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Out and About: and Here and There in Jalisco
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On a sunny day Violeta and I will inhabit our faithful CRV and wander about, without being excessively directed toward anywhere in particular, along the south shore of Lake Chapala, maybe striking off randomly in search of interesting pueblos. Warm wind. Ranchera music. There are roads good and bad fraught with minor adventures and curiosities. For example, On a winding narrow rural road a sopilote, a buzzard, insisted on stalking down the middle in front of us, so that we could not pass without squashing him, or her, which we had no idea of doing. The horn had no effect. Thus go things in the wilds of Jalisco.

Thinking that the photos along the lake might interest curious souls, I decided to stick them together with some others and post them on the web. Well, I did.

If If you like pelicans, lots of them, you should look into Lake Chapala. Actually those in the photo are sparse compared to concentrations that often look like a white raft. They are mysterious. Sometimes the entire raft will begin moving in the same direction. This will last for several minutes, whereupon the raft reverses direction and goes back. There are indeed more things in heaven and earth, especially when it comes to pelicans. Phredfoto.

A malecón‘is a cement boardwalk. Towns along Lake Chapala typically have them. They vary considerably. Some are wonderful places for walking and thinking, or sitting and thinking, or supervising pelicans. Others, such as the one in Ajijic, where we live, have elaborate hemispherical bowls where skateboarders can endeavor to kill themselves. Sometimes there will be stalls selling vampiros, a drink involving tequila and various fruit juices that make it pink. They are typically served in a plastic bag with a protruding straw. On the road through San Luis Soyatlan, along the lake, long lines of people patronize a vampiro stand, wandering off with theie plastic bags and straws. Drinking in public is illegal in Mexico. There is such a thing as tempering law with discretion. Vifoto.

Many dangers attend life south of the border, not all of them understood by Americans. There are reports of giant arachnids with a taste for gringo flesh. Sane people do not take them seriously, though a school of conspiracy theorists insist that some of Hitler’s immortality drug, some of which her carried to Argentina with him, spilled into the aquifers and resulted in gigantism among various arthropods. I have seen no evidence of this, though children do occasionally disappear. .Vifoto.

The church along the lake Pretty much every town in Mexico has one, almost always on the town plaza, of which almost every town also has has one of. Churches vary from gorgeous, with acres of gold leaf, to sparse and barely adorned. No two are alike, Mexico being stubbornly itself and not (so far, anyway) being designed at corporate in New Jersey. The country is some four-fifths Catholic, most of the rest being Protestant, and this provides a social glue that unites people. How much how many people believe, I don’t know, and they seem, as do Christians everywhere, frequently to overlook the parts about fornication and adultery. This doesn’t matter. The important thing is that everyone believes or doesn’t or maybe sort of does without angry zealots hollering about separation of church and state. Which in fact Mexico has. What it doesn’t have is separation of church and culture, Phredfoto.

Anyway, the thousands of churches are usually quiet and cool and somehow apart from quotidian concerns and the rush of life. They provide at the same time national unity and a lack of McDonald’s conformity.

A church (as you might have guessed) of the small-town variety. Many of these are very old. Being built of stone, they last. Religious edifices hereabouts are in a style I call Mexican Chaotic, often being lovely and always interesting but not too definable. Mexico is not a herd country, and what it lacks in efficiency it makes up in variety.. You find elements of Gothic, maybe nave and transept, or rose window but no flying buttresses, and things that look vaguely Romanesque, and rococo ornamentation, perhaps in what might be a medieval English fortress. While Mexico is chiefly European, as for example, in language, religion, schools, governments, and literature, there are considerable indigenous influences and some religious syncretism. Violeta has pointed out that in cathedrals some of the saints depicted have distinctly Indian features, and the Virgin of Guadalupe does not appear in the Bible. Phredfoto.

You may mistake the above for an ordinary puppy of no interest. You would be mistaken, though you can be forgiven for the error. There is a story behind her. The cantineras of the Camaleón bar (see below) found her starving in the streets with little more of life ahead of her. Women being compassionate creatures, if incomprehensible, they picked her up, brought her to the bar, and thereunto annexed her. In Mexico a bar can have a dog without being raided by a swat team, three squad cars ,and the local fire department. The girls fed her mightily and relieved her of unnecessary stowaways, such as worms. Violeta, who has no shame, named her Brigitte Bar Dog. You can now see her central place in the scheme of things, and why you need to know about her. Phredfoto.

Late night at the Camaleón in Ajijic, for years the town’s Bohemian hangout. It attracted a mixed crowd of gringos and Mexicans, among the latter being El Ocelote, the Ocelot, who aspired to being a Beat from the Fifties and talked endlessly of everything Kerouac wrote. It may be that some of them had a familiarity with That Weed, though of course I have no knowledge of this. The owner at the time, Fito, had a Weimaraner named Braco, who in later years inevitably came to be known as Braco Bama. Occasionally women of rentable virtue attended. It offered the raffishness of a biker bar without the hazard. There was little drunkenness and no fights, yet you could imagine yourself to be in a frontier bar in 1890. It was the sort of place that would have horrified the tediously proper expats of the Hill Tribes, the Mexican-flavored gringo suburbs in the hills running along the lake. Phredfoto.

The men’s room in the old Camaleón. Since then it has been taken over by our friend Marisol and the whizzenzimmer modernized but less interesting facilities, sans space aliens. Whether this was an improvement can be argued, but Marisol’s former (German) husband, Rolfe, makes the best bratwurst on this side of the planet, so is well. Phredfoto

This was actually shot in Chengdu, China, during a recent trip, and I am having trouble finding a pretext for putting it into a photo essay about Mexico. However, it seemed to me that a country that can name a brand of eye glasses for Helen Keller distinctly bears watching. There is no telling what it might do. And without the photo, nobody would believe me. So there.Phredfoto.

And now Violeta and I will drive down the lake to the American Legion for breakfast.

Follow Fred. @FredRee05010728 This column accepts no responsibility for damage to your character or possible arrest.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Mexico 
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  1. haole says:

    “”While Mexico is chiefly European, as for example, in language, religion, schools, governments, and literature, there are considerable indigenous influences and some religious syncretism. “”

    This is what I tell people, mexico is just a low rent version of europe. There are more Haoles then in large parts of Hawaii, locals are always shocked that there are so many haoles in Mexico.

    • Replies: @Anonymous Jew
    , @anonymous
  2. That was a nice photo-essay, Mr. Reed. You’ve got a decent life down there.

    I did notice your bragging on your being one of the cool gringos down there, as opposed to the “hill people”. That’s kind of like how the cooler Hispanic immigrants here are the ones who learn some English, drink beer and have BBQs with their American friends and don’t put Mexican flag tags on their front bumpers. That was an “analogy”. I reckon you don’t have those down there.

    I’ll leave that aside and just note that I had a similar experience with a dozen or so jackrabbits in west-central Texas on a 2-lane road at 3 in the morning. I went into the other land to pass them slowly, but then they ran in that lane too. I got down to 5 mph before I gave up, pulled over and slept in the car for a few hours. Yeah, I’ve been everywhere in this here land.

    Oh, that Helen Keller thing in China is hilarious! Since you are supposed to be non-PC, I will tell the only Helen Keller joke that I remember anymore:

    How come Helen Keller couldn’t drive?


    Because she was a woman.

    • LOL: Rurik
  3. fnn says:

    The dog looks part-Pit Bull, but my guess (I could be wrong) is that the females seldom attack.

  4. Fredo the expatriate gringo notwithstanding,

    Mexico is an economic and pesthole. Which is why

    thousand after thousand after thousand mexicans

    continually slither northward toward the Trump-vaporized border.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Biff
    , @TheBoom
    , @Logan
  5. anon[744] • Disclaimer says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Fredo the expatriate gringo notwithstanding,

    Mexico is an economic and pesthole.

    i thought fred fits in quite well

  6. AKAHorace says:

    Sounds like you are having more fun and a better life than you would in the USA. I hope that Mexico remains Mexico and the USA, the USA.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  7. Biff says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Which is why

    thousand after thousand after thousand mexicans

    continually slither northward

    The Mexicans are heading home. You must smell bad or something.

    The number of Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. illegally has declined by more than 1 million since 2007. In

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Wally
  8. Baxter says:

    Mexico makes no sense to me. Just when you think it’s finally making its way into the ranks of the second world, something causes it to slid back down. I believe Mexico will always be the country ‘just becoming.’ On a positive side Mexico doesn’t have giant black ghettos in their cities. The difference is probably remarkable. Where I live are vast no go areas for whites and other non black people.

    • Replies: @Wally
  9. TheBoom says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Every time Fred rhapsodises about Mexico I can’t help but think of how almost every Mexican I met there would rather live in the US if they had the option. The only major Mexico boosters were the gringos who claimed that they were in paradise and life was much better in Mexico

    • Replies: @polaco
  10. Cortes says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    What was Helen Keller’s favourite colour?


    PS Zopilote, not sopilote.

    • Replies: @Ivy Mike
  11. anonymous[190] • Disclaimer says:

    “Many dangers attend life south of the border, not all of them understood by Americans,” like Fred.

    Five of the six most violent cities in the world are in Mexico, report says

    Fred, you can try to lie by omission—and haw-hawing about nazi spiders—but your lies never work.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  12. Anon435 says:

    Can’t help but notice the complete absence of Mexicans from Fred’s genteel photos, although you would certainly have no problem finding them here in northeast USA.

    I find Fred’s articles asinine.

  13. @Achmed E. Newman

    What did Helen Keller’s parents do for kicks? Rearrange the furniture.

  14. anon[331] • Disclaimer says:

    The Mexicans are heading home. You must smell bad or something.

    The number of Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. illegally has declined by more than 1 million since 2007. In

    hmm, should i believe my own eyes or some bullshit from pew “research”

  15. Logan says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Actually, not many Mexicans are coming here anymore. Many who did are going home.

    Illegal immigration continues at a high rate, but at the moment it’s mostly from Central America and Asia.

  16. TKK says:

    In Mexico a bar can have a dog without being raided by a swat team, three squad cars ,and the local fire department.

    Just that the author wrote this- forever grateful. I had a British GF mistakenly take my leashed dog in a convenience store and the black toothed, obese she beast clerk called 911.

    And yet I know a local bar that has an HIV Positive bartender who had an abscess of some kind on his finger, as he cut lemons and limes and made drinks with a mere band aid on the oozing mess. Somebody made a complaint that knew his status. Was told that was discrimination. His job is secure.

    Can a country this stupid survive?

  17. anon[331] • Disclaimer says:

    Just that the author wrote this- forever grateful. I had a British GF mistakenly take my leashed dog in a convenience store and the black toothed, obese she beast clerk called 911.

    this is absurd behaviour too

    leave your dog at home

  18. @anonymous

    Why are Mexicans violent?

    Is it the Aztec blood?

    Arab admixture?

    The genes of Spanish rapists?


    • Replies: @Anon
    , @anonymous
  19. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @jeff stryker

    Striker always striking , always insulting ,always despising other countries .

    With people like Striker the mexicans , chinese , russian etc….. do not need to do antiyankee propaganda , Striker does it for them .

    • Replies: @anon
  20. anon[331] • Disclaimer says:

    it sounds like Stryker speaks from experience re beaners

    he doesn’t like them for a reason

    i’m not familiar with his opinions on Russians, Chinese etc

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  21. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Virgencita de Zapopan by Jose Alfredo Jimenez ( look in You Tube )

    Virgencita De Zapopan
    Virgencita de Zapopan
    que me has visto padecer
    dejame llorar de pena
    por si no te vuelvo a ver.
    Ya me voy de mi Jalisco
    por culpa de una mujer
    tu sabras que lo que me hizo
    aunque se que si me quizo
    no se puede resolver.
    Adios mi Guadalajara
    ya me voy
    que le he de hacer
    la alegria de tu mariachi
    mi San Pedro Tlaquepaque
    ya no lo volvere a ver.
    Virgencita de Zapopan
    cuidame pa´no caer.
    No me voy arrepentido
    porque se que tengo honor
    voy a ver si encuentro olvido
    o me muero de dolor.
    Dicen que los de Jalisco
    no nos…

  22. Agent76 says:

    Dec 23, 2018 1 year after we fled the USA for Mexico

    Con subtítulos en español. We moved to Mexico and it’s been one year. It was nothing like they told us.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  23. “Oww, I just got shot by a narco!”

  24. Che Guava says:

    I am liking this light article by Frederico, it is of intererst, but the most interesting part is the Helen Keller specs.

    I wonder if it is true or just a digital photo-collage?

    If anybody here is making noisy music (any type), to ask Fred for the use of the photo, it would be great as the photo to complement the band name, ‘Helen Keller and the Sunglasses’.

  25. polaco says:

    This doesn’t need to be repeated, that an expat on a fixed income from a developed country with a strong currency will have a quality of life that’s unattainable by the average local. He can leverage a primitive country’s third world status, to show himself some really good time.

    Notice also, how not surprisingly, none of Linh’s American escapees seems to be engaged in the same type of work the average Joe does in their respective ‘havens’. They don’t drive taxis, labour in construction, manufacturing, natural resource exploration and mining, as plumbers, car mechanics, carpenters, utility workers… While even the Latin Americans, with no English language skills, who stock shelves at American Walmarts, can afford nice Japanese cars.

    Even if they could work with their heads, how much does the average Mexican software developer make a year, even when working for an American company, let alone a domestic one?
    “Tong Zou, a 30-year-old Canadian software engineer who had been working in Silicon Valley for the past seven years as a software engineer. (…) some \$422,000 he had saved over the past seven years.”

    And of course, the real test for whether third worlders are better than first worlders, comes when one has to go to court, especially when the opposing party is some local, doesn’t even have to be well connected, or to a hospital. When he has to bribe petty bureaucrats to see anything move forward. That’s when one gets the real (bitter) taste of his new paradise. Rich people don’t get kidnapped for ransom in the US.

    That said, many seem to hold Fred’s lifestyle choices out against him, as if he was personally responsible for all the illegals overrunning the US.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  26. @anon


    Prior to arriving in Phoenix, AZ I had no experience with Mexicans and believed they were like Antonio Banderas or Cheech.

    Arriving in Arizona I began to encounter them personally. I shared a condo in Tempe with another recent college graduate that was near the Guadalupe barrio. During that time in Phoenix, I had some near misses and so did other whites in my casual circle of acquaintances.

    They exuded a genuine malevolence.

    Years later I visited Spain and it seemed to bear no resemblance to Mexico.

    I’ve never been to Russia. So I have no opinion of the place.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Old Prude
  27. @jeff stryker

    ‘Years later I visited Spain and it seemed to bear no resemblance to Mexico.’

    The relationship of Spain to Latin America is curious.

    For example, I’d driven in Mexico — which was distinctly nerve-wracking — and Chile — which was worse. Chile, you can only survive by diving in and out-localling the locals. Faster, faster, faster!!! Pretend you’re a hyperactive seven-year-old playing Grand Theft Auto, and you’ll do fine.

    So when we rented a car in Galicia, I was mildly apprehensive.

    No problem. If anything, the Spaniards tended to be aggravatingly sedate…which, since I was in an unfamiliar car in a foreign country, was fine. Okay, you just take your time about making that left turn…it’s true, there is a car coming the other way two hundred yards down the road. But don’t rush; it’s okay…

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @pyrrhus
  28. Che Guava says:

    Oh, no, this moron (you) post as Anon, too. So TKK’s arseholic behaviours …

    Actually, stopping there, you are clearly just a pair of tag-team trolls.

    Unless the dog is with no discipline, on a leash outside should be alright.

    To take it into m shop, unless specifically for dog lovers (and, for some percentage, I mean it in a sexual sense, particularly of single doggy women, but also cat women, many are prone to training the pussy to the pussy.) .

    In my studies at a real university, I found the bestiality report from 60 years ago, it was in a US jouurnal. The finding was that rural men (who just couldn’t help themselves with farm animals) and urban women (who would train cats and dogs to service them), were the majorityy of bestiality.

    I have seen that, not directly (ugh! ), but it is easy to see that it is happening behind tie scenes.

    In my life observation, I have never observed a man (other than a Moslem, will generally rape anyting that move).. Many are truly enthused by bestiality, camels, goats and sheep.

    • Replies: @anon
  29. Old Prude says:

    I’ve got no problems with Mexicans. Coco is my favorite movie. I just wish they wouldn’t squat in my country and encourage their neighbors to the south to do the same.

    (I could probably do a photo essay of Maine that makes it look pretty swell, including some great biker bars, but I’d have to leave out the Somali and African Ghettos in Lewiston and Portland, respectively).

  30. @TKK

    Can a country this stupid survive?

    Peak Stupidity is nigh!

    Yep, I do understand Fred’s points when he points out the over-regulated downright stupid shit that we have to (?) put up with up here, as compared to the easy-going attitude down in Mexico. They may have just as many laws about a lot of silliness as we do, but people don’t take any of it seriously. Common-sense prevails more in the 3rd world, as they don’t have the money and time for all the stupidity we do.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  31. Old Prude says:
    @jeff stryker

    The Aztecs cut out beating human hearts “to provide a social glue that unites people”, as Fred puts it. Interbreed with those kinds of folks, and things get a little more machismo.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  32. @polaco

    Very good points, Polaco! That’s something that is missed by those who are wistful for that escape to the 3rd world – for most of them, it’s about the girls more than anything.

    To add to what you said about living on that fixed (Dollar-denominated, importantly) income, whether it’s from SS, a pension, royalties, etc., it’s all very well and good until the US dollar goes down the toilet. It WILL – no reserve currency lasts forever, especially if it’s not supported by anything REAL.

    As Iwrote in “Down to the Banana Republics … went Fred Reed”, remember that guy that does your wash for \$2 weekly, the girls whom you can rent for a couple hundred bucks, the \$500 rent on the place by the beach? All that will change when the dollar goes down. The girls won’t pretend to want you anymore, you may have to move to those slums that you never mention in your writing, and YOU may be doing someone else’s laundry for \$2 a week. Be wary. Put your money in other assets.

  33. @polaco


    Most Americans on fixed incomes like myself move to primitive Third World countries to escape the primitives we would be around in the US. I’ve never gotten the impression, for example, that Fred Reed was in love with blacks or white trailer trash.

    Of course some foreigners do go to the Philippines simply to have sex with 12 year old girls and I’ve known guys who would go to a packed bar in Cebu City and get a blowjob in front of 50 people playing pool while they sat drinking at the bar. Other Americans took a weird comfort in knowing the cheapest assassins and bragged to me that they could have anyone killed for \$100.

    But when you have lived in trailer parks or low-income housing among white trash or inner-city blacks or Mestizos then a subdivision in Mexico or Southeast Asia is positively refined. Who wants to live next door to bickering meth-addicted white trash animals. I can remember one time in Phoenix a black pimp showing up at my door with two redneck white hookers.

    If you have \$1500 a month you can live in Mexico or Southeast Asia in a nice subdivision.

    As for bribing cops, which I have had to do, or deal with incompetent bureaucrats which I have paid…it is better to pay somebody to move like their ass was on fire.

    I knew one English engineer who owned a beach resort in the Philippines who paid the local police to inform every local that if he was robbed he would pay the police to find out and then hire people from Manila to come down and chop their legs off with a chainsaw…And when you are relatively wealthy millionaire in the Philippines, believe me, you can make that happen for \$5000.

    He was never robbed.

    I personally never adopted the Marlon Brando attitude of lording over people in paradise. I just keep a low profile.

    Of all the expats, I’m the most working class. I run a store and sell lottery tickets.

    • Replies: @polaco
    , @Wally
  34. @Colin Wright


    I’d expected Spain to be full of desperados verving it up like Antonio Banderas or the guy from Fantasy Island.

    But actually, Spanish were similar to Germans. Rather socialist and mild-mannered anal people for the most part.

    They bore zero resemblance to the Mexican Cholos I met in Phoenix.

    However, in Southern Spain I was surprised at the Arabic ambiance of the place. It was desert, more or less, and the buildings reminded me of Dubai.

    Even so, there was nothing Arabic about the people. You perceive Spanish to resemble Cypriots or Maltese, but they looked like Germans to me.

  35. @Old Prude

    I found the Mexican Indians of Phoenix so gnarly and savage that I’m surprised white men were ever able to subdue them and shaft their women.

  36. polaco says:

    “the Virgin of Guadalupe does not appear in the Bible”

    Can’t take the Protestant out of Fred. The Church, springing from oral historical accounts and traditions, had existed for a long time without the Bible in its formal, written form, parts of which hadn’t appeared until the sixth or seventh century AD. Eventually the Church leaders had to sit down and officially incorporate the valid, universally recognized as God’s true word, Gospels into one, and reject all the apocrypha and Gnostic heresies, and also outright gossip level stories- like some other kid dying instantly, while hitting the teen Jesus on the arm. The Bible as we know it, appears at the time of Saint Athanasius of Alexandria. The Bible itself states many things Jesus has said and done are not described therein.

    “Mexico being stubbornly itself”

    The resistance to changes for the better, improvement, and advancement, increases directly opposite to the decrease in the psychological characteristic, which Fred is quick to point out when writing about American blacks, who also stubbornly cling to their moronic vernacular and speech patterns, and modes of dress, with 40 year old men wearing caps with shiny stickers still on, the affinity for red t-shirts, and clownish sagging pants. When it should come naturally to imitate success. Peruvians cling to their ill suited hats, they can’t shrug them off any more, than the Inca mandated hair styles in the past.

  37. @Achmed E. Newman


    You can enjoy sex tourism in Detroit or any other rundown post-industrial city for about the same amount of money. I’d wager that for \$100 the black crack whores of Detroit will do things that Filipino hookers won’t do like golden showers or scat or double-anal.

    If you wanted to have sex with children, I think you can probably hit any rural trailer park of white trash animals and find some 12 year old who has already been molested by everyone but family pets faster than flying to the Philippines.

    Of course, these females will not be as beautiful or near-virginal as girls in developing countries.

    As for poor broke expats in Third World countries, you can live on \$5 a day and sleep in a wooden hut on a beach.

    More commonly, I knew many working-class men who were able to live in the Philippines fairly well on \$600 a month. Also, I met some guys faking disability pensions who were living like kings in India and Southeast Asia.

    Americans who have never lived overseas seem incredibly small-minded to longtime expats like me. They care about some guy who beefed with them over a girl in high school when they are 40 years old. Or they care about some small item of gossip or fear their infidelity will be uncovered and their wife will divorce them and take them to the cleaners.

    They cannot go to this part or that part of the city because of the barrio or Fed housing. So they are geographically constrained.

    Seemingly, they live through the media.

    Expats don’t care about any of this. We go where we want. We do what we want. We care nothing for what people say or think.

    • Replies: @Wally
  38. polaco says:
    @jeff stryker

    Most Americans on fixed incomes like myself move to primitive Third World countries to escape the primitives we would be around in the US. I’ve never gotten the impression, for example, that Fred Reed was in love with blacks or white trailer trash.

    Several orders of magnitude more people in the third world want a ticket to the USA, not the other way around. The USA is still the strongest economy in the world, look at the debt to GDP ratios of other advanced countries, how Japan stands out for example, the US is not the disaster many describe yet. I used the term ‘third world people’ and ‘first world’ people on purpose. What do the ghetto blacks, and Mexicans have to do with America? They should be repatriated using the military. They’re foreigners and adversaries of true Americans, even trailer park whites pay their own bills and work, they’re a much higher class of people than their south east Asian counterparts. It’s still very much possible to have a quiet life in America, away from the problems. On top of that you can still defend your family and property legally, even when Democrats brought the full weight of their influence in the media and government bureaucracy on Zimmerman, in the end it was just him and the jury and justice prevailed. If I hurt a home invader bent on killing my family in Poland, I’m in deep trouble.

    But when you have lived in trailer parks or low-income housing among white trash or inner-city blacks or Mestizos then a subdivision in Mexico or Southeast Asia is positively refined. Who wants to live next door to bickering meth-addicted white trash animals. I can remember one time in Phoenix a black pimp showing up at my door with two redneck white hookers.

    Who lives this way? Normal people can get away from all this, suburbanites don’t see any of that. If you cannot get away from that in America you’re a hopeless loser. Even immigrants work their way to the middle class suburban, small town or country life. The worst that can happen is a large condominium complex full of Indian software developers and engineers can spring nearby, whose kids speak impeccable white English.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  39. polaco says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    People, like Jim Rogers who is worth paying attention to, say the US dollar will make its last hurrah when the EU, Japan, Third World unravel, even China is not immune, and has private and public debts to the tune of 250% of GDP, and that the dollar will take off, and it will be this very crisis on the edge of which the world is sitting now. When that has happened, he says to look for something else to convert your overvalued dollars to, and to stay away from debt, especially from government bonds, which you should sell yesterday. How attractive will all these Third World countries be when most currencies are equally worthless, and you have to rely on your working children and grandchildren to take care of you when you’re old, the US may see an influx of disillusioned refugee citizens.

  40. @Achmed E. Newman

    Excellent point, sir, and usually overlooked.

    It’s wise to save some meaningful percentage of cash in a different major currency, such as the Chinese yuan or the yen, if one is seriously considering retiring abroad. We plan to save up in Rubles, as well, but probably just for vacations. Don’t want to be grounded in the USA if the dollar loses, say, half its value against the Ruble and eventually a quarter to half of its value against the yuan.

    Those currencies may have a better chance of converting at advantageous rate into the currencies where millions of white Americans will be moving in the next 25 years (presumably mostly in Latin America and Eastern Europe). This will increasingly include middle-class to upper-middle-income Hispanic whites leaving the USA too.

  41. My lady friend went down there last year and was almost killed.
    She was staying at an upscale resort. She got up early the first morning of the trip and went out alone. She stepped outside the hotel and asked a mexican male to take her picture. The mexican beat her half to death, took her camera, took her purse, and ran.
    Her friends found her wounded and bleeding on the street.
    She was rushed to surgery there, came home and had more surgery. He knocked all of her front teeth out, broke her nose and jaw. She’s spent thousands of dollars at this point and she will never look the same. She was gorgeous by the way. Twenty nine years old, sweet, intelligent, kind.

    Don’t tell me how great it is in mexico.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  42. @polaco

    What Americans like you don’t realize is that most of these Filipinos and Mexicans send most of their money home and ultimately intend to do return home as rich men. Sure, if you are a Filipino who is simply X-ing off the days as a custodian until you have enough money to be Bill Gates in your village, you’ll work your ass off in the US.

    But few Western Europeans are interested in immigrating to the US, at least not desperately. Few Norwegians want to immigrate to Minneapolis these days. Germans are not that desperate to move to Milwaukee or Irish to South Boston.

    When I was young, some Polish and other Iron Curtain emigres were still immigrating to the upper Midwest factory towns but that was in the early eighties when I was young.

    As for ghetto blacks, they have been in America for 400 years. Longer than most white Americans. They have no roots in any particular country in Africa and no country would accept them. The unspoken reason for “base perimeters” is to keep certain GI’s on a short leash.

    Many of the worst Chicano are just that-US citizens who have been in America for generations.

    The military are full of enlisted blacks and Mexicans and they are not going to follow orders to deport their fellow brothers and vatos.

    Trailer park whites are a different story. Most poor whites could, if they simply did not marry or have kids at a very young age, get out of poverty. They can’t because they start a family in or out of wedlock so young. Drugs are another factor. They start smoking pot when they are 12 and end up getting hooked on meth or whatever by 16. Yes, most work, but hold menial jobs that don’t pay well.

    If you are a hopeless loser who has \$1000 a month to spend, you are better off in Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia. Personally, I spent enough time around Mexicans in Arizona not to want to go to Latin America.

    East Indians, Chinese and Jews are not physical threats on the street.

    Mostly though, expats are expats because they simply don’t care about the cultural standards of the US or about anything but themselves.

  43. @Robert Dolan

    If you want to experience Mexico you can go to a barrio. I did in Phoenix and have avoided Mexico my entire life.

  44. @jeff stryker

    ‘Even so, there was nothing Arabic about the people. You perceive Spanish to resemble Cypriots or Maltese, but they looked like Germans to me.’

    Interestingly, it depends on where you are in Spain. The further north you go, the heavier and lighter-skinned the people. Down in Andalusia, they don’t look like Moroccans, but…

  45. @haole

    Maybe it’s because so many of their Indio underclass is in America. It’s a pretty good deal for Mexico: offload the Indios and in return sit back and let the remittances flow in. Win-win.

    • Replies: @haole
  46. Wally says:

    Except the US now has in addition, vast, no go areas for whites called brown ghettos.

  47. Wally says:
    @jeff stryker

    “Expats don’t care about any of this. We go where we want. We do what we want. We care nothing for what people say or think.”

    Really? Is that why you scream your ass off here?

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  48. @Anonymous Jew: Some Indios are underclass but not all, particularly the Yucatec Maya in Campeche, Yucatán and Quintana Roo have maintained higher levels of development while indigenous peoples in states such as Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas are ranked drastically lower than the average Mexican citizen.

  49. Wally says:
    @jeff stryker

    “Of all the expats, I’m the most working class. I run a store and sell lottery tickets.”

    IOW, you work for peanuts at a Seven Eleven while taking advantage of even dumber peasants.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  50. anon[216] • Disclaimer says:

    wasn’t a drunken ted kennedy singing something about Jalisco, Jalisco?

  51. I think drunken Teddie was singing, “MaryJoe I did you wrong baby.”

    • Replies: @anon
  52. Dr. X says:

    In Mexico a bar can have a dog without being raided by a swat team, three squad cars, and the local fire department.

    …because “all of the above” have been murdered by the drug cartels.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  53. haole says:
    @Anonymous Jew


    The white Mexicans have lived as minorities for 500 years and are still going strong. White America is 200 something years old but will it last another 300 years? South Africas white population is nt going to be around long. Latin America is maybe the model for a kind of survival for Haoles. Since europe is going multiracial with a more toxic mix than Mexico their future is grime also.

    Another 100 years are so and Mexico and Latin America might be the considered “european”.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @jeff stryker
  54. anon[473] • Disclaimer says:

    Since europe is going multiracial…

    by “going multiracial” i assume you mean “being invaded”

  55. @haole


    I see your point. Spanish and Portuguese in Brazil have somehow managed to remain at the top of the racial pyramid in Latin America above the Indians, Mulatto, Mestizos, Tri-Racials.

    And in the Philippines, a very small Spanish Mestizo landowning class (Called Hacienderos or those who live in Haciendas) is immensely powerful there.

    In the US, for some reason, whites can only rule by force.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  56. @Dr. X

    …Or they work for them. It is awfully hard for a policeman to have time to enforce the laws when he is killing drug rivals for the cartel that employs him as a high-level drug dealer.

    The strange thing is that the Philippines was essentially the same.

  57. @Wally


    I find American middle class whites to be peasants who, when you get past the very basic standard of living they still retain, are far more powerless in the US capitalist industrial complex than Asians.

    The corporate and 1% ruling elite expect them support/die in ill-advised wars.

    The media can get them to believe anything. For example, most whites believe the Middle East is ghastly and savage place when in fact I was much more comfortable and safe in Dubai than I had been in Phoenix. During the Iraq War, I not only lived in Dubai but spent time in Kuwait. I was safer in Kuwait during the Iraq War than I was in Temple, AZ in low-income housing or cheap condos on the periphery of the barrio. At no time in Dubai, Oman or Kuwait was as unsafe as I was the few times I had run-ins with minorities in America.

    One thing that the US has in common with Third World countries is the vast difference in living standard between regions with all the power and money concentrated on the East Coast or West Coast with the interior remote and impoverished.

    Much like India, where the money is concentrated in the hands of the high-caste Hindus, or Indonesia or Philippines where Chinese are billionaires in a poor country, in America seemingly the Jews and a few other market-dominant minorities own much more on average than whites.

    There is also the blind faith in propaganda/media.

    Finally, US streets are dangerous unless you live in remote areas. This too, is similar to Brazil or Philippines.

    Well I listed all of this, I forgot to mention that although the US white middle class is taxed to death and exploited by a ruling elite that simultaneously ignores.

  58. @jeff stryker

    “However, in Southern Spain I was surprised at the Arabic ambiance of the place. It was desert, more or less, and the buildings reminded me of Dubai.”

    Well Andalucia was occupied by the Arabs for 700 years, so some architectural / cultural influence was bound to rub off.

  59. @jeff stryker

    If you are a spaniard thousands of miles away from the nearest white woman, you will shaft anything broadly female, including some of the better-looking llamas.

    The conquistadores subdued the indians by pitting one tribe against another. They all hated each other, especially the Aztecs who were brutal empire-builders.

  60. @jeff stryker

    Andalucia was occupied by the arabs for 700 years, so a lot of cultural and architectural influences were bound to rub off, and genetic mixing – although Ferdinand and Isabella, and the Catholic Church, did a lot subsequently to remove some of the meticised population.

  61. @Wally


    My last year in college in 1997 when I was 23 political correctness reached institutions. I made a gay joke and it was overheard by an RA (Residential Adviser).

    He reported this joke (“Anally inflicted death syndrome”) to the Head RA who was an Affirmative Action bellowing black man who was far too old for college, probably 26 or so, in the Dean’s office.

    I was forced to change dorm halls. A huge hassle at a school I just wanted to graduate from.

    At one point, I was supposed to see him again in his office but it was Spring Break and I was headed to Arizona.

    So I said, “Look I have to be on a plane to Arizona in three hours”

    I could see his resentment at middle-class whites with lives beyond what AA could provide in his eyes.

    Anyhow, garbage like that I don’t care about overseas.

    One reason that middle class whites like me or Fred live overseas is that this sort of thing never happens. Few minorities can live overseas because the government won’t give them a job and they would not be able to self-employ themselves in Southeast Asia or get a job any sort of job in the private sector of other countries.

    So middle class white expats like myself never see them and anyhow, I can say whatever I want.

    • Agree: Clyde
  62. I enjoyed this article.

  63. anon[199] • Disclaimer says:
    @Che Guava

    you seem very interested in beastiality

  64. @Achmed E. Newman

    Apparently that has happened to a lot of expats in Thailand. Some end up begging on the streets, some move to Cambodia, then it gets harder for them there too. And many opt for that famous Pattaya flying club jump from a high rise without a parachute, that’s unless they were murdered, or had their manhood chopped off, by their Thai wives. But it can end up bad for them in their home countries too, getting mugged and killed by foreign imports from those same countries, ending up broke, cheated by fraudulent Jew run investor schemes, cleaned out by their wives in divorce proceedings, or fired from respectable jobs for some non-PC utterance. It’s enough to drive you mad – and many indeed are. But why focus on the negative? Look on the bright side of life wherever you are.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  65. @Commentator Mike


    Seen-it-all-Asian Expat

    If you gave them a one-way ticket, most of them would cash it out and spend the money on hookers and booze.

    “Anthony” was a hickish ex-US soldier and Iraq oil worker who had long since spent his money and was living in the streets of Philippines when I met him in an internet cafe. His story to me was that he left his e mail account open and his account was hacked and all his money stolen.

    I later heard that he had been given 4000 Pesos by the Philippine Department of Tourism to return to the US Embassy in Manila to be repatriated for hotel and travel.

    He spent the money in a girly bar.

    Anthony got more out of control. He beat up a lady boy. He started a fight with some Korean college kids who chased him down the road into the Philippines Tourism Police Station who beat him up right on the precinct floor.

    So I happened to be in the US Consulate and mentioned him to the American staff. There was an out of control American homeless guy slowly going mad on the streets of Cebu.

    The American staff told me they had already dealt with him. He had actually refused the repatriation.


    I did a two-week consultation job in Phnom Penh and there is no way you could get by there mooching off other Westerners. There are not enough Westerners and the country is too poor. You’d also be in serious danger in Cambodia homeless from desperate or anti-Western locals, whereas you could blend into the street scene in Philippines or Pattaya.


    Laighton was an older American scrap dealer who met a Filipino woman online. He fell in love with her.

    He sold his scrap business in Vegas and moved there. He gave her \$30,000 to build a house.

    When he returned to Philippines to start a new life the Filipino woman’s husband was drinking beer in the living room…by law she owned the property.

    At this point, he was really to broke to return to the US. So he ended up spending the rest of his life in the Philippines complaining how much he hated Filipinos. Yet with the money he still had left, he could not afford to live in the US.

    I could tell dozens of other stories but you get my point.

    The foreign imports in the US are Amerindians from Latin America who prey upon Americans. In the UK, I found your Pakistanis and Bangladeshis to BE A JOKE when I saw South Asians in estates trying to imitate black gangsters.

    Southeast Asian imports are not committing crime. There are a few Asian gangs in the US but very few.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  66. @jeff stryker

    I think the best thing as an expat is not to burn your bridges but to keep some connection to your home country, and keep visiting friends and family regularly and perhaps get some income going too. I know it’s easier said than done and one needs to have the means to live in two places simultaneously. If one can afford it and set themselves up for life nicely, the best is to just keep moving around as things keep on changing.

    Filippinos are absolute killers. They have pastimes such as “thrill kill” where they kill just for the fun of it and not even to join some gang. They also prefer to end most crimes with murder, and eliminating the victims and witnesses seems to give them more pleasure than the profits of crime, hence the common “slay rape”. For pious Christians they sure can be vicious.

    But things are changing. From the latest statistics in the ASEAN region I see that Malaysia is now No. 1 in crime and the Philippines is way down, just above Singapore and Brunei, and rates as safer than Vietnam, Thailand, or Indonesia. Surprise, surprise, Philippines now rates as safer than the UK or the US:

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  67. @Commentator Mike


    I lived in the Philippines for three years and there is no possible way it is safer than Thailand or as safe as Singapore, which has less crime even, then Western countries. No way is Philippines that safe and I lived there from 2010-2013.

    On the other hand, while the Philippines is dangerous at night, during the day it is usually safe outside the squats. Most crimes in the Philippines towards foreigners are drug-related. Burglary, theft, mugging, cons. But thrill kills? I had not heard of those.

    I’d say the black ghetto and Mexican barrio parts of the US are more dangerous than the Philippines.

    Heck,parts of Manchester at night are more dangerous.

    Most violence in the Philippines is drug related because they love their meth so much.

  68. I know about 15 years ago Manila was the murder capital of the world so I was surprised by these latest stat. Maybe Duterte has cleaned up the place and made it safer. Things do change. They say Medellin is nothing like it was once was.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  69. @Commentator Mike


    For some reason, Filipinos are fond of methamphetamine. Not just of smoking it, but also dealing. I once asked a Filipino neighbor how much a Filipino street dealer made. He told me about 1500 pesos a day. That’s good money. Duterte is yet to create an economy which offers employment opportunities to replace drug dealing for poor young men.

    Like Colombia, Philippines was a Spanish colony. And for whatever reason, Spanish colonies always have corruption and crime. Taiwan is only 740 miles from Philippines but much safer and has little corruption.

    As for crimes against foreigners, I myself have suffered a few.


    I suffered a burglary in Cebu. In that instance I was totally cleaned out. Even my passport was stolen as I slept.

    More distressingly, prior to the robbery a police officer on duty had parked outside the villa to introduce himself earlier in the afternoon to me.

    Because there were no visible signs of forced entry, I have always wondered if the policeman himself was not behind the robbery. That was fairly common.


    I was pickpocketed on a Jeepney. This is common for any foreigner who rides Jeepneys.


    My cell was stolen by a work crew I hired to repair the rundown villa I rented. Since they were not employed by the landlord, he merely shrugged.

    I bought a cheap older cell nobody could sell after that. Many foreigners have their cells stolen. I knew three or four other foreigners in the Philippines whose phone was stolen.


    On one occasion I was dipped in public.


    1. Outside my villa one night young men were swilling liquor and insulting me. Unwisely, especially given my age of 38, I insulted them back and they chased me to the gates of my subdivision. This was my own stupidity. I was told by the security gate guy that both were known as local drug addicts.

    2. I fired a Chinese-Filipino from a powerful family. My boss, who was English, made me. The Chinese-Filipino told me he was a “powerful man” and would kill me. He’d been dismissed for drinking on the job. Routine stuff, but he did come from a wealthy family. So I asked some other Chinese-Filipinos and they scoffed, saying that he was thought of as an idiot by other Chinese-Filipinos. Nothing came of that, anyhow.

    I’d be dishonest to say the Philippines was a great place. Its not. It is far more dangerous than any other country I went to in Southeast Asia.

  70. In PI, and those other SE Asian countries, if running a business you always need to have a woman you trust to do the hiring, firing, or complaining to workers. That’s what foreigners running things there told me, that you could get killed for firing someone or even just complaining about shoddy work. But a Filippina, or other local women in those other countries, can often get away with a lot more when dealing with local guys than a foreigner can. It’s just the way it is. You always need a woman as an intermediary out there, even looking at a guy directly in the eyes or raising your voice can cause trouble. Of course finding women you can trust can be a problem too but it’s possible.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  71. @Commentator Mike

    There were not many women in my business and I had a few powerful friends in the Philippines who would back my play.

    The foreigners who are killed most often are Indian loan sharks. Once they are shot, nobody owes them any money.

    However, you are correct. If you anger someone and especially someone of any local importance it is better to leave the country immediately.

    This puts long-term foreign residents in a real bad spot. If they have lived in the Philippines for years and own a house there and a survival business, one argument can mean running for the plane. Most counteract this by befriend/bribing one powerful local person.

    Still, I once heard of an Englishman who was deported for life giving a powerful man the finger at a traffic stop. Most Filipinos who own expensive cars are important people, and this rich Filipino paid to have him deported.

  72. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    “Haole” is too close to A-hole to not be derived from the latter. Perhaps that’s the more polite name that Hawaiians gave to the throngs of tourists that destroyed their islands since WW2.

  73. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:
    @jeff stryker

    The reason that Mexico has no large numbers of negroes is because they were absorbed into the general population of mestizos. That crazy blood still flows in their veins creating the typical mestizo behavior, which shows itself in it’s worst form when they get drunk.

  74. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Rather than just posting some random link to a video about an American moving to Mexico to get more freedom, it would be very helpful if you gave some background on who he is and why he is being persecuted by the government.

    • Replies: @haole
  75. haole says:

    I looked into a number of the videos by Gavin Siem. The guy is a III percenter, libertarian if you want a bucket to put him in. He believes in open borders. He provoked park rangers and other police with talk of constitutional rights, right or wrong looks like he was hunting for trouble in the USA. His point is if you cant standup to authority you are not free, weell that is my take on his message.

    He has some points about the regulation of small business in the USA and the millions of petty rules. There are areas where Mexicans have more freedom than the USA. Mexicans have a culture of not following rules, rules cant be enforced, no rules/fewer rules is more freedom. Thailand is something like this too. Yes, more freedom is chaotic, its a mariachi band in the street in front of your house at 7 AM. One mans freedom to run an unregulated taco stand is your case of Moctezumas revenge.

    I enjoy seeing all these points of view.

  76. Clyde says:
    @jeff stryker

    In the US, for some reason, whites can only rule by force.

    Due to the blackity black black black factor. The Indios and the Indio derived half breeds are more peaceful and compliant. They are more reasonable about living w whites and others. Think “toxic levels of self esteem”. You can look up this quote that describes America’s blacks.
    For the native Filipinos and Polynesians in the Philippines. They are like Indios.

  77. Clyde says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    You should pay Fredo to write a monthly in your blog. Call his column Peak Mehican Stupidity. With Fred at Unz we only see the topside of his sneakers. Not the scuzz on the soles that he might track into his house…if he did not scrape it off beforehand.

    • Replies: @anon
  78. I could pay him, Clyde, if he’d take it in Mexican pesos. On Peak Stupidity, he may very well be willing to spill the beans, oops, that wasn’t very PC there, on all sides of the real Mehico. Here’s more on Beans, Beaners, and Political Correctness.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  79. anon[331] • Disclaimer says:

    With Fred at Unz we only see the topside of his sneakers. Not the scuzz on the soles that he might track into his house

    seems like that’s true

    is he under orders?

  80. @TKK

    lol, reminds me of how my local police department was doing their infantile “shoulder tap operations”* in my neighborhood and there was a heroin selling apartment just a few hundred yards away from them with kids dropping dead from overdoses right outside the door that they couldn’t be bothered to do anything about.

    *For those who don’t know, a shoulder-tap operation is a misdemeanor sting where the pigs put some teen decoy, usually a hot female, outside a store to try to get random passers by to buy beer for her. When someone agrees, the pigs hiding in the bushes jump out and write the malefactor a citation.

    • Replies: @anon
  81. Baxter says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Ok, this made me think of a great line from a song, it goes “shush girl, shut your lips. Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.”

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  82. RAY

    When I was in college, the police would do the same thing with students. Get some reasonably hot girl, usually a policewoman in her early 20’s who looked younger, and have her convince some horny guy to give her a bag of marijuana. The college kid would then be busted for dealing, usually just selling her an eighth or something.

    Meanwhile, at least in the 90’s, crack houses operated fairly openly. Some of this has to do with warrants. Police cannot enter the property of crack dealer without a warrant. Also, crackheads have an unhealthy look that is unmistakable. Many normal people smoke pot.

  83. @Achmed E. Newman


    You know it is funny. I adjusted very easily to other countries like Dubai, Indian, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Kuwait etc.

    But I just could never understand Mexicans. There was something unpredictable and primitive about them like no other group of people I was ever around. In Phoenix, they scared me.

    I’d never want to live in the Southwest of the US because of Mexicans. And while you can sort of avoid inner-city blacks because they lack the money or the initiative to go very far from the hood, Cholos will pop up everywhere.

    Here’s the funniest thing. I went to Spain and did not have any problems there. Spanish people do not even look like Mexicans, at least not the average Cholo in Phoenix. There are no Brown Pride gangs in Spain at all.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  84. @Baxter

    Great lyric, Baxter, but if it came from any rap/hip-hop, I’m sure never gonna hear it.

  85. @jeff stryker

    Jeff, I don’t have quite the experience with those “cholos” as you. I won’t argue against that opinion. As far as the Spanish go, keep in mind that not many of the Mexicans and Central Americans have majority Spanish blood. What you don’t like about them may have to do with their American Indian genetics, which would lead me to think you wouldn’t have much good to say about the remaining American Indians either.

    Outside the reservations, there really aren’t any serious contingents of them anyway. On the reservations, well, it’s just pretty depressing. Part of that is the free stuff – Socialism leads to lack of initiative. It’s sad what happened to those people. That’s why you don’t let your country get flooded via mass immigration … oops!

  86. Ivy Mike says:

    Pronounced sopilote. The Spaniards never did learn how to spell Nahuatl words, they probably shouldn’t have burned the library.

  87. Clyde says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Only seeing this (your post) now due to non-notification by Unz…. Ron Unz is genius but these glitches happen.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  88. pyrrhus says:
    @Colin Wright

    I’ve driven in Spain…No problem except that all the German cars hog the left lane, because of status…

  89. @Clyde

    This one is not necessarily Mr. Unz’s software’s fault, unless I actually did hit the [REPLY] button to send it, but it didn’t take. I can neither remember nor prove that, but, of course, it was meant in reply to you.


    • Replies: @Clyde
  90. Clyde says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    This one is not necessarily Mr. Unz’s software’s fault, unless I actually did hit the [REPLY] button to send it, but it didn’t take. I can neither remember nor prove that, but, of course, it was meant in reply to you.

    Thanks for semi-explicating the .3% fail in the Unz software gizmo. “Didn’t take” …lol lo lol……In a while crocodile.

  91. MBlanc46 says:

    I’m glad that you like Mexico, Mr Reed. Please stay there. I trust that you’ve turned in your US passport and renounced your US citizenship. Adios. (However you say “And don’t come back” in Spanish.)

  92. MEH 0910 says:

  93. anon[326] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ray Huffman

    *For those who don’t know, a shoulder-tap operation is a misdemeanor sting where the pigs put some teen decoy, usually a hot female, outside a store to try to get random passers by to buy beer for her. When someone agrees, the pigs hiding in the bushes jump out and write the malefactor a citation.

    had this happen to me twice

    never fell for it

  94. Gyre07 says:

    “However, it seemed to me that a country that can name a brand of eye glasses for Helen Keller distinctly bears watching. There is no telling what it might do. ” Hilarious!

  95. Isabella says:

    I too, wonder. I think it has something to do with the Spanish Conquistadores frankly. The race division in Venezuela is a good example. The “top layer” of wealthy and ruling class are all pale skinned and marry within race to each other, thus preserving their pure Spanish.
    And boy, are they nasty. What they have done over past years to the descendants of African slaves and native indians doesn’t bear telling,
    Also, remember, the Spanish in Spain are the ones who designed and practised the first Inquisition, with torture to terrible to describe just for not quite getting your Apostolic Creed right, and like to torture and kill a wounded, exhausted, broken animal, for what they call sport, and fun.
    It has to say something about the kind of people as a race they are.

  96. @jeff stryker

    The white men of today are not the men of the Old West. The cowboy may just be an itinerant Victorian farmworker on the Socio-Economic ladder, but he was a Scythian horseman at heart. Same with those that get along with the beans. We have a little square mile slice out of the Dust Bowl in So Cal that was originally Okies and Mexicans, that is now Mexicans with a white holdover of Bikers and their ilk. There has never been a problem between them. In fact there has been plenty of interbreeding, if not intermarriage. E.g, there are Latin HA’s, but no blacks. The Mongols started out as Latinos before the Celts joined. What we see are the Celtic stock kicking ass and taking names, and as such reaching a comfortable detente with the Mexicans. While the blacks are gone by sundown, or else. Like all wild animals, a firm hand and strength of will is all it takes to get along. The weakness of the yuppie however, is a common topic of hilarity among the beans. The trope of gringos going to Tijuana to get drunk and sodomized is as common as it is true.

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