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American Homeless picking their way through garbage

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Americans are brought up to believe that the United States is a shining city on a hill, a light to mankind, that the world envies us for our values and freedoms, and hates us because we have them. This is ground into us from birth. Those of us now long in the tooth remember the Fifties when Superman jumped out of a window while the announcer spoke of a strange visitor from another planet fighting for “truth, justice, and the American way,” then thought to be related.

As one who has traveled much and lived in several countries, I can tell you: It ain’t so. The world does not regard America with admiration.

Today the internet profoundly affects the world’s view of America. The Web makes graphic and easily found things that in earlier times would have been out of sight from abroad.

For example, people in Kathmandu and Moscow can see horrifying and entirely truthful photos of the homeless living in piles of garbage in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and dozens of other American cities. They can read of trade conventions avoiding San Francisco because of needles and excrement on the sidewalks. Such scenes are rare even in most upper-Third World countries. To the orderly Japanese, accustomed to spotless cities and responsible government, such things are, in the strict sense of the word, incomprehensible.

Home of the brave, land of the free, the envy of the world. Just ask us. The estimated homeless population of LA is 58,000 and climbing. Swarms of flea-carrying rats, which certainly exist, are said to cause outbreaks of typhus, a medieval disease. Anyone with a smartphone can see this.

The frequent mass shootings in the United States astonish most of the world. Opening fire on a country music concert, randomly shooting to death people in a gay nightclub, seems to most of the world a breakdown of civilization. It is.

Many of these matanzas involve children gunning down their classmates. Even in a country like Mexico, accustomed to recurring slaughters of narcos by other narcos, the school shootings are a shock.

Americans are now used to things that in any other country would be unthinkable: bulletproof backpacks for high-school students, police walking the halls, metal detectors, proposals to arm teachers, “active-shooter” drills. To the rest of the world (or to Americans who were in high school in the Sixties) this is insane.

But normal in the Indispensable Country.

The now-predictable annual harvest of 700 successful homicides in Chicago, the 300 in Baltimore, plus thousands of wounded, seem to outsiders like something out of Blade Runner. Much of the civilized world looks with wonder on an American overflowing with guns and using them on each other. Only in America. Interestingly the most heavily armed countries in the world, Israel and Switzerland, have virtually no gun crime.

This is the country Americans believe the world wants to imitate. No. From outside, it seems more a country in political and cultural freefall.

To everyone else, the militarism of the United States, its absurd military expenditures, its huge number of nuclear weapons, its desire to upgrade them, to develop small tactical nuclear weapons, its preparation for nuclear war with specialized flying bunkers–seems nutty. No other country does this. None wants to. In Mexico people roll their eyes. What the hell is wrong with the gringos?

““Affectionately known as the “doomsday plane,” the modified Boeing 747 is used to transport the Secretary of Defense and is born and bred for battle. It stands nearly six stories tall, is equipped with four colossal engines, and is capable of enduring the immediate aftermath of a nuclear detonation.” The language is that of a little boy of twelve watching Star Wars. It is the attitude of much of America.

Easily found online: the racial disaster in the US, the dozens of cities with domestic Sowetos in their hearts, the huge, hopeless, entirely black regions where whites dare not walk. In these, entirely black schools turn out millions of barely literates who for the remaining fifty years of their lives will be unemployable. This is all online with photos and statistics.

Man, just out of jail, arrested in rape of woman, 78….” Another face of race in America. These stories, common as potatoes–a similar gentleman just threw a white child of five from three floors up–are suppressed to the extent possible by the American media, but often show up in British dailies. Such things almost never happened in Europe before the arrival of African and Muslim immigrants. The whole world can see.

Freedoms? More sophisticated readers abroad know of our intensifying censorship, the words that can get you fired, the controlled press, the surveillance. Americans know what you can’t say and who you can’t say it about. We know the police are militarized and out of control. We see the cell-cam videos of beatings. So does the world.

America’s foreign policy makes it hated in most of the world. It seems murderous, thuggish, brutal, a menace to everyone. For example, the U.S. killed over a million people in Iraq. This does not bother Americans. Since 2000 it has destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya, enters its eighteenth year of butchering Afghans, bombs Somalia, sends troops to Africa. It militarily threatens North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, seeks to destroy the economies of Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China. It sanctions Europe. No other country does this.

This is not the griping of Fred. It is what the whole world sees, daily, in detail.

Number of wars started since 2000 by Iran: 0r. Russia: 0. China: 0. North Korea: 0. America…? Number of countries openly running torture sites while talking of human rights? 1. The country with the largest prison population? The answer is left to the reader as an exercise.

Even today, many Americans speak of American Values, of the country’s devotion to democracy and human rights and freedom. Maybe Americans believe it. No one else does. The United States has a horrendous history of installing or supporting hideous dictators, supporting repressive regimes, overthrowing elected governments. Human rights? In Saudi Arabia? Israel? The world is not blind.

Americans, self-absorbed, perhaps the most historically ignorant of First-World peoples, shrugs such things off. “Oh, get over it.” Whatever it was. The nations involved do not shrug them off. You can bet the Chinese know about Legation days, America’s role in forcing the opium trade on China, extraterritoriality.

From abroad, America is a feral, amoral, remorseless empire, rotting from within, willing to do anything to maintain its dominance. From inside the U.S., it seems otherwise. Do you, an American reader, want to kill Afghans? Buy another trillion dollars of nuclear weapons? War with Iran? Russia? But Americans have no influence over what Washington does, and the world judges by what it sees.

Other Stuff

While China is often politically reprehensible, its engineering is amazing. This, on the Hong Kong Macau sea bridge, is long at twenty minutes and a bit rayrah. It is representative of the huge scale and ambitiousness of Chinese infrastructure programs.

From the end of June on, FOE will be hosted exclusively at The Unz Review, Columnists are listed alphabetically down the right-hand side of the home page.

Write Fred at [email protected] Put the letters “pdq” anywhere in the subject line or you will be heartlessly deleted by the anti-spam app.

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  1. fnn says:

    Is there any chance anyone will read this who doesn’t already know all this stuff?

  2. Anonymous [AKA "TEMA"] says: • Website

    Fred used to be funny, incisive, and original. Now, he is none of those things. Just an old fart who keeps repeating himself, like a parrot in search of a cracker.

  3. @fnn

    Yes, if you send it to them.

  4. @fnn

    Not at all. Fred is preaching to the choir these days.

    I’m not certain, however, that the homeless problem is indicative of anything. I read that there are (currently) more jobs than there are people out of the workforce, an observation that is reinforced by all of the “we’re hiring” signs I see all over the place. The only conclusion I can come to is that the homeless are not people who simply happen to be down on their luck.

  5. hey Fredo-in-Mexico:

    take your gun-grab propaganda and stick it in a dark place.

    go ahead and disarm the spics and ‘groids though:

    that’ll end about 85% of the “gun violence”.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  6. Daddio7 says:

    It is so horrible here other countries exile criminals and undesirables here by the millions. What, those are IMMIGRANTS! Why the hell would anyone want to come and live come here?

    All kidding aside the US is a much better place to live than many other countries. So much so that we spend \$billions trying to keep them out. Hundreds of thousands of well off people who have visas fly in every year and then disappear so they are not forced back into whatever “wonderful” country they escaped from.

    Concerning the US war machine I would be interested in how we as voters “or revolutionaries) can stop it. No matter which party is in control the wars continue. It seems every place we go is full of people who strongly resist whatever it is we are wanting them to do. Of course it also seems that Iran, Russia and China are Johnny on the spot supplying insurgents with arms and supplies so they are involved in as many wars as we are.

  7. Meanwhile in Mexico…

    Mexico reports highest murder rate on record
    Updated 4:38 PM ET, Mon January 22, 2018
    “There were 25,339 homicides in Mexico last year, a 23% jump from 2016 and the highest number since at least 1997, the year the government began tracking the data. Overall, murders in Mexico had been declining in recent years, reaching a low of 15,520 in 2014. But officials say a surge in drug-related crime reversed that trend.”

    Note that this is a murder rate of about 19 per 100,000 (or about 12 per 100k at its low point), compared to the U.S. at about 5.3 per 100,000 … 5 of which are committed by blacks or hispanics.
    Note that the ~20 countries with a higher homicide than Mexico rate are all in either Africa or Latin America.
    Note also that absent our black and Hispanic contributors, the U.S. homicide rate would be among the lowest inn the world, at around 0.3 per 100k.

    • Replies: @Amon
    , @Haole2
    , @Zinj
  8. Anonymous [AKA "vetteforron"] says:

    Just does not make since to me. All those city’s you mention with squalor and murder are run by democrats. I would think they would be utopias.

  9. anon[689] • Disclaimer says:

    Fred is not only reporting the impressions foreigners have about America but also increasingly adopting same.
    Most people are incurious, intellectually lazy and of limited intelligence. How America behaves, and whether it’s on the right track or not, isn’t dependent on the (probably faulty) opinions of those head-shaking Mexicans.
    Until Fred knows enough to discriminate between legitimate security and economic concerns relating to, say, Russia, China and North Korea and our ill-advised military forays into other areas, he’s living in the right place – where it’s easy to be an ignoramus.

    • Replies: @anonymous

  10. You take yourself too seriously for someone who grew up in a fighting hole.

  11. Franz says:

    Americans are brought up to believe that the United States is a shining city on a hill, a light to mankind, that the world envies us for our values and freedoms, and hates us because we have them.

    No Fred.

    Dumb asses who watch too much American television think that.

    But there’s even a hook in that, Fred: Most of the crap-USA shows are all filmed in Canada now and have been since before the turn of the century.

    Only bringing it up for when you widen your Alzheimer’s gunsight and include the Great White North among your delusional gringo fantasies.

    • Replies: @Zinj
  12. Freedoms? More sophisticated readers abroad know of our intensifying censorship, the words that can get you fired, the controlled press …

    The sad thing is, I can remember thirty years ago when Señor Fred here was still a syndicated columnist run in my hometown newspaper.

    • Agree: atlantis_dweller
  13. ‘…Interestingly the most heavily armed countries in the world, Israel and Switzerland, have virtually no gun crime…’

    Well, in the case of Israel, that would only be because murdering a gentile isn’t really a crime.

    • Replies: @Patricus
  14. @Abelard Lindsey

    ‘I’m not certain, however, that the homeless problem is indicative of anything.’

    It’s indicative of something. Final social collapse?

    It’s one of the things that bugs me. No one even seriously tries to explain why it’s happening.

    The mental hospitals can’t keep people against their will? One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest — and the consequent legislation — was fifty years ago.

    Rent? That’d work in the San Francisco Bay Area — but up here, you can rent a motel room for \$150.00 a week, and we have a pretty decent homeless population too.

    I’d like to see — and I wonder why we don’t see — a nice, in-depth study of a thousand homeless people, for starters. Why — actually — are most of them on the street. What’s going wrong?

  15. Micky says:

    Wish we could make America Great Again…

    No chance now. The US use to be more or less a homogenous group of white Christians. Now in New America YT is dying off and being replaced by 85 IQ inbreds, illegal aliens and former slaves. A constitutional Republic requires a little more….at least IQ of above 100 for the majority of its citizens.

    We are Rome. When the collapse comes, there will be another dark age. Meh…go tell the Spartans.

    • Agree: Old Prude, Ace
    • Replies: @TT
  16. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    “Until Fred knows enough to discriminate between legitimate security and economic concerns relating to, say, Russia, China and North Korea…”

    Can you specify those concerns, and what Uncle Sam should be doing to address them?

  17. anon[689] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, of course I can, but not in the space we have here. And I wouldn’t spend the effort for those who don’t recognize that they exist and that they’re subject with lots of detail that deserve careful consideration.
    I don’t need to give hints to this administration, which is addressing them fairly efficiently.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  18. Doesn’t this man ever tire of endlessly reposting defamatory articles about his nation?

    By the way, I’m sure the commentariat has noted that the decaying degenerate as aiked to note that these ills are all a product of the brave New America post-1965. The historical American Nation is to this new America like Republican Rome to 13th century “Rome.”

    • Replies: @anonymous
  19. The Land of The Fat and The Home of The Fearful has become the laughingstock of the world – a dangerous one but nevertheless a laughingstock!

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  20. Kristoph says:

    Fred hit the nail on the proverbial head and hit a bullseye judging from the reactions of butthurt ‘conservative patriots’ out here who can’t handle reality. Keep up the good work!

  21. Anonymous [AKA "Ndlovu8"] says:

    Viewed from the outside (from South Africa, of all places!) it would seem that the comments to this thread bear out the facts about America that Fred presents.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  22. Daniel H says:

    >>Is there any chance anyone will read this who doesn’t already know all this stuff?

    Yes. Just forward it to your friends: facebook, email, twitter, whatever.

  23. Daniel H says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    I read that there are (currently) more jobs than there are people out of the workforce,

    You are really taken in by George Will’s bullshit, aren’t you?

  24. Biff says:

    We see the cell-cam videos of beatings. So does the world.

    If you head over to you can view the beatings(and killings) hot off the press, long before the MSM talks about them(because the MSM never shows them in any detail). Incidentally, about 95% of all the videos of cops beating and killing people come from the land of the free – we just like to view our own violence porn.

    • Replies: @Ace
  25. Dd says:

    I generally agree. We are in a bunch of stupid Wars. On the other hand the opposition Venezuelans have been D armed and cannot have much have a resistance against the government. It’s a lesson for the United States to learn

    With a son in the military where he is at risk of casualty we shouldn’t be in Afghanistan or Iraq or many other places. Afghanistan was a good War just to get Bin Laden but after that it should have ended.

    The large homeless population in many of these big cities is a result of unchecked illegal immigration, leftist policies and dumping mentally ill on the streets

    • Replies: @Dd
    , @BuelahMan
  26. Dd says:

    And no we are not trying to destroy China’s economy. We simply want a Level Playing Field where they don’t steal our intellectual property and they don’t force technology transfers through foreign Partners, where they don’t block the Google and Facebook and Amazon from the country so they can develop Baidu and Alibaba Etc

    Cheers for Trump for blocking Huwaei which is likely in bed with Chinese spy technology for the US market. in China the leaders and government and the captains of industry are one in the same

  27. eah says:

    While China is often politically reprehensible, its engineering is amazing.

    Not always.

  28. @Daddio7

    Some staff here still regard a research/teaching stint at Stanford etc. as good for the ceevee.

    But otherwise the main attraction the US has to offer seems to be a reasonable chance (for now)
    of not being bombed or sanctioned by the US 😛

  29. In Mexico people roll their eyes. What the hell is wrong with the gringos?

    I knew it. I knew he couldn’t get through a column without some BS implying we “gringos” (as if he isn’t one) are inferior to his beloved Mexicans. As soon as I started reading this column I was on the lookout for it and there it was. He is so predictable.

    BTW, I wonder who Violeta is laying on the side. I’ve had more than one mail-order bride come on to me here in the U.S. You know they’re only in it for the money, Fred.

    • Replies: @Republic
    , @Weave
  30. bluedog says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    Well what you read and what the facts are is two different things,perhaps there are help wanted signs at Micky Dee’s or other dead end low paying part time jobs, but then again jobs that pay a living wage are not the norm even in the cities as a trip thou what they call the rust belt would show.!!

  31. Anonymous [AKA "John Gilmer"] says:

    Gosh, Fred:

    If the US is so damn hated WHY do all these illegals want to come here? You keep telling us how grate Mexico is. Why would anyone want to leave Mexico to come to the US. Heck, why would anyone want to leave Canada to come to the US.

    You used to think for yourself. Now you seem to think in sync with the generators of FAKE NEWS.

    J Gilmer

    • Replies: @njguy73
    , @Rabbitnexus
  32. Anonymous [AKA "NovelWriter"] says:

    Fred… Ever since you stopped being funny, I have unsubscribed from your mailing list numerous times. No matter how often I try to take myself off your list, I keep getting this garbage. You used to bring light, intelligence, and a shot of reality to the conversation. You don’t anymore. Take me off your damn list.

  33. @Dd

    Cheers for Trump for blocking Huwaei which is likely in bed with Chinese spy technology for the US market.

    Yeah, how can we keep the Free World free if Uncle Sam can’t read their traffic through back doors in their Cisco routers?

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  34. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Thought so. You can’t even push the correct REPLY button.

  35. @eah

    Hey, it takes serious engineering talent to make a set of towers that fall over and land largely intact (aside from the falling over, that is).

  36. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    What do you mean by “his nation”? He seems to me to be writing about its rulers.

  37. Republic says:
    @Ray Huffman

    There use to be a column here on Unz which ended in 2017

    It was called ¡Ask a Mexican!

    Maybe Reed should restart it

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  38. Who cares about propaganda pictures? The homeless have made some bad personal decisions and the elites ratify them by inaction. Identification and self=pity become posturing without action.

    We don’t see theirs and they are blind to their environment as all people are: we ignore the ugly.

    Glad they are not impressed and hope they stay where they are. Russian life expectancy is falling, I suspect they die sooner just because they can: wouldn’t you?

    If the author believed this drivel, well, step up and do something when you see a problem even if it is just a kind word or show of interest.

    Please spare me you fake religion: you run no risks.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  39. Anonymous [AKA "The King"] says:

    Military industrial complex is bankrupting the country for benefits of few and taking the country down with it.

    • Replies: @Feryl
  40. Mulegino1 says:

    America could have been a shining city on a hill- provided it stuck to its own providential mission of being a great, and aloof, continental power serving as a place to build a home for the European Christian masses yearning to breathe free of the dynastic quarrels, economic stagnation and revolutionary violence afflicting the mother continent.

    Instead, America became a thallasocratic empire and its oligarchical leadership traduced its providential role. Ever since the USS Maine blew up in Havana Harbor, the US has been “out of itself”, and its continuous meddling has royally screwed up the world. The usual suspects, of course, have made a ton of money off of this, along with their shabbos goy camp followers, but it has been far from worth it for us, the legacy Americans, or the kindred and well meaning people who have come here in search of “the American dream”, which is, after all, a creation of Hymiewood.

  41. Fred hates African crime but excuses Mexican crime. Most sane people hate both.

    But at least we got this out of him: “Even in a country like Mexico, accustomed to recurring slaughters of narcos by other narcos…”

    Wow, actual reporting on the ground from Mexico. Fred’s no Allan Wall, but maybe this is a start.

  42. @Republic

    Damn it brother, I was going to ask Mr. Unz for that space! LOL

  43. Sweat says:

    You are about 1/2 right regarding your comments. How many of the homeless would have it no other way? How many of these hard chargers have CHOSEN to live their pathetic lives in this manner?

    If the world hates us so, it is interesting to note the numbers that wish to reside in America. It is so very easy to criticise, especially from of all places Mexico where horrible murders are a commonplace occurrence. Do you really believe that given the wealth, other countries would not become MORE decadent?

    I don’t see other countries stepping up to confront the Muslim terrorists, or are they a creation of America also? Of the “wars” created by America, are these not centered in the middle east? Why don’t you consider moving there and see how that works out?

    Yeah, America is the home of the lard-ass. I suppose lazy goes with fat, but there still is a core that tries to remain true to the foundation America was created upon. Now, if there were only a pill the fat-asses can take to make them slim…

  44. Yee says:

    “Cheers for Trump for blocking Huwaei which is likely in bed with Chinese spy technology for the US market.”

    Why would Chinese government want to know what Americans are doing in America? It’s not like Chinese government can arrest you in America even if they know you’re up to no good. So why bother?

  45. macilrae says:

    The military industry, the media, the banks, the healthcare industry, the nuclear industry, the traditional energy sector plus hordes of lesser players and wannabes all ferociously protect their mutual interests to the detriment of the masses and with the consequences that Fred relates.

    In the 1960s Ralph Nader’s efforts – robustly supported by the media – resulted in major improvements in consumer protection. Likewise large sections of the same media denounced the Vietnam atrocity; encouraging the expression of dissent. Today, voices like Nader’s are ruthlessly suppressed and Tulsi Gabbard is being systematically trashed. The greater public, dumbed down, fed intellectual garbage and presented with carefully screened candidates for whom to vote – lapses into a discontented fug of obesity and declining health.

  46. @The Alarmist

    Brother, Cisco Routers? The NSA gets daily data dumps from AT&T, Google and Facebook. The back door hacking is done by Israel… they only access US secret files and pass it on to their “New Host” China.

    British Israel watches silently in the background, like a thief in the night, planning their return to Empire. The US destruction, as was the destruction of Germany will come at the hands of their Anglo Saxon brothers.

    The numbnuts crawl out of their boxes (not directed at you) when anyone dare say that Americans and America have been loosing global credibility because of their continued aggression, sanctions and embargos towards weaker nations. They are clearly well represented on this Article, by their stupid comments. They will defend their Cuckhold situation with their dying breath. Claiming “it is the Jew Bankers, the Jew MSM, the Jew Hollywood, but never will they admitt it is them…the high IQ intelectuals… or so they claim to be.

    • Replies: @Feryl
  47. @Sweat

    Yes, America armed Al Qaeda and it’s affiliates and Israel has provided support to the Al nusra ones in Syria. The US has a long history of supporting terrorist

  48. Anonymous [AKA "Jacob3"] says:

    “Number of wars started since 2000 by Russia”

    Answer: Three
    -Georgia, 2008
    -Annexation of Crimea, 2014
    -Donbass, 2014

    When you ignore facts of this magnitude, you are no longer a good journalist, or even an honest observer.
    Sad, as Fred was very good in his day.

  49. Interestingly the most heavily armed countries in the world, Israel and Switzerland, have virtually no gun crime.

    In what universe are you seeing this?

    The US is the most heavily armed nation in the world, with 101-120 arms per 100 people. Switzerland comes in at 18 or 19 depending on the survey with 24-27 firearms per 100 people.
    Israel doesn’t even make the top 100 only having 6-8 firearms per 100 people.

  50. @Haxo Angmark

    Killing children seems to be a white man’s sport.

  51. @Sweat

    /or are they a creation of America also?/

    That depends.

    At the beginning of America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, those who fought to preserve the sovereignty of their homeland were called “insurgents,” as if they didn’t represent the interests of indigenous Iraqis. Labels such as these — including that of “terrorist” — are merely weapons used to discredit the legitimacy of any party who opposes American or Israeli aggression, and as such, meaningless.

    /Of the “wars” created by America, are these not centered in the middle east?/


    Centered around the one polity that has advanced a divide-and-conquer strategy against its neighbors using American shock troops to implement it, the latest installation of which includes false-flag attacks in the Gulf of Oman.

    Please spare us the hackneyed zionist tripe about “stepping up to confront Muslim terrorists.” Nobody but a golem buys into that crap anymore.

    • Replies: @Feryl
  52. @bluedog

    The jobs I’m referring to are in manufacturing and distribution, not the McJobs you’re referring too.

    And no, I’m not channeling George Will at all. I haven’t even read anything written by him in years.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  53. Look at it this way, Fred. It’s an Exceptional achievement to have seized the moral low ground. Not just anyone could have done that. Let’s have some pride, in Pride Month!

    • Replies: @Moi
  54. America has many virtues, not the least of which is its economic dynamism. But as Fred observes:

    From abroad, America is a feral, amoral, remorseless empire, rotting from within, willing to do anything to maintain its dominance.

    This observation contains more than a kernel of truth.

  55. Republic says:

    Georgia, 2008

    Georgia started that war, not Russia

  56. Ron Unz says:
    @Colin Wright

    I’d like to see — and I wonder why we don’t see — a nice, in-depth study of a thousand homeless people, for starters. Why — actually — are most of them on the street. What’s going wrong?

    Well, I certainly haven’t done any sort of study, but I remember hearing some plausible theories about the problem from (I think) someone on one of Steve Sailer’s comment-threads.

    For various reasons California hasn’t had anything like the horrible drug/opioid problems that have been so severe in large parts of the Midwest and the East.

    Obviously, that’s very good for CA, but pretty bad for all the drug-rehab clinics here that would love to get their fair share of the lucrative federal funding doled out for treating addicts. So supposedly what they started doing was luring/importing huge numbers of drug addicts from the rest of the country, emphasizing that CA’s warm weather was much, much nicer than the cold winters in OH or MA.

    Apparently, the federal funding only lasts for a few months or something, and when it’s exhausted, the clinics kick them out. Former(?) drug addicts who have no money and no local friends or relatives have nowhere to go, so they buy cheap tents and start living on the street. After all, the weather still is nicer than back in OH or MA. Hence the homeless problem.

    In support of this hypothesis, I’ve seen claims floating around the homeless are disproportionately white compared to the ordinary CA population, and large numbers of them are recently arrivals from other states.

    Anyway, I don’t have a clue whether this theory is correct, but I thought I might pass it along.

  57. buckwheat says:

    Years of coddling blacks and allowing democrat fools to run cities into the ground is the cause of most problems. Go to small towns that aren’t infested with blacks and you’ll see the America of old, without the crime and filth. But this country is doomed, its just too much for working people to support the world’s parasites who flock here by the millions and a congress that is incompetent and has traitors from both political parties who need to be hanged.

    • Replies: @David
    , @Craig Nelsen
  58. I am a little “longer in the tooth” than Fred, at 91 I’d be old enough to be his father. So Iv’e seen a few more orbs around the sun and as a keen observer of the passing scene, I’ve seen the ills mentioned by Fred fester and grow as the years pass by. There are more than a few places where the blame could be laid. One is the incredible increase in population from about 130 million when I was a kid to over 330 million now. My former small home town has had a hard time coping with the rapid increase.

    Law enforcement has not been able to keep up with all the demands for their presence. The schools are inundated with children, many from poor families who do not speak English. Not all Mexicans BTW. I think the major factor that has caused our obvious decline is the liberal philosophy of permissiveness has hastened the “Slouch to Gomorrah.” The people of my generation are not all moralists but I believe most of us are appalled by the sleaze that passes for entertainment on TV and the movies. I call the present times as the Age of No Class because the younger generations constantly exhibit no class by their conduct and manner of dress. There was a time when a visit to our Capitol Building meant that men wore coats and ties and women wore frocks, hats and gloves. Now the crowds at Arlington Cemetery have to be reminded to show respect at the Changing of the Guard. Pathetic.

    I cannot blame liberalism for the many stupid wars we have become involved with since WWII. It astounds me as to the cavalier attitude far too many of our leaders and politicians have taken to the needless shedding of blood caused by their interventions and adventurism. George W Bush and LBJ quickly come to mind, but there are many others. I suppose it is rather easy for presidents to rationalize the actions they take as necessary for the security of the United States but we know that is baloney as history has unfolded. We are in decline and I don’t see how it can reversed, I feel sorry for future generations.

  59. @Chris Mallory

    Think he might have made a blunder and maybe meant to talk about the laxity of gun regulations

  60. Rurik says:

    America’s foreign policy makes it hated in most of the world. It seems murderous, thuggish, brutal, a menace to everyone. For example, the U.S. killed over a million people in Iraq. This does not bother Americans. Since 2000 it has destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya, enters its eighteenth year of butchering Afghans, bombs Somalia, sends troops to Africa. It militarily threatens North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, seeks to destroy the economies of Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China. It sanctions Europe. No other country does this.

    “This does not bother Americans.”

    Chides Fredo.

    But what some of us Americans have done, and are doing, is pointing out whom and what is behind all that savagery and iniquity.

    All those things Fred is lamenting, are all a direct consequence of that singular act of evil on 9/11.

    A crime for which we have an extremely good idea who is behind it. If for no other reason, than the very people who’ve been screeching for US fought wars against Iraq and Syria and Iran and others since Bibi showed his ugly head to the world.

    But strangely, even as Fredo rails against the evil of these serial wars and atrocities, he’s remarkably myopic when it comes to those who’re foisting them all. Even so much as taking pen in hand to denounce those Americans who are bothered by it all; the heroic and patriotic Truthers.

    So I hope Fredo will pardon me, if it just seems to me that he comes across like a duplicitous scoundrel- when he balks of all the evils that America commits, but then tries to blame it all on the cud-chewing, relentlessly lied-to public, while handing a pass to the murderous psychopaths that are responsible for it all.

    Even to the point of cynically maligning the brave and hard-working people actually trying to get the truth out.

    I confess Fredo comes off to me like one of the televangelists, gesticulating to their flocks about all the devil’s deeds being done in the name of greed and Mammon, while they cleverly intone their faithful to loosen up those purse strings, for Jesus.

    IOW, there’s a vile hypocrisy involved when someone waxes sanctimonious about wars and death and slaughter, and blaming it all on lied-to, powerless dupes, while cozying up at the cocktail circuits in DC and NYC with those very murderers he pretends to condemn.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
    • Replies: @Gordon Shumway
  61. Jmaie says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    For job openings than people out of the workforce? Not so. There are (allegedly) more job openings than people who are “officially” unemployed. Not the same thing.

  62. @eah

    In the United States we had three of the largest buildings in the world come down each in less that 20 seconds. All on the same day.

    Turned to dust and blew away, in less than twenty seconds.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  63. I’m glad Fred wrote this column. I sometimes go through the list of pathologies myself sometimes and I wonder how the rest of the world sees things.

    Take Pompeo for example, he just flat out lies about Venezuela and I guess he expects the rest of the world to salute and say “Yes sir, white is black, up is down, and Juan Guaido is president of Venezuela.”

    The amazing thing is that they actually say it for some reason.

    I’ve been looking hard at Andrew Yang and his Freedom dividend. He has a lot of interesting policies. That might help fix these problems.

  64. I would only dispute one detail of the article, and that is that America seeks to destroy Venezuela’s economy. It has already been destroyed by communism.

    • Replies: @Nonny
  65. @Abelard Lindsey

    They are mostly drunks, druggies, and mentally ill.

    • Replies: @Sunshine
  66. @Simply Simon

    /I think the major factor that has caused our obvious decline is the liberal philosophy of permissiveness has hastened the “Slouch to Gomorrah.” The people of my generation are not all moralists but I believe most of us are appalled by the sleaze that passes for entertainment on TV and the movies. I call the present times as the Age of No Class because the younger generations constantly exhibit no class by their conduct and manner of dress. There was a time when a visit to our Capitol Building meant that men wore coats and ties and women wore frocks, hats and gloves. Now the crowds at Arlington Cemetery have to be reminded to show respect at the Changing of the Guard. Pathetic./

    You’re a decent man, Uncle Simon.

    Thank you for this insightful missive.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  67. Dumbo says:

    The Anexation of Crimea was not a war by any means.
    Georgia was the one who attacked in 2008.
    Donbass also was a participation in another country’s civil war (as also Syria), not a war that was started by Russia.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  68. Rurik says:
    @Gordon Shumway

    I know. All too well.

    That’s why he’s Fredo now, the most ardent proponent of all things Mexican, since his family and fortunes now are intrinsically tied to the Mexican state and Mexican aspirations, including (especially) La Reconquista.

    But he likes to travel in ‘respectable’ circles, hobnobbing and schmoozing with the coastal elites. Especially the whorenalist set in DC, with whom he made his bones, but are now so cynical they consider their professional mendacity to be a virtue.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  69. njguy73 says:

    People don’t come here to be Americans. People come here to do business.

    That’s what America is. A trade zone. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The sooner you come to terms with that, the happier you’ll be.

  70. @Anonymous

    The US is behind all these wars, dumbass.

  71. @Colin Wright

    Throughout the whole length and breadth of the economy, the work that we all do is growing more and more meaningless. The concepts of personal responsibility, of private property, of markets setting prices according to what things are actually worth, have all been vitiated in innumerable ways, and nowadays no one can really buy or sell anything without serving the POZ. This cheapens and degrades everybody’s life, but for people already at the low end of the quality spectrum, it skews their incentives so badly that it ends up spitting them out of society altogether, and they actually find it easier and more lucrative to live the life of a vagabond than to scratch a living out of whatever bullshit work might be available to them. These people are a harbinger of our future and a symptom of just how pointless modern life has become.

  72. Rogue says:


    And as high as the violent crime rate in South Africa is, something like the Columbine High school shooting still strikes me as an unlikely event there. And it’s certainly not for a lack of guns.

    Anyway, I generally like Fred’s articles – been reading them before his Unz days – and these type of articles are more interesting than Fred’s stuff about Mexico or why you’re a conspiracy kook if you smell something fishy about 9/11.

    Pointing out ills that plague your country is not being unpatriotic.

    Applies to every other country as well.

    Of course, given half a chance, probably most of the 3rd world (and much of the developing world) would happily move to the USA no matter what its current or looming problems are.

  73. @Ron Unz


    As a Midwesterner I would say it is absolutely true.

    In the past, judges in the Midwest would sometimes agree to dismiss charges if the young chronic druggie-offender simply left town (As in the case of Axl Rose).

    To be a junkie or small-time dealer in an small or medium-sized town in the Midwest or New England is to be hassled endlessly by local cops who know exactly who the 10 or 20 druggies in town are and where to find them. These white small-town druggies are busted again and again until they finally seek somewhere the police are too preoccupied to follow them around in a cruiser all day.

    By the time your average junkie/small-time dealer moves to California, he’s already homeless at 25. His parents have had it with him. You can only steal your mother’s jewelry so many times before your parents kick you out and file a restraining order against you. Nobody is going to take them in back back in their small towns.

    Additionally, many of them have warrants or some other legal problems back home.

    • Troll: utu
    • Replies: @Alden
  74. @bluedog


    It is ironic that America was once a refuge for European peasants who wanted to yeoman farmers or borgeoise factory workers.

    Nowadays, the US rust-belt income disparity with the West or East Coast is like that of Europe in the late middle ages.

    The Upper class of the East Coast or Tech/media millionaires of the West Coast are modern-day marquis and the middle-Americans are peasants who live in a squalor they can barely comprehend.

    For someone from California, the idea of people in Flint having no clean water to drink or thousands of abandoned buildings in Detroit shielding serial killers who prey on homeless women or poor Polish-Americans in industrial graveyards becoming like Boers in these mini-Sowetos (As Fred referred to them) is unthinkable.

    That is a reality in states like Michigan for lower middle class whites like myself.

    People like myself, and perhaps Fred, are better-off overseas.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Zinj
  75. @fnn

    This is the perrenial problem with all matrix breaking news and opinion. However the answer must be yes, since there are constantly new people crossing the bullshit river to the other side.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  76. @Anonymous

    Oh JOHN! Just look at where those ‘illegals’ and other immigrants are coming from son. Absolute shitholes. Only one thing John, those places are shitholes thanks to the efforts of the USA most of the time. Nobody from any half way decent country (ie: one which has not been subjected to US predation yet) is the least bit interested in coming to the USA I can assure you. I’m an Aussie and scoff at the idea of even visiting. As if!

  77. BuelahMan says:

    Anyone who champions any illegal “war”, especially regarding Bin Laden, is apparently too mentally unstable to have a commenters’ license.

  78. @Rabbitnexus


    Yes, and I agree hands-down Australia is a better country for average people than the US, but what’s with the obsession with the US?

    Some other Aussie said it is because of the enormous influence over Australia that the US has but I don’t see this. You’re a part of Asia.

    I’ve been hearing this from Australians in SEA for years and always wondered why?

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  79. That bridge is nothing compared to the Bridge to the 21st century built by Bill and Hilary

  80. @Ron Unz

    From John Derbyshire

    Homelessness mnemonic. In the matter of homelessness, I have a mnemonic.

    When we first started reading about homelessness as a big social problem forty years ago, I had a friend who was a social worker—he was actually involved, as a salaried professional, in dealing with homelessness.

    My friend taught me a mnemonic which, he said, encapsulated the entire homeless issue. I shall now teach you that same mnemonic, as a public service. You’re welcome!

    Here is my friend’s mnemonic encapsulating homelessness: “CATO-4321.” Got that? “CATO”—a “C,” an “A,” a “T,” and an “O.” Then, “4, 3, 2, 1.”

    The first part, the “CATO,” gives the four categories of homeless people; the second part, “4-3-2-1,” gives their relative proportions. I’ll take the four categories in turn.

    “C” stands for “Crazy.” I apologize for that: It’s not a very sympathetic way to speak about people with mental-health issues. This was forty years ago, when we spoke more bluntly. The “C” of “CATO” goes with the “4” of “4321”: Forty percent of the homeless are afflicted with mental-health issues.

    Next, “A.” That stands for “Addicts,” and it goes with the “3.” Thirty percent of homeless people are drug addicts. Alcoholics may be in there, too—I forget.

    Next after “C” and “A” comes “T.” That stands for “Tramps.” This word isn’t much used in American English; my friend and I were living in England. I think the nearest equivalent here is “hobos.”

    This population of homeless, the “T’s”—who of course are twenty percent—these are people who like living on the streets. They’re not crazy and they’re not drug addicts. Homelessness is their chosen lifestyle. They’re the happy homeless.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
    , @Antares
  81. unit472 says:

    Of course Reed doesn’t seem to realize that the problem with syringes and ‘homeless’ people is fueled by Mexican drug cartels and Chinese drug imports like K-2 and fentanyl. As Mexico produces nothing on its own other than low quality human exports it has been up to the US and other advanced nations to create some semblance of an economy there to prevent what passes for its government from dumping millions more of its surplus population on the US. That those foreign owned factories have displaced hundreds of thousands of American workers who then sink into drug addiction and despair is of no concern to Reed.

    What ought to concern Reed is the spectacle of Mexicans stealing gasoline from the national oil company (itself run by a bunch of crooks) and bursting into flame when a spark sets the geyser of gas alight. That is a level of stupidity unmatched anywhere else in the world save Nigeria!

    • Replies: @Zinj
  82. @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    For the love of God, man, don’t leave us hanging. What are the “O’s”?!

    All of this rings true to my observation. There’s probably a large overlap between C and A: after years of hardcore drug and alcohol abuse, A graduates to C.

    Also to my observation, these people cannot be cured. Their brains are broken, and we can’t even repair neural tissue much less understand the consciousness interface.

    * EDIT

    Found it: the Out of luck – 10% Rollo Tomassi calls them the Zeroed Out. Basically the only ones salvageable assuming they don’t become C or A.

    • Agree: mark green
  83. Ace says:

    You should see the beatings administered by the Hong Kong police. And the French riot police made it a point to aim their projectiles at people’s eyes.

    Great if you want to talk about beatings and killings. Tell me which ones were called for by the situation? Was this irresponsible behavior on the part of the cop? Or is it just “violence porn”?

    • Replies: @Ace
  84. Patricus says:
    @Colin Wright

    Given the third world living conditions in the US, why do so many people come here? We have 5 killings annually per 100,000 population. Same as Greenland and much lower than Central and South American countries. In mass killings (three or more), as compared to modern countries in Europe, we are in the middle of the pack. Norway, Switzerland and 9 or 10 others have more per capita.

    It is good the citizens of other lands dread the squalor of America. Maybe they will stop coming eventually.

    Living in America six decades I see a country far different than what Fred observes. I don’t make it my mission to seek out crime and degradation but these conditions can be found if one focuses on these. Why would someone want to seek these things? I think Fred must have scored his drugs in the slums so often he thought this was all of America.

    We should be grateful to be judged by our moral superiors such as Russia, Mexico and China where men are free and suffering eliminated.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  85. Ace says:

    Many good points, Fred, as always. Our gutless, feeble, treacherous, smug, arrogant Treason Class doesn’t have a clue about governance, as witness decades of unimpeded, massive waves of invading foreigners; our many foreign wars; and the Treason Class’s fervent disinclination to deal with street scum like AntiFa. Whomever they are working for, it isn’t the American middle class. Results to match. Keep that finger on that nerve.

    You might rein it in on the “[America] overflowing with guns and [‘Americans’] using them on each other” point. Factor out black shootings and white Americans have lower rates of gun usage than Europeans. I think Buchanan pointed that out a couple of decades ago but I honestly can’t remember who did now. Along the same lines, remember the witticism that “yesterday, 90,000,000 gun owners in America harmed no one.” That might have been from the NRA.

    The “largest prison population in the universe” spiel is old, Fred. Something like one-third of that population is illegal immigrants and a large percentage of prisoners consists of black criminals whose presence in such institutions has something to do with their penchant for criminal behavior and moral shortcuts to the good life. It’s in all the papers. As you well know when you’re not trying to score cheap points.

    • Replies: @utu
  86. Ace says:

    Here’s a better link for that video:

  87. Ace says:

    PPPS — The pair in the picture at the top of this article do not look like “American Homeless picking their way through garbage.” They look like a couple of public spirited people trying to clean up a mess left by someone else.

  88. David says:
    @Simply Simon

    Agreeing with A. Starter, grateful for your perspective.

  89. David says:

    You know, buck, I grew up in a small towns and I live in a small town today. All the towns I know well, each 95% and above white, are all full of people bowling alone at best. Some people are more polite and cheerful but everyone is directionless and demoralized.

    There’s way less crime in Whiteville, of course, but little productivity or hope.

    • Replies: @GogMagog2u
  90. @Dumbo

    Russia spent a year provoking Georgia, up to providing cover for South Ossetian ethnic cleansing squads destroying farms and killing people on the Georgian side of the border and then retreating to Russian protection.

    Also Russia could have done more to stop its citizens provoking the civil war in Ukraine.

    • LOL: The Scalpel
  91. Isabella says:

    I suspect the majority of readers and responders here are American. Thus, you are seeing things from “up close and personal”, if I can coin a phrase.
    I will offer you a comment from someone who is not American. I am Cymraeg, {English = Welsh]. I grew up with a foot in two worlds, Cymru and England. I learned English as my first language.
    I have lived in both Cymru and England, Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador.
    I am here to tell you that Fred is correct.
    I read a great deal on line, I communicate with others from far flung countries. I read about how Syrians see America after you carpet bombed Raqqa and left her dead rotting and stinking in the streets. You didn’t even come to help clean up. I saw the body of a young girl of 12 , half squashed under fallen building blocks, left there to rot.
    You are hated word wide, and you should know this. I don’t what you can do about it, except to take to the streets, organise the 3 million of you, riot, but but do something to stop it.
    But you dont. You just sit there, silent, acquiescing. We all know that to say nothing is to agree, to consent.
    And you say nothing. The Syrians know it. They know who destroyed their land, as do the Serbians, the Yemenis’ the Eastern Ukrainians, so many. So very many. And they all, every single one of them, to a man, woman and child, hate you.
    YOu should know this. Believe me, if war stops, dont go there as tourists, The people will tear you limb from limb.
    I hate you. I pray for Washington to be struck by a meteor. I wish you were gone, the world could live in peace. But now I see your damned Pompeo and Bolton are trying to start a war with Iran.
    And still you all sit there in silence.
    may you be damned. And you will be.

  92. Anonymous [AKA "Dave Near Seattle"] says:
    @Colin Wright

    Here in Seattle the “homeless” issue is not the root of the problem. Heroin, Opiates is the real underlying issue. People choose drugs over housing. How to spot a druggie vs. homeless? The homeless person will have his/her shipping cart or posession bag within eye view. A druggie begging will have no posessions around (generally speaking). The Seattle City Council IS THE PROBLEM IN NOT ALLOWING THE POLICE TO ENFORCE LAW. Seattle has turned into a literal shithole.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @nsa
    , @geokat62
  93. Rurik says:

    You just sit there, silent, acquiescing. We all know that to say nothing is to agree, to consent.

    Hi Isabella,

    I for one appreciate the decency you show by pointing out the serial atrocities being committed in the Middle East, Ukraine and elsewhere.

    But what I find curious is your contention that all of these things are an uniquely American phenomena, when I see them as the consequence of the corruption of the entire Western world, perhaps most notably, your homeland, (otherwise known as Perfidious Albion, for very good reason ; )

    Here’s a story I just saw

    how’s that for perfidy?

    we’re not going to give you your gold because we don’t approve of your democratically elected government.

    And just ask yourself, if ((America)) decides to start bombing Iran, which nation do you suppose is going to be their most argent supporter, even offering troops and other assistance?

    It wasn’t the ZUSA that led the attack in Libya, but France.

    The evil you rightfully lament, is not an uniquely American evil, but a civilizational evil, that pervades every last centimeter of the UK’s and France’s and Belgian’s and Ukraine’s (and many other’s) politics.

    In fact, you could say that the UK set it all in motion, from the very beginning of the 20th century, by attacking South Africa in order to steal their gold and diamonds, to foisting a world war on Germany, and then doing so again during WWII, where Stalin’s aggressions in Poland were all just a misunderstanding.

    Then on to handing Palestine over to the world’s most murderous and insane supremacists/terrorists. How has that one worked out, I’d like to ask you?

    So yes, these abominations upon reason and truth and humanity, are something we should all be outraged over, but it’s counter productive to blame it all on the speck of one nation’s lied to populace, while ignoring the log in other nation’s eyes.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  94. @Isabella

    Thanks Is, always nice to get the perspective of people who don’t matter and never will from “nations” that barely qualify as large counties.YOU seem fine with being the prostrate subject of England, was has done plenty of burning and looting r’round the the globe, and yet YOU say nothing. When are YOU going to rise up and overthrow the evil oppressors, lest YOU be judged?

    “I wish you were gone, the world could live in peace.”

    Do you have someone who looks at you, reminding you to breathe? Cuz if you truly believe this, you’re even more ignorant than the usual trolls that pop up around Unz.

    By the way something Is, why is it you don’t even notice the complicity in all this of the country which shares the first two letters of your name?

  95. notajew says:
    @Philip Owen

    Yeah sure, all those ghetto bangers are very careful what they’re shooting at, no doubt.

  96. Well, mostly right. It boils down to two disasters.

    a) having a bunch of Negroes. No country with black population can survive for long.

    b) imperialist wars. All crazy imperial war adventures collapse, sooner or later.

  97. The Scalpel says: • Website
    @Philip Owen

    That perspective is about as slanted and one-sided as it gets. Credibility score for poster on a scale of 1-5: 2

  98. Biff says:

    “Seattle has turned into a literal shithole.”

    Perfect. Couldn’t have happened to a better place.

  99. The majority of “Americans” living in garbage are actually the wretched refuse that have been pouring in this last half century. Back when those cities mentioned were populated mostly by white Europeans… well I think you get the idea.

  100. go back to mexico and stay there, fred.

  101. utu says:
    @Ron Unz

    Don’t buy it.
    Myth #1: California’s homeless are from somewhere else — and moved here for the mild weather and social services.

    Reality: Experts say this is one of the most common and inaccurate assumptions about homeless Californians.

    “People when they become homeless, more often than not are from the community in which they’re living homeless,” said Ben Avey, a spokesman with Sacramento Steps Forward, a nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness in the Capital City. “And they often move to the streets very near where they lived in the past. You may not recognize them. But they are members of your community.”

    Chris Martin, an expert on homeless policy for the nonprofit Housing California, added that the stereotype “is just not true.”

    Martin cited a study from May 2018 by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, which found 75 percent of the people on the street in Los Angeles County had a home in that same county before they lost it. It also showed that 65 percent of the unsheltered homeless had lived in that county for at least 20 years. Only 13 percent were from out of state.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  102. @Abelard Lindsey

    “I’m not certain, however, that the homeless problem is indicative of anything.”

    I can tell you that in many states it’s indicative of confiscatory, totally-out-of-control property taxation; i.e., communism; which is indicative of moral collapse and which is a driver of general societal collapse.

    In the state of PA alone more than 10,000 homes are sold at tax sales every year, and the problem is getting worse by the day.

    • Agree: Alden
    • LOL: Sergey Krieger
    • Replies: @Biff
  103. All those wars, millions dead are necessary to maintain the current way/grade of life in the USA.

    Imagine the value of the dollar dropping by half? Imagine everything you buy now doubling in price while your income stay the same?

    “Freedom” has a large bloody price and body count. Want to know the exact amount? it is easy, add up all the dead caused by US interventions directly or indirectly after WW2. You can and should include the dead American soldiers too.

    That is the price for the house with white picket fences.

    Not sure about other cities, but homeless problem in NYC was a direct cause of blasio the mayor giving them free money, food and shelter. His two terms attracted the homeless from the entire north east USA. He set up hotels when shelters ran out of space, at the cost of 2000\$ to 2500\$ per person per month.

    I really, really hate both parties. I hate them all.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  104. utu says:

    and a large percentage of prisoners consists of black criminals

    Even if we remove Blacks from statistics (they constitute 40% of inmates) The US prison populations still would be circa 2 time higher per capita than that of Nazi Germany in 1939 (including concentration camps inmates).

    The US constitutes less than 5% of World population yet it holds 25% of all prisoners in the world or 15% if Blacks are not included.

    • Agree: Moi
  105. eah says:

    America Mexico as Others See it

    • Replies: @eah
  106. utu says:

    Interesting that Fred does not bring up killings by police. About 1000 per year. This makes police killing rate 20-70 times higher than in European countries. This will not change because Americans are not perturbed by it. There will be no pressure on police to teach them appropriate rules of engagement and of deescalation procedures. Majority of commentariat here at Unz just like Fred is quite happy with American police.

    The only time when killing by polic makes big news is when it is turned into a racial issue by BLM which is a part of the problem, not solution. Because turning any social problem in America into the race issue guarantees that the problem will not be solved. The slavery is the gift that keeps on giving to the owners of America. One may suspect that BLM was created on purpose to entrench the problem of police brutality further.

    Anyway, more Whites are killed by police than Blacks. Per capita more Blacks are killed. However the rates are the same when normalized by number of interactions with police. The only reason Whites per capita are less likely to be killed by police is because they have less contacts with police (*). This mean that police will not hesitate killing you because you are White. They are just equal opportunity killing machines.

    (*) Miller et al. “Perils of police action: a cautionary tale from US data sets” (2016) in Inj Prev 2016;0:1–6. doi:10.1136/

    Iirc, less than 0.3% of police officers involved in killings are criminally charged.

  107. nsa says:

    Humble nsa travels over to Seattle once a month to pick up parts. The homeless situation has improved quite a bit in the last two years, mainly because King, Snohomish, and even wealthy Kitsap Counties have created “tiny homes villages” to warehouse the homeless. These tiny homes are as small as 120 sq ft. Governing these villages and keeping their deviant / disabled / drug addled / desperate clientele in bounds and under control must be quite a challenge. Needless to say, the cops and social workers make frequent visits. Various local agencies have also tried to shift qualified homeless onto the federal dole. For example, veterans receive help applying for federal military disability. The mentally disturbed are foisted onto federal social security disability when they qualify. Various do-gooder agencies, both public and private, help the miscreants fill out the paperwork with oversight by a few lefty lawyers. So about half the homeless have now disappeared from the grotesque freeway and overpass encampments. The hardcore addicts, alcoholics, crazies still abound and ambulate around like zombies. Have spent some time walking the area around the downtown Convention Center where the city has one employee dedicated to picking up needles off the various park grounds. My informal visual survey indicates the racial mix of the hardcore homeless to be about 40% white trash, 40% black trash, 10% native american, 10% other ethnic. Almost all are male. Of note: no asian homeless and no hindu homeless. Apparently their extended families take care of any “homeless” problems that arise so no shame is brought on the family. Hope these first hand observations are of interest.

    • Replies: @Feryl
  108. The fragile American mind. 🙂

    Watch Townsend.

  109. Amon says:
    @The Scarlet Pimpernel

    Ah, a classic case of WHATABOUTISM.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  110. The only mention Fred makes of Israel here is complimentary.

    Fred knows damn well sociopathic war criminal billionaires of the Israel lobby run the US — AND its foreign policy. But Fearless Fred pretends not to notice.

    That’s a job for the real journalists here at the Unz Review.

  111. Ahoy says:

    @ Oleaginous Outrager

    “By the way something Is, why is it you don’t even notice the complicity in all this of the country which shares the first two letters of your name?”

    Excellent! I hope the Americans will finally break the chains of enslavement soon.

  112. Uslabor says:

    Polly wants Americans to hold themselves accountable…….Polly wants Americans to hold themselves acc0untable…….Polly wants Americans to hold themselves accountable…..Polly wants Americans to hold themselves accountable….

    Fuck Polly, right TEMA?

  113. Antares says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    The CATO method. You just explained why homeless people will not be helped by the people who are paid to do so. Too indoctrinated as they are by their neoliberal handlers.

  114. Truth3 says:

    Blaming everything but the real perpetrators of our nightmares… the Media knows better, but fails to say the TRUTH.

    Everywhere Blacks are a majority, it’s hell for those not black.

    Everywhere the Jews are in control, it’s hell for those hated by the Tribe.


    Eternal Victimhood enshrined in Law, coupled with intense hatred of White Christians, unleashes the hounds from hell.

    The Jews use the Blacks in the USA to advance their agenda of hatred of White Christians.

    The Jews use the Military of the USA (largely White Christian, especially the Officer Corps) to destroy the Nations that Israel despises, and rightly fears.

    Everyone in the World sees these Truths more clearly than Americans, White Americans…. White Christian Americans…. do.

    • Replies: @Former liberal
    , @Alden
  115. Shooting in gay night club is break down of civilization but so is the gay night clubs.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  116. @Philip Owen

    Hey, Stupio, Owen, even NYTimes was forced to admit 78% of the mass shootings are by Blacks. We won’t count the drive-by shootings at schools committed by Blacks a dozen times a day nationwide as one event. There, there, that make you feel better?

  117. @Abelard Lindsey

    And no, I’m not channeling George Will at all. I haven’t even read anything written by him in years.

    Will used to be a reasonable guy. I remember roughly 1978-or-80 he said in his column in the WashPost that if you move all the Chevy factories overseas, in 25 years, 3/4 of the population will no longer be able to afford a Chevy. He’s actually been right for over thirty years, he was way ahead of his time even as he said it. He was cutting his teeth then. People used to think he was a real Rightie back then. DC does something to these folks, formerly so-called Conservative folks, from judges to reporters to the many politicians and think-tank guys. The message upon their arrival is, play ball with the Liberals in Washington or you won’t be invited to parties and you’ll have to eat your lunch all by yourself.

    Nowadays, he’s just a bow-tie asshole waiting out the string with his retarded kid and broken marriage, remarriage and his affairs one after the other and his connections and pushing the line of the Deep State. He’d be perfect for an hour on MSNBC or CNN. People like Will, sociopaths who lead lives of personal chaos and mayhem, really need to NOT be lecturing to the rest of us as if Will’s Trinity degree overlays his existence with the necessary nobility of one who hectors us in the press all week. To Hell with him and quickly.

  118. Anonymous [AKA "Annnnon"] says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    There are jobs in my area, but after taxes they all pay \$6 an hour take home. They are all part-time so of course no benefits. They also demand access to your schedule 24/7, which precludes the chance to hold a second and third job or properly care for your kids if you have any.

    I’ve run into a professional scientist who was laid off from a laboratory in Connecticut and is now driving tractor trailer for one of the largest grocery chains in the northeast. They pay him \$8 an hour driving interstate all night including winter. Part time, no benefits. He told me if it wasn’t for food stamps his family would be starving.

    Met a professor of mathematics from a local college who has been trying to add any \$8 an hour job to his schedule. Colleges now pay professors per course, no benefits. Teaching and tutoring can’t cover his rent.

    This area is a large warehouse industry for the eastern seaboard. The warehouses and distribution centers are all filled with white, college-educated professionals taking home \$6 an hour. That person bagging your groceries or working the cash register here is a licensed teacher, a forensics biologist, a historian, a lawyer.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  119. Moi says:
    @Fran Macadam

    Fran, I could have written this article in a handful of words:


    That said, there was a time much of the world admired the US for its standard living, its vastness and natural beauty, but also because of its very successful propaganda. Its main political competitor, the USSR, by contrast, was way behind.

    Today, much of the world hates and fears the US.

    PS: I have a theory–there are three countries whose people are mentally unbalanced–US, Israel and Australia. All of whom are recent (in historical terms) colonial-settler enterprises.

  120. @Ron Unz

    Where is the old-fashioned journalist when you need him. Or her. This sounds like a plausible story well worth following up. First to get hold of any reports, returns and accounts available openly or by FOI. Then, prepared by reading them, to ring or visit the rehab clinics and ask, first, innocently, how many and what proportion of their clients/patients are from other states, how long they stay and what tracking of them is done, and what it shows, after the federal subsidy runs out.

    Getting round to uncovering payments to recruiters in other states, if there isn’t something fishy pointing to it in accounts, may mean getting a hardmosed investigative journalist on the job but you could start by using an intern, say a UC journalism student. Maybe you know someone you would trust to pose as a sibling of some person with a drug problem in another stare who wants to get in touch with the rehab organisation’s agent there….

    • Replies: @Alden
  121. Moi says:

    Here’s the problem, and there’s a perfect American expression for it–Americans have their heads up the ass. No wonder they can’t see themselves.

  122. Moi says:

    There was no Muslim terrorism prior to the 1967 Israeli war on Arabs.

    • Disagree: Fuerchtegott
    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  123. @Kristoph

    Fred hit the nail on the proverbial head

    Maybe. But disparaging rhetoric and word counts aside, here’s a riddle:

    Q. Which is the best party?
    A. The one everybody wants to crash.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @foolisholdman
  124. TheJester says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    My take is that a significant percentage of the homeless are the types of people who used to be in custodial care in our national system of mental hospitals. Put another way, what happened to all of the patients in mental hospitals when they closed?

    Another driving force is the kids who grow up in foster care. They typically “age out” at 18 without the life skills to function independently and without a matrix of familial support to see them through hard times.

    Though Internet sources vary with respect to the approximate percentage of the homeless that used to be in foster care, the text below highlights the problem:

    “Ask anyone in child welfare about foster youth aging out of the foster care system and you’re sure to hear about everything from high rates of incarceration, early parenting, homelessness, unemployment and discussion about mental health issues. You will surely be told about the very high rates of homelessness among former foster youth ages 18-25 in Baltimore City and across the country. In 1995, The National Alliance to End Homelessness commissioned a study to establish whether there were substantial links between foster care and homelessness. More recent statistics include the following:

    • Approximately 400,000 youth are currently in foster care in the United States. Approximately 20,000 of those youth “age-out” each year without positive familial supports or any family connection at all.

    • Within 18 months of emancipation, 40-50% of foster youth become homeless.

    • Nationally, 50% of the homeless population spent time in foster care.

    • A history of foster care correlates with becoming homeless at an earlier age and remaining homeless for a longer period of time.

    • 65% of youth leaving foster care need immediate housing upon discharge.”

    • Agree: Alden
  125. Jake says:

    “To everyone else, the militarism of the United States, its absurd military expenditures, its huge number of nuclear weapons, its desire to upgrade them, to develop small tactical nuclear weapons, its preparation for nuclear war with specialized flying bunkers–seems nutty. No other country does this. None wants to. In Mexico people roll their eyes. What the hell is wrong with the gringos?”

    We act according to the dictates of WASP culture, which is IMPERIALIST to the Nth degree, and in the most self-righteous form known to man (with the obvious exception of Jewish Repairing the World).

    • Replies: @jim sweeney
  126. @Sweat

    Those wanting to come to the US are not white. Expats like Fred were smart enough to see the writing on the wall and get the hell out. Given the choice, how many whites would love to leave this sinking, decadent, ultra-violent country for good? Most can’t, hence they commit suicide.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  127. JackOH says:

    Fred, I’m afraid you’re right.

    Back when I traveled to Europe sort of often, those who recognized me as an American were friendly. They didn’t hold me responsible for America’s miscreancy respecting, say, Vietnam.

    My language fluency was pretty good. I looked Euro. I’d sometimes overhear conversations or get into conversations where the gloves were off, and I’d hear their unchecked opinions about America. Many did have some American exposure, courtesy of relatives, travel, school, and what-not.

    So what were their unchecked opinions about America?

    What you said.

  128. When I read the title “A View From a Broad,” I had first though the Frederica had finally completely his long journey of sexual reassignment, which began when he woke up in a Tijuana motel room laying in a bath tube filled with ice (not ICE, that was a few nights before,) and seeing that his penis had been amputated. The accompanying note said “Get to the hospital immediately – you have had your penis removed! PS. We would have taken your balls too, but noticed that there actually were none.”

  129. Haole2 says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    Homeless are made up of two groups , druggies and insane, the Venn diagrams overlap.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  130. Joe Wong says:

    The Americans have been using the same old tied rhetoric lying through their teeth about American values since they landed feet on the new continent, the Americans don’t seen to consider themselves old farts who keep repeating themselves, like a parrot in search of a cracker.

    • Replies: @Alden
  131. Biff says:
    @Harold Smith

    I can tell you that in many states it’s indicative of confiscatory, totally-out-of-control property taxation; i.e., communism; which is indicative of moral collapse and which is a driver of general societal collapse.

    In the state of PA alone more than 10,000 homes are sold at tax sales every year, and the problem is getting worse by the day.


    The American government is extremely hard on the poor, and it has a lot to do with tax burden along with regulatory burden such as finance and insurance(contrary to the idiots about tax eaters and the 48% that don’t pay income tax)
    In nobody’s wildest dreams would a renter pay less than the tax burden coupled with the finance and insurance burden, and then there is a regulatory cut of profit from property values that are always determined by banks.

    I now live in an East Asian country where your primary residence is not taxed at all in any shape or form. Only secondary(rental property) is taxed, and there is by far less visible homeless people in my area compared to where I came from – the land of the free.

  132. gsjackson says:
    @Philip Owen

    Interesting how those patient Georgians finally came to the end of their tether with the evil Russkies and lashed out in righteousness while Russia was preoccupied with the 2008 Olympics. Coincidentally similar to how the 2014 coup in Ukraine was staged while Russia was hosting the Sochi Olympics. Are you positive a little neocon didn’t whisper in Saakashvili’s ear that the time was right?

    Ethnic cleansing, huh? First I’ve heard of it, but then I haven’t paid any attention to corporate media propagandists in quite a while. Guess it worked so well when the ((US)) wanted to snatch Kosovo from Serbia a decade earlier that we might as well stick with the old reliable. Who doesn’t oppose ethnic cleansing (hint: a certain excrementary little country in the Middle east)?

    But you will need to do some setting straight of the record. Even a commission of the EU (no friend to Putin’s Russia) found that Georgia started the war.

  133. @Philip Owen

    Lying seems to be a leftist compulsion.

    On September 26, 2014, 43 male students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College were forcibly taken and then disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico…

    …Mexican authorities claimed Iguala’s mayor, José Luis Abarca Velázquez [es] a member of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), and his wife, María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa, masterminded the abduction, although neither of them were convicted or even put on trial for the students’ disappearance.

    Mexico has a little problem with its clearance rate. So, like OJ, we’ll never know who the real killer was. But other than that, it’s easy to imagine this unfortunate and random act happening somewhere in rural Vermont.

    There’s a haiku — how does it go — something about:

    Pennies in a stream
    drug sales, ‘nother homicide
    gunfight in Vermont

    At least 26,000 children and teenagers younger than 18 were killed by gunfire in the United States between 1999 and 2016…

    …Teenagers bear the brunt of this gun violence: Teens 13 through 17 account for nearly 85 percent of child firearm fatalities, the CDC data show. “Firearm homicides among older children were more likely to be precipitated by another crime, to be gang-related, and to have drug involvement,” last year’s Pediatrics study said.

    These deaths were no doubt the product of the white man’s sporting ways, probably mostly occurring in places like Vermont.

    Of course, a Nazi extremist might reply with obviously cherry-picked and wholly unrepresentative real-world examples.

    The parents of a one-year-old boy who allegedly was struck and killed by his father have been arrested and charged with felony murder.

    Police say 20-year-old Jaimie Howard ‘chose to look away’ as her boyfriend A’kym Henderson, 21, repeatedly punched their son King in the head.


    Last month, [Mitchelle sic] Blair, 36, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of her daughter and felony murder in the death of her son. Before their deaths, Blair admitted she beat and burned them.

    Breeze Macha Henke was babysitting for 12-month-old Samaria Chambers on July 26, 2014, in a home in the 200 block of South Sanford when Oakland County sheriff’s investigators allege she held the baby down in a tub of scalding water because she was angry the child’s diaper was soiled…

    …Samaria suffered second-degree burns on the lower half of her body and died of the burns and multiple infections on Aug. 9, 2014, at DMC Detroit Children’s Hospital.

    A licensed practical nurse from Queens has been charged with murder in the death of a severely developmentally disabled 23-month-old girl she was hired to care for who was taken to the hospital with burns over about 50 percent of her body several days after a bath, authorities said…

    …Oluyemisi Adebayo, 54, was arrested Wednesday as she prepared to board a flight to Africa via London.

    Of course, anyone could scour the internet and find dozens of examples like these for particular races of Americans, like sub-Saharan Africans, who we know do not regularly engage in torturous child punishment like scalding with boiling water and who hold child welfare only in the highest regard.

    It would of course be trivial to find just as many such stories where the perpetrators are other minorities who make up similar proportions of America’s population, like East Asians.

    And all this child torture obscures the real homicidal threat to America’s kids: white sportsmen.

    Despite the malicious anecdotes from above, the empirical evidence, of course, strongly supports you and the left’s claim that white men hunting children for sport is the prime lethal threat that kids throughout America face.

    In 1999, about 1,800 juveniles (a rate of 2.6 per 100,000) were victims of homicide in the United States. This rate is substantially higher than that of any other developed country.

    I just can’t think of what was substantially different about American demographics versus those of other developed countries in 2001.

    Homicides of juveniles in the United States are unevenly distributed, both geographically and demographically. Rates are substantially higher for African American juveniles and for juveniles in certain jurisdictions. Yet [wtf?], 85 percent of all U.S. counties had no homicides of juveniles in 1997.

    That’s obviously because, aside from bear and moose, black bodies are among the most prized trophies for white sportsmen.

    Homicides of teenagers, most of which involve male victims killed by male offenders using firearms, rose dramatically in the late 1980s and early 1990s but have declined sharply since 1993.

    This clearly has nothing to do with urban violence trends of the same period. But it almost perfectly fits with the record deer seasons of the early ’90s throughout the Great Lakes states.

    That number—equal to a rate of 2.6 per 100,000 juveniles or more than 5 juveniles per day—makes the United States first among developed countries in homicides of juveniles

    That’s obviously because America has so many white men, and it just lets people own guns.

    In fact, the U.S. rate is 5 times higher than the rate of the other 25 developed countries combined and nearly double the rate of the country with the next highest rate.

    This is easily explained by white deer hunters poaching black baby bodies.

    Juvenile homicide is one of the most unevenly distributed forms of child victimization. Certain groups and localities experience the overwhelming brunt of the

    Minority children and youth are disproportionately affected. For example, 52 percent of juvenile victims of homicide are nonwhite (Snyder and Finnegan, 1998). Even after a recent decline, the overall rate of victimization for black juveniles (9.1 per 100,000) in 1997 dwarfed the rate for white
    juveniles (1.8 per 100,000) (figure 2).

    This might seem a little strange. But I think I know what’s going on here.

    According to an official MSNBC report from 2016, through careful analysis, Rachel Maddow concluded that white-on-black interracial violence is rampant, with whites being the perpetrators in 84 percent of all interracial attacks. She calculated this meant that whites attack blacks 27 times more often than vice versa.

    In the <a title=” same report, Maddow concluded that in New York City, white hunters committed a shocking 98 percent of all shootings where at least one person was hit. Another study by HuffPo’s cat committee determined that the correlation between proportion of white hunters in a zip code and violent crime had an R^2 of nearly .9, one of the strongest correlations ever found in social science.

    All of this reflects the innate viciousness of white sportsmen and perfectly explains how so many minority children are being snuffed out at their cruel hands.

    White men’s insatiable thirst for youthful blood may lead them to kill even their own kids when POCs spawn is unavailable.

    One recent example is the case of Chris Watts, a white man who killed his family. As Rolling Stone journolass — or is it the Heartistian whorenalist — notes (with heavy use of truthiness-signalling parentheses):

    Watts’ acts are not unprecedented. In many ways, he fits squarely in the pattern of family annihilators, a term for men (mostly white males in their 30s) who murder their entire families.

    Family annihilators is a term used to describe men (mostly white males in their 30s) who murder their entire families.

    [This dumb cunt actually reused exactly the same phrase, with the same hyperlink, within a few words of the first instance, both in parentheses. You can buy better-crafted content off iWriter for \$5]

    Chris Watts is just one in a blood-drenched parade of sporting white family killers, going straight back to (indulge my inner Rolling Stoner) John List (a white man who murdered his family), including John List (a white man who murdered his family (in 1971)).

    While the Watts and List cases are just the tip of the filicide ice pick, evidence is emerging that white hunters may be responsible for all parent-on-child butcherings.

    To see how, let’s take a look at a wet’n’wild local chimpout that left a trail of dead mudsharks, shell casings and lifeless mulatto SNAPlets as far as the eye could see. Roderick Danzler was a town lothario. Called Rod by his friends, the name was appropriate given his bacillus-like fecundity.

    Actually, aping equalitard pseudologic as satire is only funny for so long. /satire

    Stop lying.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
    , @Republic
  134. gsjackson says:

    So but for Russian aggression, Crimea and the Donbass would be peaceful and contented regions of Ukraine? That must mean that 96 percent of Crimeans didn’t vote to become part of Russia following that completely bloodless “war,” and that thousands of Donbass citizens have died only because of the Russian jack boot on their throats.

    But you know, that seems kind of counter-intuitive, given that these regions are predominantly Russian ethnic, speak Russian, have many hundreds of thousands of relatives in Russia, have been a part of Russia for centuries. You’d think maybe they’d be a bit concerned about a regime in Ukraine that had just violently overthrown the president they voted for overwhelmingly, and vowed to virtually eradicate Russian culture from the country, including the language. But if you say so, Russia started wars in Crimea, Donbass and Georgia (take up that last one with the EU commission that found after investigation that Georgia had started the war).

    And just to focus on Crimea for a moment, if you don’t buy the equity self-determination argument, how about realpolitik? Do you really think that Russia, after a couple decades of relentless NATO expansion eastward, was going to allow the US to instigate a coup in Ukraine and then take over Russia’s only warm water port and naval base? That’s just not going to happen, anywhere but in the “minds” of neocon fantasists. An “existential issue,” as the Israelis like to say.

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  135. eah says:

  136. Baxter says:

    Mr. Reed very well may be a curmudgeon, I don’t know. He does point out the accumulated rot in America society. Our problems appear intractable.
    It should pointed out a society very heavily indebted to its myths. In America our national myth runs something like “we’re the greatest country in the world, you can be whatever you want to be, you should be grateful for living here.”
    I am grateful to be here, as opposed to say, having been born in Yemen. I don’t believe in the national myth anymore though. The rot in this country is too pronounced to go unnoticed.
    Demographically, America is screwed. Once the balance tips, it’s over. I live in the South. The place is transforming into a black dominated dump with vast hordes of unassailable immigrants.
    The decline can’t be stopped. In fact, I think bottom falling out is preferable.
    America desperately needs a reality check.

  137. @Gordon Shumway

    Fred lives in Mexico.

    He does. Rurik, as usual, is full of shit. The sun rises in the East, sets in the West and Rurik is full of shit. Three constants for ya right there. Now, I got no particular use for Fred. Still, fair is fair. When Fred was running around in DC after the Vietnam war playing reporter for one of the mercenary rags (Soldier of Fortune was one of them) and later for the Washington Times and such, he was no huggy-bear for the elites that instigate wars. He was a beat reporter and his beat was the cops. Kick-ins, arrests, manhunts, he traveled with them, DC cops, Arlington cops, U.S. Marshals and DEA ops. Every cop in DC knew Fred as a Vietnam Vet and reporter. He never compromised a source and he always wrote the grit, to the point that he was too incorrect for the times and conventional MSM, like a lot of writers on Unz, Taki’s and the rest. The VA made a nearly-blind man out of him, too. Throw in his alcoholism and whatever else is in his system and he’s damaged goods. But he means well and hurts no one.

    In this world, that’s saying something.

    • Replies: @Republic
  138. @Rurik

    Jesus, Rurik, you clearly know so little about the guy, what did he turn you down for a blow job, or what? You’re pretty irrational at best, but you’re absolutely lacking in clarity about Fred’s affiliations in DC. They HATE him down there.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  139. TKK says:
    @Colin Wright

    Mental hospitals are a relic of a gentler time. The doddering malevolent Ronald Reagan made sure of that.

    You have psychiatric wards at big hospitals where they hold you for 3 days, simply renewing their meds and dumping them.

    On the other end, you have rehabs and resorts that cost about 10,000\$ per month- that’s the budget accommodation.

    Try and find a “mental hospital” and you will discover there are none. Hence the homeless population growing.

    The best plan for most who have real brain disease that prevents functioning is to commit a federal crime- not state- and receive 3 hots, a cot and medical care in a federal prison, and hope it’s not in the Southwest where the feral Latino gangs are caged.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @RadicalCenter
  140. @Moi

    There was no Muslim terrorism prior to the 1967 Israeli war on Arabs.

    In the US there was very little Muslim terrorism until we started “peacekeeping” in Beirut after Israel’s invasion.
    During the 1970’s and early 80’s, the two groups that committed the most terrorism in the US were 1. the Puerto Ricans, and 2. The Jews.

  141. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    I will only address one of the problems here and that’s homelessness. Why do we have so many homeless people today and we didn’t 20, 30 or 40 years ago? The number one answer is land speculation. Left-wing governments say we need more subsidized housing to be built, the development and real estate industry says that we need to leave the market alone and it will take care of itself. What they all fail to address is that the places that have the worst homeless problems are cities where Chinese and other foreign money is buying up land and speculating on land in our cities. This causes the land values to skyrocket, making owners tear down perfectly good affordable housing stock and building condos or other extremely profitable forms of land use. Much of the new housing stock is just being speculated on with nobody moving in. No occupation. Most politicians won’t address the problem because there’s so much money being made from this speculation, bribes are being paid to politicians (many of whom are in the real estate or development industry), the construction industry is booming and the economy shows high employment. Who could be against this? The question we need to ask is, who’s interests are we serving here, our most vulnerable citizens or criminal speculators from China? We may look at most of the people that are homeless and write them off as crazy or drug addicts, but these are our people. Capitalism can be a good thing or a bad thing. In this case it needs to be controlled. Ban foreign speculation in all real estate or severely constrain it and the problem will right itself.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  142. @follyofwar


    A lot of us are cutting out now. Something like 600,000 Americans live in the Philippines.

    If I had to go back to the US and live around the underclass I would feel suicidal.

  143. Parfois1 says:
    @jeff stryker

    Australia is still a colony – this is from a lawyer. The former owner (UK) has transferred political ownership to the US after WWII and follows orders by the new owners from Korea, Vietnam, to Iraq and Syria now, also enforcer of “freedom of navigation” in the South China sea. But sovereignty still resides in the UK through the Queen’s man, the Governor-General.
    That’s why an Australian, Assange, rots in an English gaol.

  144. Alden says:

    The reason so many Americans are homeless is because of the immigrants from Moscow Kathmandu and every Cesspool a Stan in the world. Also, Americans have not yet adjusted to the housing standards of most of the world; 7 to a one room studio, 10 to a 1 bedroom apartment and 25 to a 2,000 sq ft single family home. Also, much of the country has long cold winters and most garages and garden sheds are not insulated and heated.

    I know exactly how to solve the housing crisis. Deport every person in America not born of 2 American born parents. No hearings no attorneys just put them in military planes and commandeered civilian planes and land them in a field somewhere in the world, preferably India China Mexico or Central America

    Of course housing prices will fall back to natural levels.

    Obama had a half or 1/4 aunt of some kind living in Cleveland as an illegal alien until she finally died. Despite being illegal and under deportation order for years she received a disability check every month, free medical care for her bogus disability, a section 8 1 bedroom, not studio apartment free bus pass free handicapped van service food bank low income utilities, maid service every possible freeby

    Her immigration attorney was pro bono of course. The attorney was an Asian women from a major immigration law firm. Her yearly deportation hearings were always in winter. She always won and was given permission to stay. I always thought about how many American homeless men froze to death in the cold Cleveland winters while she had a section 8 apartment and thermostat at 80 while American workers set the thermostat at 65 and freeze because of the high cost of heat

    Only good thing is that she was too old to pop out an anchor baby. I won’t be surprised if medi-caid starts giving expensive fertility treatments and free sperm insertions to 55 year old illegal women

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  145. Nonny says:
    @Gordon Shumway

    Rubbish, NAZI, brainwashed Yankistani

  146. @Negrolphin Pool

    Her man beat her baby? Now THAT’S Patriarchy! I’m sure Rurik and Tiny Dick will be along to defend HIM.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  147. ken says:

    4 homeless men could put in 40 hours a week each at \$10 per hour and have no problem renting a small house and live in a much more civil manner. Most of the homeless lack the desire to make this basic change.

  148. Parfois1 says:

    People like the commenter jacob do not deserve the courtesy and effort of a reply – they are either malignant morons or idiots, or the lot. They are a waste of time … and space, if they are people, that is. Cheers.

  149. liljoe says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    It’s indicative of the small hats’ victory in displacing whites and legacy Americans in their own homeland. Any foreigners in those homeless camps? Nah they get everything from us .gov.
    I’m sure all of those Congolese Americans we’re shipping in will build infrastructure to be proud of…maybe an Ebola institute

  150. Alden says:
    @jeff stryker

    Isn’t the Flint water department run completely by affirmative action blacks? What does one expect?

    Most American cities the government clerical and professional workers are affirmative action all the way. But streets sewers and water departments staffed by qualified licensed competent Whites at every level.

    In my city it’s striking. The courts are affirmative action. Black judges black city and county attorneys black clerks ballifs security guards para legal way way over represented black black black.

    But the important things streets water sewers it’s Whites and Hispanics who do a competent job

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  151. @tradecraft46

    Russian life expectancy is not falling.

    US Life expectancy, however, is falling.

  152. Jake says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Depends on how you define ‘best’ and for whom.

    For example, guys who get high and lack money to buy dope feel the best party is the one offering free dope. Pederasts are certain the best party is anything like a Boy Scout weekend camp out with 4th through maybe 8th grade boys, and a little alcohol to dispense judiciously.

  153. @Rabbitnexus

    Stay in Chindia, you proud “Aussie.”

  154. Parfois1 says:

    Isabella, you are very courageous to come to the lion’s den of “American” nationalism (perhaps an oxymoron) and tell them in the face what they are. See how they hurl insults at poor Fred for showing their reflection in the mirror!

    On the other hand they are also victims of their own government like yours and mine. And they have been indoctrinated much more than any other people as shown by the single-party political system they have endured since aeons, probably still ruled by your namesake (Anglicized) on the throne or a joint operation with Jewrusalem. And they also believe the fairy-tale story of a revolution in 1776 they hear since the first yell in the maternity ward.

    Please be kind to them next time you parachute in here.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @Rurik
  155. Rurik says:
    @Jim Christian

    ahh, the IDF ‘shitstain’ returns, just as surely as the dog returns to its vomit.

    Fred’s affiliations in DC. They HATE him down there.

    Shitstain, it’s not the DC liberal/progressives that I was talking about (obviously).

    It’s the people Fredo used to chum with, those hard-core cop types and grit journalists of yesterday. Like the kind Fred used to be before he morphed into Fredo, and started shilling whatever tripe earned him the most shekels. It’s the shekels they’re all after now, as if you didn’t know, huh shitstain?

    I suppose it’s becoming for someone like you to follow Fredo around as his personal ass-wipe, as he rhetorically sucks off our neocon master\$, but it’s woefully unbecoming to Fred Reed, or at least whatever shell of that formerly vituperative truth-teller whose prose was writing at its best.

    Nice to see you back to your vomit, shitstain. I guess your ‘I’m a (woman bashing) American guy just like you’ shtick’, must have worn itself thin, eh?

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  156. Rurik says:
    @Jim Christian

    I’m sure Rurik and Tiny Dick will be along to defend HIM.


    Really got under your (shitstained) skin, eh bitch?

    At least the Negro in your post had no choice about the hue of his pelt, whereas your shit-skin is self-applied.

    I’ll leave it to Fredo’s readership to decide just how much Tiny Duck and Rurik have in common.

    Now go back to wiping Fredo’s arse, “Jim Christian”. As long as he’s running cover for the IDF cowards and their masters in DC, London, and Tel Aviv, you’ll continue to get your checks.

  157. Agent76 says:

    May 24, 2019 Understanding Our Slavery – How Organized Crime Runs Government and Media

    The Freestate project and The Prestate Project.

    Jan 24, 2019 Government Shutdown Proves the State Controls Way Too Much

    If we can take one thing away from the government shutdown, it’s that the government controls way too much, and taxes more than enough of our money.

  158. Alden says:

    Sorry, it wasn’t Ronald Regeanin the 1980s. It was a few state and federal judges about 67 to 75 in the Hodge cases. Hodge was the plaintiff selected by the ACLU in their lawfare cases carefully planed to close the mental hospitals down.

    You must believe newspapers.

    Regean was governor of California at the time, but he didn’t close the state mental hospitals. The hospitals were closed by a Judge. Hospitals in other states were closed by judicial order at the same time, 67 to 75 years before Regean became president.

    By 1980 the mental patients living in the streets could not be ignored. So the liberal crusade turned from release the poor prisoners in the mental hospitals to Regean did it. He did not

    Had a Democrat been president in the 1980s when the mentally ill homeless could not be ignored the president would not have been blamed. The problem would have been ignored.

    This is just one of the reasons I assume everything in the media is a lie.

    It was funded by the ACLU and litigated by ACLU attorneys and ordered by Judges years before Regean became president.

    The patients were given no money. They were mentally disabled of course but no arrangements were made to set them up with disability payments or Medicare. Many had been in a long time and lost touch with families. The relatives sometimes received postcards stating the patients were released several months earlier. Not all families of patients were sent the postcards and there was no information about where the patient was sent on the postcards.

    ACLU claimed the released patients would take Greyhound to the nearest city find an apartment furnish it buy clothes find a job or sign up for disability and get regular treatment and their medicine in the city mental health clinics that were not and still have not been built and staffed.

    And the unspeakable abominable judges went along with it.

    And when the mentally ill ended up living in the streets eating garbage because they couldn’t get it together to apply for food stamps and freezing to death in the winter the liberals blamed it on President t Regean who had nothing to do with it.

    I was a young adult at the time. A major state mental hospital was about 50 miles from the city where I worked and lived. I was there. I and half a million residents of the city saw it.

    If you want a source, key words are Hodge cases closed mental hospitals. It may not be easy to find unless you have an attorney password to the legal data bases. The powers that be want the blame put on Regean, not judges and ACLU and other Buttinsky civil rights attorneys who put the mentally ill on the streets

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @TKK
    , @Feryl
  159. @Jake

    Depends on how you define ‘best’ and for whom.

    Actually, it doesn’t. EVERYBODY wants to crash this party: junkies, pederasts, rocket scientists, H1Bs and strawberry pickers, Muslims, Jews, Africans and Guatemalans, both living Beatles and the homeless population of Pakistan.

    We’re the party everyone’s trying to join. And I can’t imagine how such a shitty country (per Fred) can be such an attraction. Something don’t compute.

  160. @Alden

    Agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment, but not sure about the odd reference to a supposed flood of immigrants from Moscow.

    Our immigrants in the USA, legal and illegal, come primarily from Mexico, China, India, Philippines, and Latin America. Almost none of our immigrants, legal or illegal, comes from Russia or any part of the Russian federation.

    I wish Russians were having enough babies to export a lot here and still maintain their own country, but they’re not.

    • Replies: @Alden
  161. @anonymous

    Insightful comment.

    Housing costs definitely are being driven up by rich foreigners buying properties. But the much more serious problem is rich foreigners, and not so rich foreigners, actually settling here permanently and occupying housing en masse. That drives up prices far more than absentee speculators or investors.

    But many of the homeless are NOT “our people.” Here in L.A., the national capital of homelessness, a disproportionate number of the homeless are Africans and a growing number are non-native Hispanics. I hate to see the them live like that for their own sake as well as our sake, but they are not my people and should never have been brought here or allowed to come here, respectively.

    • Replies: @Alden
  162. Anonymous [AKA "Joey Jeffries"] says:

    A colleague handed me an article in 1994 that explains USA’s decline quite well. In a nutshell, at some point after 1950 the upper class abandoned its tradition of serving as a role-model for the middle and lower classes. Before then, the non-wealthy segment of the population may have envied the upper class somewhat, but they also aspired to become or at least be like the upper class. The upper class understood this and comported themselves with class. They treated their employees not as inferiors but as people who didn’t have their advantages, ambition, intelligence, good fortune or work ethic. The wealthy understood that members of the other classes were important in a consumer economy, and that if their wages were too low they wouldn’t be able to buy a whole lot of consumer goods.

    Then it all changed– money became all that mattered for the upper class. No need to be a role model — just accumulate a fortune by any means, fair or foul. By 1972, this shift had been solidified, typified by the Carroll Rosenbloom/Robert Irsay swap of their NFL football teams that year. Rosenbloom was a traditional upper class individual, while Irsay was one of the new, boorish ones.

    The latter owner quickly decimated his new team. Following his death in 1997, the Baltimore Sun described Irsay as “a meddlesome, impetuous team owner given to drunken fits of rage,” noting that in the city he would be “remembered best for drunken public appearances and unstable management … that drove away fans from a franchise that had been among the post popular in sports.”

    Today the situation is even worse, now that the financialization of the U.S. is all-pervasive. Nothing matters to the ultra-wealthy except more money. If it all implodes they’ll just move to Belize or somewhere.

  163. @Parfois1


    Few Americans claim descent from 1776. We mostly arrived in the same 1880’s wave as Irish to Australia. Italians arrived in the US a bit earlier than in Australia, along with the Slavs. We never got as many Lebanese or Turks (Perhaps a good thing, as beach rapes are rarer in the US).

    As for the bit about cowboys wanting 9 year old children to own machine guns and invading the world this is about as accurate as American films about Australia like RAZORBACK or Paul Hogan’s number-your average ignorant American believes Australia is a place where men wrestle crocodiles and giant razorbacks run through people’s houses in the outback and everyone drinks FOSTERS and Pauline Hanson is a heroine (She is sort of liked by the real right in the US but detested in Oz itself).

    You can measure someone’s class and education by the degree to which their notions of other countries are defined by watching television.

    Also, considering the degree to which other countries assign ignorance and unworldliness to the US it is surprising that they manage in the same breath to accuse the US of running their world.

    It is the reason why, depending upon the country (SEA has sufficient numbers of Americans for other nationalities to get over it) I’ve had to lie and say I’m Canadian over and over again. Discussing Trump or Bush before him is quite wearying.

    I’ve heard Gibson and Newton-John, both Yank exports, say they developed Australian accents merely to prevent “bagging” on the street.

    Also, it would be impossible for the US public to do anything about foreign wars. If they could do so, by cutting military expenditure so that millions were not homeless and the infrastructure could be upgraded, they would do so.

    Funny, I have not been to Australian in years but if I were to go there today I would probably once again lie about my nationality.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
    , @Ron Unz
  164. Vojkan says:

    Judging by the comments, Fred Reed hit the nail on the head with regards to how Americans imagine themselves and how the rest of the world sees Americans.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  165. @Alden


    Out West Flint would be a ghost town. They’ve existed in the Gold Rush era. But blacks are too poor to really move away. Think about. They have children young, sometimes in their teens. They’re often unemployed. Their house is worth nothing. They cannot leave.

    California is generally scenic and people would live there no matter what. But Flint is cold, bleak, windswept and had no economy and toxic pollution levels. So who would live there?

    It is not so much affirmative action as white flight. No whites are left.

    Try to picture an entire city that resembled LA’s skid row. Everyone is a crack cocaine addicted prostitute or gangster or doing something illegal.

    • Replies: @Alden
  166. Alden says:

    I’m well aware America is hated all over the world because the world media constantly proclaims everything bad about America and finds nothing good.

    The hate American media began in the late 1949s by European soviet operatives idiot intellectuals and idiot liberals. It was just part of the Cold War propaganda effort and America lost the propaganda war

    It’s unbelievable what some “educated” Europeans thing about us. One Cambridge U English man informed me that black children aren’t taught math, even elementary school math in the USA. Not that they don’t learn math, but they’re not taught math at all. Another Cambridge grad informed me that there is no public transportation in New York City. When asked how he knew that, he snarled “ I’ve been told”

    Can you believe that? No public transit in Nee York City. Same Cambridge grad told us that there are no public libraries in America. Then there’s the “ your children are so well behaved, one would never think they’re Americans “. The hatred and barrage of myths like there is no public transportation in New York City directed at his American wife by friends is the reason an Englishman I knew left for first Germany and then America as soon as possible.

    The focus on evil America we’re so mean to the blacks and don’t have public libraries is just idiot commie intellectuals and fools reading newspapers cruising g the hate America websites and watching TV news.

    Swedish communist Gunnar Myrdahl’s late 1940’s America is mean to blacks book was typical of soviet Cold War propaganda which 4 generations of Europeans believe. Book is interesting reading if you can still find it in a library or download to read. It’s not worth buying second hand for one dollar.

    That Cambridge grad who claimed we have no public libraries also proclaimed “ Americans don’t read” That was when every mall in the country had huge Barnes & noble Borders Crown Brentano’s and Amazon was still selling just books. Somebody was buying all those millions of books every year. He denied we have big bookstores too. Cambridge grads Gentry class professional occupations second generation commie indoctrination.

  167. Alden says:
    @jeff stryker

    There are about 30 million descendants of the people who arrived in 1619 on the ship Mayflower. There are millions of descendants of the men who arrived in Virginia in 1607. There a couple hundred million descendants of pre 1776 Americans which includes millions of blacks, Indians Spanish and French whose ancestors were here pre1776

    You keep posting and posting your very very limited experience of the slums of Detroit and 1900 Ellis Island mythology. The slums of Detroit, the slums of a poor White trash college town. a week buying pornography in the slums of Los Angeles and a couple years in the crime ridden Mexican slums of Phoenix and 1880 immigrants is all you know about America

    • Replies: @utu
  168. Republic says:
    @Negrolphin Pool

    Mexico has a little problem with its clearance rate.

    2% clearance rate in Mexico vs the worst clearance rate of 25% in Chicago. US average is around 70%

    Life is very cheap in Mexico

  169. @Alden

    I’ve talked to homeless people. Just out of curiosity.

    1) You cannot do drugs in a homeless shelter. You cannot apply for any benefits with drugs in your system. The more coherent homeless are often drug addicts. They used to be crackheads when I was younger, but crack seemingly went out of style and now they are heroin addicts or tweakers. Strangely, old-fashioned winos seem to have disappeared.

    2) Homeless people have told me that shelters are awful. One white man I knew who was temporarily homeless was sexually assaulted (And he was not attractive) by a black crackhead in a shelter during a horrendous divorce prior to the community property liquidation. He opted for the park.

    3) You cannot have sex in a shelter. You cannot bring an animal into a shelter.

    4) Some people are just so anti-social, though not crazy, that they cannot hold a job. They’re parents long disowned them. I knew a guy like that. He simply had a terrible attitude and his parents through him out. He got by donating blood…then he attacked the drawer accusing him of being gay.

    5) Many of them are ex-cons. They choose not stay in the halfway house.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Troll: utu
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @TKK
  170. Republic says:
    @Jim Christian

    But he means well and hurts no one

    That guy is a Mexican nationalist, a disinformation agent, a renegade American exile

  171. Alden says:
    @jeff stryker

    Flint is a black population black run city. What water department can’t keep the water department running? It’s not like they had to build a completely new system. It’s probably 130 year old pipes that developed holes due to those tiny tree rootlets getting in the welds. Mud gets in around the welds and holes and into the water supply.

    Any property owner knows that. But the affirmative action morons of the Flint water department can’t figure it out.

    Those pipes should have been maintained all along, inspected regularly the water tested for dirt and pipes replaced when needed.

    • Replies: @Truth
  172. Rurik says:

    Judging by the comments, Fred Reed hit the nail on the head

    per Fredo:

    America’s foreign policy makes it hated in most of the world. It seems murderous, thuggish, brutal, a menace to everyone. For example, the U.S. killed over a million people in Iraq. This does not bother Americans. Since 2000 it has destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya, enters its eighteenth year of butchering Afghans, bombs Somalia, sends troops to Africa. It militarily threatens North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, seeks to destroy the economies of Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China. It sanctions Europe. No other country does this.

    America’s foreign policy should make it the most hated nation in the world.

    Perhaps more so because that foreign policy is 100% determined by people who hate the American people’s guts; Israeli Jewish supremacists.

    And use American boys and girls like so much cannon fodder, to advance their regional hegemony in the Middle East.

    Is there anyone reading Fredo’s article that does not see that brutally glaring fact as of today?!!!

    Is there anyone out there who’s that staggeringly bovine that they don’t know by now that America’s military and State Dept. and Pentagon take their orders directly from Jewish supremacist Zionists like Bibi and Sheldon and Haim, et al?

    So, what Fredo is doing, is deliberately and disingenuously advancing the idiotic hysteria that all of these wars and foreign policy atrocities, are all a direct consequence of the much hated ‘Deplorables’ who voted for Trump specifically to end the Eternal Wars for Israel. Duh!

    Yet look at them pile on. ‘Those damned white American men with their guns and xenophobia who don’t want all the Mexicans and Muslims and everyone else to come here, are the reason those same Americans are over in Syria and Libya and Yemen, dying for greater Israel!’

    Don’t you folks see the raging disconnect?

    Yes, America is fucked, and being used like a cheap whore for the greater glory of ((bankers and Zionists and assorted scum)) who’ve always hated her anyways.

    But as she’s bankrupted to foist wars all over the globe for the aspirations of Jewish supremacists everywhere, lets pile on her humiliation by pretending it’s all an expression of those damn Deplorables, who voted against the wars and are the main ones speaking out against it all.

    ‘They did it!’ Screeches the shills like Fredo and his amen corner.

    No they didn’t. Rurik tells the simple truth. All of these horrors have been foisted upon America by our most intractable enemies; Jewish supremacists who own our media and control our fecal government but are pretending to be one of us.

    Note: Bibi is not one of us.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  173. Alden says:

    Fred said foreigners from Moscow to Kathmandu. So I wrote that they’re coming here even though they claim we’re a horrible country. There are a lot of Russian immigrants in NYC San Francisco and Los Angeles. You’re right that most immigrants are Hispanic and Asian but they’re from every country in the world.

    If they hate America so much why do they keep invading.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @RadicalCenter
  174. @Rurik

    My goodness, fulfilling the prophesy, Rurik. As always, I won.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  175. Alden says:

    You’re so right. Homeless I see are almost all old American blacks and some old American Whites. Persian immigrants live in million 2 condos and 5 million houses. Hispanic illegals live in a project identical to the million plus condos except for Formica and linoleum where the condos have granite and tile.

    Americans just can’t compete with 20 immigrants to a 3 bedroom small house.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  176. Alden says:
    @jeff stryker

    Shelters are horrible full of fleas lice and weirdos.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  177. Republic says:

    that picture at the beginning of this article,says that homeless people looking at trash for food

    that was not true

    actually according to a reverse image search of that photo he shows local middle school students helping clear up that site

    Durango herald (Colorado) 2015

    After a bear attacked and injured homeless campers near the Tech Center in May, Aber formed a small coalition that includes Manna Soup Kitchen, Trails 2000, Bear Smart and local law-enforcement agencies to help cleanup camps.

    Escalante Middle School students joined the effort Monday and learned about the living conditions of some homeless people in Durango. They helped dismantle seven abandoned camps in what was likely the last major cleanup for the season.

  178. Alden says:
    @jeff stryker

    Oh yes and then there’s the good old “ America executes chikdren”

    The under 18s that get tried as adults are monsters s

  179. utu says:

    Jeff Stryker comes form the same stable of trolls as the anti-white-trash-nationalist form India Thomm.

    • Agree: Republic
  180. @buckwheat

    Go to small towns that aren’t infested with blacks and you’ll see the America of old, without the crime and filth.

    You are wrong about this. It is a new world out there. There are huge swaths of white America that are as blighted as anything you will find in inner city Baltimore. Same EBT signs in the same heavily secured 7-11s. Same abandoned housing falling down block after block. Same discarded mattresses on the sidewalks. Same crime and low trust, windows covered menace.

    Whites are demoralized, uninformed, and regressed to the lowest common denominator that the popular culture glorifies. Young white boys have nothing to offer young white girls, since they are functionally the same as young black boys, except they can’t compete in dick size, so they are stranded. They retreat into hopeless nihilism.

    • Replies: @Feryl
    , @Hippopotamusdrome
  181. Anonymous [AKA "Torchman"] says:

    Fred, you state that both Israel and Switzerland have broad civilian gun ownership but have low rates of gun violence. Frankly it’s clear that the Israelis are committing crimes with their guns against the Palestinians 24/7! Israel is a racist endeavor!

  182. “Americans are brought up to believe that the United States is a shining city on a hill, a light to mankind, that the world envies us for our values and freedoms, and hates us because we have them”

    I guess Fred hasn’t been to an American school in quite a long time……..the opposite of this is what is taught now…….only the MSM tries this shit anymore, that and at sporting events since sports nuts are easy to recruit for the killing machine.

    • Agree: fnn
  183. @TKK

    Mexican and other Latino gangs rule the roost in many federal and state prisons all over the USA, not just the southwest and California anymore.

  184. The frequent mass shootings in the United States astonish most of the world. Opening fire on a country music concert, randomly shooting to death people in a gay nightclub, seems to most of the world a breakdown of civilization. It is.

    In 2015, according to the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime’s International Homicide Statistics database, Mexico, where Fred Reed lives, had 16.30 intentional homicides per 100,000 population. By contrast, in the same year the United States had 4.90 per 100,000. Mexico ranked 21st in the world, while the U.S. ranked 83rd.

    Latin America and the Caribbean Islands, along with a few countries in sub-Saharan Africa, top the list in murder rates. The United States is nowhere close to this. Moreover, the highest domestic murder rates occur in a very few U.S. localities. In 2014, 51% of U.S. murders took place in 2% of the nation’s counties. See:

    A comparative study of mass shootings between January 2009 and December 2015 may be found here:

    The death rate from mass shootings per million population during this period was higher in 10 other countries, namely, Norway, Serbia, France, Macedonia, Albania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, and the Czech Republic, than it was in the United States.

  185. Thinker says:

    The US is on its way down because it’s no longer a white Protestant country, it is now a Jew country with all that that entails:

    Dishonesty, greed, selfishness, complete lack of self restraint, leftist lunacy, feminism 2.0, identity politics, victimhood mentality, narcissistic, whiney, punitive, vengeful, disdain for hard work or self-reliance, slothfulness, gluttony, rule of lawyers in place of rule of law, multiculturalism, endless wars, endless immigration.

  186. Vojkan says:

    I grasp what you’re saying. I agree that Jewish “progressivism”, especially that of the Ashkenazi provenience, is preternatutally nefarious, not only in the USA, but in Europe too. Before the war in the former Yugoslavia, during which I was living in France, I was of the “mind my own business” and “live and let live” kind, then I became fully aware of the Khazarian nuisance. Everything good in the West was created by Christians, everything went wrong when the Khazars took power. That breed is just impossible to live with.
    That said, when the rest of the world looks at the USA, they don’t see the Jews pulling the strings, they see Americans doing the killing.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  187. Rurik says:
    @Jim Christian

    As always, I won.

    Yes, go ahead and gloat if you must

    but you don’t always win, at least not yet..

  188. Thinker says:

    Yet the number of people who want to immigrate to the US grows by the millions each year, as evidenced by the border mess. I guess as much as we suck, most other countries in the world suck even more.

    But have no fear, our diversity loving (((elites))) will make sure we too, become as big of a shithole as any Latin American, African, Muslim or Asian country in no time.

    The worst America and Europe look, the more it’ll encourage the tribe to seek aliyah and return to the motherland, which is reserved only for them, and from Jerusalem God’s Chosen will rule this earth, just like it says in the Talmud.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  189. Anonymous[491] • Disclaimer says:

    If America wasn’t like that in the past, can you elaborate which historical period corresponds to the otherwise-geographic description of “Wild West”? What is happening, periodically, at Wounded Knee, and how many Africans are involved there? In fact, when did Blacks arrive in America?

    The idea that the American society was fine, and now is broken, is wrong. If anything, the country slowly gains the institutions of a normal country. Sweden and China alike keep a tight leash on the national bank, on their hospitals and schools, and on their media.

  190. BobbyT says:

    This is the face of Jewmerica. No morals no soul. All about greed. “I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan”

  191. Ivy Mike says:

    Sorry to read fred will only be on Unz, judging by the comments section it is mostly read by xenophobic racist anti semitic poorly educated whitish Americans who look at a few sites on the world wide web that reinforce their willful ignorance and think they are the geniuses in possession of ultimate truth.
    At least fred is amusing…

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  192. By-tor says:

    Google, Facebook, Yahoo, ATT, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, etc. are all data gatherers for the NSA, Pentagon and CIA. This is common knowledge by the nature of contracts and years of DoD seed money pumped into Silicon Valley not to mention the secretive FISA Court warrants which are always granted.

    The US does not have similar access to break into Huawei’s proprietary devices nor manipulate Huawei’s 5G increasing world market share.

    US corporate and banking elite voluntarily exported factories and production capability to China and Mexico to lower costs and increase profits at the expense of the US white middle classes. China did not force over 30 percent of American factories to be relocated resulting in millions of Americans to become unemployed. The result of this massive unemployment and income collapse has led to the flooding of the US with unwanted and unneeded illiterate browns and blacks by the same corporate ruling class for them to make millions of new debt slaves. You are blaming the wrong people.

  193. Anonymous [AKA "RufusTwofus"] says:

    I think the vast majority of American homeless are living in the shadows. They are working and middle class citizens who were financially raped in 2008 and/or excluded professionally by the new digital economy, live in their cars, shower at a gym, and are otherwise not seen or heard. Nor are they counted as homeless.

    For an excellent non-fiction book on the subject see “Nomadland”.

    • Replies: @Truth
  194. Haole2 says:
    @The Scarlet Pimpernel

    Fred is saying we are not solving our racial problems. Niether is any other mixed race country but foreigners are noticing we have problems.

  195. Anonymous[288] • Disclaimer says:

    Those are not Russians. Those are the (((people without borders))).

    Also, in 2017, the number of Russia-born US residents is 403 thousand, almost perfectly equal to that in 2007.

    In that same time frame, the number of India-born residents grew from 1.5M to 2.6M. The number of Nigerians grew from 200K to 340K. That’s the sort of People America attracts.

    Also, for comparison, the number of Mexico-born US residents remained stable at 11.5M, the number of Irish remained stuck at 133K.

    Moreover, the number of Serbs dropped from 120K to 100K, the number of Poles dropped from 500K to 420K, the number of Austria-born dropped from 61K to 43K.

    Your shithole Indian neighbors and your personal bigotry made sure that Russians, Poles, and any other White Christians don’t move to Mongrelia any longer. I am sure that the descendants of Mayflower and Ramachandrasekarajan will be ok, with their yuge a-brains.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  196. @Truth3

    Have to agree with you. Criticized the Sacred Cow of Isreal recently at the Yahoo News website, and got called names for pointing out that Isreal gets at least 3.8 billion dollars a year from us and has stolen land from the Palestinians. Even suggested that people check out Alision Weir’s “If Americans only Knew” and this site as a start. God forbid! Too many people have been dumped down on purpose, or just don’t care.

  197. @Amon

    Are you one of those that applies a different standard for yourself and another for everyone else? Complains for whataboutism usually comes from people of that mindset.

    Do as we tell you, not as we do.

    • Replies: @Amon
  198. @Ivy Mike

    Unz review is everything you just typed and more.

    Thank whatever power there is for this place to exist in this age of information and narrative control/censor.

    Echo chamber this is not.

  199. Rurik says:

    That said, when the rest of the world looks at the USA, they don’t see the Jews pulling the strings, they see Americans doing the killing.

    Yes, of course.

    And the reason why is because ((they)) own the media and Hollywood and Madison Ave. in absolute terms. Most of the world gets their impression of America by Hollywood movies and Talmudvision shows. So it’s no surprise that they see what they’re intended to see.

    But my problem is when putatively American men like Fredo, use their cred as ‘gritty voices from the underbelly of truth, to shill the same ((devel’s lies)) that Hollywood shills.

    He’s morphed into a George Will, and it pains me to no end, being as he used to be a refreshing voice of heresy to the hive mind.

    Btw, just saw this comment on another thread:

    Which nihilism is worse, that of Alex or that of society that makes an instrument of him to project a good image of itself? In Crime and Punishment, Raskolnikov is redeemed by love and beauty, in Kubrick’s film, to “socialise” Alex by ridding him of his violent impulses, society destroys the one possibly redeeming trait of his personality, the love for Ludwig van’s music.

    Great analogy!

    Which came first, Alex’s nihilism or society’s? At least Alex had panache.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  200. Ron Unz says:
    @jeff stryker

    Few Americans claim descent from 1776. We mostly arrived in the same 1880’s wave as Irish to Australia. Italians arrived in the US a bit earlier than in Australia, along with the Slavs. We never got as many Lebanese or Turks (Perhaps a good thing, as beach rapes are rarer in the US).

    I’m pretty sure that’s incorrect. The estimate I think I once saw about 20-25 years ago was that roughly half of all the ancestry of American whites came from pre-1776 individuals and roughly half from post-1776. I think it was mentioned by Samuel Huntington at the time, and perhaps someone more versed in Googling can locate the claim.

    The reason most people aren’t be aware of this is that our major East Coast cities and especially our MSM is so overwhelmingly filled with post-1776 people. The latter wasn’t the case prior to WWII.

    I’d say that few individuals so clog up our comment-threads with endless ignorant nonsense and inane personal anecdotes as this “Jeff Stryker” character. However, I’ve now added some additional software intended to restrict him and a handful of other particularly worthless participants to a limited rate of commenting, which may partly alleviate this unfortunate situation.

    • Replies: @Feryl
    , @Rogue
    , @RSDB
  201. Ron Unz says:

    Myth #1: California’s homeless are from somewhere else — and moved here for the mild weather and social services.

    Reality: Experts say this is one of the most common and inaccurate assumptions about homeless Californians.

    Actually, it’s still possible that the claim I mentioned is at least partially, perhaps substantially correct. Here’s a breakdown of LA homeless by some local organization:

    The first thing that really jumped out at me was that nearly 40% of the LA city or county homeless are black, although blacks are only 9% of the general population. My guess is that the overwhelming majority of homeless blacks used to live in South-Central, but got pushed out by the influx of Hispanic immigrants over the last 20-30 years.

    Meanwhile, Hispanic homeless are considerably lower than their share of the general population, while whites are roughly at parity. Since whites are generally more affluent than Hispanics, my guess would be that much of this discrepancy is due to the influx of out-of-state white drug addicts.

    Admittedly, this is all just speculation.

  202. Zinj says:
    @The Scarlet Pimpernel

    I’m sure Fred will find some way to blame the U.S. for all those gun homicides in Mexico. On the other hand, it seems that both a GOP and a Dem President are equally responsible for Fast and Furious supplying the criminals in Mexico with good firearms; and doing their best to cover it up so the American people neither know or can do anything about it.

  203. Zinj says:

    And American television (well, most of the MSM and the Entertainment industry for that matter) hate traditional American culture and are doing their best to destroy it.

  204. @Freda Lipshitz

    “The land of the fat”

    Today in the most fervent enemy nation of the US, namely Germany, you will believe yourself to be anywhere in the US as you traverse the downtown of any given city and view the endless numbers of hugely obese persons.
    The obesity problem in Deutschland is at the American level, and if course seeing as Germany just happens to be, the society model for American leftists, this bizarre situation is ignored and swept under the rug by the US media.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro jazz artist.

  205. Name one of all the countries mentioned here that HAS NOT experienced WARS, great economic strife, and bloody skirmishes?

    Other than gentle Canada, ONLY the US and its population has experienced relative calm in the last 200 years. This supposed attribute is propogandized, even now as The Exceptional Country.

    As a result of that fact, the US has turned into a Nation of The Walking Dead.

  206. TKK says:

    That’s good research. I just remember reading about Reagan shutting down some, but I am sure it was a group effort and started long before him.

    I had a handful of clients who are actually bat sh*t bonkers. As in- they are Baker Acted and I go talk to them strapped naked to a tablet that looks like a cross (their arms strapped down out to their sides)

    No one is home behind their eyes. They see conspiracies even if a kind nurse offers then water. They are dumped back out on the street. Predators steal their meds. Churches and shelters feed them. It’s very depressing because…you would never want them your home but they are pitiful.

    A do gooder (goober) lawyer actually did take in a female schizo homeless client. She flushed everything she could find down their toilet while the family slept: shoes, books, stuffed animals. It was bad.

    But, as many rightly pointed out, I have represented many as a public defender (in the day) that loved the lifestyle of being homeless. They are resourceful weirdos but…I strangely admire some of them. They can fix anything!

    They just live in the moment. They are dirty and impulsive, but some of the most laid people I have ever met.

  207. Zinj says:

    The one thing about Huwaei and other Chinese chip makers is that the U.S. has NOT published one instance of a chip containing any Master Controlware. Sure, there are lots of warnings that it is possible to do, but no evidence at this time.

  208. Art says:

    Once again Mr. Reed leaves out one word in his article – JEW.

    Jew advocacy politics as pushed by the JMSM – is behind a significant part of America’s dysfunction – PERIOD!

    America’s defective dysfunctional political centers DC, NYC, Chicago, LA, and San Fran are all controlled by Jew oligarch money.

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

  209. Zinj says:

    You forgot the Ukraine.

  210. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Well , Fred is too negativistic about the USA , certainly the country has limitations , but still has many good things .

    The USA was hegemonic for a few decades after WW II , and now is in a relative decline , but that is life , that is history . No one can maintain a permanent erection , this would be painful ,and dangerous, this would be priapism , everything that goes up comes down .

  211. Zinj says:
    @jeff stryker

    I’m tempted to make a tour of American bad places with cameras, and interviews.

    Only problem is I’d have to be well armed, and accompanied by a self-defense support team; neither of which would likely be approved by the governments and police forces of those coastal bastions of liberalism.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  212. Zinj says:

    “As Mexico produces nothing on its own other than low quality human exports”
    Wrong Unit472, Mexico produces a LOT of the fruits and vegetables consumed by Americans every day. And a lot of manufacturing of appliances, automobiles, and other equipment and parts are also produced in Mexico and consumed in the U.S.

  213. @Daddio7

    It’s a better place to live than 3rd world countries, that’s it. One big reason we are turning brown is that we are only better than the shit-hole countries. Very few from Europe or China want to live here.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  214. Zinj says:

    Wow. An awful lot of anti-Semitism in the comments’ if no outright hatred of Jewish people and Israel. Be really nice if any of them could actually back it up with a good Connections-style analysis of money flows, contacts between people of interest and power, who wanted what and who provided it.

  215. MikeCLT says:
    @Ron Unz

    This article from City Journal suggests opioid addiction is a major factor driving California’s homeless crisis.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  216. Vojkan says:

    When the nihilistic dullards of today make you sort of nostalgic for the anarchists of yesteryear.

    • Agree: Rurik
  217. @Abelard Lindsey

    “I read that there are (currently) more jobs than there are people out of the workforce”

    I once read that Iraq had a secret weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq.

    I once read that Qaddafi was about to “cause a humanitarian crisis” in Libya, so the US bombed it, and left in in civil war with slavery markets.

    I once read that Assad kept using chemical weapons against the civilian population for no rational reason, no purpose that was ever explained, but he did it, and that was repeatedly used as the excuse to bomb Syria.

    Some homeless people are very mentally ill, or hopeless drug addicts. There’s a few I knew who worked daily and had jobs.

    It doesn’t matter, you should realize by now you can’t trust what you read.

  218. Rurik says:

    See how they hurl insults at poor Fred for showing their reflection in the mirror!

    no, we hurl insults at Fredo for dissembling and obfuscating who the real criminals are who’re foisting all the evils that Isabella rightfully laments.

    Tell us Parfois 1, in what ways have the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine and elsewhere benefited even one of your so-called “American nationalists”? Eh?

    Dead soldiers?

    Trillions of dollars of debt and the interest these ‘American nationalist’s’ children are going to be on the hook for?

    The world’s hatred?

    The very soul of our country? Dashed on the rocks of Zionist, Jewish supremacist hegemony over their beleaguered neighbors in the Middle East? And bleeding out in a million wounds of men, women and children in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, and so many more…

    Is it for those reasons you would damn a typical American waitress or janitor, mechanic or carpenter? Because the psychotic neocon’s Eternal Wars are just a ‘reflection’ of the American voter, who always, without exception, votes for the anti-war candidate? Only to be betrayed again and again by the Jewish supremacists that operate our ‘Deepstate’.

    How convenient it must be to give blanket condemnations to a whole nation (that does not want the fucking wars!) But has no power to stop (((them))).

    By your metric, every Brit is as guilty of Tony Blair’s myriad war crimes, as if they’d had done the lying and bombing themselves.

    Just as every Frenchman and woman are just as guilty as Sarkozy when he bombed Libya into the stone age. Huh?

    ‘No, no, no!!

    It’s not the Frenchmen and women, it’s not the Jewish supremacists behind the curtain, it’s not the Brits or heavens no, not the waitresses, but rather it’s the most hated and discriminated-against and powerless people on the planet, the Deplorables!!! (isn’t it? ; )

    Who voted for Trump, (to end the wars, among other things) but who also don’t want to be gay!!!

    And don’t want to be Muslim!!!

    Because they’re full of hate and are racists!!!

    (Your kind are soo transparent. and I’m talking about Fredo too, since he leads the Trump-derangement syndrome of the false ‘real-talk of down-home opossum sense – not ; )

    anyways, this for a grin

    • Agree: Parfois1
    • Replies: @gsjackson
  219. @Chris Mallory

    I think he’s thinking about the prevalence of gun ownership. A relatively small number of people have a large number of guns. The average family in my sparsely populated neighborhood with a plinker, a shotgun and a couple of good deer rifles has 100+ per hundred. A few hobbyists, often but not always military types are, as one of them said, better armed than Guatemala.

    Now walking through Shitavious’s neighborhood in Baltimore, thirty miles away, gun ownership is different

    “Of the 343 people killed in Baltimore in 2017, 88 percent were killed with a firearm, including 295 with a handgun and six with a shotgun or rifle, ”

    I know where I feel safer,

  220. @Simply Simon

    You should look to to Frankfurt School Marxism, imported to the US in the 40’s and 50’s and which had, as one of its tools for destroying Western Societies, the concept of Polymorphous Perversion.

    Lind’s piece here is a good introduction.

    • Replies: @Tarheel American
    , @Vojkan
  221. Amon says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Nope, I’m not like you.

    Plus whataboutism do apply when a posted response consist of someone pointing a finger and screaming that Latin American nations are worse than Murica.

    1: None of them are in the front seat on the global stage or show up in the global news several times a day.

    2: None of them claim the moral high ground as the divinely chosen protector of liberty, peace and prosperity while bombing nations to the group, stealing billions from defenseless nations or aiding others in committing genocides.

    You want a real example, take Trump and his recent twitter smear job on London’s mayor in which he says he’s done a bad job and is a terrible leader. Think about that, Trump attacks a foreign mayor for high crimes in his city while masked fascists beats up his own supporters and robs stores with the aid of the police all across America.

    Or how about Trump saying immigration to London has been terrible for the city while arranging for 150000 illegal immigrants to get dumped in Florida at the same time, cause they sure won’t fuck up Florida in anyway.

    You can’t say you are the best of the best when outsiders looking in see a shit hole nation that can’t even figure out how to fix the most basic of its problems.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  222. When I visited the USA in 2007 i was SHOCKED . I travelled from the East all throught the USA to SanFrancisco … Apart from a couple of shiny cities the USA reminded me of my travels in the former Sovjet Empire… Decaying Industries , Bridges , Roads and Litter in the Streets . Philadelphia where the US Constitution was declared was an old Spinster who had seen better days ., filled with Litter and Poor people . EUROPE is DECENNIA ahead of the USA regarding INFRASTRUCTURE , and all this is even paid for by European Money .. The JEWS really have SCREWED the Americans …and one wonders WHEN they will have to pay the Bill

  223. Uh, right, Fred.

    You write about how the gringoes’ country is so reprehensible, secure in your compound in Meh-hee-koh, as hundreds of thousands of Hispanics troop past your redoubt, on their way to our “shining city on a hill.”

    What is it that you’re missing?

    Of course, your observations about the deterioration of Normal America are accurate, to some extent.

    But that does not stop foreigners from not only admiring America, but also trekking into our country, illegally, from long distances, and especially from your preferred region–Central America. As well as massive legal immigration, from all corners of the globe.

    What is it that you’re missing in your analysis?

    A bit of comparative culture–relatively speaking the USA remains extremely attractive to millions and millions of foreigners.

  224. @Bill Jones


    Lind is on the right track, he’s just following the wrong train.

    Full details on what/who/how/where/when/why the seeds of cultural destruction were planted in America’s culture:

    “…devastating counterintelligence analysis reveals the seeds of America’s cultural destruction planted by: 
    Willing Accomplice in Academia and Education—Dr. George S. Counts
    Willing Accomplice in the Media—Walter Duranty
    Willing Accomplice in Hollywood—Dorothy Parker”

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  225. Feryl says:
    @Ron Unz

    I’ve lived my whole life in the Midwest, and believe me, around 80-90% of the whites all have a fairly similar Anglo-Teutonic-Celtic phenotype. In other words, NW European. That’s also true of the South, and much of the Western US. To the extent that there is ancestry from other regions, it’s been heavily mixed into the original NW European base. Only in the moderate-major population centers of the Northeast did the Ellis Islanders overwhelm the original Anglo-Teutonic inhabitants.

  226. @Thinker

    There are countries, India for one, where the majority of people, not just the ill-favored few, shit in the streets. Their answer to improving life is to move to a country with better streets.

    • Agree: bruce county
  227. Ron Unz says:

    This article from City Journal suggests opioid addiction is a major factor driving California’s homeless crisis.

    Well, that’s possible. But the City Journal article actually claims that a major fraction of LA’s homeless are attracted there from places outside LA County.

    Also, California actually has had one of the *lowest* rates of Opioid deaths in America, just a small fraction of what you find in various Midwest or East Coast states:

    However, our rate of homeless is among the highest, which is why I think a combination of other factors are probably more responsible.

  228. Look this whole issue boils down to one simple fact and that being : The rest of the world hates or loves the US according to who is in the white house, and this being due to the fact that the “Rest” of the world, rather specifically Europe is caught up in the “Social democratic” mind-set.

    If The Democrats are in the WH, whom the Europeans consider to be “Social Democrats” they love the US.

    If the Republicans, whom the Europeans/Germans hate and view to be hard-core capitalists , are in the WH they hate the US, plain and simple.

    The psychotic Germans worship the ground BO/HC/BC walk on and their political viewpoints, and they, the crazy-ass Krauts are setting the tone for all of BO/HC/BC inspired european political direction, which is and will be “Links-Grün” from now forward, and this is being kicked off with the new-found German hatred for privately owned automobiles, and the drive to eliminate such.

    Add to this the amazing phenomena that the German media is demanding that the US alter it’s constitution so as to eliminate private gun ownership, which then lends a new and frightening aspect to the whole conglomeration, and which gives the impression as if the Krauts somehow think that they did in fact win the war, and they are now called upon to determine internal US policy.

    To be continued.


    • Agree: Redneck farmer
  229. Feryl says:

    America is going to descend into economic and/or political collapse, eventually. At which time even attempting to live above the Sun-Belt is going to be a non-starter for those who aren’t smart and hardy (doing so will require understanding of how to live in cold weather; building and maintaining suitable housing, provisioning of food to last a long winter, being able to make and repair warm clothing).

    1984 was the last election where several notable urban areas voted for a Republican. This country is full of partisan animosity (because each party, in a declining period, is utterly repugnant in some respects), it encourages dysgenic reproduction, and it hardly makes anything anymore. You can’t run a country so idiotically, for decades on end, without major consequences eventually being felt.

    America bullies the world and consigns much of it’s own population to poverty/drug addiction/incarceration.

  230. @Astuteobservor II

    “That is the price for the house with white picket fences.”

    What utter bollocks.

    The twenty trillion in debt accumulated by the Empire’s wars went into the pockets of the top one percent, not the middle class- they were the looted, not the looters.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  231. Truth says:


  232. @Amon

    Shitholes are everywhere. No matter how rich a nation gets, there will always be shitholes. Or are you saying a nation as big as USA can be an utopia? It is a nice dream to have.

    Freedoms and rights have good and bad sides when it comes to dangerous weapons. And the gun culture is considered an inalienable right in the south and central USA.

    Doubt many unz readers believes in any of the msm or trump bs or they would not be here. The ones who do are easily discernable.

    He is using Mexico as a counter example because Fred lives in Mexico currently. You can think of it as a personal attack on Fred as he attacks fred’s points.

    FYI, I agree with Fred and you, but we should allow all whataboutism, so we can read and compare.

    • Replies: @Amon
  233. @Haole2

    I’m sure that the tens of thousands of people who are made homeless in “america” every year because of confiscatory property taxation would disagree with your simple-minded view of the situation.

    You see, in “america,” a person cannot own real property (i.e. land and “shelter); rather, a person must always rent living space from “the state” for an arbitrarily high rent payment.

    Now, since it is a generally accepted fact that “shelter” is a necessity of human life, it’s therefore clear that an individual has no recognized God-given natural right to exist in “america.”

    In “america,” only “the state” has a right to exist; and “the people,” to the extent they’re allowed to exist in the first place, exist only at the fickle discretion of the state, and only to serve the state.

    IOW “america” has embraced satanic communism where “the state” is the only “God.”

    • Agree: Bill Jones
  234. Feryl says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    Crime in small towns and suburbs is substantially lower now, compared to the 80’s and early 90’s. But it’s worse these days than it was in the 1950’s and even 1960’s.

    A lack of gainful employment, general listlessness/dithering about, and drug use are all much worse now they were in the 50’s and early-mid 60’s. But at least today’s twenty and thirtysomething whites are behaving better then their 70’s/80’s/early 90’s counterparts.

    WRT to infrastructure decay/squalor, this is caused by financial and emotional dis-investment in communal well-being, which were already becoming a serious problem by the late 70’s, and have gotten worse in each subsequent decade. Some Boomers and X-ers(usually on the Left spectrum) are well aware of the freefall we’ve been in since the late 70’s, but others (generally on the Right) make the (utterly ridiculous) claim that we only entered decline when Clinton (or Bush 2, or Obama…) took over.

    Millennials have no memory at all of America before Reagan’s 2nd term, and as such, take it for granted that America is a decadent and corrupt country that does not fairly provide for the working-middle class. While conservatives claim that we lack the resources for expanded public healthcare and mass transit, the wealthy continue to fatten up their bank accounts, and buy 3rd or 4th homes, and luxury cars.

    Peter Turchin says that measures of over-all fiscal and social health improved from 1900-1960, began stagnating from 1961-1974, and at various speeds began to reverse in 1975 (by this time, America was becoming plagued by drugs, child abuse, and serial killers; moreover, this is around the time that off-shoring became noticeable, and more American elites began to agitate for tax reduction on the wealthy while becoming stingier in the wages they gave to most workers).

    • Agree: utu
  235. @Ron Unz

    the homeless are disproportionately white compared to the ordinary CA population

    So…does the privation cause these white folk to score poorly on tests, listen to rap music, wear baggy pants and rob 7-11s?

  236. @Bill Jones

    Living standard in the USA is still miles and miles ahead of the most of the planet. The countries that are doing well are the ones part of the alliance after ww2. Benefiting the same way as USA.

    I personally consider it neocolonialism.

    That makes every single american a beneficiary of America’s actions to maintain it.

    Don’t deny it. Recognize it.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  237. Feryl says:
    @Simply Simon

    . I call the present times as the Age of No Class because the younger generations constantly exhibit no class by their conduct and manner of dress. There was a time when a visit to our Capitol Building meant that men wore coats and ties and women wore frocks, hats and gloves. Now the crowds at Arlington Cemetery have to be reminded to show respect at the Changing of the Guard. Pathetic.

    Many Americans, since the early 1990’s, have taken to wearing T-shirts/Tank tops and shorts as soon as the weather keeps the temperature above 60 degrees*. It’s funny how “reverse snobbery” (e.g., deliberately “class down” to give the impression that you’re salt of the Earth, or something) has become an excuse to look like a complete slob.

    *There’s also the tendency of many North Americans to wear hoodies and T-shirts during the winter months; evidently, even wearing a sweater or flannel button up shirt is asking for too much.

  238. @Abelard Lindsey

    I have no answers other than what’s already been given. But I’d like to point out that if it’s this bad right now, when we supposedly have record low unemployment, imagine how worse it will be if another recession on the level of the late 2000’s hits.

    • Replies: @Feryl
  239. Whatever it was. The nations involved do not shrug them off. You can bet the Chinese know about Legation days, America’s role in forcing the opium trade on China, extraterritoriality.

    America’s role in forcing the opium trade on China? What in God’s name is Fred talking about?

    A little history lesson here. The United States had no role in forcing opium on China. The first U.S. policy on China, which came rather late in the day as far as other Western countries were concerned, was John Hay’s Open Door Policy in 1899. This policy explicitly recognized Chinese territorial integrity and sought to reduce Western colonial ambitions in the Middle Kingdom so that American businessmen might freely trade all over China. It was American self-interest cloaked in idealism, but it was still a fairly anodyne policy as China was concerned.

    It’s true that earlier in the 19th century a handful of U.S businessmen profited from the Chinese opium trade. FDR’s grandfather was among them. But these American businessmen profited without any help from the U.S. government – as opposed to the British government, which inadvertently helped them when it pushed British interests.

    Even if Washington at the time had wanted to help this small number of American businessmen to push opium on the Chinese – and there’s no evidence for that – it didn’t have to power to do so.

    The U.S. did play a large role in putting down the Boxer Rebellion (which is what I assume Fred means when he writes the “Legation days”), but I’ve never heard of the Chinese focusing on the American role. Perhaps that’s because it was an international alliance which put the Boxers down. That alliance included not just whites from European countries, but also the dreaded Japanese.

    America’s role in China was minimal until the late 1890s. By that time China was a corpse. Even into the early 20th century, the United States was not one of the serious players in China in the same way that Britain, Russia and Japan were.

  240. Feryl says:

    “At the beginning of America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, those who fought to preserve the sovereignty of their homeland were called “insurgents,” as if they didn’t represent the interests of indigenous Iraqis. Labels such as these — including that of “terrorist” — are merely weapons used to discredit the legitimacy of any party who opposes American or Israeli aggression, and as such, meaningless.”

    The “insurgent” label, it seems, was an attempt to paint them as a dangerous minority out of step with the big-hearted and pro-Democracy “mainstream” natives of Iraq, and the US installed gov. these natives allegedly supported. US propaganda always claims that a ruler they don’t like anymore is a bully out of touch with the wishes of the ordinary natives. In reality, countries like Iraq can be extremely ethnically and ideologically diverse. Put another way: the modern US itself has become a country where feelings toward the ruler/ruling party vary widely depending on political affiliation, race, income level, regional origin, and gender. 50-60% of Americans would gladly accept a coup against Trump, while 30-40% of the population who are Republican zealots believe that Trump is superior to any modern Democrat president.

    There is seldom any coherent ideological alignment encompassing a country’s population (although the degree of coherence can rise and fall); these things are complicated.

    • Replies: @DB
    , @By-tor
  241. gsjackson says:

    Re the vid: Yes, but what if they do bring Assange to the U.S. and the discovery process makes clear that the DNC murdered Seth Rich (which almost certainly was the case)? There are those who think that this is exactly what Trump’s up to, and that Assange will leave the U.S. covered with laurels from all right-thinking persons. You’d expect the Dems to be fighting extradition like crazy.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  242. Rurik says:

    ‘And just ask yourself, if ((America)) decides to start bombing Iran, which nation do you suppose is going to be their most ardent supporter?’

    Wow, who’d a thunk it?!

    Israel Joins U.S., UK in Blaming Iran for Oil Tanker Attack

    The UK even beat Israel to the punch. That’s some serious ‘intelligence’ gathering!

    Almost as impressive as the Skripal’s poisonings.

  243. DB says:

    Fred can pound sand as far as guns go.

    The homeless issue is not the fundamental problem. The problem stems from a weakening of the ability to forcibly commit people to mental institutions. I’m generally against large government but the reduction in state mental hospitals in the 1980s is what caused this situation. I venture that upwards of 85% of homeless have serious untreated mental illness.

    • Replies: @Feryl
    , @Biff
    , @Q. Shtik
  244. EugeneGur says:

    “Number of wars started since 2000 by Russia”

    Answer: Three

    Wrong as usual. None of the three were started by Russia. The Georgian war of 2008 was started by Georgia, and even the Europeans admitted as much. Took them 2 years to “investigate” what obvious to everyone from the first minute but they did it in the end.

    Crimea . . . Well, that must be the first and only war in history where not a single shot was fired, and the local “occupied” population keeps celebrating that “annexation” even today 5 years later.

    Donbass: The war in Donbass was started by Ukraine. More specifically, by Turchinov who at the time was Acting President, a position that doesn’t not exist in the Ukrainian Constitution. He sent the Army to Donbas including tanks and aviation. The Russian Army is yet to show up.

    These are these facts, my friend. Don’t ignore them.

  245. Feryl says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    British Israel watches silently in the background, like a thief in the night, planning their return to Empire. The US destruction, as was the destruction of Germany will come at the hands of their Anglo Saxon brothers.

    WTF? Britain is nearly as de-industrialized as America. Thatcher and Reagan insured that neo-liberalism would benefit the top 20% of Britain and America, but take a big crap on the working-middle class. Thatcher* (presumably due to advancing dementia) said she wanted to emulate the “car culture” of America (even though Britain was developed before cars even existed). The Brit rail-ways were practically destroyed in the 1980’s.

    Britain is in a political crisis over Brexit; elites in America and England ignore the damage wrought to the working-middle class by Anglo bred neo-liberalism, to the point that they are threatening to send their countries into financial/political collapse.

    *Claiming that “there’s no such thing as society” should’ve been taken as a warning that the forces of apocalyptic neo-liberalism were going to destroy us. Neo-liberalism is a pestilence, a parasite, a vector of disease, dysfunction, and decay.

  246. DB says:

    I agree with you with these caveats:

    Bremer was an idiot for disbanding the Iraqi Army. If we would have kept it intact except for the senior general officers the insurgency probably wouldn’t have happened.

    Americans haven’t administered a foreign country since Germany in 1945. We didn’t and don’t know how to do that. Our intentions at least st the ground level were to establish a government and get out. The insurgency screwed that up.

    Iraq wasn’t Vietnam as was Fred’s experience. He thinks everyone in the Pentagon is an idiot. He is neither as smart or as good as he thinks he is.

    • Replies: @Feryl
    , @Parfois1
  247. EugeneGur says:
    @Philip Owen

    Russia spent a year provoking Georgia

    For goodness’ sake, why would Russia provoke Georgia? These people need no provocation on either side. They’ve hated each other’s guts since times immemorial, and the South Ossetia resented being stuck in Georgia instead of joining the North Ossetia within the Russian Federation. All Russia ever did was to keep them from being at each other throats ALL the time.

    Russia managed to keep some semblance of peace for more than 10 years until this joke of the President of Georgia started killing people. I am sure there was some urging from the US behind the scene, for they didn’t expect Russia to react as it did.

    Also Russia could have done more to stop its citizens provoking the civil war in Ukraine.

    Russia did not provoke the civil war in Ukraine. It had been brewing for years provoked by the absolutely insane policies of the Ukrainian “elites”. Maidan made it practically inevitable. we know people who started that war by names, and there is nothing Russian about them.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  248. anon[125] • Disclaimer says:

    “However, our rate of homeless is among the highest, which is why I think a combination of other factors are probably more responsible.”

    Weather, high home prices, low relative wages compared to high costs of living, fewer places to live for poor whites among their own kind as Los Angeles County is segregated by race. As the article above pointed out, it’s a myth that California’s homeless situation is caused by out-of-staters; only a small percentage of surveyed people are from elsewhere. In reality, poor whites have been screwed by various factors, forcing many to move out of state (about 2 million since 1980) and some out into the streets. That combined with whites having fewer family members to fall back on compared with Hispanics puts them, along with blacks perhaps, at an increased risk of becoming homeless.

    “California is home to 12 percent of the U.S. population, but 22 percent of its homeless people. Cities that have seen dramatic rent increases, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, attribute their spikes in homelessness directly to a state housing shortage that has led to an unprecedented affordability crisis.”

    “Why do we have so many homeless people today and we didn’t 20, 30 or 40 years ago? The number one answer is land speculation.”

    That sounds reasonable. Something similar happened back when market speculators were able to play fast and loose with the energy market in the late 1990s – rolling black and brownouts once they deregulated their energy sector. You’ll notice that such occurrences immediately stopped as soon as they reregulated their energy sector. California could, in my estimation, make great strides in reducing homelessness by regulating down housings costs, but that would pose a serious problem for them. California needs taxes from the rich, which is why they’ve refused to increase them too much to meet budgetary difficulties (they are afraid of driving away the rich and lowering tax revenues as a result). It’s a vicious cycle: they invite in foreigner investors because they need the tax revenue, but said “investors” drive up home prices and lower affordability, increasing homelessness in the process and driving out middle-class white taxpayers, necessitating more foreign investors to rescue the budget.

  249. geokat62 says:

    Here in Seattle the “homeless” issue is not the root of the problem. Heroin, Opiates is the real underlying issue.

    Very consistent with the findings discussed in this excellent documentary Seattle Is Dying:

    • Replies: @eah
  250. @Astuteobservor II

    “America’s actions” maintain nothing.

    “America’s actions” (and tellingly you conflate the Country- the Land, it’s people and their customs, with the State- the American people’s chief predator) debase, degrade and destroy.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  251. Feryl says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    Personally, I want an epic crash to happen soon, because only during periods of protracted economic difficulty (and resulting public anger) can we get any real “reforms” to be implemented. FDR launched the New Deal after the Great Depression, Reagan launched Reaganism after the “stagflation” of the 70’s, and so forth.

    Obama et al could’ve reformed the system after the ’08 crash, but that would’ve entailed ending “free” trade, restoring regulation of the market, upping taxes on the wealthy, closing the borders, and so forth. Neither party is willing to do those things, because they are decadent assholes who don’t care about ordinary people. Unfortunately, the economy doing superficially “well” is giving these elites the impression that BAU will be just fine, for decades to come. Evidently they don’t notice or care that congress has a record low approval rating, and Millennials have no patriotic affection for the America that Silents and Boomers created.

    We’re heading for a massive crash because reforms aren’t being implemented. This crash will be too good for a “populist” candidate to pass up, who will want to be the FDR or Reagan of his era, the person who saved America after a particular ideology had gotten fat and stale.

  252. Rurik says:

    DNC murdered Seth Rich (which almost certainly was the case)?

    IDK gsJackson,

    I rather suspect it was one of Hillary’s very experienced goons. For all the DNC (and GOP and other institutions) treachery, somehow I don’t see them operating an assassination squad, (too many moving parts in the DNC to keep a secret), but as for the Clintons, assassinating an apparatchik who’d just humiliated her- but good, well, it’s almost a no-brainer.

    I don’t think Donna Brazile was worried about the DNC, but Hillary? That’s quite another thing!

    There are those who think that this is exactly what Trump’s up to, and that Assange will leave the U.S. covered with laurels

    I have a quiet and secret hope, that Assange, (like perhaps Snowden and others), have a doomsday device that will go off if they’re ever ‘disappeared’. Sort of like J0hn Mcafee’s recent stint at ‘deepstate’ diplomacy.

    ‘I’ll f**king bury you!’ McAfee vows to expose corrupt US officials & CIA agents if ‘disappeared’

    so yea, I’m hoping that Assange has a device somewhere, ready to go off and send files to a hundred thousand recipients showing who and how exactly 9/11 was pulled off.

    Perhaps in flash drive format mailed to thousands upon thousands of influential people simultaneously. Like those ‘V” masks in the movie.

    Videos and audios of ‘lucky Larry’ and Dov Zakheim and Dick Cheney, etc.. – all exposing their guilt for all the world to see.

    Wow but wouldn’t that be something!

    Would Trump be in on it? I seriously doubt it, but the way ((they’ve)) treated him and his family in the ((press)), and beyond, I almost wonder if he’d welcome it.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  253. eah says:

    Everyone should spend 57m and watch this video:

    • Replies: @geokat62
  254. Rurik says:

    . I am sure there was some urging from the US behind the scene, for they didn’t expect Russia to react as it did.

    it wasn’t even behind the scenes, John McBloodstain openly provoked that circus using his idiot stooge Saakashvili.

    Russia did not provoke the civil war in Ukraine. It had been brewing for years provoked by the absolutely insane policies of the Ukrainian “elites”. Maidan made it practically inevitable. we know people who started that war by names, and there is nothing Russian about them.

    Then why don’t you simply say their f**king names?!

    “((Yats)) is our guy” – ((Victoria Nuland)), John McBloodstain, the Kagan ((cabal)), (((Ihor Kolomoyskyi))) et al…

    IOW mostly ((Americans)) and Israelis (Kolomoiyshyi), with ((Ukrainian)) quislings

    • Replies: @EugeneGur
  255. Thinker says:

    JewSA! JewSA!

    We have arrived at the Promised Land, led by God’s Chosen.

  256. @Kristoph

    You and all the other people who post similar reposts to Fred and critics like him, should consider that the US and its military and its CIA and its servants in the World Bank and the IMF have spent the last few tens of decades making other countries into “third world” states.

    Having ravaged and exploited the peoples and resources of these unfortunate lands and often left them with dysfunctional and or dictatorial governments, and colonial economies, it is hardly surprising that the USA looks like and is in fact, a better place to live. However, that is not really something to boast about.

    • Agree: Parfois1
  257. Feryl says:

    “Rebellion” against mental institutions became popular in the 1970’s, and was largely a Left-wing thing (who applied their “liberation” ideology to increasingly fringe groups by the 70’s). Unfortunately, Left-wing sentiment met Right-wing “pragmatism”/small government ideology in the 1980’s. This led to many institutions becoming privatized, or just plain shut down.

    During the peak of the New Deal era (roughly 1940-1970), few people questioned the obligation of government to look out for people. And this included readily admitting, and housing, lots of mentally ill people in large and well-funded institutions. We simply did not trust the ability of every individual to be able to live responsibly and make good choices if given the opportunity to do so. We saw that a key minority of people were simply not mentally well off, and probably never would be.

    In the 1970’s, with the government’s acknowledgement that we failed in “Nam, and w/stagflation, and rising foreign competition, and Watergate, people accepted that we needed to start doing things differently. And change we did, in the 70s’, 80’s and 90’s. At first people thought that we were exercising our new found “freedom” pretty well, but here we are in the midst of high suicide rates, high homeless population, drug epidemics, soaring income inequality, etc. “De-regulate” things too much, weaken instititutions and traditions too much, and look what happens: only the smartest, most ruthless, and luckiest people thrive, most people suffer to varying degrees. Nobody seems to look out for anybody anymore.

    Many modern conservatives now realize that econ. “de-regulation” went hand in hand w/Left-wing behavioral “liberation”. Modern Leftists are now caught in the impossible position of trying to advance moderate to heavy reforms of the market while saying nothing about the disaster caused by doing too much to placate “minorities” (not just women or blacks, but also behavioral and mental minorities like homosexuals and psychotics).

    • Replies: @Pincher Martin
  258. TKK says:
    @jeff stryker

    All 100% true and they kick them out at 6AM and you can’t get back in until after 7pm give or take.

    So, if you aren’t feeling well, its 100 degrees or 10 degrees- too bad. That’s why they are at the library in the day time, pretending to read.

    It’s a strange problem, and I do think a bad turn of luck, divorce or catastrophic illness could end up in homelessness to an American.

    We need a return to those old fashioned boarding houses. Or perhaps micro sleeping capsules, like in Japan?

  259. @Rabbitnexus

    “those places are shitholes thanks to the efforts of the USA most of the time.”

    This is a version of ‘It’s all Whitey’s fault!’. Those places are shitholes because of excessive birth rates, low average IQs and consequential pervasive corruption, incompetence, and pointless violence, and from a cultural mix of Aztec/Mayan/Incan despotism and Catholic resistance to progress.

  260. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    While I was writing my “reply ” to Kristoph, I was interrupted and clicked on “post”. It should, of course have been addressed to 126 Nancy Pelosi’s Latina Maid.

  261. Feryl says:

    The “inside” baseball stuff regarding foreign misadventures (and failed/declining ideologies) is hard to keep track of, in terms of exact details, so you probably know more than I do. There are a lot of “wonks” on this website, who can rattle off detailed histories w/ precise names, dates, etc. I can appreciate that, but that kind of commitment goes past my own desire to learn and retain all the data.

    I do like to know the “big picture”, though. And taking a broad look at things, it’s evident that people (and empires) rise and fall, with specific events or decisions not really being that big of a deal, in the sense that the wind blows a certain way and nothing will alter the course, once a certain culture/nation locks onto a meme. America has been a fading empire since about 1970, with internal struggles/contradictions growing worse as our foreign policy got more and more snarled up. America doesn’t “win” anything anymore; in the sense that we “won” the Cold War, it was a Pyrrhic victory because the entire globe became infected by unrestrained neo-lib vulture capitalism after 1991 (w/ America doing more than any other country to promote this excess). Some countries have played this process out better than others, but when one looks at modern public morale/political corruptions etc. relative to that country’s history, it look as if America has become a major loser, on the verge of it’s 2nd Civil War and beset by numerous arrogant interest groups.

    • Agree: Rurik
  262. Feryl says:

    Yes, the “civil rights” crusade reached…..Ahem….Diminishing returns as the 60’s and 70’s went on. “Liberating” the insane was, and is, a complete joke.

    Problem is, the libertarian/”de-regulation” crowd, which took over the conservative side by the 80’s, wanted chaos, because, to their way of thinking, those who had the motivation and character could “work hard” to get the good stuff in life, while the “losers” could rot away on the streets (or in prison, or in their parent’s basements) because they didn’t deserve any sort of helping hand from society’s institutions (which the Right was intentionally allowing to crumble by the 80’s; we still have never returned to pre-1970 divorce law, and the private sector is permitted to gratutiously rape the most helpless and naive people, which the Right has done nothing to rein in over the last 40 years). And there’s the borders! The 1986 and 1990 immigration acts, supported by various and sundry Republicans, completely demolish the notion that the “conservative” party was, in the least bit, interested in stabilizing society.

    The great big lie of conservatism is that there party has done anything over the last 40 years to return us to wholesome stability.

  263. TKK says:

    You belong in the CATO 4321 spectrum.

    And, you weren’t in Raqqa anytime after 2011.

    Funny, I too have filled up three passports. Everywhere I go, people love Americans. The policies?

    Anyone with an IQ higher than a turnip knows the rank and file voters have no control over anything of consequence. They don’t blame us. They still want to come here and make money.

    But you say you are American from Cambodia to Oman, faces light up and drinks are poured. Home cooked meals are prepared. Free stays in homes are offered.

    BTW, Assad and ISIS destroyed Syria. Bet you a doughnut you are an American, sitting in a dirty recliner eating chips while you pretend to be… what? A Peruvian Welsh Syrian Freedom Fighter Terrorist who wants to bomb DC?

    That’s hilarious. Pathetic, but hilarious.

    Been to Wales. They have McDonalds, leggings, Tescos and Whats App. They all speak… English. I believe I even saw a KFC.

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  264. @Alden

    I share your sentiment wholeheartedly, brother, just quibbling about composition of immigrants.

  265. @Alden

    We need homeless shelters segregated by race, which will not happen anytime soon.

    And for people of any race seeking entry to a homeless shelter, we need mandatory delousing / soap / shower in a separate area before entry is allowed. EVERY time someone enters.

    People who can’t be coherent or behave reasonably nonthreateningly, need to be locked up in prison or a mental hospital. The other homeless people shouldn’t go through the Hell of being constantly attacked, robbed, raped, or followed by the out-of-control ones.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Hippopotamusdrome
  266. Feryl says:

    Every major interest group has shit for brains in the modern neo-liberal West, it’s just that the MIC is literally blowing things up. Which is kinda hard not to notice, once you get past the mainstream gate keepers. And, hell, you’d expect Boomers, after Vietnam, to have their brows furrowed WRT military action and media coverage. But go figure, it’s actually Millennials who are the least likely to have knee-jerk moron “patriotism” (how is unconditional support of the Pentagon death merchants the same thing as loving one’s country?).

    Seems to me that older generations can’t get past “We beat Hitler!” and “We beat the Soviets”. Wake up. The US is the bad guy now.

  267. @David

    “little productivity or hope.”

    What makes a man ‘a man’ ?

    Work, building a home, raising a family, being wise and strong.

    The Satanic Global Elite have systematically disassembled these foundation stones.

    The Tools
    Globalism and outsourcing jobs
    Financial rackets and economic fraud
    Feminism, sexual liberation
    Attacking religion. Specifically Christianity.

    The Result
    Unemployment, immorality, hopelessness, drink and drugs abuse, homelessness, cuckoldry, lgbt xyz, senseless murder and acts of rage.

    The Aim
    To marginalise, demoralise, or eradicate the White Male due to his propensity toward Nationalism.

    The Conclusion
    Globalist Elites fear Nationalists.

    • Agree: Sbaker
    • Replies: @Parfois1
  268. Alden says:

    There are plenty of non Jewish Russians in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

  269. Alden says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Indians Poles Serbs hysterical blathering

  270. Vojkan says:
    @Bill Jones

    Though I agree with almost all of William Lind’s speech, there’s this:

    “Indeed, all ideologies are totalitarian because the essence of an ideology […] is to take some philosophy and say on the basis of this philosophy certain things must be true […]”

    The philosophy taken by both Marx and the “cultural marxists” is Hegel’s dialectical idealism. Therefore, I think the designation of the latter is inadequate. Their nihilism doesn’t come from Marx, it comes from their interpretation of Hegel’s philosophy. If they were only marxists, there would be hope. They’re much worse.

  271. EugeneGur says:

    “((Yats)) is our guy” – ((Victoria Nuland)), John McBloodstain, the Kagan ((cabal)), (((Ihor Kolomoyskyi))) et al…

    Yes, these scumbags were involved. But it was Alexander Turchinov who ordered the Ukrainian Army to start shooting. Another guy responsible is Arsen Avakov who organized “volunteer battalions” or simply speaking gangs of criminals (many members were literally criminals – convicts let out of prisons) and let them loose on Donbass. These gangs acted as a trigger when the regular Army proved reluctant to shoot unarmed civilians. But eventually they did, and the other side armed itself and shot back.

  272. Feryl says:

    Asians are less individualistic. Whites and blacks are more creative and charismatic, but that comes at the expense of stable family relationships. Child abuse researcher David Finkelhor has speculated that Hispanics are less likely to be abusive relative to blacks, and Asians less abusive relative to whites. So the huge growth in families/children who aren’t white or black in post-1990 America has contributed to better functioning families.

    The pro-white folks have some good arguments, but what they don’t have on their side, necessarily, is vast evidence that white folks are good at keeping their families in harmony.

    • Replies: @Baxter
    , @anonymous
  273. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    If America and Americans are so awful why did you spend so much time and effort learning our language and why are you and a gazillion other Chinese here, sneaking in in tourist visas planning to come here or coming here pregnant to have an anchor baby ?

  274. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    The state health departments have the statistics. No one cares if they’re out of state.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  275. Alden says:

    Aren’t the enlisted men sailors and NCOs mostly black? Sure seems that way. Maybe the Whites are all overseas fighting and the blacks are here?

  276. Rogue says:
    @Ron Unz

    Should you really do that, Mr Unz?

    Isn’t that what the tech giants are doing?

    One of the things I like about UR is the variation of opinions. Of course, the variation is not 50/50, I’m well aware. However, so many political blogs have become dreadfully stale because of the utter intolerance of anything that deviates from the desired narrative.

    I like UR almost as much for the comments (however much I might disagree with some of them) as the articles themselves.

    Please don’t resort to censorship. We have enough of that already.

  277. Alden says:
    @jeff stryker

    You left the Midwest decades ago, by your own account always lived in wretched slums even in college, and haven’t set foot in this country in the last 20 years. Write about a country you’re familiar with.

    • Replies: @Republic
  278. By-tor says:

    Iraqis inside their own country trying to expel destructive foreign invaders delayed the invaders’ plans to leave? How dare the Iraqis shoot at the US invaders who taunted and illegally attacked them for 12 years based upon lies. The US military has not left Iraq and, unless militarily defeated in the region, likely never will.

  279. geokat62 says:

    Truly heart wrenching.

  280. @Bill Jones

    Ahh, that is where we differ than. There is no separation of state and it’s people. While you think there is, and I don’t.

  281. Weave says:

    Thank you!! I am so tired of “America is the biggest shithole ever” routine. Any wonderful technology China has it most likely stole from us.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  282. Weave says:
    @Ray Huffman

    Thank you!! I am so tired of “America is the biggest shithole ever” routine. Any wonderful technology China has it most likely stole from us.

  283. @Feryl

    “Rebellion” against mental institutions became popular in the 1970’s, and was largely a Left-wing thing (who applied their “liberation” ideology to increasingly fringe groups by the 70’s). Unfortunately, Left-wing sentiment met Right-wing “pragmatism”/small government ideology in the 1980’s.

    The movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which came out in 1975 and was based on Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel, is a popular version of this sentiment.

    But it worked both ways. One of the (many) lefty complaints about Ronald Reagan’s gubernatorial tenure in California, for example, was that he cut the budget for the state’s mental health facilities, forcing an exodus of zany Californians who would otherwise be institutionalized.

  284. gsjackson says:

    You’re right: There’s no warrant at this point to conflate the DNC with the Clinton mob. Concerning the latter, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it has thugs who trace their lineage back to your old Michigan homies, (((Murder Inc.))).

    Do you ever wonder why Trump can’t kiss (((their))) butts enough? He can’t be any more ingratiating with his words and some of his actions, yet they send their pols and media minions after him every single day. Like no one before him.

    Trump is sometimes suspiciously disingenuous, like when asked a question about Israeli malfeasance he pooh poohed it and observed that “everybody loves Israel.” Or when asked about Assange and Wikileaks, he replied that he didn’t really know much about either. The man and organization who may have won the election for him, and he doesn’t know anything about them? Count me as skeptical on that.

    I’ll hang on to the speculations about Trump running a hidden and righteous agenda until I can’t any more — but yes, the wish is definitely father to the thought.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  285. KenH says:

    Even in a country like Mexico, accustomed to recurring slaughters of narcos by other narcos, the school shootings are a shock.

    Yet Mexico’s murder rate is still over twice that of America with its violent black and Latino populations. Latinos are less violent than blacks but still more violent and crime prone than whites.

    And I actually agree with most of what Fred writes but lets keep in mind that most of the people in all these foreign nations shaking their heads and wagging their fingers at us silly, unexceptional, ignoramus Americans would be the first in line for a U.S. visa. It’d be great if our problems would scare third world immigrants away from coming here.

    Much of the insanity we see in America today can be laid at the feet of Jewish power and influence that destroyed the white family unit, forcibly integrated blacks and whites and opened our borders to racial and cultural aliens from the third world. Most of what Fred describes are just symptoms of the these destabilizing policies that were put in place in 1964-65.

    All of the problems Fred describes were unheard of when America was a monoracial nation with an 89% white majority and with a federal govt, state governments and business elite that acted in the best interests of its citizens most of the time.

    • Replies: @KenH
    , @Feryl
  286. Pft says:

    As an American I have lived most of my adult life overseas. I was in Shanghai at a time when looking across the Bund all one could see is dirty grey 3 story factories belching black smoke from chimneys. China paid for western engineering that was made possible with USD from MFN that was denied to FSU, Venezuela and Iran. The exodus of American production to China to exploit cheap labor resulted in lower standards of living for Americans, and greater profits for global corporations who lock up their profits in tax havens or pay a reduced rate (11%) that is half the rate taxed on profits earned in the US

    While the world order under US rule has hardly been perfect, I am one of its biggest critics, its hard to forget the chaos that Europe caused for 300 or more years on all continents through its colonialism, slavery and wars.

    Despite the propaganda showing American crimes and homelessness, most areas in the US are remarkably crime and poverty free. Compared to much of the rest of the world home prices are cheap, as is credit, food is plentiful as is food variety. Plenty of entertainment to boot. The US environment in many places is as clean as it gets (cant say that about China) . Thats why many foreigners still seek green cards and citizenship, including the Chinese.

    Could it be better. Yes. There should be no poverty or homelessness, the health care system is a bankruptcy machine, and the economic inequality is way too high. However, if you have money or a good income, there probably are not too many better places to live if you taking care to avoid those problem places and can afford good insurance

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  287. gsjackson says:

    Guess I mean the Purple Gang in Detroit rather than Murder Inc., though I’m thinking they were related.

  288. Baxter says:

    Uh? I’m not sure what I just read? White people are not ‘good’ at keeping families in harmony? The last time I checked something like 70 percent of black children are born to single mothers. I’m not going to suggest whites are any better at less in their families, but let’s be honest, blacks families are broken.

    • Replies: @Feryl
  289. KenH says:

    Forgot to include the so called “free trade” and labor insourcing policies that have eviscerated the working class and a good portion of the middle class and led to the greatest disparity in wealth and income in our nation’s history. Contrary to all the jubilant economic news it seems an increasing number of Americans are becoming working poor since you have so many more people vying for a shrinking number of good paying jobs.

    That’s why all the billionaires love a massive labor oversupply.

  290. By-tor says:

    Unless it was sold and then exported by the US corporate classes.

    How did US industry gain tech and scientific innovations of the 19th and early 20th centuries that the French, British and Germans invented? Did it buy them or steal them?

  291. Anonymous[206] • Disclaimer says:

    In life, the most fervent advice dispensers are usually trying to convince themselves of that advice. Fred obviously hates and resents U.S. for Reasons — legit or not, whatever, it’s none of my business — but is outnumbered by “huddled masses” who may resent but certainly don’t hate to the same degree, because they pay considerable sums to smugglers and coyotes and asylum coaches to traffick their sorry heinies right up to the border and then flop across it like a limbo bar. On another note it’s amusing the embittered old commando turned e-sociologist identifies so strongly with the mercantilist-fascist Chinese state — good luck with that…

  292. Vojkan says:

    Agree. Suppressing opinions is never a good idea. Plus, if you don’t like a commenter, there’s the “ignore” list. So, be better than liberals and allow readers to decide which opinions are worth and which aren’t.

  293. Vojkan says:

    As I understand Ron Unz’s intervention though, what he finds annoying is the unbecoming habit some have of posting series of long unfocused essays that render the comment section somewhat tedious to read.

  294. @Bill Jones


    Not to get too deep into it, but there is no such thing as “Cultural Marxism.”

    It’s a silly term. Devoid of meaning.

    Marxism is an economic and political theory, nothing to do with Culture. Marxism is specifically culture-neutral.

    Lind and his crowd, who use the term, are on the right track, but they’re confusing the issue. They make it more difficult to actually deal with the reality of what’s happening, and what happened.

    Marxist-Leninists, that is the Bolsheviks, realized their Marxist theory was nonsense. The world did tumble into a communist utopia after 1920. They rejected their own Marxist theory, and applied one of their real skills–covert action–against the Main Enemy, the USA. Since Marxism was bullshit, they’d give it a little kickstart.

    Since they were not strong enough to just wipe out the US government, they had to use one of their greatest skills in political operations–covert influence. The Bolshevik genius, Willi Muenzenberg, was given the responsibility.

    First he created a payload–the message to insert into American culture. He was a genius. Here it is (c. 1921): America is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, imperialist, capitalist hellhole. And it must be changed.

    He created an ingenious operation to insert his payload–his agents set up “Innocents Clubs” to attract Americans. Groups like Teachers for Sacco and Vanzetti; Laborers Against Racism; etc, etc. With just a bit of cash, a few agents, he created a spectrum of these organizations that covered all of the payload messages.

    None of the message had anything to do with Marxism. In fact, Willi specifically designed the messages to be totally devoid of Marxist ideology. The messages were simply: America sucks! Let’s destroy it!

    Muenzenberg, and the Bolsheviks, faded away. The covert influence operators who inserted these messages into our culture died. But the beauty of such an operation is that it can live forever. And it has.

    Muenzenberg’s American Sucks message is now the dominant belief system of Politically Correct Progressives. Nothing to do with Marxism. It is pure Hate American First. Anything that is anti-Normal American is good. So every now and then a little Marxism is tossed in the mix. But it is completely irrelevant.

    PC-Progism. Nothing to do with Marxism.

    The book provides chapter and verse.

    But what can we do?

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @utu
  295. @Alden

    Yes but Ron’s speculation was about out of state recruitment. Maybe there’s a story in How it is done.

  296. @Sane Left Libertarian

    Not particularly true of China. Otherwise, sadly, it seems like it is becoming a fair point.

  297. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites had stable families for thousands of years and due to factors like women’s liberation and multiculturalism/liberal immigration the stability of the white family has taken a hit in the past 40 or so years. We must of been doing something right for the first few thousand years.

    • Replies: @Feryl
  298. Feryl says:

    All of the problems Fred describes were unheard of when America was a monoracial nation with an 89% white majority and with a federal govt, state governments and business elite that acted in the best interests of its citizens most of the time.

    America has always had problems to varying degrees; what does seem certain is that periods of elite arrogance, when sustained, do lots of damage to the social/political/economic fabric. And Peter Turchin says that elite arrogance begins with a small layer of people, but with each passing decade more people want to join the elite, so that elite wannabes cause as much damage as the actual elites. These cycles take 50-70 years to play out; for example, the period of about 1850-1920 was one such cycle. Then we took gradual steps to rein in arrogance and corruption in the 20’s, and reform became more aggressive in the 30’s and 40’s. This led to a strong middle class, good government, strong civic involvement and morale, high confidence and trust, etc. in the 1950’s-70’s. Then, in the 80’s, many Americans decided to just blow the whole thing up, because they were tired of selfless behavior and wanted to live it up and not care so much about the future. There already was a certain layer of people who did this in the late 60’s and 70’s, but this decadent attitude didn’t spread to the masses until the 80’s. Some things were superficially done in the 80’s and 90’s to keep us on track, but overall the state of society continued to get worse. In this current cycle, there are just way too many people who care more about “winning” than they do the consequences of a hyper-competitive climate. At some point people will get sick of the dog-eat-dog atmosphere, and will start to “settle for less” if it means keeping society more stable.

    How do we know how over competitive people are? Two examples:

    1)New houses began getting bigger than the mid-20th century norm in the 1980’s, and have been getting progressively bigger ever since (a re-run of the trend toward increasingly big houses that occured in the late 19th and very early 20th century).

    2) Football was associated with some deaths in the early 20th century, and did not see rising popularity in the generally easy going 1930’s-1960’s*. That began to change in the 70’s and 80’s. Boxing was extremely popular in the early 20th century, but the perceived excitement and glamor surrounding high profile bouts diminished in the 40’s and 50’s, and Muhammad Ali got as much attention for his charisma as he did for his punching, in the 60’s and 70’s. By the 80’s, “Iron” Mike Tyson was ripping thru often dubious opponents, and high profile bouts were highly touted in the mainstream and took place at “glamorous” places like Ceaser’s Palace, and celebrities enjoyed attending bouts. This continued into the 90’s, only for boxing to be dethroned by the more spectacularly brutal combat sport of MMA in the 2000’s and 2010’s. Meanwhile, open promotion of gambling on sports was getting more overt by circa 1990, and “fantasy football” was mainstream by 2000.

    *Ticket prices for the Super Bowl (adjusted for inflation):

    1970: 98\$
    1980: 95\$
    1990: 242\$
    2000: 475\$
    2010: 1,138\$

    In the 1960’s-early 80’s, Super Bowl attendance was oriented more toward fans and curious locals. In the late 80’s and 90’s, more elites associate the event with glamor and spectacle, and began to compete more heavily for tickets, pushing demand up and encourage prices to rise. Also, the powers that be became less embarrassed/ashamed of selling tickets at such high prices. The 2000’s and 2010’s? Disgusting. There just is no shame anymore at charging outrageous prices, nor is there shame at paying such abusive prices. Because the perceived importance and excitement of the event has been raised to such an unhealthy level, we lose perspective and no longer care about modesty or common decency.

    • Replies: @Feryl
  299. Feryl says:

    WRT stupidly competitive behavior in sports, and growing popularity of violent sports, pro ice hockey didn’t have that many intentioally dangerous cheap shots and brawls in the 50’s and 60’s. But that really began to change in the 70’s, when some players and teams really started to play up a “tough” (cheap and dirty) image. This continued to get worse into the 80’s, with the 1983-’84 season setting a record for fighting related penalty minutes. The 90’s and 2000’s would have many notable incidents of extremely aggressive behavior causing severe injuries, with Marty McSorley’s hockey stick to the head of Donald Brasher being one of them, and another being Todd Bertuzzi’s infamous pile-driving of Steve Moore (which caused career ending brain and neck injuries). This thuggery is heavily encouraged by coaches, BTW; beginning in the mid-late 70’s, there’s an obvious trend in all sports toward the encouragement of cheap shots and reckless violence. Most NHL penalty minute career leaders were born in the 1960’s, which ought to tell you something about changing ideas of sportsmanship. Thankfully, the NBA and NHL have, over the last 10 years or so gone to greater lengths to discourage violence, plus athletes born after 1980 don’t seem to be so competitive as older generations.

  300. @Zinj

    You could drive through Detroit or Flint or wherever with a passenger filming the proceedings and nobody would care.

    Nothing new.

  301. Biff says:

    The problem stems from a weakening of the ability to forcibly commit people to mental institutions. I’m generally against large government but the reduction in state mental hospitals in the 1980s is what caused this situation.

    They are committing them constantly by the minute, and the mental hospital moniker has been changed to CoreCivic(a privately owned prison system).

  302. Parfois1 says:

    Bremer was an idiot for disbanding the Iraqi Army. If we would have kept it intact except for the senior general officers the insurgency probably wouldn’t have happened.

    May I suggest to you that he was not such an idiot. He did what he was told to do: chaos. The whole thing was designed to produce the total breakdown of the country and the emergence of terrorist factions and violence, in other words, a failed state easy to control and a pretext for occupation. All that on the orders of the Jewish masters.

  303. @Rogue

    Unz is not supressing dissent here. He is preventing spam bots like stryker

  304. geokat62 says:
    @Tarheel American

    Not to get too deep into it, but there is no such thing as “Cultural Marxism.”

    LOL. Ever heard of the Frankfurt School or read their magnum opus, The Authoritarian Personality? Or, better yet, the theories of Georgy Lukacs or Antonio Gramsci?

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Tarheel American
  305. Feryl says:

    The out of wedlock birth rates of whites has exploded since the 1990’s (per Charles Murray). Marriage rates for young whites have collapsed over the last 20 years. Child abuse/domestic violence became much worse in the 70’s and 80’s, when most Americans were white.

    Demographic trends since the 90’s might actually have cause family stability to increase, in the sense that Mexicans are more stable than blacks, and Asians are more stable than whites. With Millennials and subsequent generations, there won’t be as many temperamental whites and blacks smacking their kids around, and playing mind games with their spouses.

    A lot of cultural and dysgenic trends suggest that whites and blacks really dropped the ball, starting in the 70’s. We need to be honest about whites have done to themselves over the last 50 years. American whites created as good a society as ever existed in the 1950’s, and have gradually chipped away at more and more of the social and economic underpinnings of that sort of society, in the subsequent decades. Don’t lie to yourself that non-whites are the ones who screwed things up (not that you’re the worst offender in these parts at blowing smoke about racial traits).

  306. Parfois1 says:

    Been to Wales. They have McDonalds, leggings, Tescos and Whats App. They all speak… English.

    You’ve been to Wales, are you sure? Because I also have and, to my amazement, I heard Welsh being spoken on the streets, pubs and even the kids in the school playgrounds. Of course they also speak English, as do most Dutch and others; but they have their own language unlike many so-named contrived “countries”.

    Viva Cymru!

    • Replies: @Truth
  307. utu says:
    @Tarheel American

    I did not know anything about Willi Muenzenberg, so I checked wiki and found an interesting if not amusing fragment about a woman who was related to him who as him was slated for termination by NKVD during the purges and whose life was saved by Hitler:

    Margarete Buber-Neumann, Heinz Neumann’s wife and the sister of his [Willi Muenzenberg] common-law wife Babette Gross, was arrested and imprisoned in Karaganda. The NKVD eventually arranged for her to be handed over to Hitler in 1940, inadvertently saving her life. After spending the war in the relative safety of Ravensbrück concentration camp, she fled at the end of the war, reaching safety with Anglo-American forces just ahead of the advancing Soviet troops.

    • Replies: @Tarheel American
  308. Feryl says:

    Not as stable as North Asians, however. Whites have rockier interpersonal relationships, and more problems controlling their emotions and desires, than North Asians do.

    And seriously, “thousands of years”? Do you really think Dickensian London, or Weimar era Germany, were fountains of virtue?

    The evidence suggests that whites are highly vulnerable to fashion regarding lifestyle choices and emotional regulation. Whites have historically been attracted to Christianity, which emphasizes the punishment of decadent societies and people. A big part of “white” religion is confessing to sins, and being concerned about punishment for misbehavior (blacks and Asians have a different “reading” on Xtianity, being that they have different emotional needs).

    Whites are morally developed enough to understand why you shouldn’t misbehave; the trouble is creating and sustaining a society which encourages stable behavior. Whites often feel tremendous self-loathing and guilt for their failure to not behave well; if society is decadent enough to encourage bad behavior, then a lot of whites fall into cynicism/apathy (the 80’s and 90’s), and then despair (the 2000’s and 2010’s).

  309. @Bill Jones


    You defend your house with shotguns and rifles, but these make lousy weapons for close-range killings.

    You cannot walk down the street concealing a 12 gauge or carbine rifle.

    Shotguns make a great deal of noise.

    Nobody goes to a party and gets loaded with a sawed off shotgun and then shoots someone else on impulse because they tapped ash in his 40 ounce or whatever.

    Most black killings are done with concealed weapons. How do you conceal a rifle or shotgun?

  310. PeterMX says:

    I travel a lot too and I meet a lot of people that admire America. Many have a very high opinion of it, which I find mystifying considering the sorry state the US is in today. But now, most of western Europe is much filthier, run down and more violent too, thanks to its successful multiculturalization so it could prove to the world they love Africans, Muslims and other non-Europeans. Many people in Europe consider this a smashing success, because to point out Europe was 100 times better off 40 or 50 years ago can get you in serious trouble.

    I was in Minsk, Belarus for a few weeks until about a week ago. They have not been enriched with non-Europeans yet, or for that matter of many non-Belarussians. Their country is said to be run by Europe’s last dictator but their capital, Minsk, is a very beautiful city that puts most of America’s cities to shame and is now safer, cleaner, more orderly and well maintained with beautiful streets and sidewalk cafes beautified with flowers that puts much of multicultural Europe to shame too. And they do this without any Silicon Valley. I tried to convince a guy from Minsk that Minsk was great and better than America’s or Europe’s cities, but none of what I said mattered. Even if everything I said was true, somehow Loa Angeles, San Francisco and London had to be much better. America has the best public relations in the world and I think only a major economic downturn, similar to what happened to the USSR, will change that perception.

  311. Parfois1 says:

    Ooch! You hit hard! Except that you have not named the movers and shakers to bring about the demise of the last residues of manliness left over from the Great Brainwashing of the XX century.

    • Replies: @GogMagog2u
  312. Deschutes says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    Those ‘we’re hiring’ signs don’t mean anything, they’re bullshit. They just keep them up hoping for the perfect sucker to walk in looking for work. They certainly do not indicate they would hire people who came in looking for work on any given day.

  313. @Si1ver1ock

    My thoughts exactly. And WTC Building number 7 wasn’t even hit by a plane. Go figure.

    Anyone familiar with the story of 9/11 knows about the collapse of the WTC North and South Twin-Towers. But a third high rise also fell that day. At 5:20 p.m., the massive 47-story steel frame Building 7, untouched by the hijacked airplanes, imploded in the exact manner of a professionally engineered demolition – at near free-fall speed, straight down, and with scientific precision into a compact pile of rubble, barely damaging any of the surrounding buildings.

    Source: 9/11 Hard Facts

    In China, corrupt politicians and businessmen are routinely executed. The contractor who built the toppled building in the photo would probably have been imprisoned if not executed.

    Bad engineering or bad Jews? Had 9/11 happened in China, there would have been another Holocaust.

    Unlike Americans, the Chinese don’t worship Jews and they are smart enough to know that concrete and steel buildings don’t collapse like an accordion when hit by an airplane. LOL

  314. Amon says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    So my response just went right over your head.

    Okay, i will make sure to leave your feble comments and replies alone in the future, for arguing with a fool will get me nowhere.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  315. Vojkan says:

    The marxist philosophy is dialectical and historical materialism. It is Hegel’s dialectical idealism, without idealism but with real-world conditions. Marxists had an idea of what they wanted to replace the old order with. Reducing 10000 years of civilised society ad nihilum so that a new society can spontaneously spring ex nihilo as “cultural marxists” want, is not marxist at all, it’s a particularly lunatic spin-off of Hegel’s dialectics. In short, “societal” hegelians want to replay the Book of Genesis, though this time without God.

  316. TT says:

    That’s not too bad to have IQ85 inbreding, we are getting flood by IQ82 rapists & cheats in million who despised their own dark hairy women and eyeing for our fair skin.

    They probably have 20M H1B in US, Canada, UK too. Their next target, return to Australia(they were purged decade ago by rioting Oz).

    • Replies: @Avan Tennant
  317. Here a telling high quality video by ‘Nazar’:

    He walk from the centre of LA in the direction of Hollywood.

    He’s wearing a head scarf and is ‘limping’ just in order not to get attacked by the homeless.

    People from outside America are used to see things while walking over the sidewalk.
    People inside America see things from the car.

  318. @geokat62

    Thanks for your note and your chuckles!

    “The Frankfurt School” were academic babblers regurgitating Muenzenberg’s payload. Ineffective and buffoonish.

    If Muenzenberg was Beethoven, composing sublime and powerful symphonies, the Frankfurt School were musicians in Idaho, whistling melodies from Beethoven’s compositions.

    Gramsci was a minor Italian who conducted no operations, nor had any influence. A Comintern functionary, Gramsci attended a Comintern conference in Moscow. Muenzenberg was in charge of the Comintern’s covert influence section, and ran the meeting. Gramsci appears to have taken notes. Gramsci never DID anything–he went back to Italy after the Comintern meeting, was arrested, and died in prison. While in prison, it appears he scribbled down what he remembered from Muenzenberg’s sessions.

    Willi conceived of, invented, designed, planned, implemented and carried out massive covert (and overt) influence operations throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA. He had massive million-dollar print, film, magazine, newspaper, and other propaganda operations. He ran ingenious covert influence operations, targeting and recruiting a vast network of American and European cultural icons–Hemingway, and many, many more.

    The popular misconception of the academics and Gramsci as influential (and the horrible term, Cultural Marxism) appears to be due to faulty analysis uninformed by an understanding of covert operations.

    For an excellent overview of Muenzenberg’s operations, see Stephen Koch’s book, “Double Lives: Stalin, Willi Munzenberg and the Seduction of the Intellectuals”. Besides deep research in the Comintern archives, Koch interviewed Willi’s 94 year old (at the time) widow Babette Gross. She proudly spilled the beans–after having kept the secrets for 60 years.

    Koch, a dyed in the wool PC-Progressive, did a great job uncovering the background of the operations. He set up a roadblock, though. He refused to see the truth that Willi’s operations created PC-Progressivism today. Willi’s covert influence payload, carefully inserted into American culture–through operations in the media, education/academia and Hollywood–is exactly the PC belief system today.

    Again, no such thing as Cultural Marxism. All we have is Willi’s carefully crafted Hate America First beliefs, grown for the last 90 years. And his acolytes, witting and unwitting.

    Full details:

  319. @utu

    Some wild history around Muenzenberg. During Stalin’s purges of old Bolsheviks, Willi refused to return to Moscow for “consultations.” He finally publicly repudiated Stalin, and became a target for the KGB’s assassination workers.

    That was his wife’s sister. Willi’s wife and her family were all high-ranking and active German and international communists.

    The KGB caught up with Willi in France, as they chased the Germans. Willi walked away from a detention camp with a couple other guys. His body was found weeks later, hanging by a wire from a tree.

  320. Republic says:

    Yes he should write about Thailand where he has lived for many years

    I understand that Max Faber lives nearby. He should interview him

  321. Truth says:

    We need homeless shelters segregated by race,

    Certainly #1 on my list of American priorities.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  322. Truth says:

    Yes, the Welsh are all fluent in Welsh, the Irish can get by in Irish Gaelic, but, strangely enough, the five things I can say in Scots Gaelic is roughly on par with the Average Scot.

  323. @Parfois1

    We need to wake up from the fever dream and have a real debate about Iran, develop a real strategy for Iran and start a real dialogue with Iran.

    Michael Fuchs in today’s Guardian Opinion. An article that mentions Israel only twice and both times followed by the word ‘defence’ all the while blaming the US, Saudis and Iranian leadership for the current tension in the Gulf.

    The topic is not for discussion. 😂

    Whatever they scream and howl about the most is their weakness. Have you ever tried questioning the negative influence of TV? The level of hostility you will receive will rival that of questioning 9/11! Not surprising really, considering TV has been one of their most powerful weapons alongside Money.

    9/11 couldn’t have happened without either.

    The Jewz are responsible for tension in the Middle East Mr Fuchs… You doughnut!

    But my reply to you is could the Jewz have gotten this far in their diabolical plans if it weren’t for cowardice and greed of the host nations?

  324. TT says:

    1) If China is as what US politicians smeared in stealing IP rampantly, why would they be the world largest loyalty payee to US? No one can sell their products globally with stolen IP.

    Of course every country has some IP violation, even many US corps like Apple & Qualcomm are fighting with each other, sued & countersue by Samsung, Creative,….

    In fact according to some West whites living in China in quora, 70% cases brought up by foreigners to China court was won with compensation.

    Its China own domestic rogue merchants copying local design that are widespread, they called 山寨 Copy that usually sell at much lower price like by the poor.

    China gov seem to be tight on protecting IP to encourage innovation, actively enforcing, but only 5yrs patent are granted. They probably wanted to avoid US problem of big Corps using excessive power to patent every shit to crowd out small players for 25yrs, which kill innovation.

    2) Force tech transfer?
    No one point a gun on US greedy corps to force them dying to dive into world biggest mk. Its a common practice globally where import tariffs encourage to produce in local. Then a partnership is required for some investments, in return of getting the market access to benefit local development & jobs.

    In Malaysia, you even need to let a local to be the registered owner (which many usually paid one local Malay & pray he won’t took away the company). Only some special sectors are exempted.

    When you partnership with a local, you are fairly well protected too. Then you want local factory to produce your products, of course you need to teach them how with design, where to find supply parts, so why cry foul? GM is selling more cars in China than in US, Apple 30% business come from China.


    Elon Mask Tesla is building largest factory in China without partnership, so he might face some tough problem that local partner usually able to solve easily with their influence.

    3) Google, FB, youtube, Instagram, tweeter, etc..exited voluntarily due to these corps refused to comply with China domestic law requiring them to host data server in China. Every nations has right to ask for that as national security. About Amazon, you must be absolutely a dumbf of China situation to complaint everything, Amazon is making huge business in China next to Taobao.

    The result of having US social media refuse to comply China law has helped them to grow byproduct, indigenous equivalent internet giants like Baidu(Google), Wechat(Whatsapp), Weibo(tweeter?), Bilibili?(youtube), Tiktok, ……

    They are now only nation that free from US monopoly control. EU probably has to start one now after seeing how US gov weaponized its technology dominant to kill competitors.

    4) Huawei security?
    Damn it, where on earth can we find one company so secured where all its products, source codes, emails are hacked & scrutinized by NSA, screened by 5Eyes intelligence, and verify by the whole world security agents, to not throw up a single evidence of backdoor & security issue? This must be the best secured product, that will blind 5Eyes.

    NSA hacked Huawei servers to find nothing.

    U.S. Suspicions of China’s Huawei Based Partly on NSA’s Own Spy Tricks

    Without using Huawei, US & others are spying too, says ex-Singapore minister George Yeo. Using Huawei just make NSA more difficult to spy.

    How the U.S. Can Prepare to Live in China’s 5G World, advised by US scientists Committee.

    Backdoors Keep Appearing In Cisco’s Routers,37480.html

    NSA May Have Backdoors Built Into Intel And AMD Processors, embeded spy cpu.

    Intel finally admitted after more expose.

    Google took up 30% of our mthly data plan to send everything to Amazon server. Amazon is doing cloud server service for NSA. Link up yourself.

    Everyone know all US gadgets have backdoor for NSA, so many are exposed. Ask Prism prism on the wall, who is greatest spy in the world. When US lost the 5G race, Trumps knows how to win by other way.

    Bandits are always crying robberies, like the joos, they cry out while hitting you.

  325. @Amon

    Hahah. I think that would be for the best. You need an echo chamber, not something this site offers.

  326. @Rogue

    is Ron Unz censoring now?
    I never noticed or though there would even be a hint of that here.
    Is Unz’s Zionism coming to the fore?
    Oh mi!

  327. geokat62 says:
    @Tarheel American

    Again, no such thing as Cultural Marxism. All we have is Willi’s carefully crafted Hate America First beliefs, grown for the last 90 years. And his acolytes, witting and unwitting.

    If this is indeed true, you should get in touch with Prof. Kevin MacDonald and point this information out to him so he can update his magnum opus, CofC, to more accurately reflect the true historical facts.

    Looking forward to seeing the revised edition with Willie Munzenberg taking centre stage and the FS imposters pushed to the shadows, where they belong.

    • Replies: @Tarheel American
  328. I can’t figure which is more painful to contemplate, the realities registered Fred Reed’s article or bulk of these responses. Talk about being part of the problem!

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  329. Sbaker says:

    That’s it Fred. This must be why we have armed patrols on the border to stymie the hordes seeking to come to this hellhole like a gaggle of queers to a Boy Scout jamboree.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  330. @geokat62

    Thanks for your note.

    McDonald, as most historians, or critics of history, do not understand, at best, and at worst reject the effects of espionage.

    Because they live in ivory towers, they think everything important happens in ivory towers. It’s difficult to get them to see below the academic surface. Muenzenberg’s ops have been known since 1994. Historians just pretend they don’t exist.

    The Frankfurt School were academic twits, blabbering an over-intellectualized version of Muenzenberg’s influence payload. German communists, they knew of Willi and his messages, and some had played bit parts in his operations. They took the message and turned it into mental masturbation for fake intellectuals. Totally ineffective, by itself.

    They showed up in the US a good decade or more after Willi got the ball rolling.

    Willi’s first Hate-Normal-America operation was the Sacco and Vanzetti trial. It was Willi’s idea, organization and effort that picked this issue out, created front organizations, seeded them with his agents, and recruited Innocent Americans into the ranks of “superior human beings” sucked into marching for the murderers.

    The neoconservatives, shaped by Trotskyism (internationalist constant revolution), inherited Willi’s operational savvy–creating organizations for cover and sucking in Innocent Americans–and used it to infiltrate formerly conservative organizations–like the Republican Party.

    The neocon’s Muenzenbergian cover organizations (Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, New American Century, etc, etc) are virtually identical to Willi’s fronts. They just differ in the master they serve.

    Willi served Bolsheviks’ dreams of global communism. Neocons serve dreams of Forever War for their foreign masters.

    I don’t know McDonald, but would be happy to get him a copy of the book that links Muenzenberg to today’s PC-Progs: Willing Accomplices. Contact info’s on the website.

    • Disagree: utu
  331. It’s Official……. The US has been over promoted. As has “ Diversity”.
    Don’t come here!
    We are turning inward, more appreciation for USA Public lands.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  332. @Sunshine State


    All this in Florida after diversity transformed it into a Banana Republic?

  333. By-tor says:

    Vouchers for travel and full coverage welfare upon arrival is why they are coming. The superfluous human hordes are recruited, and the traffickers are paid to deliver them alive. How else do these unneeded brown and black adult illiterates and their children travel the expanses without dying from starvation and deprivation? Some very wealthy entities in this country have recruited them to crash the border and be inserted into US cities. Future debt slaves are needed in a hurry to shore up our debt-based economy. The shrinking middle class white population is underemployed and tapped out.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  334. @Pft

    Nobody in China has to move to another state to put their kids in a decent public school.

    European wars have no bearing on the US, most white Americans sailed to the US to get away from them. The problem is not Europeans in America, besides a few pockets of Italian-American crime in North Jersey.

    To altogether avoid problems in the US you would have to be earning above \$50,000 a year. To be poor and rural white is tolerable, but to be a lower middle class urban white can be a living nightmare.

    There is no city in China with 700 homicides a year.

    Chinese really only want to immigrate to a few major cities on the East and West Coast.

    None of the random violence of the Southwest gangs exists in China.

  335. @By-tor

    Border Question

    Why is it that the US can enforce its border with Canada. Nobody gets across that border. Penalties for attempting are severe.

    There must be some reason.

    Try crossing the Canadian border illegally.

    And the US-Canadian border has walls. There is no debate about that.

  336. @J. Alfred Powell


    Whites tend to bolt. They have done this from inner-cities, from regions of the US known as the rust-belt and from parts of Florida.

    So many Gen X men who will be reaching retirement in 10 or 15 years will go to Costa Rica, Mexico or Southeast Asia.

    You’ve got a generation of white men who barely got by. Never married, no money and Gen X women had high expectations. No kids. No ties to any community because Dad moved 8 times during their childhood.

    Many of these Gen X, perhaps millions, will move overseas.

  337. The 2nd amendment was put in place to remind governments thinking of breaking bad that the American people can regime change them if they get out of line…and to remind the American people of that right (or is it responsibility?). Anyway, this far into the nightmare it doesn’t really matter anymore. The only way America can survive is if it amicably breaks up into autonomous mini-states, perhaps within a loose federation, before a crisis of some sort causes all the pent up tension and animosity to rapidly and chaotically uncoil. That would be bad, very bad, but barring a miracle or a sudden outbreak of common sense that’s what will likely happen.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  338. @Truth

    Didn’t say it was one of mine. The topic was the homelessness,,so yes, how odd that I made a suggestion relating to homelessness.

    Lots of things aren’t my top priority but yet I’m still able to think and write and sometimes act re those issues.

    Which topics do you think we are not allowed to discuss because they’re not your top priority?

    My top priorities include restoring our borders, deporting illegals, inducing mass self-deportations by cutting off any legal work or housing or benefits for illegals, reducing legal immigration to only people brought in by marriage or for extraordinary skills (maybe 1/20 of the miners we now take in), reasserting our language and traditional culture over competing ones growing here, and redirecting our tax monies to us citizens (paying off gov and private debt, building and repairing infrastructure, medical care, more medical and scientific R&D) rather than foreign wars, occupations.

    But could we also sensibly change how we handle the homeless even though it’s not one of our top issues? Why not.

    • Replies: @Truth
  339. @Tarheel American

    ” Academic babblers” “Inneffective and buffoonish”.

    I wouldn’t say that they were “Inneffective” rather that they were quite effective, as they managed to infect the whole of US academia with their poison, which hasn’t receded to this date.
    I can vividly recall many a night as a young musician, sixties, in west end Frankfurt, and the lunatic commie assholes who sat around in the pubs, living off of the state and ranting about the evils of America and capitalism, and those guys set the tone for future Germany with the bonkers “Grünen” ending up on top as now, and they mean business with their plans to eliminate, to start off with, private automobile ownership, and this in a country which birthed the automobile and in which fifty percent of the enconomy is dependant upon the sale of private cars. The end result of this will be mass unemployment and “Zivilunruhe”.

    It really doesn’t matter whether there is such a phenomena as “Cultural Marxism” or not, as fact is that every single adherant of the gender/racism/”Planwirtschaft”/toilet access, etc, each and every one of the blue-haired nut-cases (Democrats) who adhere to said deranged mind-set, will tell you in a heart-beat : Yeah Marx was right.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Tarheel American
  340. denk says:

    How uncle scam career evolves over three centuries…

    uncle scam started out as gunslinger hired by evil ranchers in the wild wild west to bludgeon the Apache.

    In later years, he became the ‘muscle‘ for big biz……

    ‘“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.” ‘

    These days, uncle scam has progressed, he kills for whoever can afford to pay, whether its BIg OIl, Big Pharma, MIC, War street , even foreign entities such as London, Canberra, Tel Aviv,
    a global enterprise.
    A veritable hitman sans border.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  341. @Authenticjazzman


    “It really doesn’t matter whether there is such a phenomena as “Cultural Marxism” or not, as fact is that every single adherant of the gender/racism/”Planwirtschaft”/toilet access, etc, each and every one of the blue-haired nut-cases (Democrats) who adhere to said deranged mind-set, will tell you in a heart-beat : Yeah Marx was right.”

    Actually it does matter. Miscomprehension of the PC-Progs’ belief system cripples Normals’ ability to respond.

    Terming the belief system “Cultural Marxism” and believing it came from Marxist professors, and Marxism confuses Normals and makes them unable do deal with the reality.

    It’s as if you blame the outbreak of the plague in your house on a bats flying in the yard every night; when the actual cause is the infestation of fleas crawling all over the house. You go crazy chasing bats with brooms, while all the while the fleas are invisibly biting away at your ankles and passing on the plague.

    The pin-headed ivory tower babblers were totally ineffective. Willi Muenzenberg injected the Hate-America-First payload into our culture by targeting the media, Hollywood, and education/academia. The Frankfurt School were pointed in the generally congruent direction with the operation. They were just not effective.

    The payload was NOT “Marxism” and specifically avoided anything to do with Marxism or communism. The payload was a constant needling criticism of the USA for “racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, imperialism, capitalism” and the need to “Change.”

    Hollywood writers and producers, media writers all quietly and gently worked Muenzenberg’s operation. They formed committees, and groups, and non-profits, and quietly infected our culture. They made it “cool” to hate Normal America.

    So, while the loud and flashy bats flew around bothering everyone, the stealthy fleas sucked our blood and infected our culture.


  342. Truth says:

    My friend, racially/ sexually exclusive institutions are a constitutional issue. In order to arrange what you suggested, you will probably have to change the constitution. From what I hear, that’s difficult, it will probably not happen because a white homeless man got violated.

  343. Trupright says:
    @Colin Wright

    I wonder how many of the homeless – which seems to be predominantly white and male – are a result of affirmative action. A few decades of hiring minorities and women and discriminating against white males must have had some effect upon this problem.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Colin Wright
  344. @Truth

    You’re right that it would probably require an amendment, and I did predict that it would not happen.

    Under precedents interpreting the Equal Protection Clause and other constitutional provisions, race-based classifications must be justified as serving a compelling state interest. The measure must also be narrowly tailored to serve that interest.

    A realistic, logical judge could conclude that the State has a compelling interest in minimizing violence and ensuring physical safety in its facilities, and that the elected branches are entitled to conclude that the interest justifies segregated facilities for the homeless and for prisoners.

    But where would such judges be? And an electorate and system that produced many such judges, already would be willing to take the necessary drastic steps to protect ourselves in this context and others anyway.

    I think we’re in ”violent agreement.” 🙂

  345. @Squarebeard

    We might survive if we secure the borders, nearly halt legal and illegal immigration, end birthright citizenship and chain migration, stop borrowing for endless wars and occupations, and yes, devolve everything possible to the states.

    This is exactly what the Tenth Amendment calls for. Economic, social and cultural issues will have to be largely left to the people of each State, as it’s apparently hard enough to agree even on basic societal principles / values and goals within states, forget about nationally.

    For similar reasons, it would also be wise to let the people form new States out of existing ones with increasingly incompatible regions. New States should be Eastern WA, Eastern OR, and several each in California and Texas, for starters.

    Of course this is nowhere close to happening. But separation, and more state and local autonomy, seem like the only way to avoid or at least minimize the mass violence that is coming domestically. Better massive devolution of powers as a compromise than a civil war nationwide.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  346. Truth says:

    Well, seeing as how black people are overrepresented in homelessness per capita, obviously not many.

    Unless of course you are talking about WM losing their jobs to WF?

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  347. @Trupright

    ‘I wonder how many of the homeless – which seems to be predominantly white and male – are a result of affirmative action. A few decades of hiring minorities and women and discriminating against white males must have had some effect upon this problem.’

    I would imagine illegal immigration has had more of an effect.

    Why put up with some white dude who’s one beer short of a full six when you can get some Guatemalan who’s English may be shaky but is otherwise all there?

    I’m sure lots of other factors play into it — but it doesn’t help that there’s more competition for lower-tier and casual labor than there would be absent illegal immigration.

  348. @RadicalCenter

    ‘New States should be Eastern WA, Eastern OR, and several each in California and Texas, for starters.’

    How about just Oregon minus Portland and Eugene?

    Actually, that’s the big divide — urban versus rural. Look at the electoral map. It’s not state by state — it’s urban agglomerations vs. everyone else. Missouri goes red but Oregon goes blue. Why?

    In both states the big cities go blue but the rest of the state goes red. The difference is that in Oregon Portland and Eugene outvote everyone else but Saint Louis and Kansas City don’t outvote the rest of Missouri. This was the contest across the country. Cities versus everyone else.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  349. @Truth

    ‘My friend, racially/ sexually exclusive institutions are a constitutional issue…’

    They weren’t an issue until 1954. The Constitution didn’t change; the interpretation of it is what changed.

    ‘Separate but equal is inherently unequal’ is nonsensical, if you think about it. Of course it’s possible to have equally well-appointed men’s and women’s bathrooms, equally well-funded academies for the army, air force, and navy, equally fine cuisine in the House and the Senate dining rooms, etc.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  350. @denk

    Surprise: Uncle Scam is Jewish!

    • Replies: @denk
  351. @Colin Wright

    Why does America have more homeless than Japan or Australia or other developed countries to begin with?

    What are they doing right?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  352. @Truth


    In the sticks it easier for poor rural whites to simply live in a camper outside somebody’s house. In the inner-city, either you can make rent or you cannot. There is no gray area.

  353. denk says:

    Blood is thicker than water,

    Exhibit 1
    Blood for oil,
    BP, the Iran caper.

    Exhibit 2
    Timor Leste,

    ‘One might have thought such a small country with so difficult a history might have been granted a few years of innocence as it finally achieved sovereignty. But no. The dread hand of American hegemony, corporate as well as diplomatic, was already in action, squeezing the embryo in the womb.The UN put up a tough fight to get a better deal from Australia and the mighty oil companies, including US-based Phillips Petroleum, than the one which Indonesia had made years earlier. The surprise came last year when the US started warning East Timor not to push Australia too hard shortly after Vice-President Dick Cheney had received Australian representatives in his Washington office. Mr Cheney is, of course, an oil-man with continuing contacts with businessmen but here he was, using the weight of his governmental position, to interfere in discussions between the UN and a foreign government. Odd, but symptomatic of the world tiny East Timor was entering.

  354. Seneca44 says:
    @Colin Wright

    One of the old mnemonics about the homeless mentioned by Derb was CATO 4321.

    Crazy–40% of homeless, formerly institutionalized for the most part

    Alcoholic of drug addicts-30% of the homeless with some overlap with the crazy ones

    Tramps or bums as we would call them in the U.S.-20% of the homeless. These are people who like the “carefree” lifestyle of the romanticized hobo

    Out of luck- 10% of the homeless. These are those who truly had bad luck with unexpected job loss with evictions, etc. These are the only ones who we might have some reasonable expectation of getting off the streets with some intervention. The other three groups are notoriously resistant to pretty much
    any social intervention, including the old standby of throwing money at them.

  355. @jeff stryker

    Almost no Africans in Japan or Australia until recently, compared to now forty-plus million in the USA. A disproportionate number of our homeless appear to be Africans, including here in Los Angeles.

    That alone could account for a large part of the difference.

    As for the remainder of the disparity in homelessness rates, we would benefit from knowing those countries’ Policies on involuntary commitment of the mentally ill.

    Ditto their policies on punishing and preventing public defecation and ruination, aggressive panhandling, obstruction of sidewalks and park benches and park premises, and all the other obnoxious antisocial behavior that our overlords tolerate among our burgeoning homeless population.

    Also what are their policies on taxpayer-funded drug rehab compared to ours?

  356. @Seneca44

    From daily observation of the UBIQUITOUS homeless in downtown LA, that sounds about right.

  357. @Seneca44

    Whether they are willing to get the Hell off the streets and parks and bus stops or not, they should be forcibly removed.

    Committed to an institution if they’re diagnosed as mentally ill,

    imprisoned if not mentally ill and refuse drug treatment, work program, and peaceful civilized public behavior,

    Provided with a mini-house if they cooperate.

    These are exactly the things that the vicious & irrational leftists running these cities will not do. Can’t ever protect normal people, where’s the self righteousness and contrariness in that?

  358. @Seneca44

    ‘Crazy–40% of homeless, formerly institutionalized for the most part

    Alcoholic of drug addicts-30% of the homeless with some overlap with the crazy ones

    Tramps or bums as we would call them in the U.S.-20% of the homeless. These are people who like the “carefree” lifestyle of the romanticized hobo

    Out of luck- 10% of the homeless. These are those who truly had bad luck with unexpected job loss with evictions, etc. These are the only ones who we might have some reasonable expectation of getting off the streets with some intervention. The other three groups are notoriously resistant to pretty much
    any social intervention, including the old standby of throwing money at them.’

    Depending on the factual foundation underlying it, these figures are a starting point — but they also beg the question.

    Why is the population of crazy/addicted/tramps multiplying so rapidly?

    For what it’s worth, I’m recalling a kid I ran into who was working at some B&B in provincial England. He was very definitely a beer short of a full six — two beers, now that I think about it. At the same time, though, I imagine his relatives and the staff of the B&B kept an eye on him and made sure he wasn’t faced with anything he couldn’t handle. ‘Here Tommy, have a beer.’ ‘Okay, that’s enough: why don’t you go to bed?’

    Just my imagination, but still…

    It could be that what we’re seeing is the consequence of the evaporation of that sort of safety net. There really are an awful lot of us who need watching. If we don’t get it, well, things go off the rails. And after all, a lot of those old working class neighborhoods and small Midwestern towns are gone. A lot of people must be turning eighteen and more or less inexorably falling apart. No one’s making them get up in the morning and go to work at the canning plant.

    • Replies: @Seneca44
  359. Moral collapse ends mind and soul.
    Demons rush in to possess the vacuum.
    War distracts from their fetid hole.
    Drink and drugs cater their Westworld saloon.

  360. rburns says:

    Empires do not repair themselves. They don’t fix anything. They die. Some slowly and some like the Soviet Union quite fast but they all die. The British Empire was finished post WW II. The Roman Empire took awhile but was helped along by migrants who were heavily armed. The Soviet Union was a busted flush from the beginning. The US is on its way out and will die in a thousand ways and mostly due to a delusion of freedom. Free to become addicted to something. Free to publish fake news. Free to harass someone out of existence. Free to kill the kid in a womb at any stage of development. Free to scam, cheat, lie as a matter of doing business. Freedom is just wonderful much like putting cherry bombs, a lighter in the hands of 12 year old boys. If it isn’t handled properly, someone is gonna get hurt.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  361. RSDB says:
    @Ron Unz

    How exactly is it to be determined which contributors are particularly worthless, and what restrictions will attach?

  362. They don’t like us
    And we don’t care.

    People vote with their feet and who is leaving here to go there? Had the author any real experience, he would know that abroad chauvinism is ground down their gullets like bean paste into a Strasbourg goose.,

    Blaming us for other’s misbehavior is very religious, but silly: what we do is on our own head.

  363. Beibdnn says:

    We simply want a level playing field…What a load of delusional rubbish! The U.S. companies were falling over themselves to form JOINT note the word, joint partnerships with Chinese companies 20 plus years ago so as to outsource production to reap all those \$\$\$\$ at the expense of those dumb Chinese. Joint means that the Chinese, who are in no way dumb, demanded intellectual property rights which the U.S. was happy to sign away in the pursuit of a quick, easy buck, not realizing that getting rid of manufacturing isn’t a good idea. Now that the Chinese have advanced to a level where the U.S. is in a position of having to catch up everywhere, they squeal like immature 5 y/olds. The world has moved on and the U.S.A. hasn’t. Maybe it’s time to grow up and acknowledge that planning 50 or 100 years in advance is a strategy that works out much better than short term profit returns policies.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @geokat62
  364. @Beibdnn


    The US is stuck in the Bush years. People are still talking about 9-11, feeling the effects of the 2008-2009 recession, fighting a way in Afghanistan.

    Meanwhile, this is all ancient history in Asia.

  365. Trajan says:
    @Abelard Lindsey

    They are people who simply choose not to work.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  366. Seneca44 says:
    @Colin Wright

    Would have to agree that the disintegration of the nuclear (and extended) family has had the not altogether unexpected consequence of putting a lot of marginal people on the streets. In a former age, as you mention, they could have gotten adequate food and shelter from a sympathetic community or family. As the late Mr. Harrison sang, “Isn’t it a Pity?”

  367. geokat62 says:

    … not realizing that getting rid of manufacturing isn’t a good idea.

    These (((businessmen))) knew exactly what they were doing. Deploying the Great Labour Arbitrage would mean escalating share prices for investors, big bonuses for top executives, and kickbacks from corrupt communist officials.

    Outsourcing manufacturing jobs and ripping out the heart of the American middle class was a small price to pay, as far as these (((globalists))) were concerned.

    So, for these “patriotic” Americans, getting rid of the manufacturing base was a splendid idea.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
    , @Malla
  368. MarkinLA says:

    They are also people who cannot ever be hired. Some are mentally ill and some are benign but nobody would be stupid enough to hire them like long time drug addicts.

    They really need to be forced into some kind of camp but that vilates the Constitution.

  369. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    All true, but somehow hundreds of millions of people want to come here.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  370. @Anonymous

    Fred is in a state of complete denial. People do not run the risk of death to illegally enter a nation that is the disaster Fred describes. I spent 30 years overseas. Want to see a disaster, look at Egypt, Saddam’s Iraq, most of Latin America where the rich live in wire topped electrified compounds. One doesn’t even deign to discuss the horrors of black Africa.

  371. @Anonymous

    Which of them are white and Western Europeans or Australian? Or even Canadian?

    Of course if you are some desert African from Somalia than welfare in Minneapolis ain’t bad but how many Norwegians these days want to immigrate to Minnesota.

    Scratch that. How many WHITES want to immigrate?

    …Not many.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  372. @Obama's boyfriend

    I lived in Dubai, Asia and spent a great deal of time in Australia and Canada. Very few of them want to sell the farm and move to the United States.

    In 1999 I moved to Dubai from Phoenix and US cities are beginning to look nearly third world in comparison with the skylines of Dubai or Asia.

    Sure, Egypt and Latin America look worse. But Australia doesn’t. Dubai doesn’t. Japan doesn’t.

    This is like a poor white kid in a public school having better grades than the blacks and the Cholos. Doesn’t say much.

    And I’ve visited Cairo (Ma’adi) and felt safer there than around Mexicans in Phoenix.

    • Replies: @Malla
  373. Biff says:

    in America the leaders and government and the captains of industry are one in the same

    I fixed for ya.

  374. @Obama's boyfriend

    True, but there is plenty of horror in African Detroit, Baltimore, Cleveland, Newark, Camden, Bridgeport CT, Gary IN, and on and on, which precisely means rape, beatings, murder, constant fear and insecurity for person and property alike.

  375. @jeff stryker

    Slavs still want to come here. We don’t see all that many because (1) their populations are very small relative to China, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Mexico, from whence we unfortunately receive most of our legal and illegal immigrants these days, and (2) fertility rates are so low among Slavs that there are slightly fewer of them every year, an ever-declining number of young people who otherwise could and sometimes would immigrate to the USA.

    Moreover, imagine what life seems likely to be like on the England. France, Sweden, Benelux, and Germany of 2040, not long from now. Many white Europeans may decide that even a declining, less prosperous, less cohesive, increasingly Latino and chindian USA is a less bad alternative than living under sharia and the culture of Africans, Arabs, Turks, and pakis.

    I’m guessing that we will see several tens of millions of white people leaving western and Central Europe for Eastern Europe and the USA, primarily.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  376. @geokat62

    The rise of China as a manufacturing powerhouse was probably planned a hundred years ago by the Chosenites, but it wasn’t set in motion by the Rothschilds until around the mid-1960s.

    Mao, despite being a Yali (Yale Skull and Bones protégé) was a recalcitrant capitalist to the bitter end. Thus, Mao is forever hated and demonized in the Zionist West, while the well-trained Deng, his successor, is, of course, forever championed and eulogized.

    The Jews can’t lavish enough praise on Deng, the “Paramount Leader” who, incidentally, never held an important post in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and who joined the CCP in Paris France, of all places, during his exile and indoctrination there in the 1920s, believe it or not.

    The Jewish alchemy with words and storytelling is unparalleled. They are truly masters of deception. According to the standard narrative, Deng transformed China’s economy by merely proclaiming, “To get rich is glorious”.

    Oh, what a stereotypically Jewish thing to say, by the way.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  377. geokat62 says:

    The rise of China as a manufacturing powerhouse was probably planned a hundred years ago by the Chosenites, but it wasn’t set in motion by the Rothschilds until around the mid-1960s.

    Glad to see someone else shares my hypothesis. Perhaps our noble host, Ron Unz, might consider the topic for one of his AP instalments? It would, no doubt, be a fascinating read!

  378. @RadicalCenter


    They’ll probably go to Australia or New Zealand. I would think that the US would be a last choice. Minimum wage is higher, crime is lower, overall standard of living is higher.

    • Replies: @Malla
  379. Colinsky says:

    Sure, I can see the Chosenites a century ago planning ahead. In 1919 they knew the A-bomb would knock into the wastebasket all the accumulated wisdom about international relations, including satellite surveillance. Plus that the transistor would come along and give Japan a post-war boost in manufacturing the disruptive new devices. Plus the laser in 1960 was obvious, forty years in their future, along with the internet, personal computers, and smartphones.

    I figure they financed it all with Biff Tannen’s almanac.

  380. Q. Shtik says:

    Per DB, “upwards of 85% of homeless have serious untreated mental illness.”

    But tell me DB, have you ever known a treatedperson to be cured of their mental illness, or even improved? I haven’t. Rather, it seems, once a nutcase always a nutcase.

  381. Malla says:
    @jeff stryker

    And I’ve visited Cairo (Ma’adi) and felt safer there than around Mexicans in Phoenix.

    Zat is because, third world police are scary thugs themselves and know how to handle the local populations. In western countries, cops are first of all scared of being raciss, they are too nice, too PC, have to follow laws to a greater degree. In India, the police can beat you up, electrocute your balls and pee on you, all outside the law. That keeps the local brown population under control. That is the only way you can control a brown black population. In first world countries, brown blacks savages do not respect the police to the same extent as in the Third World. The USA is still all right, the police can be a bit tough. In Western Europe, the politically correct police is considered a joke. Not Russia though, Russian police can control a mass or brown black savages much better. Western European police are made for a White population.

  382. @Craig Nelsen

    There are huge swaths of white America that are as blighted as anything you will find in inner city Baltimore


  383. @Bill Jones

    Now walking through Shitavious’s neighborhood in Baltimore, thirty miles away, gun ownership is different

    Very different. They have some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Shitavious is very lucky to live in a liberal run city with sensible gun control laws to keep him safe from the NRA cowboy rednecks.

    Maryland Gun Laws

    According to research on firearm restrictions, Maryland gun laws rank among the most stringent in the nation.

    Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013

    Under Governor Martin {{{O’Malley}}}, Maryland enacted a new gun law stricter than national laws last year. It is called the Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013.

    What does the law do?

    The law enacts a ban on assault rifles, limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds and creates criminal penalties for gun owners who fail to report stolen firearms to police.

    It also establishes a licensing requirement for handgun purchases. Prospective purchasers must undergo a fingerprint background check, take a 4-hour gun safety course and submit an application fee for a license.

    I know where I feel safer.

  384. @RadicalCenter

    we need mandatory delousing / soap / shower in a separate area before entry is allowed

    Well, that’s a solution.

  385. @Malla


    Actually, India is relatively safe for foreigners. Drunks will sometimes mess with Goras but that is the extent of it.

    I’ve heard stories of Indian men sexually harassing white women but nobody bothers with a white male.

    The few occasions when a foreigner does run into trouble in India, it is usually drug-related like the Scarlet Keeling case.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Malla
  386. @Malla


    I can remember having a lunch on a Baga beach and an overweight topless Norwegian woman sat down beside me in a thong two-sizes too small for her and tried to talk to me while I was eating my squid and trying to read a book.

    She was slurring her words and obviously on some drug or another-cannabis and pills, probably.

    Every foreigner knows that if you do not want to see grown Goris in their thirties and forties running around buck naked you avoid Anjuna beach after dark. You will see worse things on Anjuna after dark like public group sex etc. Goras know this about Goa.

    It is no great surprise that these Western women are victims of sexual assault like Keeling. Running around naked and high on drugs has that effect.

    While sexual assault in India is a serious matter, many of the Western women have no moral sense there and no restraint.

    • Replies: @Malla
  387. Malla says:
    @jeff stryker

    That sure is dumb especially in a place like India or Caribbean. Most of these White folks are libtards and believe that India or Jamaica is just the same as England or France. Most lower caste Indian men are desperate and rapey as hell and very very desperate for even the ugliest White women.

  388. Malla says:

    The chosenites are helping India rise too but because of the low IQ of the masses and third worldness it could not rise much. One wonders if the chosenites were behind the unifying of India via the Brits. But it seems they have plans for India too.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  389. Because Fred Reed doesn’t consider the armed settlers killings of unarmed Palestinians as crimes,he writes:” The most heavily armed countries in the world,Israel and Switzerland,have virtually no gun crimes”.That’s shows the degree of his morality and ethics.
    And because he thinks that killing children in schools and hospitals,by missiles and bombs from the sky,is less evil and more humane than “throwing a white child of five from three floors up”,he concludes that “such things almost never happened in Europe before the arrival of the African and Muslims migrants”(and as if there weren’t tens of thousands of Christians among those refugees,not migrants),and that shows his racism and bigotry. And I wonder why,(while he’s writing an article,exposing the facts and defects of the present American society),he’ll want to insert a little poison, targeting the victims of the American perpetual wars in the middle east?!

  390. Truth says:
    @jeff stryker

    Why did you run into trouble?

  391. Malla says:
    @jeff stryker

    Actually, India is relatively safe for foreigners.

    That is true, violent crimes are lower in India compared to most African and Latin American countries. I believe Steve Sailer had done an article about Mumbai Vs New Orleans during Katrina. And attack on White men are far less than in many other third world countries. Not the same for White or East women though.
    Slums in India are far safer than Detoilet, Michigan or some flavela in Brazil.

    Here is a video of a Scandinavian guy Harald Baldr (he is a very popular youtuber in India) going drinking in one of the worst and largest slums in India and he is quite safe.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @Truth
  392. @Malla

    The (((Brits))) have never unified anything.

    You mean the partition of India, don’t you? Cf. Partition of India in 1947.

    But, yes, I agree with you that India was and still is very much part and parcel of the New Jew World Order.

    • Replies: @Malla
  393. Sunshine says:
    @Gordon Shumway

    At least you always have Melmac to return to.

  394. Malla says:

    Dude, before the Brits came, India was a mess of many Kingdoms. It were the Brits who united India. And the Brits did not partition India. Partition of India was a Muslim reaction to right wing Hinduism. Brits did not want India to be partitioned.

  395. Malla says:

    Mao, despite being a Yali (Yale Skull and Bones protégé) was a recalcitrant capitalist to the bitter end.

    And the most crazy part is, Yale benefited a lot from opium trade money. So they loot China (along with Jews like Sassoon, Indian and American businessmen) and then they prop up Mao on the Chinese. So use Chinese money to push Communism on the Chinese.

    • Replies: @Malla
  396. Malla says:

    Outsourcing manufacturing jobs and ripping out the heart of the American middle class was a small price to pay, as far as these (((globalists))) were concerned.

    Finishing off the Middle Class (and also destroying the well off Working Class) was part of the plan. That is exactly what Chavez did in Venezuelan and Lula in Brazil and Castro was involved with both. Castro is one of ((them)) brought into power by Murica. All these social changes are aimed at one final goal to bring about a communist revolution in the USA and thus take complete control of America society by ((them)). All those Latin Americans being allowed into the USA, they are to be the cannon fodders to be used in a future Communist takeover. Already many American kids have turned to dumb SJWs in love with Communism.
    Cultural Marxism is finally working out.

    After finishing off the USA and Western Europe, maybe the ((parasites)) will move to China and India next. The BRICS thing is been created by the same gang which rules the West. India is already on its way to become a Hindu theocratic State, a Hindutva Soviet Union so to speak where instead of Communism, Hindutva will be used to control the masses. And the Hindutva propaganda machine is pro Jewish and pro Israel.

  397. Malla says:

    Yup, this is the one

    Yale Group Spurs Mao’s Emergence.

  398. @Malla


    The troublemakers in India are liable to BE white.

    If some large homely Scandinavian albino comes into YOUR community and gets totally piss drunk on the road, wouldn’t you cross the street to avoid him? Whites are the biggest culprits in India! And I am one.

    How would you feel as a Goan with children to have overweight trashy drugged white women walking around with their sweaty tattooed breasts on display in tiny thongs or worse?

    And let us not forget white men who like getting their sexual kicks with children.

    I am white man, but many of these foreigners in India are unlovely.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Malla
  399. Truth says:

    Most dudes are quite safe; where everybody is too poor to buy guns, and they come up to his navel.

    • Replies: @Malla
  400. Truth says:
    @jeff stryker

    The troublemakers in India are liable to BE white.

    If some large homely Scandinavian albino comes into YOUR community and gets totally piss drunk on the road, wouldn’t you cross the street to avoid him? Whites are the biggest culprits in India! And I am one.

    How would you feel as a Goan with children to have overweight trashy drugged white women walking around with their sweaty tattooed breasts on display in tiny thongs or worse?

    And let us not forget white men who like getting their sexual kicks with children.


    I think you sumarized white people prettywell there, Jefftavious!

  401. Malla says:
    @jeff stryker

    The troublemakers in India are liable to BE white.

    You are completely wrong. Yeah there are some boogards who get drunk and act crazy but most Indian lower classes are very thuggish.
    There are crazy violent crimes in India, maybe lower than other shithole third world countries. Make not doubt about them. Especially places like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Goons and thugs abound in every city India. Maybe you as a foreigner did not understand this but I as a local know this. Most lower class Indians are pretty barbaric. Lower class Indians have low impulse control but compared to lower class blacks for example, they are more future oriented. Hence lower violent crime.

  402. Malla says:

    where everybody is too poor to buy guns

    Oh boy Truth, there are guns alright in Dharavi. There is a lot of mafioso activity there. Maybe not the kind of density of guns you get in Detroit or the flavelas of Rio, but there are lots of guns alright. Mumbai/Bombay has a huge underworld Mafioso culture. You might of not heard these names like Arun Gawli, Dawood etc.. They are the Al Capones and Lucky Lucianos of India and they are all based in Bombay. Dawood BTW is in Pakistan right now. But anyways what I am saying is there are a lot of guns and knives (the rampuri variety is the most popular in India) in that slum.
    And as far as money, there is money too. Some strongmen in that slum can own expensive cars like BMWs. Dharavi slum has a huge underground industry. Some of the best leather products can be found there. There is also a big smuggling industry and the gangs are deep into the real estate business. The underworld also ran many dance bars (Indian versions of strip clubs). It is a city of its own.
    And I must add that our Mafiosi (locally called underworld) is very closely linked to Bollywood. Bollywood movies are used to launder their ill gotten gains.
    And Bollywood made many movies based on these underworld gangster figures. One of them based on a true story (obviously Bollywoodised) is Shootout at Lokhandwala
    Here is a trailer

    There is one more movie trailer

    And a lot of mafioso activity takes place in that slum.

    they come up to his navel.

    What can I say Truthie, I had always wondered what if the black side of our ancestry were West Africans and not the smaller Australoid forest hunter gatherers the Iranian farmers, Mongoloid Kiratas and the Aryan Chariot riders came across. We got the wrong black ancestry, dude. If the black side of our ancestry would have been West African bantu Negroids, maybe we would have been a more imposing race. And most important of all, maybe our women would have had the good physical proportions of brown mullato-mestizo mix Brazilian women. But alas, it was not to be.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Truth
  403. Malla says:
    @jeff stryker

    They’ll probably go to Australia

    ((They)) are bringing in a lot of black savages into Australia, this time mostly from the Sudan. And they are turning parts of Australia into jungle-land as expected from jungle people.

    Very soon Melbourne and Sydney may have their own US style inner cities.

    And we already have many Lebanese Muslim gangs in Aussie cities.

    And there have been some racial clashes in between Australian Aborigines (who have a lower IQ than even black Africans !!!!) and Tongans & Samoans.

    This is fun.

  404. Malla says:

    One more for you truthie, a tralier of a movie based on true events in Mumbai about the underworld.

  405. Brendan says:

    Number of wars started since 2000 by Russia: 0.

    Do the Ukraine and Crimea not exist in Fred’s world?

  406. If you watch the news you get a consintrated dose of bad news… Always. The newsreaders never will report that nothing happened this lovely day but give them a fire or a slow speed chase and it will be covered by all of them. So to get your name in the papers murder someone in a grusom manor. Just inviteing someone who is homeless in for a meal and to get warm will never be noticed. ;(

  407. Biff says:

    Do the Ukraine and Crimea not exist in Fred’s world?

    Im sure they do, and what wars did Russia start in those places since 2000?

  408. Truth says:

    Yeah, that last part. Quite a loss. Imagine a country full of rap video vixens with 130 IQs.

    • Replies: @Malla
  409. MEH 0910 says:

    The backstory behind these photos, as reported by Julia De Luc in the Mexican newspaper La Jornada, is that Oscar and his wife Tania Vanessa Ávalos were attempting to enter the United States from their native El Salvador to exercise their legal right to seek asylum. They were being held in a migrant camp on the Mexican side of the border, a camp that didn’t have enough food while temperatures soared to more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

    So they decided to cross the Rio Grande on their own, without permission. At first, Oscar and Valeria made it across. But when Oscar went back in the water to help Tania cross, Valeria — too young to understand what was happening — jumped back in as well. Oscar swam back in to get his daughter, but the current took them both away. Tania could do nothing but watch.

    People can seek asylum in the US in two ways: by presenting themselves at a port of entry, or by crossing the border illegally, then turning themselves into Border Patrol.

    So the Mexican government has built its own camps near the border to try to house these people. They are overcrowded, hot, and miserable places, full of people waiting with no sense of when they’ll get to leave. It was predictable that some of them would try to enter the US in other ways.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  410. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    Ann Coulter Retweeted:

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  411. @Brendan

    Does your world not include a Crimean population that overwhelmingly wanted to RETURN to Russia? Because the real world did.

  412. Malla says:

    Yeah, what a loss except I am not so sure about the IQ part.

  413. @Brendan

    Ukraine was technically a ‘civil war’ and it was orchestrated by… guess (((who)))?

    Several weeks before Ukraine’s 2014 coup, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland had already picked Arseniy Yatsenyuk to be the future leader: “Yats is the guy!”

    Here’s the leaked phone call in which Nuland–changed from (((Nudelman)))– says, F*CK the E.U.


  414. @Jake

    I think you’re right and, therefore, we should immediately bring home all troops, air force staff, close all our bases abroad and leave the rest of the world to sort out its own issues. Abandon NATO et al; just leave everyone on his own.

    What do you think of that?

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
    , @Gyre07
  415. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

  416. ruralguy says:
    @Ron Unz

    That’s plausible. Consider this, though: My sister was homeless for two decades before I provided a home for her. She was involuntarily committed for a mental-health evaluation, after she threatened someone with a gun. In that evaluation, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The County diagnosing her is poor though, and couldn’t afford to treat her, so they released her. In the 1.5 years she has been living in my garage (she doesn’t want to move into the house), I have observed that most of her delusions arise from anxieties, isolation, and a low level of comprehension. Interestingly, these same factors are a national plague in our schools and in the general population. The typical American has a 7th grade reading comprehension. Essentially, we have a nation of adults who, on average, haven’t progressed beyond middle school and the average adult has trouble dealing with the real world. In rural midwest where I live, the smart kids leave the small towns, for work in the big cities, leaving behind a disconnected and dumbed-down population that can’t function very well. In the past, before the world was global, they had a home in their community. Not anymore. Now, they drift off, lost, to the West Coast.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  417. @ruralguy


    Back when immigrants from other countries fled to the First World, we called this the Brain Drain.

  418. @fnn

    That is the problem. The vast majority of Americans never question the mainstream media. This more than anything shows what I guess they call cognitive dissonance; being lied to over and over again and still never questioning the source. The old saying “pissing on his leg and telling him it’s raining” applies to Americans in spades. How can you have any respect for these people? It makes me want to vomit.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  419. Panopticon says: • Website

    “Since 2000 it has destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya, enters its eighteenth year of butchering Afghans, bombs Somalia, sends troops to Africa. It militarily threatens North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, seeks to destroy the economies of Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China.”

    Here ya go:

  420. geokat62 says:

    The vast majority of Americans never question the mainstream media.

    Not according to this latest Gallup poll:

    Americans’ Trust in Mass Media Sinks to New Low


    32% say they have “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust

    14% of Republicans express trust, down from 32% last year

    Confidence drops among younger and older Americans

  421. Gyre07 says:
    @Colin Wright

    Mental illness, drugs and/or a criminal history.

  422. Gyre07 says:
    @jim sweeney

    Sounds good to me. Not our job to try to rig everybody else’s elections. We’re too busy already rigging ours; to ensure that we’re not given any real choice.

  423. MEH 0910 says:

    Ann Coulter Retweeted:

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  424. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

  425. @TT

    Hahaha your bias is showing my friend.Indian in Singapore perform almost on par on Chinese academically according to Sing gov stats website.Chinese have an edge in Maths based while Indian have an edge in Verbal based subjects.
    Get defensive when people mock Chinese nepotism and endogamous behaviour but mock Indian endogamous behaviour at the same time. Face the facts non whites are nepotism by default.Look at AMD how many Chinese engineers flood through the gate after we elected a Chinese CEO.The demographic of Nvidia have changed as well to a majority Chinese group eventhough the founder was so Taiwanese and have every intention of hiring local Americans.Every group is nepotistic.Facts.Dont get so hung about it

  426. @Patricus

    Well I’ve more than once this century walked back through Central Park from a Lincoln Center performance to where I was staying on the Upper East Side without anyone telling me I was crazy or feeling that I was in danger. But I am not impressed with US homicide stats which are at least 4 or 5 times those of civilised countries.

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