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Latin American Notes
An Essay in Hopelessness
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Cartagena, Colombia

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An aim of this laudable patch of the internet is to give people in the United States some faint idea of the lands to their south. It is hard slogging. I can think of few ideas more tenaciously and lovingly held, more treasured and more satisfying to the North American mind than that Latin American countries are primitive hellholes like Detroit. Inspiring the slightest doubt of this seems virtually impossible. It would be easier to persuade Pat Robertson that Allah is the one true god.

Nonetheless, to this quixotic end I append a couple of communications from an Indian friend (Indian as in India) who lives in California with his Colombian wife. (Is that globalization or what?) These epistles are self-explanatory.

Hi Fred,

Hope all is well. We just returned from a 3 week trip to Medellin (visiting the in-laws). I thought you’d be interested in a few random observations:

1. Everything works. The roads are fine. The tap water is completely potable. The electricity doesn’t get cut off (as it does in, say, India). The airport, although small, runs just like any other airport in the world. The wi-fi was just as fast as mine here in the States (and just as available, too – in cafes, restaurants, the plaza of a small town).

2. In-laws recently bought a condo – the HOA functions just like any American HOA. The (heated) pool was cleaned every morning, the grounds kept in good condition. The purchase agreement was not too different from a real-estate contract here, although, Colombia not being a very litigious society, it lacked a lot of the baroque and unnecessary disclosures that we find here (radon gas, stray golf balls and suchlike).

3. The malls looked like the malls we have here in Los Angeles. I’m not sure who buys all that stuff, with prices being (in dollar terms) about equal and Colombian wages being far below American wages.

4. Had dinner with a friend of the family. He has an interest in economics. We talked about the Fed’s QE policy and the effects of the taper, Bancolombia’s historical return on equity and non-performing loan ratios, Colombia’s current account deficit, etc.

5. Conversed a few times with one of my wife’s cousins, a young kid in his early 20s. He knows everything (and I mean everything) about history: Ottoman Empire, every civil war in Colombia’s history, Kashmir, Battle of the Bulge, Reagan’s landslide in 1984, you name it.

6. Last trip (about 1 1/2 years ago), we went to a finca in a small town about an hour west of Medellin. Had to go through a tunnel through the Andes ( Wikipedia says it’s about 4.6 km long, although it felt longer. Perfectly well lit, perfectly ventilated.

7. I had my teeth cleaned. The dentist was perfectly competent and knew exactly what he was doing. Cost: $20 (would have cost 5-6 times that here).

Now, I know the country has more than its fair share of problems (security is a huge concern). But seriously, a lot people need to get over the idea that it’s all burros and chickens running around on dirt roads.


Hi Fred,

Feel free to use the email in a column.

Since I mentioned the good stuff, I thought I’d mention the bad also.

1. The air pollution is bad. I came back with my throat, nose and eyes irritated. I don’t know why they can’t regulate emissions (catalytic converters not exactly being super advanced technology). The diesel that’s sold in Colombia apparently has high levels of sulfur ( – this wouldn’t be that hard for the refineries to fix, but they don’t.

2. Security (especially street crime) is an issue. People get held up at ATMs all the time. The justice system will capture criminals and then give them risibly light sentences. I don’t get it.

3. The infrastructure is good in Medellin and Bogota, but (from what I’ve heard) it gets shabby in some of the poorer parts of the country.

4. Rigidity in the way things are done: if you ask a waiter in a nice restaurant, for example, if the chef can modify a dish on the menu, the response is almost always the same. “That’s the way it’s made, we can’t change it.” I don’t understand why not.

It reminds me in many ways of a slightly less developed Mexico. When things need to work, they work just fine. But a lot of other things that could easily be made to work without much technology or capital just don’t.

This seems to be a very common theme in Latin America. The surgeons know exactly what they are doing, the engineering is good quality (bridges, roads, dams, tunnels, skyscrapers, etc.), the conversations I have had with educated people are just as intelligent as any in the US. Yet they can’t fix basic stuff like air pollution, almost no one reads books for fun and the orthography, at times, is abysmal.


The writer, I note, speaks excellent Spanish and is familiar with Mexico, for example having visited Violeta and me. The description of Colombia he gives with minor alterations fits Mexico. I don’t know Colombia. I have spent time in Lima, in Argentina in Buenos Aires, Bariloche in the far south, and in Salto near the Bolivian border, in Chile in Santiago, Valparaiso, and way south. All are modern, civilized, sophisticated in the big cities, and pleasant. I despair of ever getting this across to the American faithful of the Chicken-and-Burro Church. (“Honest, Mr. Robertson, Allah really is, really and truly…no, I mean it…”)

Mexicans, like Colombians, assuredly do not often read for pleasure. (Neither, apparently do Americans. I’ve seen surveys in the US purporting to show that half of American households have never bought a book, and the US Department of Education says that functional illiteracy in the US is at fourteen percent.) Yet the bookstores in Guadalajara are as good as any I have seen in America, but with less self-help and The Wisdom of Oprah. At Plaza del Sol, I could show you a large section lined with texs of cardiology, systems engineering, network maintenance, biochemistry ,engineering mathematics and, at the beginning of semesters, stacks of elementary calculus texts.

But there is no conquering willful ignorance. There seems to be in many Americans a desperate desire to maintain a sense of superiority to somebody, anybody, in a world in which that superiority evaporates in the face of rising nations elsewhere.

“I swear it, Mr. Robertson. Look, read this…

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Fred’s conclusion is not what I see/hear as to Latins. What is objected to is quite simple: illegal entrants/entrance to this country which is wrong on every count and that most of the illegals are not those Latins who are making their home countries run as well as Fred reports. We are deluged with the unemployed or unemployable not those Latins of whom Fred and his friends speak so well. Those folks could fly here not hike over the Rio Grande.

    Those are the issues and Fred’s constant spin as to how well S.A. runs maybe interesting but it is irrelevant as to what Americans suffer from the millions of people here illegally.

    Further, Fred’s spins are always off the mark in terms of the real objections to which neither he nor anyone have a rationale answer.

    Latins should get in line like the rest of the world.

    And I always wonder why, if Fred’s spins are really true, so many millions of Latins would even want to come here?

    • Replies: @Willem Hendrik
    , @Hipster
  2. WJ says:

    I, and I believe many other Americans have no interest in practicing some kind of national chauvinism in denigrating Latin America. I wish them the best and I wish their people would quit flooding into this country, driving down wages, and decimating our middle class. The construction trades in the South and Southwest ane lost to illegal aliens. Jobs, that were once a gateway to a comfortable life for whites and blacks and American citizens of Hispanic descent , are now almost the exclusive domain of Hispanics, most of which are illegal.

    Reed seems to beat this dead horse from time to time but the excess populations of Latin America say otherwise.

  3. @jim sweeney

    Hello Jim,

    People want to go to America because you guys are masters of marketing and spreading dreams (films/television series) around the world.
    When Americans are travelling they usually leave the impression that money is not their biggest concern.

    Whether you constantly bombard people with Coca-Cola-ads or U.S.A.-ads, some start to believe. And the poorest usually believe the most.

  4. Chuck says:

    “But there is no conquering willful ignorance. There seems to be in many Americans a desperate desire to maintain a sense of superiority to somebody, anybody, in a world in which that superiority evaporates in the face of rising nations elsewhere.”

    Ok, but we can look at objective measures of well-being, such as life expectancy —,com4,dim2,com7,idr27,dim3 — and we can see that, in fact, Latin America is, on average, a worse place to live than Anglo America on many accounts. And it is a worse place, on average, when looking at the principle factor of all well-being measures. But I guess quantitative accuracy is just willful ignorance by another name.

    • Replies: @Jim Sweeney
  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Fred’s at it again I see. Applying the same treatment to south of the border as he does to his wonderful boyhood in Mayberry Tennessee.

    One almost wonders why so many people- or even anyone at all- would leave the “everything works” world of Columbia and other South American paradises to come here to the rotten old US of A.

    Must be all the customer service minded chefs. Right, Fred?

  6. Cato says:

    What you say Fred, could be said about any country in the Middle East (well, maybe not Yemen), and a few in Africa–in all of these the elite are intelligent, cosmopolitan, cultured people. But in all of these countries, there is a large mass of peasants and poor urban folk, and a small elite. It seems a general rule that the elite of one of these countries knows almost nothing about the life of ordinary village people. So, when they speak of their countries, these elites speak only of their own class–just as you did.

  7. @Chuck

    I wouldn’t disagree that life here is far better. It’s Fred who writes[spins} that life South is peachy keen. I travel to the Philippines on business and I know what living in low level places looks like. There are 100 million Filipinos there too and $300 a month is not bad in Manila. But neither Fred nor Obama nor you nor anyone else is agitating that we bring in millions of Filipinos. Why not? They all speak English; are literate, work hard and are family oriented like few other countries.

    Latins should get in line with everyone else in the world. It is wrong to give Mexicans preference over Filipinos or Irishmen or Jews or Canadians. It grates on American fairness. Everyone gets in line just like at the market; wait your fair turn Latinos. There is zero logic to that preference. Zero. And illegals should be shipped out when discovered so that LEGALS may come in.

    Yes, when we or almost anybody travels, we look like we’re big spenders. We stay at hotels and take taxis; eat at better restaurants. Sure. So what?

    • Replies: @Chuck
  8. Chuck says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    I never said that life was “far” better here. The point is that there’s nothing to argue about. Large data bases are readily available. One can select a set of criteria, quantify differences, and then contextualize them. For example, we can look at the number scientific papers published or the rate of homicides by region. Maybe Reed’s point was that life isn’t “that” bad. Well, ok. Then he should quantify the difference and put them in context so to help us better understand. He could compare the Latin-Anglo American difference in quality of life to (x times) that between e.g., Mississippi and Massachusetts, thus giving us context which would allow us to consider the matter more clearly. Reed is just being a guber; he gets this way whenever the topic turns to the relative under performance of Amerindians or Latin Americans or Hispanic Americans.

    • Replies: @Jim Sweeney
  9. @Chuck

    First, it was I who declared life to be far better here and, in fact, it is. I don’t need to contextualize. I know it from long experience and travel. Is it possible to find a particular topic and determine another country is better in that area? Sure. France has far better restaurants; I had a home there for 7 years. Japan has more sensual women in my view. To me, those are conclusive. But, on balance, no other country comes close to the US for better living for the greater percentage of its people. Nobody will seriously argue that.

    In almost every country, there is an elite or well-educated group which provides a standard of care that is first rate. But only a handful of those country’s people have access to that either by geography or economics. And Fred knows that. He just has other fish to fry, mostly the same fish-fry as I but not on the illegals issue. I disagree with the Pope on this as well. He too is a Latin and thinks Latins have some right to enter the US which is not available to other than Latins.

    My other point should never be lost though. Illegals have no right to be here by definition or by the votes of Americans. [See Oregon’s driver’s license law results.] None of that is anti-Latin; it isn’t pro-American. It is just fair to all who wish to come and join us and who start out playing by our rules rather than start out intentionally breaking them. They should be returned to whence they came, unceremoniously, promptly, publicly. Fast and furiously you might say.

  10. Jim says:

    Latin America is notable for generally very high rates of internal conflict and violence both private and governmental. In Mexico stuff like the Iguala massacre seems almost routine. The homicide rates in places like Venezuela, Belize, Honduras etc. are stunning

    While generally speaking the internal situation in most of Latin America is a lot better than in much of Africa or the Middle East it is still the case that many states in Latin America are clearly at risk of becomeing failed states.

  11. Toddy Cat says:

    “There seems to be in many Americans a desperate desire to maintain a sense of superiority to somebody, anybody, in a world in which that superiority evaporates in the face of rising nations elsewhere.”

    Of course, America is not superior to Latin America, which is why almost no one from Mexico or Colombia ever tries to get into the U.S. I mean, why would they, when things are going so well down there?

    I enjoy your writing very much, but, with all due respect, you have a blind spot when it comes to this area, Mr. Reed. Certainly, Latin America is superior to many Third-World places, and many Latin American countries are well run compared to, say, Africa or the Middle East. But there is no doubt that the U.S., although in decline, is still far ahead of the average country of Latin America, according to just about every metric, and everyone knows it.

    I have no doubt that Mexico is a fine country, in it’s own way. But I want to live in the United States. Why must my country be transformed into Mexico Norte?

    • Replies: @Jim
  12. Latins, legal or illegal, have no business in the United States. The story of the United States as a success story is the story of White people.

    Everywhere Latins settle in the U.S. turns into a third-world hellhole rife with crime, corruption and just general bad behavior. Whatever field of work becomes dominated by Latins is characterized by slow, shoddy workmanship.

    Latins are also more grist for the racist affirmative-action mill and every government handout available. They are foot soldiers for Leftist cowards and traitors.

    There is no upside to immigration, legal or illegal, from Latin America. Their very presence in this country erodes everything that made the U.S. a great place to live.

    It was bad enough when the only third-world savages we had were Blacks. Now the new third-world savages, mostly Latins, are the primary reason that half the country doesn’t read and is obese and fails in school. There is no cure for these ills except summary deportation of all nonWhites.

    Deportation of nonWhites is going to happen sooner or later. That is just a fact, and the sooner the better. We can’t live in the midst of our enemies, and we deserve the country that Whites built.

  13. I think we can guess why Fred has this point of view. If you read back into his essays, you find he champions Mexico’s then simpler (less expensive) living and more appealing women. Each is a good basis to retiring there rather than returning to D.C. or Mayberry. People retiring to S.A. leverage limited retirement income that way. Nothing wrong with that at all; smart financing or necessary financing.

    I also think that ex-pats need some self-justification for moving to their new home country rather than living out their years in the U.S. Almost all ex-pat blogs or articles eventually come ’round to that.

    That said, I think Fred’s position is simply indefensible. Latins vote with their feet and everyone knows what they’re voting for: Caucasian countries. It is no different in Europe where all the immigrants, legal or illegal, have opted to live in Euro-Caucasia. I know of nobody whoever tries to illegally live in Mexico btw. Do you? Does anyone? Or any middle-east place either. Where do people want to live? In the Anglo-Sphere if they can get there.

    • Replies: @Bliss
  14. Jim says:
    @Toddy Cat

    Comparing the migration accross the US-Mexican border going south-to-north as oppossed to that going north-to-south suggests that the bookstores of Guadalajara may not be all that they are cracked up to be.

  15. @Fisk Ellington Rutledge III


    You must be the anonymous that hacked the kkk.

  16. Stealth says:

    It seems that most of the replies to this article drift right on into the area of immigration, which I think is misguided. Fred has written many times in his column that allowing this enormous influx from Latin America into the United States is a bad idea, so I think he doesn’t deserve a lot of the criticism he gets.

    The point of this piece is not to convince readers that Latin Americans are great and that we should therefore not be worried about immigration. He is simply stating that many areas of Latin America are a lot nicer in real life than they are in the imaginations of Americans who haven’t been there. That’s all.

    Hell, in a few ways, the more developed areas of Latin America are actually nicer than the United States (although this certainly isn’t true – as many have pointed out – overall).

    Then there’s the fact that many of those countries are as different from each other as night and day, oil and water. Mexico’s mestizo population appears to be descending into violent anarchy, as we hear more every day about random killings and mass graves. On the other hand, Chile, another Mestizo country, has an intentional homicide rate a good bit lower than that of the US. There are also probably vast differences between regions within the nations themselves. On that note, doesn’t it seem strange that we lump all of them into the category of “Latino” after we take this variety into account? It’s akin to calling Jamaicans and white Southerners “Anglos” because we all speak English and our countries were once part of the British Empire.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  17. I re-read Fred’s article and it first appears he is speaking only about “Latin American countries” until, toward the end, he veers South. He does say that we have our “hellholes”, specifying Detroit as his example. No quarrel on either point but is there a Caucasian hellhole in the US? None come to mind. All our hellholes are black, brown or both.

    As to the alleged sense of superiority we US types display – Fred, the ex-pat who shows off his erudition with Bill Buckley words from time to time – doesn’t say much more. I am, however, reminded of Churchill on modest people. He thought they usually had much to be modest about. Those rising nations Fred sees are truly rising and the world’s emergence from poverty is a great and untold story. How did it happen? By copying American economics and free market principles. It wasn’t because anyone copied ANY Latin or S.A. countries methods.

    And our poster who compared Chilean murder rates favorably to ours? He forgot to match them against Caucasian America or, alternatively, to take the black and brown murders out of the equation. Guess what that result is?

    You know who I feel sorry for? Those blacks and browns who do emulate our “normal” society; who go to school, work and so on as we think most folks do. Sadly, they often are tarred with the brush of their race. I have no pity for the others.

    • Replies: @Jim
  18. Stealth says:

    As I stated in my earlier comment, overall, the US is a better place.

    As far as Chilean murder rates go, they’re stellar compared to most countries outside of East Asia (prone to stuff like animal torture and the belief that the penises of endangered species enhance “male potency”) and the white-sphere (prone starting war after war… after war for no good reason).

  19. Bliss says:
    @Fisk Ellington Rutledge III

    There is no cure for these ills except summary deportation of all nonWhites. Deportation of nonWhites is going to happen sooner or later. That is just a fact, and the sooner the better.

    And after all the blacks, hispanics and asians have been deported you will go after the jews, gypsies, slavs, italians, greeks, arabs, persians, turks etc. Right?

    What about the tens millions of white anglos who have traces of black and native american ancestry? Where are you going to deport them to?

    Btw, I am guessing you are a christian, like the Nazis were. Correct me if I am wrong.

  20. Bliss says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    I think we can guess why Fred has this point of view.

    Fred, it should be obvious, is pathologically anti-african. Quite like Derbyshire. They and their ilk are basically defined by their anti-africanism, not by the white supremacism or nordicism that defines the typical american white nationalist. There are others amongst you who are defined by their pathological jew hatred.

    Fred dreams of whites and browns ganging up against blacks, while Derbyshire fantasizes about whites and yellows ganging up against both blacks and browns in an Arctic Alliance (his words), and the jew haters see muslims (of all colors) as allies against their arch enemy: the jews.

    • Replies: @Jim Sweeney
  21. @Stealth

    I agree with this. Fred is more nuanced than he sometimes comes across. I read this more as a jab at the pro-immigration side. Recall that ridiculous Mass-On-The-Border, with stupid Catholic priests handing the sacraments through the fence, like Mexico is a prison in which heartless Americans keep the peasants locked up.

    Central and South America are actually quite livable, and would be more so if the residents put their savings and their energies into ventures other than paying coyotes to get them to the land of subsidized-milk-and-honey.

  22. @Bliss

    My tongue was in my cheek when I wrote we might guess why Fred has his view of Latins. Unlike you, I have no ability to know what someone really thinks: I infer from facts. Fred has a lovely, Latin wife, a step-daughter of whom he is proud and years of happy living in Mexico. That is his source and what impels him to sometimes go off the mark.

    In your case, you project your beliefs and attribute them to others. Let me give you a good example though it is personal and none of your business. It is about my “Jew-hatred” to use your word. It is obvious, or should be be, that my surname is Irish. Let me tell you my Mother’s name: Esther Abraham; my grand-father’s name was: Isidore Abraham. So much for my perceived “Jew-hatred”.

    It may be that Fred & Derbyshire do not like blacks. I don’t know. They don’t like what they assert is black conduct though such conduct from any person is equally unlikeable. They just see it as a characteristic of a group, i.e., they have profiled the group as generally possessive of these qualities. Stats and history say they are right as to the weight of such conduct among blacks.

    Nobody has a silver bullet for the black problem. I don’t and I’ve never heard one other than leftists wanting more money for some other program destined for failure. No matter what it turns out to be, the resolution will be one person and one day at a time. Perhaps a 12-stepper type of program but there is no recourse to that other than more of what we have. Money alone hasn’t come close to doing the job. I don’t think it ever can. Nor will it be government directed. It must be inner-directed.

    As for your extrapolation of one poster’s deportation solution to a condition of us all, that is mere demagoguery on your part. If not, it is substitution of a part for a whole.

    Until you showed up, the varying degrees of opinion here were civil. People were attempting to analyze and explain their differences and opinions. Then we have you with wild and reckless accusations. I am always surprised that some think that moves anything forward. It surely does not turn off the debate; at least not here. But one never debates the arguments of or with a fool. One ignores them.

    • Replies: @Truth
  23. Hipster says:
    @jim sweeney

    Undoubtedly, American TV and movies has a lot to do with “why so many Latins would even want to come here?” They are under the impression that everything here is peaches and cream.

    I have spent years in the USA working with poor Latin American immigrants in various non-profits.

    They live in poor neighborhoods with lots of crime that are not nice places to live. They are without their families. Basic things like going to the doctor are a huge expense here, and pretty impossible without expensive insurance, whereas in Latin America you can just buy medicine over the counter and doctor’s visits are more affordable relative to typical incomes. For instance, I remember that a month’s supply of birth control in South America cost $7 US. Without a prescription. To get that here, without legal status, is nearly impossible. Antibiotics, perhaps $10 US. A doctor’s visit, perhaps $10-20 US.

    Many, many have told me that their lives here are without a doubt worse than in their home country. A typical refrain:

    “In Mexico I had a house, a big house with a lot of land. I lived with my family, we were always there for each other. Life wasn’t easy but we got by and always had each other. Here I work twelve hours a day and don’t have insurance, have no time with my children, have no extended family, live in a crowded apartment building in an area full of crime, and don’t even speak the language!”

    Another typical refrain:
    “I was surprised that you have homeless people here. And Americans! White homeless people! I didn’t think it would be like that here”

    Through our media being so popular throughout the world, they just have the wrong idea that everything here is great, everyone here is white, that by coming here all their desires will be met and they’ll live like a Kardashian.

    Obviously this is foolish but this is a message they have been fed for their entire lives.

    I have known many Mexicans who lived in the U.S. for a number of years and then went back to Mexico and like it better there.

    Obviously, once most people make the trip here, they stay, especially if they end up having a family here.

    For those interested in keeping Latin Americans out of North America, producing a series of documentaries on the reality of life in the south Bronx working sweeping floors in a local restaurant could probably do a lot to help convince Latinos that they may as well stay in their own home countries.

    Their strong extended families provide such a lifeline of material and emotional support, all of which is lost upon coming here…

    • Replies: @Jim
  24. Yes, there are plenty of smart Latinos. The problem is they usually stay in Latin America. Its the dumb ones that emigrate to the USA. Life is pretty good in Mexico if you’re middle class. The same if true of Chile and a lot of other places.

    Why should the USA be the dumping ground and escape valve for badly run Latin America? Let them solve their own problems.

  25. Hipster, I don’t think there are many who want to preclude Latins from coming to the US. I do think that many of us want them to do it pursuant to the rules and not sneak in over the border. That is wrong not just illegal. It contaminates the entire immigration picture and process, distorts immigration per se and is a real slap at those other prospective immigrants who have followed our rules.

    If Latins went back home, got in line and did things according to Hoyle, almost all the angst would disappear. They won’t because they are a protected political class by the current regime. The next regime may not be so sanguine. A return to Ike’s mass deportation policy is in order to correct this and other wrongs created by ALL persons illegally living in the US.

    It is unfortunate that Americans and, especially, their government, have so little respect for our own rules that we encourage Latins to break them to everyone’s detriment.

  26. Jim says:

    Hopefully once they realize what a horrible place the US is they will return to the countries they came from. I like your idea of say the Voice of America producing programs explaining to the world what a truly horrible hell-hole the US is and why nobody in their right mind would ever want to venture any near this god-forsaken land.

  27. Most illegal Latins did not live in a big house with lots of land. That is just baloney.

    That they live poorly here is not even news. Those hellholes that they live in here are filled with other Latins not Caucasians. As a group, they are disproportionately criminal by their conduct and economically live on welfare and food stamps provided mostly by Caucasians. They are, in short, non-contributing as a group. Moreover, they dislike the hands that feed them and bite them whenever possible. Of that there is no dispute.

    And we all know that it is the fault of the Caucasians who have built the world’s most desired country to live in but only for other Caucasians/Asians.

    You could accurately say exactly the same for blacks and it would be true.

    But not for Asians or non-American Caucasians. Does anyone really believe it has to do with melanin? Or some secret infrastructure constructed by Caucasians that blacks and browns cannot see or identify but can surely rant about?

  28. Truth says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    Fred has a lovely, Latin wife, a step-daughter of whom he is proud and years of happy living in Mexico. That is his source and what impels him to sometimes go off the mark.

    Correction, Fred has a lovely (depending upon who is doing the rating) INDIAN wife. I’ve seen her picture and she seems to be of no relation to Julius Ceasar.

    Certainly he, as does any other man, has the right to marry whom he wants, but continuous articles about the superiority of some groups of man whilst married to a a woman, and living amongst a people who would still be harvesting corn by hand with with bone tools and sans livestock, had the white man not arrived, make him appear to be a grand old best.

    And I don’t even disagree with everything he writes.

    • Replies: @Jim Sweeney
    , @syonredux
  29. @Truth

    Truth, I think Fred’s wife is a Mexican citizen which is why I termed her Latin. Julius Caesar wrote in Latin as most of us know from high school though he probably spoke Greek as did most educated Romans of the day. And neither he nor his countrymen were ever called Latins by anyone. They were called Romans as in: SPQR: Senatus Populus Que Romanorum.

    I have never said and do not believe Fred to be a fool; ever. He is, after all, a fellow Marine. I think he’s wrong from time to time as are we all but that is different. His retired life and family are an obvious influence on his opinion and position as to life in Mexico and S.A. That was all I said on the subject.

    • Replies: @athEIst
    , @Jim
  30. Funny, you never hear praise for Colombia from anyone who has been kidnapped there.

    I love this part:

    “security is a huge concern”

    Yes it is, anywhere a self-satisfied upper class lives surrounded by the people who serve them.

    Reed likes any place that reminds him of the stratified, archaic life of his old South. I wonder how many Aztec servants he has cleaning his house in Mexico.

    Someone should tell ol’ Fred that he’s not the only fellow who’s been outside the United States. Lots of people have experiences to compare with life here, and they know the pluses and minuses.

  31. athEIst says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    “In Mexico I had a house, a big house with a lot of land. I lived with my family, we were always there for each other. Life wasn’t easy but we got by and always had each other. Here I work twelve hours a day and don’t have insurance, have no time with my children, have no extended family, live in a crowded apartment building in an area full of crime, and don’t even speak the language!”

    Surely going back to Mexico(as a citizen) should be easier than coming here illegally

  32. Jim says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    It is very unlikely that Julius Caesar spoke Greek.

  33. It is a certainty that Caesar spoke Greek. He also spoke both dialects of Latin: classical wherein Caesar is pronounced like “Kaiser” and the common version, aka the vulgar/vulgate or Church Latin wherein Caesar would be pronounced “Chayzar”. I think most anyone who studied Latin in school would know that there were those two dialects. I, personally, had nine (9) years of Latin – 5 in high school and 4 in college. (5 years = 2 periods a day for Freshman year. One in vocabulary and one in grammar. Where you ask? Regis HS; NYC Check it out.

    It is undisputed that the Roman elite were home-school educated, mostly by Greek scholars and that those folks spoke Greek among themselves regularly. Please Google the question and you will see this is undeniably the case. Here’s one site: There are many more.

    Caesar, like all Roman elites, spoke Greek. Ask Cleopatra. She found out the hard way. Caesar must have been some guy. Ruled the world with Cleopatra as his mistress. I think JC is Putin’s icon.

  34. syonredux says:

    Correction, Fred has a lovely (depending upon who is doing the rating) INDIAN wife. I’ve seen her picture and she seems to be of no relation to Julius Ceasar.

    I’ve seen pictures of her, too, and she does not look Amerind.Her facial features look Mediterranean Caucasoid.She might be have some Amerind ancestry, but it’s probably well under 50%

    • Replies: @Sean K
    , @Truth
  35. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    @Jim Sweeney

    JC is Putin’s icon? Never ever, because cleopatra 2014 is Angela Merkel ;-).

    For all the others.

    Your typical US double tongues. You robbed the south, plundered the goods install devastating dictatorships and than you’re wondering why the losers of you’re lootings try to get back a little bit. Illegal is the correct word, but for the wrong people.

    If you need the reason for all the mass graves and murder in Mexico. It’s narcotraficante and you know the destination country, to where all the “traffic” flows. In the “south” ther’s no demand, wondering why?

    You’re best in killing and robbing others- The claim of illegality for the victims of your devilish “gods own country” blabla did not exist.

    • Replies: @bomag
  36. Sean K says:

    Fred has said that his wife has some Jewish ancestry. I find her to be rather ugly.

    • Replies: @syonredux
  37. syonredux says:
    @Sean K

    Fred has said that his wife has some Jewish ancestry.

    Well, that fits with her Caucasoid appearance.

    I find her to be rather ugly.

    To each his own ; from what I have seen, she seems to be a fairly attractive woman.

  38. Jim says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    Murder rates in the US white population are not much different from murder rates in the German or French populations. Mestizos and especially blacks are much more violent than whites.

  39. Fred is just saying that it is unfair to assume that Latin America is a sea of ignorance and squalour, to be discounted and disparaged by members of the First World. He and his Indian friend give examples of working infrastructure in modernized cities and I, for one, was enlightened to read what they had to say. I have found that among the very poor in many Third World countries, including Mexico, there exists a nobility of spirit, a degree of courtesy and even chivalry that we do not find among the so called poor of, for example, the United States or Britain where, it seems to me, “uncouth” is almost a thing to be celebrated. I just got back from visiting what I call a “benefits town” in south England: people go to live there because the jobs are few and they will not get bothered by too many interviews and so be free to enjoy their generous benefits in peace (welfare is the American word). If you look on Youtube you may be interested by a British program called “Benefits Street” which shows how a whole street community lives – almost all on welfare – and which certainly has some parallel in North America but little, I think, in Latin America.

  40. The thrust of Fred’s article seems to be the attitude of Nortes (northerners) towards the South. Having worked down there a bit (Mexico, Colombia, Chile mainly) it is certainly true that at the upper levels they have all that we have, and they have even a bit of a middle class in some places, but if you want to see a nasty attitude about the mestizos and natives you really need to spend some time with those of European extraction who constitute the upper class of Latin America.

    Popular joke in Mexico:
    Q: Why do the Yankees have ni**ers and we have X-(slang for the ethnic natives of the south)?
    A: The Yankees got first choice.

    It is not at all unusual to see some minimally competent/incompetent person of European extraction heading up a technical department while the work was done by educated mestizos at minimal pay with no hope of advancement.

    A meritocracy it ain’t. (This is not an argument for “social justice”, just an observation about the world)

  41. bomag [AKA "doombuggy"] says:

    Pony, thanks for your honesty.

    We are usually told that immigrants come here to work.

    In reality they come here to destroy the place, because Whitey is so evil.

    We are on the path to eliminating the Gringo and ushering in the proper society that only the Other can build.

    Better times are on the way!

  42. Truth says:

    He’s admitted that his wife is, in no small portion, Amerind.

    • Replies: @syonredux
  43. @Cato

    “So, when they speak of their countries, these elites speak only of their own class–just as you did.”

    Yeah, you get that alot, from Indians. “We have a modern train out of Bombay that puts Amtrak to shame.” “Bangalore will be the new Silicon Valley.” “IIT is more selective than MIT.” “My family lives in a neighborhood much like a nice American one.”

  44. syonredux says:

    He’s admitted that his wife is, in no small portion, Amerind.

    Which means what? How much is “no small portion?” Has she gone to 23andMe to have her genotype done? Have the results been published?

    As I said, I’m sure that she has some Amerind ancestry, but, based on her Caucasoid appearance, I would guess it to be under 50%

    • Replies: @Truth
  45. You guys are too hard on Fred.

    The reason it’s easy to think Mexico is all rutted roads and poverty is that the parts right across from the US border are like that.

    So yeah, deeper into Mexico there are clean 1st World-like parts. But doesn’t that get right at the heart of the matter? That is, in America the bad parts are the exception and it’s otherwise nice all over. We have good roads and safe food and water in Westchester County but also in Chattanooga and Spokane.

    Take a long road trip through the USA and try to savor the almost uniform 1st Worldness of it all, and how wherever you go you meet people who speak our language, who would welcome you to settle among them, who could become your friends and maybe your in-laws.

    For a while longer anyway, because that’s the America that the immivasion is wiping out. You’ll know it’s gone when, like Mexico, we’re down to just patches of livability.

    • Replies: @vinteuil
  46. Earnest questions: Since our neighbors to the south have it so well, why are we *still* getting waves of immigrants headed up here? Don’t they know how well they have it right where they are?

  47. M_Young says:

    What is describe here is what American is rapidly becoming* — a place where some elite areas are okay to good, but vast swathes suck to a greater or lesser degree.

    *In large part due to Latino immigration.

  48. vinteuil says: • Website
    @International Jew

    @International Jew

    Exactly. Precisely so.

  49. Jim Sweeney says: • Website

    It is precisely so that we are at high risk of losing our “country” and becoming a patchwork of “communities” which, I suppose, is the scale at which community organizers are used to working.

    Where one poster speaks of America’s 1st worldliness almost as a universal quality, he is exactly right. Lose that quality, that universal tie that binds, and we are no longer a country but, again, communities. Progressives always speak to and about “communities”: black, brown, poor, downtrodden et al. One trope after another they pull out like organ stops, sounding an alarum of divisiveness, never unity.

    OK. If they want to fight, really fight, who would likely prevail? That group which built the underpinnings of the modern world? Or one or more other groups. If the latter wins in the physical sense, the victory will surely be Pyrrhic, a Greek place known to Caesar for those of you who have read prior postings.

    People sometimes ask to imagine the world without America. I ask to imagine America without white men, totally inhabited by only people of color, gays, trannys, feminists and their colleagues. That’s the new diversity for you. White men will have moved to Australia with those white women who want to re-create the old American dream. The new dream is really a nightmare.

    The DemoDemogogues, E. Warren, e.g., would scream in fright. Nobody would know how to run anything or make much. That diverse bunch is good for some low level physical labor and elites who contribute zero other than their alleged brain-power. They could not create, control, manage or keep a real country running. There’s no place in the world where they have done that. They are tearers down not builders up. Name me a place where they’ve created their version of Paradise to which all and sundry point and to which they immigrate. It does not exist. It used to but they are slowly killing it with their high IQs. They may be well-educated but they are not smart.

    To return to Fred, his description of the S.A. countries is actually chilling. Mini-utopias for some, jungle favelas for the rest. None of those places is a country. Each is a group of communities.

    No thanks.

  50. TomB says:

    Fred and his friend just absolutely and utterly miss the point:

    While to some relatively insignificant degree surely there’s some exaggerated sense by Americans of the poverty that exists in the countries he talks about.

    But of course upon reflection nobody would deny that there are spots in such countries—maybe even the totality of some entire cities—that are nice enough.

    Just as I understand that up on the Haitian hills the villas and views and stores are *quite* nice.

    The point is that the countries and cultures and societies that Fred and his friend talk about haven’t been able to produce an elite *and* a wide-spread, prosperous, stable middle-class, much less extract zillions of their citizens from the most appalling poverty imaginable.

    I.e., haven’t been able to make a country that zillions of its people don’t want to flee at the slightest opportunity, no matter that fleeing involving the separation from their families, and the fear of death even.

    So go ahead and publish all the pictures you want of … those nice villas up on the hills in Haiti, Fred. All you are really doing is making the taste in the mouth here of those countries *worse* because we know what’s going on down the hills, and one notes you ain’t denying that.

    Including, say, the casual handing over by the Mexican police—within a few hundred yards of an army barracks—of 40-some teacher-college students to a local cartel so the cartel can go and execute them.

    Now … say it ain’t so, Fred and friend. Say that at least the political corruption behind this isn’t endemic “down the hills” in Mexico, Fred. Tell us how it’s only the rare “here and there” that the cartels really run things. Tell us how, in even the *majority* of instances much less in the overwhelming main, the average honest, hard-working guy down there in Mexico really has a shot at making good without either turning corrupt himself, or having it stolen from him in one way or another.

    Pfui. Everyone knows it’s bollocks, Fred. You’ve missed the point entirely and Americans in the main have it right: Those countries just simply have an endemic culture of corruption going on, period, and it is strangling them and we are right to not want it here.

    • Replies: @Hare Krishna
  51. I don’t get all the hostility towards to author. I haven’t read anything else he has written but this essay on Colombia is pretty much dead on. Colombia isn’t Mexico and Colombians are not Mexicans. There might be some similarity in appearances in the country, but I think the big difference is patriotism inherent in the Colombians. But I promise, if it were Colombians coming in at the rates of other nations, you would have far less opposition to immigration.

    First, “security” is not as big a concern as it is made out to be. I walked all over that place in all hours of the night. When I first went down there, it was made by the locals to be a bigger deal than it really was. Once I started to venture out alone, I went nervously at first, then after a while, I got over it. I am big and I feel like they were way more afraid of me than I was of them. Frankly I felt the place felt safer than Houston. The police are not corrupt.
    Maybe they take money but there was no nonsense trumped up stuff. I got excellent treatment by them as a foreigner. There were lots of soldiers and national police walking around places with assault rifles and maybe when you first get there it might spook you. But mostly it is pretty benign. They are easy going kids and there really is no danger. And they are more concerned with checking out girls. After you see it a few times, it is no different than seeing a private security guard in a mall. And a lot of the security is built in. It is truly an example of Neo-Feudalism, public life in private spaces, protected by private security. An apartment in a high rise costs more than a single family dwelling per square foot. If you can afford it, then you buy a house in a private gated enclave. Even if you can’t, then your street has a “vigilante”, a night watchman. Access to the apartment is through some form of guard controlled entry or via a garage door the same guy opens and closes. It comes across as a convenience factor. The same guy also has a refrigerator and he has milk, sodas, cigarettes. You usually can run a tab with them. They also keep the common areas clean. They even sweep the sidewalk. I have even seem them clean the street in front of the building. It doesn’t come across as a heavy handed guard thing. It is same thing in malls. Yes they do look like US malls. And yes most people that go there just walk around and look at the stuff in the windows. The malls have stadium seating movie theaters with THX, popcorn, coke, candy, hot dogs. A lot of the malls have a supermarket. Most usually have a food court. I always went to the dentist. A root canal was $100, same price for a crown. The dentist were usually women. They had little hands. It was more comfortable having a pretty Colombian woman smash her tits in my cheek and put these tiny little fingers in my mouth than some big American guy with his big hands. Every one has cell phones, most have cable with Disney Channel, MTV, Cinemax (Cinemax there is better than here. It’s more like an indie film channel. ) Broadband has a lot of penetration.

    Yes, there is some stupid shit. Home grown fast food places seemed stupidly inefficient compared to ones in the US. There is no “checking” like checks from banks. Electric and other bills were paid in cash at the grocery store right there in normal checkout lines. Often, including monies paid to the government, you had to leave the government office, go to a bank, wait in line, pay the money. The teller would stamp the shit out the thing with about 10 stamps on 4 different copies, then you would go back to where ever with this receipt. Colombians would spend hours every month doing stuff like this.

    The truth is 40% of the people work in the “informal” economy, not registered workers, in cash jobs or some service, or selling something. Most of the formal jobs don’t pay crap. I used to watch TV, and on my last trips, I lived poor by American standards. I watched my money, rode buses, walked, eat cheap food. I was living on around $1200 a month. More than most of them. The commercials on TV were for dryer sheets and fabric softeners. And most of the people washed clothes by hand and hung them up. Or they had these cheap washers that still took a lot of manual intervention. Also there were ads for Disney World. And cars. The Ford ads down there have like the same voice style like the Lexus ads here, like Ford was a luxury brand. For me, all this was an exotic interlude. The big deal there was when ATK started selling scooters for 2000 bucks instead of 4500 for a Yamaha. And the supermarkets started selling them on credit for 40 bucks a month. A bus would cost 3 bucks a day just to and from work. So that was major freedom thing for lots of Colombians. But I was around Colombian guys and we would watch cars go by and discuss which ones we liked. I wondered what it must be like to know you would never buy a car and the products on the TV where way off your radar.

    But the impression I got was that most Colombians didn’t want to even think about coming to the US. And the ones that are here are miserable. Most that came were usually forced by circumstances, some violence during the civil war. A lot of women want to come. For some it is sort of life goal, get that visa. Marry that gringo. Stats actually show they divorce far less than American women. But in Medellin during the civil war, the last census in 2005 showed 20% more women then men. And given the income situation there, many of the men, maybe 40% are unable to get the income to form a family. So for many women that wish to come here, the desire to form a family, have kids, pay for them, is the motivation that compels them to want to come. A spinster life might be in their future in Colombia. Since the violence ended, there is a more balanced demographic. The peace is really 10 years old now. So there more younger men, and I have noted the numbers of younger girls starting to fall of on the Colombian dating sites. But for a woman 30-50, the numbers are still pretty bleak.

    And I would move back there. I would retire there. I remarried since my trips there and my wife is 20 years younger than me (American woman) so it probably isn’t in my cards. For now. But if she decided I was too old for her and wanted a divorce, part of me would say “Great. Now I can go to Colombia to retire.” And it wouldn’t for the women. I wouldn’t have the money to mess with them. It would just be for the life. Most of Colombia is far more bearable than most of America. The weather is better. The food is healthier. You have to walk more. Beer is cheaper. Pot is practically free. It is more liveable. You don’t need air conditioning or heating.

    So I get the theme of this guy’s essays. Life in both places is remarkably the same. They just get paid less. Many people that go there wonder why.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Cato
  52. @TomB

    Methinks the city government of Ferguson wishes they could sic a drug cartel on the protesters there. particularly one that was under the control of their relatives….

  53. Sean K says:

    Fred and his Jewish/mestizo wife prefer a strict supremacy over the masses, regardless of any potential negative long term consequences. Very reminiscent of both slavery in the South, and Zionist domination over the Palestinians.
    Although their racial backgrounds are different, their ideologies are clearly compatible.

  54. Sam J. says:

    Fred is right that there is some great places in South America. There’s some great places all over the world. One problem is poverty is nearer there and if anything goes wrong there’s likely to be a very dangerous situation. We can hardly say we’re superior to them though. We’re headed the same way VERY rapidly. Argentina used to be a really great place. Goldman Sachs stole all the middle classes money from their banking accounts and precipitated a crisis that they’ve never come out of. We’re just a downturn or two away from them.

    Bliss says,”…
    And after all the blacks, hispanics and asians have been deported you will go after the jews, gypsies, slavs, italians, greeks, arabs, persians, turks etc. Right?…”

    Deport the Jews first. They’re the reason we have most of the rest. Good try on saying that being against mass immigration is Nordicism but that’s not necessary true is it?

  55. TomB says:

    Just to add a little addenda to what I wrote before concerning Fred Reed’s (surprising) missing of the point in all this:

    That point again was that while there’s no doubt some exaggeration here about the poverty in many places south of the border the relatively negative view of many places down there comes from that extreme stratification that all too often exists.

    Yes, that is, there are malls and nice places and even some nice cities, but in the main that’s not middle-class-dom; that’s where the elites are, and then there’s no middle-class much to speak of so that you too largely have only the two classes: The elites and the poor.

    And the reason I write here is to note what Fred should have noted which is that this is the very phenomenon that Murray and Bernstein were concerned about developing here in their _The Bell Curve_ work, with which Fred must be at least passingly familiar.

    I.e., the idea that our I.Q. differences, in our increasingly complex society, is going to lead to something like that.

    And indeed it seems to me much of the unease of the American people now is sensing that this is happening already big-time.

    For my money it’s far more due to the corrupt exportation of our good middle-class jobs over-seas via all our “Fair Trade” deals that are just grossly Unfair to us, but, nevertheless, *this* is the phenomenon that I think is the really salient one, not the mild one that Fred is pointing out here.

    (With it being needless to say that it was still interesting and worthwhile for Fred to relate what he did. Just being wrong about the importance of something doesn’t make it uninteresting.)

    • Replies: @Yojimbo/Zatoichi
  56. Truth says:

    As I said, I’m sure that she has some Amerind ancestry, but, based on her Caucasoid appearance, I would guess it to be under 50%

    Huey Newton was under 50% black, does that make him a white guy?

    • Replies: @Sean K
    , @syonredux
  57. Truth says:

    And I would move back there. I would retire there. … “Great. Now I can go to Colombia to retire.” And it wouldn’t for the women. I wouldn’t have the money to mess with them. It would just be for the life. Most of Colombia is far more bearable than most of America. ”

    Don’t like Whitey much, do you?

  58. Sean K says:

    Obama is roughly 50 percent European. For some reason he doesn’t look or act like one.

    • Replies: @Kat Grey
  59. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Does Fred have any White children of his own? I find that people lacking offspring of their own view the world very different than myself.

  60. pyrrhus says:

    No question South America is a great place if you can find someplace civilized, but–
    Questions for Fred: why was Argentina the 3d wealthiest country in the world in 1940, but a bankrupt 3d world country now, despite its great natural assets? Why do Mexicans, Brazilians, etc only elect white people (and an occasional Japanese)? Why have Latin Americans produced NO original achievements in Science, Math, or engineering? Why do Mexicans and Central Americans think it’s ok to sneak into the US and apply for welfare? Why is Honduras the most violent country on the planet?

  61. syonredux says:

    Huey Newton was under 50% black, does that make him a white guy?

    According to Huey, no.

    According to me, it makes him a mixed-race guy.

    • Replies: @Truth
  62. vinteuil says: • Website

    Last Christmas/New Years I accompanied some family members on a trip to Peru & Ecuador.

    There are some nice enough places to stay, here & there. But the prevailing dinginess/tackiness gets to you, sometimes.

    And consumer goods are amazingly expensive.

    I guess that’s why every time I stay in a hostel in Prague &/or Budapest I seem to find myself in the company of a bunch of well to do South Americans of mostly European ancestry on a shopping trip.

  63. Jefferson says:

    “You guys are too hard on Fred.

    The reason it’s easy to think Mexico is all rutted roads and poverty is that the parts right across from the US border are like that.

    So yeah, deeper into Mexico there are clean 1st World-like parts.”

    But if you get too deep into Mexico, it will resemble a 3rd world banana republic again. Especially the Southern region which shares a border with Belize and Guatemala.

    In Mexico the more south you go it just keeps getting even more poorer and more Browner. Which is the extreme opposite of Brazil. In Brazil the more South you go the less poor and the more Whiter it gets.

  64. Jefferson says:

    “Murder rates in the US white population are not much different from murder rates in the German or French populations. Mestizos and especially blacks are much more violent than whites.”

    Ann Coulter said if America was a 100 percent White country, it would have a similar per capita murder rate as Belgium.

  65. Fred has only white children biologically. His wife’s daughter is his step-daughter but, from his prior articles, he is very proud of her and seems to think of himself as Dad.

    • Replies: @Sean K
  66. @TomB

    In Lynn’s book on nations by IQ, all of Latin America’s individual nations’ IQs are substantially lower than US. And IQ is a strong predictor of income, longevity, new technological advances etc.

    Also, all we have to do is count the SA nations that have been victimized by coups, unstable governments, governmental corruption, etc.

    Nearly ALL of them have experienced this fate.

    Admittedly its about Cuba, but anyone remember that scene from Godfather II? The one where Michael is in a taxi and watching Castro’s forces overtake various people in the streets? Basically, a coup was being played out before their eyes.

    Who here wants a piece of that? Who wants to see a coup underway right before your eyes while you’re traveling down there? The nice ritzy places will usually be hit first by the opposing forces.

    Who wants a loved one shot dead as collateral damage during a governmental coup? All those forces fighting or threatening to in Brazil last couple years, who wants to be part of that?

    Didn’t think so.

    That’s one thing US has over all of ’em. A stable government where violent coups suddenly break out.

    • Replies: @TomB
  67. Sean K says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    He is a great father then. A good example. Leaving her mother and bailing out to Mexico to be with his mestizo girlfriend.

  68. Truth says:

    According to me, it makes him a mixed-race guy.

    Well your over-the-internet fairness is very sweet and liberal of you; What about when he his you in the head at an ATM or starts porking your daughter?

    • Replies: @syonredux
  69. Truth says:

    “Fred has only white children biologically. His wife’s daughter is his step-daughter but, from his prior articles, he is very proud of her and seems to think of himself as Dad.

    I think it’s wonderfully white of him to show caring toward one of the genetically-inferior, third-world cretins, from a culture that has produced nothing, that he’s always writing about.

  70. TomB says:

    I am with you Yojibo/Zatoichi in your pointing out the coups and unstable governments in Central and South America in being one additional feature they have that lends merit to what negative views there are of the region here in the U.S., and that it is things like this that Fred Reed is missing somewhat in his column.

    On the other hand I am not with you in terms of explaining our differences so much (if at all) on I.Q. Not only am I sure I could find some exceptions where allegedly “low” IQ nations haven’t and don’t suffer this Central and South American problems (and how many exceptions are needed to disprove such a monocausal thesis after all), but doesn’t the Flynn effect alone substantially rubbish it?

    I.e., Okay, today we Western European Whites may allegedly have a higher average I.Q. than the average … Mexican, or Honduran or etc.

    But go back just a little bit and our I.Q. was theirs, and yet our country back then didn’t have their pathologies, right?

    And if you go by I.Q., how come the alleged higher-average I.Q. amongst asians hasn’t seen their countries then be even “better” places to live than the U.S. with all us White Euros? Indeed, how could anything even nearly resembling something like the Cultural Revolution take hold and get such popular support as it did in China?

    I.e., for the most part I believe in culture, not I.Q.

  71. syonredux says:

    Well your over-the-internet fairness is very sweet and liberal of you;

    MMM, how is that liberal of me, dear boy? The official liberal line is that race does not exist.By noting the mixture of race, I’m engaging in “disgusting HBD Think.”

    What about when he his you in the head at an ATM or starts porking your daughter?

    Sadly, race is immutable dear boy; hence, Huey’s status as a mixed race man remains an objective fact, regardless of what he does.

  72. Jim Sweeney says: • Website

    The comments on Fred’s being a bad Dad are gross and fact-less. My recollection is that when Fred moved to Mexico, he was already retired and his family grown. There was no abandonment for another woman or anything in particular.

    I am appalled at the ad hoc statements. This thread was civil and reasonable discourse until posts like that appeared. They are not argument; they are disgraceful.

  73. Truth says:

    Sadly, race is immutable dear boy; hence, Huey’s status as a mixed race man remains an objective fact, regardless of what he does.

    By that milqtoast, liberal standard, practically every black person in America, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Kobe Bryant, and OJ Simpson, to name a few, is a “mixed race” male, and correspondingly, the black population of this country is what, maybe 4 million?

    • Replies: @syonredux
  74. syonredux says:

    By that milqtoast, liberal standard,

    MMMM, more of a hard-assed, HBD standard, dear boy.No wishy-washy social construction, just the immutable facts of ancestry.

    practically every black person in America, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Kobe Bryant, and OJ Simpson, to name a few, is a “mixed race” male, and correspondingly, the black population of this country is what, maybe 4 million?

    Here’s 23andMe with some recent data:

    Previous published studies estimate that on average African Americans had about 82 percent African ancestry and about 18 percent European ancestry. But in self-identified African Americans in 23andMe’s database, Kasia found the average amount of African ancestry was closer to 73 percent.

    Kasia found significant differences in state-to-state comparisons. African Americans in the northern and western states have more mixed ancestry than those in the southern states. African Americans living in South Carolina have the highest proportion of African ancestry, about 84 percent, compared to those living in any other state.

  75. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Fisk Ellington Rutledge III

    Is this comment intended as some kind of demented satire?

    • Replies: @Sean K
  76. Sean K says:

    I think his post is spot on.

  77. z says:

    Fred Reed is a broken record on this stuff. I don’t care if Latin Americans are wonderful people or not. Even if they are wonderful, they have their own countries.

    I will say Fred puts his money where his mouth is and moves there. Actually, that is the solution for anyone who feels similar. For the rest of us who aren’t seeking to live among Mexicans, please leave us the f*ck alone.

  78. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Mark Minter

    @Minter, great strategy. Can you PM me how I may do the same, find woman to marry/divorce/move to South America where life is better. Or, even better, maybe we can take advantage of the low police ratio in your northern town and rob some of those white people. Or traffic their daughters. What do you think?

  79. Cato says:
    @Mark Minter

    Posts like this are wonderful–so candid, the veils are lifted! I worked with a Colombian mason once–he was a few years older than me, a guy who know a lot about women and life (maybe in that order), and he did his best to educate me. I’ve always thought: Colombia has an easy climate (if it’s too warm, just walk uphill) and beautiful, warm people–were there no violence, it would be paradise. Now that it has become more peaceful, well, maybe, I should buy my condo… but which city?

  80. wrd9 says:

    It’s not that Americans have a cliched view of Latin America, it’s the considerable flaws that are present there. Primarily, it’s the high level of corruption and the extremely high rate of crime. The US is getting the dregs of Latin America via immigration and those immigrants bring disease and their corrupt culture with them which is replicated here. The Latin American elites are quite happy about getting rid of millions of their peasants. We need to start confiscating some of the elites’ bank accounts as punishment and compensation.

  81. Kat Grey says:
    @Sean K

    I read that Obama’s mother descended from the part-black Bunch family in Virginia who owned slaves themselves.

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