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Exalted Klizzard Fred, Jalisco Klavern, El Ku Ku Klan. Note obsidian knife for disassembling prisoners. May have eye problems. (Photo, Regalia: Klizzardess Violeta)

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To the Grand Klaftan and National Klug of the Knights of the Invisible Empire, Ku Klux Klan, December 16, 2015

From Klizzard Fred, laboring for Our Holy Cause in Washington DC

Esteemed Klaftan,

Greetings from the Yankee Capital. In conformity with your instructions, I provide below a concise assessment of the mood of the nation and our efforts to prevent the rise of the Negro race. The following is suitable for distribution to the membership nationwide, and particularly in the Congress.

Executive Summary:

All things considered, our work goes well. Relations between Negroes and Whites worsen, in large part because of policies of the race-traitors of the Left and of the Negro central government. The Black Lives Matter movement, the recent riots, and the racial disturbances on campus play nicely into our hands. These trends will continue. While the likelihood of race war still seems fairly remote, as the economy declines tensions will grow because of competition for remaining jobs. Ultimately, Whites will rise. In this we must place our hopes.

Assessment and Recommendations

The cornerstone of our efforts must continue to be the denial of education to Negroes. All depends on this. It is true that we cannot keep the few able darkies from advancing, and that if we tried too obviously to do so we might turn the public against us. However, we have been successful in keeping the great majority of Negroes at a very low level of schooling. This has proved sufficient.

The trends are encouraging. News reports indicate that 93% of students in Detroit, which is of course an almost entirely Negro city, can barely read or can’t read at all, and the Department of Education reports that overall illiteracy in America is at 14%, the illiterates being chiefly Negro.

To the surprise of many of our members, the signs are that we will have no trouble maintaining and even deepening the scholastic disparity. You will remember that the election of a mulatto President aroused alarm in many of our Klizzards who feared that Obama would undo all our work of recent decades. I confess that I too expected the worst. Thanks to God on High, this has not occurred. Instead he contributes to the furtherance of our programs. Hallelujah! A third term would be desirable, but is of course highly unlikely.

You will remember the grim days after Brown vs. the School Board when it seemed very possible that Northern schools would produce such a flow of educated Negros that our arguments would be discredited. It has proved to be a false alarm. In preparation for writing this analysis I examined the schools for Negroes in the North, and was pleased to find them uniformly terrible—for example in Newark, Camden, Trenton, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, Gary, Flint, and many other Northern cities.

It is true that Catholic schools in urban regions have been disturbingly successful in teaching Negro children. Fortunately, Catholics are in bad odor among liberal race-traitors who will–and do–oppose any policy of Catholic provenance. In general, the political attitudes of our Liberal enemies are such that they will do nothing to change racial policies in the schools. We need fear nothing from this quarter.

It is virtually assured that the race-traitors will concern themselves only with what I think of as political trinkets and gewgaws, such as the Confederate flag. This latter satisfied them, infuriated many Whites, and kept the traitors from focusing on anything to encourage Negroes to get above themselves.

You will remember what the Exalted Luminous Klagon of Illinois said: “If Negroes and their allies among the white race-traitors internalize the belief in the inferiority of the Negro Race, they will do our work for us.” This has proved true to an astonishing degree. As usual, the race-traitors disguise the failings of our Africans instead of trying to correct them which, as the Illinois Klagon pointed out, they do not believe possible. The belief by White liberals in the inferiority of the Negro must be maintained. Fortunately, this has not proved difficult.

In regard to Obama, he is doing much to aid us. A few examples, seemingly minor but potent in their cumulative effect:

First, he has instructed the Justice Depart to use the phrase “justice-involved youth” instead of “juvenile delinquent.” This intensifies the perception that he is a Negro sleeking to disguise the criminality of fellow Africans. We must encourage this approach as it will prevent any actual solution to the chaos in the Negro ghetto.

Second, he wants early release of Negro criminals; the resulting crime wave will work to our advantage, and the policy itself will make it clear to Whites that he is an African president working to benefit African malefactors.

Third, he urges the schools to stop expelling Negro trouble-makers; This will spur Whites to abandon schools with a preponderance of Negros, thus bringing back segregation by stealth, as it were. This resegregation is in fact already extensive and proceeds apace. We need only wait.

On another front, the establishment of departments of Black Studies in the universities has paid off beyond our expectations. I believe that we erred in opposing them. These departments now exist on almost all campuses. The immediate advantage is that they emphasize the difference between the races (as does the phrase “African-American”) and, in the Negro, encourage the blessed sense of victimhood. Perhaps more important in the long run is that, by their lack of content, Black Studies produce uneducated Negros carrying meaningless college degrees. This supports the suspicion among Whites that Negro graduates of universities are of low intelligence. By encouraging the use of Black English, we further this goal.

A recommendation: The membership should use the social media, under differing identities, to urge the acceptance of Ebonics as a foreign language, the imposition of lighter sentences for violent crime, an increase in the scope and amount of welfare payments (particularly to single mothers), and to promote highly visible forms of affirmative action. This last, for example, will cause Whites to shun Negro doctors and attorneys as Whites will come to regard all with suspicion.

Current effects achieved by affirmative action: Here again the news is good, or reasonably so. While it is disappointing to see so many Negroes in federal jobs, on examination things are actually favorable. Resentment of affirmative action among Whites is high. In my conversations with White employees in Washington I have encountered almost universal dissatisfaction with the level of competence of Negroes. My impression—it is no more than this, but based on much experience—is that the affirmative-action Negroes, knowing that they are held in contempt, respond with resentment of their own and less desire to perform. This adds to the deepening racial hostility and is to be fostered by any means possible.

The membership needs to understand that, counterintuitive though it be, affirmative action is important to our Sacred Cause. If competent Negroes only were hired, their White colleagues would come to respect them and, probably, become sympathetic to Negroes in general. However, there is little danger of this.

Next topic: A potentially fertile line of inquiry is the incitement of urban riots. I have my doubts as to its practicality, as any hint of our complicity would attract the attention of the FBI, but the payoff almost justifies the risk. As the Anointed Perfervid Klingon of Idaho so convincingly argued in the last meeting of the Grand National Klavern, the burning and looting when covered in detail by television do wonders to persuade Whites of their racial peril. Fear intensifies hostility, and is much to be encouraged.

On a more general note I would like to comment on our prospects in the long term as they appear from Washington. Several points:

First, and most gratifying, the liberal race-traitors cannot afford to espouse policies that might aid the Negro. Consider: If they suggested discipline in Negro schools, they would be attacked by their fellows as racist. The disorder consequent to uncontrolled misbehavior ensures academic failure for all African “students.” We could never have accomplished this ourselves. Similarly, replacing incompetent teachers would both arouse cries of racism and lose the Democrats the support of the teachers unions. They will not risk political discomfiture to help the Negro.

It is important to understand that White liberal race-traitors who promote “racial justice” do not themselves believe in it. They live in White enclaves, gated communities, White suburbs too far out to be reached by Negroes or in White urban neighborhoods (in Washington, upper Connecticut Avenue and Montgomery county, Maryland for example.) They would never consider sending their children to the Negro schools of Washington. Unconsciously, they are with us in spirit, while consciously regarding us with horror. On this much depends.

Further, they believe as deeply as we in the incapacity of the Negro. This is apparent in their lack of expectation that the Negro might ever succeed at anything on his own. They now regard affirmative action as a lifelong entitlement, not an initial opportunity. Recognizing that our darker brethren cannot advance on their merits, they punish anyone who makes the observation, and they lower standards for anything requiring intelligence. They say the problem is oppression, but they know. In their hearts, they are with us. Their behavior betrays this beyond mistaking.

In service to our Holy Cause of Racial Purification, I am


Accepted Klizzard of the First Degree, Order of the Burning Cross, and Knight of the Invisible Empire


The following is an unrelated boring question that nobody needs to read except masochistic techies.

In a recent column dealing slightly with secret communication among terrorists, I inserted an off-the-top-of-my-head highly-amateurish blind stab at a steganographic technique for secret communication: “things like indexing by the digits of an irrational number into low-order bits of the RGB fields of a chromatically chaotic photo.”

Few people are dumber than wannabe cryptographers and message-hiders who think they are clever: If some mutt in Mexico can come up with an idea in a couple of minutes, it is either a bad idea or was thought of by NSA just after the Big Bang. It has probably been studied to death by people who know what they are doing. But I would like to know exactly why the following would not work. Somebody smart help me.

Suppose that Alice and Bob are planning an Evil Deed, and need to communicate fairly extensively in secret. As a steganographic key, Alice gives Bob an irrational number, such as “the cube root of nineteen.” The virtue is that it provides an endless string of digits which both can generate without the need of risky passing of pads of random numbers. A random number generator, more awkward, would do the same, but randomness is not necessary, only unguessability.

Alice, who is active on the internet and social media, wants to send Bob instructions on where to place the hydrogen bomb they have stolen from a submarine base. The message is of 500 words, which by a standard newspaper count is 2500 characters or, at 8 bits pr ASCII character, 20,000 bits. She has on her computer photos of the kind people normally post on the internet, “Cute things my cat does,” “Shaun’s and Vicki’s new baby,” and so on. One is a 6 megapixel .bmp of a field of mountain flowers.

Six megapixels is about 18 million bytes, each pixel consisting of three bytes for R, G, and B, for about 144 million bits total. Using an easily written algorithm, she indexes into the photo to hide the bits of the secret message. For example, if the digits of the irrational number are 3476 8906 4277…, she goes to byte 3476 and changes the low-order bit, if it needs changing , to the first bit of the secret message. She then goes 8906 bytes further and changes the low order bit to the second bit of the secret message, and so on. Since on average half of the bits will already be of the desired value, she is hiding ten thousand changed bits among 144 million. Since on average the changes she does make will be about evenly divided between zero-to-ones and ones-to zero, there will be no change in the ration of zeros and ones, which in any event (I think) would fall within the noise level.

By using the low-order bit of each byte, she avoids any visually unusual effect–#ffdbe1 and #ffdbe12 are (I think) visually indistinguishable—and the result in no way stands out from the surrounding pixels.

She then posts the photo in some ordinary place on the web. Bob reverses the process and knows how to put the hydrogen bomb in the phone booth at Fourth and Main.

Call me stupid, but I do not see how NSA could (a) by mass screening of photos determine that the photo contained a secret message—so much for traffic analysis, (b) examine the specific photo and determine whether it contained a message, or (c) find the message even if it knew for certain that it was contained in the photo, especially if it were also encrypted. Or even if NSA knew that the key was an irrational number. Keyspace exhaustion doesn’t work well with an uncountable infinity of keys.

There has to be some flaw. I’m just not bright enough to know what it is.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Wow Fred, what kind of Mexican “Forty” is that in your right hand? I’ve never seen one here in South Carolina. What is its %ABV? Whatever it is, it sure does free up your comedy writer’s block.

    • Replies: @tformation
  2. Today’s news (12/17/2015) says that the New Orleans City Council has voted to remove four Confederate monuments. It may move to change some street names.

    This proves that the Negroid race is not as intelligent as the Caucasian. When they gain political power, do they rule wisely? Do they exhibit magnanimity towards the defeated foe? Do they seek to establish a regime of permanent peace?

    No! They seek, in the narrow and petty spirit of triumphalism, to “twist the knife” into Whitey’s guts, all the while pretending to uphold Mike King’s “dream” of racial harmony. This should be a wakeup call to all who naively think there is a “multicultural” future for Whites when they become the minority in the U.S. The Historic American Homeland will be New South Africa.

    There are no Marcus Aureliuses or Goethes among the Hottentots. There are no sage philosopher kings (pardon the reference). Nor will there ever be. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. You can’t drag the field hands out of the cotton fields, put them in the state legislatures, and have wise government. The Southern Cause was therefore a righteous one.

    • Agree: Clyde
  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    I guess you didn’t get the memo … but satire is no longer permitted in El Norte due to an explosive population of “snowflakes, cupcakes, and fragile orchids” in search of safe spaces and the reassuring sense of inclusiveness they haven’t experienced since their mommies took them out of their playpens. Yes, it’s that bad … even reading words written by someone of another race is causing hyperventilation and fainting spells. No, I’m not making this up!

    So Fred, be forewarned. Please restrain yourself before you do permanent damage to these, the most vulnerable among us 🙂

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  4. Rehmat says:

    Ha, Ha, Ha……Ooops!

    John Abbar of Great Falls (Montana), a member of the notorious anti-Black White supremacist organization, the Ku Klux Clan (KKK) in a interview with Great Falls Tribune has claimed that as result of his contacts with NAACP members, his views about other minority groups, such as, Blacks, Jews and homosexuals have changed, which is why he has decided to start a new KKK group whose doors will be open to Blacks, Jews and gays.

    “The KKK is for a strong America. White supremacy is the old Klan. This is the new Klan,” Abbar says.

    “I thought it was a really good organization,” Abarr told the NAACP. “I don’t feel we need to be separate.”

    Very few brainwashed American racists know that one of the co-founders of KKK was Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest (Jewish) of Confederate army, famous for killing hundreds of Black Union soldiers who’d already surrendered. A Florida (Jacksonville) school is named after this Jew hero. KKK have had also many Jewish members and Grand Dragons like Daniel Burros who was a leading member of KKK for many years, saying: “kill, kill, kill” until his skull-cap got blown-up showing him to be a racist Zionist Jew. The other notable Jew was Jordan Gollub, Grand Wizard in Mississippi.

    NAACP is a Jewish-proxy human rights group from day one. It was created, funded and controlled by Jews like Henry Moskowitz and Joel Spingarn. For year, W.E.B. DuBois was the only Black official at NAACP……

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
    , @Corvinus
  5. idea says:

    The basic idea is pretty sound, but problems come in the implementation.
    First, most ‘normal’ places to post images use lossy compression, so you can’t send an exact copy of your data.
    Second, the metadata — most image editors would put a note in EXIF data about what software you used to edit the picture. Also there are sneakier bits of metadata, like checksums. Even if not, a difference could be noted between the timestamp in the EXIF data (from the camera) and the timestamp on the uploaded file.
    Also, software to compute the cube root of 19 to more than 20 digits is relatively rare, someone could notice you downloading it and put you on a watchlist.
    And, of course, use an original photo, else a comparison to the original is simple.

    All of that is easily dealt with.
    But consider: Because of the way cameras work, you tend to have groups of pixels all with the same value. One FFDBE0 in a field of 57 FFDBE1s tends to stand out. There are off-the-shelf programs and even apps that are very good at detecting such things, even with lossy compression. It’s one of the first things to check when judging whether an image has been photoshopped. This, too, can be disguised, but it’s a bit more work, and would at least satisfy (b).

  6. Fred Reed says: • Website

    Aha! Checksums I don’t know about in this regard. Nor sneaky metadata. I specified a .bmp to avoid the lossy compression problem, and a “chromatically chaotic” photo, such as a field of flowers, in hopes that a low-order change of a bit would not be obvious, and I still do not think that it would be. I figured to write my own “editor,” which, unless I am missing something (very possible) would just be index into a large linear array. I do not see how a timestamp would be involved.

    But you are right, I don’t know how cameras work in much detail, nor how to replace a checksum, which may kill the whole idea. I pictured a .bmp as just a huge ordered file, which apparently it isn’t. Like I said, if some mutt in Mexico can think of it in five minutes, it can’t be a good idea. Oh well. Thanks for your thoughts.

  7. Gene Su says:

    “Furthermore, our Klansmen may take great interest in the incorrectly named ‘Black Lives Matter’ political movement. Observe that the Negroes who drive this movement are paranoid-ly motivated by the rare incidents of white police officers gunning down Negro hoodlums. You will never observe the death of an innocent Negro at the hands of a black hoodlum prompting a rally or, even better, a riot.
    This so-called ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement will have three benefits to our cause. First, it will distract Negroes from the plaque of black-on-black crime in their neighborhoods. Second, police officers will shy away from enforcing the law in urban Negro neighborhoods, which will drive up black-on-black crime. Third, victims of black-on-black killings, more often than not, tend to be law-abiding, productive, and intelligent. Their elimination will ensure that Negroes will not be able to pull themselves out of the underclass.”

    Black Lives Matter … unless they are ended by other blacks.
    Pour it on, Fred. Pour it on.

  8. @tformation

    Well, vaya puta sorpresa. That certainly goes a long way to the question of writer’s block remedies, now doesn’t it? Kinda of makes my question about %ABV OF A “Mexican Fuerte Forty” a bit on the moot side, now doesn’t it?

    De todos modos, un reclásico de la recontra . . . de trato don Fred!!

  9. Wasted away in Margaritaville,
    Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt,
    . . .

  10. @Fred Reed

    no matter. Alice and Bob might as well send their message in the clear. By the time any of the alphabet Gestapo agencies get around to doing anything about it, the bomb will have gone off

    @NSA: +937 bonus points. Thank you

  11. One thing that the column didn’t mention is the increasing availability of evidence of actual black behavior in the form of footage from surveillance cameras and cell phones. Seeing how blacks behave in the real world, as opposed to TV and movies, can be a real eye-opener for people with little first hand experience with them. It tends to be an attitude changer.

  12. There has to be some flaw. I’m just not bright enough to know what it is.

    Of course there is. You don’t even have to be bright, you just have to have watched cop shows on TV.

    Law enforcement doesn’t care about the content of your message. All they care about is your social network links: who you messaged and when.

    Once they figure out the who and when, they have all they need to bring you in to ‘interrogate’ and get all the information they need. “Rubber-hose cryptanalysis” is good enough to subvert even the most complex mathematical tricks.

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Fred Reed

    Actually, the BMP file format does not have checksums. But even if there were, recomputing checksums is usually trivial.

    Your idea is sound and is used commercially in digital watermarking schemes for a completely different purpose: to add copyright annotations to video, audio and still images in a way that is difficult to detect/remove. But it’s not so practical for covert communications because both the sender and receiver would have to rotate through a large set of reference images to avoid arousing suspicion.

    Using digits of irrational numbers as an XOR mask for your plaintext message to make it look like random noise is not really necessary. Symmetric encryption algorithms (like AES) already produce output that is difficult to distinguish from random noise. AES is also much faster than computing irrationals, especially given most CPUs these days have hardware acceleration for it.

    • Replies: @Fred Reed
  14. @Anonymous

    While the cranial pressure of certain special snowflakes may rise precipitously after reading such things by Fred the Great, there will come a sudden feeling of great relief at the sudden release of pressure when the cranium explodes. Since there is already an agonizing level of pressure inside such crania these days, Fred is performing an act of mercy in helping to relive that pressure permanently.

  15. @Rehmat

    Forrest was neither Jewish, nor a founder of the Klan. Forrest was no where near Pulaski, TN when the Klan was founded. Forrest was raised Protestant, but later converted to Roman Catholicism, if memory serves.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @Hibernian
  16. Fred Reed says: • Website

    OK, got it. My thought FWIW was that using AES would draw attention, not good when hiding hydrogen bombs, that trying to out-encrypt NSA is a fool’s errand, so hiding the message would be better than encrypting it, though both could be used together. I figured that with each ASCII character spread over eight locations tens of thousands of bytes apart, XORing wouldn’t be necessary, and probably beyond the capacities of the average terrorist. However, I am the world’s leading non-authority on encryption and, though it embarrasses me to say it, I don’t really have a hydrogen bomb.

    Thanks for info.

  17. You could always go low tech for message swapping and just have throw away E-Mail accounts and keep the on going messaging in the draft directory. Never sending the actual message out. Just keeping on going message traffic in the draft bucket. It worked for Petraeus.

  18. Gene Su says:
    @Fred Reed

    Dear Fred:

    Your idea is not that unfeasible.

    I am a video game geek and like to program them in my spare time. Did you know that the bitmap format for a Super Nintendo graphic went something like this?
    1 pixel = two bytes
    red level = first 5 bits
    blue level = second 5 bits
    green level = third 5 bits
    last bit is not used
    Remember, 8 bits make one byte.
    You can split a text message up into its bits and put them in the last bit of each pixel.
    The sender and receiver need a encryption and decryption algorithm. And yes, the NSA cannot keep track of all files on the Internet to see if any data is encrypted.
    I also programmed a zip file encoder in college so I know there are many encryption algorithms.

  19. Rehmat says:

    Ha, ha, ha, ha …..Again.

    John Alan Martinson Jr, an American blogger (@Jewish Problem Com), in a U-Tube video, claims Gen. Forrest was a racist and terrorist Jew.

    Evan Hughes in June 28, 2011 article at The AWL wrote that the Jewish inventor of Sea-Monkeys, Harold von Braunhut (d. 2003), helped KKK buy 83 guns in 1980. Read more here.

    Minister Louis Farrakhan in book, ‘The Secret Relationship Between Alabama’s Blacks and Jews’, exposes the close relationship between KKK and the Jews. “Members of both groups stood alongside each other in local wing of the American Legion, which organized a series of public sporting events in the city every year. There were open communication between the representatives of the Klans and Jewish community, primarily through Joe Denaburg, who supplied Klansment pistol and sheets,” it says.

    • Replies: @J1234
    , @Wyrd
  20. Tony says:

    Hey Fred, be a man, join the klan.

  21. A redneck clansman drinking Kahlua liquore?

    I wasn’t aware the KKK had an urban hipster division.

    • Replies: @unit472
  22. Clyde says:

    This man AKA the so called Fredd Reed is not smart enough to write this shit and what Klavern did you say you belong to?

  23. unit472 says:
    @unpc downunder

    I believe it was Carter Administration official, Hamilton Jordan, who pointed out that the KKK was declasse, even in 1950s Mississippi, and it was the “White Citizen Councils’ that were the real opposition to Civil Rights laws.

    While it may be superficially appealling to white yahoos to resurrect historical artifacts like the Confederate flag, swastikas and the KKK, in much the same manner as blacks sported Dashiki’s, used Swahili or Islamic names etc. to offend or distance themselves from modern America, such overt displays of ideologically loaded symbols makes it easy to dismiss as kooks those using them.

    Much more effective to be low key and respectable. Opposing Section 8 and low cost housing schemes as a NIMBY citizen concerned with property values allows one to mask one’s true objective and garner support from citizens who would never join with someone they believed was motivated by racial malice. Espousing ‘progressive’ positions, as Mr. Reed points out, can also further one’s objectives, if one’s objective is the destruction of the American negro, more than opposing them. What is wrong with insisting public schools hire more ‘minority’ teachers to teach ‘minority children? Black children will get instruction from incompetent teachers and teachers unions will be demoralized. The important thing is to make the public schools so horrible they forfeit all white support.

  24. Anon7 says:

    Fred, well done. I’m pulling out this one gem for myself:

    “They now regard affirmative action as a lifelong entitlement, not an initial opportunity.”

    If you actually wanted to disable an entire group of people, I can’t think of a better way than to issue every one of them a pair of crutches as soon as they evince a desire to walk, and then to push them to use their crutches every day.

  25. Rehmat says:

    In 2013, the Duval County School Board voted unanimously in support of changing the name of Nathan B. Forrest High School in Florida, Jacksonville, which had existed since 1959.

    “It is especially troubling that more than half of Forrest High attendees are African American – the school is named for someone who would have kept their ancestors enslaved and who helped lead an organization, the KKK, that went on to terrorize, intimidate, and disenfranchise Black people for nearly a century. Naming a public high school for so divisive a figure is a relic of a bygone era – a legacy that must be actively rejected. I urge you to reject the legacy of Nathan Bedford Forrest by renaming Forrest High immediately,” Ty Richmond had written in the petition to the Duval County School Board.

  26. Fred, your secret communication technique fails for one big reason. It’s needlessly complicated.

    Things like, “square root of 19” make it sound all mathy and cool, but it’s not needed. Terrorists don’t need to pass complicated messages to each other in absolute secrecy.

    Imagine a simple system. If I sent a message with the word “cat” in it, don’t attack yet. If my message contains “donut”, I need money for weapons. Etc. It’s simple. Anyone can use it. And it’s no more complicated than it needs to be.

    In a way, you imagining a complicated cryptography scheme is a great example of the difference between the Western world and the terrorists.

    While we’re working out how many square roots can fit into a chromatically chaotic photo, they’re using twitter to coordinate how to smuggle in AK-47’s and gunning down people in the streets.

    Ivory tower vs minaret. And minaret is winning.

    • Replies: @Fred Reed
  27. pyrrhus says:

    As to your cryptographic idea, Fred, I see no reason why it wouldn’t work if the people involved had the skills to write the program. But perhaps simpler would be a book code, with the first part of the message selecting the online book….

  28. Art says:

    Oh yes – trashing the weakest among us is great Saturday morning fun.

    p.s. Taking on the Jew requires a little more substance.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  29. J1234 says:

    John Alan Martinson Jr, an American blogger (@Jewish Problem Com), in a U-Tube video, claims Gen. Forrest was a racist and terrorist Jew.

    Oh, well there ya go.

    And Farrakhan’s word is good enough for me.

  30. Hibernian says:

    Sure you aren’t confusing him with Longstreet, in regard to the conversion to Catholicism?

  31. Corvinus says:

    Nathan Bedford Forrest was born to a poor Scotch-Irish American family in Bedford County, Tennessee.

    Are you the best and brightest of your bunch?

  32. Wyrd says:

    Minister Louis Farrakhan in book…

    And we should give credence to Calypso Gene because?

    BTW, the ancient Egyptians weren’t negroes.

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I doubt that the stated intent of government dragnets on personal communications are to combat terrorism. Governments can never hire enough analysts to sort through the data collected daily on a timely basis to preempt an attack.
    The real reason for data collection is likely to prosecute tax evaders. Once the identity of the target is known, it is a simple matter to follow the threads from that person of interest to build a case.
    In combating terrorism, there is no substitute for old-fashioned human intelligence, i.e., spies. Not plants used to incite individuals with weak intellects to carry out terrorist attacks, even going so far as to provide the explosives, in order to justify agencies’ budgets and heighten the fear level, but the actual penetration of real terrorist groups to sabotage their efforts. As usual, the US should take lessons from the Russian Federation’s efficient domestic counterintelligence operations against radical groups originating in Dagestan and Chechnya.

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  34. Leftist conservative [AKA "the preacher who will freeze you to make you immortal"] says: • Website

    let me axe you sumpin, fred–where is this multiculti, anti-white propaganda regime going to end? With a kumbaya moment of racial acceptance and accord?

  35. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Sexual and political cucks should be called the members of the CucKold-Klan. The CKK.

    KKK put white sheets over their head. CucKold Klan let other races soil the white sheets on their beds.

  36. Clyde says:

    Why are you bringing Jews into this? Dope! You come off like a dime a dozen black anti-Semite from the Louie Farrakhan mold.

    • Replies: @Leftist conservative
    , @Art
  37. Leftist conservative [AKA "better resurrection"] says: • Website

    Why are you bringing Jews into this? Dope! You come off like a dime a dozen black anti-Semite from the Louie Farrakhan mold.

    yeah, it’s weird, this anti-jew thing in connection with anti-immigration/anti-multiculti….but arguing with them does no good, just as arguing with an SJW or anti-commie rightwingers does no good…these people are not objective. They are totally controlled, wrapped up in years of propaganda. You can’t reach them with logical arguments.

    • Replies: @Clyde
    , @Art
  38. (a) by mass screening of photos determine that the photo contained a secret message … (b) examine the specific photo … (c) find the message …

    Overall, you’re very skeptical of what the NSA can accomplish. Speaking as a Software Engineer, the NSA could analyze all photos for this trick. But that means they’re not analyzing for other unforeseen tricks (which is your underlying point). However, in defense of the NSA’s methodology of digital “metadata analysis”, most budding terrorists are busy with their not-terrorism day jobs and probably get frustrated with computers. Once in a while, they’ll use less sophisticated communications (snoopable text messages, for example). Combine that with an analysis of airlines ticket records to Pakistan, subscriptions to Islamic newsletters, age, sex, and ethinicity, then the NSA could narrow down the suspect pool. From that pool, they could have humans, assisted by computer programs, bulk analyze the collected data, and then assign human investigators to the most interesting people.

    Point being, yes, there are clever tricks but, bell curves tell us most terrorists aren’t very clever and probability tells us not making one dumb mistake is nearly impossible. The NSA can, in theory, make use of that by their current programs of digital “metadata analysis”.

    The NSA’s incentive is to justify their existence by investigating a few terrorists. They don’t need to worry about stopping all terrorists (and justifying their non-existence) because that’s impossible. And I don’t imagine any NSA employee justifies themselves perniciously; I bet their day job is pretty damn cool and exciting from time-to-time, which, for the individual, is justification in of itself.

    • Replies: @Clyde
    , @rod1963
  39. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Fred Reed

    The idea has a little “side effect”. You cannot revert the process if you don’t know where the changes are made. If you will extract the nth square root of something in the picture than you will return the nth square root of everything.

    Except you have the exact position of your information bits. Then you can extract your bits by simply reading them. This is secure against unencryption because the “key” is longer than the information. Pictures are ok, at best with a lot of white or pink noise (night shoots), but imho a wavefile is a better place to hide the info in the lowest bit of the pcm data of each frame.

    However, the idea lacks of one simple thing. NSA can’t find the bomb by content analyzing. Hiding commands in “Lets meet at the phone box in …. at …. (where you simply move the location 5 degrees in latitude or so) is not traceable. Then you have the same problem as with every data mining.

    They use network analyzing of metadata to find out. Who’s calling whom how often and when, or mailing or chatting … . First hint to look at is that sbd. encrypt something in a foto or wav file. ;-).

  40. Clyde says:
    @Leftist conservative

    yeah, it’s weird, this anti-jew thing in connection with anti-immigration/anti-multiculti….but arguing with them does no good, just as arguing with an SJW or anti-commie rightwingers does no good…these people are not objective. They are totally controlled, wrapped up in years of propaganda. You can’t reach them with logical arguments.

    Jews are over involved in multiculti schemes and propaganda__and lets import the third world immigration schemes. But to place them as the ultimate controllers is just plain brainwashed and retarded. Just as an example you can take the Lutheran Church and its social agencies importing tens upon tens of thousands Hmong and Somalis (refugees but I call them 3rd world immigrants on steroids, being that they can access all welfare programs immediately) into very pale and white Minnesota and Wisconsin. Two highly Scandinavian and Germanic states. Jews had nothing to do with this 100% harebrained Christian do-gooder scheme/scam as in money making scam for the refugee “non-profits” with highly paid administrators.

    But do the Jews have a refugee importation NGO? Yes! The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is 100 years old and to stay in business it imports in Muslim refugees because it pays well. These idiots are currently testi-lying (in Congress) and agitating to bring in 100,000 Syrian Muslim misfits.

  41. Clyde says:
    @The Universe Within

    Point being, yes, there are clever tricks but, bell curves tell us most terrorists aren’t very clever and probability tells us not making one dumb mistake is nearly impossible.

    Osam Bin Ladin himself said many Muslim who came to fight with him were total idiots who would step on a rake with the wooden handle smacking them in the face.
    Seriously, he divided young budding Jihadis who came to him into three groups.
    1-the totally hopeless….might be Islamic religious space cases incapable of intelligent action on the mundane level
    2- the incompetent but trainable with enough lessons and education
    3- the capable and the ones able to lead

  42. Other Joe says:

    Is this what angry white male senility looks like?

  43. rod1963 says:
    @The Universe Within

    One problem there is no downside for letting a terrorist get through and kill Americans, none. Therefore no incentive to be competent or concerned.

    Also the metadata program never stopped a single attack.

    The other element is that depending on the Muzzies to be stupid is just nuts. Yes they’re dumb but that’s not stopping them. The fact the spooks can’t stop people with moron IQ’s is just pathetic.

    Maybe they need to stop hiring a bunch of autistic puzzle solving circus freaks and instead hire some good detectives.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  44. Isn’t everyone in the country sufficiently uneducated to have closed that education gap? The way some people tell it, all whites are rocket scientists who just refuse to share the wealth of knowledge with the black folks.
    Is there any time in our existence where we can focus on ourselves as individuals rather than trying to be the saviors and teachers of all things brown? Hasn’t this thinking gotten people into enough trouble, interventions and war? It’s such a bore now. How much more would people like to do? Apologies for the micro-aggression and my aura of racism that exudes from my words.

  45. KenH says:

    It seems like the message of Fred’s political satire is that American whites will increasingly become cynical about multiracialism and finally acquire group awareness and a race consciousness. In other words, worse is better.

    That better happen fast because given the rapid demographic changes being wrought by mass immigration and differing birthrates time is not on our side and the majority of American whites are anti-racist fundamentalists, including the cuckservatives that run the GOP.

  46. Art says:

    “Why are you bringing Jews into this? Dope! You come off like a dime a dozen black anti-Semite from the Louie Farrakhan mold.”

    Poor little Clyde – how mad you get, bad names and all – being a hasbara lemming must be no fun. How do you do it – defend the vicious Israeli Jews?

    Hope the pay is worth it. You getting any time and a half? If not, I will talk to Moshe for you – tell him what a bad a$$ you are – how you use all the words.

    p.s. Still can not get over how you can defend such evil day in and day out. The whole world knows that you Jew are the aggressor and that the Palestinians are your victims. What manner of people are the Jew?

    • Replies: @Clyde
  47. Art says:
    @Leftist conservative

    “yeah, it’s weird, this anti-jew thing in connection with anti-immigration/anti-multiculti….but arguing with them does no good, just as arguing with an SJW or anti-commie “

    It is a fact that Jews working for Sen Kennedy wrote the immigration bills that favored none Europeans.

    Jew Democrat policy is enhanced by non-whites voters. Everyone knows that.

    Why are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Lies are the Jew manna.

  48. woodNfish says:

    Just remember, the KKK was the DNC militia, and it is still a leftist hate group. Notice all the Jew hate on this site as well. The KKK and anti-semites are in good company – it’s called the DNC.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  49. Clyde says:

    How much is the Likud paying you to make Phil Giraldi’s anti-Semitic groupies look like retards? My estimate is that you are the ultimate Zio-False Flag. An above top secret double hasbara agent on the take from Likud and Labor

  50. Clyde says:

    Just remember, the KKK was the DNC militia

    The KKK were all Democrats and that is a stone cold fact

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  51. damn, this is one superb quality article.

  52. woodNfish says:

    Yeah, I think I said that. Other DNC creations were the Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, segregation and separate but equal.

  53. Fred Reed says: • Website

    Actually if you use random numbers to index into the photo, the result is unbreakable since (it seems to me) it is equivalent to an OTP. I don’t see why it is necessary for Alice and Bob to pass pads of random numbers to each other, since they can use the same random-number generator with the same seed and get the same numbers independently.

    NSA can’t break it (I think) because a sequence of random numbers exists that will produce any possible message. In fact a very large number or keys exist that will produce any given message. NSA could find many sequences that would give, “Plant the hydrogen bomb in McDonald’s restroom,” but would also find sequences giving, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, eating her Kurds in Hue,” and “Plant the watermelon in the Hancock Tower.” There would be no way of telling which of millions of possible messages was the right one. Processing power would be irrelevant. No?

    • Replies: @EH
  54. Clyde says:

    The other element is that depending on the Muzzies to be stupid is just nuts. Yes they’re dumb but that’s not stopping them. The fact the spooks can’t stop people with moron IQ’s is just pathetic. Maybe they need to stop hiring a bunch of autistic puzzle solving circus freaks and instead hire some good detectives.

    Effective detectives would be profiling the shiite out of Muslim populations and their mosques in America. This is why it is not being done currently. Obama and his regime will not allow it

  55. Mr. Blank says:

    In my conversations with White employees in Washington I have encountered almost universal dissatisfaction with the level of competence of Negroes. My impression—it is no more than this, but based on much experience—is that the affirmative-action Negroes, knowing that they are held in contempt, respond with resentment of their own and less desire to perform. This adds to the deepening racial hostility and is to be fostered by any means possible.

    I have relatives working in various parts of the federal bureaucracy, and they tell me racial animosity between blacks and whites in the government is almost comically high. It’s much, much higher than in the private sector; higher even than in most universities. Fred’s joking around, but from what I hear, any white federal bureaucrat to the right of Bob Dole would be a prime recruitment candidate for the KKK.

  56. @Fred Reed

    What, no H-bomb? What the hell kinda club are you running down there?

    You are correct that AES would attract attention. However, I trust you have noticed that NSA isn’t exactly setting any landspeed records when it comes to discovering dastardly plots? NSA is just taxpayer money flushed into the pockets of gubmint succubi.

    KISS principle remains top-dog. Use a cipher — key it to any one of thousands of readily-available documents on the Internet. IRS documentation, for instance. NSA won’t figure it out in a million years. Play safe and randomly change the indexing algorithm itself with an embedded code.

  57. woodNfish says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that is what I wrote.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  58. Clyde says:

    you are good! and 27 years old…….Keep it up! Seriously!

  59. Renoman says:

    Best writer since Mark Twain, you rock Fred!

  60. EH says:
    @Fred Reed

    “… if you use random numbers to index into the photo, the result is unbreakable since (it seems to me) it is equivalent to an OTP.”

    Good idea. You need to be sure that it remains secure after the NSA has both the picture and some of the plaintext messages, though. Known-plaintext and OTP re-use attacks are staples of cryptanalysis.

    Here’s a scheme: both parties have a copy of some big, random-looking digital file, such as a compressed DVD movie. A RNG is given a seed from a salted hash of the message date and/or some other shared information. The stream of random numbers is used to define jumps in reading the DVD — say, taking each 16 bits of RNG output as meaning “move this number of bits forward in the DVD from the last bit you read”. If the end of the DVD is reached, wrap around to the beginning. Take the sequence of bits read from the DVD and use successive chunks of it as seeds for a RNG. Repeat as desired, perhaps a number of times determined by the checksum of the initial salted hash or some other ~random thing. Use the last RNG output string as a one-time pad.

  61. Eagle Eye says:

    QUOTE: The real reason for data collection is likely to prosecute tax evaders.

    It is much worse than that. The purpose of universal data collection is to collect material to keep the individual in “thrall” (servitude) to the state. Records can be used to identify under-the-table income, all personal connections (business, political, personal, religious, intimate), certain types of criminal conduct: tax evasion, speeding, etc.

    The aim over time is to let 95% of individuals know or feel that they are “better off” keeping their “heads down” and letting other people boss them around. This includes voting in the way that the “authorities” want the vote to go since votes are obviously not secret. Democratic discourse at work is already banned. Anyone expressing non-conforming views as an employee of a large or small private company will be sidelined and fired. The end of democracy is upon us.

  62. Has David Duke seen this? He might want to alter his approach.

  63. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Pure, unadulterated bullshit. Even the fake costume is lousy.

  64. Anonymous [AKA "SewerSnoid"] says:

    That is such an obviously fake KKK robe, it’s pathetic.

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