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In Search of the Super Race
The Six-Percent Solution
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U.S. International Mathematical Olympiad team that in 2016 took the world title: members Ankan Bhattacharya, Allen Liu, Ashwin Sah, Michael Kural, Yuan Yao, Junyao Peng, and coach Po-Shen Loh
U.S. International Mathematical Olympiad team that in 2016 took the world title: members Ankan Bhattacharya, Allen Liu, Ashwin Sah, Michael Kural, Yuan Yao, Junyao Peng, and coach Po-Shen Loh

I have gotten many hundreds of emails–OK, three emails, but I am rounding up–asking me whether there is a super-race. There are different views on this matter, discussion being carried on with the manners of a hockey match. For people who have better things to do than study abnormal psychology, the players are briefly as follows: Something called the Alt-Right that believes the white race to be superior and wants to rid the country of of encroaching dark scum. The Human Biodiversity movement, HBD, more scientific and less surly but picking whites while conceding that yellow are smarter. Finally IQists, who believe that IQ is a reliable measure of genetic intelligence. They too put yellows as more intelligent.

The Alt-Right believes that the whites are innately–i.e., genetically–superior to all other races, that they have dominated the world through higher intelligence, and that their mastery is the result of Darwinian selection. Whites, they say, have a marvelous track record of achievement, and they don’t want to dilute it by intermarriage.

They have a point. It is not thought politic in today’s racial climate to notice the obvious, that white Europeans have been far and away the most successful race yet. (The “yet” is important.) No other has even come close. Various peoples have learned to use the products of European civilization–the Japanese, Latin Americans, Thais, etc. at length–but have not engendered it. Look around you and see whether you can find anything that was not invented by European whites (other than paper and gunpowder).


International Physics Olympiad. Internationally, top four contestants were Chinese, Chinese, Korean, Korean, with eleven of the top fifteen being east Asian. The US first appeared in sixteenth place. The American team: Jason Lu,  Srijon Mukherjee, Vincent Liu,  Abijith Krishnan,  Jimmy Qi. Less than six percent of America is Asian.
International Physics Olympiad. Internationally, top four contestants were Chinese, Chinese, Korean, Korean, with eleven of the top fifteen being east Asian. The US first appeared in sixteenth place. The American team: Jason Lu, Srijon Mukherjee, Vincent Liu, Abijith Krishnan, Jimmy Qi. Less than six percent of America is Asian.

Many in HBD concede that north Asians, specifically, the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans are more intelligent than white Europeans. While many outside of HBD (including me) doubt the reliability of IQ tests as measures of intelligence, the HBD people do not. They often assert that observation supports their view–that achievements of both individuals and peoples track IQ, that high achievement is therefore evidence of high IQ.

It would then seem to be Asians, not whites, who are wildly over represented in intellectual achievement. Races other than white and yellow races are not even in the running.

Although Asians comprise only 13 percent of California’s population, three-fifths of the state’s National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists have Asian last names. (Good article on this: Taki’s Magazine) These Semifinalists are in the top .5% in intelligence, or one in two hundred. The Asian kids outnumber the whites by more than four to one.

Now, background: Worldwide we are seeing a demographic shift of a speed and scale that makes the barbarian occupation of the Roman empire seem lackadaisical. America, already substantially African, has opened the floodgates to Latin America and simultaneously imports people from a variety of underperforming societies. Why they underperform can be debated; that they do so cannot. Exactly why America does this is not clear. Races and nations have often been overrun and absorbed by others, but white Americans are to my knowledge the only ones to deliberately submerge themselves racially.

Brain size: Blacks 1267 cm3, European-descended people (Whites) 1347 cm3, and East Asian-descended people (East Asians) 1364 cm3

At the same time Europe deliberately and without need imports huge numbers of people of incompatible and unsuccessful stock, various Muslims and Africans, with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile the white world seems exhausted, the American Empire in decline, with corruption, lack of will, sorry universities, and poor government taking a lethal toll.

Now it is Eurowhites who are the racial under-performers. Again, nobody else is even in the game.

Psychometricians, who are neither the highly politicized IQists nor racist peddlers of Hitlerian pseudoscience, but very careful statisticians, put Chinese IQ at above 105, white at 100. This is not a trivial difference, and has serious consequences at the high end of the distribution.

China rises with astonishing speed. Alt-Righters are thus caught in a trap: Their arguments for the superiority of whites to blacks and Latinos equally show the superiority of Asians to whites. Anyway, if their conclusions are correct, the Chinese will be well advised not to intermarry with whites and thereby lower their mental capacity. I presume that HBDists will sympathize with this attitude as they too want to protect their genetic purity.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Va. is a very, very elite school–elite in brains. Average math SAT: 759. “Of the 457 students in the Class of 2016, 162 are National Merit Semi-Finalists, and an additional 210 are National Merit Commended students.” Again, Semi-Finalists are in the top .5% in intelligence. TJ is over 66% Asian.

Bronx High School of Science, likewise very selective: 63% Asian. Brooklyn Tech, another of New York’s three hyper-selective high schools: 61% Asian, 22% white

If they are right, the implications are interesting. In the United States, blacks and Latinos barely show up in the high-end sciences. The are probably a third of the population. This leaves a bit more than two hundred million whites and a few Asians to do the brain work on which modern societies depend.

The number of these cannot much be increased. Further, America long ago put in places a system for sucking the best minds out of the whole country and sending them to good universities. For example, as long ago as the Sixties all high-school students could take the National Merit exam and semifinalists got recruiting packages from Harvard, Yale and, if memory serves, Princeton.

Numbers matter. Add up a billion Han Chinese–this doesn’t count Muslim Uighurs in Xin Jiang–126 million Japanese, 75 million Koreans, and you get and you get a formidable combined population. China alone can potentially field five times the engineers that America can, starting from a pool of higher intelligence.

Yuja Wang at Carnegie: Not just engineering.

The slant-eyed Asians are especially strong in mathematical fields. In fact, they seem so superior to Eurowhites that any reasonable person might expect them to dominate the sciences and engineering in the whole world in coming years. A few of the examples I have given here might be explained by culture, local demographics, and so on. Collectively they appear to be a death knell to European intellectual mastery, set to overwhelm America in the STEM fields of science, technology, orienteering, and math.

CalTech has probably the most demanding entrance standards in America and does not practice affirmative action. It is 45% Asian, 27% white, 12% Hispanic, 1% black.

As I suspect HBDists would agree, since we are using their standards of judgement we begin to see replacement of a dominant race by a superior race.

PISA scores, This is the Program for International Scholastic Assessment, administered every three years to high school students by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The seven top scorers in math: Singapore, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Korea. The Verbal order was not much different.

Anyone following the breakneck development of China since Mousey Dung stopped crippling his country will see that a great deal of intelligence is being deployed. Increasingly, and rapidly. China makes inroads into what has been white European superiority in genetics, computing, weaponry, publication of scientific papers, and so on. And not just China.

Scripps Spelling Bee: “Seventeen out of the last twenty one winners (from 1999 to 2016), including all champions for the most recent nine years… have been Indian Americans.. Indian-Americans make up less than one percent of the U.S. population.[4] In 2016, Nihar Janga from Austin, Texas, became the youngest champion in the bee’s history when he won the title at the age of 11.”

The combined evidence is crushing. In my years as a writer on technology I noticed what then seemed to me an unusual number of Asian names in staff lists of advanced laboratories. I doubt this has changed. Recently a friend in California, with an Asian wife, and therefore plugged into that community, told me that the carefully unspoken view was that “The whites are lazy and stupid.”

The Putnam math aptitude test. Wikipedia: “It is widely considered to be the most prestigious university-level mathematics examination in the world, and its difficulty is such that the median score is often zero or one (out of 120) despite being attempted by students specializing in mathematics.” Winners, mostly from the Ivy League:

2015 Pakawut Jiradilok, Bumsoo Kim, Gyujin Oh,
Daniel Spivak, David H. Yang, Yunkun Zhou. Female winner, Danielle Wang.

2014 Ravi Jagadeesan, Zipei Nie, Mark A. Sellke, Bobby C. Shen, David H. Yang, Lingfu Zhang.

Given the overwhelming evidence of Asian superiority, we might well ask ourselves how we ought to respond. The Alt-Right says that, well, they’re smart but they can’t innovate so it doesn’t matter. Let us pray.

Stuyvesant High School: Very high-end, New York, over 3000 students, second highest number of National Merit Semi-Finalists after Thomas Jefferson, admission solely on a very demanding entrance test. As of the 2014-15 school year, Asian students made up 73% of the school’s population; White students, 20%; Latinos, 3%; Blacks, 1%; and unknown/other, 7%.[38][39]

It seems to me that the Alt-Right-HBD folk, believing in the evolutionary principle of survival of the fittest, in the genetic and therefore immutable nature of intelligence, and that IQ is an accurate measure of intelligence and therefore of Darwinian fitness, must conclude that we whites, to better the species, should stop breeding and allow the more advanced species to supplant us. I await their acclamation for presenting this prescient and admirable case.

(A skeptic might note that the phenomenal achievement of the Asians belonged until recently to Jews, whose genetically immutable IQ seems to have fallen precipitately while the genetically immutable IQ of the Asians has risen in an huge genetic shift without benefit of selective pressure. But let’s not ruin a good story by thinking about it. )

Fred can be reached at [email protected] Put the letters pdq somewhere in the subject line to avoid heartless autodeletion by spamicidal software.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
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