down for the last fifty years? Yes, Whites. And anyone over the intellectual age of 15 should be able to see (((who))) is responsible. It’s almost like someone is trying to destroy us completely as punishment for the events of 80 years past. One only has to look at Germany being flooded by sub-humans to see the who, why, and how. It’s coming to America too. Just a bit slower.

  42. @Realist

    Right you are! I’ll remember this.

  43. Patricus says:

    The climate has been warmer, in the 1930s and the middle ages. We had a little ice age for 500 years and it ended about 1850. There has been a warming trend since then but hardly a catastrophe. Carbon dioxide probably has little to do with it. There was warming and freezing when CO2 concentrations were ten times higher. Sun cycles are the likely culprit and nothing can be done about that.

    Thank the Lord we live in a hydrocarbons age. So far there is no practical alternative. Fortunately there is a vast supply in the earth’s crust.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @foolisholdman
  44. minus one says:

    Thank you Captain Obvious.

  45. @Beb


    You are correct in your assumption that every Swiss male of military age is required/permitted to take his service firearm home. However, they are not allowed to take any ammunition with them.


    • Replies: @anon
  46. @Realist

    The amazing part is it revolves or orbits the sun at 68,000 miles per hour, and we hardly notice.

  47. Patricus says:

    Fred is right about the Congress. They abdicated their intended roles.

    He may be right about the Blacks. It seems whenever the population reaches 20% the community goes down. What can be done about that? They have been here hundreds of years. We all know productive Black people even if they are a minority. A role for them must be found.

    Passenger trains are a boondoggle whether in China, Europe or the US. They all lose money. Too much equipment for moving people. Great for moving freight. My wife and daughter traveled from Washington DC to NY city. The Amtrak fare was $90 each one way and that is heavily subsidized by government. A bus was $19 each and that is a profitable business. The bus had WiFi, bathrooms, comfortable seats and TV screens at every seat. Both train and bus went to the same place within a block.

    Mexico has a wonderfull system of busses for trips of a few hundred miles. The poorest people can move around Mexico for a few bucks. The busses are comfortable and quite modern. It turns out the US and Mexico make the most sustainable use of trains (except for our dubious Amtrak and all the light rail). The Chinese may travel 300 miles at 300 MPH, a tragic and heavily subsidized waste of resources. Get a flight and travel 500 MPH.

    • Replies: @Haole
  48. One word describes The Congress–self-serving, but then you could go on with a long list of associated adjectives.

  49. anon[831] • Disclaimer says:

    The litany of denialist climate myths that you’re parroting are easily refuted.

    > The climate has been warmer, in the 1930s…



    Graph source:
    Climate Myth: 1934 is the hottest year on record

    …and the middle ages.


    graph source:
    How does the Medieval Warm Period compare to current global temperatures?

    > Carbon dioxide probably has little to do with it.

    Wrong. The Radiative Forcing of CO2 is quantifiable at 1.6 W per square meter.

    How do we know more CO2 is causing warming?

    > Sun cycles are the likely culprit

    Wrong. Sun and climate are moving in opposite directions.

    Sun & climate: moving in opposite directions

  50. Patricus says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    Oh Freda,

    The atomic bombs were probably an example of gratuitous overkill, like the fire bombings of Toyko and Dresden, but we were at war. Lots of Americans were murdered and tortured by Japanese. My father who served at Okinawa assumed he would die during the invasion of Japan. He told me American Marines wept openly when they realized they would be spared that fate.

    That 2nd Amendment makes sense if you read about Lexington and Concord. The Brits wanted to take all the arms so America couldn’t resist. We have 5 gun killings per 100,000 per year, equal to murderous Greenland. Outside the pathological cities the rates are very low. If one lives in a rural area where everyone has guns crime is almost nonexistent. Half The gun deaths are suicides. Because there are so many guns in private hands there is a limit to tyranny by our central government.

    America conquered much of the continent and dabbled in colonies such as The Phillipines and Puerto Rico. Not much was extracted from these places. It was a waste of resources. The Mexican war was rather sordid. Mexico was only a state for about 25 years. Neither the Mexicans nor Spanish ever controlled the southwestern states. It was Commanche and Apache territory and they were a lot worse than American whites.

    The electoral college was a compromise. Small states didn’t want to be dominated by more populated states. At the time Virginia had the largest population. I think it was a wise compromise. The smaller states will not give up their power.

    The founders, especially Madison, considered various European governments including the Swiss and the Dutch. In the end they opted for the Roman Republic with the checks and balances and representative leaders. Too many openings were left for a future federal tyranny and I think I would have been an anti Federalist. The US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, was the wonder of that time and this time. America is not finished.

  51. @CharlesD

    Take a walk down Division St. in Baltimore, then come back and tell us what you saw. Here’s a warning, though: you might not ever be able to tell anyone what happened to you.

  52. @Achmed E. Newman

    True. Before the 17th, senators were appointed by their state legislatures. A senator who failed to guard the interests of his state could be dismissed by that legislature and left to find his own way home if he was in DC when he got the boot.

    Senators were supposed to represent the interests of their states and had no reason to campaign for office or to seek reelection. They had no reason to travel to Europe or to Asia and to hobnob with anyone outside the senate or their home districts Their constituents lived in their home states.

    With election by popular vote, senators became national political figures whose constituency is only those who fund their reelection campaigns. It was a change for the worse, shutting the state legislatures out of the senate entirely.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  53. I’m from Kentucky, and I’ll tell you that Mitch McConnell is a complete mystery to Kentuckians. We have no idea what he does; he never gives meaningful interviews; and he seems to be impossible to fire. The same goes for his wife; Ling Ling. He’s an example of what it means to have a pointless government.

    You covered a lot of ground in this article. So I’ll start with Israel. For all of it’s faults, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. The Israeli army won’t take you away in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. But they will do that in every surrounding country. In fact, it might someday be necessary for Israel to participate in the political reorganization of the entire region. Thousands of bureaucrats will come to Tel Aviv from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and even UAE for training on how to host elections, how to operate Universities, and how to manage a free economy. And I’m especially interested in your criticism of Israel, which is doing the best it can under difficult circumstances, while at the same time you ignore the political disaster called “Mexico.” As I’m sure you know, Mexico is owned by an elite. Yes, there is an economy, but it;s under the firm control of guys like Carlos Slim. They eliminate all competition; and then create virtual monopolies in areas like cell phone service, publishing, and manufacturing. The kindest thing that America could do for Mexico would be to bomb Mexico City into a parking lot. This would destroy the old boy’s network that has taken over the country. America could then tear-up all of the old Spanish land grants; and establish a functioning real estate market. And let’s face it Fred, there are too many people in South America anyway, and they can’t come here. That means lots and lots of nerve gas, and nuclear weapons; until the population for the entire South American continent has been brought back down to about three hundred million. And that also means that the Geneva Convention is cancelled.

    I’m sorry that you see America’s military actions as an example of “Endless War.” But that’s simply not true. I do disagree with the idea that we should maintain hundreds of bases all over the world. I think it’s a waste of money. But the actions taken by the U.S. Military in the past are nothing compared to what the military is going to be called-upon to do in the future. We are about to begin a twenty year, no-holds-barred world war. And winning that war means an absolute commitment to using whatever tools that we have at our disposal. Nothing is off limits. And there is only one possible outcome: Unconditional surrender on the part of our enemies. We will depopulate China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, and other trouble spots until they cooperate; or until there are no more people left. It’s not an effort to run the world; it’s a commitment to stop the destruction of the planet.

    Now let’s talk about our domestic problems. First of all, we have to admit that everything that could have been done for blacks, has already been done. They are a lost cause. I realize, of course, that there are many black men in the military, and that they are proud of what they do; but it doesn’t matter. It would be nice if we could negotiate with blacks, one at a time, to find a solution; but that’s impossible. Under the pressure of war and domestic unrest, the only answer is to euthanize all the blacks that reside in the continental United States as quickly and a humanely as possible. At the same time, we will of course be depopulating Africa. The objective will to reduce the total worldwide black population to zero; if we can. I suppose that you think that this domestic program will cause riots, but that’s not true. When people see piles of dead bodies starting to stack-up; they get away from the situation as fast as possible.

    Once the blacks are gone; and foreign conflicts have been reduced to a manageable level; the next step will be to figure out how to create a currency to replace the dollar. I suppose it will be in the form of scrip; which can be used to purchase certain items. At the most basic, the government can issue several forms of scrip. There can be food scrip; gasoline scrip; and rent scrip. I don’t recommend the creation of a universal scrip; because it will be too hard to manage how the scrip gets used. This could lead to food or fuel shortages. And it’s a lot easier for a housewife to calculate exactly how much food and rent scrip that she has. Will men accept payment for their labor in the form of scrip? They will if they are working for employers who actually care about them. Let me tell you something: Over the last twenty years, I have worked for about seven or eight American companies, and they absolutely did not give a fuck what happened to me. I was shocked by their indifference. So it won’t be enough to ask workingmen to accept scrip. The government, and maybe even the military itself, it going to have to create and enforce a new social system that puts workers at the heart of enterprise. Right now, employees are supposed to accept a low salary so that investors, who do not work, may enjoy a good return on their investment. What bullshit.
    We will have to literally create from scratch, a network of good men who can be trusted to be in charge of American industry; because they have the right mix of business acumen, compassion, and drive. America has plenty of food, nobody is going to starve to death while we get things worked out. The key is to make sure that companies start valuing their employees, treating them with respect, and paying them for an honest day’s work. This can’t be done by unions; because they always try to take control away from management; and ask for job guarantees, and then demand inflated salaries. Unions are the anti-solution. So when I see a tired working man sitting on the train in the afternoon, I want all the kids to know that he’s the real American.

    On the domestic front, besides creating a new currency, decisions will have to be made about who gets deported; and the disposition of their personal property once they are gone. All I can say is that sometimes it’s more compassionate to do things quickly; then to do them slowly. With that thought in mind, I would expel all the Hispanics in a time-span of no more than three months. Some of them will walk to the border, some of them will go by train, some of them will die resisting, and some of them will fly. Again, people don’t argue when they see a pile of dead bodies. I won’t go into a long explanation of why this must be done. I will only say this: Mexican culture and American culture are completely incompatible. Mexico is a dirty, dangerous place full of really bad people. There are lots of twelve year old sex slaves, drug dealers, gang members, and thieves. We don’t need them here; they are wrecking our communities, and they cost a fortune to support. So every single one of them must go back to Mexico; dead or alive.

    And it’s the same thing with Indians and Asians. Indians have taken-over large portions of our economy. They control the computer programming business, the hotel business, and the convenient store business. And make no mistake: Indians are very racial, they won’t hire a white man unless they absolutely must. You know what’s funny? In India, it’s illegal for an American to start a business. With Asians, it’s the same problem, only worse. They have bought so much American real estate, that young Americans can no longer afford to buy a home and start a family.
    America has become a great place for Chinese investors, but a terrible place for young Americans.
    And the collapse of American industry, started by the unions, has been finished by the Chinese government which continues to enforce millions of import restrictions. They have never played fair, nor will they ever play fair in the future. Add to that the fact that China refuses sign any pollution control agreements, or fishing control agreements, and you are left with only one conclusion: They all have to go. Every single one of them. The property that they leave behind is forfeit. It will be used to finance the new American industrial system. But sending the Chinese home is not enough. They have 2,500 large fishing vessels in the oceans, which are wreaking havoc with the global ecosystem. So we will also have to remove those boats from the water; and those guys won’t go without a fight. We might have to first destroy Shanghai and Beijing, and then go to work on the fishing fleet after that. The long-term goal would be to reduce the global population of Asians by about 80%. The larger goal is to expel all Asians, Indians, Hispanics, Africans, and Arabs from the United States. But what about the Jews? That’s a little more difficult, because Jews tend to comply with American ideals more than the other groups.

    But there are two problems with the Jews ; and I’ll tell you what they are: Watch the movie “Caddyshack” It’s an exploration of the relationship between the Jews and the Aryans, as told by a communist. If you see a nice white older lady standing near a boat; notice that a shadow appears to be entering her vagina. That’s the worst insult against white people that the director of the movie could think of. In the movie, Rodney Dangerfield is “The Jew.” And Ted Knight is “The Pretender to the Throne.” In the movie, these two men exist in competition with each other. You see, true nobility has never trusted Aryan pretenders to the throne. There is always the chance that one of them will marry your daughter. But Jews don’t aspire to the throne; they are satisfied simply to serve as well-paid agents. But as the years have gone by following World War Two, Jews have become whiter, and now they have made the mistake of becoming pretenders to the throne. They aren’t supposed to do that.

    So now, America is left in the bizarre situation where Jews enjoy higher social status than Aryans, without having to carry the burden of actually making the hard decisions. They get to have their cake, and eat it, too. That’s an impossible dilemma. So the only solution is to either lower the status of Jews, which is not easy, because Jews scream like little girls; or to send them back to Israel. I think that Israel can absorb about five million American Jews; but to find room for them, it will be necessary to clear out Gaza and the West Bank in a big hurry. And there’s another problem with the Jews, one for which they can’t really be blamed. For hundreds of years, white people told Jews to stay in the banking business; so they did. When millions of Jews came to New York, they all got into the banking business. But now America is over-banked. New York is a cess-pool of companies like Goldman Sachs. It’s full of liars and con artists who pretend to be “creating value through synergy.” or some bullshit like that. What they are really doing is creating invisible taxes, which nobody can ever oppose. They are the ultimate thieves; and will need to be eliminated in such a way that The Federal Reserve, The City of London, and even The Rothschild’s can no longer cast an ugly shadow over the working man again. Ultimately, this doesn’t just mean expelling Jews from America, or shutting down New York. It really means debt repudiation. If we have to save England’s ass, we can tell The City of London to fuck off; both at the same time. The national debt is gone.

    So I’m not really too worried about Mitch McConnell, or Ling Ling. These people are just a bunch of old hanger’s on. They want to benefit from the system as much as they can, until there’s nothing left to be taken. But there will be a day, in the not too distant future, when America will clean house simply because there is no other choice. And when that day arrives, all bets will be off. So tighten your seat belt, and put your tray-table in the upright position.

  54. Realist says:
    @Simply Simon

    Yes, and the earth rotates around it’s axis at close to 1,000/mph at the equator. And revolves around the center of our galaxy at 490,000/mph…other motions are also in play.

    • Replies: @Simply Simon
  55. anon[831] • Disclaimer says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    You misconstrue the facts. While the gov’t no longer issues individual soldiers ammunition to be stored at home, the Swiss can purchase ammunition, and take ammunition home with them.

  56. turtle says:

    Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East

    Iran has an elected legislative body.
    (in which the Jewish community of Iran is guaranteed representation, by the way.)
    The current speaker of which is Ali Larijani:

    Ali Larijani … has been Speaker of the Parliament of Iran since 2008.

    It is the Islamic Republic if Iran.
    Church and state are not separated, as in the U.S.
    There is an official state religion, as in the State of Israel.
    However, all religions which existed before Mohammed are tolerated.

    Carlos Slim

    Slim was born on 28 January 1940, in Mexico City, to Julián Slim Haddad (born Khalil Salim Haddad Aglamaz) and Linda Helú Atta, both Maronite Catholics from Lebanon
    From 2010 to 2013, Slim was ranked as the richest person in the world by the Forbes business magazine.

    Jealous, are you?

    The Israeli army won’t take you away in the middle of the night, never to be seen again.

    Provided you are Jewish.
    If you are Arab, the rules are different, from what I have read.
    Indefinite detention without charges, as well as torture, evidently are S.O.P. with respect to Arabs, as far as we can ascertain.
    Collective punishment appears also to be quite popular, as well as summary execution, a.k.a. “target practice.”
    But, keep repeating your lies. Eventually, you can hope, enough gullible people will believe them.
    Modern politics is, after all, th art of deceiving enough of the people, enough of the time.

  57. Israel. Jewish, and therefore Israeli, control of Congress and the media engenders disastrous policies in the Mid-East. In particular it drives Iran into the growing Sino-Russian project of Eurasian integration. Congress does nothing.

    You contradict yourself here, Fred. If Congress does nothing, how can Israeli control of it engender. . . anything?

    On balance, I think we’re actually best(*) off when Congress does nothing. When both houses and the Presidency are controlled by the same party, it rouses from its slumber and produces the likes of Obamacare and TSA.

    * – “Best” as used here is a relative term, equating to “least bad”.

  58. turtle says:
    @Ron B Liebermann

    euthanize all the blacks that reside in the continental United States as quickly and a humanely as possible.

    So, the Reich should grant them a merciful death.
    One vote for Aktion T-4.
    But, who will play der Basketball?

  59. turtle says:
    @Ron B Liebermann

    I think that Israel can absorb about five million American Jews; but to find room for them, it will be necessary to clear out Gaza and the West Bank in a big hurry.

    I propose a cultural exchange program.
    Every Jewish family which chooses to relocate to Gaza can swap houses with an Arab family from Gaza, who will relocate to the U.S.
    Jewish family gets a house in Gaza

    Arab family gets a house in the U.S.
    Sounds fair to me.

  60. turtle says:
    @Ron B Liebermann

    a functioning real estate market

    Would that be one in which foreigners (Jewish or otherwise) would be permitted to buy up Mexico on the cheap?
    AFAIK, Mexico has laws in place which prevent that.
    Good for them.
    No doubt they are operating “in restraint of trade, ” from your POV.

  61. @Twodees Partain

    Just used up my [AGREE] 30 seconds ago, but great elaboration there, TP!

  62. @Simply Simon

    You get used to it after a while.

    • LOL: Simply Simon
  63. @Freda Lipshitz

    20 killed, 26 injured in mass shooting at Texas Walmart!

    I rest my case!


    • Replies: @By-tor
  64. Biff says:
    @Ron B Liebermann

    What ever you’re on it seems to be working – reality just isn’t your bag.

  65. Second US mass shooting in 13 hours

    20 killed, 26 injured in mass shooting at Texas Walmart

    9 killed, 16 injured in shooting in Dayton, Ohio, less than 13 hours after deadly gun attack at El Paso Walmart

    Sorry, I wrote too early!


    “America is the Only Country to go from Barbarism to Decadence without civilization in between…” – Oscar Wilde –

  66. @turtle

    A reminder brother, Syria also is a democracy. Iran and Syria have much more robust and recognisable democracies given the multiple parties, instead of the obligatory binary systems in the fake democracy West. The whining about the Ayatollah approving all candidates is nothing. This is comparable to the constituion. He is responsible to ensure no criminals, traitors or foreign agents or outright idiots run that is all. On the whole though the Iranian system is much freer and with much better protection for their minorities than any Western version. Syria also. Westerners just struggle to understand a true democracy and in a different part of the world with different history and contemporary societies. “Israel” is the second greatest threat to any democracy as the USA is the number one threat. Pretending these anti-democratic terrorist states are democracies is farcical.

    • Agree: turtle
  67. @Simply Simon

    I hardly notice the spinning, which is just 30 km/s .

    How about the fact we’re moving through space at the rate of 200–220 km/s?

    • Replies: @Simply Simon
  68. anonymous[634] • Disclaimer says:

    Racial antipathy is the most emotional and embarrassing scandal of the American civic religion. Its intractability all but voids the self-congratulatory delusion that America is somehow the new Zion with a holy destiny to reform the world in its image. But blaming individual blacks or whites for the behavior their culture expects of them is a simplistic reaction that robs both of their humanity. In truth, nothing more dramatic than flawed human nature is revealed in our shared racist past and present. No wonder some of us wish it were all a simple morality play with identifiably “bad” actors to hiss and “good” actors to cheer.

    As for McConnell, his retarded accent sounds to me like a fellow trying to talk with a turd stuck in his mouth. Wish he and his kind had won their damn civil war, so they wouldn’t be stinking up our government with their endless obstructionist BS.

    • Replies: @sulu
  69. @turtle

    I’ll tell you the problem with Israeli Prisons: As time has gone by, these prisons have gotten nicer and nicer. Now they have air conditioning, libraries, degree programs, and special food for those with health problems. The prisons are now so nice that Palestinian criminals aren’t afraid of getting sent there anymore. It’s a badge of honor.

    I don’t think that we should spend millions of dollars housing Palestinians who are going to get released, and then commit even more crimes. That’s stupid. I would house them in tents in the desert, and put them on a work detail everyday. Then, I would interview them periodically. If they don’t show an attitude change, that’s the death penalty.

    Under no circumstances are belligerents to be released.

  70. @Simply Simon

    “Oh, oh, this old world keeps spinning round.
    It’s a wonder tall trees ain’t layin’ down.”

    “There come’s a time …”

    One of my favorite Neil Young songs, from back in 1978:

    • Replies: @Simply Simon
  71. > The end of constitutionality

    Not to mention: Total failure to budget expenses in a responsible way; Delegation of law-making power to unelected executive branch bureaucrats; Delegation of law-making to unelected judges.

  72. sulu says:

    If memory serves Kentucky was neutral during the Civil War. Though no doubt some Kentuckians fought on either side.

  73. cosmo says:

    “..I can’t recall an incident that fits this description in at least 20 years… ” I don’t know where you are, but some might welcome you back to the year 2019, preferably in one of the ghettos of Chicago or Baltimore.. or any major urban American cesspool.. sounds like you need a hard lesson.. medication may (or may not) help..

  74. @Achmed E. Newman

    That is right good music. Thanks Achmed.

  75. @Realist

    Something about the “Great Siderial Movememt” which I could never understand.

  76. buckwheat says:

    Racial disaster, especially, the dysfunction of the country’s Negros. Well doh! Any white person that has had business dealings or ever hired a black is justified in being racist. People pretend like racism is a bad thing. In dealing with inner city black animals racism will keep you alive.

  77. By-tor says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    There is only a photo of one person on the ground at the El Paso area Wal Mart, so until the photographic evidence matches the claims, it’s to be doubted. There are no cell phone videos of the shooting at all. The arrest of the perp seems staged as the few police on scene do not have guns drawn, and there are civilians standing around watching. A guy just shot 40 people, and there are zero geared-up AR15-toting tactical-mil cops around the arrest of the perp, but there are civilians just a few yards away? LOL.

    The French manage to take videos of the bloodstained ground and the wounded being attended to by emergency personnel after alleged terrorist attacks. In Syria, video footage of terrorist attacks and the response by their gov’t and military is in abundance online.

    In the US, there has been an absence of video footage and evidence released to the public with regard to these alleged ‘mass shootings’ since 2012. All of the evidence is ‘classified’ due to these cases being ‘an ongoing investigation’ that never ends. See how that works? Ever followed any of these alleged American mass shooting victims’ stories in the press to see if there is actually a funeral for them?

    • Replies: @Freda Lipshitz
  78. @By-tor


    If that is the actuality of the situation, can you explain to everyone why it is in the interests of the United States to stage fictitious events of this nature on the world’s stage?


    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
    , @By-tor
  79. Haole says:

    The buses in Mexico are Deluxe. huge seats and double deckers with a view. No long lines at the bus station, the newer bus stations are much more civilized than the airports which are crowded. Some older bus stations are bad.

    The old stereotype of the bus full of chickens and pigs is more or less Volaris airlines. Volaris is cheaper than the bus but crowded and long long lines. For trips of 5 or 6 hours the bus is better than the plane trip of 2 hours, plus the 3 or so hours in the airport.

  80. PJ London says:

    Twas ever thus:

    “There is no distinctly American criminal class – except Congress. ”
    Mark Twain
    “I think I can say, and say with pride, that we have legislatures that bring higher prices than any in the world. ”
    Mark Twain

  81. Norskeguy says:

    I dunno about that. Sometimes I feel dizzy in the mornings.

  82. lavoisier says: • Website

    Uh, Charles? Telling the truth isn’t racist.

    Actually telling the truth is racist.

    The truth about black dysfunction is very racist.

    • Replies: @mark green
  83. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Ron B Liebermann

    Shouldn’t you be standing out on a ledge or something like that?

  84. @Ron B Liebermann

    (((Ron B Liebermann the psycho gas-lighting hasbara Jew troll))):

    Thanks for your unintentional but compelling insight into why the Germans were so pissed.

  85. @Freda Lipshitz

    Disarming law-abiding Whites would make White replacement (& genocide) all the easier when the SHTF big-time.

    Of course (((you))) already know this.

    • Replies: @Freda Lipshitz
  86. @Bragadocious

    Fearless Fred,

    Have you ever written ANYTHING about the cartels?

    It’s understandable that you’re afraid to, but at least spare us your rose-colored Mexico jive.

  87. @lavoisier

    I’m afraid that you’re right. Sadly so.

    The truth about black dysfunction is very racist.

    When it comes to charges of being a ‘racist’, the truth shall NOT set you free.

    Today’s politically correct lesson is this:

    Don’t notice. If you do, say nothing.

  88. Bill99 says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    One referendum in the US that failed was the overwhelming number of states (34) that voted to ban gay marriage but were overruled by a federal courtwith no jurisdiction over astate’s rights.

  89. @Pat Kittle

    America Is the Only Country That Went from Barbarism to Decadence Without Civilization In Between – Oscar Wilde

  90. (((YOU))) ASKED:

    “why it is in the interests of the United States to stage fictitious events of this nature on the world’s stage?”


    Disarming law-abiding Whites would make White replacement (& genocide) all the easier when the SHTF big-time… of course (((you))) already know this.

    (((You))) respond by going off-topic — just what we expect from a (((hasbara troll))).

    • Replies: @Freda Lipshitz
  91. @Pat Kittle

    You must be one of those unlucky ones which came through the entire and rapidly declining American education system. I will stay with Oscar Wilde’s view if you don’t mind!

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  92. @Freda Lipshitz

    Hasbara Jew troll:

    The American education system is rapidly declining all right.

    Thanks to (((you anti-White parasites))).

  93. Wrong! But then I am not as yellow as you are!

  94. By-tor says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    Yes, the US government engaged and engages in false flags, coups, assassinations, military strikes and financial sabotage against non-cooperative countries and against non-state entities in other countries. It is currently staging financial and economic blockades of varying degrees of intensity based upon false explanations used against Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, China, Yemen, East Ukraine, Crimea, Iraq, Cuba and Iran. All of the operations are illegal and require multiple thousands of its employees, elected officials, military members and its associated corporate media figures to lie simultaneously: Yes, I believe the US government is fully capable of fabricating these events.

    While there is video footage of the Dayton shooter engaging Dayton police, there is no footage of the El Paso shooter, but perhaps there will be some. If there is, there will be proof. Within hours, there was a manifesto allegedly belonging to El Paso shooter Patrick Casius made available to the public, which was a summary of recent US social history that was quickly turned into a siege weapon against all white males who oppose the ongoing illegal alien invasion of the US. Trump used the manifesto as a call for worldwide action against ‘white supremacy’, that is in reality, merely a phantom as non-elite white males no longer have the political upperhand in the US.

    What has been accomplished through these shootings is a landslide for the Left. The increasing level of black and Latino violence can now be easily buried by the national press. Normal words that were used to describe the untenable situations created by allowing over 2.5 million illegal aliens since 2017 to remain in the US for ‘asylum’ court hearings- that 92% of them will never show up for- are now verboten. Trump’s ‘shift’ to ‘it’s got to stop’ is that the Left’s goal of removing from retail inventories a large category of semi-automatic carbines with detachable magazines is now closer. The ATF has not stated how these two shooters obtained their AK semi-auto knock-offs, but if history is a judge, the legislation will not match the alleged oversight. The anti-gun US Left Establishment as publicly represented by Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Kamala Harris, Michael Bloomberg, Dan Schulmann, Charles Schumer, the NAACP, the ADL, etc. wants to remove as many detachable magazine firearms from civilian ownership in the US as is possible ( White males are the primary buyers and enthusiasts. ) Disarmament of the law-abiding by incremental steps is the methodology of the Establishment Left and its operatives who make up the majority of the US corporate media. The Trump Admin. is increasingly cozying up with the anti-gun ownership Left, and if he does sign something included on the Left’s wish list, he will further lower his chances of re-election.

    It is odd that in a border city such as El Paso, TX, where many adults have a permitted CCW sidearm to protect themselves, not one adult male in that Wal Mart had one that was near the event. That’s hard to believe in and of itself. That several several Mexicans were allegedly gunned down in a TX Wal-Mart by a ‘racist’ American has now become an occasion for the Mexican government to call for US gun-control measures, while MEX has had 17,000 murders so far in 2019 in its ongoing cartel wars. When Americans vacationing in resort towns are killed in MEX by Mexican cartel hitmen, the same anti-gun, anti-white male DEMs, the US media and the Mexican government are quite silent about gun-control in lawless, Second World MEX.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  95. @By-tor

    Well said, but the (((Freda Lipshitz))) troll most likely already knows that, and is delighted with it.

  96. Mitch McConnell (and the Republican senate) have confirmed over 140 judges to federal district, appeals, and the Supreme Court. At the time they were appointed, they were thought to be conservative constitutionalists who would be more guided by the text of the constitution than has been the practice in recent years. As always, judicial appointments are a crap shoot, but they’re trying.

  97. Vyncennt says:

    Racist: (a) Anyone winning an argument with a progressive. (b) Anyone stating uncomfortable truths about race.

    • Agree: mark green
  98. @Patricus

    There was warming and freezing when CO2 concentrations were ten times higher.

    Ten times higher? 4,000ppm? Yers?! When was that?

  99. @Realist

    That’s why they call six-guns revolvers and not rotators.

  100. Tedwardo says: • Website

    Mitch McConnell reminds me of Barney Frank, retired gay Rep. from Mass. Sloppy jowls and quivering face that appears about to cry. Prompted me to research McConnells past. Seems while he was in the Army at Fort Knox, he sodomized another troop in the barracks at night, and got an undesirable discharge. With aspirations for the political arena, it was covered up and documented as a medical discharge…a fabricated eye issue. Since he is married to a female (?), I can only assume he is a closet bi-sexual. I am not certain of all of this, because I wasn’t there, but read the report for yourself on the website…”What Is Mitch McConnell Hiding?”…Huffington Post. These are our so called “leaders” folk. Doesn’t give one much hope for the country. I remain…lost in a sea of fools.

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