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Do Jews Contain Microchips?
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A few weeks back I wrote a column suggesting that Jews have become successful because they are smart. I confess that I did it in the spirit of a small boy poking a wasps’ nest and running like hell. I am a bad person, but it is more interesting than accountancy. The Devil makes me do it.

I predicted–it didn’t take much predicting—that there would follow great fury and anguish and thundering that Jews aren’t really that smart, indeed really not more than anyone else, that they weren’t really inventive, had actually produced little or nothing, This led to the interesting conclusion that a tiny group, not very bright, not inventive and unproductive, “totally control everything.” This further led me, like a trail of breadcrumbs, to conclude that success must be proportional to the lack of any qualities likely to produce it and that if Jews were even less intelligent and imaginative, they would not only control everything but also everything else. This is getting confusing.


There is in the horror of Jews an opposing strand, a pop-evo assertion that, well, yes, Jews are smart and they got that way because in the Shetls bright boys became rabbis and were respected so married the best prospects and had lots of children, concentrating genes for brains. Kevin McDonald is the guru of this line of thought. Like most, or all, ex post facto metaphysical Sunday-supplement evolutionism, this relies on genes assumed but undetected, acted upon by selective pressures imagined but neither quantifiable nor instrumentally detectable, producing results assumed to be consequent to but not correlatable with the assumed pressures. Apart from these quibbles the theory seems firm.

But if those doing the resentful hissing and snarling really believe that every aspect of our lives is run by Jews, perhaps from a control room deep beneath Manhattan, does this not imply we, the controlled, must be weak, feckless, dim, easily led and, well, contemptible? Are the rest of us really as helpless and docile as the hissers hold us to be? I mean, honest, I can actually dress myself.

For the record, I have found Jews other than some Israelis to be pretty good people, though there have been exceptions, certainly less tedious than their detractors, certainly more intelligent, and on occasions living up to their high moral impression of themselves. That is policy in this column. Deal with it.

Most of the squalling and fulmination aforementioned supports my not very astonishing assertion that Jews get ahead for the obvious reasons that explain the advance of any brighter group operating among the less bright: Indians and Chinese in Africa, Chinese in Indonesia, Australians and abos in Australia, and so on. The success and subsequent influence certainly exist, as easily shown by counting those in high governmental office, entrepreneurs, the sciences, arts, high-tech, academia, and the like.


What explains the seething resentment, other than a sense of inferiority? There is a close affinity between Jew worriers and anti-vaccers, and with conspiracy theorists in general. I have not actually heard anyone saying that Jews contain microchips or nanoparticles to alter our DNA, but I expect this any day now. There is the same sense of some unseen evil, a foul miasma, like swamp gas, palpable, almost visible but just out of the range of vision. behind everything. The (Jews, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the Davos crowd, the UN, World Government, the Democrats).

For example, CTs believe not only in black helicopters, FEMA camps into which conservatives will be stuffed come the Reset, and a half-dozen (at least) conspiracies involving the virus, but also that Jews destroyed the Twin towers and killed JFK. I sleep with a loaded pistol.

The conspiracy game would fascinate psychiatrists if they weren’t already crazier than their patients. On the same page of the Vacca whacsites you can find articles arguing on powerful authority that the virus doesn’t exist, and that it is a conspiracy to depopulate the earth, that the needles contain microchips to track us and nanoparticles to reprogram our DNA for some reason probably not desirable. This is not parody. I know people who believe all of these things. But wouldn’t the nanoparticles jam up the needles? And if the earth were depopulated, who would the microchips track? These are deep waters.

Then, always, there is white Christian civilization, which Jews are said to be destroying. If so, they are not very good at it, since the said civilization has proved the most successful to date, but we will not worry about this. Does not one have in logic if any to believe either A, that Jesus is the Son of God and Jews His chosen people, in which case one might expect them to have a leg up in life, or B, that Christianity is a fraud, arguably perpetrated by Jews, and that the faith has no more truth in it than an elaborated Cargo Cult? And if Jews are good enough for God, shouldn’t they be good enough for us’

Of course one could posit that Christianity isn’t true but that it contains all sorts of desirable values and thus is a fitting timon for humanity, but then it still comes—shriek !—from those pesky Jews.

The perennial insistence that Jews are out to destroy white Christian civilization runs into the awkward facts that Jews are usually white and that Christianity is their invention. Uberpatriots make invidious comparisons between Christian virtues and the dark morals and failings of other races and tribes, but…wait…didn’t Jews write the Bible?

Jews of course tend to be politically liberal and so regarded as enemies by the anti-Jewish folk, mostly conservative. Note that liberals are highly inclusive in outlook, regardless of whether it makes sense in a given case, while conservatives are by nature hostile to outgroups, whether it makes sense in a given case or not. Another common thread is that liberals, sort of half of America, are dupes led by the nose by Jewish intellectuals whereas conservatives, the other half, see things with lone crystalline clarity

The connection of conservatism with nuttiness is in fact fairly rare, but it’s a doozy when it happens. Mainline conservatives believe in small government, lower taxes, states’ rights, individual liberty, traditional morality, and such. While some may disagree with aspects of these, none is loony. But then you come to the CT enthusiasts who fall off the Right Wing out where the feathers run out and giddy space begins. It seems not to occur to them that highly intelligent, educated, and decent liberals often come to their positions all by themselves. You don’t have to be a robot of the Jews to favor universal health care. When a society faces multiple grave problems with no solution, people of good intention will plunk for programs likely to produce miserable results over those plunked for by the other side, which also will produce miserable results.

I will now go into hiding.

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