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U.S. Supreme Over Asia in Mathematics!
And Other Dismal Reflections
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America again wins the annual International Math Olympiad! The contest pits the brightest high-school students of countries against each other in six-member teams. The American victories continue the mastery by the European cultures that invented most of modern math. This supports the claim (I hope I do not sound racist) that European superiority is genetic. In any event, the outcome is crucial because these young prodigies will shape the future of their peoples for many decades.

US Ties with China in 2019 Math Olympiad.
The team: Vincent Huang, Luke Robitaille, Colin Tang, Edward Wan, Brandon Wang, and Daniel Zhu.
US Ties with China in 2019 Math Olympiad.
The team: Vincent Huang, Luke Robitaille, Colin Tang, Edward Wan, Brandon Wang, and Daniel Zhu.
2018 Math Olympiad, US First!
Team: Adam Ardeishar, Andrew Gu, Vincent Huang, James Lin, Michael Ren and Mihir Singhal.
2018 Math Olympiad, US First!
Team: Adam Ardeishar, Andrew Gu, Vincent Huang, James Lin, Michael Ren and Mihir Singhal.
2017  Another win!
Members of the first-place 2017 U.S. team: Ankan Bhattacharya, Zachary Chroman, Andrew Gu, Vincent Huang, James Lin, and Junyao Peng.
2017 Another win!
Members of the first-place 2017 U.S. team: Ankan Bhattacharya, Zachary Chroman, Andrew Gu, Vincent Huang, James Lin, and Junyao Peng.

2016 America first again!

Team members: Ankan Bhattacharya, Michael Kural, Allen Liu, Junyao Peng, Ashwin Sah and Yuan Yao. All six team members received individual gold medals, and Liu and Yao earned perfect scores.
Team members: Ankan Bhattacharya, Michael Kural, Allen Liu, Junyao Peng, Ashwin Sah and Yuan Yao. All six team members received individual gold medals, and Liu and Yao earned perfect scores.

Yet another American victory. Will they never end? The 2019 European Girls Math Olympiad. U.S Championship Team: Emma Qin , Ishika Shah, Janabel Xia and Catherine Wu. Meghal Gupta served as team leader and Rachel Zhang as deputy leader.

We should be gratified by America’s victories over all other Asian countries.

Despite the overwhelming dominance of Americans in math, pessimists point with alarm at developments which they believe show that the United States is losing its edge. Not so. Appearances can be deceptive. Let us examine some of these (unnecessarily) gloomy tales:

China Exceeds US in Number of Companies in Fortune 500”

This may seem ominous. In fact it is no cause for worry. The New York Stock Exchange is at an alltime high. Wall Street prospers. The growing rate of suicide in Middle America, much bemoaned by conservatives, should actually be applauded for its eugenic effects: It will raise American intelligence. In the long run, this will benefit America.

Forbes : ““The World Economic Forum calculates that China had at least 4.7 million recent STEM grads as of 2016; India had 2.6 million as of 2017; the U.S. pulls in at third at 568,000.”

Again, there is no reason for concern It is actually a sign of China’s weakness: If its students knew stuff, they wouldn’t have to go to school, would they?

Yes, Forbes says that in many American universities, departments of math, engineering, and the hard sciences would close if it weren’t for foreign students, largely Chinese. Why is this thought bad? Obviously the more money MIT and CalTech drain from the Chinese economy in tuition, the less money Beijing will have to spend on research and development. Slowly but surely, this impoverishment will bring China down.

To be sure, the Chinese can do a few things well, such as making pencils and little paper umbrellas for expensive drinks. By contrast, American universities excel in inclusiveness, the care and feeding of barely sentient diversity-admits, and courses such as Batman and the Struggle for Gender Equity. China cannot compete at this level.

Democrats unanimous as House passes bill forcing schools to let male athletes compete in girls’ sports”

The Chinese regard this as insanity, as they do most of American behavior. Here we see their lack of originality as they are just following the rest of the world.

Overestimation of the Chinese runs rampant among American intellectuals. Here we have:

As 5G networks begin rolling out and commercializing around the world, telecoms vendors are rushing to get a headstart. Huawei equipment is now behind two-thirds of the commercially launched 5G networks outside China….”

This is easily misinterpreted. Talking heads, unencumbered by knowledge of either technology or economics, espy doom. They say that China’s lead in 5G represents the beginning of a global shift in technological leadership. They further say that Trump, by banning Huawei in America while the rest of the world adopts it, is putting the US two years behind the rest of the world.

This is nonsense. Well, it is at least misunderstood. The very savvy Trump is letting the Chinese spend to develop 5G. When they have done the heavy lifting, Washington will buy it from them for a song and perhaps some soybeans. The resources thus saved by America will be spent on more pressing needs, such as nuclear bombers. It’s like, you know, economic jiu jitsu.

A study” describes the domination of scientists and engineers in the Chinese political elite at all levels. Worth reading. A sentence extracted: “This means that 8 out of 10 among them have four-year degrees or more in science or engineering.”

By contrast, I find (can I possibly be right?) in the 535 members of Congress one PhD in math, and one in physics. This is actually a good thing as it shows that our government is truly democratic and Of The People, which is to say technically illiterate, not very bright and and undistracted by, you know, like equations and atoms and all that stuff. Remember the prescient warning of George Wallace against have pointy-headed intellectuals.

Xi JinPing holds a doctorate in chemistry. Trump holds a faint lead over pursuing law enforcement.

Fortunately America has a democratically elected government that does not focus on absurdities. This maturity contrasts with the Chinese government which is burdened by stability, long-term planning, and adult leadership. Further, the US practice of changing governmental personnel every few years prevents stultification.

Unz (2012) reported that although the Asian (meaning “Northeast Asian”) population is about 5% in the U.S. in 2009, 28% of the top 0.5% of SAT takers were Asian Americans …Also, the recipients of the Westinghouse-Intel Science Talent Search during 2002–2011 are 60% Northeast Asian”

The overrepresentation of Northeast Asians in American universities is clearly racist and should be deplored. However, discrimination is worse in China, where virtually all students are Asian. This constitutes rigid and unjustifiable privileging which would never be allowed in America. Further, China’s insistence on intelligence in university students is an unmistakable sign of falling prey to White Supremacy. A further result is to deprive China of the invaluable contributions of the intellectually hopeless.

Chinese Buses Are Magic in Santiago

“Chinese-made electric buses are winning over commuters in Chile’s capital Santiago.

Incorporating the buses into Santiago’s transportation fleet “has been tremendously positive in many ways,” said Gloria Hutt, Chilean Minister of Transport and Communications, Xinhua reported.”

America-haters who just want to criticize this country say that the US is again leaving a large market niche to the more-agile Chinese. This is mindless carping. Americans make money in the stock market, often overnight, without having to produce anything. Clearly this is a better approach and ensures America’s continued dominance of international commerce.

Nay-sayers and gloom-and-doom peddlers say that the US hollows out its economy by spending excessively on the military. This is not true. Instead it allows US dominance of major markets. For example, no country has sold Santiago more aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and intercontinental bombers than America. Who cares about electric buses for God’s sake?

Huawei to Invest £1.2bn in New Shanghai R&D Centre, Build ‘Self-Reliance’ Amid US Trade War on China”

Irrational Trump-haters say that the Donald, by pushing China to develop its own high-tech, will deprive American firms of a vast market and that, once the Chinese have caught up, they will compete ferociously with the American firms. No. Those who better understand international commerce point out that that the forty thousand researchers planned for the new center will be unable to grow soybeans. This will leave the market for cattle feed dominated by Trump’s voters. Ah, that Trump–a sly devil!

To sum up, when day is done, and the dust has settled, we trust that America will remain foremost in the making of pencils and little paper umbrellas for expensive drinks.


Other Stuff

Fred, already a confirmed race traitor, in late-Silurian photo with little sisters of girlfriend Chin Ping in down-island Taiwan (Taijung). Quite shocking. He probably thinks the Chinese are actual people. Photo: Chin Ping


Write fred at [email protected]. Put the letter “pdq” somewhere in the subject line (quotes not needed) to avoid heartless autoledletion by my anti-spam software.

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  1. By contrast, American universities excel in inclusiveness, the care and feeding of barely sentient diversity-admits, and courses such as Batman and the Struggle for Gender Equity. China cannot compete at this level.

    So, you’re telling us that our political commissars are better than theirs? WW3 is going to be a blast.

    • LOL: bomag
    • Replies: @Moi
  2. sb says:

    So Asians in Western countries do better than Asians in Asian countries .

    How is this good news for us non Asians in Western countries ?

    • Agree: Gunga Din
  3. Truth says:

    That picture… et tu Fredus?

    • Replies: @Anonymous Snanonymous
  4. If only America had done the smart thing and it opened itself to endless Hispanic immigration, it could’ve remained a powerhouse. Alas…

    • Replies: @ChrisD
  5. Escher says:

    The best and brightest from China and India still seem to be coming to the US. That should provide some comfort.

    • Replies: @romar
    , @Tom Welsh
  6. Isabella says:

    With Xi Jiping holding a doctorate in science, and Vladimir Putin holding one in Economics, specifically the importance and function of Russian minerals to the Russian Economy – one can see why the two countries together are whupping the hell out of a TV host and sorta construction guy.

  7. Rudy says:

    Ya know some folks are going to read this and think it is bonafide and not humored sarcasm

  8. I love this column, and religiously follow every one!

  9. Svevlad says:

    If you ask me, I find it most interesting how Balkan countries always end up in the top 10 (more often than not in top 5 too) despite having lowest IQ in Europe.

    Deviations are a bitch huh

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @TRM
  10. Uncle Al says: • Website

    A further result is to deprive China of the invaluable contributions of the intellectually hopeless.” Fred, intellectually hopeless is an exclusionarily hateful phrase. I suggest amendment.

    “congenitally inconsequential” Go beyond specifically stupid to static worthless and dynamically of frank negative value.

  11. Uncle Al says: • Website
    … “Xi JinPing holds a doctorate in chemistry.” Not effing likely.

    Margaret Thatcher rang the bell.

    “Thatcher graduated from Oxford in 1947 with an undergraduate degree in chemistry. Her fourth-year dissertation was on X-ray crystallography of the antibiotic cocktail gramicidin, and her supervisor, Dorothy Hodgkin, was working at the time on the structure of penicillin.”

    “later applying to a job at ICI. Thatcher was rejected from the firm after Personnel described her as being “headstrong, obstinate and dangerously self-opinionated.”

    • Replies: @Parfois1
    , @Godfree Roberts
  12. – The first 1/3 of this column could easily have been copied directly from a series of iSteve Sailer posts.

    – The 2nd 1/3 is a rehash of Fred’s older columns, but with wonderful electric bus pictures.

    – The bit about the education of these “leaders” is something a tiny bit interesting, but I’ll write more about that.

    – The last segment, with the picture is a facsimile of a John Derbyshire picture with not as pretty a Chinagirl, and without the commitment of Mr. Derbyshire. Go figure.


    Hey, Fred, next time you get writers block, just go with it… wait a little bit longer and something constructive may possibly come to you. Is that SS money not going as far as it used to?

  13. buckwheat says:

    In every picture I noticed that all the short people were Asian. So Fredo it appears we have the market cornered on college educated basketball players. No matter most of them still speak in Ebonics and majored in African American studies. Math ??? Who needs it when you can make millions dribbling a lil round ball……..We numba one.

    • Replies: @slobotnavich
  14. Russian team won the Informatics Olympiad and won or placed very highly in Physics, Chemistry, Math and a number of other competitions, with all Russian team members, a much smaller population and in the teeth of near destruction of the country by you-know-who in the 90’s and early 00’s, traitors like Eltsin and Gorby and Kudrin, sanctions and hate and opposition and persecution from most of the world. It’s about traditionally-grounded conservative character rather than race (per se).

  15. Bad Fred.

    I’d threaten to spank you, but that would be really strange.

  16. The rich people (that you bozos love, and whose freedom to steal all the money you protect) of the US abandoned the US to the wolves long ago. Kurt Vonnegut (a brilliant and extremely experienced white man whom you hate) noted it in Galapagos, a book written long ago. Now if you were smart, you’d advocate hanging all the rich people from the lampposts. Because it is them wherefrom all of your woes spring. But no. You’ll just whine about negroes some more. No wonder American whites are going to the dogs. As usual, they (you) don’t know where their true interests lie.

    • Replies: @Rich
  17. Mihir Singhal

    Ankan Bhattacharya

    Michael Kural

    Ashwin Sah

    Meghal Gupta

    Ishika Shah

    Brown man at the top

    • Replies: @Q. Shtik
    , @Anon
  18. @Svevlad

    But I thought IQ was god. That’s what they tell me on here, so it must be true.

    • Agree: Jacques Sheete
  19. The concept of Intelligence Quotient was developed originally as a way of determining if someone was capable of doing college-level work. It has since morphed into essentially some kind of social score. IQ has both a genetic component and an environmental component (education, culture, type of upbringing, etc) and the jury is still out on how and how much each factor contributes to one’s IQ score. This is why the over-reliance on IQ is short-sighted at best.

    • Replies: @Si1ver1ock
    , @Kronos
  20. @mutthead52

    Russian geniuses merit your ode,
    But I’m now in a cynical mode,
    And I dare to suggest
    That if they’re the best
    It’s a shame that their missiles explode.

  21. @sb

    How do you arrive at that conclusion? Asians do well in Asian countries too obviously. They still placed. Where do white European stock Americans get a look in? Nowhere.

  22. Tom Verso says:

    Asia SAT scores: Contradiction of Unz study

    Fred writes:

    “Unz(2012) reported that although the Asian (meaning “Northeast Asian”) population is about 5% in the U.S. in 2009, 28% of the top 0.5% of SAT takers were Asian Americans …”

    However, a recent Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce study shows that if top 200 American colleges and universities admitted only on SAT scores,

    “the share of Asian-American students would fall to 10 percent from 11 percent.” (

    The Unz study and the Georgetown study stand prima facia in contradiction.

    It seems to me!

    • Replies: @PJ London
  23. romar says:

    Not really. You have to look at the results over time:
    The results for 2018 were:
    1. The US
    2. Russia
    3. China

    1. The Republic of Korea
    2. China
    3. Vietnam
    4. The US
    5. Iran.

  24. romar says:

    Also interesting to look at are the results of The International Collegiate Programming Contest:
    2019: No. 1. Moscow State U; 2: MIT; 3. Tokyo U.; 4. Warsaw U.
    2018: 1. Moscow State U., 2. Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology; 3. Peking U.; 4. Tokyo U.
    2017: 1. St. Petersburg ITMO; 2. Warsaw U.; 3. Seoul National; 4. St. Petersburg State U.
    2016: 1. St. Petersburg State; 2. Shanghai Jiao Tong U; 3. Harvard U.; 4. Moscow Institute of P & T.
    2015: 1. St. Pete National Research U.; 2. Moscow State U; 3. Tokyo U.; 4. Tsinghua U.
    Team member lists are “not yet published” for the more recent years, but in ’17 MIT contestants were Yuzhou Gu, Haoran Xu, and Yinzhan Xu !!!

    • Replies: @The Big Red Scary
  25. nah says:

    Just a note, Xi Jinping’s PhD in Chemistry is bogus. He spent his school years digging holes in the countryside, as part of the Cultural Revolution. Afterwards they gave some of them degrees. He doesn’t know shit about science.

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  26. romar says:

    Not really: plenty more left at home – and those in India have just sent off Chandrayaan (“Moon Vehicle”)…

    • Replies: @Anon2020
    , @Anon
  27. Anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    Papa Xi looks and acts in more pleasant ways than The Big A-brain, but that doesn’t mean his BSc must be upgraded to a PhD. Also, Putin’s degree is more of a masters (as is the American JD).

    • Replies: @siberiancat
    , @Curmudgeon
  28. @Anon

    The Russian Candidate of Sciences is a research degree, and as such is an equivalent to the American Ph.D.

    Some of the formal requirements are actually more stringent than in the US.

    That said, Putin’s degree is quite suspicious. Did he do the research and wrote his thesis all by himself? He defended his thesis in 1997 while being a Deputy Chief of Staff for the President of the Russian Federation.

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  29. nah says:

    It’s pretty sad to see Fred swallow the China propaganda BS after spending a few weeks (if that) in first-tier cities. For sure, China’s made great progress, both in urban development and poverty reduction, but a lot of their “innovative” companies are strictly based on wide-scale, state-conducted industrial espionage of Western firms and schools. Many firms are a hair away from bankruptcy, and their infrastructure is of dubious quality and durability.

    As they come out of a debt-fuelled decade of transformation, I question whether they can continue for much longer. Same as commie states everywhere, there’s a lot of Potemkin Village in modern China.

  30. One of Fred’s better articles.

    This part here is priceless:

    Xi JinPing holds a doctorate in chemistry. Trump holds a faint lead over pursuing law enforcement.

    Angela Merkle of Germany also has a degree in advanced physics/chemistry.

    Anyway, I’m not too worried these days. Andrew Yang will fix America and China will do the heavy lifting on Nuclear Power, Space exploration and other big science stuff.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  31. @nah

    I’m not too worried about their debt. Not sure you should be.

    Political and labor unrest is a major problem in China. Spross wrote that the government keeps everyone happy by keeping economic growth high and spreading the proceeds to the citizenry. About two-thirds of Chinese debt is owed just by the corporations, which are also largely state-owned. Corporate lending is thus a roundabout form of government-financed industrial policy—a policy financed not through taxes but through the unique privilege of banks to create money on their books.

    The current unrest looks like a US funded Color Revolution.

  32. Marcus says:

    Amazing, have to wonder why these magnificent people flock to the US and other Anglo countries (more vibrant ethnic food?)

  33. @Si1ver1ock

    Good point about China taking the lead in space exploration. They may actually one day be the first to put a man on the moon. The USA sure didn’t, but it was first in Hollywood-inspired Special Effects, wasn’t it?

    • Replies: @Si1ver1ock
  34. I can’t quite follow Fred’s intentions with his articles. He seems to constantly rehash two-three topics: China is underrated by American gung-ho blockheads; IQ is rubbish; east Asians are dominating (or beginning to dominate) US STEM fields; Mestizo Latin Americans are cool; who is American, anyway? …

    I may agree with him, more or less, with some points, but:

    1. all Olympiads or similar events (PISA tests) are not of crucial importance. What matters are accomplishments which are still, vast majority of them, white European & white American. Certainly, Asians (Chinese, Japanese, mostly northern Indians,…) will have a bigger piece of the cake, but still, re scientific creativity & technological power, in next 20-40 years, this will still be a “white world” – except if something truly extraordinary happens.

    2. China will be a regional hegemon, but will never be a world leader in anything, because they’re too different & unacceptable to the rest of the globe. That’s their power & weakness.

    3. IQ is overrated, I agree with Fred here.

    4. I may partially agree with Fred that race mixing of real whites with white Hispanics or even light Mestizos is not such a big deal

    5. Fred seems to deplore demise of America power from, say, Eisenhower era. But, he shouldn’t. He is one of those “liberal” Americans who seems not to care much about traditional American ways of life. Of course, not a hippie or anything similar, but. …. What is the American nation Fred laments for? Who are these people? How & where they live? How they look & which is their culture?

    Fred would like to have his cake & eat it, too.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @d dan
    , @anonymous
  35. Rich says:

    So let me get this straight, some White guy grows up poor or middle class, works his way up, becomes successful, and I’m supposed to be angry at him? Or some other Palefaced guy’s ancestors were smart enough to make a few bucks and pass it on to their descendants I should want to execute them? Are you seriously disturbed? Are you off your meds? Rich White people didn’t rape, torture and murder Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Your people did that. I’d be ashamed if my skin was the same color as the people who committed this atrocity. Ashamed.

  36. Marcus says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Solid post but, while I’ll defer to our resident South Asians like Malla, it seems likely that southern Indians would be more accomplished? That is where the heart of India’s IT sector is located iirc

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
    , @Malla
  37. @Silverknight

    I agree, but it is something of a fetish here at the Unz Review. Fred is just poking some of the more racialist members with a stick.

    • Replies: @Kronos
  38. @Marcus

    You may be right. I didn’t pay much attention, but some great Indian scientists, when I think of it, were more from south than from north. 5-10 big names (Chandrasekhar etc.)

    Northern Indians are also complex mixture. Looks they’re more into politics & power.

    • Replies: @Malla
  39. @follyofwar

    Reminds me of that rant. America leads the world in three things: the number of people per capita incarcerated and people who believe angels are real.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  40. d dan says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    “re scientific creativity & technological power, in next 20-40 years, this will still be a “white world” ”

    Ahh, but current facts are all showing this will not be true. Please look at the number of patents filed by country, the number of scientific papers published, the number of most referenced papers, the funding for R&D, etc. China is either #1 or close #2. And even in US, the inventors and contributors are full of Asian names. So the “white world” is almost certainly over by now.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  41. IvyMike says:

    Like Fred I am old and just kicking back with a drink and secure enough financially and physically to take it all as amusement and hope i can stick around a lot longer watching it all.

  42. @nah

    ‘It’s pretty sad to see Fred swallow the China propaganda BS after spending a few weeks (if that) in first-tier cities. For sure, China’s made great progress, both in urban development and poverty reduction, but a lot of their “innovative” companies are strictly based on wide-scale, state-conducted industrial espionage of Western firms and schools. Many firms are a hair away from bankruptcy, and their infrastructure is of dubious quality and durability.

    As they come out of a debt-fuelled decade of transformation, I question whether they can continue for much longer. Same as commie states everywhere, there’s a lot of Potemkin Village in modern China.’

    It’s usually more dangerous to underestimate your rivals than it is to overestimate them.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  43. @d dan

    I’m following this. All big names in science (mathematics, fundamental physics, computer science, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, most medical research, even old fashioned stuff like rocket technology, astronomy, applied sciences, ..)-this is a white world. Number of sci contribution from Asians in 2nd tier will certainly immensely grow, but true breakthroughs remain to-whites, over 85-95%.

    • Replies: @d dan
    , @foolisholdman
  44. @Si1ver1ock

    ‘Reminds me of that rant. America leads the world in three things: the number of people per capita incarcerated and people who believe angels are real.’

    How are we at correctly counting from one to three?

  45. @obwandiyag

    The difference between the nations in Europe tend to be marginal for the most part.

  46. Q. Shtik says:

    Hey Bengali,

    Are you sure of the spelling on the last person on your list. I happen to be related to an Ishita Shah (that is, next to last letter is t, not k).

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  47. @Colin Wright

    His comment is probably a byproduct of the poorly ranked American elementary and secondary school system. Ironically, I think Jeff Daniels actually mentions the education point in his little rant there. Not an insult of ordinary, hard-working Americans of course. But Canada’s better 🙂

    We’re basically the third best (I consider Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong just China as a whole, and economic constructs)

    Why is the US ranked so low?

    Is it because of the high population of negroids? And the regular streams of Latinos? Who knows

  48. d dan says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    “All big names in science ..-this is a white world.”

    This is more because the older generation, i.e. the senior scientists, mathematicians, etc are more white than Asians. Acclamation like Nobel Prize represents mostly works done decades ago.

    “true breakthroughs remain to-whites, over 85-95%.”

    Care to provide statistics or evidence that is still true TODAY? I suspect it is very hard for you or anyone to prove it because the scientific significance of a single breakthrough is often very hard to judge (sometimes taking decades to be recognized), let alone to compare the relative importance between different breakthroughs.

    Also, your original claim that this trend will persist for another 20 – 40 years. Is this just a hunch, or do you have more reason?

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  49. @BengaliCanadianDude

    ‘…Is it because of the high population of negroids? And the regular streams of Latinos? Who knows’

    Nothing in particular wrong with Latinos beyond nil tradition of academic achievement.

    The film Stand and Deliver is romanticized to the point of absurdity, but I’m familiar with the actual story behind the film, and it did demonstrate that Hispanics — at least of the Indio-white flavor — really can achieve.

  50. @Q. Shtik

    I got it from the article, so yes.

  51. @Eustace Tilley (not)

    Russian missiles explode from time to time because they still actually build and test the things, and therefore experience an inevitable (and small) rate of failure. The fact that you never hear about American missiles exploding is not because ours are better, but because ours are doing nothing at all. Our ancient ICBMs have been sitting in silos longer than I’ve been alive, and I rather doubt that either they or their nuclear payloads are still in any condition to function as intended.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @obwandiyag
  52. Anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

    When one thinks about the great men who developed all of higher mathematics (and the engineering and science based on it)— all white guys, btw— (Fourier, Lagrange, Riemann, Cauchy, Gauss, Galois, Weierstrass, Von Neumann, Fermat, Gödel, Kolmogorov, Liouville, Poincaré,..) and has read biographies of these men, it is hard to imagine any of them wanting to be part of some math competition modeled after sports.

    • Replies: @yakushimaru
  53. Malla says:

    it seems likely that southern Indians would be more accomplished?

    Yes that is true up to some extent, South Indians do have some advantage and most of the IT hubs are in the South. but the difference is very small in between South Indians and other Indians. Many of the employees in these IT hub come from all over India. There are loads of North Indians, Bengalis, West Indians, North Easterners etc… working in those South Indian IT hubs like Bangalore, along with local South Indians. It is just that South Indian Brahmins (maybe 2% of population at the best) for some strange eugenic reasons of the past, do tend to over perform in Science and technology. But there are many other Indian communities which come close in achievements.
    Also in North India, its higher Hindu fundamentalist/backward tendencies (because of the Brahmin/upper caste population percentage here being much larger ) keep development down. Thus ironically the larger upper caste (but non-Westernised Upper caste) population slows down development in the North as compared to the South. Add to that, a big population of backward (non Westernised) muslims. The South has more Christians than the North which is good thing in general.This part of the World (North India) is called the ‘Cow Belt’ and westernised Indians of all backgrounds living in Metro cities look down at this area as full of uncouth, backward hicks. My ancestors are from the Cow Belt and it is really a shithole of shitholes.
    Da ‘Cow Belt’ primarily includes states like Utter Pradesh (UP) literally translates to ‘Northern State’, the most populous state in India and thus politically very important in our democracy as well as the states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh (MP) literally translates to Middle State, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand. Even the desert state of Rajasthan may be added. Together they are also termed the BIMARU states (BI=Bihar, MA=Madhya Pradesh, R=Rajasthan, U=Utter Pradesh) by our media. The term ‘Bimar’ means sick in Hindi, like falling sick because of disease, because they are so backward in all social indicators.

    • LOL: Marcus
  54. anon[396] • Disclaimer says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    > Our ancient ICBMs have been sitting in silos longer than I’ve been alive

    Wrong. Random Minutemen are pulled from their silos and tested from Vandenberg AFB to the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Latest test was this year, 2019.

    F.E. Warren AFB tests Minuteman III missile with launch from Vandenberg
    Air Force Global Strike Command Public Affairs | Published May 01, 2019

  55. PJ London says:
    @Tom Verso

    Duh, could it be that they accept some students on a basis other than SAT?
    You know, like ability to pay outrageous fees, or perhaps the fact that they just won the Maths olympiad without being able to speak English and thus were admitted without taking any other tests.
    It appears unlikely that they were on Football or Basketball scholarships, those are reserved for the more deserving Afro-americans.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  56. @Malla

    The South has more Christians than the North which is good thing in general


    Add to that, a big population of backward (non Westernised) muslims

    Also correct. The muzzies from the North tend tobe descended from low-caste untouchable converts. You can change your religion, but you can’t change your fate and destiny. They’re comparable to their coethnic Dalits in Hinduism, or Buddhism, or even Christianity

    What’s interesting is that South India, in places like Kerala and whatnot, there is a sizable portion of Muslims there, one of the highest across all states in India. It comes at a whooping 26 percent.

    Kerala also is one of the most cleanest, developed, richest states in India, probably even the best when it comes to infrastructure and literacy as well.

    I think the Muslims in this region might have a different history. Maybe their proximity towards the coast resulted in them converting because of maritime trading with traders from the Middle East.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  57. Malla says:

    Also correct. The muzzies from the North tend tobe descended from low-caste untouchable converts. You can change your religion, but you can’t change your fate and destiny. They’re comparable to their coethnic Dalits in Hinduism, or Buddhism, or even Christianity

    Very true, muzzies tend to be low caste converts however there are upper caste convert muslims mixed with Persians, Arabs, Afghans, Turks, mongols, Uzbek/Uyghurs who are called the Shrafi muslims and they are like the elites of muslims. Alos some Shia Muslims like Bohras of Gujrat are very successful, well educated and prosperous merchants.

    Lower caste Christians are all right, their areas are not very bad. Kerala muslims may be good but during the Ottoman incited/funded Kalifat movement in the 1920s, the Kerala muslims went all ape and attacked Hindus forcibly converting us. Ironically gandhi and the Shankaracharya (Hindu version of Pope) had initially supported them for thesimple reason that they were anti-British. The Ottomans were playing a WW1 game against the British Empire.

    Anyways Christian (Goa, Kerala, Nagaland, Mizoram) and Buddhist areas (Sikkim, Sri Lanka, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh/South Tibet) in the Indian subcontinent tend to be alright, more open to modernization and less difference in between rich and poor than conservative Hindu and Muslim areas.
    Besides highly westernised Hindus and Muslims are all right, irrespective of caste.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  58. @Rich

    You are such a typical insane American winger brainwashed rube, you shouldn’t talk. Because everybody knows what you are going to say. You complete utter idiot. Like all Americans, you vote against your own interests. Your patheticly stupid and wrong characterization of rich people is too sad and laughable to address. This is the problem with most of you silly loser propagandized rubes. The rich screw you and everybody else over every day in every way. But you can’t see it. So it doesn’t exist. Typical idiot logic: out of sight, out of mind, doesn’t exist. You stupid braindead self-defeating fool. Either that or you are a paid troll spouting that tired old line defending the rich.

    • Agree: Biff
    • Replies: @neutral
  59. @Intelligent Dasein

    So then American “geniuses” and Russian “geniuses” are idiots. Case closed.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  60. @PJ London

    Or because they are smart enough to say “math” or “mathematics” instead of “maths” whatever that is.

    • Replies: @Poco
  61. Malla says:

    Also I might add that other Northern states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarkhand are all right, not shitholes at all but their populations are much smaller than the cow belt states. The last two are mountain Himalayan states and in general mountain people are better than plains people.

    Also Southern States are seeing a below replacement fertility rate and Northern cow belters are breeding away like vermins. Yes my ancestors are cow belters, I said it, vermin.
    So in the future when the seats for the Indian Parliament would be decided/ reorganised, the Northern cow belters would get more seats while Southern states will lose seats and hence political influence. So ironically, develop your state and control your birth rate and you get punished in a democracy!!! And be backward hicks and breed away and you benefit with more political power!!! Very unfair.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  62. Malla says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Looks they’re more into politics & power.

    We are more into forming cow protection gangs, bashing up people of other religions/castes, mosque destruction engineering, drinking cow pee tonic. No time for science. Because all the above activities is science according to us. Evul British spread their Western science and destroyed our society.

  63. Marcus says:

    Christians do seem to have more social capital, but I view Christians in Asia as a potential 5th column for the US, you disagree?

    Here’s an impressive Indian scientist from the evil Raj era

  64. @Malla

    BTW, are you an Indian in India or Indian elsewhere?

    • Replies: @Malla
  65. Malla says:

    but I view Christians in Asia as a potential 5th column for the US, you disagree?

    No. Indian Christians are very nationalistic. it is just that if they are troubled more by the Hinduwadis, they may look to the West for protection, some diplomatic pressure.
    In Germany and the UK, most Indian Christians I came across hated the natives with the same gusto as Indian Hindus and believed in Indian racial superiority (Indian IT talent blah blah).
    There might be FEW missionaries who may be from alphabetic agencies but many Hindu holymen going to the West have deep contacts with Indian agencies too.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  66. Malla says:

    I think the Muslims in this region might have a different history. Maybe their proximity towards the coast resulted in them converting because of maritime trading with traders from the Middle East.

    Yeah, they have a lot of Arab ancestry. Kerala has a lot of Arab and even Jewish influence because of trade. Even Chinese merchants used come to Kerala in the past and many of their fishing nets (more advanced design than regular Indian nets), introduced by the Chinese many centuries ago are still called ‘Chinese Nets’ in Malayalam (language of Kerala).

    And more than that, recently in a Kerala Temple treasury vault they came across a hoard of 800 kgs of Silver/Gold Greek and Roman coins from ancient times.

  67. Malla says:

    North Indian in India but have lived in many parts of the world before.

    What about you? Whats your background? Bengali Hindu from Canada?

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
    , @vfy
  68. @Malla

    No religion. Bengali is one component. It’s a mix. I’ve got Gujarati blood too.

    • Replies: @Malla
  69. @buckwheat

    Sheeeit! Ah be floont in Ebonics, an’ Ah kin pass fo’ a wee-bee any time. They fo’, Ah kin speak two languages!”

  70. Malla says:

    No religion.

    Smart. A South Asian who is atheist is automatically high IQ in my books. Among desis it is only the highly intelligent ones who become atheists.

    I’ve got Gujarati blood too.


    • Replies: @Anonymuous
  71. Marcus says:

    I talked to some Hindu right wingers who swore that LTTE was a Christian plot. I’m not sure, but there was definitely something odd about it

    • Replies: @Malla
  72. Malla says:

    I talked to some Hindu right wingers who swore that LTTE was a Christian plot.

    I had not idea about that. Sounds interesting. But 90% of what Hindu right wingers say is rubbish. But who knows if LTTE is Christian.

    • Replies: @RSDB
  73. Anon2020 says:

    The International Math Olympiad is becoming like the Olympics/World Ping Pong competition: every match is China vs. China, regardless of which countries’ uniforms they’re actually wearing. Or like marathon, every competition is Africa vs. Africa, same with track and field. That’s the trouble with immigration and multiculturalism, it takes away all the fun of rooting for your country. Who the fuck are these people?

    Seriously why even bother doing it by country anymore? Just make them compete as individuals representing themselves.

  74. Anon2020 says:

    That’s easy when NASA gave you all the code and equipment.

  75. looks like fred moved to the wrong country.

    it’s not too late to move to china, my man.

  76. JRB says: • Website

    Some South Indian Brahmins have been quiet good at mathematics for a long time. The Kerala school of Mathematics (14th-16th century) did a lot of original research in series expansions of trigonometric functions that also influenced western mathematicians living around 1600. Three hundred years later around 1900 Ramanujan, who was a Tamil, did very impressive work, partly in the same area. He is the only non western mathematician who is in the top fifty of original mathematicians in the period 1650-1950. Nearly thousand years before the Kerala school there was a very advanced school of mathematicians centered around Ujjain in the Malva. It’s here that Brahmagupta was the first one to specify rules for arithmetic manipulations that apply to zero as a number. In pre-islamic times this area of India was probably more ethnically South-Indian then it is today.

  77. Брат says:

    I have a lot of experience tutoring math and english. There is a very real and calculated conspiracy going on to teach young students as little as possible. It is inexcusable to send a teenager through 5 years of high school without ever once teaching them the fundamental grammatical concepts which animate language and communication. I even read books by scholars who betray an ignorance of very simple things, such as the difference between figurative and literal language, (eg. “The brain is a muscle.” FAIL!)
    Math is another thing that depresses me. I have had countless students, mostly boys, who come to me all beat down and feeling dumb over math because they don’t understand it. And that is precisely the point. It is taught in such a way that it is not intended to be understood. And that’s no problem for a girl. A girl will just mindlessly parrot back the formula. But a boy needs to understand the process mechanically from beginning to end. And when I finally do that for one of these kids they light up immediately. I see the change instantly in their eyes. Then we do some tougher examples and they get it right because finally someone has explained the principle to them rather than just filling their head with forgettable nonsense.
    Welcome to my classroom of fascist Nazi straight white male education!
    “Oy vey!!! The goyim know! So harrible!! Shut it down!!!”

    • Agree: jim jones
    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  78. Rogue says:

    Well, I likes me a good chuckle when reading a Fred column.

    Thanks Fred. Like your stuff. Been reading you quite some time before you appeared at Unz.

    Yours is one of the articles I always look forward to.

    I’m pretty sure you’re quite wrong about 9/11 though. Unfortunately, on that particular issue you come across as Mr see-no-evil, hear-no-evil.

    Regardless, thumbs up from a non-American fan.

  79. Брат says:

    Americans are so funny in how they quantify everything purely as a sum of hard work. As if working hard like a good goy is in any way a competitive weapon against a tightly unified conspiracy of well-networked (((individuals))) who amplify their dominance with every dirty trick in the book. And you think they got there just because they worked hard? LMFAO!
    Group strategy beats individual effort easily.
    But your jewish masters have you American goyim so well trained. Yeah slave, work well and hard for your jewish effendi, as he dangles that $hekel before you. One day you could be just like (((him))), coz that’s what (((everyone))) else wants to be like.

  80. Брат says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    An American should not be criticizing Russian missiles. I do remember not so long ago America slamming a barrage of cruise missiles into Syria, and only a small handful of them actually hit Syrian targets with the overwhelming majority of US cruise missiles intercepted and destroyed by Russian missiles. Let me know when America achieves a similar batting average. And let me know when America finally builds a functioning new fighter jet. Russia recently brought out a new jet that coukd easily destroy the Fail-35.

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
    , @awry
  81. Ghali says:

    The “American team” is 99% Chinese.

  82. @romar

    Many scientific colleagues in Moscow complain that they are losing their best students to computer science.

  83. Parfois1 says:
    @Uncle Al

    Thatcher was rejected from the firm after Personnel described her as being “headstrong, obstinate and dangerously self-opinionated.”

    There you are, the qualities for a politician. But she would not pass muster today without the additional pre-requisite: groveling submission to the Jewish overlords.

  84. @Uncle Al

    Xi’s undergraduate work was in chemical engineering (engineering being the most prestigious and useful qualification in China)

    But, thanks to having grown up in China’s poorest village, he lacked preparation for degree work, so Tsinghua gave him and his class mates ‘certificates’ rather than diplomas. (Doubtless they corrected this mistake later, as he rose through the ranks!).

    Fifteen years later he began work on a PhD. His subject area was rural marketization, his father’s area of expertise in later life (his dad lived until 2002 and they were close).

    I don’t know the date his degree was granted but I do know that his career demonstrated his expertise in the subject. One of the world’s leading authorities on rural marketization, Oxford’s Dambisa Moyo, spent half an hour discussing the subject with him and called his questions “intense.”

  85. @nah

    That’s partly true. See my comment, above.

  86. neutral says:

    Fred, already a confirmed race traitor

    Everyone knows you are a race traitor, why you take so much pride in your jungle fever is the big mystery.

  87. @siberiancat

    Like most prominent people who do late PhDs, Putin had plenty of help in the form of one-on-ones with world experts.

    His biggest boost came from his security clearance, which gave him access to a century of security files, which is why he was able to write with such authority on (and subsequently demonstrate his mastery of) The Geostrategic Application of Natural Resources–Russia core competence (after killing invaders).

  88. Parfois1 says:

    You must be an unreconstructed Bolshevik to come up with such bad news. Can you imagine the Russkies being the saviours of the honour of the white race in the field of scientific prowess? After all the kids are the descendants two or three generations removed from those barbaric Bolsheviks who ripped to shreds the ambitions of the beloved Superfuhrer who was predestined to lead the white race – sans slavs of course – to perpetual supremacy and greatness.

  89. Брат says:
    @The Big Red Scary

    And that’s a good thing. At least computer science has a feedback mechanism rooted in reality.
    Traditional science has become a massively fraudulent circlejerk of peer review (aka a popularity contest), yeah, as if good ideas are always popular. And that’s not even going into the corrupting influences of corporate funding and all the lying that entails. I too would be GTFOing out of science. Leave it to all those obstinate feminists and transgender freaks. I’m sure they will cure cancer and invent vaccines that will land us on mars.

    • Replies: @Fox
  90. gotmituns says:

    White people are smarter than all the gooks combine in the world.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  91. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    Eustaquio , you and you ridiculous ” poem ” show the very big problem that some american whites have , which is lack of respect even towards other white tribes .

    Some anglosaxon whites , english and USA , must think that they are the only whites in the world and despise even other tribes of whites like the white slavs , the white latins of southern Europe , even the white germanics and nordics ( I read that Trump wants to buy Greenland to Danemark ? , well , how much do you want for Florida , Trump ? ) ……

    Eustaquio , do you realize that if the white anglosaxon tribe insults other white tribes , these white tribes are going to be hostile to arrogant anglosaxons ? so, you will have the hostility of the non whites in the USA and England , plus the hostility of your white natural allies , the other white tribes ? Don`t you realize that ? , it is just lack of respect ? , lack of intelligence ? , think about it Eustaquio .

    • Replies: @Eustace Tilley (not)
  92. Parfois1 says:

    Great stuff Fred. You are mastering the parody artform while highlighting the fault lines of whitie US degenerescence into sclerotic senility, soon to be transferred from Jewish serfdom to become the puren for the Asian nerds.

    It’s only a matter of time…

  93. Tom Welsh says:

    Ah, but how can you be sure they are the best and brightest? Maybe they are just mediocre students who want to give themselves an edge. In the West they can look better than they would at home, because there is so much less competition.

  94. max says:

    Not true. Europe neither invented number theory or early calculus.
    India invented the zero and used it in astronomical applications, and Indian mathematicians developed the theory of infinite series. The Jesuits while on travel in middle ages, took them back to Europe and eventually Leibniz & Newton formalized it to today’s calculus. Mathematics is a joint effort of the humanity.

  95. Tom Welsh says:
    @The Big Red Scary

    As is only right. Down the years, scientists, mathematicians and engineers have done better work in computing than “computer scientists”.

  96. Tom Welsh says:

    ‘“The brain is a muscle.” FAIL!’

    Although in the case of certain politicians and media people…

  97. Chinese understand importance of hard study and persistence. White youth in USA grew decadent and lazy. When I enter my son school there is a sense that it is more about fun and having good time than about study. Sharp difference from Soviet school on which Chinese schools were modeled. My son knows that northern American schools is shit and he must study hard and far beyond school curriculum to achieve his goals. I am tiger dad.

    • Replies: @Lost american
    , @DB Cooper
  98. Malla says:

    In pre-islamic times this area of India was probably more ethnically South-Indian then it is today

    Very interesting, yeah, could be.

  99. Ber says:

    There is no cure for stupidity

  100. Anonymous[202] • Disclaimer says:

    This supports the claim (I hope I do not sound racist) that European superiority is genetic.

    The group photo shows 5 of 6 members of the team are Asian and yet you talk of claims of European superiority as genetic? Did I miss something or are you in fact racist?

  101. Bruno says:

    Very funny.

    But even if there is an extraordinary correlation among IMO scores and future academic excellence in math – that’s why the IMO is the best IQ test for people with a good high school literacy in math – the asian top scorers have not transformed it into Medal fields « en masse ».

    France wich is the best country for math – ENS Ulm has the most knowledgeable students in math, 40 a year – has been very good in transforming the few gold medalist (and silver) into Field medals.

    I calculated that a PhD in math has 1 chance in 10K to get the field medal.

    A gold medalist non perfect scorer (around 50) has 1 chance in 150.

    A perfect scorer (3 or 4 people) has 1 chance in 15.

    Normale sup Ulm 40 selected students have 1 chance in 150, same as gold medalist.

    Asian do much worse than european at equivalent score. If you don’t say it’s because of racism (! 😊), then perhaps a lack of creativity because of having being selected for conformism ….

    As Chinese (including American diaspora) IMO domination is 25 years old and medal fields recipients are less than 40 yo, the results should have been here. And they are not !

  102. @Брат

    barrage of cruise missiles into Syria…only a small handful of them actually hit …with the overwhelming majority …intercepted and destroyed by Russian missiles

    You know, a missle defense system that destroys a majority of the incoming missles isn’t quite as useful as one that destroys all the incoming missles.

    • Replies: @Брат
  103. @max

    India invented the zero


  104. @Rudy

    Ya know some folks are going to read this and think it is bonafide and not humored sarcasm

    It can be both true and sarcasm. And it is! All the facts presented can be verified by googling. It’s just the composite they paint is a nation living in an artificial reality balloon, inflated for them by socialist-idealist wishful thinkers. A balloon soon to be popped by the pin of harsh reality.

    • Replies: @Rudy
  105. @Anonymous

    are you in fact racist?

    OH NO! 😱! Not that word!
    The PCer are bringing out their big guns now!

  106. @JRB

    Some South Indian Brahmins have been quiet good at mathematics for a long time.

    India has a national average IQ of 82, which is quite low. However the Brahmin caste has an average IQ of 115 – the highest of any identifiable ethnic group __ According to Richard Lynn, a British psychologist, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish political scientist

    Brahmin run India’s computer software industry, out of Bangalore. And almost all the Indian doctors in the US are Brahmin. The flood of Brahmins leaving India for America, amounts to a massive brain_drain for India. [[Out of the total Indian doctors in the U.S.A. 67% are Brahmins. Instead of serving the poor masses of India, these doctors have opted to work in rich America and other Western countries. ____ Brahmin representation in the fields of engineering and law is 53 % and 57 % respectively. In the field of education their teachers and professors make up more than 51 %.]]

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Anonymuous
    , @K
  107. @d dan

    Of course I am not trying to predict future, I am not a fortune teller. But:

    * Fields medals, which is given to accomplishments in mathematics under 40, are still overwhelmingly white. I am not talking about great awards (Nobel, Wolf, Millennium, Abel,…) which may be about accomplishments made 20-40 years ago. You can check newer world important awards for many crucial fields (mathematics, computer sciences, physics, medicine, various types of technologies,..) & see that most people who were awarded, now in the 30-50 years age range, are white- with growing percentage of Asians, mostly east, but not anything spectacular.
    For instance, this is a list: (I know it is too big, but you can check the list of particular well known awards like Turing etc.)

    * you can google most important inventions in the world in past, say, 10 years. Say: or many others. You’ll see that virtually everything has come from the West & almost nothing from big Asian countries. Of course, things are complicated by the fact that these are products of big companies & that it is virtually a waste of time to try to detect ethnicities/races of members of teams who produced them.

    * another way is to see is to check math & physics departments of Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Yale, Caltech, … and see who is there. A significant Asian minority, without question, but still a minority & most of them are middle aged people. Then you check other highly placed research universities in the Western world.

    Then, there is recent history: Japan has neglected fundamental sciences & although its researchers have gotten a few significant awards in past 10 years, it is still far behind Japan’s success in productivity; China’s rise is enormously correlated with hacking & theft from US & other powerful Western inventive countries.

    As I see it:

    1. the stereotype about non-imaginative & mostly copycat Asians is generally true- with important exceptions.

    2. the Asian countries are not lands of free & frequently conflicting discourse, but of conformity. This lack of essential freedom in these cultures is perhaps the greatest obstacle. Either their order crushes freedom (China, Japan), or their lack of order & clinging to religious infantilism (India, Islamic countries) prevent them from reaching order and freedom.

    3. their diaspora is, if we count the most productive & influential people, due to miscegenation with whites, disappearing, giving rise to mixed Euro-Asians who can hardly be counted as Asians anymore.

    These are just a few thoughts. Of course, I may be wrong.

    • Replies: @d dan
  108. Ah yes Fred, many here to stupid to recognize satire when they see it. America has become an absolute freakin’ insane asylum with little to no hope of recovery. All one has to do is look at our last two presidents to see we have become a full blown Idoicracy(once a movie, now a documentary).

    A little something from The Occidental Observer

    An ant is an amazing creature, a marvel of miniaturization and compressed complexity. With only a tiny brain, it absorbs and interprets a flood of data from its myriad sense-organs, navigating a complex and constantly changing world, co-operating and communicating with its nest-mates, collaborating in prodigies of architecture, engineering and logistics. No human robot can even come close to matching the abilities of an ant, let alone at such a minute size and on such a small budget of energy.

    Dumb beats clever

    But the highly sophisticated ant meets its master in the form of a mindless organism far lower in the evolutionary scale. As I described in “How to Cure a White Zombie,” the fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis can subvert the complex nervous system of an ant, turning the ant into a zombified spore-spreader. You can sum up the behaviour of the fungus in two words: sitting and floating. It sits in its victims and then, in the form of spores, floats off to new victims. The behaviour of ants, by contrast, is endlessly subtle and varied. Ant-behaviour has filled entire libraries and fuelled long scientific careers. But the simple fungus beats the complex ant.

    • Replies: @Брат
    , @TKK
  109. Bruno says:

    You miss the sarcasm. Even me, with an autism score of 46 out of 48 (Baron Cohen test, not the comic, the doctor, his brother), can see it !!!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  110. Брат says:

    No missile defense system will ever destroy every single missile launched against it. Kinda like how not every “stealth” jet will be stealthy. Just ask Lt. Col. Darrell Patrick Zelko.
    Anyway, let me know when the US designs something better.

    • Replies: @Fact
  111. Брат says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    the fungus (((Ophiocordyceps unilateralis))) can subvert the complex nervous system of an ant, turning the ant into a zombified spore-spreader.


    • LOL: Parfois1
    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  112. neutral says:

    Anybody who votes to give more power to blacks is ALWAYS voting against their interest. I don’t even know why you are against the rich elite in America, they overwhelmingly love blacks more than anything, they worship them as god like being at times.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  113. skedaddle says:

    Qualifying for the Math Olympiad requires parent and school resources for travel and study materials that not all schools bother with. I also note on the Math groups website that they don’t allow home school kids and only select private school students.

    Funny (not) thing is that when my kids went to college, the asian students were all cheating their way through math and computer classes. They cheated in groups if they had enough fellow countrymen or they were paired for group projects with a smart white American who pulled their lazy a$$es through or suffered a bad grade themselves. And since these asians as supposedly so smart, why don’t they go home and be the elite. Get back to me about the uber smart Indian and Chinese kids when their home countries can get running water, flush toilets and electricity into as high a percentage of homes as we have in the U.S.

  114. Moi says:
    @The Alarmist

    I noticed quite a few non-whites in the “US” team. LOL!

  115. bomag says:

    IQ as god

    No, on here we say IQ explains many trends, and it is something we should consider.

    Versus those who say it doesn’t matter.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  116. Yo Freddy….wus happenning Bro..




    • Replies: @trickster
  117. vfy says:

    Question: Is there still a sizable population of Indian Shias in Uttar Pradesh, specifically Lucknow? If I’m not mistaken, those Shias were of Persian descent and had their own princely state of Oudh before colonial rule.

    • Replies: @Malla
  118. So the cabal having taken control of the U.S. and then making China rich and India bettet off than it had ever been and having had their Arab enemies totally neutralized with the American wherewithal is going to let America fall behind China and India so that what they have gained in the last five decades to reach the top by hook or by crook of the pyramid is going to be lost to them and they will go live in the shtetl again… where do you come with that shit, Fred?

  119. @Anon

    Fourier was in a competition. Poincare was in a competition. There are very few competitions in the past. Other than competitions in a classroom or in a single school.

    Now, in recent years, Perelman and Tao are both winners of this kind of math competitions.

  120. gem says:

    Is it a joke or kind of a proof of the your idiocity, dear writer???
    More than half of the team members are Eastern, and you are talking about Western intelligence?

    You are winning the math games with the help of just a few converted Easterners but how about “can’t be -converted” billions of them outside that are working for their own nations??
    Last word: those who are to post articles here should be first IQ tested to avoid any discrimination & offensive thoughts against any culture!

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  121. nsa says:

    New admissions to a junior college near Palm Springs were given a math assessment test. One of the tougher questions asked was 3x + 1 = x + 9. Solve for x. About 33% obtained the correct answer. Adding a fractional aspect, 3x/2 + 2 = x + 7 resulted in 25% obtaining the correct answer….on a multiple choice test with four possible answers! No matter as the the 90-10 rule applies: 90% of the think work is done by 10% of the population.

  122. Maybe if we stopped drugging the white boys…. Then again you have the feminist induced sociopathic single mama problem. So how about we make China and India great again so their brightest and best stay home far away from our current insanity? Someone, somewhere has to have some brains. Though it be a real kicker if Kamala Harris was right about POC needing childhood white kooties for success.

  123. trickster [AKA "Dr Giggles"] says:

    I dont buy any of Fred’s twaddle. I have worked with Chinese and Indian engineers and accountants and frankly find their skills overrated by media and blogger hype. The University down the road is full of them so I ask, what are they doing here ? We have more of these folks studying here than whites in India and China. Oh I forgot, they expect a job offer after graduation and a permanent visa.

    When I was in the corporate world we hired a Indian accountant with a BBA and MBA. He lasted just one week before he was fired because he has not a clue on product costing and expected us whites to “teach” him. Another, a Chinese engineer we had to let go because the dummy could never get the settings on our machines correct even with the blasted manuals and operating procedures. Result: over $500K in scrap per week.

    These fellows may be whizzes at Phytagoras theorem and calculus etc but when it comes to applying their knowledge to the real world they are out of it.

    I equate it to reading a martial arts text, getting a 100% pass mark on a written test and then picking a fight in a bar.

    Sorry Fred, their superiority is all poppycock. I mean, China is the oldest civilization on earth ? And what have they contributed to said civilization ?? The chopsticks ??

    • Replies: @skedaddle
    , @Pedro
    , @Biff
    , @annamaria
  124. trickster [AKA "Dr Giggles"] says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    I agree. I can make my own sweet and sour dumplings, stir fry and boil my own noodles.

  125. Poco says:

    “Maths” sounds idiotic.

    • Replies: @Rogue
    , @foolisholdman
  126. Blankaerd says:

    One can reasonably expect East-Asians to do better on average because of their higher mean IQ, but they have fewer outliers (which means that there are fewer dumb East-Asians per capita, but fewer geniuses as well.) They haven’t come up with nearly as many ground-breaking inventions as whites have, they mostly seem to improve already existing technologies.

    Whites have been living in welfare states for longer than Asians and welfare has a dysgenic effect. In recent decades white intelligence is declining especially fast because our birth rates are the highest among the least effective elements of our population, while it’s the lowest among the most effective elements, in fact extremely intelligent people do not have children at all. With ideologies like feminisism permeating our society this decline is accelerating. White IQ was probably in the 115 range some 200 years ago, roughly around the time of the industrial revolution.

    With countries like China making major strides it’s likely they’ll face the same intelligence crisis in the future, that is unless its government is willing to implement an eugenics program.

  127. “Dysgenics and Low Creativity: Why China Can’t Save Civilization”

    [[… research, led by a Japanese psychologist called Kenya Kura, which has shown that Northeast Asians are genetically less intellectually creative than Europeans. _____ [Why do Northeast Asians Win So Few Nobel Prizes?, By Kenya Kura et al., Comprehensive Psychology, 4: 2015] Northeast Asians, compared to Europeans, have higher gene frequencies of polymorphisms which make people collectivist, socially anxious, and fearful of anything novel. Kura and his team argue that this is adaptation to a particular ecology, where it is vital to stay in a tightly_bonded group.

    However, they note that scientific innovators tend to combine very high IQ with an optimally low level of collectivism, low social anxiety and low fearfulness of the new. In other words, they have high “Openness_Intellect”, as psychologists term this trait. This psychological profile means that they can think outside the box and don’t care about the offence to vested interests which their new idea will almost certainly result in.

    This is why, maintains Kura, it is the West that generated the Industrial Revolution, rather than more intelligent Northeast Asians. The West is indeed the Goldilocks Zone for genius.]]

    • Agree: Blankaerd
    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  128. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Fred is a malinchista , hehehhehehe

    La Malinche / Doña Marina , was the mexican Pocahontas , she tranlated nauhatl/spanish for Hernan Cortès , married him , and they were the parents of the first mestizo of the Americas . The tlaxaltecas and totonecas allied with the spaniards to fight the mexicas .

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  129. annamaria says:

    Perhaps it’s also about the “traditionally-grounded conservative” educational system.

    In general, the Soviet Russian higher education system, as in the rest of the Soviet system, reproduced the German-style industrial education model (strict segmentation of vocational and higher education) and the Humboldtian academic tradition (although with a Soviet slant).”

    The Humboldtian model integrates the arts and sciences with research to achieve both comprehensive general learning and cultural knowledge… This ideal goes back to Wilhelm von Humboldt, who in the time of the Prussian reforms relied on a growing educated middle-class and thereby promoted the claim on general education.

    Both models have sense.

  130. If you really want to know the secret of America’s success, Google: American inventors

  131. Malla says:

    Is there still a sizable population of Indian Shias in Uttar Pradesh, specifically Lucknow?

    Cannot give you exact figures yes there are many. That is because there are huge Muharram processions in Lucknow. Not been to Lucknow for a looong time now but Lucknow has many Shia dargahs.
    I do not think all Shias are of pure Persian decent it is just that a high percentage of them would have Persian ancestry. Persians in India and Indians Muslims did intermarry.

    those Shias were of Persian descent and had their own princely state of Oudh before colonial rule.

    Yes very correct.

  132. Rudy says:
    @Professional Stranger

    There are still schools in this country that excel in the STEM courses and not burden with SJW issues.
    And there are natural born Americans citizens that go to them.
    But more and more they are first, second and third generation Peoples of Asian heritage. (I think Tiger Moms). I met many being an engineer and all. Most very fine folks and as patriotic as you can get. (Just my limited POV)
    This country has always been in flux and forever changing.

  133. The ageless question that Kiko (as well as some other contributors here) avoids like Mexican tap water:

    If Mexico and China are so great, why do the people there, continue to come, here?

    I mean, the US hasn’t even decimated either of those countries with its perpetual military interventionism, (which by itself creates these massive migrations of people who have seen their homelands destroyed so some neocon can hold duel citizenship somewhere,) and further, the US has helped to boost the economies of both places to the expense of itself.

    Why do they still come here, Kiko? Why?

    • Replies: @Haole
  134. ChrisD says:

    Hispanics are Europeans, from traditionally Spanish speaking countries……, I’m not sure I get your point.

  135. awry says:

    overwhelming majority of US cruise missiles intercepted and destroyed by Russian missiles

    There is no evidence of that whatsoever. You are swallowing propaganda manufactured for you.

    Russia recently brought out a new jet that coukd easily destroy the Fail-35.

    Sure, you can parrot this idiocy as long as the Russian Wunderwaffen aren’t tested against the Americans in actual war. In the past every time Soviet/Russian weapons systems were tested in actual combat against Western ones, they proved to be inferior or relatively easy to disable by electronic jamming etc. There is little doubt that the same would happen to the S-300/400 if things get real. Israel avoided destroying Russian SAM’s manned by Russian crews for political reasons in Syria.
    The F-35 has had a lot of teething problems and still have quite a few but it undeniably represents another league compared to 4th generation fighters. Russia pathetically failed to make an actual stealth aircraft as the Su-57 is obviously not a real one. It’s simply above the capabilities of the Russian aircraft industry at the moment. It has visible rivet heads, exposed fan blades, the pilot’s helmet has probably an order of magnitude larger RCS than an F-35 as its canopy is apparently unshielded. The Chinese J-20 is perhaps not in the same league in stealth as the F-22 or even the F-35, but it looks much more serious than the Su-57 as it doesn’t have the previously mentioned characteristics.

    • Replies: @Брат
  136. @BengaliCanadianDude

    Why is the US ranked so low?
    Is it because of the high population of negroids? And the regular streams of Latinos? Who knows

    You are here on UR all or most of the time. Surely the reason that the US is going down is clear to all of us here and it is not the fault of Blacks or Browns or Whites or any of the other oppressed minorities but the fact that the USA is not being run for the benefit of the inhabitants of the USA, but for its “Bestest ally” and is wasting its substance in evermore insane “defense” (So called!) spending. That Wall St and the Captains of Industry have collaborated to hollow out the productive sector of the US economy and tried to replace it with the FIRE sector is just the final nail.

  137. @Truth

    He and Derbyshire must be bosom buddies as in they prefer flat-chested mongloids because most caucasoids women are naturally buxom and not easy to handle or shall we say the former are too malleable, hence desirable by middle-aged white men.

  138. @trickster

    But can you make your chicken tikka masala? The British can’t and so are stuck with curry houses of good and bad sort in the thousands and all that goes with it, i.e. unskilled labor force with nothing bettet to offer.

    • Replies: @maddaugh
  139. @The Big Red Scary

    Serious question on a subject I am not well versed on. Russia has a super abundance of natural resources and has had high comoetence in math and science. Why hasnt the Russian economy done better…? It is it truly that they spent too much on the military? If you can – please compare contrast to China – Germany – Japan.

    • Replies: @The Big Red Scary
  140. TKK says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Truly fascinating. His eyes look like high fi speakers. His anatomy shames any sic-fi creation imagined.

    I was reading about how the Ebola virus was changing to “sneak”past antibiotics. And, how in the DROC (Congo) that 127 Western, probably earnest and well meaning, healthcare workers have been killed or attacked by the natives as they try to stem the Ebola outbreak because of superstitions and backward beliefs and violent natures.

    Imagine traipsing across the world to expose yourself to Ebola laden diarrhea, vomit and blood in a shack with no air conditioning in the miserable heat, only to be rewarded with a dull machete driven into your scalp by a local who believes you are a witch.

    Dumb beats clever. But, whose the dummy?

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  141. @max

    Yes and algebra and the scientific method came from what we call the middle east. The basis for the binary code came Chinese writings that the Jesuits took back.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @maddaugh
  142. Haole says:

    Why do they come?

    The dollar is one of the reasons. A mexican can make something like a dollar an hour in Mexico and $10 in California. He can send one dollar home and keep USD 9 for his new life in California. Homes, education and medicine cost about 5 times more in california so his life style might not be all that much better except for:

    Welfare, Obama care, food stamps, free education.

  143. @Anon

    This is vulgar & demeaning. What, anyway, has Fred’s personal life got with this discussion? And who says he didn’t make a right choice in life?

    If I understand, Fred’s wife is a light Mestiza (“racially”). So what?

    • Replies: @Anon
  144. padre says:

    Oh , but you not only sound but are racist!

  145. @Rich

    Obidingdong is Teeny Dick in blackface. Don’t encourage it.

  146. @Anon

    While overseas in the early 70s, I met a few US lecturers on sabbatical, all PhDs. I know it’s not current, but they seemed to agree that British and European baccalaureate degrees were the equivalent of most American Masters degrees, mainly because there was little or no “optional” courses to the area of study. All but perhaps one course in the degree was in the specific area of study. For example, 18 0r 19 courses of a physics degree would be physics or directly related course such as math/calculus, where in the US it could be as few as 12.
    Isn’t it interesting that the “Kumon” method is the rage for tutoring math. A neighbor, whose son was being tutored explained it to me. I noted that being a dinosaur from the age before “new math”, that was essentially how I was taught math. So much for “educational reform”.

  147. Anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Considering how smart white American males are held back in our universities and society in general, it’s amazing there was even one white guy in the American team. Something tells me he’s a red-haired Ashkenazi. Everyone has at least some good points and I would say that Fred’s good point is that he doesn’t push LGBT stuff. Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot.

  148. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    I totally disagree, binary math came from the smoke signals the American Indians sent to each other. They had their own Sitting Bull Code long before Morse even started thinking about his dots and dashes.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  149. Anonymous[202] • Disclaimer says:

    Hence my question. I’m neither Asian nor European and my own low IQ may have been conditioned by numerous articles here (not sarcastic) that have been rubbing in the issue of Euro genetic superiority. The sarcasm of this piece was obviously totally lost on me. And if I were White and the sarcasm remained lost on me, the writer would still pass as racist.

  150. FvS says:

    Other races might shine in a couple of areas, but whites have the overall best combination of intelligence, creativity, size, strength, speed, empathy, and boldness.

    • Replies: @FvS
    , @Char Char Binks
  151. FvS says:

    I forgot beauty.

    • Replies: @Char Char Binks
  152. @nah

    As they come out of a debt-fuelled decade of transformation

    So, it’s China that has $23+ trillion debt? I was misinformed, I thought it was the US.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  153. anonymous[308] • Disclaimer says:

    Keep telling yourself that, as you steal that can from your dog… trailer whitrash!

  154. skedaddle says:

    I worked with H1b computer people from India – they didn’t have a clue what they were doing. But the idiot managers who fired all the American workers wouldn’t admit their mistake so the few remaining Americans were worked harder to make up the shortfall.

    I did witness Indians openly crying in the aisles the day their jobs were eliminated in a corporate-wide cutback. The very last thing they wanted was to go back to India. And I’m supposed to think these people are better – no way!

    • Replies: @trickster
  155. @Colin Wright

    This is a very smart post. It never hurts to be over prepared for any situation.

  156. @Anon

    Most witty, A[424]!
    Your school must have been quite a bore.
    I infer from your lingo
    You’re a lower-class gringo,
    And dub thee Sir Typos Galore.

  157. @Showmethereal

    I myself am not well-versed, but my hypothesis is that the commies created a host of economic problems still in need of resolving, the “liberals” who came after them used “economic reform” as an excuse for mass theft, and now normal Russian people are very suspicious of the necessary reforms, so the government is wary of pushing them through.

  158. how did mexicans do at the math olympiad, fred?

  159. Fact says:

    “No missile defense system will ever destroy every single missile launched against it. Kinda like how not every “stealth” jet will be stealthy. Just ask Lt. Col. Darrell Patrick Zelko.
    Anyway, let me know when the US designs something better.”

    Yes, but they was also using the old SU s-200 system then, let´s see what will happen when they use their never s-300 what they have today.

    Orm the s.400 and even the s-500, which Russia defend them self with today.

    BTW, the s-400 which US of A sanction everyone that wants to buy it, I don´t understand why 😉

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  160. anonymous[308] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    re scientific creativity & technological power, in next 20-40 years, this will still be a “white world”

    Given that you are from some pathetic balkan rump entity, you sound like that distant loser cousin attempting to live vicariously through their “winner” relatives’ pride and glory.

    I’m with them… I’m with them! Lol!

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  161. @max

    Your point as a whole is intact and i agree. However, don’t use that “0” hindutwadi example

  162. @Fact

    BTW, the s-400 which US of A sanction everyone that wants to buy it, I don´t understand why

    Nothing personal, strictly business. The US tries to force everyone to buy inferior American systems Patriot and THAAD. The former failed so many times that it’d take too much space to list them all. Arguably, its “best” performance was in KSA, where it kept missing Houthi’s missiles but hit a Saudi house instead. The latter “distinguished” itself in South Korea, where it consistently learned about NK missile launches from local newspapers. You can’t allow market mechanisms when you peddle crap, while your competitor sells the real thing.

  163. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Of course no demeaning intention , just humorous . My impression is that Fred has a lot of sense of humor and that he would appreciate the joke . Where is your sense of humor , Kaldian ? are you a yankee puritan ?

    Hernan Cortes started a new race of native and spanish mestizos in Mèxico . The Kings of Spain favored mixed marriages . Yea , so what ? , go tell the yankees who never mix with anyone even mentally .

  164. I did not understand the premise of the article..sorry I guess I am so dumb…BUT the US/American team in the Math competitions and OTHER international competitions include (USA born) NON Eurpean students…genetics? is there such a concept as American genetics?? what if the team member is Indian, Chinese, backgrounds??? Maybe the best predictor of academic success will be the% of GDP spent in University/academic/research education…since American K-12th education (poor) is just a pathetic dismal failure..thanks to the Teachers Unions..more than $10 billions per school districts down the toilet…

  165. d dan says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    1. Field Medal: Math is known to be a young person’s field, that is why Field Medal is awarded to people under 40. It requires at least a decade or likely 2 decades of works to get the award. Let’s face it, if you are still not looking into serious math problems by the time you are 20 years old, you are unlikely to be a Field Medalist material. As such, I think even Field Medal is still an indicator lagging by at least 1.5 to 2 decades. I would argue this is true for almost all top awards in the wiki list.

    2. Top 10 Greatest Inventions of Last Decade: This is a very fault list. There are so many things to criticize. You already noted one. There are other points: e.g. GPS was invented MANY decades ago, not in 2005. Same for several other items like computer vision, touch screen, etc. Other “inventions” are so questionable: Github is a great invention – give me a break. I won’t even call it an invention.

    3. I offer instead this list of the most important breakthroughs in math from around 2001 – 2005:
    Note that there is a Japanese, a Vietnamese and a Chinese. That is already 30% for Asians, shattering the 85-95% you predicted for white. Also, note the top of the list is by a Chinese. Several serious math researchers consider Zhang’s work to be the most important math breakthrough in the last decade.

    4. Faculty member in Harvard, Pricenton… First, you understand these are American universities, and there is only 5% American-Asian population in the country, right? Everyone I know all agree that Asians are over-represented in the top U, so I am not sure why you even bring up a point that counter your own argument. Looking alternatively, what is the percentage of white in Tsinghua or Peking U.?

    5. China’s GDP per capital is still a fraction of US and most western countries. So I would argue the full potential of China has not been unleashed. Another supporting evidence is that there are only 3 millions American Chinese, but they have captured more Nobel, Field, Turing… than the 1.4 billions Chinese in the mainland. If the 1.4 billions could achieve a fraction of the rate of American Chinese, China would probably be a powerhouse.

    6. A further argument of the untapped China’s potential: If you are the top 0.0001% in China, you probably have 1000 possible career paths to choose. You could works in commercial companies for 2 decades to file 100 patents, to become a multi-millionaire. Or you can work in pure research for 2 decades to aim for an uncertain, low monetary reward like Field Medal or Turing. Because Chinese market is growing so fast, I believe that the attraction is so much bigger for the commercial than for people in the west.

    7. I would also argue that the contributions of the west in science is overrated. Some serious mathematicians, for example, rated Pythagoras to be the top 10 mathematicians ever. I almost laughed my arss off when I heard that. People really believe he discovered the pythagoraem theorem, and no other ancient civilizations were aware of that? Same for Archimedes’ principle. And why is Pascal triangle not called Yang Hui’s triangle or Al-Karaji triangle? What about ancient work by Mozi about Newton’s first law of motion. And the Ming dynasty physician works on bacteria, etc. As the saying “history is written by the victors”. Right now, the west is the victor, so it is quite natural for people to see thing from that optics.

    8. As for your “stereotype about non-imaginative & mostly copycat of Asians”, and your comments about “lack of essential freedom in these cultures…”, I won’t respond too much, except to note that you are very narrow minded and ignorant of Asian culture. I would end this exchange with the following historical note. In 1864, Irish construction superintendent James Strobridge of the Central Pacific Railroad believed Chinese were not strong enough to construct the railroad. He commented: “Good God! They can’t handle a pick and shovel, let alone lift one!” At that time, probably over 90% of the railroad in the world had been constructed by white, and 0% by Chinese. But due to lack of applicant from white workers, they were forced to accept the initial batch of 50 Chinese workers. And you know the rest of the history.

    You should hope that you are not called the Strobridge in 150 years from now.

    • Agree: Chinaman
    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  166. Chinaman says:

    Dear Fred, I salute you for pointing out the glaring truth that no white people wants to admit- that the Chinese are smarter-. The absurdity of the US IMO team is a “chink” in the armor for all white supremacist.

    90% of the comments here brought out the usual rejoinder- chinks are conformist and lack “creativity.” And that China didn’t win any Field medal. May be I point out that Field medal is a western institution and control by whites. Let’s see how many Chinese will win the medal if all the judges are Chinese. No white people , no matter their IQ, wants to admit that Chinese are at the pinnacle of intelligence.

    Reality have a way of catching up with you. As the singularity approaches, this genetic gap in Intelligence and the renaissance Of China will change the world order. it will be the Chinese who leads the world into this new era.

    Western civilisation will enter another dark age.

    • Disagree: Republic
  167. anonymous[308] • Disclaimer says:

    Basically, you see, the pestilence of dndootva mushes up the brain. The afflicted begin to believe things like, the frigging cow inhales oxygen, and exhales oxygen too! The braindead also entertain grand delusions about being the creators of nuclear weapons/ballistic missiles, the internet, flying aircraft, elephant-head-man plastic surgery, and basically everything else.

    These are the feckless lowlifes, the descendants of whitrash worshipping faggot traitors (*1), who rule over that extremist pagan cesspool. Oh boy, we are so screwed!

    Regarding those rulers… Bodi may be “charismatic,” in his own made-up fugly way, but is a prime example of a complete dndootva dummy. In contrast, Shah has the charisma of a door knob, but man, what a most cunning mofer that thing is. smh.


    Talking about backward, I am sitting here watching a news channel, due to coffee-induced insomnia at 4am, and I get to know something abominable… a dndoo community which worships Gandhi as a… wait for it… Goddess. Wha??!!

    I suppose this is still better than the dndoos who worship the “goddess” of menses. Yeah?

    • Replies: @Malla
  168. Chinaman says:

    I ask the same question and been bearish about the Chinese economy since 2007. Then I realise that China inadvertently solved the Achilles heel of modern capitalism, which is the banks and the process of credit creation. Banks should be non profit state enterprise that functions for the good of the people. Credit creation should not be in the hands of selfish capitalist but a government policy. It is ironic that it is socialism that save capitalism in 2008. China’s debt fuelled growth will continue until it reach its full productive capacity.

  169. @AnonFromTN

    China too has pretty large national debt. $5+ trillion. Considering everything they got into debt of this size pretty early. It looks like everyone is in debt.

    • Replies: @TT
  170. @trickster

    How did NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS ever manage to survive when there hardly any Asians in the US?

    Answer:VERY WELL THANK YOU!!!….1969….a 90 percent NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICA and a 99 percent Native Born White American NASA managed to place two ALPHA NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES ON THE MOON….to do the White Male Moon Walk….

    The Chinese “Americans”…The Hindu “Americans”….do not belong on NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE!!!!=AMERICA…..



  171. Poco says:

    Establish your own international awards then and fuck off.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  172. @d dan

    Well-this is so naive, ill informed & emotional that it is easy to show its inadequacy.

    1. no, mathematics is not a field for young people (not to be confuse with precocity). Most great mathematicians did their most important work between their 30s and 80s (they tend to live long, I suppose). It was theoretical physicists who were mostly finished when they were between 36 and 40 (this seems to change with time). Enough to say that Andrew Wiles made his most important contributions when way over 30 or 40.

    If you argue that top awards on any wiki list (Turing, Wolf, Abel, ..) are “old”- what’s the point? Where are your arguments & what they depend on? Besides, the greatest single Nobel “hit” was prize given to Heisenberg, Schroedinger & Dirac, almost immediately after their published works. It is a myth that Nobel prizes reflect some work 40 years old, simply because there were a few people who really waited too long & this created optical illusion.

    I repeat- you have no proof that Asian mathematicians (or scientists etc.) are even close to match, let alone overtaking Europeans & Americans in their respective fields.

    2. as for inventions, you just confirmed what I’ve said: Americans & Europeans build on what they themselves had created, and if something was done in last 10 years (it could be 20 or 5), & built on something going back a few decades ago, this runs contrary to your wishes.

    Anyway, I didn’t see anything serious cataloging 10, 20,..100 most important serious inventions in the world in past 10 or 20 years- and which part comes from Japan, China,India etc.

    Where they are? Which are these inventions with truly trailblazing effect?

    3. although 3 Asian mathematicians are very serious & creative people, some of them have been, a Vietnamese, had been awarded Fields medal & he’s, in this respect, nothing new. No 1., Yitang Zhang, is close to 65 years old, which points more in my direction, that highest mathematics is for middle age geezers & I hope that Mr. Zhang will achieve even more when he is 70 or 80. But this has nothing to do with anything resembling “new wave” of Asian scientist. Anyway, to take a list of 10 math accomplishments & to point out to 3 out of 10 people to refute an offhand remark of 85-95% to 70%- this is a wonderful illustration of Twain’s saying about lies, damn lies and statistics. Who would take such a line of reasoning seriously?

    4. I have said that Asians are over-represented in Harvard etc., but most of them are not China-born, let alone China-educated. Simply because ethnic Han, Chinese would be the only people enticed to go to the contemporary China- and it would be just fine for them to do such a thing, some sort of patriotic duty. But they seem very unwilling to leave “white man’s world”.

    5. not worthy of comment. US can, as I write, with a few stubborn political & economic manoeuvres, knock China to her knees, ready for a knockdown. Having in mind that most China’s national & regional problems are not yet addressed, this country is extremely vulnerable to even minor progress in liberal democracy. Huge amount of China’s rise was essentially due to a combination of myopic greed of Western plutocrats & Western good will. If it evaporates, most of China’s power will collapse swifter than Sultan of Zanzibar when confronting British Navy.

    6. this has nothing to do with topics discussed. We could go on & on about relative strengths: for instance, US makes huge amounts of many & creative work in film industry,while Chinese film would not be quite interesting to the rest of the world. And so what?

    7. this is so obscurantist that barely deserves a mention. There were great mathematicians, however, Pythagoras is god of mathematics. Only ancient Greeks developed mathematics as science, logically connected network of proofs, ideas & the fundamental idea which Galileo later phrased that “book of nature is written in the language of mathematics”. No other culture had developed mathematics as science, with strict proofs & corpus of knowledge.

    This party really reeks of Asian inferiority complexes.

    8. if you are into historiosophy, you should know that West has made the world as it is. Western art forms are universal, so is music, so is literature, so is philosophy, so is film, so are sciences (exact, technical, social & humanist), so is law, so is politics,… Asian contributions, while very worthy, simply cannot stand comparison .

    This whole issue is absurd. No arguments, only inferiority complexes.

    And at the end, it wouldn’t be bad to address the issue of sterility of one-dimensional life of sciences, which doesn’t only gives more richness to life, but also vastly enhances scientific results.

    • Replies: @d dan
  173. @anonymous

    Well, I have a freedom & life. While your countrymen have only … nah, it would be too cruel.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  174. @Chinaman

    No white people , no matter their IQ, wants to admit that Chinese are at the pinnacle of intelligence.

    This may count as overstatement of the year.

    • Replies: @Jester
  175. Брат says:


    You are swallowing propaganda manufactured for you.

    Also you,

    The F-35 has had a lot of teething problems and still have quite a few but it undeniably represents another league compared to 4th generation fighters. Russia pathetically failed to make an actual stealth aircraft as the Su-57 is obviously not a real one. It’s simply above the capabilities of the Russian aircraft industry at the moment. It has visible rivet heads, exposed fan blades, the pilot’s helmet has probably an order of magnitude larger RCS than an F-35 as its canopy is apparently unshielded. The Chinese J-20 is perhaps not in the same league in stealth as the F-22 or even the F-35, but it looks much more serious than the Su-57 as it doesn’t have the previously mentioned characteristics.

    > ‘murica!

  176. FvS says:

    Clearly, some of you have never been in a China hate thread on 4chan. You couldn’t pay me to ride an escalator, an elevator, or drive in China. There is a reason the Chinese are called insects. They are the Jews of Asia, money-grubbing con artists to the core.

    This book perfectly describes the Chinese people. It was written in 1933, but you can see they haven’t changed one bit.

    Here is an excerpt.

    • Replies: @Брат
  177. Rogue says:

    The whole world apart from the USA says “maths”.

    So who’s idiotic?

    • Replies: @Poco
  178. Rogue says:

    It is impossible to completely understand and assess human intelligence.

    However, IQ testing, as poor a measure of rating human intelligence as it does, has a kind of ball-park relevancy.

    In other words, basically agree.

  179. Jews are letting America down!

  180. @FvS

    Size, strength and speed come in handy in math and science competition, of course. That’s why Jamaicans do so well.

  181. d dan says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I see that you are the one who get defensive. Do you notice the number of descriptive words you started to throw out in your reply: “naive, ill informed & emotional, inferiority complexes, absurd, inferiority complexes,…”

    I agree this is not worthy of further discussion. So, I will stop arguing and just summarize my points for the readers (and you) to decide:

    1. Nobel, Turing, Field and other top awards requires decades of work. It is a lagging indicator of the current level of research activities and achievements.

    2. The full potential of China’s research has not been realized today. It is still LONG way from its full potential.

    3. Western dominance in science (and yes, in arts, music, philosophy, law, etc…) are over-rated, because many people in the west refuse to recognize achievements of others.

    4. You provide no evidence to your assertion that “in next 20-40 years, this will still be a “white world”, and 85%-95% of the breakthroughs will be done by white.

    5. Your stereotyping of Asians being “not capable of imagination” etc are very narrow-minded, and will be proved to be wrong in the coming decades.

  182. Брат says:

    Of course.
    Only yellow-fever stricken fetishists buy into the delusion of China stronk!
    These are the low-t soybois who need to justify their life mistake of impregnating one of these insects.

    I knew a white American who worked in China for over a decade. And he really despised the Chinese. The idea of these people having 105+ average IQ is a massive CCP lie and I wouldn’t trust a single thing the CCP says.

  183. Kronos says:

    Yeah, Leftists will keep looking until IQ is no longer a 80% genetic and 20% environmental split. They’ll keep looking until the funding/political support runs out.

    “The heritability of IQ for adults is between 57% and 73%[6] with some more-recent estimates as high as 80%[7] and 86%.[8] IQ goes from being weakly correlated with genetics, for children, to being strongly correlated with genetics for late teens and adults. The heritability of IQ increases with age and reaches an asymptote at 18–20 years of age and continues at that level well into adulthood.” -Wikipedia

    Remember, Black academic achievement peaked in 1955. With segregation in place, middle/upper class blacks were forced into schools with black underclass knuckleheads. With the dysgenic effects of welfare, the scores have declined over the years. (Also, the smart blacks left the inner cities like a bat out of hell.)

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  184. @TKK

    I was reading about how the Ebola virus was changing to “sneak”past antibiotics.

    Antibiotics have no effect on viruses to begin with. Whatever you were reading, it was not even wrong.

  185. Chinaman says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Whites all around the world think they live in a free country but this is an illusion fed by the media and government and lack of exposure to the world and cultures.

    Individual liberty and the protection of personal property are enshrined in the constitution of Western democracies but I find it hard to reconcile all these talk with being involuntarily deprived of more than 50% of the fruits of my labor through personal tax. Tax is SLAVERY, period…taxes went up to 94% during in the 1940. Some People have it better under communism. It is imposed against everyone’s will, and I consider this act the ultimate form of tyranny. What is left unsaid is that taxes are a disease that result from western democracy and the tendency for the mob to expropriate the properties of rich throughout history.

    Another point is that ideological wars that are being fought in the West now have gone insane. Socialism and Feminism have poisoned politics and introduced many unjust laws into the legislature in the West, some of them you won’t even be remotely aware- until you transgress on them. You can easily be locked up for something totally ridiculous . Law is as arbitrary as the committee of unknown people who draft them and often used as a political weapon in the West.

    To state this in as simple terms as possible, the USA, the land of the free, was founded on the Slavery of black people and the genocide of the native Americans. It makes me nauseous whenever I hear western countries chastise China about its human rights abuses. It is the pinnacle of hypocrisy and shamelessness when you are holding yourself as the standard bearer of democracy to the world while minorities in your country are not allowed to vote and as recent as the 1960-70s, segregation and Jim Crow laws were still practiced in the South.

    This is not mention that the defender human rights and freedom also happen to have the largest prison population and “waterboard ” as a pastime- that’s torture-

    • Replies: @Jester
  186. Chinaman says:

    Thank you for pointing this out on my behalf but You can replace the video with a guy like Will Ferrell and also replace white with Asian, black wing white, White people with any sense should keep quiet and stop pointing out the genetic gap since they are not very high on the totem pole…

  187. Chinaman says:

    Whites invented the IQ construct and hundreds white People measure chinese’s IQ over decades to arrive at this conclusion which none of them wants to admit. However, Reality is what it is, as Fred pointed out.

    Chinese never claim they have a 105 IQ. White people said it…

    • Replies: @d dan
  188. @Брат

    I think it’s high but not that high. It’s the CCP. Oc course theyre gonna massage the numbers a bit. In the PISA tests, don’t they only submit results from Beijing and Shanghai? Very manipulative. There are studies which point towards lower IQs

  189. Kronos says:

    Because our economy/society is transforming into a IQ Caste system. Your essentially screwed unless you have a 160+ IQ to operate a hedge fund. Common discussions about IQ occurs because it constitutes a very real variable. All jokes aside, have you encountered a CEO with an IQ of 85?

  190. gem says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    🙂 I am apologizing if I got the idea behind the article wrong (or even didn’t get it at all as you pictured above!)

  191. Malla says:

    Bhagat Singh was a Communist and yet the Hindutvas claim him as their own. LOL.

    I get to know something abominable… a dndoo community which worships Gandhi as a… wait for it… Goddess. Wha??!!

    Our religion is partly screwed up. Hell there are temples to Modi.

    Basically hinduism in a nutshell by an European Observer

    “Seriously speaking, the turn and bent of the imagination of the people of India are such, that they can in no wise be excited but by what is monstrous. Ordinary occurrences make no impression upon them at all. Their attention cannot be gained without the introduction of giants and pygmies. The Brahmans, therefore, having studied this propensity, availed themselves of it to invent a religious worship, which they artfully interwove with their own private interests.—This passion of the Hindus for the extraordinary and the wonderful must have been remarked by every one who has ever so little studied their character. It continually leads to the observation I have so frequently repeated, that as often as it was necessary to move their gross imagination, some circumstance, altogether extravagant, but coloured with the hue of truth, was required to be added to the simplicity of narrative or fact. To give them any idea of the marvellous, something must be invented that will overturn, or at least alter the whole order of nature. The miracles of the Christian religion, however extraordinary they must appear to a common understanding, are by no means so to the Hindus. Upon them they have no effect. The exploits of Joshua and his army, and the prodigies they effected by the interposition of God, in the conquest of the land of Canaan, seem to them unworthy of notice, when compared with the achievements of their own Rama, and the miracles which attended his progress when he subjected Ceylon to his yoke. The mighty strength of Samson dwindles into nothing, when opposed to the overwhelming energy of Bali, of Ravana, and the giants. The resurrection of Lazarus itself is, in their eyes, an ordinary event, of which they see frequent examples, in the Vishnu ceremonies of the Paheahdam.—I particularize these examples, because they have been actually opposed to me more than once by Brahmans, in my disputations with them on religion.” Abbé Dubois, p. 421.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  192. Malla says:
    @Professional Stranger

    However the Brahmin caste has an average IQ of 115

    That is B.S. The Indians going to the USA are highly selected.

    As far as Brahmin mathematics, that is a lot of hype too.

    Of the fitness of the proof to maintain any such conclusions as have been founded upon it, an idea may be formed from this; that Mr. Bentley, who has paid great attention to the books of Hindu astronomy, says they are all of modern date, and their pretensions to antiquity founded only on forgery. As his moderate knowledge of mathematics, however, and even the inelegancies of his style, have been sarcastically employed to throw discredit upon his conclusions, it is of importance to add that the two mathematicians whose reputation for profundity seems to exceed that of all their cotemporaries, Laplace, and an eminent ornament of our country, not only reject the inference of the great antiquity and perfection of the Hindu astronomy, but, from the evidence offered, draw a conclusion directly the reverse; viz. that this science is in the very same state of infancy among the Hindus with all the other branches of knowledge. The Surya Sidhanta is the great repository of the astronomical knowledge of the Hindus. It is on the authority of our own countryman I am enabled to declare, that this book is itself the most satisfactory of all proofs of the low state of the science among the Hindus, and the rudeness of the people from whom it proceeds; that its fantastic absurdity is truly Hindu; that all we can learn from it is a few facts, the result [90] of observations which required no skill; that its vague allegories and fanciful reflections prove nothing, or every thing; that a resolute admirer may build upon them all the astronomical science of modern times; but a man who should divest his mind of the recollection of European discoveries, and ask what a people unacquainted with the science could learn from the Surya Sidhanta, would find it next to nothing.

    The progress of knowledge, and the force of observation, demonstrated the necessity of regarding the actual state of the Hindus as little removed from that of half-civilised nations. The saving hypothesis, however, was immediately adopted, that the situation in which the Hindus are now beheld is a state of degradation; that formerly they were in a state of high civilization; from which they had fallen through the miseries of foreign conquest, and subjugation.

    On the geography and chronology, as parts of the literature of the Hindus, I shall express myself in the language of Mr. Wilford. “The Hindus,” says that celebrated Hindu scholar, “have no regular work on the subject of geography, or none at least that ever came to my knowledge.—I was under a necessity of extracting my materials from their historical poems, or, as they may be called more properly, their legendary tales.” In another place he says, “The Hindu systems of geography, chronology, and history, are all equally monstrous and absurd. The circumference of the earth is said to be 500,000,000 yojanas, or 2,456,000,000 British miles: the mountains are asserted to be 100 yojanas, or 491 British miles high. Hence the mountains to the south of Benares are said, in the Puranas, to have kept the holy city in total darkness, till Matra-deva growing angry at their insolence, they humbled themselves to the ground, and their highest peak now is not more than 500 feet high. In the Calica Purana, it is said that the mountains have sunk considerably, so that the highest is not above one yojana, or five miles high.—When the Puranics speak of the kings [66] of ancient times, they are equally extravagant. According to them, King Yudhishthir reigned 27,000 years; King Nanda is said to have possessed in his treasury above 1,584,000,000 pounds sterling in gold coin alone; the value of the silver and copper coin, and jewels, exceeded all calculation: and his army consisted of 100,000,000 men. These accounts, geographical, chronological, and historical, as absurd and inconsistent with reason, must be rejected.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  193. Bill99 says:

    I don’t understand. In earlier posts, I thought Fred’s girlfriend was a beaner. In this one, she is a slant. Which is it? Many insecure older white men who failed at relationships with women their own age go to Asia or Mexico and take up with much younger women who do not challenge them intellectually in exchange for being taken care of in a style they enjoy.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  194. @Malla

    Yes, but these figures have mythic functions.They are not intended to be a “science”; their function is mostly to crush personal ego & to induce a thirst for liberation, mostly through yoga or various similar disciplines.

    Although superseded in some details, Joe Campbell’s books are still valuable in this respect:

    • Replies: @Malla
  195. @Bill99

    Not my business, but Fred’s last long-time partner is a Mexican. He wrote about it many times; he & the missus have been in China recently, so he wrote a few articles on the rising China power.

    • Replies: @trickster
  196. Jester says:
    @Bardon Kaldian


    o white people , no matter their IQ, wants to admit that Chinese are at the pinnacle of intelligence.

    Well let’s see:

    China’s civilization is 4000 years old ?

    China was a dismal communist dump until American companies started using their cheap labour just a few decades ago

    The Chinese high IQ students are coming to the States in droves to study with low IQ students and low IQ professors.?

    There are more Chinese living in the States than Americans living in China

    There are more boats with Chinese hiding in rice bags headed to the States than the other way around.

    Let’s be rational. They come here because they expect a better life than the miserable existence they have in China and that better life in every way was created by higher intelligence whites in just a few hundred years compared to China’s 4000 years.

    To this day there are areas in China that are so backward you could easily feel in a time warp.

    Higher intelligence my ass !

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  197. Jester says:

    So what are YOU doing here ?? Why are you still here ??

    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @trickster
  198. Malla says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Thanks, I would like to check out this book.

    crush personal ego

    For some strange reason most of our Brahmins and Sadhus/Rishis/ holymen have huge egos.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  199. trickster [AKA "Dr Giggles"] says:

    Nooooooooooo ! How could that be ? They are superior !

    They weep with joy because they are returning to a high IQ country where people shit and urinate in public, where beggars prevail, where one can see stray dogs copulating in the street, animals wandering all over the place, and where the average indian house measuring 700 square feet is inhabited by 4 families and has one outdoor latrine pit. So much for their thousands of years of history. What is there to not cry tears of joy about.

    Talking about crying, we hired an Indian accountant with his Chartered Accounting (designation from the UK to manage a small subsidiary group within an international conglomerate. At 2 am in the morning with just 6 hours to go for the overall corporate reporting deadline I got a call with him sobbing at the other end. This high IQ person was unable to consolidate his financial reports and I could not understand why. After a 1 hour commute in the middle of winter, I realized in just a few minutes that the dummy was not eliminating intercompany transactions within the sub group. He was a casualty at the end of the week. We just packed his shit and security escorted him out. My boss had smoke coming out of his ass because he had insisted on hiring the guy.

    And here is the rub. Both my boss and I did not have such exalted qualifications !

    Dr Giggles has become very cautious when groups or individuals tout their own intelligence and abilities. In virtually all cases I have discovered they were full of shit.

    Every driving school and pizza parlour within 10 blocks of my home is run by some indian. Likewise every convenience store and restaurant has a chinaman behind the counter. High IQ people run these LOL.

    This thing with high IQ Indians, Chinese etc is all a load of crap. If they are so smart how come their countries are so backward ??

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  200. Gyre07 says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    The main difference between the US and Russia? Their media reports on screw-ups whereas the US media either doesn’t report at all on it, or takes directions from their CIA handlers on what the ‘official’ narrative will be. Which system do you think is healthier for the people living under them?

  201. @Jester

    An unpleasant revelation from discussion groups, at least for me: Chinese inferiority complex & seething rage towards whites. Perhaps I didn’t pay much attention; perhaps my view was distorted because of my late Chinese friend (who tragically died in a car-crash a day after his wedding) whose mature wold-view was: we are proud & ancient civilization, we’ve been horribly humiliated by the West in the 19th C; but now we have adapted while retaining our central cultural traits & the future is bright- for us & the rest of the world.

    Looks he was atypical.

  202. @Malla

    This shows that great Indian (Bengali) scholar Dasgupta was right when he insisted that “four pillars” of Hinduism (infallibility of the Vedas, samsara, karma & moksha) were not literally acceptable for him (he was a theist, but of a more modern, individual kind):

    • Replies: @Malla
  203. @anonymous

    No I specifically mean the binary code – which eventually led to digital ages. The binary code was developed in Germany. It was based off of Chinese writings from centuries before brought back by Jesuits. Look it up.

  204. trickster [AKA "Dr Giggles"] says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Fred is a writer with a sharp sense of sarcasm and irony. A lot of his articles are fun to read because they tend to get folks upset. In a sense he is a troll.

    However, Fred writing about rising China power after a few weeks vacation there with his Senorita is like me writing about auto engine design after filling up with gas.

    Without the western world paying $300 for a pair of sneakers costing $1 to make in China, that whole country would fall back into the prehistoric era.

    I hear folks talking about US weakness due to its debt to China but all this is rubbish. If I owe a man $1000 I am in his debt true enough but if I refuse to pay him he can take the loan agreement and wipe his ass with it.

    HE is the one screwed. The person who loaned the money is the one on the risky side of the bargain.

    China power ?? Yeah right !

  205. maddaugh says:
    @Anonymous Snanonymous

    Those curry houses are a kind of medication for constipation. Instead of paying $30 to the pharmacist you can buy a curry and some rice several days old for $5.95 plus tax. It clears up the condition. That is quite a saving. The bad news is that a person might get some disease scientists haven’t yet discovered. I guess every remedy has its side effects.

  206. maddaugh says:

    Thanks for telling us. I always thought it came from the Baluba tribe in the Congo. A Chinaman was stranded there when his Junk ran aground and discovered the binary code when the natives beat their tom tom drums to send a message.

    Lucky for civilization him he wrote all this down because they ate him and a Jesuit priest used smoke signals to relay this vital discovery back to Italy. Just look it up !

    This was all 70o years ago so it just shows how advanced the Chinese were in their understanding of technology.

  207. Malla says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Thanks I already knew about him and his Romanian student.

    Hinduism for a poor villager in India is very different than the Hinduism peddled to Westerners. For the villagers it is Gods and spirits and weird superstitions and living in constant fear/revelations of Gods.

    • Replies: @Anon
  208. @Chinaman

    There are posters who exaggerate about white superiority to the Nth degree, then there is you who does the same with Chinese and Asians alike.

    What does that tell you?

    Clear enough?

    Are you even Chinese? You behave and write like nationalistic Indians. Same tone and style.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  209. d dan says:

    “Chinese never claim they have a 105 IQ. White people said it…”

    Yes, I find this very funny too. And people like @Брат claims that is a massive CCP lies.

    Can’t get more defensive than that.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  210. Anon[263] • Disclaimer says:

    Even educated city Hindus believe in these things

    As do Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, etc.

    Superstition is extreme in the Indian subcontinent.

    • Replies: @Malla
  211. Chinaman says:

    I am in Hong Kong. But honestly, I would rather live in China or Japan then to live in the US. The place is a shithole

    Go to Shanghai or Toyko to see what a modern CIVILISED 21st-century city looks like.

  212. Chinaman says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    I guess I am just trying to educate white people about the reality of race and IQ. I only cite facts and never exaggerate anything. Chinese are almost inferior in about every other aspect (athletic abilities, even physical beauty) besides intelligence. This is objective and everyone acknowledge this…

    Don’t confuse me with Indians. The image of the eloquent, lucid Indian is no more than a veneer of their dark complexion and an average IQ of 85. I hired a few Indians in my company before. As you mention, smooth-talking but never could any money…

  213. Chinaman says:
    @d dan

    Since white people invented most of everyday items in the last 100 years (let’s see what happens in the next 50 years), I never thought Chinese were very smart.

    This change when I research Race and IQ and started working with white people. I actually ran tests on Ivy league graduate using Advanced progressive Matrix on my own.

    I guess these white people obviously think CCP infiltrated the US IMO team to make them all Chinese. What a bunch of losers.

    • Replies: @Malla
  214. Malla says:

    Yes true, it is much higher in the villages though.
    Married man kills owl to perform black magic for attracting woman in Delhi

    With the crappy gender ratio we have in India thanks to female fetuses being aborted and girl children being killed, and desperate men, owls may become extinct in India soon. What is interesting is that the British East India Company had to pass laws to protect girl children in India 2 centuries back, yet this crap exists.
    Six men arrested for killing woman, four children for suspected ‘witchcraft’ in Indian village
    Jharkhand: Headless bodies of two kids found, locals claim they were sacrificed for black magic
    Witch hunts cast dark spell in superstitious India
    3 held after black magic claims life of 16-year-old girl in Kerala

    There are many in India trying to stop this superstition B.S in India. One of them was Mr Dabholkar, he was proposing a bill to ban superstitions outright.

    Guess what, he was shot dead by Hindu fundamentalists. These low IQ Hindu barbarian fundamentalists also killed other rationalists like Kalbargi and Pansare. Other similar rationalists who oppose superstitions are scared for their lives.

    • Replies: @Anon
  215. “The very savvy Trump is letting the Chinese spend to develop 5G. When they have done the heavy lifting, Washington will buy it from them for a song and perhaps some soybeans.”

    There is a lot of truth in jest. Perhaps the reason that Beijing banned agricultural imports from the U.S. is because they want free agricultural goods, including soybeans, paid for by the U.S. government, as part of a trade agreement with the U.S.

    The Mandarinocracy is just as greedy as the Western international usury capitalists. I hope the authentic workers and youth of Hong Kong separate themselves from the co-opted “color revolution” faction, which is sponsored by WARshington, and the uprising spreads around the globe.


    “Right-wing, anti-communist elements within the protest movement have attempted to whip up anti-Chinese chauvinism, blaming mainland Chinese for the social problems in Hong Kong.

    “Significantly, the New York Times this week prominently featured one such group—Hong Kong Indigenous—describing its leader Edward Leung as the “closest thing” that the protest movement has to a “guiding light.” Leung, currently in prison, and his group have incited physical attacks on “mainlanders” who shop in Hong Kong, accusing them of driving up prices.

    “The promotion of Hong Kong Indigenous is clearly aimed at dividing Hong Kong workers and youth from their counterparts throughout the rest of China who confront similar problems. The Chinese Communist Party long ago severed any links to genuine socialism and communism, and today rests on and represents the interests of a thin ultra-rich layer in China, including Hong Kong. The fight for democratic and social rights can only advance through unified struggle of the entire Chinese working class against the CCP regime in Beijing and its puppet administration in Hong Kong.”

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  216. Malla says:

    Chinese may be behind Whites in athletic abilities on average but along with other North East Asians like the Japanese and Koreans are the most athletic among Asians and I mean even the brown Caucasoid Asians in South Asia and Middle East.

    Country and total medals in the Asian Games till date
    China – 3187 medals
    Japan – 3054 medals
    South Korea – 2,235
    India – 671 medals
    Thailand – 586 medals
    Iran – 557 medals
    Kazakhstan – 557 medals
    Taiwan – 519 medals
    Indonesia – 446 medals
    North Korea – 433 medals
    Philippines – 411 medals

    down we go to the fat rich Arabs. As well as South Asians

    Pakistan – 204 medals
    Qatar – 130 medals
    Kuwait – 90 medals
    Bahrain – 85 medals
    Saudi Arabia – 61 medals
    Iraq – 47 medals
    Sri Lanka – 41 medals
    United Arab Emirates – 41 medals
    Macau – 33 medals
    Syria – 32 medals
    Bangladesh – 12 medals

    Tiny Macau has more medals than Bangladesh with nearly 190 million people!

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  217. Chinaman says:

    I think these results should be adjusted by population size . China is 1/4 of humanity so if it was a random cohort, china should win everything under the sun just due to probability. the fact it doesn’t just prove that there are different average between populations for most attributes.

    I guess what this shows is that Arabs are lazy but Japanese push themselves beyond their genetic limitations. Arabs and indians are demonstrably much stronger than East Asians, much more testosterone too.

    • Replies: @Malla
  218. @neutral

    You are an unbelievable moron. You believe the stupidest things in the world. People like you are the problem with the world. You don’t understand anything about the rich or the blacks or anything else. Idiots like you are so easily manipulated, a retard could steal anything from you.

    You even have no conception of cognitive dissonance.

    First you say the rich are good. Then you say they love the blacks, who you hate. You freaking imbecile.

    • Replies: @neutral
  219. @Jeff Masters

    There is no “authentic,” bozo. It’s all “color.”

  220. Malla says:

    What about the fact that Chinese are number one in patents today with other North East Asians nearby.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  221. @trickster

    Last winter, I heard sirens down the street in my little out of the way town, went to investigate, saw some firemen, asked one of them a question about the fire. He just went “huh,” totally clueless. He was obviously Indian. Here in rural US. A local Indian fireman. I couldn’t believe it. They are everywhere. Then a real fireman came up, grabbed the Indian “fireman,” pulled him over next to the truck, and said, “You just stand there. Don’t do anything. Just stand there until we’re done.”

    And Indian fireman way out here. My god. What next.

    • Replies: @trickster
  222. Malla says:

    indians are demonstrably much stronger than East Asians

    Actually Indians came out as the weakest men. Indian men have the same grip strength as White women.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @Marcus
  223. @Malla

    We should be stealing those red chinee patents to make cheap American knockoffs.

    • LOL: Malla
  224. Ted W says:

    I taught in two Chinese Universities and some things may surprise you.
    Once you matriculate at a Chinese University, it’s virtually impossible to not graduate. Hong Bao, or bribes to professors is common. So is cheating and plagarism. Students do learn but it is possible to buy your way through. Xi Jinping may be a good Chemist but he may be like Chinese medical doctors who don’t know what they are doing. Look for one who studied in the West if you get sick in China.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  225. Anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    Punjabis in Canada do lots of abortions of female children.

    • Replies: @Malla
  226. @sb

    How is this good news for us non Asians in Western countries ?

    sb you, and all the previous responders to your comment, missed the /s at the end of Fred’s post.

    Great to see Fred back to his former glory.

  227. Chinaman says:

    Didn’t know about Indian grip strength. Thanks for pointing it out. I guess my experience with the much more well norished Indian diaspora suggested otherwise. They can get quite big.

    I guess patents are confounded by many factor whereas IQ as a theoretical construct is quite fair and measures just one thing . Someday, they will be able to quantify it as the amount of neuronal activity in the brain.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  228. Chinaman says:
    @Ted W

    I guess you can’t say this about Gao Hao or PISA. What is unfortunate is that the cream of the crop goes overseas so there is adverse selection in your observations.

    I have to agree about Cheating or plagiarism in mainland China. It is a cultural thing, if everyone else cheats, then it is irrational for the person not to cheat. This arise from moral degradation under communism and disposition for expediency. Kind of like crazy gun laws arise from slavery in America. What about top universities in Greater China like University of Hong Kong, NUS or HKUST? I believe the academic standards and quality of the students are better than 99% of universities in America. Thus, I think this can be rectified, in time. Whites will disagree, of course.

    At the end, what matter is real world outcomes rather than anecdotal observations or ideological pontificating. I guess this is what Fred is trying to illustrate.

  229. melpol says:

    Asians from Japan and China seem to have the unique talents needed for any dynamic hi-tech economy. European-Americans are still in the race but are losing the competitive edge. There will have to be a change in Demographics for the US to remain a 1st world power. Washington economists are speaking about Balkanization as the most practical solution. No-go zones will spread throughout the American landscape.

  230. Fox says:

    All too true, science has become indeed a self-contained endeavor of mutual backslapping and telling one another how great, productive, creative and exceptionally intelligent, endowed with the gift of leadership they are. All the while with hands on purse strings to convert that avowedly self-proclaimed leadership and deserved privilege into golden realities.

    Just like the ruminants:
    “The cows are outstanding in their field.”

    Productivity, let alone creative work, has been replaced by busywork (production of lots of data), unintelligent data mining and the single-minded drive to be “innovative and creative.
    As far as I know, no new insights worthy of note, nor anything not theoretically expected 100 years ago, is being produced in the temples of knowledge. Dead ends such as string theory, the wasteful blathering about Einsteinian Relativity or suicidal dilettantism with “gene editing” carry the day. All of this is boring, the excitement of science has been snuffed out in the course of “progress” and the construction of its attendant ideological skeleton. It’s an empty promise only pumped up with science fiction narratives and the attempt to stave off its inevitable end by exhaustion of its driving force, of the resources of the earth and of believable promises.
    And to top it all, current ideology is staking out forbidden areas for scientific inquiry.

    I think that bright minds should not waste themselves in computer science either, but it is still more useful than force-inventing new and useless stuff.

  231. Repeat after me: Diversity is our strength. Diversity is our strength. Diversity is our strength.

  232. Marcus says:

    India (and south Asia in general) does really poor at anything other than cricket. I guess poor nutrition/vegetarianism led to modest physiques?

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @annamaria
  233. Patricus says:

    It could take a long time for the west to fail and China dominate. The gooks have not been very impressive for 1,000 years. They now have electric trains. Congratulations! Are they capable enough to produce innovations like Krauts and Anglos. Not yet. Let’s see what they’ve got.

    • Replies: @trickster
  234. Pedro says:

    Dr Giggles and others with his level of ignorance about China should read
    Joseph Needhams ” Science & Civilisation in China ”
    Perhaps then they may realise that the Chinese have an actual three thousand year history of innovation and not just Europeans few hundred years of innovations mostly stolen from the East during their brief reign blocking out the true history of innovation and invention.
    Just one very common example is related to the invention of printing – still claimed by those most expert of dodgy claimers of inventions – the Germans. Their answer to irrefutable evidence to the contrary is ” Oh well the Chinese only used wooden blocks, we used metal” Unfortunately those masters of metal the Koreans were a few hundred years ahead of the Germans there as well.

    • Replies: @trickster
  235. @Chinaman

    I am now 99% sure you are a nationalistic Indian masquerading as a Chinese.

    • Replies: @DB Cooper
    , @Chinaman
  236. Chinaman says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    You got me. I am a nationalistic Indian who is distressed at the plight of my fellow brownish comrades who is the only country who dares to stand up to the evil American empire. It took Indian 150 years to remove the yoke of the British Raj and we emphasize with their struggle. As a Indian, I know that if China fail in this struggle, Indian is next…

  237. Malla says:

    We are beyond help, 200 years if laws against this practice by the British East India Company Indian Government followed by the Crown Government of India and then the Indian Republic and it still exists. And even migration to a First World country full of flaming feminists does not change us. We are truly beyond help.

    But anyways things like this does not happen in Indian cities now a days.

  238. Malla says:

    We may get big but many studies have shown that we have more body fat and much less lean muscles compared to Europeans and even East Asians like Chinese.

    Body fat distribution varies among different ethnic groups, yet less is known regarding differences in lean mass and how this may affect insulin resistance. Our objective was to compare total body fat to lean mass ratio (F:LM) in Aboriginal (Native Americans), Chinese, European, and South Asian individuals with differences in insulin resistance. PARTICIPANTS, DESIGN, AND SETTING: Aboriginal Americans (196), Chinese (222), European (202), and South Asian (208) individuals were recruited across a range of body mass index to participate in this cross-sectional community study. Total body fat, lean mass, and insulin resistance were assessed using homeostasis model assessment (HOMA). After adjustment for confounders and at a given body fat, South Asian men had less lean mass than Aboriginal American [3.42 kg less; 95% confidence interval (CI) = 1.55-5.29], Chinese (3.01 kg less; 95% CI = 1.33-4.70), and European (3.57 kg less; 95% CI = 1.82-5.33) men, whereas South Asian women had less lean mass than Aboriginal American (1.98 kg less; 95% CI = 0.45-3.50), Chinese (2.24 kg less; 95% CI = 0.81-3.68), and European (2.97 kg less; 95% CI = 1.67-4.27) women. In adjusted models, F:LM was higher in South Asian compared with Chinese and European men and higher in South Asian compared with Aboriginal, Chinese, and European women (P < 0.01 for all). Insulin and HOMA were greatest in South Asians after adjustment; however, these differences were no longer apparent when F:LM was considered. South Asians have a phenotype of high fat mass and low lean mass, which may account for greater levels of insulin and HOMA compared with other ethnic groups.

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Lin
  239. Malla says:

    They have found it to be genetic and prehistoric. Only 40% of Indians are really vegetarians contrary to popular belief.

  240. annamaria says:

    Both Srinivasa Ramanujan and Leonardo da Vinci were vegetarians.

  241. Malla says:

    Not only that, from that Akarlin link, one North East Asian group, the Mongols have been found to be stronger than even Northern Europeans with Northern Europeans (all of them West to East – Germanic, Balts, Slavs ) in turn stronger than non Mongol East Asians like Chinese, Japanese who are in turn stronger than Latin Med Whites who are in turn stronger than us Indians.

    • Replies: @Malla
  242. trickster [AKA "Dr Giggles"] says:

    So says you ! It does not matter what blocks they used, what blocking they did and so on. The real inventions happened in the West. Henry Ford brought out the automobile when the Chinese were still riding bullocks. You should also take into consideration that it was the US who equipped China during WW2 enabling them to fight the Japanese with modern weapons rather than swords and bamboo lances and stocks.

    And since you are Hispanic I would like to point out that the Conquistadors were using firearms hundreds of years before such weapons were introduced to China (by the West).

    I could go on and on. I could give a shit about Joseph Needham’s book. These are written for people like you. I look at results !

    Next you are going to tell me that the western walking stick was stolen by Jesuits when they saw the chop stick. How do people like you get into this country ? Oh I forgot, you swim accross the border with Chinese backpacks.

    Perhaps since you are such a Chink lover you should go to China…and take all your hermanos with you. We certainly don’t want you living in a country that stole a bunch of blocks. You would have to give up your welfare, food stamps and subsidized housing but I am sure the gooks would welcome you there.

    Chinga tu madre …Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedroooooooooooooo!

    • LOL: Marcus
    • Replies: @annamaria
  243. trickster [AKA "Dr Giggles"] says:

    Correction. They did invent the chop stick although it took them 1000 years to do so !

  244. Marcus says:

    Do you think northwestern subcontinentals are significantly more impress physically than the others? That was part of the British martial races theory, but I’ve never seen hard evidence.

    • Replies: @Malla
  245. trickster [AKA "Dr Giggles"] says:


    You live in Hong Kong but want to go back to China ?? Or Japan ??

    1. Hong Kong was a dismal fishing village until the white man ie the British made it into what it is today. Back in the day there was an avalanche of people FLEEING China, that country with 4000 years of civilization, to go to the white man’s creation. As a Chinaman with a “high IQ” what does that tell you ??

    2. What the British accomplished in HK in a few hundred years mainland China could not in 4000 years. As a Chinaman with a “high IQ” what does that tell you ??

    3. Now the folks in Hong Kong are just fed up with the Chinese government. I bet there is nothing they would like better than for HK to be a separate state. And you want to leave HK and go back to China ?As a Chinaman with a “high IQ” what does that tell you about you ??

    4. The Chinese all want to learn English. How many westerners want to speak the Mandarin or Cantonese gibberish. And a language that uses pictures for the alphabet ? We use this teaching method in Junior Kindergarten. “This is an apple. Mary is eating the apple!” “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall”.

    5. Finally, don;t go to Japan. They don’t want your kind there considering you sub human!

    6. As for the US being a shit hole are you referring to the Chinatown areas in most large US cities ? I have been to Shanghai and there are areas there that are as primitive as the US was 400 years ago.

    7. There are more Chinese students in US universities, there are more refugees coming to the US, there are more of your kind languishing in US hospitals so their litter can attain US citizenship than visa versa. More of you want to STAY here than there are Americans wishing to go to China.

    Why do you people come here ?

    As a Chinaman with a “high IQ” what does all this tell you ??

    I will answer for you because I dont want you to spend all day referring to Confucius to get the answer>

    Here is the answer: Whites are superior ! And you are a dunce !

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Malla
    , @Chinaman
    , @Chinaman
  246. trickster [AKA "Dr Giggles"] says:

    HE is not Indian. Indians are not ashamed of their race. Check out the number of Chinese who:

    -Dye their hair blond
    -Shave one side of their head and have a long fringe hanging over their eyes
    -Put in blue contacts
    -Want to talk like blacks “wha happun deh bro ? we is bad muddafukkas homies”
    -Listen to rap music
    -Dress like blacks

    Why would any “Intelligent Race ” (the Chinese ) want to emulate an “inferior race” (the whites or more astonishing the blacks)

    I guess we have to anxiously wait for the Chinaman to educate us about the reality of race and IQ !!

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  247. trickster [AKA "Dr Giggles"] says:

    Well Sir, their fireman exam is different to the ones white men have to take. We dont want to discriminate against these immigrants or break any affirmative action laws or proportional hiring rules, regulations or ByLaws.

    Therefore the test for an Indian fireman had to be modified:

    -If you can lift a cigarette to your mouth you are physically fit
    -If you can butt it out in an ashtray you are technically qualified to put out raging fires

    I cannot understand why these tests are not to your satisfaction.

  248. Renoman says:

    Go Fred, you my Hero!

  249. Malla says:

    Do you think northwestern subcontinentals are significantly more impress physically than the others?

    I think it is true.

    British martial races theory

    Even when the British Indian Government dropped the martial race theory during both the World Wars, the North West still provided the majority of the soldiers. 2.5 million Indians volunteered to fight for their King Emperor during WW2, the largest volunteer army in history.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  250. @trickster

    You now read like the white nationalists. Are you and chinaman the one and the same?

    Are you guys the new wave of bots?

  251. Marcus says:

    Chinese are the largest foreign population in Japan now. Also the Chinese students who come to the US generally aren’t their best, more like the failsons of the nouveau riche (same with a lot of other foreign students), US universities are mainly to blame, since they want the tuition. But yeah I agree, it’s pathetic to fondle their egos when they’re still flooding into the West. What else can you expect from Fred though?

    • Replies: @Malla
  252. Marcus says:

    India also provided massive quantities of coal, textiles, and iron ore. I think India was the eighth largest world economy at that point. The British war effort would’ve certainly been doomed without them

    • Replies: @Malla
  253. Malla says:

    What the British accomplished in HK in a few hundred years mainland China could not in 4000 years.

    Now now the Anglos were probably the best Empire builders the world has ever known. But if Hong Kong were filled with a mix motley of Arabs, Indians and blacks, instead of the Chinese, the Brits would not have got anything better than a Jamaica, however hard they tried. What does that tell you about IQ?

    • Replies: @Marcus
  254. Malla says:

    Very true. We made a lot of money out of that misery. A cool GBP 1 billion paid to British India by bankrupt Britain for all our trouble.

  255. annamaria says:

    “I would like to point out that the Conquistadors were using firearms hundreds of years before such weapons were introduced to China (by the West).”
    — This is what happens to kids’ when they are subjected to the American system of education.

    Wikipedia for “Giggles:”

    Gunpowder is the first physical explosive. Before its discovery, many incendiary and burning devices had been used, including Greek fire. The discovery of gunpowder is attributed to experimentation in Chinese alchemy by Taoists in the pursuit of immortality, and is popularly listed as one of the “Four Great Inventions” of China. It was discovered during the late Tang dynasty (9th century) but the earliest record of a written formula appeared in the Song dynasty (11th century). It was employed in warfare to some effect from at least the 10th century in weapons such as fire arrows, bombs, and the fire lance before the appearance of the gun. Knowledge of gunpowder spread rapidly throughout the Old World possibly as a result of the Mongol conquests during the 13th century…While the fire lance was eventually supplanted by the gun, other gunpowder weapons such as rockets and fire arrows continued to see use in China, Korea, India, and eventually Europe.

    • Agree: Biff
  256. Marcus says:

    What do you predict for areas that are becoming more South Asian than northeast Asian? Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Even in South Korea there’s a growing population

    • Replies: @Malla
  257. Chinaman says:

    I was already getting bored but finally, one of you guy took the bait.

    I caught a big white supremacist today !

    Your emotionally charged prose and line of questioning betrayed your 2 digit IQ and your ignorance on history. You are the American on TV who can’t find America on the map or believe that America is a democracy when the constitution never mentioned it once.. It was definitely one of those rare catch.

    I think most of your white compatriots are quite embarrassed by your questions but I will love to see how the more informed amongst you twist the facts to defend his stupidity, simply out of racial solidarity.

    Thank you, You really made my day, I have never heard anyone say “whites are superior!” in this day and age. It must have felt very good to say that. I am sick of the hypocrisy and BS too.

    Come on, I think I deserve some credit for bringing it out of you.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  258. Malla says:

    They are all gonna screw up. Give it time.
    The best South Asians can achieve is Mauritius which is not bad but it is no Singapore either. But hey Mauritius is 40% black so that must drag things down a bit, we have to keep that in mind. But again do not forget, sugarcane producing Mauritius is also a major financial haven where most of the black money of Indian slimeballs re-enters the Indian economy via the “Mauritius route”. Without this financial merry go around laundering industry, Mauritius would be just sugarcane fields and beaches.

  259. Chinaman says:

    Levity aside, to answer your questions , The anecdotal observations and the objective development gap between the Chinese and western civilisation, which you alluded to, have been the subject of many books. It is actually my research interest too. I started my journey to an answer these questions ( not the exact ones you ask) reading Jared Diamond, then great divergence and then why the west rule for now. Each of the books presents, a facet of the diamond which leave the reader unsatisfied and grasping for more.

    At the end, it was Richard Lynn’s research on the international IQ gap which shed most light on these questions and have the highest statistical explanatory power. A correlation of 0.4- 0.6 between GDP ( under PPP) and IQ is incredible given how many confounding factors there is. That explain the real world outcome we see today.

    To trace further back, the answer you are looking for may lie in the a single event that happen 1000 years ago , that is, the mongols invasion of China during the Song Dynasty . The song was 80% of the world GDP at that time. Europe and your ancestors have reverted to barbarism at that point. In the next 70 years, 50 million people died and the Song, along with glorious Chinese civilisation was destroyed, what you see now is a cheap replica inspired by the same Confucius ideals. The Japanese didn’t get invaded by mongol because of its geography and two “kamikaze”. I guess you can use it as a control and for comparison. The Japanese have done a lot for a small country. China was set back at least 500 years by the mongol.

    Hope this will inspire you and others to read more and will be able to defend your claims when you conclude “white is superior!” on a public forum and expose your ignorance.

    The reality is a bit more nuanced than that.

    • Replies: @Malla
  260. Malla says:

    Woaw, NOW I understand why the Chinese built that huge wall. All those strong palms pulling bowstrings. Had to build a very high wall.

  261. Malla says:

    Chinese are the largest foreign population in Japan now.

    If I am not mistaken, a lot of rich Chinese are buying property in Japan. I though Japan was quite restrictive for these kind of things unlike the West. Rich PRC Chinese are parking their ill gotten gains in Western cities from Vancouver to Sydney to Auckland pushing land prices up and making it hard for the locals. Indian rich slimeball elites are doing the same, London, Singapore and Dubai. And the new kids on the block in Dubai are Rich Nigerians!!! Rich Nigerians are taking their loot out and buying Dubai real estate.
    That is the thing to do right now. Loot out your country and park your money abroad. All the really smart people are doing this.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @Marcus
  262. Chinaman says:

    As to IQ, perhaps you should ask why many Chinese can write better English than you or could verbally spar with you in your mother tongue while you and most whites will never be able to learn Chinese, no matter how hard you try.

    Most of us ( not all) needs to learn and remember 3000-5000 Chinese characters which you are not genetically equipped to handle. The full repertoire is 50,000 character. It is the hardest language to learn.Being intellectually challenged is not your fault, of course.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  263. RSDB says:

    LTTE was pretty secular. Some of their most famous cadres were Catholic (example: Seelan, real name Charles Anthony) but the organization as a whole was not.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  264. Chinaman says:

    I think you are painting a broad stroke with the “Ill gotten gain” narrative.

    My wife have 2 apartments near Ginza and she have businesses there and hire Japanese.

    Japan’s largest trading partner is China so it is natural that some Chinese have a lot of offshore yen.

    Buying land and property is a Chinese genetic disposition.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  265. Marcus says:

    Yeah I would’ve expected Singapore and Japan to have too much of a Jante Law type mindset to allow that kind of thing.

  266. Marcus says:

    What I’ve heard from Hindu nationalists is that they didn’t have much support from the Hindu Tamil population, and openly attacked Muslim Tamils; hence, viewed as a Christian/Western plot in secular/left wing nationalist disguise. See for example:

    • Replies: @RSDB
  267. RSDB says:

    Muslim “Tamils” were attacked because on the whole they are to some extent ethnically distinct from Christian and Hindu Tamils and supported the government; some Muslims were organized into “Home Guard” units which were on the government side. See . The LTTE never had 100% support from members of any religious community, but from all I’ve heard they were fairly popular in the areas they governed most of the time.

    What I’ve heard from Hindu nationalists

    is whatever they want to believe at the moment. The LTTE was very much against the caste system, which may be influencing the people you talked to. Hindus in Tamil Nadu like Prabhakaran a lot:

  268. Malla says:

    I think you are painting a broad stroke with the “Ill gotten gain” narrative.

    Yes the stroke was too broad.
    I mean the big fishes. Not honest, hard working people like you (and your wife).

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  269. Malla says:

    My wife have 2 apartments near Ginza

    Wait, isn’t Tokyo very expensive for an average Chinese person to buy property in? But you are from HK which is very expensive too, so yeah.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  270. Marcus says:

    Wasn’t Hong Kong essentially “built” in the financial sense by Babylonian and Indian Jews?

    • Replies: @Malla
  271. Malla says:

    The song was 80% of the world GDP at that time.

    That sounds a bit high. Most likely 30-35%. I mean there is India, Persia, Baghdad to claim their pie piece.
    And Europe was not complete barbarism. They were building some huge cathedrals. You need capital and labour force to build that.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  272. Malla says:

    Yes, HK had a lot to do with Opium Money. And yes Baghdadi Jews, especially the Sassoons. The Sassoons ran away from Baghdad because some Ottoman official was pissed with them or something and came to British Indian city of Bombay. They were the big fish in this trade. There are docks and hospitals still named after this nefarious family for example the Sassoon docks in Mumbai/Bombay. They eventually married with the Rothschilds tho the Rothies are Ashkenazi and the Sassoons are Sephardics.
    And behind the Sassoons were many big Indian business houses such as the TATAs (they are a big conglomerate but a famous for their Auto company named TATA too ) . Mostly Parses were involved but also Hindu/Muslim and Jain Marwari/Gujrati/Sindhi traders were involved in the opium trade. And many powerful American families, for example the Delano side of President FDR’s family made a fortune by transporting the opium. Even Yale University was deeply involved in this trade. And Yale reminds us of Skull and Bones. And add to that some of our “independence struggle heros against British rule”, their families were involved. For example Rabindranath Tagore, the first Asian and non White to win the Nobel Prize (for literature), his dad or granddad was into this, a company called ‘Tagore and Carr’ company of Calcutta was involved in this opium trade too. After all the Opium was grown in British India. Rabindranath Tagore wrote the national anthems of both India and Bangladesh.

  273. Marcus says:

    For all their barbarism, the Vikings were trade magnates themselves. Constantinople was maybe the most important entrepot of trade in the world, plus Venice and other Italian cities were growing in importance. There’s nothing that could remotely be considered a predecessor state of India, and China was divided as well, but sure if you want to lump the two into their modern shapes they would have a huge share of global GDP, but this is a dishonest tactic of the third worldists, since it’s all guesstimations and per capita gdp would probably be an entirely different story

    • Replies: @Malla
  274. Clyde says:

    Good and informing post. So how many Chinese characters have you memorized? My guess is 15,000. My opinion is that stupid people are bad at memorization. Same for drugged out people and the US is unfortunately more drugged out every year due to marijuana legalization. There is no marijuana legalization in mainland China. Though I hear meth is a problem in Japan and Korea. Philippines too. Meth produced in North Korea.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  275. Malla says:

    Yes I agree with you.
    As far as China vs India, China was more united most of the time and the Chinese actually kept historical and economical records. Tang dynasty China for example was pretty United.
    India’s pre Islamic history is a lot of speculation, it was first researched in a professional way by the officers of the British East India Company. And we have very little economic records.
    Now the Chinese civilization until Song as Chinaman was saying is definitely worth respect, Song dynasty China with 200 million people it would have a gigantic economy at that time but 80% is a but too high. And the Chinese were sophisticated too during the Song period with high art, technology and social sophistication.
    But the Europeans were not exactly barbarians.
    Forget Constantinople, up north in England

    This is the Lincoln Cathedral in Lincoln, England. Building commenced in 1072 A.D. and continued in several phases throughout the medieval period. It was the tallest building in the world for 238 years (1311–1549). It was the first building in the world taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza. But even then it was not the largest cathedral in England, York Cathedral was even larger.
    I do not think barbarians would have the wealth and expertise to build something like that.

    • Replies: @TT
  276. Ber says:

    If I remember correctly, the Zero as well as Calculus were the Chinese creations. ..fromNeedham’s on his research on the A to Z of Chinese inventions.

  277. Zumbuddi says:
    @Colin Wright

    “. . . and defense spending.”

  278. Chinaman says:

    My wife is from mainland China. I am from Hong Kong. A lot of HKer have properties in Japan too as a holiday home an relatively cheap. personally, I am not a fan of properties.

    I know some “big fishes” you mention who brought properties around the world to evade tax or dirty money. I would put it at may be 1/4 of the purchase but who knows…

    I guess if any money from ursury, trading and speculation is considered ill gotten gains, then I am guilty as charged but it is hard earned money nonetheless.

  279. Anon[429] • Disclaimer says:

    Yah, just paid Russians $B to do everything as usual for Hindutva pride.

    Russia always got the rupees to develop their new military & space technology, while India got the national joy to beat drum on its aircraft carrier, nuclear submarines(on loan), missiles, nuclear, space program, etc.

    If a nation can’t even produce a nail clipper, bread toaster or LCD TV but spend $500B(20% GDP) to import everything, you will think they can produce a rocket that required complex metallurgy & material science, all without any supply chain.

    When China built its own aircraft carrier, it has to create monstrous 10,000 new supply chains to produce each screw & nut. You ever heard India produce one supply chain for its aircraft carrier or rocket? No, only 735M still defecating outdoor.

    If you want to understand better on India great bragging power, just read how they spent 30yrs to produce its indigenous Tejas light fighter that nobody want. Not even India Air force or Navy. And it cost 3x of F16 for a junk. Right from first drafting specs by paying France D’Assault to completion, its all France, Russia, Sweden & US contractors been paid to do everything.

    All weapons produced in India are junks – India ex-army officer.

    • Replies: @Malla
  280. Chinaman says:

    I know my 3000-5000 to read newspapers and books but definitely not 15k. I believe only less than 1% get to that 15k level you mentioned. 0.01% will know 50k. Unfortunately, my Chinese education was cut short when I was went overseas.

    Drugs are a big issue in China . Mainly amphetamines.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  281. Anon[429] • Disclaimer says:

    So why India with 1350M browns is ranked rock bottom of every international competition?

    Bottom in everything, every test, every ranking. Except producing most number of people at fastest rate, rank highest in poverty, rapes, crimes & cheats.

    The BEST of India Top2 provinces, scored GLOBAL BOTTOM 2nd in 2009 PISA. They are the best of 1350M browns.

    But didn’t many top West Corps were helmed by browns. Why is that so? No decent job in India & part of ZUS strategy to prop up India!

    Yah, you will think all Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, HKies, Sporeans, etc of IQ106 are more stupid than Indian ave IQ75. Because their Top10% prefer set up own Fortune500 companies, while the tiny handful of best browns only want to work for West.

    And these are the result of all West Corps touch by browns, how coincidence: 99% RUINED

    Only 7% of India engineers are employable(India survey). And they are now doing spaghetti coding in US.

    Reuters: 737MAX was found to be coded in Boeing India outsourcing.

    India Rank No.1 rape nation unanimously by 550 independent global experts.

    Rape is Indian men inherited culture

    These are the best brown Drs filling 25% of US now. 80% fake, 20% quacks.(India health Ministry)

    Have you find anything meaningful invented by India in its long history? Even Buddhism was Nepalis, since Gotama Buddha was borned in Lumbini, Nepal.

    Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning
    of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
    Winston Churchill, November 1942

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  282. @obwandiyag

    ‘So then American “geniuses” and Russian “geniuses” are idiots. Case closed.’

    We can’t all be as intelligent and informed as you, Obwandiyag.

  283. Clyde says:

    Many thanks Chinaman…. You are what is called an honest broker.

  284. TT says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    But you conveniently forget about China having $4T foreign reserves, gold, 65% saving rate, etc. that are more than the $5T debts.

    And what these debts are for? Not Iraq & Afghanistan wars, nor $1T nuke renewal, or $800B defense budget, but to invest in world class infrastructures & technologies turbo charging its economy for next few decades.

    You don’t equate investment as debt, do you?

  285. neutral says:

    No point in arguing with as stupid as you. If you fail to spot all the endless negrophilia that Hollywood pumps then you are too stupid to spot anything.

  286. TT says:

    The ongoing trade conflict between the United States and China dominates today’s news on international trade. Analysts cite China’s misappropriation of foreign intellectual property as an important source of bilateral tension that has prompted the United States to impose tariffs on certain Chinese goods.

    Given the growing trade tensions between the United States and China, and the economic implications of tariff increases, it is important to analyze whether China has taken steps to improve its enforcement of intellectual property rights. One way to do so is to look at data on China’s royalty payments to the United States.

    People and firms pay royalties to use intellectual property, which can be covered under licensing agreements, trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Royalties are recorded as a trade in services in the international balance of payments. For instance, payments for the use of U.S. technology by a Chinese firm are recorded as an import of services by China and an export of services by the United States. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) provides bilateral data on trade in services at the industry level over time and includes data on charges for the use of foreign intellectual property.2

    The data show that Chinese royalty payments to the world grew from $1.4 billion in 1999 to $27.2 billion in 2017. In 2016, China ranked fourth in royalty payments to the world, at just under $30 billion, right behind the United States at just over $40 billion. Both countries are listed behind Ireland (just under $80 billion) and the Netherlands (just under $50 billion) in the same year. Ireland and the Netherlands are special cases because low corporate taxes in these countries incentivize profit shifting by multinational corporations located in other countries. For instance, several American companies have opened affiliates in these countries to transfer their technology (i.e., patents) there. The affiliate pays the parent company royalties for the profits obtained using those technologies. These profits are not repatriated to the United States and therefore are taxed at the lower corporate tax rates of Ireland and the Netherlands, where the affiliates are domiciled.3

    In Figure 1A, we look specifically at China’s payments for the use of U.S. intellectual property. The payments grew significantly, from $755 million in 1999 to $8.3 billion in 2017—more than 11-fold. Even more interesting, as shown in Figure 1B, is that China’s royalty payments to the United States (blue line) grew faster than China’s GDP (red line).

    These data may suggest improvement of China’s enforcement of intellectual property rights. One cannot infer from the data, however, whether China is paying what it would be expected to pay for the use of U.S. intellectual property. The issue of China’s potential misappropriation of U.S. intellectual property calls for further research.

    Why are the Chinese so good at learning=copying?

    Copying is deep in Chinese DNA & culture. They even has a proverb for it: “seeing a better, one should seek to parallel”.

    In ancient time, there wasn’t any copyright law. Everyone learn and copy from the better to improve. Its not until the West capitalism rise to top from its industrialization just few hundreds yrs ago, West invented patent system and enforce upon the world to ensure their leading advantage.

    But who invented most of the things prior to West civilization & industrialization? China.

    But did China learn from any other high civilization? Sure, tonnes of it from ancient Bharat-India continent, Persian, Roman, Egypt, etc. But no one pay royalty or get sued to learn from better ones, just universal knowledge exchange to improve life.

    Chinese inventions that the West has stolen to start its civilization until today.

    So Europe grew by stealing everything from China first, then US stole from Europe, Japan stole from US-EU, then Korea stole US-EU-Jp. But Jp & SK were largely spared from West alleging in IP stealing because of US policy to groom them as counterweight against Soviet-China commie.

    How a Little Bit of Industrial Espionage Started the West Industrial Revolution

    Now US is grooming India to counter China, so you also won’t hear any West msm complaint of India IP violation when its rank rock bottom, while China scored quite impressively as developing country.

    China after missing 6 centuries of civilization by destructive Mongols occupation (Yuan Dynasty), few centuries by corrupted Manchus occupation (Qing Dynasty), two century by 8Alliance+India Opium wars that forced 20% of its population to be drug addicted, followed by a Japanese most devastating invasion, finally ended with a nation wide civil war, was left with only a utterly destroyed country, and a huge poor population of ~4% literacy to feed.

    Under such severe conditions, Mao’s cultural revolution even further rooted out 90% of its few leftover intellectuals and best talents.

    After Mao’s death, China finally could find 40yrs of peace time to develop everything again under Deng XP. Now China is only beginning to regain its long lost legitimate civilization & prosperity.

    Chinese Dream – is not US Hegemony 2.0

    Over last few decades, US has mutated its IP copyright system in to a very powerful geopolitical tool where its big corps & powerful allies like G7 will patent every single shits to suppress & extort any weaker nations through complex IP system & costly law suits. This is to set an exorbitant high barrier for any late comers like Asia to catch up West.

    Intellectual property, not monopoly

    Did Edison invented light bulbs? No, he just bought & patented others IP, sued all his way to success.

    Lot of small corps & nations growth were strangled with no ability to pay high royalty. Every inventor has to spent vast resources to verify if their design has unintentionally violated G7 numerous patents.

    Yet non G7 nations inventions are often violated by US giants without discourse. Eg. Singapore Creative is still sueing the world for violating its IP over two decades, only Apple alone paid $100M to settle. Trek Technology USB flash drive also. Because a small nation simply has no power to enforce its IP rights with sanction threat.

    US even patented e-Cigarette widely known to be invented by a China national. That’s how capitalism predatory policy work.

    Huawei is now sueing all US telco like Verizon for $B long term violating its IPs. Why bother about relationship after US is all out to kill it.

    Motorola paid $900M to settle.

    The best yet most embarrassing evidence NSA can ever produce to accuse Huawei espionage: T-Mobile Tappy.

    Since US always alleged China is stealing all its IP, did millions of China corps get sued globally or brought to WTO? No. Because China actually paid $30B global royalty p.a., right behind US paying $40B, so how can China be biggest IP thieves as US alleged?

    But why Chinese is paying that much willingly? Come on its $30B p.a., why not steal for free? Because no one can sell any product globally that violate IP, but burden with huge fines. That has largely answered if US propaganda hold much water.

    So Japan & Korea copied US & jumped in to spend huge amount on patenting every shit instead of investing on innovation. They become top 10 patent holders soon, with Samsung rank No.1. Everyone sued each other to get even.

    China realized its late comer disadvantage after joining WTO, every tiny basic technology, design, pattern, name, logo.. are already patented by G7 to claim royalty. You can’t create much new thing without violating one.

    But everyone has forgotten Chinese is naturally very good at “copying” the best to outperform everyone, so they started to copy US, EU & Jp predatory system on how to utilize WTO system & patent rights to squeeze back.

    WTO & China

    China paid its due fees $30B p.a. diligently by working as world sweat shop for meagre margin over 30yrs, enduring high pollution. It quietly started to invest a huge IP & trade legal team to patent all its discovery as well. Within a decade, China is No1 in patents filing well surpassing US plus next Top9 nations combined by 2014. Huawei is now No.1 patent applicant.

    Trumps is trying to kill China MIC2025 as part of trade deal term, that is aimed to improve China self reliancy from current 40% to 70% by 2025.

    By 2025 we will see avalanche of China innovations sprouting out to revolutionize the world. Why?

    Look at the global patent filing today at China 30% self reliancy (equal to next Top9 nations combined). Now extrapolate that after China achieve 70% self reliant by 2025. Where will it be?

    Within short 40yrs, China has developed from a war ruined nation to world No.1 GDP PPP by 2014, alleviated 800M from poverty with 98% literacy rate is not without good reason. And all was achieved under West ruthless sanction and subversion. Its nominal GDP will surpass US before 2030.

    If by stealing IP and forcing West outdated technology transfer, a nation can achieve all these as West claimed, India & Africa will be long No.1 economy power & IP holders decades ago since they have similar huge population without under West sanction. They even have a “superior” West planted democracy & English proficiency to boot.

    This is how China done. China produced 8x more STEM than US. Its Top10 universities are world class taking in only China Top1 & 2 tier talents. 3rd tier will be offered scholarship to study in US & UK, Germany, France best ivory universities like Harvard. 4th tier with scholarship sent to HK, Spore, Jp, UK, Oz, Nz best Uni. 5th tier go to other Asia & EU to study if they like.

    Millions are educated in global best universities, predominantly in STEM. All scholarships carry no bonds. As Deng once replied to a quiry of brain drain: “If 30% students ever return to serve, it will be enough for China.” Now 70% is heading back to China for better opportunities.

    But in last 2 decades, US 80% youth has been shunning STEM. All dream to be lawyers, artists, economist, politicians, fund managers…that only create virtual wealth from air & scam. Most US Corps spent 97% profit in share buy back scam instead of investing heavily in R&D like China. Capitalists even hollow out entire industries for better profit, bring West capitalism to climax. So why whine & blame others for the finest result of US proud capitalism & consumerism economy?

    Within next decade, 60% of all innovations will be based on new IP, then we will see everyone get sued by Chinese for IP thief & cough up huge royalty they paid in last 2 decades. Eg. for 5G, AI, IOT, automation, autonomous driving, aerospace, FSR, robotic, Agri, renewal energy, EV, miniature nuclear power, …etc.

    Huawei is unrivalled No.1 in 5G.

    US Defense Innovation Board scientists had advised Pentagon, live with Huawei or nothing else.

    What will US do then? Trumps already threaten to withdraw from WTO and had paralyzed it by refusing to allow nomination of replacement judges that retired. US is single largest violator of WTO law getting most global complaints. It has threatened the world not to use Huawei, but provide no alternative.

    Soon US will revert back to its old law, where IP rights can only be sued by Americans in US to undercut China. Isn’t shifting goal post and writing new rules to make America Great is its forte?

    Again, everyone has forgotten Chinese is very good at learning…or copying if you like. Chinese will copy US old IP law, allowing only Chinese to sue in China. And the world will quickly flood with Made in China branded goods of US at half the price. This will be the apex of US hypocrisy biting back.

    Chinese has long found the secret winning formula against US dictate World system, by simply learning-copying the best in every fields to surpass them through pure diligence & investment, including English language.

    Now they are employing million of English teachers to teach their people. Soon the world will find a billion of perfect English speaking Chinese with bilingual ability like European.

    These millions will argue their case eloquently & intelligently with hard facts in perfect English everywhere to counter West smear campaign, no longer disadvantage by language. Aren’t we already seeing that in Unz now?

    But as a very good diligent student in “copying” the best, it won’t be long Chinese will set up a similar giant English propaganda machine like US AP, UK Reuters & France AFP, BBC, CNN, etc. Then the world will start to get bombard 24/7 that US is the greatest IP thieves and spy. Which indeed Prism and Echelon gates had already proven to us beyond doubt.

    But someone still need to remind the world daily less we forget. And the world will start accuse US McDonald stole the big Mac idea from Chinese bun.

    Echelon- US Global commercial espionage.

    This is one gentleman that uses facts & data to gauge China, not West msm: Mr Godfree Roberts

    This is how our trusted Cisco that help NSA steal our data.,37480.html

    This is how Intel, AMD, Qualcomm and many US corps help NSA embeded spy unit.

    These are the reasons nsa don’t trust China: if we did dirty, no one will be clean.

    China can’t steal what we haven’t invent. Soon we will also have to pay for their best innovations US forced them to develop – every tiny little thing, by putting all Chinese leading companies on list.

    Its a nation of 5000 yrs civilization that always been the world greatest power, until its decline in last 2 centuries by Manchus occupation. Its stock of highest ave IQ105 1400M population with sure to regain its lost glory soon.

    China – the unrivaled real Superpower.

  287. TT says:

    Malla, are you the same one working in UK that me & Denk enjoyed exchanging ideas with?

    We both thought you have been arrested by RAW for leaking too much truth about India, after your sudden disappearance. How’s life?

    I seldom visit Unz nowadays. Just happen to drop by.

  288. Biff says:

    And what have they contributed to said civilization ?? The chopsticks ??

    I’m sure you mean this:

  289. Chinaman says:

    Thank you for expounding on my favorite themes and building a cogent case for China’s renaissance or Hanaissance, as I like to call it.

    Well, unfortunately, you are WRONG since “Whites are superior and you are a dunce.” PERIOD.

    It’s better to let them think that way.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @TT
  290. Malla says:

    It is me TT. Nice to hear from you? I hope everything is great at your end. Yes I miss those days of idea exchange with you and denk.

    We both thought you have been arrested by RAW for leaking too much truth about India, after your sudden disappearance. How’s life?

    LOL. I am safe for now. I am all good. The same old life. Dating someone, may get married. Except that it is all the same.
    How is life with you?

    • Replies: @TT
  291. Malla says:

    All weapons produced in India are junks – India ex-army officer.

    Some weapon systems done by DRDO (Indian Govt military Research Org ) for the Navy have been quite good.
    But so what if we produce crappy weapons, we will buy from others and then because we are a big market (the biggest or one of the biggest) they (Russia, USA, France, UK, Japan etc…) will tend to not go against us international affairs or we chop chop defense purchases.

  292. d dan says:

    Thanks @TT for providing the fact-based post. I would provide further links to corroborate your points:


    – it provides testimonials by American IP lawyer and businessmen who actual have decades of work experience in China.


    – former American economist from WorldBank debunks the typical lies and misconceptions about China.

    All these really shatter the so-called “forced” tech transfer, “IP thief”, “copycat”,… lies.

    Hey, but who needs facts when you can shout the other side down – it is the only defensive way for many Americans to feel secure today.

    • Replies: @TT
  293. Poco says:

    Is it surprising that a country with 4 times the population of the US has more patent applications? The bitchboy chinaman was whining that the white peeples be mean to hims kind and don’t give them awards. Fuck ’em and you.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Anon
  294. TT says:

    Im not Chinaman.

    So you forgot about your two buddies just for a woman huh?

    Match make or you found your love one? India parents still like to force their children marry they selected “wife”…depends on dowry…but don’t burn her if its not enough.

    After marriage, you will understand the true happiness of single freedom….before you can select any food you like to eat, now daily you will only have one type, chapati…chapati…chapati… And that chapati will be bloated & soggy as time goes by, yet very expensive costing your everything….oops. Juz my share of experience as a married man. Hehehe.

    • Replies: @Malla
  295. DB Cooper says:

    “Under such severe conditions, Mao’s cultural revolution even further rooted out 90% of its few leftover intellectuals and best talents.
    After Mao’s death, China finally could find 40yrs of peace time to develop everything again under Deng XP.”

    That piece of shit traitor of a thousand years is still worshipped by the CCP. The fucking piece of shit Mao also gave away Chinese land left and right without a care in the world. This is the reason today’s China is two size smaller than it was before. You are right it was Deng who nursed China back to health.

    • Replies: @TT
  296. annamaria says:

    Thank you for the excellent overview.

    • Replies: @TT
  297. annamaria says:

    “poco,” an Israeli. Easy to spot — bad manners, bad mouth, habitual hate.

    • Replies: @Poco
  298. TT says:

    Just as the West & India msm have been braying China will collapse under heavy debt for over 2decades, yet I am seeing China growing stronger day by day.

    If Whites are indeed most superior, why are they so late to develop than most in civilization. Most of their civilization are copied and stolen from others until last century.

    One Chinese told me its incorrect to said Westerners are WHITE & Chinese are Yellow. Only jaundice people is yellowish. He told me:

    Westerners skins are actually pale pinkish with bushy hairs, full of freckles and wide pores that perspire much.

    Whereas East Asian like northern Chinese/Jap/SK skins are truly fair white, silky smooth, clear and free from odors.

    Do they look different in skin color as white and yellow?


    After I observed around, its true Westerners are pink, Chinese are white. So whites is indeed more superior…lol.

  299. TT says:
    @d dan

    China did force technology transfer. Why? Like Chinese said:

    1) If you want me to take advantage of our low cost to produce your iPhone, you gotta let me know how to do. You don’t expect to send me a few photo and we gotta roll out iPhone X like tofu. Then you also can’t erase my experience gain from it.

    2) If you want to access my huge market, you are most welcome to make tonnes of $. But you gotta show your value add, like partnership and sharing of knowhow. Every nation did that, with tariffs & tax incentives to create more jobs. In Malaysia, you even got to give 50% ownership to Malays unless exempted by gov. India demand that too for local content. US is no different.

    3) West only provide old technologies transfer. As competition heat up with more import and new players entering, you either transfer newer technology or lose out. GM sell more cars in China than in US, they know where their best technology should apply.

    4) No one point a gun to force you enter China mkt. You are also always free to walk away. Jp, France & Germany were partnering China in its FSR 160kmh building. When China wanted to upgrade for 300kmh, Jp withdrawn abruptly, preferring to keep its technology secret. France prefer politics to smear China, so they are kicked out. Germany took the plunge in the only largest mkt then.

    Then Chinese develop & refine their own FSR technology to the best with unrivalled vast field experience. Jap become regret with an obsolete technology nowhere to apply in whole decade. France become nobody. Germans enjoyed a huge profit and royalty up till now, enable it to dev next better technology.

    Isn’t this free market & trade in compliance to WTO? Yet US want to have complete free access to others market, but not the other way. For China its called force transfer. For US its called anti-dumping or job creation to make America Great.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @d dan
  300. @TT


    This is a good thing, from an American perspective. I mean look at countries like Philippines which the Chinese have managed to seize lock, stock and barrel.

    If China had its way with the US, the economy would be run by 10 Chinese family cartels like the Philippines or Indonesia. Meth labs would be bubbling dangerously. Police would be totally corrupt. Politics would be a joke.

    And then finally, the fiery reprisal like Indonesia…

    No thanks.

    Of course China is going to grumble. They’d like the entire world to be like Philippines, where they can dump their crystal meth.

    As it is, the worst criminals in China come to the US and Canada where they have gun fights on Vancouver streets with other cartels over drug sales territory.

    You don’t see white criminal gangs moving to China. Whites are not battling it out over heroin territory in Shanghai, which Chinese gangs do in Vancouver.

    People fail to realize most of the problems in the Philippines are the result of Chinese. Refusing to pay livable wages, making crystal meth and flooding the streets with drug dealers, corruption, arson etc.

    Once the Chinese get a country to play with, the majority populace become squirming paupers.

    Visit the Philippines sometime.

    • Replies: @TT
    , @annamaria
  301. TT says:
    @DB Cooper

    I have little knowledge on Mao & China history due to LKY blackout. Spore only taught US-British propaganda. Pls share and correct me if my understanding is incorrect on China.

    But why did you said China is two time less in size due to Mao? Outer Manchuria, outer Mongolia, part of Xinjiang, South Tibet,. were all lost through Soviet & British-India invasion. It was Jiang ZM that stupidly signed away instead of waiting for right time to claim back.

    If we do read (non West demonized)Mao’s whole life story, his character, poem, calligraphy, ability to attract many finest talents like Zhou ZL & Deng to follow him, his immeasurable contribution to let Chinese stand up against West-Jp-Indian centuries of humiliating bully, and accomplishing the Hercules task to build up war wrecked China facing surrounded hostility, this man cannot be a traitor nor lunatic.

    He was certainly a Great visionary leader with unprecedented contribution to China in entire history, worthy to be worshipped by CCP & Chinese.

    As Deng said: “Mao is 70% good, 30% bad. The good is more than bad.”

    The only thing Mao might be blamable for the 30% bad, was his cultural revolution and some unintended failed policies. These shouldn’t put Mao as traitor rt?

    So what had really caused Mao to take such extreme path to destroy China root thoroughly with devastating cultural revolution, before he rebuilt it back again?

    I have read that it was when China was progressing well, many leaders started to embrace the capitalism ideology, while falling back into old habits of class status & corruption. Mao found all have stray off from the fundamental communism ideology that will endanger China if to continue the path.

    But Mao had literally lost all influence power since no one will obey his order. So he decided to make use of his only available people power (ignorant students) to gain back control and re-establish China back into his ideology. He felt there was nothing more important than the correct fundamental base. Hence he stirred up the ever most horrible cultural revolution to destroy everything. He wiped the slate clean of any residue of old imperialism & culture, to start as a new civilization.

    Mao was once again the paramount power until his death. He had proven his military genius capability in power play.

    And for one thing Mao was truly praiseworthy, he never passed down power to a dishonour son like LKY to ruin China.

    But what’s truly in Mao’s mind, we don’t know. Only history can judge Mao whether he was correct by 2050, when China regain its full glory.

    Deng has already proven his great vision is correct. China is doing everything correct under Deng plan, heading towards realizing China’s dream by 2030.

  302. TT says:

    Im glad you and others like it.

    My apology for the bad English and some charts not able to display correctly. Unz don’t allow to upload file nor edit mistake later. You need to click on the link to display all the charts.

    Since retired from work, my English just get worst day by day due to lack of usage. English is not my mother tongue. Writing on a small phone using Google keyboard is pain in ass with mistake prone. My slow mobile data plan is not helpful either in searching useful info.

    So I try to refrain from long writing since. That will help avoid torment other readers.

  303. Anon[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Is it surprising that a country with 4 times the population of the US has more patent applications?

    Dumbass, per your logic of population size, why US is not 2.5x of Japan, 10x of SK patents filing? So what happen to Germany, UK, France, and entire European countries vs SK? Why India is not 4x of US patents filing as well?

    Patent applications per GDP for the top 10 origins, 2012

    Rank Country Patent/GDP

    1 South Korea 10,584
    2 Japan 7,160
    3 China 4,980
    4 Germany 2,596
    5 Switzerland 2,575
    6 France 2,090
    7 United States 1,988
    8 Sweden 1,722
    9 Denmark 1,667
    10 Luxembourg 1,414

    Patent applications per million population for the top 10 origins, 2012

    Rank Country Patent/M

    1 South Korea 2,962
    2 Japan 2,250
    3 Switzerland 1,013
    4 Germany 902
    5 United States 856
    6 Finland 665
    7 Denmark 539
    8 Austria 489
    9 Netherlands 444
    10 China 396

  304. Malla says:

    So you forgot about your two buddies just for a woman huh?


    Match make or you found your love one? India parents still like to force their children marry they selected “wife”…depends on dowry…but don’t burn her if its not enough.

    Found love. Now a days in big Indian cities most find love. Match make has reduced. And no, not interested in dowry or burning.

    After marriage, you will understand the true happiness of single freedom….before you can select any food you like to eat, now daily you will only have one type, chapati…chapati…chapati… And that chapati will be bloated & soggy as time goes by, yet very expensive costing your everything….oops. Juz my share of experience as a married man. Hehehe.

    I have to get married sometime, my parents are pressurizing. Enjoying the last days of single life as best I can. But thank you for your advice (warning) TT. Your are older than me, wiser than me and your advice is very valuable.

    • Replies: @TT
  305. @Bardon Kaldian

    I’m following this. All big names in science (mathematics, fundamental physics, computer science, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, most medical research, even old fashioned stuff like rocket technology, astronomy, applied sciences, ..)-this is a white world. Number of sci contribution from Asians in 2nd tier will certainly immensely grow, but true breakthroughs remain to-whites, over 85-95%.

    I notice that nearly all these scientific advances were made under Capitalism. Don’t you think that that might, just might, have something to do with it? After all, until Capitalism arrived in the White countries they were third-world sh*tholes like the rest of the World (except for China (sometimes)).

    P.s. See Communist Manifesto for Marx and Engels on Capitalism.

  306. @Poco

    “Maths” sounds idiotic.

    The USA is home to a number of dialects of English. That does not make the Engish spoken in England “wrong” nor “stupid” nor “idiotic”. Only a stupid Americocentric would think it does.

  307. @Professional Stranger

    This is why, maintains Kura, it is the West that generated the Industrial Revolution, rather than more intelligent Northeast Asians. The West is indeed the Goldilocks Zone for genius.

    He may be putting the cart before the horse. Whereas the ruling class in China had the plebs more or less under control, the Mongols by opening up the trade routes between China and the West, brought to Europe firearms, which destroyed the power of the nobility, in their steel armour to dominate the plebs and printing and paper to spread subversive ideas. They also brought the magnetic compass and other marine inventions which enabled long voyages, which in turn financed the industrial revolution.

    What is the “genetic” explanation for the millennial conformity to church dogma that preceded the industrial revolution?

  308. TT says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff, you have stayed in Philippines for too long. Drugs, sex and West propaganda have intoxicated your mind.

    If Chinese are naturally notorious as you always hallucinating, then we should see Chinese majority China, Taiwan, HK, Macau, and Spore all worst than crime infested Philippines. Do they? Nada. They are world Top safest & prosperous nations. So that tell voluminous on Jeff’s view on Chinese.

    Overseas Chinese are consistently rated as most law abiding ethnic in every country including your USA. No?

    Chinese ethnic have consistently contributed above 70% of economy that they lived in, except in West, be it Spore(73% Chinese ethnic), Msia(23.4%), Indonesia(3%), Thailand(14%), Vietnam(1%), Philippines(2%), Myanmar(3%),…

    Are we seeing Chinese ravaged these countries with crimes that they have dominated over 70% economy: Msia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam…? Nada. Did they all become crime infested like Philippines? No.

    Then why only Philippines with only 2% Chinese ethnic are in such plight? Blame the Chinese…Jeff echoed Trumps & all Potus.

    Im not saying all Chinese is saintly pure, they are just as good as any whites, Mexican or Italian Mafia when come to crimes if not better. Look, if Chinese are the highest ave IQ105 stock capable of space technology & running top business, they can’t be that lagging in running syndicated crime rt?

    So it boils down to governing. Philippines is itself a lawless state like Mexico. Prez Dutert wanted to rip off drugs with military style like Thailand ex- PM Thaksin(wealthiest Chinese ethnic), what happen? The entire West lead by US are shrieking human rights violation to threaten Dutert with ICJ. West Vatican controlled Bishops are protesting, calling 90% Catholic pinoys to resist. West msm all smearing him of massacre innocents. But Dutert was lucky to still survive. CIA simply regime changed Thaksin to resume their drug business.

    USNato are the real Global drug lords!

    When HK was under corrupted Brits ruling, its completely riddled with crimes, gun robberies, drugs, smuggling, prostitution, murdering, etc. Upon 1997 return to China, it was rated World No.1 safest country better than Spore. All criminals flee to West crime heaven. Why? They said not worth to play with PLA.

    Macau was most notorious in crimes and endless casino triads tuff fighting with machine guns in thousands. Portuguese gov simply couldn’t settled. The moment Macau Portuguese governor left his meeting with all casino owners agreed on a truce, gun battle start right outside.

    So Portuguese asked China for help. CCP only sent one detective over. He called up all Casino owners for a short meeting & left the next day. There is never a single gun fight for next 20yrs! Macau residents told they have never find so safe to walk alone in midnight since China took over with PLA moved in. Guess what the detective whispered to these triads? It was rumoured he only told them gently, its either you keep Macau safe and casino business goes on, or we will help you.

    Many HK, Macau, Taiwan, China criminals are living in 5Eyes, as these govs love to provide asylums for these wealthy criminals by refusing to extradite them. So don’t blame Chinese for the crimes there if your gov ask for it.

    Philippines Prez Dutert is asking China help on its drug crisis. China has since built a number of rehab centers. Help clamped down all drugs trafficking channels link to China. But that’s all it can do, it can’t help gun down all pinoy drug lords or arrest US-Canada-Oz traffickers. So Dutert is asking China to take in Philippines as one province jokingly, where PLA can move in to clean up. Then alleviating its 100M pinoys from poverty.

    Like every nation, China itself is facing similar drugs trouble too. Even Spore is facing very serious drug problem from Msia traffickers. Its capital punishment does help deter some but huge haul of drugs still discover regularly.

    Now come to US, with most Chinese in professional jobs where whites & blacks run the show, what happen? Its still a No.1 crime heaven, No.1 in imprisonment per capital, drug abuse, mass shooting,…don’t you want to tell us USA lawlessness is also due to Chinese?

    Opioid epidemic – the global spread explained

    You have gobbled up too much West-India China threat propaganda to equate Philippines lawless condition as uniquely Chinese issue.

    Look at India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, Latin, … see how the same West democracy do wonder on every large poor high illiteracy population. Where are the Chinese drug lords?

    These are the ways how “tonnes” of drugs are moving around the world impossible to be stop completely. You can’t even trace the owner when its detected:

    The global drug lords are using container shipment, factories (canned food), cement blocks(conceal inside), air freight cargo, etc to deliver drug & contra in tonnes. Spore have caught many, but only if tip off. Some abandoned ships are found in Indonesia water filled with containers of drugs!!! You just can’t search & drill open every millions of containers traverse the oceans, crack up every product, or open every canned food to inspect. Life just needs to go on.

    In Myanmar, Chinese ethnic are most trusted business partners. So they dominate 70% economy. Yet Myanmar Shan state next to infamous Triangle run many drug factories. Shan people are actually Chinese ethnic so they are smart enough to only export drugs without troubling locals. That keep the gov not too to focus on them but the rebels.

    When you put smartest people to do something, they always outperform, be it good or evil. You let Chinese run crimes in Philippines, they will do it big like Alibaba. You let them run gov, they will do like Spore & China.

    Jeff should stop crying Yellow perils. When Indians run Philippines or USA, you will understand what’s like. Try visit India, it will make all pinoys feel Philippines is a good country.

    Unbelievable cruelty of India acts in Nagaland

    Indian army massacre all men, gang raped all women from youngest to oldest.

    India, the world largest open sewage & slum.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  309. TT says:

    You are back to live in India now? Where?

    Then what happen to your gd pay job in UK. You gonna plough your father land to feed a wife and 10 kids?

    Fyi, chapati=wife. Hehehe…

    • Replies: @Malla
  310. @TT

    No, I did not experience as much crime in Kerala or Goa as I did in Cebu. I’ve lived in both countries.

    Duterte is not going to take over drug syndicates by shooting addicts or low-level street dealers. He’d have to invade Taiwan to really assume control of the trade. So I don’t buy the theory that Duterte secretly aspires to be a drug lord.

    As for Hong Kong being a pit of despair before 97, this is untrue. Chinese were desperate to go there. It has less allure now, of course.

    Chinese criminals commit crimes in Canada and the US on the street. White criminals in China or Hong Kong are non-violent scammers and fraudster bankers and money launderers…they are not turning Shanghai or Beijing into violent gang-filled heroin corridors…the Chinese Triads do that in Vancouver.

    Is Southeast Asia better off because Chinese merchants from the Fujian Province?

    You would say so. You are Chinese. Indonesians and Malaysians seem to have expressed a different opinion by killing them in various anti-Chinese riots.

    Of course Denk or some other Chinese poster will get on here and claim that these riots were backed by the CIA.

    • Replies: @xxx
    , @BengaliCanadianDude
    , @TT
    , @TT
  311. d dan says:

    What you said is right. But I don’t call that “forced” transfer. They are actually voluntary transfer.

    • Replies: @TT
  312. xxx says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You are right!

    Victims are bad!
    Victims are inferior!

    As long as Chinese are massacred by other races Chinese remain inferior.
    As long as Chinese do not get revenge and do worse to other races Chinese remain inferior.

    Chinese bloggers : do you want revenge? Are you filled with hatred for other races?
    If not you are inferior!

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  313. Malla says:

    You are back to live in India now? Where?


    Then what happen to your gd pay job in UK

    I had given that up long time back. Indeed even when we last had our idea sharing with denk I was in India.

    You gonna plough your father land to feed a wife and 10 kids?

    Fyi, chapati=wife. Hehehe…

    How about you TT, how is your tension free life going?

    • Replies: @TT
  314. @Jeff Stryker

    Long time no see, Jeff.

    the Chinese Triads do that in Vancouver.

    Yes, as well as Burnaby and other cities in the lower Mainland. They control the gambling, casinoes and other rackets.

  315. @TT

    You have interesting things to say. You remind me of EastKekistani.

  316. @Anon

    India is a degenerate hellhole. I was talking about the Western environment, and I wasn’t being serious. Hindu Indians are just wired differently. Muslim and Christian Indians aren’t any different but eh. South Asians in the West have their own gig going on. We have our own thing. Don’t take it too personally. I’m sure everyone has heard about the inferiority of Chinese goods. It doesn’t concern me that much

  317. Chinaman says:

    We don’t need revenge. None of the white people alive today have done anything to me.

    I think I speak for most Chinese when I say we just want to be unhindered in our development and be restored to our rightful place in the world after 1000 years of subjugation.

    This Chinese renaissance is not a zero sum game and there is no reason East and West must fight it out and kill each other. Inferiority drive competition and progress for everyone.

    Race, at the end, might become superficial when the singularity arrive and our consciousness merge with the machine.

  318. DB Cooper says:

    Just a quick note, I will give a more detailed reply when I have time.

    ” Outer Manchuria, outer Mongolia, part of Xinjiang, South Tibet,. were all lost through Soviet & British-India invasion. ”

    Outer Mongolia independence was conceded by Mao. South Tibet was invaded and annexed by India in 1951, under Mao’s watch. Part of Yunnan province was conceded to Myanmar by Mao because Mao agreed to the alignment of the so called and MacMahon line, a diplomatic forgery made by the British. Mao made no fuss when the issue of Diaoyutai first came up in the 1970s. Basically I didn’t see he has any sense of maintaining China’s territorial integrity. That piece of shit also colluded with Russia, the biggest land grabber of China during China’s most trying time. Despite CCP’s propaganda, the Soviet Union DID NOT help China against the Japanese during WWII. The Soviet Union did opportunistically declared war on Japan two days after Hiroshima was nuked and Japan’s defeat was assured and poured in the army to the northeast, obviously trying to grab more land from China. It is under this backdrop that the traitorous fucker was colluding with the Russian.

    “And for one thing Mao was truly praiseworthy, he never passed down power to a dishonour son like LKY to ruin China.”

    That’s because Mao son was killed during the Korean war. Had his son survived today’s China will be a bigger version of North Korea, with the Mao dynasty parallel the Kim’s dynasty.

    The piece of shit basically wrecked China’s economy for thirty years.

  319. DB Cooper says:

    This is the real map of China, published by the National Geographic in 1912. This map is pretty much the map of ROC (Republic of China). Compare to today’s map of the PRC you can see today’s China is two size smaller than what was before.

    More resources:

    • Replies: @TT
  320. DB Cooper says:

    People over eighty years old in China today probably can still remember that when they were children in school they were taught that the map of China resembles a Begonia leaf. Once the CCP came into power the CCP (Mao basically) was conceding Chinese land left and right.

    By the way JiangZemin is a piece of shit also.

  321. TT says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff still not off from weed?

    No, I did not experience as much crime in Kerala or Goa as I did in Cebu. I’ve lived in both countries.

    Philippines is a lawless heaven only Mexico can compete. India is truly hellhole, but crimes aren’t as bad, in rural India is pretty nice for me. I travel for business & lived there in past.

    Duterte is not going to take over drug syndicates by shooting addicts or low-level street dealers. He’d have to invade Taiwan to really assume control of the trade. So I don’t buy the theory that Duterte secretly aspires to be a drug lord.

    Dutert did threatened to kill those Chinese drug lords. So some are voluntary cooperating for controlled order. Its kind of optimized self regulation Macau & Spore adopted. “Don’t give me shit & I will leave you alone.” To pluck out all triads, everything will goes berserk as you can’t find anyone to control these scattered criminals (more dangerous). Any vacuum or power imbalance attract new players for new round of bloody tuff fight.

    As for Hong Kong being a pit of despair before 97, this is untrue. Chinese were desperate to go there. It has less allure now, of course.

    You don’t know what you are talking. My mother had to hide in hotel as police & robbers are gun battling on street. I travelled to HK & Shenzhen in ’86, 97, 2000..for work & visit. Its a hellhole of crimes & poverty behind main street.

    Chinese criminals commit crimes in Canada and the US on the street. White criminals in China or Hong Kong are non-violent scammers and fraudster bankers and money launderers…they are not turning Shanghai or Beijing into violent gang-filled heroin corridors…the Chinese Triads do that in Vancouver.

    Like I said, West welcome in all world criminals with open hands & legs. Not just Chinese, Viets, Punjabi, Paki, Negro, Latino, Mexico, …they each have own stella performance. London is paedophile Mecca, thks to Paki & Punjabi.

    No sane people will let in White Trash or criminals to roam their street, esp smart China people. Opium war is long over, Jeff.

    Only Spore idiot LHL & his brown team allowed in Indian criminals, so we are doomed. These are the violent Indian Foreign Trash we let in to roam our street in millions:

    Is Southeast Asia better off because Chinese merchants from the Fujian Province?

    You should read history about Asean, Chinese has long been there before whites could sail in ocean.

    Msia PM Mahathier once admonished M’sian Malay bitter complaint on Chinese holding 70% economy: “Our Malay word don’t even has a term called “Strive” because we are borned lazy. If I offer farm subsidy like fertilizer to bhumiputra, they sold to Chinese for 10% to eat & drink. If i offered $100K project to bumi, they sold to Chinese for Rm500. Chinese are naturally good at doing business, so let them do it, and we shall tax on them to enjoy their fruits.” All Malays were very satisfied & happy since. The country become prosperous & harmonize since.

    When Chinese-hating Vietcon purged millions of Chinese ethnic (boat people crisis) that run 70% of their economy, everything paralyzed. So they have to bring them back. Today’s 90% is still run by 1% Chinese no matter how much they suppress. But GDP fly off.

    Burma purged Chinese & Indians after gaining indep, paralyzed too. So they let them run tacitly, its again 80% economy run by 3% Chinese, Indians, Muslim Arabs. These are borned traders.

    You can compare yourself, what happen to a majority Chinese run Spore, VS

    a Malay run Malaysia, a Javanese run Indonesia, a Timorese run Timor, a Cambodian run Cambodia, Laos, Vietcon run Vietnam, Thai run Thailand, Burmese run Myanmar, Indian run India,

    VS Chinese run China/ Taiwan/ Macau…HK is another story.

    VS ME, Latin America, Africa, Russia, Eurasia, EU, US.

    Look at result, not whataboutism. I have worked & lived in some of these places to see myself.

    Over 5000 years of Chinese civilization right infront you, just open your eyes to see, Jeff. Chinese didn’t massacre innocent whites in entire 5000 urs history. Only whites, japs, Malays, …are doing.

  322. TT says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You would say so. You are Chinese. Indonesians and Malaysians seem to have expressed a different opinion by killing them in various anti-Chinese riots.

    Of course Denk or some other Chinese poster will get on here and claim that these riots were backed by the CIA.

    Aaahhh….Still enjoying your anti-Chinese riots fantasy? Its not first time Denk & others including me proved your BS beyond doubt. Here i will repeat again for everyone’s sake.

    Otherwise you might still deluded that you do know better than all Aseans that live thru all these history, because you happen to stay in Philippines. I have Indo Chinese telling me these damn thing, my parents & relatives who went thru Malays riot in Spore…jeff BS can’t be better than all of them right?

    Indonesia President, Jokowi, is a Javanese, has also openly admitted about all these. But his effort to fully disclose CIA-Suharto massacre to put that as part of Indo history, was met with violent protest & threat from major Muslim parties. They fear losing all their legitimacy in Islam & politics, as these parties are the masterminds involved in all CIA operations, up to 2000 all violent massacre & gang raping of Chinese ethnic. CIA is trying to regime change Jokowi unsuccessfully with their asset, Gen Probowi.

    Now let these West white expert researchers & declassified CIA documents prove to us.

    What the United States Did in Indonesia
    A trove of recently released documents confirms that Washington’s role in the country’s 1965 massacre was part of a bigger Cold War strategy.

    A trove of newly declassified diplomatic cables reveals a surprising degree of American involvement in a brutal anti-communist purge in Indonesia half-a-century ago.

    In Indonesia in October 1965, Suharto, a powerful Indonesian military leader, accused the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) of organizing a brutal coup attempt, following the kidnapping and murder of six high-ranking army officers. Over the months that followed, he oversaw the systematic extermination of up to a million Indonesians for affiliation with the party, or simply for being accused of harboring leftist sympathies. He then took power and ruled as dictator, with U.S. support, until 1998.

    After 50 Years: Did the U.S. Help Incite the 1965 Indonesia Massacre? Prof Peter Dale Scott

    It is now fifty years since the so-called “G30S” or “Gestapu” (Gerakan September Tigahpuluh) event of September 30, 1965 in Indonesia, when six members of the Indonesian army general staff were brutally murdered. This event was a decisive moment in Indonesian history: it led to the overthrow of President Sukarno, his replacement by an army general, Suharto, and the subsequent massacre of a half million or more Indonesians targeted as communists.1 It is also forty years since I first wrote to suggest that the United States was implicated in this horrendous event,2 and thirty years since I wrote about it again in 1985 in the Canadian journal Pacific Affairs.3

    Strikingly, there has been very little follow-up investigating these events inside the United States. A new generation of scholars, notably John Roosa and Bradley Simpson, have documented U.S. involvement in the exploitation of Gestapu to justify the subsequent mass murder, in the massacre project itself, and in the formation of the subsequent capitalist New Order.4 But there has been, I shall try to show, little or no American response to facts I presented then suggesting U.S. involvement in inciting the specific event of September 30 itself.

    The CIA’s Involvement in Indonesia and the Assassinations of JFK. Edward Curtin


    The truth about Indonesian history and the United States involvement in its ongoing tragedy is little known in the West. Australian historian, Greg Poulgrain, has been trying for decades to open people’s eyes to the realities of that history and to force a cleansing confrontation with the ugly truth. It is a story of savage intrigue that involves the CIA and American governments in the support of regime change and the massive slaughter of people deemed expendable. In his latest book, The Incubus of Intervention: Conflicting Indonesia Strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles, Poulgrain shows how President John Kennedy tried to change American policy in Indonesia but was opposed by Allen Dulles and the CIA, resulting in JFK’s murder. Kennedy’s death, preceded by that of UN Secretary- General Dag Hammarskjold, then led to the US backed murder of millions of Indonesians, Papuans, and East Timorese.

    While an academic historian with meticulous credentials, Poulgrain is also a rare bird: a truth teller.

    Trump’s Indonesian Allies in Bed with ISIS-Backed FPI Militia: They Seek to Oust Elected President Jokowi. By Allan Nairn .

    In repeated, detailed conversations with me, the key protest figures and officials who track them have dismissed the movement against Ahok and the charges against him as a mere pretext for a larger objective: sidelining the country’s president, Jokowi, and helping the army avoid consequences for its mass killings of civilians — such as the 1965 massacres that were endorsed by the U.S. government, which armed and backed the Indonesian military.

    Allan Nairn has been following and exposing the brutalities of the Indonesian Army (TNI) for decades. He has also been remarkably successful in gaining access to key figures, notably former General Prabowo Subianto, “a US trainee and protege … implicated in torture, kidnap and mass murder.”5 Prabowo in particular is a poster boy for America’s duplicitous policies in Indonesia. Congress cut off funds for training his Kopassus shock troops in 1991, after they murdered up to 270 protesters, including schoolchildren, at a peaceful demonstration in East Timor. But the Pentagon, undeterred, secretly continued the training under a Pentagon project called JCET (Joint Combined Education and Training).6

    As Commander of the Army Strategic Reserve Command, KOSTRAD, Prabowo repressed the bloody 1998 Jakarta riots that led to the resignation of his then father-in-law Suharto. Prabowo was subsequently discharged from the TNI, after he acknowledged responsibility for the kidnapping of thirteen activists who “disappeared.”7 He then became a multibillionaire businessman, but also sought a political career. With the support of two pro-military parties he contested the 2014 election, losing narrowly in a runoff to the civilian populist Jokowi.

    Suharto’s Son-in-Law, a Much-Feared General, Is Ousted

    Prabowo and his anti-Chinese past?

  323. TT says:

    And what you doing in crowded Delhi for a living, still a offshore online IT support as before?

    Never plan to abuse CECA to come Spore work with your family? Millions are here. You can even compete with locals to drive taxi or Grab for side income. Its free quota for all 1350M Indians. 90% of our gov chiefs are now Indians, including President. Spore is officially now Little India. Who know you might be our next President. At least i know we have a honest Indian leader like Malla, not Hindutva Modi.

    I was in Delhi several times. Wasn’t bad for me. The new airport system was completely down when i was taking a flight at 2000, did you mess it up?

    My Life is still as usual, roaming freely in developing country for decades…best choice of retirement life. Life should be free like a bird.

    So i have long ditch my swollen chapati like a plague…

    heaven & hell can be best explained as before & after marriage.


    • Replies: @Malla
  324. TT says:
    @DB Cooper

    Thanks for sharing. You have much knowledge i valued.

    Does a war ruined China has a choice & ability during that period to defend its Borderlands, facing aggressors US-KMT, Soviet-Vietnam, UK-India axis?

    No leader is stupid to give away an inch of land if he could fend it.

    Mao could defense against India Nehru 1949 invasion only because US-Soviet were then embroiled in Cuba missile crisis. Otherwise Tibet & Arsai Chin will be lost as India had the backing of two superpower who quickly come against China after Cuba crisis subsided. Mao knew and withdrawn voluntary, giving US & Soviet no excuse to intervene. US aircraft carrier was already despatched to assist India.

    Its might be a strategic military decision to conserve what China can afford to bide for time. China was so huge yet so poor then, with hundreds of millions to feed after devastating war. Mao need to guard & balance against US-KMT, Soviet, UK-India ever aggression.

    But after some rebuild, China has been defending its territory status quo ever strongly, even to fight Soviet & US directly.

    Mao fight against US led invasion in Korea war out of security concern..

    Deng openly challenged Soviet when he attack Vietcon to halt Soviet-Vietnam overrun of Asean and encirclement.

    We can’t understand the real severe geopolitical condition of China, and what’s Mao truly see and considered. He was not a stupid or coward, but a military strategist who dare took up US nuke threat in Korea war.


    In its territorial disputes, however, China has been less prone to violence and more cooperative than a singular view of an expansionist state suggests.

    Since 1949, China has participated in twenty-three unique territorial disputes with its neighbors on land and at sea. Yet it has pursued compromise and offered concessions in seventeen of these conflicts. Chi na’s compromises have often been substantial, as it has usually offered to accept less than half of the contested territory in any final settlement. In addition, these compromises have resulted in boundary agreements in which China has abandoned potential irredentist claims to more than 3.4 million square kilometers of land that had been part of the Qing empire at its height in the early nineteenth century. In total, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has contested roughly 238,000 square kilometers or just 7 percent of the territory once part of the Qing.

    Although China has pursued compromise frequently, it has nevertheless used force in six of its territorial disputes. Some of these conflicts, espe cially with India and Vietnam, were notably violent. Others, such as the crises over Taiwan in the 1950s and the clash with the Soviet Union in 1969, were tense moments in the Cold War involving threats to use nu clear weapons. Nevertheless, despite a willingness to use force in certain disputes, China has seized little land that it did not control before the outbreak of hostilities.

    Among three generic strategies when managing an existing territorial conflict. They can (1) do nothing and delay settlement, (2) offer concessions and compromise, or (3) threaten or use force. Most of the time, a strategy of doing nothing is least risky, due to the costs associated with leaders’ potential punishment at home for compromising over national sovereignty and the uncertainty of outcomes when a crisis escalates. Factors that increase the costs that a state bears for contesting territory relative to delaying, then, explain why and when states either compromise or use force in their disputes. A state is most likely to compromise and offer concessions to counter internal or external threats to its security. Compromise is possible because pressing a claim to another state’s land carries some price or opportunity cost, usually unrealized military, economic, or diplomatic assistance. When these costs outweigh the value of the land at stake, compromise becomes more attractive than delay, and a state will trade concessions for aid from a territorial opponent to counter the more processing threat that it faces. External threats to the security or survival of the state are one source of compromise. When engaged in acute competition with a rival, for example, a state can use territorial concessions to form an alliance with a third party against its adversary. Internal threats to the strength and stability of a state offer a second source of compromise. When faced with an armed rebellion, for instance, a state can trade territorial conces sions for assistance from neighboring states, such as policing the border or denying safe haven to potential insurgents. Although a state’s overall security environment creates incentives for cooperation, shifts in a state’s bargaining power in a territorial dispute explain decisions to escalate these conflicts. A state’s bargaining power consists of the amount of contested land that it occupies and its ability to project military power over the entire area under dispute. These two factors shape a state’s ability to control contested land and achieve a favorable negotiated settlement. When a state concludes that an adversary is strengthening its relative position in a dispute, inaction becomes more costly than threatening or even using force to halt or reverse its decline. A state that faces a much stronger opponent may also use force when an adversary’s power suddenly and temporarily weakens, creating a window of opportunity to seize land and strengthen its otherwise weak negotiat ing position.

  325. TT says:
    @d dan

    We can’t controll everyone mouths.

    When the Whites bombed & killed millions with WMD lies, its all for humanity. When US illegally locked up Muslims without trial in Guatemala prison, its preventive war against terrorism.

    When China de-radicalized Uyghur terrorists, its ethnic cleansing.

    Like China said, no one point a gun to force Americans buy its good. They can always stop ordering to turn deficit zero without trade war. They also can don’t access China mkt, don’t produce in China, don’t sell everything to China.

    These WHITE politicians speak with fork tongues, like my leaders now they are picking up these skills fast.

  326. @TT


    Same old “Dragon never sleeps while Malay eats bananas” line I was hearing from Chinese-Filipinos I worked with ten years ago. The “lazy Malay”.

    Can’t you Chinese come up with a new cliche. It is so dull. But Chinese are not creative enough to find a new explanation so you just mutter the same old cliche about Malay laziness.

    It is true of course. Also it is true that Malays are prone to alcoholism and have addictive personalities which makes them prone to be drug addicts as well; they are promiscuous and the males are inclined to polygamy while Malay females are inclined to prostitution; they are often chronic pathological liars; compulsive thieves;

    Opium war? Jeez, hasn’t China repaid the West with all the heroin and synthetic heroin it pipelines from China and attendant drug cartels?

    As usual, you reveal yourself not to be Chinese but to be a Singaporean with Chinese roots. Typically, your main beef is with Singaporean Indians. I suppose you will say that Washington is pressuring Singapore to accept Indians as immigrants in order to offset Chinese hegemony in the region. I don’t disagree with you about importing Indians, however. They’re trouble. Especially the Tamils. Violent and disruptive drunks, prone to gangs, no moral sense.

    Of course China runs Taiwan-you killed all the Taiwanese and the Dutch colonists who could not flee.

    White criminals would not move to China to risk work-camps for ghetto crumbs. However, it was not sane to accept the Triads and Tongs and all the other criminal gangs that enter North America from China for the sole purpose of battling it out with other drug cartels for sales territory. Vancouver was a nice middle class Canadian city. Now East Vancouver is a ghetto of warring Chinese and Indian gangs.

    Were the 1969 Malaysian riots a result of their satisfaction with Chinese merchants running their country? I’m not sure.

    Perhaps you’ll say the Americans backed that anti-Chinese riot for some vague reason as well as well.

    Chinese bush peddlers reached SEA centuries before the Spanish and British. But Philippines and Malaysia had to wait another 500 years for the white man to show up and build roads, buildings, industry etc.

    The main thrust of Chinese immigration occurred after these were European or American colonies, naturally.

    Can I argue your main point about Indian miscreants being social disruptions and civil degenerates in Singapore or Malaysia? No. The Tamils seem to be the worst in Southeast Asia and South Indians in general. In Canada, it is the Punjabi. In England, it is the Pakistani. I agree, they are a scourge in many ways.

    • Replies: @d dan
    , @TT
  327. Malla says:

    And what you doing in crowded Delhi for a living, still a offshore online IT support as before?

    I am not into IT, am into healthcare technology. Healthcare industry never have recession.

    Never plan to abuse CECA to come Spore work with your family? Millions are here.

    Actually I was thinking of PhD and was even thinking of NTU Singapore, but I decided job. Tired of studying, Masters degree in UK was tough. In India everybody including cow and road dog have run to IT leaving other fields open, my skills are rare in India, so in India I stay. In Singapore, I would face competition.

    Its free quota for all 1350M Indians. 90% of our gov chiefs are now Indians, including President.

    I know, Singapore like many Western countries like USA, UK, is doomed.

    At least i know we have a honest Indian leader like Malla, not Hindutva Modi.

    Thank you for your kind words.
    Indian economy has tanked because of Modi and his cow gang. Automobile sector down, Power sector down, Construction sector destroyed, banks under debt. Modi helped his Indian corporate cronies with debt support and now whole country suffer due to lack of credit and confidence of lending. Also Modi is following his globalist jew masters. Conservative Hindutva is pushing globalist Jew Raj plans.

    The new airport system was completely down when i was taking a flight at 2000, did you mess it up?

    How did you find out? LOL. Keep it secret.

    My Life is still as usual, roaming freely in developing country for decades…best choice of retirement life. Life should be free like a bird.

    Good to hear that TT. May you live a long, happy, free life.

    heaven & hell can be best explained as before & after marriage.

    Unfortunately I like millions of men have to experience Hell. Parents are forcing as I am reaching late 20s. Maybe I am bored of heaven, maybe Hell will be change of scenery.

    • Replies: @TT
  328. Seraphim says:

    Recently back from a quick tour of China where I risked a few times to be run over by silent scooters (electrical). What I’ve seen is mouth-gaping (and it was not only the Terracotta Warriors). I am the 898,996,725th ‘Great Wall Hero’! And I traveled only by bullet trains.

  329. annamaria says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    “If China had its way with the US…” “What globalism did was to transfer the US economy to China:”

    The main problem with the US economy is that globalism has been deconstructing it. The offshoring of US jobs has reduced US manufacturing and industrial capability and associated innovation, research, development, supply chains, consumer purchasing power, and tax base of state and local governments. Corporations have increased short-term profits at the expense of these long-term costs. In effect, the US economy is being moved out of the First World into the Third World. …

    The US has been in a recession for two or more decades as its manufacturing/industrial/engineering capability has been transferred abroad. The US recession has been very good for the Asian part of the world. Indeed, China owes its faster than expected rise as a world power to the transfer of American jobs, capital, technology, and business know-how to China simply in order that US shareholders could receive capital gains and US executives could receive bonus pay for producing them by lowering labor costs. …

    … for years US corporations have been using their profits not for investment in new plant and equipment, but to buy back their own shares.


  330. d dan says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    “Opium war? Jeez, hasn’t China repaid the West with all the heroin and synthetic heroin it pipelines from China and attendant drug cartels?”

    LOL. There is no equivalence – not even close. China don’t cruise their warships along Mississippi River, not even California coast, just to force Americans to buy the heroin. Americans actually WILLINGLY pay for those heroin.

    • Agree: BengaliCanadianDude
  331. @TT

    I think you get the particularly nasty bunch of Indians (yes there are distinctions). The Tamils are violent criminally prone people who always do illegal things, and choose the gang life. In Canada, mainly in Toronto and surrounding suburbs, they used to and still are a part of the gangs(to a lesser degree than other races however) and they used to send their proceeds to the Tamil Tigers during the wars.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @TT
  332. @BengaliCanadianDude


    This was also true of Sikh separatists but today the average Tamil or Sikh youth in prime criminal age was born too late to care and has never even been to old “Khalistan” or Ceylon.

  333. TT says:

    Precisely, these are not the good Indians we used to get like past with strict control that help make Spore progress.

    LHL is allowing unlimited free border, free flow of Indians to enter, sogning CECA Treaty to give up sovereignty control. Its like EU free border now for Indians. We even caught Indians ISIS, some heading to Syria, one india woman was promoting ISIS. But gov let her go free with a citizenship.

    Sg is now completely ruled & ruiined by Indians, from Prez, Ministers, judges, .. down to construction labours. A 9% taking 90% power is too unusual.

    Good Indians like Malla & you won’t come in millions, but hundred of millions India jobless criminals are dying to get into Spore crime heaven for them.

    Only these Indians can’t be deported even they beat up police, burn police cars, commit violent riots. They are either disperse or release on bail repeatedly. But police are so strict to non Indians, even white Americans & Europeans get jail, cane and deport for simple graffiti mischief.

    Spore is totally ruined by foolish LKY installing his useless son as dictator PM.

    NWO has Democrat to let Mexican & Latinos ruin US, has Merkel’s panIslam EU to let Muslim Africans & ME ruin EU, has India to export 40M of Indians to WMM all small population nations like”Saudi, Emirates, Oman, Spore, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, Mauritius, Australia, Nz, Canada, UK, etc.”

    The world will get mess up by such insane policy. These crazy anglo jews must be driving something big like WWI, II that gave them unrivalled wealth & control.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  334. TT says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I get your Trumps message clear, Jeff. The rest are incoherent ranting.

    So Chinese are inheritancely evil, now they will colonize others lands like US did to red Indians, British did to half the world up to Australia & Nz, while Europeans did on the the other half of world.

    Look, a rising Chinese is a human mortal threat as jews Soros had warned the World. It will bombed and massacred hundreds of millions just like US did 93% of its time since founded. Chinese will lied about WMD to invade Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghan, ….

    Chinese will regime change and conduct color revolution everywhere. Soon they will also threaten to invade Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, NK, …in name of national security. 80% of the world is either been invaded, regime changed or sanctioned by USNato. The 20% that was not, are USNato and its lackeys.

    US Admiral of Asia Pacific fleet while conducting FON 10,000 miles away from US, had warned the world that its very worrying to find Chinese Navy now appearing often in SOUTH CHINA SEAS. China even has one overseas Navy base in Djibouti proved its ambitious. PLA modernizing is now gravely threatening USM hundreds of bases surrounding it. These are unacceptable threat.

    Chinese will again build their greatest blue water Navy to “attack” every continents like US 11 CBG strike force. That bullying Admiral called Zhenghe of Ming dynasty, had done that when the world don’t even know how to built a boat. He explored the world before Colombo did, and invaded Asean, Australia, Nz, Africa, India, Ceylon, up to America continent. They will butcher all indigenous men, rape their women and separate all their children. They will sent convicts to colonized all these countries. Chinese will enslave black Africans trading them like animals.

    China 5000yo history has proven what kind of evils Chinese will do when its a sole superpower.

    And Chinese have no human rights in forbiding people to own gun for drug battle. China even shot these drug mischievous innocents that US & Canada will only reprimand with warning.

    Its simply unacceptable that while West welcome all Chinese criminals in to compete freely with whites criminals on equal term, Chinese doesn’t reciprocate in Shanghai or Beijing for free shoot out. These are outrageous like its trade.

    Damn, we need Trumps for another term, to punish Chinese for such unfair treatment to white criminals. It violate US 1st amendment & West human rights to prohibit gun mass shooting.


    On Malaysia riots, as Mahathir said, he knew who orchestrated that to purge Chinese. Malaya was having 60% Chinese & Indians, 40% Malays then. In 1st election, LKY led PAP swept across with huge election victory, gaining wide support even the Malays on multiracial & equality slogan.

    Then PM Tengku Abdul Rahman championing Malay First decided to kick out Spore & LKY. He was so alarmed by LKY addressing Malayan 1st Parliament using Malay after election win. He exclaimed: “this Chinese could beat all our finest Malay leaders in debate even using our own language. He can’t be allowed to stay.” Soon anti-Chinese riots break out. Spore was kicked out of Msia. More Malays riot break out in Spore, but LKY suppressed it by arresting thousands of Chinese leaders except his own team.

    Most eople are not all violent in nature. Its always the leaders of that incite & stoking people with lies & fears.

    I have no issue with Spore Indians. We grew up together in harmony, studying & playing together like brothers. Same for Malays.

    But the India people that flood in, are majority violent criminals like Hindutva rioters that massacre and gang raped minority Muslims. They brought their China-hate into Spore, and inciting local Indians to hate all local Chinese as well.

    Indian Preetipls fcuking Chinese Sporean in youtude rap. They become instant hero of all Indians.

    You visit Unz, and even know about Khalistan prove you do read widely, yet you want to regurgitate West msm sewage here repeatedly to cry Yellow perils out of racism.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @Jeff Stryker
  335. TT says:

    Healthcare industry never have recession.

    Smart. Good or bad time, healthcare business goes up.

    Indian economy has tanked because of Modi and his cow gang. Automobile sector down, Power sector down, Construction sector destroyed, banks under debt. Modi helped his Indian corporate cronies with debt support and now whole country suffer due to lack of credit and confidence of lending. Also Modi is following his globalist jew masters. Conservative Hindutva is pushing globalist Jew Raj plans.

    I have read about these from independent news. But West msm & Spore news are telling all bullish India growth. Numerous Indians are trolling all English mediums to spread how India is world fastest growing economy to be superpower by 2025. They attacked anyone who doubt.

    India Finance Minister even releasing official India growth data for 2018 as 9.7% and 2019 projected to be 11.5% growth.

    Spore Indian led gov are the stupidest to dump $16.5B p.a. FDI into India since 2005. Spore is India No.1 FDI dwarfing US FDI to India $2.5B. Yet our FDI still see nothing in 7 IT parks, one airlines, DBS banks, Airtel..all running into huge bleeding. After spending $4B on one industrial park, nothing even started yet and Modi stop funding after fall out with the coalition party.

    Our economy is tanked with many local Chinese & Malay jobless. Last year gov admitted shockingly 80~90% local fresh grad are jobless first year. Majority ended in part time or non related low pay jobs later. Many companies are wholesale replacing local Chinese with millions India cheats(caught with faked certificate after can’t even operate a PC). Some IT companies are like 99 India nationals with only one Chinese local to meet gov law.

    Over 1/3 Sg work force is India people now. There are endless system down & data leaks in public sectors since. Publuc transport near paralyzed in last few years with daily break down. Many gov projects like Stock Exchange & banks lead by white CEO have outsourced to Indian IT companies that wrecked everything. So new experts from West are brought in to resolve these shits now.

    Still Gov aimed to bring in another 5M Indians to double population to 10M. Indian will be 70% majority. We have become your Little New Delhi. But this gov will continue to win 75% land slide in election like Modi BJP, as long they suck up to jews ZUS ass. Everything is staged.

    India rigged electronic voting machine EVM.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  336. Malla says:

    Sad to hear what is happening to Singapore. Maybe Hindutva Cow gang will soon consider Singapore part of Akhand Bharat (Greater India).LOL
    This is also one more reason why I think China should stay away from Africa as much as possible. because tomorrow Globalists spread rumour that china was colonialist in Africa (which is stupid) and then try to force China to take in African WMM in the future.
    After West and Singapore WMMed to third World, only places where civilization survive is Eastern Europe and North East Asia. Already some Western lefties complain that Japan is not taking enough outsiders and “refugees”. Even S.Korea under pressure. Will these idiots not leave any part of the World alone?

    Indian Preetipls fcuking Chinese Sporean in youtude rap. They become instant hero of all Indians.

    Unfortunately many (not all) Indians are racist towards Whites (Goras), East Asians (Chinkis) and blacks (Kalus). Western MSM never talk about this. Modern educated Chinese (Japanese, Koreans) and Whites too civilized to handle these kind of scum (Preetipls). Only Arabs can handle them good. Tell these rap ‘artists’ to make similar video about Arabs in Saudi. LOL.

    India rigged electronic voting machine EVM.

    This is true, the EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) have been rigged.

  337. Malla says:

    But West msm & Spore news are telling all bullish India growth. Numerous Indians are trolling all English mediums to spread how India is world fastest growing economy to be superpower by 2025. They attacked anyone who doubt.

    India Finance Minister even releasing official India growth data for 2018 as 9.7% and 2019 projected to be 11.5% growth.

    Arvind Subramanian rubbishes govt arguments; sticks to claim of India overestimating GDP growth
    In a new paper ‘Validating India’s GDP Growth Estimates’.

    Stating that a variety of evidence suggests that it is likely that India’s GDP growth is being overestimated by the new methodology, he said the country’s sustained high measured GDP growth after 2011, despite large negative macro-economic shocks, is in contrast to the experience of other large emerging markets.

    Also, India clocked significantly higher measured GDP growth than all other countries in the post-1980 period, with the same export and investment growth rates, he said.

    “The evidence suggests that measurement changes likely caused India’s GDP to be overestimated in the post-2011 period. Moreover, while it is not possible to say precisely what India’s GDP would have been absent the measurement changes, the evidence suggests that the discrepancy in measured GDP growth post-2011 is likely to be significant,” he added, suggesting the

    GDP methodology being re-visited.

  338. Malla says:

    TT, also check this out. BTW Raghunathan Rajan is the ex-Governer of the RBI or Reserve bank of India, the Central bank of India
    Raghuram Rajan issues warning alert for Modi govt on economy

    “Rajan also drew attention to former chief economic advisor Arvind Subramanian’s research paper published at Harvard University that claimed that India’s GDP growth figure was overstated by about 2.5 percentage points per year in the post-2011 period.

    In other words, the actual growth rate is likely to have been a very tepid 3.5-5.5 per cent against a reported average growth of 6.9 per cent between 2011 and 2016. “We need a fresh look from an independent group of experts at the way we compute GDP and make sure that we are not in a sense having GDP numbers that mislead and cause the wrong kinds of policy actions,” Rajan said.

    This is not the first time Rajan has expressed doubts about India’s economic data after the government restructured the GDP methodology. He told India Today TV in March that India’s tinkering with lead economic indicators and suppression of discomforting economic data is prompting global economists to plan an independent index for the country. “Some people are developing a Li Kequiang Index for India because they are no longer paying attention to the GDP numbers,” he explained.”

    • Replies: @TT
  339. Q. Shtik says:

    To all posters on this site: please keep your comments shorter. I only have one life to live.

  340. Lin says:

    We may get big but many studies have shown that we have more body fat and much less lean muscles compared to Europeans and even East Asians like Chinese.

    That’s called ‘camel effect’.
    It has to do with chronical food shortage in Hindustan; the biology of the average indian evolved to store food energy in the form of fat during time of ample food supply, just like camels have humps with fatty tissue inside to prepare for long journey over desert. It also explain why Indians love candies and confectionary. Carbohydrates and sugar are the most fundamental food energy: The irish famine in the 1840s was called ‘potato famine’ ,not a beef burger famine.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Anonymuous
  341. Malla says:

    Yes very true, this is the effect of frequent famines for 1000s of years in the Indian subcontinents.

    • Replies: @Anon
  342. Malla says:

    Still Gov aimed to bring in another 5M Indians to double population to 10M. Indian will be 70% majority. We have become your Little New Delhi.

    Get ready to worship cow and drink cow pee in future.
    Hindu fundamentalist groups becoming stronger in Great Britain even though they are only a small percentage of population 1 to 2%.
    Hindu Groups in UK Hit Back at British Government’s Plans to Ban Caste-Based Discrimination

    Caste is rearing its ugly head again, this time in an unlikely place – the United Kingdom.


    It has called for public opinions on whether caste discrimination will be best tackled by a ban on it through a new law or not, a consultation which will end on September 18, after which the government will take a final call.

    However, the backlash from Hindu organisations, several of them close to the Sangh parivar, has been swift. They are livid at the government’s move and have threatened to derail it with all their might. This has now made the May government’s resolve in banning caste-based discrimination wobbly – it doesn’t want to appear to be taking on these vocal groups.


    A 2010 report commissioned by the British government laid bare the well-entrenched caste discrimination that exists amongst the Indian diaspora in the UK.


    However, this position has been opposed by right-wing groups like the Hindu Council UK, which seeks to represent the interests of British Hindus in policymaking.


    Bhanot, from the Hindu Council, hints that the Modi regime won’t take too kindly to the anti-caste legislation. “The Indian High Commission has communicated to us its unhappiness at such a move and so has most of the Indian community because we believe this is an attempt to embarrass India.”

    • Replies: @Anon
  343. Chinaman says:

    I think the white man’s medacity and hypocrisy is there for all to see but it does take a trained eye like yourself to point out what a farce it is.

    They are masters at inventing various ideologies to mask and justify their plunder. They have created a great PR machine to beguile the very people they are oppressing.

    Other countries have no idea they are going to take it up their ass until Captain America takes off his ridiculous costume and put on his latex.

    It does give me solace to know that this evil empire is collapsing under its own weight and its implosion is inevitable as evident by all the commentary on Unz.

    It is going to be a beautiful sight to behold.

    • Replies: @TT
  344. TRM says:

    Chess (Chinese, Classical or 960, Shogi), Go are the secret ingredient to success! I’m dead serious on that one.

  345. Seraphim says:

    I once fell upon a characterization of Indians by M. K. Bhadrakumar: ‘“The Americans are vastly experienced with the Indians’ Himalayan ego and by now they know well enough where and how to tickle Indian vanities”.

    • Replies: @Malla
  346. @TT

    You should start by deporting the Tamil Indian criminals, one by one. What is up with you Chinese? What is up with the political insolence, and the laziness? Tamils,and Indians as a whole shouldn’t be allowed to gain a strong foothold politically because it leads to total chaos. Very caste-ist, and nepotist people, and they’re not loyal to anybody, not even their own mothers sometimes.

    I don;t understand why it’s like that. LKY was supposedly a hard man, a man of principle, and strong discipline. His son is supposed to have some of that intransigence, some of that gusto. Why does he act with such cowardice in his dealings with the criminals? He’s a smart guy too. He got the Senior Wrangler award from Cambridge, in Math, meaning he got the highest mark amongst all the recipients of the first-class degrees. Wow!

    If this insouciance of yours is not rectified, problems will happen. Controlling Indian immigration is absolutely tantamount to the national well-being of Singapore. You are definitely right. Ever since the IT thing started, every single Hindoo(as in Hindustani) has flocked to the profession and mucked it all up. The standards have been lowered to allow them inflated marks and higher chances of immigration and now you’re stuck with unintelligent code monkeys who can’t do anything helpful.

    9% taking 90% power is too unusual.

    It is, yikes. That bad huh? Go the malay route and start evicting them if they become too uppity. The thing about Chinese(for good or bad), is that they are a very non-confrontational people, a people who are hesitant to combat things violently if it goes against their interests. You see this in reality on a diplomatic level, and you see this on an individual level. While the ZIOs rush in to level countries down on the behest of their jewish masters, the CHinese take a more measured and neutral approach. It’s commendable but it leads to problems down the line because this foible of yours can be abused by sinister groups (ahem ahem).


    Wasn’t this already filled with Indians from the start?


    yeah the new bunch are progressively getting worse, that’s for sure. The old ones (ie my parents) were decent because they came straight after the immigration controls were (slightly) loosened, when Canada wasn’t so pozzed. They were also skilled STEM people with Western degrees , not some copycat code monkey from Bangalore. But I digress. For Canada, there is a candidate called Bernier who proposes cutting down immigration to 150 thousand. The liberals are doing 350k. Even 150 is not enough. It needs to be cut down to like 60. We need to slow down.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @TT
  347. Malla says:

    Wasn’t this already filled with Indians from the start

    In the start it was empty (only dodo tribe lived there), Europeans took Indians there for work in sugarcane farms. Even blacks were brought in.

  348. Malla says:

    The Americans are smart. I remember Indian friends of mine who used to watch a similar vanity tickling American (CNN) documentary, about how Indian IIT engineers are super geniuses, no other country comes close. My friends would watch that documentary frequently to receive tickling of vanities.

    • Replies: @Anon
  349. @TT

    It is typical of the Singaporean whose Chinese family has been in Spore for longer than my own family has been in America-maybe 100 years-to immediately identify with China.

    However, I agree with you about lower-caste Indians. They are a scourge.

    As for Zheghe He other races had built boats by the time he sailed to East Africa. Did he reach America? Possibly. Vikings got across the Atlantic first but of course the Pacific is a bigger ocean. Chinese lack the dynamism of whites and if he did trade with Native Americans-themselves an early sort of Asian who found America-we don’t know about it.

    The fact that Singapore is superior to Malaysia demonstrates that Lee Kwan Yew received a fine English education and was fortunate to have British support.

    As far as Triads who become worse in America when they can lay hands on more money and more automatic weapons, when the US constitution was written the authors did not foresee Communist China expelling its worst criminals.

    And yes, the US should empty its jail cells and mental asylums on China…except even crazies and rapist don’t want to be in a Chinese prison. A few Africans try their luck and end up regretting it.

  350. TT says:

    Other countries have no idea they are going to take it up their ass until Captain America takes off his ridiculous costume and put on his latex.

    Capt America does’t bother about latex, he has penchant to give direct AIDS generously to the poors with his Gang7.

    It will need another 5~10yrs for China to build up enough size before US can be allowed to collapse. Otherwise the World will get suck down by the monster & his gangs.

  351. TT says:

    Your data are all in line with my own research study in India. I had estimated at most a 5% GDP growth last year due to 5.5% inflation & debt fuel economy.

    Many economists now set up own GDP data after lost faith with Modi falsehood.

    If IMF adopted China premier Lee KeQiang method only tied to IMF parameters, which excludes all grey trades, assets loans & cash transaction that cut 50% China actual GDP, I am afraid India & US is in deep recession now. lol.

    This Indian consultant is honest about India economy. Inda needs such people to get out of shit.

    Modi has declared India will achieve $5T GDP in 2025, $10T by 2030. So India will need to grow 80% in next 5yrs, follow by 100% in another 5yrs. Sound like snake oil peddler.

    What’s your opinion on this research writing on India critical situation that was banned in Quora? It seems India economy might collapse under heavy debt & explosive population in a decade. Even clean water will be critically shortage.

  352. Poco says:

    Nope. Israelis are even worse than chinamen about whining that the white guys are big meanies and should give them awards and pats on the head.

    • Replies: @Poco
  353. Poco says:

    They hate us while at the same time clamor for our attention and approval. Sick people.

    • Replies: @Poco
  354. Poco says:

    All of them are infiltrators and subjugators.

  355. @TT

    Hey TT,

    I’ve noticed that Quora is filled with Indians. It’s all mucked up with them. The quality of the site’s questions and answers too has dramatically declined too. I see an Ayush or Amit or Punit every second. It is now a totally Indian site. It’s not worth visiting anymore

    • Replies: @TT
  356. Anon[390] • Disclaimer says:

    Hindu fundamentalists have zero power in the UK.

    It’s Muslim fundamentalists who are running amok.

    Caste is more an issue for the British Sikhs than Hindus. Fundamentalism is 100% concentrated inside the Muslim population.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  357. Anon[390] • Disclaimer says:

    Americans used to think India was a land of beggars, pollution, crowding, rape, caste, weird looking people, and cow worshippers.

    They were shocked when a lot of IT people began to arrive from India. That has changed some of the perception. The financial and career success of Indians has brought more respect to India.

    Most Americans still think Indians are weird. Weird looking. Weird smell. Weird Sari and bindi. Weird Gods.

    Bollywood movies, song, and dance aren’t popular. Most Americans are much more into Black entertainment or even Asian entertainment.

    Only hippies, who take pride in being weird, are into Indian culture.

  358. Anon[390] • Disclaimer says:

    Why didn’t the Chinese develop this?

    • Replies: @Malla
  359. @Anon

    you’re right about the muslim fundamentalists.

    but in India, nepal, sri lanka etc, Hindutva fundamentalism is rampant amongst the poo-bather Hindus

    • Replies: @Anon
  360. TT says:

    Not just quora, youtube, FB, any English forum..msm, even independent new sites like moonofalabama, iSaker, RT,..they are everywhere like IB troll pest spreading lies and writing falsehood articles in all news sites. All Spore sites are completely overwhelmed.

    If you Google any topic on Spore in youtude, Quora, …you will get over 90% Indians talking about Spore, overwhelming Sporeans. And they will permanently shut all your account down by complaining endlessly if you don’t comply to their lies. All my Quora, FB, …accounts are killed permanently(they even locked on to my internet IP addresses, so moderators likely also are Indians.)

    These india IB is menace to mankind now.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  361. TT says:

    Malla & Bengali,

    Its unbelievable how ridiculous tyrant Spore PM Lee HL has done to destroy Spore: Will Singapore be dominated by Indians?

    Indians (including India nationals given citizenship) of little credentials are appointed all over highest critical positions. From President(by amended law), DPM, Economy & Social senior Minister, and

    -Cabinet Ministers for Law, Home Affair, Foreign Affair, Media, PM office, Party Whip, Muslim Affair, trades, etc.

    -Judicial chief judge, Appeal judges, high judges, Attorney General, Deputy AG,..

    -Central bank MAS Chairman & MD, Foreign reserve Investment arms Temasek CEO & GIC CEO, DBS bank CEO, …

    -ex-Army chief, Police Narcotic, Civil Defence, …

    -All think tanks chief, Academic Institutions Deans, Health policy director, state own enterprise CEOs, many state organs, …

    -many Ambassadors.

    LHL even openly advocate to install a Indian Hindu as PM (an ex-convict for leaking state secret to India, but spare the jail term by LHL). But he shilled by criticizing Sporean is racist not ready for non Chinese PM. Fearing to lose 73% Chinese vote, he “appointed” a Chinese as replacement but gives him no power.

    Stupid Spore Chinese took his bait are now decrying we need to be meritocracy to have a Indian PM. That will complete a all brown Gov. They targeted to double population by bring in another 5M Indians for a tiny nation of 3.5M citizens.

    To muzzle debate on such disastrous policy where 7%(+2% India national) citizens are now dominating entire gov, making highest pay, gov is very strict to jail all local Chinese on race topics, esp towards India national. Indian Hindu law Minister even enact new law PFMOA to empower a few Indian ministers decide what is considered spreading falsehood & metered jail punishment without court judgement. Yet this law specifically immune all civil servants from responsible of spreading malicious falsehoods.

    Any challenge in court will be ruled by a Indian majority high judges, that had already thrown out every challenges on gov new draconian outrageous laws. These judges also ruled that gov can decide how to classify race. So a Indian by birth is now converted to Malay and installed as President under new minority law.

    This Indian President then approved appointment of all Indians to highest post, CJ, Appeal judges, AG, etc. They are scratching each other backs in vicious cycle. It look just like another BJP cow pee gov now, filled with cronyism and idiots talking pure nonsense.

    To avoid 100% brown gov scaring all Chinese voters, some Chinese goons are brought in to cabinet. One Minister advocated all Sporeans must assimilate to new migrants to reduce tension of flooding Indians. Another advocate need to bring in more foreigners to fill up best jobs for GDP growth, even jobless rate is increasing. One promote casual premarital sex to increase birth rate….Its simply a clown circus like Trumps show now.

    Even LKY youngest son LHY has stepped out to call out this tyranny gov has lost it way. His wife & son are under LHL heavy persecution abusing state power. Their elder sister openly called LHL dishonored son with evil character unfit to lead.

    All ZUS controlled leaders from West to Easr are now crazy…

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  362. Anon[152] • Disclaimer says:

    sri lanka

    Hindutva fundamentalism


    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  363. Svevlad says:

    That’s why I said deviations. It appears that here the case is that the populace is either dumb as fuck or very smart, with few inbetween, but when you make an average, it goes to a number that isn’t really true.

    It’s kinda why Asians aren’t still Europe tier – average IQ is 105, but the deviation is near zero. Everyone clusters around that number, so even though there aren’t many dumbfucks, there aren’t many exceptionally smart people either

  364. @Malla

    So true. Indians are perhaps the most reflexively (unthinking, tradition bound) religious people, outside of the Muslim World. In that context it takes an intellectually high caliber, courageous and confident person to renounce all that shite

  365. @TT

    Somebody needs to create a new website and ban all IP addresses from india, pakistan and many countries in the Middle East. It’s getting tiresome to go on Quora to see them spouting one lie after another. On Youtube too. Horribly written comments with mispellings and punctuation errors everywhere. The pests cannot write cohesively and/or coherently. Once they’re banned, we can weed them out by spotting the way they write. They call write the same way.

    • Replies: @TT
  366. @TT

    They are scratching each other backs in vicious cycle

    Yes, it’s common that if you give them too much leeway or legroom, they start resuming the cycle of nepotism and cronyism. It’s why you limit their power and their populations. A lot.

    all Sporeans must assimilate to new migrants to reduce tension of flooding Indians.

    Where have I heard that before…..

    Look at the “bright” side though. Indians are only a tiny bit of your population. You can still change things

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @TT
  367. @Lin

    Also, Indian food/diet is heavy on carbs and light on meat/animal protein. Indian vegetarianism itself is a cultural adaptation to chronic food shortages for 1000s of years. On a side note, Indian vegetarians have even evolved a bit to be healthy with a no meat diet, that completely messes up Europeans and other non-Indians adapting a similar vegetarian diet.

    • Replies: @Lin
  368. @Professional Stranger

    The saga surrounding the flight of brahmin doctors (and other professionals) out of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu to other parts of India and the World is quite interesting and revealing.

    The over-representation of brahmins in medicine, engineering and law among US Indians was the status quo in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu as well, 50 years ago Then that state instituted a massive affirmative action program for the majority that was designed almost specifically to handicap the brahmins. There was a huge flight of brahmins out of Tamil Nadu.

    The result was not a disaster for the state as many warned, predicted, and as many here among the IQ worshipers would probably assume.

    Instead the exact opposite happened. More doctors from all other castes were educated , the number of doctors increased many fold, now the state’s doctor to population ratio compares favorable with Nordic countries. The state went from being one of the poorest and unhealthiest to one of the richest with a “model” (by Indian standards) heath education and health care delivery system among Indian states.

    In some situations getting rid of the parasitic, although intellectually superior elites helps the majority. India is complex. I have my theories and explanation for this phenomenon, but that is beyond the scope here.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @TT
  369. @BengaliCanadianDude


    Remember we had an exchange about subcontinentals in SE Asia. My own experience/information was a little dated but from what TT tells us now it seems to have got a lot worse, especially in Singapore, and even I am surprised by what he writes – I never thought it would get that bad. Also there are far more Indians going to Thailand these days, but mostly as tourists, probably mainly sex tourists but some others too, and there are increasing reports of their misbehaviour. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more criminal elements going there too and overstaying their visas to engage in whatever unsavoury and illegal activities. And of course Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and Bengalis as well but in smaller numbers.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  370. Lin says:

    On a side note, Indian vegetarians have even evolved a bit to be healthy with a no meat diet, that completely messes up Europeans and other non-Indians adapting a similar vegetarian diet.

    Excessive meat consumption of 100 kg/yr/capita like in US or Australia sure is excessive but there’s nothing wrong with lower figure like 50-70 kg/capita.
    It’s well known hindu women suffer anaemia badly because their religion discourages meat consumption(4.4 kg/capita/yr according to )

    • Replies: @Anonymuous
  371. @Anonymuous

    Kerala improved when they kicked the Brahmin out.

    • Replies: @Anonymuous
  372. TT says:

    Then we will lost good Indians like Malla. Its like using anti biotic killing good & bad bacteria.

    It appeared more like a very well orchestrated move by ZUS-Israel to prop up India in every aspects, as a canon fodder to fight China rise that threaten jews hegemonic control.

    Many Indians are installed to lead Top West corps, esp Google, Microsoft(Bing/Yahoo search), FB, dominate all msm. They are also made moderators and admin to control.

    It already happen in Spore msm, 90% msm & independent sites are now written, moderated and flood by Indians. They are increasingly laced with anti-Chinese message that agitate for racial disharmony. Local Indians increasingly showing hatred towards Chinese ethnic, a toxic India Hindutva penchant for racial riots.

  373. DB Cooper says:

    India is a Teflon nation. The country has invaded and grabbed land on every single of its neighbors and the MSM is never interested in reporting it. To the extend it report it most likely distort the facts in favor of India. Large area of territory under India control has law that gives the state the power to detain or kill anyone legally. And rape is often used by the jawans as in instrument of terror on these populations. You would never read about it in the MSM.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @TT
  374. @Jeff Stryker

    That was Tamil Nadu, I described that in my earlier post above.

    • Replies: @Malla
  375. TT says:

    India nationals already make up over 1/3 of Spore work force, given best paid jobs by gov. So since 2010, Indians are made highest paid ethnic surpassing 73% Chinese & 16% Malays for first time in history.

    But almost all are holding international uncredited or fake certificates(many caught) cheats & criminals. The good educated Indians are mostly in US & 5Eyes.

    Indians population is growing aggressively to 9.5% of Spore population, plus another 20% Permanent Residents and million of work permits labour awaiting citizenship. New citizenship of over 20,000 are given like candies annually, highest ever record number in history.

    After this election win of ruling party, gov promise to double population to 10M, with majority India migrants. There are little the people can do as gov writes new election rules everytime for majority walkover win. Ruling party PAP control 90% seats consistently to bulldoze laws with corrupted judges support.

    99% of good opposition party candidates(win election seats) are heavily persecuted & bankrupted by endless defamation law suits. Gov appointed corrupted judges are colluding since LKY time. But LHL all Indian judges & AGC will bring it to new height.

    Only if ZUS collapsed may allow hijacked Spore gov to purge these millions of toxic India parasites planted by ZUS, for threatening China’s 80% sea trade lanes at Malacca Straits.

    Saudi, Qatar, Emirates, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Assam,…are overwhelmed by Indian WMM too.

    What are the deadliest weapons India has besides a nuke?

    India dominating the world with WMM?

    J&Kashmir is new Hindu WMM target now.

    Andrew Korybko

  376. @TT

    Are you for real. The official stats is Singapore Indians account for 7% of the population and Indian nationals 2%. How come they are 1/3 of the workforce. You mean to say a lot of hardworking Chinese are actually unemployed. Hard to believe. I suspect you are paranoid (with some valid reasons) about Indians/ Indian immigration.

    • Replies: @TT
  377. @Lin

    I am not promoting vegetarianism. How come omnivorous Africa is anemic? That is map of malnutrition or poor nutrition and has nothing to do with vegetarianism.

    Vegetarian Indians are somewhat genetically adapted to vegetarianism, that is from a medical study report I read sometime back.

    • Replies: @Lin
  378. DB Cooper says:

    Hong Kong is getting more of these parasites too thanks to Britain. These parasites carried with them the usual thing to Hong Kong, like rape. Fuck the last governor of Hong Kong piece of shit Chris Patten.

    • Replies: @TT
  379. Malla says:

    I am not sure why?
    The Han Chinese have been predominantly grain eaters too. And the Mongols/Manchus were more meat/protein eaters.

  380. Malla says:
    @DB Cooper

    India is a Teflon nation.

    That is because Zionist and Brahmanical forces have soul mated.And I suspect this soul mating is much older than people think. “British “Jews like Samuel Montague (who was appointed the Secretary of State for British India) helped Brahmin/Bania (bania=merchants) get rid of British Raj whose Anglo-Saxon-Celtic side (as opposed to the Jew Freemasonic side) was doing much needed reforms in India for the interest of the lower castes. That is why when the upper caste dominated Congress seemed like winning, the Muslims wanted out with Pakistan.

  381. Malla says:

    In Utter Pradesh where I come from, the presence of higher IQ upper castes (like my caste) is actually a bane as this leads to more Hinduvadi tendencies keeping the place backward. Cow worship and cow pee drinking is much stronger in the cow belt states of the north. In South Indian Tamil Nadu, the upper caste population was much smaller as a percentage and thus easy to dis lodge.
    But lower caste populations are also castist and thus politics is inevitable dominated by caste politics. One caste supports one party/ candidate and the other caste supports the other party or candidate.
    Democracy is unsuitable when the population is so heterogeneous. Homogenous population is a must for democracy to work. That was exactly the argument of the British Empire against giving dominion status to India like given to Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The Brits said that this will have to wait in the case of India, unless the population develops further socially, the caste politics will come in and upper caste people will use the ignorant villagers to their advantage.
    The Indian Congress leaders initially wanted only Dominion status within the Empire, but when this request was denied due to the reasons mentioned above, only then did they start asking for full independence.
    What the Brits warned would happen, has happened. You could say the same thing happened with tribalism in Africa.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @Anonymuous
  382. Lin says:

    I’m no biologist/medico; If I remember right, a traditional Chinese medicine cure for anemia is beef/pork liver broth. You’re correct that the human bodies will adapt but still IMO the best cure is a nice piece of steak or other meat.

    • Replies: @Anonymuous
  383. TT says:
    @DB Cooper

    You are right, all msm esp West never report on India’s widespread cruel invasions to every single neighbors since gaining independent 14 Aug47.

    Wonder what ordinary Indians like Malla felt about these.

    Many Indians are lying everywhere that India is world most peaceful nation, never invaded anyone in their 10,000yrs history. They white wash all history.

    Only this year did I read unbelievably shocking on how India extreme cruelty and ambitious. Its still invading all neighbors now. But India huge IB have muted all voices.

    Modi’s Global Danger: “Akhand Bharat” is The “Lebensraum” of The 21st Century. India is a grave mortal threat to the world like US & Israel.


    The Hindutva political programme advocates for Hindu supremacist rule over not just the borders of modern India, but over the modern territory of Pakistan, Bangladesh and according to many Hindutva agitators, also Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, parts of Myanmar, and parts of China. This envisaged Hindutva empire known as Akhand Bharat, continues to be the default position of the Hindutva extremists of the RSS para-military group and its political wing, BJP.

    India invaded everyone it can touch with great cruelty since independent.

    A Nagaland youth is calling out to the world to save their entire race from massacre & gang rape by India. Yet his voice is completely drown.

    The Untold Story Of The Alleged Mass Rapes By The Indian Army In Kunan Poshpora

    That’s the story of hundreds of innocent people of Kashmir, who are victims of atrocities done by the Indian army with impunity, protected by India gov AFSPA.

    On the night of 23/24 February 1991, Army personnel of 4 Rajputana Rifles entered Kunan Poshpora village …caught all the men of the village, interrogated them and severely tortured them physically and emotionally to the extent of barbarism while the women of the village were raped irrespective of their age, at gun point. One of them had even delivered a child a few days ago. All were raped in front of their small children who looked on crying in horror while their mother was raped by beasts. …“One by one, they raped me, while my five year old son was forced to watch, weeping beside the bed,”

    India Rape is so rampant, 550 global experts unanimously voted India as No.1 rape nation, worst than war torn Afghanistan, Syria & Libya. Why?

    Shockingly India even deeply involved in TERRORISM while it always accused Pakistan.

    Indira Gandhi created Tamil LTTE terrorists to invade Sri Lanka. India trained Arakan army & many rebels like Kachin to invade Myanmar. Setup Balochistan terrorists to subvert Pakistan & CPEC. Created Mukti Bahini to incite war & break Bangladesh(East Pakistan) from Pakistan. Train Tibetans to invade China. Lot of terrorism in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Naga, Nepal, Sikkim, South Tibet, etc.

    India’s Ethno-Terror Proxies : From East Pakistan to CPEC

    India even bombed China consular in Pakistan Karachi.

    Modi eliminated India free speech.

    The triplet born in hell: America think tank said USA future is with India & Israel!!!

  384. @TT

    Then we will lost good Indians like Malla.

    I forgot about that. You are right, there are salvageable Indians like our friend Malla. I immediately thought about that after I pressed the PUBLISH COMMENT button

  385. @Commentator Mike

    Note that I never denied that there were bad ones.

  386. Chinaman says:

    Enlightening…I wonder how democracy will play out in China where, on the surface, it is much more homogeneous, the reality there is north south and a city vs countryside divide. I think China will mots likely be partitioned which is what America wants and probably why they push for democracy.

    • Replies: @Malla
  387. TT says:

    Spore gov is very secretive about official Indians employment & crime data. So we have to pick up pieces here & there.

    Our 6M population made up of 3.5M citizens, est. 0.5M permanent residents & 2M foreigners working in Spore.

    Now Indians make up 9.5% of 3.5M citizens, i.e. 2.5% are newly arrival India nationals.

    500k Permanent Residents who has not yet apply citizenship, over 20% are India nationals.

    Then another million of India nationals on work permit like H1B but they can just enter Spore to work under CECA without quota and Visa. They form 1/3 of Spore total workforce now.

    Indians will drive Spore taxi

    India job agencies have exploited CECA to bring in millions criminals to live & work unlimited without need Spore gov approval.


    Cleverly hidden clauses

    In the agreement, Chapter 9 provides for the movement of people between the 2 countries.

    In particular, it provides very laxed rules for the so-called “intra-corporate transfer” of employees, encompassing some 127 different type of professionals described in Annex 9A: IT professionals, architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers, doctors, biochemists, pharmacists, lecturers, accountants, auditors, financial analysts, psychologists, career advisers, etc.

    In Article 9.5, Clause 1, it talks about providing a “long-term temporary entry” to “intra-corporate transferees”. In fact the name itself should have raised a red flag to PM Lee. How can an entry be simultaneously “temporary” but yet “long-term”?

    The clause stated that “each party shall grant temporary entry to an intra-corporate transferee of the other party, who otherwise meets its criteria for the grant of an immigration visa, for an initial period of up to two years or the period of the contract, whichever is less. The period of stay may be extended for period of up to three years at a time for a total term not exceeding eight years”.

    Bottom line is an “intra-corporate transferee” can stay up to 8 years before he is “rotated” out of the country.

    And the person shall be exempted from any labour market testing or economic needs testing, as specified in Article 9.3:

    “Neither Party shall require labour market testing, economic needs testing or other procedures of similar effects as a condition for temporary entry, in respect of natural persons upon whom the benefits of this Chapter are conferred.”

    That is to say, economic needs testing like Singapore’s fair consideration framework which ensures fair hiring of Singaporeans cannot be applied to “intra-corporate transferees”.

    To top it all, CECA Article 9.6 even allows the “intra-corporate transferees” to bring in their spouses or dependents to work too:

    “A Party shall, upon application, grant the accompanying spouses or dependents of the other Party the right to work as managers, executives or specialists, subject to its relevant licensing, administrative and registration requirements.”

    In cases where their spouses or dependents are not professionals, they shall be allowed to work in other areas:

    “Such spouses or dependents can apply independently in their own capacity (and not necessarily as accompanying spouses or dependents) and shall not be barred by the Party granting them the right to work from taking up employment in a category other than that of managers, executives, or specialists solely on the ground that they as the accompanying spouses or dependents are already employed in its territory as managers, executives or specialists.”

    India IT companies exploiting the “intra-corporate transfer” loophole

    Hence with CECA, Indian IT companies like Wipro or Infosys can exploit the “intra-corporate transfer” loophole, to move large number of Indian IT workers into Singapore since CECA does not set any quotas.

    They do not have to hire a single Singaporean in their Singapore-based subsidiaries.

    Before the PAP govt notices, tens of thousands of Indian IT workers have already quietly entered Singapore with many of them working and settling in the East side of Singapore, creating their own enclaves.

    When you have millions of Indians roam your street, occupying every gov top post, replacing jobs including bank CEO, HR, construction & cabbie wholesale, its not paranoid.

    1/3 work force(plus their dependences) is like having over 100M Indians working in US, go imagine. Every 3 living beings you see one is Indian. And they are extremely predatory like jews, yet worst, mostly prone to violent riots, drunk, rape & cheat. These are not the good nature Indians i work with 20yrs ago.

    As minority, newly arrival India Hindus are already openly abusing all Chinese ethnic now, often beating up police & getting into rioting fight with locals. Some are raping & molesting Chinese ethnic students. They will be like India Hindu, openly massacred & gang raped minority Muslims & non Hindu when gain majority.

    Its a tragedic crisis work like cooking frogs over last 15yrs. All just complaint of job lost thinking one day these Indians will leave. So many don’t even aware its a existential threat, until another 5M Indians suddenly given citizenship to become 70% majority.

    Indian controlled Gov is extremely sensitive to persecute any Chinese ethnic heavily touching on racial issue since last 15yrs.

  388. TT says:
    @DB Cooper

    HK population jump from 5M to 9M since 1997 handover. Thanks to treason HK gov appointing white British as 90% of its judges to continue rule HK as colonial.

    These white Brit judges ruled against China gov warning, to grant citizenship for all Philippines maids, foreign workers, anyone including mainland Chinese who give birth in HK,…

    These are to give China a cancerous tumor of millions foreigners including whites, pinoys & Indians granted HK citizenship. They are loyal to US-UK to subvert China in HK.

    Brits colonist had legally classified White Brits as No1, foreign whites as No2, Indians as No3, Chinese as No.4 lowest class. Those HK rioters demanding HK to be UK colonial again never realize it means they will be the lowest class among all people.

    • Replies: @Anonymuous
  389. @Lin

    Once again, I am a beef and steak eater who thinks vegetarians are idiots. so stop repeating your meat sermon.

    • Replies: @Anonymuous
  390. @Anonymuous

    In India, the pure vegetarians are usually the Brahmins and upper caste, Jains and other elite communities. These groups are well educated, live in cities and don’t suffer from malnutrition, anemia etc. In fact they live longer than the average in the developed world. This is one of the reasons a lot of hippies and other Western Indophiles who parachute in and out of India started to copy this without understanding that their body types are different. The results are not good.

    • Replies: @Malla
  391. @Malla

    Agree. but homogeneous alone wont cut it, also needed at least 100 average IQ (without a Verbal deficiency) and high trust culture.
    The West had it all and it is destroying itself because this commonsense idea somehow became the greatest sin in their new religion.

    • Replies: @Malla
  392. @TT

    I understand you now. You are a Chinese Nationalist, who years for a united greater China that is all, 99.99% Han Chinese and want China to lord over the World as that is its rightful place, just like the White supremacists lately in the West are squeaking about.

    Well, while I agree that would be nice for the Chinese , you are paranoid and hyperventilating.

    Singapore is not Chinese historically, it is Malay territory, the reason Chinese are there is because of stability imposed there by British colonialism in the past couple of centuries or so, who also brought over the gift of Indians. So you have to share the place with the Malays and the Indians.

    Don’t despair, Compared to what is happening to the West, and what happened to India over 1000s of yeas, China still has it good. Mainland China is a solid 1.4 billion Chinese with virtually no minorities. Taiwan is pure enough and can be taken in due course. HK is a pipsqueak and the quarrel can be put don and it will be by a couple of 100 tanks. and China can go about being China.

    If you want Chinese purity and hegemony in Singapore, invite China to take over. Perhaps if China continues to rise, it will take over Singapore and set everything right in the coming decades. All will be fine. Right now, however, this “Singapore” problem is mostly an inconsequential problem to the World at large including China itself, as Singapore is rather inconsequential.

    • Replies: @TT
    , @Malla
  393. @Sergey Krieger

    Sergey -my observations are the same as yours.

  394. DB Cooper says:
    @Sergey Krieger

    Modelled after the Soviet school my a$$.

  395. TT says:

    Are you a India hindutva imbecile spewing nonsense here?

    Any gov allowing in new migrants of any kind in millions are looking for tragedy.

    West whites esp US have all the legitimate reason to protest against such crazy massive immigrants policy that destroy their country. Be it Chinese, Indians, Mexican, Latin, Africans….its all disastrous. Only needed talents of a strict quota can be let in. These white protestors are falsely link to a few whites supremacists by jews that are driving these borderless nonsense – Soros.

    Germany is now stuck with a million of ME Muslims that can never be assimilate. Even Germany is large nation of 80M, they find trouble with 1M Muslims that is not as violent as Indians. Spore is only 3.5M nation facing millions of India violent dredge, nationalistic? You are either imbecile or lunatic to say that.

    These are the real Indians coming to Spore, not nice guys like Malla or Bengalicanada dude.

    Violent, drunk, criminals from India.

    Arrogant Indians bring in their Hindu caste, insulting Chinese ethnic.

    Spore is always a multiracial nation. Whether its PRC Chinese, Malays, Whites or Indians, we can’t afford to let in millions suddenly to stress entire society & infrastructure. We have a serious back lash previously with massive low grade PRC. Now its worst, million of violent cheat & rapist Indians.

    When your wannabe Hindutva Modi allowed in 400M Muslim Bangladeshi, Pakistanis & Africans into India, you may understand. But Modi won’t, as Hindutva extremist, he will massacre and cleanse all Muslims and minority instead. And no one will want to migrate to poor India, except Indian-Bangladeshi.

    If you have no knowledge, don’t mislead here. China is a multi ethnics nation. Mongol(invaded China & set up Yuan Dynasty), Manchus(invaded & set up Qing Dynasty), Yunan tribes, Hui(Muslim of Persian & Chinese mix), Uyghur, Hakka, hundred of minorities…they just assimilate into a higher civilization called Hans Chinese who has never purge minority.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Malla
  396. Anonymous[135] • Disclaimer says:

    You are a blathering fool and paranoid Chinese supremacist howling at the moon. You deserve your shitty Singapore being overrun by hindoos and Pakis.. I am American and a Catholic (lapsed) BTW.

    • Replies: @TT
  397. TT says:

    Then why did you behave like a deranged psychopath jumping out of nowhere to spew nonsense & attack like a rabies for no reason?

  398. K says:
    @Professional Stranger

    Other than narayana murthy who else is of brahmin origin among people who run india’s software industry.

  399. Grumpy says:

    Love your stuff, usually.
    One thing I did notice in the link to current and past Congress members with doctorates was the absence of “doctors”, for example Rand Paul caught my eye. Further perusing the Wiki article reveals that it is a list of “research doctorates”, or pre professorial degrees. So in my book this is a list of “eggheads”. Is that what you were really trying to show. I didn’t think so, but I could be wrong.
    If the physicians were left out I wonder what other professional doctorates were not included.
    I have learned lately that Wiki is no longer a trustworthy source.

  400. Malla says:

    Agree. but homogeneous alone wont cut it, also needed at least 100 average IQ (without a Verbal deficiency) and high trust culture.

    Very true.

  401. Malla says:

    with 1M Muslims that is not as violent as Indians.

    TT, I know you are coming across some bad violent Tamil irritants in Singapore, but trust me, those Middle Easterners are way more violent than us South Asians.

    • Replies: @TT
  402. Malla says:

    Yes, PR China has divisions but is more homogenous than India. Though I am not the best fan of the CCP, I think what China has for now seems good enough. The CCP with all its flaws has done a great job in developing PR China in a very systematic manner. No doubt about it.

  403. Malla says:

    the pure vegetarians are usually the Brahmins and upper caste, Jains and other elite communities. T

    These pure Vegetarians use a a lot of dairy products. Ghee (clarified butter or butter with the water content removed/ butter oil) in used in everything.

  404. Malla says:

    as Singapore is rather inconsequential.

    Singapore is being subjected to the same WMM as the West is. It seems like a global trend to destroy first world countries. Only Japan/South Korea/Taiwan and Eastern Europe are left out. For now.

    • Replies: @TT
  405. TT says:

    Most commoners are peaceful & non violent, be it ME or Indians.

    In Europe, these ME people are refugees of all kinds going through war violence nightmare, yet they didn’t burned and attacked host nation police/people violently in large scale. Some refugees are actually ISIS/criminals mix in refugees to enter Europe. Yet they didn’t commit widespread crimes.

    The cruel ones we read in West msm are the terrorists like Al Queda- ISIS of international ethnics, not just ME. Many came from Afghanistan, Russia Chechnya, China Uyghur, Africa, Libya, India, Pak, Bangladesh, Msia, Indonesia, Spore, etc. These are people brainwashed by USNato-Israel-Saudi using wahabism as cheap foot soldiers. That’s why they only kill Muslims, Russians & Chinese. They never target West-Israelis-Saudi and their axis-India, Japan…

    Whereas the million of Indians came to Spore are what our Indian controlled gov exclaimed, the best global Foreign Talents capable to do the best jobs no Sporean is able. They now make highest salary among all ethnics. Suddenly everyone except Indians become idiots overnight after US decided to groom India to fight China over Malacca Straits.

    Yet these million best India talents turned out are mostly serial cheats, rapists, violent rioters & drunkards. They burned police cars & attacked violently. They also often cheat & attack among themselves. Even gov is trying hard to cover up to avoid backlash, there are just too many cases.

    Can these violent rioters be India global most refined IT & banking talents Spore gov insisted to welcome without arresting any?

    What if these million of Indians are ordinary Indians? How will they behave instead?

    I have lived in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, know Paki and read about Sikkim, Bhutan, Assam, Nagaland, Kashmir, China-Tibetan, Maldives and Mauritius.

    Indeed South Asian commoners are good nature like most nations in my encounter.

    But one shocking historical fact I learned recently is all neighbors of India are cruelly invaded-terrorisized-occupied by India since 1947. All, not even one escape from India massacre & gang raped under AFSPA impunity. Is it a coincidence?


    Nagaland occupied by India

    Kashmir truth

    Indian army mass rapes.

    Even within India itself, Muslims & minority are often massacred & gang raped. Modi is elected with land slide win even he champions all such atrocities.

    Not even Hindu can escape from Hindutva cruelty. Low caste Dalits are 80% victims of violent crimes and rapes.
    India caste system cruelty

    India is actively involved in terrorism since starting mother of all terrorism, LTTE to invade Sri Lanka.

    India’s Balochistan terrorism had bombed China consulate & CPEC.

    Narendra Modi and the BJP’s desire to advance Hindu interests won’t help India realise its ambitions. BJP want to uproot 200M Muslims.

    Now, our PM Lee think our 90% population of Chinese & Malays are all idiots since 2005. So he replaced all with Indians in highest positions from President downward.

    If you challenge any draconian law enacted by Indian law Minister Sham, you will face these Indians judges and AGC appointed since 2015 that decide everything in court.
    Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Judge of Appeal Judith Prakash,
    Deputy Attorney-General Hri Kumar Nair.

    $16.5B reserves are dumped into India p.a. since 2000. These are the result: SG High Commissioner seeks mercy from new Indian state govt after SG plonks $4B into state but nothing seen.

    And now Gov wanted another 5M Indians to emulate India Hindutva, instead of Switzerland LKY had been emulating in last 40yrs.

    We will then have a majority violent Hindu population to uproot-massacre all minority & non Hindu. Spore will invade to occupy all neighbors, massacre their men and raped their women like India did?

  406. TT says:

    Jews NWO at work.

    Weapon of Mass Migration – Are you target?

    Weapon of Mass Migration | The US War on Europe

    ZUS-Israel driven no border policy(Soros fund) to use Islam & Indians dominate the world by WMM.

    ZUS think tank exclaimed :
    America Future Is with India and Israel!!

    Will Jewish empire groom India to next largest superpower replacing ZUS-China to dominate the World, or just a puff up canon fodder to destroy China-Asia rise with staged India-Pak-China nuclear war?

    • Replies: @Malla
  407. @TT


    When quoting those demographic statistics you often mention Indian nationals. But there are also old timer Tamils from Malaysia there, new comer Tamils from Sri Lanka, and Bangladeshis too. Are they all grouped together as “Indians” or as separate categories?

    • Replies: @TT
  408. Malla says:

    Will Jewish empire groom India to next largest superpower replacing ZUS-China to dominate the World, or just a puff up canon fodder to destroy China-Asia rise with staged India-Pak-China nuclear war?

    From a practical point of view, it seems as canon fodder. India has the numbers to throw, more numbers than USA controlled Japan and ZOG controlled USA.

  409. Haole says:

    Fred, I keep checking, whats is happening, 2 weeks and no fred.

  410. Malla says:

    What’s your opinion on this research writing on India critical situation that was banned in Quora? It seems India economy might collapse under heavy debt & explosive population in a decade. Even clean water will be critically shortage.

    Sorry, I missed this. The second scenario looks like a possibility. Outside the small Middle Class (the numbers are hyped up by Govt) the education and IQ levels of the masses is quite low. Does not seem like good raw material for a first world country.
    At the same time due to excessive scamming, nepotism, back scratching networks and high hopes into the Indian economy then reality, there are huge debt burdens in banks.
    And also we are seeing huge amount of farmer suicides and water shortages. The green revolution stopped famines and made India into a food exporter but in return the water levels are falling. India (along with Pakistan & Bangladesh) should have put strict population controls decades ago, now it is too late. Only recently has the Indian fertility rate gone below replacement but even then the population will rise to 1.9 billion before it starts reducing, who is going to give jobs to so many people? Many of them are low IQ and lazy.
    Also what worries me is that with improved standard of living and westernization, many youth are actually acting more and more like ghetto blacks rather than English gentlemen. This is serious bad news for any nation. Even sexual promiscuity has increased. India looks more and more to go the route of Brazil than China or S.Korea.
    That is why I have doubts about the future of India, but I can be wrong. Actually I am pessimistic about the future of the brown black world in general. In the future Singapore, North America, Western Europe etc… will be part of the brown world as these nations are voraciously brownifying themselves while countries like South Africa foolishly expel and harass the White South Africans (South Africa’s top asset) to leave. The whole world has gone mad.

    • Replies: @TT
  411. TT says:
    @Commentator Mike

    9.5% is inclusive of local 7% old timer Indians. So 2.5% is newly added India nationals, both Tamils & Muslims. Due to gov secretive on India influx data, there are no clear official data & income distribution. Only mentioned is 1/3 labours is India nationals. And Indian ethnic due to influx of India nationals, are now highest income group.

    A number of India Muslims were actually caught joining ISIS. This is another cancerous tumor from India.

    Local old Tamil Indians origin from India-SL-Bangladesh are ok, we grew up together like brothers, with Malays too.

    Its the new arrival India nationals over last 20yrs that are ultra India nationalistic, vehement Chinese hater, arrogant, predatory & often violent. Many are cheats & criminals since gov has no control who can enter under crazy CECA treaty.

    These India nationals are influencing local Indians to become race sensitive and Chinese hating. Some local Indians are championing India Hindutva &ultra anti-China like toxic ex-Ambassador Kausikan. Look like ZUS-India anti-China brainwashing program is very successful in Spore.

    These destitute criminals can’t even enter as tourist in past, what’s more to work in Spore. Very scarce India nationals ever can get permit to work in Spore. But now they are everywhere like pests from been installed as CEO under nepotism to Drs & violent construction workers. I think decent good India people will fear such kind of criminals too.

  412. TT says:

    This is what i see too.

    China alone already has the world facing excess capacity issue. There is no such demand to create another 1.6B~1.9B mega industrial hub.

    Moreover, coming global AI automation & eCommerce era will replace 80% of labourer jobs & retails in a decade.

    India is facing multiple whammy. Globalization bonus is coming to end. AI automation will obsolete low end labour intensive jobs. Agri will all go large commercial scale & high tech with excess capacity, killing small farmers. The only option India has is to export its 1.6B unemployable people to the world by WMM.

    But the world can’t absorb so many. Moreover everyone will be caught unprepare in AI automation onslaught with similar 80% jobless, except China.

    The Browning of developed world is disastrous WMM adopted by NWO. Modi’s Hindutva nationalism will worsen it with ethnic clashing. Spore is sliding in to this cesspit under current stupid gov. ZUS is also pressurizing Japan & SK to diversify immigrants now.

    All these unusual mega migration look like a Soros-jews Empire geopolitical chest game of WWIII.

  413. annamaria says:

    You would be surprised to learn how much cultural cross-pollination had happened before the European civilization burst into flowering:
    “Leonardo Pisano (Fibonacci)” by Heather Risley

    Leonardo Pisano, also known as Leonardo of Pisa or Fibonacci, may have been the greatest mathematician of the middle ages. …

    Leonardo Pisano was born in 1170 in the maritime city-state of Pisa in the province of Tuscany. Leonardo’s father, Guilielmo, was a teacher of the Arabic-Hindu numerals and the new style of calculation that came along with it. …

    Leonardo very much enjoyed the teachings of the numerals. He liked studying them so much so that he continued to study Arabic-Hindu numerals and mathematics on his trips to Egypt, Syria, Greece, Sicily, Byzantium, and Provence. …

    Leonardo learned from his father and Arabic scientists the Hindu numbers, their place system, and the algorithms for arithmetic operations. At the time of Leonardo’s first fascination with Arabic-Hindu numerals, most Eastern Muslim lands where Leonardo traveled, only mathematicians and scientists used Arabic numerals. …

    Some of the uses in modern mathematics and science include everything from Fibonacci-based pseudo-random number generators, to analysis of Euclid’s algorithm. Leonardo’s work can be used to explain ideas like the beauty seen in nature and the description of signals appearing in telecommunication systems.

  414. Poco says:

    In this instance, the whole world is.

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