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Race Hustlers: I'd Rather Have Ebola
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Oh help. Why is America, seething with racial animosity, simultaneously afflicted by so many race hustlers, the grave worms of nationality, who thrive on making things worse? It must be the Russians. Everything else is

Blacks have the Southern Poverty Law Center, Jesse, and Al, and Black Lives Matter. Hispanics have La Raza and Jorge Ramos. and whites have VDare and Breitbart News, John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, and Ann Coulter. Could we trade the whole bunch for a small nuclear war, or maybe an outbreak of the Black Death?

Our race-baiters operate identically, retailing nightmare stories of rape and degradation, asserting that the Hated Other will destroy civilization, that our children are not safe, and promising that these ills are irremediable. The goal is to stir their bases, often poorly educated, to a maximum of anger.To this end they cherry-pick, exaggerate, distort, and publish without fact checking anything that suits their inner demons. The rest of us suffer the consequences.

A point seldom made is that the white race hustlers are not specifically against, say, illegal Latinos, criminal Latinos, or Latinos dependent on welfare, though they routinely criticize these. They hate all Latinos or Americans of Latin-American descent: Citizens, the green-carded, descendants of families in America since 1848. There is no placating them.

Many of the assertions made by the hustlers are valid. For example, diversity is a disaster. Without it, we would not have had slavery, the Indian Wars, Jim Crow, race riots, burning cities, urban no-go zones, affirmative action, or the lowering of standards in virtually everything. Immigration is not worth the cost. Opening the borders is insanity. European civilization is indeed way superior to anything outside of the Far East.

OK, we’ve done that. But:

The tens of millions of Latino citizens cannot be deported. The illegals almost certainly will not be. Sometimes you have to deal with things as they are, not as you would like them to be. What now?

The future, if any, of the country will depend on the harmony achievable among the races. It is clear that blacks are as they will be, that they neither will nor can assimilate to European civilization. If they could have, they would have. This is a disaster, but there you have it.

This leaves Latinos. Can they assimilate? The race hustlers, VDare and Breitbart and so on say, and hope, not. They relentlessly portray Latin Americans as filthy, bearers of exotic diseases, stupid, illiterate, incapable of learning English, fertile as flies, criminal, perverted, and desirous of restoring a mythical Mexican state called Aztlan.

Do I exaggerate? Here is a sample of race baiting from Ann Coulter:

“When it comes to child rape, the whole family gets involved. (They are family-oriented!)” Coulter writes. “Far from ‘I am woman, hear me roar,’ these are cultures where women help the men rape kids.” This is pure race hustle.. (All right, I admit that on many mornings the lady next door says, “Hola Fede, come help-me hold Rosita down. We’re having the biker gang over and I want to make sure thay all get a turn.”) While Derbyshire and Brimelow are slick, charming, cultured, and certainly not as crass as Ann they do not disavow this sort of thing.

My favorite and most amusing race baiter. Ann Coulter in her current Breitbart picture. being in fact fifty-eight years old yet disguising herself as a prom queen, perhaps in anticipation of Halloween. The photo may have been Photoshopped as in others her jaw looks more like a shovel.

As I live in Mexico I am particularly interested to know: How much do the hustlers affect public perception of Mexico and Mexicans? I do not know whether anyone reads VDare, but Breitbart has a massive following.

As a test of the propagandistic efficacy of the-hustling site: They often speak of the illiteracy of Latinos. Survey question: What does the reader believe to be the rate of literacy in Mexico? (Answer below)

Here it helps to know a little about the hustlers. I am reasonably familiar with them, having known various of the leaders by internet and otherwise, read their books, and heard at excruciating length from their followers. These leaders, highly educated, are mostly denizens of the Washington-Manhattan punditry corridor. They are not reporters, but publicists, speaking truth when convenient but not cultivating an unseemly familiarity..

While their hatred of Mexicans is real, they are not disinterested. Race hustling provides them with a lifestyle as we say today. The crusade allows them to sponsor conferences, sell books, get donations, and attract national attention. Never underestimate the gravitational pull of a lens. Wherever they go, true believers will welcome them. They are rock stars of a sort.

This means that they are trapped by their followers, unable to essay impartiality even should such an unfamiliar impulse take them by surprise. The rank-and-file want red meat, tales of rape and rapine, horrifying statistics however fraudulent, and endless assurances of mental deficit.

Suppose that, say, an editor of VDare, came to Durango or La Paz or Guadalajara, for a couple of weeks–it would probably have to be at gunpoint–and discovered to his horror that the Mexicans were a friendly and courteous people with many bookstores as good as any in Washington, that they had first-rate surgeons and dentists and info-tech people and did not throw garbage in the streets or leave their children alone in dirty diapers and, perhaps worst, had decent universities that didn’t sink to the level of so many in the US.

Would he admit to having seen such improbabilities? No. They would lose their hustler credentials, like a Marxist who said that, well, capitalism has some good points. Our imaginary editor, back from Durango, would talk only about narcos, who are as bad as usually described, and poverty, which exists.

An honest race hustler, if there is one, would not change his mind about immigration upon discovering civilization below the border. It would not convince him that mass immigration was a good idea, because it isn’t. He would not stop advocating The Wall, for which strong arguments can be made. But it would perhaps take the steam out of his polemical sails (hey, mixed metaphors are a form of diversity right? I’m being politically correct) It would not afterwards be so easy to tell an audience of infuriated followers that, “You know, actually they are not quite as bad….”) He would forever after be regarded as a turncoat and a race traitor.

Another survey question, if I may, to judge the Breitbart Efficiency Quotient: Question: What is the average number of births per woman in Mexico? (It has dropped like a rock in the US, butt that is another matter.)

Another point about the hustlers is that they do not want to ameliorate racial anger, but to fan it. If all the Latinos in America became boringly middle class, what would the poor hustlers do? They need racial animosity as much as feminists need rape culture, or blacks need oppression. They will all protect their rice bowls, financial or emotional.

Further, the hustlers are committed to identity politics. To a large extent hustledom divides the world into white and everybody else, which is about as identity as politics can get. Noticing that a Mexican cardiac surgeon and a Haitian alley-dweller differ somewhat requires a degree of perceptual granularity they do not wield. They see no difference among Mexicans, Guatemalan Indians, and Argentines. Wherever Argentina is.

Much of this is due to a curious blindness. It is astonishing how very, very little the hustler’s know about Latin America or its peoples. This is perhaps not surprising in many of the followers, who run from actually stupid to merely provincial. What once surprised me is that to my certain knowledge some of the leaders have written bitterly against Latins for years, decades even, with n ore than a few hours in Ciudád Juárez as research.

If you were judging millions of newcomers to your country, would you not (I thought naively) want to know how they behaved in their original lands as an approximation of what you might expect of them eventually in your own country? Whether their schools are as violent and degraded as the hustlers hope(No. ) Whether they are able to start successful businesses? (Yes.) Whether they get along easily with white people? (Yes. ) The hustlers are not interested. Behavior is irrelevant.

I finally realized that their multitudinous charges of disagreeable qualities were political cover for the underlying reason for hostility: race. If every Mexican had three doctorates in astrophysics from Stanford, spoke fourteen languages, and carried not even one paltry medieval disease, it would make no difference.

Which brings us to The Question One Must Not ask the race baiters

What policies do the hustlers espouse toward the permanent Latino population?

The hustlers can’t answer, because any answer other than death camps (it’s been tried, got a terrible press, and anyway didn’t really work) would be to give the Latino population a degree of legitimacy. It would be to concede their permanency. This hustlers cannot bring themselves to do. Their mobs would revolt. The leaders know that if they ever admit the blindingly obvious,that those who are here to stay are here to stay, then–oh God, oh God– some sort of accommodation would be necessary. Someone would say the A word.


Assimilation, which is happening, must inevitably lead to intermarriage, and is. Mexicans are attractive people, no matter how much you squinch up your eyes and hiss. So much for racial purity.

A brief guide to the inevitability of matrimony.

(A digression: Years ago I went to Washington to speak to a conference of American Renaissance, an anti-immigrant site. When we broke for supper the waitress at my table was a very pretty Latina, of perhaps nineteen years. I asked her where she was from. “El Salvador,” she said in perfect unaccented English. I saw where the future lay.)

Various leaders of the hustlers have said clearly that they oppose assimilation. Thus we have the open-borders people, who want to admit millions of Latin-Americas to the US, and the race baiters, who want to make sure they don’t assimilate. What could be more advisable?

Literacy: 95% (figures from CIA World Factbook)

Fertility: 2.22 births per woman. That is less than a fifth of a child (the legs perhaps) over zero population growth, which is 2.1

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  1. Suppose that, say, an editor of VDare, came to Durango or La Paz or Guadalajara, for a couple of weeks–it would probably have to be at gunpoint–and discovered to his horror that the Mexicans were a friendly and courteous people with many bookstores as good as any in Washington, that they had first-rate surgeons and dentists and info-tech people and did not throw garbage in the streets or leave their children alone in dirty diapers and, perhaps worst, had decent universities that didn’t sink to the level of so many in the US.

    Here’s what you used to write about Mexico, before the smell of that Mestiza’s pussy made you delirious:

    Around Mexico City, I’ve seen girls of five years, street urchins, sorting through garbage dumps to find scraps to eat. Pretty it isn’t. They’re kids, newcomers to the world, who ought to be wearing cute dresses and playing with dolls. Instead they’re eating half-decayed slop from tin cans. Sometimes they don’t find enough, or some deviate, victim of a bad childhood, catches them alone, and they are found dead in ditches.


  2. ‘…But it would perhaps take the steam out of his polemical sails (hey, mixed metaphors are a form of diversity right? I’m being politically correct)…’

    Brilliant. One of your better pieces, Fred. Entertaining, informative, intelligent, and not completely in line with my ideas, which is a good thing.

    It sparked multiple observations from my own experience…

    First, on the lack of uniformity among Hispanics, I went through a period of having a great deal of work done on my house in the San Francisco Bay Area, where you inevitably wind up employing Hispanics of one flavor or another. One guy was a second-generation Mexican carpenter named Jaime: fairly assimilated, fairly white in appearance, Raiders fan, all too inclined to stop work and pass the time of day. Another was Marcelino: an obviously illegal Guatemalan who worked fantastically fast, knew what he could and couldn’t do and didn’t try to do the latter, and usually spoke some Indian tongue to the helpers he would sometimes bring with him. Very Indian: you could practically hear the reed flutes when you looked at him.

    So one day Jaime was bitching about Marcelino for some reason, and I had an epiphany: if one placed me, Jaime, and Marcelino on a continuum, Jaime was actually a lot closer to me in just about every respect except possibly genetic than he was to Marcelino. Like, if I was at ten and Marcelino at zero, Jaime would be at either seven or eight.

    So yeah: not all Hispanics be de same. It’s actually pretty silly to generalize about them.

  3. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    He has a point, at least based on what I’ve read here of Mr. Derbyshire. But Mr. Reed squandered much of his credibility a while back with ad hominem, homogeneous smears of “conspiracy theorists,” whose good faith replies he 100% ignored. That makes me think that this, too, was written to generate a long thread of angry comments, and that he will hide from anyone challenging his assertions. Just as his new nemesis, Mr. Derbyshire, did several months ago after taking cheap shots at those of us who question the Russophobic Establishment line, or who criticized his dismissal of Ilhan Omar on the basis of her religion and heritage after her brave statements about the influence of lobbyists in national governance.

    Both are often trolls with bylines.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  4. Tusk says:

    If Fred’s life is so good why is he online complaining about things that supposedly don’t affect him?

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  5. Anonymous[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Please, Ann Coulter’s articles are nothing if not well reasearched. She uses a dark humor in her articles, sort of like the type of gallows humor that people in gritty professions use to get through the day. You can critique her politics if you disagree, but you can’t make a legit claim that she doesn’t research. She’s one of a handful of columnists backing up strong opinion with logically laid out arguments, reinforced by facts that are often unsavory alright.

    But humans are doing these things.

    I don’t notice that she lets any group off the hook for bad behavior. She let the pasty-white, pre-assimilation Irish have it as much as the other mass waves of turn-of-the-century immigrants from Southern Europe. As for long-standing Hispanic citizens, I don’t think the alt righters are critiquing them at all other than for siding with their skin-pigmentation faction over the country as a whole.

    • Replies: @Icy Blast
    , @Scalper
  6. Rich says:

    There is absolutely no comparison between VDARE and Breitbart and the $PLC, La Raza and the Revs. VDARE is simply a magazine that advocates for limited immigration, Breitbart is a neocon news site. Al and Jesse were true race hustlers who shook down businesses, La Raza (the Race) is a straight up advocate for Hispanic supremacy. Fred usually makes some decent arguments, and I like pictures of pretty Spanish girls, but he’s way off here.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  7. I’ll take that 2nd broad. I don’t even need a full photo to know the rear end of that chickita has gotten bigger since you last showed her to us, Mr. Reed.

    • Replies: @Truth
  8. When we broke for supper the waitress at my table was a very pretty Latina, of perhaps nineteen years. I asked her where she was from. “El Salvador,” she said in perfect unaccented English. I saw where the future lay.

    You are a real sage, Fred Reed. Perhaps you saw where your future “might get you laid”. Is that what you meant?

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  9. I’ll get to the meat of the stupidity of Fred Reed now, if you all don’t mind.

    The race hustlers, VDare and Breitbart and so on say, and hope, not.

    That, first of all, is a flat out LIE. If assimilation was happening well, then this whole thing wouldn’t be a big worry. It is pretty damn obvious, unless you are Fred Reed, I guess, that Assimilation does not happen with large numbers. Been to Miami, even as far back as the mid-1980’s? They got those large numbers of Cubans, and assimilation stopped. How about Chinatown? Pick one, there are lots now. There is no assimilation there, or we wouldn’t be calling the places Chinatowns, would we now? The numbers for Mexicans and Central American illegal and birthright-loopholers is huge. Fred’s right on that. There is not much assimilation going on, for that reason.

    Fred is full of crap about there being just those HATEFUL HATEFUL people in the NY City and Washington, FS areas that want to stir up animosity. I am nowhere near those places. Illegal hispanics conveniently borrowed my ladder and used my spigot when working next door. Oh, they know enough English to ask, but it’s not their way. I get along as well as I can, but the really big point is that I don’t want to live in Mexico, Guatamala, or El Salvador. If I did, I’d be in one of those places. I didn’t want Guatamala to come to me! (Ann Coulter put this very well, along with the rest of her excellent writing in Adios America – more truth on one page than a whole year of Reed columns.)

    If you were judging millions of newcomers to your country, would you not (I thought naively) want to know how they behaved in their original lands as an approximation of what you might expect of them eventually in your own country?

    You might at least give Candidate Trump (the President is about dead to me, at this point) some credit for his “they are not sending his best”. You may be in a nice area, Mr. Reed, but do you know all of the 30–odd million illegal invaders very well?

    A number of the Central American countries are some of the most violent in the world. What, you didn’t know that, Fred Reed? What should we expect, indeed?

    • LOL: FB
    • Troll: Biff
  10. Oh, yeah, if Mr. Reed had actually been reading VDare, he might not repeat the same piece of stupidity for the umpteenth time about it being impossible to send anyone home. There’s a concept called “self-deportation”. Just as how it happened during Ike’s “Operation Wetback” (Gotta love the un-PC back then!), if the Fed or State authorities got serious about doing their job, and once illegal aliens know that, next parking ticket or DUI arrest (more likely) they will be sent back immediately, they will tend to head home on their own timetable.*

    VDare has some of the best, most accurate, civil, and error-free writing of any political website I’ve read. I get it, Fred. You had an argument with them over a coupla’ hundred dollars or something. GET OVER IT!


    * Oh, and don’t start off about the million buses again. They don’t have to all go ON THE SAME DAY, DUMBASS! (Read about Swift Airlines sometime.)

  11. Tusk says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Fred is a race hustler, but unlike those who usually advocate for advancing there own group Fred is trying to demonise his race while promoting another! Maybe his tan will come in and he wont have to admit he’s a gringo to his own embarassment.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  12. Giuseppe says:

    The hustlers are distasteful, but they perform an important service in maintaining a fictionalized picture of Mexico that tends to discourage the hordes that might invade from the North.

  13. Blubb says:

    It’s easy, mate: the US will have to break up into several territories. The blacks, the Latinos, they can’t keep up with the whites, AND they have different ideas on what is a life well lived. There’ll be at least three different countries in your territory a hundred years from now, maybe more. Who knows what the Asians are going to do. Your mutual hatred is tangible, it is thick in the air, oppressive and poisonous. You can blame individuals and their rhetoric all you want, even if every single one of them stopped talking tomorrow, it would not change a thing.

    More similar people have done horrible things to each other in order to live in accordance with their own kind – take the Germans and the Slavs. 700 years and they never assimilated, no melting of any pot.

    The gypsies! Fled from Pakistan 1000 years ago, escaping the Muslims, not assimilated.

    Migration is war, says Martin von Creveld, and he is right.

  14. Mr Kalergi promoted the same idea in 1922..From his book practical Idealism

    “The (European) man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space (nations), time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals”

    He was the spiritual founder of the European union and worked with the CIA and the usual gang of supects (rothschilds, Warburgs etc) to promote the implementation when they had conquerred Europe after Hitlers war.

    see here

  15. Fred is so strident on this issue, and so prone to mischaracterize the position of immigration patriots, that I wonder if he isn’t projecting his own genuine, but unexpressible, dislike of Mestizos onto others.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  16. Teutonick says:

    If there are two people shouting things at the top of there lungs, one is telling the truth, the other is telling lies, an ignorant person might see this, and make a false equivalency comparing the two.

    Such is the case comparing the likes of Ann Coulter and Al Sharpton.

    Pull your head out of your ass Fred. Truth matters.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @bluedog
  17. Exile says:

    Kumbaya Fred is almost wholly converged with Globohomo now. Every one of the “white race hustlers” he insults in this article is Fred’s better in writing and research. Next Fred will tell us Thompson, Epigone & Karlin are Nazis b/c HBD. Like Napolitano, Ron Unz seems to keep Fred around as a sideshow freak we can rotten tomato in the comments.

  18. Ancient boomer Federico Reedriguez remains unable to conceive of sexual imperialism and the Bleach Right.

    You do realize that we can fornicate with mestizas while remaining solidly racist and refusing to intermarry, don’t you?

    Reedriguez is likely correct that mass deportations will not take place, though it’s factually untrue that they cannot take place. His constant assertions that mass deportations are impossible are an expression of desire (since he is a Mexican nationalist) rather than fact. The US alone moves 800 million aviation passengers annually.

    It’s also true that Mexicans (and even sub-Mexicans like Squatemalans) are not that bad and capable of more or less assimilating, though it does not follow that this is desirable. Among other things it will unfortunately lead to intermarriage, which means the undesirable introgression of Latino poison into our gene pool.

    The “lovely” young lady posted by Federico, for instance, despite substantial European DNA retains the physiognomy of an Aztec murderess. She has the unfortunate dark hair and eyes that mar the exceptionally dull races of the rest of the world. I certainly would not welcome grandchildren of her appearance.

    Federico of course, having made his bed with a Mexican temptress, has had his mind colonized by a Latino brain parasite and feels differently.

  19. My favorite and most amusing race baiter. Ann Coulter in her current Breitbart picture. being in fact fifty-eight years old yet disguising herself as a prom queen, perhaps in anticipation of Halloween. The photo may have been Photoshopped as in others her jaw looks more like a shovel.

    What a fine, closely-reasoned expression of your disagreement with Miss Coulter. What a chowderhead.

    I’d be amused to read her assessment of your dissipated, stumblebum appearance.

    • Replies: @Herald
  20. So sincere is Ron Unz’s dedication to Free Speech and so deep is his loyalty to friends that he allows a doddering old fool who ran out of interesting or clever things to say sometime around the Bush (Proposed) Amnesty.

    Perhaps Senor Reed should undergo a Rachel Dolezal type transition and turn into a semi-literate daily wage earner who drinks cheap cerveza and beats his old lady while driving vehicles condemned by the DMV and the EPA.

  21. @Pilgrim786

    Fred still writes a lot of good stuff. His recent pieces on China were quite good.

    Also worth pointing out that Unz himself is very pro-hispanic. He prides himself on refuting the myth of disproportionate hispanic crime for instance, and way back in the prop 187 days he helped organized resistance to it.

    And I’m pretty sure that Fred has been known to knock back a cheap cerveza or two.

  22. The future, if any, of the country will depend on the harmony achievable among the races. It is clear that blacks are as they will be, that they neither will nor can assimilate to European civilization. If they could have, they would have. This is a disaster, but there you have it.

    My bold. The people and the land of course will remain. At least until the Yellowstone volcano or nuclear war. But the Republic is already a memory.

    You are right about the black folk. If they were going to assimilate they would have adopted American English by now.

    Regarding Breitbart, in the interest of balance you might do a rant against The Huffington post. Or better, the New York Times.

    Anyway – your message is received. You hate haters. Me too.

  23. MEH 0910 says:

    Fred, shaming Latinos for not conforming with American norms is part and parcel of the assimilation process:

    Ann Coulter Retweeted:

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @Truth
    , @MEH 0910
  24. It’s true that Mexicans can and often do assimilate. I have remarked before that, especially, the younger generation of current Mexican elementary school children seem thoroughly Americanized. They speak English without any accent and they are well behaved and polite—very much unlike the cholos I went to school with, who perfectly fit the Mexican stereotypes of being barely literate, trashy, crime-prone dirtbags who wore wifebeaters and Dickies and talked like Cheech Marin.

    I think that what Fred Reed perhaps does not understand is that what White Americans really object to is not Mexicans in general, but Chicanos, who really are everything their detractors paint them up to be. We don’t want any more Mexicans like that in here, having suffered enough of them already. I am perfectly willing to concede Fred’s legitimate points if he would concede my point that the stereotypes about Mexicans exist for a reason. Our experience of them was formed by some pretty bad apples.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @Truth
  25. @Ray Huffman


    Bear in mind that Fred is himself a white supremacist and life is good for him in Mexico’s system of white supremacy as an older guy who could not get laid in a morgue in the US and has a pension of $2000 a month

    He lives among aristocratic old Spanish families and a few successful refined Mestizos and other older foreign men.

    Above all, there are no blacks. Whom he clearly is not fond of.

    Of course he is not around poor Amerindian street urchins or Southwest US barrios full of Aztec primitives who would mug him if he had to live in some lower middle class white neighborhood.

    The sort of Mexicans he lives around would never immigrate to the US where having an aristocratic Spanish pedigree and pale skin means nothing and their money is worth far less.

    • Replies: @Pilgrim786
  26. Yes. The racists and the anti-racists are exactly the same.

    They do the bidding of their owners.

    This wisdom is above your pay-grade.

    • LOL: Wally
    • Replies: @SBaker
  27. They don’t have to worry about Mexicans. It’s Indians and Chinese they have to worry about. There are many more of them, and armies of them are coming with no brouhaha at all.

  28. @Thorfinnsson

    If Fred Reed was a lower middle-class white in any Southwest City living near a barrio his opinion would change quickly. To truly experience Aztec or Yaqui or Mayan primitiveness one must live in on the US side of the border.

    • Replies: @AP
  29. @MEH 0910

    I’m reminded how Asiatic Mexican Indians look. There’s nothing “Hispanic” about this dog-lover. He could have come down from the land bridge yesterday from Siberia or across the Pacific or wherever these people are from.

    • Replies: @Sam McGowan
  30. @Pilgrim786

    … and turn into a semi-literate daily wage earner who drinks cheap cerveza and beats his old lady while driving vehicles condemned by the DMV and the EPA.

    Except for the old lady part (she could probably kick his ass, at this point), this could very well turn out to be the case, once the US Dollar goes down the toilet, as explained in Peak Stupidity’s post here about Down to the Banana Republics ….

    Not only that, but per the college-educated coffee-drinking non-violent reporters at the Yucatan Times, American Expats say money they had at Monex is gone and the bank isn’t helping them. Tsk, tsk… I really don’t wish ill on Mr. Reed, so that’s why I’ve reminded him probably 4 times already in these pages to get his money out of US dollars. If you don’t read the comments, then I can’t help ya’.

    • Replies: @Pilgrim786
  31. @Intelligent Dasein


    Chicanos have been in the US forever and were American citizens long before Fred Trump was conceived in Germany. They are third, fourth generation Americans. There is no way to expel them.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  32. @Achmed E. Newman


    Absolutely. Do you think some average-looking white female lawyer from an Ivy League background like Ann Coulter will bed him? Especially on his $2000 a month pension?

    Even in Mexico the blond Spanish aristocratic women of Mexico City won’t be interested from the propertied 10% ruling elite of Latin America who are white.

    But on a modest pension as a middle-class white man who’d be approaching retirement in some tawdrier middle-class neighborhood alone a creaky wooden house alone Fred is much better over the border.

    If he had immigrated to Southeast Asia or India he would say the same thing because some young woman would be greasing his pensioner pole who was one third his age and he would be rhapsodizing about their country.

    • Replies: @Chick Gandil
  33. The most effective possible means to deport the undocumented is to jail employers of the undocumented. This will never happen because far too many politically conservative employers want cheap labor and they have the political influence to prevent deportation from happening. So just continue with your ranting about deport and self deport but when it comes down to reality it is your supposed allies on the political right who will never let it happen.

    • Replies: @Scalper
  34. Dr Pepper says:

    Thank you, Fred, for moving your diatribe to I now have the opportunity to read what your readers think about you. (and I thought you were liked and respected?)

    A thought came to mind while shaking my head in frustration at the venting uber alles, and watching my iced latte slowly warm up in the Mexican sun. Just like my coffee, that was once mixed by the barista, and now with the passage of time has separated again, the ice becoming water and rising to the top. The same with mixing races. They can appear to mix when the children want to be liked by other kids and copy each other, but eventually, they start to think about childhood memories and like the idea that they are unique. My father sent me to an American school in Europe, because he felt that my English was too British, and he thought that the US of A was heaven on earth. I was desperate then to fit in with the other kids. Today I’m embarrassed by the memories.

    Personally, mixed races are attractive to me. I’ve always believed that in 1,000 years, if we survive, we will all be mocha, with almond eyes. Even the British Royals agree; although it has taken them much longer to get to this point.

    I hope the rains come soon. Maybe Fred has a legitimate rain dance he’s learned from his wife? And can I perform it under the palapa, or do I have to expose it to the gods and stars?

    Always learning.

  35. @Thorfinnsson

    Fred Reed has become unreadable. And respectfully, the “broken clock” principle applied to El Cucko here. For a man who insists on inflicting reams of verbiage upon the world, he has far too little in the way of interesting or insightful content.

    Unz is not pro-Hispanic. As a Chosenite, he loathes the schvartzes and is afraid of Gentiles. Hence, like the rest of his ilk, he engages in the puffery of an ethnic group not consisting primarily of ultra-violent feral animals or existence threatening demi-god like human being in the hope that eventually Jose and Juanita will replace Joe and Jill and that there will never be another six gorillion hollow cost.

    But, Reed, f*ck Reed. He’s a senile old coot who almost certainly can’t get it up without a fistful of Viagra and another fist up his ars*h*le.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  36. @jeff stryker

    “ an older guy who could not get laid in a morgue in the US…”

    What an evocative and awesome figure of speech!

    Reed’s real issue seems to be a mixture of envy and resentment: he evinces the sort of try-hard attitude, the cargo-cult like motions of the yokel, the yob, busily ascending the social ladder, never fully comprehending the meaning underlying the gesture. Clearly, this man is from a working class background who conflates the high-quality commentators he attacked in this slimy essay with his uncle or father mouthing off about n*gg*rs. He considers race-realism declasse because the society he desperately craves considers it declasse.

    That Reed is hardly a model of humility and equality is neatly summarized by your observations regarding his current domicile and your informed conjecture about the reasons for such domicile.

    I cannot stand this retarded old bat and I long for the day when he is confined to a filthy Mexican nursing home where the nurses bilk him of all his remaining dineros and pay him less mind than the mold all around his tattered and feces-encrusted bed.

    • Replies: @anon
  37. @jeff stryker

    If he had immigrated to Southeast Asia or India he would say the same thing because some young woman would be greasing his pensioner pole who was one third his age and he would be rhapsodizing about their country.

    He hasn’t immigrated. That’s the problem. He will return. A serious health crisis will see him back in DC Metro or wherever, his wife with him, and her relatives not far behind. Eventually, after he dies in the VA hospital, the wife will get whatever property he has here–and stay, like forever. That’s normally the way it works.

    Central America and Southeast Asia are absolutely filled with Boomers like him, singing the praises of the local societies, simply because they found some ‘tang. I have zero problem with that, provided they stay there. In fact, we’re better off without them. But most of the time they return, dragging some exotic albatross behind them to hang around our necks forever, for better or worse.

    At least Reed’s one of ours, though. Derb decided to saddle US instead of England with a new Lon Horiuchi, all trained up and ready for action now. Thanks, Derb, you nerdy little pr1ck.

  38. Currahee says:

    “Mexicans are attractive people, no matter how much you squinch up your eyes and hiss. So much for racial purity.”


    Dude, I live in LA.

    • Replies: @Sam McGowan
  39. @Achmed E. Newman

    A buddy of mine moved to Thailand for the birds, booze and ancillary benefits a long time ago. However, since he is not a resentful and failed social climber, he doesn’t spend all his time thinking up degraded and degrading essays about the wickedness of (successful) whites.

    El Senor Cuckoo Cucko is a disgusting pile of human waste and should be flushed down the toilet of history.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @Biff
  40. Anonymous [AKA "Gamahooch"] says:

    Fred, you are correct that we all have to get along. That is the reality. Latinos are not going away. Most are fairly nice.

    But the main concern of many Americans (white and brown) is the corruption and violence in Mexico and Central America. We don’t yet have corpses hanging from overpasses in Tucson with signs saying “ This fool opposed the Sinaloa Cartel!” But that could be coming.

    There is no real justice in Mexico and the Mexican people are the main victims. We don’t want that imported here. Plus our country will go bankrupt supporting newly arrived unskilled workers and their families.

    I think most of us are pessimistic about the future. Once Trump is gone I expect a very left wing president and government of millennials.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  41. Sam McGowan says: • Website

    The issue with Fred is that he lives in Mexico, not the United States. I’ve been to Guadalaraja as well as other Mexican cities and it truly is a modern city with all of the attributes Fred attributes to it. But I live near Houston where there are tens of thousands of Mexican immigrants and there definitely is a undercurrent among them. Every night on the news there’s an account of shootings, rapes, murder, etc. and etc. and the perpetrators are nearly always either Hispanic or black (there are also large numbers of blacks living near me – ditto.) What Fred fails to acknowledge is that those who seek to come to the US illegally are not the fine, upstanding, educated Mexicans, many of whom are as European in their ancestry as those of us in the US, with the difference being that their ancestors came from Spain (as well as other European countries) while ours are mostly Anglo-Saxon and Celtic. They are from the poor, uneducated groups and many are, indeed, violent. Personally, I do not like Ann Coulter – never have, never will. I do not generally read Breitbart but I do peruse V Dare and I don’t find them to be as radical as Fred accuses them of being.

  42. @Currahee

    Some – many in fact – actually are. The Mexicans in LA are not the same as those in Guadalajara or Merida.

  43. @jeff stryker

    Bear in mind that American Indians also appear as Asiatic. After all, Mexicans are either European, Meztizo or Indian, the same Indians we put on reservations in the US.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  44. @Pilgrim786

    Yet he allowed this and other funny insulting comments. Viva Fred!

  45. Isabella says:

    LOL. As I read this I thought “Oh Boy, is Fred going to get a heap of vitriol flung in his face for this. The Unz site is heavily peopled by Americans of, I think the phrase is “the red neck variety”. Racists as all hell, coarse of mouth and mind, they are going to fling nasty comments relevant to his having married a Mexicana, living in Mexico, and how this has affected his mind.

    And sure enough. There they all are. Sometimes I wish I didn’t keep getting proved right when it comes to dismally seeing the worst of humanity. But mostly I do. I do.

  46. @Father O'Hara

    The only “allow” to it, Father, is that he has moderating turned down to the most basic level, same as with Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan (and those 2 are syndicated, meaning I really doubt they even know they have a column on here – maybe their business managers do), etc.

    What I’m saying is that Mr. Reed doesn’t read his commenters much. One can tell that by the fact that when he goes on a tirade about his commenters, he is completely full of shit. Anyway, if Fred did moderation on comments that insulted him, he’d be down to single-digits oftentimes! Hey, I’m glad I can write here too, but I give all credit for that to Mr. Ron Unz.

    • Replies: @Pilgrim786
    , @FB
  47. @Isabella

    You have to go back.

    (We have a million buses.)

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  48. Tusk says:

    You’re a right modern prophet, any tips on the lotto?

  49. @Sam McGowan


    So the Amerindians are reclaiming the North American continent again? Because there is nothing Spanish about these people except for their language and religion from what I can see. They seem completely Amerindian to me.

    They don’t even look Mestizo. They look like Mongolians.

  50. @Isabella

    The worst?

    I believe you mean the best.

    Racism is objectively correct. If you’re not racist you’re wrong.

    You should be delighted to see a vigorous, patriotic, and full-throated response to Federico Reedriguez’s betrayal of his native country.

    • Replies: @Stealth
  51. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    A very dumb article indeed. Reed raves on about Anne Coulter and Derb and if he’s ever read their stuff, just doesn’t get it. I think that Coulter’s animus is directed at the primitive, rude, obnoxious Central American that has absorbed the worst of black culture and turned it into a Spanish-speaking version. I need not go into the details, everyone gets the picture. I very much doubt that Coulter or Derb would have any problem with a civilized Latin American individual that isn’t filled with hatred for the man. I’ve been to California and experienced the seething hatred that the Latin American hotel workers seem to have for whites. They just thought I was a white American which I can pass for, but am a Canadian. I never got this treatment in Mexico or anywhere else in Latin America. I think that the unique set of circumstances that exist in the United States produces this hostility. In Canada we have Latin Americans that have emigrated here but seem to be of much higher quality than the ones that they get in California.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @Truth
    , @AP
    , @Anon
  52. @Chick Gandil


    These boomers are economic immigrants. If you have a small pension, you are better off living in the Philippines or Mexico.

    You’ll see more and more of them in the future as Gen X retires in the next 20 years.

    If you are male, spent your entire life living at home because you could not afford to marry or mortgage a house, never had a family, worked churn jobs, you are not going to be entering retirement in the US on much of a nest egg.

    And many Gen Y won’t. They’ll sell Mom and Dad’s house and take their very meager pension to Southeast Asia or Mexico, where like Fred they can live like aristocracy on $2000 a month and some younger woman will marry them.

    I’ve known many Boomers in the Philippines.

  53. I think Fred’s losing it. I remember the halcyon days when he was a force on the alt-right scene, bravely championing books like the one claiming that Israel gets a raw deal from the supposedly anti-Jew American press. That was when Fred was really a must-read, not for intelligent information, but for laughs. Now he’s just a bitter, doddering old man taking shots at Ann Coulter’s looks. (Pot, kettle etc.) Not nearly as funny now, although there is his Twitter feed, which is funny. Reed can’t seem to figure out this whole social media thing. Here he thinks he’s providing a link to a news story but is actually opening up your gmail account.

    • LOL: Tusk, Ragno
  54. @Pilgrim786


    Since you’re British, I’ll give you an example of Brit named Fertilizer Pete I knew in Philippines.

    Fertilizer Pete was your average hard-working lower-middle-class Brit from Liverpool. I think his parents were from Ireland, in fact.

    Pete was neither an alcoholic nor a prostitute addict. He was in the Fertilizer Business. Had been all of his life.

    But his neighborhood had severely declined wherever he was from in Liverpool. Chav gangs roamed the roads, drunk on cider and leveling a de facto curfew on adults. Pakistanis were grooming/pimping young girls. Addicts and black drug dealers were everywhere. Taxes were high.

    He sold his house while it was still worth something. He moved his fertilizer business to Philippines.

    Pete is typical of the British retiree overseas. He’s sixty. He might have been married but he divorced years before. In Pete’s case, his only daughter was a militant lesbian in her thirties whom Pete had not seen in decades. The weather is nicer in Philippines than Liverpool.

    So for Pete, and millions of working class Brits like him, moving to Southeast Asia makes sense.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  55. @anonymous


    Mexicans in the US are more like the Canadian Aboriginals than the European Latin Americans who immigrate legally to Canada.

  56. @Anonymous


    I lived in Tempe for a year on the border of the Guadalupe barrio and it was fairly dangerous. In those days, the barrio was overrun by “Brown Pride” and some Mexican prison gang. My first reaction to the Cholos of Phoenix was that they seemed pure Amerindian and very primitive. They also seemed to detest white people.

    Every so often, for no reason, a few Brown Pride would emerge from the Guadalupe barrio and assault some middle-class Anglo (The Yuppies lived in Scottsdale).

    The threat of Cholo violence, random and unprovoked, was always lurking in the background in Phoenix.

  57. TheBoom says:

    In old age Frederico has turned into a click bait fraud. Living in Mexico he knows that those smiling Mexicans would never tolerate an invasion like what white Americans are experiencing.

    VDARE reads like a kumbaya journal compared to what Mexicans would be writing if 20 million Chinese or whites flooded into their country and got government help to replace Mexicans. White expats only account for around 1 percent of the Mexican population and there is already grumbling about too many of them being there in spite of Mexico having strict immigration requirements including income and not taking any job a Mexican can do.

    Fred also knows that the Mexican elite that builds and staffs those hospitals are not the ones immigrating. We get the low level ones who undercut working class whites and plateau in the educational system in the third generation.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  58. TheBoom says:

    The reason Fred shingles out Coulter is she commits the sin of using facts such as Mexicans being the biggest consumers of services paid for by white taxpayers and the most in favor of big government spending against the wishes of most of those whites funding their invasion.

    • Agree: mark green
  59. Stealth says:

    If you think these comments are the “worst of humanity,” you might want to get out more.

  60. Stealth says:

    What the hell is racism, anyway? I have never seen an official, universally agreed upon definition, and that has to be by design. I refuse to accept anyone’s use of the term.

    • Replies: @Thorfinnsson
    , @Alfa158
  61. Ragno says:

    Pore old Fred. The reason he can put us all on like this is he’s writing about Mexicans and not blacks.

    Somebody ought to do a bit of preventative forensics and dig up one of Fred’s many hit pieces on African-Americans. Back before he had to pretend he was Canadian every time El Puto Trump came on the cantina tv – amazing how many satellite dishes there are in The Land of 95% Literacy, eh? – you could set your watch by the regular appearance of one of his country-lawyer-fiddling with-his-suspenders op-eds on The Complete Hopelessness of Black Folk.

    Back then, nobody would have dreamed that America’s liberal worthies – many of whom Fred is on a first-name basis with – would have ever, with a straight face, come up with this master plan of Let’s Abolish ICE and Double the Number of Illegal Mestizos to 40 Million; you know, the sort of center-can’t-hold lunacy that Yeats warned us about in THE SECOND COMING? The sort of no one home madness that’s swept across the Western world and made politicians like Trump not just possible but necessary?

    Fred misses those days, when you could disguise your disgust for lefties and their pliable Negro proxies by bemoaning the fall of Rome and Sherman burning Atlanta and other faraway historical analogies, and – so long as you restricted your whither the Negro? perambulations to your practically-private Creators’ Syndicate blog, you need not worry about your old co-workers freezing you out with icy disdan – let alone uppity waiters, their heads pumped full of their Jewish professors’ antiwhite animus, triumphantly throwing a drink in your face…..or possibly chasing you and Mamacita out of the restaurant altogether.

    Well, they’ll be standing on line to buy him drinks if they’ve been reading his Unz columns! There’s no mistaking who ranks higher on his villainy-meter between poor old Derbyshire and, say, Tim Wise….Wise is never mentioned, quoted or alluded to! Fred’s like those old movies about Huey Long or George Wallace (“Ah learned somethin’ losin’ this election.” “You did? – What?”…..“How to win.”)

    If you bravely attack Whitey, and selflessly defend Pablo, nobody’s going to remember those awful things you said about Jamaal a few years back. Particularly if you take care never to bring it up.

    Full disclosure: long before Fred ever moved to Mayheeco, I stated plainly that if given a choice, I’d swap every black in America for a Mexican ; I stand by that today.

  62. eah says:

    The Godfrey Roberts of Mexico.

  63. I guessed 95% on literacy and 3-4 kids. Interesting such a low birth rate for a latino people and I assume the education rate is the cause.

    This is the truth of immigration and assimilation too. I’m married to a Pakistani, I’m white Australian. I have a completely different view of our supposedly vaunted culture and countries of the West. Also a more nuaned view of the history of our so-called civilisation. Not hostile to what it was but certainly to what it has become and continues to. The intermarriage is inevitable and both natural and desirable as you say. It doesn’t mean everyone has to, and if it matters so much to some people to keep their bloodlines ‘clean’ then goo luck to them, as they gradually find their ‘pure genepool’ is shrinking with predictable results.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
  64. Dr Pepper says:

    One thing about ex-pats that has not been mentioned is that many of us prefer to live in Mexico, or Philipines, or Thailand, or wherever, rather than the US. It is not always about money or a pension.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  65. @Dr Pepper


    I am an expat and to me it is about cut-rate elitism.

    1) You are not around the underclass-white trash, blacks, Cholos, Chavs, whiggers, tweakers, whoever-because these losers can never afford a plane ticket or fill out a passport form and are always on parole or probation or have to get a welfare check or be near their crack house or pill mill or whatever. The worst of the worst are too uneducated to travel.

    2) You can get laid.

    3) There is no divorce rape. A phenomenon I personally avoided by spending my entire working life overseas.

    4) You don’t have to care about PC as long as you don’t insult somebody’s kings.

    5) You don’t have to care about being a white male.

    6) You don’t have to care about Israel or Palestine or culture wars.

    7) You are in a nice climate.

    8) If you do have a family, you don’t have to worry about the school system.

    Most guys will complain and complain but will never get off their ass and do anything about their life.

    But some of us just have such a high opinion of ourselves that we will do anything to leave and to stay away. Like me.

    • Replies: @Dr Pepper
    , @Patricus
  66. @Diversity Heretic

    Could be. The tip off that there is projection going on is his use of the Left’s favorite hysteria label “hate.” Expressing disagreement, opposition, criticism and even ridicule do not equate to “hate” in a rational mind.

  67. @Achmed E. Newman

    Spot on, my friend.

    Reed, in addition to being a defeated social climbing loser, is impervious to criticism and self-correction.

    He’s a doddering old fool in his dotage who imagines he’s still some sort of “Gonzo” figure.


  68. bluedog says:

    Of course Ann is a hustler for its her way of making a very good living and getting into the public eyes, which she loves as much as the money, and Sharpton and his kind are little different except in skin color that is.And of course you have those who’s mind never gets above the belt (like Newman) as they have their own fantasy’s, or the others who see no truth except in their own distorted view,some call it a birds eye view which is a very narrow view indeed.!!!

  69. @Ragno

    Outstanding comment, “country lawyer fiddling with his suspenders” is just perfect for Fred.

  70. @Stealth

    I’m not entirely sure myself, but I’ve long since decided the best approach to accusations of “racism” is to agree & amplify. I suppose it means “heretic”.

    In practice the accusation is raised for discussing racial differences, stating something unflattering about non-whites, and when preferencing one’s own. Now we also have people who state that all white people are “racist” b/c historical privilege or whatever.

    Since nothing is objectionable about any of those things I feel comfortable stating that racism is objectively correct and those who oppose racism are wrong.

  71. @Ragno

    “Full disclosure: long before Fred ever moved to Mayheeco, I stated plainly that if given a choice, I’d swap every black in America for a Mexican ; I stand by that today.”

    The Chosenites (including the proprietor of this blog) are ad idem with you. As for moi, ma foi! I want them all gone. Liberate the oppressed and huddled masses from the vice-like grip of the oppressive white sooopreeemicists!

  72. Dr Pepper says:
    @jeff stryker

    I also have spent all my life living and working in different countries. My concern is that people don’t get to see their life from somebody else’s viewpoint.

    To the person living in Alabama, the problems of Israel/Palestine are as distant and irrelevant as a dog in Argentina getting fleas. However, due to the massive amounts of money moving between the USA and Israel, the life of all Americans is affected by the conflict.

    The problem facing Americans is that for the last 75 years they have embarked on a course of Raptor Capitalism. They used to pretend they were the ones who wore the white hats. Now they no longer pretend. What is the saying about “power corrupts”? And with the reigning currency, it corrupts absolutely.

    It saddens me, so I will continue to write stories about the good guys wearing white, and the bad ones wearing black.

  73. Truth says:

    Hispanics have La Raza and Jorge Ramos.

    Not to mention “Frijole” Fred Junco.

    Hey but seriously, FF; can’t you find a hotter Chicana who’s picture to post? That one looks like any 40 year old Mejicana working at the local Furr’s Cafeteria.

    • Replies: @Herald
  74. Truth says:

    BTW, before you meet the saints, you need to please tell us the true story of your discord with the Derb. The animus seems a bit one-sided here.

    I’m guessing you played cards in the hotel at one of those Amren conferences and played the old bumbling- Brit routine and walked away with the title to your F-150.

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  75. Truth says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I don’t even need a full photo to know the rear end of that chickita has gotten bigger since you last showed her to us, Mr. Reed.

    {Sigh…} If we could only be so blessed…

    Oh wait! I’m black. Strike that, I mean “oh yeah isn’t that a pitty!”

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  76. Truth says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    How about Chinatown? Pick one, there are lots now. There is no assimilation there, or we wouldn’t be calling the places Chinatowns, would we now?

    LMAO! Geoffrey, that’s pretty darned logical!

  77. Truth says:

    You do realize that we can fornicate with mestizas while remaining solidly racist and refusing to intermarry, don’t you?

    That’s impossible, you fool! Who would ever conceive of such dastardly behavior?!


    Thomas Jefferson

  78. Truth says:

    Perhaps Senor Reed should undergo a Rachel Dolezal type transition and turn into a semi-literate daily wage earner who drinks cheap cerveza and beats his old lady while driving vehicles condemned by the DMV and the EPA.

    I thought you wanted him to change?

  79. Truth says:
    @MEH 0910

    The scary thing is, it was a 78-lb. Game-bred Pit Bull.

  80. Truth says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Our experience of them was formed by some pretty bad apples.

    Don’t you mean “Bad Hombres?”

  81. Truth says:
    @Chick Gandil

    At least Reed’s one of ours, though. Derb decided to saddle US instead of England with a new Lon Horiuchi, all trained up and ready for action now. Thanks, Derb, you nerdy little pr1ck.

    Damn, the natives are getting restless. Unz, would you please change the software to allow more LOL’s? I’ve counted 5 on this thread already.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  82. Truth says:

    they are going to fling nasty comments relevant to his having married a Mexicana, living in Mexico, and how this has affected his mind.



  83. Truth says:

    I think that Coulter’s animus is directed at the primitive, rude, obnoxious Central American that has absorbed the worst of black culture and turned it into a Spanish-speaking version.

    “Abosorbed” it, how, in Guatemala?

  84. Truth says:

    Full disclosure: long before Fred ever moved to Mayheeco, I stated plainly that if given a choice, I’d swap every black in America for a Mexican ; I stand by that today.

    Yeah? And then just try getting a parking space at Home Depot.

    • Replies: @vinteuil
  85. Silly post.

    If you want to cleave to Latina comfort women and procreate more mutts that is your business. At least you will be raising the average IQ of both whites and browns.

  86. FB says: • Website

    (All right, I admit that on many mornings the lady next door says, “Hola Fede, come help-me hold Rosita down. We’re having the biker gang over and I want to make sure thay all get a turn.”)

    Ann Coulter…being in fact fifty-eight years old yet disguising herself as a prom queen, perhaps in anticipation of Halloween. The photo may have been Photoshopped as in others her jaw looks more like a shovel.

    Noticing that a Mexican cardiac surgeon and a Haitian alley-dweller differ somewhat requires a degree of perceptual granularity [race baiters] do not wield.

    Fred Reed is fore sure the most capable wordsmith on UNZ…

    Last week we had ‘the malignant manatee’ [Pompeo]…I’m still chuckling on that one…

    This week we have shovel-jaw Ann Coulter…LOLOLOL

    Great article, from a guy who has seen enough of the world to have grown some pretty darn good common sense…

    One thing I will say about immigration…it’s about cheap labor and corporate profits…on Godfree Roberts’ thread I mentioned that China could probably import 100 million migrants, if the goal was to beggar their own people, while enriching a parasite class…

    In the US this will never change as long as plutocrats run the country and own the politics…

    • Replies: @Thorfinnsson
    , @Hans Vogel
  87. FB says: • Website
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Wow…do you ever get tired of pulling pineapples out of your ass…?

    I’ve seen Mr Reed popping up on numerous comment threads…asking smart questions that show an attentive interest to a wide range of issues discussed on this website…

    You’re the most obvious liar I’ve seen in quite some time…remember a couple weeks ago you were claiming that several 737 MAX pilots you allegedly ‘know’…were ‘pissed off’ at the FAA for grounding the plane [due to third world monkey pilots crashing a perfectly good airplane…]

    Meanwhile outraged pilot union leaders have been [uncharacteristically] all over the news media…tearing Boeing a new one…

    Pilots union to Boeing: ‘Inexcusable’ to blame pilots for 737 Max crashes

    The spokesman for American Airlines’ pilots union called Boeing’s insinuation that foreign pilots were to blame for the crashes involving 737 MAX jets “inexcusable” and said AA pilots made several suggestions to Boeing to fix the 737 MAX’s systems before the second plane crash.

    In recent weeks, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg and others have said that the actions of the pilots played a role in the chain of events that caused the crashes, which Dennis Tajer, spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association, said unfairly points the finger at foreign pilots.

    “Shame on you… we’re going to call you out on it,” Tajer said of Boeing Thursday ahead of a Federal Aviation Administration meeting of international aviation regulators in Fort Worth, Texas. “That’s a poisoned, diseased philosophy.”

    When asked if the Ethiopian crash might have been prevented if Boeing had taken action on the pilots’ suggestions, Tajer said, “I think that’s a fair conclusion.”

    Why don’t you try taking a break from bullshitting…just for a bit…it might improve your life…[such as it is…]

    • Agree: bluedog
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  88. MEH 0910 says:

    • Replies: @mark green
  89. @FB

    Bull. Fred Reed comments randomly (don’t know about the Commie threads, I gotta admit), and. only once in a blue moon. He won’t answer commenters who disagree with him. His questions are sometimes decent, but oftentimes show that he learns nothing. Even with very civil replies, there won’t be a comment back.

    The 5 SWA guys said what I told you they said: 75,000 hours or so on that variant, and they never got themselves into that jam. I don’t argue with the need to fix it immediately and the poor implementation of that system. The pilots unions stick up for themselves very nicely, across all national boundaries. That can be a good thing, but something tells me this Tajer is doing some virtue signaling here. AGAIN, for mister retarded here, that does not mean that the plane shouldn’t be fixed before it’s ever flown again.

    Back to Fred Reed, I probably got a bit too angry at him on this thread, but it’s because he could be a good writer again, but he decided to throw in a bunch of lies. Peter Brimelow and all the VDare people are very civil, polite, and extremely knowledgeable of the area of immigration in all its aspects. There’s Allen Wall on there who lived in Mexico with his family just about as long as Fred, and he reads/watches the Mexican press, and cooly and civilly, with no animosity, gives readers his take on the view from the other side. VDare wouldn’t even be publishing much about Hispanic immigrants if they fit in and assimilated well with Americans. It’s not all because of who they are (Ann Coulter’s take), but because of the extremely large numbers.

    At least your friend Erebus (out of Toronto, are you?) is civil in his views of the whole 737-Max issue. You first pretend to be a test pilot, then, you want to keep bugging the crap out of me on-line. It makes me think you’ve got some kind of unrequited crush …


    • Agree: James Forrestal
    • Replies: @Republic
  90. @jeff stryker

    By the time this all runs its course, we’ll have the Yamomami here.

  91. @FB


  92. FB says: • Website

    [Too much unnecessary profanity may increase the likelihood that your comment is trashed.]

    You’re just a pathetic liar asshat…face facts…you can’t even keep your lies straight…you said THREE MAX pilots…now it’s FIVE…

    Also how could they have 15,000 hours each in the MAX…it’s been in service less than two years…?

    Let me tell you something dork…no professional pilot would have anything to do with a useless little shithead like you…you’re simply not the ‘type’…what with your apparent homosexual tendencies…you’re just not aviation material…

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  93. Speaking as someone who used to live in California, and who has been burglarized by Mexican immigrants, been swindled in doing business with them, and had my car vandalized by them, I have to say that Fred Reed’s Mexicans weren’t the Mexicans I knew. In California, if you are white and drive through the Mexican section of town on a Friday night, you will receive looks from the assembled crowd of brown stubbies milling about that will make you wish you had an AR-15 with you. These motherfuckers are definitely filled with hate towards white people and are buoyed up by the confidence they are winning the war to drive whites out of California.

    It’s too bad, as California is rich in natural resources and is probably the most beautiful state in the union. But, hard as it is, if whites don’t want to fight for it, and indeed, have refused to make even the slightest effective efforts to keep it for themselves, they don’t deserve it. Fred speaks of assimilation as if this were a realistic option, but why should the winners of a struggle want to assimilate to the losers? It’s survival of the fittest, and nice guys finish last or not at all. Mexicans don’t want to assimilate to white culture. They’ve got their own, and so far they’ve been victorious.

  94. @FB

    Nope, I talked to 1 crew and one other Captain one day, then a few weeks later I talked to another crew. Those 5 guys didn’t have 75,000 hours on it, goofball – Southwest airlines did. That works out to about 3 weeks (if I remember my calculations based on daily departures and average leg length – had to guess the latter) of flying, as if the MAX’s had been the sole variant.

    Like I said, NOT INTERESTED.

    • Replies: @FB
  95. BuelahMan says:

    Fred must protect his wife’s heritage, no matter how detrimental it is to America.

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  96. descendants of families in America since 1848.

    You are starting about 8 years too late. Really we should have closed the borders to all new immigrants in 1790. I will give dispensation to the few Spaniards and Frenchmen picked up in the acquisition of Florida and the Louisiana Purchase.

  97. FB says: • Website
    @Achmed E. Newman

    …I talked to 1 crew and one other Captain one day, then a few weeks later I talked to another crew.

    Sure you did Pinocchio…

    What did you talk about, the weather…?

    So an airline captain just telephones a bozo who types on a chat board all day in his mom’s basement and says ‘hey, guess what buddy…?’

    Sure dipstick…

    The real truth is you don’t know any airline captains…never did…you proved on that other thread you know diddly about airmanship…

    Let me tell you something…as a professional pilot…the rank and file were told by the union reps after ET302 to stay quiet on the subject until more facts came out and the unions formulated a position… that’s why the unions are speaking now…

    That’s problem with lying…sooner or later you run into someone who actually knows the subject…what a loser…

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  98. pb says:

    i used to not like fred, but now i just find him amusing.
    this is literally /pol/ tiered trolling, pictures of pretty girls and all, does fred reed use a jewish ghost writer?

    • Replies: @The Scalpel
  99. @Ray Huffman

    From this article:
    “Our imaginary editor, back from Durango, would talk only about narcos, who are as bad as usually described, and poverty, which exists.”

  100. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Completely agreed. Why should Mexicans assimilate? There are enough of them to form their own constituent nation. I’d add that assimilation means out-marriage. Americans who aren’t insecure goofballs like Jeb Bush are not going to marry squat Aztecs just like Americans don’t marry into the baggage of observant Muslim families.

    There are a few high-caste mestizos (like the one in the lede) who have a shot at out-marriage, assuming you can put up with the inane, juvenile culture and complete lack of intellectual curiosity. For Fred and all the other thirsty Boomers to extrapolate from her is like extrapolating from the set of a Hollywood or Bollywood movie.

  101. “This leaves Latinos. Can they assimilate? The race hustlers, VDare and Breitbart and so on say, and hope, not. They relentlessly portray Latin Americans as filthy, bearers of exotic diseases, stupid, illiterate, incapable of learning English, fertile as flies, criminal, perverted, and desirous of restoring a mythical Mexican state called Aztlan.”

    Well Fred, you really need to do some self-reflection (the self part for the purposes of this discussion being largely defined as your current milieu as an ex-pat living on the edge of Michoacán with a High Castiza señora, with the two of you being rather active travelers both in and out of Mexico and given to intellectual pursuits of one genre or another to varying degrees of profundity)

    Surely you have seen and interacted with those “Latinos” in Michoacán, Guerrerro, Chiapas etc. I know I have seen many of them here stateside. How good of a job after almost 500 years post Cortez-Malinche have they done at assimilation to somewhat huwhite Western norms in Mexico?

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  102. @Jim Bob Lassiter


    Fred’s wife is not high-caste. No woman from a European aristocratic family in Mexico would let a guy like him marry his daughter. I think he described his wife as a single mother.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  103. @FB

    … the rank and file were told by the union reps after ET302 to stay quiet on the subject until more facts came out and the unions formulated a position… that’s why the unions are speaking now…

    That’s possible, but I talked to these pilots off the record. They knew that. They did not have the kind of concern that you seem to, and I’d rather hear it from them than from official union sources – it gets very political at the high level of ALPA, understandably. Off the record usually beats on the record.

    The problem on the other thread is that you got into this fixation of having me look up questions for you on aircraft longitudinal stability, which I am no expert on, but do know about from engineering. I think you are no sort of engineer, but hey, there’s no point in testing someone on the internet. I’m not about to tell you who I am to clear things up here, as it’s internet freaks like you, FB, who I worry about causing trouble.

    You can get the last word, but your lies still need to be straightened out for those who didn’t read that 700-comment thread under James Thompson (?) I’m guessing you’d be happier going back to the Commie threads (Mr. Unz has all kinds) and discussing which Communist country’s 5-year plans are better than the other one’s.

    • Replies: @FB
  104. The Scalpel says: • Website

    Maybe its me but I don’t think she is all that pretty – nice lipstick though

  105. @jeff stryker

    You’re breakin’ my balls there Jeff. I was only referring to her racial admixture percentages by appearances and trying throw in a little charitable non-existent benefit of the doubt for good measure.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  106. Blacks have the Southern Poverty Law Center, Jesse, and Al, and Black Lives Matter. Hispanics have La Raza and Jorge Ramos. and whites have VDare and Breitbart News, John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, and Ann Coulter.

    lol. Getting [more] senile, Fred? Looks like you “forgot” to mention a very important group in attempting to claim that your specific hatred of the historic American nation is actually just an intolerance for all forms of in-group preference/ group identity.

    Please allow me to assist — do any of these organizations advocate exclusively for the group interests of a particular ethny?

    Do the group interests of that ethny often conflict with those of the historic American nation?
    Do those group interests often lead them to support the interests of a foreign nation-state over those of the US?

    If we were to look at the top 3 donors to the current US president, would we find that, by a strange cohencidence, they all belong to this particular ethnic group (which makes up only 2% of the population of the US)?

    Do these highly influential megadonors engage in “identity politics?”

    Sure looks like it.
    So should we attempt to eradicate all forms of group identity/ in-group preference/ ethnic nepotism — including the intense in-group preference exhibited by this ethnic group, Fred? Or do they, as self-designated “supreme victims,” get some sort of special exemption from your putatively-universal proposal to eradicate all forms of “identity politics?”

    Just curious.

  107. Blacks have the Southern Poverty Law Center, Jesse, and Al, and Black Lives Matter. Hispanics have La Raza and Jorge Ramos. and whites have VDare and Breitbart News


    You’re not serious, are you? Do you really believe that Breitbart‘s primary focus lies in advocating for the interests of the historic American nation? If so, you’re seriously confused. Sure, they push some quasi-populist, pro-patriotic immigration reform stuff in order to pull in the conservatards, but their primary focus is — and has always been — fanatical Israel Firstism. Their editorial stance is basically the Likud party line.

    Of course, many leftist diaspora jews are not happy with the Breitbart stance, as they tend to be more focused on destroying America — and less on achieving the dream of Greater Israel — than the BB people, and feel that the BB approach tends to cause too much of a problem with goyim knowing. As always, both sides of this conflict try to portray it as originating in so-called “anti-semitism” on the part of the goyim…

    • Replies: @Z-man
  108. Anonymous[378] • Disclaimer says:

    I couldn’t remember why I stopped coming to this dump, assholes like this ignorant fuck reminded me.

  109. FB says: • Website
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Your reply proves you are lying about talking to MAX pilots…if your bullshit story were true, they would have told you they were speaking confidentially…so it wouldn’t come as a surprise to you now, when an actual professional pilot tells you a behind the scenes piece of information…

    I knew you were lying about that from the get go, but ethically I could not divulge that detail at the time…but I know for a fact no pilot would be so unprofessional…like I said, try to cut down on your bullshitting…

    • Disagree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Troll: eah
  110. Even if we accepted Fred’s lies and mischaracterizations of Hispanics, does it follow that we should welcome displacement? I consider most Europeans and the Japanese superior to Americans. I still wouldn’t welcome a situation where they were allowed to replace Americans and rule over the decaying remnants of our population.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  111. Mace says:

    Mexicans are attractive people

    I had a suitemate in college who was of Mexican descent. He was born in the US, but his parents were immigrants. He grew up at the extreme southern tip of Texas. At the time, I was a total normie to any of this stuff, and I remarked to him “man, it must be nice growing up with all those hot latinas.” He immediately disabused me of the notion, stating that most of the women were short and squat, and nothing like the women you see on Mexican weather segments.

    So, sure, some percentage of Mexicans are attractive people. Particularly the very white family of former President Nieto. But, no, by and large Mexicans are not attractive people. Certainly far less so than typical European peoples.

  112. @Mace

    No one thinks Mexicans are attractive unless they’ve been living in a cave or otherwise isolated from reality. This is just Fred’s attempt to pretend he is getting attention from attractive women.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  113. @jeff stryker

    You have clearly never seen Mongolians before (who look nothing like Amerindians) and the dog guy is clearly less than half Amerind.

    Leave it to Jeff Stryker to post these worthless comments every time a Latino or a Hispanic is mentioned.

  114. @Mace

    You’re probably a white woman trying to cope. Multiple studies rate Latina women as more desirable than white women, esp considering how outnumbered they are by white women (meaning Latinas get far more attention from far more men).

    Most white women look like Skeletor. Only white MEN are attractive.

    • Replies: @Anon
  115. @Mace

    nothing like the women you see on Mexican weather segments

    You never do hear the hotties on Sabado Caliente speaking, do you? Wonder why that is . . .

  116. mexicans suck. All hispanics suck.

    I worked with mexicans and central americans and it was a horror show.

    Not quite as bad as blacks, but very close. hispanic youth imitates black culture, wears gangsta clothing, listens to shitty rap music.

    They are insanely anti-white, taught to hate whites by the nose media and academia.

    Besides the fact that they suck, they vote Democrat.

    The nose brings them in to outbreed and outvote white people. The goal is to usher in socialism with the mexican votes, steal resources from whites, rob whites of their 1st and 2nd amendment rights.

    hispanics are fierce in politics and openly anti-white to a shocking extent.

    hispanic and black professors are also openly and viciously anti-white.

    All of these issues originate with the nose. Non-whites have been weaponized by the nose.

    Assimilation is a dirty word to hispanic activists.

    AOC is the typical hateful hispanic activist, a walking stereotype. Embedded in her “environmentalism” is an anti-white agenda. They don’t even try to conceal it.
    That Castro idiot is cut from the same cloth, says all of the same crap as AOC.

    No…..these people are NOT our friends.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  117. Why is America, seething with racial animosity, simultaneously afflicted by so many race hustlers, the grave worms of nationality, who thrive on making things worse?

    Cuz every motherfucker gotta eat, and earning one’s keep in such a way not only pays well but also “permits those who indulge in it to make the best of both worlds. Because they do these things for the sake of a group which is, by definition, good and even sacred, they can admire themselves and loathe their neighbours, they can seek power and money, can enjoy the pleasures of aggression and cruelty, not merely without feeling guilty, but with a positive glow of conscious virtue.

    Loyalty to their group transforms these pleasant vices into acts of heroism. Partisans are aware of themselves, not as sinners or criminals, but as altruists and idealists. And with certain qualifications this is in fact what they are. The only trouble is that their altruism is merely egotism at one remove, and that the ideal is nothing but the rationalization of corporate interests and party passions. ”

  118. Al Liguori says: • Website

    Fred fails to see the key benefit to (((them))) of race-baiting: distraction from the banksters’ and other Zionists’ crimes against humanity. The your-skin-is-your-uniform script that H✡llyw✡✡d has written for us keeps us from doing the work necessary to apprehend, prosecute, and punish every single (((perpetrator))) and shabbos goy accomplice—even nonagenerian clerks and janitors. Turn off your talmudvision.

  119. Fred has managed in this drunken screed to eliminate whatever vestigial respect I had for him. His occasional happy stylistic phrases don’t cut it with me any more.

    Let me give you the executive summary of his piece.

    You got your black hustlers, so what else is new? Blacks (as a group) can’t fit into a modern brain-driven culture, so what else is new? Nothing to be done about it.

    Diversity is a disaster, so what else is new? Nothing to be done about it.

    Ah, but we can do something about Latinos infiltrating the country.

    The tens of millions of Latino citizens cannot be deported. The illegals almost certainly will not be. Sometimes you have to deal with things as they are, not as you would like them to be.

    We can welcome them! Because there’s no stopping them! So lie back and think of Guadalajara, you pathetic Yankees!

    My favorite and most amusing race baiter. Ann Coulter in her current Breitbart picture. being in fact fifty-eight years old yet disguising herself as a prom queen, perhaps in anticipation of Halloween. The photo may have been Photoshopped as in others her jaw looks more like a shovel.

    Right, Fred, I always knew you were a class act. Give us a photo of yourself by the pool so we can admire your sagging skin and beer belly.

    Fred to Americans (yeah, yeah, we know, beaners are Americans too): Assimilate your permanent Latinos, you filthy race hustlers!

    Fred, you have finally sunk to your own level.

  120. Anon[245] • Disclaimer says:


    Have always like you.

    Yep, Most Central American guys are likeable and girls are likeable _(and cute). Gal in the pic is adoreable. If CorporateAmerica stopped sending jobs to China and kept them north of Panama, whites here would be more laid back. Job anxiety and pension anxiety has gripped them. Most of us hope our neighbors to the south make it great there and build a happy prosperous civilization.

    Ive come to believe low crime is the key. Do unto others and all that. Just like Christ said…..

  121. eah says:

    Nice choice of foto — below is another possibility, you dishonest hack.

  122. @Father O'Hara

    He may view a post like that as advertising

  123. Icy Blast says:

    I don’t think anyone in this discussion is above criticism. In one of her rapidly produced books, Coulter wrote that American blacks are violent because they spent too much time around the Irish in the 1800’s! Derbyshire is some sort of secret Richard Dawkins fan who describes himself as a “semitophile.” How he got fired from “National Review” I’ll never know: He’s just the type they want. Reed writes all these pointless columns because his Mexican wife threatens to hit him over the head with an iron skillet if he doesn’t bring in some money: “You spend all your dollars in the cantina!”

    • LOL: bomag
  124. Alfa158 says:

    The simplest definition is to break the word down to its roots. Theism is the belief that God is real. Atheism is the belief that God is not real. Similarly, Racism is simply the belief that race is real.
    This definition seems to be confirmed by the beliefs of the people who control culture in the West. They will tell you that race is nothing more than a social construct. If you think race is in any respect real, then that thought alone makes you a Racist regardless of what else you specifically think.
    If anyone tells me I’m racist then I have to agree with them. Yes, I believe that race is real.

    • Agree: RVBlake
    • Replies: @anonymous
  125. Some guys are so lewd you could put a skirt on a broomstick and they’d find it smoking hot.

  126. @FB

    One thing I will say about immigration…it’s about cheap labor and corporate profits…on Godfree Roberts’ thread I mentioned that China could probably import 100 million migrants, if the goal was to beggar their own people, while enriching a parasite class…

    Absolutely agree. This is the gist of the entire immigration issue. Plus there is something else that as far as I can tell no one seems to realize:

    Governments all over the “West” have become so afraid of their citizens that they are doing all they can to keep them subdued according to the old adage “divide and rule.” The entire discourse about race, “people of color” immigrants (whether legal or illegal) and the “LBGT…ABC…XYZ community” (those poor bastards being anything but a “community”), etc. is artificial and is being propelled by the state. In the interest of the preservation of power in the hands of the few.

    Education has been subverted and destroyed and is designed to produce masses of stupid, meek consumers. Passivity is induced across the board: computer games, netflix junk, standardized “food,” pornography, sports (with fixed and manipulated results), shopping, etc.

    The best way, however, to keep people in check is to instill fear in them: of the Russians, the Chinese, the Communists, the terrorists, the immigrants, the foreigners, the Mohammedans, the Blacks, the Whites, the Latinos, the transgenders, the homos. For the governments, it is best if everybody fears everybody else. This is still the best justification for the very existence of government.

    The Yellow Vest protests in France (may God give them success) are a nightmare to all those in power everywhere. So far they have not been able to string up Macron. But he and all the other psychopaths in power would certainly seem to deserve it.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Ace
    , @anonymous
  127. @Tusk

    Fred writes this stuff because he gets paid for it and it is easy. It is, in fact, his own form of race baiting. See?

    Besides, if we ever wake up and take control of our country, the US will stop serving as the relief valve for the poverty that Latin America inevitably produces on its own. Then things will affect Fred. He will have to go back to writing about dumpster diving street urchins, because they will reappear in his environs.

    He is very smart, often right, often wrong, and sometimes all at the same time. In this case, he is so far off, he isn’t even wrong. He just disingenuously ignores the truth:

    1) He pretends that White advocates are equivalent to non-White race hustlers, when they are not. The former advocate for our existential right to decide who gets to live where we already live, in the land that we collectively own. The latter agitate for favors and gifts to be given to their audience — favors and gifts that are ours to give.

    2) He does not mention the outrageous affirmative action and preference given to Latinos at the expense of White Americans. There is no historical or current reason, no logical or ethical reason for such discrimination against native, White American citizens, because they owe nothing to Latinos.

    3) He does not mention how massive influxes of poor, unskilled laborers (and skilled professionals too, who will work for less than their American counterparts) hold down the wages of American Citizens who need those jobs and decent wages. He concomitantly overlooks the true reasons why our government allows the migrants in at all: Precisely to hold down wages for their corporate owners and to create more future voters for the Democrat party, thus creating a two-tier society just like the ones in Latin America that the migrants are escaping.

    4) He claims that those he labels as the White race-baiters hate Latinos, and he thereby implies that the justifiable concern that American Citizens have about immigration is race-based, when it is not. Fred is correct that Mexicans and other Latin Americans are (on the whole) decent people, but that is irrelevant. By allowing their poor, massive underclass to escape here, they are using us to solve their own problem, giving us all the same economic problems. Whatever any one writer might say about Latin Americans, that does not change the real situation: We have every right and reason not to want any more migration into our country, and it does not matter one whit why. It is our decision to make. We can keep people out because they like the music of Maroon Five, for all it matters.

  128. SafeNow says:

    Commenters observe that not all Hispanic migrants are the first-rate surgeons and dentists of the essay. As a resident of dysfunctional California, I have ample occasion to encounter many non-surgeon, non-dentist Hispanic migrants, and so I agree.

  129. Anon[308] • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks have the Southern Poverty Law Center, Jesse, and Al, and Black Lives Matter. Hispanics have La Raza and Jorge Ramos. and whites have VDare and Breitbart News, John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, and Ann Coulter.

    And somebody else has everything else. So much indeed that what wise columnist would mention them.

  130. Anon[308] • Disclaimer says:

    [Too much unnecessary profanity may increase the likelihood that your comment is trashed.]

    Pity that it doesn’t increase the likelihood up to 100%, all the time, whoever the commenter.

  131. I don’t know much about Mexico; of course, you can’t trust the media.

    But, for God’s sake, drug wars have been killing thousands of Mexican citizens for years & Fred usually ignores that. And he, at least in theory, claims objectivity.

  132. Mike-SMO says:

    Sorry, Fred. No “race” (ethnicity) is attractive when their entire existance is focused on stealing the resources necessary to sustain our nation. Half of the GDP of the “Beaner Nation” was stolen from American families. A thief with a pretty smile is still a thief. and vermin to boot.

    You like them? Take them all back. You’re welcome to them.

    Maybe they will have learned how to work and rebuild the fiction known as “Mexico”, or, at least, evict their corrupt Spanish overlords.

  133. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    We all like to live in our culture and race , with our tribe , it is the human condition .

    Some tribes are more compatible with other tribes , and more incompatible with another tribes , it is like that .

    In all the tribes there are more stupid people than intelligent people , and more ugly people than beautiful people , and more poor people than rich people , this is spetially accentuated in some disgraceful tribes .

    Some tribes have periods of prosperity and dominance , and periods of decadence .

    It is a mistery , and a nuisance , why there are are so many tribes . The world would be much more livable if , say , we all in the world would be like the grecoromans and speak latin , wouldn`t it ? , but it is like a God`s curse so many races and languages , Babel ?

    The fate of the Americas seem to be mestizo , will the US end up like Brazil ?

    • Replies: @Anon
  134. Z-man says:

    Mexicans are attractive people, no matter how much you squinch up your eyes and hiss. So much for racial purity.

    Sure if you’re 10% of the population that is white and another ten percent or so that is mostly white.

    No one thinks Mexicans are attractive unless they’ve been living in a cave or otherwise isolated from reality. This is just Fred’s attempt to pretend he is getting attention from attractive women.

    ROFL… and dont’t forget the beans, those Mexican beans. The gastrointestinal horrrorr. (Grin) Thus I also think the diet has something to do with many of those beaners being short and fat.

  135. Z-man says:
    @James Forrestal

    I was quickly banned from BB, understandingly so. (Big grin)

  136. PeterMX says:

    “Blacks have the Southern Poverty Law Center, Jesse, and Al, and Black Lives Matter. Hispanics have La Raza and Jorge Ramos. and whites have VDare and Breitbart News, John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, and Ann Coulter.” It’s so sad the Jews have nobody representing their interests. Why can’t Jews organize too?

    For those completely in the dark, or who know better than to mention this, les they be out of a job or made into non-persons imbibed with hatred and anti-Semitism by the very organizations this article ignores, the Jews, who are not mentioned in this article have numerous organizations representing their interests and these organizations command the attention of foreign governments and populations all over the world too, particularly when they pressure the American government to pressure or threaten a foreign country (see video of Poland below). Additionally, this is the only group that has states passing laws that explicitly warn the rest of the US population they had better be careful what they say if they dare mentions the Jews. “Anti-Semitism” is being outlawed in different states. Also, Jews have similar organizations in every country where more than a few of them live, and like in the USA, they have a direct line to the highest powers in gov’t, and they are granted great respect by all the halls of power in all countries, just as in the USA, unlike VDare, John Derbyshire or Peter Brimelow who no politician would be caught dead with. Jews even dominate organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center which supposedly represent the interests of blacks. Tell that to the list of PHD’s and professors the SPLC has targeted to be made into social outcasts for writing things the Jews of SPLC object to.

    Grzegorz Braun Speaking At The March Against 447 In Poland

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  137. vinteuil says:

    Wow, troof – 12 messages on a single thread in under an hour!

    I guess the limits have changed. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

  138. vinteuil says:

    Mr. Reed writes:

    It is clear that blacks are as they will be, that they neither will nor can assimilate to European civilization. If they could have, they would have. This is a disaster, but there you have it.

    He seems to think that he can redeem himself for this little bit of crime-think by attacking Ann Coulter et al for making much tamer remarks about (some) Hispanics.

    As if.

    • Replies: @Ragno
  139. Scalper says:

    Well researched and dark humour my ass. From Voulter’s article in The Daily Caller:

    There’s a cultural acceptance of child rape in Latino culture that doesn’t exist in even the most dysfunctional American ghettoes. When it comes to child rape, the whole family gets involved. (They are family-oriented!)

    Then she goes on citing few cases of family pedophilia and forced prostitution. This, known as anecdotal evidence, is not enough to make such a grand sociopathic statement as the above, and she should at the very least support it with serious statistical studies showing the per capita child rape rate, the average penalties received by the perpetrators and the degree of prosecution in Latino countries etc.

    If it is true what she says I want to know the facts but I am expecting something more than anecdotes. I want the data, rates, the numbers.

    Otherwise Coulter becomes a mere rabble rouser cashing in on shock and divisiveness , like shitposter Sailer talking about “crappy” Mexican culture being used to keep ‘muricans out, while conveniently forgetting the many examples of “crappy” celebrations 100% made in USA.

    Reed has a point.

  140. KenH says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    You’re right, Achmed. For all intents and purposes Miami has been colonized by Cubans and is no longer an American city. Spanish is the primary language from what I hear and it’s forced large numbers of whites and blacks to move away (though displacing blacks is usually a good thing).

    Just like how Los Angeles is becoming and arguably has become a Mexican city inside America.

  141. Herald says:
    @Reactionary Utopian

    It’s just a statement about a picture that does indeed look photoshopped.

  142. Scalper says:
    @Anita Patel

    So true. All retards here moaning about the wall and the mongrelisation that “the great white race” is undergoing, when they should rather be pressing on getting passed legislation that imposes fines and other penalties on employers for hiring illegals.

    This is why the Alt Right and the 4chan HBD movements are going nowhere, in a nutshell. Too many socially inept retards in them, lack of competent leadership and realistic and effective goals.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  143. I have operated a small cleaning company in Los Angeles for twenty years: me, an office colleague of German birth, and a dozen Mexicans. None of the Mexicans know who The Beatles are.

    I’m not saying that Beatles knowledge is necessary to be an American citizen. But Mexican culture and heritage is not traditional American culture and heritage.

    Maybe Fred’s okay with this. I’m not, and remember: I’ve lived on the front lines of this issue every day for two decades. There’s almost nothing in common, and growing less so.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @Anon
  144. vinteuil says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    I would rate the possibility of Fred Reed replying to you at about one in a million.

  145. Herald says:

    Tell us just which Furr’s cafeteria you are referring to, please!

    • Replies: @Truth
  146. Fred

    You mean my people….THE EUROPEAN RACE!!!!….is suppose to tolerate being racially displaced by Hispanics? What if we don’t you Treasonous Cucked Faggot? Yes it means violent RACE WAR!!!…..Yes some things are with dying for…….

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  147. If Mexico is so great then why do so many millions of Mexican beggars come to our country.

  148. Anonymous [AKA "Anon2666"] says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Spent 30 years living and working in Los Angeles and I have to agree. I saw little or no effort at assimilation by Mexicans. In a restaurant or retail setting they expect you to speak Spanish or not get served. If you drive into one of their barrios by mistake (who would go there willingly?) they will charge your car with or without guns blazing. They seem to hate everyone with white skin. I personally couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there.

    Came back to the northeast US only to find that every town here looks like Mexico. Day laborers lining the streets, every car blasting mongrel mariachi noise, signs going up in Spanish everywhere, and the daily news filled with the endless litany of hispanic crimes (raping children, beating and stabbing wives or just disciplining them with the occasional machete slash, trafficking drugs, etc). The only pro I can think of is that although hispanics are inclined to rape their children, they are possibly a step above the blacks who appear to be solidly dedicated to killing their progeny.

    If you want a good evocation of where this is all heading, I recommend reading Roberto Bolaño’s frightening novel about Juarez, “2666”.

    “The tens of millions of Latino citizens cannot be deported.”

    Sure they could. Cost is always cited as the reason they can’t, but it’s an excuse. If the cost to deport per hispanic was ascertained I’m convinced Americans would turn their own pockets inside out to get rid of every one of them in record time. Send your donations to:

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @anon
  149. THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE WORKING CLASS MAJORITY should be no more…no less….RACIST than LA RAZA…..and if they are….there are irreconcilable racial differences on the same LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE………..

  150. Republic says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    There’s Allen Wall on there who lived in Mexico with his family just about as long as Fred, and he reads/watches the Mexican press, and cooly and civilly, with no animosity, gives readers his take on the view from the other side.

    Allen Wall knows a lot about Mexico. Very informative. He recently had a report about all of the Presidential candidates from Guatemala holding a debate in Los Angeles.

  151. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Guys like Fred don’t want to marry an educated local woman with power and money. From their perspective, you might as well marry Ann Coulter.

    They want women for whom a retiree with a pension of $2000 a month is Bill Gates and a movie star rolled into a single ball of fire.

    And the younger the better.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  152. @Scalper

    That and money. Remember, the people who want the border to remain open are corporations or lobby groups-agribusiness etc.

    A college dropout living in his parent’s basement when he is 24 is hardly going to have the same political clout.

    Look at the sheer resistance that various governors and congressmen have put up to what little legislation Trump DID manage to pass.

  153. KenH says:

    Fred’s like a broken record on this subject and repeats the same talking points over and over and over. He needs to come up with new material to convince us that large numbers of Mestizos, Guats, etc., will make America better and that we won’t turn into the shitholes whence they fled. But all he does is give us propaganda and wishful thinking while shaming any pro-white dissenters.

    Fred rails against white race baiters but our so called race baiters were very late to the party and only arose due to the innumerable black and brown race baiters and anti-white carnival barkers (and their Jewish enablers) who’ve been rhetorically and legislatively (when possible) attacking whites and their racial interests for decades. So for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

    And Fred’s like a moronic cuckservative in believing that if we somehow just got rid of all the race hustlers that it would be rainbows and unicorns between the mutually hostile and incompatible racial groups and that we’d live happily ever after as Brazil norte.

  154. Republic says:

    Reed says this in his own website:

    “I too am a race traitor, and have a brown wife and mestizo stepdaughter”

  155. @eah

    Fred’s LA RAZA Colonization of Native Born White Working Class Towns…Counties…Cities…was done with LA RAZA GANG BANGER VIOLENCE…..

  156. Agent76 says:

    Mar 6, 2017 What is Immigration according to past text books?

    May 24, 2019 Washington Declared ‘Sanctuary State’ As Gov Looks to Stand Out In 2020 Race

    Washington has passed a law barring authorities from questioning people’s immigration status – what Governor Jay Inslee boasts is the strongest ‘sanctuary state’ law in the US, netting him progressive cred for the 2020 election.

    The various taxpayer-funded programs that benefit illegal immigrants in the United States, such as direct financial transfers, medical benefits, food assistance, and education, cost an estimated $100 billion dollars per year. That is a significant burden on citizens and legal residents. The promise of free money, free food, free education, and free medical care if you cross the border illegally is a powerful incentive for people to do so. It especially makes no sense for the United States government to provide these services to those who are not in the US legally.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  157. FB says: • Website
    @Hans Vogel

    Governments all over the “West” have become so afraid of their citizens that they are doing all they can to keep them subdued according to the old adage “divide and rule.”

    The entire discourse about race, “people of color” immigrants (whether legal or illegal) and the “LBGT…ABC…XYZ community” (those poor bastards being anything but a “community”), etc. is artificial and is being propelled by the state. In the interest of the preservation of power in the hands of the few.

    That’s it exactly, Hans…

    You know, this exact same script of dividing the ordinary folks along racial lines, has been employed by the US oligarchy for more than 100 years…

    I have said and say again that, properly speaking, there is no Negro question outside of the labor question—the working class struggle. Our position as Socialists and as a party is perfectly plain. We have simply to say: “The class struggle is colorless.”

    The capitalists, white, black and other shades, are on one side and the workers, white, black and all other colors, on the other side….

    As a social party we receive the Negro and all other races upon absolutely equal terms. We are the party of the working class, the whole working class, and we will not suffer ourselves to be divided by any specious appeal to race prejudice…

    —Eugene Debs, The Negro in the Class Struggle, 1903

    Everything we see on this chat board in 2019 was playing out in 1903 and before…in fact Debs’ prescience is remarkable…

    With the “’nigger” question, the “’race war” from the capitalist viewpoint we have nothing to do.

    In capitalism the Negro question is a grave one and will grow more threatening as the contradictions and complications of capitalist society multiply, but this need not worry us.

    Let them settle the Negro question in their way, if they can. We have nothing to do with it, for that is their fight.

    You know these morons on UNZ complain endlessly about immigration…one of my favorite quotes is from John McCain, a big supporter of immigration…noting that Americans wouldn’t do farm labor if you paid them $ 50 an hour…as if that is some huge ‘loss’ that the billionaire class could not sustain…when in fact it is simply a fair and decent living wage for an ordinary family…

    Even Trump supports legal immigration…no one in the ruling establishment is going to go against importing cheap labor…not only does it enrich the oligarchy, but it also keeps our own wages down, and that of our children…even if you are a professional they will bring foreigners in on H1 visas, just to deny you your fair worth…

    But of course these morons blinded by white ‘greatness’ do not even see what’s going on…they vent their hate against the poor immigrants that their masters are bringing in by the boatload…but never say anything against the parasite class who actually are responsible…

    Pretty amazing…human stupidity has no equal…

    • Replies: @Hans Vogel
  158. Ragno says:

    I’ve gotten so used to Fred’s dismissing the black chappies as permanently infantalized criminals that I supposed he’d done what he usually does – segregate his darky-bashing away from his selfless championing of Latinx dignity and potential. The poor slobbering drunk can’t even be trusted to restrict his most infradig thoughts far away from his “mixed company” arguments.

    Yeah, that’s Fred; how dare you impugn the decency of the Latino people and culture? Why….hold up a second – say, boy! BOY!! Empty these heah ashtrays and freshen up these heah drinks! And put some giddy-up into it, Lightnin’!

    • LOL: FB, vinteuil
  159. Budd Dwyer [AKA "F. Arbuckle"] says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    How about Chinatown? Pick one, there are lots now. There is no assimilation there, or we wouldn’t be calling the places Chinatowns, would we now?

    I was also white and a nationalist, though not a white nationalist. Here’s my coming out story.

    I, like Derb, love, love, love Oriental women! Every one of them is a goddess to me. I grew up in a lily-white area in small-town America (Ohio). We had no Orientals. The only Chinese restaurant we had for miles around was run by some SE Asian hapa. He had a tall waitress who looked a little Hawaiian and I remember as a kid seeing her and secretly fantasizing about marrying her and, you know. But straight-up Orientals I only saw in magazines and Pan Am advertisements for travel to the Orient. In college I saw them in person for the first time. Within a short time I found only Oriental women attractive. For the longest time I hid my racial Orient-ation from my family and friends. Then I decided to come out of the closet and let them know I had been dating an immigrant from the Orient, from China, and I planned to marry her. They accepted me and my Orient-ation and life has been good with my Oriental goddess for 3 decades. Thank God for multiculturalism and immigration!!

    • Replies: @Budd Dwyer
  160. @jeff stryker

    I’d say viejo verde Fred is doing a little better than $2K a month.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  161. AP says:
    @jeff stryker

    If Fred Reed was a lower middle-class white in any Southwest City living near a barrio his opinion would change quickly. To truly experience Aztec or Yaqui or Mayan primitiveness one must live in on the US side of the border.

    Well, but he isn’t, few who post here are. I have a close friend, an immigrant from Visegrad Eastern Europe, proud of his country being Muslim-free, who settled in Texas and is an executive at a tech firm. He likes the Mexicans he interacts with (those ones who have made it into his socioeconomic class, but mostly people who do stuff like work on his house), seeing them as decent and hardworking Catholic people.

    There’s a poster, “Mr. Hack”, who retired to AZ and lives in a well-off community who also has positive impressions of Mexicans. As Unz has pointed out, living among blacks drives whites to vote Republican while living among Mexicans doesn’t do that.

    If you live among poor people it will be hard not to have negative impressions of them, no matter their background. As a white person, I wouldn’t want to live among and raise my kids among dirt-poor Appalachian whites.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  162. Escher says:

    Not one of Mr. Reed’s better articles. His bias shows a bit too obviously.
    Also, I think he could find a pic of a better looking Mestiza.

  163. anarchyst says:

    It’s not “smarts” or “IQ” that gives jews an advantage over gentile whites, but is their rabid insistence on cultural and social cohesiveness, insularity and nepotism (but only for themselves) that gives them an “advantage”. This same cultural and social cohesiveness that is prized so highly by jewish interests is denied to gentile whites. Jews, to a man will fight to deny this same cultural and social cohesiveness to gentile whites that they themselves enjoy as it is a major part of the jewish purpose–the destruction of gentile white culture, which IS superior to any jewish cultural or social society. If jews did not possess this power, they would most likely be rag merchants, liquor merchants, or furniture merchants–nothing more. As I have previously stated, jewish success is based on cultural and social cohesiveness and insularity–NOT “smarts” or “IQ”. Once enough jews get into a position of power in the work world or education systems, they will hire and promote their own, even bypassing more qualified gentile white candidates.
    Jews have latched on to cultural cohesiveness and nepotism, as it serves their purpose exceedingly well.
    At the same time, jews pushed the concept of racial “equality”, (but only for gentile whites), backing it up with “civil-rights” and “equal accommodation” laws which are enforced by governments–but only against whites. These “civil-rights” laws are used as a “battering ram” against gentile whites to diffuse and fragment any semblance of gentile white solidarity and cohesiveness that may arise.
    A great reckoning dealing with the jews is coming. As gentile whites become more marginalized, the accusation of being tagged as “racist” or a “holocaust denier” is rapidly losing its “sting”.
    Increasingly, jews are more wary of being “called out” and recognized as “jews”. One can call a jew a shyster, shylock, bankster, criminal or ne-er-do-well, and it will roll off his back like water off a duck, BUT call a jew a “jew”, and he will recoil in horror, having been “found out”.

    • Replies: @PeterMX
  164. AP says:

    Or it is different in California versus other areas in the USA?

  165. Prolly it would be accurate to observe that Americans hate Mexicans because of their general Catholicity and nothing is more American that Anti-Catholicism, America’s permitted and deeply held prejudice.

    When it comes to identity politics I’d rather there be more Mexican Catholics here than not and as their arrival here is owing to what American masons have done to once Catholic Mexico, I’m not to upset about any crossing of an imaginary lines drawn after America stole large parts of Mexico.

    The white identitarians who think that white christians can live in peace with one another have a bit of ‘spraining to do

    The protestants of the north slaughtered the protestants in the south over which WASP would be sovereign in the HobbsLockean lunacy called Liberty.

    • Replies: @Thorfinnsson
    , @Al Liguori
  166. Mexico is an enemy of the USA.

    Build the Wall.

    Stop pretending deportation is impossible. When the choice is leave and live or stay and die it will be Exodus II: Mestizo Boogaloo

  167. Che Guava says:

    Since mine will be the 157th or later post, I can’t be bothered checking if somebody else said the same things or not.

    I enjoyed Mr. Reed’s article, as usual, and would like to visit Mexico one day … as long as I am researching where the cartels are not likely to kidnap and murder me first.

    To conflate the blatantly Zionist propaganda outlet Breitbart with anything else is a serious error of logic. I am reading various English-language sites to keep up my reading of current affairs, and in English (Japanese media are hopeless, mainly a policy of active stupefaction since the eighties of the last century).

    So it is obvious to me that Breitbart is a kind of bait, to pretend that the combo of Neocon and Zionism is somehow ‘conservative’.

    It is amusing that they continue to support Trump after all that he said and did not do, MAGA to MIGer.

    I have one good American black friend in Tokyo, he understands it, too.

    I have only known two Mexicans, one was an interesting conversalionalist, but expelled from Japan last year, he attempted to cross the border to Canada, blocked for a crine record, I have little doubt that he is now in the U.S.A.

    The other, the tattooist, clearly had support from whchever Yakuza group runs such business in the part of Shibuya where he works.

    Why people who like tattoos (i do not) would not choose a Japenese ttattooist when they are the best of al l, is a mysstery to me.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  168. @Mace

    An acquaintance of mine was with his wife in Mexico (this is SE Europe). He said he never saw such a bunch of ugly people. And he has no stake in anything racial/ethnic re Mexico & has traveled all around the globe (except Africa).

    • Replies: @albionrevisited
    , @AaronB
  169. I’ve been to Mexico. I’ve also been to New Mexico. One thing that stands out about Mexicans is this: they are incredibly RUDE. All their servers, storekeepers etc. are rude. The same is true everywhere you encounter Latinos, they often work in fast food places — they are so damn rude!

    In almost all areas where there are a lot of Latinos, you see bars on windows, why is that?

    If I love MexChindian cultures so much, I’d move there. The reason I live here is so I don’t have to live in those third world hell holes. But the more of those people we take in, the more the US will resemble Central America, Brazil, China, India…you name it. All are rotten corrupt cultures where rudeness and dishonesty reign.

    Latinos are violent to boot. Over 42% of CA prisoners for violent crime are Latino. MS13 is one of the most vicious gangs in the US. 15 of the 20 most violent cities in the world are in Latin America.

    We have enough of our own violent people btwn the blacks and the redneck whites. Those who want open borders should just move the F to Mexico.

  170. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    That’s possible. But even if his pension was $4000 a month the European aristocrats who comprise the 10% of the Mexican population who own the country would not be urging their daughters to marry Fred.

    I was in my thirties and doing business in the Philippines so I rubbed shoulders with Chinese-Filipinos and even a few of the Spanish-blood old money families descended from Filipino mistresses of Spanish colonial administrators.

    There is a glass ceiling for older pensioners. Their money is welcome and police tend to discourage the poor from victimizing them but none of them interact with the upper-class of Latin America or Southeast Asia.

    Most of them, like Fred, while away in foreign dive bars that no member of the market-dominant elite like Salma Hayek or Amy Chau would ever be seen.

    Though some of these foreigners are relatively well-off by local standards, most of these guys prefer the low-life of pole bars and pool-and-poker foreign bars.

  171. @Escher

    When has Fred Reed ever written a good article? Every one of his articles sucks, poor writing skills and always the same theme – how much America sucks.

    • Disagree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Escher
  172. @AP


    “Muslim free” ? I felt a damn sight safer and more secure in Dubai than in Phoenix around Latinos which I moved to immediately from Tempe, AZ. I’ve lived and worked in Dubai, Oman and stayed with a friend for a while in Kuwait. Never did I feel as unsafe as I had in Phoenix around Mexicans.

    “Eastern Europe” You don’t hear of many Western Europeans wanted to immigrate to the US these days. When was the last time a single Swede wanted to immigrate to Minneapolis? One hundred years ago?

    “Hard not to have negative impressions of poor people” True, I was born middle-class but lived around the poor as an adult. Some of them shocked me. For example, when I was young a Michigan hillbilly hired me to help him move furniture from his trailer he shared with his mother to an apartment and he warned me “My Mom is pervert…” I was shocked out of my mind that some guy’s Mom would try to seduce his friends in front of him.

    • Replies: @AP
  173. micheal8 says:

    I have no problems with latinos, as long as they are here legally. I advocate an annual work permit or similar, where illegals would become legal, for a time, trackable, taxable, paying insurance, and exploited no more than the poorer American citizens they are competing with for jobs. Pay the $15 an hour; all these employers who cannot get anyone else to do the work could be their sponsors.
    I have lived in Finland and Singapore, both have strict border control, as do all the other countries I’ve visited. Not sure America’s 46 million immigrants includes the 20+ million illegals (PLOS One study), but second place (12 million born outside their countries) goes to Russia (repatriating Russians from the Soviet Union) and Germany (briefly tried to replace aging workforce; immigration has slowed since then).
    Although the 20+ million illegal aliens cannot vote, their numbers are somehow counted the same as American citizens and US House Representatives (and Electoral College votes) are apportioned to them by the Census. There are only three states with a population of more than 20 million. The illegal aliens will have a disproportionate effect on the apportionment map, increasing representation in Sanctuary states. Since the House is set at 435 Representative, expect many states to lose seats. In most states it takes about 100,000 votes to win a district; in California on average it takes only 65,000– essentially their votes count 1.5 as much as other states. In high illegal alien density districts there it takes only 33,000 votes to win (those voters votes count three times as much as other states). It is a magnificent gerrymandering scheme making a mockery out on one man, one vote.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Chris Mallory
  174. Che Guava says:
    @Che Guava

    I reply to mysele, but after thinking, must assnme that the trading invokves more than tattoos.

  175. @Buzz Mohawk

    As Vinteuil wrote, you won’t get a reply from the author. However, that is my favorite of all comments on this thread so far, including mine! Nice job.

    • Agree: David
  176. Patricus says:

    Americans are not seething with anti-Latino hatreds. That’s absurd. Mexico and Central America might be populated with elite engineers and technology geniuses. Sadly almost none of these worthies make it to my eastern state.

    Only Central Americans can drive a 7 Eleven out of business. 20 or 40 day laborers urinate against the dumpster, and defecate behind it. An American mother will not bring her kids for a Slurpy. There is a high percentage of derelicts. Yes, I know there are white and black derelicts. They are outnumbered 20 to one. If borders are open this is what to expect.

    Anyone who deals with the migrants knows the CIA’s 95% literacy rate is laughable. Those who read and write at all operate on a third grade level. This makes business difficult.

    I like latinos and have some Mexican American inlaws (BTW they don’t like derelicts). There are plenty of good ones but we need some control of migration. Entire neighborhoods have become slums. The costs to schools and hospitals is damaging. We are 22 trillion in debt and taking on generations of welfare bumbs. We might as well open all the prisons.

  177. Anon7 says:

    For the United States, the plan is to open the borders and have 1 billion people in America by 2100. It’s not about race. It’s about global investors making money.

    If you want to see the plan for America, check out the plan for Canada. Go to and see the plan. There are 35 million people in Canada now, there will be 100 million people by 2100 with massive immigration.

    It’s not about race. The people of the United States made laws for their own welfare, let’s enforce them, please. I don’t care what race you are.

    So, here’s my plan:

    1. If you don’t have a social security number, or green card, you can’t earn money in America. Period.

    2. If you can’t prove your American citizenship, you can’t have ANY benefits. You can’t have a driver’s license to drive on American-made roads, you can’t present yourself for free health care at American hospitals, you can’t get free American money for welfare. I’d like to say you can’t present your children for free educations, but the Supremes settled that in 1981. Unbelievable.

    At this point, many would have left voluntarily.

    3. Now, we’ll go house to house and enforce the law. No citizenship, no green card, time to leave. Period. And yes, we’ll put you on a plane or a bus. Off you go.

    It’s not about race. It’s about national sovereignty. If you want control over your country, control immigration now.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @ricpic
  178. @Icy Blast

    Haha! You’re probably right on the latter, involving Mr. Reed’s senora. In my case, the wife doesn’t read my blog, and she does know there are things that would piss her off on there. She stays out of politics, with no guilt in doing so, and I agree with that. Her problem is “you’re not gonna’ make any money …” She doesn’t understand “that’s not the point.”

    I.B, on Ann Coulter, she’s been letting me down lately, with the one column seriously suggesting Thurgood Marshall as our replacement for token important American MLK, and before that having made some big deal about “the pot”. She had been batting a .990 or so, before this latest.

  179. If WASP culture isn’t superior, why do people from all over the world try to flock to WASP countries?

    Latinos, Africans, Muslims, Jews, Asians, Indians…no matter how “proud” they are of their culture and country when you meet them there, would all ditch everything to come to a WASP country the first chance they get.

    I get seriously irritated by all those who came to the US then claim their ethnic pride and cultural superiority. And they all do it, all the yellows, blacks, browns. The only question I have is, if your old culture is that great, why are you here? They want the best of both worlds, they want to enjoy a better lifestyle made possible by the WASP culture, but still want to assert their own cultural superiority, even though it was that rotten culture that F up their old country that made them want to emigrate in the first place.

    All those who want to assert their cultural superiority or any non-WASP “heritage” of any sort need to GTFO, go back to where they came from. If they want to stay and are legally here, speak English, assimilate to WASP culture, i.e. become law abiding, honest, self-reliant, self-restraint. Then, disappear like everyone else.

    • Replies: @Anon7
  180. Dan Hayes says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Nancy Pelosi’s Latina Maid:

    It’s way better that they (your Mexican American workers) know nothing about The Cockroaches (aka The Beetles)! And anyway, why is it anyway relevant that any American should know anything about these British infestators?

  181. Fred Reed and his mestizo wife and John Derbyshire with his Chinese wife……..

    White “identitarianism” in a nutshell.

    This is actually very pathetic

  182. Escher says:
    @Tired of Not Winning

    The ones on China are pretty good.

  183. @MEH 0910

    Trump’s smart and bold tariff on Mexican goods shows real LEADERSHIP.

    Watch the various MSM outlets shriek and hollar about “a tax on consumers” and “higher prices” blah blah blah.

    But this is what Trump’s base wants. It’s what got him elected: ‘America First’. This agenda may require some sacrifices. Fine with me.

    America, btw, is still an English-speaking civilization created by European-derived peoples. That, too, is worth keeping in mind. We are also an orderly, prosperous, lawful, and innovative society. That’s rare. The white core of America is largely responsible for our relatively high cultural achievement.

    Why is wanting to preserve our way of life unreasonable?

    Sorry, but we cannot save the Third World by surrendering to them. Besides, Latinos tend to be less intelligent and less attractive on average than America’s founding demographic. This matters.

    Unchecked immigration from Latin America therefore translates into an inevitable net loss for us going forward. This trend must therefore be stopped.

    America is a product of the European-derived peoples who settled, invented and developed an extraordinary civilization. Let’s preserve it.

    This goal is ‘racist’?

    If Mexicans and Guatemalans are truly ‘equal’ to whites, then let them make their various countries ‘great again’.

    The desire to manage and preserve one’s civilization is normal and natural. Doing anything less is suicidal.

    • Replies: @Anon7
  184. Illegals directly steal work from blacks, forcing blacks onto welfare.

    Blacks used to work in construction, manufacturing, trucking, meat packing, slaughterhouses, landscaping, retail……areas now dominated by hispanics.

    hispanics take all of the unskilled work because they will work for nothing and live 20 in a garage.

    They should be sent back.

  185. PeterMX says:

    I agree. They are intelligent but so are Europeans and there are many more Europeans than Jews. Professor Kevin MacDonald’s website theoccidentalobserver has many interesting articles on Jewish ethnocentrism, including their strategy of elevating someone to a guru status who then becomes world famous, only to then be exposed as someone underserving of such notoriety. Freud is one example. The website also has some fascinating articles on how Jews elevate a fellow Jew to genius status centuries after his death, people like Mahler and Spinoza, again, undeserving of the praise they are attributing to them.

    Jews also favor certain careers more than others, usch as media. I don’t think it’s by accident that probably the two most famous Christians in the computer industry were Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and the most famous Jews are Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Brin and Page. Jews recognize the power of the media and they will help each other acquire an important company with financial aid as well. It is this clinginess that has been cited for centuries as a problem. Contraty to their claims, they never really fully integrate into a society.

    • Replies: @Noman
  186. @Tusk

    Not only a race hustler, but a useful idiot of the globalist capitalists.
    Immigration is a huge economic issue, but Fred, eye-balling the pretty Latina waitress from El Salvador, can’t or won’t see that there is an unemployed American that could be working as a waiter or waitress instead of her. What he also can’t or won’t see, is that immigration, legal or illegal, suppresses the wages of not only his pretty Latina waitress, but of every other waiter or waitress, not only in DC, but across the US. That’s OK though, because Fred got a cheap lunch and could subsidize the employer by leaving a tip. Of course, I expect he didn’t ask the pretty Latina how much money took she sent to El Salvador every month that could have been recycled in the local economy, which, God forbid, may have ended up in someone else getting that cheap lunch.

    I worked in Labor Relations for over 30 years. Employers love immigrants, because they keep their heads down (until they become citizens) and accept lower wages and benefits. Their mantra of immigrants doing jobs that Americans won’t do, is an unfinished statement. Americans won’t do the jobs for the crappy wages and benefits offered. Going back more than a century, the large scale immigration from Europe was sold to the potential immigrants as “a better life”. In reality, for the overwhelming majority, it wasn’t. Maybe for the children and grandchildren, but not the immigrants. They too, were used to suppress wages. The man San Francisco named a freeway after, Cesar Chavez, understood what immigration, and particularly illegal immigration, would do to his members’ gains. That is why he had them patrolling for illegals turning them in, usually after beating the crap out of them.
    If immigration is the reserve army of capital (it is), then large scale immigration is the importation of poverty.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  187. I don’t hate Mexicans. I just think they should live in Mexico. America would be a better nation if most legal and illegal immigrants returned home.

  188. @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    America conquered a significant part of Mexico. Describing it as “stole” obviously means you think seizing the Mexican Cession was somehow wrong or immoral.

    This makes you a cuck at best and a traitor at worst.

    It also appears that you are a mackerel snapper, which is absolutely disgraceful. If popery makes one as disloyal as you appear to be then Americans were right to be suspicious of papist swine and hold them in contempt.

  189. Anon7 says:
    @mark green

    I agree with you, President Trump has demonstrated real creative thinking in using the powers granted to the president. Especially since the Republican party refuses to recognize him; they’re just waiting for him to go away, either in 2020 or 2024. Just like the Dems.

    The United States is unique among nations. If the world’s anti-American parasites overwhelm us, there will never be another.

  190. Noman says:

    Who takes Ann Coulter seriously? Or Milos?

    They are circus clowns to distract, divide, and entertain, while the ruling families continue to vacuum wealth from the Public into their Private pockets. Calling it “capitalism” and that it’s better than “communism”, when both achieve the same end. An elite few ruling over the unwashed many. Dachas for the commissars and concrete block apartments with shared bathrooms for the proles. The Hamptons and Cabrini-Greens.

    It is a reality that ex-Black population, the USA has a homicide rate as low as Scandinavian nations prior to the migrant influx. One minority demographic is responsible for 80+% of homicides where the race of the perpetrator is known. Dealing intelligently with that reality would be racist.

    It is easier for an impoverished, unskilled foreigner to enter the USA and receive benefits than it is for a US citizen to take their savings and leave the USA.

    If we really have Open Borders, then it should be open both ways.

    The people who advocate open borders and diversity, meet annually in a Swiss village surrounded by the Swiss military, and their own PMC, with wire fences, APCs, and air cover. A closed forum. A small private club.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  191. AP says:
    @jeff stryker

    “Muslim free” ? I felt a damn sight safer and more secure in Dubai than in Phoenix around Latinos which I moved to immediately from Tempe, AZ.

    The ones from Dubai aren’t the ones moving to Europe, but being kept out of Eastern Europe.

    I’ve lived and worked in Dubai, Oman and stayed with a friend for a while in Kuwait. Never did I feel as unsafe as I had in Phoenix around Mexicans.

    The homicide rate in the city of Phoenix is lower than in the city of Minneapolis (despite Phoenix having about 4x more people), and not much higher than in the city of Boston. The homicide rate in the suburb of Scottsdale is one of the lowest in the USA.

    “Eastern Europe” You don’t hear of many Western Europeans wanted to immigrate to the US these days.

    Nor Americans moving to Western Europe. So?

    “Hard not to have negative impressions of poor people” True, I was born middle-class but lived around the poor as an adult. Some of them shocked me. For example, when I was young a Michigan hillbilly hired me…

    So the problem is poor people, not Mexicans specifically. Poor white people are no less prone to crime, obesity, etc. than are poor Mexicans. They may be even worse. West Virginia has a higher homicide rate than places like El Paso or Laredo.

    This does not suggest that a mass migration of poor Hispanics is good for us. But be realistic about these people.

  192. Anon7 says:
    @Tired of Not Winning

    Nice paragraph.

    I get seriously irritated by all those who came to the US then claim their ethnic pride and cultural superiority. And they all do it, all the yellows, blacks, browns. The only question I have is, if your old culture is that great, why are you here? They want the best of both worlds, they want to enjoy a better lifestyle made possible by the WASP culture, but still want to assert their own cultural superiority, even though it was that rotten culture that F up their old country that made them want to emigrate in the first place.

    I’m half Danish, my father’s great-grandparents came over in the 1870’s. My grandfather wouldn’t permit Danish to be spoken in his house by my dad or by any of his relatives. “We’re Americans now” he’d say.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, uncontrolled immigration will drown us. Globalists see America as a mostly empty field that needs to be planted with about a billion people, from wherever they can get them. Control immigration now, or perish.

  193. Noman says:

    Gates is and Jobs was Jewish.
    See Miles Mathis’ research.

    Famous “anti-semites” that were/are Jews.
    Henry Ford:
    Adolph Hitler:
    Mel Gibson:

  194. Ann Coulter is brilliant and her books are solid scholarship.

    Her criticism of Trump has been right on target; Trump sold us out.

    Ann is an expert on immigration.

    “Adios America” is a must read.

    The Nose pushes for open borders and buys off our leaders as well.

    The Nose and their shabbos goy servants live in gated communities and only deal with diversity
    from the pool man or the house cleaner.

    The rest of us have to deal with real gang members, drugs, crime, disease, job loss, and being
    outvoted/replaced in our own country.

    • Replies: @TKK
    , @Thinker
  195. Fred, stop lying.

    You are desperate to fabricate an “everyone is guilty” fantasy when decades of anti-white and anti-male hysteria has overtaken print and social media, entertainment, and the entire K-12 and University educational systems.

    My wife is Asian so my kids are mixed blood. I am not a white nationalist. But I see this all-pervasive war on white males as the worst destructive cancer our Republic has faced since the Civil War.

    Any opposition to this hatred of white males, any defense of them based upon their rights as equal citizens is attacked with broadsides from everywhere, intent on destroying you personally.

    How dare you present this as “everyone guilty”. I quit reading after this revolting premise.

  196. Anonymous [AKA "Nefertiti LaBonza"] says:

    Hey, I got no problem with being replaced … as long as it’s legal like!

  197. Anonymous [AKA "Colin Djugashvili"] says:

    It is about race (as it should be) as well as about national sovereignty.

  198. AaronB says:

    Jeff Stryker is an interesting commenter, but he left America in the 90s, at a time when crime and social dysfunction was particularly bad across the country.

    America is nothing like what he describes anymore. His picture of America has zero relevance to today.

    I remember NYC in the early 90s – it really was s crime ridden hellhole, where I was harassed or attacked by blacks literally several times per week, growing up in a middle class area.

    But this has zero relevance to what’s going on today – even Detroit is having a hipster renaissance, and party organizers I know just staged a huge rave there.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @AP
  199. @Icy Blast

    Coulter wrote that American blacks are violent because they spent too much time around the Irish in the 1800’s!

    I thought that was the brainchild of honorary Whitey and token black “conservative” Thomas Sowell, in his “Southern whites are bad, everyone should love Israelis” book Black Rednecks and White Liberals .

  200. @micheal8

    I have no problems with latinos, as long as they are here legally.

    And I have no problem deporting anyone who does not have a direct ancestor listed in the 1790 Census.

    I support letting wages rise to the level that Americans will do the work, no matter if it is $15 an hour or $45 an hour. Or let the farmers develop machines.

    All immigration has been bad for America.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @OilcanFloyd
  201. If you can’t beat ’em, ass-simulate ’em!

    Marry your daughter off to an Aztec today. You’ll get 10% off on your lawn care bill, from now until the divorce.

  202. We can’t remove Mexicans and Central Americans from OUR AMERICA….

    But…Mexicans and Central Americans can remove us locally from America….street by street…town by town…..county by county…..State by State…..via demographic expulsion…….

    And Freddy is an enthusiast for this….

    In Sweden…the scummy Swedish Elites are very close to publicly calling for the mass murder of the Native Swedes….

    In America….THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY does have to wait for the public announcement of a policy of WHITE GENOCIDE by the Democratic Party…..

  203. @Anonymous

    That’s the CUCKED point of view….show public trauma over the Hindu “American” “Victims” of the H-1B…L-1 Visa Hindu Scab Labor Program…..

  204. TKK says:

    Suppose that, say, an editor of VDare, came to Durango or La Paz or Guadalajara, for a couple of weeks–it would probably have to be at gunpoint–and discovered to his horror that the Mexicans were a friendly and courteous people with many bookstores as good as any in Washington, that they had first-rate surgeons and dentists and info-tech people and did not throw garbage in the streets or leave their children alone in dirty diapers and, perhaps worst, had decent universities that didn’t sink to the level of so many in the US.


    The handful who are prospering don’t cling the tops of hurtling trains to seek better fortunes. To be sure, the Latinos that come here are insular, non assimilating, white hating, sexual aggressive litterbugs. Often inclined to violence. On dockets, I have seen more than 20 charged with sodomy of a child under 5. That’s one county.

    Are you that obtuse?

  205. Dear gentle, kind, lotus eating UNZ REVIEW.COM Readers…..

    Well…’s that time of the week again for the very gentle War for Blair Mountain very gentle reminder:



    IN COLD BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Warmest Regards

    War for Blair Mountain….Kumbaya my Lord….Kumbaya……Kumbya my Lord….Kum….ba….ya….

  206. TKK says:
    @Robert Dolan


    And to make fun of her looks is a juvenile putrid joke.

    She’s not a beast like the Mexican women I see in the grocery store (FOOD WE PAY FOR) with their abdomens hanging down to their mid thighs, a product of lard consumption and sloth.

    • Replies: @Thinker
  207. Truth says:

    I ate at the one in Albuquerque on Wyoming and Menaul last week. There were litterally four who looked like that.

    • Replies: @Herald
  208. @AaronB


    …I was born in 1974 and when I was young in the 1990’s nobody lived at home past the age of 20. When I was in college at the age of 20 in 1994 the idea of thirty year old men living at home like Gen Y does would have been absurd. Heck, I was overseas by the time I was 25. These days there are many Gen Y who have never moved out of their house who are in their mid-twenties.

    …People seem to stay in college forever now. The so-called “students” of the Antifa look ancient to be getting Bachelor degrees. About 25 or so. People seem to be hanging around campus in their late twenties. In the 1990’s it was rare to see anyone over 25 on campus.

    …Many more young people seem to be unemployed and have time on their hands to show up for Antifa riots or whatever. Young people in their late twenties in the 1990’s were working their asses off to get in on the ground floor.

    …In the 1990’s nobody watched pornography everyday except budding serial killers and sexual derelicts. Most people regarded pornography as a repellent business that made money for the Mafia and exploited coke whores. The idea of normal young women entering the pornography business in 1996 like HOT GIRLS WANTED would have been rare.

    …Jews not necessarily associated with money, privilege and power. Old money Ivy League WASP families like the Bush family were thought to controlling the world in 1995 and Jews were associated with lower middle class whites on the Lower East Side like Kramer. There used to be a great many tough guy Jewish actors like Dan Hedeya, David Proval, Elliott Gould (Who stares down the skinhead in American History X).

    …If you smoked pot past the age of college you were generally regarded as a loser. Only aging hippies smoked pot everyday past the age of 25. And pot was fairly illegal, which people forget.

    …However, more people smoked crack cocaine. Pot was harder to find when I was growing up than crack cocaine was. Blacks and urban poor whites would push it on you on city streets. Crack-cocaine addicted prostitutes were everywhere. If you remember JUNGLE FEVER where crack addicted women were accosting people on the street with offers of oral sex for $15 this was common.

    …Meth however, was never seen outside trailer parks. It was considered the epitome of a white trash drug.

    …Nobody had heard of Opoids.

    …Even plumbers and electricians could live in McMansions. Credit card limits were sky-high.

    …College was affordable. Everyone attended college who was middle-class.

    …Crime was higher and jails were seemingly a revolving door.

  209. MEH 0910 says:

    They are circus clowns to distract, divide, and entertain, while the ruling families continue to vacuum wealth from the Public into their Private pockets.

  210. hispanics have much higher rates of crime and this is obvious.

    mexico, central america, south america have insanely high rates of crime and murder.

    Crime tracks with low IQ.

    Yes, low IQ whites are prone to crime, but there are fewer low IQ whites, but lots of low IQ blacks and hispanics.

    White crime tracks with Denmark.

    Black crime tracks with Nigeria.

    Hispanic crime tracks with mexico.

    If you import millions of mexicans, you wind up with mexico…….cartels, drugs, gangs, murder, rape, sex slaves, mass graves, kidnapping, corruption, leprosy, malaria, MERSA, typhus, and incurable TB.

  211. @TKK

    What difference does it make if they are comming in illegally or LEGALLY-LEGAL IMMIGRANTS….if they are not white-European you stupid CUCKED Civic Nationalist?

    Answer:it makes 0 difference…not even an epsil0n or 1/epsilon of a difference….if they are nonwhite….certainly not a dimes worth of epsilons of a difference….

  212. @AP


    True, those Muslims would be refugees or Africans. However, I’d still feel safer in Germany around refugees in Frankfurt than I would in a barrio or inner-city black area in the US.

    “Minneapolis worse than Phoenix”

    Those violent crazy Scandinavians, huh?

    “Americans moving to Western Europe”

    It is extremely difficult for Americans to immigrate anywhere. Paris and London are expensive and obtaining a visa is tough. Anyhow, we both know that American just isn’t as attractive as it used to be. Not many Irish want to haul ass to South Boston these days and Germans are not climbing over their own mothers to get into Milwaukee or Cleveland are they?

    “Poor people no less prone to crime”

    The only whites who commit widespread organized crimes are the not-so-white Italians and RICO has basically wiped them out. Maybe some Albanians or Russians in pockets of a few major cities.

    Poor whites don’t have the cunning or shrewdness of a Michael Corleone or Tony Soprano or the Goodfellas type guys who manage to corrupt the FBI, police, judges, whoever…

    Poor whites are usually in jail for low IQ drug and sex crimes and alcohol-related stupidity.

    “West Virginia”

    West Virginia does not have ruthless border cartels.

    • Replies: @AP
    , @Thomm
  213. @MEH 0910

    Well, during the French Revolution….the Oligarchs had their fucking intestines ripped out with the bare hands of the Female French Fish Mongerers whose children were starving…

    Just think how funny it would be if Hedge Fund Oligsrchs had their FUCKING INTESTINES RIPPED OUT ENTHUSIASTICALLY… the starving NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…….What kind of sounds would the White Hedge Fund Oligarchs make?

  214. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    Unfortunately 19th century American Freemasons intervened militarily and politically to ensure that Mexico would never again be Catholic.

    At best, the illegal immigrants are Novus Ordo and there is nothing Catholic about that 50-year-old religion. Some illegal immigrants are even pagans sporting the names of Nahuatl (Aztec) devils, not Catholic patron saints.

  215. AP says:
    @jeff stryker

    True, those Muslims would be refugees or Africans. However, I’d still feel safer in Germany around refugees in Frankfurt than I would in a barrio or inner-city black area in the US.

    We are discussing Hispanics, not blacks.

    “Americans moving to Western Europe”

    It is extremely difficult for Americans to immigrate anywhere.

    It’s also not so easy for Europeans to move here, either.

    “Poor people no less prone to crime”

    The only whites who commit widespread organized crimes are the not-so-white Italians and RICO has basically wiped them out. Maybe some Albanians or Russians in pockets of a few major cities.

    I was discussing homicide rates. Higher in poor-white West Virginia than in Laredo and El Paso.

    “West Virginia”

    West Virginia does not have ruthless border cartels.

    Nor do American cities. You are more likely to be killed among the poor whites in West Virginian than among the Mexicans in El Paso or Laredo.

  216. AP says:

    But this has zero relevance to what’s going on today – even Detroit is having a hipster renaissance, and party organizers I know just staged a huge rave there.

    I was going to raves there in the early 90s, it was a wasteland then too (but great for large illegal parties).

    But yes, America is much different from those times, although it regressed under Obama.

  217. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Fuck the Beatles , they were english perverts who degenerated the european youth of their time , good that the mexicans do not know them , but they know the jarabe tapatio

  218. Al Liguori says: • Website

    The “Americans” who intervened militarily and politically against Catholic Mexico were Freemasons who boast of their worship of Lucifer and submission to the Synagogue of Satan (see any pre-1913 printing of Pike’s Morals and Dogma). So, Mexico was “gifted” a 2 century head-start on the jUSA. Various flavors of Freemasons and Evangelicals have held sway in the jUSA for about 2 centuries. How’s that working out for the jUSA? Day by day jUSA is looking like the shithole that Judeo-Masonry has made both nations. By comparison, I’d rather be “papist” (under a true Pope*) any and every day.

  219. Anonymous [AKA "Filey"] says:

    I’ve been a fan of Fredoneverything for many years. One of his best essays is “Quacking to Kandahar”. It’s hilarious. But Fred has been away from America too long. He doesn’t realize that it has now hit the point of exponential decline as a result of the invasion from the south. I’m also sad to have to admit that I don’t think Fred would care if he did indeed realize how bad it’s gotten.

  220. Thomm says:
    @jeff stryker

    The only whites who commit widespread organized crimes are the not-so-white Italians and RICO has basically wiped them out.

    Heh. I had to school Ron Unz himself about how Italians were not considered white in a social sense in the early 20th century and even as late as 1950. They were ‘white’ only in terms of voting rights, but not social acceptance.

    Runzie Baby was not aware of that.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @FvS
  221. Muggles says:

    What seems dishonest about Mr. Reed’s essay is his failure to acknowledge his own personal bias and interest in the subject at hand. He is not objective here. That doesn’t necessarily affect his arguments but when you have an obvious conflict-of-interest it should be admitted less you get hammered for being yourself disingenuous and your motives suspect.

    Mexicans, and Latin Americans are not in any sense a “race” so this argument can’t be about racism. Perhaps similar bias or dislike of “Europeans,” “Arabs,” or say, Chinese is likewise not racism but a view about a group of inhabitants who are mostly of one “race” but often a mixture or a subset. Maybe you dislike their particular culture, history, food, or group tendencies, but that’s all.

    Here Reed, not known for his calm objectivity, but rather his volcanic emotions, plays a crude propaganda trick. Cite the worst advocates of your supposed opposition which can then be easily refuted by uncontested facts or in this case, mostly Reed’s own personal living experiences.

    Many people, probably most, prefer to be around people much like themselves. I’m sure some of Fred’s neighbors grumpily call him that “old gringo” or worse. But wanting to have normal border controls over one’s own nation isn’t crazy racism. Mexico doesn’t have “open borders” and never will. Sneak into Mexico and try to find regular employment, buy property or own a business and see what happens. Not to mention free medical care, education and housing for your family. The masses of Soros funded invaders from Guatemala are not the educated, productive middle class Mexicans Reed is citing here. And Mexico won’t let them legally stay in Mexico either. They have enough illiterate peasants already.

    So Fred does his position no favor here. Failure to be fair in presenting opposition views is poisonous to his own counter viewpoint. Instead we see only bias confirmation.

  222. Thinker says:

    Most Latinas, in fact, most black and brown women incl. Pacific Islanders, Filipinas and Indians, grow 4 sizes larger after age 40, some even younger, after the first kid, like at 20. We stopped at a grocery store in Eastern Washington once (wine country) and watched the people coming in and out of the local (extremely dirty) Safeway. They were all fat, short and brown. America’s future looks bleak.

  223. Thinker says:
    @MEH 0910

    I’m with Ann Coulter, AOC and Liz Warren on this. Tax the hell out of the billionaires and multi-millionaires in this country, anyone with over $100m in assets. It’s not that I hate the rich, but I hate what they are doing with their money. They are increasingly using it to buy power, and using that power to push for policies that further enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. The biggest pushers for more H1b and more immigration are people like the Koch brothers, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Howard Schultz, Jeff Bezos, Jared Kushner, the guys who run Jewgle.

    The rich today are a bunch of globalist treasonous rats. They have no loyalty to any country. To them America is just a for-profit corporation. They could care less about their own countrymen who are hurting.

    Tax them til’ they cry uncle.

  224. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Yea , a minority of pinkish anglo superwhites consider ” off white ” every one who is not blond blue eyed

    But consider that every action produces a counterreaction . Many white ” off white ” are fed up with these blond pinkie superwhites supremacists and consider them ” off human ” idiots .

    We are not in the 50`s , and the ” off white ” are much more numerous than the blond blue eyed pinkies , thus the ” off whites ” make the norm .

    The pinkish nordic blonds should be more respectful with italians and ” off whites ” in general

    • Replies: @albionrevisited
  225. Thinker says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Yep. The Nose are also the hardest pushers of “multiculturalism”. They know they will never assimilate to WASP culture so they want to make sure no other group does either, and the best way to ensure that is to import a lot of every group. The larger the group, the slower the assimilation. Eventually, a group gets so large it simply stops assimilating altogether, and sticks to its own culture, like blacks, then Latinos, now increasingly, Asians. That’s why the Nose refuses to end chain migration.

    Our local schools are now all holding “culture nights” where kids of different ethnicity are encouraged to have posters showcasing (and taking pride in) their “native” culture — even if many were born in the US. This is in a district where over 50% of kids are now non-white, mostly with immigrant parents from Asia and Latin America. Kids are told from K onward to hold on to their “native” culture, because that is “who they are”. If that’s not racist I don’t know what is.

    The Nose controls our education system, it’s the most powerful indoctrination tool next to the media. The Nose want to make sure non-white kids never assimilate to white culture, just like them.

    What The Nose has done to white civilization is the kind of evil never before seen in history, a revenge 2,000 years in the making. Unfortunately so many whites are so brainwashed they don’t even know what’s going on, and are even helping The Nose kill off their own civilization.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  226. FvS says:

    Imagine you swapped the populations of Mexico and Japan, but left the laws and government systems alone. Would the countries stay the same? Mexican immigration is turning the U.S. into Mexico. No sane person should want that.

  227. “Mexicans are attractive people” only if they have at least 70% Spanish ancestry. Amerindians (the bulk of immigrants to the US) are not attractive people. We need a term for goofballs like Fred Reed whom constantly try to normalize their own selfishness – “Assimilationists”?

    • Replies: @Republic
  228. @Anon

    Comparing an Italian to an Amerindian goblin is pretty silly.

  229. Mike P says:

    Ebola? What a terrible name for such a pretty girl.

  230. ricpic says:

    Does Reed have anything to say about the wildly high overrepresentation of illegals in our prison population? I have read that fully a third of the prison population is comprised of illegals.

  231. @Thorfinnsson

    Unz also seems to think that California is a decent model for the rest of the country. Unfortunately, California’s middle class is evaporating and the decent parts are small white enclaves. Cool.

  232. FvS says:

    Still parading this nonsense? I blew you f out in the other thread. Know when to give up.

    • Replies: @FvS
    , @Thomm
  233. @Colin Wright

    Ok, well the problem is that the country is filling up with Amerindians like Marcelino. The Spaniards are a small minority among Hispanics in Mexico. And the fact that you think this article was “Brilliant” is frightening.

  234. @Anon

    The Beattles were English perverts who should have been tossed into a vat of sulfuric acid….along with homosexual PEDERAST rock star Pete Townshend….

    • Replies: @Ruckus
  235. ricpic says:

    How2 do you get your plan enacted when the Establishment, both wings of it, is gung-ho for massive immigration?

  236. @Blubb

    More similar people have done horrible things to each other in order to live in accordance with their own kind – take the Germans and the Slavs. 700 years and they never assimilated, no melting of any pot.

    There are many German surnames which are originally Polish. Some came recently and have played with the German soccer national team, others came more than a 100 years ago. According to wikipedia Angela Merkel’s grandfather was Polish: Ludwig Kasner, originally Ludwig Kazmierczak.

  237. FvS says:

    *parroting, derp

  238. PeterMX says:

    @Norman – Not one of those people were Jews.

  239. Anonymous [AKA "Honk_Williams"] says:

    I love Fred but this was an impeccably worded response!

  240. AaronB says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    People in poor countries are generally ugly for some reason.

    Every time I visit Thailand I am surprised by how ugly and weird looking most people are, and then when I cross over into India I am shocked at how many ugly people there are everywhere.

    Then you go to Japan, and the people are fairly attractive.

    El Paso, Texas, has a large middle class Mexican population, and they are very attractive, at least the ones at the university. They look exotic, like they’re Spanish or Israeli.

    I was only in the airport in Mexico, but there did seem to be lots of attractive people around. And when I was younger, I visited Tijuana and drove a bit into the Baja peninsula. The people seemed average.

    The Indian Mexicans we get as laborers here, are not ugly exactly – but they are short and squat, like all south of the border Indians. Peru has the exact same type.

    I imagine back in olden times in their traditional dress, they were probably attractive.

    • Replies: @AP
  241. Republic says:

    We need a term for goofballs like Fred Reed whom constantly try to normalize their own selfishness – “Assimilationists”?

    Reed is a Mexican propagandist

    In other words a renegade, turncoat,defector

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  242. Herald says:

    Thanks for the info. Lucky you.

  243. Thomm says:

    Cool. Now do a similar one for whites.

    i) Successful whites (80%, e.g. Thomm) : High IQs, good looking, good character, created modern civilization. Have the unique ability to port all wastematter into 20% of their offspring, thereby actively purging this waste better than other races (as nature intended).

    ii) Wastematter whites (20%, e.g. FvS) : IQs of just 70, behave more like blacks rather than successful whites, but lack the athletic ability of blacks, left-wing economic views, ugly, poor character, high incidence of homosexuality. Desperate to seize resources from successful whites.
    Designated my nature itself to be wastebaskets of genetic waste matter.

    The males of this wastematter race become White Trashionalists. The women of this wastematter race become fat bluehaired ‘feminists’.

    As Steve Sailer himself has pointed out, “99% of White Trashionalism is the bottom quintile of white men getting angry that the bottom quintile of white women are no longer forced to be with them.”.

    • Replies: @FvS
    , @Hippopotamusdrome
  244. Ruckus says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Off topic, but you misspelled Pete Townsend’s name. The ‘h” is only there due to the Mandela Effect.

  245. al anon says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    The solution would be to send only beautiful senoritas to El Norte to be er, educated by us and leave all the rest with Fred.
    I would be willing to generously sponsor a couple myself, I’m sure I can talk the wife into it. How about we have a twofer deal, one dewy eyed female, in exchange for a couple of strapping Mandingo bucks?

    However, there are other issues to consider.
    A) The Mexican government is far more culpable in the flooding of our country with heroin than the British ever were with opium to China.
    B) The Mexican powers that be are several orders of magnitude more harsh with gringoes that run afoul of the law down there than we are with psycho retard rapist taco benders up here.
    C) If we sent 90 percent Arkansas Rednecks down there how would they take it?
    D) Montezumas Revenge!

  246. Rich says:

    The crime rates in poor White neighborhoods are nowhere near the rates in poor Hispanic neighborhoods. Of course there is crime in White neighborhoods, but it’s nowhere near that of Mexico, and besides that, if you’re White, poor Whites are still your kin. You can take a poor White kid out of the Ozarks, wash him off and dress him up, and he could pass for a Rockefeller or a Kennedy. There was a time when Whites used to try to help each other, and stood together as a group, some White ethnics, Greeks, Jews, Serbians, Italians (to a point), and maybe a couple others, still do stick together and at least have pride in their heritage. Something all European-Americans have to regain.

    • Replies: @AP
  247. AP says:

    People in poor countries are generally ugly for some reason.

    Not in Ukraine or Moldova. Or Russia when it was still poor.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  248. AP says:

    The crime rates in poor White neighborhoods are nowhere near the rates in poor Hispanic neighborhoods.

    WV has a higher homicide rate than Mexican EL Paso and Laredo.

    However Puerto Rican areas are more dangerous.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  249. @AP

    The homicide rate in the suburb of Scottsdale is one of the lowest in the

    Only about 8 percent is Hispanic. 89 percent is white. Why’d you bring up Scottsdale?

    Also, Minneapolis has about a 19% Black population. Prolly more.

    Phoenix has a population of about 6.5%.

    Phoenix has a murder rate just a bit higher.

    And why are you touting Phoenix as some sort of success, it is still crime ridden—-

    Plus, blacks and latinos are tax burdens. Latinos are pretty bad in that regard.–

    • Troll: L.K
    • Replies: @AP
  250. Between Mr. Mohawk, Patricus, Mark Green, Robert Dolan, ToNW, Backwoods Bob, and probably 10 other commenters here, there have been some great logical rebuttals to this latest stupidity out of Fred Reed. He will not write back with an argument, but I’ll make this prediction:

    Within a couple of months, there will be a column out of this guy in which Reed will mention the stupid, nasty, redneck commenters that grace the threads of his columns. There will be insults from him, and then many hundreds of insults in reply. This will look good in the unz database, as lots of comments and commenters (who check back often to see what guy has written back) will make the “site visits” and “page views” go through the roof.

    During this whole time, Fred Reed will have learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  251. Thomm says:

    Wut? I corrected you with such sledgehammer force that you ran and hid. It was a total obliteration of you by me.

    I even felt bad for you after you lost, so I sent you a link to the song I wrote for WN Wiggers, the legendary ‘Little Shop of Wiggers’ song. Predictably, you did not express gratitude, as is typical of moochers like you.

    Get a clue.

    • Replies: @FvS
  252. @Budd Dwyer

    Mr. Arbuckle, why not a poster with the pre-1990’s name of the airline – Northwest Orient?

    BTW, I am so glad to see your correct use of the term “Oriental”, rather than the worthless term “Asian”.

    This is for you, Fatty, from Rod Stewart when he was doing his best writing:

    “I moved right out east yeah, listen…
    On the Peking ferry I was feeling merry,
    sailing on my way back here.
    I fell in love with a slit eyed lady
    by the light of an Eastern moon.

    Shanghai Lil never used the pill.
    She claimed that it just ain’t natural.
    She took me up on deck and bit my neck.
    Oh people, I was glad I found her.
    Oh yeah, I was glad I found her!

  253. FvS says:

    Haha, seething. By your standards, almost all of the Japanese people are low IQ wastematter for wanting their country to stay Japanese. Found a picture of you.

    • LOL: KenH
  254. FvS says:

    Lmao, we’re reaching comical levels of delusion here. People are free to go back and see your humiliation for themselves. I encourage them to do so.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  255. FvS says:

    This was made by a Mexican if you couldn’t tell already.

  256. Thomm says:

    People are free to go back and see your humiliation for themselves. I encourage them to do so.

    Yeah, that is why you are so afraid to link to that.

    The funny thing about your 70-IQ degenerates is that you think your ‘ruse’ is even remotely effective against people of normal intelligence. Normal people don’t see anyone older than age 4 think they can pull of what you think you can pull off.

    Now, get off my lawn. You are getting in the way of your betters.

    • Replies: @FvS
  257. 80 IQ is the sweet spot for crime.

    Not a lot of white people fall into that IQ range, but lots of blacks and hispanics do.

    Odd there is so much discussion regarding the way mexicans look. Their physical appearance is the least of my concerns.

    I’m more worried about drugs, crime, disease, and corruption….and their vicious smoldering anti-white hatred.

    Everyone should go back and look up that clip where Eva Longoria is on PBS and gets her DNA test results……finds out she’s white…….and has the biggest embarrassment of her life. This clip exposed her hatred of the white race, even though she’s 70% European.

    Now, to be fair, the Nose taught her to hate whites, but she eagerly consumed that hate and took it into her soul, so now it’s part of her being.

    THAT is the problem in a nutshell. Not only is the nose importing our replacements, but the nose also teaches our replacements to HATE us.

  258. FvS says:

    Anyone can see every poster’s comments by clicking on their name, you brainlet. Also, read it and weep. This piece was written by a Jew no less. Of course, I don’t consider Jews white for various reasons, but he gets the history right.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  259. Fred, you misrepresent Derbyshire (I can’t speak for Coulter, Brimelow or Breitbart, not having read them) as badly as most of your critics here misrepresent you. I challenge you (or anyone; I don’t expect Fred himself will read this) to quote anything from Derbyshire which suggests he doesn’t want immigrants to assimilate.

    I don’t know Derb or his family personally, but since he raised his children in a Long Island suburb, I would bet heavily that they (the children) are thoroughly assimilated Americans, despite both their parents being immigrants.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  260. AP says:

    Only about 8 percent is Hispanic. 89 percent is white. Why’d you bring up Scottsdale?

    If you read the thread you would know that the person I was responding to mentioned something about suburban people in Phoenix running scared.

    And why are you touting Phoenix as some sort of success, it is still crime ridden—

    The other person mentioned Phoenix.

    El Paso and Laredo are much more Mexican than Phoenix (El Paso oly 11% white, Phoenix 46% white), and they have lower homicide than Phoenix.

  261. Fred, you should know better than to tar John Derbyshire with your more extreme criticisms of race baiters. Indeed you do, at one point, seem to leave no other charge standing than his failure – as far as you know which may not be far – to specifically disavow some unattractive, not to say barmy, sentiments from Ann Coulter.

  262. Anon[860] • Disclaimer says:

    Still, you’ll hand it (I hope) that even the “natural conditions” have evolved, and that that’s not an ill fact.
    Otherwise we’d still be cavemen, mugging one another (or between “teams”) on something like a full basis, and living for just that.

    My issue with 95% of “anti-racist” is that they don’t really want the same standards for all races. It’s about proclivities and not a real will for real progress.

  263. Anon[860] • Disclaimer says:

    I won’t touch the merit of the argument, but I’ll note that lumping together Coulter and Derbyshire isn’t a well-executed exercise in intellectual objectivity.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  264. @Achmed E. Newman

    Is that right “Achmed”! Where the fuck are you from, I don’t recall the name “Achmed” ever being an American name! Ann Coulter is a fucking ugly “White Bitch” full of hate and bullshit. You “Achmed along with your butt buddy KenH are two simple minded fools with too much time on your hands. Maybe you dummies never read about the Spanish being the first Europeans to settle the Americas. The Spanish built towns and forts throughout the southern US, that would be the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California.

    What do you think Spanish people create when they have babies, Anglos? No, you fucking dummies they have Spanish babies with Spanish last names. If they have sex or marry Indigenous people they have Mestizo (mixed babies) and they too would most likely have Spanish names and look like mixed Latin Americans. The Spanish arrived in the late 1400’s almost 400 years before the Anglo Saxons. The same Anglo Saxon people that made slaves of other Anglo Saxons in Europe and brought them to America to be slaves and work the fields.

    What do you two geniuses want to do with the Latino population that have lived in the United States longer than most of the “White” people. Those are the Gang Bangers and criminals that you guys think are the problem. I don’t know who feeds you Trumpsters the bullshit about immigrants sucking up your wealth but someone is lying to you…Immigrants are not allowed to collect Welfare, Food Stamps or other Government handouts before getting a Green Card or becoming a Citizen. It’s the Chicanos that you dummies are confusing with the immigrants, the ones whos ancestors settle in the US since before it was the US. Those people are more American than you!

    If I was “White Anglo Saxon” I wouldn’t brag about it dummies. You pieces of shit are the reason everyone is suffering under the Jewish Zionist Banking System.

    The same Anglo Zionist British Empire is the reason Germany was destroyed in WWI and WWII. There have been plenty of articles published here on this site to confirm this.

    You dumb fucks believe the bullshit being pushed by the AmericanChristianZionists and the AngloZionistBritishIsrael who rule over you.

    Stop blaming Latinos for what is going to become the destruction of the US way of life. They have been broadcasting their plan on your MSM for years but you can’t believe it! What you people did to Germany at the behest of your Zionist Masters is exactly what they are planning for you, but much worse. And pussies like you two will not do a damn thing about it!

    Watch the Documentary “Hells Storm” it’s posted here, and look at what the US did to the German People! Then go out and hang your phony flag in your front yard.

    If Mr. Reed is living in Mexico it’s because he knows what the US is and is not. I hope some Real American Latinos cross your path when this shit goes down…I’d pay money to see the fear in your faces. And both of you Punks need to apologize to Isabella!

  265. @Anon

    Good post!!!The Beatles are not even American!

  266. @Republic

    Maybe if there were more Reeds the US might stand a chance of surviving what everyone knows is going to happen…the collapse of the dollar. American Manufacturing moved to China, India and Mexico. American Computer Technology moving to Israel. Advanced Military Secrets stolen by Israel and given to China. America’s Gold Reserves moved to English Banks.

    I think Mr. Reed is smarter than Ann Coulter and the Republican Cheerleaders. Trump already has a new home WSHTF…The Golan Hieghts!

    I’m just saying Brother! I left 5 years ago..In Beautiful Northern Mexico! Take care brother, it was Hwy 85 free….

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @Republic
  267. FvS says:

    What about Juarez and Nuevo Laredo? El Paso and Laredo are like relatively upscale suburbs of their cross-border brothers.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  268. @War for Blair Mountain

    Dew you live on Blair Mountain in Lowgun Cowntee?

  269. @Agent76

    There has to be Nose money behind that Washington State madness.

  270. FvS says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    You’re right. We should have firebombed Mexico instead of Germany.

    • Agree: Clyde
    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  271. @Escher

    ‘…Also, I think he could find a pic of a better looking Mestiza.’

    Gotta go along with that. I can think of quite a few Hispanic honeys I’ve seen. Fred’s choice wouldn’t be one of them.

  272. @FvS

    ‘What about Juarez and Nuevo Laredo? El Paso and Laredo are like relatively upscale suburbs of their cross-border brothers.’

    That seems to happen a lot along the border. The towns on the US side are so completely Hispanicized that they do seem like simply improved versions of what’s on the other side of the street.

    I noticed this when we were in El Centro, Ca for a while. When one walked across the border it was in most respects the same town. The only noticeable changes were (a) some pretty bad missing chunks of sidewalk, and (b) a distinct scent of uncollected garbage.

  273. @J. Gutierrez

    Rants don’t convince and only a rant could contain something as egregiously wrong as saying Spanish settlement of the Americas began 400 years before Anglo-Saxon settlement. It was actually less than 100 years before if you count the first failed Anglo settlement and certainly not more than 120 years after Columbus.

  274. Clyde says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    You said it all and who is the biggest Baiter and troll at Unz? Ol Fred is.

  275. @AP

    Paso and Laredo are much more Mexican than

    have you heard of a thing called…outliers?

    • Replies: @AP
  276. @J. Gutierrez

    Everything about this is wrong

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  277. Clyde says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    How about Chinatown? Pick one, there are lots now. There is no assimilation there, or we wouldn’t be calling the places Chinatowns, would we now?

    There used tbe just one for decades in lower Manhattan, today there are five ChinaTowns within NYC city limits. I have no idea why but mainland Chinese love immigrating to NY City, be they legal or illegal/

  278. @AP

    Please cite your source of “information.”. I live in WV and we dont have that many homicides. If you can’t cite it then why say it?

    • Replies: @AP
  279. @Buzz Mohawk

    You left out the mass expulsion option….to rephrase:What are the consequences of not implementing a policy of mass expulsion of nonwhites? Answer:Mass Murder of THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY….

  280. yeah, you have some good points…the Dissident Right leaders are all basically playing a niche market for income..they have no real plan except how to get more followers and make some money somehow…
    as for the future of america, the best path is a breakup..but the elites will not allow that…and pretty soon the elites will start killing white dissidents…

  281. @Clyde

    Chinese are immigrating to New York City because it suits their economic interests.

  282. FvS says:

    More on the Reconquista movement. Make no mistake, Mexico is an enemy of the United States, and Mexicans in the U.S. are taking back their former territory.

    • Agree: Republic
  283. Biff says:

    Excellent piece of work Fred. The obvious intentional whipping up of the trolls is beautiful work. They never saw it laid out for them, whilst stepping right in it.

    • Agree: Thomm
  284. @J. Gutierrez

    ‘…If Mr. Reed is living in Mexico it’s because he knows what the US is and is not. I hope some Real American Latinos cross your path when this shit goes down…I’d pay money to see the fear in your faces. And both of you Punks need to apologize to Isabella!’

    Boy, that convinces me! Maybe if I surrender now Mr. Gutierrez won’t beat me up too.

  285. Thomm says:

    Hey, moron, this article explains that Italians were not, in fact, considered white (socially). Your article does not prove your claim as it only counts voter status, not social perception.

    Anyone can see every poster’s comments by clicking on their name,

    Translation : You got humiliated, and don’t want anyone to see where I humiliated you. Your 70-IQ ploy to claim that the outcome was the reverse backfired and you are making excuses. No one is going to wade through 400 comments to do your work for you, you lazy wigger.

    You are a pure personification of Dunning-Kruger, which is why you can’t see how pathetic you look.

    Heh heh heh heh

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @FvS
  286. Miro23 says:

    The problem with this guy/gal is that he/she no doubt sees himself/herself as a sort of internal refugee. Multiculturalism, LGBT, feminism etc. are part of the elite cult of oppressed minorities. If you aren’t part of an oppressed minority, then you had better get yourself into one, and acquire for yourself some “Jewish” status.

    Without the incessant countercultural propaganda and indoctrination, this person would probably be quite normal, and not appear in this weird photo.

    The good news is that no fashion lasts forever. The bad news is that Jewish cultural Marxism is probably going to bring down the rest of the US with it when it goes.

  287. @propagandist hacker

    No….nobody in their right mind would choose to become a dissident right leader for money.
    You are speaking an absurdity. There are much easier ways to make money, ways that do not involve social ostracism, deplatforming, and abuse.

    The day the elites start killing white dissidents is the day the elites will be getting anudda shoah.

    However, I do agree that the best path would be some kind of breakup and separation.

    And who knows?

    Look what happened with the Soviet Union.

  288. @propagandist hacker


    The problem is that the primary economy is entirely located in the white rural interior of the US. Should the whites decide to cut any of them-especially agribusiness-that would be the end of the Jews, blacks, Irish Catholics, Hindus, Italians, Asians, Muslims…just about everyone who lives in the major cities on the East to West Coast axis.

    Nobody cares about black riots in post-industrial graveyards like Ferguson. Why? Because once blacks trash their own Safeway’s and liquor stores they have no food or medicine. They have no food supply. The power goes out. And then that is that. After four days or a week the riot ends. Fred Reed himself has brought this up from time to time.

    So there is no possibility of a white ethnostate. If whites attempted it, the Pentagon would pull a Stalin in the Ukraine and seize their crops and produce. Everything else is lip service. Rural whites pride themselves on self-sufficiency but need their Wal-Marts, Opoid rehab clinics, fuel. Fed government would go after this.

  289. @AP


    The best-looking Slavic women are in Dubai.

    They are hooking in hotel bars and sometimes the road.

    • Replies: @Anon
  290. AP says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Please cite your source of “information.”.

    West Virginia, 4.7

    Source here:

    El Paso, 2.76

    Laredo, 3.84

    Sourced from FBI website.

    I live in WV and we dont have that many homicides.

    El Paso has even fewer.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  291. @J. Gutierrez


    Aztecs are particularly dangerous and demonic group of Indians.

    Northern Mexico and the barrios of Southwest US is dangerous because of Aztecs.

    The same is true of Miami because of Colombian who were descended from headhunters.

  292. @AP


    Scottsdale is Phoenix’s low-rent Beverly Hills consisting mostly of wealth transplants from the Midwest or East Coast. Of course Cholos cannot live there and the police are paid well to keep the city pleasant.

    The dangerous areas are Van Buren and Guadalupe.

    What makes Guadalupe typical of Mestizo-Aztec danger is that it is on the border of Tempe. So you can be walking down a sidewalk in a fairly nondescript part of the city and all of the sudden find yourself in a third world slum surrounded by zombie scalper Amerindian demonic Cholos.

  293. @HenryVonKett

    White Americans ARE European and listen to the Heritage Americans complain here that nobody should have been allowed to enter the US after 1800 or whatever.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  294. AP says:

    Except they aren’t outliers at all. El Paso is the most Mexican large city in the country.

    Crime stats here on the FBI website:

    Most Mexican cities in the country with over 100,00 people:

    Laredo, TX (pop. 261,000), 96% Mexican: homicide rate of 3.8
    Brownsville TX (pop. 185,000), 93% Mexican: 2.7.
    McAllen TX (pop. 144,000), 85% Mexican: 4.9
    El Paso TX (pop. 689,000), 81% Mexican: 2.8
    Santa Ana CA (pop. 336,000), 78% Mexican: 6.3
    Salinas CA (pop. 158,000), 75% Mexican: 17.7
    Oxnard CA: (pop. 210,000), 74% Mexican: 7.1
    Downey CA (pop. 113,000), 71% Mexican: 2.7
    Pomona CA (pop. 153,000), 70% Mexican: 11.8

    Note that % Mexicans is from the 2010 census – it is surely even higher now in these places. Crime data from 2017.


    Brownsville and El Paso Texas, and Downey California all have homicide rates lower than Toronto (3.5 in 2018) with its Bengalis 🙂

    Texas Mexicans safer than California Mexicans.

    Texas Mexicans safer than West Virginians.

    Salinas is an outlier.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  295. Ace says:
    @Hans Vogel

    I don’t see the Treason Class doing anything but hide the threat of the Chinese, the Communists, the terrorists, the immigrants, the foreigners, the Mohammedans, the Blacks, the Latinos, the transgenders, and the homos. They are all fine fellows and never is heard a discouraging word about them in the press. Sodomy is a sacrament.

    The TC will, however, pull out all the stops to vilify whites, populists, nationalists, America Firsters, immigration restrictionists, Serbs, Nazis, and Russians.

  296. Ace says:

    Step away from the bong, Fred. Ann Coulter is the embodiment of wit, class, and patriotism. Crass? Are you ill?

  297. @FvS

    There is a lot of time left to do that FvS. The difference between me and you is I’m waiting on you! You too Clyde! I don’t need an 18 year old kid to go fight or me, buddy! But I will shoot anyone that steps one foot on my ranch! Don’t worry there are a lot of Germans that live here…I’m sure the average German male is sick and tired of paying the Jews for a war the Jews were first to declare, and now they want property from them too.

    You better pray that Brazil doesn’t change sides on you!!!!Mark my words if they do, it will be very bad for you guys! It’s been planned by your Master, do you really think Trump won the election? No, he was put there to do exactly what he’s doing. Making every country in the world hate Americans and collapsing the US economy. You need to read some of Shiek Imran Hossine;s books. He has been studying the Koran and he clearly states that the collapse of the United States is something that has to happen in order for Israel to become the Ruling State in the World! Otherwise that prophesy can not be fullilled. Not only does the US have to be destroyed economically…the US has to be litterally destroyed from within (Civil War, Race Riots, etc.) Can you see the picture yet…

    Don’t get me wrong when I say what I do about the US…I lived there 50 years and my kids still live there along with my brothers, sisters and other family and friends. My best memories are from living in the US, I’m still a Bears and Cubs fan but I like the Rockets in Basketball. I remember the Phi-Slama-Jama Cougers from the UofH and their last second loss to the Tar Heals. So don’t put me in a hater catagory, because I’m far from that. But one thing I am not is stupid or as you high IQ people on here like to refer to it Low IQ….!

    • Replies: @Clyde
  298. @BengaliCanadianDude

    Everything I wrote is right except the dates, but I was too pissed off to go do the research, The Spanish were the first to reach the Americas (by at least 200 years)…and they were forced off those lands little by little. I think it was Andrew Jackson who started invading the southern states and claiming them for the US. That’s the same thing Polk did when he accused Mexico of attacking American soldiers in order to start a war so they could goble up the rest of their lands. Everything else is true!

    You should know that the French were also here before the Anglos! Shit didn’t the US attack Canada to take your land too. But you guys gave them an ass whipping, sounds funny now…

    Maybe you can help me answer this question? Are the Zionist Jews the people that have been tagged as the Masonic New World Order Banking Cartel or is it the ChristianZionist Anglo Saxon BritishAmericans? In my opinion the English were the front men for the Zionist Jews and have played a major role as much or more than the Jews when looking back at the attrocities commited against the people of the countries they colonized. The Americans took over their spot after WWII, when the dollar replaced the pound…but the British are still major players in that game. You guys in Canada have also been involved in your own dirty deeds, you did some terrible things to the Indian kids, that recently came to light.

    The AngloSaxons and the Jews are two peas in the same pod…you both sacrifice the lower classes of your race in order to benifit the higher classes. So we can say that you both are not racists at heart, just greedy, evil criminals. As the fake history of the United States is slowley being exposed to the world, being an American will never have the same prestige and that is very sad, because I really believe that the majority of the American people are good people.

    P.S. I got your Troll hanging!

  299. anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:

    European civilization is indeed way superior to anything outside of the Far East.

    Each time this is mentioned, the following must also be reminded… ad infinitum.

    European civilisation may be “superior” in matters of science, engineering, medicine, etc.; all very worldly pursuits. This was of course enabled by the unlimited greed and psychopathy of the whiteys.

    For that psychopathy, the whitey has also been cursed with pagan polytheist godlessness (mangods worship, etc.).

    Thus the “superior” European civilisation has been cursed to an eternity in Hell. In other words, your exultation now will end in infinite grief… soon enough.

    • Replies: @Anon
  300. anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    favors and gifts that are ours to give.

    Lol! You supremacist whitey degenerates think the world and all of its treasures are yours and only yours to give… and, all others are living on your crumbs.

    To Hell is where y’all will soon belong, and you will find out the “favours and gifts” it has prepared for you.

    • Agree: J. Gutierrez
    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @anon
  301. @Clyde

    I had only known of the 3 Chinatowns (lower Manhattan, Flushing in Queens, and Brooklyn near Prospect Park(?)) till recently, Clyde. The original one in Manhattan was made of Hong Kong immigrants, but the rest of them have mostly Chinese people from the mainland. Two things to answer your “no idea”:

    1) Chinese people LUV, LUV, LUV the bright-lights/big city*. As Mr. Reed could probably also tell you, when he writes without an agenda, that is, there are 20 cities or more in China the size of NYC. Even before the mainland Chinese got off the hard-core Communism, they always thought pf people in the country are just poor peons. (They WERE poor, as mechanized ag like we have here is not a big thing in China.)

    2) The number of Chinese illegal aliens numbers in the millions – it’s not as high as that from Latin America, but growing. See “The China to King Buffet pipeline” about the deal with the Chinese restaurants all over America. I would think, Clyde, that in NY, these Chinese illegals could get lost in the crowd much more easily. How would an immigration agent even pick out one Chinaman in a crowd? Oh, but that’s assuming anyone in government even cares.


    * See “Housing Bubble 2.0 – (Part 2) – Voila, an American Dream” for more.

  302. @J. Gutierrez

    Mr. Gutierrez, judging from your name, you may fit in very well in northern Mexico. That’s just great. However, did you ever think that white Americans don’t have any other place to go to be with mostly their own people, so they are just trying to hold onto their civilization here. Europe has it’s own immigration stupidity. It’s the same down under.

    You and Fred Reed, as expatriates have it pretty good. I can’t blame you at all and would be tempted were I a single guy – I’d pick the Philippines (per Mr. Stryker) or Uruguay personally, but here’s the problem that you allude to with your accurate talk about the US dollar going down the toilet (yeah, it can’t NOT): Per a Peak Stupidity post I wrote 2 years back, called “Down to the banana republics …. went Fred Reed”, once the dollar goes down, all the expatriates that were living large off their SS, pension, or royalty checks will no longer be living large. Good luck down there after that. You may fit in fine with the population, Mr., what was it, Gutierrez, but Mr. Reed will stand out as a honky. If the economic problems are world-wide, people tend to blame things on “the other”.

    Hey, we may agree on a lot, it seems, and try to remember that not all Americans are anything like supportive of the out-of-control US Feral Gov. As for the rest of your rant, don’t be an internet tough guy. Isabella is likely an unemployed 300 lb. beer-swilling guy commenting out of the public toilet at the Circle-K, so no need to defend Isabella. I think Isabella better damn well learn to take a joke like the rest of us.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  303. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Even South Europeans are also fed up with the North Europeans , anglo germanics , who are the greedy ones always claiming ” superior european ( meaning anglohermanic ) civilization ”

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Den Lille Abe
    , @anon
  304. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Well written Gutierrez , but trying to teach something to anglopendejos is very difficult , the English have always been pirates , evil pirates .

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  305. Republic says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    In Beautiful Northern Mexico! Take care brother, it was Hwy 85 free….

    near Cienega De Flores right?

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  306. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @jeff stryker

    Come on Stryker , how do you know ? , are you a friend of the ukranian hookers ?

  307. Haole says:

    I love reading the comments about Fred. Fred uses half truths but solid half truths that are are better than half true, like blacks are low IQ, probably 80% true. Mexicans are educated, clean, hard working, all maybe 25% true, but that is the Mexico that fred lives in. Why would he be in the other Mexico?

    I divide the USA into two parts, New and Old. This gives me some better than half truths to deal with in the my life. I spend part of every year in Mexico. I divide Mexico in two, Upper and Lower.

    New America is run by women and/or Immigrants and/or minorities, examples are education, entertainment and medicine, which are disasters in the USA.

    Upper Mexico is where Fred lives, fred loves it. Lower Mexico is where the Illegals in the USa are from, it sucks.

    1.[b]Upper Mexico is better than New America[/b] I have relatives getting medical treatment in Mexico, the price is about 20% the US price and the quality is much better than the USA. The doctors in the USA were Jewish or Asian immigrants: Pakistanis, Koreas. They will always prescribe more medicine, doesnt matter if the patient is taking 15 medicines now, they will almost never reduce medicine. They follow rules and dont practice good medicine. The nurses are from Nigeria, Ghana, India, Phillipines, some good some bad. In the large cities in the uSA, in the south or the midwest there are almost no whites left in Medicine, a few white women, fewer white males.

    You dont have to defend the New America against upper or lower Mexico. Why do so many feel compelled to defend the USA when Fred says something? Are you defending the New American paki or Jewish doctor against the mexican doctor, why? We are not marines on Iwo Jima in 1945 raising the American flag. The flag now represents the both New and Old America. The Mexicans are not the Japs in 1945.

    2. For those of you who see things in strict racial terms and want “white” medicine. The Mexican doctors are from the upper class and have a lot of spanish blood. It is easier to find a white doctor in Mexico than the USA. You can find private schools where many of the teachers and administrators are mostly spanish and probably run by a “spanish” male. Now go to your local public school in the USA, probably run by a POC lesbian.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  308. DKShaw says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    “A number of the Central American countries are some of the most violent in the world.”

    And became so largely due to American government actions, hence the migration from those countries. The question is begged. Does the US Government owe anything to those essentially refugees?

    • Replies: @FeelTheBern
  309. anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Victor Davis Hanson’s well written and even handed Mexifornia articles are very illuminating regarding hispanic illegals’ behavior. They are simply not a benefit for the US. Fred might be living among the better Mexican middle class but it’s the low IQ parasites that are coming over the border. Hispanics are the reason why California’s K-12 school system went from number 1 to 47th.

    I’ve been to Mexico, specifically Talpapa. Nice place with nice people and good food but I also saw very young children about 4 years old running around unsupervised at night. Lots of California plates. Seeping into the Internet are articles detailing the spread of criminality into all of Mexican society not just restricted to the cartels, their associates and the govt/police.

    Here’s the money quote –

    “Such “socialized” or “mass” crimes are spreading in Mexico as entire communities empty freight trains of merchandise or steal hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel from pipelines.”

    There’s nothing to stop this behavior from happening in the US. We already have examples of this. Corrupt DA’s like Kim Foxx are allowing black thugs to get away with flash robbing stores in Chicago. The breakdown of the judicial system is underway in blue parts of the country.

  310. @Thorfinnsson

    Was the “conquering” of Mexico just?

    If I conquered your house and stole your possessions, would you be ok with that?

    O, no, I’m a cuck? No, I am Catholic, not a conservative.

    If I am a traitor that puts me in league with the first POTUS.

    As a Catholic, my loyalty is to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and His universal Kingship is opposed by the Godless whereas you do not seem aware that your loyalty is to a country that has positive law succoring the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance.

    You are loyal to a country that legislates in opposition to His Universal Kingship and, thus, one way to look at the immigration you despise is just punishment for American perfidy.

    • Replies: @Thorfinnsson
  311. @Al Liguori

    Your observations are accurate, sadly. But, they have Catholic DNA as it were and, thus, they can be reconstituted spiritually at some point…

  312. (A digression: Years ago I went to Washington to speak to a conference of American Renaissance, an anti-immigrant site. When we broke for supper the waitress at my table was a very pretty Latina, of perhaps nineteen years. I asked her where she was from. “El Salvador,” she said in perfect unaccented English. I saw where the future lay.)

    First of all, that is a display of BIG TIME writing, and obviously expressing the instincts of a natural man with whom at least somebody here can identify.

    The reality of feminine appeal strikes powerfully at a gentleman’s instincts which are far more basic than high intellectual thought.

    Yes, mating choices have, hopefully, permanent consequences.

    But while I embrace all the truths expressed by the “Alt-Right” which were initially brought to my attention by a reading of The Culture of Critique, more basic to life for me is my taste in women which precipitates choice of mate, and if that disqualifies me and mine from the future ethno-state, then that’s for us, using words of Springsteen, The Price You Pay.

    The wisdom of him who’s put his name, face and body on the front line for TRUTH and white rights more and longer than anybody ever in the USA, David Duke, shines through in his position that we shouldn’t be in-fighting over details with those who are our allies in defense against #Jew$4whiteGENOCIDE. My own opinion is prospective policy should reflect wisdom.

    Hey, when it comes to choosing a woman, some gentlemen just happen to have a conquerer’s tastes.

  313. @Colin Wright

    Fred’s gonna get a lot of flack for this column. For proof, look no further than the first commenter. You will as well. Hang in there.

  314. @Truth

    Sense of Humor alert! Proceed at your own risk. ;-}

    Big butt lovers vs tight/flat-assers, a new cultural divide. Let’s have a really really stupid war.

    • Replies: @Den Lille Abe
    , @Anon
  315. anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:

    Migration is war, says Martin von Creveld, and he is right.

    For those who unjustly bring war to far off places, may they suffer from war within. God willing.

    There are many here (yeah, the whitey degenerates) who wish a pox on the so-called “others,” even as their cursed immoral kind are responsible for the most egregious savagery around the world … I, in turn, wish a pox on them.

    Hopefully their “pox” is in the form of mass immigration… so it is all good from here. *thumbsup*

  316. @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    Basic composition fallacy.

    At the individual level if you “conquer” my house and steal my possessions you’re a common criminal. Lots of cucks like you assume this scales to the international level. Not so.

    We observe social peace and private property within society so that we can more effectively compete against other societies. Humans are a tribal species in which rival tribes compete for control of resources. The law of the jungle within the tribe causes social breakdown making one prey for rival tribes.

    So too do cuck ideologies which suggest one tie one arm behind one’s back because it would somehow be “wrong” to seize excellent territory from a rival group.

    As for your papist dreck I’ve certainly never seen anything in the Bible which suggests conquest is wrong. Quite the contrary if one reviews the Old Testament.

  317. @AP

    Toronto barely has any Bengalis, much less any Bengali crime. 2018’s numbers included Alex Minassian(White Christian Armenian) and his van attack which took 10 people, and Faisal Hussain(Afghan Muslim) with his mass shooting which took 2. Find me some Bengalis who added to this(pro tip by the can’t). When I look at TPS lists..

    I see a fair bit of..ahem…Latinos….

    Latinos are like 4.2 percent of the population…..

    Also, Toronto is a hellhole.

    Toronto has a CSI(Crime Severity Index) rating of 59..making it the 124th Dangerous city in Canada…

    In terms of Violent is still 32nd worse with a 104 rating..

    Other major cities have it so much worse in Canada, Winnipeg should be even higher as many I hear have stopped reporting all the native crime.

    The Bengalis population is too small anyways to be of any use to me, and no criminals within.

    Pomona California–

    Last row—The US has an average of 280. Pomona has 353……The other numbers are not encouraging at all.

    Ignore the title lol I find the title quite ironic. Table 1. Indian crime(me) and East Asian crime—low as hell, for both Native and Foreign born.

    White non-hispanic: 1.71

    Indian, native born: 0.99

    Filipinos, native born: 1.22

    Korean, native born: 0.93

    Chinese/Taiwanese, native born: 0.65

    Mexican, native born: 5.9

    Salvadore/Guatemalan, native born: 3.01

    Colombian/Ecuadorian/Peruvian, native born: 2.37

    Dominican, native born: 3.71

    Cuban, native born: 4.20(this shocked me actually)

    Funny that the title was “Debunking the myth of Immigrant criminality” when it absolutely destroyed his own group loooooooooool

    You can try to defend hispanics, sure. But I’ve posted the other link too. You’re not posting the finest of examples either.

    Table 7–Hispanics have high welfare usage rates

    You saw my last link to Alt-Hypo

  318. Miro23 says:


    Even South Europeans are also fed up with the North Europeans , anglo germanics , who are the greedy ones always claiming ” superior european ( meaning anglohermanic ) civilization “

    Not sure about that. You need to remember how poor they were down here (Spain) until recently, and that the big break came in the 1960’s with the re-integration into Northern Europe (the EEC and adoption of the Euro).

    Europe may be in trouble now, but it seems that a lot of Spanish still look north to Germany/Holland and see something to aspire to, while they look south to Morocco/Algeria and the Maghreb, and see something to avoid.

    Also, 1) there’s plenty of official LGBT and Political Correctness 2) there are whole industries based on extracting EU subsidies 3) Spain formed part of the Arab Islamic empire after 710 A.D and was for centuries an Arab colony, which they haven’t forgotten.

    Spain, Italy and Greece have a lot of differences.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Den Lille Abe
  319. @jeff stryker

    HAHAHAH What’s wrong Jeffy? They’re not letting a fine immigrant kraut like you into the ethnostate? Boo hoo

  320. anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:
    @jeff stryker

    “Pakistanis were grooming/pimping young girls.’

    Yeah, phuck those dastardly “Pakis” … and, on a related note, phuck your own godless child-boinking kind, of those who fancy themselves as the “men-of-god,” and those you degenerates look for spiritual guidance.

    At least those “Pakis” are plain criminals, so what to expect from criminals? Is it the case there are no whiteys, grooming/pimping young girls. Yeah, right?

    But, your low-life “men-of-god,” reflect on the pathetic spiritual pestilence of a civilisation, you degenerates have built and exult in.

    • Replies: @anon
  321. @AP

    Are you sure you are comparing apples to apples? You are comparing cities to states, not cities to cities. Laredo has 260,000 people. WV has 1.8 million.

    • Replies: @AP
  322. cecil1 says:

    Vdare is right:

    Every word anti-Whites say in response to the charge of #WhiteGenocide is a justification for that exact policy.

  323. @Haole

    “Upper Mexico is where Fred lives, fred loves it. Lower Mexico is where the Illegals in the USa are from, it sucks. ”

    Not really. I would say that Fred lives in a cultural border area of Mexico. He and the señora can probably hop in their golf cart and drive from their choza on the lake to some pretty rock bottom areas of neighboring Michoacan in about the same time or less than it takes someone to drive in a BMW from Hilton Head Island, SC to Hiltonia, GA.,_Georgia

    • Replies: @Haole
  324. anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course “race” is real. You only need the ability to see to confirm it.

    As a non-white (thank God for saving me from almost assured pagan godlessness, and Hell which accompanies it), I feel that the thought process of “preserving your race,” appears fair, if one is so inclined towards it. I don’t care either way, for life on earth is very short indeed, for humanity as a whole.

    Every nation should have the ability to control which outsider inhabits its borders, if said nation has also generally played by humanity’s cardinal rules (e.g. thou shall not plunder from others unjustly). If this is “racism,” then “racism” up to this point should not be a huge problem.

    It must be noted here that the whitey nations have obviously never played by those rules. The problem with whitey racists is that they go by the adage;

    What is ours, is ours, and what is theirs, is also ours.

    There may be howls of protest about this, but the fact remains that the ancestors of these same scum lived contentedly decades and centuries ago, in their lily white environs, as their rulers went around applying the adage above in far off lands, those considered racially inferior (which is, everywhere else). They saw the ill-gotten wealth flow in, and they were happy.

    These whitey racists have been plundering from others for centuries, while never assimilating into lands they conquered, mainly because of the pestilence called White Supremacism, while other conquerers have generally assimilated.

    It is this kind of “racism” which makes the whitey racists the spawn of Satan.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Anon
    , @Patricus
  325. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Well , and look how poor Germany was after WWI & II , and look how poor are those eastern europeans countries that should never have been admitted in the EU , and look how much we have to pay in subsidies for those troublemakers EU eastern europeans …..and look how the EU is going down economically , culturally , socially ….Germany and Holland are economic depredators of the EU .

    What do you say about the areb invasion of Spain in 711 AC , so many centuries ago ??? !!!! . Now it is France , Benelux, Germany , the nordics , England , the ones that are being invaded by Islam , we don`t want that in south Europe , muti Merkel can take all of them to Germany .

    And there is a psychological aspect , from north Europe there comes too much arrogance , too much supremacism , too much social degeneration , too much lecturing , too many Brussels regulations , too many incompetent eurocomisaries from ridiculous pseudocountries like Estonia, Slovaquia , Bulgaria …. and too much supremacism towards south Europe , towards the greeks , italians , spanish , portuguese . They called us the PIGS ,do you remenber ? . The germans ,the english , the french and many other european countries still have their hands red with the blood of recent WWI and WWII wars , wars in which Spain did not participate , the spanish civil war was a little war , just a small battle in comparison with WWI and WW II genocides , The genocidal north and central europeans can not given lessons to any one on earth plus the colonial wars of France and England ,still going on , France is still bombing Africa , recently bombed Libia …..Tiny Belgium killed 10 million congolese a century ago , , and they want to teach lessons to mankind , what a shame , what a euroshame .

    • Replies: @Miro23
  326. @anonymous

    “The world and all of its treasures” do not belong to us. Our country and our wealth DO belong to us.

    The opportunities and benefits produced here over the course of centuries are OURS to give or to keep for ourselves. Others can copy us in their own lands if they want to.

    And if you are a non-White American Citizen, today you already have all the opportunity and favors you need.

    • Replies: @redmudhooch
  327. @Chick Gandil

    He hasn’t immigrated. That’s the problem. He will return. A serious health crisis will see him back in DC Metro or wherever, his wife with him, and her relatives not far behind. Eventually, after he dies in the VA hospital, the wife will get whatever property he has here–and stay, like forever. That’s normally the way it works.

    No, the way it normally works is for her to start divorce proceedings three seconds afer thy touch down at Dulles and get all his stuff right away.

  328. Miro23 says:

    Now it is France , Benelux, Germany , the nordics , England , the ones that are being invaded by Islam , we don`t want that in south Europe , muti Merkel can take all of them to Germany .

    And there is a psychological aspect , from north Europe there comes too much arrogance , too much supremacism , too much social degeneration , too much lecturing , too many Brussels regulations.

    IMO the EU has been hijacked by the same Zio-Globalists (e.g. open frontiers Guy Verhofstadt) that now control the U.S., making it a hostile organization to Europeans.

  329. @anonymous

    Right on cue, the low IQ viciously hateful (and woefully stupid) anti-whites come howling into the thread, their brains hijacked by jew rhetoric, screeching about “white supreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemists.”

    It’s comical.

    While at the same time, their women race to see who can oral sex the white man first.

    Like I said earlier, 80 IQ is the sweet spot for criminality, and that is where the blacks and browns reside.

  330. @Achmed E. Newman

    Mr. Newman you can’t assume Isabella is, as you say a 3oo lb. commenter so you can respond to her in a negative manner. In the same context you can’t assume illegal immigration is something that it is not! I don’t know what your experience has been dealing with the different types of people, but I have been fortunate enough to have been born in Mexico and lived and educated in the US. I’ve traveled extensively throughout the US due to my previous employment selling Relational Database Software and Applications.

    I’ve traveled throughout the Mexican territories because my uncle organized “Family Vacations” every other year. I’ve traveled to France, Italy and visited Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica on multiple occasions. Every time I visited someone else’s country I tried to soak in as much of that culture as I could. I love the different foods, drinks, sites and customs of every place I have been to. I am of “white European” stock (Spanish) and I can guarantee you that I have never judged anyone because of the color of their skin. People like yourself and Styker need to step back from the current immigration ordeal and focus more time analyzing why it’s happening. I can assure you that what you will discover will not surprise you. People that are refugees are so because the life they left behind was unbearable.

    I look back at the times I made a decission to move, thank God it has been only 2 times. The decision to immigrate to the US was my parents and that was to Chicago. When I moved from Chicago to Houston was the first time I had to make the decision to move. I remember it was such a hard time or me, but I did it because it was a better place for my kids, and don’t regret it. The next time was when I decided to move back to Mexico and that was much easier. I had opted for a divorce after 35 years of marriage and my mom was alone after my dad died. I thought to myself, I’m not doing anything here, I might as well go take care of my mom.

    Also, Spanish customs dictate who gets a bigger inheritance…and that’s the person who sacrifices their time to care for their parents. LOL But, I’m not doing it for that…I’ve had a very educational experience spending time with my mother. She has shared a lot of information about our ancestors and who and what we are.

    The reason I brought up my moves was to try and make you understand the difficulties involved in making such a move. Now try and put youself in the place of one of those people that are walking to the US. I don’t know about you but I just can’t imagine being in such a hopeless situation, where you leave everything behind and go some where else. I really feel bad for these people. “God” will have the last word when we are judged for what we do.

    Everyone has a responsability to make sure what they say and do is correct. So, when someone writes something on a forum such as this that person is opening himself up. Thank God and Mr. Unz for giving us this open forum. This place allows us a chance to try and change someone else’s opinion of matters of such importance. I now say to you Mr… oooh yes Mr. Newman, it’s no coincidence that the refugee crises coincides with Israel sending 1000 troops to Central America, its no coincidence that the US is sending DHS personel there, its no coincidence that the US has had Military Bases in Central America, its no coincidence that the CIA and DEA have been operating in that area for some time now, its no coincidence that Amazon, Walmart and other non tax paying corporations are building huge distribution centers throughout the US, its no coincidence that they hire 8.00 and hour temps from the ever growing Temp Agencies springing up all around those centers and finally Mr. Newman its no coincidence that this migration is happening at the same time as the rest of those coincidences.

    You guys can continue to write your bullshit on this site, thank Mr. Unz for allowing you to do so. This site is was true free speech was meant to be, not the shit the US government calls free speech. You can’t even accuse the Zionists of the coincidences that I detailed without putting youself in danger of going to jail. Yes Mr. Newman, Mr. Reed, myself and a whole lot of US citizens have chosen not to conform to your fake constitutional rights by living in Mexico.

    In closing, Mr. Newman I will add one more thing, its not a coincidence that those refugees are leaving behind valuable lands rich in coffee, fruit and gold…all for a promise of a job. What do you think of that Mr. Newman? Maybe the Israeli soldiers are there to secure those lands?

    Your response was very well written and accepted, which is my reason for responding back to you! The other dumbasses can kiss my ass! I’m a Soldier in God’s Army and my loyalty is to him and his children!

    P.S. “God” allows me swear if it helps to get my point across! Join the Eastern Orthodox Christian religion and find the true Christian faith, not the water downed ChristianZionist US version that allows a Man to Marry a Man. Ask my brother Chuck Ornlowski he knows all you need to know. Read some of Jaques Sheete’s comments and Grace Poole, Germanicus and GeoKat and I know I left out other like minded people that contribute to this site’s rich pool of concerned followers of Christianity. Read some of Sheik Imran Hossien’s books on Islam and you will be totally surprise to realize how much the Koran jives with the Bible.

    Take care and I hope I made a difference in your way of looking at things. Hate is a terrible thing to waste on the unfortunate people, save it for the 1 %ers. Peace.

  331. Haole says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Upper and lower Mexico are always right next to each other in Mexico. A few miles from Fred’s home in nearby chapala 20 or so druggies were murdered in just a few weeks. I don’t imagine the golf cart will make out of jalisco.

  332. anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:
    @Hans Vogel

    the Mohammedans,

    As a disparaging jibe, this is fine, but you should remember that we “Mohammedans” are not mangods-worshipping pagan spiritual losers such as your accursed kind.

    As long as you keep that in mind, jibe away. 😀

    (may God give them success)

    As a follow up to the above, your mangods (lol!) would not have the power to harm a fly, nor would they have the power to bestow “success” on anyone… pagan.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  333. Clyde says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Props. Well done and you are not an idiot. Very well done, now seeing other comments/confessionals by you.

  334. Clyde says:

    Yeah need a more active lol and agree button. Every 15 minutes

  335. Clyde says:
    @Chick Gandil

    Truth and good use of the word ‘tang. A superior post.

  336. anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:

    My comment would not be entirely complete without adding the following;

    It may well come to pass that those “yellow vests” succeed in whatever they are agitating about, but that will be as the Almighty One destined it, and not because your mangods had anything to do with it.

    If you then give credit to your mangods (oh, my mangods are so great, they listened to my prayer, lol!), that will be your spiritual stupidity… pagan.

    • Replies: @anon
  337. @Ray Huffman

    What could be done to ensure a more just allocation of national wealth? In the old days, circa 100 AD, Roman authorities instituted a fiscus Judaicus, a ‘Jew tax,’ precisely to offset the extra cost burden placed on society by Jews. Dare we suggest reinstating such a thing? A few trillion dollars could go a long way to right the wrongs of modern society.

  338. @J. Gutierrez


    I know about the lives of many hispanics because I live in Los Angeles and they are all around me,
    and I used to work with them.

    I know a Salvadorian who tells me, “I go back to visit once or twice a year and there are no problems there at all. I went to the mall and people were spending lots of money. My family doesn’t have any problems there at all.”

    I hear stuff like this all the time.

    I know of a mexican woman that gets $800 a month for welfare, sec.8 housing, food stamps, boyfriend makes at least $5,000 a month dealing drugs, they get new cars and wreck them right away, and their kids come out with deformities because of their drug use.

    There are 12 year old mexican girls in the pregnant girls schools for their first kid, then they come back at age 15 with their second kid. They are grandmothers by age 30.

    Most white people don’t even know the pregnant girl’s schools exist.

    I know a mexican man in his 50’s now, and he’s been on disability for at least 30 years. I know for a fact that he’s been offered jobs and always turned them down. To get disability, all he had to do was tell them he’s crazy and he got it right away. Whites have a very hard time getting disability in CA.

    I could go on and on and on with stories like this.

    If you import the third world, you become the third world. That’s not “hate,” that’s simply the truth.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  339. @J. Gutierrez

    Thanks for the reply, Mr. Gutierrez. I have been to a number of countries on 4 continents, and I can dig that the people there have their own way of living. An expatriate must be willing to fit in, as you seem to, but that’s just my point: 50 million Hispanics and 10’s of millions of Orientals may be mostly good people, but they WILL NOT FIT IN HERE. That’s just as if a village of 20,000 Americans set in Guadalajara would not be people that would try to fit in in Mexico. I can’t blame any of them, as it’s easier to stay with the culture and language that you grew up in. (Some of it is pure genetics, anyway.)

    You didn’t really reply to my point that whites don’t really have any other place to go to be (at least mostly) by themselves. The Hispanics do, the Moslems do, the Orientals do, the Blacks do … should I go on? I would think it might behoove the rest of the world to understand that they just might not want more people from all over the world – I am including Europe in this too.

    You are absolutely right to not blame the poor refugee that makes his way up north. Sure. That doesn’t mean this country has to let them in. Compassion not only has its limits, but as is the women’s way in particular, compassion for the short term does not equal compassion for the long term. “Oh, let these poor ‘refugees’ in! Let’s bring a metric shit-ton of Somalians into our nice Minnesota, oh they’ll fit in fine, you betcha’.” (BTW, this is a scam that make the Lutheran Churches money off the Feral Gov’t, who DON’T host these people in their houses!)

    Just maybe the Dad who has had enough of this stuff because he sees no good prospects for his son to have a family with the jobs having been all taken by illegals at the low-end and H-1B visa-holders at the medium end, large hospital bills due to being charged for yourself plus the 5 illegal aliens in the emergency room that don’t pay, and a fractured society for his family, actually has more compassion than you and the tons of “compassionate” women thing. Compassion alloyed with stupidity often makes evil, Mr. Gutierrez.

  340. @jeff stryker

    Jeff Stryker….What makes the AngloSaxon Blue Coats that murdered Native American men, women and children any different from the Aztecs, or WWII G.I.s that raped German mothers, daughters and grandmothers, or the indiscriminate bombing of Iraq by the US…The fire bombing of German cities. Hey if you want to protect the atrocities perpetrated on your people because they were done by white people such as yourself, go right ahead. Your crimes are visual, we can see them in films, the shit you talk about is what someone wrote in books. And we know history is written down by your masters. Knock yourself out Stryker and believe what you want, but nothing will take away the blood that soaked so many white people’s hands.

    • Replies: @redmudhooch
    , @jeff stryker
  341. @J. Gutierrez

    As to your theories about “why stuff is happening”, I don’t agree with all of it, but your animosity toward the current US Feral Gov’t is well warranted. Here are the major reasons that Americans have not been able to get the US Gov’t to lower immigration rates – legal and illegal:

    At the visible level, the left-wing wants the 3rd-world people to immigrate in large numbers as they vote Socialist, and the numbers will overwhelm the votes of the traditional American people. The right-wing has lots of big-money donors, from Big-Ag, Big-“TECH”, and Big-Biz in general who want a steady supply of cheap labor, both at the low-end (Ag and construction) and the medium-end (software, engineering, etc.) Oh, “what happened to the “high-end”?”, you may be wondering. You see, the people on the top want to stay on top. They damn sure don’t want to import anyone at their level.

    At the higher level, and I DON’T chalk this up to a big conspiracy with meetings with Robert’s Rules of Order, and secret handshakes, just a lot of Globalist elites that think the same way, here’s the deal: The elites of the world DO NOT WANT COMPETITION. They do not like an affluent middle class, as America used to have. Those kinds of people have enough extra money to form associations, get elected to office, and get educations and apply for jobs that belong to elites only. The elites HATE, HATE, HATE small business too for this same reason – competition.

    The elites want the whole world to be the 3rd World, Mr. Gutierrez. That’s why this is happening, along with the reason (in America, at least) that ignorant Americans let their Feral Gov’t get way out of their control over the last 50 years, arguably 100, making it close to impossible for the regular people to fight all this.


    Oh, and thanks for the civil reply. I hope I don’t sound too out-of-hand here at this point. I have already thanked Ron Unz for his great free-speech platform here. I mean, the guy let’s flat-out Commies have columns, so what can you say? He’s also a great software guy, as the site is almost error-free and has great usability.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Hans Vogel
  342. @jeff stryker

    Stryker I’m not saying that Aztecs were peaceful people, but most of them were eliminated by the conquistadores. The people you are referring to are the decedents of the people that suffered the lynchings, beatings, theft of lands and forced deportations in violation of the treaty signed by the US and Mexico after the war. White people flooded into those lands and helped themselves to property already owned by Mexicans. The King Ranch hired guns to threaten and murder land owners. My mother’s Great Grandfather fell victim to the King Ranch threats and was forced to abandon 25,000 acres in Nueces County, we still have the paperwork. He was murdered by Indians near the ranch he left the family on his last trip moving his animals.

    Those people you talk about in the Southern US most likely experienced the same type of aggression and discrimination. Just saying…

  343. @Achmed E. Newman

    Massive third world immigration is because of the NOSE, period.

    The Nose hates and fears white Christian people.

    The goal is to Holocaust-proof the entire western world, by replacing whites and WRECKING the entire western world.

    The invasion has nothing to do with economics, because they invaders take far more than they give.

    Immigration has been weaponized by the NOSE.

    Blacks are browns are simply tools for the NOSE.

    Listen to any politically active brown or black, AOC or Harris, doesn’t matter, they all spew the very same marxist-jew rhetoric as evidenced here in this thread.

    The NOSE is not just making whites a minority. That’s bad enough. No, they are determined to make whites a HATED minority.

    In the entire history of the human race, I do not believe there is any other example of such a diabolical and viciously deliberate effort to destroy a group of people as we see with the jews’
    anti-white agenda.

    Ultimately, it’s not that hispanics are fat and dumb. The main problem is that they vote left and they will usher in socialism, the end of free speech, the end of gun rights, basically the end of America.

    And the horrifying thing is that it’s a done deal. It’s already accomplished. The demographic disaster is baked into the cake. Trump isn’t going to deport the invaders. He isn’t going to do anything to help white people.

    So…..the NOSE wins by ruining the people that treated the jews better than they have ever been treated in all of history.

    That’s what the nose calls gratitude.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  344. @FB

    Selfishness, racism, nationalism, religious fanaticism, cowardice, money worship, short term thinking just to make a fast buck (profits), the CEO-management model, imposing rules where trust works better, etc. are all manifestations of stupidity. And, unfortunately, a cure against it has not yet been found.

  345. @Achmed E. Newman

    Hear, hear, or should I say, read, read, or Reed, Reed? Great comment.

  346. @Thomm

    ‘…Translation : You got humiliated, and don’t want anyone to see where I humiliated you. Your 70-IQ ploy to claim that the outcome was the reverse backfired and you are making excuses. No one is going to wade through 400 comments to do your work for you, you lazy wigger.

    You are a pure personification of Dunning-Kruger, which is why you can’t see how pathetic you look.

    Heh heh heh heh”

    FvS? We look forward to your rejoinder…or have you figured out that if you mud-wrestle with a creature like Ira, you get all hot and bothered and the Rabinowitz just enjoys it?

  347. @Robert Dolan

    Robert Dolan, I’m sure your telling me the truth and I believe you. What I am trying to get across to the folks on this site is that those people are different from the ones trying to get in. The people you are talking about are not immigrants…they are decedents of the original Mexicans that have lived there since the time of Spanish and were part of the US land grab. Most have never been to Mexico and are citizens of the US.

    My family immigrated to the US in 1963 and we were green card holders (legal). My brother and I never applied for US citizenship and my other brothers were born there. We never applied for any social programs and know of no other family members that have. The Hispanics that I know of that received food stamps and other US hand outs were Puerto Rican and Chicano families US citizens.

    I could never show my face if I or any of my family members ever applied for government assistance, there is still a thing called self respect that most people can’t comprehend let alone have.

    To be honest with you Robert Dolan, I wish my family would have never immigrated to the US. The burden of having lived two separate lives are starting to take a toll on my faith in humanity. I assimilated too well for my own good and maintained my Mexican self also as strong as my US self. I’m a unique animal when I think about it, as I communicate with you in English I can communicate with a Mexican in the same manner in Spanish!

    What’s crazy about my situation is that I will stand with the people of both countries if ever put in a situation. What I see as the major difference in both countries is, that Mexicans know they are getting fucked by their leaders where as Americans don’t. Mexicans don’t scapegoat the Indigenous minorities but Americans scapegoat the black and Latino minority. It’s a good well thought out plan by your masters of divide and conquer.

    Anyone can see that its working by reading the comments section here or by keeping up with the Dems and Rep agenda. I really have come to the conclusion that you people will destroy yourselves before you take a stand to protect what’s yours. The way you’re going will bring destruction, a change in your political system will save it. The change will be violence free and simple, get the Zionist and the traitors out of DC and you will survive.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @KenH
  348. @J. Gutierrez

    ‘… I’m a Soldier in God’s Army and my loyalty is to him and his children!..’

    That’s definitely alarming.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  349. @J. Gutierrez

    I don’t see much difference between the newcomers and the ones that have already been here.

    All of the hispanics I know are crazy leftists, and they are crazy leftists because they have jewbrain.

    They get a constant bombardment from the jew media and academia, so they wind up being weaponized tools for the jews.

    And they have no idea why they believe what they believe, they just know deep in their bones that everything is whitey’s fault and whitey must pay.

    I know an hispanic male that loves to repeat Susan Sontag’s line that, “White people are a cancer on the face of the earth.” He uses this line all the time, and he’s so dumb that he has no idea where it came from.

    I understand that there are decent people of all races. However, when I address political issues I have to deal with group behavior and voting patterns and group belief systems, and all of this comes down to the fact that the NOSE brainwashes everybody.

    Blacks and browns and asians are taught to hate whites.

    Whites are taught to hate themselves.

    The NOSE is doing the teaching.

    So, you are totally right that unless white people figure out a way to deal with jewish influence,
    white people are headed for the dustbin of history.

  350. FvS says:

    Here is the exchange. You didn’t respond to my last comment until a couple days later, so I must have assumed you had given up and never looked back to check. Otherwise, I would have responded.

    1. Your point about land owners is irrelevant because Italians could vote from the founding of the country if they owned land. You didn’t have to be a land owner to be considered white, and most states dropped the land owning requirement to vote by the 1820’s.

    2. The article I posted gives evidence of Italians being considered socially white. He talks about how Italians were accepted in labor unions and through intermarriage as opposed to other groups.

    By contrast, persons of African, Asian, Mexican and Native American descent faced various degrees of exclusion from public schools and labor unions, bans on marriage and direct restrictions on immigration and citizenship.

    3. What you fail to understand is that not all whites were considered to be equal, nor should they be, imo. Whites are not some monolithic group. Italians, Irish, Poles, etc. may have been considered lower-tier whites by some (not all), but they were still white. Furthermore, I would argue that most of the biases came from the Protestant vs. Catholic divide. Read his conclusion carefully. It’s important to note that Arabs weren’t white by law until 1944, which means they must have been considered to be white socially, if they were at all.

    When I’ve pointed this out to people, they often rejoin that people in the late 19th and early 20th centuries often referred to the “Irish race,” the “Italian race,” the “Jewish race.” That’s true, but they also referred to the “Anglo-Saxon race,” and the “Teutonic race,” the latter two generally considered to be superior. The racist pseudo-science of the day divided Europeans into various races by nationality or perceived nationality, and often created a hierarchy among those groups. But that was a racist hierarchy within the white group, not evidence that these groups weren’t considered to be white. This point is often obscured by the whiteness studies crowd, because racism within a white hierarchy conflicts with their understanding of American racism solely being about “whiteness.”

    One can also find racist literature attacking “ethnic” Americans in terms that are consistent with the more conventional form of American racism, such as references to the need to exclude “swarthy” Jews and Italians from the United States. But these critics focused on perceived swarthiness precisely to try to persuade Americans that contrary to accepted norms, these groups were not in fact “white” and should be treated like non-whites.

    Note that this does not mean that the Irish, Italians, Jews, Poles, Arabs, and so on didn’t face discrimination, hostility, assertions of inferiority and occasionally even violence. They did. But historically, they were also considered white.

    4. Your article makes the same mistake that all the whiteness studies idiots make in assuming there was no white hierarchy. Italians and Puerto Ricans have always been at each other’s throats for a variety of reasons, so there is no reason to assume their exclusion from the festa was solely about race. Italians and Irish used to have an intense rivalry, but not because the Irish were a threat to Italian whiteness. It sounds like the author was reaching to fit the history to his narrative. But if it was, Italians just didn’t want their place in the white hierarchy to be affirmed or lowered even further by being associated with Puerto Ricans, many of whom are heavily mixed. But there was never any danger of Italians actually losing their white standing entirely. And the fact that they welcomed Haitians could mean the exclusion of Puerto Ricans had nothing to do with race, not that Haitians were deemed less of a threat to their racial standing. Roediger seems to be in the same vein of Noel “Abolish The White Race” Ignatiev. Here is a grad student of Roediger talking about the professor. And here I thought you were opposed to leftists?

    As a Grad Student of Roediger I am appalled and amazed at it. He is a managerial marxist trying to manipulate minorities into the service of his own elite class of jewish managerialism. First day Roediger walks into class in a cliche protest tshirt that says “cultural marxist.” His hair greasy. He throws a few old books of marxist historians on the table. He admits that the soviets wrote most of it and got american historians as the pretend-authors. CLR James is one instance of one intellectual “cultural marxist” who had his texts mostly authored by the soviets but put his name on it.

    And then there is the author of the article itself… She looks to be a Jew and black mix. Give me a break.

  351. @Ray Huffman

    ‘Suppose that, say, an editor of VDare, came to Durango or La Paz or Guadalajara, for a couple of weeks–it would probably have to be at gunpoint–and discovered to his horror that the Mexicans were a friendly and courteous people with many bookstores as good as any in Washington, that they had first-rate surgeons and dentists and info-tech people and did not throw garbage in the streets or leave their children alone in dirty diapers and, perhaps worst, had decent universities that didn’t sink to the level of so many in the US.

    Here’s what you used to write about Mexico, before the smell of that Mestiza’s pussy made you delirious:

    Around Mexico City, I’ve seen girls of five years, street urchins, sorting through garbage dumps to find scraps to eat. Pretty it isn’t. They’re kids, newcomers to the world, who ought to be wearing cute dresses and playing with dolls. Instead they’re eating half-decayed slop from tin cans. Sometimes they don’t find enough, or some deviate, victim of a bad childhood, catches them alone, and they are found dead in ditches.’

    I’ll point out both can be true. It’s probably the case that given the climate of the times, and his audience, Fred may feel it’s more important to insist on what is good about Mexico than to join the chorus about what is bad.

    I’d compare it to my feelings about Islam. If I thought there was the least actual threat that America was going to become an Islamic theocracy, I’d criticize the faith without qualification. It is dull. Pretty girls can’t show off, you can’t drink, and the laws against usury don’t exactly do much for the more exciting varieties of high finance. You’ve got to pray five times a day, fast during daylight for a month every year, and go on a pilgrimage to one of the hottest and driest places on earth at some point in your life. You can’t curse, you can’t leave the faith, and probably half a dozen things I haven’t thought of.

    Oh yeah. No bacon.

    No offense to any believers, but no thanks.

    However, shariah law ain’t coming to America in the first place. The more immediate problem is unreasoning, murderous, hypocritical, vicious Islamophobia.

    So I’ll worry about that. And point out there isn’t much wrong with Islam that isn’t also wrong with the other Abrahamic religions — and some things are actually better. They’re all basically variations on each other — attempts at improving on the previous version. Hating Islam while loving Judaism or Christianity is basically like approving of canoes but thinking kayaks are an offense in the eyes of God.

    That’s what I’ll emphasize. And it would seem Fred has come to insist on what is pleasant about Mexico.

  352. AP says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    I have to use the state of WV because there is no city full of poor white people.

    If anything, my comparison makes Mexicans look worse – I am comparing urban Mexicans to rural poor whites. And yet the urban Mexicans in Texas have a lower homicide rate than the largely rural whites of West Virginia.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  353. KenH says:

    By your standards, almost all of the Japanese people are low IQ wastematter for wanting their country to stay Japanese.

    By tinkerbell Thomm’s logic the Japanese are “yellow trashionalists” and “70 IQ yiggers” for not wanting millions of street shitting Indians and Chinese in their nation.

    • LOL: FvS
  354. @Achmed E. Newman

    Mr. Newman there are well over 100,000 US expats in Mexico, we have Haitians that have assimilated to Mexican life, Italians all over the place, Venezuelans, Cubans, a huge German and Hungarian population, Chinese and Japanese. Carlos Slim’s people came from Lebanon as well as other people of ME countries. Canadians and English all over the place. We can’t count how many people are here from Central America.

    I know you people don’t get the real news, but we do and we can understand what the people are saying. When NAFTA began I remember seeing huge billboards in Mexico advertising work in the United States for people in the AG field. Call this number and we can get you work in one of the many Meat Packing companies looking for workers. NAFTA killed the Mexican AG business by importing cheap corn, potatos, pork, chicken, beef, etc. I’m sure they are promising the same thing to the Central Americans, but this time they need to fill positions in those 8.00 an hour Mega Distribution Centers. Google Amazon new Distribution Centers and I’m sure you will get some results.

    Please listen to me Europe would have zero refugee crisis if you pull the troops out of Syria, Libya and the ME. The US would have very little illegal immigration if it gets the Military, CIA, DEA and Corporations out of Central America! With that said I’m done with this discusion. You people have been living high on the hogg using child labor and underpaid workers around the world.

  355. Anon[608] • Disclaimer says:

    Gustavo Arellano is back at Unz.

  356. Solution to all of your problems:

    Abolish the CIA and overthrow the capitalist system, jail our banking & corporate overlords that they wage war to protect. Along with all the NGO’s, think tanks, MIC war profiteers and other offshoots. The divisive psychological warfare will stop.

    This divide and rule, identity politics, fear mongering, turning one group of people on the other, its the same tactic they use everywhere, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Russia, Latin America. Keep the dumb goyims fighting amongst themselves while they rape both sides and plunder the countries wealth/resources.

    Till this happens nothing will change, only get worse. Much worse.

    Anyone that says differently: They’re working for the CIA, whether they realize it or not. Everything else is noise. Thats all I have to say about that. Peace!

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  357. KenH says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Mexicans don’t scapegoat the Indigenous minorities but Americans scapegoat the black and Latino minority

    Mexico is no land of equality and live and let live and the Indian segment of the population is pretty much treated like dung by the Mestizo segment. If Mexico doesn’t scapegoat certain groups then it’s largely because Jews don’t control their media and government.

    I’m not sure what world you’re living in but blacks and Latinos scapegoat white people in America and have been taught by Jews to blame all of their problems and character defects on “white racism” and “white privilege”. It’s a fact that blacks and Latinos are the two most violent crime prone populations in America and Latinos have the highest rates of welfare dependency, even edging out the black population.

    There’s a big difference between scapegoating, as you call it, and simply stating facts about the black and Latino populations and the effect their presence has on quality of life. Latinos are not victims and in general are politically militant and hostile towards gringoes. It’s taken a while for whites to notice but now they are and are returning the hostility that they’ve been on the receiving end of for so long.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @KenH
    , @J. Gutierrez
  358. KenH says:

    Usually Ron Unz makes a cameo appearance to call everyone who’s skeptical about Mestizos stupid and innumerate while citing his study on Mestizo crime in the U.S. as the first and last word on the subject. He must be real busy with his software work since this subject usually draws him out of his ivory tower.

  359. @J. Gutierrez

    You’ll get nowhere arguing with the sock puppets.
    They spend their entire day doing this, they get paid to do it.
    You would think they would be better at it considering its what they do “for a living”
    Don’t take them too seriously, they’re just saying what they’re told to say.

    • Agree: L.K
    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  360. @AP

    I dont know where to find the actual statistics, but it seems that over half of the murderers in the news in WV are colored people. If it were poor whites I would admit it because I am solidly middle class. AP have you actually been to WV? I always diss Detroit but I havent actually been there, so I am a hypocrite.

  361. @Colin Wright

    Colin Wright, don’t you have something better to do brother! That means I have faith in God…I wish I had faith in humanity…and you really are not helping me with that!

  362. @Achmed E. Newman

    I didn’t answer the “Whites do not have a place to go question”, JAJA Mr. Newton “Whites” can go any place on earth! Wait let me rephrase that…they could have gone to any place on earth, I doubt it now…but it’s because of their own doing. One place that accepts “Whites” is Mexico. Mr. Reed makes himself very clear in his writing and the rest of the expats have a website….take a look…

  363. @Buzz Mohawk

    Our country and our wealth DO belong to us.

    Wrong. Your country belongs to the highest bidder. No need to be an American. Everything is for sale, everything is a commodity to be sold for a profit. Know how much of America is owned by foreigners?

    ain’t capitalism grand?

    • Replies: @Ace
  364. Ace says:

    Tonsilitis, potholes, teen pregnancy, black crime, the mafia, and Sheldon Adelson are not the fault of capitalism. Not everything under the sun is the fault of capitalism. Bad luck, mismanagement, irresponsibility, low IQ and morals, criminal combinations, and particular loathsome individuals are phenomena found in all cultures and have nothing to do with the innate dynamism of economic freedom, entrepreneurs, private investors, honest prices, and honest courts enforcing contracts.

    • Replies: @Joe Johnson
  365. SBaker says:

    Here we go again with the stupidity of the Africans, most knowing full well, why they are here to escape the low IQ masses of their homelands.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  366. AP says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    I’ve been to WV (Wheeling, and Morgantown). I found Wheeling in particular to be very pretty and charming, but poor. It seemed like the sort of place that would have a lot of people with meth problems (I was there before the opioid epidemic hit America). I’m no kidding, there was an article in a local newspaper boasting that WV was not the state with the most toothless people – it was Kentucky.

    People seemed nice.

    Detroit is…interesting. Definitely worth seeing.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  367. @Colin Wright

    you can’t drink

    It’s complicated to say the least.

    you can’t leave the faith

    Don’t think other faiths actively encourage that tbh

    laws against usury

    The problem is the controlling, politically motivated muftis and sheikhs

  368. @SBaker

    Obwandiyag is our very own “village idiot”. It’s all I can say. I don’t really do namecalling often, but it’s true. I suggest you ignore him(literally, place him on your ignored list)

    • Replies: @Truth
  369. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    I dont know where to find the actual statistics, but it seems that over half of the murderers in the news in WV are colored people

    Close to it at least, blacks are extremely overrepresented.

  370. Technomad says:

    The reason this inundation is allowed to continue, IMO, is because Our Leaders figure it’s better than a replay of the Mexican Revolution. From 1910 to 1927 (counting the Cristero War) Mexico was a giant Spanish-speaking Somalia. If it imploded on that level again (and it could) we’d have a refugee problem that makes our current problems look like nothing much.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  371. @Technomad

    ‘…If it imploded on that level again (and it could) we’d have a refugee problem that makes our current problems look like nothing much.’

    Refugees are only a problem if you admit them.

  372. @jeff stryker

    ‘Chicanos have been in the US forever and were American citizens long before Fred Trump was conceived in Germany. They are third, fourth generation Americans. There is no way to expel them.’

    All 342,000 of them are welcome to stay. Actually, I’d rather not deport anyone who’s here legally — and I’d rather stop the influx while we can still afford to be that moral.

    Halt all immigration — legal and illegal — now. Make employing an illegal cost you a week in the pokey. All this is only a problem because we let it be one.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @Biff
  373. The muslim invasion of Europe is being done by the nose, same as the mexican invasion of the USA.

    All of the formerly white countries on earth are being invaded by massive third world immigration at the SAME TIME, so this is a deliberate and coordinated effort to replace/displace white people.

    It is a socially engineered ethnic cleansing of white people, technically genocide by the United Nations definition. It also ties into the Kalergi and Yinon plans for Greater Israel and the NWO.

    Notice that the EU/HIAS/ADL,SPLC, etc., demand that Europe and America take in muslim “refugees” while Israel refuses to take any at all.

    All part of the “never again” program to make sure the jews don’t get kicked out for the 110th time by stripping whites of all political power.

    That’s why Mark Potok was caught with the white percentage countdown on his wall at the SPLC.

    Prominent jews say that when whites become a dispossessed minority it will be a “transcendental moment in human history.”

    Let that sink in.

    We are ALL getting played by the NOSE.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  374. @Sir Launcelot Canning


    Detroit is dangerous and suburbs like Southgate, Dearborn, Warren are slightly safer. These places are a mixture of Polish-Americans and blacks. These places can be dangerous, but not the lethal disaster of Detroit or Flint.

    You have to bear in mind that America has had ghost towns before out in the Southwest. But whites will leave. Moving on is a white American tradition since Europe and transience is the only tradition all European Americans share-our great-grandparents or grandparents grew up in ethnic communities; our parents grew up in cities or post-WW II suburbs 20 miles away; we grew up in bedroom communities and moved 2, 3 times in our youth on average.

    African-Americans don’t leave. Partly for economic reasons and partly a lack of initiative they just don’t sell their house in time to leave places like Flint.

    Sterling Heights is Jewish, Italian and Albanian. Bloomfield Hills is Jewish and well-off.

    • Replies: @AP
  375. @AP


    There might be some pockets of rural degeneracy but it is not dangerous to simply be driving or walking through these places in broad daylight.

    • Replies: @AP
  376. @J. Gutierrez


    Here’s what’s funny about Mestizos. You love pure white Spanish like Che Guevara even though these white Hispanic oligarchy are the ones repressing you indigenous.

    Yet you lay it all on the Anglo. The Anglo might have backed dictatorships in Latin America but were not the whites responsible there.

    The problem of Latin America is not Anglo. It is the 10 Spanish families in each country which own everything who are white as snow. Of course the Indians, Mulatto and blacks will be attracted to socialism because they don’t own anything and of course the US backed white Hispanics who suppressed them as long as they opposed Communism.

    But you would have to blame the Spanish white Hispanics who accept CIA support in order to run dictatorships which oppress the Mayans or Aztecs.

    And white Anglo can blame them both, because the result of this is Mayans and Aztecs flee North to the US.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  377. @J. Gutierrez

    Mr. Newman there are well over 100,000 US expats in Mexico, …

    That’s 100,000 or well over out of 150,000,000 Mexicans? Call it 150,000 and that makes it 1 in 1000 or 0.1%. The illegal alien count in America is likely 30 million, even with lumping in millions of Chinese (and now a few Africans) to be conservative. That’s right around 10% of the whole country! Do you understand that 10% is 100 X 0.1%, Mr. Gutierrez?

    Your 0.1% is a drop in the bucket. If they were spread out, they could assimilate easily, and if living together, they still have no rights compared to Mexicans, much less free shit from the taxes of the Mexicans, as is the case here. Mexicans know they could be kicked out at any time. If one doesn’t understand numbers, one can’t interpret any news, no matter how one says he follows (BTW, I’ve followed news/politics for probably longer than you’ve been alive, so yes, I do know what’s going on. More on that later.)

    Let’s say each asterisk here is 100,000 people.

    Here’s your expat community: *

    Here’s the illegal alien population in America:
    ************************************************** and

    Do you kinda see the difference now, Mr. Gutierrez?


    BTW, I wanted to show this more graphically with one * equalling 10,000 people, but unz anti-spam software prevented this. I tried!

  378. @J. Gutierrez

    That’s a complete lie or major misunderstanding of the world to blame the immigration invasion in either Europe or America on the warmongering of the American military. Don’t get me wrong, once the external Communism was defeated as the Cold War was ended right at 30 years ago, the US military should have been pulled back home. I agree completely, along with a majority of Americans that the military and meddling screw ups at the CIA need to STAY OUT.

    That said, let’s mention Europe first. Even with that idiocy of invading Libya and getting rid of Kaddafee, who had been putting a lid on sub-Saharan Africans heading to Europe, the Commie Herr Merkel of Germany INVITED THEM IN. All of these so-called refugees could have been stopped cold – no, the elites wanted to dilute and damage white Euro society just like ours. Then, for the last 60 years, countries in Europe have been importing people from their former colonies in the Middle East (France’s case), Turkey (OK, not a colony, but lots of imports, in Germany), and Indian/Pakistan (England). That had squat-all to do with the American military adventures and the CIA and the DEA.

    In America’s case, of 30,000,000 illegal aliens, I doubt 1% of them are real refugees of any sort. You are either extremely deluded or duplicitous, Mr. Gutierrez. If it’s the 1st case, you need to become numerate, prontomundo, if you’re going to try to argue your case sanely. If it’s the 2nd, then that’s not a Godly thing at all, is it? I seek the truth, whether it is deemed hateful or not.

    You people have been living high on the hogg using child labor and underpaid workers around the world.

    I am sorry. You must have mistaken me for George Soros or Sheldon Adelson. Those guys are too busy fucking up the world to be commenting on unz, I’m pretty sure. What a crazy mix-up this has been!

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  379. @Achmed E. Newman

    oops, speaking of innumerate, I was thinking of my factor of 100, which was the ratio of America’s (illegal) foreigner-to-population ratio to (your) Mexican foreigner-ratio.

    Again, from your number in Mexico, with on * meaning 100,000 foreigners, here are your LEGAL (cause they don’t allow illegals down there, because IT’S THE LAW – fair enough, right?) count vs. America’s JUST-ILLEGAL one.



    ************************************************** and

    ************************************************** and

    ************************************************** and

    ************************************************** and

    ************************************************** and

    ************************************************** and

  380. Biff says:
    @Colin Wright

    Make employing an illegal cost you a week in the pokey.


    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  381. KenH says:

    and hostile towards gringoes

    Should read gringos.

  382. @Robert Dolan


    Regardless of how one feels about Noseism, the facts are indisputable about their role in these invasions.

  383. AP says:
    @jeff stryker

    Given low homicide rate in places like El Paso, it’s not dangerous to walk or drive through those areas either. My wife and I lived in a mostly Mexican neighborhood in Chicago for a year while students (it’s now gentrified but in our time that process was only beginning), and we never had problems.

  384. AP says:
    @jeff stryker

    Detroit is dangerous and suburbs like Southgate, Dearborn, Warren are slightly safer.

    Warren is not slightly safer than Detroit. It is night and day from Detroit.

    These places are a mixture of Polish-Americans and blacks.

    Blacks have started to appear in Warren but they are still rare.

    These places can be dangerous, but not the lethal disaster of Detroit or Flint.

    Warren isn’t dangerous at all.

    Sterling Heights is Jewish, Italian and Albanian.

    And Chaldean.

    Bloomfield Hills is Jewish and well-off.


    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  385. @Thorfinnsson

    You are a museum quality example of the evil of Liberty which is just another name for power.

    If 0ne could tie three or four weather balloons to you it maybe possible for you to rise to the level of amorality but that is doubtful

    • Replies: @Thorfinnsson
  386. @Anon

    We actually dont. We are just better organized, for now at least. But I would still choose Scandinavia anyday, before Southern Europe.
    Blame Brussels, not us.

  387. @Jeff Davis

    Your idiot Potus will soon get you into one.

  388. @Miro23

    That is not all wrong, that is for sure..

  389. @AP


    Some of my youth was spent in Warren, though I was born in Ann Arbor. So I agree.

    • Replies: @AP
  390. MEH 0910 says:

    Fred Reed: Race Hustlers: I’d Rather Have Ebola

    Good news Fred! Pretty soon you won’t have to choose. You can have both:

    Ann Coulter Retweeted:

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  391. Truth says:

    I don’t really do namecalling often,

    I beg to differ there, Old Sport, namecalling seems like the majority of what you do.

  392. @Biff


    How willing are you to spend a week in the pokey? Most people don’t like the pokey. Many haven’t even been there once.

    • Replies: @Biff
  393. @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque


    And you’re a brain damaged romish retard who thinks the babblings of fancy fags in ridiculous hats and robes over the past few centuries somehow invalidates objective reality.

    A real shame the Swedes didn’t succeed in overrunning Vienna and put an end to you papist swine once and for all.

  394. @KenH

    The big difference KenH between blacks and Hispanics and your sacred “white” race is that most violence by blacks and latinos are committed against themselves, but not all of it. Give me an example of blacks and latinos headhunting white people, literally going after them, and I’ll quit supporting the minority races on the basis of you bringing to light something I was unaware of. But first answer me these 2 question>

    1. Why do we see so many school shootings in the U.S. and we don’t see the same pattern in any other country? Here in Mexico we have had only 1 that I’m aware of and it was a “Rich Kid” meaning white by your way of looking at Mexicans.

    2. Why are so many serial killers and pedophiles AngloSaxon? The British, American and Australian population have an extremely disproportionate amount of those types of crimes compared to other countries.

    When “White” people kill they enjoy it… That white guy that killed all those kids that were attending camp in one of those all white European countries slaughtered kids at will. Every day we hear of mass shootings in the US, why is that KenH?

    Last week Trump pardoned a serial killer navy seal…his own soldiers couldn’t support this guy’s killing sprees. They turned him in and he was convicted, why would someone pardon him? And how many others just like him were never reported!

    • Troll: Colin Wright
  395. @jeff stryker

    Wait one minute there Stryker! Lets not confuse me calling you out against your bigoted remarks with me being Indigenous! I’m of “white European” stock (Spain) so don’t try and talk down to me like you do other people of color! Where do you live Stryker? I’m fucking curious, are you Australian, born from criminals? Do you hold back thoughts of kidnapping girls and rapping them, or do you have dirty thoughts when you’re around kids? There are no Mexicans in Australia and yet serial killers and pedophiles run rampant! What are your excuses for those people KenH!

  396. @J. Gutierrez

    90% of cross-racial violence is black on white.

    There is very little white on non-white violence of any kind.

    Most serial killers are black.

    Blacks are 12% of the population but they do 50% of violent crime.

    You are a hate filled anti-white bigot.

    Just admit that you hate white people and move on.

    You have jewbrain so there is no hope for you.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  397. @J. Gutierrez

    I was robbed by some shithead mexican gang members. They stuck a gun to my head and took my money. The police said they hit three other people in my area.
    Now I carry a .380.
    It won’t happen again.

    My car was totaled by an illegal asshole that gave me fake info, fake name, fake DL, fake everything. My truck was destroyed and I had to eat the loss because I did not have full coverage.

    At my job I had to deal with anti-white latinos and blacks, had daily confrontations. I always did the job by the book, always followed the rules. The mexicans told lies about me and got me fired.

    My building was tagged up, “HATE WHITE PEOPLE. HATE BLUE EYES.”

    I could go on and on.

    You are full of shit.

    I never see whites messing with anybody. White people just want to be left alone. All of the aggression I see comes from blacks and latinos, because the jews have filled their minds with hatred for white people.

    There you go pal. That’s the truth of the situation.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  398. @redmudhooch

    Thank you for the heads up brother!
    Where is Jaques S and Chuck O when you need em! Jaja

    Time to open a can of Tecate and enjoy this beautiful day!

    One piece of good news brother, It looks like Cuba and Guatemala want to join Mexico! I read something about this last night. The new Mexican president is making massive changes and they want to get onboard. If I understand it correctly, they want to be absorbed into the Mexican territory as States. If Brazil changes its support of the US and stays in the BRICS…it doesn’t look good for the US.

    But, we both know its most likely part of the Zionist plan for the US collapse.

  399. @redmudhooch

    I couldn’t have said it better than that brother! I agree 100% with you! Damn I thought I was never going to find someone outside the Matrix!

    Take care Brother!

  400. @Anon

    I hear you brother…thanks

  401. @Robert Dolan

    Robert Dolan,

    Sorry to hear about you having to go through those terrible assualts on your person. Living in Houston I went through a few situations myself. Most of the times we got into fights (I have 4 brothers) with Latinos. Why because we lived in a predominatly Latino nieghborhood and went to Latino Bars and Clubs. Once we got into a big fight on East Beach in Galveston with a whole bunch of white guys. It was a freefall but we came out Ok and didn’t hold any grudge against white people because of it.

    Have you ever thought that what you write here might be might be easily projected towards those people without you realizing it? And thats why you continue to have problems with them. In Houston I enjoyed riding my motorcycle around so I met other people that road bikes. I met one of the leaders of the Arian Brotherhood and one of the top guys from the Arian Circle. To this day I am in contact with them. Both these guys are over 6 feet tall and “Bad Muther Fuckers”, I’m also 6 ft and know how to handle myself. What I’m trying to say is I never had any problems with them, but maybe a guy like you would. Certain people can look at a person and see something thats not quite right about them. In Texas the AB and AC are the enforcers for the Mexican Mafia…

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  402. @Robert Dolan

    You are completely wrong about me Robert! I don’t even dislike you for your comments. I feel sorry for you…Read my past comments and you will see that I support the German people and hate the way the AngloSaxon Zionists destroyed them in WWI and WWII.

  403. mr meener says:

    fred reed can go to hell but he is already there in messico. if messico is so great why the f#ck do 10’s of millions of them come here? why does everyone of these white hating communists never bring up operation wetback under eisenhower ? where millions of messicans were thrown out? US did it also during the depression. POS reed says they cant be thrown out have to live / die with them. that is like cancer cant be cured have to live/die with it. that messican girls pic he put here is a joke. they look good until 16 where they blow up into a 4’8 210LB brood sow. DOES ANYONE BRING UP WHITE GENOCIDE? does any whites care about it? also this POS J guterrez saying cuba messico and guatemala are teaming up against the US. hahah all together they aint worth shit. they should just wait until the US is just like them…dirty filthy murdering heart eating savages

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  404. “A point seldom made is that the white race hustlers are not specifically against, say, illegal Latinos, criminal Latinos, or Latinos dependent on welfare, though they routinely criticize these. They hate all Latinos or Americans of Latin-American descent”

    How the fuck am I supposed to keep reading after a fabrication like that? WTF dude.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  405. @J. Gutierrez

    No, I am not projecting.

    I arrived in CA as a long haired hippie liberal with an Ivy League jewbrain marxist education. I was a nice guy liberal pussy and I walked on eggshells for YEARS.

    Now I am to the right of Hitler.

    No…..the hispanics and blacks I have had to deal with are genuine assholes independent of my observations and opinions. It’s a matter of NUMBERS. The mexicans were super nice when there were only a few of them here. As their numbers have swollen, their heads swelled up at the same time. Now they are arrogant as hell. Look at AOC and Castro. They are insufferable.

    Whites are a minority in CA, and I am the canary in the coalmine for white people in America.

    I put up with many years of abuse and I was in denial about it. Finally I had to come to terms with the fact that even if I did not care about race, ALL of the non-whites DID.

    And I kept asking myself, “How can these people treat me this way in my own COUNTRY?”

    After years of intense research I came to the answer….that marxist/zionist jews have hijacked the west and they have weaponized immigration and the jews teach non-whites to HATE whites.

    • Replies: @Republic
    , @J. Gutierrez
  406. @interesting

    Yep, that’s exactly the lying I was referring to way up top, Interesting. What’s worse, is that Reed is impugning very specific people here – that’s why I think it’s probably personal with him. He does alright when he writes about many kinds of Western stupidity, such as the feminism, the genderbender stuff, the hopeless-case affirmative action stuff, etc. He wrote 2 good travelogs about his 2 weeks in China, but then, sure enough, on the 3rd one, he had to go all Anti-American-Everything again.

  407. Republic says:
    @Robert Dolan

    After years of intense research I came to the answer….that marxist/zionist jews have hijacked the west and they have weaponized immigration and the jews teach non-whites to HATE whites.

    congratulations on your awakening!

  408. AP says:
    @jeff stryker

    Thanks! I have family in Detroit, have lived nearby, and know the Detroit area well. But haven’t been there in 3 years.

    Detroit is definitely worth seeing. It’s a post-Apocalyptic world (without hyperbole), very reminiscent of what the world is like in Walking Dead, except the “walkers” are alive. Large areas of the city are abandoned to ruin and nature has taken over (I have seen pheasants while driving through), but don’t wander around alone. Neighborhoods have been lost at different times so are in different states of decay – there are crumbing areas with 1930s houses, others were built and taken care of in the early 1970s only to be abandoned in the 1980s. There are also islands, as in Walking Dead, of intact areas where people live normal lives, usually a few blocks in size, with private security on patrol. Indian Village off Jefferson avenue is one such island, there is another one I know of off Woodward somewhere not far from Highland Park (a separate city surrounded by Detroit and as bad as Detroit). Here is charming Indian Village:

    Its people live normal lives while surrounded by a post-apocalyptic world like this:

    Scattered among the ruins are occasional inhabited houses. Residents in these ruins, most of whom are not criminals, are often victims of crime.

    Outside the city, the suburbs are incredibly ugly, boring-looking and sprawling, but clean and safe.

    There are a few bright spots: Eastern Market has an incredible Thai restaurant (the market itself is very nice), there are lots of good Greek and Arab restaurants in the area. And very good music. But it’s the sort of place where you have to know where to go to find these things.

  409. @Robert Dolan

    I don’t know what to say brother, I’ve never lived in California. If what you say is true and I believe you have no reason to say otherwise, I would definitely have your back if I lived there and knew you. I’m well aware of the Zionist plan of divide and conquer. But I think this one is a little different…with the fuel that’s being added by the illegal immigration! Trump coming out against it in the MSM, while secretly letting them in, is creating hatred by “whites” against Latinos. While Latinos hear his Rapist, Drug Dealer, Criminal accusations and associate those insults to “whites” that live near them. This Zionist plan is more like Divide and Destroy.

    There has to be a Latino or Black person in your neighborhood that has an understanding of how the Zionists control the Banks, Hollywood, News, etc. If you can get one to listen to you and share whatever information you have pointing to the divide and destroy scenario being implemented, you might find yourself an ally and he will talk to the rest in the block. Usually the leaders of those groups are the ones with the most smarts. That’s all the advise I can give you brother…Good Luck

    • Replies: @Republic
  410. @J. Gutierrez

    Hi JG,

    I think you’re going a bit hard on old Jeff. I don’t get the impression, from what he has told us, that he can possibly be a bigot or a racist. After all he has spent half his life in Asia and has few complaints about the countries and peoples he has worked, partied and lived with over there from Dubai and Oman to the Philippines and Thailand. For Christ’s sake he even married an Asian woman! If he was truly as you describe him he would have had a brief look around and got out of that place. In places like Dubai you have to live and work with people of all races and religions and a true bigot and racist wouldn’t survive for very long. Sure he uses racial slurs but then so do many others of all races, and in certain environments people are not too sensitive about that. One should be able to express one’s opinion about various peoples and religions without being jumped on and labeled a “bigot” for expressing his views, which is actually what mostly liberal westerners do. Can’t you see that he has no intention of ever going back to live amongst whites so let him be and don’t stifle the debate.


  411. Republic says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    There has to be a Latino or Black person in your neighborhood that has an understanding of how the Zionists control the Banks, Hollywood, News, etc

    Only the Nation of Islam has any real understanding of the JQ

    however according to, owned by the ADL, Hispanic-Americans born outside the US have significantly higher rates of Anti-Semitic views than US born Hispanics. 36% vs 14%

    This same survey show the US Blacks have a 20% anti-Semitic viewpoints

    Also according to that survey only 12% of US Whites hold anti-Semitic views

    Another survey by the ADL shows a sharp rise in -Antisemitism in Mexico. 35% of the Mexican population holds Antisemitic views. Mexico has about 65,000 Jews mostly living in Mexico City

    27% of Mexicans believe that the Holocaust was a myth

  412. KenH says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    The big difference KenH between blacks and Hispanics and your sacred “white” race is that most violence by blacks and latinos are committed against themselves, but not all of it.

    When it comes to interracial violence blacks are 25 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites and Latinos are 8 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites. The latter is based on the 2012 or 2013 FBI uniform crime report which is the one year they had a separate category for “Hispanics” and didn’t conflate their crime with that of whites.

    Give me an example of blacks and latinos headhunting white people, literally going after them, and I’ll quit supporting the minority races

    Look up polar bear hunting where black teenagers target whites with acts of physical violence. Look up the “Zebra killings” where a sect of the Nation of Islam were murdering whites to atone for real and imagined crimes against them. Lookup the Colin Ferguson subway shooting. Ferguson was a black Jamaican immigrant who hated whites. Look up Omar Thornton shooting. Omar was stealing from a white company and was about to be fired so executed eight innocent white people in retaliation. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    I can’t think of any Hispanic racial hate crimes against whites of of the top of my head but no doubt some of the interracial violence committed by Hispanics against whites noted above is racially motivated. I do remember a case from Denver, CO in the late 1990’s where eight chivalrous latino males kidnapped a white girl, gang raped her and then jammed a broomstick up her vagina. She died of her injuries. Can you give us a case where white males have done something similar to a hispanic female?

    1) Almost all of the white school shooters have been on mind altering anti-depressant drugs and a few have been Jewish or part Jewish like Nicolas Cruz. But school shootings are only one category of mass shootings and blacks commit 75% of mass shootings, but you just never hear about it because it’s so much sexier and more fun to demonize white males.

    2) Most serial killers on a per capita basis are non-white and whites are actually underrepresented on a per capita basis. As of 2010 almost 60% of serial killers are black:
    Mexico has some very prolific serial killers if you dare to look. Juan Pablo Vazquez was just one of them.

    Regarding pedophilia, it afflicts all races and there’s no shortage of black and latino pedophiles and pederasts. But again, you’re basing your opinion on the (((headlines))) which always prominently feature a white male as archetypal pedo and Mr. stranger danger. Over the years there’ve been a number of latino males in this area who’ve sexually assaulted their own nieces or other female family members. I don’t care which race commits these acts they are degenerate and the perps should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    When “White” people kill they enjoy it…

    And you know this how? As if non-whites who kill don’t enjoy it and are only reluctant killers? If white people love killing so much then why do our nations have some of the lowest murder and violent crime rates in ther world? You think the Mexican drug cartels who torture and behead people on a regular basis do so only reluctantly?

    That white guy that killed all those kids that were attending camp in one of those all white European countries slaughtered kids at will.

    Do you even know “that white guy” by name? The victims weren’t little kids and most were late teens and some in their early 20’s. These “kids” weren’t singing around the campfire….they were self hating, ultra left wing Norwegians who were being groomed for leadership in left wing political parties who plan to turn Norway over to Afro and Islamic invaders. Brevik made them pay for their decision to wittingly harm their own racial kinsmen and nation.

    Every day we hear of mass shootings in the US, why is that KenH?

    And yet Mexico’s murder rate is still more than twice that of the U.S., why is that J. Gutierrez?

    Last week Trump pardoned a serial killer navy seal…his own soldiers couldn’t support this guy’s killing sprees.

    I don’t know the details but did you actually research this or just accept what you saw on MSNBC or Telemundo?

    They turned him in and he was convicted, why would someone pardon him? And how many others just like him were never reported!

    Tin foil hattery. I won’t excuse any atrocities against innocents but Muslim insurgents have done far worse to their own people than any wayward Navy Seals. Where’s your outrage at Muslim atrocities or is it selectively reserved for white men?

    • Replies: @Republic
    , @Republic
  413. @Farrakhan.DDuke.AliceWalker.AllAgree

    Woops, ANTIFA says a white can’t pursue a mate:

    Imagine if the word “white” on that posted bill was replaced by the word “black“. Now that would be undisputedly evil.

    So much for “WHITE PRIVILEGE”.


  414. @mr meener

    I don’t recall Messico, Cuba or any Latin American country join the “Bloodbath” we call WWI and WWII Mr. Meener! I don’t recall any Messicans invading Vietnam and carpet bombing peasants in Laos and Cambodia while your CIA imported all the Heroine they could. I don’t recall Messicans bombing 3 high-rise buildings in NY murdering 3,000 of their own citizens. I don’t recall Messicans sucking so much Zionist Dick that instead of bombing the Zionist or Saudi Arabians for being accomplices in those bombings, they attack Afghanistan and Iraq and murder millions of innocent men, women and children. MR. MEENER, “WHITE GENOCIDE” is what “White AngloSaxonBritishAmerican ChristanZionistIsrael” did to the GERMAN PEOPLE because you pieces of shit got so much Zionist Cock up your ass all your masters have to say is Jump and you obey! You are a stupid redneck that should shut your stupid mouth and keep smoking your Meth and playing with your niece’s twat in your trailer!

    Thanks for bringing up Operation Wetback, that’s when the US government deported hundreds of thousands of Mexicans that were American Citizens you motherfucker. Most of them had never been to Mexico. Let me give you something to think about you Dumb Hillbilly…The Next War Is Going To Be Very Different War! You know what a “Gang Bang” is… right, yeah you do, thats what you watch your wife do with your brothers. The US has killed so many different people in its Empire Building years that some of these people want payback.

    You people are so good at killing that you like to spread it around. You have killed Indians of all tribes, British, Mexicans, Spanish, Canadians, Cubans, El Salvadorans, Guatemalens, Hondurens, Nicaraguens, Dominicans, Fillipinoes, Vietnamese, Japonese, Chinese, Koreans, Germans, Italians, Iraqis, Lybians, Syrians, Afghans, Laoatians, Cambodians, just to name a few. Those people have not been able to get revenge on your aggression, but things are about to change Mr. Means.

    The Zionist Masters have to destroy their old host before moving to the new host. Just like they did when the went from Germany to the US. They can’t leave their old host able to go after them, so like they carpet bombed all the German cities, they plan on doing the same to the US. But this time Mr. Meens they are going to allow the 10 kingdoms to take revenge on the murderers of their ancestors. Just like the bible says Mr. Meens…God tells the soldiers of those 10 kingdoms to kill every living thing in what they call Mystery Babylon. Not to let any man, women and child survive because no one will ever inhabit the lands that had given them so many riches.

    Every day Trump threatens your allies… drives this event closer to becoming a reality. The US will invade Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela as prophysized by many people and they will unleash tremendous force an the civilian populations that the world will condemn them. Not until China and Russia attack the US, will the carnage in Latin America stop and Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela turn the tide. Russia invades through Canada, China through the West and East coasts and the filthy dirty heart eating Messicans along with millions of Latin American killers will take up the south! That is the gang bang I mentioned earlier you fucking PIG!

    How do you like my story Mr. Meens?

    • Replies: @Rich
  415. @Commentator Mike

    Hey Mike, how are you doing brother? I will take your advice on Mr. Stryker to heart. I guess I felt a little overwhelmed by the comments being directed at me. Were you on the 9/11 article that was getting a lot of attention. I didn’t even dare get into that one. I was trying to get these guys to see things a different way. It wasn’t until redmudhooch told me I was wasting my time that I said fuck it.

    The Mr. Meener hits me with the “filthy heart eating” description of Mexicans that I had to lay in on him. I was a little rough, but he doesn’t know how I feel.

    Good hearing from you Mike…I hope everything is A OK in your life! Did you read my comments, I was being cordial….jaja

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  416. Republic says:

    And yet Mexico’s murder rate is still more than twice that of the U.S.,

    probably a lot higher, almost like a war zone. In the US the average murder clearance rate is around 70%. In Mexico 5 %. That means for every 100 murders in Mexico 95 are never charged.

    • Replies: @KenH
  417. Republic says:

    Over the years there’ve been a number of latino males in this area who’ve sexually assaulted their own nieces or other female family members

    In Mexico in some states the age of consent is as low as 12 years. So when they come to the US they act like it is ok as it was in Mexico

    • Replies: @Anonymous age 77
  418. @Republic

    Very good information to have…thank you brother…Have you studied in any Mexican schools?

    • Replies: @Republic
  419. anastasia says:

    Why is America, seething with racial animosity…..?

    It’s not. You just think it is because you watch television.

  420. @J. Gutierrez

    Jeff Stryker, this comment was out of line! Excuse my language it wasn’t cool. Take care brother!

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  421. Republic says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    No,just have made many trips to Mexico

  422. @Commentator Mike


    I liked Dubai much more than Phoenix even though Phoenix had more white people.

  423. I retired in Mexico. I say often if North Americans knew the Mexicans I know they would have a totally different view of Mexicans. My wife of 43 years has Aztec ancestry. Her great-grandma was a Moctezuma who owned much of the area. Her family is a bit light-skinned and consider themselves to be white. They look it.

    I teach free English classes to neighbor kids. I have a 16 year old student who was bored with the reading books I had. She is now reading in class the English version of Guyton and Hall, the physiology textbook used in some USA medical schools. After one hour a week for four years, she is reading at a post pre-med degree university level. In English. Her dad is a low paid quarry worker and they live in the boonies surrounded by cactus and rocks. Every class is an honor to be her teacher.

    I can’t say I don’t know people like her in the USA, because I was a local officer of Mensa for 5 years, nearly 40 years ago. So, I have a pretty good idea of her intelligence level.

    Some commenters are correct. The majority of illegals are the unsuccessful members of the Mexican society. They come to the USA because they can’t make it here.

    Or, horrible criminals who ran from the Mexican police. We do have a lot of crime here. But, imagine how much worse it would be if our worst criminals were not living next door to you North Americans, shooting your sons and raping your little girls. Thanks for making us safer! Please encourage more sanctuary cities. [/extreme sarcasm]

  424. @J. Gutierrez

    I never talked down to the Arabs who employed me in Dubai or Oman.

    I didn’t talk down to the Cholos in Phoenix-no need for an unnecessary beat down.

    You don’t walk up to glaring Cholos on Phoenix streets who are thinking of assaulting you anyhow and talk down to them.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  425. @Republic


    The white Spanish elites who run Mexico or Latin America are the descendants of Spanish Viceroys and Friars whose ancestors expelled Jews from Spain during the inquisition. They have always run Latin America. To some degree this antipathy runs downhill from the white oligarchy to the Mestizos.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  426. Biff says:
    @Colin Wright

    The idea is laughable because that were to happen the business of America would come to a grinding halt, and mass starvation would ensue. Those are things I would like to see while I giggle out loud.

  427. @Biff


    Not in the Upper Midwest, at least 20 years ago when I was growing up. That was too far North for Mexicans to go.

    And Canada feeds its population without Mexican labor.

    So it could be done.

    • Replies: @Anonymous age 77
    , @AP
  428. @Biff

    ‘The idea is laughable because that were to happen the business of America would come to a grinding halt, and mass starvation would ensue. ‘

    One wonders however we survived before mass illegal immigration.

    Here’s another poser. If one heads north through eastern Washington State and inland British Columbia during cherry picking season, there are lots of presumably illegal Mexicans on the US side of the border but none on the Canadian side. Yet somehow the Canadian cherries get picked.

    Strange, huh?

    What’ll happen if we cut off illegal immigration is that wages for the bottom tier of society will rise a lot, effectively flattening income distribution. The thought of this occurring doesn’t disturb me in the least.

  429. Biff says:

    Canadian cherries get picked.

    The name of your porno

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  430. @Republic

    “In Mexico in some states the age of consent is as low as 12 years.”

    In almost all states of Mexico, the age of consent is 18. This mistake is often made because the prosecution system is very different, primarily because the Mexican people do not believe all their females are innocent virgins, as y’all in the USA do.

    In general, from age 12 (or in a few states mecharche) to the 14th birtheday, the law leaves the decision about prosecution to the girl or her family. If the girl or her adults do not request prosecution, for example if the lad agrees to marry up, and the family approves,the DA cannot touch it. They assume the families will know better what to do.

    In that same age level, (12 to 14th birthday) if the man is accused, he has no defense except I never had sex with her, and can prove it. He is presumed to be guilty, and she cannot claim she was willing, as she can after 14.

    After 14. if she admits she was willing, he is acquitted. If on the other hand, he is found to have done what I call “dirty tricks” (estupro) he may be found guilty and will spend a long time in prison. An example of estupro might be a false promise to marry her as inducement to have sex, but that is just a personal guess.

    A cousin told me around 1980, a 12 year old girl in my part of this village became pregnant, and the man was 25. In the USA, he would go to prison and someone else would be supporting her AND THE OTHER KIDS WHICH WILL BE INEVITABLE, and terrorize the community because of no paternal influence. Her parents ascertained she was actually willing when they had sex, and the couple agreed to marry and raise the child together, with the man actually working for his new family. She wanted to cook and clean for him, and, ahem, shovel his ashes. They raised 3 kids to be good citizens.

    Because you are products of your sick culture, you probably tend to think the Mexican solution is wrong. I don’t. Make not just the men, but also the women responsible for their acts. There aren’t many pregnant young girls here, of course, as a result of this law.

    All the Mexican state penal codes are openly available on-line. Read for yourself.

    Other than that error, I do tend to agree with Republic, but that does not explain the thousands of rapes by illegals each year of USA girls under 12, does it?

    I suspect that may be caused by the belief in Mexico that good girls are never alone with a man unless they want sex with him. I know a former county forensic investigator who said when he investigated a rape charge it was hard to get a conviction if the woman was voluntarily alone with him, in his car or his bedroom. And, girls are taught that at a young age.

    But, I also think rapists of little girls are just plain evil, Mexican or American.

    Usually, when I write about this topic, there are instantly angry and stupid accusations that I am a pedo who advocates sex with little girls. It seems to be another result of your sick culture. I have never understood how any sane person can come to that conclusion, but they do.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  431. @jeff stryker

    “And Canada feeds its population without Mexican labor.”

    Wrong! A cousin here in Mexico got work papers for, I think, Ontario, to work on a large truck farm, a couple years ago. They took a lot of people from my state. He got $8/hour and could work as many hours as he wanted.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  432. @J. Gutierrez


    I’m fine man. Good to see you’re in combative mood, although I’m telling you to cool it – maybe at your “retired” age one shouldn’t get too worked up. But I know how you feel, I can get worked up about something I read too and can’t wait to respond, but then on reflection I usually think it’s not worth it. Everyone has a right to their opinion right or wrong, and a right to change it too.

    Actually I haven’t read this latest 9/11 article yet but I said what I had to say about it on some other thread a while back. I hate to repeat myself, although sometimes I do.

    I guess Jeff hardly sees any whites anymore IRL so likes to come and check in on them here as in his Thai village he must be starved for more intellectual conversations about SWL. That is presuming what he says is true and I think it is. I don’t think he’s making things up as his stories ring true whether you like them or not. I know some here think he’s some paid troll but I can’t see anybody paying him to post stuff he writes on here. My only criticism is that he often repeats himself but I think that’s for want of any new experiences to share as he must be taking it easy too lately.


  433. @jeff stryker

    Here’s what’s funny about Mestizos. You love pure white Spanish like Che Guevara even though these white Hispanic oligarchy are the ones repressing you indigenous.

    Jeff Stryker, I took this sentence as you saying I was an oppressed indigenous who loved my white oppressors…A direct insult to who and what I am…First I’m harldy Indigenous and if I was I couldn’t see myself kneeling to Mexican Europeans like me. Second being Mexican of European decent and raised and educated in the US, I was the minority so I never went through the Nose Up in the Air, I’m better than you, faze that most Mexicans of European blood did in Mexico..

    When I would visit Mexico on school vacations and stayed with my aunt she had maids that would wash and iron my clothes but I never treated them any different than other people. I would tell my aunt that I could do those things but she said no, so I let them do it.

    Commentator Mike read my response and gave me a heads up saying you were not that type of person. Mike is one of the few people on this site I seem to get along with and he said I was wrong about you. So I sent you the previous comment saying I was out of line and what I wrote was not cool. Maybe this helps you inderstand why I was pissed.

    Take Care, Jeff Stryker


    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  434. @Commentator Mike

    I really appreciate you looking out and feeling comfortable enough to share your opinion of Jeff with me. Shit, maybe Jeff and I are actually looking for the same thing, being we both are not in the place we grew up anymore. JaJa That’s what brings us both to this site. Feel free to share any advise when you see me on here brother…you know how us Latins can act sometimes (short fuse)…LOL

    Read my last response to Jeff, I let him know what set me off..I think he will understand…

    Take care Mike!!!

  435. @Commentator Mike


    In the expat circles, you only hear the same things in SEA. Whose wife is fighting with that expat over the property he bought. Whose business is doing well. Which older foreigner had to return to their birthplace for medical treatment. If it is the Philippines, or at least from 2010 to 2013 when I was there, you heard a great deal about who was burglarized or pick-pocketed…who has a knew cell phone because it was stolen.

    The closest I came to serious injury was when my path randomly crossed with Cholos in Tempe. That was only on the street. From the perspective of the Cholo Mestizos, whites were the invaders. My apartment complex happened to be near Guadalupe, a barrio on the border of Tempe. Another time I was mugged by a Mexican, again in Tempe, but did not get the impression he wanted to hurt me personally but only wanted my money.

    I was never so glad to leave anywhere more than Phoenix, even Bangladesh.


    When I moved to Dubai, it was a weight off my shoulders. There were no Cholos or poor blacks or rednecks. The scummiest of US society’s scum cannot live overseas. There was, however, one Mexican-American Marine Embassy Guard who sneered at me a few times in Dubai. He saw me once at a party for American expats (I don’t know who he knew or why he was there) and once as I drove passed him walking along in his black Marine-issue sweats on the dusty side of the road. He looked like a bulked up Richard Ramirez. I remember thinking “I would not have wanted to run into that guy in Phoenix in a dark alley” but the US government keeps enlisted servicemen in check in foreign countries. I can only theorize he hated me-as some servicemen hated young civilians their age in ME-because I was spending more in one day than he earned in a week…to begin with, I owned a car. Other than this Cholo, I never met a Mestizo overseas although I met a few “Hacienderos” from the Spanish-elite in Cebu and Negros who reminded me of Mexicans (Though much more refined).

    I’ve never lied or embroidered any aspect of my biography. For an expat of my time and place (Moved overseas exactly twenty years ago age 25 in 1999) my story is garden variety. I grew up in a series of bedroom communities in Southeast Michigan including Ann Arbor and Warren which were middle-class. I never had any deep ties to any community in the US. I barely knew my parents’ family. My Dad moved around a few times for work. And my parents divorced and my mother moved out to California with my brother. The neighborhoods I grew up in were nice enough but I had no deep attachments anywhere.

    I obtained a useless degree and suddenly as an adult I was in harm’s way of Cholos and Hoodrats due to my earning power which put me in the lower middle class zip code. I was mugged once in Phoenix and another time some Cholos simply wanted to hurt an Anglo but I escaped without on both occasions. The police in Phoenix were awful to.

    So when I moved to Dubai, I immediately realized many countries are much safer. I’d witnessed “Chimp outs” on Washtenaw County public buses in which blacks beat up other blacks on the bus or approached people to purchase crack cocaine at the bus stop.

    None of this happened in Dubai. People were well-behaved on public transit. No outbursts by 300 pound females. No gangs. No menacing glares from Cholos. No horribly strong out white meth addicts bothering you for change as you walked down the street.

    Philippines was a bit more dangerous. Once again I was robbed there. But at no time did I feel my situation was as precarious as Phoenix or Detroit.

    I’d like to add something else. As a white middle-class urban American, it makes more logistic sense for me to live overseas than move to the boondocks. A great many posters believe that is a solution. My degree is in graphic arts, not agriculture. I do not have the money to purchase a farm. And I’m not a tattoo artist or taxidermist. So what am I going to do in the US sticks? For the average white middle-class American, it is more logistical to move overseas than move 40 miles into the US interior to some farmhouse with no insulation on a dirt road 10 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart.

    Foreign cities are buzzing. You are not as isolated in Bangkok as you are in Idaho living off the grid in the woods somewhere.

    Also wiggers make me sick and many young rural whites are whiggers. The children of the rapists in DELIVERANCE today would be whiggers who thought they were Crips, even though they lived in stark hillbilly poverty.

    My story is very typical of the long term expat. Bill Bryson made a career of writing about it. A middle-class white moves overseas in his early-to-mid twenties at age when he has no kids, no house, no spouse, no credit card debt. All of his adult experiences-marrying, buying a house, having kids, his career-is overseas.

    In my own case this was compounded by experiences with Cholo Mestizos, Hood Rats and white trash redneck tweakers as a very young adult in America. Being a lower middle class member of the urban white demographic, there is not much for me to miss.

    Television? I do exciting things in real-life and have no time to watch US television.

    I remember catching an episode of THE WIRE in the Philippines on rerun and thinking “Blacks in the ghetto are still obsessed with crack cocaine…everyone else quit smoking crack in 1989 or so…but black violence still centers around smoking some baking soda concoction?” I felt contempt and that was about it.

    Long-term expats develop the contempt of a sober guy looking out his bedroom window too a couple of drunks fighting on the street below in the middle of the night. We see the problems from a distance, safe to discuss them among ourselves on beachfront tropical bars, marveling at how screwed the US seems. When you are watching a tropical sun set in Philippines you wonder how the Antifa and BLM and the rest of it can be stuck in their own little worlds and not see the big picture as expats do.

    Some newcomers from the US to Asia have told me long-term expats come off as “detached pricks” (The words of one American from Michigan I met in Cebu, Philippines). There is some truth to this. As I said, our view of developments in the US becomes like that of a guy who is watching a bunch of drunks fighting after closing time at the bar from the safety of his upstairs bedroom window.

    The reason some posters here would doubt the veracity of my claims is because either they are teenagers/youths who still masturbate in the bathroom because they live with Mom at home and have never traveled OR they are the real rural white hicks from the sticks living in stark hillbilly near-poverty or in semi-rural exurbs.

    Anybody who is an expat would immediately recognized a ring of truth to anything I stated.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  436. “The future, if any, of the country will depend on the harmony achievable among the races.”

    Uh yeah, good luck with that. History shows that groups only get along when there is a totalitarian government in place to control ethnic tensions. Iraq, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Singapore, etc. Switzerland being the one exception, but the different ethnic groups were in separate cantons that had high degrees of autonomy.

    You’ll note in the Ottoman Empire, which was fabulously diverse, there was an awful lot of genocide. India is also diverse, and you might want to take a look at gujarat.

  437. @J. Gutierrez


    Did I mention I have never been to Latin America in my life? I must at some point just admit my ignorance. There is a difference between avoiding low-riders in Phoenix who sometimes menace middle-class Anglos and actually living in Mexico. A country, which, by the way, I have never been to in my life.

  438. @J. Gutierrez


    I visited Spain and European Mexicans look like the people in Extremadura/Andalusia border areas (Which I wandered around) and had their names (Like Gutierrez). My guess would be that most of the Old Spanish families of Northern Mexico are of Extramadura ancestry.

    As I have said, I have never been to Latin America. And there is a huge difference between living in Mexico and understanding its culture from the ground up and simply being a lower middle class Anglo afraid of being pushed around by low-riders in a Phoenix barrio.

  439. @Farrakhan.DDuke.AliceWalker.AllAgree

    The pic as appearing here does not show the bottom of the posted bill as does the tweeted pic. Omitted is the word WARNED to complete the threat and EMERALD CITY ANTIFA as can be seen by clicking on the pic here or here:

  440. @J. Gutierrez

    You seem like a “down to earth” type of guy regardless of your actual social status and that is what I appreciate.

    If you noticed, Jeff actually lives in Thailand but writes very little about it, while relating mostly his experiences in other Asian countries. I am sure he must have some criticisms of Thailand and Thais too but out of wisdom or respect he keeps quiet about it, and that is how it should be. As a guest in the country he knows that he shouldn’t slag off his hosts on a public form as many other expatriates do, or as the immigrants in western countries do. I appreciate this respectful attitude to his host nation and people. In a way quite similar to Fred with regard to his Mexican hosts.

  441. @Commentator Mike


    There’s a couple reasons.

    First, I live here and would not want someone on this site to track me down.

    Secondly, governments sometimes read criticisms online and can track them.

    Thirdly, I am a recluse here and cannot speak about anyone because I don’t know anybody of any local importance. My wife owns a lotto dealership and small store.

    Fourth, and most importantly, it is really none of my business. A few expats come to SEA intent on making huge social changes or are stupid enough to believe it should run as competently as their own countries. But most of us didn’t move to another country to get worked up over matters that don’t affect us, but simply to get out of the grey depressing misery of American post-industrial cities like Detroit or Northern England or wherever.

    Fifth, and this applies to a few British guys as well as Americans, it is SAFER in Thailand. Unless you live on a farm in Northern Wales or in the wilds of Idaho, there is a de factor curfew on older people. Chavs, whiggers, Cholos, rednecks, Hoodrats, gangsters, foul-mouthed single mother slags, hopeless meth addicts or Spice zombies…none of them live overseas (Especially the American variety). You don’t have to ride some public bus or train everyday with the dregs of humanity wondering when the next outburst will occur. I have two children and unlike my own father who at my age was paying for me to go to a Catholic school so I did not get pummeled in dangerous public ones, I can send my own kids to a nice school. You’ll never be exposed to a criminal element in SEA unless you are some drug smuggler. Gangs are not omnipresent like they are in lower and lower middle class American neighborhoods.

    So I really don’t care about the country I live. I make enough to get by and the weather is nice and the cost of living low and my wife has realistic expectations of me to put it nicely.

    Being an expat is sort of like looking out your bedroom window and seeing some drunks fight on the road outside. You have a perspective on the issues of your birthplace from a safe distance of a bar on a nice beach at sunset and you just shake your head at the ongoing stupidity. But you are not directly affected.

  442. @Commentator Mike

    I feel the same way Mike…I’ll try to engage Jeff at a later date and maybe we can exchange stories about our experience away from the US. I bet he will list missing certain foods as one of his. Damn I miss Texas BBQ, Vietnamese and Popeyes Chicken with a passion! JaJa though I recently saw that some guys opened a Food Truck business selling Vietnamese food in Monterrey about 45 mins away.

    Fred seems like a cool guy, I haven’t had a chance to exchange with him but I have read his writings. I really don’t think Fred is a traitor to the US because he chose to immigrate to Mexico. I see it more as he just had enough of seeing the US decline and didn’t want to be there WSHTF. A lot of the comments were very rude, hateful and sometimes disgusting. Mr. Reed doesn’t deserve any of that bullshit because he’s just expressing views in a non-offensive way.

    Unlike Mr. Meener who expressed his with a bigoted filthy comment about me. That POS challenged me to answer an I did.

    Mike last night I watched a documentary that was very interesting. I have always seen the British as a partner in crime with the Zionists… with the Zionist running the show. But after watching this video I might have to change my mind. I’ll attach it below…just in case you or some else here would like to see it.. Take Care Mike…always a pleasure sharing with you bro.

  443. @jeff stryker

    Just a note, no disagreement at all. I have done a lot of genealogy work in Mexico, which is in part how I know my wife is descended from the Moctezuma’s (the Aztec emperors.) Until about 1660, most people in Mexico had indigenous surnames. Names I cannot pronounce, nor in most cases even spell.

    About 1660, the priests demanded all baptisms take Spanish surnames. Which really destroyed genealogy up to that point. One noted exception was the Moctezuma’s, family of the Emperors. they never screwed with them, hee, hee.

    In my county, (municipio) are two separate families named Palacios. The priest probably assigned that surname to different indigenous families on different dates. Sigh! To confuse things many years ago, 4 women from one Palacios family married 4 men from the other family.

    In Ireland, in the early part of the millennium, the priests ordered the tribes to take surnames. This was usually the name of the chief of the tribe, with Mc in front, example, McDonald meaning descendant of Donald.

    In Spain, they did the same thing by adding a suffix. Ez seems to be most common where I live, though there were other suffixes used. So Gonzalez was of the clan headed by Gonzalo.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  444. @Anonymous age 77

    At pregnant girls schools in CA, there are mexican girls as young as 11.
    Commonly the schools are filled with middle school girls.

  445. @Ace

    Agreed! And we’ve really never had true capitalism in USA, but crony capitalism.

    • Replies: @Ace
  446. @jeff stryker

    When I ran a DNA test the results came back 89% WEuro, 5% EEuro, 3% NAfr and 3% AInd. The names took us back to Spain (89%) can’t remember the name of the place, but Andalusia rings a bell, it led to some Royalty, my mom’s names Garcia, Villareal (Villa Real) means Royal Villa. The 5% had us going back to Austria and Royalty again the Habsburgs, the 3% can be Sephardi or Arab but most likely Sephardi because my grandfather was a Mason and the remaining 3% has to be an Aztec in the wood pile.

    You have a place to stay if you ever visit, Jeff…Later on I’ll share some of the changes that are going on here, if you are interested. But right now…I have to go weld two water pumps that we installed at the ranch last week.

    Take Care Jeff

  447. @jeff stryker


    Jeff Stryker is on the money with his comment, except I think one time that Mexico was led by an Indigenous Benito Juarez….I found European royalty in my family tree…my brothers and I laughed…does us no good now! jajaja

  448. @Anonymous age 77

    Because you are products of your sick culture, you probably tend to think the Mexican solution is wrong. I don’t. Make not just the men, but also the women responsible for their acts.

    If you are actually age 77 then you know personal responsibility–as in marrying the girl you knocked up–was a thing here in the USA, right up until the Swingin’ 60s.

    America fulfilled its promise of freedom to you: it didn’t stop you from leaving.

    And thanks to the intertubes, we still profit from the wisdom of a Mensa genius!

  449. @J. Gutierrez


    If I am not mistaken, the Spanish nobility were given large land grants in Northern Mexico so this would make sense. Most European Mexicans seem to come from the Northern States of Mexico.

    Also, I once asked a Tejano white Hispanic if his family was from Mexico and he told me that his family were direct immigrants from the Canary Islands.

    If you visited Extremandura you would notice that the scenery is similar to Northern Mexican high desert.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  450. @J. Gutierrez


    You’re whiter than Eva Longoria.

    You should be rooting for team white.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @J. Gutierrez
  451. Truth says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Should he be rooting for team WN-Aryan, too?

  452. The unfortunate thing is that while there are a few hispanics that are genetically European, not many but a few, they still seem to be anti-white and vote left.

    You’d think that Eva Longoria would be thankful that white Americans watched her show and made her rich and famous. She doesn’t see it that way.

    80% of the time, Latinos vote left, and that’s why the nose brings them in to destroy whitey and the GOP.

    And every time I turn on the news, I see some raging asshole like Jorge Ramos or Joaquin Castro or AOC, and all I can think about is helicopter rides.

  453. @Colin Wright

    Incredibly stupid comment, if you think that “Islamophobia” (the irrational fear of… an extremely violent and expansionist religion whose modern extremist branches have killed significant numbers of civilians in basically every country) has matched the “murderous”-ness of islam you really aren’t paying attention. By the metric of body count, islamophobia has fallen well short of islam itself even in America (with a tiny muslim population and which is arguably the greatest stronghold of anti-muslim sentiment). And no, you won’t get away with attributing the forever war in the ME to “islamophobia”, you won’t find greater champions of war or islamic immigration than neo-cons/libs. You could argue that Islamic extremism is as much a reflection of ethnic conflict as religious, but so what? You could just as easily say the same of islamophobia. But lucky for us, the solution to both is the same, have the muslims stay home! No scourge of “islamophobia” can reach them there, and no more “truck attacks” here.

    And supporting Christianity but not the other “abrahamic” religions isn’t hypocritical, it’s just internally consistent. Since they’re all mutually exclusive, if one is true the others must be false. And what could be more offensive to someone with real faith than trying to “improve” the word of God? It’s like saying Marxists should get along fine with libertarians since they both subscribe to “economic” theories. It’s the “economic” and “social” theorists who should really have a gripe with each other! And again, that’s ignoring the geopolitical reality of the extreme violence and dysfunction of the islamic world, caused largely by violent islamist groups (yeah yeah, zionist backing, U.S. sponsorship, etc; but the fact remains that these groups are genuine islamists and there is no comparable Christian analog to any of them).

  454. @Robert Dolan

    Actually 94% if you add the 5% EEuro…I really feel that a person who hates someone that hasn’t done anything to them, will more likely fuck over some one that they feel threatened by. Check this out Dolan…In the early 1900s Germany was building up their Manufacturing industry at the same rate the US was. Actually Germany was copying the American System of Economics a guy name Fredrick —, I can’t remember his last name was in charge of the German Economy. During that time Germany was working its way into the Latin American countries making deals. Quickly the US noticed and used something called the Monroe Doctrine to keep them away.

    Around that time the Mexican Revolution started and Germany tried to help the government by selling weapons. The US invaded Veracruz and stopped the Germans from delivering them. There was a stand off for about a couple of months until the German ship left the port. The Germans were not followed by the Americans because as usual, they were too busy killing, raping and robbing their way through the city. Veracruz was a port city so there was a lot of money there to pay for goods, mainly gold. The Americans left when there was nothing left. The Germans took their cargo north to Tampico and unloaded it there.

    The AngloSaxon race is a treasonist race…they destroyed Germany in order to keep their worldwide free trade system as the dominant economic model. After destroying the German economy after WWI they moved in and took over German Industry and forced them to pay for the entire war. Germans lived worse than the blacks in the ghettos of US cities. But that all changed once Hitler got into power, the German economy came roaring back and Germans gain their self respect back. German products were far superior to British and French products. They created new ways of producing products cheaper, faster and better than the British, who used cheap labor from India.

    WWII had to start and the British used Poland as bait to get Germany to start the war. They made the Polish believe they had their backs, so Poland’s chest swelled up and pretty much treated the Germans like punks. Germany tried to negotiate for lands that were taken during WWI, and Poland said fuck you. All this time Britain and France were High Fiving each other and telling Poland fuck them tell them no! So, Germany had enough and Poland got their ass handed to them. The Brits and French waited until Poland surrendered before they decided to help.

    Those wars were fought for Power and money because the Anglosaxon British Empire could not allow Germany… another White Race to surpass them as the worldwide economic leader. But this second time the British and Americans made sure Germany would never stand up to them again. So they went all out Helter Shelter in their effort to leave as little as possible of the German people. They firebombed all their cities, they murdered men, women and children. AFTER THE WAR MORE GERMANS DIED AFTER THE WAR THAN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WAR. Grandmothers, mothers and daughters were raped and murdered by US and British GIs in front of family members. A lot more attrocities were committed and I’m not even including what the Russians did. Does that answer your question why I just don’t back my “White Race”? When one White race can do what they did to another White race, I want no part of it. I can’t comprehend how someone could be so empty…don’t get me wrong I’ll kill a motherfucker, if they fuck with me, family or friends. But the shit AngloSaxonBritishIsrael has done for power and money, should never be forgotten by any decent man! They can’t hold on to power for ever and the worse part is that the US was initiated into that evil group. Can’t you see the endless wars, murder and theft! I can’t support that shit brother! Just because I’m white!

    I’m 59 years old and have seen a lot of shit in my life time brother. I hope you find the peace you are looking for and deserve. I had to move to Mexico to find mine, but I’m fortunate to have had white parents with land, money and properties….but that doesn’t make me any better than the indian selling fruit at the market.

  455. @jeff stryker

    You are right again Jeff Stryker, I have the paperwork for a 25,000 acre land grant in Nueces County, Texas (Corpus Christi) that was taken by Henrietta King of the King Ranch with the tax payment current the day she filed court papers to get it. She had my family member threatened with death if he did not leave the property. The poor old man (Andres Trevino} was killed by Indians on his last trip moving his animals to the ranch we have here.

    We are hoping one day we can present this paperwork and claim that land that belongs to his family. There are 100’s of families that were given huge land grants that had their properties stolen. People were murdered, lynched and jailed. The Texas Rangers started off as gun men for the King Ranch after robbing, murdering and raping their way through Mexico as part of the US Army.

    I have dark hair and green eyes, 6’1 and very good looking when I was younger. But, in my family I have nephews that look Swedish, we have red heads, blonds with brown eyes, brunettes with blue eyes, curly, straight hair. We got it all! My cousins are champion Bull riders and have competed all over. We have Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Engineers even a Catholic Priest as part of our family.

    Hope that gives you a better idea of who I am….

  456. @J. Gutierrez

    My take on the wars are much different as I see that both world wars were done for the benefit of the jews, to establish Israel, etc., and I am very confident about this analysis.

    White people certainly did not benefit in my estimation.

    The Bolshevik jews had taken over Russia, burned churches to the ground, slaughtered millions of Orthodox Christians……and Germany was NEXT.

    In fact, the marxist jews nearly took over Germany, and that is why the Nazis rose to power, to stop the communist takeover.

    The result of the world wars is that the jews got their own homeland and white people got totally fucked. We are now ruled by jews and shabbos goy sellouts, and every white country on earth is being destroyed by massive third world immigration. As the demographics shift, socialism will be voted in, and whites will be totally disenfranchised.

    I suspect that the history books you read were probably written by members of the nose tribe, because you blame whitey for everything like they do. The fact is that the American people did not want those wars, and both Lindbergh and Ford spoke out against the wars. It was jewish machinations behind the scenes that caused those wars, not white businessmen or whatever you are claiming.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  457. @J. Gutierrez

    I do regret using the TROLL label for you, Mr. Guttierez. I really do. My sincere apologies, you really didn’t deserve it. You’ve got great insights that everybody would do well to learn from.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  458. @Athletic and Whitesplosive

    violent islamist groups (yeah yeah, zionist backing, U.S. sponsorship,

    I love how you downplay them. Stop funding them. Stop funding them. Stop giving them the support. Saddam kept the terrorists down. Why’d you get rid of him? Stop doing the same to Bashar alAssad.

    It was Christians who killed 500K in Iraq(contrary to the nonsensical narrative that all of them were terrorists..).

    • Replies: @Johnny Karate
  459. KenH says:

    I knew Mexico’s murder clearance rate was pretty low but didn’t know it was 5%. Still, Mexico’s murder rate is probably even higher than the official 33K annually and is one of the bloodiest nation’s on the globe. Afghanistan is probably safer.

    If you removed blacks and latinos from the U.S. population our murder rate would only be around 3-4k.

  460. The surface reading is to blame Britain, when in fact Churchill was owned by the jews and doing their bidding. He wrecked his nation by doing the bidding of the nose tribe.

    Look into the Balfour Declaration and the deal they made to get the US into the war in exchange for Palestine.

    Another interesting aspect is the transfer agreement that Hitler made with the zionists to move jews to Palestine.

    Those wars were all about the NOSE, not about the poor gullible white people.

    The Iraq War is the same story. The NOSE lied us into that war too.

    Now they are working on Iran.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  461. @Anonymous age 77

    Think we have a temporary labourer kind of deal going on. Some Fillipinos and mexicans I would say.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  462. @jeff stryker

    han Phoenix, even Bangladesh

    What the actual….You prefer Bangladesh over PHOENIX?

  463. Rich says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    The Mexicans deported during “Operation Wetback” were Mexi nationals who worked in the US while Americans, some even Mexican-Americans, were off fighting a war. Mexican-Americans weren’t subject to deportation. Why lie? Plenty of Mexicans are descended from excellent killers, Aztecs. Mayans, even Spaniards. They were a warrior people. Why are you so ashamed of reality? You might not know this, but plenty of Mexicans supported the Texicans in their battle for freedom from the tyrannical Mexicans. Fact is, and I’m not Anglo-American, your people would have loved to have been as successful as the Anglos were. Admire their success, don’t disparage them for their great success.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  464. AP says:
    @jeff stryker

    Lots of Mexicans working on farms in southern Ontario.

    They don’t seem to settle though (there are no Mexicans in the schools). Canada seems to control it so only working age males come, and then they leave.

  465. @Robert Dolan

    Robert you shouldn’t be so concerned about voting left or right, dem or rep, blue or red. It makes no difference which one is in office. Every time one party leaves office the next party continues the plan, it doesn’t change brother. Look for the Florida Maquis on YouTube, he is a “White” jaja ex military intelligence guy. He is pushing the No Vote agenda where people refuse to vote for the lessor of 2 evils. If enough people refuse to vote on the criminal candidates… they have to allow the people to choose who they want to run. Another thing the US constitution was designed to give States the power. The Federal Government is there to work for the people (The States) on foreign affairs and issues concerning commerce between other nations. The Federal Government was never intended to have a standing army. Every state was to have a well armed, well trained militia and a coast guard.

    I’m not claiming what I’m saying is 100% correct just in case some high IQ dickhead tries to call me out on it, but it is somewhat correct for a filthy dirty heart eating Messican like me.

    Some States are starting to take back their power and not listening the Federal Gov on issues that are the responsibility of the State. You recently saw Louisiana vote against abortion. California is working on starting a State Bank free from the Banking Cartel. Watch what he has to say.,..

  466. aandrews says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    “The AngloSaxon race is a treasonist race…”

    Perfidious Albion.

    • Agree: L.K
    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  467. Ace says:
    @Joe Johnson

    Business in the 19th century operated with far fewer (!) restrictions than now. The time of enormous government control didn’t really begin until FDR and he was a past master at using tax revenues to buy votes enrich his allies. However, WWI and the War of Northern Aggression made many a government contractor rich so there’s that, but I’d call it episodic crony capitalism.

    Still, I am coming to believe that your view is probably the more realistic one. My point is still the same though, aberrations of capitalism are not capitalism.

  468. Ace says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    A truly amazing comment.

  469. @BengaliCanadianDude


    Sure, let me spell it out…

    In Dhaka, where I was relatively well-employed for 3 months, I lived in an upscale area. There were petty crimes of course-one American woman had her laptop snatched, for example. And a Christian missionary had been bothering Bangladeshis in an attempt to convert them and some Bangladeshis tired of this intrusive missionary and beat him up.

    But in general, the Bangladeshis I was around were pleasant and well-educated.

    In Phoenix in the late nineties, Mexican gangs could be dangerous and they popped up everywhere with bad intentions. Meth addicted rednecks were everywhere in Phoenix. I had one bother me for weeks when I lived at one apartment complex every time I walked outside who would bother me for change.

    The streets were more dangerous in Phoenix overall.

  470. @BengaliCanadianDude


    More often Filipinos and Jamaicans and even Chinese than Mexicans. The strange thing about NAFTA is that Canada strengthened its border with the US and restricted Americans and Mexicans entering their country after the Free Trade Agreement was passed.

  471. @Robert Dolan


    I don’t have much sympathy because the whites who supported Iraq believe the Nasals. Or George Bush.

    If they believe anyone about Iran while the US is still dealing with the results of Iraq-trillions in debt, refugee crisis, rocketing oil prices-they are terminally stupid.

    • Agree: J. Gutierrez
  472. @Athletic and Whitesplosive

    ‘Incredibly stupid comment, if you think that “Islamophobia” … has matched the “murderous”-ness of islam.’

    I’m incredibly stupid then, because I do think it.

    Islamophobia is largely responsible for our disastrous invasion of Iraq, that resulted in the deaths of not thousands, but hundreds of thousands. Islamophobia accounts for our uncritical support of Israel, which permits it to murder hundreds per annum as a matter of routine, and on special occasions, thousands. Islamophobia can be held to account for our deliberately working to perpetuate Syria’s bloody civil war, which has killed hundreds of thousands. Islamophobia has much to do with our acquiescence in the vicious coup in Egypt, which also killed thousands…

    Against that calculated and continuous slaughter, which we all bear responsibility for and which would be inconceivable absent religious bigotry, what are the actions of a few fanatics, who rarely manage to kill more than a few hundred? At least no Islamic state officially sponsors such massive slaughter.

  473. @BengaliCanadianDude

    ‘What the actual….You prefer Bangladesh over PHOENIX?’

    It could be a tough call. Phoenix is pretty awful.

  474. @BengaliCanadianDude

    No problem here brother…If you’ve been reading my comments you know I try to be fair with my responses. I’m sure you notice I went a little off on Jeff, I took something he said personal. I said a few words that I wouldn’t now that we had a chance to exchange with each other. Commentator Mike gave me a little suggestion and I was able to take something neg and make it positive! That’s what’s life’s all about Brother, we’re not animals. Folks have to stop communicating in front of a screen… its effecting some of these people in a negative manner. People have to get outside and interact with each other brother. You took a neg and made a positive out of it today, too. You doing that, makes me feel my time on here was not wasted these last couple days. I got you to see me as a person even though we have never met. That’s Magic brother!


  475. Wars fought for Israel are added to the list of American war crimes, to be condemned by Jews as evidence of the innate evilness of the white race.

    This is why you don’t read history books written by jews, because it will give you JEWBRAIN.

  476. @Rich

    Rich I bet you voted Trump, didn’t you. I feel you haven’t been told the truth in school. I understand that, Rich, a lot of people don’t know the correct history of the United States. If you are under the age of 35 its not your fault, but If you are over 35 years of age we might not be able to help you regain your sanity bro, but I’ll try anyway. I will attach a website url below, so you can go read it. It’s set up in different sections so you can stop at a certain chapter and continue at a latter time. But I suggest you read the whole document. It was written by Richard D, Vogel with the Houston Institute for Culture.

    You will learn everything about the Mexican American War. How it started, how it ended and how the Mexican that lived on those lands were effected by that event.

    Aztec warriors are well known around the world… just watch how they dominate International Boxing. I’m not ashamed to be Mexican but brother I’m far from being Aztec…More Like A Spanish Conquistador. Anyway read and learn something it will not only stop you from making those off the wall comments but next time you do you will know what your saying. Mind you I don’t claim to know everything like the high IQ guys on this site, but I’m old, have a great sense of humor, I can remember way back as a kid and I haven’t suffered the side effects of being in the Matrix…Amnesia!

    Some of you guys that are interested to know what really happened after the US took over Mexico’s territories I encourage you to read this!

    • Replies: @Rich
  477. @Robert Dolan

    One of these days you will see how cunning these people are but not now, you are hard wired by the Masters and your focus is in survival mode just how they want you. Focusing on the wrong thing! The Jews couldn’t have gotten shit without the British, The British needed the Jews there to divide and conquer while they got oil contracts from the many new countries they carved out from the Ottoman Empire. They are so evil that they didn’t carve out the lands by tribes, no they needed continual turmoil. So the Countries were divided and making sure certain tribes would fall within the regions of the different countries. That’s why the Kurds are fighting they have territories in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and I think Iran.

    There has been ia ChristianZionistAngloBritishIsraelAmerican gang calling all the shots. Don’t underestimate the Largest Empire the world has ever known… Britton. Google BritishIsrael and you will find that they don’t hide the fact that they are one. The Jews Infiltrated the British Empire a long time ago. The Banking system is in the City of London, Their Tax Havens and Shell Corporations are securely located in the British Virgin Islands. While you keep focusing on the Jews the Brits are figuring out their new “Financial Bubble”.

    My mind is free and clear brother, It’s you that is seeing things too simple, they are way more sophisticated than just wanting an Israeli homeland. I’m aware of the Jew Belfort Palestine deal and all of that bullshit…what I’m saying is that there is a monster under the bed and your focusing on the shadow outside your window! I would not be surprised if Israel is attacked by Europe, Gog and Magog, the Jews being the sacrificial lamb. You do know that the City of London has the only Gog and Magog statues.

    Cecil Rhodes google him…

    I’m done!

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  478. @aandrews

    aandrews…Thank you sir…

  479. @Biff

    Jaja…That was funny, Biff!!!!Thank you

  480. @byrresheim

    Having to write something so sick and horrible, Is fucked up… But what’s more fucked up than that, is that people are capable of doing those things to helpless human beings, and continue to do so. Thank You for taking the time….

  481. Ernest says:

    The tens of millions of Latino citizens cannot be deported. The illegals almost certainly will not be.

    That is what the supporters of the invasion always say. Just like they say that we cant build a wall. It is a matter of survival and will. Why do the invaders clamor to come here if where they come from and their culture is so great?

  482. S says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    During that time Germany was working its way into the Latin American countries making deals. Quickly the US noticed and used something called the Monroe Doctrine to keep them away.

    While it’s all most certainly a multi-faceted thing, in regards to the more purely Anglo-Saxon aspect the history books in the United States teach that the Monroe Doctrine was about protecting South America ‘fledgling republics’ from European ‘encroachment’ (including that of Spain, the ‘mother country’) it seems its actual cynical purpose (as you have so aptly described regarding the German incident regarding Veracruz) was to ultimately monopolize as much as possible the whole of South and Central America’s economic activity exclusively to US and British business interests.

    Same with the many thousands of British ‘volunteers’ sent with the tacit approval of the British government to man the front lines and sail the ships of the rebels led by Bolivar and Martin in their revolutionary fight with Spain in Spanish South and Central America.

    I doubt that either Bolivar or Martin originally had any intention of ultimately making Spanish America into a province of the global Anglo-Saxon ‘New Rome’ project when they took aid from Britain and the United States in their struggle with Spain, which is sadly what those countries have largely devolved into.

    They should of been a lot more weary.

    Per the link below regarding British intervention in Spanish South America:

    The process of Spanish-American independence was developed in a context of international rivalry of colonial powers that involved Spain, the United States, France and the United Kingdom. The Spanish government recognized the United Kingdom as the main adversary state in the dispute of Spanish America…

    ..The British declined any agreement with the Spanish government that would ensure the continual rule of their South American territories, partly in order to monopolise the important emerging markets of South America…

    …The British intervention between 1815 – 1819, was one of the key factors for the independence of South American states. Especially important was the rearming of the revolutionary armies, the role of the British Legions in the Bolivar’s campaigns, and the role of Lord Cochrane’s squadron in Chile’s naval campaigns.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  483. @J. Gutierrez

    The jews run the entire western world via banking.

    The FED is basically the central bank of the western world.

    This is obvious stuff.

    Yes, the world wars WERE brother wars, Europeans fighting against Europeans….and yes the wars were stupid……but those wars were absolutely instigated by the jews to attain jewish interests.

    And establishing Israel WAS the goal and focus.

    The Brits aren’t going to be attacking Israel. I have no idea what you are talking about. The Bank of London is part of the Federal Reserve.

    Yes, there are some very stupid/brainwashed Christian Zionists. This is a big problem.

    However, the truth about the jewish question is getting out there, and that is why we are seeing so much crazy censorship everywhere.

  484. @Achmed E. Newman


    The only reason I chose to engage with you after my initial comment was because you wrote back and you sounded semi down to earth but after seeing all your ***** and reading your 2 responses I realize I’m dealing with a *Matrix Monkey*…(shit…I just came up with this phrase)! I’m fixing to “Trade Mark” it, and sell t-shirts. JaJaJa See Newman your ranting and 2+2 calculations using asterisks is going to put money in my pocket.

    Anyone can search the internet and find statistics about how many Mexicans did this, how many blacks did that, how whites are just so smart, won’t hurt a fly and want to be left alone. I’m not looking for statitics..I’m trying to find solutions, that’s why I’m here in Mexico! Mexico’s new president is starting to get worlwide attention for his open daily discussions, going after corruption and saving PEMEX from the US attack using Energy Reform as a way to steal the oil.

    What is wrong with white Anglo Saxon people? What gives you the right to come here and set up your Oil Companies and your Mining Companies and take it like it belongs to you? And if we don’t like it you send your troops. The same way you took half of Mexico’s territory, because they wouldn’t sell.

    Have you read, Stolen Birthright: The U.S. Conquest and Exploitation of the Mexican People? By Richard D. Vogel. Only 6 Chapters…When you get to the part where Anglos storm into Texas and threaten the Mexican landowners into leaving their land, you think about me! Yeah Newman I hold a 25,000 acre land grant that belongs to my family and was stolen by the King Ranch! Then ask yourself why do I waste my time writing shit here to people who obviously can’t understand a fucking thing I’m saying! It’s because in the vast ocean that is the internet this place gives me an opportunity to catch a Commentator Mike, a Jeff Stryker, an L.K., a Jacques Sheetes , a Chuck O, a Germanicus and other like minded people that do understand what I say.

    I’m done with this convesation, I wrote a very good comment to your response and I should have just fucking not wasted my time, because you didn’t even understand what it said.

  485. Mike Tre [AKA "MikeatMikedotMike"] says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I will only add that US expats typically bring wealth and other measures of higher standards of living with them to their new country. Mestizos (plus almost all other POC invaders) bring higher rates of crime, incest, environmental destruction, dependency, and a garden’s variety of general stupidity to their new location.

  486. @J. Gutierrez

    You mention a book by a man with the last name of Vogel.

    I explained what you were doing to the T.

    You read Mexican history written by anti-white jews, and that is why you have the same anti-white mindset.

    A jewish historian is going to claim that whites are evil, Christians suck, Europeans are bad, etc.etc.etc.

    Obvious stuff.

    If you read material written by jews, that’s how you get jewbrain.

    That’s how the white (as well as non-white) college kids learn to hate whitey. They are forced to read garbage books by anti-white jews like Howard Zinn.

  487. @Anonymous age 77

    Sounds like The Church may (deliberately, unintended consequences??–go figure) have forced incestuous breeding on an unknowing population with it’s “surname regularization” program.

  488. @J. Gutierrez

    I’m wasting just as much of my time than you, Mr. Gutierezz. See, I would hope you would see the error of your silly statement about 100,000 white people in Mexico. What the hell does that do for anybody? We can’t all be ex-pats, as that pretty much contradicts the definition of that term, and Mexico would rightly not tolerate that many. They don’t want their country to be changed by a metric shit-ton of foreigners, and I can’t blame them one bit. Do you know the Golden Rule though? That says for you to take a look at the opposite situation and try to understand why Americans don’t want what’s already 15% foreign-BORN people in their country, not to mention the children in a large group that will remain in the old culture, NOT FITTING IN. Get the concept, yet?

    Then, I put the asterisks (wish the anti-spam had let me do it my way) to help you understand the vast difference in numbers, making your point about the 100,000 just plain stupid. Understanding numbers is a very important thing, as your anecdotes may solve your own problems, but they don’t solve the big problems that will ruin the lives of American’s descendants.

    I don’t care how much land your family owned, buddy, and who stole it. Without the Anglos, and the Germans in Texas, the Comanche may have run your people the hell out of there for another century or two anyway and probably raised more hell in northern Mexico* It took a people who have a culture of organization, responsibility, and trust to have built America into what it is (until it’s recent ruination by the Socialist ctrl-left). No matter what else I do like about the Latin American culture, which is quite a number of things, they don’t have what it takes to keep the shit-holery away for very long at a time.

    You’re gonna need more reading comprehension, numeracy at some decent level, and an ability to walk in the other guy’s moccasins for a mile or two to make it worthwhile to have a decent conversation with me.


    * Read Peak Stupidity’s review of Sam Gwynne’s Empire of the Summer MoonPart 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Jim Bob Lassiter
  489. @Mike Tre

    I’m sure they do, on the average, Mike. The other thing people should just try to imagine is if American expatriates in Mexico were to get together and protest ANYTHING that didn’t suit them about their treatment in their HOST country, maybe getting railroaded by Federales a lack of property rights, or just being called Gringos. Imagine, (I know, it’s laughable) some Americans that aren’t even in Mexico legally going around in broad daylight demanding things of the government in Mexico City.

    I guess that whole Golden Rule business and the “beam in your own eye” passage were just accidentally left out of the copies of the Bible that the Catholic Churches down there own. It’s hard to get good quality stuff anymore …

    • Agree: Mike Tre
  490. Truth says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I would hope you would see the error of your silly statement about 100,000 white people in Mexico.

    Is that all?!?! Hell, there are 20,000 in Ghana.

  491. @Achmed E. Newman

    ¡Go tell it on the mountain Hermano Achmed!

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  492. anon[359] • Disclaimer says:


    I can’t tell if you’re a White LARPer or just an uppity Negroized foreigner.

  493. anon[359] • Disclaimer says:

    >Pakistan ranked No. 1 in searches for “child sex,” “animal sex,” “rape sex,” “camel sex,” “dog sex,” “rape video.

  494. Anon[743] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam Coulton

    Found the PUA Degenerate/Resentful Cuck.

  495. Anon[743] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Davis

    Ass fixation (and really the acceptance of excessive body fat) is a Negro/Jewish imposition. Non-Whites fixate on the rear since their women have plain to dumpy faces more than not. Americans are encouraged to aflct like Negroes, hence the shilling of Negrofied White women like Iggy Azalea (who has obviously warped her ass to look more like a Negress ass).

  496. anon[359] • Disclaimer says:

    Beaners are short squat smelly toads. The women especially.

    The women are hogs. The few pretty enough ones bloat up horribly before they’re 40 thanks to their diets and genetics.

    And the stench. Ugh. Giant asses smell badly thanks to little factors like flatulence. If you don’t notice it’s from you being desperate or from the perfumes.

    • Troll: Ace
    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  497. anon[359] • Disclaimer says:

    Being an Achmed Christian doesn’t make you a Greek, Taleb.

  498. @Truth


    It is hard to get a census. People are always coming and going. Retirees become deceased. Middle-aged men leave their wives and return home. Job contracts end. Some expats cannot get by with their survival businesses and throw in the towel.

    The population ebbs and flows.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  499. Anon[743] • Disclaimer says:


    So you’re either a jarhead tool or a striver?

  500. anon[743] • Disclaimer says:

    There is no such thing as “assimilation.” Only one of the following:

    1. The conquered culture is kept subordinate to the victorious one while keeping to laws and taditions that are acceptable to their masters.

    2. The foreign culture is devoured with remnants like fashions kept around for novelty.

    For more on this:

  501. anon[743] • Disclaimer says:

    This post nailed Reed. He’s a Boomer striver who like other Boomers screws other his successors while spewing platitudes about muh work and muh values. How much of his antics are from genuine hatred for his heritage (again like other Boomers) and him being desperate to validate his decisions on to his critics I don’t know.

  502. @Truth

    That’s all whites in all of Ghana. I hear there are 20,000 Russians residing just in Pattaya, and that doesn’t include the Russian tourists who come and go throughout the year, or all the other white residents in Pattaya or all of Thailand.

    • Replies: @Truth
  503. anon[359] • Disclaimer says:


    Considering non-Whites like you demand access to White countries, make your women look like White women (see surgeries, skin bleaching), hunt White women whenever you can, use White inventions/discoveries, the White Degenerates sure do get a lot of attention from your ilk.


    Non-Whites like Blacks are more represented as child hunters, gay, and HIV spreaders accounting for population levels.

  504. @jeff stryker

    Jeff Stryker,

    I’ve been reading your comments on ins and outs of the expatriate lifestyle here and your other comments elsewhere (I had 2 paragraphs written to you, but didn’t publish and my browser lost it – yeah, I tend to have lots of tabs open, so I don’t at all blame it on this well-working site.)

    If you recall back to 6 months ago or more, I’d gotten on you about your views of modern-day America from your foreign locale, and after being gone since, what?, the mid-1990’s. There’s no doubt that this country has gone WAY downhill in a lot of ways over the last 1/4 century since you lived here, Jeff. However, there are still many, such as myself and family, living a pretty nice life, whether one is very aware (hand up here) or oblivious to what’s been changing and the trouble ahead. In fact, if things were worse all over, especially for those who still cling to being in the middle class, Americans would be up in arms by this point, IMO, but it’s all that boiling frog thing …

    What I didn’t like in your comments before is that you wrote not from experience but from what you’d seen on TV and Hollywood movies. That’s exactly how your comments read back then. Now, I’m not perfect about sometimes guessing on something, but I don’t get influenced by Hollywood and TV, because I DON’T PARTICIPATE!

    I suggested back then that you write about what you know, Jeff. Whether you took my advice or just changed on your own, your latest stuff has been very interesting and informative. Notice that I don’t chime in with my experience on living the expatriate lifestyle besides what I know from being in a few countries, but not as an expat*. You not only give us the good parts but also the bad about life overseas for an ex-American, and that could be a good help for those “grass is always greener” guys. I look forward to more of this.

    The problem I have with Fred Reed here, as with quite a few of his completely anti-Americans columns is the same I had before with your comments. Mr. Reed has been living in Mexico a long time. I have no problem with his being well-adapted to the new place and his disdain for the changes that he sees here. I have no problem really with his promotion of all things Mexican, if he would not simultaneously tell us how ignorant we all are for not believing Mexico beats the US in all things. Hey, if we did all believe that, as I wrote to the other guy, we sure as hell can’t all head down there, anyway. Mexicans in the Mexican government actually care about their country and will make a limit and draw a line.

    [I’m going to continue the Fred Reed part in another comment.]


    * I’ll make an exception for my comments on the financial aspect, as I really do think you, Fred, Mr. Gutierezz, and the millions of you need to get your money out of the US dollar as much as possible.

  505. @Achmed E. Newman

    (I replied to myself because this is a continuation.)

    I’ve written this before so my apologies to anyone who’s read this: I’m not trying to get personal, but I know from his columns that Fred Reed has at least one grown daughter in the US, I think in the S.Francisco Bay area. I’ve also read of his occasional visits and something about his going to Washington, F.S. Hell, I try to avoid that place like the plague and only went last year due to the family wanting to go*.

    Mr. Reed sees first the US Custom/Immigration service and has his complaints. They might be Police-State assholes, but they are about the only US Feral Gov’t department that I don’t mind at all being Police-State assholes, at least to anyone not American. Maybe Mr. Reed thinks he’s American after all, which is kind of schizoid … Then, he sees all the security-state bullshit that we have here, most especially in Washington, Federal Shithole . On his way around or out, he’s got to deal with the worthless blue-goon organization that is supposedly keeping us safe from the relatives of the Moslems that we’ve been bombing all around the world, though no profiling or thinking is allowed. (See “16 Years of Spreading Democracy – They still hate us for our freedoms(?)”.)

    It’s not a good experience, but it’s not the same as spending a year living like a normal decent American, so Fred gets his ideas from the Lyin’ Press from Mexico. It doesn’t work. He does fine when he writes about what he knows and what he directly observes as with 2 of his 3 columns on his China trip.

    Now, one might say “he is writing what he knows, about Mexico and Mexicans.” Yes, I take his word on the lifestyle of his village, his road trips around his country, etc. Every one of them, however, is laced with disdain for regular American who happen to want to keep their country for themselves, just as the Mexicans do in Fred’s town. “Just take it! You can’t do anything about it, and you’re an evil ignorant redneck if you do!” is Fred Reed’s great advice to us. Well, I’ve got advice back: Stick it, Cornholio!

    Fred Reed sucks in this column because he’s doesn’t write about what he knows.


    * It’s not like you can’t see cherry blossoms in your own yard if you freaking plant them! This is directed to the 10’s of thousands of Chinese girls having to get their pictures taken by the damn cherry trees just about jamming up the sidewalks- save a ticket, plant your own! Quit with the pictures of you with the double peace signs – it ain’t like you can’t download pictures of trees off the internet, and then there’s photoshop … wheeewww, rant over.

  506. Truth says:
    @Commentator Mike

    This gentleman estimates 70,000 – 140,000 whites living in Thailand. That would put it behind the nation of Namibia (which, by the way, has a whopping total population of 2.5 million.

    As is generally the case here, you folks are caught in the fantasy world that they have created for you.

  507. @Truth

    Well, Truth, if Ghana was such a Paradise that all of us white people wanted to move there, do you think the Ghanan government would let us? (Right now, I believe if you called over to ask a question about immigrating, you’d hear “Good question. Nobody’s ever called to ask about immigrating before.”)

    BTW, multiply 20,000 by perhaps 50 countries around the world, and you get 1 million. There are something like 200 million white people here. We’re running out of expat countries, man!

  508. @Achmed E. Newman

    Don’t forget that Fred publishes under his own name while Jeff is a pseudonym. Jeff and I did comment that one should be moderate in one’s criticism when writing about your host country if you happen to live there as a guest and not as an original citizen. Expating isn’t for everybody. Some of the unreasonable criticism of expats on these threads may be motivated by jealousy, not that it’s warranted in all cases as there’s a downside to this kind of lifestyle too, and not suggesting that you yourself are. There’s good and bad points to living in any country, and as far as getting away from it all one can find natural beauty everywhere, and usually not far from your own home if you look for it and learn to enjoy it.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  509. @Achmed E. Newman

    Sí hombre, y podés tener un sueño también. Y para joder más, te obsequio gratis un aleluya.

  510. @Commentator Mike


    Like most expats, beyond my survival business, I don’t care about politics here. The country keeps me away from a fairly depressing (If typical) lower middle class white American urban existence. And to top it off, I am from near Detroit and it is freezing cold.

    To be an expat you have to have some sort of initiative, rather than sitting on your backside and complaining that THE TRIBE (Rightly or wrongly) who don’t give a rat’s ass about you or your frustrations and anonymity are responsible for your disappointing existence.

    So here is my response…

    I) Expats are “sexpats”…Sure, I like to get laid. At 45 in America, your options are limited. You can take a chance mounting some junkie in some bad part of your city who will stare at the ceiling thinking about her next fix of heroin. Often times, these transactions turn into the SCARFACE scene in the sleazy hotel…her pimp breaks in with a gun and two other guys and proceed with a robbery or murder. Then there is the police because prostitution is a crime in the US.

    2) Expats are losers…Losers sit on their ass and lack the initiative to go anywhere. They hope that things will change as their neighborhood goes downhill or their local economy goes South or their city’s crime rate goes up. It probably won’t.

    3) Women are exploited in Southeast Asia….This one is funny coming from a generation of porn addicts who spend their days shooting their spunk into the keyboards to exploited cocaine-addicted women who were corralled at LA bus stops and forced to perform incredibly degrading acts whose lowest point in life is captured on film…at least in Southeast Asia we are not forcing women to do the horrendous acts that porn addicts in the West get off to. But of course Gen Y women think porn is “empowering”.

    4) Property in Asia is rising in value. Most middle class to lower class property in America is plummeting.

    5) In Asia, you can be around other races all the time and be reasonably safe. In parts of the US, you are less able to go into areas with other nationalities in your own backyard than in other countries. I can go anywhere in Asia and be the only white man and not feel endangered.

    6) Downsides?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  511. Patricus says:
    @jeff stryker

    Make your final stand in Mexico or the Phillipines. What could possibly go wrong? Cuba or Haiti might welcome your meager pension although they might just confiscate it. Take that up with their advanced systems of laws.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  512. @Patricus


    I have avoided Mexico my entire life. Anyhow, my money is in a Hong Kong bank. What there is of it.

    Most foreigners keep their money in foreign banks, neither the US nor the countries they live in.

  513. Patricus says:

    Well Anonymous, besides being the pagan spawn of Satan the “whites” developed a civilization that far surpassed all others preceding. That will peter out in time, like all things. I wish I could live long enough to know what will dominate in the future. Based on past history it is possible the future will be worse for a long time. Hopefully the Chinese, indians or Africans will lead the world into peace and prosperity. These new leaders will of course refrain from all conquerings and exploitations–sure. Despite its many problems the Christian based way of life might be the best mankind can hope for. It is however reassuring to know Asians and Africans are incapable of racism.

    • Replies: @Johnny Karate
  514. @jeff stryker


    But even in Thailand and the Philippines prostitution is, and has always been, illegal. I know people may laugh reading this but it’s the truth – it’s just that paying for it is what people have always done, one way or another, so nobody cares what’s written in the law books.

    The downsides you mentioned some yourself in various comments, like women taking guys to the cleaners, but not through divorce courts like in the West, not being able to buy property in your name, never (or very very rarely) qualifying for citizenship. So it can lead to some uncertainty and a more precarious existence, but then one is not much more secure anywhere these days.

    There are others like changing visa laws, inefficiency, bureaucracy, lack of intellectual stimulation, overcrowding and poverty in cities, and other minor or major annoyances.

    On the plus side there are the stronger family ties and more respect for elderly people than in the West, and this may be especially appreciated by the senior citizens. But I feel that may be changing too as globalisation is westernising the entire wold. There’s definitely more breakdown of marriages and single motherhood than there was in the past. Also people are generally not as verbally confrontational in Southeast Asia. But crime wise it can vary, just depends what area you are in.

  515. Lumpy says:

    Yeah, “butt”? Garbage article, bashing Coulter’s appearance while trying to establish a voice from some ‘moral high ground’? Kinderschreck. Dreck. Low minded slob writing for his ilk, apparently.

  516. @Achmed E. Newman

    I’ll make an exception for my comments on the financial aspect, as I really do think you, Fred, Mr. Gutierezz, and the millions of you need to get your money out of the US dollar as much as possible.

    Thank you Mr. Newman, I’ve been trying to get my mom to buy more gold and silver, sell everything except the House and Ranch…you have to streamline your assets in csase you have to make a quick move to a safe area. Drilled two water wells on the ranch last week, welded them down yesterday, mama didn’t raise no fool!

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  517. This has nothing to do with “boomers.”

    The NOSE pays cucks to do the boomer bashing.

    The downfall of the west has nothing to do with boomers, the church, or white women, although
    the NOSE brainwashed all of them. The downfall of the west is due to NOSE influence and NOSE money.

    Kevin Macdonald is a boomer.
    Jared Taylor is a boomer.
    David Duke is a boomer.
    Don Black is a boomer.
    Patrick Slattery is a boomer.
    Pat Buchanan is a boomer.
    Ann Coulter is a boomer.

    I could go on and on.

    Boomer bashing is divisive, causes friction between young whites and older whites. It is not productive, so that is why the NOSE pushes it.

    Celler and Javitz opened the borders, not boomers.

    An activist court legalized abortion, not boomers. By the way, the decision for abortion included talmudic reasoning.

    Boomers didn’t vote for any of the poz and degeneracy. College kids are every bit as brainwashed
    as the boomers. Maybe worse.

    jewbrain isn’t a function of age, it’s a function of exposure to the Jmedia and nose academia.

    But dicks like Anglin will continue with the boomer bashing because they think it’s hip and edgy to shit on their older white brothers and sisters.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
    , @KenH
  518. @Mike Tre


    *sighs in relief*

    What about sexpats and all the <18 kids they have their arms around?

  519. @anon

    Anon 359,

    Beaners are short squat smelly toads. The women especially.
    The women are hogs. The few pretty enough ones bloat up horribly before they’re 40 thanks to their diets and genetics.

    I’m from Northern Mexico and I see beautiful women all over the place here. If all you see are fat smelly women, it must be because you shop at Walmart. At Walmart you see fat smelly women of all races. I guess it’s because I have more money than your Hillbilly ass and that’s why I shop at Liverpool, in Monterrey Mexico so, let me tell you…Eye Candy everywhere! I’ll attach a clip of girls from Northern Mexico that someone put together.

    I think you’re missing a few chromosomes! Get out of your trailer once in a while and seek medical attention.

    • Replies: @anon
  520. @S


    I just wanted to say thank you for your input it was very appreciated. I never got into the South American wars but thanks to you I will. I hate searching for information and basically shoot from hip with information that I remember from past studies, sometimes not 100% correct but damn close, and not lies! You definately added good material that the high IQ people like to see.

    Take care brother and feel free to add anything to my comments that you think might help get my point accross, and slowley we might actually get people to stop blameing the less fortunate. These people here think that illegal imigration is ruining their country and I read that California Grape farmers are destroying ther vineyards because they can’t find “Any Americans” that want to pick grapes. They are paying 25.00 an hour and the workers that accept the work usually don’t come back from lunch! They are forced to pay 25.00 because they have to resort to hiring away workers from other farms and that drives up the price of grapes.

    Before Obama started cracking down on illegal immigrants, he said they paid 8.00 an hour and they could make a proffit. I think Americans better think hard about this immigration problem, because if they don’t make the right decission, they might end up with a starvation problem.

    I don’t care if people think I hate whites because of how I express myself and challenge them. But I can sincerely tell you that if feeding my kids depended on White Workers picking the food, I would move out of the country or grow my own! I owned a construction company in Houston, TX. The only White Workers in my company were my partner and his Superintendent. Everyone else was Mexican, one Black guy lasted 2 months and 1 white guy lasted 1 month… all the others quit after a couple of hours. Just drive around Houston and look at all construction projects and you will see over 90% of workers are Mexican. They build all the homes, the freeways and all the landscaping.

    Mexicans are built for working in hot weather. I heard Jesse Ventura tell Joe Roagan that he seen 5 Mexicans build a huge house next to him with raw materials and no electricity or machinery! He said he was amazed by the way they worked.

  521. @Robert Dolan

    I like David Duke…

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  522. @J. Gutierrez


    Now we have something in common!

    I just watched today’s show. He and Slattery explained why the jews hate Russia so much.

  523. anon[275] • Disclaimer says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Yawn. Mongrel just dumps video with a bunch of Euro mixed women (mixed since it’s doubtful the majority of them aren’t mongrels) with Euro facial features. Even then, too many of them show signs of future fatness that’s iconic to Beaners (oh I’m sorry, “thiccness”). Possibly have prostittutes and informal prostitutes among them. Yaps about trailer trash and all the hot women he sees since he’s either a resentful Boomer striver like Mr. Reed or a Mestizo desperate to show he has status.

    You posting that video speaks more on Mexico being a mutt filled pit with an informal caste system than on the prettiness of Beaner trash.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  524. @J. Gutierrez

    Plenty of Americans will work all day outside for $25 per hour. When you read the Lyin’ Press and use that as your basis for understanding of the world’s problems, then all bets are off. See, journalists are some of the dumbest people ever to go to college, and it doesn’t take much to go, Mr. Gutierrez.

    Destroying the vineyards, my ass. I watched Mighty Machines (excellent!) videos with my boy that show some really nice grape-picking machines, and these videos were made from the mid-1990’s to the mid -’00’s. Plenty of economists, Tucker Carlson, and also Brenda Walker (regularly) on VDare, talk/write about the increasing automation of blue-collar jobs. This does not bode well for a boom in these jobs in the future obviously, and immigration is just making the problem much worse.

    But I can sincerely tell you that if feeding my kids depended on White Workers picking the food, I would move out of the country or grow my own!

    How did you exist during the 1960’s through 20 years ago? I was here – no problemo! Then, you talk about starvation. Dude, please …

    90% of the construction workers are Mexican/Guatemalan because the pay is low, yet these guys can get themselves (and family if they made a new one here) free healthcare at other customers’ and taxpayers’ expense at the emergency room, WIC program goodies, live 10 to a house, and have 3 extra dependents with made-up SS numbers (my friend worked at H&R Block and saw enough of this) that get them not just a refund, but direct cash from the taxpayers. The latter is assuming they even bother to pay income tax.

    So I think it’s a pretty easy decision to make economically speaking, but also culturally speaking (more of the stuff people have been writing about in this thread). Yeah, I’ve thought long and hard about it, just now. They need to go home.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  525. @J. Gutierrez

    Excellent idea, IMO, and good on you for the prepper/self-sufficiency stuff. I wish I was in that position right now. We have to stay put for a while on a smaller piece of land.

    I may not agree with your opinions (see just above), but it’s still good to share some ideas. Thanks.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  526. @Achmed E. Newman

    How about those individuals and corporations that employ illegals? Aren’t they deserving of the most severe draconian punishment? As without them the flood of illegals would quickly go down to a trickle.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  527. @anon

    Anon 275,

    I was reading an article in a medical magazine a few years ago about a problem they were having after people recieved their DNA results. They were concerned by the amount of calls they were getting from people that recieved their results! They had to hire counselors to help with explaining the results to the traumatized clients. It turns out that the majority of the callers were “White People” that had just found out they had some “Nigger” or “Beaner” DNA and they were suicidal! Isn’t that the funnist thing you ever heard?

    I can hear the Nazi Skin Head calling in, saying…”I think you sent me the wrong results ma’am.” I’m pure white Aryan, and this test says that I’m 8o% EEuropean, 10%SEuropean and 10%EAfrican, something has to be wrong! The Counsler replies, Mr. Joe Blow the test is correct, you are of European decent and sometime in your ancestor’s history there was interaction with an Italian or Greek and the EAfrican we’re finding out, is uite common in people that immigrated to the US in the 1700s. They most likely were poor Anglos that owed money (Indebted Servents) and worked side by side with nigger slaves. I think its called, NITWPS Nigger In The Woodpile Syndrome. The only cure for that is listening to Country Music as much as you can.

    The Video was to show the other idiot that Northern Mexico has people that settled from all over the world, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Frence and Spain, not for you to Jerk off to, you sick bastard! What’s wrong with you dude…

    Do yourself a favor and get a DNA test…you might have a skeleton in your closet, a big black one! You might have to tear up your Nazi flagg and throw away your Doc Martins. Haha Fucking Dumb White Trash!

    You obviously haven’t read my comments before, because if you had you would know I chew up and spit out sick racist mother fuckers like you.

  528. @Achmed E. Newman

    Mr. Newman, I thought you might like this bit of news.

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – The Mexican Finance Ministry said on Thursday it blocked the bank accounts of 26 people for their alleged involvement in human trafficking, as Mexico broadens its migration clampdown.

    The ministry’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) said in a statement it froze the accounts due to “probable links with human trafficking and illegal aid to migrant caravans.”

    The FIU added that it would present the cases to the Attorney General’s office.

    The United States is looking for Mexico to target people-smuggling organizations as part of a package of actions on immigration to stave off punitive tariffs threatened by Trump.

    The move comes a day after the government sent soldiers and armed police to block a large group of migrants crossing into Mexico from Guatemala, detaining at least 350, and arrested two prominent migrant rights activists in Mexico City.

    The government’s crackdown on different aspects of migration coincides with meetings this week between Mexican and U.S. officials in Washington to thrash out a deal to avoid the tariffs kicking in on Monday.

    Trump last week said Mexico must take a harder line on migrants or face 5% tariffs on all its exports to the United States from June 10, rising to as much as 25% later this year.

    Mexico’s Ministry of Finance and Public Credit said it mapped financial transactions of people along a route traveled by “migrant caravans” since October 2018.

    “A group of people were identified who, in the period of migrant caravans, made unusual operations from Chiapas and Queretaro to different countries, including some considered risky jurisdictions by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF),” the statement said.

    I heard the Mexican and US Financial Crimes Investigators have followed the money and it leads to Sorros. I thought you might want to know!

  529. S says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Thanks for the kind word.

    I’d never heard about the British intervention in the Spanish American wars of Independence (1808-1833) either until not so many years back. Not surprisingly, people from Spain proper I’ve come across have been quite aware of this past and are genuinely surprised that others outside of a Spanish background have any knowledge of it at all.

    To put it mildly, they saw both Bolivar and Martin as being ‘naive’ in their acceptance of US and British aid in their rebellion against Spain.

    Isn’t it interesting how certain (awkward, and, or inconvenient?) facts of history get de-emphasized and ‘forgotten’, depending on a person’s background or where a person is located?

    In regards to the seven thousand British ‘volunteers’ sent to Spanish South America (with the tacit support of the British government) and the thoughts of Simon Bolivar, ‘the George Washington of South America’, on this matter…

    ‘Bolívar described the [British] Legions and all who served in them as “the saviours of my country”. As a reward for their service, they were given the Carabobo battle honour by the general staff of the Patriot forces, and all its personnel rewarded with the Liberators’ Star by Bolívar himself…’

    Thousands of other British ‘volunteers’ helped man the South American insurgent’s navies. Some 250 newly decommissioned Royal navy ships, world class war ships with some of the most modern and sophisticated weaponry of the day on board, were ‘made available’ to the insurgents by the British government.

    [Spain’s navy it will be recalled had experienced catastrophic and crippling losses at Trafalgar (1805) from which it had not yet recovered from.]

    One of these British naval volunteers was Lord ‘Sea Wolf’ Thomas Cochrane…

    ‘This ship (a decommissioned and renamed British Royal navy ship, the Rosa de los Andes) hired by the revolutionary government of Chile for the naval campaigns of independence had on board the most famous Royal Naval sailor of the time – Scotsman Lord Thomas Cochrane. He arrived in Chile in 1818, the language and laws governing the vessel were determined by the nationality of its captain.’

    ‘When Cochrane was sent to command the Chilean fleet, he decided to remove the rest of the Chilean sailors as he distrusted them. Instead he replaced them with British or North American officers so that the squadron was governed under British laws with only English being spoken.’

    I applaud your getting ‘back to your roots’. I strive for that myself. It’s all a person can do.

    As for the gratuitous and wanton bashing some engage in, it’s not helpful.

    Having said that, no one in general, whatever their background, wants to be biologically replaced, ie genocided. So, the anger is entirely understandable. It’s just the channeling of the anger that is at times the problem.

    How does the biblical admonition go ‘Be angry but sin not…’?

    Generally, unless someone’s first been being outrageous or abusive towards others, being civil and courteous towards them is first and foremost right and proper. It’s also the easiest thing in the world to do and be.

    [This is not to say one has to like or ultimately accept the immigration, or its results, or even like per se the ‘immigrant’.]

    If one wants to be a little cynical in regards to civil behaviour, in general, it’s those saying no to Multi-culturalism which have the far better moral case. It’s therefore the neigh sayers to multi-culturalism which can easily afford to be civil.

    On the other hand, it’s the self described ‘progressives’ and ‘liberals’ of the establishment’s ‘right’ or ‘left’, whose direct political and spiritual forebears were the slave dealers of the northeast, in particular located in Massachusetts, the very epicenter of the slave trade in British colonial America, having as they do a paucity of good moral cause, which have to strain at the bits to simply appear to be civil. [The self described ‘progressives’, not being able to legitimately win their moral case, in an attempt to do so must finance their ‘antifa’ goons to do their dirty work for them via physical violence and intimidation.]

    Why do or say anything that might needlessly detract from this powerful moral cause while simultaneously creating additional enemies?

    The ones more than anything you want to win over are your own people.

    As ‘late in the day’ it no doubt is, I’d suggest taking that ‘righteous anger’ and channeling it towards helping people understand that chattel slavery and its trade, rather than having been abolished, was instead monetized.

    In other words, the so called cheap labor/mass immigration system with its accompanying wage slavery (the economic and political basis of the ‘multi-cultural’ society) is quite simply chattel slavery and its trade distilled to its financial essence.

    Slavery (in its modern manifestation as wage slavery, ie so called cheap labor) is the primary source of the financial and political power of progressivism/liberalism.

    It’s not at all coincidental that multi-culturalism, with its wage slavery (ie ‘cheap labor) economic basis, is strongest in the ‘Anglosphere’ countries. It was the British Empire, after all, of which what would be the United States was a part, that dominated the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in the latter 18th and early 19th century…the very same time and place when the wage slavery system would emerge and ‘abolitionism’ would appear.

    My suspicion is it was the slave dealers of the British Empire themselves who concocted and financed the abolition movement to cynically clear the way of any potential competition to their new far more profitable cheap labor/mass immigration wage slavery system. (see two of the the Majority Rights links below for further info on that subject)

    [This relatively new wage slavery system is also far more destructive than the already ghastly chattel slavery, and hence the need for the modern ideology of ‘multi-culturalism’ to sell the peoples of the world on this poison, and that their resulting physical, cultural, and economic destruction is all somehow good for them.]

    With this ‘just in time’ slavery, the ‘immigrant’ is the slave for whatever period of time (days, weeks, months, years) he or she is paid significantly below what was or what would of been the prevailing real time local costs of labor without the ‘immigration’ or the immigrant being present. Ultimately, from a financial point of view, this is all the former would be chattel slave purchaser ever cared about.

    True, in time the immigrant might desire better pay and move on to something else, but that’s no biggie as the exploiter of these persons (the former would be chattel slave owners) simply hires another one of the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of ‘immigrants’ arriving annually at far below what the prevailing local rate of labor would of been, it not being called ‘mass’ immigration for nothing.

    With wage slavery (ie so called ‘cheap labor’) all the former overhead costs and hassle of chattel slavery, such as old age care for the slave in their unproductive years and education (such that it was), clothing and feeding them, etc, has now largely and safely been ‘out sourced’ to the general non-exploiting public to pay for and deal with.

    In addition, the former would be chattel slave dealer (the promoter of ‘mass immigration’ who personally profit from it in some fashion) and the former would be chattel slave purchaser/owner (the person who exploits the skilled or unskilled ‘immigrant’ paying them far below what was or would of been the prevailing real time local rate of labor without the immigation) both now get to play act like they are the good guys, when in reality they are every bit as rotten, if not more so, as they were before.

    And should any of these exploiting persons own people, the vast majority of whom do their own work and don’t engage in this conduct, protest the moral error of this and the great harm being done all around, these extremely self-centered exploiters can and do, just as in centuries past, all too readily slap the label ‘white trash’ upon the protestors.

    As a general principal I don’t believe anyone is ‘trash’, but if there has to be someone that is trash in this scenario, wouldn’t it be the other way around?

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  530. @J. Gutierrez


    Because so many Europeans live in Northern Mexico, constituting 10% of the population, why are most of the immigrants pure Indians?

    What is the reason then?

    Most of the immigrants from Mexico are Mayans or Aztecs and not people that look like telenovela actors.


    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  531. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Why is America obligated to take Latino immigrants while no one says anything about why Spain should take them instead?

    Why is imperialist, murdering Spain not getting any flack?

    Last time I looked, Hispanics and Spain speak the same language, si?

    As for Mexico, it deliberately lets illegals into the US. Is this not obvious?

    Punish Mexico, President Trump. Smack it down.

    In fact, if the US invaded Mexico and set up a regime 25 miles inside and all along the border, fine with me.

    • Replies: @homahr
    , @J. Gutierrez
  532. Jack says:

    Exceptional and right on target Fred as you are many times. Beautiful…. simply F#$%@*G BEAUTIFUL!!

    –Jack B
    CAPT USN (ret)

  533. homahr says:

    Time to give Puerto Rico back to Spain as well.

  534. @Anonymous

    Anonymous 124,

    Trump is the most befitting President the US has ever had? Staying true to American History, he embodies the ideals that made America what it is.

    1. The US has never failed to break a treaty it signed (Native Indian Nations, Spain – Treaty of Paris, Mexico – Treaty of Hidalgo, etc.).

    Trump began his term not disappointing us with his rejection of numerous treaties with Iran, Russia and European Union.

    2. In keeping pace with American intervention in other countries (Chile, Iran, Panama, Nicaragua, etc.).

    Trump continued with sanctions, embargos and regime change in Venezuela.

    3. America’s appetite for taking other countries property, (Native American Lands given by treaties, Spanish Southern United States, Mexico’s Southwestern States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc.).

    Trump took Jerusalem and the Golan Heights and gave them to Israel.

    4. The United States invade Mexico at least 3 times (The Land Grab, The invasion of Veracruz and The Search for Pancho Villa).

    Now you want to make 4 just because you can’t stop women and children at your border?

    I know that Mexicans have had enough of US invasions (by your Military or by your Corporations). Right now Trump is in Europe insulting your Allies with his Special Olympic Vocabulary. He is pushing Europe into the Russian and Chinese camp the same way he did Venezuela and is doing with other Latin American countries.

    I and many other like minded people think it’s by design. The ChristianZionistBritishIsrael have sucked all the wealth in the US leaving you with over 21 trillion dollars in debt. We all know that no one borrows that amount of money without a paper receipt. The reciepts are called US Government Bonds and they pledge US property as payment for those Debt Bonds. What is considered US property? Well I’m not exactly sure, but I would think it would be US Federal Land, US Corporations, US Citizens and their properties and so on and so on. Nobody gives you money and forgives you when they call in the debt.

    The Same way you talk about invading another country, like it’s just a walk in the park. Countries are talking and planning how to rid the world of the sick parasitic people that is the United States. Your delussion of being a “God Fearing” Nation of people that stand for the “Good” of mankind has been debunked by written history. The Matrix has been taken down exposing the Giant Beast that has been at the forefront of everyone of man’s turbulent past events.

    Be careful what you wish for, you may not like what you get!

    • Replies: @L.K
  535. @S


    Thank you so much for the very well written and researched information. I don’t deserve the valuable time you took from your day to share it with me, and I am totaly greatful for your effort. I have been trying to convince the people here that people just don’t suddenly decide one day to walk thousands of miles in search of a new life. There has to be major powers involved convincing (con) the target people (immigrents), creating the desperation in their home country, funding the event and providing the promise of work when they arrive. All the events coordinated, paid for and brought to fruitition by the same people that pretend to oppose it (The 1% and their lackies in DC). The same ChristianZionist that are encouraging it! BritishIsrael

    I have been looking into the work being done by some of the Flat Earthers…There are a lot of pictures from the early 1800’s that show evidence of a world reset of sorts. Incredible Architecture from all around the world, Newspaper articles and pictures of Orphan Trains, Mud Flooded cities, Maps of Caliornia when it was an island. All around the same time of the Spanish – South American wars. Just wondering if you have done any research.

    Take Care

    • Replies: @S
  536. @jeff stryker

    Jeff I started writing something in response to this comment, but somehow my fingers pressed keys that erased my work. This gave me the opportunity to read a comment made by S and I think he does a great job of explaining a lot of what has been going on in Mexico and Latin America the past couple hundred years. It is a very good read. Comment # 550

    Let me know what you think….

  537. @BuelahMan

    I remember Heartiste asserting that oil drilling, in whatever form, is generally less harmful than coal burning.

    While he is almost certainly right, your comment is a powerful counterargument.

  538. S says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    About the last paragraph, there are indeed quite a few things that remain a mystery, though, like yourself probably, I’ll admit I’m somewhat leery of the ‘flat earth’ concept.

    As to California being an island I actually happen to have one of those old maps of the world dating apparently from the 17th century on my wall as I type this. Looking at it, sure enough, California is shown to be a gigantic island. I’m fairly certain though this is a result of the extremely long Baja penninsula not having been fully explored and it being presumed to be an island, and then somehow juxtaposing the idea that the penninsula was an island on the whole of what is today California.

    I’ve seen maps dated far later (IIRC) which seem to show the same thing. My guess is Spain mapped out South America and Central America really well, got their hands full down there, and never got around to being quite as thorough with California until much later on.

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  539. L.K says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Hey Gutierrez,

    Some scumbag upthread stated Mexico is the enemy of the US and it should have been firebombed instead of Germany.
    Truth is the US is and has always been an enemy and predator to Mexico and Latin America in general… make that the World! A totally parasitic, rogue state, permanently at war.
    Anyway, 2 books you might wish to look at are ‘Empire’s Workshop – LATIN AMERICA, THE UNITED STATES, AND THE RISE OF THE NEW IMPERIALISM” by Greg Grandin and Ellen Brown’s excellent ‘Web of Debt’, particularly Chapter 22 ‘THE TEQUILA TRAP: THE REAL STORY BEHIND THE ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION.’
    Just a little excerpt from Empire’s Workshop:

    Though Latin America has played an indispensable role in the rise of the United States to global power, it elicits little curiosity from its neighbor to the north. …
    Were it not for Borges’s insight, this studied indifference to Latin America would seem ironic, for the region has long served as a workshop of empire, the place where the United States elaborated tactics of extraterritorial administration and acquired its conception of itself as an empire like no other before it. …
    From the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth century, the U.S. military sharpened its fighting skills and developed its modernday organizational structure largely in constant conflict with Latin America—in its drive west when it occupied Mexico in the midnineteenth century and took more than half of that country’s national territory. And in its push south: by 1930, Washington had sent gunboats into Latin American ports over six thousand times, invaded Cuba, Mexico (again), Guatemala, and Honduras, fought protracted guerrilla wars in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Haiti, annexed Puerto Rico, and taken a piece of Colombia to create both the Panamanian nation and the Panama Canal. For their part, American corporations and financial houses came to dominate the economies of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America, as well as large parts of South America, apprenticing themselves in overseas expansion before they headed elsewhere, to Asia, Africa, and Europe…..
    Yet Latin America did more than serve as a staging ground for the United States’s early push toward empire. The region provided a school where foreign policy officials and intellectuals could learn to apply what political scientists like to call “soft power”…
    But even as Washington was working out the contours of its kinder, gentler empire in postwar Western Europe and Japan, back in the birthplace of American soft power it was rearming. Latin America once again became a school where the United States studied how to execute imperial violence through proxies. After World War II, in the name of containing Communism, the United States, mostly through the actions of local allies, executed or encouraged coups in, among other places, Guatemala, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina and patronized a brutal mercenary war in Nicaragua. Latin America became a laboratory for counterinsurgency, as military officials and covert operators applied insights learned in the region to Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. By the end of the Cold War, Latin American security forces trained, funded, equipped, and incited by Washington had executed a reign of bloody terror—hundreds of thousands killed, an equal number tortured, millions driven into exile—from which the region has yet to fully recover. …

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  540. @L.K


    That is all that dumb fuck said, brother. It’s easy to put a one sentence response together, but engaging me wouild have opened himself up. He offered real feedback and no details, just that simple sentence from a simple man… Typical Trumpster, I bet you that he believes Q Annon is a secret agent working to save America. That Trump was anointed by “God” and the stupid shit that comes out of his mouth is Code for Q. These people are told that Obama and Hillery are going to arrested next month, and then the next month and so on. They are still waiting brother, and meantime the Mossad is laughing their ass off reading their comments.

    These Anglo Saxon ChristianZionist are the people who’s decendents claimed American lands in the name of God., they conned their way into Texas the same way they did Florida and other southern states. The tactics used against the Spanish was to have American settlers move into Spanish territory, until they out number the residents, soon after they would organize a violent armed revolt against the host government authorities. The US Army was ready to invade when the authorities responded to stop the insurrection. The violence inflicted by the soldiers was bloody, brute force that terrorized the population into signing a Treaty that promised no further attacks on Spanish lands west of Florida. Then they forced the Spanish goverment to accept payment for the lands seized.

    It worked so well in getting Alabama and Missisippi from the Spanish that it was used again in Texas. The Mexican war was a means to expand the US territory and force Mexico to sign a treaty and accept payment for their lands. Violence continued to be the US’s favorite tool as the invaded other Latin American countries throughout the 1900’s and still continued their warmongering to this day.

    Advocates for the removal of undocumented workers in the United States often cite the violence in Central America as justification for immigration control and fortification, while ignoring questions about the cause.

    The majority of the violence in the South and Central American countries, including the security problems that are ravishing several cities in Mexico, can all be traced back to the CIA, the funneling of drugs into America and the smuggling of firearms back across the border.

    Gary Webb was a reporter who, during the mid 90s, brought to America the story of how the CIA was funneling drugs onto the streets of California. His Dark Alliance series of reports detailed how the US government was directly involved with crack-cocaine kingpin Freeway Rick Ross, as well as revelations that led to the exposure of the Iranian-Contra affair. His work would go on to inspire other journalists such as Michael Rupert, who continued to expose CIA involvement in drug trafficking well past the 1990s. Although these two journalists drew controversy from their reports and others have attempted to discredit them, their efforts brought about a plethora of evidence and testimony that cannot be easily dismissed.

    Gun legislation within the United States makes tracking firearms very difficult. Current laws forbid any type of electronic records which includes searchable names of individual buyers. Despite this difficulty, a 2009 report by the Associated Press showed that many illegal firearms in Mexico could be traced back to the United States. Several traces revealed guns were sold in border states, with more than half being purchases in Texas.

    The United States claims to have 88 guns per ever 100 residents. Although many citizens may know a friend or two who are serious collectors, with fifty to a hundred firearms, the published statistics are still so unreal that people from other countries assumes almost every American on the street is carrying a firearm. Yes, Americans do own a lot of guns, yet many of these firearms on paper are finding their ways into conflict zones, both in South and Central America, and around the world. Members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other gun lobbies claim to fight for the protection of privacy and 2nd amendment rights when they fight against gun registration and searchable databases.

    The lack of a registration system in America is beneficial for smuggling and distributing guns outside the country. It’s not a requirement, as the German company Heckler & Koch was caught distributing G36 firearms illegally to Mexico, violating their own War Weapons Control Act.

    However, the lack of documentation for private gun sales does make this type of trade considerably easier to conceal in the US. NRA members believe their organization and other gun lobbies help protect their rights, but these groups also benefit the arms industry who make considerable profit from illegal arm sales.

    The uncomfortable truth is that United States government, via the CIA and various intelligence agencies, has a vested interest in keeping their southern neighbors in continual conflict in order to exploit those countries for drugs and resources. To those who dismiss this as conjecture or unfounded, history stands to show a systematic pattern of abuse.

    On September 11th, 1973, the CIA backed a military coup to overthrow the democratically elected President Allende, leading to the deaths of over 3,000 civilians.. John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, claims that the CIA was behind the 2002 coupe against Hugho Chavez, the democratically elected President of Venezuela. Then there is the United Fruit Banana Massacre, the Bay of Pigs, the School of the Americas, the Contras of Nicaragua … the list of American backed operations and atrocities is as long as you want to make it.

    Trump’s talk of building a wall between the US and its Southern neighbors is nothing but a smoke screen and a distraction. It will not curb any of the gun and drug trade because those industries are facilitated directly by people high up in the United States military and intelligence agencies. The violence will not end, because it is essential to sustaining American drug and firearm markets. The reality that many Americans simply refuse to acknowledge is that their country directly funds these violent enterprises to promote the growth of the US war industry at the expense of the freedom, safety and livelihoods of the innocent.

    L.K. we know how much blood the US Government has shed creating an Empire that makes the 1% richer with the resourses gained from the countries they invade. They are also able to subsidized the American worker with lower prices on products they import so they don’t notice a change in the dollar’s buying power eliminating a living wage increase.

    Take care brother I appreciate your support and input dealing with some