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Washington in the Time of Domitian
A Peek into the Drains
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As you cross the Fourteenth Street Bridge from Arlington into Washington on a sunny spring day, the vista is magnificent, uplifting. Huge blue sky, brisk wind, the broad brown river flashing in the sunlight. As a portal to the capital of a world empire, it is suitable, even convincing. This new Tiber is at the confluence of the Rio Bravo, Orinoco, and Nile, which has its implications, but never mind. The streams of tourists debouching from the bridge into Georgetown think themselves in the new Rome, a beguiling conurbation of power and glory.

Not everywhere. Amid the blank buildings and empty night somewhere near P Street, a cop finds a blonde woman of maybe forty crawling on the sidewalk. In jeans and sweatshirt, she hugs the rest of a bottle of Jim Beam. She has profusely wet her pants. She sees the cop and says no, no in alarm and begins sprinting for a nearby alley–sprinting to the extent that one can on all fours while clutching a bottle. Blind drunk and nursing a cirrhosis aborning.

The cop walks on. Arresting her would clog the jails, the judge would let her out on recog, and the next night she would be with another bottle. This will not go on forever. She has obvious motor problems and does not crawl well.

In many ways unseen by awed tourists, the city resembles that of Juvenal in corruption, mendacity, and vice. There is the undercity, mostly black, in districts never walked by provincials, angry, hopeless, ready to burn, baby, burn. There is the overcity, discreet behind closed doors, of pols and lobbyists, avaricious, with its Chivas and lines of white powder. The tourists see the middle city of bureaucrats and bartenders and, on the Capitoline, maybe a fleeting glimpse of Newt Gingrich or Mitch McConnnell. “Barb, look, it’s…I think…yes, it’s Newt.”

Occasional fissures appear in the armor of the elite. We now learn of the monied and powerful who thronged to Epstein’s island to frolic in pedophilic lubricity, Bill and Hillary among them. My gracious, the little sweetties would do anything…Is this not purest Caligula?

Ah, the island, shhhh! Here were luscious succulents of sixteen, nymphets fit for the amusement of jaded pols. Yes, nymphettes reconstituted as virgins every morning, their chastity a renewable resource, like the liver of Prometheus. Libido candy, fantasy fodder, worthy to satisfy a British prince. Which they did. Was it Andrew or Charles? I cannot keep them straight, but the Lolitas could. That after all was their job. They were good for a romp on the workbench under hidden cameras, thus fortifying relations between Buckingham Palace and Mossad. There is nothing like video of royalty and underage ginch to clinch a desired treaty with Tel Aviv. Especially so if the princeling has a taste for the more exotic disciplines.

But the yearning public will never know since Epstein, a man of six feet, hanged himself from a bedstead two feet from the floor–or was it three? Presumably by standing on his head.

The understanding of Washington peddles daily on the lobotomy box to the lobotomized of Middle America is properly charming. For example there is Connecticut Avenue lovely over forested Rock Creek Park. Or we see well-swept Capitoline Hill, old and aristocratic. It is as yet only lightly hunted over by predatory black gangs, gathering and hunting. There, in Lincoln Park, Abe in statuary perpetually frees the slaves, which of course he didn’t, but the pols and politically correct control history. All is wholesome.

The public is not invited to see long rows of abandoned Victorian homes, windows boarded over, or whole developments with orifices mostly bricked up and, within, filthy mattresses stained with things better not thought about. There are old needles and remnants of the traditional banquet of shooting galleries, Night Train bottles and empty cans of Vienna sausages.

No. Here is the seat of Empire. All must be seemly. It is only fitting. In the interest of propriety we hide the better class of vice, the suited agents of the arms industry carrying valises of money for waiting congressmen. We hide the crack whores ugly as the corpses they will soon be, and the occasional dead body of an unsuccessful purveyor of drugs. Free enterprise is not without risk.

Across the dark city in Southwest, on Half Street if memory serves, a down-demo gay bar throbs like…never mind. It is small, isolated, an old wooden building. Southwest is not a place where you would see a suburban family with 2.1 perfect children and a Volvo. Macho Man by the Village People thumps from the juke. On the bar a buff and hirsute fag who looks like Sergeant Rock the Killer Marine is dancing naked and teabagging all who volunteer for this service. Which many do. A pair of outrageous queens mince and prance and lisp like Castillian gentry. In the men’s room–there is no other–a gorgeous, slender, nicely curving redhead in a cocktail dress bats her eyes at the urinating inverts. Whether she is a pre-op transexual , a really good TV, or already done isn’t clear. She could pass in any night club in Rome.

In the clean sweep of Connecticut Ave above the Park, prosperous office scum float atop the hidden city, well-dressed, lawyers and office serfs chattering in shi-shi restaurants of the stock market and who is paying what to buy votes in Congress for what legislation. The Indispensable Country never sleeps, not anyway until the bars close.

It is more like Rome than most know. Many blocks away in Shaw, come night, a black transvestite of 230 pounds waits in the bushes. He is built like a running back and wears a thong bikini and size 15 high heels. He is soliciting customers for…it is better not to ask for what.

A passing police car ignores him. Arresting him would entail paperwork, an important consideration near the end of a shift. Besides, the car would smell for days.

Further off, skanks in plastic miniskirts lean against lamp poles, offering a quick-and-dirty stand-up in an alley for twenty bucks. Commerce cannot be crushed, even in Washington.

Around the dogleg on Pennsylvania Avenue the President watches himself on television into the small hours. He is advised by Ivanka, the Palace Athena, who has written of the UK as “the United Kingston.” Athenas these days are not what they were. Her father, Trump Pater, may be a hybrid of Nero and Clarabelle the Clown, but at least he likes big girls.

Across Connecticut from the entrance of the Zoo is a small restaurant that once was a blues bar but has degenerated into a nocturnal hangout for the squalling stupid, chiefly recent graduates of University Shaped Places dedicated to extracting money from the unwise by means of debt slaveery. They talk loudly and vulgarly, the boys coxcombs and the girls honking through their noses like poorly played kazoos. Should the city be attacked by another Hannibal, whom they would think of as Lecter, perhaps they would rush manfully, or personfully, out and smite the invaders with mighty blows of weighty smartphones. My guess is that they would hide under the tables.

Off Dupont Circle in an old brownstone, Black Rose, the local S&M club, holds a party. Under the federal log many things scuttle. A guy, nekkid as a jaybird, is attached to chains dangling from the ceiling while his girlfriend, a nice looking blonde in a catwoman suit, whacks him with a riding crop. Perhaps she is a descendant of Messalina, who was said to have such tastes. No one pays attention. They instead stand around with drinks and talk of bond prices. This is hobbyist kink, played at by people who have known each other for years. They are bureaucrats, legislative assistants, upper middle class but not Congressmen, who do such things more discreetly.

On Cap Hill, a lobbyist’s evening party is in full flood, everyone well lubricated. A reporteress for a local magazine, a pretty brunette, is still there when the cocaine comes out. Normally a journalist would be excluded, but no major figures are present. She has never tried blow. Later she tells her boyfriend, “Fred, that stuff was so good I’ll never go near it again.”

In the Capitol, a Roman dome of an edifice dedicated to the perpetration of democracy, a congressman shepherds constituents through a grip-and-grin in his office. They have come from small towns to be impressed at being in the Capitol. A grip-and-grin is for those less important than those in a squat-and-gobble, more appropriate to homestate bankers than housewives and owners of hardware stores. The effect is that of a Border Collie with a herd of sheep. The legislator smiles convincingly, knowing his craft. He is so glad you could come and so glad to see you, how are things back in East Jesus, a town close to his heart. Wherever the hell it is. Meanwhilehe looks over the shoulder of the hearer to scan the next name tag, a practice well known in the imperial city, a town given to professional sincerity.

To finish this photo album of the imperial capital, we go to the Hawk and Dove, a Hill watering hole, where a pair of minor political mechanics are doing the DC Bob. One leans forward over the table and says, “We’re having more trouble with these goddam…” He ducks his head and looks to the left, then to the right, scanning for possible listeners. There are none. “…goddam affirmative action hires. We can’t get anything done….” The DC Bob.

Write Fred at [email protected] Put the letters pdq anywhere in the subject line to avoid autodeletion.

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  1. I’m afraid that Fred has been away from DC too long. A family with 2.1 children and a Volvo would almost certainly be found around Half Street SW, as Nationals Park is a block away. The gay nightclub that Fred mentions (I think he is referring to Nation, located on Half Street SE) closed in 2006 and a Buffalo Wild Wings is two blocks from its former location.

    The Shaw neighborhood is more white than black nowadays, and the DC restaurant boom has not missed that area. You can go to an excellent beer garden in the middle of Shaw now.

    Now, DC might still be the Rome of Domitian, but gentrification is pushing out the black underclass and importing those who wish to join the Empire’s elite; whether on the Hill, as a lawyer, working at an NGO, or opening a trendy restaurant.

    • Replies: @Stogumber
  2. Anon[411] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe dude has something relevant to say in the past, but I think those days are long gone.
    His takes on 9/11 and global warming are the literal epitome of Boomer takes.
    If Ron unz doesn’t pay him , I guess it’s just a waste of bandwidth/ storage, but if he actually pays people ,it really seems to me that the money could be better spent. His writing is bad but not so bad that it approaches being worth reading because it is so bad. Respect for elders is something worth aspiring to , but also the elderly should know when to retire from public life out of dignity. Maybe Ron should have a readers poll to see who is adding the most value to the website, although I guess page views does that in a clumsy way.

  3. @Anon

    You know, sonny, I agree with everything you said about Fred. That is until you had to throw in your stupid Boomer nonsense. As a Boomer myself, I found that almost all of my friends in the 90s and beyond were Gen-Xers.

    So when I began questioning 9/11 I began writing about it, first as a contributor on a blog one of my Gen-X friends had and then on Facebook. Every single one of my Gen-X friends was hostile and ignorant of the facts I was bringing up, especially the fact of physics and the impossibility of buildings collapsing in the way they did. Gen-Xers you see, don’t know physics and don’t care to know physics. They ain’t too good with geography either, but that’s another story.

    And since this was Facebook, this applied not just to my Gen-X friends but their friends and their relatives too. One fool in particular was the brother of one of my closest friends and though both my friend and his brother were completely against any questioning of the 9/11 official story, the brother was particularly aggressive in his replies to me. I had met him a couple of times and even stayed at their parents house in Racine a couple of times , but when it came to this (and several other issues of the day, but 9/11 in particular), he thought anyone questioning it including me was a lunatic.

    The kicker is that this guy was an engineer working out of Chicago. I don’t know a lot of Gen-Xers nowadays. I moved away from the town I was in where most of them that I knew were and moved on to new things. But they were the same know-nothings about climate change hoaxes. They believe in anything, son.

    Whereas many Boomers were the principle questioners of the 9/11 nonsense. They’ve written books, given lectures, spoken out. No, I don’t have but a few Gen-X friends now, but I see Gen-Xers like Stacy Herbert of the Kaiser Report or Vox Day of Vox Popoli crap on Boomers all the time, while failing to mention their own generation at all.

    The other day, Stacy mentioned 3 of the last 4 generations in her OK Boomer diatribe claiming that the Boomers had ruined it for the Millenials and Gen-Z, leaving out her generation (X) and the fact that the parents of the Millenials and Gen-Z ARE Gen-X not Boomer. Astounding ignorance and arrogance.

    But that’s par for the course with Gen-X ageist bigots. And any other person of any age who puts down a generation that he or she knows nothing about.

    Fred is a fool. He just made up several new words in this column above. And nobody knows why he even wrote this ridiculous article as Comment #1 makes it clear that Fred doesn’t know anything at all about what he is writing. Reading the article I found myself asking: So Fred, hangs out in the bathroom of gay tranny bars? How else would he know such detail?

    The answer is, of course, Fred just made it all up. I guess he wanted to appear worldly, wise or something. Instead, it just makes him appear senile, stupid, and, well, a liar. Fred, the blame-it-on-every-generation-but-our-own people are coming for you. And Fred? You deserve it. Fred Reed is a dumbass, but it has nothing to do with his being a Boomer.

    • Thanks: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
    , @Anon
  4. Kali says:

    You paint a grim picture Fred.
    Ignore anon (comment 2), I enjoyed the writing.

    And the Epstein stuff is still very relevant, regardless of the gentrification of DC described in comment 1.
    The sexual predilections the two princes are indistinguishable (Charlie was Jimmy Saville’s bbf, Andrew was Epstein’s). No wonder you can’t tell the apart.

    It was also good NOT to read about CV 19 just this once.

    With love,

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  5. Whether Fred captures the reality of Washington or not his writing is sufficiently colourful as to give a good picture of the Washinton he imagines.

    • Agree: Kali, Pissedoffalese
  6. Lugash says:

    Libido candy, fantasy fodder, worthy to satisfy a British prince. Which they did. Was it Andrew or Charles? I cannot keep them straight, but the Lolitas could. That after all was their job.

    Nice line Fred.

  7. I’ve enjoyed the comments (so far) more than the column, as the comments have been more intelligent (the Godfrey Roberts Commie contingent hasn’t found the post, whewww…)

    Now, Fred will come back later on in a hit-and-run comment on some post, such as this one from yesterday commiserating with his fellow pundits about the grief he gets from his deranged commenters. In actuality, he’d be better off learning from them, rather than giving occasional verbal blow-back.

    For instance, I wondered exactly what Mountain Man, #114 and Hollywood Frisco-94110 questioned. How old is this story on the whores, drunkards and gay bars? (Do they still play the Village People? Some things never get old.) I don’t live anywhere near Washington, FS, but a) all American cities are like this, mostly due to white flight from dangerous black people. b) Washington, FS has gentrified quite a bit from what I read, especially since the big-Gov Øb☭ma-era money came pouring in.

    The understanding of Washington peddles daily on the lobotomy box to the lobotomized of Middle America is properly charming.

    Perhaps you too, Fred Reed, should turn off the lobotomy box, and get outside. You told us of one trip to Washington, FS that involved your reporting of what you saw on the lobotomy box*. I’ve been off that shit for 20 years now. Get out again, and do some reporting as you did on your first 2 columns about your China trip.


    * I hate to keep writing that, as it’s much more of a flat plate now, in the engineering sense.

  8. Muggles says:

    Fred can be good, but either he’s becoming senile or merely lazy. Epstein? That’s old news and ragging on him is a waste of everyone’s time. You contributed zero new information, merely piling on opinion. That horse is long dead.

    As others here note, your description of DC is outdated and quite selective. You seem very familiar with now shuttered gay bars. Are you hoping your homophobia is contagious? There are plenty of hetero skank/biker bars where the same kind of decadence can be found, should one want that. Yes, Fred, as you remind us from your war glory days, men are beasts and disgusting at times. Or visit any local lockup and discover that again.

    What is odd here is that you don’t even live in the US now, do you? Aren’t we supposed to be reading about the glories of Old Mexico? Where women are treated like queens and cartel butchery is a mere figment of the fat, lazy gringo imagination? All of those Women’s Protest Marchs last week, most of which were violently attacked, are just for tourist enjoyment?

    What would be helpful, besides trite ancient Rome versus DC analogies (gosh, people haven’t really changed much!) would be your take on how Mexico is handling the pandemic. If they are. You might add to knowledge here. Otherwise, don’t bother the adults reading on Unz.

  9. @Kali

    Yes, the Epstein stuff and comparison to the declining Roman Empire was good writing. It make me want to set up a Go-Fund-Me account for an island of my own, in fact …

    • Replies: @Kali
  10. @restless94110

    I ran out of them for now, but here’s a big


    Great comment. Sometimes I really gotta wonder: Are the Millennials Retarded?

  11. Antiwar7 says:

    a hybrid of Nero and Clarabelle the Clown

    Fred has an outstanding ability to turn a phrase!

  12. Wrong Roman … This is the Rome of Commodus or, perhaps, Severus Alexander.

  13. anon[125] • Disclaimer says:

    Geeze Fred, did Violetta green light this one?

  14. And your point is?????

  15. ‘…To finish this photo album of the imperial capital, we go to the Hawk and Dove, a Hill watering hole, where a pair of minor political mechanics are doing the DC Bob. One leans forward over the table and says, “We’re having more trouble with these goddam…” He ducks his head and looks to the left, then to the right, scanning for possible listeners. There are none. “…goddam affirmative action hires. We can’t get anything done….” The DC Bob.’

    There were at least two points in your essay where the word ‘Israel’ practically leapt off the page.

    Yet both times you managed to avoid writing it. Given that, are you really in a position to criticize the ‘political mechanics’?

    They comply with their taboos; you comply with yours.

  16. Anon[345] • Disclaimer says:

    Not all boomers are buttheads but but an incredible amount of buttheads are boomers. Pretty much the most self indulged generation ever, incredible amount of divorces, horrible parents on net, almost zero accountability, first elites ever with no skin in the game,were bailed out economically frequently and still have next to nothing saved. Over indulged their children, unable to admit” their” kid isn’t college material. Presided over the ruining of American education ( we used to teach Latin in high school, now we teach remedial English in college) . Whined to no end about Vietnam ( I’m 1000% against the Vietnam war) but they became probably the biggest chicken Hawks ever. I could go on . Look my father’s a Boomer and a great dude who I really love. But if boomers up and died en masse tomorrow ,the world would be a far better place on net.

  17. Stogumber says:
    @Mountain Man

    On a more general level, the comparison to Rome under Domitian works surprisingly well (even if it might have worked better ten years ago). I am rather consternated by this comparison – I just discovered that my gut feelings about the U.S. are yet influenced by German pro-American sentiments stemming from the Eisenhower era when I was a kid. But I suppose that there were always two Americas beneath each other (the Norman Rockwell variant and the Jeffrey Epstein variant).

  18. Barryroe says:

    There is a lot of unwarranted and unhelpful aggressiveness on this thread. This does nobody any good. Many commentators are just expressing their general irritation with the world rather than addressing the text. Fred Reed writes better sentences that anybody else on (a priceless facility for which Ron Unz is due endless thanks). Fred writes the horror story of Washington better than Dickens would have (he would have gone on too long). Fred is not required to be perfect in doing so: just very good.

  19. Jim Smith says:

    It’s good writing. Fred’s POINT is that the capitol of the Empire is squalid, and weak. Its weakness is papered over by bullshit of every type and form. Bad times coming. Fred writes well about what he sees. He also writes well about what he remembers. And both are crucial to his message.

  20. @Anon

    My so-called boomer generation’s cynicism comes from the disillusionment that came, as the blurb for the 1969 movie “Easy Rider” had it, that we went searching for America and couldn’t find it anywhere. We found the country we loved was committing the obscenity of the Vietnam War not against its principles but in complete harmony with its long-standing tradition of delivering extreme violence to non-whites whose land or belongings we coveted, that the “liberty” of the sainted Founders was the privilege of the wealthiest to own everything and everyone else.

    Our parents, you might remember, were dealing with their own trauma, having grown up under the worst leaders in our history. Because of their politicians’ incompetence, arrogance, and greed, the generation before us was forced to suffer the nightmare of the Great Depression and the insanely unnecessary horror of the Second World War. The heartbreakingly young faces that stare back at us in fading photos of the highly propagandized “greatest generation” are the images of innocents betrayed by the same warmongering elite who are scheming today to destroy Iran and Russia. If some of us went a little batshit in our youth, maybe it is at least in part because we grew up in the toxic shadow of the anguish and rage they were never allowed to acknowledge.

    I have also observed in disgust that so many of today’s extreme right-wingers had their origins in the Sixties Left. They too realized that the whole God-bless-America thing was a scam, so for their own advancement they joined the side that was winning. In so doing they ushered in the greatest transfer of wealth from the many to the few (themselves) in our sad history, all the while wrapped in the flag and praising Jesus.

    The best of my generation became organizers and activists, and devoted their lives to correcting the evils of this society, but, hell, most of us got tired of being vilified and tear-gassed and never being heard. So we just said, “say, why shouldn’t I get happy by buying stuff after all, and what’s on TV anyhow?” and in due time we had cause to repeat our parents’ ever-popular lament, “what a freak show of clueless boneheads the young people are today!”

    Now you get to piss & moan about us old bastards instead. Good luck!

    • Agree: Sulu
    • Replies: @Reactionary Utopian
  21. WOW ! ! !

    I love reading anything Fred Reed writes!

    I reckon he and I are about the same age, as I’m also a “Baby Boomer” and a veteran of the war in the old Republic of Viet Nam (i.e., a “STAR WARS” movie fan, I love referring to “the old Republic” – – – , and note that “Viet Nam” is properly written as TWO words, not one).

    Currently, I reside in Vernal, Utah (i.e., located where the state lines of Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah come together), but years ago, I lived for several years, off and on, in Washington, D.C. at the Ol’ Soldiers’ Home.

    At that time, it was much as Mr. Reed describes, if not much, much worse, with sirens and gunfire heard all night long.

    When I was there, the grounds of the Ol’ Soldiers’ Home was an island of peace in the middle of all that Hell.

    I remember going to visit a friend recuperating at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, located in back of and across the street from the Ol’ Soldiers’ Home, and being horrified to see what a prison fortress it had become, in stark contrast to the George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, or the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Grand Junction, Colorado.

    My impression was that the city’s population was almost entirely Black, with the comparitively few White residents being mostly homosexual.

    By contrast, the population of the Ol’ Soldiers’ Home, surrounded by Black neighborhoods, was a mostly White enclave, consisting of elderly military retirees or disabled veterans, such as myself.

    Up the street a few blocks, Walter Reed Army Medical Center was also mostly White, although hemmed in by predatory Blacks (and maybe that’s the reason Walter Reed Army Medical Center has since been relocated to safer Bethesda, Maryland).

    From a distance, I did witness a riot, with clouds of smoke and circling helicopters, as the Hispanic section of town erupted, and I remember that Washington, D.C., now had, in armed conflict with the Black population, a large, ever increasing population of illegal aliens, openly soliciting odd jobs, with no fear of any police or immigration enforcement, as in the age of “Political Correctness”, there was none.

    When driving to and from assorted Celtic Festivals in Maryland or Virginia, for safety, I would always time my trips so that I would leave the Soldiers’ Home, or arrive at the Soldiers’ Home, in the wee, small hours, when the fewest people would be encountered, and when returning, I always filled my tank with gasoline before I got to the District of Columbia, so that it wouldn’t be necessary to make any stops in those dangerous neighborhoods.

    Also, in violation of the law, and in violation of the rules at the Ol’ Soldiers’ Home, I was always armed, hoping and praying I would never have to use it.

    But, there were good experiences in Washington, D.C., i.e., visiting the Washington Zoo, national monuments, Kennedy Center concerts, Arlington, the White House, the Pentagon, Mount Vernon, sailing on the Potomac, the Scottish Christmas Walk, et cetera.

    It’s been many years since I’ve been back there, and I wonder what life in Washington, D.C., is like now?

    My physical health has so badly deteriorated that I never will return to the East Coast, which is just as well, for the Western environment I now reside in for my final days is very safe and comfortable, here in the historic high desert “Outlaw Trail Country”, among the midst of genuine cowboys and Indians, where firearms are legal and commonplace.

    I hope you folks are as well off as I am.

  22. @Observator

    People have been born in each and every year, no exceptions. The distribution of age in the population is continuous, not discrete. These arbitrary generation titles are about as useful, as analytical tools in trying to understand what has happened in the past and what is happening now, as “right” and “left.” Not trying to say that boomer vs. Xer vs. millennial is completely useless; it’s highly convenient to our rulers. (As is, of course, right vs. left.) I hate to sound all Marxist — really, I’m not, scout’s honor — but class is much more useful in explaining what we see around us.

    But, hey, fun’s fun … have at it, folks.

  23. @Anon

    Not all boomers are buttheads …

    and not all Buttheads were Boomers:

  24. Rich says:

    You are aware, aren’t you young man, that almost all of those who actually fought in the Vietnam War, were “boomers”? Not everyone born after 1945 ran and hid. You do realize that the overwhelming majority of “boomers” were the people who found a way to survive when corporations decided to move businesses overseas? Had to deal with crazed feminists and radical affirmative action advocates? Were saddled with activist judges who decided to become petty dictators issuing edicts backed by the full powers of the state? The whole “boomer”, “Gen X”, “millennial” nonsense is just another trick used to divide right thinking people. And you’ve fallen for it like a teenage girl for a movie star.

  25. Perhaps Fred’s commentary is dated, but that doesn’t change the message. DC is a turd, covered with a layer of Kilz, then varnished over to make it nice and shiny. Doesn’t matter how many layers of Kilz and varnish, it’s still a turd covered in Kilz and varnish.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  26. @Anon

    What the bloody Hell is this almost incomprehensible spew? The Boomers whined to no end about Vietnam? But you are against the Vietnam war?

    Then why are you putting down the generation that was killed in it and ended it with their whining?

    You stupid shit., Everything you have just said in this reply? Replace Boomer with Gen-X. Why?

    Because it fits. Because it’s obvious. You say Boomers overindulged their children? Hey, dipshit, the give-everyone-an-award culture is a Gen-X invention.

    Seriously dude,do you have brain damage? You sound like a bot that has short-circuited and you begin rattling off utter horseshit like a brainless automaton.

    I mean: real? Get professional help. Do it now.Do it today.

  27. @Anon

    Upon further thought, I decided that it is worth it to address your spew, one point at a time:

    Pretty much the most self indulged generation ever

    What does self-indulged mean? You are saying that every other human in every other society in the history was not as “self-indulged” as a few people in the United States in the 50s and 60s?

    Could you explain what your basis is for that claim and what proof you have of whatever it is that you are claiming, since no one including me understands what self-indulged means.

    Actually, what does it mean?

    incredible amount of divorces,

    And people now divorce at a high rate is explained because Boomers? You know that no-fault divorce law was enacted in 1970? This freed men and women to end relationships based on their own free assessments. And that is somehow wrong to you? That is somehow evidence that the Boomers are dirt?

    horrible parents on net,

    Horrible parents? On net? What?

    almost zero accountability

    Accountability to whom? The Boomers had zero accountability to? An older generation of idiots? What kind of accounting did we need to do, sonny? And why did we have ALMOST zero? What part of our accountability to some unknown thing did we not have? After all, it was almost zero, not zero.

    Finally, why would any free people feel obliged to concede “accountability” to the Thought Police that you represent?

    first elites ever with no skin in the game


    So in all human history no elites ever had no skin in the game? Are you serious right now? And what was elite about a Boomer who had nothing like me? I was an elite? Wow. What you been drinkin’, snortin’, or smokin’, son? If I am an elite, Bob’s your uncle.

    were bailed out economically frequently and still have next to nothing saved

    I am not aware of any bailout of any generation. Could you kindly explain when and what this bailout was? You know though, your idea that Boomers have next to nothing saved is partly true. Those Boomers who realized that the real estate market was being falsely inflated? They started flipping houses. They made bank, though some lost it eventually. Those who did not participate in the great fake real estate inflation scam? They made dick. We didn’t get bailed out. We got nothing. And the real estate had nothing to do with our generation. If have nothing saved? It has nothing at all to do with who we are. Your generation would have had the same result.

    Over indulged their children

    Yeah, I’ve already addressed this. The Gen-X ers started this. Boomers were still treating kids as needing to fail in order to grow, like their parents had taught them. Gen-X’ers changed that. Had nary a thing to do with Boomers.

    unable to admit” their” kid isn’t college material

    Really, sonny? A Boomer was not able to admit “their” kid was not college material? Why would they not admit it.? What does it mean to be college material? What if they did not admit this weirdo assessment? Johnny Gen-X er would become a farm worker? I sincerely have no idea what your nonsense phrase means or even implies. It is a bad thing to not want your kid to get a college degree when you have to have one just to work in a MacDonald’s? Why wouldn’t you love your children, sonny?

    Presided over the ruining of American education ( we used to teach Latin in high school, now we teach remedial English in college)

    So we Boomers “presided” over the Gen-X idiots who ruined American education? Wow. I did not know that for the simple reason that I had nothing whatsoever with changing the curriculum. Of course you do realize don’t you that Millennial and Gen-X’ers have tried to re-write education to align with feminist and Marxist tropes, right? In other words, the failure of education in America had NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH BOOMERS.

    Whined to no end about Vietnam ( I’m 1000% against the Vietnam war) but they became probably the biggest chicken Hawks ever.

    Dude, I hate war. And I don’t support any war that the US has been involved in after WWII. I resisted the draft.. And I won.

    So what you talkin’ ’bout, Willis? Who is a chicken hawk? You? Because your generation appears to buy anything that militarist fools feed you. But I never did, And never would. And I’m not alone. Those of us Boomers not killed in Vietnam? A lot of us hate foreign entanglements. Join us, sonny.

    I could go on .

    No. You could not go on. Because there was nothing to go on to begin with.

    Look my father’s a Boomer and a great dude who I really love.

    If your father is a Boomer then you are clearly one of those whiny Gen-X’ers who infest the commentary these past few decades. If you love your Boomer father? Then why are you such an ageist hater and bigot?

    But if boomers up and died en masse tomorrow ,the world would be a far better place on net.

    So if we had an ageist genocide against your elders, the world would be a far better place? How did that work out for Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge? How did that work out for Mao-Tse -Tung’s Cultural Revolution? Are you stupid? Have you ever looked at the historical record of genocides in humans?

    It is just astounding to read the rank arrogance and vengeance spewing forth from Gen-X’ers. I have seen it so much for so many years that i am not surprised, but I still have no idea what its genesis is.

    • Agree: Sulu, Bill Jones
  28. Adrian says:

    I always enjoy Fred’s writings and I really wonder why he, more than any other contributor to this review, attracts criticism of generally a very personal kind (old, senile, out of date, prefers living in Mexico above the USA etc.). I am going to keep track of these particular comments to see whether the same people are behind it.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  29. @Adrian

    Maybe it is because Fred writes such incomprehensible, risible gibberish?

    Like when he does a first-person account of being in a bathroom along with a tranny in a gay bar that does not exist?

    Or claims that the laws of physics do not apply or do not even exist for skyscrapers.

    Just a thought. Hope this helps to answer your query.

    • Replies: @Adrian
  30. Adrian says:

    Maybe it is because Fred writes such incomprehensible, risible gibberish?
    Like when he does a first-person account of being in a bathroom along with a tranny in a gay bar that does not exist?

    What is incomprehensible about that? You can say that it is inaccurate but so what? He is trying to sketch an atmosphere, not to provide a tourist guide. That should be pretty obvious.

    Or claims that the laws of physics do not apply or do not even exist for skyscrapers.

    The bit about skyscrapers and the laws of physics is lost on me. Are you referring to a different piece?

    • Replies: @restless94110
  31. like all great fiction, Fred’s latest essay cuts through to the truth:

    (((Satan)) is now in the saddle,

    and riding hard.

  32. Kali says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I live on a mountainside in central Portugal. Didn’t cost a penny – though the journey here was often very (ego) shattering! I almost cracked completely, more than once! I also learned a great deal about who/what I really am when stripped of all previous attachments.

    You’re more than welcome to pay us a visit if ever you want to. And if we all get along, you’d be welcome to stay (immigration officialdom notwithstanding! 😮 ) if you wanted to.

    This is how we change the world – by developing economic and social independence from “the state”, growing food, generating power and building communities free of government interference.

    With love,

  33. @Adrian

    It is incomprehensible gibberish to write a FIRST-person journalistic account of something that obviously never happened and never could have happened. What “atmosphere” was Fred trying to achieve? That he is a gay man who has not come out yet? That nasty gay bathroom denizens should be objects of admiration, nostalgia and adulation?

    And by the way, a tourist guide would have been more coherent.

    As for the skyscrapers, yes I am referring to a different piece. Since you are such a great fan of Fred, you can obviously work out what I am referring to.

    Here is a hint: In all of human history there are only 3 buildings that fell straight down after a few minutes. No other building structures have ever done that before or since.

    Hope that narrows it down for you.

    • Replies: @Adrian
  34. I don’t always agree with Fred, but I always enjoy the read.

    Fred certainly has his critics, but none have actually walked in his steps and seen what he has seen. While his stories may now be reflections of a fading memory, they’re still memories of his experience.

    His essays may not be politically correct, current, or even verifiably accurate, but I’ll continue to read them.

  35. Anon[232] • Disclaimer says:

    There is likely 3 or 4 more Jeffrey Epsteins out there operating folks. I also imagine another country or two besides Israel might run an operation against U.S politicians/businessmen/influencers. This Ed Buck wierdo arrested for overdosing gay black male prostitutes supposedly had congresscritter Peter Schiff as a guest 16 different times.
    He was a big Democratic donor, and Schiff no doubt wasnt the only big name guest he had over in that den of sin he lived at.

    I would imagine some globalist zillionaires like Soros took note of Epsteins’ successes amd may be looking to fund a little blackmail troupe of their own if they can figure out a way to get away with it.

    • Replies: @Anon
  36. Adrian says:

    It is incomprehensible gibberish to write a FIRST-person journalistic account of something that obviously never happened and never could have happened.

    I still don’t see that. Fred might be a bit more inquisitive than you. And even if he did take it over from somebody else’s account, or drew on a much earlier experience, it still has a function in his story.

    Did anyone ever hold it against Twain or, to take some contemporary example, Bryson, that not all the details in their travelogue could be based on personal experience? (for a bad reader: I am not suggesting that Fred, Mark and Bill are of a similar stature).

    What “atmosphere” was Fred tyirng to achieve?

    And by the way, a tourist guide would have been more coherent.

    But isn’t that more or less the point of his story? A disintegrating body doesn’t show much coherence. Perhaps you get more fun out of a railway timetable. All those trains are interconnected (though, talking about the USA, that might not even be true there).

    I understand that you have a grudge against Fred because you don’t agree with his views on 9/11 (neither do I, for that matter). But is that a reason to call him on this occasion “senile, stupid and , well, a liar”?

  37. I am 61 years old, never been to the Imperial Capitol, and never will go. Any place which erects a 19′ statue to honor the tyrant, liar, and war criminal Abe Lincoln, is a place I will now and forever avoid.

  38. @Dan O. Lynch

    You remind me of my dearly departed uncle. A house painter of top shelf wit. Not the stereotypical semi-functional alcoholic house painter either. He only occasionally got drunk before whipping somebody’s ass who needed it badly. But he was a good natured brawler. At age 14 he whipped a marine’s ass in a state golden gloves championship for his weight class. One of my regrets in life was not spending more time around him.

  39. Anon[200] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe Ron should have a readers poll to see who is adding the most value to the website, although I guess page views does that in a clumsy way.

    You are right. Oclocracy is always the answer.
    And there’s nothing as good as the choral voice of the mob to take advice on how to live with dignity.

  40. Haole says:


    Gives us a report on the virus in Mexico. Mexico only had a 5 day quarentine, hows that working. Mexico has a huge number of older people with diabetes, ahhooo.

  41. Hi Fred,

    Thanks for the D.C. tour!

    The Unz commentators say you’re seriously dated on the city but way out here on the Left Coast what do I know (?) except, of course, that Abe did indeed free the slaves and that Judah P. Benjamin (controller of JWB, among many other things, such as confidant of Benjamin Disraeli) was the First King of the Jews? On the darker side (if such be possible), the former successful lawyer for the Illinois Central RR and then presidential father of the transcontinental railroad did also create both modern warfare and simultaneously sit the hatching egg of the USA we know today, which via the DoD has become JAPE*s single most important component [*=JewAmerican Planetary Empire]. Abe’s transformative Union victory was the kick-off for the modern (again to use that word) phase of world history, from Berlin’s Kongokonferenz of 1884 to KinkHenKi the Third & his Covid-19. ¡ Ah, choo ! (Touch wood.) Jooflu, true? “Kung” was cute but now beaten by rhyme with reason, the White House having elicited the obvious, eh what?

    P.S. Speaking of Hersheyville (a way oldie: “60% chocolate and 40% nuts”): _Drop Zone_, a 1994 film starring Wesley Snipes, kinda fun and free online, too, do one know where to look.

    For more:


    alt.california ›
    Fred Reed’s D.C. Tour, with comment
    1 post by 1 author

  42. bluedog says:

    Hmm when I find one who bitches about someone else’s writing I find one who must be of low mentality or who is simply a nut job,after all if you detest it so much and then can’t wait until next column so you can read it and bitch some more,you have some serious problems makes one believe your from that bunch up in Washington.!!!

  43. Anon[225] • Disclaimer says:

    I’d say you are probably correct.

  44. @Anon

    I hate to point out the obvious to insensate dipshits but In your case I’ll make an exception.

    Fred isn’t a boomer.

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