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Latinos, Inevitabilities, and Nativism as a Hobby
Que Será, Será
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The Klan in Mexico, Los Kuku Klan in Spanish. The obsidian knife speaks for itself, but a Klansman who drinks Kahlua suggests an organization in degeneracy.

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The most portentous events in American history were the enforced importation of African blacks by the New England slavers, and the opening of the southern border to Latin America. Both have proved disastrous. Compulsory mixing of disparate peoples has not worked.

In response to the Latino influx, Nativist groups arose to oppose immigration and (not the same thing) immigrants. Typically, Nativist hostility remains until the newcomers assimilate, if they do, and stop being disparate. Blacks haven’t done this. With Latinos, it is a work in progress.

Nativism Is far from new to America, and not always racial. The KKK Revival of the 1920s, far more successful than today’s Nativists, opposed chiefly not blacks but Catholic Irish and Italians. As late as the 1960s an argument against JFK as President was that he was Catholic and the Pope would control America. Today this seems silly. It didn’t then.

The Nativists of today, very similar to those of yore, Protestant, Nordic, and angry, speaking of an almost sacred white America, call themselves White Nationalists, the Alt Right, the Dissident Right, Immigration Patriots, and so on. Do they amount to anything? Or will they, like earlier Nativists, fade away, having accomplished little?

They will fade, methinks. They lack the horsepower to start an uprising, the votes to pass major policies, support in Congress, the courts, or the media. The immigrants are numerous enough that neither party is going to antagonize them. And the crafty brown rascals aren’t behaving badly enough to change this.

A Few Facts

Fact One: Some sixty million Hispanics live in the US, mostly and increasingly citizens, along with an unknown but substantial number of illegals.

Fact Two: They are in America to stay. The citizens cannot be deported. Nobody is going to force tens of millions, legal or otherwise, across the Mexican border. If you think otherwise, you need to stop smoking that brass polish. It isn’t good for you.

Fact Three: Intermarriage with whites is high, will remain high, and very likely increase. Latin Americans are attractive people. Nativists may regard them as repellent on ideological grounds, but this will remain a minority view among young white men.

(You ask: Why will intermarriage increase? Because increasingly the Hispanics speak native English. Language and accent are sharp markers of difference. Lupita Gutierrez, nineteen, speaking flawless American English (as distinct from Hisbonics), pretty, talking about the same movies as everyone else and pecking at her telephone, will repel few young white men.)

Fact Four: Pace the Nativists, America is not a white country. Maybe it should be, or could have been, or something, but it isn’t. It is roughly thirteen percent black, at least eighteen percent Hispanic, and several percent Asian, in total more than a third non-white. You can applaud this, deplore it, jump up and down and screech, or think warm fuzzy thoughts about inclusiveness. When you are through, the numbers will be exactly the same.

Fact Five: Increasingly, Hispanics vote.

Together the foregoing suggest that Nativism, if not a dead letter, is at least a dying letter, with time working against it. Maybe a ventilator would help.

Some Political Demographics

Geography and concentration increase the political leverage of minorities. If they were distributed evenly across the country, Nativists and sympathizers might outvote them. They are not so distributed. Blacks are concentrated in the downtowns of cities in the North, South, and Midwest, and control them, or nearly do, by ballot or sheer numbers. They tend to bloc vote, giving them great heft among Democrats and causing fear among Republicans. This is not going to change.

Latinos dominate, or shortly will, in the states of the Southwest. If Nativists make an electoral fight of it in these states, they will lose. Republicans might think about this.

Lost Cause Department

Judging by their websites, Nativists believe, or try to, that Real Americans will shortly awake from their slumber in fury at the pollution of their country, rise in a tsunami of white racial solidarity, and do…something. Just what isn’t clear.

Various problems afflict this understanding. Many liberals think of themselves as Real Americans. They too vote. We would then have competing tsunamis. Young whites, such as university students, seem less disturbed by immigration than their elders. Blacks vote Demographic regardless of immigration. Whether some, any, or all of this makes sense doesn’t matter. It happens. A successful tsunami seems unlikely.

Who Thinks What

Nativists (correctly) cite polls showing that the public regards immigration as a serious problem. From this they conclude that the majority of Americans agree with them in their antipathies. But agree with them about what?

Consider a spectrum of possible policies toward illegals arranged in ascending order of improbability: Deport MS-13. Close the border. End birthright citizenship. End welfare and drivers licenses for illegals. End medical care for them. Declare the DACA people illegal and deport all 850,000 of them. Pull third-grade children of illegals sobbing from their classrooms and leave them on the sidewalks (in front of 12,000 network cameras). Deport all illegals. Outlaw intermarriage. Establish legal segregation. Death camps.

While Nativists seem to favor all of these except the last–perhaps except the last–the general public would begin to fall off earlier in the list. Note the large number of sanctuary cities, counties, and states that refuse to cooperate with ICE. Remember again that liberals think they are Americans, and they too vote. While Nativists would happily contemplate the humanitarian disasters caused by, say, mass deportation, much of the public would recoil.

All of these measures would leave the millions of citizens in place. Here is a point worth noting: Nativists have no policy suggestions regarding Hispanic citizens. Hatred is not a policy.

Race and Nativism: The Box

Politically, Nativists are in a box from which there is no exit. The box exists because their hostility to Hispanics (and blacks and Asians) is racial, not political or behavioral. The racial basis, implicit in much of their writing, is often explicitly stated. Yes, they speak of strewn trash and poor English, but race is their underlying concern. They are clear about it.

This matters. It is The Box. Since Hispanics cannot change their race, there is no room for compromise, accommodation, assimilation, or even a modus vivendi. Any of these would lead to intermarriage, which causes night horrors in Nativists.

Their thinking is starkly binary. White is good, everything else is bad: blacks, Indians (of either kind), Vietnamese, Chinese, Muslims (Nativists tend to regard Islam as a race), what have you. No shades exist, no degrees. It is White, and everyone else. The Box means that no matter what Hispanics do, no matter how many languages they learn, how many babies they fail to rape, Nativists will hate them. In a country more than a third non-white, this is not going to work.

The Political Consequences of the Binary Box

Nativists invariably are hardcore conservatives and so detest Democrats almost as much as they detest nonwhites. Yet by their attacks on Hispanics they seem determined to elect Democrats.

On Nativist sites one reads endlessly that Hispanics are filthy, don’t learn English, carry medieval diseases, molest orphans, can’t read, are stupid, attack teachers, hate America, and breed like flies. The Nativists are then outraged that the ungrateful bastards vote Democratic.

Damn! Who would have thought it?

The Refrigerator as Contraceptive

Nativists seem to believe that Hispanic immigrants are invariant, like pi. That is, If on arrival Eduardo doesn’t speak English and has fleas, his progeny generation after generation will not speak English, but will have fleas, world without end. Let’s think about this.

“Middle class” is often defined approximately as having a refrigerator, television, house, job, and children in school (and, today, internet access, which is not trivial). Middle classes tend strongly to low crime, low birth rate, civility, good health, and respect for education. Illegal Latin American immigrants are not in the middle class. If they were, why would they come to America?

This might suggest that if you have a large population of lower-class immigrants, who are not going to go away, encouraging them to become middle class might be a good idea. It might be a very good idea.

Nativists are having none of this, preferring to believe that Mexicans innately suffer from reproductive incontinence, ,

illiteracy, and suchlike.

This description, though not the innateness, was reasonably accurate in 19ñ40. Today, the CIA World Factbook puts literacy in Mexico at 95 percent. As for breeding profligately? A birth rate of 2.1 total babies per woman is ZPG, Zero Population Growth. Again according to the CIA World Factbook, Mexico is at 2.19 bpw, .09 babies above ZPG.

The effects of rising prosperity

A Great Puzzlement

In my seventeen years of life in Mexico, I have found Nativists to be obsessively unfamiliar with even the basics of the country, much less South America. People avoid what they don’t like. (You saw it here first.) Liberals do not read, a Nativist site, nor conservatives, Salon. There are Nativists who have spent decades seething with loathing of Latinos but have spent almost no time in Latin countries. Instead they palpate statistics. If they have been south of the border at all, it was in search of confirmation, not information. Typically they have met only taxi drivers and waiters.

So, saith I, our current Nativism will eventually subside. Much of what they say about nonwhites is true, much false, much subject to change and much changed. But the immigrants are here to stay. It might be wise to make the best of it instead of promoting a pointless hostility.

Write Fred at [email protected]. Put the letters pdq anywhere in the subject line to avoid autodeletion.All read, reply not guaranteed due to volume.

Nekkid in Austin

Amazon review: “Essays on America, life, politics, and just about everything. The author chronicles among other adventures an aging stripper in Austin, dressed in a paper-mache horse, who had with her a cobra and a tarantula like a yak-hair pillow with legs and alternately charmed and terrified a room full of cowboys sucking down Bud and…. Fred was an apostle of the long-haul thumb during the Sixties and saw…many things. He tells of standing by the big roads across the desert, rockin in the wind blast of the heavy rigs roaring by and the whine of tires and dropping into an arroyo at night with a bottle of cheap red and watching the stars and perhaps smoking things not approved by the government. He tells of..well, that’s what the book is for. Join him.”

NOTE: All 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus.

Mexico literacy rate for 2016 was 94.86%, a 0.39% increase from 2015.

They are less inclined to bloc voting than blacks and in considerable numbers could be pried away from the Democrats. For example, a white businessman telling an association of Hispanice businessmen that they had a common interest in advocating policies favoring business would get a warm reception. Masonic lodges of Hispanics and Anglos have much in common.

Consequently the Nativist policy of deliberately antagonizing Latinos seems other than bright.

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  1. Daniel H says:

    My biggest problem with latino immigrants – and this concern dwarfs all others – is the almost complete passivity in the face of their own economic exploitation. They just take it. And because they take it, those of us in the white working class end up taking it too. Mexicans/Mesos/Andeans seem to think that it is their lot in life to be relentlessly ground down economically, and it will be the lot of their children and grandchildren to come. A manana attitude. Defer to the big man, the patron, the caudillo. I see why “woke” latinos still find marxism attractive. It is almost impossible to organize latinos into a labor force that can challenge management/capital. And forget about latino politicians. They have already been selected to go along with the bourgeois left consensus. Your typical latino/latina politician pays more attention to tranny rights than to the 10/hour laborers, toiling in 110 degree heat in the imperial valley.

    The future of America is nasty, brutish, bleak.

    • Replies: @Lee Lepanto
    , @juanisaac
  2. That’s a well-written article, but one with quite a bit more stupidity than can be argued against in one measly comment. Lets’s start with Fred’s spectrum of actions to be taken. Mr. Reed has been living down in Mexico for well over a decade. Does he even hear words out of Americans’ mouths other than the talking heads on his idiot plate (or the one at his daughter(?)’s apartment that he watches during the time he visits this country)?

    I would bet quite a bit of money that you’d find a big majority, say over 75%, of actual Americans in favor of all but the last 3 items, making intermarriage illegal (an impossibility), legal segregation*, and death camps. The rest is quite feasible were adult men running the show who were not scared of TV sob stories and they didn’t (one more time, Fred) try to DEPORT ALL OF THEM ON THE SAME DAY!

    Keep in mind, one country’s humanitarian disaster is another country’s return to unity and higher wages for the working man, those countries being Mexico and the United States, respectively

    Read Peak Stupidity‘s hundreds of articles involving immigration stupidity (scroll down).


    * Now, if you put it a different way and asked about the freedom of association that was supposed to be enshrined in our Constitution, you may get plenty of votes.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
    • LOL: bluedog
    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  3. Fred knocks the “Nativist” strawman right down. I’m an expat like Fred, albeit in a different country, so my interest in the U.S. is purely economic (retirement savings). But from my perspective the real issue for Latinos is what happens when they run out of whites willing to buffer their conflicts with the blacks and Asians who regard them as dangerous economic rivals and cheap labor to be ruthlessly exploited, respectively. The Nativists will be the least of their worries.

    • Replies: @Haole
    , @joe862
  4. Daniel H says:

    what happens when they run out of whites willing to buffer their conflicts with the blacks and Asians who regard them as dangerous economic rivals and cheap labor to be ruthlessly exploited, respectively. The Nativists will be the least of their worries.

    Actually, if you review the social economic history of Los Angeles you will understand that – one way or another – Mexicans have ruthlessly ethnically cleansed African Americans from several historically black communities. In any conflict between African Americans and Mexican Americans I would bet on the Mexicans. Though, of course, I don’t want to see any conflict with anybody, but our plutocrats are determined to bering about catastrophic racial/ethnic conflict for all but themselves.

    • Agree: Ace
  5. 1. You whine about immigration, but refuse to work(welfare bums)
    2. You whine about crap made in Japan, China, but you buy the crap.
    3. You whine about jobs being shipped overseas, but you vote the stupid bastards in that made it possible, and buy the stuff when it’s shipped back to the US.
    4. You wine about liberty, but have no problem with sending troops & big business over to some third world country to smash & grab their resources, force them to accept our version of governance and or meddle with the majority of the country’s already accepted Government.
    Before you decide that you or your country/Government has the right to dictate to other’s how they run their country, maybe just maybe you ought to fix your own mess first!!

    • Agree: bluedog
    • Replies: @Daddio7
  6. @MEH 0910

    So the solution to parasites having a tougher time than the productive is more subsidies- that surely where this leads, no?

  7. MEH 0910 says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    his daughter(?)’s apartment

    Yes, Fred was staying with his daughter Emily Ann (the singer).

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  8. Truth says:

    Hey, I warned Frijole Fred not to let his ratio go askew some years ago, and he would be fine. I said, “Fred, for every ‘I love Aztecs’ article, you needa at least four, ‘I hate Nigers’ articles. That would satisfy all but the most ardent WN’s (who are all female on this site anyway, so who cares).

    Then he could even chuck in a monthly, tepid, ‘war sux and the US Army is stoopit’ article, and even one of his weird ones that make no sense at all. But Alfredo loves Mexicans more than he hates Nigers so he cannot help himself.

  9. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Another article Fred has written under the influence of too many Tequilas. I just skimmed it and went to the comments.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  10. I really wonder whether Mrs. Reed II writes these pro-Mexico posts and if this vindictiveness about VDare is due to some small slight or spat. Is this all about a few bucks or something? (If it is Mrs. Reed, nice writing style, and good grammar – maybe there IS something to this Mexican high literacy crap.)

    I’ve read VDare since right near their beginnings. Almost everything Mr. Reed writes about that great group of writers is exaggerations or just plain lies. Mr. Allan Wall, who has written for VDare for as long as I can remember, formerly had his column named “Memo from Mexico”. Why? Because this writer lived there, maybe for as long as Mr. Reed here. His wife is Mexican, and his kids are 1/2 Mexican. I just don’t think the guy HATES HATES HATES Mexican, you know? VDare, with very few exceptions, has writers that stick to plain facts, even if those facts are not palatable to one Fred Reed.

    Yes, I would call VDare people “nativists”. That’s a great term. They, along with most Americans, including a lot of assimilated* immigrants even, do believe white people must remain a majority or this country is screwed.


    * Another lie by Fred Reed is that Hispanic immigrants are assimilating well. That was the case when they were a very few, and only in the majority-American areas. With 60 million people, many in areas that don’t have many actual Americans there at all, there is no assimilation, and I can’t blame these people for that. Why spend the effort. Let’s face an obvious fact, explained in “Immigration invasion, assimilation, and refugees”, assimilation doesn’t work on large numbers. That post, BTW, discusses the very subject Mr. Reed did, the issue of whether an even-more-foreign group could assimilate, as the Italian, Irish and Jews (pretty much) assimilated over 50 years and after a 41 year immigration moratorium.

    • Replies: @AaronInMVD
  11. dvorak says:

    The Nativists are then outraged that the ungrateful bastards vote Democratic.

    Disproven a million times, Fred will return to this assertion like a dog returns to his vomit.

    For the million-and-first time, Hispanics vote Dem because they are socialists. They are socialists in their native countries. They are socialist when they arrive here. Their children are socialists, too. They vote for Bernie over Biden.

    Steve Sailer has shown that Hispanic vote turnout is tepid, no matter if a Hispanderer like Jeb Bush or a hater like Trump is on the ballot.

    Thus neither their party preference nor their election day turnout has the slightest bit to do with nativists’ actions.

    Fred doesn’t bother to provide a scintilla of evidence for his assertion, as usual.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman, Slimer
    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @MexicanGoy
    , @Ace
  12. @MEH 0910

    Thanks, MEH. I wasn’t completely sure, but I remember that column and that his daughter is a singer from that (very good column in) your 2nd link.

  13. Daddio7 says:
    @Mike Shelley

    Try and buy an American made computer, TV, toaster, fruit picked by American citizen. You have no other choice, that was taken away decades ago.

    Yes, things would cost more but citizen workers would have more money. I am 67 and have never bought a foreign make car. At least there I have choice because the goverment mandates a certain amount of domestic content in cars. That should be true for most products we buy.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  14. The king says:

    America of 1950’s is gone and the country will never be what it once was (shining city on a hill full of hope, prospects, talent and energy) . The big question is what to do from now on. At this point no more immigration is needed legal, illegal, white, black , brown etc. There are 320 million plus people, in a country full of social, political , cultural problems and economic challenges. Time is needed to sort a lot of this out and for an assimilation of some form to happen.As late Ross Perot once said, no one is going anywhere, so we either assimilate and learn to live with one another at some level of comfort or the whole thing is going to collapse just like Soviet Union. Only time will tell which option will prevail.

    • Agree: The Anti-Gnostic
    • Replies: @Ace
  15. I like getting my news on Mexico from people other than Fred Reed.

    Lots of carnage and mutilation, but at least they could read. I say bring ’em up.

    • Replies: @juanisaac
  16. AaronInMVD says: • Website
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Well, literate in Spanish. What the reported literacy percentages mean outside the US is largely what they mean inside the US anymore. 9X% of the population knows the alphabet and can reasonably string words together in a grammatically correct manner, but they can’t necessarily ascertain the meaning of their own, much less other people’s writings. But it’s enough for warning signs and the convincing completion of most paperwork so it is good enough for the bureaucrats…

    I see the present crisis popping a lot of the “pretense bubble.” What percent of US university graduates during the last decade actually made an greater contribution to world economy than the Peruvian mountain men that go to mine guano on bird islands for ~double their local minimum wage? (No machinery because it would scare the birds away)

    I’m not a fan of the way Fred Reed uses the label “hispanics” to cover people divided among numerous lines of which class is usually the most important. The upper classes can integrate just about anywhere. Out of the poorer classes, some sifting can usually find a working class that can reliably do whatever work is put in front on them. Of the kids the US has been raising lately… the kids tend to be spoiled out of that growing up. The numbers aren’t there among the US raised set.

    The real chain seems to be productive unassimilated immigrant begets unproductive second generation necessitating fresh immigrants to carry ever expanding derealized liberal arts burdens.

    I also like the V-dare crew, their writing, and their ideas on what makes a nice community to live in. The truth however seems to live in a messier area that eludes the columnists.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  17. syonredux says:

    Latin Americans are attractive people. Nativists may regard them as repellent on ideological grounds, but this will remain a minority view among young white men.

    Some men simply have low standards…..

  18. Stealth says:

    I think the idea is that since white skin is a physical weakness, brown skin is superior and therefore more attractive. It’s an idea that doesn’t always stand up well to reality. This line of thinking has been around among Northern Europeans for a long time. When I was a child I was constantly reminded by just about everyone that I was inferior (they didn’t use that term) for being fair skinned. We have our own analog of “good hair:” good skin.

    • Replies: @syonredux
  19. Slimer says:

    For many years social scientists predicted that non-black “POC” would assimilate into whiteness, although they underestimated the effect that population size has on intermarriage with whites. At 2-3% of the population Latinos will become white but at 18%? Not gonna happen. Some Latinos are already white in a genetic sense, and children of white-Latino unions are usually accepted as white provided that they look it.

    However, this doesn’t mean that white people will view the average Latino as white, or that there will be a white-Latino alliance to take down the blacks. Regardless of their animosity towards blacks, the Latino appetite for socialism ensures that white America will continue to shun them. Whites see them as better than blacks but too different to share wealth with.

  20. syonredux says:

    I think the idea is that since white skin is a physical weakness, brown skin is superior and therefore more attractive.

    There’s more to beauty than just skin color; physiognomy is also quite important. And Mestizos and Amerinds are simply not up to European standards….

  21. So many things false and wrong with Fred’s column. I guess what sticks out the most is his oft-repeated idea that white people in the US are either afraid of or hate Mexicans. That is obviously not true, and Fred seems to think that that is the main problem,, when it is also very obviously that too much immigration drives down wages and slows assimilation to a stand still.

    Both assimilation and maintaining wage rates are valid and important concerns of all Americans and have nothing to do with fear or hate.

    It’s been clear to me for a while now that Fred has his made up mind locked down on a variety of issues and nothing anyone says, nothing that ever happens can ever change it.

    I too, mostly just skim his writing then go immediately to the comments. Reading Fred is not just a waste of time, it’s frustrating to read someone so wrong, yet so sure of himself.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  22. End ALL social welfare programs, then you can open the borders. I could use a gardener, cook, maid. I just can’t afford to pay them. Rice and beans I can afford.

  23. BuelahMan says:


    I was wondering if Fred had lost his mind recently. But no, he is back to “Mexicans, Good. Whites he don’t agree with, bad.”

  24. @syonredux

    Mr. Reed’s envisioning of Hot Hispanic women goes very much in-line with Neil Young’s lyrics, as Peak Stupidity‘s visual fisking of Cortez the Killer noted – see below. Don’t get me wrong, Neil Young rocks with his long guitar leads in this song. Come for the guitar, put up with the stupid lyrics.

    Left side: Neil Young’s envisioning of his pre-Columbian savage female Cinnamon Girl. / Right side: Reality has a way of sapping you in the groin.:

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  25. @dvorak

    “For the million-and-first time, Hispanics vote Dem because they are socialists. They are socialists in their native countries. They are socialist when they arrive here.”
    Pretty fucking stupid socialists too, apparently. “I’m a socialist, so I vote Democrat” That’s funny beyond words.

  26. “Illegal Latin American immigrants are not in the middle class. If they were, why would they come to America ?”
    Fred has a point here.
    A huge amount of immigration is caused by economic/political disfunction in home countries.
    Immigration is similar to charity: it’s a band aid, under which nasty germs can (invisibly) proliferate, while conveniently failing to deal with the underlying systemic failures.
    There are means to at least reduce immigration.
    Stop regime change: whatever reason is given for it, that reason is essentially Imperialistic.
    How many million “refugees” ? For what?
    Israel’s hegemonic desires? US desires to weaken Russia (ie create another Russian Vietnam? Take its port & runways?) And the benefit to average US citizens? A net loss.
    Further: neoliberalism. Reduce nations to mere commodity/cash-crop exporters under the wise direction of local Oligarchs, backed by Wall St Capos, is a recipe for dysfunction.
    Help people to want to stay home. Works for them, works for you.

  27. Fred says, ”Much of what they say about nonwhites is true, much false, much subject to change and much changed. But the immigrants are here to stay.”

    But what he means is, ”Much of what I say about nonwhites is true, much false, much subject to change and much changed. But the immigrants are here to stay.” And you white Euros can lump it.

    If they are here to stay, then they are not immigrants; they are invaders and occupiers, i.e. conquerors. Let’s keep our language specific and accurate. So Fred admits that they cannot be dislodged from where they currently occupy. What had started out as a toehold has turned into a fortress. And we are supposed to be reassured by this? What guarantee do we have that they won’t use their current position to made further inroads? To conquer yet more territory?

    The answer is”none”. Further expansion is inevitable, given the policies Fred is putting forward. And he is smart enough to know this. That’s how and why Fred is dishonest. He is a fifth columnist.

    And finally, many whites—and I am one of them—simply find most Hispanics (and blacks) unattractive. It’s not that I hate them. I just don’t want to mate with them. Are we to be denied our freedom to choose those with whom we would form a family? This is our most basic, instinctual right. You can’t fight this with social engineering. You can’t change human nature.

  28. DCC says:

    Come to Florida, Fred, where we have every Latino population except Mexican.

    We need your insight. The only thing Hispanics seem to agree upon is that their own country is the cultural pinnacle, and that Mexicans are at the bottom.

    The southwestern US/Mexican thing does seem like you describe, but it is a a fluke of geography and politics. I don’t think it reflects the totality of Hispanic/US cultural blending.

  29. @restless94110

    I ran out of [Thanks] for a while, but that was an excellent comment, Restless.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  30. Haole says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    Eventually the dems will come apart.

  31. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Pray, Mr. Reed, remind us of last month’s total number of murders committed on Mexican soil.

    Do you not think that this might just, possibly, merit a fleeting sense of concern amongst white American at the prospect of a Mexican dominated USA?

  32. Haole says:

    Fred’s stuck in a white America with a few immigrants who will be Americans in a few years. That is gone, America is two or more countries. The dem controlled states and cities are just a weird new third world. Don’t go to the hospital, send your kids to the public schools or live in el nuevo tercer mundo.

  33. @Achmed E. Newman

    I appreciate your commentary, also.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  34. Anonymous[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Ugly. The country is drowning under the weight of its treasonous, genocidal immigration policies and Fred is literally gloating.

  35. @AaronInMVD

    Aaron, you’ve got good points there. Americans have been ruined after 50 decades of “Great Society” Socialism. That’s part of the problem. Americans WILL got to work for decent wages (enough to support a family or at least live without staying 10 to a house or living in the back of the store like illegal Mexicans and .Indians. We’d have better wage rates at the low and middle (think software) ends were it not for this 55 years now of massive immigration.

    Indeed the universities are turning out a lot of people with no more productive skills than they had going in, \$50,000 ago. They can still work at the same coffee shop though, but with that near-mortgage-sized debt now … oh, we’d better vote for Bernie. He’ll save us!

    I have been enjoying your reports from Montevideo. I’m glad I came across your blog.

    • Replies: @AaronInMVD
  36. KenH says:

    The Nativists are then outraged that the ungrateful bastards vote Democratic.

    Damn! Who would have thought it?

    Funny, because the Jewish led left and Jewish led Democrat party says that right of center whites are racist, morally bankrupt, stupid, and provincial with no redeeming qualities and hispanics vote for that party at around a 70% clip.

    The anti-whites and anti-nativists are then outraged that the ungrateful white bastards are turning to white nationalism and dissident right politics and view with extreme suspicion non-white groups who vote for Democrats in supermajority percentages.

    Damn! Who would have thought it?

  37. KenH says:

    You almost can’t tell them apart from Swedes, Germans or Poles.

  38. Muggles says:

    Some observations in general.

    Who exactly are the “nativists” any more? There were always some in the US of course, and guess what, in most other nations. Those who arrived first dislike the newcomers. Especially after the indigenous residents were mostly killed off or died. Just how welcoming are Mexicans to other Central Americans who sneak into their country? Does Fred have the correct papers to live there? If not, he’d be thrown out. Unlike “nativist” ruled America, where almost no illegal (no papers) resident is every removed.

    One of my late relatives had his Mexican pharmacy confiscated and all his property stolen, and was put on a train back to the US, after the 1920s revolution. Of course he was Anglo. Had permits. Nativism? I think so.

    So no double standards here Fred. Though I do like your attitude and style, mostly. Hope your eye is holding on.

    Yet you also, in your USA bashing, fail to mention the endemic machismo in Mexico or the fact that the cartels run a large part of the country you now live in. Some have suggested it is your fear of cartels which keeps you curiously silent about them. USA bashing is fine, but when it is totally one sided, it palls. Plus “Hispanic” isn’t a race, or even a single ethnicity. Where I live in Texas there isn’t much bigotry about “Hispanics” in general. Or even illegals. Just gang-bangers and those who fail to abide by the local Anglo cultural-legal norms. Do you experience nothing but Gringo Love in Mexico? Somehow I doubt it.

  39. @dvorak

    Imagine thinking that LatinAmerican is socialist. Our governments have been hand-picked by the US for almost a century now, so if Latin America is socialist, it is because the US made them and want them to be that way. But thinking that socialists exist in 2020 is epic American boomer cope. Everyone is a different shade of Neoliberal.

    • Replies: @Ace
  40. “Today, the CIA World Factbook puts literacy in Mexico at 95 percent.”

    What’s the CIA’s batting average with its published accuracy in general? How about with Covid-19?

    Even if Mexico’s population were 95 percent literate (whatever literate means–hell, Haiti has commercial and traffic signage and newspapers) it wouldn’t really be cause for writing a letter to mom back home, seeing that perhaps 20 percent of Mexico’s population has emigrated to other parts (primarily, the US)– and I can emphatically assure you good readers that the adult Mexican émigrés are not anywhere close to 95 percent literate in standard Mexican public middle school text book Spanish)

    I seriously doubt that the legacy of this eminent leader of Mexican public pedagogy has been remediated in Mexico:

    In all fairness, however, I will concede that most of American public schools are in the toilet too.

    All the more reason not to be accommodating and importing more toiletries.

  41. @Daddio7

    Check the foreign component content data disclosures on the original new sale paperwork of the vehicles you have purchased. I’d wager you’d be in for some surprises. There are some cars badged as Chevys that have far more non American/Canadian content than many Hondas and Toyotas.

  42. @Daniel H

    Daniel H: Word. I saw it happening in SoCal while working over 30 years as a Peace Officer(1972-2002). We had to segregate the Black Inmates from the Mexicans when I was a Jailer. They completely drove the Blacks out of Compton. And, when I lived in Riverside, CA(1991-2002) there was an out-front race war where the Mexicans would shoot a Black for simply walking down the wrong side of the street, and then the Black gangs would retaliate.
    You’re right about the Plutocrats. They have exploited the Mexicans for years as low-wage slaves. This is because in their culture, they value hard work, and family integrity, unlike the Welfare-Plantation Negro. The sad thing is once the social, politcal, and cultural climate starts getting too uncomfortable for these (((Limosine-liberal Plutocrats))), they will just hop on their Gulfstream IV’s and get out of their disintegrating Blue Hives. They already have plenty of hide-outs here in Northern Idaho and are busy corrupting local politics to suit their Marxist agendas. But, unlike SoCal, they have been mugged and numbered by the locals, who are smart and well-armed.

    • Replies: @joe862
  43. AaronInMVD says: • Website
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Glad you enjoy my reporting. I just wish I had more to report on.

    Americans, for some part of the cohort labeled “Americans” will indeed work for the right wage. I suspect the university system has increasingly left graduates less ready to work. I don’t know if most of the young ones can ever be made to actually work though. I have grave doubts.

    This crisis will probably see the younger generations herded into NEET cubes where they consume petrofood and stay out of everyone’s way.

  44. joe862 says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    Latinos and a bunch of others view whites, consciously or not, as a natural resource to be exploited. Not whites really, nobody’s moving to Ukraine, but I’ll just go with the common parlance. The problem, obviously, is that there won’t be enough white people to go around. Parts of the US with a lot of Latinos have the same basic problems as Latin America. Terrible schools, lots of poverty, crime, etc.

    Anybody who doesn’t realize that Irish and Italian catholics are a huge problem isn’t paying attention. They’re a disaster in the big cities where they rule. Chicago is a great example. It’s completely unsustainable. The culture of corruption and mismanagement are spectacular and it’s largely because of those two groups, whether anybody wants to admit it or not. The only reason anything gets done is because therer are a lot of people from better groups doing all the actual work.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  45. joe862 says:
    @Dweezil the Weasel

    2nd Generation latinos have an extremely high divorce rate. The family orientation stereotype doesn’t last in the US.

  46. Hilarious!
    Absolute comedy.
    Bicker, puff, whine and bark, and just like Fred said:
    “When you are through, the numbers will be exactly the same.”

    Fred must be laughing his butt off after reading all those comments bitterly protesting reality.

  47. [email protected] the Republican vs. Democrat premise underlying Fred’s drivel. What sites are you reading, Señor Reed? 1990s sites? A sizable portion of the pro-white community despises the Republican Party and seeks its demise ASAP. The rest despises the GOP and views it as a tool that can limit the damage from immigration until a fundamental reordering of the political landscape (think secessions and separations; read Curt Doolittle/listen to John Mark) begs to be implemented. Are you unaware that corona and impending economic catastrophe, along with Chinese sabre-rattling and a possible anti-white socialist administration assuming power, have the potential to cause chaos that hasn’t been seen since the Civil War? How often do multi-ethnic empires (I call what we have on the continent not a nation but a trading zone) break apart?

    Regarding the nth iteration of the “pretty Latina” angle. I’m no Romeo but I’ve had opportunities to be with pretty Latinas (who were middle class and spoke correct English). I passed because I didn’t want my kids to be half-breed spics and contribute to the erasure of whites. Not everyone is a cuck willing to throw everything into the abyss for a warm place to put it, Fred.

    I’ve been around Latinos since kindergarten to the present in my awful east coast city that they helped make awful. I have more lifetime experience with Latinos of every stripe than you do, Fred. They are DIFFERENT and I want no part of them.

  48. I want to clarify to the know-it-all, but never with any solutions, Latinophile (who didn’t bother to thank me for contacting a software company he claimed had ripped him off on his behalf only to be embarrassed when I was informed that Fred had received a full refund) what I mean by “throwing everything into the abyss”. I’m not going to discard my attachment to history, tradition, ancestry, and the continuation of these things because a “pretty Latina” knows how to operate a smartphone (invented by Europeans) and speaks English. I’d rather see the entire thing burned to ashes (lol at the irony that I used to be a patriotard) than be a consumer drone in an economic zone of mongrels masquerading as a nation. And by the way Fred, trying reading the book Hive Mind to dispel the delusion that a mongrelized and substantially Latino and black USA would remain first world. The Chinese will have your “pretty Latinas”, their cucked husbands, and their mixed-race brood wage-slaving for them.

  49. @Daniel H

    I don’t disagree with what you said but THAT is your biggest concern? (And I want to be clear that I care about their exploitation only as it pertains to depressing wages for whites. I couldn’t care less about their exploitation for its own sake because they don’t belong here.) Not crime, welfare expenditures, the high cost of educating them (hiring Spanish speaking teachers, remediation), that they lower the quality of instruction, safety, & discipline in schools, their various selfish and awful behaviors (driving through residential areas at 1 am blasting spic music, holding loud parties into the wee hours, etc.), that they have no regard for the 1st & 2nd amendments and vote left?

  50. Corvinus says:

    “Latinos and a bunch of others view whites, consciously or not, as a natural resource to be exploited.”

    Not really.

    “Anybody who doesn’t realize that Irish and Italian catholics are a huge problem isn’t paying attention.”

    How anti-White of you to say.

  51. Luek says:

    Why are you dressed like an KKK member? They went extinct decades ago.
    The newest rage is the Antifa clown show. Dress like an Antifa member.
    There are way too many of them round.

  52. bluedog says:

    Hmm why would anyone go to the comments without reading the article,how can any one comment on something they never read or is it you just wish to get your two cents in so everyone will know your still alive.!!!!!

  53. bluedog says:

    Lol are you really that hard up for most simply skip him, for he’s like a fly annoying but not really dangerous, and his site is a mirror of his inner self as he tries to come across as some higher authority, but somehow he simply come about as a flat note in the chorus.!!!

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  54. MEH 0910 says:

    Donald J. Trump Retweeted:

  55. @bluedog

    Another one of Unz’s Commies chimes in. Hey, Bluedog, if you’re skipping than how do I have you Laughing Out Loud? Magic!

    Well more than half of the writers on this site are anti-all-things-American, many of those being Communist. The commenters that go along are similar. Why do you feel the need to visit the few parts of the site that are not? (Fred here ain’t the brightest, and he has this fixation with promoting Mexican residents of all Norte America, but he writes well and at least leans sane.)

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Rurik
  56. @Achmed E. Newman

    I’m no Communist, but I find it funny that hicks and rubes in the US are still freaking out over Communism 30 years after the wall fell when America is the worst example of raw deregulated corporate capitalism in the developed world.

    Somehow the GOP always sells the hicks on cancelling a raise in minimum raise because of the dreaded Commie threat.

    The only Russians coming to the US are trophy wives like Ivana Trump.

    Not that Communism would work. Or socialism. Blacks and Hispanics and whites all detest on another deep down-barring women who are shafted by males of another race-and so neither Communism nor Socialism would work in the US.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  57. @Jeff Stryker

    I’m not talking about Russians, Mr. Stryker, as you seem to be the one 30 years behind. Just go read the Godfree Roberts BS, along with many other of the writers on this blog. They are not an external threat. Yes, Jeff, the Cold War was won over 30 years ago. Weren’t you still here in America then? (That’s what I recall, that you grew up in the Detroit area, lived in the Southwest, and then headed all over the world.)

    These same type of people are always a threat, as they are the type that want to burn a good system down (say, 1960’s America – before they started their march through the institutions here). Peak Stupidity notes Commies crawling out of the woodwork… it’s about that time.

    As far as Capitalism goes, we have no such thing in America at this time. (Yes, we have no bananas.) Crony Capitalism (akin to economic Fascism) – yes, we have much of that.

    Haha, so Communism will work fine in a homogeneous country. Let’s see, Cambodia was homogeneous, and the 2/3 of the people that survived Communism still are. Yippee! Outside of the Stans, the Soviet Union consisted of a homogeneous group of white people. China consists still of a homogeneous population of Han Chinese, and has for a long, long time. Neither of those last two huge parts of the world did very well under Communism.

    From one hick to another – they are (virtually) right under your nose, Jeff Stryker.

  58. Anonymous[143] • Disclaimer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Reality is that some look like the woman on the left and others like the woman on the right.

    I’m the product of an inter-cultural marriage and would generally discourage the practice, though with some exceptions: white-Asian marriages seem to work well. The thing is that marriages between whites and Hispanics who were born in America in majority-white areas are not inter-cultural marriages. They talk the same, act the same, and will have the same idea of what is normative in marriage.

  59. Sulu says:

    Fred’s hypothetical inner voice.
    “If I bash the U.S.A. and White people in general nothing bad is going to happen to me. If I happen to write something bad about the Mexican cartels they may just cut my balls off. I don’t really need my balls much these days, they are like Christmas tree balls, mostly ornamental. But I have always had an emotional attachment to them. I think I will bash White people and neglect to even mention the cartels.”

    Your credibility has greatly diminished from the halcyon days of yore, Fred. Credibility like virginity once lost doesn’t grow back.

    Slide a little further into the bottle. God knows you have sufficient reason. (Vietnam.) I still hope you outlive every son of a bitch that send you there. Even if you do write drivel these days.


    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  60. @Sulu

    Fred also won’t mention the Great White Elephant in the room-the European ten percent Spanish aristocracy who run Mexico.

    Fred would not write about them. They own telecommunications and indeed would visit him. The cartels are run by Mestizos of some degree or another, but the actual owners of Mexico are the ten percent white elite.

    He’ll never say that Indians come to the US for that reason.

    • Agree: Sulu
  61. Rurik says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    (Fred here ain’t the brightest, and he has this fixation with promoting Mexican residents of all Norte America, but he writes well and at least leans sane.)

    he used to be sane, and he always did write well

    But today he’s morphed into just another repulsive cuck.

    All the more repulsive because he used to be sane. I expect Latinos to agitate for their hegemony over whitey. It’s even laudable in some contexts for them to do so. But for a whitey to pick up their banner and use his formidable talents to bolster the Hispanic cause, over his own erstwhile people, is as I mentioned, repulsive to witness.

    He joins the ranks of Tim Wise, and other white cucks self-abasing for the glory of Zion, (the enemy of Western civ.)

    Viva La Raza!

    Huh Fredo the cuck?

  62. Al Lipton says:

    I don’t see them pesky “Nativists” anywhere. I see Michael Moore who is too overweight for his own good but rejects the Bible as not scientific enough for his fat taste. Weird.

    Cheers, Fred! Always pleasure to read your stuff.

  63. Anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    Another piece of garbage that wasn’t worth the time it took to read. Fred’s articles on black dysfunctional behavior are usually pretty good though.

    • Agree: Sulu
  64. John S says:

    Tried to share this on Facebook but it was rejected, something about standards.

  65. juanisaac says:
    @Daniel H

    Since when has Los Angeles been a historically black neighborhood? I can see you have been on an Anne Coulter youtube binge. People from Sonora established Los Angeles in 1781.

  66. juanisaac says:

    Cartel activity mostly. Would be nice if people in the US would stop being crack heads. Second, politicians like Barack Obama need to stop sending large shipments of weapons to every country down south.

  67. juanisaac says:

    So. I can put a picture of Appalachian hill billies and say the same thing about the US. You know marrying your cousins over 20 generations has its own downfalls.

  68. Ace says:
    @The king

    Millions of foreigners have arrived to steal jobs, drive down wages, suck up welfare, bankrupt hospitals, and become, along with blacks, the swing vote to which white politicians pander. The Muslims among them introduce a special, refined element of hostility and subversion, as demonstrated by Tlaib and what’s her face with the head scarf. Assimilation may be an imperative to some deep thinkers but nevuh happen, GI.

    As either Sowell or Williams asked, “How much of other people’s money are you entitled to?” Given the insanity of open borders, the welcome to Muslims and other third-worlders by the millions, the distilled malevolence of (((those))) chivvying and conniving for the inundation of white America for the last hundred years, the poisonous nature of public “debate,” the fanatic embrace of cultural psychopathy, and lawfare, ostracism, loss of employment, and vicious physical attacks on realists there won’t be any coming together any time soon. As in never.

    The “contradictions” so deeply rooted and flourishing now cannot but lead to disaster, at best a splintering into ethnically distinct regions. The apparent normalcy (if it can be called that) is an illusion sustained by our accursed prosperity hitherto so that enormous sums of money could be thrown at our various pathologies while our precious wards do little to conceal their contempt.

    Our impending economic implosion — brought about by a whole different other class of plutocratic malevolence and incompetence — will queer this “deal” and all masks will come off in what will generally resemble a zero-sum, new ball game. Talk of assimilation is a smoke screen.

  69. Ace says:

    “Neoliberalism” is meaningless and joins fascism, socialism, communism, the Hegelian dialectic, right-wing, McCarthyite, racism, and capitalism (all with quotes) as a term with zero explanatory power.

  70. juanisaac says:
    @Daniel H

    Well at least they work even if exploited. The ones who are really in trouble are the Europeans who are taking in hundreds of Muslims who do not want to do anything.

  71. MEH 0910 says:

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