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Oh God. Oh God. We are down to Biden. I think. Bad. Bad. But maybe no worse than any of the other dwarves and surreal curiosities offering themselves as our managers Look, if you can bear it, at what we started with. Two billionaires, three women, two Jews, a black, a self-proclaimed Indian, two threshold octogenarians in mid petrification, an advocate of busing, a poofter, and an utterly unqualied small-town mayor with the additiona electoral handicap of being documentably intelligent. It’s nuts. What are we doing? At Biden’s age he probably had trilobites as house pets. Never mind, though, as he probably can’t remember them.

The only one fit to be seen in public with was Tulsi Gabbard, but she was a threat to military budgets and so snuffed like an unwanted candle.These frightening candidates have dropped out like rotten peaches from a tree until Stochastic Joe is the only dropping left undropped Oh help.

Lurking in the wings is Hillary, like some terrifying bat hanging by her feet in a cavern below the DNC. A bat with theropod instincts. I tell you, I am going to move to Mexico..

Are we daft? A nuclear-armed country of three hundred twenty-seven million with more problems than people, in desperate need of leadership, In the grip of an epidemic yet unable to design a virus test, and this dreck is the best we can do? You could find better in a New York bus station at three a.m. Maybe we should look there.

Meanwhile, in the Great Doublewide on Pennsylvania Avenue? Pompeo, an ambulatory clot of malign suet, apparently with a pudgy boy’s manhood problem, who wants war with Iran. The country is decaying like a corpse in August, everything going wrong, declining technologically, infrastructure antiquated–and we need a war with Iran. Why didn’t I think of that?

Mike Pence, a lethally boring Christian heretic who thinks he is about to be sucked up to heaven in the Rapture. We can only hope. As I understand it, the Rapture seems to be a theological vacuum cleaner, schloop. Perhaps he can advise God on avoiding The Virus.

And of course the gorgeous grand guacamaya hisself, the head parrot, golden-haired and baffled, who fluffs his plumes and talks like a confused child of twelve. In these transgender days, he may lay eggs.

Think Kaiser Bill’s court invited partying in Caligula’s basement.

But back to Fingers Joe the Geriatric Groper, cause for all to hide their daughters, who seems to teeter on the raw edge of senility and lies about how he hugged Nelson Mandela and marched in the civil rights movement. Yeeesh. Only in America does electing a dementia patient seem reasonable. And maybe it is, giver the alternative.

I mean seriously, think about it. The man apparently is suffering from Alzheimer’s, or at least Somesheimers and waiting for the rest. This is documented to the roots of its teeth. Yes. The Democrats are trying to elect a genuine, diagnosable empty skull and the Republicans want to stay with the Pompeo Posse of Ragheard Killers.

Are we kidding, I hope? These inverts, losers, clowns and embarrassments are going to play grrr-bowwow-woof with grownups like Putin and Xi Jinping?

Oh, I forgot. Elizabether “Tonto” Warren who seems to have traded her feathers and tomahawk for third-grade economics. Taken together, remind me of nothing so much as the debating society of a land-grant high school.

If Burbling Joe gets the nod, who will be the Veep? Will Hillary come flapping down with codpiece bulging? After all, she did get the popular vote the last time around.

None of these, note, is running on competence. It’s more like a competitive freak show. Maybe all of them will win. Americans don’t want competence. They want someone who isn’t threatening. Thus the Republicans work the Deplorable pump handle, Mekkamerkagrettagain!, while the Democrats open the googoo spigot fullbore, Everything free! Twice as free for the nonperforming!

Well then, how about Congress? The cream of democracy, right? Profound minds, products of the Enlightenment, just like Jefferson and Madison and Franklin, no?


A friend in a position to know estimates that ninety percent of the Senate doesn’t know where Burma is. The Senate is supposed to be up-demo, aristocratic, and scholarly, not like the rabble in the 435-member bus station. They don’t know where freaking Burma is? You know, the house that does, like, foreign policy?

Thing is, the whole journalistic establishment colludes to hide the blank ignorance of much of Congress, and their own. It’s a set-up. Reporters ask, “Senator, what do you think of Afghanistan?” To which he answers, “Well, I think we need to reassess our options and consider alternative strategies that will enhance national security and foster democracy.”


They do not ask, “Senator, where is Afghanistan?” or “What is the population of Russia? Can you name the countries littoral to the Caspian Sea? Can you tell us why this might be important?”

The public? Says the National Science Foundation, 26% of the public think the sun goes around the earth, 74% can’t name the three branches of government. The Education Department says that 14% can’t read, which means that a hell of a lot more don’t.

Isaac Asimov nails it: ““There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’”

Exactly. If we actually wanted to essay democracy in America, which we don’t, we would mandate a voting age of twenty-five and require a literacy test. Fifty questions, published in advance. As lagniappe we might demand some minor evidence of good character, even to the extreme of elimiinating those convicted of armed robbery, rape, drug dealing. Don’t hold your breath. That curious Pelosi woman wants to enfranchise children of sixteen.

It really doesn’t matter. American democracy, as we curiously persist in calling it, is as finely designed as a Swiss watch to keep the national reins in the hands of reliable hacks. Biden, Warren, Bloomberg, Clitler should she run again, or Pence or Pompeo, or any number of collusive footsoldiers. These would make appropriate noises about trivial issues like abortion, gun control, and the pressing question of transgender confused. They would also do what they were elected to do: protect the military budget, waffle on the wars, prevent investigation of Wall Street, and collaborate with the big corporations in fleecing the public. This, beyond doubt, we will get.

Write Fred at [email protected]

Put the letters pdq anywhere in the subject line to avoid autodeletion.

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  1. In the grip of an epidemic yet unable to design a virus test, and this dreck is the best we can do?

    Here’s your fearless leader AMLO kissing babies and acting like a complete pendejo.

    Good news: Mexico now wants the wall. Win win!

  2. Fred,

    Another absolute barn burner of an article but missing one important recommendation or ingredient.

    Given the absolute slew of incompetent, dishonest and generally stupid presidents in the last 75 years, the country should forego the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. Clear out the current gang of xenophobic, racist, dip shit ding dongs and install a regent and vice-regent to lead the country over the next 4 years.

    Their job will be a difficult one to achieve but an easy one to define. Get this once great country back on some kind of stable footing which features many of the following – with more issues waiting in the wings:

    * Reduce the military and costs substantially
    * Stop bullying or threatening other sovereign nations
    * Station all military troops on American soil only – bring the 200,000+ military home
    * Only Congress can declare war in an emergency – everything else by referendum
    * Improve education standards exponentially
    * Spend whatever it takes to improve infrastructure – roads, bridges and high speed rail
    * Ensure that the highest medical expenditures in the world provide medical benefits to everyone
    * Fix a badly broken immigration system
    * Make it punishable by heavy fines and prison for any lobbyists to exist henceforth in the country
    * Stop the high prison incarceration rates
    * Do something about firearms
    * Outlaw such organizations as the KKK, NRA, evangelical churches, right and left wing disruptions
    * Retire all politicians from any elections beyond the age of 65.
    * Fix the Electoral College which no longer works
    * Introduce a nationwide referendum process in which the people/taxpayer decide important issues
    * Do not let the Executive Branch appoint members to the Judicial Branch
    * Legalize softer drugs to cut out and reduce the criminal element
    * Re.join the international community positively in their endeavors

    Just a few to chew on because if something isn’t done and quickly, the type of supreme leader who is in power now could end up leading the country into a civil war. But this time it will be a nuclear one! He has made the once proud United States of America the laughing stock of the world. Let’s get this changed and quickly!!!

    The current presidential possibilities for the election in November are not smart enough to accomplish any of the above.


  3. Rational says:

    FRED WROTE: “14% can’t red”. AND FRED CAN’T WRITE.

    Fred, do you proof read before posting? You have multiple errors.

    Yes, Biden is a senile crook. All these clowns are owned and operated by the Judaists, esp. Soros, who owns and operated the democratic party.

    The libbarbarians will vote for a Dog (D), if he has a D after it.

  4. Rational says:


    … Soros, who own and operate the Democratic party.

  5. Fred,
    Don’t knock American “anti-intellectualism”. When we look at how full of shit our “ivory towers” are, our fake news ersatz culture, how divorced from reality the “experts” are, we can’t help it. I can get more sense out of an honest tradesman than any product of our definitely higher “edjumacashunal” system.

    • Agree: Corrupt
    • Replies: @Delta G
  6. Freda,
    I look forward to better gun control. My groupings are not nearly as tight as I would like them to be. 😉

    Weapons laws are fundamentally immoral. They deny individuals the means with which to defend themselves. Who are you to decide on the needs of others? Do you live or work in a high-crime area?

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Freda Lipshitz
  7. anon[248] • Disclaimer says:

    Fred must use extreme magnification to read due to an eye injury years ago and then a bungling doctor.

    Maybe he could have a friend proofread his work.

  8. @Thomas Milton


    As usual, the individuals who are part of the problem always speak first! Doing something about firearms is on the “to-do” list since nothing meaningful has been accomplished since 1776.


    • Replies: @chris moffatt
  9. willem1 says:

    “A friend in a position to know estimates that ninety percent of the Senate doesn’t know where Burma is.”

    They probably don’t even know that it’s not called Burma any more (Myanmar)….

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @seoulsurvivor
  10. … ninety percent of the Senate doesn’t know where Burma is.

    Yeah, but to their credit, it’s been officially called and shown on maps as Myanmar for three decades.

    I do like Mark Steyn’s schtick that the US Senate has less turnover than the UK House of Lords.

    … 74% can’t name the three branches of government.

    The SCOTUS, Deep State, & MSM?

    • Replies: @Rogue
  11. IvyMike says:

    I have a great parade ground voice, a friend of mine once told me that if he needed anybody yelled at he was going to hire me. So if I need anyone insulted, I’m hiring Fred Reed. When you care enough to send the very best.

  12. Grassy says:

    Let’s not have a female POTUS under any conditions! There could be a counterpart in a nuclear armed nation some day. And then, when their PMS coincides, we could be up to our arses in nuclear missiles!

  13. songbird says:

    Good line about Biden and trilobites.

    Though Asimov was an early proponent of world government, so his political philosophy was utterly nuts.

  14. Anonymous[138] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey, Fred. I think you mean “assay” instead of “essay”, but neither one makes complete sense.

  15. @Rational

    I’m a long-time reader of The Fred since, oh, the early ’80s or so. I have to admit, his spelling has gone downhill a little since he quit working for organizations that had dedicated proofreaders. His laser-like focus on the problems and his ability to coin marvellously accurate words and phrases, not so. It remains wondrously accurate.

    That said, I for one am willing to overlook a few spelling and grammar mistakes for a writer who is a little older than we used to be, who is probably suffering from hand injuries and conditions similar to mine after a lifetime in military service, and who is almost blind due to V.A. incompetence enabled by politically-correct hiring, and who thereafter has to rely on Apple/Microsoft/online spell-checkers.

    But then, I read his articles for content, not form.

  16. This being Sunday, I just watched the first hour of the Biden-Bernie debate, and just couldn’t take any more. Smirking Joe was surprisingly holding his own, and I got tired of waiting for him to blow up. He had to have been well prepared. Maybe CNN slipped him the questions, as they did for Hillary. If Trump is defeated it matters not which of them is elected. The country is finished anyway.

  17. @willem1

    Maybe Fred was channeling Mr. Peterson on Seinfeld who said “it will always be Burma to me.”

  18. Oh God. Oh God. We are down to Biden.

    There are many other “we”s all over this essay. I thought we were rid of you. Are you back?!

  19. @Freda Lipshitz

    You’re so batty, you shouldn’t even be voting this November, uhh, 4th. (Remember, it’s always on a Wednesday.)

    • Agree: Corrupt, Dannyboy
    • Replies: @Freda Lipshitz
  20. Al Lipton says:

    Always love your wonderful humor, Fred. And THANK YOU for writing stuff.

    I don’t agree on your love for Democrats and your hatred for Trump.
    All Dem hopefuls proposed heavy nonsense if elected, like no borders or guns, and abortions after birth (big deal for 50+% of the voters).

    Trump does better than great with what’s available to him, and double that with fake news biting his ankles off. You are pro Mexican, he is anti Mexican, but both yous are pro Liberty.

  21. @Freda Lipshitz


    Go easy on poor Fred; his political analysis is ultimately the same as (((yours))).

    You both pretend the Israel lobby doesn’t exist, despite you both knowing perfectly well the shysters run “our” government.

    Fred commits his sin of omission through fear; (((you))) through malice.

    • Agree: BuelahMan, Dannyboy
  22. Dear Mr. Spittle, (oops, Kittle)

    It is an absolute honor, but completely undeserved, to be placed at the same political analysis level as Fred Reed. Undoubtedly the greatest compliment I have had for years, if not decades.

    If Fred’s fear and my malice can shake Americans out of their pathetic lethargy, it will be a infinitesimal price to pay on our parts.


    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  23. @Achmed E. Newman

    Dear Alfred,

    It has taken numerous attempts but you now understand my logic perfectly.

    Not only should I not be voting in November but the rest of the eligible voting population in the United States shouldn’t be allowed to do so either.


    • Replies: @Dannyboy
  24. Kim says:

    “Gun control” is a propaganda term. A more truthful term is Civilian Disarmament.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  25. Kim says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    Has anyone else noticed that it is always the most fatuous commenters who sign off their comments?


    Self-absorbed Blowhard

    • Replies: @Freda Lipshitz
  26. Fred777 says:

    In these interesting times, we really need Fred to remind us how brilliant are the Chinese.

  27. Ron Langley says: • Website

    Rational, Fred is blind. I challenge you to write as well as a blind man.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  28. DocDictum says:

    In would be good if he is selected by that group. At a Chrysler plant a couple of weeks ago a construction worker challenged Joe on WHAT guns he would confiscate. Joe responded by commenting on the number of shotguns he and his family own. The discourse broke down with Joe challenging the guy. I would think a base level politician would be able to make a diplomatic response and not be flummoxed as was poor Joe. This was not the first time either.

  29. @Kim

    Dear Blowhard Kim,

    In terms of the right to vote, this was obviously removed from your good self decades ago, thank goodness!!


  30. Wild Bill says:

    Simply brilliant writing. Ten bonus points for “Clitler”. It started me laughing, and left me in tears, first from the laughter and finally from the reality of it.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  31. Lurking in the wings is Hillary, like some terrifying bat hanging by her feet in a cavern below the DNC.

    That’s a classic.

  32. A nuclear-armed country of three hundred twenty-seven million with more problems than people, in desperate need of leadership,

    The last thing we need is “leadership”. All “leadership” means is someone of suspect morals and low character who wants power over other people. All of those problems come from scum thinking they should show “leadership”.

    “Senator, where is Afghanistan?” or “What is the population of Russia? Can you name the countries littoral to the Caspian Sea?

    Can you tell us what business the US government has in Afghanistan or in any of the cesspits surrounding the Caspian Sea? How does knowing the population of a nation on the other side of the world help Americans?

  33. @Freda Lipshitz

    Dear Mr. Spittle, (oops, Kittle)

    Freda Lipshitz the hasbara Jew troll:

    With a name like yours you’d be advised not to make childish fun of anyone else’s name.

    Even with your pompous Jew privilege.

    • Replies: @Freda Lipshitz
  34. Ace says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    Install a regent? Hold me back. The man on horseback option never fails to appeal to the juvenile set.

    One minute of my life I’ll never get back.

    • Replies: @Freda Lipshitz
  35. Uncle Al says: • Website

    The only remaining Republican aspect of America is the Oval Office. Aside from that, “no mother need fear for her son’s life every time he robs a store or commits homicide.” 

    Socialist States consume. They have neither perspective nor responsibilities. Socialism assures its own survival amidst all enemies through conquest, looting, and enslavement of everybody within reach. Then, having created its own limitless Hell, Socialism turns inward to burn heretics and purge disloyal leadership.

    Trump constructed more than 180 skyscrapers and major properties worldwide within every cesspool of political, military, religious, organized crime, Media, and civil corruption. Trump is the toughest SOB on the planet – and the most experienced. And he’s ours.

  36. Rogue says:
    @Wild Bill

    So, we could have a possible confrontation between Clitler and Putler in the future?


  37. @Rational

    Further correction: owns and operates

  38. @Ace

    Is that Ace as in hardware or bandages?

    If you would care to familiarize yourself with how well the country has done since they last won a meaningful war in 1945, perhaps a Regent or any other interim candidate would be a far better bet than any of the losers trotted out in the last 75 years or so!


    • Replies: @Ace
  39. @Pat Kittle


    Is that Spittle like in Spittle Bugs or Frog Hoppers? There are effective ways to rid ourselves of these pests!!

    You are most fortunate to not have been arrested and jailed for antisemitism!


    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  40. @Freda Lipshitz

    “Freda Lipshitz” the gas-lighting hasbara Jew troll:

    Looking through (((your))) 34-comment history, it’s obvious (((your hasbara superiors))) have assigned (((you))) gas-lighting duties.

    Once upon a time I admired Israel — now, due in no small part to (((you))) sociopathic hasbara parasites, I despise Israel.

    (((You))) fully deserve reaping what (((you))) have sowed. The world is rapidly wising up to (((you))). The time draws nearer when (((your lugubrious howls of self-pity))) will be met with laughter.

    Have a nice day!

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  41. Obe says:


    …Soros, who own and operate the Democrat party.

  42. BuelahMan says:
    @Ron Langley

    Does he have a wife, friend or acquaintance that can search his work for squiggly red lines? Can he entrust anyone to proof read?

    Maybe provide him some of those ‘They Live’ sunglasses so he can see (((them))).

  43. Ace says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    As in a man with many kills to his name. Deft, adroit, expert, formidable.

    Buckley’s first 400?/1,000? names in the phone book would do better than the personages you correctly describe as losers, with the exception of JFK and RR. But “regent” by itself is a slippery concept with not much to recommend it, especially without some kind of known retirement date. Betting on another Cincinnatus is probably unwise. Can you plow? You might be a possible candidate to save us.

    I’m not familiar with the concept of a “meaningful” war. Vicious, stupid, reckless, dishonest, unnecessary, and ruinous wars, most assuredly.

  44. ‘…The only one fit to be seen in public with was Tulsi Gabbard, but she was a threat to military budgets and so snuffed like an unwanted candle…’

    ‘… The only one fit to be seen in public with was Tulsi Gabbard, but she was a threat to military budgets Israel and so snuffed like an unwanted candle…’

    They’d have buried Bernie too, but to adopt a line from Giant, he’d gotten too big to kill.

    …actually, come to think of it, they did bury Bernie too. The last two weeks were rather well choreographed.

    He only got out of the bag because he was allowed to run in 2016 as the token extremist to give Hillary Clinton’s coronation an aura of legitimacy. The assumption must have been that he was just too far left to get traction.

    Well, he is too far left. However, we happen to be desperate. He was honest. He wasn’t stupid. He dared to criticize Israel. You take what you can get.

    …or can’t get, as it turns out.

    Oh well. Back to Trump…

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  45. @Colin Wright

    Bernie is as anti-White as they get.

    He makes ZERO effort to defend peaceful White rights advocates when they’re violently attacked by Antifa, even as anti-White mayors routinely order their police departments to “stand down” and the Jewdicial system throws the book at the Whites. Bernie actually has violent Antifa-types as organizers in his campaign.

    Israel lobby war criminals are arranging Bernie’s defeat because he make some effort to defend Palestinians, which threatens the further expansion of “Greater Israel.”

    Joe “I’m a Zionist!” Biden, despite his clumsy posturing as a tough guy, is a push-over whose mind seems to be moving out, making it increasingly unlikely he’d finish his first term even if he won.

    Israel lobby puppeteers will now select a dedicated Zio as his Veep.

  46. @Freda Lipshitz

    Reduce the military…this is happening by default. Gen Z born to cynical Gen X in the year 2000 who have grown up with thankless wars which accomplished nothing but rising gas prices are not going to want to die in Iran. If you announce a war and nobody shows up…you have no war.

    Punishing lobbyists? They have more money than you or I do.

    Bring the US military home…its happening. Slowly. The US public is weary of war. It accomplishes nothing.

    Referendum? There is no longer any draft and therefore does not affect the wealthy or even middle-class.

    Medical benefits to everyone? Yes, well, the eternal debate. Middle-class tax payers balk at payingthe costs of looking after crack ho prostitutes who catch HIV in action who never held a decent job. See, socialism only works in homogeneous countries where the society sees itself as a family.

    Do something about firearms? Sure, but they won’t stop gun crime. Your average black convicted felon cannot legally own an AR-15 or 9mm tech. Gun dealing is an illegal enterprise. Gangs will have guns no matter what. They’ll shoot one another no matter what.

    Outlaw the KKK? Fine. Crips, MS-13 and all actual criminal gangs will continue to exist. A bunch of pudgy white hicks in sheets out in the country are no threat to anyone.

    Marijuana is already legalized. And indeed, the Mexicans who use to rule this business with iron fist are cut out of it.

  47. Delta G says:
    @Thomas Milton


    Fred of course is relating to expert and intellectuals before 1995 and maybe before 1975. The US has worked hard to destroy Education and more importantly the Value of Knowledge and Competence.

    When we go back to hiring or choosing the most competent and capable person for any job instead of whether they are Black, Hispanic, have 2 X chromosomes or now are transgender or Gay or Mulatto or some other Freakish Mutant we will continue to have what we have already created. It will not get better.

    Hire a retard. Do you?

    News Flash!! There is no Educational System in the US either from K thru 12 at the Colleges, Universities or Professional Schools. This has been this way for 20 plus years. Not a good picture for the Future…

  48. @Pat Kittle

    They really are something. That Fran too was threatening a poster with the FBI for anti-semitism. They really love to show the goys that they’re in charge and that they can get away with what they say and do as there are no laws to lock them up for their expressed anti-Palestinianism.

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
  49. @Freda Lipshitz

    If “doing something” about firearms is such a popular cause there should be no difficulty in getting the required majorities of congress and the states to repeal the second amendment. Since doing this is the obvious route to abolishing firearms possession by the deplorable citizenry I wonder that no democrat has so far proposed this. Could it be….?

  50. George says:

    Democracy inaction Israel style. It appears Likud is using Corona virus to end parliamentary rule.

    Expert decries Knesset lockout as troubling abuse of power
    Especially in times of crisis and emergency, a functioning parliament is vital to the proper functioning of a democracy, Ariel University’s Chen Friedberg says

  51. @Kim

    “Gun control” is a propaganda term. A more truthful term is Civilian Disarmament.

    “Gun control” is a propaganda term. An even more truthful term is White Disarmament.

  52. Rodulf says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    Fuck you. We need MORE racial awareness in the 21st century. Race is all.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  53. @Rodulf

    (((Freda Lipshitz))) is “White” when she’s bashing Whites.

    Freda is “Jewish” (and therefore off-limits to criticism) when Whites respond.

    It’s one of the first lessons we lowly goyim learn when confronting the JQ.

  54. Heather says:

    Fred is blind. He does what he can in spite of that.

  55. Dannyboy says:
    @Freda Lipshitz

    Your kind would be well advised to make Aliyah now.

    If this place comes apart, you folks are going to get a one way ticket to the showers.

    Count on it, sweetheart.

  56. @Freda Lipshitz

    As inspired by Idiocracy- “there’s that Jew talk again!”

  57. @Freda Lipshitz

    Does it ultimately matter who becomes this country’s Romulus Augustus?

  58. MEH 0910 says:

  59. Senor Freed,
    Abortion is not a trivial issue.
    You lately remind me of a comedian who is short on both thought and originality, relying on a bloated vocabulary for effect. Why haven’t you offered any viable solutions for these dems and repubs?
    I wish more people would, like you have, move to mexico, or mars, but exercise their right to remain silent. At least you didn’t run off to Canada…
    You sir, are no longer amusing, and it seems now that the only thing we have in common is having served in Vietnam.

    Goodbye again, Senor Freed

  60. @Rational


    You are still wrong. “Soros owns and operates.” is correct. You would be correct if you said, “Obe and Soros own and operate.”

  61. @willem1

    I think that was the hidden, additional, point he was making. Meaning they also do not know it is no longer Burma. Yet also do not know where Myanmar is either.

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