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The Mask Comes Off: Putrefaction Most Foul
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I love it: Donald Trump’s campaign reveals the establishment for what it is, a swamp of corruption as fetid as those of Latin America. It is better entertainment than Vaudeville. The frantic scramble to rig the primaries, change the rules, and thwart the voters–anything to defend their cozy entanglement of political tapeworms–makes absurd any pretense of democracy.

This morning in the Drudge Report: “Trump Highest Number of Republican Voters in History.” Who do the Republicans want to get rid of? Trump.

On the same page a poll reports Trump tied with Hillary nationally. Who do the Republicans want to get rid of? Guess.

It’s wonderful. The GOP is looking for someone that Hillary can beat. She would squash Kasich or Cruz like stepping on bugs. Trump might actually win. This the Republicans strive to avoid. What could make more sense?

But it does make sense. The Republicans try desperately to ditch the only Republican candidate who could win the Presidency because…Hillary is one of them. Because, as every sentient being has by now noticed, the Republicans and Democrats are members of the same corrupt club of blood-sucking parasites, the action arm of the corporations, Wall Street, the Israeli lobby, and those who want the US to control the world at any cost–except, of course, to them. They are panicked at the rise of someone who might put first the interests of America. Better Hillary, a fellow parasite, than Trump, who isn’t.

The latest skulduggery is the Virginia governor’s allowing convicted felons to vote. The obvious intention is to increase the black vote for Hillary. In Chicago, the dead vote. In Virginia, the killers. This sort of thing of course explains the support for Trump.

Will the two parties succeed in blocking the Donald? Might they even resort to the Martin Luther King solution? My powers of political prognostication would be under zero if they could figure out how to get there. If the felony vote and delegate-tampering bring Trump to the convention with only 1236 delegates, and the Republicans broker-in some sad-sack compliant loser, well, the mask will be definitively, openly, for all time off. Welcome to Paraguay.

Which would be only another step in the country’s race toward the Third World.

What would the public do if Trump were robbed of the nomination? What could the public do? There might be protests, mass demonstrations in the streets, but so what? The Insiders’ Club would just wait them out. Once a society realizes that it has no power over its rulers, it lapses into resignation. Republicans do not loot malls or burn cities, and would soon go home. But all the world would see that the Americans have no recourse, that the Insiders do as they please. Welcome to China.

But the mask would be forever off. Very, very off.

If the Republicans deep-six Trump, and Hillary runs against Kasich, or or Cruz, or some other derelict, what then? Our choices will be not to vote, which will make no difference, to vote for either of the party candidates, which will make no difference, or to vote for Trump if he runs as a third party, which will make no difference. But at least we will have seen under the log, the squishy pale creatures scurrying. They will keep their grip on the country, but the world will know them for what they are.

And America for what it is: Corrupt to the roots of its teeth. The corruption is adroitly hidden, yes, or disguised as something else. Yet it is there. Consider the subprime disaster. To believe that it was an accident, or a cyclical downturn, or other artifact of econobabble, one has to believe that bankers, realtors, and Wall Street do not understand mortgages, credit, or defaults. You have to believe that officials of the Treasury, who slide back and forth between Wall Street and government like the motion of the tides, had no idea what was going on.

At the top, America is as corrupt as Mexico but American corruption is far more efficient. Among the white middle class, the rot is less. But within the clubhouse of insiders, at the level of the anointed, of the Adelsons and Epsteins and Clintons and Bushes, there is putrefaction most foul.

It is cleverly done, and seldom involves anything so sordid as open bribery. Yet the results are everywhere. Men who knew exactly what they were doing engineered the student-loan bubble. Yet it is legal, like so many scams. Huge military contracts for things not needed, the near-control of Mid-Eastern policy by Israel, poor medical care at high prices, the deliberate gutting of American industry so that corporations can enrich themselves in China–all of this is legal. You pay Congress and it makes legal anything you want.

Credit cards, which intentionally lure people into going deeply in debt and paying usurious interest rates, are legal. Big Pharma paid Congress to rule that Medicare cannot negotiate the price of drugs, opening a sluice to the Treasury. Corruption, but legal.

Under the rule of the Insiders Club, medical care is a fecund source of legal graft. Example: I once needed eye drops from Bausch and Lomb called Muro, which amounted to hypertonic salt water. A bottle of 1.8 (I think it was) ounces cost \$23 in Washington, \$19 in Winchester, Virginia. Exactlythe same product in Mexico, \$6. Price-fixing, but where and by whom? What Congressmen were paid to make it legal, or not look into it too closely, or at all?

Welcome to Guatemala.

Corruption has come to be the purpose of government, and the Club battens on it. You want to see the political equivalent of a public latrine in Uganda? Try HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development. I promise that you will be horrified by the diversion of funds and lining of pockets.

You ask, Fred, why do you say this? Are you a student of HUD? No. I know nothing of HUD. I know much of government. HUD is an outfit with over thirty billion a year to spend, completely unwatched. Have you ever seen a newspaper story about HUD? I guarantee that it is dominated by the sacred ethnic groups who milk it like a prize Guernsey, and by big companies getting sweetheart contracts.

Or try Commerce, or Education, or the Bureau of Indian Affairs, or Congress.

It is to preserve these overflowing rice bowls that we have elections without substance between candidates without a difference. Hillary is just Jeb Bush in a dress, Biden a universally applicable cipher, Cruz a compliant applicant for membership in the club. Since the parties collude in avoiding issues that people care about, the contest becomes a popularity contest of the sort found in middle school. Whoever wins, the Insiders win.

Of course Trump also is a billionaire,but he is a turncoat, a class traitor, the Benedict Arnold of billionaires. He addresses the issues that the Insiders want to remain unaddressed. He is indeed dangerous. He threatens the endless (immensely profitable) wars, the endless (immensely profitable) shipping of American jobs to China, the endless (immensely profitable) importation of cheap Mexican labor. He threatens the sacred rice bowls.

It is why he must be stopped.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Corruption, Donald Trump 
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  1. Rich says:

    I’m not sure that a President Trump would make much of a difference in the future of the US, we were castrated a long time ago and Fred is on the money that the people will do nothing after Trump is eliminated from the race. The US is no longer a nation and her people, fat and content, will never stand up. The war is lost, I just wish there was somewhere else to go. Unfortunately, the psychopaths now rule the planet. We’re cooked.

  2. Svigor says:

    On the same page a poll reports Trump tied with Hillary nationally. Who do the Republicans want to get rid of? Guess.

    Caveat Emptor: Rasmussen is reportedly right-of-center, and tends to show Republicans doing better than they do in reality. This was the case in the 2012 Presidential election, for sure.

    The latest skulduggery is the Virginia governor’s allowing convicted felons to vote. The obvious intention is to increase the black vote for Hillary. In Chicago, the dead vote. In Virginia, the killers. This sort of thing of course explains the support for Trump.

    Hillary was dumb enough to praise McScumbag’s amnesty. Trump is gonna have a field day with this, some time between now and November. “Crooked Hillary’s got the murderer and rapist votes all sewed up.”

    What could the public do?

    The public could do a hell of a lot. Won’t, but could. It’s nothing a few thousand well-placed misfortunes couldn’t cure.

    But the mask would be forever off. Very, very off.

    The regime still has a lot of built-up legitimacy among the populace. Misplaced, but substantial. Stealing the nomination from Trump would be a real gut-punch to that fading legitimacy. When legitimacy sinks low enough, revolutions start to become a real possibility.

  3. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website
    • Replies: @CK
    , @tbraton
  4. TheJester says:

    Fred, well put … a tour de force on the Deep State — the mafia-esque syndicate that has taken control of our economy and government. The interesting point is that the Deep State has such a solid lock on the country that it doesn’t even try to hide it any more. It now operates in plain sight. Perhaps it should now be called the Real State. “And what are you, the citizens of our faux democracy going to do about it …? Try us and see what happens!”

    You could have mentioned the Federal Reserve by name. The Real State needs and has a financier, the Federal Reserve, that creates “free” money out of thin air and funnels it to Wall Street so it can buy Congress, the SEC, the Department of Justice, the Treasury, the Department of Defense … and an occasional country when the opportunity arises.

    When people and countries get out of line, the Real State needs and has its enforcers. The Defense Department mucks around the world seizing recalcitrant governments and countries and their oil reserves. We know the fate of political leaders and countries who decide to sell oil in denominations other than dollars … or try to otherwise escape the dollar-controlled (a.k.a. Wall Street-controlled) economy. The rest is more subtle. Before the Department of Defense moves in, the CIA prepares the ground with “off book” stunts like riots, color revolutions, and assassinations. When necessary, they finance their stunts by running drugs and guns. They try to hide their stunts with massively financed disinformation campaigns … as if people couldn’t follow the trail. “When are you going to get the message? Do we need to make an example out of you, too? Don’t try that again …!”

    As the Real State sees it, the whole purpose of capitalism and their syndicate is to exploit arbitrage on a global scale … the difference in prices for production, resources, and labor. However, you don’t reply on free markets for this. Better, you artificially create and control those markets. You create the conditions for arbitrage on a global scale such that the cash rolls in … and continues to roll in ad nauseam. “What are you going to do about it?”

    • Replies: @Timmy75
  5. @Rich

    The US was never a nation. that’s why the Constitution of 1787 established a Federal Republic based on a union of states that delegated certain powers that had to be exercised in tandem with other states – war, foreign relations, and interstate commerce.

    You are right, however, about Trump making a difference. The people are so corrupt that they don’t care what happens as long as their corner of the world is OK.

  6. Ralph Nader is vindicated. It only took sixteen years.

    • Replies: @Carlton Meyer
  7. CK says:
    @Priss Factor

    All the facts as to the appearances and the regimes and the entertainers are correct.
    Enough correct facts about enough currently popular entertainers makes for a finely rolled troll.

  8. Johann says:

    America nova delenda est!

  9. tbraton says:
    @Priss Factor


    Queen Bey was paid \$1 million in 2009 to perform a private concert for Muammar Gaddafi’s son in St. Bart’s. She apologized after the event came to light thanks to WikiLeaks, but that’s not good enough. Boycott her now.”

    Based on what I’ve been reading, apparently Jay-Z has already started boycotting Queen Bey.

  10. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    So-called ‘anti-racism’ is merely the abandonment by selfish globalist elites of their ties and obligations to their own peoples in favor of the super-privilege of gaming and playing the entire world.
    By invoking ‘anti-racism’, the sneering super-elites of each nation get to dispense with National Oblige. Thus unfettered from group unity, the elites can indulge in super-privilege just for themselves. So, ‘diversity’ serves as a convenient moral wedge between the globalist elites and their national kinfolks. Why should the British elites care about the British masses when they are for ‘all mankind’ and when it would be ‘racist’ for British elites to care about British masses. Of course, the cult of ‘diversity’ means that the elites around the world must care about ALL PEOPLES, but it mostly becomes talk than reality. It’s like it’s far more difficult to teach a classroom of students than pontificating about teaching all the world. Globalist elites who pretend to take care of everything take care of nothing… but their own interests.
    The bigger the promise, vaguer the delivery.

    If I have to take care of my family, I really have to do it.
    If I say I care for all the kids in the community, I can talk the talk to sound good but I don’t have to do anything.

    • Agree: Alec Leamas
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Mark Green
  11. This is the best discussion of the campaign that I have seen. I think that, under those circumstances, Trump would be strong as a third party candidate. If he wins California, which I think he will do handily, it is all over, however, for the corporate parasites. I also think that the truckloads of bandini bullshit from all elements of the uniparty against Trump will subside when, over the months long campaign, people can see that he does not measure up to the evil he is painted as, and Hillary’s loathsomeness will stand out. Also, Trump won’t hesitate to highlight the criminal elements of her record, including her undisputed role as the spearhead of US war crimes in Libya and the unprecedented corruption of the 10s of millions of dollars the Clintons have been paid as disguised bribes for fawning speeches at corporate meetings.

  12. Dave37 says:

    Trump loses and ten years of media spin it will all be forgotten except for some growing rank of fringe groups from across the spectrum, unable to unite. Perhaps a Hillary would be the bow on the gift of nation failure that enables something new to come about. If we survive.

  13. Cracker says:

    Regardless if Trump wins or loses, trouble is coming…Shotty behind the door and all that. What was that Fred term about preparing for problems, “batten down the hatches” or something like it.

  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    And this tonight from that miserable human being, George Will:

    If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Art
  15. Realist says:

    The only thing Will knows anything about is baseball. He truly is a loser.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  16. @Realist

    The only thing Will knows anything about is baseball. He truly is a loser.

    And I would hesitate to accept his word on baseball.

    I was in the St.Louis airport several years back, and Lord Will bellied-up to the first-class zone-of-privilege, surrounded by bright-eyed but subservient junior staffers. His Lordship appeared to sense, suddenly, that some trivial bit of information was missing from this rooster-in-the-henhouse scenario. In retaliation for this cruel omission, he turned upon a young woman and cussed her out with a stream of the most elegant of longshoreman terminology.

    My loathing for Will knows no bounds. He is on the short list of Most Contemptible Personages.

    • Replies: @Ivy
    , @Realist
  17. Ivy says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    Will has transcended Very Serious Person, on his way to Very Serious Old Person. The only cure for a Willful incursion is more cognac. #JeSuisCharlesMartel

    • Replies: @rod1963
  18. @Quartermaster

    Agreed! However, sad to say, to point out the truth of America’s not being a nation just sounds pedantic these days, regardless of its truth! We’re an empire pretending to be a nation, but that facade is fast wearing off, despite incessant chanting of “USA! USA!”

    I don’t have a great deal of hope regarding Trump, but, if he does make it into office, I do hope he can at least apply the brakes to some of this madness, at least long enough for us out here in fly-over country to get our acts together at the local and maybe state levels so we can re-assume some of those responsibilities we never should have delegated to government in the first place!

    God help us!

  19. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Average expenditure for Afghanistan has been about \$45B per year for the past 15 years and the result has been what? What benefit has there been for the average American? Throw in all the other conflicts and quite a bit of money has been expended. It’s all disappeared into various anonymous people’s pockets, people who live well, send their children to expensive schools and are generally thought of as being ‘successful’ people. The system has a huge number of parasites feeding off it. All that money could have put a lot of local people to work filling potholes and doing other work within our borders but no, it’s the piggy bank for the connected well-to-do. But hey, when they get into a scuffle with some stubborn country then the little people are supposed to get all patriotic and send their sons-and now daughters-to go off somewhere and take their chances. Generous death benefits, free state-of-the-art prosthesis and medical treatments for the injured. They even plan on trying penis transplantation-no joke-for those who’ve suffered lower-body injuries. There’s a waiting list of about fifty former servicemen who might be candidates. So come on, get patriotic.

  20. rod1963 says:

    Fred nailed it.

    Now as to what the people will do when the uniparty shafts Trump, probably not much, but it will destroy any patina of legitimacy of the state and political parties.

    Which is a bad thing since it’s legitimacy is the only thing keeping the public from disposing of the current ruling regime.

    Once the state and it’s political organs are seen as fraudulent then they lose their legitimacy, after that comes open contempt, refusals , rebellion and revolution. The uniparty will have put a hangman’s noose around their own sclerotic neck.

    It won’t take long, especially after we have some economic/stock market disruptions. The last time we had them in late 2007 it almost blew up in the faces of the elite, they were lucky the Fed stepped in and stopped a bank holiday and complete collapse. They may not be so lucky the next time since things are even worse and more hyperinflated.

  21. Realist says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    He is an idiot with an ego. A sanctimonious prick.

  22. @Rich

    Quit sobbing in your cornflakes and grow a pair, already. That was the most pathetic paragraph I’ve ever read.

  23. Cipro, the antibiotic, is available in Wal-Mart stores in Communist China, over the counter, for 2 RMB, or about 33 cents American. I know. I bought it for a sick family member.

    The girl at the counter told me the price was “two,” and held up two fingers. Being accustomed to American prices, I thought she meant two hundred, which would be \$33 USD — still a cheap price compared Walgreens or Rite-Aid.

    No, it was 2 RMB. She reached over and pulled two single yuan notes out of my hand and smiled in pity at me, like you would smile a retarded person who’d wandered away from his handler.

    Oh… and no sales tax. The price was the price.

    In a Communist country!

  24. EdwardM says:

    I do know HUD, I used to work there, and I can confirm that it is “dominated by the sacred ethnic groups who milk it like a prize Guernsey, and by big companies getting sweetheart contracts.”

    Give \$30B to hard-core left-wing activists to dole out to poverty pimps and real estate developers in urban political machines, and what is the inevitable result?

  25. @WorkingClass

    I assume you refer to his 2009 book “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” where Nader asks for a billionaire to jump into our corrupt mess to save us. Of course Trump was not who he hoped for, but his plea was answered.

    Mr. Reed just provided the best analogy of the year: “Hillary is just Jeb Bush in a dress.”

    Another example of what Mr. Reed mentions is our news media reports that Bernie Sanders won Rhode Island with 55% of the vote. Few mention that as a result of this process, Clinton got 20 delegates and Sanders got 13.

    The Sanders people will not vote for corrupt Clinton. Trump will stomp her, assuming he is allowed the nomination.

    I agree this is exciting times. Trump will soon get the majority of delegates, so only a bullet (or airplane crash) can stop him from the Oval office.

    And we need him now. There are even thousands of Africans now crossing illegally to Central America and coming north the the USA.

    And our crazy Generals and Obama henchmen are in Europe sending our GIs eastward trying to start World War III with the Russians.

  26. The ultimate goal of the elites is to remove guns from law-abiding white people. When they think the time is right, they will eventually make their move. I truly believe the elites are so out of touch with the people in “fly over country” that they think they can get away with it. I predict that will be the breaking point.

    I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in my neck of the woods (rural Oklahoma), that will be seen as act of war by the Federal Government on its own citizens. Every person I know owns multiple weapons and knows how to use them. It will get ugly real fast.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  27. @Priss Factor

    Excellent point, especially your concluding example.

    Taking your example literally, I’m sure we have all noticed how many lefty and/or self-hating PC whites do NOT have children. They often have plenty of ideas about how we should teach and raise OUR children — or rather, how THEY should indoctrinate, confuse, pervert, and dumb down our children through government schools and entertainment and “news” media — with no actual experience of doing the hard work and taking on that commitment themselves.

  28. AndyBoy says:

    Yes I believe exposing the Oligarchy would have far reaching ramifications. Just how would White parents encourage their sons to make sacrifices for what is no longer their country?

    Once a society realizes that it has no power over its rulers, it lapses into resignation.

    I believe we are only at the beginning of regular Americans getting their dander up. I don’t think resignation will follow. If nothing else, we love to play pranks!

  29. Mark Green says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Another perceptive comment by DFS. Thank you.

    Allow me to add that the ‘abandonment [by global elites] of their own people’ is not entirely accurate of all elites.

    Who, after all, are the world’s most dispersed, most global, and yet most intact of all people?

    The Jews.

    They are the world’s foremost globalists. Yet elite Jews still take an interest in the well-being of downtrodden Jews.

    Jewish tribal cohesion transcends borders and other ‘land-based’ loyalties. This is the Jewish way.

    Jews live in self-segregated communities from China to Chile and everywhere in between. They remain distinct. And they apologize to no one for it.

    Jewish cohesion, identity and collective purpose is super-national. Jews are concerned with the well-being of fellow Jews, wherever they live. Other interests take a back seat.

    The Jewish-engineered centrality of Israel in American life is an expression of this Jewish value.

    Thus, Jews are the true beneficiaries of globalism since their far-flung dispersal and continued unity trumps national (land-based) identity. This gives them an advantage in the new ‘global nation’. After all, countries dissolve. Cultures collapse. Ideologies shift. But Jewish cohesion endures. They know who’s on their team. And who isn’t.

    Global Jewry is still mourning the deaths of European Jews who perished 75 years ago–even though tens of millions of innocent non-Jews died during that same conflagration.

    Their tragedies matter more. It’s a family affair. We’ve learned to accept this.

    Ironically, we lesser souls are required to grieve for and along side Jews for dead Jews we never knew. At the same time, we ignore our own dead and our own disenfranchisement.

    Jews are a special people. God’s Chosen. Even ‘secular’ Jews secretly believe this.

    Jews relate to one another and care for one another in a fashion that transcends borders. This is why so many American Jews have fought for Israel but never worn an American uniform.

    These unique Jewish values explain why every Jew in the world is automatically a citizen of Israel. Whites don’t have this privilege. It’s ‘racist’.

    The globalist future belongs to the Jews and those who emulate them. Yet it is taboo for whites to identify and operate in a fashion that resembles to the Jewish way.

    The disruptive and mercurial Jews–along with their global, transnational alliances– invariably disadvantage and degrade land-based ‘citizenship’. This process is now underway. You can see it in Western Europe and N. America.

    But we’ve become passive. Why? White cultural preservation and white genetic continuity = racism.

    Yet Jews are free to remain a distinct and separate people. The rest of us get ID cards.

    As Western borders and Western peoples and Western cultures dissolve, world Jewry gets stronger.

    How long will these double-standards last?

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
    , @utu
  30. Leftist conservative [AKA "Make Great Again"] says: • Website

    dayum, fred’s on a roll tonight…yeah, trump aint perfect…but he is the stick that turns over the stone, from which scurry many creatures from the sunlight….wait till you see what is going to happen to the west virginia delegates…this is a state where trump will crush everyone, but what I am hearing is that that he will get less than half the first-ballot delegates even if he gets 100 percent of the vote.

  31. Leftist conservative [AKA "Make Great Again"] says: • Website

    The US was never a nation.

    so let’s end this pseudo-democratic abomination called the USA.

  32. This election will be the last chance saloon for US society, but what needs doing requires more than an election and the fat and happy contingent won’t do squat, so the overlords can continue their con unimpeded. What is needed is an end to the debt-based monetary system and confiscation of the goods of its masters prior to the tar-and-feather parties, but none of that will be happening and so one must plan for a future for oneself and descendants that will be characterized by reduced expectations and even more greatly reduced circumstances. I’m Fred’s age and an expat as well, live a very austere but surprisingly rewarding life in a fairly remote rural setting. One of my children and both my grandsons live next door, so there’s a large part of the “reward”.

    Been gone from the US for nearly 20 years with no visits and still find myself stunned by what I read and hear about the country of my birth and early youth. Here’s hoping this election accomplishes something!

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “a swamp of corruption as fetid as those of Latin America”(?!?)

  34. @Mark Green

    This is also why Jews periodically get run out of town and taken out, and it is likely why it will all happen again. The difference is that the mask is off, and nobody will care the next time it happens.

  35. “Hillary is just Jeb Bush in a dress…”

    Well, she’s Jeb Bush in a pantsuit, actually (cankles, you know), but the whole essay is spot on. I for one believe that Killery will be anointed no matter what because that is what Wall St. and the rest of the Oligarchy want-and frankly they don’t care if the mask is off at that point. If, by some miracle Trump actually becomes president, he will be able to trust NO ONE around him. He would need to hire his own team of bodyguards (remember what happened when JFK’s limo stopped going past the book depository and the Secret Service detail “inexplicably” stepped away from the limo?) and really, Trump should be covering that base right now by hiring Blackwater or some such agency to assure his safety.

  36. woodNfish says:

    Looks like Fred Reed is after Pat Buchanon’s job. This is an excellent and accurate accounting of the election and the federal mafia.

  37. Rurik says:

    Fred Reed hit it out of the ballpark.

    But at least we will have seen under the log, the squishy pale creatures scurrying. They will keep their grip on the country, but the world will know them for what they are.

    but what’s with the anti-Semitism Fred?

    that officials of the Treasury, who slide back and forth between Wall Street and government like the motion of the tides

    as someone already mentioned, you left out the Fed here (which is the Eye of Mordor for all this corruption), and would have perhaps been more exact in saying Goldman Sachs, rather than the somewhat more nebulous “Wall Street”, not that Wall Street isn’t a den of snakes and swindlers too.

    Of course they knew what they were doing with the ‘credit default swaps’ and sub-prime liar loans and ‘derivatives’ and other assorted swindles. They’re looting Main Street and the Treasury dry with the full collusion of the fecal government and Dept. of “Justice” and the SEC, who were Goldman boyz just the other day (once Goldman, always Goldman ; ), and now find themselves regulating Goldman.

    Anyways, a great article. Kudos!

    Go Trump!

  38. Antiwar7 says:

    “Their cozy entanglement of political tapeworms”? “Who slide back and forth between Wall Street and government like the motion of the tides”? Brilliant!

    Your writing, Fred, is literary. I won’t take no for an answer.

  39. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Excellent. Fred described the financial crisis better than a mountain of columns, op-eds, blogs, propaganda, disinformation, honeypots, Fed Reserve contractors (blogs) and the FCIC “manual of blather”. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it.

  40. Boris says:

    The latest skulduggery is the Virginia governor’s allowing convicted felons to vote.

    So now Virginia is like nearly every other state, including such liberal stalwarts as Texas, South Carolina and Georgia? How devious!

    The obvious intention is to increase the black vote for Hillary.

    Counterpoint: Republicans only want to block felons so that fewer black people vote.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  41. @Boris

    Yeah, we really need felons voting. Who is forcing blacks to commit felonies at such a high rate?

  42. I enjoyed reading this article. I’ll probably lint to it.

  43. DaveE says:

    Terrific piece, many thanks. I hope it”terrifies” the scoundrels, but somehow, I’m not holding my breath.

    The recent California sleight-of-hand to give illegal immigrants the right to vote, by allowing anyone with a Ca. drivers license to vote (D.L. not requiring citizenship) was surely an act of desperation aimed squarely at Trump. Mexican AMERICANS (here legally iow) will surely support Trump’s wall, the illegals won’t, but they couldn’t vote and so were irrelevant.

    Until now. Way to go, California. Montezuma just got even.

    The good news is, we got it already. California’s delegate-awarding system is pretty twisted (like everything else in Ca.) and not a winner-take-all state, so it might not hurt Trump too badly. But this little last-minute scam surely WILL hurt the Establishment, since even an empty “Make America Great” baseball cap can see it for what it is.

  44. There is a very bad odor coming from the GOP and insiders in leading the Never Trump campaign that does not bode well for the party. The fix is in when these clowns should be embracing the reinvigorating energy that Trump and all those new members are bringing into the space.

    Fortunately there is a 20 year plus emergence of a new truth detecting technology developed by John David Oates called “Reverse Speech”. The breakthrough development focuses on the hereto unknown fact that intelligent people also communicate from their sub consciousness (does not lie) and these can be discovered in their reverse speech. Lies are easily detected, and now even come on a phone app.

    Predictably this brings out the idiots about Charles Manson and the Beatles records played backwards but nonetheless it is an important technology development breakthrough and it works to flesh out the deceit we are bombarded with daily from public officials. Oates has thousands of interesting examples and recently started doing speech reversals on Donald Trump.

    Surprisingly and quite amazing (as this is rare) Trump has a 100% reverse speech congruency record in dozens of reverse samples. Ted Cruse has zero. Reverse Speech congruency means that the speaker is telling the truth and speech incongruence means they are lying through their teeth (both Cruz & Priebus).

    In any case most will agree that this is a long overdue truth technology and all will be horrified and shocked to hear the Pope’s reversals where he admits to raping children. Thankfully with truth technology like this, in the future, these cretins can be outed before we fall for their shit.

  45. bjondo says:

    i wouldve said the cackling witch is cheney with hair

  46. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    Real good column Fred.

    [“same corrupt club of blood-sucking parasites, the action arm of the corporations, Wall Street, the Israeli lobby, and those who want the US to control the world at any cost–except, of course, to them.”]

    Good point that!

    [“Once a society realizes that it has no power over its rulers, it lapses into resignation. “]

    Yeah, looks like it, but that ”society” might not resemble itself for much longer, as the beta test” of mass immigration over in Europe, as that method is being developed and tweaked, on the already pacified Europeans… (from WW1-2 and subsequent occupation).

    It is already well under way in the ”heartland”/Heimat…? and any pluckiness that resided in Americans from their nice ”middle classiness”, and egalitarianism, fair play expectations, Rule of Law and etc. etc. won’t be of any significance, All of that already past it’s ”critical mass” required density to be useful.

    Atomized, controlled, isolated in huge open air pens or, neighborhoods, driving cars, self help big box, Who you gonna Call? automated too… and the ubiquitous flickering blues of the TV in the PM across the land.

    That’s why the lady is a sheeple… (oh sorry, sorry to break into song… ) The lady is a tramp… Sheeple!

    Now I would rather be guilty of non sequitur, than forever remain silent! Must retain a tiny smidgeon of a sense of humor, at the absurdity of it all.

    On a more positive note: This parasite class will self destruct destroying its host, then encyst to infect another day. In another day, after the radioactivity cools off, after a few Million Melleniums, and jee wiz, do you think the Earth of that time will be conducive to produce life anew, the near perfect conditions required to bring forth the miracle of life, will God be in a Good mood for that occurence?

  47. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Right on the money.

    I wrote about this here:

    Trump is there to destroy the Repubes so Clinton can win.

    In fact don’t be surprised if Hilary chooses Trump as her running mate.

    Or vica versa.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  48. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    keep your eyes open. reaperishere.weebly top left video. time is up when it starts again

  49. Fandrich says:

    It’s easy to agree with the idea that Trump has removed the mask of D.C. dynamics, that have betrayed Main St. America going on probably 40 years by now…. A couple of generations ago, the things that Trump has been saying, would have been widely applauded by a variety of sectors in the U.S., instead of blasted as being somehow crazy.

  50. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Trump is there to destroy the Repubes so Clinton can win.

    Why sacrifice the farce of democracy? The Red Team is an integral wing of the One Party, same as the Blue Team. The Outer Party to the Democrats’ Inner Party; both being integral sections of the same apparatus, distinguishable only by which constituent faction to whom they break their campaign promises.

    The Trumpian Saga has rent a big fat gaping hole in the legitimacy of the entire democratic process. And why would they kill off the democracy? it, in tandem with the welfare system, is the most elaborate population-pacifying bread and circuses act yet.

    I can’t think of a reason, unless they’re ready to burn the U.S. to a husk and leave it behind, but what hegemonic power can yet replace it?

    • Replies: @FANDRICH
  51. @Mis(ter)Anthrope

    I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in my neck of the woods (rural Oklahoma), that will be seen as act of war by the Federal Government on its own citizens. Every person I know owns multiple weapons and knows how to use them. It will get ugly real fast.

    I’m afraid I don’t share your optimism. The average white guy is so utterly preoccupied with debt and taxes relative to his ability to support his family that he will cave regardless of the provocation. The government relocates 5,000 Somalis to his town and Somalis are now the majority in the school to which he submits his daughters? He will bend over and take it. To do or even say anything in opposition is to endanger his livelihood and risk homelessness. When the government comes to collect his guns, he might accidentally forget to hand over a couple that nobody knows he has, but that’s as far as that will go.

    Even if our average citizen weren’t completely narcotized by dancing negroes in tights every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night, his abject terror at the consequences of uttering “the n-word” out loud and losing his livelihood would guarantee his compliance. In fact, the only possibilities for revolution are (1) a military junta, or (2) single young men and empty nesters taking up arms. The military is obvious of course, but the young and the empty nest guys are the only ones that could conceivably take such risk given the consequences of failure.

    • Replies: @Mis(ter)Anthrope
  52. American democracy has never been real – a choice between a shill for Wall St and a shill for the medical industry is not much of a choice.

  53. @Stan d Mute

    That may be true in many areas of the country, but not in mine. The white men I live around are still men and don’t even remotely resemble the effete white males I see depicted on TV shows and commercials. They are generally polite and friendly, but if you want to start a fight, most will be happy to oblige you.

    I have noticed that on the rare occasions that I go to Oklahoma City or Tulsa, there are a fair number of effeminate white men. Some Okies (especially in the cities) are ashamed of our image as backwoods bumpkins, so I think they go out of their way to emulate the “sophisticated men” they see on TV and the internet. Thankfully, they are still a minority.

  54. FANDRICH says:

    DREAM ON. That’s not a job Donald Trump would take on and only conservative traitors (sometimes known as RINO’s) would make it possible—George Will, Lindsay(amnesty) Graham. John the NEO-CON, McCain…etc.etc.

  55. utu says:
    @Mark Green

    I see you are familiar with Yuri Slezkine and his concept of Apollonians and Mercurian. He keeps juxtaposing Gypsies with Jews which you cannot if you are really sincere about finding out what makes Jews Jews. What is the secret ingredient they have to pull off the ultimate survival and domination on global scale?

  56. To be entirely fair to Goldman-Sachs and the rest of the hook-nosed Wall Street bankster gangster crew, the 2007 sub-prime crisis was not of their making.

    in 2006 Barney Frank decided that under his new interpretation of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, credit was now a “civil right,” whatever that term even means. And so he held the entire banking industry at gunpoint and forced Affirmative Action quotas in lending upon them, forcing them to give a trillion dollars in housing loans to unemployable crackheads. The consequences were predictable, predicted, and almost instantaneous. When the real estate market cratered, the narrative from the Jewsmedia was, of course, that it was “Bush’s fault,” and the fault of “greedy Wall Street bankers” whom the government had held at gunpoint and forced to loan a trillion dollars to illiterate crackhead deadbeats, which is apparently a “predatory lending practice.”

    If Congress is not responsible for the fiasco, who is?

    • Replies: @Timmy75
  57. utu says:

    The globalist must hate Trump for resurrecting the concept of the nation state.

    Trump in Foreign Policy Speech (last week): “The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony. I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down and will never enter.. (APPLAUSE) And under my administration, we will never enter America into any agreement that reduces our ability to control our own affairs.”

    And here Brzezinski in 1969 outlines how it is going to be: “The nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.”

    Trump, if he is for real, needs all kevlar wardrobe.

    • Agree: edNels
  58. @Rich

    Who’s paying for spreading your demoralization?

  59. Art says:

    And this tonight from that miserable human being, George Will:

    George Will – Israel firster – traitor.

    p.s. Trump said “America First” again tonight.

    p.s. The ADL can put it where the sun don’t shine.

  60. Yes, article is sadly correct about the oncology of the U.S.
    However, I’m not yet convinced that Trump WILL be such an anti-establishment President (should he succeed). He’s a billionaire–how far can he deviate from the norm ?
    Incidentally, I heard his comment re: the Russians “buzzing” the US destroyer off Kalingrad. He suggested, that at some (undefined) point the US would need to respond to such acts with someomkind of violent response….very confidence inspiring…[ Plse do not take such a criticism as implied support for Clinton- that loathsome creature.]

  61. geokat62 says:

    … the near-control of Mid-Eastern policy by Israel,…

    Quick question: how much “nearer” does it have to be before it becomes “total?”

  62. alMiller says:

    Another Trumpstained fool intoxicated in Trump stink. No have have had Obama for 8 years and blonde Obama is not an antidote.

    • Replies: @Cloak And Dagger
    , @pyrrhus
  63. @alMiller

    Once more -and in English this time please.

  64. Klokman says:

    Oh, like Latin American corruption developed in a vacuum, and the CIA and corporate America have been impotent there over the last couple of centuries.

    The mask is now off??? They’re shoving their visage in the people’s faces and many STILL don’t recognize who they are and what they intend. They’ve been telling the people of the world what they intend to do for decades, for at least a century. The publications announcing their objectives, and who composes the cabal has been around long before I was born. This is nothing new. Only people who are uninformed come up with these “revelations.”

  65. TG says:

    Triple kudos. Well said!!

  66. pyrrhus says:

    Please translate from the gibberish….

  67. This election is Hillary Clinton’s to lose. She can never “win” in the traditional sense, only because the cognoscenti EXPECT her to win. From the moment she stepped onto the national stage they proclaimed her the Once And Future First Female President. This has been her objective and what animates her entire being. Absent politics she is a nullity. Trump, on the other hand, has nothing-Nothing!-to lose. He is riding a crest of free publicity that he himself may never have anticipated and he is enjoying it to the hilt. If he wins the election so much the better; if he loses, so be it. He cares not one whit about the Republican Party which was already in shambles even before he decided to run. If the GOP is in the process of self-destructing, it can truly be said that Trump was the effect, not the cause. The cause was the GOP’s failure to pay heed to its base. And Trump is the sword with which they are about to cut the GOP’s throat. And that base is growing day by day.

    The Don has nothing to lose. Hillary Clinton has everything to lose. And it just might happen.

  68. Solemnity says:

    Neocons – ie. the Jewish American lobby and its foreign policy friends – oppose Trump because they want American men and women to fight Israel’s wars (and a war against Russia).

    They are working behind the scenes against Trump in the media and everywhere else.

  69. Timmy75 says:

    I cringe (daily, and often) whenever I hear/read that hackneyed canard “deep state” used by well meaning individuals. It suggests an entity unto itself, and the antithesis of “the state”. It isn’t. In act, the DEEP STATE does not exist, and was coined to legitimize the state, i.e. good cop, bad cop. No, there is indeed only THE STATE, and (in Fred’s words) it is rotten to the core of its teeth. None of what we are seeing is anything new, not one bit of it. One need only watch the Frank Capra movie from 1939 “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” (yeah, Capra was a Marxist jerk, but he was nevertheless onto something) to see that not a thing has changed in DC. It is, has always been and will always be a den of vipers. So long as there’s a sucker born every minute, politicians will turn up right along with them. “It’s far easier to fool someone than convince someone that they’ve been fooled.” –MARK TWAIN

  70. Timmy75 says:
    @nomen nescio

    And at who’s behest do you figure Congress was acting? Any time a politician utters those ghastly words “civil rights”, hold onto your wallets, because this is a stick-up.

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