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Orlando? So what else is new? Why the excitement? I am puzzled that everyone is distraught over a perfectly ordinary act of terrorism by a perfectly ordinary Muslim terrorist. We have seen these attacks before and will see them again. They grow monotonous, like car crashes. They are as interesting as a commercial break.

Why the surprise? We know Muslims kill Christians. We know they stone adulteresses to death. We know they drive airplanes into buildings. We know they mutilate women. We know they bomb airliners. We know they destroy historic monuments. We know they kill their daughters for losing their virginity. We know they kill homosexuals. We know they make coordinated mass attacks on cities. We know they are incompatible with societies of the First World. We know they have no respect for our laws. We know they hate us.

Knowing all of this, what do we do? Why…of course! What else? We import more of them. Nothing could make more sense. Ten thousand Syrians, coming to your neighborhood. Thank you, Obama. Thank you in advance, Hillary.

More precisely, Hussein Obama imports them. A black President with Islamic roots, barely American, who dislikes white people and recruits immigrants of his two ethnicities as hard as he can. We get utterly unassimilable Somalis in Minnesota, and all the Muslims he can find. Fifty gay men have just paid the price.

For Hussein’s policy.

The man fascinates me. The two worst actors that America has suffered since Lincoln are Osama bin Laden and Hussein Obama. They easily fit into any list of history’s most effective and influential men, being true geniuses. For a few hundred thousand dollars and an army of a couple of dozen, bin Laden stunningly humiliated America on international television, turned the country into a police state frightened of everything, inspired abrogation of its Constitution, and sucked the country into unending wars. On a cost-benefit basis, it was astonishing. He up-throttled national decline and has Americans hopping barefoot in airports while recordings on subways tell us to watch each other and report “suspicious behavior.”

Hussein Obama is in the same majestic league. He has said that he wants to “transform” America, and he has, has he ever, by simply doing what he wants. He found and exploited the hidden weakness in American government, which is that nobody has the balls to tell him “No.” He has won by sheer force of will. You’ve got to hand it to the guy: he’s good.

He has set the stage for, at least, unending divisiveness and very possibly for civil war. He will bring in as many more incompatible savages as he can before leaving office, and Hillary, if elected, will be Obama continued by other means. Amazing. The combined militaries of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany could not do as much lasting harm as this one man.

Why does he do it? Look at it as revenge for slavery. Obama bin Osama, I strongly suspect, does. Our post-racial President is in fact the most racial.

For those killed by Omar,and their families and friends, there is nothing amusing about the slaughter. In a certain abstract sense, there is. America is like a man beating on his thumb with a hammer and yelling, “Oh! Ouch! Oooh! It hurts!” Why doesn’t he just stop? Well, that would be hammer-phobic. Countries deserve what they tolerate. They even more deserve what they encourage.

From Drudge: “Imam speaking in Orlando said gays must be killed out of ‘compassion’…

Hmmmm. Might this not be homophobic? I dare not say so, for fear of being thought Islamophobic. Which I am not. No. I suffer from Islamonausea.

It seems that gays have to be killed on the authority of some Fourth Century towel rack. It is because the Religion of Peace says so. If a televangelist in Kansas said that homosexuals had to be killed for Jesus, the entire zoo of talking heads would be on him like lice on a leper and the FBI would gin up fraudulent charges. Watch the media for the outrage that won’t exist as they cover up. You can bet that Hussein Obama will say nothing against his own people.

From the standpoint of a curmudgeon, to which ashen-souled tribe I belong, the events in Orlando provide the gray satisfaction of confirmation. We in our dismal trade derive no joy from unavoidable sufferings springing from the routine malice of existence—cancer, automobile wrecks, birth defects—but we thrive on the self-inflicted, on the finger-hammerings accompanied by cries of “Ouch!” We observe that Muslims are nothing but trouble anywhere, so we import Muslims. We observe that diversity is the chief source of bitter strife in the world, so we open the borders. When seeking employees, we deliberately hire people who can’t do the job. In our universities we purposely admit those who neither can nor want to learn. Then, when the obvious, the predictable, indeed the inevitable unexpectedly occurs, we insist that it really didn’t, or shouldn’t have, or wouldn’t have, or something, and do it again. In its way it is wonderfully funny.

Unless of course you are among the dead.

In Paris the day after Orlando, another Mohammedan emissary of peace stabbed to death a policeman and his wife. (“Allahu Akbar: ‘Mohamed Ali’ Stabs Cop on Street, Slits Throat of Wife…”)

Yes, Paris, the city in which heartwarming Muslims have carried out coördinated simultaneous bombings, killed editorial staffs of publications that irked them, burned banlieues and countless cars and successfully intimidate the police. Mon dieu! What can these isolated incidents have in common? Nobody knows. Perhaps the perpetrators were troubled youth.

Actually the comic people are only those who generate a personal reality-distortion field and do hilariously foolish things. At the top of the political dunghill it is not stupidity but design. Or so it must be…mustn’t it? One expects academics to gibber and squeak, and neurally-challenged columnists and rabble studentry and talking heads and so on. It takes some very serious believing to believe that the governments of England, France, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and America are too stupid to have noticed what Muslims do, and what they are doing to those countries. Yet governments cover up, hide identities, punish observation as “hate speech,” and keep pumping the barbarians in.

Why? Opening America’s southern borders make sense because it makes money for those for whom it makes money. Who profits from flaming arrondissements, explosions in subways, and dead gays?

Ah, but the irony is delicious. London, once master of most of the world, has become a branch office of Pakistan and now has a Muslim mayor, who sets about correcting the morals of the English. No photos of women in skimpy clothes, you degenerate rascals. Can caning be far behind?

It does a curmudgeon good.

A moderately comprehensive list of attacks by Muslim terrorists

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Islam, Orlando Shooting, Terrorism 
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  1. Like you Fred, I too have Muslim fatigue. The most realistic response I saw was from the Belgian authorities who, in the aftermath of the Brussels airport and Metro bombings, basically said that there is nothing that they can do to protect the public from further such attacks and that we’re more or less on our own. Depressing in its conclusion, but refreshingly honest in its candor. Beats another pointless candlelight march anyway.

    If Hillary clinton gets elected, we may well look back on the Obama Administration as the good old days.

    • Replies: @CJC
    , @Rehmat
  2. Cyrano says:

    One of the greatest curses for the western civilization has been the invention of multiculturalism. Made in the USA – it was designed to deal with the racism – primarily against blacks. So the idea was to import as many races from around the world as possible and in that way to overwhelm the original racists in US as to whom they should hate first. Brilliant idea.

    But that’s just how America solves problems – make the original problem much worse until it starts to pale in comparison with the new problem that they created without ever solving either of them. At least they are trying to generate sympathy for themselves by drawing attention towards the magnitude of the problems they are facing. So that’s pretty much the solution. They are the martyrs of cosmopolitanism and the world is looking upon their struggles and admires them for their hard labor to make everybody happy.

    • Replies: @CJC
    , @Anonymous
  3. CJC says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    The government may leave us on our own in the face of Islamic terrorism, as it does with crime generally. Yet, they’ll take away our means to defend ourselves in the meantime. Maybe they don’t want the terrorists and criminals getting hurt or killed. Is there really any doubt as to which side the predominantly left-leaning, and elitist, government is on?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  4. CJC says:

    If you’re referring to the leftist/liberals among us, it’s more likely that the Muslims, blacks, radical feminists, and all the other grievance groups, are quite happy with the ease of effort it has taken to have their “opponent” capitulate. For instance, the Muslims must feel validated in their belief in the supposed superiority of their way of thinking, given the dumb response from many of the “infidels”..

  5. Marcus says:

    Not like any of the administrations before him were better. I find Bush more heinous if anything: coopting the patriotism of thousands of young white (and other) American men for pointless wars while leaving the border wide open.

    • Agree: Talha
    • Replies: @dahoit
    , @artichoke
  6. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The period of greatest Jewish prosperity and power was their self-described “Golden Age” during which Jews shared rule over Catholic Spain with their Moorish cohorts.

    According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, the resident Jews in Spain co-operated with the Muslim invaders by conspiring against the native Christians, acting as fifth columnists by undermining civil government and giving strategic information to the invading armies. After this treachery, the Jews were exalted to leadership roles in the Islamic run government, serving in their usual administrative capacities of lawyers, tax collectors et al. They regard this period as a flowering of Jewish art, science and intellectual inquiry.

    Contrary to what many seem to think today, the Jewish leadership foresees a much more amicable relationship with their Semitic cousins than they currently suffer with the Anglo Saxon. They have said as much in various places.

    In light of this, it is to be expected that powerful Jews would support Muslim immigration and subsequent rule over Christian Europe and America. They look forward to another Golden Age.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @schmenz
  7. Gene Su says:

    Fred, you are getting a little senile in your old age. I’d like to challenge you on several points you made in your essay.

    1. You claim that female genital mutilation is a custom of Islam. It is actually banned in Islam. It is a custom of black African tribes in Sudan, who just so happened to convert to Islam. In fact, in many Muslim countries, you can be put to death for mutilating your daughter.
    2. Barack Obama may have much sympathy for Muslims and a cultural connection with Islam. I don’t think he sees eye to eye with Wahhabism, the ultra-conservative Muslim sect that Osama Bin Laden belongs to. It was Obama who killed Osama.

    Please get your facts straight when you write. Otherwise, someone might call you a libelous racist.

    3. We can ban foreign Muslims from entering America, which I agree we should do. We might even deport some of the ones who immigrated here in the last few decades and have terrorist affiliations. What are we going to do about the native blacks converting to Islam? I think they can bring a lot of hell onto the country.

  8. Talha says:

    If I may…I understand the sentiment that you are conveying, but the analogy is ahistorical. Two points:
    1. The Golden-age may not have been so chummy-chummy as is currently conveyed – it seems it was not too different than established policy in other conquered lands:

    2. The Jews of that area may not have been looking forward to a Muslim conquest if there wasn’t an on-again, off-again policy of the Visigoth rulers of forcibly baptizing them in the 7th century (that tends to tick people off):


  9. We know they drive airplanes into buildings.

    You still believe that one, eh? I suppose you still think that Oswald shot Kennedy.

    We know they bomb airliners.

    Yep, they put bombs in their shoes, bombs in their underwear…. bombs that never go off somehow…

    A moderately comprehensive list of attacks by Muslim terrorists (wikipedia page)

    Gee, it looks like a moderately comprehensive list of western intel agency false flag events to me.

    I wonder, is Freddy boy here so utterly ignorant by choice or maybe he is just feigning ignorance….

    • Agree: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
    , @Ragno
    , @Rurik
  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    Political correctness and leftism is just politicized antiwhite hatred.

    When are leftist tropes like diversity or mass immigration or so-called antiracism ever demanded of any nonwhite peoples anywhere?

    If diversity is such a strength, why are the oh-so-humane left giving this “gift” to European populations only, when there are so many non-white populations that “need” it much more?

    Open borders is the real white ‘privilege’.

    Repeat after me:

    Antiracist is code for antiwhite.
    Diversity means chasing down the last white person.

    This is straight W- G-

  11. @Jonathan Revusky – Please, False Flaggotry is so 1990 X-Files.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  12. @Gene Su

    ” It was Obama who killed Osama.”

    It was Kidney disease who killed Osama back in December 2001.

  13. KenH says:

    More precisely, Hussein Obama imports them. A black President with Islamic roots, barely American, who dislikes white people and recruits immigrants of his two ethnicities as hard as he can.

    That putting things rather mildly. More like he loathes and despises white people.

    Why does he do it? Look at it as revenge for slavery. Obama bin Osama, I strongly suspect, does. Our post-racial President is in fact the most racial.

    I tend to agree and it underscores the appalling ignorance of American blacks regarding the history of slavery in general and American slavery in particular. They were slaves in Africa and tortured, beaten and sometimes cannibalized by other African tribes. There were over 3000 black slave masters in the states whom more than a few were very brutal to their African brothers and sisters. Moreover, every race and civilization has practiced slavery and the Islamic faith that Hussein Obama is so fond of is no exception.

    White children were kidnapped in English ports and brought to the states in chains while others arrived in indentured servitude. It wasn’t uncommon for poor white children to die cleaning chimneys or meet an early demise due to the working conditions.

    America and Western civilization (i.e., the white races) ended this pernicious institution for the benefit of everyone. White people need to apologize for absolutely nothing.

    It should be obvious that Hussein Obama, his fellow brown folk like Jeh Johnson and Loretta Lynchmob and the greasy mountebanks of the anti-white left (ADL, SPLC, BLM, La Raza etc.,) are waging demographic and genetic warfare on whites by their importation of mestizos from Mexico and Central America, Muslim immigrants and refugees along with other third world stocks. But the Republicans are equally complicit for their meek acquiescence. And the corrupt and effete “Christian” churches are scarcely better.

    Of course, Hussein Obama is merely a tool and a front man for the Jewish occupation government. They actively promote non-whites who are openly hostile to whites while white politicians or celebrities are strictly forbidden from expressing concern for, or working on behalf of, their own race lest a panoply of punitive measures including 24/7 abuse from the “free and fair” press be unleashed upon them.

  14. @Gene Su

    Blacks should be repatriated back to Africa. We don’t need them here, and from the looks of it they hate it here anyhow.

    • Replies: @mtn cur
  15. Mrs. Clinton will be the last Prez of this (((JewGlobalist)))-ravaged former nation. That is something to look forward to, not fear. Prepare. In any case, Death comes to us all. It’s how you die that matters. Do you really want to expire of old age in a hospital with a bedpan under you? Of course you don’t. Mrs. Clinton, her Tikkun Olam masters and her shabbatz goy accomplices, will give us the opportunity to avoid that dismal fate. I say again: Prepare

    • Replies: @dahoit
  16. BenKenobi says:

    I do a lot of tvtroping under the same handle. Recently I came across the character pages for the Comedian and Rorschach, both from Watchmen. I think this crowd would enjoy their page quotes —

    “Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense.”

    “The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicans will look up and shout ‘save us’… and I’ll look down and whisper ‘no’.”

  17. guest says:

    “inspired abrogation of its Constitution”

    To be fair, the Constitution was toilet paper since 1933 at least.

  18. @CJC

    “Maybe they don’t want the terrorists and criminals getting hurt or killed.”

    Maybe it’s just professional courtesy.

  19. Clyde says:
    @George Taylor

    Agree on the False Flaggotry….. I trace its rise to the 2008 Ron Paul campaign. Many of his followers got revved up on this type of genius analysis and egged each other on.

  20. MEH 0910 says:

    Why does he do it? Look at it as revenge for slavery.

    • Replies: @dahoit
  21. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Follow the money. Who is benefiting the most from this mass immigration of failed cultures? Property developers and the welfare bureaucracy. No wonder the media narrative is relentlessly positive – think of all that advertising revenue if you’re a private media company and all those extra make-work jobs if you’re a public broadcaster. It’s pure crony capitalism writ large.

  22. Funny stuff, Fred!

    “Orlando? So what else is new? Why the excitement? I am puzzled that everyone is distraught over a perfectly ordinary act of terrorism by a perfectly ordinary Muslim terrorist.”

    While I find the prez as loathsome as anyone else does, unless your piece is intended as sarcasm, I’d like you to prove that some Muslim dunnit. You, with your supposedly vaunted high IQ, appear to have reacted with gullibility to the story just as was intended by the real perps.

    Instead, you of high IQ should be asking, “Cui bono?” No?

    “You know well that [the British] government always kept a kind of standing army of news writers who without any regard to truth, or to what should be like truth, invented & put into the papers whatever might serve the minister. This suffices with the mass of the people who have no means of distinguishing the false from the true paragraphs of a newspaper.”

    Thomas Jefferson, to G. K. van Hogendorp, Paris, Oct. 13, 1785

    Note to former news guy Fred who rode with cops and who should know better than to rely on the corporate press: To increase your SSQ (StreetSmartQuotient) you should read Thomas Jefferson’s letter to John Norvell of 1807 which contains these gems among many others…

    “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day.”

    “I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods & errors.”

    “He who reads nothing will still learn the great facts, and the details are all false.”

    PS: I don’t think the veracity of the media has improved over the past 2 centuries, but I could be mistaken.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
    , @Ace
  23. Rehmat says:

    Nope Fred Reed – He was named Hussein Obama by his Kenyan Muslim father but his Jewish mother turned him to BEN Obama.

    “I think when it is all over, people are going to say that Obama is the first Jewish president,” – Abner Mikvaner, former Chicago’s Zionist Congressman, a Federal Judge and White House counsel to former president Bill Clinton.

  24. Dr. X says:

    Why does he do it? Look at it as revenge for slavery. Obama bin Osama, I strongly suspect, does.

    I really don’t think this is true at all. Wasn’t it Al Sharpton who said of Obama “He ain’t got no slave blood in ‘im”? Slavery isn’t an issue at all — it’s just a useful straw man to beat liberal whites with. Most honest blacks would probably admit that the enslavement of their ancestors was the greatest stroke of fortune imaginable. Do Oprah Winfrey and Kanye West really think they would be worth \$50 million if they had been born in the jungles of Africa instead of the U.S.?

    No, I think Obama’s anti-white hatred is personal. He was abandoned by his Third World father. His mother then hooked up with his Third World stepfather and took him to Indonesia, then she sent him to live with his white grandparents in Hawaii. He’s got both daddy issues and mommy issues. He was a racial outcast and the only half-black in both Indonesia and Hawaii. He’s a fringe character who never identified as American, and while he was getting punted around the tropical islands of the Pacific as an unwanted kid he developed a resentment for the American Midwestern whitopias with stable, two-parent heterosexual families, picket-fences, little churches with white steeples, Boy Scout troops and trips to Disneyland in the family station wagon.

    The guy’s purely motivated by personal hatred, envy, revenge, spitefulness, petulance, and churlishness. Slavery ain’t got nothing to do with it.

  25. @guest

    True enough.

    Ah, 1933…the year that the US, under the goofy FDR, recognized the USSR at about the time the Holodomor ( Ukrainian Holocaust where Uncle Joey killed 7-10 million Ukrainians) was just ending.

    Anyway, you may enjoy this perspective on the cornstitution.

    The Constitution looked fairly good on paper, but it was not a popular document; people were suspicious of it, and suspicious of the enabling legislation that was being erected upon it. There was some ground for this. The Constitution had been laid down under unacceptable auspices; its history had been that of a coup d’état.

    It had been drafted, in the first place, by men representing special economic interests. Four-fifths of them were public creditors, one-third were land speculators, and one-fifth represented interests in shipping, manufacturing, and merchandising. Most of them were lawyers. Not one of them represented the interest of production — Vilescit origine tali.

    A.J. Nock, Liberty vs. the Constitution: The Early Struggle
    Mises Daily: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by Albert Jay Nock

    • Replies: @dahoit
    , @Rehmat
  26. @Jonathan Revusky

    Thank you. I’m going to make sure I have my tin hat on any time I ever read Fred again.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  27. mtn cur says:
    @Son of Dixie

    African blacks consider American blacks to be spoiled, and whining idiots and don’t want them in Africa.

    • Replies: @King George III
  28. Eustace Tilley (not) [AKA "Schiller/Nietzsche"] says:
    @Bill Jones

    You are absolutely correct. Gene Su, who seems to pride himself on having his “facts” correct, needs to do his homework. When I read that Osama was “buried at sea” in defiance of Muslim tradition (isn’t that against the Geneva Convention or something?) and that there were, alas, no photos of his body available (yeah, right) I began to look into the “official” narrative.

    Now that it has been revealed that the owner of the Lotus (!) gun shop told the FBI “four or five weeks” before Orlando that Omar had tried to buy body armor and bulk ammo (and that he was speaking on the phone to someone in Arabic), maybe people will take a look at Orlando as well. A few people’s eyes will be opened; most sheeple prefer to be lied to. It’s an amazing fact about human beings.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  29. @mtn cur

    Who cares what African blacks want.

  30. @Jus' Sayin'...

    Hey, c’mon fellas! Don’t ya’ll know that Freddy is a GENIUS??? That, right there, proves he’s specialer den us, so we should believe ‘im, right?

    I bet he’ll fill his diapers when he learns that “genius” is related to the (transliterated) Arabic word, “jinni, ” “djinni,” etc.

    BTW, could ya’ll spare a tin hat? I’m gonna need one too and for the same reason.

  31. Ragno says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    You start the Black Van, Jonny boy, and bring ‘er around, while I assemble the Crisis Actors!

    CAH-mon, Sylvia – you call those tears? We’re supposed to think your kid just died, remember? Let’s try and agony it up another 10-15%, okay? And Myron, Myron……if I knew a real leg-stump looked that phony, I’d’ve just ordered up a few from the boys in Animatronic Prosthetics -!

    Now where’s Sawyer? Sawyer, you listen to me, and you listen hard. Two hundred people, two hundred jobs, two hundred thousand dollars of Mr Soros’ money, five weeks of grind and blood and sweat depend upon you. It’s the jobs of all these people who’ve worked with you. You’ve got to go on, and you’ve got to give, and give, and give. They’ve got to buy it. Got to. Do you understand? You can’t fall down tonight. You can’t because you’re supposed to already be dead – and your future’s in it, my future and everything all of us have is staked on you. All right, now I’m through, but you keep your feet on the ground and those squibs in your mouth between your back teeth and go out there, and Sawyer – you’re going out a paid political operative…. but you’ve got to come back a star!

    Okay….places, people!

  32. @guest

    Nah. More like 1861 – Lincoln’s first inauguration.

    • Replies: @guest
  33. Faust says:

    Yesterday my local paper ran a headline about “healing” from wounds of Orlando. My suggestion is we do the same as was done for the wounded from The Pulse. First you remove the source of irritation, then you begin to heal. Our first move should be to get the b-stards who are doing this and refuse to import more of them.

  34. @Eustace Tilley (not)

    “Omar had tried to buy body armor and bulk ammo (and that he was speaking on the phone to someone in Arabic),”

    One wonders why someone of Afghan heritage would speak Arabic rather than Pashto.

  35. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Recently I reluctantly watched the video in which Obama spoke out against labeling our enemies “radical Islam”.

    Of course, in keeping with every lie this incorrigible traitor tells, his message is nonsense. He tries to make the point that employing such a label would serve no useful purpose, in defense of which he cites various reasons which are spurious or specious.

    There is no more significant act for the intellect than that of properly labeling a phenomenon. If we don’t assign a word to a phenomenon then it remains inchoate in our consciousness. Only with a relatively fixed label can we begin to sculpt a more accurate model and improve the definition of objects in our consciousness. With a label we can proceed through Aristotelian logic to understand the relationship of the thing in question with the larger environment in which it occurs. The very point of the Syllogism is to establish the relative position of the thing under consideration both to the classes of things which it subsumes and to the class of which it is a subset.

    Obama rejects all of this. Apparently, he wants the object under consideration to remain fuzzy and illogical. He doesn’t want us to focus our minds upon it. Why would that be?

    • Replies: @Away
    , @dahoit
  36. Mateen was a Reagan baby. His father is incredibly close to the US Deep State:

    The general point you make about Muslim migrants is correct but this is a Afghan-Soviet Union Jihad legacy. As indeed was 9/11 and Osama bin Laden.

    • Replies: @Escher
  37. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. X

    True, all to true, of an all too human, human.

  38. @Bill Jones

    1) The gun store staff might not have known the difference.


    2) Omar supposedly made a couple trips to Saudi, maybe he picked it up in relation to those.

    • Replies: @dahoit
  39. Away says:

    Some ancient Chinese philosopher said, “If you know the name of a thing, you know half of all you need to know about it.”

  40. dahoit says:

    A victim as perp article.
    The Zionists are the instigators of all this shite,from war forever,to the destruction of American prosperity,and this guy blames Muslims,whose only major fault for US is that they don’t take shite sitting down and will kill themselves to kill US.
    Again,before the end of [email protected] and the insertion of the scumbag Zionists,we cared not one iota for their religious beliefs and culture.
    And look at who champions Muslim immigration(and others )the Zionists and their pos HRC.
    Mind boggling,the focus on Islamic acts as causation when they are reaction.
    And stating OBL as the 9-11 actor;When will they release his wives to tell their tale?What a freaking joke.

  41. dahoit says:

    Its called lip service to ideals that he doesn’t practice in reality,iow total hypocrisy.And to believe this CIA mother milk drinker is Muslim is an exercise in stupidity.He hates Muslims,look at the cluster bomb deal yesterday.

    • Replies: @guest
  42. TB2 says:

    I think people make too much of the money angle. For starts, many of those responsible for pushing open borders aren’t natives, so they’re straight out genocidal racists working for the extermination of another people. They don’t care about the profits. For the native collaborators very few actually profit on the invasion directly, quite a few profit indirectly in that they owe their pay and position to upholding the genocidal policies of the system, but the money for that pay isn’t generated by the invaders themselves or those who actually do directly profit from it. Study after study has shown that immigrants produce very little net profit for the nation.

    There’s a strong dollop of class hatred involved. The upper-middle class’s most desperate obsession is to differentiate themselves from the middle and lower classes. Lately for the GOPe and Conservatism, Inc. this class hatred has devolved into a race/culture hatred as well. They’re increasingly adopting the mores of their leftist and non-white political peers. This phenomenon is aggravated by the reality that they pay almost no price for supporting the kooky, hate-motivated racial policies of the Liberal establishment. If little Brie had been forced from the beginning to go to a school were the majority of the students had names like La’Quasha many of these programs would never have gotten off the ground. It’s the upper-middle class that is the real traitor class in this country. They administer the genocidal colonialist regime. They control your country, but they don’t live in your country, and they don’t care about what sort of pig sty they make it.

    • Replies: @Ttjy
  43. dahoit says:
    @Chris Mallory

    The Saudis,those best friends of Zion?
    You are being had if you can blame the Saudis for anything with out realizing whatever they do,they do at USzion bidding.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  44. Escher says:
    @Charles Martel

    Exactly. Omar Mateen’s dad came to the US when Obama was a student. This column makes some good points, but was possibly written under the influence.

  45. dahoit says:
    @Dr. X

    Totally true;The descendants of all slaves would not be in existence if it wasn’t for slavery.
    The present is the sum of the past.

    • Replies: @Ace
  46. @Dr. X

    Slavery may have something to do with Obama’s views and actions if he is influenced by his wife or other American blacks.

    • Replies: @Ace
  47. Dr. X says:
    @Bill Jones

    In the video clip of the gun shop owner that I saw, he said Mateen was speaking in a “foreign language” — he didn’t say “Arabic” or “Pashto.”

  48. TheJester says:
    @Bill Jones

    It is common practice for Muslims everywhere to learn some Arabic. “Allahu Akbar …” The rationale is that the Koran was written in (classical) Arabic. It is the literal word of God. Everything else is a second-order translation in which something is lost. If you want to read and know the word of God firsthand, you must do it in Arabic. The more committed a Muslim is, the more Arabic he or she is likely to know.

  49. Svigor says:

    2. The Jews of that area may not have been looking forward to a Muslim conquest if there wasn’t an on-again, off-again policy of the Visigoth rulers of forcibly baptizing them in the 7th century (that tends to tick people off):

    Nobody forced Jews to move to Europe, Spain, or anywhere else. I admit, the Jewish policy of not allowing in alien religions (to Israel, anyway; they encourage it for everyone else) is a better one.

    • Replies: @Talha
  50. Talha says:

    And that’s fine, sounds like a rational policy. I was simply pointing out the fact that the original analogy just doesn’t jive. Oppressed Jews in Spain may have been happily looking forward to dhimmi status as being more expansive than what they had under the Visigoths. Why would Jews of today who have enormous upward social mobility want to have that trounced by bringing in a population that (in the commentator’s view) would want to put them back into a dhimmi status. I can’t seem to connect the dots…


  51. dahoit says:
    @MEH 0910

    A shillary minion,a true bitch from hell.(Above woman)Ran was awesome.

  52. Svigor says:

    I do a lot of tvtroping under the same handle. Recently I came across the character pages for the Comedian and Rorschach, both from Watchmen. I think this crowd would enjoy their page quotes —

    The funny thing about The Watchmen is that Alan Moore is a mouth-foaming leftist, and intended Comedian and Rorschach to be rebukes to the right. I don’t know if something was lost in translation, or what, but the movie didn’t come out that way at all. Rorschach was the hero of the film, if anyone was, and most Americans relate to Comedian’s line during the riots about the American Dream coming true.

    • Replies: @guest
    , @BenKenobi
  53. dahoit says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    I notice US Constitution bashers are usually Zionist.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  54. dahoit says:

    The shrub was a dullard.He was merely a front for Cheney and the zionists.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  55. dahoit says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    No she won’t.America has had enough.

  56. schmenz says:

    The historical work which best supports the working relationship between Jewish and Muslim interests against Catholic Spain is William Thomas Walsh’s two monumental historical works, Isabella of Spain and Philip II.

    Those are the types of books that help the scales fall from the eyes.

    I am not sure how that relationship plays out these days but it was certainly operative in Spain at that time.

  57. @dahoit

    When will they release his wives to tell their tale?

    Yeah, it’s funny that they haven’t trotted out some actresses to play that role.

    Of course, there were no wives or any Bin Laden there in Abbottabad. It’s all a fiction.

  58. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Fred, Somalis started settling in Minnesota in the 1990s – before even George House of Saud Bush II was president.

  59. dahoit says:
    @Gene Su

    It aint Islam, its Zionism that is the absolute center of all our problems.
    The creation of an irreligious fundamentalist wacko entity to rival any talk of caliphate(impossibility)which has had US on a fools gold mission from hell for 30? years.
    Until we get a nationalist as POTUS(Trump)we are f*cked.

    • Replies: @Talha
  60. Marcus says:

    Didn’t he have one of the highest IQ’s of presidents of presidents who were tested? I agree he was in league with the neokahns, but I think the good ‘ol boy act was just that, an act.

  61. @Jacques Sheete

    Instead, you of high IQ should be asking, “Cui bono?” No?

    Well, people don’t ask this. I mean, I’ve been trying to get people to tell me (i.e. to think about the question) why some political movement in the Middle East would want to kill some pansies in Florida. I mean, what political goal to they have that this would further?

    I suppose there is no need to say that nobody ever engages with this basic question.

    To increase your SSQ (StreetSmartQuotient) you should read Thomas Jefferson’s letter to John Norvell of 1807

    Hmm, that’s very interesting. Further proof that there’s nothing new under the sun.

    By the way, what you call SSQ, I called BDQ in a couple of articles, Bullshit Detection Quotient. I actually developed the idea rather extensively.

    Freddy boy is part of a group of writers on this site who seem to have a very low BDQ (or SSQ). They just take all these ridiculous narratives (I call them Roger Rabbit Narratives) at face value.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  62. Art says:

    Hasbara Central is going orgasmic over this sexually confused Muslim’s attack on an American gay bar (a real twofer – attacking Americans and gays).

    Just as they brought 9/11 to our shores, the Jews are going to triumph by getting this Muslim to attack America. How many billions will the US Jews extort for Israel over these 50 American deaths.

    Jew power over America just grows and grows. Now they are using this tragedy to disarm the American citizenry.

  63. Talha says:

    Hey dahoit,

    I agree with you in your sentiments, but I will say that Muslims have (as a whole) failed to be able to bring the extremist voices to heel. And they are paying a huge price for it. This attack in Orlando is an every-other-week occurrence somewhere in the Muslim world where some guy thinks blowing up a congregation in a funeral service or mosque will get him into Paradise.

    I honestly do not see any short-term solutions – the strategy has to be long term to excise this cancer and it is only partially a military solution. What would help though is what you are calling for; a complete reassessment of foreign policy and disengagement from the Middle East until things cool down.


    • Replies: @Rurik
  64. Watching the unctuous Charles Schumer holding forth about guns and how “we need more laws” with his partners in crime, Murphy, and the creepy, crawly, bogus “Vietnam veteran”, Blumenthal, standing by solemnly in the background caused me to rhetorically question in what universe these three were living.

    Great little essay. I only would ask that Fred be more direct in his criticism of our post-racial POTUS.

  65. @Bill Jones

    One wonders why someone of Afghan heritage would speak Arabic rather than Pashto.

    It’s because the event’s scriptwriters don’t really know the difference.

    Omar was born in New York in 1986. If I had to bet on it, I would bet that the only language he really spoke at all well was English. But when somebody is conveniently dead, you can say anything, eh?

  66. Rehmat says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    Nyeth…. It was Joseph Stalin with three Jewish wives who committed Christian Holocaust in Ukraine.

    Now Zionist Jews have claimed Ukraine to be their ancestral Khazarian land.

    On May 6, 2014, the deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk, B. Filatov and Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoyski announced a plan to build a New Zion: Promised Land in the Zionist liberated Ukraine. Kolomoyski’s fellow Jewish oligarch Petro Poroshenko is the current president of Ukraine.

    The radical Zionist Chabad Jewish sect in the United States wants its community to move to Ukraine, their original Khazarian homeland.

    Jews, who make only 0.2% of Ukraine’s total population, have total monopoly over country’s government, media and finance. In 2005, professor Vasyl Yaremenko in an article, entitled ‘Jews in Ukraine today: reality without myths’, wrote: “Ukrainians need to know that the mass media is completely in the hands of Jews, and everything that we watch or read is the product of Jewish ideology…”

  67. KenH says:

    ……he developed a resentment for the American Midwestern whitopias with stable, two-parent heterosexual families, picket-fences, little churches with white steeples, Boy Scout troops and trips to Disneyland in the family station wagon.

    Both you and Fred are right. Either way Obama harbors an atavistic hatred of the white America you describe as he believes it came at the cost of oppressing and exploiting black people and other sweet people of color. Therefore, everything white people have is ill gotten and he aims to level the playing field by any means necessary.

    Enter the affirmatively furthering fair housing rule (AFFH) which is designed to destroy the whitopias that still exist and rumor has it they have plans to go far beyond that. Like it or not we now live in a high tech Soviet Union where the central government can marginalize and destroy communities at will (via unconstitutional rule making) and those segments of the population they don’t like. And whites are now the kulaks and untouchables of North America.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  68. @dahoit

    The Saudis, the Israelis and the Turks are the true Axis of Evil in the Middle East.

    But I didn’t blame the Saudis, I said he might have learned Arabic in his travels to Saudi.

  69. Rurik says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    I wonder, is Freddy boy here so utterly ignorant by choice or maybe he is just feigning ignorance….

    he’s feigning JR

    he’s like so many others, like Buchannan and Ron Paul and other, so-called mainstream writers that find it more suitable to pretend that the official version of events has some default acceptance, because it does, and because they can use the official narrative to mock the PTB by pointing out what those ’19 Arab terrorists’ were able to accomplish.

    I suspect that Fred and Sailer and Giraldi and most of the rest of them are well aware that 911 was not the work of the evil genius in the Himalayan foothills and his nineteen henchmen, but they don’t want to alienate some of their readers and others, who might be in a position to cause their careers harm.

    Just imagine what would happen to Trump if he came out and said ‘Israel did 911’. Can you even imagine?! It’d be over in a NY second. And then just extrapolate down from there these other fellows who just don’t want to ‘go there’. At least not yet.

    Once the false flag meme becomes more mainstream (like with JFK), then guys like Sailer and Fred will latch on (as Jessie Ventura has).

    I’ve been reading Fred for a long time now, and more and more he’s willing to mention Israel as being behind this country’s foreign policy madness. He’s coming along, even if in baby steps.

    So I just enjoy their work understanding that they’re unwilling at this point to open that particular door.

  70. Rurik says:

    Dear Talha,

    I honestly do not see any short-term solutions – the strategy has to be long term to excise this cancer and it is only partially a military solution. What would help though is what you are calling for; a complete reassessment of foreign policy and disengagement from the Middle East until things cool down.

    forgive me for saying so, but it does seem to me that you’re sounding just like Donald Trump 😉

    Peace be to you and yours

    and End the Fed

    and End the Eternal WarsⓊ

    • Replies: @Talha
  71. Rurik says:

    And whites are now the kulaks and untouchables of North America.

    it’s deja vu all over again

    when the Jews took possession of Russia, (by exploiting the mediocrity of its idiot ruling class), they used the dregs of society and assorted foreigners to impose their genocidal dystopia of widespread terror and mass murder. And the first target of their insane hatred was the successful white and independent farmers of the Ukraine.

    Now today the offspring of those Jews who ruled Russia and Hungary and other Soviet prison camps of Eastern Europe have the West by the hair of their head, and as you’d expect, the target of their rage is the same group of people. The white, successful, and independent middle and working classes of N. America and Europe and Scandinavia. And just as they did in Russia and Poland and Ukraine, they’re imposing genocide and marshaling and army of orcs to slaughter off those who they congenitally hate beyond all reason or conscience.

    Nothing new under the sun..

  72. @Bill Jones

    I believe you are correct that Bin Laden had been dead for many years when the “hit” was staged, complete with the suspicious photo of all those onlookers in the White House supposedly watching the live streaming video.

    Compare that to Bush’s treatment of Saddam Hussein in which a video of his hanging was immediately leaked onto Youtube, and Saddam’s vile sons whose grotesque autopsies were photographed and released. Even the murder of Muammar Gaddafi was filmed and published.

    But Osama Bin Laden? The most wanted man since Hideki Tojo? Shot dead, then buried at sea in the dead of night? Maybe the Air Force did a missing man formation with flying pigs.

    With Obama, nothing is as it seems. I just feel for the SEALs who supposedly did the deed, now almost all of them put to silence permanently.

  73. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says:

    Fred Fred Cabbagehead.

    Give credit where’s it’s due. Muslim men have balls and will not surrender to Zionist Wall-Street-Hollywood-Las-Vegas-funded globalist POO-RIDE Degeneracy.

    In contrast, Western men have done NOTHING but surrender being brainwashed by Jews & Homos and allowing their cities(and even churches) to be turned into Sodom & Gomorrahs that celebrate fecal penetration of homo men and genital mutilation of trannies.

    Go Turks!!!! Proud Turks will NOT allow their sacred fatherland be defiled by Zionist-Homo-promoted neo-imperialist degeneracy.

    The homo flag is the New Flag of Western Imperialism.

  74. guest says:

    I won’t argue with you. I did say “at least.”

  75. guest says:

    Each Muslim killed could benefit other Muslims, especially ones who want to take their stuff. Bear that in mind.

  76. guest says:

    Rorschach became the most popular character, I think, through the Archie Bunker (or Alex P. Keaton) effect.

  77. @dahoit

    Well not all Zionists are bad. Some actually collaborated with the Nazis, and Einstein himself a supporter of the Zionist project in Palestine warned us about some of the baddies in a letter to the NYT, saying,

    “Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the “Freedom Party” (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.”

    Albert Einstein Letter to The New York Times. December 4, 1948

    Anyway, I think I quoted Nock, and he was no Zionist as far as I can tell. I could be wrong tho.

  78. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says:

    All sides denounce violence but all sides resort to it.

    Even in the US, order is held together by VIITS or Violence Inherent In the System.

    If you don’t pay taxes, what happens? Men will guns will come to your house and make you pay.

    If you refuse to bake a ‘gay wedding’ cake, what happens? Your business is destroyed and you are penalized with a heavy fine.

    What if you refuse to pay the fine? Men with guns will come and make you pay or drag you to jail.


    As Mao said, Political Power Grows Out of the Barrel of a Gun.
    And the threat of violence is enough to make us comply.

    So, even though we live under Rule of Law, the Law is only as good as those who get to write it and manipulate it.

    Illegal aliens broke the law, but the Powers-that-be don’t go after them. But if you try to stop an illegal at the border, the Powers-that-be will send Men with guns to arrest you. If you resist, they will shoot you.

    Rule of Law is determined by Rulers of the Law.

    Since Jews control the Law, Jewish Wall Street robber barons are left alone.

    But if you refuse to bake a ‘gay wedding’ cake? You better pay a fine. If you don’t pay> Men with guns will take you way.


    Violence Inherent in the System.

    What happens if you say something on facebook that is disdainful of homos. Suppose your co-worker reports you, and you are fired. Suppose you say your private life and views have nothing to do with work, but suppose your boss says you’re fired anyway.
    Suppose you call out the foulness and refuse to leave the premise.
    The company will call the men with guns to drag you away.

    That’s how PC works. Through VIITS, it even robs you of your free speech rights.

  79. @Jonathan Revusky

    Hey, you may want to sit down for this. Some Fred Reed wrote the following. Kinda hard to believe it’s the same dude as our gulled one. If it’s the same buck, then sumpin bad musta happened ‘tween then and now. I do hope he recovers.

    “It is curious: Though I have spent a lifetime in journalism, I do not read a newspaper, not the New York Times nor the Washington Post nor the Wall Street Journal. Nor do I have television service.

    “Why? Because, having worked in that restaurant, I know better than to eat there. The foregoing media are quasi-governmental organs, predictably predictable and predictably dishonest. The truth is not in them.

    “Within the news racket, this isn’t news. More interesting is that a large part of the intelligent population agrees. We now have a press of two tiers, the establishment media and the net, with sharply differing narratives. The internet is now primary. The bright get their news from around the web and then read the New York Times to see how the paper of record will pevaricate. People increasingly judge the media by the web, not the web by the media.

    “The major outlets (this will not be a blinding insight) as always are in near-lockstep—that is, controlled. Reporters understand the rules perfectly. You do not, not ever, criticize Israel. You don’t say anything remotely interpretable as racist. Women are sacrosanct. Do not offend the sexually baroque. The endless wars get minimal coverage and almost nothing that would upset the public. Huge military contracts get almost no mention.

    “None of this is accidental.

    “It is well and slickly done.

    From Balkanizing the News Separation of People and State, by Fred Reed, December 12, 2014

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  80. @dahoit

    Good comments! I suspect you are correct about the real perps and it’s not one bit surprising to me.

    BTW, I still think the constitution was a huge link in the chain around our necks and that the Anti-Federalists were correct about what would happen once all power was centralized . It was a huge fraud as usual.

    • Replies: @Ace
  81. Rehmat says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    “Muslim fatigue” is good for your health because it will keep you awake all night fearing there could be hiding an anti-Israel Muslim under your bed.

    “People in Israel have to know that they have a lot of friends here in Europe, because I think we have a common struggle going on: the struggle against radical Islam. We are aware of the fact that Israel is the only European, Western and democratic country in the Middle East, surrounded by radical Islamic countries who want to kick all the Israelis into the sea,” Filip DeWinter, EU member from Belgium whose daughter An Sofie posed for anti-Islam ad wearing a bikini and hijab in 2012.

    In December 2011, Israel propaganda lies organization, Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), released a video showing some dude dressed in military camouflage calling fellow Muslims to make every effort to establish Islamic Shari’ah in Belgium. The video was posted on over dozens of anti-Islam website funded by the seven pro-Israel Jewish foundations. They all quoted Israel-Firster White supremacist Filip DeWinter to prove their point that Belgium is on its way to become an Islamic state….

  82. Ace says:
    @Gene Su

    Your assessment of who might be a libelous racist probably is of interest only to the evening shift clerk at your local 7-11 but that’s about it. Maybe.

  83. Ace says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    Thank heavens you’re not gullible so you can straighten Fred out.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  84. Did anybody else happen to hear El-Fuzzball completely chicken out on his show today? When a lone, lucky caller happened to break through (by divine providence, no doubt) and accuse Obama of wanting these terrorist attacks to happen, Rush went out of his way to inform everybody that he, Rush Limbaugh, was saying no such thing.

    If anybody still does not think that Obama is a traitor who is harming America on purpose and giving aid and comfort to our enemies, he’s clueless. Whether it’s here on Unz or on some other website, I accuse Obama of treason almost every day and I stand by that assessment. But then again, I don’t count for much. It’s about time somebody with a bigger soap box started saying these things.

  85. Fred Reed is super heavyweight. Fantastic writing.

  86. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Bin Laden…has Americans hopping barefoot in airports

    “If a televangelist in Kansas said that homosexuals had to be killed for Jesus, the entire zoo of talking heads would be on him like lice on a leper”

    Too funny!!!! Thank you

  87. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says:

    Muhammad said Be a proud and courageous warrior.

    Jesus said Give away all your wealth and turn the other cheek.

    Muhammad became a great warrior, conqueror, warrior, and prophet.
    He died with great honor.

    Jesus was whupped and tortured real bad. He was stripped and humiliated. He died naked & nailed.

    As a white man, do you want to live the life of Muhammad, prophet, warrior, winner, and ruler… OR … do you want to die the death of Jesus, wanderer, victim, defeated, humiliated, and lynched?

    South African whites have chosen the way of Jesus. Since the end of Apartheid, 90,000 have been murdered in the most horrible way and so many women have been raped. Sure, those white victims can believe themselves to be redeeming their ‘racist’ sins and blah blah, but no one cares. They are suckers and losers. The Jew-run media ignores all their suffering and deaths.

    Now, I’m not saying you should convert to Islam. And I know there are lots of dumb things in Islam.
    But isn’t a warrior creed more honorable for a man than a pacifist creed?

    Of course, there is the third model, the Moses way. Moses was a prophet, warrior, law-giver, and a proud leader of his Tribe.

    Even today, such is the model for the Jewish way. Jews don’t believe in pacifism and all this ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘forgive your enemy’ and ‘love thy enemy’ baloney.
    They are aggressive and tough like Muslims.
    But they are smarter and savvier than Muslims and Arabs who lack imagination and individuality.

    So, if white men should choose a model, they should choose Moses over Muhammad and Muhammad over Jesus.

    Of course, the myth says that Jesus was resurrected and revealed Himself as ‘king of kings’ and all that stuff, but that’s just supernatural stuff.

    We live in the real world. We are stuck in the real world.

    In the real world, Jesus died like the hapless whites being lynched right and left in South Africa.

    In the real world, Muhammad achieved great things and died a great winner.

    In the real world, Moses led his people to greatness and glory.

    What happened in the real world is more reliable as a guide for human behavior.

    And we must keep in mind that even though West was Christian for 1500 yrs, it didn’t achieve greatness by practicing the pacifist creed of Christianity and hoping for miracles.
    And even the peaceful monks who lived quiet lives in monasteries could only do so because the larger domain was defended by powerful aggressive knights and warriors.
    And Nazism and Communism weren’t defeated by prayers but by huge armies, factories, bombs, and threat of counter-strike.

    Christianity gained great power only with the support and protection of the military caste of noblemen.
    Now that Jews and homos have taken power over US institutions and industries, Christianity has no protection or support.
    And its pacifism renders it weak and wimpy in face of its enemies.
    If anything, the American Military establishment(modern counterpart of traditional nobility) serves Zionists, homos, and even trannies(and white-male-hating feminists) than Christianity. Until Jews took over the US, the US military had been a Christian Army. Now, it’s a Zionist-Homo-controlled outfit in which homos order men around and Negroes hump white women turned mudshark.

    Christianity without worldly support and protection is nothing.
    It is now a dead faith incapable of even resisting the power of homos who redecorate churches with homo flags.

    White men need not become Muslim, but they are better off with the Way of Muhammad.

    They don’t have to accept Islam but they can distill elements of Islam that can revive the manful warrior soul.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  88. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The purpose on multiculturalism was never intended to deal with racism, it is used to destroy and control a society, in this case by the elites (largely zionist but not exclusively.) The clues are in the words. It’s not multiracism it’s multiculturalism. It just more acceptable to load a bunch of 3rd world dark skinned people than say a bunch of Russians or East Germans (back in the day) waving a hammer and sickle. It’s bringing in a foreign culture not a race to destroy the original and in this case it’s by design rather than a natural progression.

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @Cyrano
  89. DickyGee says:

    Mass shootings have long been a common occurrence in contemporary America, less so “bombings” . . . but they’ve taken their toll, too (Timothy McVeigh, etc.). Interest in what “religion” might have something to do with these acts has become a bigger concern after 9/11 than before, to be sure as fear of “terrorism” has become the big bogey (replacing “communism”) and the “national security state” has metastasized. Still, most mass shootings in America since 9/11 have been committed by “crazies” without a religious axe to grind. Some, including the Fort Hood shootings a few yrs ago, the San Bernardino murders, the bombing in Boston, and the latest event in Orlando have featured a “Muslim” element — some “home grown” and others immigrants experiencing adjustment difficulties, etc. Likewise, other “Muslim shootings” have taken place in Europe, mostly by “homegrown” citizens — again with difficulty “adjusting” to modern western type economies coming from the bottom of the heap.

    Here’s the RUB . . . Fred “goes off” in a vacuum (touting moronic “Obamaphobia”) about nasty Americanized Muslims, and completely fails to account for or even question “why” they might use religion as an excuse for criminal acts. In Europe, there are likely some full on “religious Islamic extremists” (either Sunni or Shia) among the hundreds of thousands driven to the continent by American and Western supported internecine warring for whom religion is a cause not an excuse. Here and in Europe, adjusting to western culture and laws is difficult to be sure, but most get over the hump. The biggest and most important historical fact Fred leaves out of his “tirade” — without which one will always (like Fred) be perplexed, is, of course the massive historical and current, destructive, devastating warring on Muslim populations in the MEast by the U.S. and it’s vassal Euro partners. From even before the creation of Israel — for most Arab Muslims — and certainly afterward, up to and including now, the West’s aggressively crushing intrusion and manipulation of the MEast has caused deep humiliation and resentment, experienced and harbored thru generations of dispossessed and subjugated Muslims. As former Ambassador Charles Freeman has observed, the vengeful reaction to the corrosive penetration of the West in Muslim lands is not as much “religious” as it is political. Fred often features “sharp” commentaries on the UNZ site, but here he falls woefully short, failing completely to understand the fundamental responsibilities the U.S. and its Euro partners bear for BLOWBACK: keep bombing and droning the shit out of Muslims (which we’ve done for 15 years steadily now with no success only making the situation worse and creating more enemies) and, one way or another they will strike back.

  90. Patrick O says:

    Everybody in the west is now nuts.

    It is very simple.

    Rich or powerful people wanted the right to divorce, screw around and dispose of unwanted children.

    The birth rate dropped like a stone.

    Ricb or powerful people don’t like shrinking economies.

    Everything that has happened follows these. The widespread collapse in morality led by the powerful, the endless immigration which will never end until we have babies again, the relentless attempts to stimulate growth in the face of opportunist foreigners and morally corrupt natives without families or commitment, the gutting of our economy by officially pursued inflation and a craven governing class who have learned to buy votes with welfare despite the immense destruction it is causing.

    Don’t believe any lies the GOP tells, including Trump. They will never end immigration unless they decide to send women back to the kitchen, which won’t happen because they like a parade of sexually independent and available women who look after themselves. So immigration will continue, much of it Muslim because they are keen to escape their own countries.

  91. BenKenobi says:

    Moore has a habit of disowning film adaptations of his work. It pleases me to think people loved characters they were “supposed” to despise.

    Comedian and Rorschach were crazy — crazy fucking awesome.

  92. Ace says:

    Apparently nothing happened in the U.S. after 1865.

  93. Ace says:

    I doubt many blacks can tell you where the Korean War was fought, let alone any fact about slavery other than it involved cotton and Clark Gable. If you doubt me, catch Watters’ World or old Jay Leno shows.

    Not a few white blank slaters appear on those shows, so let’s not misoverestimate the extent to which this particular Western nation is comprised of sentient beings. Two elections of the Hawaiian Mystery Man tell us all anyone needs to know in that department.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  94. @Gene Su

    You claim that female genital mutilation is a custom of Islam. It is actually banned in Islam. It is a custom of black African tribes in Sudan, who just so happened to convert to Islam.

    False. Every Muslim-majority country practices female genital mutilation, even the supposedly ‘civilized’ Malaysia and Indonesia. (That are nowhere near Africa.)

    In fact, in many Muslim countries, you can be put to death for mutilating your daughter.

    Yeah? I dare you to name even one.

    • Replies: @Talha
  95. @Ace

    Nah, he’s probably too pig headed to change. I am trying tho and thanks for the support. Say, yer last name wouldn’t be Juvenal, would it?

    Bless you!

    PS: What do you have against evening shift clerks at 7-11? I hope it’s not jealousy!

    • Replies: @Ace
  96. @Priss Factor

    “And Nazism and Communism weren’t defeated by prayers but by huge armies, factories, bombs, and threat of counter-strike.”

    Hmmm…Nazis were anti-Communist and for good reason. They and the Japanese were the little guys with the ‘nads to stand up to them and yet they wound up like Jesus. Funny how that happens…

    Funny, too, how the mightiest empire the world has ever known has gone down without a fight and hardly a whimper, even. You are correct about the US military except that I believe we must distinguish between Jews and dastardly Zionists (not all Zios are bad guys either).

    You may be interested in this article on the subject in case you haven’t read it yet.

    Following is a quote from that article by a former US LTC revealing how Israeli generals have free run of the Pentagon, ignoring standard protocols at will.

    “My fellow escort and I chatted on the way back to our office about how the [Israeli] generals knew where they were going [in the Pentagon] (most foreign visitors to the five-sided asylum don’t) and how the generals didn’t have to sign in. I felt a bit dirtied by the whole thing and couldn’t stop comparing that experience to the grace and gentility of the Moroccan, Tunisian, and Algerian ambassadors with whom I worked”.

  97. Ace says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    ** a huge fraud **

    Dat bes absurd. It was perverted by later peoples. Lincoln struck the first blow. Then the vote for slaves, then the income tax, then perversion of the commerce clause. The original scheme was fine.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  98. Out of respect for the former Fred who at one time wasn’t a rabid anti-Muslim, I’d like to post something sane he wrote a while back. I hope he recovers soon. I really do. In this, he appropriately mocks some bonehead who advocated a war on Islam.

    Note to Fred: You Shouldn’t Comment on the News Either. You Really Shouldn’t.

    Oh, Help
    I Shouldn’t Read the News. I Really Shouldn’t.

    by FRED REED

    “Next, more comic-book moral leadership, this time from Ralph Peters, the pay-per-view Clausewitze for Fox News. Walphie, a retired colonel, is hugely in favor of the war against Islam. Grrrrr. Fierce he is. He is a retired “intelligence” officer, and therefore all-wise in things military. And he is Upset. Good. Before exploring his upsettance, we might note that Walph is of the school of martial ferocity holding that other people should go get killed. Not Walph. He is what in a forgotten war in Asia we called a REMF. That’s Rear-Echelon Motherfucker. It refers to paper-pushers who sit safely way behind the lines while men in the military fight. Walph spent his career largely in Europe, a real hardship post . I mean, sometimes your martini might not be properly chilled. A veritable Tamerlane of the cocktail circuit, Walph. But don’t underestimate him. The blood lust of a podium doughnut is a thing to reckon with, I reckon. Kings faint. Empires quail. Another point worth considering is that “intelligence officer” doesn’t mean “an intelligent officer

  99. Ace says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    Well, thanks for trying. And you’re welcome I’m sure.

    No, my last name is Hardware.

    A 7-11 clerk once looked at me in a mean way. So, way I sees it, they’re all bastards.

  100. @Ace

    I didn’t say that many blacks know a thing about slavery. Most whites don’t know much, either, if they feel guilty. My point is that most blacks are obsessed with slavery/revenge, and Obama is certainly aware of this.

    Obama is just doing what is natural for a sleazy politician in his position. I have no doubt that he hates whites, but he’s not the brains behind multiculturalism, invade and invite, replacement through immigration, etc. That ball was in motion when Obama was a child, if not before he was born.

    As far as slavery goes, I’d say that industrial workers in the North benefited far more from slavery by making a living manufacturing goods made from the produce of slaves, than the vast majority of white southerners who were small farmers eeking out a living outside the larger economy.

    • Replies: @Ace
  101. Talha says:
    @anonymous coward

    Every Muslim-majority country practices female genital mutilation

    Care to cite facts for Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran? This is mostly a Shafi’i school thing (which would explain the prevalence in Indonesia and Malaysia and even the Kurds) – I’ve never heard of Hanafis (the school with the largest following) advocating this. And in all circumstances, this is a commendable – NOT obligatory act.

    Look at this map from WHO to see a huge number of countries where the numbers are not statistically significant:
    Furthermore there is a difference between female circumcision and FGM but critics don’t seem to recognize a distinction, next they’ll be after us for male circumcision too – MGM.

    And of course, Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery (FGCS), is totally fine since it uses a slightly different acronym:
    “Professor Hazel Barrett discussed the similarities between the two practices, citing her own concerns that FGCS was damaging the fight against FGM. “I find it very difficult to see the difference between Female Genital Mutilation and Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery. Is there a difference?””

    Cwazy Mozlems…


    • Replies: @Talha
    , @OilcanFloyd
  102. Talha says:

    Dear Rurik,

    I may not vote for the man, but – for the record – he is heads and tails above Clinton. If he actually brings true military disengagement from the Middle East, then I feel domestic restrictions on Muslims is a small price to pay for the benefit of the millions of lives affected across the world.

    May God save us from being oppressors – and End the Fed!

  103. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    hello everybody
    I think that seldom one finds people go to the roots of the terrorism. In 1949 first plot to overthrow the democratically elected government in Syria was by the USA and General Hosney AlZaiem was the puppet in charge. The second plot by USA was in Iran in 1953 followed by the overthrow of democratically elected prime minster Dr. Mosadeque. The last two decades, the whole world have witnessed the destruction of the Middle East, killing millions of people, millions homeless, and refugees by the west and mainly by the US. Syria is the last tragedy in the series of the plots of the West and its vassals in the Persian golf. Who knows which country will be targeted next. Iran??

  104. Talha says:

    To correct myself, this is actually obligatory (along with male circumcision) according to the strongest opinion in the Shafi’i school (there is a minority opinion on just being commendable). This describes the the reason why the Shafi’is consider their recommended practice (female circumcision) as different than the practice of FGM:

    “In Nihayah 8/35, after mentioning the official position of the Shafi’i School, that circumcision is obligatory for both men and women, Ramli defines what it means for a woman. He says that it is the removal of some skin from the clitoral prepuce.”

    “The narration (‘Leave it bulging, do not exaggerate in cutting. Indeed, that is more enjoyable for the woman, and the husband will like it better.’- reported in Abu Dawud) describes the manner in which the practice is to be performed. It clarifies that the procedure is minor and the reduction is slight; in fact, the verbs used are commands, which indicate obligation. Meaning, to go beyond this contravenes what the Prophet (pbuh) commanded.”


    • Replies: @Rurik
  105. @Talha

    I saw a documentary about female circumcision and the removal of the clitoris in Egypt. In this case, the women were against it, claiming that it is painful and disfiguring, but the practices are based on tradition, and laws against the practices are ignored as window-dressing. They claimed that the procedures are widespread and little talked about.

    I don’t know who made the documentary or why, and I probably don’t remember everything, since I saw it years ago. I also understand that the whole thing could be a bogus hit-piece against Islam made by Zionists, which wouldn’t be unusual at all.

    Do you have any idea how common female circumcision and removal of the clitoris is in Egypt?

    • Replies: @Talha
  106. @Ace

    “Dat bes absurd. It was perverted by later peoples.”

    It definitely was perverted by later pipples but it started out stinkin. Read what the Anti-Federalists wrote and try to understand why.

    E.g., Patrick Henry refused to attend the cornstitutional convention in Philly saying “I smell a rat.”

    The rat stunk from the beginning. I provided a link to Nock’s essay and I think it’s worth a read.

    • Replies: @Ace
  107. Rurik says:

    Dear Talha,

    To correct myself, this is actually obligatory (along with male circumcision)

    I thought male circumcision was more or less a Jewish invention, that was adopted by some Western Christians and others for medical purposes of hygiene and disease avoidance. So if it’s also part of the teachings of Islam, that just goes to show how little I know about it.

    But what I’m really wanting to understand is the issue of female circumcision.

    From what I’ve read, what they do is remove the clitoris, in part to encourage the fidelity of their womenfolk.

    This act, as I understand it, horrifies the sensibilities of the people of the West (like myself ; )

    But from reading your link, it sounds like Islamic female circumcision means simply removing part of the skin ‘hood’ over the clitoris, thereby perhaps facilitating sensation. Basically the opposite of what we’ve been led to believe female circumcision is all about.

    Can you elaborate a little?

    God bless

    • Replies: @Talha
  108. Cyrano says:

    MultiCULTuralism was born in USA in the ’60 as a propaganda response to the civil rights movement. It was implemented probably out of fear that Communism was winning the propaganda war of how we are all equal, all nations in the world should unite, we are all brothers and all that nonsense. You see Communists never did anything practical to implement those ideas. They were just talking about it. But they did manage to scare the living daylights out of the good old capitalists in US.

    They got scared that the Communists will use the blacks in the US as a fifth column to radicalise them into a driving force for some kind of social revolution that could get out of hand and turn into system changing revolution. Enter multiculturalism. The idea was that by importing every possible race, nationality and religion (copycat communist internationalle) that they will show the American blacks that they can’t possibly be racists when they invite all those different groups to settle in America. Therefore there are no reasons for social upheavals which might lead to who knows what (communism).

    It’s a different world these days, communism is almost gone and in this new light it can be seen that multiculturalism was overreaction. Both communism and multiculturalism share the same DNA – they are attempts at social engineering. One of them failed, I suspect the other one will follow suit too. Even frau Merkel said few years ago that multiculturalism doesn’t work – before she got overwhelmed with the refuges and went 180 in the opposite direction.

    The same way that communists wanted to internationalize their movement, the same way the USA exported their “solution” to places where the problem didn’t even exist before. The way they are pushing the concept everywhere (primarily in Europe) it’s a perfect example in perfidy. By exporting the solution to a problem that doesn’t exist – you are creating the problem that it was intended to “solve”.

    In the 60’s the USA had unique problem that no other developed nation had – how to deal with the legacy of slavery. By exporting the multiculturalism – they internationalized the problem. Now everybody has the same problem and US is not isolated and condemned for its historic legacy. Now the chances are much better that multiculturalism might first fail elsewhere and nobody will blame US for not being able to deal with the problem. Truly devious, while pretending to be the good guys all along.

    • Replies: @Ace
  109. @Jacques Sheete

    Well, it is the same Fred Reed. I started reading “fredoneverything” maybe three or four years ago. And, yeah, based on that, it is very hard to believe that he is so stupid as to believe all this nonsense about Islam.

    Just for starters, Fred Reed is somebody very well traveled. He has lived in Asia and now lives in Mexico and maybe some other places in between. The people who sincerely buy into the Islamophobia memes are (at least I think they are) mostly very narrow, provincial people who have never left their country and know hardly anybody very different from themselves.

    There are other cases of people who produced some things that were pretty decent but have completely degenerated into an islamophobic schtick. For example, there is that guy Paul Joseph Watson on Infowars. Also, this other “libertarian” guy, Stefan Molyneux. Those two guys used to be more or less worth less listening to, maybe just a couple of years ago and now it’s just non-stop Muslim-bashing. There are surely other examples. Those are just two that come to mind.

    My own theory about why these people do this is that they are signalling their availability as whores. So much of the mainstream media is Zionist controlled and maybe these guys think that they can do the jump from alternative media to the mainstream. So the non-stop Muslim bashing is a way of signalling their ideological reliability, that they’ll go along with the mainstream narrative. Well, I expressed the idea in saltier terms here:

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  110. Ace says:

    BELLA DODD’S STORY is a human document of immense importance to Americans today. Here are the inner workings of the Communist Party in this country as seen from the secret counsels and strategy meetings of the National Committee, to which she belonged for a crucial span of years.

    As long ago as the 1940’s the Party was planning cynically to use the Negroes as instruments in the revolution-to-come in the United States. The theory, contrived by Stalin and unleashed by Foster, was to encourage “self-determination of the Negroes in the black belt” and the establishment of a Negro nation with the right to secede from the United States.

    From the cover of School of Darkness (1954) by Bella Dodd (Amazon).

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  111. Rurik says:

    they are signalling their availability

    that’s a hilarious meme JR 🙂

    but unless Stefan Molyneux has changed his tune, I never knew him to do much “Islamophobia”, except insofar as massive immigration of millions of them into Europe is concerned, and on that score, I could not agree more. Of course!

  112. El Dato says:

    Can’t agree.

    What is the US doing in the Middle East again, falling into the trap that it set for the Soviet Union (thanks Brezinski) with the help of Saudi money, now for the benefit of the Neocons which so nicely got the hapless cocaine-addled Bush II do their bidding for the benefit of you-know-what, putting a whole region aflame (I won’t even go into war crimes of all kind, which, if done by Nazis would have resulted in a Tyburn jig), transferring ~5 trillion dollar from the taxpayer to private MIC interests or private security companies (always a sign of a republic’s end when you start paying the guys with guns), creating “veterans”, killing several 100’000 of them and a few 1’000 of us?

    And then it comes down to a laundry list of bad shit that is attributed to Islam. As if Islam was one single ideological block in the first place; it hasn’t even gotten over the Shia/Sunni scism, which is basically is a wedge issue for our money-laden Saudi “friends” to expand their particulary brand of hate.

  113. Talha says:

    Hey OCF,

    There are two different issues at play; 1) female circumcision and 2) the removal of the clitoris.

    The first has religious sanction in places like Egypt where many of the people adhere to the Shafi’i school, this is probably not going to change and is a limited procedure according to the guidelines that I outlined in note #105.

    The second is a very real problem which is evidenced by the fact that scholars have issues fatwas against it and there are legal prohibitions as well. Unfortunately, the ignorance among the masses needs to be rectified; namely, they are not following the religion when removing the clitoris – it is an oppression and needs to be stopped. My contention is simply that it does not help the situation when people (who genuinely want to help the situation) go about it the wrong way by conflating everything together.

    For instance – this is NOT helpful:
    “Female genital mutilation (FGM) comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.”


  114. Talha says:

    Dear Rurik,

    Male circumcision is an Abrahamic tradition, thus the Muslims follow it since it was continued by the Prophet (pbuh) – for males. As a student of Hanafi law, I can easily say our school does not find the evidence to be strong enough to advocate for it for females – thus it is not practiced by the majority of Muslims who are Hanafi. And you can see by this map, even much of North Africa (mostly Maliki) allows doesn’t practice it. Thus it is factually wrong for people to make absolutist statements about it and Muslims.

    As for the schools (Shafi’i and Hanbali) that require it…

    Let me be clear, there is no school of law that advocates removal of the clitoris (or even a significant portion of it); it is prohibited and an oppression on females – this is the true FGM from our perspective NOT circumcision. This is generally a conflation of ignorant people who think that their local custom (indeed done to keep women sexually docile) is sanctioned by the sacred law because it sounds similar; it isn’t and it needs to be rooted out. Keep in mind that this practiced by a good number of Copts in Egypt as well as Christian-majority countries like Ethiopia (see map above).

    Part of the problem is that (as I mentioned to OCF) many (well-intentioned) people have put everything under the same terminology (
    “Female genital mutilation (FGM) comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.”

    This is not going to get us very far in solving the problem because it will be seen as hypocritical and an assault on the practices of the faith. The approach needs to be more nuanced – not an all-or-nothing assault. I linked directly to the Shafi’i position on the definition of female circumcision, which (I believe) any sane person will equate to male circumcision and not mutilation. I myself was present at the circumcision of one of my sons that was done gently by a white female OBGYN – she had no problem with it. This is another point which I readily support, restricting the procedure to be performed by trained professionals who know hygienic procedures (not old women in the village with dull blades).

    I hope that clears some things up.

    May God allow us to be part of the solution.

  115. Bored by all the Muslim terror attacks?

    Want a new and interesting view of all this?

    Sure ya do.

    Try this: The facts are: All these attacks are staged by the US government. ALL OF THEM!

    Planned, crisis actors recruited, and executed by the government for numerous purposes, such as the elimination of the Second Amendment, and further draconian control of every aspect of our lives. And let’s not forget keeping the citizen enraged at them mooslems so we can continue to bomb and invade and rape, pillage and plunder. It’s all good.

    Oh wait, I’m one of those wacky ‘conspiracy Theorists’ you say? You cling to that magic phrase to keep yourself from finding out a truth your little mind can’t handle. You think that if you remain ignorant, you will be safe. How stupid is that?

  116. HBD Guy says:

    I’m continually amazed at how many smart people honestly believe that Obama is a Muslim. Hardly kooks.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  117. @Rurik

    but unless Stefan Molyneux has changed his tune,

    Well, go listen to some of his more recent stuff if you have the stomach for it.

    Just to be clear, I don’t have any problem with people being anti-immigration. If you want to tighten up immigration, just make the case honestly. You don’t have to pretend to believe that all these staged events are real and endlessly badmouth Muslims. It’s mostly a distraction since there wouldn’t be any particular reason to admit so many immigrants if they were Hindus or Buddhists or something else entirely. Even if they were all lily white Presbyterians, there wouldn’t be much of a case for bringing in so many. If there aren’t enough jobs for your own native-born working class, why are you bringing in immigrants?

    The whole Islamophobia thing is basically a zionist/neocon thing. There is a whole network of foundations or think-tanks or whatever you want to call them whose entire activity, raison d’être, is fomenting Islamophobia. For example the Gatestone Institute or the Clarion Project. If you look at the funding and the running of these sorts of things, and their connections, you see that these are Zionist operations. Those two are just a couple examples. There is a whole interlaced network of these things and it’s entirely a neocon/zionist sort of thing.

    The whole idea is to convince people that Israel’s enemies are your enemies too.

  118. @HBD Guy

    I’m continually amazed at how many smart people honestly believe that Obama is a Muslim.

    While others say he is a communist or a fascist or whatever. It’s all a distraction. For Obama to be any of these things, he would actually have to believe in something. But, no, the guy is just a cipher, an empty suit.

  119. @Gene Su

    Native born jihadists are willing to do the dirty work of Jihad and so there is no reason to import foreign Jihadists to do that work.

    O, and cliterectomies are done by Mahometans not Mormons or Methodists

  120. @Jonathan Revusky

    The fear of Mahometanism is not irrational, it is anchored in fact and experience for that execrable false religion has been at war with Logos since the 6th century.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
    , @Talha
  121. Ace says:

    You are correct. I was expanding on the thought that slavery is a big deal to blacks. Their grievance is founded on a surface understanding of it and, most assuredly, buttressed by a determined unwillingness to deny that white made any effort to rectify the abuses or that there is any value in white law, institutions, or culture.

    I agree with your second paragraph but don’t know enough to compare relative benefits enjoyed by groups in the nation prior to the War for Southern Independence. Clearly, the soldiers of the Confederacy were not fighting to preserve slavery but to repel the northern invasion.

    • Replies: @another fred
  122. Ace says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    I’ll read what Nock said. Thanks.

    I have never read up on the Anti Federalists. If they noticed the economic interests of some of the Founders that’s grist for the mill but I don’t so much see the Constitution as favoring any particular interest other than all interests by virtue of the clear intent to keep power at the state level. Surely no one argued after Philadelphia that what had been drafted signified an end to the power of money or the aristocracy.

    Anyway, it’s time I read more of Nock.

    • Replies: @guest
    , @guest
  123. @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    The fear of Mahometanism is not irrational,

    Bah, a cowardly little faggot like you is surely scared shitless of his own shadow.

  124. @Ace

    I highly recommend Dodd’s book. Tons of inside info on how subversion works and how the ruling monkeys flip-flop on a dime, and exploit the naive, sincere dupes.

    Not 2 cent’s worth of integrity at the top. Ever.

    Another good one is Whittaker Chamber’s “Witness.”

    • Replies: @Ace
  125. @Jonathan Revusky

    Yeah, I agree with all your points. I do know it’s the same Freddy; I was just being a wiseguy as Fred would! 😉

  126. guest says:

    Nock makes the point, as I recall, that the Constitution was in the interest of landowners. According to him all the signatories speculated in land. With the curious exception of Hamilton, who was of course an arch-federalist. The exception that proves the rule, I suppose.

    Nock turned me on to a really good book about the influence of such speculation on our history called The Great American Land Grab. Check it out.

    Nock’s one great flaw, I think, was that he was a follower of Henry George. Probably this colored his view of the Constitution. He is a bit too Charles Beardian. Then again, sometimes leftist are right.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
    , @Ace
  127. Ttjy says:

    If little Brie had been forced from the beginning to go to a school were the majority of the students had names like La’Quasha many of these programs would never have gotten off the ground

    True. How many people who were pushing for desegregation of schools had their children going to the desegregated schools?

    How many people who voted for civil rights legislation lived among black people in a black neighborhood?

  128. @Ace

    Clearly, the soldiers of the Confederacy were not fighting to preserve slavery but to repel the northern invasion.

    What you say about repelling the invasion is correct, but most things are “multiply determined”, meaning there is more than one cause. In this case there was also the motivation that Southern Whites did not want the blacks turned loose among them as they were suffering under the belief that this would cause trouble.

    The Haitian rebellion was but a few years in the past and the blacks had killed every white save one, some 28,000 souls, so there was serious concern. The vast majority of white people, including Lincoln and Charles Darwin to name but two, believed that blacks were not capable of getting along in civilization.

    • Replies: @Ace
  129. artichoke says:

    I think GWB and Obama are a team, good cop / bad cop but depending on whether you’re left or right, will determine which one is good and which is bad. I wouldn’t be totally shocked if W is a Muslim. Who knows what he did out on that ranch?

    • Replies: @Marcus
  130. guest says:

    Whoops, I meant The Great American Land Bubble.

  131. @Rurik

    but unless Stefan Molyneux has changed his tune

    Oh, just to focus things, consider the following video and tell me that this Molyneux guy is not some ass-licking shill piece of garbage.

    The guy really goes full demented in the video. He just gets so outraged that anybody would question any of these bullshit events. Just totally hysterical really.

    Again, I’m not at all an advocate of wide-open immigration or anything but what you have here, what this is part of, is an agenda of manufacturing wide-scale hysteria that is incredibly sinister.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  132. While Fred could sometimes be called a satirist of some standing, he’ll never, ever rise to the level of Mark Twain. Instead, he’ll wallow around spewing his blind simple minded atavistic hatred for the other.

    Despite the big mouth, he appears to come up short in the moral courage department and that seems to consistently be a huge problem with ‘Merkins. Maybe he’d benefit from a codpiece over his mouth.

    Our problem is not with “Muzzies,” it’s with the demon in ourselves. Shame on UNZ for publishing the verbal equivalent of lynching and shame also on the likes of Buchanan and Mercer and others for apparently attempting to incite, foment and hype hatred for all Muslims.

    “We are out of moral-courage material; we are in a condition of profound poverty. “

    Mark Twain (Samuel Clemmens), THE UNITED STATES OF LYNCHERDOM (1901)

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  133. @guest

    Good comment.

    There is however, little wrong with Charles Beard whom I consider a superb historian. As for the comment about leftists, it’s as meaningless as the nowadays false dichotomy of right vs. left. I doubt that Nock, independent thinker that he was, was influenced by anyone except the anti-federalists themselves.

    In other words it would be exceedingly difficult to read their stuff and not come to the same conclusions as he. Not to brag, but even a simple minded fool such as myself did just that before I ever heard of Nock. I often quote him because of his facility with words which I’ll never have.

    In fact, your comment about land speculation brings up a huge and little known point. I would go so far as to say that the American Revolution was fought partly for the freedom of the land speculators to continue screwing the Indians and the little guy out of their land and savings. In that, they would at least be acting with consistency.

    I suspect, and in fact have little doubt, that the rebellion was in good part provoked by King George’s attempts to prevent colonization and land speculation West of the Appalachians with his Royal Proclamation of 1763. In reaching that conclusion I myself was influenced by no one; awareness of the fact was sufficient.

  134. astrolabe says:
    @Gene Su

    Gene Su says

    You claim that female genital mutilation is a custom of Islam. It is actually banned in Islam.

    Do you (Gene Su) have any references for this idea? Here’an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Female_Genital_Mutilation is a page of references that claim that FGM is prescribed or obligatory in Islam. It includes:

    A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.

    Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris (this is called Hufaad)

    Circumcision is not an inherited custom as some people claim, rather it is prescribed in Islam and the scholars are unanimously agreed that it is prescribed. Not a single Muslim scholar – as far as we know – has said that circumcision is not prescribed.

    Thus it is clear that the fuqaha’ of Islam are agreed that circumcision is prescribed for both males and females, and in fact the majority of them are of the view that it is obligatory for both. No one said that it is not prescribed or that it is makrooh or haraam.

    Any of the books of fiqh confirm it is either obligatory or commendable

    • Replies: @Talha
  135. @Jacques Sheete

    “Instead, he’ll wallow around spewing his blind simple minded atavistic hatred for the other.”

    And you will keep right on reading it while gnashing your teeth and rending your garments. And Fred is getting paid. Looks to me like he’s made you his bitch.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  136. Marcus says:

    The Bushes certainly have strong ties with both the Saudi royals and the Bin Ladens, so not out of the question.

  137. @Ozymandias

    I’m not “gnashing [my]teeth and rending [my]garments;”I read his crap only to mock it. To do anything else I’d have to take it seriously.

    ‘Tis a great sport, Sport!

    PS: You could probably do with a bit of humor yourself, cuz it’s obvious you don’t know JS. 😉

    Now, go read some Twain and get over yerself since Freddy’s a big boy and has no need of your defense.

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  138. @Jacques Sheete

    “I read his crap only to mock it.”

    Good of you to take the time. But then I don’t imagine someone such as yourself beset by more pressing issues.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  139. Talha says:

    Let’s assume you completely missed my input on this, so let’s take this from the top…

    A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.

    Exactly, this is the imperative command to limit the procedure for the one school that considers it obligatory. It is obvious to anyone in its wording.

    Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male

    Only for the one school, thus being a minority opinion.

    but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris (this is called Hufaad)

    False, this is actually called khifaaDh, derived from the tri-letter root (خفض) which means lexically to decrease, restrict, reduce, cut, etc.. It does not have the meaning of to remove, root out or the like. It is a technical term and has been defined by those scholars to mean the cutting of the prepuce of the clitoris, though some have written a slight portion of the clitoris can be cut to reduce it. Nobody says it is to remove the clitoris despite what critics spin up. Which is why al-Azhar and other institutions have issued fatwas against the local practice:

    the scholars are unanimously agreed that it is prescribed. Not a single Muslim scholar – as far as we know – has said that circumcision is not prescribed.

    The scholars are unanimous that it is permitted not prescribed.

    and in fact the majority of them are of the view that it is obligatory for both…Any of the books of fiqh confirm it is either obligatory or commendable

    False, the obligation is a minority ruling (Shafi’i school). The majority school (Hanafi) states only that it is permissible, it lacks evidence to be even commendable. The Malikis and Hanbalis do consider it commendable.

    I encourage anyone interested in seeing a great example of pure propaganda; shoddy research, outright lies, citations of the weakest narrations, manipulation of source texts and (even apparently) tampering of lexical definitions meant to fool an audience that can’t differentiate between Tabari and Tabarani – to visit, you will not be disappointed.


  140. @Ozymandias

    Hey Oz Baby…This is really hilarious. And I thought you were devoid of humor!

    I thought I caught a whiff of projection, you know the sappy psychological defense mechanism???…

    Ozymandias, on June 13, 2016 at 12:23 pm GMT, posted,

    “’Who will benefit from this story of a Muslim Democrat massacring homosexuals?’

    Columnists such as yourself? This was the first of your articles I’ve read. It will also be the last.”

    Then Jacues sez…and Ozy will keep right on reading it while gnashing its teeth and rending its garments. And Linh is getting paid. Looks to me like LD’s made Ozy his bitch. (Yuck!)

    Psst, Ozzy, got anything pressing to do? Or did you rend yer garments beyond any ability to press ’em? Hee heee heeee!

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  141. Alfred says:

    Surely no one still believes that these “hijackers” flew with immaculate precision two planes into 2 building – resulting in 3 buildings blowing up. Please check your facts as I stopped reading this article as soon as this piece of nonsense was observed.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  142. @Alfred

    Agreed. Especially when the planes can be remotely controlled, I believe.

    Also, other nearby buildings were damaged but didn’t fall, and several decades ago the Empire State building was accidentally struck by a gasoline laden bomber and it only caused damage to several floors. Last time I checked, the ESB was still standing.

  143. @Jacques Sheete

    “…and Ozy will keep right on reading it while gnashing its teeth and rending its garments.”

    Except of course that I didn’t. I stopped reading his columns. You see how that works? No, such a thing is clearly beyond your comprehension or ability, limited as it is by your lack of self control.

    Know thyself, Jacues Sheete.

  144. Ace says:

    I’m not shocked that influential people might safeguard or advance their economic and other interests. That said, I’m at a loss to identify those places in the Constitution that specifically advance or protect landowners, manufacturers, or creditors. It is specifically stated that states may not alter the obligations of contract, i.e., cancel lawful debts (Art. I, Sect. 10).

    In short, the Constitution seems neutral as to particular economic interests although it does eventually foreclose the importation of further slaves. Apart from that, it sets up what might be visualized as a general “Oklahoma land rush.” Everybody at the same start line and good luck to all. If land speculators were somehow given an advantage where do we see that in the Constitution?

    Thanks for the book reference.

    • Replies: @Ace
  145. Ace says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    I have Dodd’s book and hope to read it soonest. I’ve started Witness several times but stalled out at the density of it. Not a critical comment as I know it’s an anti-communist classic and, like Dodd’s book, there’s no better place to look to get a feel for what was motivating those people than to read their post-epiphany personal accounts.

    I think Reds in America, The Red Decade, McCarthy and His Enemies, American Betrayal, and Fabian Freeway, and this article on the loss of China are eye-opening for this reason: The Constitution could, perhaps, have been made less amenable to leftist/statist/commie distortion and the Natural Born Citizen concept sure could have been made more clear. Still, legal minds have made nice livings over the centuries distorting the plain meaning of the laws or manufacturing convenient fictions to avoid the plain meaning. The concept of a trust, for example, that there can be a split in ownership of the “legal” title and the “equitable” title, was pure invention at the outset though good things can be said of this device then and now. It’s a waste of time to try to search out language that might possibly be distorted and the impeachment weapon may have been seen as a bludgeon available for officials too given to playing fast and loose with simple constitutional provisions. I mean, who could have predicted that the Commerce Clause would be interpreted to apply to every last human activity under the sun in the United States? Sorry, that’s not one I could have seen coming.

    So the problems we face today are not the result of an imperfectly-drafted Constitution but of the presence in our country (and throughout the world) of a malevolent movement founded on subversion, revolution, murder, lies, and torture. The rise of this horrible phenomenon never before see in the history of man could not have been predicted by the Founders and Ratifiers. Thus, they did not anticipate that the Constitution would come to be interpreted by people who in no way shared the loyalties to this particular nation and its laws. For example, the concept of a “living constitution” is anathema to the rule of law and hands the power of fundamental change to a simple majority of the Supreme Court aided and abetted, of course, by weak or treacherous people in Congress in thrall to the poisonous doctrines of progressivism and outright revolution. Dodd only knew the half of it.

  146. Ace says:
    @another fred

    You are correct. I believe that John Brown’s words and deeds were electrifying to many in the South, stimulating that very fear of being murdered by slaves.

  147. Ace says:

    I didn’t write a complete thought there on Sect. 10. The prohibition therein favors creditors who, I believe, were thus protected from states just cancelling debts. However, the sanctity of contract benefits everyone not just people who lend money. That provision thus is not evidence that the Constitution favored only the propertied/moneyed class.

  148. Rurik says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Yea JR, that’s pretty f’n outrageous

    I have to wonder, does he actually believe the bullshit he’s slinging?

    If he does, well, it’s still amazing

    but if he doesn’t, and has simply morphed into a tool of the Fiend, then he is as bad as you say and worse.

    There’s another guy, some British bloke that goes on and on about Muslim immigration into Europe, and basically I agree with every word;

    insofar as he’s talking about Muslim (or any mass immigration of very different peoples into a formerly homogeneous (and happy and safe and prosperous) country.

    But then these guys are myopic when it comes to what the Western world, (under the nefarious thrall of Rothschild’s Zionism) has wrought in the Islamic world.

    They excoriate Islam but ignore Zionism and it’s ravages upon so many people.

    Both these guys are intelligent and articulate fellows.. why do they lie and mislead so egregiously?

    Are they paid whores? Are they simply ‘signaling’ their willingness to shill for Zion?

    are their intellectual asses hiked up in the air, and making offers to all cumer\$?

    I suspect so JR, I suspect so

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  149. When I find a person that divides and conquers, I know I am looking at some with a chance of success.

    When I come across someone that magnifies the size of the obstacles he encounters, I know I am looking at someone with no interest in achieving anything constructive.

    • Replies: @5371
  150. 5371 says:
    @Berta Arnason

    Did you find those in fortune cookies, idiot?

    • Replies: @Berta Arnason
  151. @Rurik

    Well, this guy Condell looks like he’s some sort of Zionist shill. For example, his claim that the poor Jews are being forced to leave Sweden because they are so terrified of these horrible antisemitic Muslims — this strikes me as some Zio talking point he was handed.

    The whole idea that Swedish Jews are being terrorized by Muslim immigrants, I have no idea where that comes from. I assume it’s just total bullshit.

    And, as for the claims that Muslims are mass raping Swedish women, I don’t know the full truth on that. I’m pretty skeptical. There are bound to be a few cases when you have hundreds of thousands of people, a few will be rapists or whatever, sure, statistical law of large numbers, one should be very careful about checking the facts on this. In my view, the anti-immigration case can and should be made honestly and all this hysterical stuff about these swarthy savages raping our white women blah blah…. that’s something to be pretty careful about, these rape accusations. Anyway, you note that these guys just go there at the drop of a hat, and it makes me wonder what is up with all that…

    Oh, did you see there was the case of that girl in Germany who finally admitted that she had made the whole story up, you see that?

    Anyway, the whole Islamic angle is mostly a red herring. Bringing in a bunch of Hindus or Buddhists or anything else into Sweden would be equally problematic. Their whole talking point (very much a Zionist/Neocon thing) is that there is something uniquely horrible about Muslims. And they mount all these false flags and hoaxes to plant that idea in your mind…

    Condell doesn’t have any serious analysis of why any of this is happening, for example, the systematic destruction of Muslim countries in the greater Middle East, and who was behind it. As I said, he makes a little point somewhere in the video of the Jews as victims, which is a key Zionist talking point. So, there, he is clearly signaling his ideological reliability, I would say…

    Are they paid whores? Are they simply ‘signaling’ their willingness to shill for Zion? are their intellectual asses hiked up in the air, and making offers to all cumer\$?
    I suspect so JR, I suspect so

    Well, that’s my working hypothesis…

    • Replies: @5371
  152. Rurik says:

    the claims that Muslims are mass raping Swedish women, I don’t know the full truth on that. I’m pretty skeptical. There are bound to be a few cases when you have hundreds of thousands of people, a few will be rapists or whatever, sure, statistical law of large numbers, one should be very careful about checking the facts on this.

    I really don’t know how much Islam plays into it. I think I sort of agree with you, that it’s minimal. Rather, the preponderance of swarthy men forcing themselves on the local girls in places like Sweden or (infamously) Rotherham, England, [Norway, Australia, Germany, US, ctc…], is a consequence of the local girls thinking the dusky immigrant fellows are just Swedes with darker skin [like they’ve been told relentlessly day in, day out]. But they’re not, they’re often men with an ( often understandable) chip on their shoulder for all the “oppression” the white devil has foisted upon them for centuries and centuries, (blah, blah, blah) and brutalizing and raping the white girls is his way of getting back at the white oppressor. Duh.

    The incidence of naïve white girls getting raped by immigrants in Europe and Scandinavia (and by blacks in the US) is a phenomena that is systematically and deliberately being hushed up JR, not exaggerated. It doesn’t take a genius to comprehend that young men from Syria (coming from lands the West is bombing and destroying) might have less respect for the women of Germany than their fellow German menfolk, who’re related to them and have grown up with them and often even love them, sometimes as objects of worship, eternal wonder and charm. Whereas, just as the black panther Eldridge Cleaver was an admitted serial rapist of white women, he said he did it to get back at white society (white men). But it certainly isn’t just brown Muslims and Mexicans and race-hate consumed young black men who brutally rape unsuspecting white girls, it’s also pissed off sub0human white guys too, as we saw when the Red Army rapists marched over Eastern Europe, raping and gang raping and brutalizing and murdering the old women down to the little girls. Females are easy targets for cowardly men to exact their revenge on JR. This has been going on from the beginning of time. But today it’s the women of the West who’re being tossed on the pyre of racial and international tensions and fault lines, and being done so with the same willful hatred of the Western man that the International Zionists have always been consumed by, + it doesn’t take much tweaking to get some stone age Muslims or sub-Sahara African to be keen on having their way with a young blonde women, even if it means taking it. After all, the (Zio-controlled) authorities will treat it all as just a minor cultural misunderstanding.

    So from the bottom, the dregs and losers and criminal animals of society are willing and able to brutalize the women of the West. And from the top, the Zio-controlled media gets the biggest kick out of this sort of thing that you can imagine. And most of the young women and girls are absolutely Zio-programmed into thinking Muslim immigrants from stone age lands are exactly the same as Swedes, only with darker skin- and better people generally; because they can never be accused of the worst crime that has ever been committed: {([racism])}.

    So the voices that speak out against the epidemic rape of Western women by immigrants and others (that is very real indeed JR), is left to a voice that almost doesn’t;’t exist. Western men who don’t give a rip about being smeared as a “racist”. Moi, IOW. And a few others..


    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  153. 5371 says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    You cease to be a harmless loon when, instead of going to live with negroes and mudbloods in their countries, you applaud their importation into ours. Is that clear?

  154. @Rurik

    You are spot on about the crime, dysfunction and rage brought by mostly Muslim immigrants to Europe, and the comparison to black violence and crime against whites in America is a good comparison.

  155. @5371

    Others have already tried intimidation and insults.

    It didn’t work.

    But it does say a lot about you that you think it could work. It says a lot and none of it is good.

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