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Fred to Take Wheel of Ship of State
Will Implement Thoughtful and Reasonable Measures
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I have no choice. I must don the mantle of greatness and take the reins of the country. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I will run for the office of dictator, or President in American parlance.

Readers may ask, “But Fred, what makes you think you are qualified to be President?” To which I respond, “Nothing. But have you seen what we have now? You want a White House with John Bolton in it?”

You see.

I append here a few of the enlightened policies which I will effect. Hold your applause until the end. Interspersed for perusal are a few slogans that I may use to incite your fervor.

One: I will end all policies hostile to Cuba. I will not make life difficult for eleven million perfectly good people to please a ratpack of phony Cubans afflicting Miami. In fact, I will offer Havana a twenty-billion-dollar loan if they will take the bastards back. Cuba poses no danger to anyone. They have good cigars. They should be left alone to live as they please and drink mojitos. If nutcake Republicans protest my policy, I will have them stuffed into an abandoned oil well. Along with the pseudo-Cubans.

Two: Elizabeth Warren will be required to take a DNA test to see whether she is a wild Indian. If she is, she will have to wear feathers. Otherwise, to see a psychiatrist.

We have nothing to be afred of but Fred hisself! Has a classic ring, don’t you think?

Three: I will end the Afghan war in an afternoon, relying on use the exit strategy proposed by James P. Coyne, the Sun Tsu of our age:

“OK, on the plane. Now.”

If Lindsey Graham complains that we need to kill more puzzled goatherds, I will have him inserted into the oil well on top of the Republicans and pseudo-Cubans, with Oprah tamped down on top as a sort of cork. There is nothing in Afghanistan that Americans need or want, except opium products, and private enterprise now provides these in abundance. Check the nearest street corner, or ask your kids.

Four: I will make membership in AIPAC a felony, and remind its members that I could have Oprah temporarily removed from the oil well to make more room. Aipackers can act as they please in their own country–I will not meddle in foreign affairs–but leave ours alone.

Fred! Ahhhhhh…. This has a nicely orgasmic quality that will appeal to the younger demographic. It represents the satisfaction that my rule will bring to the entire country.

Five: I will end all sanctions against Iran. Then I will sell those Persian rascals airplanes and cars and electronic stuff and towel softener and lock them into the American economic system. This will make Boeing and AT&T and Intel love me with the deep sweet love that never dies, at least as long as the money flows, and there will be lots of jobs in Seattle.

Six: I will bring charges of treason against the contents of the Great Double Wide on Pennsylvania Avenue. The evidence is incontrovertible. The first rule of empire is Don’t Let Your Enemies Unite. Everybody who has an empire knows this. Except us. Inside the White House a bunch of apparently brain-damaged political mostly left-overs, suffering from Beltway Bubble Syndrome, push China, Russia, and Iran together like some kind of international spaghetti-grope LGTBQRSTUV threesome. Who are our dismal leaders really working for? China?

A Fred in Every Pot This makes no sense, you may say. No, but we are doing politics. It is almost iambic pentameter, like Shakespeare. It will lend class to my campaign.

Seven: I will keep the F-35 program. It provides a lot of jobs. However, I will but get rid of the airplane. Isn’t this brilliant? Instead of building the thing, workers will dig holes and fill them in, but keep their current salaries. It will improve their health, and make America safer. The fewer dangerous things the children in the Five-Sided Wind Tunnel have, the less trouble it can cause.

Better Fred than Dead! Some readers will dispute this. What do they know?

Eight: I have been urged to end affirmative action on the grounds that things should be done by people who can actually do them. This is racist. I will have nothing to do with it. Instead I will make affirmative action democratic and inclusive. Everyone will qualify for it. Special privilege should not be restricted to a minority. It isn’t the American way.

Fred! Good as Any, Better’n Some. Good thinking.

Nine: I will abolish NATO. America should find a cheaper way to control the vassals. There is of course the bedtime story that NATO exists to confront the Russkies, and only incidentally provides a compulsory market for American armament. Nuts. Russia cannot seem dangerous to anyone who wasn’t dropped on his head at some formative juncture in life. Smallish population, low military budget.

Likewise South Korea, which has twice the population and forty times the economy of the North. If it wants to defend itself, it has my blessing. If it doesn’t, it isn’t our problem.

Tippecanoe and Frederick Too! This may require exhumation, but for this we have backhoes.

Ten: I will make a modest reduction in the military budget, say seventy-five percent. To keep the soldiers happy I will invest in high-throughput roller coasters, a shooting range with BB guns, and really loud speaker systems that say Va roooom and Bangbangbang and fzzzzzzzzboom. These will provide psychic emoluments of martial life without the murder.

Eleven: The money thus saved I will use on pressing domestic problems. LA has 68,000 homeless people on the streets, San Francisco loses conventions because of so many homeless defecating on the sidewalks, Portland has homeless riots,. The lower primates in Antifa and BLM rend such social fabric as any longer exists. Dams are aging. Our trains are out of of the Fifties. And we spend a trillion a year on goddam aircraft carriers?

Fred? Well, Got a Better Idea?

Twelve: As an educational reform, I will have the Department of Education filled with linoleum cement, the occupants being left inside. This will raise the national IQ by at least three points. I will pass an amendment to the fragments of the Constitution saying, “No federal entity or person shall say, think, suggest, or do anything whatever regarding schooling on pain of garroting.” Part of the savings from lowering the military budget will go to purchasing garrotes. The duration, content, and nature of the schools shall be left to localities without exception.

Thirteen: The father of any girl subjected to genital mutilation will be awarded a free gender reassignment operation, preferably with tin-snips. Genital mutilation should be inclusive. The father will then be placed for two weeks in the bottom of a public latrine in Uganda. If this doesn’t suffice to deter the practice, I may be forced to adopt extreme measures. A country that allows such treatment of daughters deserves to go to hell. And seems to be.

Fourteen: I will impose a literacy test for voting. People too dim to find their way home should not be permitted to influence policies they have never heard of and can’t spell. Yes, this might be called illiberal. If so, it will doubtless be the only example of illiberalism in this meritorious list.

Fifteen: In higher education, I will prescribe horse whipping for anyone saying microaggression, white privilege, whiteness, patriarchy, safe space, people of color, racism, any kind of phobia, or “Resist” in a squalling voice with an exclamation point. No curriculum containing the word “Studies” will be permitted.

Sixteen: Anyone prescribing Ritalin for children under twenty-one will be thrown from a helicopter.

In conclusion, I say to my yearning public, There, you, see, there is hope. Together we can do this. See you at the polls.

Introducing! The Fredian Occasional Latin Tour Guide!

America has some fifty-seven million residents of Latin-American descent, mostly citizens. Willy-nilly, they are part of America. Thinking that many Americans might want to know something about them, where they came from, what they do and have done, what manner of wights they be, the Occasional Tour Guide will offer, occasionally, some glimpses. These necessarily will be selective and biased. Putting a continent and a half in a web page would be awkward. I hope that readers will find them interesting, and a remedy to the wonderfuully silly idea that Latin America is a series of wretched hellholes.

Carmina Burana, la Orquésta Sinfónica de Xalapa, a city on th Atlantic coast. The sound quality is poor–what do you want from Youtube and computer speakers?–but it makes the point that not all of Mexican music is banda.

Write to Fred: [email protected]

To avoid having your email heartlessly autodeleted by antispam software, the the letters pdq anywhere in the subject line. Failure to respond due to volume and bad eyes, not bad manners.

Fred Reed is a former news weasel and part-time sociopath living in central Mexico with his wife and three useless but agreeable street dogs. He says it suits him.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Presidents 
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  1. Another stupid column by Reed. Sarcasm is difficult even for good writers. I’ve had enough of this tripe and shall hereafter forego the former pleasure.

    • Agree: utu, Bubba
    • Troll: Biff
  2. JVC says:

    Based on that short campaign speech, I’m ready to vote for you. Go get’em Fred

  3. Giuseppe says:
    @jim sweeney

    Wipe that sneer off. Do you want your face to freeze like that?

    • Replies: @Jim Sweeney
  4. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    “psychic emoluments of marital life without the murder.” Marital? Appears to be a Fredian slip.

  5. @gutta percha

    “psychic emoluments of marital life without the murder.”

    Somebody cooks me breakfast but doesn’t fight with me? I’m trying to picture this.

  6. Rich says:

    11. No amount of money will solve the “homeless” problem. No one is living in the street because they can’t get a roof over their head. “Homeless” folks in NYC are homeless because of drugs, alcohol and mental health issues. There is help available, they don’t want it.

  7. utu says:
    @jim sweeney

    Anybody still pays him for his writing?

    • Replies: @Bubba
    , @Darrell Dullnig
  8. Right on and I love you Fred! But you didn’t say what you’re going to do with the NRA?

    • Replies: @Monty Ahwazi
    , @Cameron
  9. anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    We already have politicians who want to merge Mexico and the USA.

    Why would we need Fred?

  10. Along with most of the foreign policy platform here (particularly 8 and 9), I’m down with points-of-light 12 through 16. Having fun, Fred?

    It’s just fun and games for Mr. Reed because he’s a bugged-out expatriate who enjoyed the good times in America supported by regular working people. He’s left his American problems behind, but retains the rights to criticize each and every one of us*. See, Fred, I like your point 12 very much, as I am a Constitutionalist. Except here:

    I will pass an amendment to the fragments of the Constitution saying, “No federal entity or person shall say, think, suggest, or do anything whatever regarding schooling on pain of garroting.”

    Uh, hey idiot, it’s already in the Constitution in Amendment X: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” (I’m guessing Fred Reed never read the document.)

    You have distain, though, for anyone who takes this sort of thing seriously and actually wants to do something about it. No, no, those are the gun nuts and survivalists, right? Let’s rag on them too. Face it, you offer no solutions, which wouldn’t be a bad thing if you didn’t also badmouth anyone who gets off his ass to try to change the stuff we all don’t like. He may not have been too awful successful at it yet, but just one of those guys is Donald Trump.


    * We Americans, however, are mean, rude, and stupid for having the gall to criticize the exported bunch of Mr. Reed’s new countrymen, hence the opera music to make us see that the Mexicans are as sophisticated as the rude, crude, stupid Americans, … or something.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  11. Anonymous [AKA "Heywood Jablomy"] says:

    @Jim Sweeney

    I detected no sarcasm.

  12. Wally says:

    Fred’s ‘Mexican’ Congress.

  13. Alfa158 says:

    Sounds good to me Fred, I particularly like the slogan; “Fred! Good as any, Better’n many!”
    One suggestion though for credibility on the quality of Latino culture. Carmina Burana is kind of a running joke among musical “Sophisticates”. One of our local famously sardonic DJs on KUSC one night said; “On tonight’s program, we are featuring a performance of Carmina Burana that almost makes it sound like music”. I would propose a clip of a performance of one of the works of Manuel Ponce. A good classical composer and he was Mexican, so a high quality, truly native Mexican example.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. Liza says:

    The father of any girl subjected to genital mutilation will be awarded a free gender reassignment operation, preferably with tin-snips. Genital mutilation should be inclusive.

    Whatcha gonna do with fathers (& mothers) of boys subjected to genital mutilation? Look in your pants, Fred, you’ve probably had some involuntary genital denaturing yourself. But you can still function, can’t you? Well, so can women who’ve had their parts modified. They have sex, they reproduce. So MYOB.

  15. Da Wei says:

    El Presidente:

    You’ll have to come home (end your candidacy yet?).

    I’m all in on Cuba and Iran and making our entire education system more concrete.
    But, on AIPAC you need to tweek, not abolish. Keep it all home and call it
    AI6Pac, or better, Acold12Pac. Government spending now funner and safer and domesticer.

    Let’s grow Reed, the right-on write-in! Maybe Oscar as VP?

  16. Poor Fred is so self-conscious about his adopted homeland that he gives us a video of an orchestra. Gee, countries have orchestras? Who knew?

    You’ll have to look hard to find many Aztecs in there. The musicians sure do look European. Must be immigrant labor.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  17. Anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Most of this could be accomplished merely by stating that you want to partition the country into Red and Blue areas. No more need for a Superman then. No more elections where everything hangs in the balance with every vote, where we need a Casear to guide us through the turmoil. In that light, your speech should be one about creating a safe space for conservatives and men. That’d not only get a lot more attention, it would be a lot more productive in the long run.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  18. Most Amusing! Reads like a rant that starts right after taking one too many shots of something a bit too strong. Probably tequila, knowing you.

    I like the AIPAC plan, but then it wouldn’t be long before the walls started closing in and the Israeli’s went and initiated their Samson option because you took away their American cash cows and cannon fodder. The Zionists are going to be a tough scourge to purge. Not impossible. But routing them all out without them retaliating by setting off nukes from inside our borders at ground level is a lofty goal that I am not 100% sure of how to accomplish just yet.

    But then you really lost me at the part where the Latin American population is a part of America. Latin America maybe. But here in North America they’re more like, hmm, soldiers of demographic replacement. Since I am not really all that interested in the inevitable balkanization of my nation by way of ever-rising demographic conflict with these feeder breeders, I can’t rightly endorse your whackadoo bid for presidency, much as I admittedly do like a majority of the platform.

    On a side note, it’s interesting that you’re eager enough to purge the Cubans that you’d pay to see them removed from America or even toss them down a well, yet you call the Latin population a part of America. Shows where those loyalties really lie, eh Fredevez?

    All that said, however, I think I still want a nice big wall on that southern border, with you and the Latin population on the far side of it. Not sure if Trump’s the man for the job, but I always looked at him as just the first of many stepping stones on the long path back to ethnonationalism for Americans. His wall never really sounded all that ambitious anyway. I’d prefer the kind of wall wide enough to comfortably accomodate 2 vehicle lanes with room along the sides for foot traffic, tall enough to give you that perilous sinking feeling when you look over the edge, and mounted with many weapons of a ridiculously large, statement-making caliber. I want them to be as much a part of the tourist attraction that the completed project will become as the wall itself. 57 million of your ‘willy-nilly’ reconquista companions should make for an excellent source of mortar.

    But even in spite of the wall ambitions, I confess that civil, perhaps even world war is somewhat inevitable in my decidedly cynical mind. Hopefully not just another pointless one between whites this time. But a coordinated war against Israel and the Zionist occupiers within so many of our governments as well as their CultMarx counterparts. I really don’t expect things to get better before they get much worse, but I am content with the idea of enduring significant losses to the American quality of life in order to purge the soldiers of demographic replacement and get America back on track with it’s founding charter. We can always build our way back up. That is, provided the soldiers of demographic replacement are not allowed to succeed in their namesake, in which case it’s game over and God be with central/eastern Europe as it will likely become the last bastion of intelligent life outside the sinosphere.

    Besides, don’t you think we’re overdue for a little trimming of the fat, Fred? What is true war but the crucible of natural selection for the apex species on the planet? We’re positively overflowing with dead-from-the-neck-up group think zombies all across the West. Would it not be more than a little beneficial to the entire planet to see the board cleared a bit? The process will make room for the strong by culling the weak who have flourished to the point of over-proliferation and subsequent onset of civilizational suicide via their usual, historically recurring brand of nihilistic hedonism.

    To me, such a war is, in of itself, a far bigger victory than ‘Presidente Fredo Reedo’s’ platform would ever achieve, as I see it to be something of a prerequisite for escaping the Kalergi plan’s clutches of idiocracy and ushering in the next age of true human advancement.

  19. @Buzz Mohawk

    You could call it La Orquesta de los Conquistadores. The men in the violin section should be wearing moriones.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  20. Bit shotgun in approach, but not a bad start. I’d give Fred a vote – compared to the nasty shit the R & D’s have been squeezing out for decades, it’s a breath of fresh air.

  21. TheBoom says:

    I like Fred’s campaign platform. I can’t help wondering, though, if Fred is under contractual obligation to plug Mexico and or Mexicans in every column???

    Fred might want to contemplate the idea that Americans would be far more interested in Mexicans if we weren’t being invaded in mass by them (at our expense) while our own culture is being demonized (often by young Mexicans).

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  22. DH says:

    I would vote fo Fred without hesitation, even if he manages to implement a mere 50% of his promises, which is more than Trump has done so far.

    • Replies: @pyrrhus
  23. jim jones says:

    Us Brits love the F35 so much we even built a special aircraft carrier for it to land on:

  24. Tom Welsh says:

    Splendid, Fred! Your beautiful and witty essays are one of the main things that keep me going. (Along with Schuetz and Ardbeg single malt).

    You would certainly have my vote, were I a US citizen. But maybe, through certain Russian computer “experts” of my acquaintance, it may still be possible…

  25. anonymous[217] • Disclaimer says:

    Fred’s doppelgänger John McCain also once had comically inept ambitions on the Executive.

  26. FoxTwo says:

    In todays world of political insanity, a healthy dose of sarcasm may be considered as a good antidote. Love your columns Fred; keep them up!

  27. @Rich

    My parents lost the house in a bitter divorce and I can attest that this is not true. If your parents got into a bitter divorce at 15 like my parents and divorced losing a load of money in the process then where do you go?

    I never HAD a house to live in. By the time I was in college my grandparents were in their 70’s and no longer wanted a young man around.

    Finally, my grandmother’s house was sold for shit because the property value was so awful in her Detroit neighborhood.

    So I never owned a house. I’d have no relatives to live with in the US at all. My brother lives in a small apartment in Los Angeles where he teaches college.

    This was one reason the US offered me nothing. I had nowhere to live.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Da Wei
  28. @TheBoom

    I don’t know why the Mestizos/Indians don’t blame the Creole Castilian white elite Mexican families who are responsible for their poverty.

    It is not the descendants of British colonists Mexicans should hate but rather the Vincente Fox type Spanish elites who run Mexico (Or Latin America).

    As for Indian primitives demonizing my culture, I don’t care. What do they know about Germany or Great Britain or Northern Europe.

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
    , @TheBoom
  29. @Buzz Mohawk

    Mexican whites -French and Spanish, essentially-have a GOOD OLD TIME in Mexico. You’ll never see a woman who looks like Penelope Cruz trying to run across the San Diego highway.

    White Americans have to deal with the Red Man vs White Man conflict in Latin America that the ruling white Vincente Fox elite have had to suppress. The reason Creoles like Jorge Univision want immigration is so that the Aztecs don’t revolt (Or half-Aztecs).

    White Mexicans, whom I have known in college, detest Indians. White rednecks will brag about being “part Cherokee” but the Mexican white would never admit having Aztec blood.

    If the Hispanics do take over the US the Cuban whites will take over and whites of a sort will still run the US.

    I’ve got to give South of the Border whites some credit. They’ve dealt with racial issues much better than Anglo-Saxons in North America.

  30. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    If I were Fred I would amend the campaign as follows:

    Afghanistan, Syrian, and Yemen hostiles to visit world court for free lifetime stay in human rights jail.
    Declare all PACs to be Terrorist Organizations; treat their members accordingly
    Sanction not Iran but MIC, Congress, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Federal Reserve, and Wall Street.
    Remove EW and those infected with Beltway BS to Cuba for DNA reconfiguration therapy
    Replace airplane project with failing bridges, roads, and tunnel repair project.
    Put Special Privilege supporters and Ritalin prescribe rs, manufactures, & retailers in the oil well
    Distribute Russian, Spanish, Iranian, Korean language proficiency pills, these are ancient but proven
    cures for Cuban bashing, fake-news distribution & false flag engineering FND & FFE disease
    Homes for Homeless by non-free market administrative zoning and corrupt home builders: a great read.
    Localized education, Mutilation free family life, Literacy test eligibility to vote (and replacing commercialized Phd certification with inquiry and theory research) should free up a lot of oil well space for future needs.

    However amended the Fred campaign platform is poised to win the popular vote but the satellite manipulated voting machines will not allocate a single electoral college to Freed ; and after the election Fred himself will be banned from Washington, NYC, and Miami, Saudi Arabia, and Israel and his offspring will be put in the oil well.

    The message here is there is no “this will fix things” consensus. Private parties in charge of the public network refuse to allow open public discourse to interfere with their privately managed psycho engineered “born a sheep, be a sheep, remain a sheep, propaganda.

    • Replies: @anarchyst

    I don’t know how people could want to live in Mexico. I lived in Phoenix and the Mestizos there made me want to run a mile to another continent.

    I’ve been around Asians and sometimes they have called me a name or two. But nothing is as unnerving as Aztecs. They are some primitive race of cannibals.

    Who would live in Mexico?

  32. Pretty funny. Reminds me of someone.

  33. annamaria says:
    @jim sweeney

    jim sweeney and utu are in arms against the satire that dares to name, justly, AIPAC and Aipackers the felons.
    — Just to tease you two:
    “Four: I will make membership in AIPAC a felony, and remind its members that I could have Oprah temporarily removed from the oil well to make more room. Aipackers can act as they please in their own country–I will not meddle in foreign affairs–but leave ours alone.

    Five: I will end all sanctions against Iran. Then I will sell those Persian rascals airplanes and cars and electronic stuff and towel softener and lock them into the American economic system. This will make Boeing and AT&T and Intel love me with the deep sweet love that never dies, at least as long as the money flows, and there will be lots of jobs in Seattle.”

  34. annamaria says:

    How many politicians want to end the treasonous activities of AIPAC? — Stay on point.

  35. annamaria says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    “Uh, hey idiot, it’s already in the Constitution…”
    — Fred does not sound as an idiot. You, on the other hand… Where did YOUR children go to school? (if you had any).

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  36. annamaria says:

    What’s your problem, “Liza,” with Fred’s words against the barbarity? Or you are irritated by something very different in his lovely piece and you vent your irritation on the unrelated topic?

    • Replies: @Liza
  37. annamaria says:

    On a serious note, let’s name the greatest American Traitor of all times (no, he is not Tokyo Rose that is a distant fifth):
    “9/11 was used by Dick Cheney to significantly reduce the public’s, the judiciary’s, and Congress’ access to information about what the executive branch is doing, thereby preventing legal, legislative, and electoral action against the unlawful and unconstitutional behavior of the executive branch during the Cheney/Bush and Obama regimes. …

    Charlie Savage’s extraordinary book, “Takeover” (2007), describes how Cheney and his minions, John Yoo, Jay Bybee, David Addington, and Shannen Coffin, used secret Department of Justice (sic) memos and executive orders from George W. Bush to prevent the release of any information that would get in the way of Cheney’s agenda for war in the Middle East and a police state at home.

    If Americans understood that an immigrant from Korea, John Yoo, wrote secret DOJ memos that shredded both the separation of powers and US civil liberties, there would be even more opposition to immigration of peoples who are not dedicated to our founding document, the US Constitution. …

    David Ray Griffin’s 2017 book, “Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World,” also documents how Dick Cheney fed the US Constitution into a shredder.”

    — The zionization of the US Congress and the US military (see the US cooperation with Al Qaeda in Syria) are the direct consequence of the treasonous activities of various war profiteers, including such mega war profiteer as Cheney.

  38. Classic Fred….possibly his best yet except for out of place Carmen bit.
    The only worrisome thing is the artificially outraged and often stupid comments.
    There will be no salvation for this country until all 300+ million of us find a sense of humor!

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  39. I hope that genital mutilation punishment is also applied to those that practice male circumcision.

  40. @Liza

    Mind Your Own Business? How is mutilating the genitals of an innocent child minding your own damned business?

    Sound like a bloody perv to me.

    • Replies: @Liza
  41. @annamaria

    The children read at 5th grade level by end-of-kindergarten. Did you read Amendment X, Mizz Maria, or do I have to spell it out for you? “10” or “Ten”, if you’re not into Roman numerals. There is absolutely NOTHING in the US Constitution that allows the Feral Gov’t to have a damn thing to do with education. Like the Instapundit says, “read the whole thing”.

    BTW, I’m gonna teach my boy the Constitution before he’s out of elementary school, so he’ll know more than the entire Big-Ed-indoctinated staff all put together. They are nice ladies, but having ladies indoctrinate your kids into the matriarchy is what brings on the shitstorm of Peak Stupidity that America is undergoing today.

    Mr. Reed points out the stupidity very well, I might add, which is why I agree with him on most of his points. He’s just a dick for always criticizing anyone who makes an actual effort to fix things, such as the VDare guys/gals (unless that spat is over money).

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Rod1963
  42. @macavitycat

    You needn’t worry your pretty little head about the commenters, Mac. Some of us have read the guy for a long time too. I used to read the FredOnEverything site 10-15 years back, on and off (when on, I’d go back through the columns and enjoy them). Mr. Reed now is not just anti-American-Gov. and anti-modern-Amerian culture, with I am generally in agreement with. He is just plain Anti-Americans now, yet he still need to collect his money from the US in dollars.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if I can: Fred, you’d better get your money out of dollars. Your amigos down there may just LUV LUV LUV their (relatively) rich ex-partriate gringo gonzo-journalist, but when the dollar goes down the shitter, you will know what it’s like to live AS a Mexican, not just IN Mexico. “Down to the banana republics …. went Fred Reed” (with a great Steve Goodman-written song for the Parrotheads).

  43. mh505 says:

    Ah Fred – you are simply the best. No one comes even close to lighten up one’s day as you do ….

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. Cities with the world’s highest murder rate:

    Ten of the top ten are located in Latin America.

    Zero of the top ten are located in some region other than Latin America.

    I don’t enjoy bringing attention to facts such as this, but those who advocate open borders vis-a-vis Latin America force the rest of us to point out all the potential downsides of such a policy.

  45. Bill H says: • Website

    A brief note to those who equate female genital mutilation to male circumcision. The former is done to make the female lose all sensation resulting from sexual intercourse, denying her any future pleasure from sex, and to control her for life. The latter is done for health purposes, usually, and has no impact on future sexual activity. So stop the nonsense. They are not the same thing, and not even close. Just stop.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
  46. rg says:

    Most of Fred’s ideas are worth thinking about.
    It is amusing reading the hate replies. I guess there are those who still think the US shit doesn’t stink and the propaganda taught in schools is true.
    What bothers me though, truly, is the virulent attacks on Hispanics. Just because UhMurrican society is full of shit doesn’t mean it is imported. We generate plenty without any help.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  47. Rich says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Okay, your parents lost their house. Were they then living on the corner of 33rd and 7th, or did they finds another place to live? Did you and mom move under a bridge? Was there drugs, alcohol or mental health issues involved? It’s true a small percent of folks do occasionally fall on hard times, but if they aren’t addicts or alcoholics or have serious psychological problems, they find a place to live. Might not be on 5th ave and 86th street, but sane, sober people don’t live on the street.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  48. Like all good modern politicians, Reed stays well clear of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other welfare.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  49. @Achmed E. Newman


    I’ve known some poor semi-homeless Americans in the Philippines and life as a poor person in Philippines or Mexico is actually BETTER than being poor in the United States.

    If you are deep in middle-age and you have a choice between being homeless in the US in a freezing cold park in Connecticut (The one foreigner I knew living on the beach was an ex-steelworker from Bridgeport) or living on a beach in the Philippines on $200 or Mexico you are better off.

    The main reason is simply feral blacks who will assault homeless whites on the street for the sheer fun of it at night.

    The Connecticut steelworker explained that homeless camps are full of junkies. Homeless shelters are full of violent blacks and other minorities.

    Being poor in the US is actually WORSE than being poor in Asia because-

    A) Asia and other developing countries blow drug dealers away and lock up junkies for years so there no “crackhouses”.

    B) Asians in evolutionary terms are more advanced in mental abilities than most Hood Rats or Mestizos and this is why Filipinos and Thais can function in the US while blacks and Mestizos cannot.

    C) There is not the freezing weather.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  50. anarchyst says:

    Here is the proposed 28th amendment to the Constitution:
    “Congress shall make no law that does not apply equally to itself, the legislative branch, the executive branch, the judicial branch, or any of its departments, agencies, political divisions or subdivisions.
    This amendment shall apply to all government agencies, departments, political divisions and subdivisions within the united States, federal, state and localities.”

  51. @rg

    What bothers me though, truly, is the virulent attacks on Hispanics. Just because UhMurrican society is full of shit doesn’t mean it is imported. We generate plenty without any help.

    The virulent attacks are against the importation of hispanics that for some reason don’t like that Mexican non-shithole. We do have plenty of unimported shit, I’ll grant you. However, I’ve never seen a family go down to Home Depot to purchase more shit to add to the basement of the outhouse.

    • Replies: @rg
  52. @Jeff Stryker

    What are you writing to me for, Jeff? I’m not discussing homelessness. I was talking about living on US dollars that still are the reserve currency down in a relatively cheap environment. When the dollar goes down, which it will, those SS, pension, and royalty checks won’t buy a guy to do your laundry for $2 a week and a new girlfriend each month. Read my Peak Stupidity blog post above (#42).

  53. Bubba says:

    I agree. And on a side note, many years ago The American Spectator was very good because I always skipped Señor Fred’s column. I am doing the same with The Unz Review.

  54. @Cloudbuster

    That depends on what you mean by “steering clear”, CB. Does Mr. Reed rip up his dollar-denominated SS checks to “show the man!”? I would bet otherwise.

    • Replies: @Cloudbuster
  55. Bubba says:
    @jim sweeney

    Hope Señor Fred moves to one of the idyllic, pastoral Latin Elysiums of El Salvador, Venezuela, Brazil or Honduras. That’s the true violent and hellhole reality – not some orchestra with foreign funding.

    • Replies: @frosty zoom
    , @Low Voltage
  56. macilrae says:

    Fred, that is hilarious. But, dear me, you seem to be mellowing in later life … notwithstanding that (nor sitting neither) here’s $10 on account for your campaign.

  57. annamaria says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    “I’m gonna teach my boy the Constitution…”
    — You wanted to impress the readers with your expertise in the US Constitution. That’s fine. But why to do that in a such a pedestrian way, with the name calling? Is this how they taught you the US Constitution?
    — Apart from the ideas with regard to education, there are other fantastic suggestions in the article such as the use of silos, the Oprah function, the garroting of miscreants, the diminishing of the war budgets by 3/4, and sending Aipackers to their promised land where they could do their AIPAC machinations within members of their tribe exclusively. Your mind is at peace with all of the other fantastic suggestions. How come? So you are able to see the sarcasm. And, by the way, what is your “actual effort to fix things?”

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  58. @Monty Ahwazi

    Fred I have another suggestion for you to consider! Take John Bolton and flushed him down the toilet so as he is going down his mustache cleans the toilet bowl!

  59. @Rich

    Boomers like my parents did not foresee in the 1980’s how bad things would get in their own autumn years. They had wild spend-it-all divorces figuring the economy would go strong forever for middle-class whites and middle-class jobs along with them.

    My father was a scientist and remarried a Portuguese women and divided his time between Maryland and Lisbon, Portugal.

    After age 19 I saw him maybe 3 times a year.

    My brother moved out of state to California at a time when it was still the Golden State and attended UCLA. I have not seen him in 11 years.

    The money from the sale of the house went to our college educations and the rest to my mother in a divorce settlement.

    My mother found work as an architect out of state and I was in college by then.

    The idea that you have to be a crackhead or a wino to end up homeless would be great, but that is not the case.

    In the 1980’s parents had huge legendary divorces that just totally wiped out some Boomers and left their Gen X kids (I was born in 1974) with no house.

    Gen Y’s parents were mostly Reagan-era Yuppies and helicopter parents so divorce rates went down when they were born in the 1990’s. This is a good thing because Gen Y has to live at home when they are 30 anyhow in this economy.

    fMy grandparents lived in Detroit and their property was worth nothing when they passed away, more or less. My father’s sister was disabled and the $70,000 got her moved into a trailer.

    • Replies: @Rich
  60. pyrrhus says:
    @jim sweeney

    Troll idiot, go away.

    • Replies: @Jim Sweeney
  61. Liza says:
    @Dr. Krieger

    Okay, Dr. Krieger. I am taking issue with Fred’s concern for gen. mut. of girls, but not of millions of hapless baby boys right here in the good old USA. So, like countless other folks hereabouts with an opinion, I got sarcastic.

    And I don’t want to hear no shit about how circumcising boys is good for them – but equivalent denaturing of girls in Africa/ME has no benefits. The people over there, including the mutilated women, claim that there ARE benefits for them. I am suggesting that Fred, and you too, go to those countries and tell those women how terrible their genitals are.


    • Replies: @Dr. Krieger
  62. pyrrhus says:

    Great platform, Fred! Could you add another plank banning anyone with a mustache or bowtie from DC?

  63. Liza says:

    What “unrelated topic”? Noticing that Fred gets his shorts in a twist over surgery on girls’ genitals, but not on boys’, is venting my irritation? What is the entire comment section on all of’s thousands of articles all about, if not venting irritation?

  64. pyrrhus says:

    I’d be ecstatic if Fred could just leave Afghanistan, and end AIPAC and the Dept of Education..

  65. @Achmed E. Newman

    Because even if the US dollar devalues to the Peso in Mexico or Philippines it is a better place for a retiree to be.

    And I know many white retirees who lived in the Philippines in poverty. Let me explain why-

    1) The weather is nice.

    2) Any country without blacks (And Muslims) is somewhat safer so being poor around Asians or even Mexicans is safer than living in some efficiency apartment adjacent to Section 8 in a US city.

    3) Local women will accept your standard of living and you can have a wife 30 years younger than you because they are used to being around poor men.

    4) The alcohol is dirt cheap and you can live in the local bar with other retirees partying up all day. So are female companions. There will always be some local woman you can screw after buying her 4 beers.

    5) You simply no longer have to care about what a screwed-up country the US is or see it get worse year after year. I left the US in 1999 at the age of 25 and you would not notice the difference but if you had been gone as long as I have you would see that it has gone wayyyy downhill.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  66. @Achmed E. Newman

    By steers clear, I mean refuses to address them as major national issues threatening the nation. I’m sure Reed cashes his SS checks quite promptly.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  67. @annamaria

    1) If I feel like calling Reed an idiot (just on this one piece of stupidity of his) I will. I don’t know why you took that personally. He said something idiotic, so that explains my term. Nobody taught me the US Constitution. Even in my day, the schools blew all that stuff off.

    2) You realize that Mr. Reed was just being sarcastic, as do I. None of his stuff is anything but silly fantasy, as is his line (2nd time on this) that the Trump presidency is like a dictatorship. It’s the farthest thing possible from one, as far as his Presidency goes, as there has been NO WALL, NO end of the pointless wars, and NO drainage of the swamp. On the previous column in which Reed uses this idea, he didn’t say anything about the Øb☭ma administration’s EO’s and such.

    Fine, he’s got an agenda.To address your last question, I already brought up the VDare folks that have been fighting the Immigration Stupidity (scroll down) for well nigh 2 decades. He hates them, because they are tyring to make a difference. He will call them racists for having the courage to speak up and educate Americans. I don’t think President Trump is doing a good job, but he’s a guy who came in to TRY to make a difference, and look how Reed writes about him “he’s a dictator”. Yeah, and a regular Yoda, Mr. Reed is.

    Anna, if you haven’t read Reed’s stuff over the last coupla’ years, then you don’t know the background I do. This guy has started to piss me off with his fake gonzo-journalism, anti-Americans crap.

    • Replies: @Ray Huffman
  68. @Liza

    Fair enough, we are in agreement about boys. Though, I should add, I only really care about European and European descended boys. The practice of circumcising them only started after WWII. Jew doctors pushed it on whites with some nonsense about health benefits, so they couldn’t be so easily singled out “next time.” Not that there was really a first time, at least not how they portray it.
    As to your part about genital mutilation in Africa, quite frankly, its a matter I am totally indifferent to. They may do as they please to their own people.

    • Replies: @Liza
  69. @Achmed E. Newman

    I don’t live like a king in Asia on local wages and never have but that is not why white men leave the US for Asia (or we would all move to India on the rupee)

    We live overseas so our kids (with local women) won’t be sexually harassed in public schools by black teens who introduce them to meth at the age of 14. My daughter is not going to be beaten up in the girl’s bathroom or turned into a crack whore because I could not afford Catholic school.

    We live overseas because heroin and coke dealers are shot or jailed for life and there are not a load of homeless meth addicts and pill hounds everywhere.

    We live overseas because there are no blacks.

    We live overseas because there are few laws.

    We live overseas because some broad will live with you and have sex with you no matter how poor you are. She’ll also cook and clean, as women in Asia and Latin America are raised to do.

    We live overseas because we do not have to worry about the JQ.

    We live overseas because the weather is better.

    We live overseas because the pace of life is more half-assed and relaxed.

    We live overseas because the women are not as bitchy.

    We live overseas because the cops leave us alone.f

  70. I wouldn’t even consider the notion, if you built a wall,

    You advocate too many other leaky positions.

  71. Rich says:
    @Bill H

    Male circumcision is performed as a remnant of ancient tribal law, it has absolutely no health benefits. In the US the practice began, partially, because some believed it would prevent males from from masturbating, and would reduce sexual promiscuity among men. Another reason circumcision became prevalent in the US was because of the high number of Jewish doctors, as well as a way for a doctor to make a quick buck where the patient couldn’t complain. It’s a barbarous practice and should be outlawed.

  72. Rich says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Okay, so although your family went through the tragedy of divorce, none of you ended up living on the street, right? Because you were sober and sane, you found another home.It may not have been as nice, or in as nice a neighborhood, but you lived under a roof, right? My point is, the “homeless” problem in the US is directly related to, again, drug use, alcoholism and mental health issues.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  73. @Liza

    What an odd comment. On the one hand Liz rightly identify the glaring double standard: male circumcision — ie genital mutilation — perfectly fine, female circumcision — ie genital mutilation — horrific crime. But then she goes in entirely the wrong direction by essentially advocating for both of these barbarisms when she says MYOB.

    If a male wishes to have his foreskin excised — for whatever reason — fine. But it must be his choice, and must await an age when he can be said to have achieved personal agency, and then too, the choice must be free from cultural coercion. Consequently, to perform that “mutilation” on an infant incapable of consent, informed or otherwise, is patently criminal (by the current medical requirements of informed consent). But clearly, the Judeo cultural exception is in force here, and should not be. This aspect of both Jewish and Islamic religious “freedom” should be prohibited.

    In contrast, the Muslim practice, culturally enforced and performed without true consent on young Muslim women, is seen in the Muslim-hating West as criminal barbarism. (I agree, but not out of “Muslim-hate”.)

    By the way, Muslim men, per Islamic culture, are also circumcised, but in Islam, this takes place in young adulthood not infancy, though still arguably under culturally coercive conditions.

    Finally, the term “mutilation” is severely prejudicial, billions have been circumcised, men and women, to no apparent ill effect. (Caveat: Not so with clitorectomy, and some men with small penises complain that circumcision played a role in their diminished endowment.) As Liz says: “They have sex, they reproduce.” But bottom line, absent personal choice, informed consent, and freedom from any sort of coercion, the practice should be deemed unacceptable.

    • Agree: Jus' Sayin'...
    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @Liza
  74. Truth says:

    Fred to Take Wheel of Ship of State

    I don’t know, Alfredo; I’m not sure Enrique Nieto is ready to give up power.

  75. Anonymous [AKA "mjansen"] says:

    Another great post !

    My whole family will vote for you 🙂

  76. Reminds me of how Varoufakis says he can end the euro crisis in one morning.
    Alas, his vocabularly is too technical for me to understand what exactly he wants.
    The problem is: reason never ruled the world.
    But indeed, the solution to the superfluous jet fighter production and development reminds me of my solution for the EU problem: send anyone in Brussel connected with the EU home, with their salaries unchanged, until pension age, on one condition, never to do anything political any more.
    Then the European nations can rule themselves again.

  77. @Jeff Davis

    ” Finally, the term “mutilation” is severely prejudicial, billions have been circumcised, men and women, to no apparent ill effect. ”
    It cannot be denied that with men an piece of skin has been removed, without consent of the victim.
    Circum by females, how ?
    To no ill effect, where is the double blind investigation ?
    I lived all my life without circumcision, without apparent ill effect.
    So why this mutilation ?

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  78. @Cloudbuster

    Yeah, I did get what you meant, sorry. I just wanted to add that part about the hypocrisy of all of them.

  79. @Jeff Stryker

    Fair enough, Mr. Stryker. I could see a lot of your points as a draw. I’m not in any kind of situation like these, but I’ve been partially lucky about it. If you are living on local money, then you should be able to keep making your own way. Good luck to you. Some of us are staying here to eventually straighten things out, but there will be much financial and other pain first.

    As to Mr. Reed, that’s exactly what I was explaining to Miss Maria higher up the thread. This fuckin’ guy badmouths everyone, most especially the people that will do the hard work to set things right.

  80. @Rich


    Crackheads and winos and lowlifes are actually better off when they lose any social safety net because they’ve spent their entire LIFE on the street. They know how the underground economy works and how to scam or deal drugs without being busted by the police.

    Middle-class kids from bedroom communities have no idea what to do when their parents go through some divorce. We are raised to follow the rules. A lowlife crackhead is more likely to do better on the streets than a middle-class person who fell on hard times because they’ve been scamming and committing petty crimes on the streets their entire life…

    Like Donald Trump, I’m the grandson of immigrants and not like a Southerner whose got a billion relatives in the same small town.

    Children of white-collar workers who grew up in bedroom communities don’t really have a kin network. People are always coming and going from these sort of cities. Its not like a small town.

    My mother got her parents house, sold it and purchased a small apartment. If she hadn’t, she would have been homeless.

    As for my father, he moved to Maryland and that was that. My brother moved to California and I have not seen him in over a decade.

    That is how it is for white collar middle-class families. They are not confined to one city and go their separate ways.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
    , @Rich
  81. @Jeff Stryker

    Because even if the US dollar devalues to the Peso in Mexico or Philippines it is a better place for a retiree to be.

    Sorry, out of order from your comments, but you are making your own way. When the dollar devalues, those riding high on what would be fairly low retirement money (say $1000 to $2,500) will NOT be having a good time. You are young and can work. Those guys had better save some cash and trade it in for some REAL money. Most people in the world other than the West know what that is.

    1) It’s hot and sticky as hell, dude. I can handle that myself, but many can’t.

    2) Sounds good, but don’t go too far south there – between Moslems and Commies, the Filipinos have lots to be worried about. For some of the expatriates, they have an OUT – there’s that thought- if the SHTF, I can always go back.

    3) For a poor white guy, I don’t believe it. For a young guy, 30 years younger means, what, 5? ;-}

    4) Sounds great!


    I left the US in 1999 at the age of 25 and you would not notice the difference but if you had been gone as long as I have you would see that it has gone wayyyy downhill.

    I’ve lived here that whole time, and I am the (iStevey) type who DOES notice stuff. Things have gone way downhill, but not everything is black and white, and getting all your views of the last 2 decades of America from TV and movies is not the way to learn, Jeff. You seem to be getting better on that latter point. Perhaps you should read the bloggers that seem to be the most truthful to you.

  82. This is an almost perfect platform, except for item 10, that would supply amusing diversions for the troops (“Ten: …To keep the soldiers happy I will invest in high-throughput roller coasters, a shooting range with BB guns, and really loud speaker systems that say Va roooom and Bangbangbang and fzzzzzzzzboom.)

    No need to spend 1 cent of public $, the commercial sector already supplies more than enough violent immersive video and VR games to keep ’em busy through several lifetimes. Give them the games, tell them that it’s actually real, and that they’re killing Amerika’s enemies remotely like drone operators, and that should take care of that.

  83. @Bill H

    A brief note in reply. Male circumcision is not nearly as terrible as female genital mutilation, for the reasons you describe. However, it can result in diminished sensitivity and consequently a deleterious effect on sexual relations.

    This is not only a matter of male pleasure, but also of a man’s ability to participate in subtleties of intercourse with women. To put it bluntly, sex is better for both partners if the man’s glans has been protected by its sheath so that all its nerve endings are in proper working order: He can better sense and respond to what is going on.

    There are no health reasons to cut off the skin that nature put there. Compared to women’s genitals, with all their folds and moist areas, that part of a man is simple and easy to keep clean; it is much less prone to infection than what women have.

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  84. Fred’s got my vote. There’s nothing here that I haven’t daydreamed about.

    • Agree: Johnnie Walker Read
  85. Ahoy mates, dead ahead with Fred at wheel…

  86. @Jeff Stryker

    The Mestizos and Indios had a chance to take out the sangre limpada, ruling elite during the race war which is misleadingly known as the Mexican Revolution. Ultimately the Mestizos cut a deal with the elites for a small piece of the action. Bereft of any leadership except Villa in the north and Zapata in the south, the Indios returned to their miserable torpor after these two native leaders were assassinated. Poor Mexico, so far from heaven, so near the Norte Americanos.

  87. @Rich

    The really sad part is that there are plenty of jobs available, employers begging for workers.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  88. @Jeff Stryker

    I’m the grandson of immigrants

    So, you are not an American and never have been. Glad you left. You would have to go back anyway. Have fun with your dog faced Asian women, mosquitoes, and mystery meat in the stew pot.

  89. @Non Sum Qualis Eram

    Good point about the Cubans. Reed really is hypocritical Mexican trash. He loves using the “Hispanic demographic” bullwhip when it suits his purposes but when you drill down to the specifics, he’s a bigot. He has no use for the Cubans since they tend to vote GOP. Also, Cubans look down on Mexicans.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  90. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    What does Carmino Burana have to do with Latino culture?
    Orff was German and the work was based on some texts found in, let me think, Ottobeuren? One of the Beurens.
    None of which has a thing to do with Fred. Fred makes some good points . I like the way he would deal with Affirmative Action.
    An amusing column.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  91. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Liza, do you have any experience in this regard?
    You can reproduce with artificial insemination.
    Are they having sex, or just their husbands? Can it be called sex? I don’t know, that is why I am asking you.

    • Replies: @Liza
  92. Rich says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Exactly my point. Your mother, being sane and sober, made the necessary moves to find a home. If she’d been on drugs or mentally ill, she might have ended up in the street. We used to take care of the mentally ill by confining them to state institutions until they were able to function, unfortunately the Feds ended that option. But your unique experience isn’t universal. I know plenty of middle class kids whose parents divorced who continued to live in their houses with their mothers, others who moved to smaller places or with other relatives. Divorce is so common now, it’s a wonder people even bother to marry at all.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  93. IvyMike says:

    But does all this make you a liberal or a conservative?

  94. Everyone looks down on Mexicans…natural hierarchy and all that.

  95. Alfa158 says:

    It doesn’t have anything to do with Latino culture, that was my point. He isn’t showing how cultured Latinos are when they are playing non-Latino music, and at that, music that sounds that like it was written for combat video games. Something like Ponce that was written by a Latino as well as played by them would have made his last point better.
    His column sounded better to me than the platform of any Presidential candidate I’ve ever heard, but sadly no one can get elected on it. Look at how the Powers are freaking out over Trump’s far milder platform.

  96. I’m down with your platform, dude, but by the time you get around to point 4, you will be JFK’d.

  97. @Bubba

    uh, i lived in xalapa a long time. real, real nice place. way safer than [insert american city with comparable population].

    as to the “hellhole” reality, who is doing the helling and who is being holed?

    • Replies: @Bubba
  98. rg says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Immigrants … I suppose you are a native American (ie, Indian) and are equally opposed to the European invasions, genocide of your peoples …

    Or, are you the typical American whose ancestors invaded and think that any later immigrants shouldn’t?

    I guess what I am saying is that is what is good for the goose is good for the gander? Get over it, I’m sure your ancestors were looked upon by someone as filthy invaders.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  99. @gutta percha

    Not from Fred, you idiot! Sometime a cigar is just a cigar.

  100. @utu

    Apparently they do. As opposed to your contribution.

  101. Liza says:
    @Dr. Krieger

    It wasn’t only jewish doctors, though. Apparently, from what I hear anyway, British coming back from the Indian subcontient in Victorian times had been chatted up by the Moo-slims over how lovely circn is, and lo & behold it stuck, over in “Great” Britain. There’s lots of theories, I guess, as to how it got started in England and nearby countries. Yet, the other Europeans never adopted it. That is why I think the English might have a screw loose, as a group. It was a wonderful English Dr., though, who made an effort to bring the practice to an end, convincing the Health Service to stop paying for it – but to this day, the aristocrats still do it over there. As well as upwardly mobile aristo copycats.

    Thank you very much for your comment! I do agree with you. Why Fred is getting upset over female cutting is anybody’s guess…

  102. Liza says:
    @Jeff Davis

    Of course it is a matter of choice, or should be. I, like you, don’t care if adults take a knife to any part of their own body. They can cut their nose off if they want, like Mikey Jackson.

  103. Liza says:

    I don’t know everything there is to know about FGM – but I do know that I read an article by a female psychiatrist who who was particularly interested in the subject, so she went to Africa to interview women over there who’d been “done”. She asked them, “Do you enjoy sex?” They thought she was crazy to ask such a question and apparently laughed so hard the tears were rolling down their cheeks and they were falling off their chairs. “OF COURSE we enjoy sex; why wouldn’t we?” They were absolutely sincere, on further questioning.

    So this researcher concluded that when you cut off sensory flesh, possibly new nerves develop nearby to compensate. Is this true? I don’t know.

  104. Hal Duell says:

    Genital mutilation of children is barbaric. Do what you want with it when you are an adult, but leave the children alone.
    And I read Fred whenever he appears for the sheer fun of it.

    • Agree: Liza
  105. annamaria says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Chris Mallory just made it clear that he is a Cherokee Indian or something like that. Like Elizabeth Warren.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  106. Rurik says:

    pure Fred,

    Well done.

    Latin-American descent, mostly citizens. Willy-nilly, they are part of America. Thinking that many Americans might want to know something about them, where they came from, what they do and have done, what manner of wights they be

    and in the spirit of that vein..

    I knew a gal that graduated from Hialeah High school in the late 70s. I checked out her yearbook and every single student was a white American. They have since been ethically cleansed out of their home community by Fred’s vaunted Latinos. Hialeah today, for all practical purposes, is a Latino, Spanish-speaking Hispanic nation unto itself. Whitey has been forced out.

    More here on the joys of Fred’s Latino diversity celebration

  107. annamaria says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    “He is just plain Anti-Americans…”
    — This is a slander. Are you in arms to defend AIPAC, Lindsey Graham, and NATO?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  108. @rg

    As a matter of fact, I AM a native American, as far as anything the US Feral Government wants to know. I can’t say that I have any Indian blood though.

    At least you admit that an invasion is underway, rg. That is pretty honest. Do you think we should let it happen? Do you think that people who are trying to stop it are bad haters? That’s Fred Reed’s attitude (from lots of reading of a guy whose columns used to be my favorites.)

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  109. @annamaria

    Nope, I am an American, not a Cherokee. The Cherokee are a separate nation, just like every other tribe of Indians. My ancestors came, conquered the Cherokee and other tribes, fought off the British and founded this nation. Now run along and try to be clever someplace else.

  110. @jilles dykstra

    Mutilation defined: “the infliction of serious damage on something”. “Damage” defined: “physical harm caused to something in such a way as to impair its value, usefulness, or normal function”.

    Since, as Liz notes, those men and women who have been “circumcised” still have sex and reproduce, where then is the impaired function implied by the term mutilation? Thus circumcision, described non-prejudicially, could be seen simply as a traditional religious practice taking the form of benign body modification.

    Excluding clitorectomy, which is indeed mutilation, as it impairs the experience of sexual pleasure by the woman.

    • Replies: @Liza
  111. You’re back to your old form. Best column in a long time. Enjoyed it.

  112. TheBoom says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Indian primitives are being used (along with all other groups in the Coalition of the Fringes) to set the stage for possible genocide of white culture and displacement of whites

  113. @Rich

    True. With rare exceptions most wouldn’t trade their life of freedom on the street for all the mansions in California before they burned-down. And speaking of freedom, the homeless have apparently found what Americans claim to be looking for but can’t find.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  114. TheBoom says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I live in Asia for many of the reasons you listed. I can imagine the country I live in here (and other Asian countries in which I have lived) getting better. I can’t picture the same thing for the US. Unfortunately, almost all the expats I meet here live in Asia for many of the same reasons but have learned nothing from it. They still spout the same mindless narratives manufactured by the (((media))) and have Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • Replies: @White Guy In Japan
    , @Truth
  115. @anonymous

    Does anyone have any idea why John Bolton has failed recommending sanctions on Mexico?

  116. annamaria says:
    @Chris Mallory

    “My ancestors came…”
    — So, your ancestors were indeed emigres.

  117. @Anon

    What you’re describing is pre-1861 America prior to 19th century lib-tards becoming victorious.

  118. @Bragadocious

    The ones Fred don’t like aren’t Cubans, they’re Cuban Americans. The same ones who’ll never get over Castro taking their granddaddy’s whorehouse leaving him with not choice but flee to Miami or go to work cutting sugar cane.

  119. @Liza

    I have worked as a support tech in a busy urology clinic in the southeast. The #1 by far origin of adult male circumcision patients?? Young cock hounding Mexican men. It’s pretty painful and nasty and involves 25 to 45 stitches on the circumference of the glans. Among other post op instructions regarding healing are: if you even think about pussy for the next three to five weeks you will regret it, so when pussy comes up in your little noggin you better start thinking about the price of broccoli in China; and if that doesn’t do it, then think about the wholesale price of broccoli in China.

    • LOL: Dr. Krieger
    • Replies: @Liza
  120. @annamaria

    Read very, very carefully, I wrote “Anti-Americans, and specifically put the bold on the “s“.

    Slander, hahahaa, what the hell, man, this is the internet.

    slander …. hahahaa … I can’t stop LOLing ….

  121. @Carroll Price

    You have a problem with Cubans having left Communism? People were trying to get out in 2-man rubber rafts over to Florida. At least Castro, Stalin, Lenin, Chavez, Pot, and Mao are dead. I guess it’s time for the new batch to come crawling out of the woodwork again.

  122. @Achmed E. Newman

    Fred’s not anti-American. He was just smart enough to leave at a relatively young age to enjoy the good life in a safe, sane environment rather than spending a fortune cooped up in a gated community filled with ugly soccer moms.

  123. @Carroll Price

    Of course Reed loves Cubans in Cuba. They’re communists. Whatever you think of Cuban-Americans, they’ve done a better job of assimilating than Mexicans and their friends to the South. I don’t see them running heroin rings, buggering young children and hacking people up on Long Island.

  124. @Carroll Price

    Read very, very carefully, Mr. Price. I put a bold “s” on the end of it. He seems to have something bad to say about all Americans. I agree with him on his thoughts about the American Police State, Big-Ed, etc. People that fight this stuff are the people that Mr. Reed slanders* as haters, gun-nuts, Constitutionalists, etc. He just wants to sit on his ass and complain, but he never spent any effort to reverse the decline of our country when he did live here.

    * Hahaha

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  125. @Chris Mallory

    So your ancestors came across the Beringia Bridge, mate?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  126. Biff says:
    @Chris Mallory

    and mystery meat in the stew pot.

    Who doesn’t like mystery meat? It’s literally Why night clubs are dark inside!

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  127. @Buzz Mohawk

    Totally agree. Male circumcision should be strongly discouraged, despite the propaganda from certain (((doctors))) that it decreases the risk of HIV infection. The Gates Foundation bought this nonsense and has been promoting the practice in Africa. Not that it’s in any way our problem, but African men will likely view it as a magic talisman and be even less likely to use condoms.
    As for female circumcision, we need to adopt a zero-tolerance policy now before such barbarism achieves acceptance in the West. BTW, it’s usually the women who are often the most insistent that their daughters are mutilated.

  128. @Achmed E. Newman

    I never got the impression that Fred advocates unlimited immigration to the US, but he does defend the folks in his adopted country. I have no problem with them either, especially if they stay in Mexico and try to make it a better place rather than giving up and fleeing to the USA.

  129. Liza says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Doing a circumcision on a baby, who doesn’t understand what the hell is going on during the cutting + the pain of the 10+ day long healing period, is much worse. The brain is encoded with all that pain – pain on the sex organ, which is designed to experience great pleasure. Think for a moment how that fkucs up your mind, later in life – might it be related to the hating of women? Some people think so, though I have no opinion one way or another. Apparently the baby/man in the back of his mind “remembers” the suffering; he conceptualizes the mother as responsible even if she tried to stop the circ from being done. Who hates women the most? I’d say it’s Mooselimbs. Who is most neurotic in their relationships with their mothers? Jews. Who has an almost 100% circ rate? Those 2 bunches.

    An adult male wanting a circumcision has 3 things the baby does not: a desire for the operation; pain killers, as much as he wants, during and after; and a belief that he is somehow better off for having no foreskin.

    I met a man from South Asia, but living here now, whose doctor talked him into getting a circumcision not out of any pathology but because it “would prevent any disease in the future”. Well, was he ever displeased – sex was dull and unenjoyable compared to when he was genitally normal. He was desperate for some sort of solution.

    Thanks for your interesting comments.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  130. Liza says:
    @Jeff Davis

    I wasn’t defending any sort of unconsenting sexual cutting, just trying to say that if anyone is going to get upset over FGM, please let’s get equally intolerant of cutting baby boys.

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  131. @Liza

    Agree with you completely, Liza.

    • Agree: Liza
  132. @Achmed E. Newman

    Why do you assume the Mexican and Canadian economies won’t implode right alongside ours? If and when the American dollar suddenly becomes worthless, there will be global repercussions. What do you put your money into when you take it out of dollars?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  133. @Chris Mallory

    American Indians are legally the citizens of both their tribe and the United States. They have dual citizenship.

    The European settlers did not kill off the American Indian, at least not intentionally. The diseases inadvertently introduced by the settlers killed off most of the Amerinds. Some tribes were never conquered militarily. The Georgia state militia never came close to winning a single battle with the Cherokee, and even federal troops could usually do no better than fight them to a draw. The Cherokee were simply squeezed out by the settlers’ overwhelming numbers. The Comanche, some of the best light cavalry in world history, were only brought to heel after buffalo hunters destroyed the buffalo herds the tribe depended on.

    The defeat of the British in the War for Independence was due primarily to massive aid from France. Without the French, we’d be speaking English today. Oh, wait …

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  134. @Rich

    “On Drugs”

    My roommate ran around with a stripper. in those days, they were coke fiends. She had simply shown up in Phoenix from St. Paul with $1000 bucks, got some cocaine and started re-selling it to other strippers. Druggies can deal in drugs or fence stolen property. Winos are shit out of luck. That is why the worst-off homeless are drunks. Also, you can function on cocaine or speed but a drunk is LEGLESS.

    “Small towns”

    They have their own problems.

    “Live with their mothers”

    This is a grim existence when you are 36 years old. You cannot have a relationship unless you take your girlfriend to a hotel and this leaves most women feeling like a hooker. And most women do not want to date a man who lives at home at 40.

  135. @Non Sum Qualis Eram

    So you think we need a world war to cull the herd. If you had considered that you might be one of those culled, you might not think of that as a good thing.

  136. @Chris Mallory

    DONALD TRUMP’S PARENTS were from Europe! Is he not a North American?

    Sorry, his Dad was CONCEIVED in Germany and his grandmother pregnant when she arrived in NYC.

  137. @Chris Mallory

    Americans of Old Colonial stock have been left totally in the dust by every other European group that arrived after the Civil War-the Irish took over the institutions, the Italians grabbed the East Coast cities and the unions/industry (Legal or no), Jews of course took over everything.

    The areas of the US without the more recent Irish, German, Italian and Jewish populations are backwaters.

  138. @Achmed E. Newman

    Why are the newly-arrived whites to cities like NYC ie Trump so successful and the states comprised of Colonial stock regarded as backwaters?

  139. @Chris Mallory


    …Better than the tattooed-up white girls from the exurbs and sticks with their tramp stamps crammed into tight cut-off shorts and mid-riffs acting like whiggers.

    See Jerry Springer for an example.

    I’ll take a nice feminine Asian girl.

    Eat the heart of a deer during Bow Season ya hick. That’s mystery meat.

  140. @Biff

    Asia is no more rugged or wild than the swamps of the mid-to-deep South where these posters are writing from.

    You get just as many mosquito (plus gators) in those places.

    Small US towns-I passed through them in the ROTC National Guard Reserves in college-are MORE REMOTE and rugged than the average Asian city.

    Nobody in Bangkok is as cut-off as someone in rural US 10 miles down a dirt road from the nearest Wal-Mart.

    There is public transport everywhere in Asia while most US rural towns don’t even have a public bus system.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
    , @Anonymous
  141. @Carroll Price

    Speaking from experience-

    Most of the US retirees in the Philippines have a pension of $2000 a month. Many are from post-industrial rust-belt regions or withering small towns.

    In the US they would be barely scraping by in efficiency apartments with crack dealers and Cholos living in the same building worried that a Section 8 will be approved down the road.

    At night they would have to bolt their doors like the peasants in Transylvania.

    If white and rural they have to watch their community deteriorate into a bunch of pillhounds and tweakers and young whiggers and out-of-wedlock births.

    …forget about getting laid.

  142. @Jus' Sayin'...

    [Too many individual comments. You should provide fewer, more substantial ones.]

    The Native Americans today were not the first wave over the land bridge.

  143. MEH 0910 says:

    • Replies: @Truth
  144. pB says:

    of all the contributors to this site, i find fred to be the hardest to figure out what is actually is being contributed.

    is there some deep message that i can’t find anywhere else, is there some ideology that is routinely suppressed in other mediums?

    if i wanted to hear endless praise for mexican i would join la raza, and if i want snark i just need to type anything in my search engine.

  145. Renoman says:

    Love ya Fred! I’d vote for you in a heartbeat.

  146. @MEH 0910

    Most expats agree Costa Rica is the only country livable in Latin America.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  147. dkshaw says:

    Damn right. The US stole the Southwest and California at gunpoint all fair ‘n’ square like. Genocide. Slavery. Land theft on a massive scale. Damn, man, I am just SO PROUD of our ancestors.

    • Replies: @Rich
  148. dkshaw says:

    I look forward to the removal of your clitoris, Liza.

    • Replies: @Liza
  149. dkshaw says:
    @Bill H

    I’d guess you are a Jewish doctor enforcing your covenant with your mythical god upon gentiles. The absolute arrogance astounds.

  150. @Carroll Price

    “Freedom’s just another word for nothin left to lose. Nothin ain’t worth nothin, but it’s freeee.”
    Roger Miller, King of the road.

    Maybe they’re just camping out…..long term..

    • Replies: @The Plutonium Kid
  151. @Achmed E. Newman

    He just wants to sit on his ass and complain, but he never spent any effort to reverse the decline of our country when he did live here.

    You, nor anyone else, can change nature. What’s happening now is natural evolution of what did exist through what exists now toward what will exist in the future.

    Fred’s complaints are simply observations. Nostalgia tends to cause the past to have a rosy glow.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  152. @The Plutonium Kid

    The defeat of the British in the War for Independence was due primarily to massive aid from France.

    Absolutely true. Plus, the only significant defeats the British experienced in America were in the South at the hands of Scotch/Irish settlers. The same group, by the way, largely responsible for Southerners routinely beating the hell out of Yankee invaders before running out of men and resources.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Truth
  153. @Jeff Stryker

    Why are the newly-arrived whites to cities like NYC ie Trump so successful and the states comprised of Colonial stock regarded as backwaters?

    Lack of motivation. Sometimes being the best possum hunter in your social group is enough. Also, a more serious impediment. A genuine respect, probably genetic, for honesty.

    Being successful in NYC requires an ability to fold, spindle, and mutilate such archaic notions.

  154. @Jeff Stryker

    Most expats agree Costa Rica is the only country livable in Latin America.

    That’s due primarily to the CIA using Latin America as a drug-running corridor, while making sure it stays one by assassinating any local leader making moves toward improving the situation.

  155. @Bill H

    I agree. Males not experiencing sexual pleasure and satisfaction might blame it on circumcision, but that ain’t the problem.

  156. @Jeff Stryker

    I passed through them in the ROTC National Guard Reserves in college-are MORE REMOTE and rugged than the average Asian city.

    Oh, now I understand how you got to be such an authority on the remote and rugged countryside.

  157. Could we push the clock forward on Friday afternoons? Can we free children to not choose a religion until they are age 21?

  158. @Carroll Price

    The Spanish/Pure White Castilian elite are going to be attracted to Right-Wing policies and subsidizing to keep the Indians/Mestizos.

    They do not want to lose their influence over the Indian masses.

  159. @Achmed E. Newman

    Anna, if you haven’t read Reed’s stuff over the last coupla’ years, then you don’t know the background I do. This guy has started to piss me off with his fake gonzo-journalism, anti-Americans crap.

    Yeah, Fred used to be one of my favorite columnists, but now hes’s terrible. I can’t wait until the dollar tanks and that puta of his dumps his ass and he has to come crawling back to this country full of people he’s insulted time and time again, even sometimes calling us gringos (as if he isn’t one of us himself. )

  160. Excellent article as usual Fred. Ignore your detractors, you hit the nail on the head 99.95% of the time.

  161. @Carroll Price

    Parts of Michigan are remote, yes.

  162. @Ray Huffman

    He’d move to India or wherever he could get by.

    Hardened expats like us don’t care WHAT country we live in. We just don’t want to be in the US.

    When one country goes “South” like the Philippines or there is a revolution the expats simply walk away from their $20,000 house and move to whichever country has the best exchange rate.

    In the Philippines I knew one Los Angeles cameraman who moved there and got married and simply decided the weather was unbearable so he gave the Filipino woman $1000 and moved to Eastern Europe.

    I personally detested the barrios and Cholos of Phoenix and WOULD NOT VISIT Mexico if you paid me.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  163. Anonymous[168] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Small US towns-I passed through them in the ROTC National Guard Reserves in college-are MORE REMOTE and rugged than the average Asian city.

    Now, now, Jeffy, your ignorance is showing.

    Nobody in Bangkok is as cut-off as someone in rural US 10 miles down a dirt road from the nearest Wal-Mart.

    Bangkok is a city. A dirty and violent city. You are ignorant. I live 10 miles down a dirt road from a Walmart. Assuming I would ever go into a Walmart (Walmarts are little ghettos placed inside nice communities to drive down real estate prices for the Waltons to snap up.), I would get in my car and drive. Or, in my four-wheeler. Or, my scooter. Or, my Harley. So, what’s the problem?

    FYI, I lied about “dirt road”. We don’t have any. Unlike Bangkok.

    Getting the picture yet?

  164. Anonymous [AKA "jamiebenson"] says:

    I will second this 100% – there is no one better when it comes to such rants …

  165. Anonymous[168] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ray Huffman

    Yeah, Fred used to be one of my favorite columnists, but now hes’s terrible. I can’t wait until the dollar tanks and that puta of his dumps his ass and he has to come crawling back to this country full of people he’s insulted time and time again, even sometimes calling us gringos (as if he isn’t one of us himself. )

    Are you aware of what an ignorant dipshit you come across as? Intelligent people don’t read Reed and get angry. Only fools do that. Reed is yanking your chain, and you spout silly bullshit. Grow up.

    • Replies: @Bragadocious
  166. Anonymous[168] • Disclaimer says:
    @Carroll Price

    That’s due primarily to the CIA using Latin America as a drug-running corridor, while making sure it stays one by assassinating any local leader making moves toward improving the situation.

    Drugs are the best source of untraceable cash revenue, in Billion$ of dollars. Do you see any middle-class working Americans getting rich on the drug trade? Do you watch motion pictures of entirely fictitious drug-trade soap operas? Do you believe them? Where does the money end up, for real? Why do you think the Federal gubmint is so adamantly opposed to legalization efforts like in Colorado and others? Who do you THINK is getting rich from the drug trade?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  167. Anonymous[168] • Disclaimer says:
    @Carroll Price

    Plus, the only significant defeats the British experienced in America were in the South at the hands of Scotch/Irish settlers.

    Are you NUTS?

    Oh, never mind. Re-write history as you please.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  168. @Simply Simon

    Yeah but that is minimum wage stuff that teenagers used to do. Mostly.

    Work your ass off in Taco Bell at 40 to share an apartment with ex-cons, loonies and assorted losers?

    You have a better quality of life in a park. Your roommate won’t leave you with a huge bill.

    • Replies: @Simply Simon
  169. Cameron says:
    @Monty Ahwazi

    I would pity the toilet bowl.

  170. @Anonymous

    Sounds like you’re the angry one. Another one of Reed’s sock puppet accounts perhaps? It’s amazing how all theses anonymous and 1-post wonders show up to defend him.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @annamaria
  171. @HallParvey

    In other words, nobody should get up off his ass to change anything in the world?

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  172. @Carroll Price

    Yes, always the Americans, or the colonists or the legacy of dat slavery. When you point your finger, cause your plans fell through, you got three more fingers pointing at you, yeahh…

  173. @The Plutonium Kid

    Very good question, The Kid. Let’s just lump Canada in with America, financially, so I’ll think of those as the places (along with W. Europe) where ex-pats COME FROM to go to live cheap on their dollars, looneys, euros, etc. I do think most economies will tank in concert, yes. However, in a place like Mexico, C. and S. America, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, etc. the local currency does not have the HUGE mark-up that the dollar does due to it’s being the “reserve currency”*.

    Because it’s still the reserve currency (for now), the US dollar is inherently not nearly worth as much as it’s viewed to be. When things get real, the other cheap currencies, Pesos, etc., will still hold the limited value. Social Security checks denominated in dollars, however, will lose a whole lot of buying power.

    As to your 2nd question, I sort of answered that already. By REAL MONEY, I mean gold and silver, but any real assets like houses, land, equipment, etc. would keep their value. In parts of the 3rd world, you don’t know about the land (see S. Africa – yes, that is a particular racism/genocide story), as anywhere you are considered a foreigner and the government is not the atypical long-ago American Constitutional Republic, some people may come and just take all your shit. It’s been done throughout history.

    Wise up, Janet Weiss Fred Reed!

    * Used for most of world trade.

  174. Anonymous[168] • Disclaimer says:

    Sounds like you’re the angry one. Another one of Reed’s sock puppet accounts perhaps? It’s amazing how all theses anonymous and 1-post wonders show up to defend him.

    Damn! Brilliant, fact-choked repartee from yet another Unz comment-genius.

    I yam crushed, Bluto, crushed!

  175. @Jeff Stryker

    See, Jeff, now this, and a bunch of others of your comments I just read, is where you revert back to your method of relying on TV shows and movies for your knowledge. That’s not a good idea. You need to know that TV and movies are entertainment, at best, but are full of lies in not always so-obvious ways.

    NYC has original white stock mostly in the Big-Finance money “industry” that makes Manhattan what it is. Most people who have grown up in America but aren’t big-money guys do not want to live 6 people to a 400 sq-ft apartment in a crowd infested with foreigners. The foreigners don’t mind that yet. The Americans move out farther away for some space, and possibly commute in for some jobs.

    States with more room are considered “backwaters” and “flyover country” by the folks that write the NY times and produce the stupid shit that you consider your primary source of information. I’m pretty sure Fred Reed now has the same habit (I’m not saying he’s wrong about a lot of stuff, but he doesn’t get around anymore.)

  176. @Anonymous

    There are no dirt roads in Bangkok.

    Is it a dirty city. Yes.

    Is it as dangerous as lower-income US neighborhoods? No. Phoenix is quite clean and tidy but Cholos will erupt in unprovoked violence faster than Asians. Even ghetto blacks are sort of “zoned” to particular areas but Mestizo violence can just erupt everywhere.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  177. @Anonymous

    I was gonna write Mr. Stryker back, but I’ll just reply to you, #168. As I wrote just before this one, the guy’s got a habit of getting all his information off the freakin’ TV. I was going to write the same thing. Pretty much the only people that live down long dirt roads are people who live waaay out there, as in the desert of Nevada, and WANT TO live waaay out there.

    You don’t really seem to know anything about remote places in Asia, Jeff. I know someone in China whose in-laws lived only a coupla miles away AS THE CROW FLIES, but in the steep, steep mountains it was a 3 hour hike on a trail – no road at all. That was lots of China, but let me emphasize “WAS”. That is changing rapidly in China as the infrastructure improvements there are very impressive, even in the middle of nowhere. That’s not necessarily the case in the Philippines, Thailand, or Vietnam.

    As far as America goes, I’ve Been Everywhere in this here Land.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Anonymous
  178. @Anonymous

    Selling crystal meth legally in 7-11 is not going to improve a city. Beyond marijuana or Molly, legalizing drugs would not make anywhere much nicer. Women would still pedal ass and you’d have a bunch of hookers like drug areas have now. You’d have the receivers of stolen property and fences. Homelessness. Increased assault and domestic violence.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  179. @Achmed E. Newman

    People need motivation.

    Internal motivation requires a perceived personal benefit for any activity. Even apparent altruism is not without at least the emotional “feel good about yourself” effect.

    External motivation, fear of the pain of the lash, fear of ostracism, all such are sourced in the question of “what’s in it for me” .

  180. @pyrrhus

    Dear Fake Name

    Ad hominem always wins the prize, the booby prize, so named because it is awarded to boobs.

    People who write under fake names are the real trolls. They are cowardly trolls as well who are so ashamed of what they write that they resort to hiding behind a fake name.


    • Replies: @Anonymous
  181. @Giuseppe

    Another coward who writes under a false name. Who are you? Why are you so afraid to identify yourself and stand up for what you write? I do; you’re a coward.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Giuseppe
  182. @Liza

    I just can’t seem to dig up any sub-conscious memories of infantile circumcision trauma or Freudian mama hate syndrome and I really don’t have any complaints about sensory sexual satisfaction, though I do know that quite a few nerve endings are lost when foreskin is removed. I’m not a Jew either.

    BTW, do you shave down there?

    • Replies: @Liza
  183. @Achmed E. Newman

    I’m writing you now from a remote place in Asia, you cretin.

    My wife and divide our time between Bangkok and Chang Mai where she is from.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  184. @HallParvey

    Uh, no, that’s Kris Kristofferson, not Roger Miller.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  185. Liza says:

    When they were handing out the ability to discern sarcasm, sir, and an attempt to make a point, I fear you were not in the lineup.

  186. May I suggest Linh Dinh for Secretary of something or other?

    • Replies: @Truth
  187. Liza says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    LOL! Why would I need to shave “down there”? No, I never have. I’m late middle aged, post-menopause, and it’s starting to thin out a tad and that’s going to happen to you, too.

    Subconscious means you can’t access something directly, the anger or other strong emotion is formless, not developed – but it is affecting your life one way or another.

    And, by the way, in what way have you tried to dig up any memories of infancy? I don’t know how this would be done. I know of one man to whom this happened spontaneously, without effort, and I guess that is what got me kind of interested in condemning all undesired genital cutting. Sexual abuse of babies and small children is also driven down to the point where they don’t even remember what happened, but one fine day they realize something is wrong with them that they can’t put their finger on.

  188. @Jeff Stryker

    I’d be easier to believe that, but you seem like a guy who makes things up as he goes along. I can’t keep reading a guy who writes like everything he’s learned about America in the last 20 years is from TV and the movies. YES, they make those movies and TV here, but in Hollywood and by ctrl-left PC idiots.

    It sounds like you had a rough time growing up in America, but don’t extrapolate your life here on everyone, and don’t act like you know what you’re talking about in response to people who have a whole lot more experience than you. It’d be nice to just bug out, I’ll admit it – though better as a single guy. There are downsides, as I’ve written in my post already linked to above. I’ll just put the Jimmy Buffet (Steve Goodwin) song here:

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  189. Anonymous[313] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Is it as dangerous as lower-income US neighborhoods? No. Phoenix is quite clean and tidy but Cholos will erupt in unprovoked violence faster than Asians. Even ghetto blacks are sort of “zoned” to particular areas but Mestizo violence can just erupt everywhere.

    Well, excyuuuuuse ME!, Jeffy. Had I known your true intention was to change the subject when called on your error, I would not have bothered.

    Now, for the record, Jeffy says:

    Small US towns-I passed through them in the ROTC National Guard Reserves in college-are MORE REMOTE and rugged than the average Asian city.

    I say, bullshit, Jeffy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Jeffy says:

    Nobody in Bangkok is as cut-off as someone in rural US 10 miles down a dirt road from the nearest Wal-Mart.

    I say, bullshit. Communications, cellphones, TV, radio and a 24/7 drenching of the population with globalist horseshit leaves NO ONE “remote and rugged”. You have not the FAINTEST notion of what you speak.

  190. Anonymous[313] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    Another coward who writes under a false name. Who are you? Why are you so afraid to identify yourself and stand up for what you write? I do; you’re a coward.

    You are a dumbfuck. Go back to Huffington Post.

  191. Anonymous[313] • Disclaimer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I was gonna write Mr. Stryker back, but I’ll just reply to you, #168. As I wrote just before this one, the guy’s got a habit of getting all his information off the freakin’ TV.

    Yes, he does, but prolly more Internet than TV.

    I like reading Stryker’s input. Or output, as the case may be. He’s observant, intelligent, sufficiently erudite, and not inclined to be as deliberately offensive as, say, someone like me. Obviously, he suffers from inaccurate information, as do we all. I filter everyone’s blather in accordance with what clues are provided as to geographic location, and such political sewer-soaking that is evident. Don’t you?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  192. @Jeff Stryker

    For a poor homeless man you really got around, from the remote and rugged regions (viewed from the seat of a vehicle going 65 miles/hour), to the glittering metropolis’ of the world, where exactly didn’t you spent time? And surely you must be the first homeless hombre (excuse me man) to pull a stint in the ROTC Reserves? No SEAL team?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  193. Anonymous[313] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Selling crystal meth legally in 7-11 is not going to improve a city.

    Don’t assume. Legalization always means regulation. Regulation means you can find out where the money goes. Everyone picks their own poison — alcohol hasn’t improved civilization much, either. Drug problems are typically the topside-visible effects of economic oppression.

    Women would still pedal ass and you’d have a bunch of hookers like drug areas have now.

    That word is “peddle”. However, in keeping with your Chinese nationalism, allow me “Confucius say ‘Teenage girl with bicycle pedal ass all over town.’”

    You’d have the receivers of stolen property and fences. Homelessness. Increased assault and domestic violence.

    Precursors of economic collapse. See 19th-century China. See Weimar Republic. See Brazil, 2018.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  194. Anonymous[313] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    People who write under fake names are the real trolls. They are cowardly trolls as well who are so ashamed of what they write that they resort to hiding behind a fake name.

    Jesus, you are such a dumbass.

    Prove your real name is Jim Sweeney. I don’t believe it is. I think it’s a pseudonym used by a coward.

    Again, what a dumbass.

  195. @Liza

    …that they can’t put their finger on.

    Pun intended?

  196. Robert Dunn says: • Website

    hmmmmmm slogans slogans slogans …….. ‘Better Fred than dead!’ …… umm…. ‘How ’bout a Frederal Government?’ …….. Make America Great For A Change’ ,…

  197. Logan says:

    In many cultures the FGM is driven by the women, not the men. Not PC but quite true.

    • Agree: Liza
  198. @Jeff Stryker

    It all depends on your attitude about life. There are winners and losers–dope users are losers and with some exceptions will continue to be so. Winners,OTOH may start out with a minimum wage job at Taco Bell but will do their best to climb up the ladder of success by hard work and determination. I know a large number of young people who are doing just that.

  199. Rich says:

    Well, the Mexicans stole it from the Spanish crown, Spanish took it from the Apache and the Navajo, the Apache and Navajo stole it from the Hopi, I’m not sure who had it before them. That desert paradise has been traded back and forth forever. Most of it was just empty land. Who do you think deserves it?

  200. annamaria says:

    Is Bragadocious your real name? — It does not seem that “Bragadocious” has published any articles here, for the Unz Review.

  201. @Bubba

    Have you ever been to Brazil? I suppose you don’t have to live somewhere to have an opinion about it. After all, you probably heard or read something about it one time.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Bubba
  202. Giuseppe says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    Jim relax, you’re working too hard at this. Trolling is supposed to be fun.

  203. @Achmed E. Newman

    Experience in what?

    Wasting away in Margaritaville?

  204. @TheBoom

    Same thing with the expats in Japan. They are liberals and spout off about “diversity” and “tolerance” while living in a well-organized ethnostate.

    You’d think their skulls would crack from the cognitive dissonance.

    • Replies: @TheBoom
    , @Jeff Stryker
  205. @Anonymous

    “Global communications”

    When your rural city’s downtown consists of a tattoo parlor and an antique store (Hicks and antiques) and a taxidermy shop open in deer season…You’re cut off.

    Most Podunk whites have never been ANYWHERE in their entire life unless they were Navy deckhands or long-haul truckers.

    In my opinion, they’re pretty cut-off.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  206. Anonymous[103] • Disclaimer says:
    @Carroll Price

    Name one.

    Fort Ticonderoga
    Chelsea Creek
    Fort St. Jean
    Savage’s Old Fields
    Great Bridge
    Moore’s Creek Bridge
    St. Pierre
    Sullivan’s Island
    Turtle Gut Inlet
    2nd Trenton
    Punk Hill
    Fort Stanwyck
    Fort Henry
    Bemis Heights

    and many, many more. You are (affecting the role of) a doofuss.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  207. Anonymous[103] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    In my opinion, they’re pretty cut-off.

    Bullshit. I don’t like to be unnecessarily vulgar, but you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Cut-off by choice, if they wanna? Sure, and you too, bud. But, are they? Hell no. Been there, witnessed it in mid-Atlantic, Ohio Valley, Midwest, Northwest, Texas.

  208. @Carroll Price


    My Dad was a former Combat Medic in Vietnam (Paid for his PHd) who told me I’d be “F*CKED” if I went into the army and urged me to drop out of the ROTC program. He lost 6 years of his life to the army and was bitter about it.

    I listened.


    I lived in the college dormitories of Central Michigan University and off-campus for a total of 4 years from 1993 when I was 19 to 1998 when I turned 24.

    Following that I moved to Phoenix for an entry-level job because my brother was finishing his own degree at Arizona State. After getting on my feet I moved into an “Efficiency Apartment Complex” and this was the worst experience of my life. It was full of Cholos, Tweakers and even a black pimp. So I moved in with a couple of other young guys into a three-room condo also in their early 20’s. This was typical bachelor pig apartment with girls coming and going and beer cans everywhere etc.

    A high school buddy got me a job in Dubai and I shared rather dingy high-rise flat with him and his wife for years.

    I moved to Canada for two years and got a graduate degree in Ontario. I met a French-Canadian female chef who was seven years older than I was and we had a two-year relationship. When it ended, I moved back to Dubai.

    After Dubai I was 36 and moved to the Philippines because I had contacts there. Lots of white men who’d spent their working lives in Dubai were moving to Philippines because you could live cheap.

    My friend and I opened a girly bar. It was a business I hated. The hours. The shakedowns by corrupt cops. The girls getting STD’s. I sold him my share and moved out of his bungalow into my own.

    Finally, I moved to another Asian country and married a Thai-Chinese divorce and built a house for $20,000.

  209. @Liza

    Grown women trying to look like prepubescent children is one of the grossest examples of how totally obsessed with pornography Americans became once they could watch it free on the internet.

    Adult women have pubic hair.

    It used to be a source of feminine pride for women.

    Then along came the internet and grown adults began imitating all of the grotesque things that coke whores employed to have sex on camera do.

    • Agree: Liza
  210. TheBoom says:
    @White Guy In Japan

    I live in Asia again and am in my third country here. I have had the same expat experience here as you. After expats finally quit ranting about the racism of border control and whites wanting to be a majority, I remark that they must hate the locals. That short circuits the expats because they have never connected the dots that the locals in their Asian country are far more nationalistic and ethnocentric than Trump and his voters. Expats just know that they are supposed to love the locals and celebrate their culture

  211. @Anonymous

    “Don’t be so sure”

    You obviously were not in the Southwest in the 1990’s at the height of the Meth Epidemic when the rednecks and lower-middle-class whites were out of their gourds on crystal meth.

    One sad story was a sweet Irish-American woman of 46 whose son had stolen her Photocopy machine. She was a nurse. Nice woman. Her son would just stop by and rob her blind.

    Another tweaker that REALLY scared me was Jake, who was homeless but hung around my apartment complex. He tried to move into my apartment with me because I lived alone. Of course I refused. Didn’t know the kid. He was about 19 and had a bunch of reform school Aryan tattoos. After that, he would just follow me everywhere with a big mindless grin on his face.

    After I moved out of the apartment complex and my unit was empty, he broke through the window to get in and injured himself looking for a place to stay.

    Van Buren was known as the Blvd. of Blowjobs in Phoenix. My roommate Mike worked at Motorola and he thought it was funny to turn his lights off and prowl behind the walls of motel and apartment parking lots where men would get blown in public and some guy’s bare butt was visible 20 yards away as a street whore knelt in front of him.

    I went with him once he blared his horn at some rough-looking trucker whose pants fell to his ankles he jumped in the air at the sound of Mike’s pickup truck horn and the woman kneeling in front of him fell back with her shirt open kneeling on the asphalt.

    “Go! Go!” I told Mike as he peeled out with the angry guy pulling his pants up and looking for a brick or rock to throw.

    I heard other stories of course. One female pet shop manager I knew had to deliver a baby Pitbull to a seedy apartment on Van Buren and when she arrived with the pub and climbed the stairs a man was having anal sex with a black crack whore on the landing against the wall.

    Marijuana has always been more or less tolerated on campus and of course most of us smoked in college. But legalizing hard drugs is different. It might reduce violence in Mexico but would not improved the US much.


    Flint has gotten the point where people have to drink toxic water. The government has more or less told them it does not give a shit.

    Countries like Australia or Switzerland have a sort of concern for standard of living overall but the US doesn’t and furthermore minimum wage is ridiculously low.

    Also, like Brazil, the US is comprised of various races and some are better at functioning economically than others. A Portuguese Jewish businessman or German-Brazilian engineer just DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT about the Mestizo-Black poor masses. There is not even a pretense that they do.

    Similarly, whites don’t really care that much about black poverty in the rust belt post-industrial cities. If blacks cannot leave that is their problem. I don’t think that middle-class whites care that much about the poor rural whites. They just don’t.

    Whereas in Australia or Canada there is more of a feeling that there has to be some basic universal standard of living.

    Hispanics in the US are immune to incredible levels of squalor and violence. Miami is full of rich Cuban whites who happily weather the Colombian cocaine cowboys, Miami black riots, Hatian boat people.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  212. Fred, you wouldn’t be able to drain the swamp from Washington, mired in quicksand, so you’ll have to take charge remotely from the Hacienda Blanca. Kinda taking a page from how Washington rules its own satrapies from afar.

  213. @Anonymous


    Swarthy Italian-American method actors from New York cannot convey the sheer primitive sudden dangerous violence of Cholos in real life or their sheer savagery.


    Ride a public bus in any urban city for a month. You’ll witness it.

    Cross the path of any two Mestizos in a Southwest city like Phoenix who simply are bored.

    Live in an efficiency apartment complex in any urban center in the United States where blacks or rednecks are.

    It takes no intelligence to observe these things.

  214. @TheBoom

    My experience in Asia is that the locals don’t even CARE about expats. Not one bit. The Japanese are the most self-absorbed people on earth and could not care a whit what a white guy is doing or why.

    Chinese are about the same. Seeing a foreigner for them is like seeing a cat at a dumpster.

    Same is true in Southeast Asia except there is a bit of an understanding that these whites contribute something to the economy and many of them just want to get laid.

    I’ve talked to Asian middle-class women (I don’t go to bars or associate with the poor prostitutes) and they laugh at how horny white men who are 60 or 70 years old. They find it a bit funny. But they are not offended by it.

    Asians don’t care.

    Philippines is basically a Beanbag country in Asia. The people are culturally and to some extent genetically Hispanic. The ruling elite of the Philippines are mestizos descended from the Spanish colonists so they have some antipathy because the US defeated Spain and colonized the Philippines.

    Chinese-Filipinos to some extent see other foreigners as competitors in business. This has led to vicious brawls with Koreans, who are now the johnny-come-lately investors and business people in the Philippines.

    But PLEASE DON’T TELL ME that Asians are anywhere near as hostile to you as white man that a Beaner or a Porch would be in your nearest hometown barrio or ghetto.

    Japanese teenagers and youth are not going to STOMP YOU TO DEATH because you took a wrong turn and ended up in their hood.

    Once in a blue moon Asian men rape some slutty white stewardess out drunk on her free night off or a Scandinavian tourist dressed like a whore at 11 PM staggering around the tourist center of town but this is rare. Much more often the rape is that of a black GI near a base and the victim is some 10 year old Okinawan girl.

    • Replies: @TheBoom
  215. @TheBoom


    Most of the expats are retirees or older guys from a middle-class or upper middle-class background who just came to Asia to get laid.

    If you are my age and from modest (I would not say poor) background you don’t complain about living in Asia or the populace. They are better than on a street with a Section 8 around the corner or some city that is rapidly becoming a barrio.

    Also Americans are not complaining about Italian illegal immigrants in some Chicago pizza joint working under-the-table or Filipino janitors with dubious work visas or even some Russian high-class hooker whose working illegally as a call girl in Vegas.

    They’re complaining about the wild Red Indians from Mexico who jungle primitivism into the US.

    If you are working middle class white like me who managed to get out of the rust belt young and single who spent his working life overseas far away from outbursts by 250 pound females bus passengers or freakouts at Detroit KFC’s or roving Cholos at a Southwest bus stop you are just glad to be out.d

  216. @White Guy In Japan


    Donald Trump’s father was an anchor baby from Germany and his grandfather had dubious immigration rights. His mother worked under-the-table too.

    Governor Schwarzenegger was once an illegal bricklayer.

    The cognitive dissonance lies in trying to deny that Latin American immigration consists of jungle primitives.

  217. Da Wei says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I get it. It’s an inimical environment, the USA. You can do OK elsewhere, but you’re never really home. Going back, it’s not home any more, even drunk.

    I’m older by a long shot, but I left over a decade ago. If you’d stayed and counted on Social Security you might have found, as I did, that it was diminished by a little sleight of hand called the Windfall Profits Exclusion Act. If you’d worked two jobs so you’d have another retirement income, whatever its size, you wouldn’t get the SS as promised. Just wouldn’t be fair, the Congressional Bill said. You only worked that SS job for the extra money, anyway, and getting the deal would be a “windfall profit.”

    This is not to go you one better. I sense your disappointment. I’m saying that your past experience made you tough and inventive enough to survive … I’m guessing in Asia … and that’s something a lot of people wouldn’t do. Dig in where you are and use your business smarts. You’ve likely already done that, but I’m offering my encouragement anyway. Your early years were boot camp, sergeant.

  218. @Low Voltage

    Aztec Indian primitivism and the unholy combine of African voodoo tribes and Amazon headhunters are held in check by White Supremacist Right-Wing tactics of a Vincente Fox or Brazilian Portuguese Jews who order police to simply shoot street children if they rob some businessman.

    Fred wouldn’t experience it because the half-breeds enforce the Aparthied of Latin America which holds Red Indian scalpers and headhunters and African voodoo brutes in check.

    Just as Castro held his own criminals and loonies in check and they ran amock in Florida.

    It is in the US that Aztec scalpers and Caribbean Witch Doctors do whatever they want.

    In Brazil they can grasp having their entire shanty torched by a Portuguese white if they gang rape his daughter who simply gets on the horn with the also-white police chief and tells him to nuke the place

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  219. @Anonymous

    I’ll tell what is funny…

    The rural whites and small town hicks and working guys on this site KNOW they are being screwed but they react to criticism with knee-jerk patriotism

    Its weird.

    You’d think they would be the unpatriotic ones who lobbed criticisms and the Jews and Irish-Catholics and suburban Northern Yankees like me would be the ones who jumped up patriotically because they have a better gig in the US in Manhattan or Silicone Valley.

    But it is the rural and exurban whites who thing the US is such a great country

    Like you guys.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @HallParvey
  220. Da Wei says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    OK, I see you are in Southeast Asia. Didn’t do my homework before the previous comment or that would have been obvious.

    I see all your reasons for living in Asia and suggest adding that women are pretty and typically not fat, and you’re right, not bitchy. They make the best mothers for your children, dedicated, uncomplaining and loyal. That they get dolled up to go to the 11-7 (inconvenience store) and don’t file suit if you look at them. Oh, and people don’t hold it against you if you’re of the Caucasian race, and in fact may be inclined to show respect despite historical warring with the West. Let’s see … virtually no street fights or BLM style demonstrations; good cold beer cheap cheap; tasty inexpensive street food (but watch triglycerides from old cooking oil); and especially that you don’t have to account for all the slaves you owned, women you hit on or Jews you slaughtered in those Nazi death camps you so ruthlessly ran. In short, you can enjoy your … White Privilege! (Let ’em suck on that one!) Did I mention the beer?

    I, myself, am from California when it was civilized, ran away to Guangdong … and for the past couple years in Hong Kong. I return to US twice yearly to pay taxes (honest Injun!) and plan a real comeback in a couple of years. I think we need to take on the bad guys. But, good for you, and The Boom. Asia heap good place. That’s my bio, long time.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Anonymous
  221. @Da Wei

    “Street Fights”

    A foreigner who keeps his mouth shut usually won’t be jumped for no reason. It happens, but it is uncommon.

    The worst beating I heard of was an American fat oaf-a professional gambler-who mouthed off to some Filipino “shabu” (Meth) addicts in a girly bar parking lot in Cebu over a parking space and was hospitalized as a result.

    An American I knew in Cebu mouthed off to some Korean drunks who chased him a full half kilometer into A POLICE STATION AND BEAT HIM UP INSIDE THE POLICE STATION FLOOR IN FRONT OF THE FILIPINO POLICE!

    Chinese don’t really care about foreigners. We’re like cats around a dumpster. Instances of Chinese beating up white businessmen are rare.

    Whites are just not very important to Chinese or Asians.

    I’ve heard that Koreans can be bullies and jackasses and to stay out of their bars in Seoul.

    But Chinese have better things to do then beat up or bully white strangers on the street.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  222. Anonymous[384] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff, I tire of your monologues regarding hellholes you have visited. You stated that rural people living “ten miles down a dirt road” are “cut-off”. That is bullshit. Have a nice day.

  223. Anonymous[384] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Just for future reference, it is “Vicente” Fox. One ‘n’.

  224. Anonymous[384] • Disclaimer says:
    @Da Wei

    Let’s see … virtually no street fights or BLM style demonstrations; good cold beer cheap cheap; tasty inexpensive street food (but watch triglycerides from old cooking oil); and especially that you don’t have to account for all the slaves you owned, women you hit on or Jews you slaughtered in those Nazi death camps you so ruthlessly ran. In short, you can enjoy your … White Privilege! (Let ‘em suck on that one!) Did I mention the beer?

    I’m thinking a lot of comments on Unz might simply be replaced by your words, above. Mebbe I’ll make a macro. 😉

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  225. Anonymous[384] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    The rural whites and small town hicks and working guys on this site KNOW they are being screwed but they react to criticism with knee-jerk patriotism

    Patriotism, my rosy red ass!

    You made a grossly incorrect statement, and you refuse to acknowledge error. I, in turn, refuse to let you slide on it.

    Simple, eh?

    If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s patriotic. What I am is a stickler for truth, and accuracy of observation. You may disagree, but I have found that when the truth is insisted upon, good things happen.

    Your mileage may vary. Have a nice day.

  226. @The Plutonium Kid

    You are right. I stand corrected. Twas from Bobbie McGee.
    The value of the sentiment expressed by the poetry still stands.

    Strange how the memory plays tricks. I wonder if that is what happened to Kavanaugh’s accuser. Nahh.

    It’s just another Anita Hill operation, run out of DNC headquarters, wherever they are.

  227. @Jeff Stryker

    But it is the rural and exurban whites who thing the US is such a great country

    It is, for them, where they live.

  228. Truth says:

    Life, I hear, is pretty good when you get away from Whitey.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  229. Truth says:
    @Carroll Price

    He was just smart enough to leave at a relatively young age to enjoy the good life in a safe, sane environment rather than spending a fortune cooped up in a gated community filled with ugly white soccer moms.


    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  230. Truth says:
    @Carroll Price

    Well, not exactly Old Sport…

  231. Lots of empty seats in the symphony hall.

    The chorus is good.

  232. @Truth

    You rode through in any upscale housing areas lately. If you do, you’ll see as many ugly Negroes and Wiggroes as ugly white people.

    • Replies: @Truth
  233. @Anonymous

    I didn’t ask for a list of battles fought in the Revolutionary War. I want to see a list of battles where British troops were defeated in decisive and humiliating battles like Kings Mountain & Cowpens, SC and Yorktown, Va. to name only 3. British troops roamed pretty much at will through the northeast, while never suffering a significant defeat anything close to those suffered after venturing south for what they assumed would be a cakewalk. Minus the defeats suffered at the hands of Southerners, along with assistance from France, England had no reason to ever agree to surrender terms of any description.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  234. @Truth

    Life may or may not be better when you get away from Whitey as long as you steer clear of Blackey.

  235. Da Wei says:

    Glad you detect verisimilitude. We’ve all been targeted by the same crap throwing zoo monkeys. Sorry I don’t now what a macro is, but if it means writ large, as in poster, then I say thanks for the flattery and keep on punchin’.

  236. Da Wei says:
    @Jeff Stryker


    Funny story about the guy being whipped in the police station, international in scope, huh? I think Koreans are far more easily provoked, and tougher, than Chinese. And Flips just like watching a fight, chickens, people, doesn’t matter.

    I agree about Americans in China, though the cat and dumpster comparison wouldn’t be my choice. The only laowai beating I know of happened about 12 years ago and involved an Englishman, a huckster I knew of, who drank all night in a village bar then came up quite short of paying his bill. The girls slapped hell out of him. he deserved it.

    Here are 2 cop stories from Guangdong, both over 10 years old and both involving me accompanying a Chinese friend who needed paperwork done at the police station. First, in Shekou, Shenzhen at a small station a cop walked in carrying a new stick, the kind that lengthens and locks when you give it a hard swing. He demonstrated how it worked and when I asked to hold it and try it out, the guy hesitated a moment before handing it over to me. He wasn’t armed in any other way and gave me, a stranger and foreigner, his only weapon. He showed me how it worked, I tried it out, thanked him and returned it. He told my friend (in Chinese) where the police bought that sort of thing and I went there and bought half a dozen. They were far cheaper that way. I took them to friends in the US.

    Second story involves a hot as hell afternoon in Danshui, where I counted 14 uniformed cops hanging out behind the counter, talking and smoking cigarettes. My friend and I were the only people there for any kind of business and these lounging officers were in excess of the regular staff. I wondered why they weren’t out on patrol and asked her why in the world there were so many cops there at 4:30 in the afternoon. She looked at me like I was an idiot and answered, “Because this is the police station.” I clarified my point, asking why they were inside the station. It still made no sense to her, as her answer was, “Because it’s hot outside.”

    That was all a while back, but in many ways things haven’t changed a lot.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  237. TheBoom says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I find little animosity towards foreigners over here in Asia if you don’t come across as a bum. Whether they like you being in their country is a different matter. They would not tolerate a massive invasion of foreigners, whether low class moochers or higher class competition like in the US. They mainly want to make money off you. Since they aren’t being displaced by foreigners like in the US, they sometimes are happy to see people who like their country (I imagine Japan is a different story). I have worked in 2 countries in Asia, spent time in others – such as the Philippines and Vietnam – and live in a third.

    Chunks of Eastern Asia is a man’s world and many don’t mind foreign men grabbing some of their women, in my experience, because most men are having affairs already with multiple women. Asian women over 35 are thrilled often by foreign men because Asian men won’t date them, especially if the woman has a kid.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  238. @Da Wei

    DA WEI

    The American was a drunk named Clinton Macbeth who would get belligerent when he was drunk and often into fights. He’d hit a ladyboy for hitting on him and would argue with security guards.

    He’d served in the army in the Philippines 25 years earlier and thought that being an American mattered in Cebu (Which it no longer does) and when he mouthed off to the Koreans walking past a beach resort they just ran after him.

    Clinton would later say to me that the Filipino duty Sergeant in the police station had his head down asleep as the Koreans kicked him on the police station floor in the balls until his screams woke the Filipino cop up.

    The Koreans then burst back out the front door of the police station as Clinton was shouting in pain in the fetal position on the floor.

    “Mark the Shark” was an American loan shark who was married to a Chinese-Filipino gambling addict named Suzette and he loaned money to Chinese-Filipino gambling addicts.

    The Chinese-Filipino community was so tired of their antics and seeing their sons or nephews Ma-Jong addictions being preyed upon by a merciless “Juice Lender” (White slang for a squeezing the borrower with interest rates) that they just beat the complete hell out of Mark and chased him out of town.

    One German man named Enner was handcuffed to his dick by his Filipino police officer wife for having affairs-marrying a female who is a cop in a corrupt country is iffy.

    Korean women are known-offensively-as Yellow Cabs and some white men go into low Korean bars to pick them up, which is fairly easy. But Korean men love to fight in bars with just about anybody and it is easy to get into a fight doing this.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  239. @TheBoom

    Enner was the funniest story I ever heard…

    He was married to a hot but corrupt and nasty female Filipino police officer. He’d been having an affair with a Filipino woman in Germany and somehow this news got back to the Philippines.

    His wife handcuffed him to his own penis.

    She refused to hand over the key and he had to go to the hospital and they had to use a blowtorch to cut through the steel right next to his testicles.

    Generally though, white men really are not much of a bother to Asians. They don’t want trouble with the cops or with locals so they just keep low profiles.

    Philippines is crime-ridden country because for whatever reason meth took off there in a way it never did in the rest of Asia and because the Philippines is a poor country with such high unemployment junkies have no choice but to go after foreigners in robberies.

    This is common enough.

    The rest of Asia has a low crime rate compared to the Philippines.

    I don’t what it is about the Philippines. The people just seem to generally have a shifty and untrustworthy character. Even nice people become complete shitbags on meth so of course Filipinos who are liars and thieves to begin with really become completely awful on meth.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  240. Da Wei says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Good stories, worth a beer or two. Ya gotta hand it to old Enner’s wife, but then I guess Enner already did.

  241. @Da Wei

    The Philippines is not really Asia. It is Latin America IN Asia. Its more like Guatemala than like Beijing.

    Also the real dregs of the West go to the Philippines because it is cheap and so corrupt that you can buy your way out of any scrape for $200.

    East Asia is actually more orderly and pleasant than most of the United States. Much is made about rural China but of course rural people everywhere in the world are backward.

    It is ASIANS who are the victims of bat-shit crazy misfortune in the United States because of passing by criminals or raving lunatics.

    • Replies: @TheBoom
  242. @Da Wei

    The handcuffs were apparently high-tensile steel.

    They had to take a blow torch to them next to his testicles to cut through them.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  243. Da Wei says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    The Chinese think they have a drug problem, but I haven’t seen much evidence of it, well, compared to the vast horde of toothless cranksters back home. Here are a couple stories of drugs in China.

    There’s a village in southern Guangdong, forgot the name just now, notorious for crime. 5 or 6 years back the government busted pretty much the whole town. They were cooking crank up and down main street. Fixin’s were bagged up and leaning against the sides of the buildings. They got tons. Now, we didn’t hear about it in Guangdong. I read about this in the Sacramento Bee on a visit back there. I showed it to my wife and she told me about her friend who got off a bus there and before reaching another bus across the street had her purse snatched. Could happen anywhere, but it didn’t.

    I’ve known a few, not many, Filipino women in Guangdong. One, who commuted between Cebu and China, appeared fond of heroin, maybe more. Her friend, being short of money, was invited to do business. Maybe she ingested the stuff in condoms, but she was busted coming in at Shenzhen airport, tried, convicted and executed, a 30 day process. I heard about this when another Filipino called with the news, about a month after the arrest. Another, a registered nurse, moved from mainland to Macau where she told me she was studying medicine, but lied and was working out of a bar. This lady told me of her cousin, who had been arrested when a dog sniffed out her heroin laden luggage at the Hong Kong airport. Maybe it was crank, who knows, but lucky for her it was in lenient Hong Kong, where she only got life in prison, not a bullet in the back of the head. Of course, they get a 30 period of appeal before execution, but the Chinese don’t mess around with that.

    These are gory stories, not funny like Enner getting handcuffs blowtorched off his privates.

  244. Da Wei says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Enner, what a dummy. Married to a nasty hottie who was also a corrupt cop. What more could he want? Such an inventive babe oughta be in that inquisition place in Cuba, doing her thing for freedom.

  245. Anonymous[126] • Disclaimer says:
    @Carroll Price

    I didn’t ask for a list of battles fought in the Revolutionary War.

    True, you asked for one. I assume you might have some understanding that ONE British defeat does not a summer make — I mean, is not a crushing military victory for the Revolution.

    Is that why you said “Name one.”? A lack of understanding?

    I can list the rest, but that would be like providing welfare to Negroes.

  246. Truth says:
    @Carroll Price

    My friend, if it is referred to as a “housing area” it is not upscale. Upscale areas are called “upper-class suburbs.”

  247. @Da Wei

    When you are 60 year old German who cannot get a woman to look at him and you come to the Philippines and some reasonably hot woman gives you the first blowjob you’ve gotten since 1983 you kind of lose your head and maybe don’t care that she is a cop in a corrupt country and its an unwise idea to marry her.

  248. @Da Wei


    Air Force John was 60 when he came to the Philippines and a career officer in communications and intelligence. Ramrod straight guy. But he started bar fining girls. One night when he was totally drunk a bar girl got him to try Ice and he was hooked through the bag. By the time I met him, he was a total mad tweaker at the age of 64. His pension was $4000 a month and crystal meth is $10 a hit in the Philippines and he would be so stone-broke he’d be hitting me up for a loan to buy rice. You can imagine how high he was when meth is $20 a gram and he is smoking up his entire pension.

    John got this idea that he’d seen the ghost of a Japanese soldier in his compound yard and that this soldier had buried World War II treasure. So he started he hired some Filipinos and began to dig. He dug a 50 foot hole in his yard. He never found gold.

    Then there was Leighton. He had met a Filipino woman online and decided to marry her. So he flew to the Philippines and bought her a house for $30,000. Problem was she was already married so when he went inside her husband was on the couch drinking a beer.

    The house was in her name. The cops came and removed him from the property when he made a scene.

    But here was the problem. He was broke. He could no longer afford to live in the US. He’d sold the farm. So he stayed in the Philippines. He cursed the place every day and the people, but the exchange rate was good because he was now broke. Filipinos actually just laughed at him.

    …I knew many more stories like that but I won’t bore you. Suffice to say I was wiser when I left.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  249. Bubba says:
    @Low Voltage

    LOL – Have you been to Brazil and watch their TV show where Brazilians plan to enter the USA illegally? I did! And what a hoot that show is! Just please keep your wallet and phone secure so no one steals it if you are watching the show in a restaurant sitting on a barstool or tries to kidnap you on the short walk back to the hotel. My Portuguese is terrible, but supposedly the TV show is an uplifting comedy that must be watched if you are there like I was (several times). Not sure if it is still on the telly these days.

    BTW, I’ve have and had passports with plenty of extra pages and stamps on every page with visits to places like Brazil (after getting 200+ visas over 30 years). I wouldn’t want to enter Brazil illegally like the 10+ thousands of Brazilians illegally entering the USA every year. I just want to be legal in Brazil when I get robbed again or have another kidnapping attempt in broad daylight. You know, I feel I gotta contribute more to that Brazilian corruption every time I go back there!

    I found Colombia to be wonderful with especially lovely, highly intelligent women. However, I’ve travelled throughout Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Panama et. al. – no gracias.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  250. Anonymous [AKA "MarshDweller"] says:

    I like the article even more after seeing all the butthurts chiming in. : )

  251. @Bubba

    As an expat who has spent 19 of his 44 years overseas I cannot imagine why anyone would want to go to Latin America. I would not even want to be in a US barrio for one day much less live in Brazil.

    I knew an American in Philippines who was cut by a robber on a beach in Brazil.

    What do Americans think? That the small white ruling elite fly in helicopters from their house to their office everyday because Rio is safe place?

  252. TheBoom says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Philippines is also the only Catholic country in Asia and, consequently, acts more like your typical Catholic country than an Asian one: crime, corruption that doesn’t trickle down, and inefficiency, but more romantic with people who focusing on enjoying the present and not delayed gratification

    An Italian woman I met who lives in Asia told me that Italians are always wondering why they are so much more inefficient than Germans and why the South of Italy is so much more corrupt than the North. She said that Italians are starting to feel it has to do with confession. Do whatever you want, confess your sins then start again

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  253. You have my vote, Fred!

  254. @TheBoom

    Imagine if not only did Latin America have a white (ish) elite descended from the colonial Spanish families who owned all the land but additionally a Chinese merchant class owned all the businesses.

    That’s the Philippines.

  255. Da Wei says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff Stryker,

    Good stories, these, amusing and truthful.

    About a dozen years ago, when I first arrived in Guangdong, a big Shell Oil project had just concluded and the high-on-the-hog foreigners, engineers, had all but left. The ones remaining tended to be old, but new fathers married to Chinese women, or else ne’er-do-well drunks who had no other place to be. One who straddled both categories was a little Irish leprechaun who drank all my scotch one night, then pleaded to be driven home in his car. I did that once, in the wee small hours, and walked part of the way home before catching a cab. The leprechaun had made big money and bought his young wife a penthouse that was pricey then and later worth a bundle. Everything was in her name. Eventually, she kicked him out and kept all the keys, understandably. He was so bad he embarrassed the few friends he had, who were mostly drunks themselves. It must be hard to be married to a death wish, especially a foreign one you can’t really talk to.

    Another guy, also an engineer who knew the leprechaun, bragged to me about the money he had made in Iraq during the first years of that war. He didn’t want the US government to know he owned 5 properties in China, as that would reduce his $2,000 a month social security retirement. I tried hard to recall my Stoicism I-A lectures, because I had recently learned that the Windfall Profits SS Law cut my own SS down to $133 a month. The guy moved his young family back to the States and bought a very nice condo in a ritzy place where rich stars live, and his wife had 1 or 2 more kids. Serves him right.

    I never made it to Philippines, having passed on the opportunity to join the Navy with my brother during Viet Nam and, later, to go there to meet my friend’s wife’s sister, during piece time. But I have a story for you about Philippines, still. My oldest and, really, only foreigner friend in China is a man I met the first week I was here. He’s a sterling guy, brilliant, loyal, who has become a business tycoon in the time I’ve known him. Back about 10 years ago he told me he had a friend who was a member of the Marcos family. You remember Imelda, Queen of Shoes? Well, this fellow had shown my friend photographs of helicopters lifting caches of gold by cable out of ground holes dug in Philippine jungles. At least one photo showed, with unmistakable clarity, a man in shirt and tie directing the flight of the helicopters. The man was George H. W. Bush, back when he was Director of the CIA. That’s my only Philippine story — hearsay, but credible — and disgusting.

    Thanks for the exchange. Let’s take America back.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Truth
  256. @Da Wei

    Some professional treasure-hunters find gold here and there but Marcos extracted most of it in the seventies. The problem is smuggling it out.

    One Canadian found a kilo and was busted in the Davao airport in Southern Philippines at customs. Needless to say it was repossessed by Philippines customs.

    I’m too old to really fight in the road with Antifa or BLM or even want to return to the US. Michigan is not very appealing and one reason is the weather alone.

    To be honest my birthplace was not that hot to begin with.

  257. Truth says:
    @Da Wei

    Thanks for the exchange. Let’s take America back.

    Now that’s the kind of down-home, Aye-Merican sentiment I want to see around here. Needs a couple of exclamation points after it!

    I’m afraid Stryke-dogg has already tapped out of this mission, but the rest of you Whyat Unzistas, I want you to take notes.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  258. Anonymous[292] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m afraid Stryke-dogg has already tapped out of this mission, but the rest of you Whyat Unzistas, I want you to take notes.

    Scribble, scribble, scribble go the crayolas.

    I wonder if mass stupidity is cyclic at Unz. For awhile there, reasoned, fact-based discussion held the upper hand. Lately, the air is thick with Wackadoodle insanity, the shouting of “commie” and “jew” (and “commie jew” ;-)), tales of economic doom predicted by one loony pundit or another, earsplitting shrieks of “conspiracy”, “commie conspiracy”, and “commie jew conspiracy”.

    Quo vadimus? Have gum-sucking, paranoid geezers invaded? Is insane raving now the rule? These people are NUTS. Not to mention the ones savagely declaring new truths of ancient history that … well, will it be changing any time soon? Will time reverse and give the shriekers a do-over?

  259. Rod1963 says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    So you either home school them or at least supplement their worthless public education.

    Still they may need a better role model than some father who goes off the rails because of a funny piece by Fred. If you want scholarly work go somewhere else. But if you did, they wouldn’t put up with your anger issues.

    Even the worst public ed teacher I encountered had better manners than you.

  260. Excellent commentary Fred. I’ve missed them for some reason and this one’s a beaut.
    ie: AIPAC, I would use the AIPAC headquarters for fire drills, first setting fire to it then dousing it with accelerants. If anyone was inside….too bad.
    As for all those treasonous half witted miscreants in congress who signed the loyalty oath to Pisrael, I believe the charge of treason could and should be applied to each and every one. The Constitution distinctly spells out what treason is. There are plenty of lamp posts and hemp rope to go around for every one.
    And don’t forget how many cars we could sell in Russia. with they way they drive, they could even keep Fiat Chrysler afloat for at least another century or until some enterprising Americans with years of racing(professionally) move in and set up driver’s training schools…….a great idea for anyone who could do so. Think of the money made and Putin would make them a national hero.
    By the way I would invite Putin to America and take him around to some great places: Traverse City, Mi. and surrounding area.
    Hell, I’d even BBQ some ribs and chicken for him.

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