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All cultures are equal. At least, as things are going, they soon will be. But couldn’t they be equal somewhere else?

Month after month after month, surprising as sunrise, predictable as the value of pi, come the casualty reports documenting racial disaster. Details change. The substance does not. Gangs of American Africans beat whites into brain damage, often rape and sometimes torture, kill policemen, loot stores, burn our cities. Week after week sullen dark faces glare from mug shots. The stories run briefly in the local press and are disappeared.

Woman bludgeoned to death by black male in random attack in laundromat. She called 911, screamed, then went silent. Las Vegas police arrested a black male carrying a bloody sledge hammer. This was thought suspicious, though perhaps police unfairly profile men carrying bloody sledge hammers. He was doubtless a troubled youth who broke under the unbearable torment of white privilege. The woman remains dead.

The race war rages on the culture front:

Mary Reid, assistant professor at University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, worries math tests for all new teachers could lead to fewer visible minorities entering the profession.”

The purpose of schooling is to include visible minorities. A math test uncomfortably approximates an intelligence test. These make the obvious…well, obvious. Another step backward toward the Olduvai Gorge.

Queens, New York. More troubled youths, suffering unbearably from institutional racism, attack a woman of 67 years, take her cane, and beat her with it. Video. Presumably in their troubled childhoods they didn’t have canes and all the white kids did, so it was OK to take the woman’s. And beat her with it. Indicative of a hunter-gatherer genotype.

University Holds Training Session On Avoiding Single Standard Objectives in Grading”

You-know-who can’t do the work so we have to corrupt the universities to hide what everybody knows anyway. Biologists will tell you that yeast in a nutrient solution will reproduce rapidly until all the glucose has been metabolized, and then starve. For yeast, there are limits to the free stuff.

If you doubt the extent of censoring of the race war by the media, read this, by Ann Coulter. You may not like Coulter. I don’t. Facts remain facts regardless of their source. Goebbels would blush.

Shocking moment a gang of 14 teenage boys and girls brutally beat and kick a tourist outside a famed hotel in Washington, DC.” Video.

A hunting pack of feral teens. As the race war comes closer and streets grow dark and dangerous, the civilized will perhaps fly between tops of buildings in helicopters to avoid the encroaching Morlocks.

Merriam-Webster: “Teen”: A black, usually male, between the ages of fourteen and twenty-eight who recapitulates phylogeny by savaging members of other races.”

Video: “Teens Allegedly Loot Walgreens in Downtown Philly”

Not too allegedly, since it is on video. The teens can’t be blamed because they had bad childhoods and anyway they wanted free stuff. So do yeast.

11 wounded in shooting at block party near playground in New York (VIDEO)”

You have probably guessed. The shooters were Chinese girls studying information technology at Stanford and on vacation in New York. We all know how Chinese girls in computer-science are: Low IQs, poor impulse control, limited future orientation, and–you can bet on it–long criminal records.

University seminar teaches faculty not to judge ‘quality’ of writing when grading”

There is a seminar on this matter. “It’s led by Asao Inoue, a University of Washington-Tacoma professor, and the purpose is to pursue “antiracist ends” through writing assessments.”

In other words, give A’s to semiliterates.

Who do you suppose can’t or won’t learn decent English? Probably those wretched Chinese girls at Stanford again. I know pubescent Mexicans who have learned good English by watching American television, though they are unlikely to have learned anything else. We conclude that the cognitively understated at the U. of Washington probably are not pubescent Mexicans. Who then? Asians are logically the only possibility.

If I were not the soul of charity, I would ask why people too stupid or lazy to learn Englih, or anything else, are in unniversity the first place. I might even suggest that barbarians should either be controlled or segregated from the rest of society.

A country that allows its civilization to be degraded by the already degraded, that exalts in being degraded by people who can’t spell “exalt,” that allows itself to be attacked and beaten by people who merit the name of savages, deserves it. I have no sympathy.

Write Fred at [email protected]. Put the letters “pdq” anywhere in the subject line to avoid being heartlessly autodeleted.

Other Stuff

A Mexican orchestra that will never compete with the New York Phil. I thought it admirable, so I stuck it in. It will attract really stupid comments from weblous, and perhaps give them something to live for, but the better-mannered may find it interesting and commendble.

What the orchestra says about itself:

“In 2009 Esperanza Azteca (Aztec Hope) was born as a socio-musical project for children and the young with few resources, from five to seventeen, years of age…Today there are moe than sixty-two orchestras and choruses of which more than twelve thousand children and young people are the beneficiaries. Besides learning music, they develop good character and learn discipline, the pursuit of excellence, and working together in a team.”

Original: “Esperanza Azteca :Desde 2009 Esperanza Azteca nació como un proyecto social-musical para niñas, niños y jóvenes de escasos recursos, de entre 5 a 17 años de edad…Actualmente contamos con más de 62 orquestas sinfónicas y coros de los cuales más de 12 mil niñas, niños y jóvenes son beneficiados, además de aprender música, desarrollan altos valores como la disciplina, la búsqueda de la excelencia y el trabajo en equipo.”

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