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Pondering the Black Underclass
Not Colin Powell And The Cosbys
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The recent race war in Cincinnati — which is what it was — might reasonably lead one to ponder the black underclass, its nature, behavior, crimes, and intentions toward whites. Permit me a few unpleasant observations, inescapable after years on the police beat:

Crime by the underclass is racial, predatory, and very much targeted against whites. The motive is hatred more often than economic gain. The media carefully, systematically, by deliberate policy, hide these things.

The foregoing can be independently verified by anyone. The data are there, on the Internet.

During the Cincinnati riots, I heard through police back-channels of blacks pulling white women from cars and beating them. I didn’t write about it. If I had quoted my sources, they would have been fired for talking. Without sources, I’d have been dismissed as engaging in racist fantasy.

But then, on April 23, the columnist John Leo of US News and World Report broke journalistic ranks. * He wrote of one white woman (probably the one I’d heard about) who was attacked and beaten. More chillingly, he reported that “Another driver assaulted by the mob was Roslyn Jones, an albino black woman, hit by a hail of bricks, one of which struck her in the head. The attack stopped when someone shouted, ‘She’s black!'” (My italics.)

It’s racial, people.

Rioting blacks regularly beat whites. We know about Reginald Denny, kicked into brain damage by gangs of blacks in LA. Similar instances have occurred from Los Angeles to Dade County to Cincinnati. All were quickly buried by the media. On the streets of Washington I have myself seen whites swarmed and beaten bloody on two occasions — two young Australian tourists walking in Georgetown, for example.

The viciousness merits attention. Whites kids riot, yes, usually about politics. They run excitedly about, get arrested and gassed, wave signs, and assuage their hormones. They do not stomp people. White college kids do not grab an official of the IMF, kick him until he hemorrhages to death, and laugh.

The underclass does. When urban blacks surround a car, pull out a terrified woman they believe to be white, and hit her in the head with bricks, they’re not playing. They want to hurt, cripple, kill. That’s what bricks do.

The underclass is what we have in the cities. One day it will come out. We won’t like it. They are not the nice black family down the street with the two polite kids and a Toyota. They are something very different.

In the recent Mardi Gras riots in Seattle, gangs of blacks again attacked whites. So many people saw it, and got it on videotape, that the media couldn’t quite hide it. For example, blacks attacked a white woman, after which a young white guy tried to help her. They stomped him to death.** Press was minimal. Can you imagine the furor if whites had attacked a black woman, and murdered a black rescuer?

The media, again, are consciously lying about race. It is lying by crafted omission, by artful editing, but it is lying. If the police stop too many blacks on the highway, coverage is national and unending. If the underclass stomps a white to death, a hush follows.

Examples abound. In Wichita this year*** two black men captured five young whites at gunpoint, forced them to perform various sexual acts on them and each other, of course raped the women, and then killed them all, execution style, except for one woman. Bleeding and naked, she walked through the snow for help.

Two things: First, the motive was hatred. You can rob people without harming them. The attackers intended to humiliate and kill. Second, note the near perfect suppression of the story. If you heard about it at all, it was probably on the Internet.

The hatred of the underclass for whites is not new. Neither is the targeting of white women. In the Sixties the rapist and Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver wrote at length in Soul On Ice (chapter one), of the underclass black’s desire to attack white women. Don’t believe me. Read it.

The foregoing anecdotes are just that — anecdotes. The Department of Justice, however, collects data on crime — the Uniform Crime Reports,**** the National Crime Victimization Survey, ***** and so on. The author Jared Taylor ****** analyzed these figures and found that a black is 55 times as likely to attack a white than vice versa, 103 times as likely to rob, 40 times as likely to rape a white woman than a white man is to rape a black woman, and 237 times as likely to gang up on whites to rob them.

This will be unbelievable to many. But check the numbers for yourself.

Now, I will be accused of racism for saying these things. All right. I hereby make a proposal to the NAACP: Let’s hire a first-line accounting firm to make a study of the figures, and publish both its results and its methods. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, and will say so. Do I have any takers?

Unless this stops, we face disaster. One day things will explode.

Nothing suggests that it will stop. I see no signs that the black underclass is shrinking, and many signs — the huge number of children — that it is growing. These people simply cannot be integrated into a techno-industrial European society. They bear no resemblance to middle-class blacks one sees in offices. They are parasitic, uneducable, criminally predatory — and they hate whites.

As blacks grow in numbers, they take over city after city. While these governments are not of the underclass, and don’t want riots, they will of political necessity support the underclass. And, I suspect, no blacks at all really like whites. The danger is that whites may weary of it. If they ever push back, the potential for irremediable, ghastly, self-sustaining conflict will be high. I’ll guess the country couldn’t recover.

It had better not happen, but it could. Any spark could light it. One day the underclass, rioting, may go into white neighborhoods to stomp and burn. They won’t expect resistance, because they have never met it. I don’t think Al and Jesse quite know how many deer guns, how many Weatherbys and .223s sit quietly in closets out here. If a mob comes toward a man’s home, where his wife and children are, the results will be astonishing. The police will immediately polarize, black versus white. So will everybody else. Government will be irrelevant. And the whole country just might blow up.

If that happens, God help us.

*John Leo column


***The Wichita Horror

****Uniform Crime Reports

*****National Crime Victimization Survey

******Jared Taylor: The Color of Crime

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Blacks, Cincinnati Riot 
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