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Kids: Then and Now
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OK, so why is the country falling apart? Specifically, why are kids blowing each other away? America has become a source of wonder the world over with its Colulmbines and hundreds and hundreds of dead in Chicago and Baltimore and its burning cities and riots. Other advanced countries don’t do these things.

America didn’t either until recently. Why now? Something has changed, or some things. What? People under under forty have never seen the country when it was sane. Let me point out things that have changed, at risk of sounding like a boilerplate cadger: “By cracky, when I was a boy, we could amuse ourselves for hours with just a piece of string and a couple of sticks.” Let’s compare today with the Fifties and Sixties. I mean this as sociology, not nostalgisizing.

I think that a combination of social changes have led to tremendous stress on today’s kids that my generation did not suffer. To wit:

In my rural Virginia school, there was no racial tension. We were all white: teachers, students, parents.

The black kids went to their own school, Ralph Bunche. We had virtually no contact with each other. There was no hostility, just no contact. The academic gap didn’t exist in the absence of contact. Integration would prove cruel when it came. and the black kids sank to the bottom. The causes can be argued, but the fact cannot.

There was no black crime to speak of or, as far as I knew any black crime. Certainly blacks did not shoot each other, or anybody. Neither did we. The reasons I suspect were similar.

Divorce was extremely rare, so we all had parents. Whether it is better that unhappy couples stay together or that they divorce can be argued, but they then did stay together. It made a large difference in outcomes if one accepts the statistics. The welfare programs of the Great Society had not yet destroyed the black family, which I speculate accounted in part for low crime.

Drugs did not exist. These appeared only with the Sixties. A few of us had heard of marijuana. I read a clandestine copy of The Naked Lunch. That was it. We drank a lot of beer.

In the entire school I remember only one, moderately fat kid. Why? Because, I will guess, we were very physically active. The school had PE classes, football and basketball teams, and so on. In summer kids aboard Dahlgren spent their days at the base swimming pool or swimming in Machodoc “Creek”–it was perhaps three-quarters of a mile wide–bicycling, canoeing- playing tennis. The country kids chopped cord wood, lifted hay. There was ice skating for hours in winter. Gloria, my best girl, got up at four a.m. to help her father pull crab pots on the Potomac, Though feminine, she probably could have thrown a Volkswagen over a four-store building. Again, I offer this not as nostalgia but as biological fact with effects.

Physical fitness has. I suspect psychological consequences. For example, ADHD did not exist. Boys are competitive, physical animals full of wild energy and need–need–to work it off. Boredom and enforced inactivity are awful for them. Two or three hours daily of fast-break pick-up basketball did this. If you force boys to sit rigidly in school, with no recess or only physically limited play, they will be miserable. If you then force them to take Ritalin, an approximate amphetamine, they will be miserable with modified brain chemistry. I don’t think this is a good idea.

Sex and, I think, its psychological consequences were different then. We were aware of sex. I am not sure we were aware of anything else. But the culture was such that, first, young girls, middle school, say, were sexually (very) off limits. When barely pubescent girls are taken advantage of by boys of seventeen or of thirty-five, the emotional effects are devastating. By contrast, boys hoped desperately to be taken advantage of.

The de facto social theory was that girls should remain virgins until married. I think few really believed this, and certainly many girls did not. However the necessity of pretending, plus the fear of pregnancy in those pre-pill days, allowed girls to say “no.” if they chose. The Pill, backed up by abortion, would make girls into commodities. If Sally said no, Mary wouldn’t, and boys, churning hormone wads, would go with Mary. Thus girls lost control of the sexual economy and the respect that went with it. More stress.

Anorexia and bulimia did not exist. We didn’t know the words. Both look to me like a reaction to stress.

Uncertainty is a formidable source of stress. We had little uncertainty as to our futures in the sense that the young do today. We assumed, correctly, that jobs would be available for us. For kids who were not going on in school, there were jobs at Dahlgren, the local naval base, as secretaries or guards or maintenance personnel, federal jobs with benefits. More remotely, Detroit was paying what seemed to us astronomical wages. Those of us in the college track, which meant those whose parents were grads and those who had high SATs, knew we could work in whatever field we had chosen. Starbucks and living in our parents’ basements never crossed our minds.

Social mobility existed, and girls had not yet been taught they they were victims. Of my graduating class of sixty, two girls became physicists and my buddy Franklin, of non-college family an electronics engineer. Sherry a year behind me, a nuclear biologist. All, I think, of non-college families. There must have been others.

Extremely important, I think, was that the school was apolitical. We didn’t know that it was. School was where you learned algebra and geography, or at least learned at them. The teachers, both men and women, assumed this. The white kids were not endlessly told that they were reprehensible and the cause of the world’s problems. The boys were not told that masculinity was toxic. Hysteria over imaginary rape was well in the future. Little boys were not dragged from school by the police for drawing a soldier with a rifle. The idea of having police in a school would seem insane when it first appeared.

More speculatively: My wife Violeta recently commented that the young today seem about ten years younger than their age. There may be something go this. At least in the media and academic worlds, people in their mid-thirties remind me of the young of the Sixties, displaying what appear to be the same hormonal rebellion and sanctimony. It has also seeped into high school. There is the same anger, the same search for grievance, the same adolescent posturing.

I think feminism plays a large part in the collapse of society in general and specifically in pushing boys over the edge. In my school years boys were allowed to be boys. Neither sex was denigrated. Doing so would have occurred to nobody. Then came a prejudice against boys, powerful today

All of this affected society in its entirety, but especially white boys. They are constantly told that being white is shameful, that any masculine interest is pathological, that they are rapists in waiting. They are subjected to torturous boredom and inactivity, and drugged when they respond poorly. They go to schools that do not like them and that stack the deck against them. Many are fatherless. All have access to psychoactive drugs.

Add it up.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
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  1. fnn says:

    Politics aside, a couple of positive things that arose in reaction to this: (1) Many young men now lift, something was virtually unknown in the 1950s, (2) Actual combat sports (as opposed to fake or semi-fake martial arts) have made a comeback, while the once common high school boxing teams were mostly disbanded in 1950s. I guess TPTB thought that football was civilized and relatively safe.

  2. Jason LIu says:

    The sexual marketplace theory of everything:

    Obesity –> Unattractiveness –> Sexual Frustration –> Bitterness –> Social/Political Turmoil

    If you doubt me, have a look at the average feminist. The fatter and uglier, the more extreme her beliefs are. Ergo, added sugar and refined carbs are a danger to a nation’s stability.

    • Agree: CK
  3. I remember it as Fred speaks it. Aside from the nostalgia, I was amused by the illustration in which the waiter wears a c— cap.

    • Replies: @Currahee
  4. Another in a long list of great columns by Mr. Reed… starting last week. All the points you make are very valid, Mr. Reed. Questions that may come up are:

    1) Is any of this stuff reversible? The world has changed so much that, I say some of it is not. I mean, the lack of physical activity due to all the electronics, the dumbing-down of minds due to Artificial Stupidity, oh, I mean “tech”, and the politics that we are all subject to due to the www – I include myself – it’s an addiction.

    Others are reversible and, I personally think we will reach Peak Stupidity at the time the financial stupidity has come to a head (i.e. a major financial crash). The feminism, which I agree is the most toxic of the flavors of stupidity we have been subject to, will fall by the wayside when things “get real”, which they will. All the genderbender and other PC crap will be gone too – it is not “sustainable”.

    2) Could America ever be like this again?

    I think ’50’s/’60’s America may have been one amazing fluke of history. Here you had the freest country in history combined with prosperity for a large middle class, that had also never been seen before. It helped that WWII had temporarily crippled much of the rest of the world’s economic might (that which was not under Commie tyranny).

    Anyway, it was good while it lasted. At some point fairly soon, Americans will have to quit riding their country’s reputation and diminishing wealth, trying to live like it’s 1955, and buckle the hell down. We may come out of it OK, different but, OK.

  5. @Jason LIu

    I’ve thought the almost the same thing, Mr. Liu, but on the other side of the aisle(?).

    Obesity (in women) –> Unattractiveness –> Apathy about women (in men) —> Fewer happy marriages or any kind —> Demographic Soo-eee-cide (See also here and here, here, and here)

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  6. The welfare programs of the Great Society had not yet destroyed the black family, which I speculate accounted in part for low crime.

    The problem with these “programs” was not that it was welfare.

    The problem was that the Puritans administering the programs decided that if there was a man in the house there would be no welfare given. That was the rule and that was how welfare was administered.

    This had the effect of the men removing themselves from the family so their children and ex-wives (common law wives, whatever) could get money to live on.

    I am so sick of this ever repeated bullshit that welfare destroyed people or the family or whatever it is that the Puritans writing these articles want to conclude with their pea brains.

    If money had been given to needy families without restriction, the program would have worked as it did in other advanced countries. It was the Puritan nature of America that destroyed things, just as Puritans are destroying men currently.

    Another shitty analysis by Ferd.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Rhett Hardwick
  7. Anonymous [AKA "Jack E"] says:

    “People under under forty have never seen the country when it was sane.”

    That’s a surprising statement coming from someone like myself who also came of age in the 60’s. I don’t recall things being so sane back then.

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Mike Gerrett
  8. @restless94110

    “if there was a man in the house there would be no welfare given.”

    In the 60’s, at least temporarily, if there were children, but no man in the house, there was a “program” for that. It was called the “BBB” (known as as the “Boyfirend’s Beer Alllowance”). If a man agreed to live in the house, thereby giving the children a “father image”, he woulf be paid $40.00 per month, it might have been $60.00. I lived in Florida, but I believe it was national. To give context, at the time my family was renting apartents for $75.00 per month. We still own those buildings, now they are $850.00.

  9. The US Army no longer attempts to train recruits to throw a hand grenade:

    Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost, commanding general of the U.S. Army Center of Initial Military Training, told defense reporters on Friday.

    “We are finding that there are a large number of trainees that come in that quite frankly just physically don’t have the capacity to throw a hand grenade 20 to 25 to 30 meters. In 10 weeks, we are on a 48-hour period; you are just not going to be able to teach someone how to throw if they haven’t thrown growing up.”

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  10. Anon • Disclaimer says:



    Btw, why does your kid have tattoos?

    • Replies: @Truth
  11. Truth says:

    That’s a good question, Federico.

  12. Boomers should really try to learn about genetics, eugenics, dysgenics, nutrition, advertising, media, ethnic and racial rivalries that go beyond basal “black vs. white”, finance, ecology, ethology, evolution, and history that extends beyond their youth.

  13. @fnn

    Here’s how they rolled at La Sierra High in ’62:

  14. @Carlton Meyer

    Chix, man.

    This is analagous to police academies that removed obstacle course training when women started to apply in significant numbers. The li’l darlin’s couldn’t get over a six-foot wall.

    Crazy talk, you say? Well even the U.S. Marines can’t defeat a) biomechanics and, b) the U.S. legal system:

  15. Home run, Fred.

    I’m glad you noted at the end that all this castration and marginalization applies only to white boys. Blacks and hispanics are given plenty of “room to destroy” by TPTB, and none of our societal controllers ever so much as wags a reproving finger at them.

    • Replies: @Truth
  16. Renoman says:

    Great as usual, now lay out the cure for us Fred, I know you have a plan. The Country needs your guidance.

    • Replies: @Anon
  17. Corvinus says:
    @Jason LIu

    “The sexual marketplace theory of everything:

    Obesity –> Unattractiveness –> Sexual Frustration –> Bitterness –> Social/Political Turmoil”

    “The fatter and uglier, the more extreme her beliefs are.”

    That would be an overgeneralization on your part.

  18. Corvinus says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    “Obesity (in women) –> Unattractiveness –> Apathy about women (in men) —> Fewer happy marriages or any kind —> Demographic Soo-eee-cide (See also here and here, here, and here)”

    American whites are having children, just not as many or at the pace that you would like. This notion about white genocide or the eradication of whites is vastly overstated. Must all or most white Americans have to adhere to the philosophy of having more white children and removing, by force if necessary, non-whites?

    • Replies: @neutral
  19. Anonymous [AKA "1951"] says:

    I’m a white male, a pitiful product of the fly-over part of the US. Like Fred my time in small town America now seems idyllic although there were the usual bullies and unpleasant people to deal with.

    I graduated from high school in 1951. The school was located in a town of 2500 or so souls in the upper midwest. The inhabitants were proud of the town and school and supported it. Parents organized book exchanges and made sure that all were supplied with books. Money for class trips was raised, we visited businesses, prisons, and I recall one outing, when I was still in primary school, where we were taken to a motion picture theatre to see cartoons – a special treat. The bank – only one in town – made a large room on its second floor available for the town library. For years locals raised money to build a swimming pool but never assembled enough money to do so. Finally the money was used to buy land for a park with a baseball field and picnic tables. A definite sense of community – all white – with a surprising number of churches.

    There were about 200 children in the high school; around 50 in my class. Classes for the few who might attend college were provided. I took 2 years of Latin, (ca. 6 students per class), and 3 years of mathematics. School work was easy for me, I read a lot and planned to leave and see something of the world and did so as soon as I graduated.

    Something happened during my sophomore year that perhaps says something about how relations between the sexes has changed. It was in study hall; strict discipline was always maintained and the study hall was monitored by a teacher. There were bookcases at the front of the room – one was allowed to leave one’s desk and choose a book to read. I was standing by the bookcase reading a book and partially obscured from the teacher. Suddenly I was seized in a powerfull embrace and a pointy 50’s bra was pressed into my side. I was released after a few seconds and looked up to find one of my classmates grinning at me; an attractive young woman who had recently switched to close fitting sweaters. I was never able to ask her out but was able to treat her as a friend. She told me a bit about her adventures while “double dating”. Double dating, one car two couples, was accepted as a safe way for couples to form and get to know each other.

    My female classmates seemed mature, secure in themselves, interested in family and friends, and waiting to form families of their own. Often backed by formidable fathers and brothers they were not to be messed with. I recall one who was married before we graduated.

    I attended the 50th class reunion in 2001 and hoped to see how my friend had managed. Sixteen had died, she was among the deceased. She had married and I hope had a good life.
    Those were the days.

    • Replies: @Rhett Hardwick
  20. Anonymous [AKA "ferruginous"] says:

    Premise wrong – if you can’t understand by now, with all the facts coming out, that these “shootings” are fake at their source, I can’t read your article.

    Some people don’t understand the power of the big lie. “when the lie’s so big” frank zappa.

  21. Corvinus says:

    “if you can’t understand by now, with all the facts coming out, that these “shootings” are fake at their source, I can’t read your article.”

    Clearly you are a Russian troll bot, as the school shootings are not definitively real.

  22. Old fogey says:

    I agree that the “shootings” are probably completely fake, but agree with everything else Fred is saying in this post.

    I have never been able to understand how anyone can speak ill of the U.S. in the Fifties. My God, we had won the War! The War was actually over after all those years of dread My father took off his uniform and had returned to regular life. It was wonderful.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  23. America didn’t either until recently. Why now? Something has changed … Let’s compare today with the Fifties and Sixties.

    The alledged shooter was an (Jewish) immigrant from Eastern Europe. Parkland has a high percentage of Jews many of whom could be descended from post 1950s immigrants from Eastern Europe or Russia.

    In the Fifties and Sixties the ancestors of many involved in this incident were living in foreign countries. What changed from then is they immigrated here. Had they not immigrated the event would not have happened.

    “My real mom was a Jew. I am glad I never met her,”

    5 of 17 Killed in Parkland Were Jewish

  24. @Anonymous

    From 1960-63 the country was relatively sane.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
    , @Stan d Mute
  25. Tiny Duck says:

    Men of Color are very masculine

    it is only white boys who are wimpy and don’t know how to fight

    That is why white girls are increasingly dating and bearing the Children of Men of Color

  26. Liberal teachers tend to rely on group work and peer pressure. The result is that instead of having to worry about a strict teacher and a few bullies, you can have the whole class turned on you at any moment–after all, as long as they’re making fun of you for being too smart, too dumb, or just unpopular, they forget to notice that the teacher knows less about the subject than anyone in the class and it’s all busywork.

    No wonder unpopular kids think the whole world is against them. Liberal divide-and-conquer tactics require an eternal outsider–and those teachers aren’t willing to be outsiders, even respected outsiders. The difference between a spoiled brat who might outgrow it and a Nikolas Cruz is a teacher saying, “Sit down and mind your manners, young man!” or a teacher saying, “We understand you have trouble getting along, Nicky, and we all want to help you. Isn’t that right, class?”

  27. Currahee says:
    @Rhett Hardwick

    Interesting that in all the armies of the world which issue the garrison cap, it is universally known by your description.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  28. Truth says:

    Blacks and hispanics are given plenty of “room to destroy” by TPTB, and none of our societal controllers ever so much as wags a reproving finger at them.


    (…unless they are police officers, judges, truant officers, prosecuting attorneys, prison guards…)

  29. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Before Columbia High School shooting was this one.

  30. @Anonymous

    Ah yes, the “bullet bras” and “Dagmar” Cadillacs of the 50’s. If it wasn’t for National Geographic at the library, I would have thought women were actually shaped like that.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
    , @Truth
  31. I am wondering about the invention of the “sub division”, always seeming to have one entrance and a cul de sac. this seems to limit friendships and exploration. I lived in a “neighborhood” until I was six, and moved to a fairly remote home. I remember only a little about the neighborhood. Having my scalp cut when another kid threw a coffee can at me, and a Jewish kid (I know now) whose mother wouldn’t let him play with me. I think my mother understood, but couldn’t find the words to explain. When we moved to the ‘farm” I had to make effort. To see schoolmates I had to get on my bike and visit them. I think I learned a lot about “getting around” that way.

    To the extennt that we had “developments”, they were laid out in “blocks”. They were also on streeets that “led somewhere”. Now, “safety” requires a cul de sac.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  32. @Rhett Hardwick

    Haha … and we all thought the Oriental girls had certain parts Oriented at a 90-deg offset. Live and learn, my friend.

    • Replies: @Truth
  33. Corvinus says:
    @Old fogey

    “I agree that the “shootings” are probably completely fake…”

    Another Russian bot. Listen, if you are going to make this claim, offer up some hard core evidence.

    • Replies: @Hapalong Cassidy
  34. @Rhett Hardwick

    I can’t recall if you are an iSteve commenter also, Rhett. I write that because Mr. Sailer* has over the years given the answers to this stuff. Fred Reed, I’m sure (maybe even some of it in his last week’s column) could also give an explanation.

    American cities (like right downtown) used to be good places to be because they had lots of activities, yet were still safe, going back 50-60 years. Once the riots happened, and the crime ramped up due to welfare and integration, buttloads of white people fled to suburbs. The ex-urbs that you are writing about, what with the cul-de-sacs and all, are just the answer to blacks moving out into the suburbs to get away from other blacks who have made the inner city unlivable for them too. The crime is going to follow with the blacks, even if 75% of them are decent and not involved. The noise comes with almost any of them, though.

    There is definitely a partial reason for this movement in the ubiquitousness of the auto, and family’s desire for bigger houses and lots. I used to think that was the sole reason for all these 15 mile-away exurbs, but the isolation to make a safe neighborhood for kids is the main reason.

    Anyway, you probably know all this, but I sympathize, as I HATE HATE HATE the curvy roads that never get you anywhere without spiraling around and the McMansions, and the lack of big trees … all of that. Just try walking or biking somewhere – you’ve got to go about 3 x as far as the crow flies, then you’ll just end up at a big-box store or Ruby Tuesdays. It’s not how I want to live.


    * Along with Mr. “Paul Kersey”, of the “stuff black people don’t like” website, who probably covers it more thoroughly and intensely.

  35. @Truth


    Maybe you use a different position, Truth. Time for me to check a coupla books out from the library …. it’s the section where the books are always out of order, with pages stuck together or missing … you know …down in the basement level where the preverts hang out.

  36. Years ago I had a Japanese girlfriend. Quite a few of the guys asked one specific question about
    that experience.

    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
  37. rayray says:

    Plain, honest speaking by Fred.

    And yes, turning America (and the West) into totalitarian-feminist nations is at the very heart of the problem — school violence and so much more.

    The Left, the Right, the Elites, corporations, cops, courts . . . almost everyone has submitted to your female-dominated and female-controlled societies. Especially the dads of daughters, who’ve done Just Fabulously the past five decades, while your nations slowly died.

    And your Precious Princesses will be the death of all your nations, if you continue to cling to the Endless Estrogen Empowerment Empire.

    If that occurs, you’ve only yourselves to blame.

  38. @Buck Turgidson

    That it goes sideways instead of up and down?

    • Replies: @Hubbub
    , @Jim Christian
  39. @Rosamond Vincy

    > the teacher knows less about the subject than anyone in the class and it’s all busywork

    It may be mostly busy work, but I doubt the teacher knows less than everyone in the class.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
    , @JMcG
  40. @ScarletNumber

    I’ve seen 5th grade teachers get corrected by the kids on stuff we did in 4th or even 3rd grade. Those were always the ones most enthusiastic about “collaborative learning.”

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  41. I appreciate it when Fred takes a break from his Viva Mexico crusade to write beautiful pieces like this one, but the topic raises a serious question. What was it about the Boomers that caused them to destroy the orderly society they had enjoyed in their own youth and replace it with the dystopian hellhole America now is?

    Paeans to past glory ring rather hollow when they are made by the same people who enthusiastically support the very policies that tarnished that glory.

  42. JustJeff says:
    @Rosamond Vincy

    Damn that was disturbingly close to what I remember elementary school being like. You weren’t there were you?

    • Replies: @Rhett Hardwick
  43. Biff says:

    They are subjected to torturous boredom and inactivity, and drugged when they respond poorly.

    Had I been born twenty years after I did, I would’ve been a victim of this.
    Makes me feel like I had a motorcycle wreck and the bus tire missed my head by inches – it was that close.

  44. The entire Western religious tradition begins with Moses, who was living at a time when the entire civilised world of the Late Bronze was crashing, as great civilisations always do. With the babylonians on one side and the Egyptians on the other Moses told his people to go in and take the land but never to build cities or make one leader a king. The main other directive he gave them was to divide in half and keep half of them at home and away from the marketplace. That way half of the produce of their labor would remain at home and be available to the people every time the trade/usury economy crashed. Smart people who know about history do not put all of their eggs into one basket, and until remarkably recently much of what passes for Western Civilisation has followed this model as well, though the Vikings never really caught on. Confucius told his people pretty much the same thing regarding gender. It works well over the long haul. These Viking barbarians who run the world for this brief period think they can push on with everybody in the economy, until with their secular Jewish pilots they fly off to take over the universe. This is a childish flash in the pan, but a fire in the kitchen can often be very destructive to the whole house.

  45. Fred says,

    Other advanced countries don’t do these things.

    Fred’s wrong.

    The United States is way down the list for mass shooting deaths per million people. Several of the countries above us are “advanced.”

    #1 Norway

    #2 Serbia

    #3 France

    #4 Macedonia

    #5 Albania

    #6 Slovakia

    #7 Finland

    #8 Belgium

    #9 Czech Republic

    #10 United States

    If you look at it in other ways, such as frequency of mass shootings per population, the US is down the list too, never number one.

    A significant proportion of the mass shootings in the US and other advanced countries have been committed by immigrants from, shall we say, less advanced places. We all remember those. (Or do we? Have we become so jaded that we’ve already forgotten which third worlders have massacred how many white people in their own formerly white countries?)

    BTW: The US is number 92 in murders per 100,000 inhabitants among all the world’s countries, whereas Fred’s beloved Mexico is 85.

  46. I’m in SE Asia and whenever I try to explain feminism, I get looks of confusion and bewilderment. Whether male or female it makes no sense to anyone.

    They are far poorer, but also much happier with their lives – and those are centered upon their families.

    A white guy is a rock star here and golly, when a person has this kind of adulation he doesn’t feel like shooting up the place – that’s for sure.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  47. @JustJeff

    Anyone who says they “remember the 60’s” wasn’t there.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @JustJeff
  48. Anonymous [AKA "Frank Chance"] says:

    Another dull article about how great Reed’s childhood was.

    Jefe Reed, don’t leave out the fact that every low playing job back then wasn’t taken by your wife’s relatives, you boring old blowhard. I can’t wait until you have your stroke and your Juanita cages you in a VA hospital where you’re forced to view the consequences of your generation’s ‘leadership’ up-close, and not from the Splendid Isolation of your gringo ghetto.

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  49. Miro23 says:

    I suppose that the 1950’s produced a functional society in a natural way since many modern options didn’t exist. There were no pc’s, mobile devices, or internet, so communication with friends was more face to face = going out more and walking and cycling to get there. Also the supermarket concept hadn’t really got going, and local stores had a smaller selection of less processed foods. The default option was to eat healthily and take exercise.

    Another aspect, is that WW2 removed most industrial competitors, and I don’t think that this was much recognized at the time. US wealth and dominance was taken by Americans as a proof of their own worth, and maybe produced some counter-cultural reaction.

    In any event, the US counter-cultural left dedicated itself from the 1960’s to destroying every aspect of society that Fred covers in this article – along the lines that it is “racist”, “sexist”, “bigoted”, “white supremacist”, “anti-feminist”, “anti-gay”, “chauvinist” , “square”, “redneck” “pig like”, “deplorable” etc. with the MSM hammering the point home every day along with the need for “diversity” (code for excluding European heritage Americans in hiring decisions). It’s Nietzsche’s Ressentiment on steroids.

    Fred isn’t going to say it, but the US counter-cultural left has been led from the start by radical leftist Jews, who are still running it through the MSM, now augmented by their BLM, LGBT, Feminist and Globalist-corporate/MIC/ Wall St. allies.

    At its root, it’s a Jewish bid for absolute power, with the Anglo-American world and Anglo-Americans being targeted in the same way that Imperial Russia and ethnic Russians were targeted by the Bolsheviks (and toppled in 1917 in a bloodbath of historic proportions). They used dialectical Marxism against the Russians with the same Ressentiment based Victim-Oppressor line.

    To use a modern metaphor, the US operating system has been infected by a new variant of the Blue Star virus:

    Resident – In RAM and interferes with every operation.
    Overwrite – Selective modification and deletion of information.
    Direct action – Automatic activation when the system is initiated.
    File infection – Automatic activation when a program is initiated.
    Directory – Alters file paths (lines of command).
    Email – Infection through fake presentations.
    Ransom ware – Extortion and blackmail to force agenda compliance.
    Browser hijack – Virus selected information presentation.

    Conclusion that the the US needs a new modern and upgraded operating system with effective safeguards + a modern 24/7 anti-virus program.

  50. @Rosamond Vincy

    …they forget to notice that the teacher knows less about the subject than anyone in the class and it’s all busywork.

    You nailed it.

    Most of the ones I’ve known were there for the paycheck, time off and other bennies, and because they are too shiftless to do anything else. My college classmates who “studied” “education” were the ones who could do little else, and in fact were typically at or very near the intellectual bottom of every class.

    As one example, just a few days ago I witnessed a retired teacher whose daughter asked him to help her fill the windshield washer reservoir in her car and he was at a total loss as to how to open the hood! I’d never seen the car and have never dealt with a Chrysler product but was able to do it in a split second. ( I’m not braggin’, just giving an example of the ineffable incompetence of the numbnuts moron.)

    He’s the same one who could not hang a curtain for her and left the house with huge holes in the wall in the attempt. He has a “masters” in education and has been infecting kids with stupidity for decades. His wife, also a retired “teacher” is similarly dim witted and incompetent.

    I could provide many more examples like that.

  51. @Intelligent Dasein

    Boomers didn’t do the majority of the voting back in the mid-1960’s when all the worst of it got set into law. Granted, they sure didn’t help.

    • Replies: @CK
    , @MBlanc46
  52. Problem is a degenerate phase of Western culture as such, not just the US:

  53. neutral says:

    This notion about white genocide or the eradication of whites is vastly overstated

    America went from around 80% white to 50% now, and that happened in only 50 years. Then there is miscegenation, something that his heavily promoted by jewish run Hollywood and other mass media outlets. The genocide is vastly understated.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  54. Che Guava says:

    Good evening, Fred
    The English columnist, Peter Hitcchens, is obsessed with connecting all shooting incidents (or tragedies) with drugs.

    As a relic of his Trotskyist past (no cannabis smoking), he was initially concentrating on the high portion of potheads among Islamic terrorists in Europe. One need not add that the english word assassin is from an arabic or persian cognate, hashishim (O..K., I am probably transliterating the latter incorrectly, but the connection is historically true).

    As i had noticed with the Columbine killers, both were on heavy medication, specifically ‘Luvox’ in the case of one.

    The medical records of the other are sealed, but i would bet my right arm that is only because he was on a heavier cocktail.

    Hitchens has now progressed in his views to include ‘antidepressants’ and steroids. That seems much more accurate. Almost all of the school spree kilers, including and since Colunbine, and the ‘i’m Batman’ movie killer, were on ‘antidepressants’, or a cocktail of ‘antidepressants’ and stimulants. What is Ritalin? A cocktail of an anti-psychotic and a stimulant, AFAIK.

    • Replies: @robinea
  55. Renoman says:

    It’s Niggas and Fags that did this, Niggas and Fags!

  56. When I was six, my family moved to Grand Rapids (GR), Michigan in the early 1950s into a very nice upstairs apartment on Wealthy Street (WS). WS was in the middle of GR, a racially mixed, blue collar neighborhood that was a great place to live for people of modest means. The streets were completely safe (my sisters walked to the local drug store and to evening church by themselves in the evenings). There was no crime and very little racial tension or hostility. People had jobs, worked very hard and the families stayed together.

    Then came the onslaught of the 1960s with all of its destructive, ideological fury. It took only fifteen or so years to turn the WS neighborhood into a wretched slum, a dangerous, crime ridden, decaying drug zone occupied by single girls making lots of babies and (legally) unemployed, uneducated black males full of lots of resentment. All the whites had fled to the suburbs. This scenario was replicated all across the country in our once safe and affordable cities.

    I’m with the Fred Reed school of American sociology — drugs, forced integration and feminism — the three carriers of the apocalypse.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  57. El Dato says:

    Actual combat sports (as opposed to fake or semi-fake martial arts)

    What are those? MMA Cage fighting? Driving around in jeeps in the triangle of death?

    • Replies: @fnn
  58. Borsalino says:

    This article, and recent events at Parkland, caused me to reflect on two things:

    Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers” in which he examines research regarding one of the chief components of becoming an expert at anything, and that is those long 10,000 hours of focused practice/study. How many kids, by their mid-teens, have already amassed that amount of time sitting in front of a tv set, movies and video games? And what are they becoming experts at when these media (we should call them training films) glorify every imaginable form of murder, rape and perversity, and denigrate any experience that approximates simple human decency?

    Secondly, a remark by writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who lived in Vermont during his exile and saw firsthand what American children see every day in the prevailing media. He characterized it as a form of “moral violence” that Hollywood was inflicting on American kids.

    I personally think it’s a factor in addition to all the fine points Mr. Reed raises in his article.

    • Replies: @Anon
  59. Harbinger says:

    What an excellent article!
    I found myself nodding all the way through this and I was born in 1971. I think it was really the 80’s when everything started to drastically change, due to the generation of brainwashed, from the 60’s, beginning to impose their influence upon society.
    Interesting about fat people, because I was talking about that just the other day. There was always the token fat kid in every class when I was at school. Everyone was fit. The women were slim and feminine also. Today, it’s the opposite. Now it’s the token slim kid.
    I agree with everything he’s written.
    I think really there’s only one answer to his synopsis – cultural Marxism, i.e. Jewish demolition of western culture. To quote Willi Munzenburg of the Frankfurt school – “We’ll make the west, so corrupt that it stinks.”

  60. Harbinger says:

    (1) Many young men now lift, something was virtually unknown in the 1950s

    Maybe, but all for the wrong reasons. They lift to attract the opposite sex. More so, when I was younger I kept myself so physically fit, with sports I didn’t have time to lift weights.

    (2) Actual combat sports (as opposed to fake or semi-fake martial arts) have made a comeback, while the once common high school boxing teams were mostly disbanded in 1950s.

    And just look at the UFC? It promotes narcissistic, egotistical, disrespectful, aggressive and violent people to young men as role models. All one needs to do is look at Connor McGregor. And then of course, there’s the women’s MMA, which is a promotion for LGBTQ, as it’s dominated by lesbians and women, such as former champion, Rhonda Rousey who truly believed she could beat Floyd Mayweather junior.. Moreso it’s quite the contrary, martial arts created the exact opposite within men and I can assure you that the arts I did were not ‘fake’ or ‘semi fake’. It’s just your average ignoramus believes that MMA is the way to go and the best martial arts out there. It isn’t, far from it. I’m quite amazed you are unable to see that the melting down of traditional martial arts, into mixed martial arts parallels mass immigration and the mongrelization of the world’s peoples. MMA is another agenda of the (((controllers))).

    • Replies: @fnn
  61. Throughout the ancient world young women were married at fourteen to men nineteen. Today in America couples are statistically least likely to divorce when the man is five years older. Ancient wise men were more like today’s scientists than we like to admit. They paid attention to what worked in the past, what was in fact effective in the real world over time, not just what the majority thought was fair. We never had a male teacher in our school until I reached junior high, and with the girls more mature than the boys, they were favoured by the teachers in the classroom and chosen for accelerated classes.

    The Bible is very clear that women have a different role to play than men, but in our world controlled by a secular Jewish financial sector and press, the Bible is used as a template pointing out to the Jews the mistakes that eventually take down a people. Across the board these secular Jews push the naive, only recently literate, gentiles to return to their old Viking “all warriors are equal” narrative and ignore their brief brush with Christianity and its values based on ancient Jewish values. This will take them down faster, and decadent, collapsing societies are always a bonanza for the secular Jews. All the rules known to preserve a nation for the long run are violated once the Jewish press in in charge, and the gentiles, often with their warrior women along, continue to go a Viking, pillaging, stealing all around the world as they have done increasingly for the last thousand years. By putting their women into the work force in the 20th century, the West has more than doubled the number of vehicles needed, multiplying by several times the petroleum and coal needed to drive the economy, radically multiplying the speed with which they consume rare materials and destroy the environment.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  62. @Buzz Mohawk

    That list is a list of Viking conquests, pure and simple, and murder has for them always been a favourite pastime. Today the murder rate in Japan is (per thousand people) .31 and 1.46 in Tadjukistan, but in Greenland among the most Viking of today’s nations the rate is 12.46. In Palestine the murder rate is .6, but in the USA it is 4.88 and in Russia, founded by Vikings, it is 11.31.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @Hu Mi Yu
    , @El Dato
  63. @Rosamond Vincy

    This is in perfect alignment with the Marxist theory that group effort is preferred over individual effort which inevitably leads to individual excellence which in today’s world is condemned as selfish and thus unacceptable behavior.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  64. @Currahee

    After entering the military in 1963 (US Army as a 2-year draftee) it was one of the first things I learned.

  65. CK says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    The first federal election the boomers could vote in was Nixon Humphrey in 1968. The first federal election most of us tried to work in was Goldwater Johnson in 1964. Ah memories Hillary was for Barry as was I.
    I think the first boomer to make it into high elected office was Dan Quayle as assassination insurance for Bush the elder. That was 1988.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  66. @Leslie Jacobs

    Agreed completely and with you through P-2, sentence-1. Then, you completely lost me. WTF do the Vikings have to do with anything going on? Are we talking football, maybe?

    Your last sentence gets back on track, but not your treehugger bit. What women in the workforce has done is increases Feral Gov’t income tax revenues, and much worse, get the children into the hands of the STATE at a younger age… now down to mandatory Kindergarten and even “pre-K”. Once they’ve got the kids, it’s about all over… which, come to think of it, leads back to Mr. Reed’s points in this excellent article.

    But oh no! That sounds so Libertarian and all! Eeeeks!

  67. Corvinus says:

    “America went from around 80% white to 50% now, and that happened in only 50 years.”

    America went from majority English to majority non-English. The English were mad as hell, but they generally got over it. Why? They and the other ethnic groups from Europe, which had not gotten along too well for a host of reasons, intermarried and became unified in their efforts against the British Empire.

    America went from majority WASP to increasingly non-WASP. The WASPs were mad as hell, but they generally got over it. Why? Intermarriage, the settling of religious differences, the effort to defeat their enemies in two major wars, and the joining a political party.

    Throughout human history, demographics have changed. It is no different in the States.

    “Then there is miscegenation, something that his heavily promoted by jewish run Hollywood and other mass media outlets.

    The mixing of the races is promoted by people themselves, with little prompting or promotion by Jews. That would be Fake News on your part.

    It is a personal decision, one you can disagree with. But in the end, men and women will choose who to marry and procreate with, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

    “The genocide is vastly understated.”

    Overstated, you meant to say.

  68. @Buzz Mohawk

    I almost gagged when I read his label, “advanced.”

    The advancement thingy vis a vis the USA is that it’s in an advanced state of degeneration; terminal even

    Time to get over it, Fred.

    BTW: Moving to Mexico was a smart move. I can’t imagine how much more of a dump this place can get, despite all the silly chest thumping about it such as “we won da big one” as one commenter here claimed. For those who think that way, consider who this “great country” supported. In case anyone’s wondering, the USA went balls to the walls for Joey Stalin and the USA went full commie with the jackal, FDR at the helm. So, the commies and their banker bankers won. “We” didn’t win a flippin thing. Just ask the small business owners and ask yourselves what happened to the middle class in this cultural sewer.

    And don’t blame the kids or the blacks or guns.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @Stonehands
  69. @Rhett Hardwick

    I remember the ’60s, and nothing about the country was anything to brag about back then either. It’s been a steady downhill slide since then, and full body tattoos, piercing, utter lack of self discipline, near total ignorance and pervasive, pathological narcissism hadn’t even been imagined.

    And despite Freddie’s cutesy claims, only simpletons guzzled beer as if it were something “kool ta doo.” In fact, what passes for beer here has never been worth a bottle of piss anyway.

    No wonder Freddie moved to Mexico.

  70. @jacques sheete

    One of the more influential educational theorists went into teaching because his farmer father noticed he couldn’t plow a straight line.

  71. @Anonymous

    I’d agree except that I’d never wish him any harm. He certainly has become a boring old self-preening blowhard.

    He’s had experience, by the sound of it with military doctors and that was more harm than anyone deserves.

    BTW, why would a genius or a near genius choose to let some uniformed schmuck treat him? Doesn’t sound very intelligent to me. Not brave, either.

  72. @Carroll Price

    Mind you, they will try to break up any REAL friendships kids make based on common interests, whether it’s Barbies or basketball. They don’t want anything that allows a few kids to separate THEMSELVES from The Group–but opposed to being exiled BY The Group as punishment.

  73. Iberiano says:

    Been saying it for years, all schools should Judo back into the mainstream, for all kids, with a base requirement of a year, and options to split off into either wrestling/grappling or BJJ (gi).

    We live in a society full of contradictions–we pretend gurrlllssss are “hard” like Laura Croft, but we actually shield them, and boys from actual meaningful physical contact. A handful of boys will play soccer or wrestle, the rest will fantasize about super heroes, when they could actually be DOING something.

    Enter any BJJ club that runs a kids program and you can see the look on the faces of the “nerds” and even fat kids, whose parents brought them, who are actually ENJOYING something for the first time.

    As for the race issue, the white culture has been destroyed and replaced with a “minority-centric” secularism (‘Jordanism’, I call it). Sports and hip-hop, coupled with fathers booted out of the house, had a lot to do with it.

    America was doing fine, until one particular group found a problem with it–that they couldn’t was the problem without a name I think they said…and they sought to burn through every aspect of our culture to find it.

  74. @Rosamond Vincy

    My God, this is the top reason we homeschool!

    That was my childhood: having dumb, egotistical, and vindictive teachers directing the class to ridicule me for the threat I represented – for being smart. My brother too.

    Now we visit the local grade school once a year, because they have to let us do a tour as prospective parents/students. It’s incredible, the icy-cold hatred they have for our kids because they are so far ahead of their peers.

    They love to tell us how horrible we are for having kids so far ahead. But the kids in the school blurt out how amazed they are. That’s why they hate us so much. They have posters on their doors proclaiming their titles as “The Amazing Ms. Smith” and “The Incredible Mr. Jones”, etc.

    They don’t look so incredible when our kids can do algebra before their kids are doing simple division. In fact, they look pretty damn stupid. Because they are. Lazy, stupid, and dishonest.

    • Replies: @Alden
  75. @jacques sheete

    It is an unfortunate side effect of feminism that “smart women” have other choices than teaching.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Rosamond Vincy
  76. JustJeff says:
    @Rhett Hardwick

    Well I was in elementary school in the mid to late 90’s so you’re not technically wrong

  77. Alfa158 says:

    Kids used to be a lot more mature. I was recently looking at a group photo of my mother-in-law’s graduating class from the late 30’s and thinking how remarkable it was that most of these youngsters looked like college graduates rather than high school. I then read the caption and saw it was her middle-school (9th grade back then) graduating class. It wasn’t just that everyone was dressed like an adult, it was a more mature demeanor they carried, with the exception of the obvious class clown in the photo.

  78. Alfa158 says:
    @Mike Garrett

    Seriously? Greenland is not among the most Viking of nations, it is 88% non-white (Inuit). The most Viking of nations is Iceland, murder rate 0.30,the same as Japan. And what were the murder rates for the Scandinavian nations prior to their massive importation of non-Whites? As for the Russian Federation, how much is still ethnically Nordic?
    The Vikings were invaders, conquering and pillaging foreign lands that’s why they were famous for killing. Mongolia today has a very low murder rate, yet they are descendants of Genghiz Khan. How come they are no longer piling up mountains of human skulls if murder used to be their favorite pastime?

  79. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    After the USSR fell Solzhenitsyn returned to Russia but before he did that he attended a town meeting in the little Vermont burg where he had lived so that he could formally thank the people for protecting his privacy for all of those years.

    Some of the local shopkeepers had signs posted in their stores for inquiring reporters: “We won’t tell you where the Solzhenitsyns live.”

  80. @CK

    My Dad voted for Mr. AuH2o, and the story was, he didn’t give up watching the election coverage till late, even though it didn’t look too good – “wait ’till they get west of the Mississippi!”.

    Too bad you and the proto-Hildabeast did not hit it off. We all think “you can’t change someone”, but imagine if you’d had turned her on to Libertarianism, homeschooling, gun ownership … imagine the places you all could have gone! It’s an alt-history novel in the making.

    • Replies: @CK
  81. geokat62 says:
    @Stephen Paul Foster

    I’m with the Fred Reed school of American sociology — drugs, forced integration and feminism — the three carriers of the apocalypse.

    There is truly only one carrier of the apocalypse… and Prof. Kevin MacDonald lays it out quite well in his magnum opus, The Culture of Critique.

    Now, most people have neither the time nor the inclination to read over 500 pages to truly understand the forces arrayed against them. Well, thanks to this video series, they don’t have to.

    6 of the 7 are less than 10 mins. long, so enjoy!

  82. Da Wei says:
    @David In TN

    “From 1960-63 the country was relatively sane.”

    Yes, that it was. And the word of the day was “vigor” and there was hope and our President echoed the ancient Greek ideal of, “full use of your powers along the lines of excellence.”

    Cynics may denigrate that now, but we believed it and took strength from it.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  83. anarchyst says:
    @Rhett Hardwick

    As much as I am reluctant to state this TRUTH, it was a mistake to extend “suffrage” to most women. I realize that there are many racially aware American white women out there, (and have nothing but respect and praise for them, BUT, there are too many white women who succumb to the siren song of (black) interracial “dating” and miscegenation.
    That being said, I have observed many white women “cave in” to race-mixing by “giving in” to a black man who states “you won’t date me because I’m black”. Blacks are expert at using the “you won’t date me because I’m black” race card–putting “guilt trips” on weak-minded white women. I have gotten great pleasure in strong-willed white women whose response to the black “race card” is “that’s right–I don’t date outside my race”.
    Advice to white women–once you go black, we don’t want you back. . .
    White men used to be the guardians of their race and culture. Much white racial pride has been discouraged and criticized by those who would wish to bring us down.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @ScarletNumber
  84. TG says:

    “The welfare programs of the Great Society had not yet destroyed the black family,” I must disagree. The welfare programs had not destroyed the black family: it was the deliberate replacement of black workers with third-world refugees, largely Mexican. Until around 1970 illegal immigration was nearly zero, because the laws were enforced. The increases in illegal and legal immigration were deliberate policy. Blacks had their jobs taken away. Young blacks were no longer automatically able to support a family with honest work. Of course that was toxic. But we can’t mention that because there shall be open borders and cheap labor uber alles.

    And now the same thing is happening to whites.

    And has happened to every racial and ethnic group when placed under the same pressure. Today, despite two decades of gross financial mismanagement, Japan is peaceful and stable. Because every Japanese knows that they can earn some sort of decent living if they just play by the rules. But before WWII, thanks to the government-created population explosion, poverty was crushing, and Japanese society was ready to tear itself apart in crime and instability.

    Because people are people. And to have a stable society, you need one where young men of average ability can see a clear path to supporting a family. Take that away in the name of easy profits, and you cut out the heart of a society.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  85. @Rhett Hardwick

    True. The older teachers in my elementary school knew the material, whether they were kid-friendly or not. They entered teaching when it was one of a few respectable careers for women, and they had to be competitive.

    The younger ones had their pick of spots vacated by retiring veteran teachers, left unfilled by smarter young women who could handle the more rigorous entrance and exit requirements of other majors that we’re now accessible to women. Many teachers are still bitter that they defaulted to Education after failing to make the grade (in every sense of the phrase) in Arts and Sciences

    There are still a few bright women who really want to teach, but they will be hounded out of the College of Education, so they don’t ruin the curve for all the mediocre ones.

  86. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    “…What was it about the Boomers that caused them to destroy the orderly society they had enjoyed in their own youth”

    A couple of things come to mind.

    Boomers (an intrinsically irritating name, we didn’t assign it to ourselves) were lead by our teachers and culture-mongers into this insanity: Our teachers were not of our generational cohort, they were of The Greatest Generation. (My First Hallucinogens, when I was thirteen, came from people who were born in the thirties.) The masses are easily lead, and Generation X and Y’s reactions and sensibilities seem to me to bear this out; social justice warriors and antifa are the latest iteration of the nihilistic venom, but the venom has been present and operating for many generations.

    I did not blame my parents for Vietnam or American war-mongering generally.

    They did not blame theirs for the Great Depression and the American Holodymor.

    I am not to blame for what Hillary and Rumsfeld and Soros and Obama and all the rest of these freaks decided to do with their power and wealth.

    They simply aren’t human in the same sense that we are.

    Marches and petitions expend energy and provide a steam valve, which is useful for the powers that be.

    Resisting indoctrination is indispensable. I think only a spiritual awakening can accomplish it. On the human level their human powers are strong.

  87. anarchyst says:

    The “beginning of the end” of the American concept of “E Pluribus Unum” came with the (illegal) use of federal troops (in 1957) to impose school integration on the majority of American society. In my humble opinion, this was a misuse of “posse comitatus” statutes and was illegal on its face. White Americans, being law-abiding citizens backed down, not wanting to engage in violence against their relatives and neighbors who were federal troops. At that moment, us white Americans “lost the war” and in retrospect, gave up “freedom of association”, only to be replaced by (forced) “public accommodation” statutes for businesses and individuals. The abolition of real-estate “restrictive covenants” did much to destroy middle-class white neighborhoods. The wealthy white (jewish) race traitors (who worked behind the scenes–we know WHO you are) could always preserve their neighborhood racial homogeneous nature while imposing “fair housing” and race-mixing non-discrimination edicts on everyone else. To this day, the elite live in racially homogeneous areas while that right is denied to the rest of us whites.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  88. bookish1 says:

    If a person wants to know what a real traditional American neighborhood was like they would have to go back to the 1930s. Channel 11 Chicago did a documentary titled ‘Remembering Chicago’ where they interviewed people who grew up in the 30s. One women interviewed said that on a hot summer night when she was a teenager she would walk down to the nearest park in her pajamas with a pillow and blanket and sleep in the park without one thought that someone was going to do her harm. And a person could do that in any park in the city of Chicago even on the south side where today you don’t go there in the daytime in a car. If a person had a car he could leave the keys in his unlocked car overnight without even a thought that someone was going to steal it. Of course there was Al Capone and the boys but they were after bigger fish than small crime.
    In a New York Times article some years ago I think it was Russel Baker who wrote that “if someone could step from 1940 New York into New York today he would be shocked and horrified, it would be like a futuristic nightmare come true.”
    The 1950s seemed like a nice time to be a teenager but something was wrong. The title of the movie ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ says it all. It stared James Dean and Natalie among others. But the movie showed a young high school kid that had everything: he had loving parents and warm home life, he had a car and no money problems but something was wrong. That generation of kids were troubled about something that wasn’t obvious to their parents or anyone else. So the question is what troubled those kids that should have been happy in a free and wealthy society and why did things change from the 1930s to where we are today?
    What happened was we fought on the wrong side in WW2. When we sided with the communists we gave the American communists the victory that they needed to tare down what was left of our traditional society and replace with what we have today. Of course they(the communists) couldn’t do that right after WW2 because there were millions of WW2 veterans that would have rebelled at anything like what is happening today. But by the 1960s the communists, who were either jews or lead by jews, were well enough entrenched in academia and the media that they could go forth with their program of changing our society that fitted their communistic ideals. So here we sit in a society that most of us don’t like the way it is and with no solution with no leadership that even expresses what we need to go back to our traditional American ways.

  89. I’m glad Mr. Reed has stated the obvious–or at least it’s obvious, as he said, to anyone over 40 or so, who actually REMEMBERS a far, far better world (it’s night and day).
    But WHY, Fred, WHY?
    I have one clue: the speech given by Aldous Huxley, the British aristocrat, in 1962, called (on YouTube) The Ultimate Revolution. In it (there’s no more important 40 minutes you can spend in my opinion), he lays down several facts: e.g., obviously all revolutions come from the top, never the bottom like so many dupes believe. Most importantly, he lays out exactly what they had in mind for everyone–what this Ultimate Revolution would actually be (ultimate because they would never need another). The answer: DRUGS. What happened round about the next two or three years? The drug culture just happened!
    They do it in stages. First, rotten rock/drug culture, then truly devastating rap/crack culture, all with t.v., movies, music, newspapers, magazines and schools in lock step.
    I mean, that’s about it, no? Why imagine or pretend that it somehow ‘just happened’?

  90. Hu Mi Yu says:
    @Mike Garrett

    Today the murder rate in Japan is (per thousand people) .31 and 1.46 in Tadjukistan, but in Greenland among the most Viking of today’s nations the rate is 12.46

    The majority of the residents of Greenland are Amerindians not Vikings:

    The majority of its residents are Inuit, whose ancestors began migrating from the Canadian mainland in the 13th century, gradually settling across the island.

    The most Viking country is surely Iceland:

    Iceland emerges as the third least likely country in the world to be murdered in. Just 25 people were murdered in Iceland in the thirteen-year period 2000-12. The highest annual figure is five murders (2000), while there were no murders at all in 2003, 2006 and 2008. Just one violent death was recorded in 2012, giving Iceland an overall intentional homicide rate of 0.3/100,000 inhabitants.

  91. fnn says:
    @El Dato

    What are those? MMA Cage fighting?

    Practicing forms vs full contact sparring . That debate is over.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  92. @Anonymous

    It very much seems Frank Zappa was a part of the ‘big lie’ himself. Have you seen anything on the Laurel Canyon scene in the sixties, which someone posted at Unz a couple of weeks ago? He was front and center, amongst people like Jim Morrison, Steven Stills, David Crosby, and John Phillips, whose dads were all coincidentally high up in military intelligence. Google it.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  93. It was good while it lasted, wasn’t It? Being the only country not destroyed by the war and actually the one that immensely benefited from it. The moment that advantage ended the rot started and has been accelerating ever since. USA is being propped by dollar status and financial system that is siphoning world resources towards USA. It won’t continue for lo g hence situation is going to get a lot worse. Chickens coming to a roost. Congratulations.

  94. fnn says:

    I don’t know anything about your personal life, and I really don’t care. But watch this:

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Harbinger
  95. Truth says:

    “that’s right–I don’t date outside my race”.


    I think you’re going to need to teach half the Unzistas that one.

  96. @Backwoods Bob

    I’m confused, Bob. You’re homeschooling in SE Asia? Then who are these hateful teachers?

  97. Miro23 says:

    Because people are people. And to have a stable society, you need one where young men of average ability can see a clear path to supporting a family. Take that away in the name of easy profits, and you cut out the heart of a society.

    Agree with that, but you have to define that society, who is a citizen, what are their rights and obligations and how the borders work.

  98. As someone who has a fondness for nostalgia and a sincere faith in conservative ethos, I found the article —

    Bizarre just because one ignores or doesn’t mention negative aspects of a condition doesn’t mean they don’t exist or that the narrative concerning said condition. What occurred in the 1960’s with respect to black populations is the direct result of their unwillingness to be as patient as they had been previously.

    To reference Ralph Bunche without a thought to his advocacy is to dance in a sea of rose bushes pretending that they have no thorns. I could list a myriad of black scholars and intellectuals of the 1950’s who castigate Mr Fred Reed’s commentary on the status of blacks segregated and unequal worlds, but let’s stay with Dr. Bunche’, who apparently thought integration was a overdue — because the system was not equal. The one aspect that might be accurate might be the view of crime stats. Which among the black population remains low, despite the hysteria over proportionality and the utter abuse of statistical analysis’s myopic craze about color as opposed to environment. The reason whites get all googlie eye’d about Mr. Bunche’ is because his tactic was one of diplomacy that whites did not find offensive as opposed to Mr. Luther King and and in the minds of whites extreme — Malcolm little.

    “President Truman’s offer of the position of assistant secretary of state because of the segregated housing conditions in Washington, D. C.; helped to lead the civil rights march organized ”

    Some bibliographical references: Bennett, Lerone, Jr., Before the Mayflower: A History of Black America. 4th ed. Chicago, Johnson Publishing Co., 1969.


    Bunche, Ralph J., Extended Memorandum on the Programs, Ideologies, Tactics and Achievements of Negro Betterment and Interracial Organizations. A research memorandum for use in the preparation of Gunnar Myrdal’s An American Dilemma. Original typescript (1940) deposited in New York Public Library; microfilm copies made in 1968 available in the libraries of the Universities of Illinois, Iowa, and California at Berkeley.

    Bunche, Ralph J., French Administration in Togoland and Dahomey. Ph.D.dissertation. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Graduate School, 1934.

    Bunche, Ralph J., «Human Relations and World Peace», in Gustavus Adolphus College Bulletin, 17 (1950). An address given at Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, Minn.) Commencement and Bernadotte Memorial Dedication, June 4, 1950.

    Bunche, Ralph J., «My Most Unforgettable Character», Reader’s Digest, 95 (September, 1969) 45 – 49.

    Bunche, Ralph J., Native Morale in The Netherlands East Indies. Washington, D.C., U.S. Department of State for the Library of Congress, 1941.

    Bunche, Ralph J., «Peace and Human Progress», in Symposium on World Cooperation and Social Progress. New York, League for Industrial Democracy, 1951.

    Bunche, Ralph J., «Peace and the United Nations», the Montague Burton Lecture on International Relations. Leeds, England, University of Leeds, 1952.

    Bunche, Ralph J., «United Nations Intervention in Palestine», in Colgate Lectures in Human Relations, 1949. Hamilton, N.Y., Colgate University, 1949.

    Bunche, Ralph J., «What America Means to Me», as told to Irwin Ross. The American Magazine, 149 (February, 1950) 19, 122-126. Reprinted in Negro Digest (September, 1950).

    Bunche, Ralph J., A World View of Race. Washington, D.C., Associates in Negro Folk Education, 1936. Reissued, Port Washington, N.Y., Kennikat Press, 1968.

    Flynn, James J., «Ralph Johnson Bunche: Statesman», in Negroes of Achievement in Modern America. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1970.

    Hughes, Langston, «Ralph Bunche: Statesman and Political Scientist», in Famous American Negroes. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1954.

    Italiaander, Rolf, Die Friedensmacher: Drei Neger erhielten den Friedens-Nobelpreis. Kassel, W. Germany, Oncken, 1965. Brief biographies of Bunche, King, and Luthuli.

    Kugelmass, J. Alvin, Ralph J. Bunche: Fighter for Peace. New York, Julian Messner, 1952.

    Myrdal, Gunnar, An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy. New York, Harper, 1944.

    Note those that are undoubtedly critical of the US. You might also notice that his light skin made him far more palatable to whites that his darker counter part in intellectuals. Odd that you selected him as opposed to the tower of Paul Robeson, who spoke more than ten languages, but whites only know him as the that black guy who sang, “Ol Man River” in a popular 1950’s film.

  99. @jacques sheete

    Dunno, Jacques. The absent-minded professor was a cliche when I was a kid. I see nothing wrong with an old timer who lives in the world of ideas, not the practical world, if that’s what he was.

  100. @Rosamond Vincy

    My son, who was a voracious reader from early childhood to the present, constantly corrected one of his black teachers on numerous spelling and grammatical errors. With predictable results being given failing grades in conduct.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  101. @Intelligent Dasein

    What was it about the Boomers that caused them to destroy the orderly society they had enjoyed in their own youth and replace it with the dystopian hellhole America now is?

    The Boomer generation present generations are the unwitting victims of social activist primarily of Jewish decent. As long as Jews remain in control of the news media, Hollywood, music industry, and pop entertainment in general, things will continue much as they’ve been for the past 40 years.

  102. fish says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Ohs Tinys…’n nevvah be gettin over bein jellus o dem whyt girlz steelin dem blacks away frum yo tiny …..heh…..dat’n bein a funny joke……pucker!

    Lebsnert “I deeliver da hard lessons to Tinys” Pibbity

  103. fnn says:

    IRL boxing videos:

  104. Anonymous [AKA "Nhprof"] says:

    In fact, though, people DID believe that girls should keep their legs crossed until marriage. There is plenty of evidence for this. First, before the Pill, there was no way to “hide” so many girls having sex: there would have been a tremendous number of children born out of wedlock. But in fact there were NOT, nor could those numbers have been driven down by abortion, which was also nowhere near as common as it is now. I can point people to LIBERALS in the 1950’s who were preaching to boys about how unmanly it would be to take advantage of a girl’s emotions and get her pregnant. That is right — unmanly. And this was coming from LIBERALS.

    What that meant, though, was that the sexes were more FREE to have fun together without the danger of sexual intercourse, much less rape. And they did have fun together. They do even now where I teach, a college where sexual intercourse outside of marriage is taken for granted as a wrong against the child that might be begotten, the family, and the common good….

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  105. @Corvinus

    Anyone who would believe that the shootings are fake is obviously a crazed conspiracy theorist, and has a lack of credibility almost on par with someone who buys into the MSM narrative about Russian bots being something to worry about.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @Twodees Partain
  106. @Anonymous

    Born in 1946 I knew deep down since early childhood that we Americans were the monsters. The fact that we were the only nation ever to drop nuclear weapons, a gift of secular Jewish scientists to both the Americans and Russians, on civilian cities. All through the 50s our teachers, always women, tried to feed us endless nationalistic rubbish that we knew was silly. Then came Korea and by the time we turned 18 the Vietnam war was ready for the baby boomers.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  107. Truth says:

    Man this old Canuck loves hearing himself talk. BJJ is an excellent fighting system, butwithout any striking training it specializes in the one-on-one matches that you can generally avoid, rolling around trying to armbar somebody while his friends are around is going to get you kicked in the head 45 times. If you were stuck in an alley with 6 tough guys who wanted to do you harm, would you rather have Mike Tyson by your side or Royce Gracie? Ed Parker would beat the shit out of your average drunk in a bar or mugger without a weapon. That’s what is important. Royce Gracie isn’t going around starting streetfights with people.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  108. El Dato says:
    @Mike Garrett



  109. El Dato says:
    @Mike Gerrett

    The fact that we were the only nation ever to drop nuclear weapons, a gift of secular Jewish scientists to both the Americans and Russians, on civilian cities.

    Bullshit. The financing for this project came from the government. The energy comes from unstable matter born of a supernova billions of years ago. The decision comes from Truman. And the government by that time had already thoroughly normalizing burning down whole cities in bombing raids.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  110. El Dato says:

    full contact sparring

    Of course, of course.

    But full contact sparring will get you in and out of hospital. And will you continue past 30?

  111. @Carroll Price

    An intelligent “uppity” white student having conduct issues, say it isn’t so.

  112. Sparkon says:
    @daniel le mouche

    Please see: Inside the LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation Part 1

    “The Byrds were closely associated with Vito and the Freaks: Vito Paulekas, his wife Zsou and Karl Franzoni, the leaders of a group of about 35 dancers whose antics enlivened the Byrds early gigs.” In Waiting for the Sun, Barney Hoskyns writes that the early success of The Byrds and other bands was due in no small part to “the roving troupe of self-styled ‘freaks’ led by ancient beatnik Vito Paulekas and his trusty, lusty sidekick Carl Franzoni.” Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer, former drummer and keyboardist for the band Love, went further still, claiming that Vito actually “got the Byrds together, as I remember – they did a lot of rehearsing at his pad.”

    And according to various other accounts, The Byrds did indeed utilize Vito’s ‘pad’ as a rehearsal studio, as did Arthur Lee’s band. More importantly, the Freaks drew the crowds into the clubs to see the fledgling bands perform. But as important as their contribution was to helping launch the careers of the Laurel Canyon bands, “Vito and his Freakers” were notable for something else as well; according to Barry Miles, writing in his book Hippie, “The first hippies in Hollywood, perhaps the first hippies anywhere, were Vito, his wife Zsou, Captain Fuck and their group of about thirty-five dancers. Calling themselves Freaks, they lived a semi-communal life and engaged in sex orgies and free-form dancing whenever they could.”

    Some of those who were on the scene at the time agree with Miles’ assessment that Vito and his troupe were indeed the very first hippies. Arthur Lee, for example, boasted that they “started the whole hippie thing: Vito, Karl, Szou, Beatle Bob, Bryan and me.” One of David Crosby’s fellow Byrds, Chris Hillman, also credited the strange group with being at the forefront of the hippie movement: “Carl and all those guys were way ahead of everyone on hippiedom fashion.” Ray Manzarek of The Doors remembered them as well: “There were these guys named Carl and Vito who had a dance troupe of gypsy freaks. They were let in for free, because they were these quintessential hippies, which was great for tourists.

    –Part V

  113. El Dato says:
    @Da Wei

    Sounds good but why only these 4 years?

    (It was a high time for good old-school Sci-Fi… Philip K. Dick wrote “The Man in the High Castle” and Anthony Burgess wrote “A Clockwork Orange” in 1962)

  114. @Anonymous

    Due to unplanned pregnancies fairly high numbers of “early” marriages occurred. I can’t remember all the details but social studies students have performed rater interesting research into marriage and birth certificate records and came up with the interesting (but not surprising) statistic that the birth of the oldest child from large numbers of pre-birth control marriages occurred LESS THAN 9 months following the marriage ceremony.

    • Agree: Triumph104
  115. @fnn

    Many young men now lift, something was virtually unknown in the 1950s,

    Hogwash. Even in the 1970’s, I “lifted” – not pointless repetitive “pumping iron,” but bales of hay and shovels/pitchforks of horse and cow sh!t. We lifted car tires, big rocks, dug holes, and pushed wheelbarrows. We lifted deer carcasses and dragged them for a mile through the woods. We lifted and carried golf bags for miles, often twice in a day. We rode bikes for miles. We swam for hours.

    We were far more fit than kids today who might go to the weight bench three times a week and spend the rest of their time playing World of Warcraft or whatever kids play these days.

    • Disagree: ScarletNumber
    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
  116. @Buzz Mohawk

    The fact remains. All of the major scientists on both sides were Jews. We would not have had the bomb without them, just as we would have had neither world war without the Rothschilds making money off both sides. And, we would never have seen the Communism that so deformed the 20th century without the secular Jews who wrote the script and were many of its early leaders.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  117. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @El Dato

    Weren’t the 50s great?

  118. @jacques sheete

    My college classmates who “studied” “education” were the ones who could do little else, and in fact were typically at or very near the intellectual bottom of every class.

    Exactly, and it’s these same mediocrities who flocked into communism and promoted their fanatical egalitarianism out of jealousy and resentment against the superior intellects or superior physical specimens. Communism itself was simply mediocre Jews jealousy and resentment against superior Jews (Sailer has written extensively on this in context of Jewish country clubs) and spread like fire due to Jews innate verbal intelligence and the attractiveness of envy to the mediocre and inferior.

    Feminism and racial “equality” are especially virulent forms of this due to natural and immutable difference between the sexes and races. It’s ALL about envy and resentment. And, as Neil Peart wrote succinctly (whether you like Rush or not), “now there’s no more Oak oppression, they passed a noble law, the trees are all kept equal, by hatchet, axe, and saw.”

  119. Corvinus says:
    @Hapalong Cassidy

    “and has a lack of credibility almost on par with someone who buys into the MSM narrative about Russian bots being something to worry about.”

    Deny all you want, but the Russian bot story is on solid ground factually. Please educate yourself on this important matter.

  120. Consistent with the founder’s desire of an informed citizenry, because of extended adolescence, therefore immature young people and not yet “informed” into responsible adulthood, I advocate that the voting age be raised to 25.

  121. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Stan d Mute

    That was a young Peart, who today regrets libertarian misappropriation.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  122. George says:

    “the Great Society had not yet destroyed the black family”

    You can’t discuss 60s economics without talking about Vietnam. The ‘Great Society’ was a welfare technique used to keep the war going by redistributing wealth to those impoverished by the war.

  123. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The 50s were an era of uppers, downers, out of wedlock pregnancy, much more violence and lower church attendance .That last one might br a positive – by the 80s the mentally ill evangelicals were covering up the destruction wrought by capital by dancing around wedge issues and the good ol’ days like mosquitos around an incandescent bulb.

  124. @Mike Gerrett

    All of the major scientists on both sides were Jews. We would not have had the bomb without them … neither world war without the Rothschilds … never have seen the Communism … without the secular Jews who wrote the script and were many of its early leaders.

    In all likelihood we wouldn’t have seen cancerous feminism nor racial egalitarianism either. So what!?!

    Who is to blame really? The overachieving mind that comes up with the idea? Or the imbeciles who say, “Duh, gee George, that’s a really swell idea, I’ll go along with it!”

    It’s like the folks who blame old Charlie Manson and ignore his retarded followers who actually committed the Tate and LaBianca murders. Manson never pulled a trigger or stabbed a pregnant woman to death. Blaming the Jews for all the idiots who glommed onto really stupid but well-articulated ideas is to say that those people had/have no agency in their actions. Stalin wasn’t a Jew. Mao wasn’t a Jew. Pol Pot wasn’t a Jew. FDR and LBJ weren’t Jews. Was WW1 the fault of 6th Century BC Laozi’s idea of anarchism?

    Put succinctly, “Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.” If you subscribe to stupid ideas, you reap the rewards. Doesn’t matter whose idea it was does it? Look at Obama for a more current example – whose fault there? A mulatto of mediocre intellect from communist family? Or the hundred million idiots who chose to make him the most powerful man in the world?

    Blaming the idea originator DOES NOT fix the problem because there’s always always always another stupid idea. The problem we must fix, assuming it can be fixed (and I doubt it can be), is how to prevent the stupid people from embracing stupid ideas when they inevitably arise. The Founders had a good handle on this by allowing only white male landowners to have a say. But that idea only lasted what? A century, before it was totally corrupted? Half the white population has an IQ below 100 and of the upper half with IQ over 100 I’m certain we could all identify at least several we know personally who are complete idiots who embrace idiotic ideas like feminism or racial egalitarianism if not outright communism.

  125. While waxing nostalgic for the 50’s & 60’s, let’s remember that this was Peak Adoption. America decided to embark on an imbecilic social experiment where infants were taken from their mothers, handed to social workers for months or even years, then essentially sold to childless married couples and permanently prohibited from knowing their true origin. We knew, from millennia of experience, that children tend to be like their biological family. We knew that animals of all sorts are like their biological families. We didn’t need James Watson and Francis Crick figuring out DNA to tell us this. Everyone knew it, yet tens of millions of kids were passed off to unsuspecting couples who had absolutely no idea what they were welcoming into their homes.

    And it wasn’t just the adopting couples who often suffered, but innocent victims when Johnny, son of Cletus and Ida, a murderer and whore, turned out a shockingly bad seed from “a good family.” Likewise the adoptees themselves suffered as they knew nothing of their biological risk factors from everything from cancer and heart disease to schizophrenia. And not just the adoptees, but their biological children who again had no way of knowing where half their genes would lead them. This doesn’t even address the damage done to a kid to know he was thrown away as an innocent baby!

    We don’t have to look far to see the kind of catastrophic result that could ensue do we? Where did the Parkland mental defective originate? Nobody knows and we will never know because the State seals all adoption records (although within the last couple decades some States will now allow release of identity to adoptee and adopting parents – some States). Was this defective bastard the son of insane parents?

    The Public Health and Safety damage done has been incalculably immense! All from an incredibly stupid idea promoted tirelessly by “Good Christians” and “Good Jews.” And even today, with mountains of evidence including the Minnesota Twin Study proving irrefutably the importance of knowing ones genetic origins, it persists…

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  126. @Anonymous

    Broon’s Bane wasn’t libertarian, but anti-egalitarian – an important distinction. Peart has renounced his youthful libertarianism, but has he renounced his anti-egalitarianism? 2112 was also anti-egalitarian wasn’t it? And how many of his lyrics were blatant attacks on media/celebrity cultism? Who wasn’t influenced by Ayn Rand after being propagandized for 12 years or more by our idiotic egalitarian (mis)educational system? My takeaway from his 40 year writing career is his promotion of exceptionalism and reason.

  127. @David In TN

    From 1960-63 the country was relatively sane.


    Except for many of the crazier Cold War activities. And the adoption lunacy. And…

    But generally speaking, and by comparison to (current year), yes. Check out Weissberg’s latest piece here on Unz describing our educational focus then on identifying gifted kids and pointing them at STEM following the shocking achievement of the Soviets with Sputnik for an excellent example of this contrasted to our (current year) focus on idiocy.

  128. Alfa158 says:

    Yes, that’s all certainly true, but as far as your example where you are in an alley and six hostiles are going to attack you, the only martial art that will save you will be either the ancient Greek martial art of Hallassus, or the modern American martial art, Colt Gon Boom.
    The discussion was around what is the better martial art in those situations where it is one on one, neither fighter is your average drunk, and no-one else jumping in. How often that happens in real life, I can’t say. Most real world fights seem to degenerate into rolling around on the ground tearing each other’s shirts and running out of breath. I figure I would want the fighting system that realizes from the initial premise that you are going to quickly be rolling around on the ground.The best system will incorporate holds and strikes.

    • Replies: @Truth
  129. Jake says:
    @Stan d Mute

    ” Communism itself was simply mediocre Jews jealousy and resentment against superior Jews …”

    In what sense was Trotsky mediocre?

    What you cite is the Ayn Rand type assessment, and it is false because true in a few cases and laughably false in many others.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
    , @Alden
  130. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “Lay out a plan Fred”

    He doesn’t have to Lay Out A Plan. He was describing his own experience.

  131. the world as whole is alot less innocent, not just kids. people are no longer simple. it is the result of information over manipulation by the people behind the scenes.

    it is like plastic surgery, too much of it, people start to look like zombies because of scar tissue build up.

  132. Fred is a dissembling dirtbag.

    The Jews have been pumping a tsunami of full spectrum assault against our young people, since the 1930’s at least. (See Bella Dodd’s “School of Darkness”): Educational. Cultural. Emotional. Pharmacological. Economic. Demographic.

    The Protocols have been playing out before our very eyes.

    Say Fred, come The Great Housecleaning, I can imagine you being extradited just long enough to do a little rope dance for us.

    • Agree: Alden
  133. Jake says:
    @daniel le mouche

    In Brave New World, Huxley’s masterpiece, the masses are controlled by doses of soma: dope.

    Huxley himself was a drug freak. And it began long before rock ‘n’ roll. The first music to be specifically linked to dope, tightly linked, was jazz, which the WASP and Jewish Elites adored, and promoted to the world.

    Hollywood also was a major drug culture at least by the US entry into WW1.

  134. Jake says:

    With the user name Toby Keith behind such stupid posts, I’d lay money you are the type to whore for the SPLC or at least some Trump-hating part of the US Deep State.

  135. @daniel le mouche

    They do it in stages. First, rotten rock/drug culture, then truly devastating rap/crack culture, all with t.v., movies, music, newspapers, magazines and schools in lock step.
    I mean, that’s about it, no? Why imagine or pretend that it somehow ‘just happened’?

    Was Albert Hofmann a government agent? Or just a genius chemist at Sandoz in Switzerland? Was CR Alder Wright a government agent? Or just a genius chemist at St Mary’s Hospital Med School? Was Sasha Shulgin a government agent? Maybe. He had a DEA license for his home laboratory, but previously he was just a genius chemist at Dow and he tested all his myriad inventions from his post-Dow years on himself and his wife Ann first. How about Arthur Heffter? Ernst Späth? Surely Friedrich Gaedcke was a CIA agent in Germany in 1855?

    Marijuana, opium, and peyote have been used by humans for longer than we have recorded history. Was Homer a government agent in the 9th Century BC when he wrote of it in Iliad and Odyssey? Greek warriors used opium before battles – surely a US Government plan no? Then again, the Revolutionary War resulted in tens of thousands of opiate addicts so maybe, were you referring to the Opioid Epidemic of the 1860’s? Or how about that Cocaine Epidemic of the 1500’s in South America or the later one of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in America?

    Try harder.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  136. @jacques sheete

    To be fair you can be intelligent without being mechanically inclined.

  137. Alden says:
    @Backwoods Bob

    Your earlier post said you live in SE Asia. Do you visit an American or your local Asian school once a year?

  138. @Jake

    In what sense was Trotsky mediocre?

    Oh, sorry, my bad. I had the mistaken idea it was an unemployed dirtbag sponging off his friend who came up with the stupid idea in the first place. But no, you’re right, it wasn’t Karl Marx but wealthy Bronstein who had the original idea..

    But wait, Bronstein’s parents were wealthy. Was Bronstein himself a rich Jew? My history book tells me he became a Marxist (wait, but you said..) and never even completed school to become a low paid mathematician. Not a banker, not a successful merchant, not an industrialist, not even successful farmer like his daddy. Nope, Bronstein was a college dropout failure radicalized by his future first wife. By comparison, Einstein was also a mediocre Jew who (while not a dropout and ultimately a genius mathematician) also failed to achieve financial success and became Marxist.

    As I said, mediocre Jews jealous of superior Jews. A mediocre Jew has a verbal IQ high enough to convince millions of idiots – look no further than the mainstream media if you doubt me.

    Next time pick a rich Jew who promotes Marxism. Then I’ll show you a superior Jew who figured out how to leverage a stupid idea based on envy to gain wealth and/or power and become the object of envy.

    Try harder.

  139. Alden says:

    In what sense was Trotsky better than mediocre?

  140. MBlanc46 says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I’m in the first wave of Boomers. The first election that I could vote in was 1968.

  141. Truth says:

    My friend, let me tell you something, as a man with some, limited training, you best defense against street aggression is; your feet. Not as in kicking, as in running. You lose this defense if you are rolling around on the ground with someone. As I said, BJJ is an excellent fighting system, for what it was created for.

    BJJ was created by bored, rich, white guys in Brazil as a way to settle honor one-on-one honor disputes over girls and money. On the street, your best defense is a right cross-left hook combination to someone’s chin. Post #108 covers this admirably, and it is not as simple as you would think. Learning the elements of the rc-lh combo and not injuring your hands will take you 6 months.

    After that, once again you do not want to surrender your greatest defense. A little Krav-Magra is good as it was created to teach Israeli soldiers to stay alive in dangerous situations, Krav-Maga is in other words, “dirty fighting Take a little Muay-Thai where you can “discourage” an attacker up close after that, then grappling.

    As I said though, Ed Parker as much of a joke as the Canuck made him sound, would easily disable 95% of the bad guys out there. He spent many years learning what he learned, and time of practice is a key. The main point is that you cannot learn to fight without pain and injury. If you are, you haven’t learned anything. If you are sparring full speed, you will be hurt, and injured to some degree, and this is what learning to fight takes.

    • Replies: @Rowdy Rudy Pfeiffer
  142. @anarchyst

    As much as I am reluctant to state this TRUTH, it was a mistake to extend “suffrage” to most women

    Ann Coulter agrees with you.

  143. @Stan d Mute

    You are making his point for him.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  144. @Hubbub

    Don’t ask me, ask Buck Turgidson

  145. @Tiny Duck

    Nobody has it worse in a Black school than the half-bred Black & White. Mulattoes at the grass roots suffer at the hands of the darker skinned.

  146. @Stan d Mute

    Was Sartre a mediocrity? Indeed it’s you that sounds like one. And quoting Rush? I too did that–back in high school, circa early 80s.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
    , @Truth
  147. @Stan d Mute

    You’re right, Stan, I couldn’t imagine a Dow employee as a government agent. I detected no trace in either of his books of drugs, unless you count wine. When did widespread drug use occur–within your memory? It began around 1963-4-5, very coincidentally at the exact same time as both the Vietnam sham war and the sham poet-druggies known as rock stars emerged. But don’t take my word for it, Stan, just listen to THE MAN, Huxley himself.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  148. @ScarletNumber

    Tight. Drill your own tight. It is a reminder that there are no small penises, there are only large, floppy vaginas. Even Larry David agrees. If you want to piss off a women, just tell her she’s large. You could call her the C*nt-word and get less rage. Give it a try with your wife you’re divorcing or a girl you’re dumping, it’s a wonderful laugh and it is a stone-cold certainty you’ll never see or hear from her again.

    • Replies: @Truth
  149. Harbinger says:

    And likewise, I couldn’t care a hoot about your life either.
    However, when I state what I do, I do so promoting fact.
    You are clearly utterly and totally oblivious to the very concept of martial arts.

  150. @anarchyst

    The Jewish realtors simply don’t take the Goy to the best neighborhoods.

  151. @daniel le mouche

    Was Sartre a mediocrity? Indeed it’s you that sounds like one.

    You appear to have enormous difficulties with comprehension. Marxism/Communism is about money. Was Sartre rich? If not, he was a mediocrity. Being rich is particularly important to many (probably most – hence the level of envy/enmity) Jews. Let me help again with a contemporary example: Mark Zuckerberg and his over-educated mediocrity sister. Mark is immensely wealthy but a dropout while sis is a history scholar. Donna Z spends a vast amount of energy on attacking the patriarchy and racial egalitarianism – both aspects of current Marxism. Mark Z doesn’t (at least not in practice although he does the standard virtue signaling amassing/clutching his billions). Mark makes vast sums of money seemingly without effort and Donna lives in relative poverty while expending great effort making resentment (denouncing white men in the name of economic, sexual, and racial “equality”). Superior Jew capitalist with sibling mediocre Jew Marxist.

    And quoting Rush? I too did that–back in high school, circa early 80s.

    So before the head injury that caused your comprehension problem? I quote Broon’s Bane often because it’s a great poetic metaphor for the dynamics of Marxism. Comprehend? Probably not..

  152. JMcG says:

    My son had to remind his 7th grade History teacher that the Soviets were allied with Hitler right up until June 1941. She had no idea that the Soviets invaded Poland from the east two weeks after Germany invaded from the west.
    She also had no idea the Soviets invaded Finland later in 1939.
    After he reminded her of this, he was never called on again in her class.
    My younger brother graduated with a 3.98 majoring in American History and Secondary Education.
    He had never heard of the Doolittle Raid until he saw the execrable Pearl Harbor movie and mocked the ending where they “made up a preposterous carrier attack on Japan”

    • Replies: @Harbinger
  153. @daniel le mouche

    When did widespread drug use occur–within your memory? It began around 1963-4-5

    If we are using the “within your memory” standard, how can you recall the 1960’s when you claim you were in high school in the 1980’s? Another effect of the head injury, forty years to high school? Explains much really, thanks. The only thing “new” about the 60’s was Hofmann’s LSD which wasn’t really new at all as I showed. Likewise in the 70’s with Shulgin’s MDMA which was actually already 60 years old having been created by Merck chemist Anton Köllisch (Shulgin did create many other similar compounds himself however).

    If not, again, I cited the opiate epidemic following the Revolution (was thinking Civil War but it was way past bedtime and typed “revolution”) which persisted from the 1860’s until early 1900’s when heroin was withdrawn from the market by Bayer. I also cited the cocaine epidemic of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I delved deeper to illustrate that humans have always used drugs. You’ve done nothing but cite Huxley which I clearly trumped with Homer. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it and all that.

    Try harder.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
    , @Sparkon
  154. @ScarletNumber

    You are making his point for him.

    Depends on what his point really was no? Sounded like a claim that pumping iron and watching MMA was an equivalent to what young men did in the 50’s and as I said through the 1970’s. My point is that pumping iron is no equivalent to the stamina and strength created by constant hard work and demanding recreation (versus video gaming). In the 70’s I’ll also point out that combat was a daily activity with wrestling and all out fights a routine during recess and after school – it’s how we settled things. And Golden Gloves was still very much a “thing” with karate gathering rapid momentum. The biggest change then to now is that then you’d get detention for fighting and now you’d get expelled. That plus the kicks to the head after putting your opponent on the ground – back then that would have had the other kids all pile onto the kicker. There was a code of honor in fighting then that has since vanished, it was probably just more white privilege anyway.

    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
  155. @Stan d Mute

    Do you consider abortion or orphanages preferable to adoption? Or are you advocating thorough adoption genetic records, so even if anonymity is maintained, there is necessary medical info.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  156. @Stan d Mute

    You clearly, Stan, to use a favorite word of yours, are an arrogant asshole. You know all, Stan, as you clearly demostrate, to your very own satisfaction, and as you simultaneously feel emboldened to insult, in this case, me, by repeatedly saying I’ve got brain damage. And you clearly again, and again to your own satisfaction, somehow proved–simply by stating–that Homer was, what was it?, a drug pusher or propagandist? You’ve clearly read a book or two explaining all, once more to your own satisfaction if no one else’s. Like all your references to obscure scientists that make you seem really smart–nice touch. And you know all–just all–about Marxism, that is, that it’s ‘all about money’, also that Sartre–was he rich??–too was just a mediocrity, not that you’ve read him, or Marx, or Homer I suspect.
    You’re just so… enlightening!

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  157. Harbinger says:

    My son had to remind his 7th grade History teacher that the Soviets were allied with Hitler right up until June 1941. She had no idea that the Soviets invaded Poland from the east two weeks after Germany invaded from the west.

    You know, what’s interesting is that whenever you have a conversation with someone about WW2 and why it happened, the ubiquitous answer is always: “because Hitler invaded Poland”. When I then remind them that Russia did too at the same time and why didn’t we go to war with Russia, they say but Russia were our allies etc etc. Upon reminding them that we allied with a tyrannical regime, that had already murdered around tens of millions of Russians, they look at me with a blank face, realizing that the reasons for war weren’t so crystal clear. I only found this out, after high school, doing my own research on history. It was ‘conveniently’ not mentioned to me, for obvious reasons.

    The state of history lessons, in western schools has never been worse. Here in the UK, you don’t need to be a teacher of your chosen subject. All schools want now are people to teach a syllabus that they lay out. What made me laugh was around 15 years ago, I went out on a date with a woman in London who told me she was a teacher. I asked her what she taught and she said that she was originally a PE teacher, but they needed history teachers and they were paying more, so she now taught history. I asked: “but surely they take teachers who know their profession?” and she told me that all teachers have to do is teach the syllabus and that’s it. You don’t have to be a teacher to teach nowadays. All you have to be able to do is indoctrinate the class you’re teaching, with the BS you’re given.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  158. Anonymous [AKA "Flem"] says:

    Overpopulation surely has a large part to do with how much different America is today as opposed to the 50’s & 60’s. The baby boom was the beginning of the end of America. It works like this. If you’re in a life raft with five other people You’re clinging to each other for life. But if you’re in a life raft with twenty other people and the life raft only supposed to hold ten. You’re pushing other people out. This life raft has twenty people in it. These kids don’t remember the pre baby boom world like us. This is all they know. Overpopulation has desensitized us. With each child born in an overpopulated world life becomes that much less precious.

    • Replies: @Rhett Hardwick
  159. @Anonymous

    Have you ever tried to imagine what America would “look like” if we had not killed off 700,000 “marriage age” men in our Civil War? Would the immigration boom of the late 19th century have happened, if we already had men to do the work?

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  160. @Hapalong Cassidy

    It’s pretty clear that the Sandy Hoax “shooting” was a fake. Anyone who doesn’t see that hasn’t looked into it past MSM reports.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  161. @Truth

    “limited training” = you watched part of Bruce Lee movie once, but shut it off because you found the “yip”ing and “waaaah”ing “too racist”.

    and I’m hardly shocked you’d advocate running…typical liberal response to pretty much ANY adversity.

    • Replies: @Truth
  162. Sparkon says:
    @Stan d Mute

    The only thing “new” about the 60’s was Hofmann’s LSD which wasn’t really new at all as I showed

    The “new” part was MKUltra, starting in the 50s. Another “new” part was Vito and his Freaks. Still another was Grateful Dad soundman Augustus Owsley Stanley…

    …son of a political family from Kentucky…Stanley was the first private individual to manufacture mass quantities of LSD. By his own account, between 1965 and 1967, Stanley produced no less than 500 grams of LSD, amounting to a little more than five million doses at the time


    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  163. Truth says:
    @daniel le mouche

    Well, Stan is from the Sinatra era. You have to give him an “e” for effort.

  164. Truth says:
    @Jim Christian


    Jimmer, you really need to write a book to young, impressionable white men. The CIA coudn’t do a better job.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  165. Truth says:
    @Rowdy Rudy Pfeiffer

    No, it’s a response from a man who doesn’t want to give a lawyer a $10,000 retainer.

  166. @Rosamond Vincy

    Do you consider abortion or orphanages preferable to adoption? Or are you advocating thorough adoption genetic records, so even if anonymity is maintained, there is necessary medical info.

    Great question, but (full disclosure) I’m an adopted bastard myself so admittedly had a dog in the hunt before I went to extraordinary lengths to gain the info I (and my parents) were denied.

    I know firsthand that you cannot believe what the adoption agency and/or the State tell you – they all provide “non-identifying” info and it’s at least 50% BS. Plus, if the biological parents are young (and they usually are) what guarantee is there it will be updated as normal middle age health issues arise for the bio-parents to warn the adoptees? A good first step however would be to require the FULL DNA sequence of at least the mother and the father if his identity is known. Eventually we will get to the point that the DNA should tell us all we really need to know, but we aren’t there yet.

    Beyond this, knowing ones’ parents seems a basic human right doesn’t it? Some argue for an exception in cases of rape, but with abortion legal that argument falls flat. If you choose to deliver a baby, you abrogate your right of anonymity by inflicting said baby on the world. For pre-Roe adoptions, you’re talking 50+ year old history and maintaining anonymity at this point is silly (and dangerous to the adoptee).

    Finally, no, I don’t in general prefer abortion and definitely don’t prefer orphanages as the evidence is abundant the harm caused by lack of (particularly) a father in the home.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  167. @daniel le mouche

    you simultaneously feel emboldened to insult,

    Apparently that head injury was real, I merely speculated. Obviously you need reminding that you started us down that trail.

    simply by stating–that Homer…

    And again, you cited Huxley as definitive authority versus a long list of facts including names of drug creators and historical timeline. I simply said Homer was a far more important and influential source that some British fop from the 20th century.

    Thankfully, Unz has this awesome feature “commenters to ignore” which will prevent me from ever again seeing any of your brain damaged twaddle.

    Amusing as it’s been, I have better things to do than argue with Downies..

  168. @Sparkon

    The “new” part was MKUltra, starting in the 50s. Another “new” part was Vito and his Freaks. Still another was Grateful Dad soundman Augustus Owsley Stanley…

    No argument there, in fact I mentioned certain Cold War excesses in a reply to @David in TN earlier in the thread. But are you seriously blaming MKUltra for the entire (and entirely natural) human tendency to self-medicate? Was there an MKUltra for cannabis? Heroin? Cocaine (caveat on government facilitating importation there)? Newer designer drugs and “research chemicals”? And LSD was preceded, by far, as a psychedelic with peyote and ayahuasca. Cocaine was freely available pre-prohibition and decades before the CIA flew it in to fund their shenanigans.

    As for the hippies both here and in England (Syd Barrett et al), you’re not suggesting they were agents are you? Ken Kesey encountered LSD in an asylum, not an MKUltra experiment – it was being tested by a number of psychiatrists and psychologists as treatment for mental illness. MKUltra wouldn’t have told its subjects what they were being administered.

    Remember that this time period was the peak Cold War era. What possible reason could the anti-communists have for engineering a program to take out many of America’s brightest and best? I can see a small research project with national security goals going off the rails inadvertently, but they went to extraordinary lengths to keep it closely controlled and under wraps (view recent Wormwood documentary series). They certainly didn’t want to have to defenestrate an entire generation of kids as drug addled security risks. Remember that drug testing can’t detect LSD like it can THC, opiates, cocaine, and alcohol, so how do you ensure your security clearances aren’t compromised? If anything, I’d give more credence to a theory positing the Soviets had their own MKUltra and deployed it in America than a theory that fanatical anti-communists did it to an entire generation domestically.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  169. polskijoe says:

    The answer to this question:

    The New Left was a disease which destroyed the US.
    Many of them were Jewish just like the in the Bolshevik revolution.

    I guess after WW2, the Js got more power.
    The CIA wanted to prevent Stalinist or Communist support,
    so they created some beast of degeneracy.

    In the 1990s this went to a second phase. And now you see the consquences.

  170. The New Left was a disease which destroyed the US.
    Many of them were Jewish just like the in the Bolshevik revolution.

    Jews are a thinking people. As such they have as many stupid ideas as good ones. Eg deciding to put half your entire genome smack in the most hotly contested place on the planet where 2 Billion people think you murdered their Messiah and 1.5 Billion who just hate you because (plus the original 2 Billion) all expect the apocalypse to occur. That’s extinction level stupid right there.

    The New Left of which you speak is the same as the Old Left. It’s always been about envy. Economic envy, racial envy, sex envy, attractiveness envy, etc. Pretty stupid for a group with economic and literary success to promote no?

  171. @Stan d Mute

    Adoption information practices of the past seem wildly inconsistent. My friend is adopted, and while he knows quite a bit about his background–his mother was a teenager, his father was a sailor, and he seems to have a lot of Welsh in there–the family learned virtually nothing about his younger adopted sister. Both were adopted as infants, and the adoptive parents were quite conventional in childrearing techniques, but the sister displays many sociopathic tendencies. My friend wonders if his sister has fetal alcohol syndrome.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  172. Sparkon says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Remember that this time period was the peak Cold War era. What possible reason could the anti-communists have for engineering a program to take out many of America’s brightest and best?

    Unfortunately, you seem to be laboring under the illusion that the “anti-communists” were fully in charge.

    The big “anti-communist” of the Cold War period was Joe McCarthy, and most of us know what happened to him.

    Think about it.

    For further clues about pop musicians, drugs, and military connections of some famous faces, I suggest you read the entire 17-some part article by the late Dave McGowan I linked above in my #117 in response to daniel le mouche #97:

    Frank Zappa…was front and center, amongst people like Jim Morrison, Steven [sic] Stills, David Crosby, and John Phillips, whose dads were all coincidentally high up in military intelligence

    (My strike because a coincidence is a “remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection,” but these causal connections are fairly apparent once one looks.)

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  173. @Rhett Hardwick

    From Gone With the Wind:

    “Melly,” she said, “what’s going to happen to Southern girls?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Just what I say. What’s going to happen to them? There’s no one to marry them. Why, Melly, with all the boys dead, there’ll be thousands of girls all over the South who’ll die old maids.”

    “And never have any children,” added Melanie, to whom this was the most important thing….

    “Ah,” said Melanie, sadly, “what will the South be like without all our fine boys? What would the South have been if they had lived? We could use their courage and their energy and their brains. Scarlett, all of us with little boys must raise them to take the places of the men who are gone, to be brave men like them.”

    “There will never again be men like them,” said Carreen softly. “No one can take their places.”

  174. @Harbinger

    In a similar vein, I respond to:
    – “Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938” with “Yes, right after Poland did” and
    – “WWII started when Hitler invaded Poland” with “No, that was a local war. It started when France invaded Germany on Sept 7, 1939.”

    • Replies: @Harbinger
  175. Harbinger says:

    “It started when France invaded Germany on Sept 7, 1939.”

    In fact, one could go farther back to 1933. Remember the headline in the British Daily Express: Judea Declares War on Germany
    This was something I wasn’t taught at school. Again, how convenient.

  176. @Stan d Mute

    Thanks for more great insights there, Stan. The ol’ tried and true method of the mediocrity/ low life: when unable to hold one’s own in an argument, go in for character assassination.
    A downy! Awwwww, ain’t you just da cutest….
    Meanwhile, Homer, important as he may or may not have been–assuming he was a person–did not, through the muse, sing the high praises of mdma. Huxley, a most influential, real, modern day chappy, did. But Stan, praise be upon his omniscient being (which I’m very sorry to hear won’t be reading this), assures all that there have always been psychosomatic drugged out zombies wandering the streets. Just look to any time: ancient Greece and Rome, Shakespeare’s England, Voltaire’s France–yes (though the fact escapes most of us), all were societies of doped up crazies. They no doubt also were great practitioners of the knock-out punch game, as well as great tv watchers and video gamers.
    Stan knows–and he’ll surely tell you–it’s always been thus.

  177. @Stan d Mute

    I’ve finally got it! Stan is in reality Neil Pert of Rush himself!
    So, Neil, when is the album ‘A Downy- Libtard Miscellany’ due out?

  178. @Rosamond Vincy

    he knows quite a bit about his background–his mother was a teenager, his father was a sailor, and he seems to have a lot of Welsh in there–the family learned virtually nothing about his younger adopted sister.

    He “knows” this how? Non-identifying social history from the adoption agency? If so, the truth may be, “sailor, courts-martialed for rape, raped a child”. I have two cousins also adopted and one has severe health issues, very unusual and genetically ordained but no interest in knowing the truth. His adopted brother, healthy, does want to know and his State just recently unsealed all records for adoptees. I cautioned him to brace himself for an ugly truth. My State still has all pre-1980’s records sealed and I’ll spare the details of what I had to do to find the truth, but the non-identifying info was sunshine and flowers like your friend’s and the truth was basically a one night drunken fling (today we’d probably call it “date rape”) but back then it was just normal for young adults in their twenties. My health exactly mirrors my maternal grandfather’s (I’m likely to die this year at the exact same age) and my son is a twin of my maternal uncles. My personality and character seem to carbon copy my father whom I never met.

    I had awesome parents who raised me, but it’s startling how little like them I am in any way while being amazingly like my biological parents (haven’t met either of them, but have photos and have interviewed friends/family). Genes matter.

    • Replies: @Rosamond Vincy
  179. @Sparkon

    Again, I don’t dispute for a moment that our government got up to some seriously twisted shit during the Cold War. But think what you’re suggesting. That military intelligence guys poisoned their own kids in some plan to destroy a generation of Americans to help the Commies. Have you ever known any guys with SCI level clearances? Military guys particularly? McCarthy was a politician, not a soldier. An ultra high profile public figure, not a quiet buttoned up intel officer.

    And even if a handful of MI Officers were twisted enough and Commie agents, surviving all loyalty tests undetected, destroyed their own kids hoping to incite something, the drugs were already here and had always been. You attribute to conspiracy what can effortlessly be explained by stupidity and lax parenting in the world’s wealthiest ever society.

    We didn’t need government to drug every woman in the country with laudanum did we? Or to make alcohol so ubiquitous that “Joe Sixpack” was routine nomenclature for the Average Joe? Or to hook most of the nation on nicotine? Or to sell Coca-Cola made from coca? Humans LOVE drugs. How much do we spend annually on fighting our absurd War on Drugs? And yet heroin is more plentiful and more powerful by a factor of 10 than ever. We failed so miserably fighting cannabis that we have just given up. Alcohol prohibition? And if there was some conspiracy to use LSD to destroy our nation, who was so stupid to choose a completely non-addictive drug with no toxicity? Have you ever experienced LSD? If you have no underlying mental instability, you’ll see enhanced colors, experience distortion of time, hear enhanced sounds, find your hand fascinating, and awaken the next day feeling utterly normal. If you want to screw up a country you feed it opiates and it will sit passively while it’s burning to the ground. On an LSD trip you can snap yourself out unless you’re weak minded to begin with.

    I’m not wasting my time reading some complex exposition of supreme implausibility to explain a phenomenon that’s occurred innumerable times throughout history quite naturally. If you can’t make a cogent case in a few hundred words here, then there’s no smoke and thus no fire to investigate further. Again, bottom line, humans LOVE drugs and always have, always will. Not just humans either but all mammals like to get high. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, opiates, THC, psychedelics, etc. How many Americans today are “high on their own supply” of serotonin and dopamine via reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs, SSNRIs, etc)? Everyone is ALWAYS looking to “feel better.”

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  180. @Stan d Mute

    His point was that boys in the 50’s didn’t need an artificial workout because their everyday lives were more than enough of a workout.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  181. Corvinus says:
    @Twodees Partain

    “It’s pretty clear that the Sandy Hoax “shooting” was a fake.”

    That would Fake News on your part. Please educate yourself on this matter.

  182. @Stan d Mute

    He by no means sees his probable origins as sunshine and flowers. He acknowledged the fact that he could not know whether his biological mother was raped or abandoned after a relationship, but her age (16) made her decision to give him up for adoption pretty standard at that time. In those days, the assumption was that adoption was the best chance of giving a child conceived out of wedlock a better life.

    Now, of course, a child at that age means you can get your own benefits and move away from your mother, who was a teen when she had you, and has been reproaching you for it ever since. And so it goes.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  183. @Rosamond Vincy

    In those days the stigma of being a bastard was huge and ALL unwed mothers were strongly urged to give up the kid or find a husband before it popped out. Look into the Florence Crittenton Homes and Hospitals. These were huge operations, the Detroit Crittenton Hospital was at one time the largest in the world, that were dedicated to hiding women once they began to “show” and kept them hidden until after delivery so nobody would guess what they’d done. Millions and millions of kids came from these massive baby factories while Mr & Mrs Respectable told the neighbors that Miss Respectable was visiting her aunt in Des Moines. After Roe v Wade, the machines ran out of fuel and many including Detroit’s were demolished with all records. Since adoptees were given new birth certificates, State fraudulent documents, countless adoptees never even knew. It wasn’t until near the end of Peak Adoption that it became a progressive thing to tell the kid some (still phony) semblance of the truth. The non-identifying social history’s primary purpose was in selling the baby to Mr & Mrs Infertile, the fraudulent birth certificate allowed them to sell the lie to the kid and the world.

    Here’s a photo of Detroit’s bastard factory:

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  184. @ScarletNumber

    That was Reed’s point (1950’s) as well as my point (1970’s) but I still don’t see that in @fnn’s comment to which I replied. He never came back to clarify so I guess we just have to interpret it ourselves, but it sure seems like a claim that pumping iron a few times a week is something he thinks an acceptable substitute (a “positive thing”) for productive hard physical daily work and hard physical daily play which Reed and I describe. Here’s @fnn’s comment text again:

    Politics aside, a couple of positive things that arose in reaction to this: (1) Many young men now lift, something was virtually unknown in the 1950s, (2) Actual combat sports (as opposed to fake or semi-fake martial arts) have made a comeback, while the once common high school boxing teams were mostly disbanded in 1950s.

    “In reaction to this” being Reed’s lament that boys today don’t do shit but get medicated and feminized.

  185. A great article by Fred in response to which I’d like to suggest another contributing factor. The mobile phone. When I was a kid we were free-range. Our time was our own. We weren’t contactable all day and our parents seemed happy to wave us goodbye.

    I can remember about 10 years ago when my daughter was 12 years old her and a few friends told their assembled mothers they were all going to walk down to a local park. The mothers reacted in confusion and fear. I live in Brisbane, Australia. There would be few safer places in the world for kids to walk the streets. I managed to talk the mothers down and they hesitantly agreed the kids should be allowed to walk the kilometre or so to the park, but a long list of conditions were applied.

    Over the next hour most of the women were anxious. They constantly checked their phones and fired off messages to the kids, then kept cross-checking the responses they received. I started to feel the pressure, too. Any maybe this concern for being judged a ‘bad parent” was also a big part of worst-case parenting.Then, horror of horrors, it started raining. A range of disasterous scenarios were floated by the women. Lightning strike. Pneumonia. Cars spinning out of control in the wet and knocking the kids off the footpath. They madly worked the phones.

    About half an hour later the kids returned. They were soaked through and jubilant. They told us about how they got caught in the rain, had to find shelter, how they were sliding down a grassy hill on pieces of cardboard in a vacant lot and an old grouch came out and chased them off. Turns out all the “problems” were the things they enjoyed the most. It struck me then how much of a disservice we do the kids and ourselves in trying to “protect” them from anything unpleasant and that they are far more resourceful and resilient than we believe

  186. @Stan d Mute

    The bastard feels a strong need to put others down and thus make himself feel worthy and superior.
    Just shut up, you bastard.

    • Replies: @Truth
  187. Truth says:
    @daniel le mouche

    The bastard feels a strong need to put others down and thus make himself feel worthy and superior.
    Just shut up, you bastard.

    I thought you voted for Trump in ’16?

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  188. Sparkon says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Have you ever known any guys with SCI level clearances? Military guys particularly? McCarthy was a politician, not a soldier.

    I can’t expect you to know my background, although you made a pretty good guess, but Joe McCarthy’s background includes his service in WWII, where he was “intelligence officer for a dive-bomber squadron” so already your premise is built on false arguments, which suggests either stunning ignorance or a clumsy attempt at deceit.

    I’m not wasting my time reading some complex exposition of supreme implausibility

    ‘Beans in your ears…La la la.

    “Beans in My Ears” is a song created and sung by protest singer and contributing editor to folk-centric Broadside Magazine, Len Chandler. It became a hit single when covered by The Serendipity Singers, reaching number 30 in June 1964. Doctors protested that many children were actually putting beans in their ears so it was banned in some places such as Pittsburgh and Boston.[1][2] Numerous public health boards reportedly blacklisted the song, as well, according to Chandler.[3]

    But of course we all know that music has absolutely no effect on listeners, and it would never be used for social engineering, or anything devious and tricky like Pied Pipers.

    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’.
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    — Bob Dylan, 1963

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
    , @Stan d Mute
  189. @Truth

    What’s that to do with anything, big Truth? No, I didn’t vote, but was pleased he beat that rotten piece of shit.

    • Replies: @Truth
  190. @Tiny Duck

    “That is why white girls are increasingly dating and bearing the Children of Men of Color”

    And being murdered by them. Which is ok with me – burn the coal, pay the toll.

    • Replies: @Truth
  191. @Sparkon

    In addition to my arguments against the intelligence of using LSD to wreck a population (short acting, non-addictive, non-toxic, etc) compared to many common and commonly known “street” drugs of the era, I thought about stuff like Midazolam but that was nixed due to your 1960’s timeframe. Today a comment in Derbyshire’s latest post reminded me of Hyoscine which was well known in the 1960’s.

    LSD would be useful, weaponized, only if the subjects had no idea they were tripping and you could keep them tripping for a long time. LSD was, like THC, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine, and earlier benzodiazepines (ie Midazolam), eagerly sought out and consumed by a public eager to “feel better.”

    LSD is also useful, as I noticed, to identify and weed out the inherently weak minded.

    Hyoscine, on the other hand, is another animal entirely.

  192. Truth says:
    @daniel le mouche

    Oh, I was just fooling around, your comment looked like what people say about Trump.

  193. @Sparkon

    For the times they are a-changin’.

    – Bob Dylan, 1963

    Was he wrong? But the changes of 1963 were rooted (musically anyway) in older negro music were they not? Blues and Jazz moved North along with the negroes and a lot of the postwar whites enjoyed them (including Dylan). You’d do better arguing that Henry Ford, William Durant, Horace & John Dodge, who were all negro magnets along with their industrialist peers in other cities like Harvey Firestone, Andrew Carnegie, and JP Morgan. The negroes and their music had massive influence on culture including a more open attitude toward cannabis (arguably a much greater influence than LSD ever was) and heroin.

    Remember that the Marxist/communist led NAACP (1909) and later more widespread civil rights movement generally was a product of the 1950’s.

    Yes, MK Ultra began in 1950 and Edgewood in 1948, but the negroes had already been in the north with their music for decades by then. Elvis was playing a white version in 1953 and Johnny Cash just a year or two later, both notorious druggies. Yet you focus exclusively on the first hippies and start of psychedelic era why? The Beat Generation was a 1950’s phenomenon and Kesey volunteered around 1960 – predating your hippies and arguably as big an influence as those you cited. Tom Wolfe wrote a great book, Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test on this and Hunter Thompson also wrote about it.

    My point being this was much much bigger and older than some LSD experiments or a handful of freaks (don’t forget the Hell’s Angel’s role) in California. The culture had shifted and these guys rode the wave, doing acid along the way like Kesey’s Merry Pranksters. The rise of your hippies coincided with the rise of psychedelic music in England at the same time – again I ask, “was Syd Barrett another of your MI scions weaponized by their fathers?” What explains the earlier Beat Generation? Or the cultural upheaval of Elvis and Cash?

    • Replies: @Apex Predator
  194. CK says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I never met her. PSU for me and I think Wellesley for her.

  195. @Stan d Mute

    ” Blues and Jazz moved North along with the negroes and a lot of the postwar whites enjoyed them (including Dylan)”

    Whites? (((Dylan))), fixed that for ya… you are either a purposefully obtuse low brow or a shill. Doesn’t matter either way. Most people here and in places like this are well aware of the various (((whites))) and their contributions to our current predicament.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
    , @Stan d Mute
  196. @Apex Predator

    Most people here and in places like this are well aware of the various (((whites))) and their contributions to our current predicament.

    For every bad Jew there is a good one. Playing “let’s name the Jew” is stupid and pointless. It’s a distraction from our REAL problem which is the massive number of us who follow staggeringly stupid ideas. What difference does it make that Communism is based on Jew Marx’ idea? Stalin was no Jew. Nor Mao. Nor Pol Pot. Nor Hillary Clinton. Nor Obama. Nor FDR. Nor LBJ. Nor … ad nauseum.

    Do you seriously believe that absent Marx, his staggeringly stupid ideas would not have come to some other no account sponger? As often as not, Jews themselves are the victim of stupid Jews’ ideas. I assume you’ve heard of Zionism? It was an idea beloved by Hitler and the German writers who influenced him. Why? Because it’s a stupendously stupid idea to put the majority of your tribe in the single most hotly contested plot of land on the planet where every Christian and every Mohammedan is certain, fanatically certain, the apocalypse will begin. So let’s relocate our ten million or so people onto a spot where five Billion religious fanatics are eager to start Armageddon. It’s not a question of “if” but only of “when” do ten million Jews vanish.

    OUR problem is the massive number of OUR people who will follow stupid ideas. I don’t give a crap what Chuckie Schumer thinks, but a whole bunch of my fellow white folks do. That is OUR problem to solve. Getting rid of Chuckie doesn’t solve it. Behind him will be a Hillary Clinton or a Barack Obama. Far less intelligent to be sure, but at least (if not more) dangerous to our way of life and even our survival. I don’t give a crap what some talking head on the stupid box says if it’s a stupid idea. But millions of my fellow white people swallow anything their stupid box tells them as if it’s the Voice of God. THAT is OUR problem to solve. Getting rid of Jews in media does NOT solve it. Lindsey Graham isn’t a Jew. And frankly, that makes him even MORE dangerous. My people were taken down by a foreign theology and ideology not by Jews, but by Italians who adopted a foreign theology and ideology themselves. I don’t blame the Italians, nor the originators who really only stole their ideas from Sumerians themselves and who knows where the Sumerians got them? No, I blame US for picking up a case of stupid and running with it.

    If you can’t see we must clean our house first, before even beginning to think of anyone else’s house, YOU are part of the problem..

  197. @Apex Predator

    Whites? (((Dylan))), fixed that for ya

    So what? Was it also (((Elvis)))? Was it (((Robert Johnson))) at the Crossroads?

  198. Factorize says:

    Mr. Reed, very provocative blog.
    Thank you for this discussion.

    I think I can contribute an idea.

    In my family, my mother had a very successful career as a highly regarded nurse. She worked extremely hard with a regular 7 night on shift. Clearly she was the most intelligent amongst the siblings in her family. Her sisters retired soon after marriage to be stay at home wives or moms.

    What I find so interesting is that the most intelligent with the most economic value to offer the community was pursued, while those with less to offer were allowed to pursue domestic duties. This was the first generation of women in our family to have a full career outside the home. It should be not overly surprising that using this system of natural selection that the siblings with the least to offer the community have shown much greater relative reproductive fitness.

    It is quite startling. Those with the least ability, who paid the least in taxes and made the least contribution have passed on their genes. How many generations could this continue before no one of ability was left to be a giver and not a taker?

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  199. @jacques sheete

    That’s right, Jacques. I have a Byzantine quantity of idiotic, compliance -control- taxation-document lunacy regulations imposed by this faceless tyranny of red tape upon my small business.
    This is not a government. It is a global system, Big Brother; the Nanny State- and everyone who is employed by it- from the janitor to the jailor, to the generals and the bureaucrats…is the enemy.

  200. robinea says:
    @Che Guava

    Many drugs and prescription medications affect self-control and judgement. In addition, chronic exposure to lead and cadmium, the levels of which have been elevated in some mass shooters, are neurotoxic and can lead to major behavioral problems.

    These are important issues to investigate. We are never given the whole story. I do know that the FBI and others are extremely interested in gathering the tissues and fluid from the bodies of mass shooters to analyze for the presence of heavy metals, drugs and prescription medications. There is literature on the relation between chronic high lead and cadmium and violent behavior.

    While this does not explain mass shootings, it may be a piece to a puzzle we are not permitted to see.

    It is easier to rattle on with nostalgia about the culture of the 50’s. This was a time when the policies of the government saw the super-rich paying over 70% income tax and small, decent quality public education was freely available to most citizens. The prospect of having a future as good or better than your parents was the rule. The objective socioeconomic prospects for the youth was much brighter then.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  201. @Truth

    You’ll be well versed in the chapters for the gaay White men. You and Kevin Spacey can get ON that together..

  202. Che Guava says:

    If you want to communicate with Freed, I think that you need to visit his blog site. Even then, I don’t know.

    I can assure you that he never replies to commentors here, never has.

  203. Anonymous [AKA "espiritu"] says:

    Execellent commentary Mr. Reed.
    I wholeheartedly agree with you.

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