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Just got back to Guadalajara and environs after two weeks of Christmas in Washington. Good times were had, old friends seen, but it was not altogether a delight. Going back to America every nine months or a year is like watching something decay in time-lapse photography. It can be a shock.

Arriving in the Virginia burbs of the Yankee Capital, I turned on CNN with the attitude of a forensic pathologist. Gawd. It was sickening. A lynch mob. Endless raving against Trump by talking heads who seemed to have a high-school mentality, asking each other leading questions to elicit scripted answers. International coverage was slight and mostly Neocon twaddle about the Russians are coming and Iran may kill you at any moment. No attempt at impartial coverage of the news. Yes, I understand: If you are an American this is normal and you think me naive for being nauseated. I get it.

So I go to Fox. Maybe, maybe, just possibly, the Zorro Channel will be better. It can’t be worse, I figure. The thought provides momentary solace.

But no. Fox is as crooked, calculated, partisan, and embarrassing as CNN. It just does it in the opposite direction. Tedious. Stupid. It is the intellectual analog of a Ugandan bus-station latrine. Why do people put up with it? I conclude, once again, that journalism no longer exists in the United States.

Perhaps worst about it may be the contempt it displays for the public. It is not the respectful manipulativeness suitable to an intelligent audience, but seems to regard the public as retarded rabbits.

And ads, ads, ads. “Ask your doctor about new Sefafim for that troublesome leaky bladder. Bleeding from eyeballs may occur. In the event of stroke, call 911. Cerebral gangrene has been reported. Spleen may explode….”

And late on the 24th, “Retail Holiday Eve DEALS! DEALS! Last minute shopping savings! Yes, sixty percent off garbage that only a mutant sloth would want!” Christmas is as spiritual as a truss ad.

OK, America’s rampaging social stew. (I’m not sure that stew can rampage, but we will overlook the matter. It’s Christmas.) Being ideologically chaotic, I have friends running from googoo liberal to White Nationalist. This allows almost everybody to hate me. We stayed with my daughter Emily Ann, who lives in an Hispanic section of Alexandria. She reports an alarming level of violent Latino crime–none. It is alarming, anyway, for White Nationalists, who hope that whites will rise in a pale tidal wave and sweep out the Pedros and Lupitas and what have you. Worse, She says she and the neighbors get along well. This is about as surprising as lunacy in a Democratic administration, but what the hey.

The Latinos just aren’t behaving badly enough to start a good tidal wave. Love it or hate it, or have more important things to think about, like sorting your socks, the country is going international. Walking a mile or so to a shopping center to replace a forgotten toothbrush, we found a Chinese store with an Asian clerk and mostly Latino customers. At a branch of my bank, we encountered a Latino clerk and manager and later, attending the Christmas service in a Protestant church, we met a female Vietnamese and a male Korean pastor. My ophthalmologist at Johns Hopkins was Lebanese.

Nobody seemed upset about it. This is great if you want domestic tranquility, and the pits if you want racial purity. But it’s happening anyway.

Violeta wanted to see the National Cathedral, so we got a Lyft and set off. Lyft and Uber seem to have put an end to crooked cab drivers, a very good thing.

Weather was chilly but not really cold, morning skies gray. The Cathedral is a magnificent building, Gothic and looming against the sky with a somber solidity. There was a genuineness about it, a solemnity. It was not designed in Jersey at corporate.

Impressive. Until you went inside.

The incongruity begins with its being made an all-faith church. Gothic is Catholic, period. Has been since 1137 at St. Denis. Catholicism is Christian, period. Yet there are no crosses. Presumably these might offend somebody.

The trendy lunge at inclusiveness doesn’t work, nor does the secularism implicit in the attempt. Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Voodoo, and the Cargo Cult really have little in common and many serious differences. Protestantism, though Christian, is so culturally distinct from Catholicism hat it belongs somewhere else.

In a secular city, populated by people of incompatible if only culturally held beliefs, it has become a tourist attraction instead of a church. Inside, huge TV screens hang from walls, giving the atmosphere of a sports bar. These do not yet run ads for adult diapers, seeming to give video tours of the Cathedral. Yet no one with a sense of what cathedrals are, or were, or even of historical manners, could possibly hang screens here. Downstairs in the crypt, where presumably bodies lie in marble caskets, the tourist store sells Star Wars masks. It is religion by Disney, cheap, commercial, and ignorant.

Though I am not religious, I could not possibly so treat, say, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. I thought of the busload of American kids I once saw rush into a church in Mazatlan, running around and yelling, “Hey! Look at this! It’s really weird….”

If I may make an incursion into the deep waters of sociological theory: I wonder whether geographic origin doesn’t play into the social war over Latin immigration. Leaders of White Nationalism seem chiefly of North European ancestry and, though it is hard to tell, so do their followers. A large gap of culture and outlook exists between the souls of upper and lower Europe.

Note that in southern Europe, of Latin derivation, food is strongly flavored, architecture imaginative, fashion a flourishing business, colors vivid, faith Catholic, music human and emotional. The adjective that comes to mind, overused because applicable, is “vibrant.”

Going north, as you reach England and the Nordic world, colors fade, food becomes bland, architecture boring, people more reserved, religion Protestant, and music majestic rather than colorful. No one would ever mistake Carmen for a Nordic opera. (Latin cultures produced the tango, and German, the polka. Nuff said.)

American Gothic, by Grant Wood. Northern Europe and its colonies, and southern Europe and its colonies, are not the same.

Latin American culture is, well, Latin, and perhaps inexplicable to chilly Northerners. For example, Mexico has a Latin language, Latin religion, Latin legal system (Napoleonic code), and music, dance, and art far closer to those of Italy or Spain than of England. The culture is–dare I say it?–”vibrant.” Which the British, Germans, Danes, and such are not.

There. We understand the world and doubtless will never have to think about it again. I wish all a Happy New Year, though I don’t hold out much hope.

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Immigration, Religion 
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  1. Anyone who wastes their time on the MSM for accurate news is, well, wasting their time.

    It is the old “if it bleeds, it leads” story. Plus the loss of on the ground reporting in the Middle East.

    • Replies: @ARYLIOA
    , @Richard B
    , @Richard B
  2. Fred,

    Spot on and excellent in every respect!

    The only thing missing, and the evidence is everywhere one might look, Americans indulge conveniently, continuously and conscientiously in cultivating ignorance.

    Keep up the great work!


  3. It’s definitely a race to the bottom, Fred, rotting from the top and the bottom simultaneously. The common cultural glue is Make Money Fast, and celebrating one another’s lusts. I don’t just mean sexual – look at the craziest of imperial grasping.

  4. Point your browser at hill.TV
    Agreed that it’s a pretty small operation, but refreshing never-the-less.

  5. She reports an alarming level of violent Latino crime–none.

    Amazing! Maybe she didn’t hear about the MS-13 murders where they dumped the bodies in Holmes Run Park, which goes right through Alexandria. Eleven defendants face life in prison. It is possible the actual stabbings and dumpings took place a few feet outside of the city limits, I’m not sure. Nevertheless, it was big news locally — though not on CNN.

    Fun fact: Holmes Run Park has been the site of four murders in recent years. What used to be a playground for SWPLs jogging or cycling is now a Salvadoran warzone.

    One would think she’d notice this in a rather sleepy suburb where the big topics are usually restaurant health inspections and the odd Bernie supporter shooting at Republican congressmen on a baseball diamond.

    Or maybe this is one of those Ron Unz situations, where we’re not supposed to notice Hispanic butchery because the victims weren’t white middle-class old stock Americans who graduated from a Division 1 college.

  6. Fred,

    As you well know, 59 years ago this month (17th January, 1961) President Dwight David Eisenhower warned America in his final address to the nation about the dangers of the increasing power of the military-industrial complex. Did anyone heed his warnings? The hell they did and the United States has been drifting rapidly and inexorably into third world country status ever since. If they are not already there as many believe!

    Added to this ugly and powerful complex is the PLM scourge of Politicians-Lawyers-Media which has installed a climate of fear in America reaching psychotic proportions both at home and abroad. But then you have known this for many years, nay, decades!


    • Replies: @Ko
  7. Note that in southern Europe, of Latin derivation, food is strongly flavored, architecture imaginative, fashion a flourishing business, colors vivid, faith Catholic, music human and emotional. The adjective that comes to mind, overused because applicable, is “vibrant.”

    Going north, as you reach England and the Nordic world, colors fade, food becomes bland, architecture boring, people more reserved, religion Protestant, and music majestic rather than colorful. No one would ever mistake Carmen for a Nordic opera.

    I have noticed this as well about Europe. I think of them as either warm or cold countries, and not only for their weather. Italy, Spain, Portugal and southern France (the Midi) are warm both in weather and in personal interactions while the northern countries (I include northern France) are meteorologically colder and in personal interactions more aloof. You may be yelled at and unceremoniously ejected from a restaurant in the south just for walking in and ordering a drink (and not food) as I have in Portofino. There was passion, but no coldness whatsoever in the interchange. Somehow this warmth of passion, even yelling, is more comforting and feels less like rejection than the cold aloofness I have experienced more than once in the Netherlands when I ask a simple question and get a terse response through pursed Calvinist lips. With the passion at least you know where you stand. And southern wines warmly charm while northern ales cool. It is one of those incongruous twists of history that Mexico, with its warm and distinct culture and historical connection to Latin Europe, should be known today for its lagers. In terms of its climate, terroir and history, Mexico should be producing some of the finest wines on earth. In colonial times, it seems, the wines then being produced in Mexico when exported to Spain proved to be so superior to the local product that the King did what any kind hearted monarch would do in the same situation, he ordered Mexican vineyards to be put to the axe. Mexicans learned to drink beer for generations and are only just starting to plant vineyards again. And as for polkas, Fred, the Germans may have invented them but it is the Mexicans who took the genre in, and made improvements that gave us beautiful ballads on subjects like huachicoleros stealing gas from pipelines in Puebla to guitar, trumpet and tuba accompaniment.

  8. Saxon says:

    Well, there we have it. Another Fred Reed article telling us how the upper-middle class or above who have a few to none of these people in their locales have no problems with their servants who may or may not live on the periphery and are still ok somehow proves something.

    Therefore us boring whitebread cracker losers who don’t create “vibrant” societies–whatever that means–should just lay back and think of something or another because these vibrant people, who are totally better than us in every way, want a better life in our countries and should be allowed to swarm in like locusts and eat up more resources than they produce at our expense and breed us out of existence.

    For some reason, they can’t build that better life in their own countries and need to come to ours, but it’s not because they’re as a group incompetent or anything — it’s because magic soil. You see once they come here, they’ll become just like us in that regard, but VIBRANT. Just like in California, which isn’t headed towards the same favela norm as every other “Latin American” hellhole there is.

  9. Muggles says:

    Fred is always worth reading. Though usually a mixed bag. Glad to know he had a safe and interesting trip to the US. But as usual, he only sees what he wants to see.

    Sure Beltway Media (and national Fake News) is horrible, ads dumb, etc. But broadcast TV is dying here. Just like newspapers and magazines. And Fred, while USA bashing, never discusses how things are in his beloved Mexico. How do you like their Fake News? Politics? Cartels? Thousands of murders which never get investigated? Endemic corruption (another “Latin” tradition he fails to mention.) It is a terrible shame that Mexico is so badly governed that it isn’t a safe haven for fed up Americanos like Fred any longer. Enter at your own risk. Not like 30 years ago.

    I agree most “Hispanic” immigrants or of that heritage are good folks and hard workers. Where I live that is the case. But look at the local murders/robberies/home invaders/drug busts and you see a larger than population percentage of perps with Hispanic names. Many illegals, but some not. While in the Federal Beltway suburbs things might seem okay, but not in Houston’s Little Salvador.

    As for comments on food and lively lifestyle, I tend to agree. The farther north you go in Europe and the US, the worse the food is. A lot of that is related to geography and cold weather. What can grow and what can’t. Fred would be more credible if he used his same critical focus on Mexico and other Latin American nations as he does on the US. .

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Lugnuts
    , @Rev. Spooner
  10. AceDeuce says:

    Polka is bad? Seriously, Fred ????

    You do know that most of your tacobreathed heroes’ music in Mehico is based on the polka and similar German/Czech/Polish genres. The Spixx can’t live without the accordians, and trumpets that were introduced by the same Europeans that you’re hating on. The Germans, Poles, Czechs and other similar peoples who came to Texas– and Mexico are the reason for kickass sausages, kolaches, and other delicacies, and the founders of Mexican breweries. That’s not credited by your cuckin’ self, but it’s true—just like how a Swiss invented tres leches cake, and wypipo invented Pisco Sours in South America.:

    “German roots are particularly notable in Mexican music due to the large numbers of German immigrants in Texas and northern Mexico around the 1830s. The distributors of German-made accordions aggressively marketed the loud, sturdy little “boom boxes” as far back as the late 19th century. Today, various overlapping styles of music that descended in part from German music (notably polka) include tejano, conjunto, Tex-Mex, quebradita, banda, ranchera, and norteño. Such musical styles are especially popular in northern Mexico and in places of the United States where there is a large immigrant population of Mexican heritage.”

    • Agree: J. Gutierrez
    • Replies: @Rick Derris
    , @Herzog
  11. Lugnuts says:

    Poorly governed, not badly

  12. The tsunami of non-white invaders and your ensuing minority status is a silly thing to fret about, frustrated white people. There is evidence: A woman named Emily gets along with her Latino neighbors and a Chinese guy took Fred’s money for a toothbrush.

    I’m grateful that Fred the Advanced pulled his punch a bit. Usually he endorses whites tossing their lineage into the abyss by intermarrying with Latinos. Today he only wants you to do your banking with them.

    I too run errands in the midst of a multicultural mishmash. It’s unpleasant to encounter nearly every strain of alien face that exists on the planet in an afternoon. This was not the case when I was a kid and I’m not old. Apparently a lack of snarling and cussing on my part indicates my acceptance of the situation.

    I used to eagerly anticipate Fred’s articles, until he became a tedious lecturer of benighted whites on the non-issue of having one’s homeland fill up with Guatemalans and Mexicans. We get the psychology. He married a Latina, something unthinkable during his upbringing, and now feels compelled to continuously justify it to himself while passive-aggressively scolding those who wouldn’t consider such an action. This space has become tiresomely predictable as it alternates between the pro-Latino advertisement and the piece where he points out how utterly stupid everyone else is and how every policy is the product of dolts while never offering any solutions from his above-the-fray perch.

  13. IvyMike says:

    It is true, Mexico adopted beer and polka from the German, here in the U.S. we had the wisdom to adopt Blitzkrieg and ballistic missiles from the German. It is also (clearly) Mexico’s fault that the stupidity of American drug laws and the insatiable appetite of our ignorant and amoral population for heroin, meth, and coke has destroyed what was once a charmingly backward and easygoing country once known as “The Land Of Manana”. Wherever you go, there you are.

    • Replies: @James Scott
  14. Rurik says:

    Ok, so Fredo prefers Puerto Rican-type ‘vibrancy’ of loud colors, music and spicy food..

    over Northern European culture.. where the depth and vibrancy is more inward, than outward.

    Goethe and those cathedrals, for instance, vs. loud salsa music and bright colors.

    Fair enough. I too enjoy the Latin culture and people from time to time. A lot to be said for them.

    Living in this surreal place, what Fredo noticed on CNN, is all we get 24/7 from the media. NPR seethes daily over the fact that Trump is potus. That’s all they do, when they’re not telling lies about ‘Russian aggression in Ukraine’, or other nonsense.

    Anyways, nice article.

    Happy new year Fredo!

  15. Senor Reed, be on the lookout for Qanon.

  16. @Rurik

    Ok, so Fredo prefers Puerto Rican-type ‘vibrancy’ of loud colors, music and spicy food..

    But they like to be in America made by blancos.

    • Replies: @Saxon
  17. Saxon says:
    @Priss Factor

    Yes but you don’t put enough spices on your food that it ends up tasting like flaming diarrhea where you can no longer taste the individual components, so you deserve it. That’s the logic. How’s the food tho.

    • Replies: @Delmas
  18. Cowboy says:

    Dude, Protestantism is Christian and Catholicism is the hippy thing we did when we were young and stupid. This was a nice country before we allowed greasy southern european pagans of the romanist variety to infect the inhabitants with all sorts of superstititions and devil worship. That the spics still hold to these ancient romanists beliefs is a credit to their fortitude as opposed to your typical American southern european romanist who belch on the sacramental tread mill once a year.

    • Agree: Gleimhart Mantooso
    • Replies: @Al Lipton
    , @Druid
    , @Mj
  19. Al Lipton says:

    Always a pleasure to read Fred’s musings basted generously with his pro Latino bias. And the comments he provokes.

    Re: FOX being as bad as the fake news, please check out Tucker Carlson – a true National Treasure. Sort of a younger, but equally deliciously rebellious, version of Fred.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  20. Al Lipton says:

    Fred, I shall pray that you find God and religion, just like the rest of the multi-colored humanity. Augustine of Hippo’s Confessions is good read. Pascal’s Pensees is also good read. Both free on Project Gutenberg.

  21. Al Lipton says:

    I don’t think that this generation who thinks there are 57 genders is less stupid than all the past “young and stupid” generations who never recognized more than two genders.

    Watch this:

  22. Igetit says:

    What a latinophile wierdo. Willing to overlook massive cartel violence in Mexico and the 30k deaths due to latin immigrant shenanigans reported by Ann Coulter order to kiss brown asses and ensure that his cowardly boomer behind doesn’t have to live in the nightmare that his generation bequeathed to us.

    I’ll take Wagner over another cookie cutter bossa nova beat with bastard spanish caterwauling over top thanks, Fred. And we do have hot sauce here, even if you were too busy gawking at the insufferable arrogance of our oh-so hyper intelligent jewish news media to notice. You can just skip your next trip, it’s quite certain you’ve gone completely native and If I ever encountered you you would be swiftly deported by ICE.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
    , @Johann
  23. Cowboy says:
    @Al Lipton

    Dude why did you torture me with the bleeting of calves?

  24. tygertgr says:

    The police blotters in northern VA are full of weird sexual assaults and crimes on kiddies by hispanic men. There are also regular street fights that don’t get to the level of stabbings or anything like that. You just see a couple chubby mid 30s 5’5 guys violently throwing down on the sidewalk over something stupid.

    The ms13 stuff with murders is the kind of thing you could ignore if you don’t read the papers. It’s rare and avoidable. But the creepy dudes who act weird and strike terror into women are really not avoidable. And, as I said, perusal of the police blotters make it very clear they do in fact do crazy rapey things.

    I was in a 7-11 no NoVA a couple months ago and three salvadorans picking up beer were talking about how to buy hand guns, clearly thinking nobody around could understand them. I mean, I don’t know that they didn’t have a right to own guns or were bad guys, but it didn’t look good to me.

  25. @Bragadocious

    One a day in my town. Usually a Hispanic shooting a Hispanic. Occasionally others. One a day. 365 or so a year. Not a big city.

  26. Biff says:

    talking heads who seemed to have a high-school mentality, asking each other leading questions to elicit scripted answers.

    Considering the audience it makes sense. Perfect sense, and if you would like to have it repeated, go to your nearest bowling ally, or poker club…

  27. Scandinavian food is pretty good. Russian food is great. Central European Slavic and Hungarian food in general is pretty good with a few exceptions. All enjoy plentiful snow in their homelands. And at least Slavs yell a lot. Plenty. (Actually, so do the Irish, although their cuisine leaves much to be desired.) So much for your braindead generalizations.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Sionnach
  28. That Mexican taco Violets holds must be a sweet treat indeed for an aging Boomer to do a complete 180 from his formerly eyes wide open racial awareness to this. A couple whiffs of some young chalupa and he is a born again vato now. Beta broken p-ssy whipped Boomer is the phrase that comes to the forefront of my mind.

    • Agree: Exile
    • LOL: Ray Huffman
    • Replies: @Exile
  29. Old Lem says:

    Agreed! Agreed! I live in Los (Mexico) Angeles… Hell, I forget half the time that this used to be an American city. Just going for a two block walk near my apartment: Ground covered in filth — baby diapers, old car batteries, lottery scratchers; Homeless Americans and illegal border jumpers barricading the sidewalk with their encampments; large crowds of people and not a single white or African American in the crowd except for myself; bumper-to-bumper traffic; seconds and minutes wasted trying to read a sign because every darn sign now has to have 12 other languages (Korean, Español, Tagalog, Russian, Hebrew, Thai, Mandarin) all under a haze of smog.

    And I say this as an African-American… We’re the most affected. (Yes, I too and disgusted by what we’ve become in America; it truly saddens my heart.) Most African-Americans have left California or are barely holding on while white Heritage American, like in every other major American city, have fled to the outskirts of L.A. creating an overpriced white perimeter that buses in the brown help for the day.

    Brace yourself rural America…

    • Agree: Druid
  30. Brilliant. I only agree with about two out of three sentiments, but that’s okay.

  31. @Bragadocious

    ‘She reports an alarming level of violent Latino crime–none.

    Amazing! Maybe she didn’t hear about the MS-13 murders where they dumped the bodies in Holmes Run Park…’

    She probably knew what Fred wanted to hear and gave it to him.

  32. There’s kind of a non-sequitur there at the start.

    First you said you went to Washington (DC) for two weeks. Then you said you visited America.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  33. Exile says:
    @Apex Predator

    Agree Apex – he protests too much.

    Fred can’t be content with saying “they’re not all bad b/c .” He has to put the rhetorical screws to his former team.

    We haters are well aware that NAMALT, but Fred seems unaware that Old Lem’s comment above is no less true for it – or Fred wants readers to believe it’s not true.

    Mexicans have a place called Mexico to be wonderful and Latin in. Likewise with all those other vibrants Fred wants us to get along with b/c go along.

    As for “nobody seemed upset,” Fred – seeming “upset” about your precious “vibrancy” can get you socially and economically exiled in America. Fred, it’s been said so much it’s cliche by now, but you are a p-whipped sellout. Feliz Navidad – now self-deport for reals. No dual-passporters. Home should be where your heart is.

  34. BuelahMan says:

    Why is it that marrying a mexican turns white men into wimps who hate their race?

    • Replies: @Rick Derris
    , @fnn
  35. I conclude, once again, that journalism no longer exists in the United States.

    Sure it does … on the internet.

    • Replies: @CascadeJoe
  36. @AceDeuce

    I’m sure a lot of people can’t stand mariachi music, so Fred can pound sand.

  37. @BuelahMan

    Easy: Fred was always a gamma posturing as somebody that he wasn’t.

  38. @tygertgr

    Apologists like Reed or Unz would say “what’s the problem, it’s gang-bangers killing other gang-bangers?” I’ll tell you what the problem is. We have 11 defendants facing life in prison. Let’s say 2 of them are given plea deals in exchange for snitching. They’ll still have to do 10 years or so. The other 9 will do life. We pay for this to the tune of \$35,000 per year per prisoner, according to the Federal Register.

    These are young men who will now spend the next 40-50 years in prison on our dime. A conservative cost estimate is around \$140 million for a bunch of gutterslugs committing two murders. We could bill the Salvadoran government but of course we won’t.

    And this is one reason why we can’t have nice things.

    • Replies: @aksavavit
  39. The title of this column is kind of a lie, or OK, just bullshit, if that makes it better. These are not random thoughts. Most of what Mr. Reed wrote about here was about what he saw on TV. It wasn’t even all TV (though it’s sure not any better), but just TV news. How are those “random thoughts”?

    Fred, when I go visit somewhere, I don’t spend all my time in front of the idiot plate. It ain’t like you were stuck in a hotel room, as you mentioned you stayed with your daughter. You’ve only got so many years left – why waste it on Lyin’ Press infotainment? Is that stuff any better in Mexico, BTW? I don’t know, you never compared, did you?

    I guess that’s easy money there, writing columns based on how ridiculous the TV news is. What kind of self-respecting journalist goes to a foreign country, and then reports on what he saw on TV?

    Go outside, see the cherry blossoms… you may have to wait a few months and then deal with 10’s of thousands of Chinese tourists that apparently can’t grow their own cherry trees, and can’t download internet pictures of them, and feel the need take selfies in front every other tree while making peace signs and standing in a certain way to make their rear ends look tighter – see “The Ugly Chinaman”.

  40. Ko says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    Yes, bring out the old Ike warning. But don’t mentioon that he spent his entire eight years as President funneling money into said Mil Ind Com – actually, he helped create it.

    • Replies: @Druid
    , @TomSchmidt
  41. @Saxon

    Yes, but for Fred, the real problem is with Americans that have been trying to do something about it. He hates the VDare people for making an effort to prevent the problems that he rails about in his columns. Here, he decries the secularization of the Christian churches, yet then says we should be happy with multiculturalist, can’t-we-all-get-along, places like the neighborhood he was in in Washington, FS.

    Anyone who mentions MS-13 or the trashing of cities and parks due to the Hispanic tendency to not give a crap is a hater, but yes, also, the country is becoming trashy too. There’s no connection, of course.

    That was just to add my take, so sorry for piling on, Saxon. Yours was a great comment.

  42. Rahan says:

    Last summer was traveling, watched CNN for the first time in years, on the hotel TV, during a sudden day with no stuff to do. Watched a bit in the morning, a bit in the afternoon, and a bit before sleep.

    It was literally about the menace of white supremacy the whole day. All freaking day.

    If someone else had told me this, I would have thought they are exaggerating for dramatic effect. Yet there it was, in front of my very eyes.

    Comparing late 1990’s Germany and Sweden to 2019 Germany and Sweden is traumatizing. Why? Why would then do this? Why would they allow this to be done to them?

    One good thing, though. All Slavic countries appear to be actually getting better year by year, in incremental steps that nevertheless do pile up. Even the Ukraine appears to be creeping upward, in spite of everything.

    Albeit the Czech Republic and Slovenia seem continuously poised to cross over to GloboHomo…

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  43. @Igetit

    Unfortunately, ICE probably can’t deport Fred Reed, Lgetit, as I assume he is a dual-passport holder. Not because of Mr. Reed, though he’s a great example, I think there should be no such thing as dual citizens. It’s not working out very well.

    Oh, and agreed about Ann Coulter vs. Senor Reed. She’s been batting a .980, IMO. See “Ann Coulter on traffic safety and illegal aliens”. I disagree with her only on Affirmative Action and a couple of her writings on “the pot” (warning: links go to Peak Stupidity, not Ann Coulter), but she tells it like it is, contrary to this fool.

  44. If Whites are so superior, why are they losing ground so fast? Do you any “superior” institution that only keeps losing?

  45. aksavavit says:

    Well, just to improve your math.
    \$35,000 a year of jailtime/gutterslug times 10 gutterslugs times 40 years cost \$14 million, not \$140 million. For 50 years it would cost \$17.5 million.
    Don’t know whether your “nice things” are that cheap.

    • Replies: @Bragadocious
  46. Hillbob says:

    Funny….beautiful writing. Come on people lighten up …just love to “reed” this guy all the time

  47. bvanwely says:

    Another enjoyable Fred rant, with one misstep. The National Cathedral is Episcopalian (also known as Anglican) , and never was Catholic.

  48. anonymous[184] • Disclaimer says:
    @Weston Waroda

    How about to each his own as far as tango vs polka, beer vs wine are concerned?

    Sorry, I prefer Danish to Southern Italian. And Lega Nord would like to be rid of the Italian South.
    Not because of wine and vibrancy….

  49. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Other than his dislike for CNN and Fox, Reed seems to have had a non-stop diversity hard on during his trip. He really seems to have a dislike for anything northern European trying to imply that their culture is boring and not vibrant enough. Once the cartel violence comes close enough to his town he’ll be the first to run with his tail between his legs to the lands of the boring Yankee. Always a hypocrite.

  50. @Colin Wright

    Very good point, Colin. I missed that.

  51. My own medium-sized city here in the western US has become so “vibrant” over the last twenty years that there are now large parts of my boyhood stomping-grounds where I can’t go without being harassed. Every other night the local news reports yet another loud, colorful, Latin drive-by shooting.

    Maybe a fellow gloomy Northerner can offer solace:

  52. @aksavavit

    Yep, I added a zero. But I’ll stick to my point since the Northern Va prosecution isn’t an anomaly. Feds are prosecuting MS-13 in Boston, Long Island, Nevada, California, Dallas and other places. And the thing about these medieval squat monsters is that they usually go away for a very, very long time, not the 18 months that D’Aquon gets for dealing crack. So yeah, the totality of these lengthy prison sentences means it far exceeds \$140 million, probably into the billions, which certainly does impact government services for taxpaying Americans. But we shouldn’t grumble, because spicy food.

    DOJ’s website lists over 7,000 hits for MS-13 prosecutions.

  53. KenH says:

    Fredrico’s random brain farts always include snide comments about white people who have serious misgivings about the Guat/mestizo invasion while heaping fulsome praise upon the latter as salt of the earth people almost across the board. They even smile at you at U.S. banks!

    It seems the only highlight of Fred’s visit to the “heart of darkness” was encountering smiling and polite to a fault mestizos and perhaps orientals in public.

    So where does Fredrico run off to when he needs top notch medical care? Does he go to Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela or even his beloved may-hee-co? Hail no, he comes slithering back to the USA to cash in on those VA benefits.

    I wonder whether geographic origin doesn’t play into the social war over Latin immigration.

    Tom Tancredo, Lou Barletta and Joe Arpaio have been more outspoken against illegal immigration than Nordic politicians and all are of Italian descent so the bright colors, flavorful foods, vivid colors imaginative architecture and Catholic faith of their culture have not endeared them to mestizos. Michelle Malkin is no Nordic or white nationalist and she’s been extremely outspoken against the demographic war against the white majority.

    Nobody seemed upset about it

    I wonder if the Chinese store owner, Asian clerk, latino customers, Vietnamese worshipper, Korean pastor and Lebanese opthamologist would welcome being demographically swamped in their own nations and just shrug it off as “going international”? Once look at the immigration policies of each of their nations gives us the answer.

  54. @Digital Samizdat

    Also, local news in local papers. These are easier to read as the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty low. Just don’t read the comments of political commentary. And probably don’t read the political commentary either.

    Personal opinions are not journalism.

    • Replies: @Jane Pendleton
    , @tygertgr
  55. @Weston Waroda

    Viticulture is difficult, if not impossible in most regions of Mexico. A little thing called Pierce’s Disease kill off vines, usually within five years of planting. To date, it’s no more curable than herpes.

    “. . . the Germans may have invented them but it is the Mexicans who took the genre in, and made improvements that gave us beautiful ballads on subjects like huachicoleros stealing gas from pipelines in Puebla to guitar, trumpet and tuba accompaniment.”

    Year right. The Polka genre in Mexico is also the preferred vehicle for popular narco gangster ballads and music to stumble around shit faced puking drunk by at the local street parties.

    Déjate de joder.

    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  56. @KenH

    You kick ass and take names Kenny boy. “slithering back to collect VA benefits”

    • Agree: Rurik
  57. @CascadeJoe

    My local paper is so politically correct they wouldn’t be able to cover a story about citizens rallying to save an old landmark tree without mentioning that it was planted by a white-supremicist-slave-owning-pioneer and that the people who are wanting to save it are all gray-haired whites who are dying out anyway.

    • Replies: @CascadeJoe
  58. Anonymous[211] • Disclaimer says:

    We stayed with my daughter Emily Ann, who lives in an Hispanic section of Alexandria. She reports an alarming level of violent Latino crime–none.

    That’s so heartwarming but there’s a great number of hispanic majority/supermajority cities with violent crime rates higher than the national average of 2.47 per 1000 residents.

    San Antonio, TX – 6.33

    Albuquerque, NM – 13.77

    San Bernadino, CA – 15.36

    Miami, FL – 6.37

    Stockton, CA – 14.23 (hispanic plurality)

    • Replies: @Republic
  59. Ragno says:

    Whoops – my bad. I thought it was time for one of Fred’s sober and wholly-sincere jeremiads against subhuman blacks and how ridiculous it is to ever expect them to rise up to the moral and intellectual level of South Seas cannibals, which – as Fred has so often reminded us – is not just an impossibility but the Fool’s Errand of all fool’s errands.

    But I guess, what with the holidays and all, I’d lost count of Fred columns; or I’d’ve realized it was time for another gentle reminder that Mexicans shine their beatific light on all of us snarling, pig-ignorant blanquitos. Which (naturally) we don’t merit in the first place. (Ordinarily, I’d point out that as the New York Times is now the plaything of Mexican oligarch Carlos Slim, perhaps we should cross our fingers expectantly while waiting for his vibrant Latin honesty and incorruptibility to blaze a trail towards Truth Without Fear or Favor for the rest of the US news media to follow. )

    No matter – unless Leap Year has thrown his schedule out of whack, next time we’re getting the ZULU clip-reel for sure.

  60. @Jane Pendleton

    This is the best comment of the decade!!!!!

    Yea for Jane.

    Said an old gray-haired white.

  61. This is a really boring article. Apparently Fred didn’t have much to say, but he said it anyway.
    The takeaway from his meandering thoughts is that white people are dull. Some of them may be like that today. But things used to be different. I won’t go into an explanation of how there used to be vaudeville circuits, and play houses, and opera, and church parties, and all sorts of things. But those are all gone now, because we are supposed to stay home; and look at the internet. White people are not dour, the painting above is nonsense. But they are portrayed as such, so that black people can pretend to be more fun, or more creative, or more sociable. The left wants a bunch of unhappy people, who will follow instructions to become happy. So they gaslight white people mercilessly, so that they really will believe that the world is a bad place. In the white community, civic pride, racial pride, the joy of community, freedom of speech and association, conviviality, romantic love, and happiness have all been made illegal. So now the white kids reach out for any substitute that they can find. Tattoos, Marijuana, and Sex.

    If you’re reading this, I want you to imagine something. Imagine that the people whom you love the most, are looking at you all the time, with pride and satisfaction. You are basking in the glow of their approval. That is what makes small children happy, and it makes adults happy, too. An all white community of people who have a lot in common, also contains a lot of friendships and family relations. Those positive relationships are the glow of approval. The more of them that you have, the happier that you will be. But you can’t put blacks or chinese into the mix. Real community-wide friendship and love requires cultural cohesion. Not strange foreign cultures; and people that nobody knows. So the first step in helping the white community to heal itself, is to explain how gaslighting is used against them. Gaslighting means “making a person feel guilty”. So blacks and females and some Jews and others have invented the term “White Male Privilege”. That’s supposed to mean that white men are treated with too much respect; and also that they are selfish. At least, that’s the way that they are recognized by people who claim to be recognized as intelligent. The resulting inequality of respect shown to white men is supposed to be the cause of social suffering.

    I’ll write more later, but for now it would a good idea to read the following paper:

    Analyzing the Concept of Recognition

    Recognition presupposes a subject of recognition (the recognizer) and an object (the recognized). Before asking what kind of subjects and objects of recognition are possible, this entry discusses the meaning of “recognition” and how it differs from neighboring concepts such as “identification” and “acknowledgment”. (Pay special attention to the idea that the recipients of redistribution, must be recognized as being equal to all others.)

    • Thanks: Kolya Krassotkin
  62. Adrian says:
    @Weston Waroda

    Somehow this warmth of passion, even yelling, is more comforting and feels less like rejection than the cold aloofness I have experienced more than once in the Netherlands when I ask a simple question and get a terse response through pursed Calvinist lips.

    How do you know these lips were calvinistic? It is far more likely that they were somewhat parsimonious in their answers lest it would be found out that the story that the Dutch are all fluent in English is a myth.

    And so is the story that it is a calvinistic country.

    According to the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) in 2015 about half of the Dutch stated that they belonged to some denomination or other. Of those who actually went to church regularly 25 % were catholics and 16 % protestant.

    It is, according to the Amsterdam Professor of Church History, Mirjam van Veen, especially the influential calvinistic politician Abraham Kuyper, Prime Minister of the Netherlands in 1901-1905, who is mainly responsible for propagating this myth of the calvinistic Netherlands. He inter alia founded the Protestant University where Van Veen is teaching today.

    Van Veen claims that in the first century after the Reformation, another Zürich theologian, Herman Bullinger, was far more influential in the Netherlands than Calvin. I have never heard of him and that is, according to Van Veen, today the case with just any other Dutch person. You might as well ask him or her about some Chinese scholar.

    The Dutch themselves like to think that the North South division here described by Fred can be found in their own country. Those “who know how to enjoy life” are allegedly found in the mainly catholic part of the country “below the big rivers”. I lived there for a few years and didn’t notice it.

    • Replies: @joe2.5
  63. Angharad says:

    Thank you, Saxon! You’ve written what I was planning to write.

  64. tygertgr says:

    Right by where Fred is talking about this week:

    “The incident happened around 4 p.m. Tuesday. Police say 20-year-old Lizama Gamez of Falls Church was driving on S. Thomas Street in Douglas Park when an oncoming driver beeped their horn. Gamez then “allegedly pulled alongside the victims and became irate, yelling at them and brandished a firearm,””

  65. Herzog says:

    “Polka” is Polish. That’s even the meaning of the word, in Polish.

  66. Druid says:

    I neither like their culture nor their food and I am only “white” in colour

  67. Druid says:

    And yet your ilk believe in the imminent end of days, the goodness of Zionism and Talmud and the rapture. Blithering idiots!

    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  68. Druid says:

    And the old hypocrite let 1.5 million German pow’s die after the war under his watch because he hated Germans. And allowed our Talmudic friends to torture said Germans in said camps

    • Replies: @Stephen Paul Foster
  69. Biff says:

    Would you like cheese with your whine?

  70. Renoman says:

    I hear you Fred, sometimes I look around at all the crazy stuff going down and think to myself “I’ll be dead soon and all this aggravation will be over”!

  71. TheBoom says:

    Keep in mind that Fred has nothing new to say. He ran out of ideas a few years back and is now click bait. That combined with that alternative reality view of Mexicans and Mexico among gringos produces statements like no Hispanic crime

    • Agree: Julian of Norwich
    • Replies: @another fred
  72. joe2.5 says:

    … a better life in our countries…

    Ah, but that is where your note makes one laugh. It’s nobody’s “our country”, and I’m not mentioning the American Indians here. Empires are never someone’s own country and they all get overrun early on. Macedonian Egypt, Rome, Byzance, Turkey, England, now us.

    For some reason, they can’t build that better life in their own countries and need to come to ours, but it’s not because they’re as a group incompetent or anything…

    That “some” reason is called Empire. That’s the way it works. It globalizes, hoovers up their stuff, which necessarily is followed by their displaced people. Structural reasons make it so that early on they all were melting pots, then after the upscaling they all become a hodgepodge of cohabiting “nationalities” in cosmopolitan jungle metropolises. Only the stupid hope on laws and regulations to arrest big social phenomena on this scale. It’s like trying to arrest the laws of nature, order the ocean to stop moving, Canute-like.

    Therefore us boring whitebread cracker losers who don’t create “vibrant” societies–whatever that means…

    I don’t want to believe that you really don’t even get what it means (even though you may get your own characterization right, I wouldn’t know) because I am charitable by nature. If you really didn’t, that would be a powerful argument to confirm what Fred wrote.

    • Replies: @Saxon
    , @another fred
  73. joe2.5 says:

    …in 2015 about half of the Dutch stated that they belonged to some denomination or other. Of those who actually went to church regularly 25 % were catholics and 16 % protestant.

    Look at it this way: these 25% should have moved to Pakist– pardon, Belgium — in 1830, when it was carved out.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  74. @Rahan

    As for the Slavic countries, a country with a consistently declining, aging population is not doing well. This is especially true given that there is no full substitute for actual human beings, especially youngish men, both to repel invaders and defend their women, children, elderly, and handicapped people within the country.

    Neither would-be “migrants” nor nearby hostile or expansionist countries will forever ignore the land, water, and resources being used and claimed by an ever smaller, ever older group of people who are not their own.

    Having said that, russia and a few of the other predominantly Slavic countries seem somewhat less doomed than the West or Anglosphere (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, etc.), and we will be encouraging some of our children to learn russian.

  75. @Jim bob Lassiter

    I don’t particularly like Reed, but why shouldn’t he get the benefits that he was promised, that he worked and sacrificed for, that all other veterans get?

    • Agree: GMC
    • Replies: @Jim bob Lassiter
  76. @joe2.5

    Why? The Protestants / exProtestants in Scandinavia and formerly-great formerly-Britain have done just fine surrendering to sexual perversion, mental illness (homosexuality and “transgenderism”), and swarms of hostile foreign peoples with incompatible cultures and dangerous or primitive ideologies.

    Would you rather be a regular (non-rich non-connected) White person living and raising children in Catholic Poland or Croatia, or in nominally Protestant Sweden or England?

    Most white european peoples have bought into the brainwashing, self-doubt, self-hatred, and distractions that engender their collective suicide, whether they are or used to be catholic or Protestant. That should be obvious.

    And I say this as someone who left the Catholic Church several years ago — and I do not regret the decision.

  77. gordon says:

    I’m not seeing where to donate to Fred anymore.

  78. @Anti-White

    If Whites are so superior, why are they losing ground so fast?

    By losing, you mean the whole world wants do evacuate their shitholes and come here?

    • Replies: @Anti-White
  79. anonymous[191]:

    Perhaps Reed is a genius; after all, he gets paid (one assumes) to rewrite the same column over and over. “Mexico good, US bad”, ad infinitum.

    Curiously, he claims to dislike ‘black culture’, which is probably just another ‘false flag’ on his part. He’s probably actually a wigger.

  80. @RadicalCenter

    I never said he shouldn’t collect what he was promised.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  81. @Hippopotamusdrome

    They are going to the West, because you are corrupt and weak, so it is easier. If they could, they would go to East Asia.

  82. It is really difficult to understand why Fred did not watch an episode of The Five or of Tucker Carlton Tonight on Fox when he made his visit to DC and spent time watching Fox. So, Fred? Are you willfully ignorant? Or are you just plain stupid?

    The case for you being plain stupid is enhanced by your absurd statement that “white nationalists” want to prevent “lupita” from doing something in America. Most likely “lupita” will take the jobs that Requisha would normally take. So Mexicans will take jobs from blacks, but Fred believes that white people are “afraid” about something?

    Message to Fred: I don’t give a shit if my maid is a black woman or a Mexican woman! If you, Fred. and your ilk, would prefer the maid be Mexican instead of black? Well, Fred? That makes you a racist. You don’t want black people to get work and to get pay. Instead you want Mexicans to undercut black people.

    Fred? You are a stupid racist. Obviously nothing, least of all reality, will stop your insane bullshit.

    Yeah, Fred, you are so right: as a white guy I am so afraid of Lupita. No, Fred. I’d love to screw Lupita if she looks cute. But;the idea that I am afraid of illegal immigrants who should never be allowed to enter and settle in the US illegally? Why on Earth would anyone be “afraid” of a criminal violating US law? What is wrong with you, you stupid fool?

    Why do you talk like you are completely retarded most of the time?

    It is really the stupidest nonsense I have ever read. Fred, el estúpido. What an incredible fool.

  83. @tygertgr

    This article is hogwash

    …Latinos are Indians most of the time. A few from Caribbean countries are Mulatto. They are not Southern European.

    …Southern European colonies of Spain and Portugal are nightmares of corruption from the Philippines to Salvador.

    …The US had a difficult time integrating Sicilians, who are the only actual Latino people in America in great numbers. And Latino drug gangs make La Cosa Nostra look like Mr. Rogers.

    …Anybody who has ever lived near a barrio as I have knows how fast Hispanic gang members can turn on people. Often unprovoked.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  84. Its absolutely hilarious to hear Mr Reed say that Italy is just like Mexico.

    What parts of Italy exactly? Definitely not Rome. Definitely not Northern Italy. Definitely not Napoli. Definitely not the Alpine region. Definitely not Milan. Definitely not the Islands like Sicily and Capri. Definitely not Positano and Amalfi. Maybe parts of Calabria I suppose? In negative senses? Bad infrastructure and crippling organised crime?

    Where does this induhvidual who wrote this tedium mention that Mexico just lost a fighting war against the Sinaloa Cartel? Mexico is now like Colombia under Pablo Escobar. Ah yes, there is your vibrancy. So vibrant. So much flavour.

    So white people are boring, lol, said the boring white man. Maybe you’re boring?

    Fred Reed probably thinks he has no culture. He does, he just can’t feel it.

    And why, what a remarkable observation that immigrants self interested in immigration have no problem with immigration. How sagacious.

    The essay is an incoherent mess. So the national Cathedral is a denatured husk to incompatible beliefs, but domestic tranquility abounds and shall abide?

    Yeah, Fred Reed is a moron. Why is he writing on a website for smart people? He should tell us why he thinks that domestic tranquility so an emergent property of incompatible ideas and the subjugation of one of the core pillars that allowed the tranquility in the first place.

    Why does marrying a Latina have to make you a ginormous cuckold? When Fred goes to meet her relatives and listen to high culture like Ricky Martin and Pitbull and Cypress Hill does he keep very quiet while the Ese’s get loud with the homies? Have you got a tattoo yet homie?

    Just because you’re not capable of the cerebral that derives from subtlety and isolation doesn’t mean that loud simple and smiley is superior. Wagner is not for everyone. Neither is Sibelius or Beowulf.

    I wonder if Mr Reed believes the whole world looking like Mexico is just dandy.

    The British are vibrant. The Germans are vibrant. The Danes are vibrant. Perhaps just not in the way someone who apparently needs their garlic sliced very thickly can understand. And they all have vibrant histories of insurrection past a certain point as well.

    Mr Reed don’t write another worthless essay like this again.

    At least there was a good point about majesty. But majesty isn’t vibrant?

    And don’t compare Italy to Mexico. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  85. Stogumber says:

    Hello Mr.Reed,
    I appreciate your depiction of a northern-southern cultural difference. I wonder about the way you mix the objective reality with subjective terms.
    Objectively southern culture is rather noisy and quick which you may call vibrant. Northern culture is rather quiet and slow.
    Subjectively, you may be astonished, I find just your “vibrancy” (noise and quick movements) boring. It’s overstimulation. Quietness and slowliness have much more appeal for me, even more fascination.

    • Agree: RVBlake
  86. @Saxon

    It’s Tibbetts tier logic. “They have spicy food, let’s bring them in by the millions!”

  87. Forgive the acerbic Fred. Polemic tone comes from being a reformed and now fervently opposed neo-atheist.

    You have more culture then those Latinos. You always did. Just like the Romans had more culture then the Goths and Alan’s of Fritigern.

    I didn’t mean to be too hard. You have a very rich culture the Latinos with their fake asses and fake smiles wish they could comprehend.

  88. Oliver says:

    Fred is a turncoat. At the end of the day we should rejoice in the fact that he has left the United States. He clearly has nothing to offer our nation.

  89. @Anti-White

    No they wouldn’t.

    Do you think they prefer water that just has estrogenic runoff and fluoride or water that has that in much larger quantities plus terrifying industrial solvents, lead, and arsenic etc?

    So you think people like being able to criticise a government or not? I’m sure Mexicans would love social credit where they can’t catch the train if they drink all.ngihr and play rumba rap.

    They wouldn’t go to China, idiot.

    But it’s good to see how stupid anti white racists are. It’s admirable. It’s admirable that they think the world of peak social mood is the one which will continue.

    As you were.

    • Replies: @Anti-White
  90. Baxter says:

    C’mon guys. Diversity is our strength. I don’t understand how it is a strength…

  91. VV says:

    It’s amazing that the author cannot connect this thought:

    “Love it or hate it, or have more important things to think about, like sorting your socks, the country is going international.”

    To this thought:

    “The incongruity begins with its being made an all-faith church. Gothic is Catholic, period. Has been since 1137 at St. Denis. Catholicism is Christian, period. Yet there are no crosses. Presumably these might offend somebody.”

    The Asian clerk at the Chinese store probably.

  92. Kim says:

    It goes like this:

    White people struggle to make nice things – that is, things and institutions that are superior, as you say, but they are superior only as long as there are Whites to maintain them.

    Then Shitskins see the whites have nice things and want them too, but without the effort to make or maintain them.

    Whites make the mistake of thinking that brown stuff on the newcomers is skin, but it is in fact shit.

    Shitskins then destroy everything they touch.

    • Replies: @Anti-White
  93. Fred’s piece is far from Vibrant.

    No worries, Vibrant and Diverse are over rated.

    Hey Fred, why not Shift, report back on a new found Endeavour; how about review US Public Lands, National Forest. Florida kayaking. Explore pastoral rural lands slated for “ inevitable” future development, transformation.Track Florida future roadways process for a good dose of the changes you sniff over.

  94. Spike says:

    Don’t know if we should necessarily go off Emily Ann’s judgement about the “safety” of her area. I’d still carry if possible.

  95. @Saxon

    One might almost think that the cultural differences between Nordic Protestant nations and Latin Catholic nations give rise to markedly different social and economic outcomes.

    Someone should subject this question to a systematic investigation using a sound empirically based methodology. Wait a minute…. didn’t Max Weber already do this more than 100 years ago?

    Overall, a typical product of Fred’s pen. Both perceptive and moronic in equal measure, and leavened by a good sprinkling of casual racist disdain towards peoples and cultures of which he disapproves. That is to say, those of white northern european origins.

    One final point, to have a functioning society requires rather more than that citizens refrain from engaging in violent criminal acts. Call me old fashioned, but the claim ” I am a good citizen, I haven’t killed or maimed anyone this week” somehow seems hollow to me.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  96. Dumbo says:

    If I may make an incursion into the deep waters of sociological theory: I wonder whether geographic origin doesn’t play into the social war over Latin immigration. Leaders of White Nationalism seem chiefly of North European ancestry and, though it is hard to tell, so do their followers. A large gap of culture and outlook exists between the souls of upper and lower Europe.

    Note that in southern Europe, of Latin derivation, food is strongly flavored, architecture imaginative, fashion a flourishing business, colors vivid, faith Catholic, music human and emotional. The adjective that comes to mind, overused because applicable, is “vibrant.”

    Going north, as you reach England and the Nordic world, colors fade, food becomes bland, architecture boring, people more reserved, religion Protestant, and music majestic rather than colorful. No one would ever mistake Carmen for a Nordic opera.

    Yes, there is something to what you say, not that is a very new observation. There is a great difference or even an incompatibility between North and South, which also reflects in the differences between Catholicism vs Protestantism. (It’s funny that the Irish seem more Southern European in a way).

    The difference is also seen in human relations, colder but respectful in the north and warmer but more chaotic in the south, as another commenter pointed out.

    But I also think there is a complementarity, because Northern Europeans have been historically fascinated by the greater liveliness of the South (especially Italy and Spain), while Southerners look many times with envy at the greater orderliness of the North.

    It is something of a yin-yang situation, I would say.

    WNs are mostly nordicists, so they have an incapacity to understand the South (also, they have a prejudiced/stereotypical view of Southern peoples). They appreciate order and high trust, but have a lower capacity to understand art/exuberance/joie de vivre.

    However I would be wary to apply the same principle to North and South America, because while there is a basic similarity, Latin America is so mixed up with indigenous/mestizos and blacks and their culture that it has become something else entirely. (But also America is no longer majority white/northern).

  97. @Freda Lipshitz

    Speaking of ignorance Miss Lipshitz

    Did you know that 80% of the women and children crossing the Mexican border are raped? Every single crossing?

    Given what we know about Mexican proclivities towards boys lets say 80% of boys as well.

    Now, give how long the illegal invasion has been occurring, and the numbers, this portends the largest mass rape of children and humanity since Genghis Khan.

    This is literally millions and tens of millions of rape victims piled up in bloody maws due to your pathetic ignorance, Ms Lipshitz

    Do you support a humanitarian wall preventing mass rape on the scale of a war-crime, or do you support national security and the cessation of child trafficking, and child rape and murder that rivals Genghis Khan?

    Wall or
    Mass rape

    Very simple.

    See Unz and Reed say that Central Americans are just interchangeable with Americans. For some reason, they always seem to leave out the mass rapine and murder and total corruption. Sort of like the Lugenpresse does in Europe about the fake refugee invaders.

    Did you know that Latino gang members are now achieving ranking positions in police forces like the LAPD?

    Do you think that these individuals are going to investigate when one of their homies robs and beats your local Rabbi? Or my grandparents?

    See I’m a Mischling, so I’m interested in your answer.

    Do you think that these gang members who are terrorising their colleagues are going to investigate their fellow gang members when they attack the Hasidic community for Hasidic abuse of housing corporation estates etc?

    Can I ask a question? As well as being pro-rape of children, are you also a disloyal international Jew who hates Israel and Jewish people?

    Why should my grandparents be put at risk due to your absolutely perverse levels of stupidity and retardation and ignorance?

    Do you think because the full blooded Jewish community has benefited from the kind of overlapping nepotistic corruption of the ‘Spartan’ police gangs, that they are somehow immune to the detriments?

    So again, are you a disloyal Jew who hates Israel and Jewish people, or do you support the Wall, and the Republican party opposing the criminals who kill Jews for fun? Because White people don’t do that. Latinos and Black people do.

    Did you know that Hizbollah and Iranian and Chinese proxies are using the Mexican border for sex trafficking and arms trafficking against the United States of America?

    Are you a lpyal citizen?

    So can I ask – why are you against the wall if you claim to be a loyal citizen?

    I am fucking sick and tired of Jews like Unz actually, and Liberals, accusing people who are suffering the consequences of their supreme stupidity and delusion and arrogance of ignorance, when they are bereeft of even the most basic modicum of knowledge about the true state of affairs vis a vis the border and Latin America.

    So can you please answer all those questions?

    Why are you heedless like the Egyptians were of Yahweh’s warnings? Why do you hate your fellow Jews, so much?

    Unz is my hero. He is wrong on this issue. But that’s fine, this is knowledge that seems to be totally obscured.

    I say again – 80% of the people crossing that border are rape victims. Not the kind of rape Lipshitz’s pretend exist on Ivy League campuses.

    The kind of rape that traumatises people so they go out and kill Jews and white people.

    Answer the questions.

    You disloyal Jews digust the true Jews. You think you can somehow build venal and profane little alliances with these people while your own people suffer. We lose everything, because of your stupidity and hubris.

    David Spengler wrote about the threat that the Hispanics represent. And you stupid people don’t listen.

    Do you want to be slaves again? Then allow this invasion. Israel won’t take you, because you hate Israel.

    If there is any veracity to these stories, and I question it very much, we will deserve the consequences of your feckless stupidity and folly.

    Answer the questions.

    • Replies: @Freda Lipshitz
  98. @Freda Lipshitz

    Here, Lipshitz.

    A better version of Deliver us.

    Just for you.

    You are the Pharoah, now.

    You international Jews who betray everyone at once. Your adopted country, and your own communities who have to pay the price of your absolutely vile stupidity, who get the crime of these invaders, which you deny exists when it exists at almost historically unprecedented levels, according to your own liberal progressive publications.

    Dual loyalty? Loyal to who? Not Israel, not the Torah, not America, to who? Yourselves. Your own delusions.

    Don’t say you got nothing from this thread.

    And here, a more cheerful clip.

    So much conspiracy and ignorance has disconnected so many from their roots.

    Moses wasn’t a fool. He didn’t pretend the Egyptian army of Chariots wasn’t there and wasn’t doing what it was doing to the Hebrews, if in fact, that’s who they were even then instead of the Canaanites they are now.

    God Bless. I still love the community that rejected me.

  99. @Druid

    And he put the Dulles brothers, John Foster (State) and Allen (CIA), in charge of foreign policy — the former to help his former law-firm corporate-clients plunder third world countries; the later to put the local puppets in place to make it happen and kill the resisters.

  100. Hibernian says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    …Latinos are Indians most of the time. A few from Caribbean countries are Mulatto. They are not Southern European.

    Why do you think most Puerto Ricans and many Mexicans are relatively light skinned? Not to mention Chileans and Argentineans.

  101. Dumbo says:

    Mixing is not uniform in Latin America.

    Some countries have more mestizos or mulattos, some have less.

    Argentina, especially in the central provinces, has a lot of Italian and Spanish who have minimal Indian heritage.

    Southern Brazil has many Germans and Portuguese. Cities such as Blumenau still keel a distinct German heritage.

    Those of the upper and middle classes tend to marry more among their own. Lower classes mix.

    While Cuba is mostly black, there was a prominently white elite (now living in Miami).

    Mexico also has some rich neighborhoods which are mostly White/Jewish.

    The most famous Venezuelan TV star is actually Croatian.

  102. Dumbo says:
    @Julian of Norwich

    One might almost think that the cultural differences between Nordic Protestant nations and Latin Catholic nations give rise to markedly different social and economic outcome

    I think the difference is even older. I think it was the austerity of Northern peoples that made their protestantism so austere, not the opposite, and the exuberance of Southern peoples that made Catholicism so exuberant. You could not have invented something such as the Baroque in the North.

    An interesting study would be the comparison of Catholic Bavaria with the rest of Germany.

    • Replies: @Julian of Norwich
  103. Men like Fred will never admit they’re leaving behind a dysfunctional hellscape on the verge of Balkanization. It’s as if his incessant writing on this subject is an attempt to convince himself otherwise.

  104. I predict a second marriage for Fred to a Negress in Baltimore, after which he’ll be posting articles lauding the superiority of ghetto culture.

  105. Oracle says:

    No other group is being forced to relinquish identity and existence. This process is rightly called genocide. Flash forward a few decades and it won’t be very funny, not even for the author of this article.

    • Agree: OverCommenter
  106. Alfred says:

    Lyft and Uber seem to have put an end to crooked cab drivers, a very good thing.

    When I was last there, the airport taxis seemed to be a Pakistani monopoly. My driver could not find his way to an address close to the National Cathedral and I had to explain it to him. But that was during the Clinton era. 🙂

  107. Fred Read is the greatest. He should be called Fred the magnificent.
    Nobody cares anymore for detail.
    Life is convenient.
    Spiritually is done and dead.
    Maybe the last spirituality is watching sports.
    That will die also.
    Life is useless and worthless.
    There is wisdom in lemmings.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  108. Why reference Uganda? Why not Mexican bus-station latrine for it can’t be any better? It’s a good thing that Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada, president for life, is rotting in the Arab sands or he would have had you roasted in the bush fire along with his other favorite dish, sauteed baboon over ugali (porridge), taco meister!

  109. @Hibernian

    For the same reason that high yellows are relatively light skinned.

  110. turtle says:

    Hey, Fred,
    If you’re ever in Los Angeles, be sure to check out the vibrancy, from A to Z:
    Personally, I don’t go there.
    Being American of northern European ancestry, I prefer the boring architecture:


    and faded colors:

    of the northern latitudes.
    Aber, jedem das Seine.

  111. TG says:

    “It is not the respectful manipulativeness suitable to an intelligent audience, but seems to regard the public as retarded rabbits.” Kudos, yes!

    The late unlamented Soviet Union used classical propaganda: they would actually edit the books in the libraries to conform with the current party line (much like in Orwell’s 1984). Current American propaganda is post-modernist: it has no respect for truth or logic, but only screams and howls and wins through shear social pressure and crowding out any alternative view. But still, there can be no denying that it works. It only looks stupid, it is designed by people who are nasty, but very very smart.

    But – the country is going “international” and it’s OK? Not so fast. What you should really say is that the country is having its population growth forced radically upwards. No society has long held together in the face of massive population growth like that, sooner or alter the low wages and high rents cause a break. Mexico, Syria, the Ivory Coast… even placid and disciplined Hong Kong, faced with ever greater number of immigrants jammed in by the central authorities, are starting to rebel against having to live in rabbit cages..

  112. Anon[421] • Disclaimer says:

    This Mr. Reed has chosen to live in a corrupt narco state, which sounds unappealing. But he
    likes the vibrant food and the Catholic culture. Hard to figure why he lost all allegiance to his own people. The greatest of civilizations was the Greek Empire, who are our intellectual
    forebears. That Jefferson and countless northern European elites recognized this fact is what
    produced the developed world of today.

  113. The two most important sentences in this article are below. Fred is unwilling to even consider the relationship between the two-even though he wrote them!- so the column is typical: cynical, resigned, pretend-hard hitting, but not especially honest.

    “Going back to America every nine months or a year is like watching something decay in time-lapse photography…
    Love it or hate it, or have more important things to think about, like sorting your socks, the country is going international. ”


  114. @obwandiyag

    Wrong. They drank pulque and chicha de coyol. (very primitive wines)

  115. Saxon says:

    For some reason this “natural consequence of empire” somehow being the mass influx of these distasteful foreign peoples and all of this bloviating about supposedly hoovering up the resources (what resources? These people were always poor and if anything are now being aided by things like outsourcing and offshoring) doesn’t apply to places like Turkey. Curious, that.

    It’s all just a dumb anti-white talking point. I guess it’ll all end the way these things tend to historically, though; blood and steel, and hopefully the traitors getting what they deserve.

    • Replies: @joe2.5
  116. @Freda Lipshitz

    I wouldn’t agree that “Americans indulge conveniently, continuously and conscientiously in cultivating ignorance”.

    I would say that it comes naturally, subconsciously,…

  117. fnn says:

    Fred is probably afraid of what might happen to him or his family if he writes about what’s going on in Mexico. Guadalajara is pretty safe, but the organized crime mafias (i.e. “cartels”) are in the process of taking over the entire country. When this was happening in pre-Putin Russia the MSM talked about it endlessly, but they mostly ignore what is going on now in Mexico.

  118. Johann says:

    I would never disrespect the heavenly music of Johann Sebastian Bach , the musician to the soul. Or the celestial music of Beethoven. The sublime beauty of William Shakespeare s poetry is unparalleled beauty. The sheer magnificence of the Gothic Cathedral is awesome. I might add that a well cooked jagerschnitzel and a peat smoked isle of Islay Scotch really are more desirable than a greasy taco or shot of tequila any day. Although I give Fred a heads up on his description of the decadent American Empire and its putrid culture of Hollywood success, I would point that the USA has its own home made corruption. And just maybe those Northern European Calvinists and Puritans who sought to build their new city of God on the shores of Boston Harbor have a lot to answer for.

  119. Republic says:

    Speaking of crime in Mexico,why did Reed move to a gated community in Mexico recently?

  120. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    and, don’t forget…

    Wodka is on sale!

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  121. ARYLIOA says:

    But it is the only way of knowing what they are up to ahead of time. I watch none of them “live” (our TV being limited to Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune) but I feel compelled to scan the headlines on several of their web sites every morning and read the most dangerous sounding articles. Then I read Fred, or Ron, or Lew, or ……. to get the truth.

    Bonus: Fred always makes me chuckle. A modern H.L. Mencken.

  122. sweat says:

    It must be depressing to see America sliding off into the abyss. Of course living here, being part of the slide is not as obvious as living in Mexico. I am surprised you did not mention the tension in VA regarding the “gun safety issue.” Safety, my bad. Just their rhetoric for confiscation with a little bit of frosting. Perhaps, though, those supporting the amnesty movement will do more than just talk. We’ll see. Assume they are accepting volunteers?

  123. @Dumbo

    I think you are almost certainly correct about the longstanding nature of these differences in outlook and disposition.

    Northern peoples might be more receptive to austere forms of religion because such beliefs reflect existing cultural norms and temperament.

    It is noteworthy that similarly austere forms of Christianity emerged during the early middle ages but did not take root.

    The case of Catholic Bavaria is an interesting one because the work ethic seems at the very least no less rigorous than other parts of Germany.

    I don’t pretend to be able to explain this.

  124. Sadly, Fred is stereotyping again (although he is, of course, right on many points). His main thrust is that Latin peoples are colorful, passionate & have joie de vivre.

    How much Mexicans are “Latin”?

    Alright, let’s skip the question.

    He conflates various Northern peoples (English, Germans, Scandinavian peoples, Poles, Russians,..) in one misty mess. According to him, most Northern peoples (I guess he means those of Anglo-Protestant heritage) are dull, boring, bland,..anyway, a pain in the @ss. Well organized & boring to the point of suicide.

    Just, this is a stereotype. I won’t even bother to expatiate that Russians & Poles are mostly Northern, and they’re as passionate as anyone.

    But English Protestants are/were as passionate & interesting as anyone else (as are their American descendants), which can be seen from their literary output (Bunyan, Milton, Coleridge, Byron, Bronte sisters, Lawrence, Melville, Whitman, Faulkner,..); true, their musical (concert music) & visual arts production (Elgar, Britten, Constable, Turner, Percy Wyndham Lewis, ..) is, generally, not as magnificent as that of some other peoples, but even if we restrict our attention to only Protestant Northern arts, we’ll get Bach, Handel, Holbein, Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Grieg, Brahms, Wagner, Munch, Van Gogh, Franz Marc, Nolde, …

    Just read William Gaddis & you’ll see that Northern American Protestants have a rich emotional & spiritual life; they’re creative & know how to enjoy life (American humor).

    These stereotypes are, on the other hand, rooted in reality, so I’ll recommend a masterful erudite work of Egon Friedell to those who are willing to probe deeper into cultural currents & are not satisfied with shallow generalizations

    • Thanks: SeekerofthePresence
    • Replies: @Anon
  125. @Achmed E. Newman

    Right you are! The dreaming is the true pleasure in life.

  126. @Muggles

    Mine is a second hand opinion about Mexico. I follow a full time motor cycle rider (, he’s also on youtube. He loves Mexico and it’s people and thinks it’s pretty safe. You folks need to get out of your comfort zone. And yes, the northern zones are dull and boring; even the forests are boring, with just a few species of trees and limited wildlife.
    The people are even more so. They have little joy in their lives and are mostly introverts. I’m sorry but the climate has made them so.
    Let the darkies move into cold climes while the whities move to sunny climes. At the border both can exchange their Skin lightining creams with sunblock creams.

  127. Omegabooks [AKA "Anon"] says:

    Speaking of the National Cathedral, in 2009, I at the age of 57 climbed the 333 steps to the top….secular or not it is an interesting tourist place to go. Yeah, I know…333 is Free Masonic…oh well.

  128. We can talk about anything, but Nordic women can only help themselves by sticking hard to some kind of diet. Southern women, on the other hand, are naturally- ravishing.




    And, on the other hand…



    • Agree: JohnPlywood
    • Replies: @Avis
    , @Plato's Dream
  129. So tell me, Fred. When was the last time Mexico put a man on the moon? And, how about all of those “bland europeans” such as Salk, Sabin, Tesla, Edison, Nels Bohr, Marconi, Morse, Ford, and many more. My wife and I left Riverside, CA in 2002 after I retired as a 30-year police officer. We got out before we had to shoot our way out. We had to evacuate my father-in-law and his caregiver granddaughter in 2014 from Menifee, as they were prisoners in their own home due to “Mexican Gang Violence”(media quote); and the fact she could not get waited on at the grocery store because she was white.
    I won’t bore you with all of my police anecdotes dealing with the savage, ignorant descendants of the Aztecs whom you have embraced as your countrymen. Just remember in their eyes, you are still the gringo. They will shoot you for the shoes on your feet and the change in your pocket. I watched it happen. May you live in interesting times.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  130. Ron Unz says:

    Well, I see that everyone is giving Fred a really hard time for reporting what he allegedly saw and heard during his admittedly brief visit to Virginia. But everyone knows that Fred is a dishonest, Latino-loving mouthpiece for La Raza, who always covers up the horrific rate of Hispanic crime everywhere in the U.S., so why would his mendacious reporting in VA be any different?

    However, I think that Paul Kersey, one of our regular bloggers, happens to live in that general region, and just a couple of days ago he published a column on Virginia gun homicides that included this intriguing graph:

    Offhand, it looks to me that over the last few years the homicide rate for male Hispanics has been almost exactly the same as for male whites, while the female Hispanic homicide rate was actually much lower.

    Admittedly, everyone knows that Kersey is a notorious apologist for minority violent crime, but would he have really fabricated that official government data? Maybe La Raza sent a large payment to his secret Swiss bank account…

    • LOL: Wally
  131. @Kim

    Why shitskins don’t destroy things in East Asia? Because East Asians are not weak, corrupt and degenerate as whites. Whites don’t build nice things, you simply steal and plunder from everybody else, like your beloved land “America”, but now that you are not strong anymore to commit this savagery you are being overrun. Enjoy your demise, “Superiors”!

    • Replies: @Flint Clint
  132. @Flint Clint

    Blablablablabla. You didn’t answer my question of why you keep losing ground. Enjoy your demise!

    • Replies: @Flint Clint
  133. @Ron Unz

    No offense Mr. Unz, but who cares? Latinos have a whole continent they can gallivant around and be as non-violent as they want. (Although they may be unaware of that option, because they have yet to demonstrate it) Frederico here admits that Latino culture is foriegn, more “vibrant” and that it is different from a lot of American culture, especially in the north, and yet we are compelled to accept infinity social friction, forever? Why, for poor old Fred’s benefit?

  134. Fred Reed, the Quintessential Boomer. Get used to it, you white bigots, America is a country of immigrants! At least we’re being replaced legally! At least we still have the Constitution! I’m a rebel!

  135. Tom says:

    Interesting read, though a bit off on the writer’s failure to mention the UK’s huge contribution to music and literature while analyzing Europe from north to south. Characterizing the region (UK included in that region)) as “bland” is shortsighted, to say the least.

  136. No one would ever mistake Carmen for a Nordic opera.

    And yet it is a Nordic opera. It was based on a novella by Prosper Mérimée, and the music was by Georges Bizet. Both were French and France was, during the 19th-century, predominantly an ethnically Nordic country.

    The subject matter is Meridional, of course, and thus one might say that the opera reflects the fascination that Southern Europeans exert towards Northern Europeans.

    But it gets more complicated than that. The plot is also about multiple ethnicities in Spain. The male protagonist, Don José, is an ethnic Basque who becomes fascinated by the female protagonist, Carmen, who is a gypsy (Romani, as they say it nowadays). The plot is about murder (feminicide, as they would call it nowadays). Vibrant stuff indeed.

    It was the very German Johannes Brahms’ favorite opera. He would watch it over and over again.

  137. @Anti-White

    “If they could, they would go to East Asia.” Then it seems like the immigrants you are referring to are the weak ones, because they have no way of getting into Asia, and can only come to the west through the misplaced good will of whites. You said it yourself they are going for the easiest option, because if they were capable of putting in effort, they wouldn’t have to run away like cowards in the first place. Laugh it up now, just don’t complain when you figure out the same Americans with the power to import hordes of foreigners are the same ones that will push hormone blockers on your kids. Continue being a useful idiot for the bankers, I’m sure they appreciate it.

  138. @Ron Unz

    Once again, Ron Unz completely ignores the very real miscategorization of “Hispanic” criminals as white, which completely skews the data in these graphs.

    Example, in Fairfax County Virginia, Mr. Israel Jeffrey Salazar is classified as WHITE, and he is convicted of aggravated sexual battery.

    And here is Jamal Diab, also classified as WHITE, convicted of taking Indecent Liberties with Children.

    And here is Nixon Geovani Perez (He must be a WASP), also classified White, also convicted of Rape.

    A short perusing of the guests of the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center reveals that almost all clearly observable Central American convicts are classified as white, with the remainder classified as “unknown.” None, as in zero, that I saw were classified as Hispanic. In my brief search I didn’t find any murder convicts, but as an interesting aside every single convict I did select was convicted of some sort of sex crime, and most of those were with minors.

    I will say again, with the continued dismissal from Unz and Reed and all of the other mestizophiliacs, criminal data on Hispanic crime is almost completely useless, based on both their miscategorization as white, and also based on the fact that the term Hispanic is too general a term to legitimately reveal criminality among different groups. They may as well refer to Hispanics as Earthlings.

    What this leaves us with are the observations we make in our daily lives. For normies like me, who actually have to live, work, shop, drive, and recreate among mestizos, and have to share medical services with them, and also have children that have to go to school with them (and who also happens to have a wife who is a social workers dealing with child separation and gets to hear all about it), I think I get a more realistic sense of the types people mestizos are compared to those of us here who live in secluded and exclusive mansions.

    • Replies: @Flint Clint
  139. More stupidity from Fred. Why does he get a column?

    For food and music, having “vibrancy” is good. Western values allow freedom for
    entrepreneurs from every culture to sell their flavor of the month.

    But politically, when the same “vibrant” cultures vote against freedom, take our jobs,
    or vote to take away our guns (si, hablo con Ud. Beto), better to go back to those dim, dark Northern European

  140. tomo says:

    “…talking heads who seemed to have a high-school mentality..”

    They don’t seem to – they actually do have a high school mentality.
    This was one of the biggest surprises I got after about 7 or so years I spent in the US.
    Most Americans I have met never grow out of this high school mentality – and it’s not even a nice high school mentality like what I saw growing up in Serbia where we all got on well and did a lot of funny, brave stuff we still remember.
    It’s the American high school – where ‘brave’ bullies make fun of fat kids etc.
    In Serbia, we used to make fun of teachers – that’s something you need balls for – anyone can make fun of weaker kids.

    So I noticed this when I lived in LA and I used to hang out with some of the most senior people in HBO. Their top management / producers.
    And I could not help thinking how very insecure and stunted they seemed at the age of say 14, worrying forever about being ‘popular’ and they would do anything for anyone who is popular or good looking – that’s all they cared about.
    I could not believe it. Interestingly I have only met 2 Americans (both are big chested girls) who actually had nice memories of high school. As if they get damaged by all the predatory bullying and worrying about popularity (instead of having fun and collaborating) , they never grow out of this unpleasant/abusive period.
    Kind of like religious /cultist child abuse

  141. Wally says:
    @Ron Unz

    Of course throwing Euro-white Hispanics into the pile with not so Euro-white Hispanics will definitely lower the “Hispanic” crime rate.

    The oldest trick going, and you buy it.

  142. Anon[346] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Kudos for mentioning Gaddis; does anybody read him any more?

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  143. @tomo

    Mass retardation due to a dying culture.

  144. Sionnach says:

    Actually, Irish food is excellent if you can afford it. Best meat and seafood in the world.

  145. @Anti-White

    Yes I did.

    You said people would you to China if they could. I pointed out why they wouldn’t.

    Lol losing ground?! You’re a moron. The nationalist wave has barely begun. Look at Europe. Look at Italy in particular. Look at internal population migration patterns and peak social mood.

    Lol, you think I’m losing ground?! You’re a moron.

    Your comment about China was retarded, as is your belief that nationalists are losing ground.

    I get it. You’re an Asian incel. Stick to rasian/masculinity and blacked porn lol. If you drink enough radioactive bugman milk and hang from a pole long enough, you might one day be tall enough to go to Disneyland!

    • Replies: @Anti-White
  146. @Weston Waroda

    And oddly enough, it’s the Northern Europeans who invented 90% of everything that the World depends upon and aspires to.

    Funny dat.

    • Replies: @Wally
  147. Minor correction. Polka is a Czech dance, not a German one. And it’s actually quite raucous, so I don’t know what you’re getting at contrasting it with the tango. 🙂

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Ilyana_Rozumova
  148. @Herzog

    See: they’re even trying to steal the dance from the Fatherland. Invade!

  149. Wally says:
    @Bill Jones


    Well said.

    And it’s where these “spicy” low IQ immigrants want to go after fleeing their sh-tholes.

  150. Alfa158 says:

    We visited the National Cathedral a couple of years ago. Seriously weird place, a cathedral with no visible religion. It looked as if the Disney Corporation decided to add a copy of a Gothic European cathedral to Disney World, but remove all the religion in order to avoid offending anyone. A sort of a Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.
    While we were there they were preparing for a ceremony in which Matthew Shepherd would be canonized and re-buried in the crypt at the Cathedral with two gay bishops presiding. I have no idea how you can have religious rites with no religion. Maybe it was some sort of live action role playing.

  151. @Anti-White

    In Asia it’s cheating if you stop kids cheating.

    Here, you groid.

    It’s not just the gaokao – it’s the SAT, the GRE, and a whole host of other exams. An estimated 90 per cent of all recommendation letters for Chinese applicants to United States universities are fake. Some 70 per cent of application essays are not written by students, and 50 per cent of grades transcripts are falsified.

    Even the current USA with all it’s problems is more grounded in reality then China.

    The second reason that Chinese students cheat is because they can. Here, the cheating services are as much to blame as the testing services, organisations like College Board, which owns and administers the SAT and for years has been recycling old material from previous tests to save a little money.

    In March, Reuters reported that, since 2013, there have been at least eight occasions in which test materials were compromised, but the SAT went ahead and administered them anyway.

    Tell me more about how white people are cheaters you groid. Look at the absolute state of it.

    Actually I’m going to imagine you might even be a Jew Larping as an Asian.

    Because Asians are starting to get called white supremacists. No matter how much cultural Marxist pozz they engage in.

    Yeah, Chinese SATs are real good huh, so good you just roll out the same test year after year.

    Why don’t you look at the gestation of China from Kissinger until Hillary Clinton’s state department to Google Dragon. What happened to Google Dragon? How did China get it’s technology? Maybe have a look at the Senate investigations into Bill Clinton as President and what the deep state was trying to do in China. Who made you? It wasn’t you.

    Personally, I hope China engages in more hostile actions on the border. Thats when we start putting people in Guantanamo, ricel.

    I also hope the rumours about Chinese troops under UN auspices are true. That’s when we find out if the groids cheat also on their mobile firing range examinations.

    Unz is half right and wrong about Hispanics. What’s going to surprise people is how many non whites identify as whites in the nearish future.

    Anyway, you idiot Slope, keep larping and keep building a house for your non existent white girlfriend in Minecraft, incel.

    Chinese are just the Jews of Asia. You wish you had the subtlety of Jews. Look at how frankly retarded and blunt your scale of cheating is. Just look at it. 90% fake letters. How are any of you permitted into our Colleges. Jews.

    • Replies: @Biff
  152. Wally says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    Not quite.

    But you’re correct in saying that it is a lively, raucous dance.

    Poor Fred Reed, hasn’t been out much.

  153. @MikeatMikedotMike

    Theodore Beale has looked at Unz’s data and showed why it’s misleading and/or wrong.

    Just have a look at his blog.

    I actually don’t mind Hispanics. They’re going to have the South West no matter what anyone thinks.

    But they’re not going to get all of it. No sir..

    Oh and here’s the missing link for the Chinese cheating scams.

    Simple rule. If it’s Asian it cheated, 90% fake letters is so high that’s a fair generalisation. If it’s black or brown it’s affirmative action. I was stunned at how fucking worthless Chanda Chisalas analysis was. The top Nog. If it’s Jewish it’s nepotism or money. Felicity Huffmann etc.

    Some just happen to be intelligent as a corrolary.

    I just love how people think whites are going to continue to believe in apple pie and baseball. Just Murica and mothers milk.

  154. So please, no more Asian fetishization.

    The bugmen have lower genetic IQs, contrary to what everything thinks.

    And they cheat at rates that defeat even the Nigerian rapists.

    50% of all grade papers are fakes, which I probably understated if it was allowed in the South China Morning Post, and

    90% of referral letters are fakes.

    There shouldn’t be one single Asian in a US university.

    If they’re all fakes what are they doing? Oh rightz espionage.

    I hope they keep trying to flood the US with Fentanyl with the disloyal Jews. Guantanamo is empty and there is a lot of new tech in white hat hands that needs to be deployed.

    Without a literal deep state conspiracy to assist, it all is going to look remarkably different. Not perfect, maybe not even satisfactory. But very different.

    Who knew that Asian bugmen incapable of interior monologue were lying about being captain of the service dog wellbeing team.

    Who knew they were lying about being really good at math.

    Anti-White, no white girl is ever going to sniff your noodle in a million years.

    So I don’t want to hear any paens to Asian superiority on the Unz Review. The same as I don’t want to hear any Nigerians faggots like Chanda ‘SwankNaStY’ Chisala talking about how Nigerians have genetic IQ superiority and the same environments as the whites they’re ethnically cleansing and raping with all the other cornucopia of invaders. They best learn to swim in the meantime.

    And if youre a globalist, just consider how different the world is suddenly being revealed as.

    I wonder what will happen next???

  155. We stayed with my daughter Emily Ann, who lives in an Hispanic section of Alexandria. She reports an alarming level of violent Latino crime–none. It is alarming, anyway, for White Nationalists, who hope that Whites will rise in a pale tidal wave and sweep out the Pedros and Lupitas and what have you. Worse, She says she and the neighbors get along well.

    Alexandria demographics:

    60.9% White
    21.8% African American
    16.1% of the population Hispanics or Latinos of any national origin
    6.0% Asian

    Still majority-White is great news for everyone!

    (But uh-oh, the orcs are just now over their threshold number for destroying cities.)

    The USA has plenty of problems, but it’s not a failed state like Narxico.

    Plumbing works here, too, no need to throw toilet paper in the trash.

    • Replies: @Loosely Speaking
  156. Miggle says:

    The Napoleonic code is good. I think the German code is better. The English common law and its US derivative is fundamental fraud, sole motive to enrich lawyers. Look at the Julian Assange case. And the deep corruption of plea bargaining.

    In the German and French systems there are no pleas. They investigate, the judges. The common law countries call that inquisitorial but that is propaganda, staining better systems by insinuating a connection with the Spanish Inquisition.

    • Replies: @Flint Clint
  157. @Miggle


    What is the effect of a jury trial?

    You have to try and bribe and tamper or threaten a dozen witnesses.

    What of an inquisitorial judge? You don’t even have to, because he is already a member of your cartel or secret society it communist group.

    But if you do, it’s very easy.

    That’s why justice in shit hole a mehico and non common law systems is actually so dangerous in this day and age.

    Just one cultural Marxist judge.

    Inquisitorial systems require high trust white Christian populations.

    You don’t get it. People need to be more outraged at how brazen the rape of our countries has been by non whites. That’s why I’m confident that the nationalist movement is going to be unstoppable. The more it is repressed, the more it will gain credibility. Black people can’t help themselves. They must rape. Asian people can’t help themselves. They must cheat and steal. The fake Jews can’t help themselves. No one can, except white people

    So anyway always opt for a jury trial, you see?

    Still totally corrupt but harder to be corrupted, in this day and age populism will serve anyone trying to fight the Oligarchs

  158. @Rurik

    What Fred really means about his North/South, Sun People/Ice People dichotomy is simply that: You can’t do the Macarena to Mozart.

  159. From the article, “he reports an alarming level of violent Latino crime–none.”

    Oh no, the NAZI’s are coming for the hispanics just because, after all they commit no crime at all. Liar.

    Right pal. I live in a once White neighborhood since 1972 and now that three hispanic families moved in we have law enforcement, the fire department, animal control, and code enforcement here on a weekly basis, all from all the crap the three families constantly do. They are like night and day compared to the White families that still live here. They make living in my neighborhood unbearable.

  160. joe2.5 says:

    Well, Turkey is in fact the main textbook example of a resource-rich country robbed blind by the Western colonial empires — and a pioneer in exporting workers by the million, too. Anyway, your knowledge of empire history seems rather spotty and no, you can’t make up for lack of knowledge by blind faith in ideology.

  161. Last year I had to beat the shit out of a wetback who kept threatining my 78 year old mom telling her she does not belong in her neighborhood where she has lived for over 3 decades.

    Fuck you Fred.

    • Agree: Ray Huffman
  162. @Anon

    No. They don’t even know who the guy was.

  163. Anonymous[158] • Disclaimer says:

    Fred seems to think southern Italian cuisine is superior to more northern French food. And that tacos are superior to Beef Wellington.

    Does he also assert that southern Spain produced better art than northern Russia?

    Does he think Christopher Wren a northern clime dolt?

    Fred married a tawny, boxy Meh-hee-coe vaginate. He’s therefore blind to all the mooching and looting done by her fellow illegal brown hordes.

    He contradicts himself, too. He says the flooding of the USA with millions of unvetted humans holding different cultural values is good. He then warns that absent agreed-upon cultural norms, countries then to balkanize and get torn asunder…neighbors distrusting each other and, therefore, ceasing to contribute to the common good.

    Did HE walk into Mexico unvetted, demanding and getting freebies? If not, why not?

    Why aren’t his kids living in the Aztecistan paradise with him?

    Why does he come to America at all, especially for his health care?

  164. Anonymous[158] • Disclaimer says:

    Something there is about certain stances that irk. Fred can write exceedingly well. At other times, though, he sounds/looks/acts like an arrogant, holier/smarter-than-thou fratboy-retard poseur:

  165. @Anatoly Karlin

    Polka is a Czech dance,
    Polka or polovica means half, or half turn.
    Waltz is a copy of Polka only with considerably slower rhythms.

  166. Richard B says:

    Obviously, the word “Darkness” in the title refers to the subject and the writer.

    In the end Fred’s an old and inflexible hater.

    A corny, boring and pretentious scribbler.

    A better title would have been

    Random and Shallow Thoughts from Heart of Fred’s Bottom.

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  167. Journalism is mostly dead and it’s mostly practiced in its ethical breach than in its observance. Long Fred Reed and the remaining few.

  168. Richard B says:

    I turned on CNN with the attitude of a forensic pathologist.

    Unfortunately, Fred couldn’t turn the same attitude on himself. Then again, obtuse self-regard and humble self-reflection don’t go together.

    Endless raving against Trump by talking heads who seemed to have a high-school mentality

    As opposed to Fred’s endless raving against anyone he doesn’t like.

    No attempt at impartial coverage

    Said one who knows.

    Yes, I understand: If you are an American this is normal and you think me naive for being nauseated.

    Ah, making fun of stupid Americans. So edgy, so cutting edge.

    I get it.

    Sure you do Fred.

    So I go to Fox. Maybe, maybe, just possibly, the Zorro Channel will be better.
    But no. Fox is as crooked, calculated, partisan, and embarrassing as CNN.

    Of course, he can’t mention Tucker, because his whole corny and boring narrative would be reduced to rubble. Especially since, beyond broadcasting, Tucker’s writing skills are far superior to Fred’s.

    Tedious. Stupid.

    Once again, in article after article, Fred describes himself while attacking others. And he very well may be right. But he’s still describing himself.

    I conclude, once again, that journalism no longer exists in the United States.

    As if it exists anywhere today, and for the same reason it doesn’t exist in the United States.

    Perhaps worst about it may be the contempt it displays for the public.

    The key word here is “contempt.” Which, you guessed it, is what Fred displays for those who disagree with him.

    If I may make an incursion into the deep waters of sociological theory:

    What would Fred know about “deep”?

    Latin cultures produced the tango, and German, the polka. Nuff said

    Talk about “high school mentality.”

    Latin American culture is, well, Latin, and perhaps inexplicable to chilly Northerners.

    Never mind that Northern Europeans are the world-historic virtuosos of Explanation itself.

    In fact, speaking of Latins, Northern Europeans, and Explanation, see Hegel’s bullseye desription of Latins in the introduction to his Philosophy of History.

    Fred’s just an old fart.

    Which explains why his writing stinks.

    • Agree: Republic
    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @SeekerofthePresence
  169. @Freda Lipshitz

    You know what happens to Jews when they try and defend themselves in States where it’s illegal to own guns?

    They put themselves in legal jeopardy by trying to arm themselves with something other then a violin bow, like in that part fiction Schindler’s List.

    So now IDF soldiers are flouting the law in the streets.

    Then let’s say miraculously I was able to aquire something I could defend my grandparents with. Let’s say the criminals using Obama DEA military grade weapons he gave to the cartels working with China and Iran somehow don’t defeat me easily. What then?


    Well their homies run all the local enforcement.

    They don’t like what just happened. So they decide to set an example.

    What happens to me? Well I can’t open carry in a DNC state. There will be a moment I am disarmed.

    These gang members have access to the local surveillance. They can find me, easily.

    They come find me, and take me, arrest me for some charge that may or may not exist. Maybe weapons violations etc. Or they just plant drugs.

    Then what happens?

    Then I suffer like the victims of the Cartels in Culiacan Rosales.

    It culminates in these gang members who are police officers taking me to a dark place with a drain.

    They remove my face from my skull while I’m living and my heart while I’m living, and my genitals while I’m living. Then they cut my head off. Then they send it all nicely wrapped up to my grandparents at the Synagogue with a Spartan Swastika.

    Then they issue an official letter stating I died from a fracas with local criminals whilst I was in Jail.

    And there is nothing I can do about it. Or anyone can do about it.

    And that’s what will happen to Jews as well in Europe, just replace Latinos with Muslims.

    White people would never do this. They haven’t ever done this. There isn’t a chance in hell they would ever do this. Hispanics do it every single day. It’s sth they accept as their culture.

    So this is what Trump means when he calls out international Jews who are disloyal.

    Opposing the Wall puts Jews in the United States in terrible danger. And the Masonic Jews like Bloomberg don’t give a damn because they think actual Jews are just idiot religious freaks and who cares if we get carved up if the Latino community votes them in.

    And the Blacks just beat my grandparents to a pulp. Maybe less vicious, but equally destructive in some ways.

    And the same applies to whites. They are also the victims of this. I’m not being facetious. I understand.

    So if you’re a Jew outside the United States, maybe just reflect.

    If you’re in the United States, then just think about what it’s like for Jews who are totally at the mercy of these gangs in our communities, disarmed, and vilified by the New York Jews who can’t see the same thing will happen to them in time.

    What will happen when Latinos are so populous they have their gang members also running the Federal regulatory agencies?

    And the courts? They’re so kind? Really? What happens when Jews oppose drug crime in their communities? Or try to stop them from ‘integrating’ in ours? How do we stop them? Rwligous freedom doesn’t superseded racism and local diversity ordinances does it? Where do we go? We let them all in so white people don’t let us know among them. Etc.

    That’s coming Lipshitz. So support the wall. Or don’t pretend to love Jews.

  170. Muy bien, sir, except the polka.

  171. Sympathy for Fred

    If you have no respect for the United States, have to fear minority groups in the streets, have no possibility of having a sex partner or don’t like the way women behave, don’t like living under the US system, have total contempt for the way things are headed…and you have access to 1000 dollars a month…move to a developing country.

    Somebody here tell me why a single man like myself or Fred should care? What does the US offer us?

    Somebody tell me why Fred should live in Virginia or I should live in Southeast Michigan when Mexico or Asia are inexpensive, we’ll find some woman and it is warm?

    Why should white men stay in the United States?

    And let us be more honest that most men who are stuck in the US are stuck because they have kids, wives, child support, houses. Take all that away and lots of men would wander through Asia sitting on beaches with a cold drink and a dusky beauty beside them.

    Biology prevails and most young men end up having sex with some white woman young and marrying her and by the time they wake up miserable, divorced, doxxed, trapped in the rust-belt or Appalachia tripping over Opoid overdosed bodies, watching their property value because Section 8 was built nearby…it is too late.

    But for those of us who left young and never had a spouse or kids or a mortgage…why live in the US. What does it offer us?


    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  172. @Ko

    You might want to read this:

    Ike was the last President with the military status to wrestle the military down in size. Maybe HW Bush, but he was just a shot-down pilot. He also said the following:

    “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
    This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter with a half-million bushels of wheat. ”

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  173. @Jeff Stryker

    I don’t think a single commenter on here was criticizing Fred Reed for high-tailing it to Mexico, Jeff. The criticism is for his being a raving hypocrite. With all his criticisms, written before, during, and after, his trip, Mr. Reed, lives off American money that is still worth a lot down there (not forever, though!), came to America to get health care that apparently couldn’t be obtained in Old Mexico, and then based his views of America from a visit to Washington, FS, spent apparently watching TV most of the time.

    Fred Reed likes to take both sides of every argument against every problem: [Fred Reed mode] America is decaying. There is no unified American culture anymore. There are lots of people mixed together from all over the world. There are bad ignorant Americans that are trying to prevent people from coming in from all over the world. Things don’t work well anymore. The new foreigners are better than those ignorant foreigner-hating Americans at working. America has changed for the worse from back when I was a kid when it was 90% white.

    Trump is a clown. The TV news that I watch all day is full of people criticizing the President for everything and making fun of him. TV sucks. Americans should see how bad their country is on the TV. Trump wants a wall built. Bad ignorant Americans want a border barrier built. Walls don’t work. Americans just don’t want we Mexicans to assimilate and exchange bodily fluids with them. Mexicans don’t want to assimilate and be part of the crass, new, sick American culture that I watch on TV. Mexican culture is better and we have great engineering schools and gated communities. Mexico is better, so Mexicans don’t want to go to America. There is no need for a wall, but they don’t work anyway. Bodily fluids! [/Fred Reed mode]

    • Agree: MikeatMikedotMike
    • Thanks: Loosely Speaking
  174. @TheBoom

    When you get old enough, you realize that the writer of Ecclesiastes knew what he was saying when he said “there is nothing new under the sun.”

    Same thing, only different.

  175. @joe2.5

    That’s the way it works.

    Pearls before…

  176. @Flint Clint

    Your anger is laughable and why not say, typically white. You whites have a strange inability of learning with your own mistakes, something that completely set you apart from Asians and East Asians in particular. Let’s see, what did “nationalism” (whatever this garbage means) d0 for Germany,Italy and Europe as whole in the last century? It brought them destruction, decline and your present desperate situation. At the end of “nationalism” there were 100 million whites dead and a continent permanently weakened, as a bonus, only the mercy of Uncle Joe kept Germany from being wiped off the face of the Earth. This is what “nationalism” accomplished. Now the brilliant white race, with its unsurpassed wisdom, want a repeat of this walk in the park. To be frank I would love to see another 100 million of your ilk perish again, unfortunately this will not happen and the reason for that is very simple, you have become too weak, even to accomplish your own degenerate goals. The average white American is a baby boomer and your fellow Europeans are even older, in the US the situation is so ridiculous that you cannot even have farmwork done without non-whites, all the four most important US states have non-white majorities (or are in the process of having) as do almost all of your big cities. The US alone has 140 million non-whites. The problem is this: your corrupt and degenerate system already DEPENDS on your hated non-whites, and you cannot simply move 140 million people without grave consequences for the profit makers. Europe is not much different. Your ruling class knows this ugly reality and that’s why they don’t move a finger to change it. Your old “nationalism” was a tragedy but this one will be a complete farce, just a tool of the rich to discipline the great mass of white losers and keep them happy for a while, as Marx always warned. Your situation is hopeless and most of you are fully aware of it, that is the reason sites like this exist, so the hopeless can expose their anger. Regards.

  177. The American experiment is over. Stick of fork in it, it’s done.

    Reagan’s Neocon CIA chief Wm Casey infamously said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    Mission accomplished.

    Bolton was a bully who tried to take charge and maneuver Trump … and got fired.

    Psychopathic monster Pompeo — quieter & more devious than Bolton — took a different tack. He played yes man to Trump, slavishly kissed his ass, lulled him into obedience, and got his way … and f*cked us all.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  178. @TomSchmidt

    every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed

    Hmm… Such hard choices



    Which to choose?

  179. @IvyMike

    We imported the cartels customer base. Blaming the USA for the drug problems mestizo’s brought with them is bullshit.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
    , @Biff
  180. @Anti-White

    You’re hilarious.

    Just shut up idiot.

    Our situation isn’t hopeless, at all, in any way, shape or form.

    You knows whose situation ‘is’ hopeless? Chinese political dissidents under social credit who get farmed for their organs if they call Xi Winnie the Pooh.

    Don’t get me wrong, I respect China.

    But China boys flooding the US with Fentanyl better get used to being water boarded Chang.

    Your whole civilization is a Potemkin village since Mao destroyed almost all of it during the cultural revolution.

    If you don’t want to get btfo dont say egregiously stupid things to people much smarter then you are.

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    We don’t need any of these brown parasites anymore then we need cheating yellow swine from China or the largely worthless piles of shit that you make.

    Learning from mistakes? Idiot, you’re colonising Africa. Tell me how that’s gone down the centuries. You can’t drink the water in China or cross a road.

    You have a shadow debt system that’s multiples worse then even ours up to the Great Financial Crisis.

    Your population overhang of old people means you’re going to he forced to import Africans in even larger numbers then Europe, or all become Uighur Muslims.

    You’re running out of water.

    You’ve alienated every other peer power around you.

    We have Catholic communities producing white people at an exponential rate lol.

    Europe is just getting started.

    China Bois better stop flooding us with Fentanyl. Or they’re going to be in Orange jump suits in lockdown for 23.5 hours per day.

    If you keep cheating, you’re all going to be sent home to your shit holes.

    Shut up, low IQ Asia boy. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Replies: @Daemon
  181. Mj says:

    Cowboy, you’re right.

    Catholics are not Christian. Catholics are, to the surprise of many, Catholic. Regardless of what anyone says we are not a “branch” of Christianity—a vague religious term that lumps together hundreds (or is it thousands?) of Protestant groups. The Catholic Church was started by God, with St. Peter as her first Pope. Protestant religions were started by men (sometimes by con-men).

    Speaking of pagan, lately I’ve noticed in the Protestant world the bizarre attempts by “alt-right” types to resurrect beliefs in the gods of their pre-Christian ancestors. Soon enough we’ll see ex-Protestants genuflecting to Thor and his mighty hammer.

  182. @Dweezil the Weasel

    I retired as a 30-year police officer.

    I won’t bore you with all of my police anecdotes dealing with the savage, ignorant descendants of the Aztecs whom you have embraced as your countrymen.

    Mr. Weasel, you sound like you were a nice police officer, did you retire or did you shoot a 14 year old Aztec savage in the back and were forced to? It’s funny how you “White Police Officers” see Hispanics and African Americans as gang banger types but you don’t see “Whites” in the same light. The Aryan Brotherhood, Aryan Circle, Klu Klux Klan, Chicago Gaylords, Keystone State Skinheads, etc. are just some of the many “White Gangs” in the US.

    I’m sure you are familiar with the Aryan Brotherhood being from California, right. I bet you never looked at “white guys” and thought to yourself, “that looks like a member of the AB’s, did you!

    You seem to forget how the Hispanic gangs got started in California, sir. It was around WWII that US military bases in California allowed their servicemen to go into the cities and have some R&R. These servicemen would go and drink, chase girls and start fights with the locals, mainly Hispanic teenagers and young men (the ZootSuit Riots). It wasn’t long after those events that Hispanics started banding together in their neighborhoods which later became the gangs that we see today. That’s why most gangs incorporate the name of the areas where they live in the gang name.

    But, history tells us that Hispanics did not invent the Gang Concept, sir. That started in New York by Irish, Italians, British, etc. (White Folks) for the same reason Hispanics did, protection from the people that wanted to cause harm to them. Everybody is quick to call out the MS-13 or the Bloods because they are Hispanic or Black, but you rarely hear anyone call out the Hell’s Angels, the Mongols or Skinheads.

    As long as there are police officers like you, things will never get better because you automatically profile the people of color a certain way that you don’t the people of your own race. But, that’s the way the Zionist want it and you being a person with authority are happy to go with the flow because it’s not you that is the target of their propaganda. But that doesn’t mean you are not being played because you most definitely are part of their “Divide and Conquer” strategy that has worked so well for them in the past!

    You like so many commenters on here are just another goy, happy to blindly follow their agenda! And that Mr. Weasel, might be Mr. Reed’s message to you all! I myself try and wake you people up and at times, but receive the “Dirty Mexican”comments from the sheeple. But unlike Mr. Reed, I loved living in Chicago (Northern Cold) and Houston (Southern Hot). I don’t see Latinos having spicy food, Salsa Music and Dance as being better than the Anglo Europeans, just different. I’m a “White” Mexican that lived 50 years in the the US. I can appreciate the American Culture because I lived it and the same with the Hispanic Culture because I was always a part of it. My family made certain that we experienced our Mexican side by planning vacation trips throughout Mexico.

    I understand the immigration problems the US is facing because the immigrants pass through Mexico where I live. People in the US have to realize the immigration problem is nothing new and the cause of it has a lot to do with US foreign policy and their support of US puppets, US Corporations and Military interventions in those Central American countries. A perfect example is the current US sanctions, embargoes and threats of invasion against Venezuela. Mexico has been and is currently facing economic attacks on their natural resources and Public Corporations, but that is another story.

    Mr. Reed probably gets a kick out of writing such articles, knowing he will get a lot more responses than he would writing articles that do not throw shit in the American Male’s face. Just my opinion. My advice to you sir, there are Aztec savages in every race and History proves me right!

  183. @James Scott

    We imported the cartels customer base. Blaming the USA for the drug problems mestizo’s brought with them is bullshit.

    Listen, are you a teenager, or just mentally retarded? Obviously you are living in the woods without any form of news or reading material. No one can be that ignorant to claim such nonsense. I suggest you read the attached article so you get up to speed on what is really going on in the world of drug trafficking. Anyone wanting to read something that is not published in the US MSM, I recommend you read this also.

    • Replies: @James Scott
  184. @Anti-White

    Chinese people on the internet are so incredibly cringe-worthy.

    I take it back. You’re definitely not Jewish, because Jewish people have prose and framing and rhetoric that is actually sophisticated even if it’s palpably obvious.

    ‘Learning from mistakes’.

    Literally every sentence in your stupid paragraphs is indicative of why Chinese have to fake at least 50% of their grade papers and 90% of their referral letters to the United States. I’m genuinely starting to think the Nigerians are smarter then you are. Chanda Chisala for all his faults is an intelligent man who is doing the best he can with what he has to hand in Britain.

    You on the other hand, should know better then this.

    Really? It was nationalism that caused the problems? How about the OPPOSITE being Empire? All Hitler had to do was stop after he had taken back the Rhineland, Austria and the Checzk Germans. Mussolini reinvigorated Italy, all he had to do was stop at Abyssinia, instead of trying to take Greece.

    China is building an empire in Africa – and you use your gay little phrases that you like to use. But that is what you are doing. The ‘Belt and Road’ trade and exchange initiative is using weaponized debt in a way that miraculously makes the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank look like they are equitable.

    You understand? You’re so horrendous in terms of your debt enslavement that you actually manage to make the IMF look equitable.

    You’re like a nation of dilletantes. At least YOU are, specifically. I don’t deny there are brilliant Chinese people, in the West of course. Even if they have to cheat to get in, the 10% or 5% who don’t cheat are no longer Chinese. They are western.

    It must be embarrassing that Hong Kong would rather retain the barest fraction of a connection to the governorship of Chris Patten and the Commonwealth then embrace China.

    We now know that Chinese deals are worthless ‘1 country 2 systems’ had about as much reality in Hong Kong as it did and does in Tibet.

    Who cares about the profit makers? What difference did it make to the ‘profit makers’ during the partition of India, or Yugoslavia, or the Austro-Hungarian Empire, or Napoleon?

    You’re a dilletante.

    The Han don’t exist. You haven’t existed for 1500 years. The Golden age of the Tang dynasty was an age of foreign rule. The Jins were foreign. The Khitan were foreign. The Jurchens were foreign. The Manchus during the Qing dynasty was foreign.

    Your whole country was built by both sets of my peoples, the Jews and the Europeans, at least in it’s modern form.

    The very concept of ‘Han’ is as fake as your examination and IQ test results.

    If you want to be respected, don’t say stupid things, and don’t insult people in their own countries idiot.

    I will respect you, but not if you insult me and mine and say stupid things.

    We know what China is doing in the United States, and the Jewish diaspora for all it’s faults is furious you didn’t let them in, and now at least part of their energies is going to be dedicated to fucking you over even as they continue to try and fuck us over. But they’ll fail on our account. I’m not so sure about yours.

    Our ruling class is being liquidated behind the scenes and they are terrified enough they are buying bunkers all over the world. They will be forced to bow to historical forces the same as every other elite since the beginning of time.

    Your basic bitch retarded Marxism is cringe worthy.

    Our situtation is not hopeless, at all. Retard.

    Sites like this don’t even exist in China, that’s why you’re all so spastic.

    Don’t say stupid things and insult people in their countries. The West for all it’s stupidity has learned not to do that. It is a double edged sword.

    You are the middle-Kingdom. So stay in your lane. Everybody is going to have to stay in their lane now.

    Commit acts of aggresion in the United States and all the Chinese people who shouldn’t be here are going to have a very hard time, just as hard as they make it for westerners in China.

    But I think your government is smarter then that. Because they know then ‘white privilege’ is going to extend very quickly to ‘Chinese privilege’ and ‘Asian privilege’ before long.

  185. In Mexico we are watching what happens with the Genaro Garcia Luna case in New York City. Trump’s recent rant about classifying Mexican Cartels as Terrorist Organizations brought Barr to Mexico to discuss the situation. A couple of days later the US arrested Garcia Luna in Dallas, Texas.

    I don’t think that was a coincidence, because Mexico has been wanting to investigate this guy, but he moved to Florida. This guy was Mexico’s Top Cop and has been implicated in several acts o corruption, including receiving bribes as was testified in the Guzman trial. He was involved in the Fast and Furious illegal arms sales and Trump wants to know how much the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton were involved. The FBI which he feels have been trying to take him down are also implicated in that crime, and I believe he knows this guy can put some of these people in jail.

    Experts quoted in a Mexican paper echoed other analysts who have spoken out in recent years, saying that the U.S. government scheming handed the Sinaloa cartel de facto status as the primary powerhouse. In fact, during the period when El Universal says the relationship between American officials and Sinaloa chieftains was most active — 2006 through 2012 — drug war-fueled violence in Mexico surged to unprecedented levels. There are numerous indications that despite official denials, top Mexican officials may have been aware of the schemes, or even involved in them.

    Also part of the U.S. government deal with Sinaloa, analysts and Zambada-Niebla have said, was the Obama administration’s “Fast and Furious” gun-running program to arm Mexican cartels at U.S. taxpayer expense. Most recently, a whistleblower from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) said that U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, killed with a Fast and Furious gun, was murdered by criminals working for the FBI. “It is clear that some of the weapons were deliberately allowed by the FBI and other government representatives to end up in the hands of the Sinaloa Cartel,” stated a motion filed in U.S. court by Zambada-Niebla’s defense team, adding that the U.S. government has documents showing that the weapons were provided by authorities pursuant to the agreement with Sinaloa.

    This is to show some of the High IQ Folks here like “Wally” that shit-hole countries do not necessarily mean countries from the third world! 🙂 Wally stay with the “Holocaust” story you have no business commenting your ignorant rant about low IQ folks! One day you should visit the Universidad de Technologica in Monterrey, Mexico. The Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico (in Spanish: Real y Pontificia Universidad de México) was founded on 21 September 1551 by Royal Decree signed by Charles I of Spain. After the Mexican War of Independence it was renamed University of Mexico. Harvard University, founded in 1636, claims to be “the oldest institution of higher education in the United States”. Eighty Five years later, there are a lot of things people in the US do not know about Mexico, Wally…Like Mexico’s Nuclear Energy Industry and Mexico being one of the few countries with the capabilities to produce Nuclear Weapons since the 1950’s!

    Don’t underestimate people Wally! It can end up being an embarrassing situation given your lack overall knowledge.

  186. @Al Lipton

    The last two Orthidox parishes I have been a member of were led by pastors who had been Roman Catholic priests for decades. Similarly, a gentle priest at a parish I visited from time to time in Philly. These deeply reflective men concluded that the RC was unsalvageable and in many ways harmful.

    Weighing that against a young religion hopper on YouTube, I just feel sad.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  187. @Flint Clint

    @ Flint Clint

    What funny farm did you escape from?


    • Replies: @Flint Clint
    , @Flint Clint
  188. AceDeuce says:

    Yes, I know. I included Polish in my list, if you look at Texas history, however — Germans and Czechs picked it up in the old country, and they, more than Poles introduced it to Mexico.

  189. I couldn’t read even half of Fred’s grumpy-old-man rant because I became overloaded with his endless string of obnoxious straw-men.

  190. @Freda Lipshitz

    How can it be “spot on in every respect” when it’s full of straw-men (e.g., white racial purity, etc.) and outright lies (no violent Latino crime, etc.).

    Fred is lazy, grumpy, and dishonest, and he’s way too old to be grinding his stupid anti-American axe over and over and over.

    I could tell him that Christmas is not exemplified by tv ads, but since he’s a proud God-hater, I know he really just doesn’t care.

    These Fred columns exist for him to get in his requisite digs at the worst of America (i.e., pop culture) as if the worst is the whole damned thing. Dumb.

    Someone hurt Fred’s feelings re Mehico, and his delicate wounds have yet to heal.

    Grow up, you sad old coot.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  191. @Jim bob Lassiter

    Frederico is as ignorant about music as a person can be. He should speak less about it. Much less.

  192. @Druid

    My Christian ilk believe in none of those things. Catholics have never had any defense for their blasphemous, apostate, judaized religion, so they lie through their godless teeth as a substitute.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  193. @Sick of Orcs

    Alexandria is a single name for two very different areas.

    Old Town is still fairly white (thanks to being staggeringly expensive), other than the area near Arlington.

    The rest of the city is Chalupaville, or whatever the Central American equivalent is.

    Don’t be complacent.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Jim bob Lassiter
  194. @tomo

    HBO (((producers))) are definitely representative of Americans across the 50 states. You learned so much during your whopping 7 years of research, even though your description of American high school—which you did not attend—is nothing like my actual experience.

    There sure are a lot of foreigners who fancy themselves as knowing more about my country than I do. Foreigners are magic.

  195. Biff says:
    @James Scott

    We imported the cartels customer base. Blaming the USA for the drug problems mestizo’s brought with them is bullshit.

    The largest consumer base of cocaine users are white American males in their 30’s. Follow the money, not your liberal emotions.

  196. @Freda Lipshitz

    It’s tragic that you think it’s funny.

    I’m trying to educate you on the perspectives and experience of Jews who support Donald Trump in the United States. Do you think they do it because they like his haircut? I don’t know where you’re from.

    Do you think that Chabad Jews and Chassidim and Hasidics and Torah Jews who actually live in these communities and are being attacked daily by diversity are from the funny farm? Do you think that it’s all just for fun?

    Do you know that the scharvtzes who assault these Jews are released on bail without charge due to the actions of progressive Jews called ‘Lipshitz’?? Oh yes, you psychoanalyse them and give them free things and then release them straight back at the people they just victimised, and then you smile and laugh and say it’s funny.

    You think it’s all a joke?

    There are IDF forces now in the United States on sentry duty with the assault rifles you ban, guarding against the vibrant diversity that Reed talks about with such affection.

    Would IDF soldiers be present if it was just a joke? Do you think people in this community are amused at the progressive Jews’ destruction of their communities?

    I’ve made a series of assumptions about you based on your name, Lipshitz, and your implied attitudes as a nominally liberal female based on your support for Reed’s piece, and I’m guessing you’re a reform Jew or merely secular.

    If any of those assumptions are wrong, feel free to enlighten me.

    I think progressive fake Jews should be more wary maybe of the consequences of their alienation of the more, motivated, parts of their community. You think they are just stupid embarrassments. I would revise your estimations. What allegiance do they/we owe to you who despise us and call us funny farm?

    You may suddenly find one day that the tide has rolled out, and you stand on an Island, alone, and you will have nowhere to seek refuge. Believe it or not, there are still some Jews who actually believe in the religion of the forefathers, and have foresight to see the consequences of your stupidity.

    Have you actually contended with anything I’ve said? 80% of the women crossing that border get raped. Who is doing the raping? You think you are safe from such rapists?

    Support the Wall, Lipshitz, and nationalist parties that protect your community. White people are not a threat. Those animals you let in from Culiacan Rosales and call ‘AmErIcAn’ are, as are their equivalents you let into Europe and call ‘GeRmAN’.

    Your beliefs such as I assume are literally incomprehensible given the actual evidence. But this is what happens when Jews listen to their women.

  197. Daemon says:
    @Flint Clint

    Your brain on /pol/, ladies and gentlemen.

    Or are you Steve Bannon posting under a pseudonym?

    • Troll: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Flint Clint
  198. @Hibernian

    How much immigration in the US is from Argentina and Chile? Thought so…

  199. @Daemon


    Ah – so a reader of Phillip Pullman.

    The purveyor of the soul as animal and the sexual energies of the chief protagonist transferred into the Alethiometer.

    How did those Phillip Pullman travesties of movies go? Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig who plays a character based on a homosexual prostitute for MI6 and a screenplay with Svalbard and Ice-Bears and distinctly disturbing white supremacy. Are you a Russian bot?

    Yes, I’m Steven Bannon. Yes, I’m working with the Police now. Monitoring the Unz Review for signs of breaches of the peace.

    Look at the sheer adornment of that comment with arguments and refutations.

    So, presumably your position is open borders union between South and North America? I’m really sorry if I’ve offended you, when do we shift the capital to Mexico City? That makes sense, since Mexico dissects the two land-masses.

    Or is it just annexation by population invasion of North America? Do you also support child rape? Or are the Huffington Post lying when they espouse a position that causes terminal harm, one would have thought, to their progressive positions on immigration.

    What triggered you. Is it the inciseivness, or the accuracy, or the eruditeness?

    How is Chisala going – has he considered white people’s environment or environment at all or Flynn yet? Or is he still propounding for Nigerian IQ supremacy and the racism of white men as the universal explanation for everything? Like a progressive? Or a full-blood Jew? As he started his explanation again from scratch yet?

    Wait I know – you’re Chinese. You don’t like the citation from the South China Morning Post about the fact that at least half of Chinese grade papers are fake, and 70% of their referral letters aren’t written by them, and 90% of those are fake, and most of their exams are sat by someone else etc, and all the SAT’s are fake, and the IQ’s are faked.

    Well I don’t like it either – the power of the bonds of fellowship.

    No I get it – you’re John Podesta, or David Brock, and this is a little moment for Media Matters. How is the Canadian Century going? How’s Haiti? How’s Silsby?

  200. anarchyst says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    You are absolutely correct in your assertion that the Catholic Church has been “judaized” and “protestantized”..

    The beginning of the end of traditional Catholicism was sealed with the infiltration of the Catholic Church Vatican II Ecumenical Council of the 1960s by Jews and Protestants who were involved in the “modernization” of the Catholic Church.

    Much Catholic ritual and doctrine was discarded or changed, in order to reflect the “age” that we live in, as well as the promotion of the absolution of the Jews for Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death, despite vitriolic Jewish hatred of Jesus Christ and Christianity which exists to this day. This is a major doctrinal error that should be corrected as jews did take responsibility for Christ’s crucifixion and death.

    The fact is, the Jews DID get the Romans to crucify Jesus Christ and DID accept full responsibility for his crucifixion and death. As is the case today, they got others (Pontius Pilate) to do their “dirty work” for them…

    Abandoning the use of Latin in the Mass destroyed its universality. Previous to Vatican II, one could attend Mass anywhere in the Roman Catholic world and understand the meaning of the Mass.

    Prohibition of the celebration of the Tridentine Mass (except by special ecclesiastical permission) pushed many Catholics away from the new Modern Mass (Novus Ordo) and the New Church, in general.

    It took a brave Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X to push back” against Vatican II and re-legitimize the celebration of the pre-Vatican II Tridentine Mass and other Catholic rites.

    In pre-Vatican II times, the priest (celebrant of the Mass) was considered to be a part of the congregation, and a representative of the people.

    By turning the priest around to face the congregation, the priest was no longer a representative, but an actor, diminishing his status and importance.

    One area where the Catholic Church could improve itself involves celibacy, which is NOT Church dogma or doctrine.

    Celibacy was put in place during the middle ages in order to keep Church property from being inherited by family and relatives of priests and bishops. Celibacy was based on purely financial considerations, nothing more.

    It is interesting to note that Episcopal (Anglican) priests who convert to Catholicism can bring their families with them to the Church while Roman Catholic priests are denied marriage.

    It was a grave mistake by the Church to de-legitimize pre-Vatican II principles.
    Fortunately, there are Catholic organizations that subscribe to pre-Vatican II principles, one being the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).

    There is hope for restoration of the Catholic faith with traditional pre-Vatican II Catholicism…

    • Replies: @Lost american
  201. @Anti-White

    “without grave consequences for the profit makers” Ah ha, and who are they exactly? You seemed to mention every group in your diatribe, except one, very interesting. “Your ruling class knows this ugly reality and that’s why they don’t move a finger to change it.” Interesting how you don’t associate the ruling class with the collective mass of whites you piss your eyes about. Then you go on to slob Marx gnob, you are kinda giving the game away. Also there can only be this one reason, oh I’m sure that’s why every corporation pushes homosex when they are a tiny sliver of the population. Purely economic reasons, obviously!

    I have no idea why you are celebrating the decline of whites, because that will make the world so dull and boring. Instead of Blade Runner, we are going to get Planet Detroit, and there won’t even be flying cars. It’s interesting you can harp all on the negatives of whites, yet your worldview depends on never acknowledging all the inventions, technology, and advances in science. Go ahead, take a trip on a third world airline international flight over an ocean. Make sure you pick the plane that’s been maintained by non-whites for 20 plus years, I’m sure they will be able to maintain white standards. You subscribe to ethnic collectivism when it comes to playing the pity party blame game, careful someone might turn that looking glass back in your direction. The “profit makers” of America are really something else, because they don’t even treat the white majority like cattle. A good rancher doesn’t torture, destroy, maim, and displace his healthy productive stock. They are so vindictive and full of hatred they strangled their own golden goose, that’s the true story of America. Enjoy those dividends until election time, your boy toy Zio-Don is going to lose.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  202. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Ran out of AGREEs, etc, a while back, Mr. Mantooso, but you nailed it! Now, the 20th century, even pre-’05, Fred Reed was a great writer, but moderno Fredrico Reedisssimo could be defined by your comment above. Thank you.

    • Thanks: Gleimhart Mantooso
  203. @anarchyst

    Very good anarchyst-you know your history. Also, the mainstream media never mentions that the Catholic Church was intentionally infiltrated in the 1940s and on by apostates, homosexuals, pedophiles, and more- it was intentional.

    In my near 70 years, I see that the 1960s was where the USA went downhill. Despite what our idiotic MM says, those 1960s were not “the wonderful sixties”. The MM invents the culture and the masses follow. HBO was big in starting the showing of hard sex, murder, and perversions, and unfortunately, the masses went for it.

    I went through the Brooklyn, NY Catholic school system and it taught us to respect all people and our American traditions. In 1968 I went into the USMC. Fred Reed went into the Corps years before. The Corps had good people but it also had some real bad leaders.

    It is the MM which promotes crime, murder, killing, sexual perversions, and all other forms of degeneracy. The MM pays its newspapers to tell the public that the MM doesn’t influence youth but anyone with a little intelligence and awareness knows that the MM is mainly responsible for the decadence that has become a major part of the USA.
    When professional sports raised its prices for admission my dad said that we the people should just not attend and then sports would lower their prices. But the people continued to flock to the stadiums. If the masses across the USA and the world would not support the trash pewed out by the MM then maybe our country the USA would change for the better. But it seems that the masses like the garbage shown by the MM.
    And, of course, pride and money are the roots for evil.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  204. @J. Gutierrez

    Mr. Gutierrez: No, I never shot a 14-year-old Mexican boy in the back. I have brought them back home when they have run away. I have put those who molested them and raped their sisters in prison. And yes, I have arrested them for drunk driving, burglary, felony spousal abuse and other sundry violations of law. FWIW, I have also arrested many more white people than Latinos, Blacks, Asians, and others.
    The privileges and immunities under the law which you enjoyed while living in America would not reciprocate to me and mine should we have decided to move to your country. All my family and I wanted to do was live and work in peace in our own neighborhoods. We did not want to worry about being carjacked and murdered if we went to the Tyler Mall. We did not want to get caught in some gang crossfire while we were shopping at Albertsons or walking to our car in a restaurant parking lot. Those events were almost a daily occurrence in the Riverside-Corona area.
    You and Mr. Reed really have no reason to be upset with me. You’ve won. You pawns of the Infanticide Party have taken back much of the Southwest by force of numbers. You have run us out. It’s yours. Enjoy it before it gets totally out of control like the Narco-terrorist state Mexico has become. Res ipsa loquitur.

    • Replies: @turtle
  205. anarchyst says:
    @Lost american

    I too went through the Catholic school system and served in the Marine Corps as well (Vietnam).

    You are absolutely correct about the Marine Corps having “good people” but “bad” leaders. As the Marine Corps is the smallest of the services, it is almost impossible NOT to bump into someone that you served with previously.
    I chose not to make a career of the Marine Corps, observing the extreme disparity between officers and enlisted. Being offered aviation training and Officers’ Candidate School (OCS) was not enough to change my mind.

    You are also correct about the 1960s not being the “golden age” that the mainstream media makes it out to be. “Sex, drugs, and rock and roll” was the order of the day.

    One truth that is never mentioned by the mainstream media is womens’ birth control being responsible for much of the so-called “sexual revolution” (carnage) as it divorced sexual pleasure from responsibility. No longer would the fear of becoming pregnant be permitted to interrupt or negate sexual pleasure on demand. This one fact debased women to a much greater degree than most people realize.

    Birth control empowered women (sometimes negatively) in more ways than one, and led us down the trail of unfettered, on-demand abortion, even beyond the timeline of viability, abortion being available even after a normal live birth today.

    Despite pharmacological methods of birth control being available, abortion is still used as birth control.

    The male has no say-so in whether a child is permitted to live or be murdered. The “decision” rests solely on the woman–not good and morally wrong.

    As to professional sports (“bread and circuses”) we are in complete agreement. Professional sports, in general, have no redeeming value other than “entertainment for the masses”.

    It is sickening to see grown men sporting expensive oversize sports jerseys of their favorite players, being able to spout sports statistics of their favorite players, and not give a damn about anything else of REAL importance, as long as the “beer is cold”, and the air conditioning is working.

    One only has to look at the government “subsidies” (taxpayer dollars) given to the owners of these professional sports franchises to finance their multi-million dollar stadiums (actually “playpens”) for the richest of those of society. This is all by design.

    All one has to do is observe who owns and runs the “mainstream media”. The answer is right there.

    Is there a way out of this morass? A “great realignment” is certainly needed (and is coming.


  206. turtle says:
    @Dweezil the Weasel

    get caught in some gang crossfire while we were shopping at Albertsons or walking to our car in a restaurant parking lot. Those events were almost a daily occurrence in the Riverside-Corona area.

    I’ve lived in Corona since 1981 and have never personally experienced, nor even heard of, the situation you describe.

  207. JamesinNM says:

    So, remind me once again, what is the one reason you bother to travel to the U.S.?

  208. @J. Gutierrez

    “Mexico has been and is currently facing economic attacks on their natural resources and Public Corporations, but that is another story. ”

    You got that right Sr. Gutierrez, and if a reading of current news aggregations from Mexico is an indicator, it seems that Mexican corporate executives and high level government officials are the attackers.

  209. Webster says: • Website

    You ever get the feeling that you’re tired in your own mind?

    • Replies: @Flint Clint
  210. Gee Fred, I wish we had some of them crime-free latinos where I live. The ones around here are murderous thieves, that spend their spare time raping family members. Who you gonna believe, Fred or 50 years of crime statistics?

  211. @Webster

    Death isn’t the end.

    Apathy, lethargy, despair, nihilism, ennui, fatigue, sloth. These are all the weapons of the Cabal, and of the Prince of this World.


    We will see again the halls of our fathers. They are real. What did Gandalf say just before they ventured into the dark?

    What does the existence of universal wisdom and the conscience mean, exactly? What is it the premise for?

    Now, for the first time in decades, we are starting to understand, and we are meant to be here, and evil isn’t the only force.

    Yes, we all know the feeling.

    But this is the song of the sword dancer. You must join the dance, as Amram said to Moses, as Maimonedes said to his people about those who would steal from them their essence.

    Qui pugnet pro nobis

    Who will fight for us

    Nisi tu Deus Noster

    If not you, our God

    Glotira Patri et Filio

    Glory to the Father and the Son

    et Spiritui Santo

    And the Holy Spirit

    Sicut erat in principo et nunc et Sempere

    As it was in the beginning, is now

    et in saecula saeculorum

    and forever.


    This isn’t over, it hasn’t even begun.

    And you are going to emerge triumphant, no matter how long it takes. The Amayyids were all removed from Spain and it took 700 years. This won’t take 700 years.

    Yes, we have been raped in every way imaginable in every dimension of our being and it is deeply to be regretted, but so say all who live to see such times.

    Now you can join the dance.

    Now come on moderators.

    Clearly I’m not Steven Bannon. He wouldn’t be wasting his time here, I would have thought. He has gold mines being robbed in China and populations to restore all over the world.

  212. tygertgr says:

    I am American but had what I later learned was an atypical high school experience. I was amazed to learn that the various Hollywood movie tropes about school bullies and cliques weren’t just dramatic fantasies, but this stuff was really spinning around in Americans’ heads. Many, many years after college, even! Americans really do aggressively form mean social hierarchies when they are 15, and they take them seriously for decades. Go figure. I just had a lot of fun with all kinds of people at that age.

  213. Patrick says:

    Hispanics are not “people of color”. Hispanics are not “black and brown” people. The truth about hispanics is hispanics feel spiritually drawn to European culture and hispanics prefer European culture to African culture. “If you can’t beat them join them”. Whites don’t have to all intermarry with hispanics but it would make sense for whites to develop alliances and foster goodwill with hispanics in USA, especially over the course of discussions on shared interests. Both white and hispanic americans are gentiles and so we do have common interests. And while illegal immigration should not be tolerated in America, it is not good for republicans to treat hispanics like they are the main problem in America.

  214. Cowboy says:

    Yawn. The pagan Romanist congregation is always in full speed sophistry in trying to project its paganism to others.
    Back to your magic treadmill pagan.

  215. AceDeuce says:

    I looked it up–all of those countries have a strong history of polka music, BTW. The consensus is that the polka was originated by Bohemians (Czechs). and the word origin itself is based on the Czech word for “half” referring to the half step used in the dance.

  216. @Al Lipton

    Re the Marshall-Flanders discussion–

    The Dynamic Duo forget one thing:
    God Himself, no vicar, makes the heart sing.

  217. @J. Gutierrez

    The leading cause of death for a young Mestizo is a drug overdose. The leading cause of death for a young white person is extreme sports. You people bring nothing to the table but an appetite.

    You losers are the dope fiends in the USA. We imported the cartels customer base and your link does not disprove this. Just because the traitors in the gov’t helped import drugs for your scuzzy people does not change the facts.

    You do not belong in the USA. Your people bring nothing needed to the table at all. In 1960 there were less than half a million of you in the USA so you people have no claim on the USA. You have to go back and as soon as the USA solves its jew problem you people will be rounded up and marched to the border. Count on it.

  218. @James Scott

    Different races have different drugs of choice and these change over time.

    Crack cocaine is no longer popular with Mexicans or white youth. You’d be hard-pressed to find any white in the suburbs under the age of 30 who had ever tried rock cocaine. Crack is now an exclusively black inner-city drug. Few whites under 50 are crackheads and those that are were unfortunate enough to have become addicted in 1988 when they were 20 years old.

    When I was a young man, crystal meth was the rage with blue collar whites. Crystal meth was never popular with blacks. Meth use in the inner-city was unheard of and part of this might have been racism-blacks associated the drug with rural poor whites.

    Mexicans were not always the importers of heroin. Nobody here under 40 would remember when Chinese and Sicilians were the importers of heroin and probably don’t remember the so-called “Pizza Connection”.

    Nowadays, cartels seem to have vertically integrated drug distribution but it used to be an Italian and Chinese thing.

    In the suburbs, cocaine ravaged rich white kids in the eighties. But by the nineties, club drugs were more popular. Ecstasy replaced cocaine in the nineties.

  219. @Mj

    the bizarre attempts by “alt-right” types to resurrect beliefs in the gods of their pre-Christian ancestors. Soon enough we’ll see ex-Protestants genuflecting to Thor

  220. Delmas says:
    @Weston Waroda

    What Fred Reed says about Northern Europeans versus Southern Europeans bears some validity when considering general impressions. Though forty years ago when I first moved to Europe, I was initially impressed by the presence of affinities certain northerners entertain for southern climates and cultures. The Germans along with the English and their presence during holiday season in Spain , for example. Many French seem to have a similar affinity for African countries and the Far East, particularly Viet Nam, Thailand and China. Nordic peoples also have an attraction for Arab countries, Egypt for example and for India.
    However due to increased jet travel to all corners of the world, it becomes increasingly difficult to draw any general conclusions about any country.

    • Agree: Jett Rucker
  221. Delmas says:

    Strange that Fredo never deals with the reality of turista.

  222. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Sorry you don’t like the polka. Maybe you’re just too sophisticated.

  223. @Rurik

    News about Russian aggression in Ukraine are not lies. Quit swallowing propaganda.

    • Replies: @Plato's Dream
  224. Avis says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Did you seriously just post paintings as your evidence of beauty standards? You do realize those aren’t photos, right?

    As for the rest of your assertion, sorry bro, but I’ve seen too many hideously fat (or skinny, for that matter) Italian, Greek, mestizo, etc., and too many jaw dropping Germanic, Scandanavian, Russian, etc., women to ever say something so foolish as your post. No beauty can outlast a lousy diet.

  225. @Quartermaster

    The Russian hordes are taking an awfully long time to cross the Dniepr and liberate their Orthodox Christian holy sites in Kiev.

  226. Dannyboy says:

    Yeah, this is good throwback Fred column!

    I just have one question for Fred.

    What about the Irish?

  227. Dannyboy says:

    Fred kinda skips over the part where “whites” had their nation sleazed right out from under them.

    To talk about that requires talk about Jews and international finance and wars and lobbyists and betrayal and outright treason. To discuss that is to court disaster.

  228. Wait, I don’t understand. Every time you leave the US for a few months and come back, everything seems to be getting worse and shittier? Well how can that be?! Because of the US immigration policy (or lack there of regarding the southern border) every time you return to the country that you sold out, we are that much more diverse and “vibrant”. So forgive my dumb northern European culture, but you think the US is boring without “vibrancy” yet the more and more we import, the worse the country gets. Gee wilikers Fredy, this sure seems like a mystery!

    So I grew up around NYC. When are you going to do an article about how all the South American countries hate each other? For example everyone hates Dominicans, because they basically look black. So much for solidarity when you start mixing pheno types, and then that pheno type wants to date your daughter. Then there are Guatemalans, who are the “Mexicans of South America” because they are the ones that migrate around doing the jobs that don’t pay enough for the locals to survive. So of course with low skilled labor comes low skilled brains, and lots of low skilled crimes, but that is probably just some left over waycisms from those darned Europeans who bought civilization to the continent hundreds of years ago.

    Ecuadorians hate Peruvians because of territory lost in the 40’s, Mexicans hate all the interlopers that wander through, Lots of countries hate Cuba, Costa Ricans hate Panamanians, DR and PR hate each other… Wow, it’s almost as if diversity is not a strength in anyway, because different peoples from different places are, different!

  229. fschmidt says:

    What you seem to miss is that the reason that the media regards the public as retarded rabbits is because they are retarded rabbits. All of America’s problems are a result of the population continuously becoming more ignorant and stupid.

  230. @Jim bob Lassiter

    So, where are veterans supposed to go for medical services ? As far as I know there is no vet’s hospital in Mexico.

    I am reminded in 1997 I announced before retirement that I would be moving to Mexico. A female, who had no national service at all, haughtily informed me if I ieft the USA I should not be able to take ANYTHING with me. Not car; not pension; not Social Security pension; not private items. The only difference between her view and 1950 Stalin’s program was he said you shouldn’t even survive the trip, if all went well.

    No nation is free if you can’t leave and take your stuff with you.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  231. ANON “Hard to figure why he lost all allegiance to his own people.  “

    I will tell you why I lost allegiance to “my own” people. For 10 years and 10,000 hours, I supplied no-fee counseling to more than 1,600 divorced men. No man of intelligence should ever live in the USA as long as current laws make slaves of men. I refuse to live in any nation which treats men like they do. If you want to live there, please do and don’t mess up my neighborhood in rural Mexico with your wimphood.

    JEFF STRYKER #175 “Why should white men stay in the United States? “

    The reason most men stay in the USA is because they are cowards. It is not easy to leave your native country and go to a totally different culture. It takes cojones, and most American men are zero testosterone these days. Better to sit around and cast anathema on better men who actually escape Hell, and try to build yourself up by knocking them down.

    #177 “Walls don’t work” How funny. Israel only exists because of walls. But, you make it clear you are watching fake news TV Which means you have no grasp of reality.

    #184 “Our situation isn’t hopeless, at all, in any way, shape or form. “

    Wrong. Back in 1934, a British academic published a book based on his study of all civilizations, large and small, on which he could find sufficient data. He learned that they all failed under the exact same condition: Women who had total sexual liberty. No exceptions. The book is not available in print form. The last copy was listed on Amazon for around \$700. SEX AND CULTURE, by Unwin 1934. There is a readable version on line.

    He even describes the change in productivity and innovation and religion as it fails. EVERY CHARACTERISTIC HE LISTS FOR THE LAST DAYS OF A SOCIETY OR CIVILIZATION ARE PRESENT IN THE USA.

    #225 JAMES SCOTT “You do not belong in the USA. “

    Oh, please, let them in. Thanks to no wall at the border, our rapists and baby rapers and murderers, go to the USA and it makes us safer here.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  232. @Anonymous age 77

    Mexicans, Filipinos and Indians in America send 90% of their wages home to their extended families.

    So why shouldn’t an America take his money overseas?

    Anyhow, the US is now so completely global they’ll never do anything about this.

    A woman would say that for the same reason white women in Asia sneer at me…because if every white man in the West chose to simply move to Asia and marry a sweeter younger woman, white women would be screwed. White women have to make a go of it. A few can latch onto foreign men and a few do, but overall they cannot get by in Asia or Eastern Europe and white men can. Globalization has devalue the sexual marketplace.

    You can easily leave and take your stuff with you. I did it age 25. I had no wife, no kids, no debt, no mortgage, no attachment to American and I left. Nobody stops anybody.

    I’ve known quite a few disability frauds in the Philippines.

    Judging from the amount of sex they were having, I doubt there was anything wrong with their vertebrae.

    Look at the Skarlet Keeting case where that woman on welfare moved to India from the UK because her welfare check obviously went further.

    Look at Medical Tourism.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  233. fnn says:

    FYI, some Mexican cartels, specifically Los Zetas (CDN), have a social media team that constantly attacks everyone who reports on cartels. The cartels murder journalists who report on them and their social media team goes after the reporters who the cartels don’t want to murder.— Brandon Darby (@brandondarby) January 17, 2020

  234. @Anonymous age 77

    On your 1st paragraph, [email protected], I have no argument. Feminism has been perhaps equal to mass immigration and Socialism in destructive power.

    You are mostly wrong on your 2nd point. No, I think most men just don’t think outside the box in this respect – that’s probably the only thing that keeps many a young man here, when he would probably have a better life elsewhere. I, myself, did not think outside of the box about 2 decades ago, when it’d probably have been good for me to leave for some opportunities (would not have been Mexico though).

    Additionally, men with (intact) families or any men that are tied to the land in some way will have a hard time making a decision like that. There are also those, with much overlap, of course, who feel that this country is still theirs, and they are not giving it up without a fight.

    None of the types I mentioned are cowards, [email protected]

    As far as “walls don’t work” by me, (comment # 77) put on some spectacles or something, cause that was my take on Fred Reed. You missed

    Fred Reed likes to take both sides of every argument against every problem: [Fred Reed mode]

    That’s partly my fault for not using bolding or blockquotes. Go up an read it again, as it may amuse you. Note that every idea I put in there is something Fred Reed wrote (paraphrasing here), no matter how conflicting… that was my point.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  235. @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff, you obviously know your stuff on the ex-pat business. Per my reply to [email protected] above, it’d be good if more Americans realized their options before it’s too late (that means, when the American \$ becomes, if not worthless, worth LESS, a whole lot less). Even if some young men just would realize that bugging out is a possibility, and keep that in their minds, it’ll make for better dealings with women and employment here. You don’t need F.U. money, just an F.U. plan.

    Thank you also, for tailing off on those posts about America that you used to write, that, IMO sounded like stuff gleaned off the TV or Hollywood movies. I do understand that you lived in some bad places and had a hard time back in the 1990s. I guess they’ve been bad neighborhoods in the cities in America since the late 1800s. However, not all of us live in places like you did. Not everything is the way you remember it by this point. I appreciate your stories from back then, though, and I’m glad your decision to leave worked out great for you.

    Globalization has devalue[d] the sexual marketplace.

    Great point there! It’s what I was trying to say, but more succinct.

  236. @Achmed E. Newman

    Oops, comment #177 is what I was referring to.

  237. We humans base our opinions on our experiences. I decided in the late 80’s after years of counseling divorced men that I probably wanted to GTHO (or is it GTFO, I’m not sure.) If I said so, I faced incredible hostility, but more from men than from women.

    Over the years until I actually retired and made the move, I talked to a lot of people, but especially men who had been badly abused by the “family courts.” I tried to tell them that if their life was so bad in the USA that we were doing suicide counseling, it’s a big world. And, most of that world, once you escape English speakers, treat men much better than the USA does. The women are much nicer and sweeter.

    After I retired, I participated in DGM (Don’t Get Married). By that time, I realized the real problem was Fear of the Unknown. When I started using Linux, I think 1999, at times I wanted to do something complicated, but if I could not visualize the project, it was hard to do. If I found a conceptural summary of the project so I could visualize the task it was easy.

    I realized this was the fear of moving to another nation, they could not mentally visualize what their daily life would be like, so they were unable to get the cojones to move.

    On DGM, I started writing articles about my daily life in Mexico. Playing with neighbor kids. Buying vegetables at the local market. I wrote a lot about the quality women in my neighborhood and how they acted. I noted that of the hundreds of women I had known in my 50+ years in the USA, I could only identify 6 that I felt were totally sane. Of the 40 women in my part of my mountain village, 3 (7.5 %) were totally sane. And, the rest cooked and cleaned for the family, and either “shoveled the husband’s ashes” (an old allegory) or looked the other way while he visited a hot neighbor.

    Within two years or so, the owner of DGM and his main assistants all packed up and left the USA. Hahaha.

    I spent an estimated 10,000 hours total on the task of counseling divorced men, including 100% suicide counseling everyone who called. I learned a lot. I had to because I was doing it because in 1984, 2 of 35 members of the local FR group killed themelves, one with gasoline.

    With all that counseling, I had to learn to get inside a man’s head and fast. Which is why I say most men who suffer in the USA but won’t try to leave, it is cowardice, plain and simple. It is pretty sad that men will stay and die at their own hand, but are too afraid to leave instead.

    If your experience is different, it is rational that your opinion will be different.

    There is another reason I think it is cowardice. When my tub-of-guts son-in-law learned I was bailing, he called me a coward, said he was going to stay and fight. His idea of fighting was to get on a plane and join thousands of protestors on the mall in DC. Mine was public militancy in every way. And I had learned that defeating the man- haters is impossible. My generation actually did stuff.

    And, everyone of my generation has been banned on men’s boards on the Web for one reason or another. A few years ago, some idiot cursed my entire generation to the hottest parts of Hell for ‘not doing anything to stop feminism.” He must think he could see our work in the MSM?

    People who have been activists for 40 or 50 years have a different view of the issues. But you will not see that view on any man’s board today. Banned! Banned! Always for some bogus reason.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  238. @James Scott

    I gave you too much credit, saying you might be a teenager or ignorant. You are just a Stupid Man! You will not survive the coming destruction that the Zionist have planned. The world will be much better off when you are gone!

  239. Freedom

    “Wasn’t Born To Follow” The Byrds

    Oh I’d rather go and journey where the diamond crest is flowing
    And run across the valley beneath the sacred mountain
    And wander through the forest, where the trees have leaves of prisms
    And break the light in colors that no one knows the names of

    And when it’s time I’ll go and wait beside a legendary fountain
    Till I see your form reflected in its clear and jeweled waters
    And if you think I’m ready, you may lead me to the chasm
    Where the rivers of our vision flow into one another

    I will want to dive beneath the white cascading waters
    She may beg, she may plead, she may argue with her logic
    And mention all the things I’ll lose
    That really have no value in the end she will surely know
    I wasn’t born to follow

  240. MEH 0910 says:

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  241. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

  242. MEH 0910 says:

  243. Mitrant says:

    Pretty good this time, BUT…the polka is HUGE in Mexico, no sabes?

  244. MEH 0910 says:

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  245. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  246. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  247. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  248. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

  249. jennyff says: • Website

    But no. Fox is as crooked, calculated, partisan, and embarrassing as CNN. It just does it in the opposite direction. Tedious. Stupid. It is the intellectual analog of a Ugandan bus-station latrine. Why do people put up with it? I conclude, once again, that journalism no longer exists in the United States.

    I wonder why so much hate

  250. MEH 0910 says:

    Just got back to Guadalajara and environs after two weeks of Christmas in Washington. Good times were had, old friends seen, but it was not altogether a delight. Going back to America every nine months or a year is like watching something decay in time-lapse photography. It can be a shock.


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