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Trump to Build Death Camps for Trans-Gendered People of Color
Will Deport All Woman
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I love it. Of all the things about Trump that our silly-ass Aunt Polly media might have considered–policy toward China, relations with Iran, reform of taxes–they seemed most agitated about…his sex life. Yes. Sure, he is a misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe, fascist, Nazi, anti-Semite, and probably kicks his dog. Maybe a cannibal. But the truly horrid discovery was…that he thinks dirty thoughts about girls (as we all do–unless we are girls, and think dirty thoughts about boys) Shocking. Shocking.Clearly he hates women.

The famous dirty-talk tape is my favorite example of high-school outrage coupled with horrified old-maid moralism. It reveals what any sensible person would have assumed– egotism (a rare thing among the rich and famous), and a sexual interest in women. How is this misogyny? If there is one thing normal women don’t like, it is men without sexual interest in themselves. And who can blame them? Who wants an asexual boyfriend?

What seems most to have set people off is the “grab em by the pussy” remark. Crude language, of the sort normally used by men and women among themselves, where it is appropriate. It is where Trump used it. For the record, the idea that women are not human, don’t talk dirty, do not have rude sexual thoughts like everybody else, do not have the same kinky fantasies that men have, is twaddle. We are a sexual species. We think about those things. Deal with it.

Actually, most women seem to have dealt with it quite well. Some fifty-three percent of white women and forty-three percent of black women voted for him. Apparently they did not react with the required prissy horror.

Trump said something like, “When you are a star, you can do anything with women.” A statement of fact. Men are drawn to youth and beauty, women to money and power. A masculine man, which Trump is, known to be a billionaire and interested in sex, will attract many women in favor of providing it. For that matter, a gorgeous young honey might say, “When you are a gorgeous young honey, you can do anything with men.” That too might, or might not, be arrogant. It would certainly be a statement of fact.

One thing that infuriates older women is that men prefer younger ones. Sorry. I can’t fix that.

In the music business the attracted honeys are called “groupies.” How many young women, of their own volition, would have tumbled instantly into the sack with Ringo Starr? Are such groupies not “objectifying” their targeted rock star–that is, regarding him as (Eeeeeeeeeeek!) a “sex object”? You bet. Or are we to think that groupies took a virginal interest in sounding the depths of Ringo’s soul in search of a lasting meaningful relationship? Do you suppose that Ringo objected to objectification?

Why might this make culpable either the groupies or Ringo? Or Trump? Why is it anybody else’s business?

Feminists complain–I could stop the sentence there- that men regard women as sex objects. I see. And what, prithee, are we supposed to regard as sex objects? Doorknobs? Porpoises? Doughnuts? Vacuum cleaner attachments? We are men, for God’s sake. Cocker spaniels just don’t do it for us.

The truth is that women want to be regarded as sex objects. Not only as sex objects usually, but certainly as sex objects. Maybe some man, somewhere, lost a girlfriend by regarding her as a sex object. A far surer way to lose her is not to so regard her. Why do you think women buy push-up bras, boob jobs, makeup, slinky dresses? Why do grocery-rack tabloids always carry three miracle diets guaranteed to have the guys drooling?

Perhaps it is to repel men, and women just haven’t figured things out yet.

Why do men go to gyms, and sweat and grunt and smell bad? Is it only to piss off feminists by being macho–that is, masculine? This would be sufficient justification, but in fact they want to look good for women. Have you seen those nature shows on TV with male swamp birds puffing up their feathers, flapping their wings, and jerking their heads wildly about while making horrible noises? It’s so the girl swamp birds will love them. Thank God that girl swamp birds, and women, don’t have the sense God gave a crab apple, or men would have to date possums.

Gold’s Gym is just a charm school for male swamp birds. Any fool knows that.

The Trumpian question becomes, how many of the women grabbed by Trump, if in fact any were, objected to it? If the grabbed women were raising hell, which apparently they are not, things would be different. Grabbing the unwilling is major social faux pas. If women were appearing who were forcibly raped by Trump, as so many women were by Clinton and Cosby, it would be a very different thing, and Trump would belong in jail. Are such abused women coming forth? Are Clinton and Cosby in jail?

A little realism, please. The age-old rule is that women trade sex for whatever they want, and men trade whatever they have for sex. It is how things are. If a pretty young woman likes the thought of going to a high-rollers’ night spot on the arm of a rich and famous man, and if the man likes the idea of having her do so–so what? Is it your business? Mine?

Finally, though feminists everywhere will hate it, there are a great many women who actually like sexually assertive actual men, instead of the docile manageables favored by Salon. The saying that “good girls like bad boys” is not without steam. Who do you think is going to get laid most–Marlon Brando or or some squeally darling of a gender-fluid girly-boy who can be lead around on a leash by a disagreeable Swarthmore co-ed?

One reason why Trump is so hated–and why he is President–is that he is an actual man–you know, like Killer Kowalski, Clint Eastwood, Marlboro Man, or Humphrey Bogart. This simply is not done among the house-broken nominal men of the media and the “elite,” and they don’t know how to handle it. Presidents? There was Bush II, asexual, a man without vibes. Obama, a pretty race hustler. Willy Bill Clinton, a slick Bubba with the I-feel-your-pain mixture of Oprah and Karo syrup that got him a lot of nookie–nothing wrong with that–but not masculine. All of the candidates except Trump were poll-sniffing remotely programmed ciphers.

Except Trump. He told all the pretty boys and mannish girls of the media, “Bite me.” This didn’t play well with plasticized viragos like Megyn Kelly–who, if she weren’t conventionally beautiful, would not have a job. Ever notice how many female anchors are at least pretty, and how few male reporters are handsome? There are plenty of first-rate female reporters, but they don’t get in front of cameras. This is reserved for bubble-headed babble blondes. Sex sells.

OK, OK, I’m stirring up trouble for the fun of it. I am a bad person. Thank God.

Fred can be reached at [email protected] Put the letters “pdq” without the quotes in the subject line to avoid being heartlessly autodeleted.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Feminism, Political Correctness 
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  1. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Nice to see you read the NYT and keep yourself informed, Fred.

    New other hate crimes are coming soon, like incest-shaming, heteronormativism, binary sexism (the idea that gender is not fluid and there are 2 defined sexual identity).

    A little realism, please. The age-old rule is that women trade sex for whatever they want, and men trade whatever they have for sex. It is how things are. If a pretty young woman likes the thought of going to a high-rollers’ night spot on the arm of a rich and famous man, and if the man likes the idea of having her do so–so what? Is it your business? Mine?

    Not mine or yours. But it is going to be the business of, well, the Department for Equality and the Anti-Hate Federal Agency.

    All will be lead by… guess who? Yeah, women.

  2. Dr. X says:

    Trump to Build Death Camps for Trans-gendered People of Color

    No, no, Fred, you’ve got it all wrong. Trumps’s going build death camps for gay Jews.

    Says so right here!

  3. Renoman says:

    FredFredFredFredFredFred Fred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes,

    A simple conundrum faced by men for eons is/was the sophisticated (or non sophisticated) garments that push the female breast out into the sunshine and consequently into a man’s face. How does a man react? How should he react? Was it at a drinking party? What era did this happen in?

    I could never figure this out and neither could my knuckle dragging padres who like me inevitably ended up being chastised by somebody for being a ‘pervert’ for staring at a 38″ bust squeezing out of a summer dress.

    In our respective defense(s) these accusations generally occurred in circumstances where the joy juice was flowing and as a point of fact the offense was rarely recorded by the siren who displayed the goods.

    OK, so what gives?

    I always thought that for superficial titillation purposes big breasts were like a big talleywhacker. The show. And the cunny and the balls were the go.

    So then, if the femnazi or whatever the term is, way of thinking were to apply, a man could show up at a garden party with his ample mc-willie hanging out of his trousers and everybody should go about with idle chatter and should some dainty female’s eyes happen to descend to the level of this chap’s magnificence, she is to be accused of being a filthy slut?

    Seriously though, I have gone on first meetings in fancy restaurants where my dates wore very tasteful dresses but ones that displayed cleavage. These were obviously fortified by a special garments that would support the structure so it is not by any means a nip slip scenario. It would make me uncomfortable in that I would make a point of not glancing but at the same time wonder what is the point of her making all that effort without me appreciating her -err assets. A side point is that any flat chested girl I ever dated wanted to go the full sweater/coffee shop intellectual route.

    It was all insane but fun insane, ‘vive la difference’ and all that. Men were men and women are women. These simple and healthy distinctions with all their idiosyncrasies made life what it was. Men loved women and women loved men. But somehow this is all anachronistic now. Seriously scary for the future no matter how you read it.


  5. Thank you again for the laughs, Mr. Reed.

    One pussy pulls more then ten locomotives.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  6. Maurice says:

    Wow, Killer Kowalski. That brought back a ton of memories. Wrestling before the WWF.

    Abdullah the Butcher with his manager Eddie Creatchman. André the Giant.

    Good times…

    And on a side note I have it, from a well-informed source in the Trump organization, that the Death Camps will be self-financing with a reality show, tag line: You’ll be fired, and guided tours. 25% off for Trump U graduates!

  7. fnn says:

    forty-three percent of black women voted for him

    Your fact-checker screwed up on that one.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  8. Anonymous [AKA "Katinka the Kitten"] says:

    And please notice how the women who are after you lean into you to make the grabbing easier. “Bite me” says it all.

  9. Since this article is about Presidents and sex, allow me to introduce a taboo subject. I’ve never understood why a top priority of Obama was transsexual acceptance, forcing our military and our public restrooms to accept whoever claims they are female. He shoved this down America’s throat during an election year despite vast opposition by the public. Our media ignored local controversies of transsexuals winning female sports events and college athletic scholarships for females. And if a solider is failing fitness and obesity tests and faces discharge, can he play the transgender card and pass the lower female standard?

    If you google around, there are lots of articles and videos claiming that Michelle Obama is a transsexual. One might assume that with our 24/7 news channels that lust of sensational stories, one might mention this, but it is taboo, even if Joan Rivers says its true. There is no hard proof, but enough is on youtube and the net to consider the claim plausible:

    • Replies: @Melissa
    , @Avery
    , @Truth
    , @KenH
  10. Michelle says:

    I dunno, I disagree with you on the level of hotness of Bush II. He looked pretty hot whilst holding his twin daughters

    and also whilst holding a chainsaw.

    A man who knows how to use a chainsaw properly is always hot. I agree that many women love to be grabbed by the pussy! I never had time for, weak, ineffectual, indecisive men. He who hesitated was lost, as far as I was concerned.

    Camile Paglia, has it right when she says that the feminists want girls to be married before they have sex! You have to fill out a questionnaire and sign a contract before you can get to first base. It’s bound to put you off your passion. New Age Puritans!

  11. @fnn

    Such polls as I’ve seen indicate Trump polled a little better with black men, but support was in the single digits in both cases.

  12. The truth is that women want to be regarded as sex objects. Not only as sex objects usually, but certainly as sex objects.

    Daniel Tosh, to concert hall: “There’s not a woman in here who wouldn’t love to walk out with a blue ribbon on her.”

    Finally, though feminists everywhere will hate it, there are a great many women who actually like sexually assertive actual men

    Only the most dieselish of dykes would turn down Clark Gable, and he was pretty derisive when it came to women.

    Some fifty-three percent of white women and forty-three percent of black women voted for him.

    Now why you wanna do that to yo’ cred, homey?

  13. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    I’ll wager Trump would not be president if he’d said “I wanna shove my fist up her ass.”

  14. Patriot says:


    You are absolutely wrong about the death camps: there simply aren’t that many transgender people of color. Ergo, Trump will need only one death camp, not “camps” as you claim in your article.

    The NAACP, Federal government, and SJW everywhere are working hard to correct this shameful, racist disparity. But until we tear down the barriers that exclude POC from transgenderisation, and finally achieve racial equality in transgenderism, we will, sadly, continue to build death camps for privileged Whites, but not for suppressed POC.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  15. I was gong to start a line of Power Ring Tones™ and “grab ’em by the pussy” was going to be one of my top sellers, but you can only stretch “Fair Use” so far before the lawyers show up.

    Now, I’ll have to go back to writing my Male Self-actualization™ manual. It has the working title:

    Tell ISIS You Have A Headache

    Here is another possible Power Ring Tone™

  16. Che Guava says:

    Nice article as usual, Fred.

    I am recommending the link below I strayed across it through a link from Rod Dreher (sensible most, never all, of the time).

    To me, the strangest thing is total lack of any sentence stating the origin of the preagnancy.

    The way the tale is told, ‘Charlie’, the butch dyke suddenly becomes pregmant for no reason.

    In Charlie’s favour, at least she doesn’t pretend to be the opposite sex, no crap about ‘I am rilly a pregmant man’.

    The time-honoured turkey baster or a distasteful to them (on both sides,session with a gay man), may explain it.

  17. Che Guava says:

    You are a moron. Try posting sowewhere else, where your absolutist views can hold sway!

    BTW, mods, I am pretty good at sock-spotting, since Unz boards are supposed to block it, am prety sure that Mario64 is a puppet of another poster, up to you to work it out. I already have.

  18. Melissa says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Though it sounds crazy, I actually think it’s quite plausible that Michelle is transgender. I’ve actually watched a couple of the videos on this, as well as on Serena and Venus. I’m actually completely convinced that Serena and Venus are genetically male. What was key for me were photos of their torsos–those are male torsos that go in below the naval, whereas genetically female torsos have their waist indent above the naval. None of the videos I’ve watched have been able to include photos of Michelle’s torso, though they do talk about her anatomical proportions (head/shoulder and fingers). I have seen a couple of blog posts on this, with a photo from Michelle’s prom that was obviously photoshopped (ear lobes in the photo do not match the current earlobes) Here’s one of the articles: And we already know that Obama is gay (Wayne Madsen covered that a number of times, including Obama and Rahm belonging to a gay bathhouse is Chicago). Basically, it’s hard to know anything about Obama or Michelle because so much of the information that has been provided has been a lie (

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @Alden
  19. mh505 says:

    If she is a tranny – how to explain the kids? Adopted would leave a paper trail; and in any case would be easily provable by a simple DNA test
    So what’s the story on that one?

  20. Avery says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Well, she makes a plausible case.

    But I have question: there are two daughters.
    Born in US.
    Presumably in a public hospital.
    How was it possible to hide the fact that a real female gave birth, if what the narrator claims is true.

    Barak’s birth certificate issue was extensively scrutinized: why not this issue?
    If true, how could Obamas so completely cover up the birth of two daughters?

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  21. Pakistani Taxi Driver to me: I like to be at Airport and drink coffee with friends. When I go home wife wants me to clean up this and that. Womans make too much problems!

    Me: Ameen, bro!

  22. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Well… that’s not so bad since homos and trannies love Camp.

  23. @Melissa

    Apart from the strong family links to the CIA, what do we really know about this man ?
    Given his long involvement with the Rev Wright, it would have difficult to predict his later interest in homosexual and transgender “rights”.
    Obviously, in return, the CIA have been complicit in hiding large parts of his past. But it can’t continue indefinitely, especially with new leadership at the CIA.
    Expect interesting revelations throughout 2017.

  24. Don’t get into a hissy fit, Trump and the Republican party are A-OK with queers and their numerous illicit federal entitlements:

    1. Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus
    2. Sodomy protected as a federal civil right
    3. Elective abortion-on-demand protected as a federal civil right
    4. Pornography protected as a federal civil right
    5. Queer propaganda in public schools
    6. Subsidized Queer AIDS and STD treatments and medicines protected as a federal civil right
    7. Queer AIDS hysteria promoted by the federal government at
    8. Mandatory national health insurance plan coverage for Queer elective abortion, tranny surgeries, and queer STDs
    9. Government anti-discrimination laws for Queers
    10. Government war mongering and propaganda to impose Queer protected class entitlements on to foreign nations
    11. Queers activities supported in military recruitment and promotions
    12. Federal govt. sponsored marriage licenses for Queer licentiousness
    13. Queer promiscuity promoted as mandatory inclusive socialism
    14. Government NEA grants promoting obscene Queer artwork
    15. Federal hate speech prosecutions in favor of Queers and other protected classes of diversity
    16. Queer sodomy of children re-labeled generic molestation by federal government and mass media
    17. Preferential immigration, citizenship, and asylum policies for queers
    18. Government tax breaks and subsidies for Queer owned or employed mass media businesses
    19. Queers intimidate government-sponsored psychologists to certify queers aren’t degenerate and crazy.
    20. Queers leverage the federal government to force private businesses to service queer degenerate activities, such as elective abortion, sodomy, and STD proliferation.

    Side note: queers are not a minority; there are significantly more heterosexual queers than homosexual queers.

  25. Truth says:

    It reveals what any sensible person would have assumed– egotism (a rare thing among the rich and famous), and a sexual interest in women.

    Really, then why did he marry 3 dudes?

  26. Truth says:
    @Carlton Meyer


    You’ve sniffed out %1.2 0f the conspiracy. Congratulations, Sherlock!

  27. @Willem Hendrik

    One pussy pulls more then (sic)ten locomotives.

    There’s actually an old amusing Greek story based on a similar idea.

    In ancient times, before the canal at Corinth was dug, in order for ships to traverse the isthmus they used the diolkos, a greased, marble track and gangs of men to pull the ships overland. It’s said that to encourage the men to pull the ropes, young attractive women would be placed ahead of them and when the men would show signs of slacking, the women would lift their skirts.

    Since the canal wasn’t dug until the 19th century, I conclude that the diolkos, and it’s method of encouragement, must’ve worked pretty well. In fact, if the story is true, I’d have volunteered to pull the rope myself!!!

  28. Speaking of the battle between the sexes, ancient Greece was well aware of it. Zeus and Pandora, for one, and this…

    Lysistrata is Aristophanes’ play, performed in Athens in 411 BC wherein Lysistrata persuades the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers as a means of forcing the men to end the Peloponnesian War and negotiate peace but instead succeeds in stirring up the battle between the sexes.

    The play is worth reading and this is worth considering.

    “I pay my share of tolls and taxes, by giving men to the State. But you, you miserable greybeards, you contribute nothing to the public charges; on the contrary, you have wasted the treasure of our forefathers, as it was called, the treasure amassed in the days of the Persian Wars. You pay nothing at all in return; and into the bargain you endanger our lives and liberties by your mistakes. Have you one word to say for yourselves?… Ah! don’t irritate me, you there, or I’ll slap my slipper across your jaws; and it’s pretty heavy.”

  29. KenH says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    I’ve never understood why a top priority of Obama was transsexual acceptance, forcing our military and our public restrooms to accept whoever claims they are female.

    Me neither and since he’s a far leftist I just dismissed it as part of the ongoing war against sexual normality and traditional values. Many black women tend to be manly/mannish anyway.

    I thought it far more plausible that Barry was bisexual or homosexual and that he is not the biological father of the girls since they do not resemble him at all. It’s possible that Michelle was artificially inseminated or the girls have different biological fathers (not Barack). Or, like the video says, they were adopted although the eldest seems to resemble Michelle.

  30. Spyder says:

    forty-three percent of black women did not vote for trump.

  31. @Avery

    The daughters were provided by Christians In Action. They are a noted charity providing services around the world.

  32. it is trump and during his presidency, follow the money should be the ultimate rule 🙂

  33. macilrae says:

    the idea that women are not human, don’t talk dirty, do not have rude sexual thoughts like everybody else, do not have the same kinky fantasies that men have, is twaddle

    Just so. In fact, in my opinion the lewd talk of a bunch of women on the loose and partying by themselves tends to be more graphic and obscene that for the equivalent bunch of males. I put this down to their having to hold themselves in all the time while in polite society.

    Also, in passing, I might mention that a bunch of confined and sexually deprived males can be far more bitchy then their female counterparts.

  34. Alden says:

    The oldest daughter is obviously the daughter of Barack abd granddaughter of Anne Dunham.
    Neither girl looks like Michelle, but that’s the way genes go, girls look like their fathers, actually the paternal grandmother

    Michelle is tall, but so are her parents and her basketball coach brother. The height proves nothing. A lot of black women have the broad jaw masculine typical black face. The daughters have the small jaw
    pointed chin faces of their father and his Mother.

    It’s pretty obvious the Williams sisters have been taking male hormones and steroids all their lives.

    Michelle tends to wear scoop neck tops that reveal her neck and below. She has no Adam’s apple. The biggest proof she is a natural born woman are her hips and thighs 80 percent of black and White woman are the classic pear shape. Big hips and thighs medium torso.

    It’s obvious that her hips and thighs are not just large but blubbery like a woman’s not muscular like a mans. Check out human anatomy pictures on the Internet

    The muscles are pink, cartilage white and fat yellow. The pictures of women show the hips and thighs overlaid with the yellow colored fat. Michelle has that.

    I’m from San Francisco which was full of successful men dressed as women when I lived there. What always gave them away as men when viewed from the back was the lack of that extra layer of fat.

    A man and a woman of the exact same height and weight wearing an identical pair of pants look very different viewed from the back. The woman is round and soft. The men are completely different.

    Michelle also has the curse of women now that we all wear pants. It’s the extra bulge of blubber sticking out at the sides of the sides just below the tips, or why liposuction was invented.

    As far as the enormous shoulders go, my Mother had the same build. She was 5’5 weighed 135 pds. But she had enormous shoulders. Size 16 is the largest women’s size Fot dresses she had to buy a size 16. Fortunately her mother was a excellent seamstress So every dress had to be taken apart below the shoulders and remade to a size 6.
    Separate tops, skirts and pants weren’t much of a problem.

    So some women do have enormous out of proportion shoulders. At least Michelle is tall. Luckily I and my sisters didn’t inherit our Mom’s shoulders.

    Michelle’s father was a Chicago city employee very active in Democrat politics
    Obama’s backers, actually creators needed to find him a wife. With her affirmative action degrees she was an obvious choice.
    They were introduced at a Jewish political democrat firm.

    Michelle’s background is clear. Obama’s is not His maternal grand father was under FBI observation as early as WW2. Grandpas best friend was Frank Marshall Davis head of the communist party of Hawaii. There are plenty of pictures of Davis and the putative father Obama on the Internet. It’s pretty obvious Obama is the son of Davis, not Obama.

    From about 1930 on there was a breeding program of communist women marrying black men so as to create a cadre of black revolutionaries.
    Obama is their great success. Barack, not Michelle is the artificial creation of the liberals and the incredibly subversive Ford Foundation. Remember Annd Dunham worked for Ford Foundation fronts most of her life.

  35. Anonymous [AKA "DanFromSanJose"] says:

    43% of black women did NOT vote for Trump. Black women went for Hillary by 94%.
    Good article otherwise.

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