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I’m gonna do it anyway. Being as I’m just a West Virginia boy, and mostly barefoot, and don’t have much sense, a lot of folk say, maybe I shouldn’t be explaining the world. But the world don’t make even as much sense as I do, so guess I’ll stick my fork in.

Sometimes I go up the holler here to see my old school teacher, whose name is Entropy McWilliams, and we look at stuff on his internet. For a while it’s been mostly about people with their innards in a uproar in Minneapolis, which I think is in either California or Alaska.

It’s hard to figure. We saw all these people busting up store windows because they want Social Justice, which I guess they keep in stores in Minneapolis. If they did that here they could find social justice real fast. It’s what a rope is for. But they was whooping and hollering like it was the Reverend McBilly Osfeiser’s Last Best Jesus Revival and Donut Social that comes every year to get Granny’s Social Security. Anyway, the people busting store windows say that ruining stores will help black folks who live there. Well, maybe, but I figure noddy but a damn fool is going to bring back a store to get looted again. So where’s the black folks going to buy stuff? Everybody that’s got money or the brains that god give a retard possum is going to go somewhere else to live. And then these dim lights want to get rid of the po-lice, so thieving rascals can look easier in stores for that social justice. It looks to me like they can’t tell the difference between social justice and a TV set.

I reckon about one feller with a twelve gauge could cure the whole mess in five minutes or ten rounds, whichever ran out first, but can’t nobody understand flatlanders.

Next I found this mush-headed sounding woman, or sort of woman, you can’t tell these days, with one of them double-barrel names, I think it was Ophelia Lagrangian-Peritonitis or something. Anyway, she was squalling about Cultural Appropriation. I get nervous around big words like that, but Mr. McWilliams explained it to me. It sounds better, he said, than appropriating a TV set out of somebody else’s store. Still, it makes as much sense as lug nuts on a birthday cake.

It means if it’s Halloween and you go as a red injun, maybe with a tomahawk and some plastic scalps from the Dollar Store, you hate injuns and want to rob them and stomp them down and I don’t know what all. How much sense does that make? I bet if you went as Bugs Bunny, some goddam rabbit lobby would sue, probably with Ms. Lagrangian-Peritonitis honking on about it. You can’t do anything that any other kind of people has done before without you have to listen to these scoundrels.

If some people can’t go as Bugs Bunny, then nobody can’t go as anything. Fair is fair. So if you little sister goes as Aunt Jemima that makes pancakes, the BLM bandits will try to lynch her.

I reckon black folks ought to be a little quieter. Since they didn’t invent writing, or reading, or ‘rithmetic or electricity or clothes or pretty much anything, then any time they use them things they’re doing Cultural Appropriation. It’s just common sense.

Of course, I guess a Chinaman could say whites do it too when they use paper and gunpowder, without the which we couldn’t have bombs and rockets and federal forms nine pages long that no one since Adam can figure out.

Now, what I think is, charging blacks and injuns and all for every white invention they use, one at a time would be a motimgator long job and use more paper than eating a McDonald’s hamburger. It could lead to enough of what that Wall Street newspaper calls crossed licensing, Mr. McWilliams said, and he knows everything, to keep a whole rat pack of lawyers in business forever instead of drowning them, that would be better. I mean, you could charge a nickel every time Lateesha or Deewan or Lasagna read a book, which might bring in twelve dollars a year, or used a Smith and Wesson, for whole boxcars of dollars. Probably the easy thing would be to rent the whole damn civilization with only one license, like driving a car.

I reckon we’d haul in enough money to buy enough rockets to blow up a thousand weddings and little children in Afghanistan and Eye-ran and maybe some kindergartner kids in Venezuela, wherever that is. Then they’d all have American values and love us.

But we got other news to gnaw on. I keep reading about this gal Rachel Tension and how she’s causing all kinds of bile along with Oprah. I don’t know about Rachel but Oprah’s gone all skinny on us and I reckon it makes her want to make more fuss about whatever she’s thinking about. Oprah used to be all porked up and looked like three hundred pounds of fatback with legs and if you’d had a oil well you wanted to shut down you could have used her for a plug. I hear there’s less Oprah now, though. Which is about how much I can use.

Anyhow, she’s running on these days about how white people is criminals and brutes and they need to get in touch with what they’re feeling, that might mean their girlfriend or I don’t know what, but she don’t like them. White people, I mean. Well, I guess. But I figure when she’s yowling into a microphone that probably Abraham Lincoln or Moses or somebody invented, it’s that Cultural Appropriation again and she owes money. I mean, without that microphone shed have to go back to smoke signals or drums.

Anyway, women are taking over everything, most of them crazy. Along with Rachel Tension and Oprah, we’ve got that Clinton woman that’s even older than Ann Coulter and probably sleeps all day in some cave, hanging by her toes, and Elizabeth Warren, that used to be a Injun but cured it with a shot of DNA. And now we’ve got Joe Biden, who ain’t nothing but a titless Hillary on days when he can remember who he is, and pretty much nothing at all the rest of the time. Which might be a good reason to vote for him. We’ve had a long string of Presidents who did know who they were, and it ain’t been real satisfactory.

Finally the world‘ s gone soft in the head, like Aunt Minnie that granddad used to keep in the attic. I just saw where Walt Disney, that I thought was dead but anyway, he’s going to make a movie about Peter Pan and he want’s Mike Tyson to be Tinker Belle. She´s kind of like a lightening bug in a little green dress and throws sparks everywhere. Now if I remember right, Tyson weighs about two-forty buck nekkid and holding a helium balloon so it’s hard to imagine him twinkling around in the air and flashing like a fifty cent flashlight with a loose switch, but I don’t know much about movies. Anyway there was this woman, I think her name was Lupita Marimacha or anyway some Meskin thing, that talked for Mr. Disney, that I thought was dead. She said these times are progressive, which I think means soft in the head, and we can’t be heteronormative or chromapejorative and we had to be gender fluid. I saw it in the newspaper or I couldn’t spell it. I wasn’t sure what kind of gender fluid she meant but I knew I didn’t want to think about it. I guess it means we´ll have to watch Mike Tyson flying around in some kind of girly clothes, which is all right on a girl but I worry about them on Mike, and maybe it worries him too.

Well, that’s about all the news I can stand in one day. I’m gonna get my girlfriend Jiffy Lube, that’s real name is Jennifer Imidazole Fergweiler but we call her Jiffy Lube because, well, she’s real friendly, and we’ll get a Mason jar of that busthead shine Uncle Hant makes back in the mountains and just lie on our back and watch the buzzards looking for something dead.

Write Fred at [email protected] . Put the letters pdq anywhere in the subject line so Google don’t disappear your letter.

Nekkid in Austin

Amazon review: “Essays on America, life, politics, and just about everything. The author chronicles among other adventures an aging stripper in Austin, dressed in a paper-mache horse, who had with her a cobra and a tarantula like a yak-hair pillow with legs and alternately charmed and terrified a room full of cowboys sucking down Bud and…. Fred was an apostle of the long-haul thumb during the Sixties and saw…many things. He tells of standing by the big roads across the desert, rockin in the wind blast of the heavy rigs roaring by and the whine of tires and dropping into an arroyo at night with a bottle of cheap red and watching the stars and perhaps smoking things not approved by the government. He tells of..well, that’s what the book is for. Join him.”

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Black Lives Matter, Political Correctness 
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  1. Uncle Al says: • Website

    Fred, you are a $10,000 hooker in an abandoned brothel. Godspeed to you.

  2. Fun read!

    • Agree: bruce county
  3. There’s a standing joke in Charlotte, NC about folks from Crumpler, WV.

    Q: Why are there so many of these yahoos here in Charlotte?

    A: Because that’s about as far as they can get on one tank of gas.

    • Replies: @turtle
    , @anonymous
  4. The reverend is :

    Doctor Billie Sol Harcas of the First Church of the Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship in Del Rio Texas

    According to Don Imus.

  5. Marza says:

    I needed a laugh. Really appreciate your humor on our sorry situation. It’s miserable up here.

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
  6. way too much cultural appropriation by Fredo. He

    should stick to what he knows: Mexicans.

    • Replies: @Stonewall Jackson
  7. Anonymous[235] • Disclaimer says:

    Sut Lovingood did it better, but the buzzards ate him.

  8. IvyMike says:

    Fred hitting lots of easy targets with his blunderbuss loaded with lost marbles, but there is enough 24k gold in ‘titless Hillary’ to attract some Pulitzer rumblings.

  9. What are you, Fred, a West Virginian or a Mexican? Pick one. We need to do away with this dual citizenship crap.

    Pretty good column though.

    • Replies: @Anon
  10. Daddio7 says:

    All right, the real Fred is back. I hope that last guy stays gone.

  11. Avianthro says:

    Right up there with Mark Twain!

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  12. turtle says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Q: How do we know the toothbrush was invented in West Virginia?
    A: Because if it had been invented anywhere else it would be called a teethbrush.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  13. turtle says:

    where’s the black folks going to buy stuff?

    Buy stuff? With what?
    More like, “where’s the black folks going to steal stuff?”

    Anyhow, I think you got the wrong government agency, Fred.
    BLM probably still busy trying to collect grazing fees from that loony Mormon guy and his many chilluns.
    I think what you got in the big cities is NIST.
    Intending to

    And, as Fred knows, “negro” is español for “black,” and should be pronounced “neg-row,” not knee-grow.” Ándale, vato. Nos vamos a saquear todas las tiendas, ahorita.

    • LOL: Jim Bob Lassiter
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  14. @turtle

    Right, and to validate your point, in Spanish, it is quite properly called “el cepillo para dientes” –transliteration= “the brush(scrub, not paint) for teeth” which is functionally translated as “Teethbrush” (This holds true even in heathen Mexican Spanish).

    Of course nowadays you got these woke anchor and DACA dickhead (cara de pija) babies marching around in the streets with the rest of the coalition of the fringes demanding some Orwellian gender neutral terminology like : “Ix cepellix para dientix”.

    • Replies: @turtle
  15. what about DUH blazioh?? I missed that part !

  16. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    The Establishment loves intramural cultural jokes, as long as the butt’s white. You’d be welcomed on any of those late night “comedy” shows.

    My limited experiences with Charlotte indicated that it had sold out to Big Finance, and filled those new condos with Starbucks slurpers who can roll their eyes about the hillbillies who migrated there to serve them. The type that watch Jimmy Fallon to console themselves about living in North Carolina. But I don’t feel qualified to say so for sure.

    Where and when were you in West Virginia?

  17. turtle says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Too right, mate. 🙂

    woke anchor and DACA dickhead

    I think the “generic” term is probably “pendejo,” or perhaps “cabeza de caca.”

    • LOL: Escher
  18. Best explanation of things I’ve heard since Andy Griffith, way even before ‘No Time for Sergeants’, let alone that Mayberry shizzit, told the story of ‘What it was, was football’.

    Do please keep up the good work, Fred.

  19. @anonymous

    I took a little sightseeing weekend trip with la señora up I-77 (with side excursion detours on mountain backroads) to Beckley then on to Charleston and spent the night there maybe eight years ago. Many years ago I used to do business all up and down the Shenandoah Valley in VA, so I have some grasp of life in parts of those parts. Actually most folks seemed to be pretty decent around there. Charleston has rather opulent state capitol grounds and could probably advance itself by selling off all the copper roofs, marble, gold leafing and such and putting the state government in a trailer park. (no singlewides allowed)

    • Replies: @anonymous
  20. @anonymous

    Your assessment of Charlotte is about right, only you need to also include all its “vibrant immigrant” elements and its large scrapyards of obsolete farm equipment.

  21. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Thanks. You sound like a good sport.

  22. Pres says:

    DAMN ,it’s sure good to see you are back ,Fred, stick around and see the shit hit the fan , it has to whichever way the flow goes ! ! ! ! Pres- Texas is GOOD , so far anyway?

  23. TheJester says:


    I never know what you are on … but please let me know. I’ll buy a case.

    I have a diabalical use for your essay (I apologize … I know it’s not an essay because it’s “nobody” reminiscing about “nothin’). I’d suggest that universities make your essay required reading to slip humor back into our culture. At that point, feminists, BLM, and their “woke” allies will explode into a fatal paroxysm of politcal correctness … a “Nirvana-of-Nothingness” only accessible through the vacuous conformity found in “safer spaces”.

    That’s all right. That’s a lot of punch for “nobody” reminiscing about “nothin’”. Kids at universities might actually learn something.

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
    • Replies: @haha
  24. Anon[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Exactly. Thank You, sir.

    All expats who tucked tail and ran, are kindly encouraged to FUCK OFF!

    You’re not Americans anymore. Those of us who intend to make our stand here, do not need your advice.

    • Replies: @Sulu
    , @Jeff Stryker
  25. Currahee says:

    “titless Hillary”

  26. Thanks, Fred. I needed that. A lot of us needed that.

  27. Michelle says:

    Best column in months! He nailed it!

  28. I keep reading about this gal Rachel Tension….

    Does she keep kosher?

    • Replies: @Gordon K. Shumway
  29. Sulu says:

    Q: What’s the favorite form of birth control in W. Virginia?

    A: Nudity.

    Love the column Fred. As one poster beat me to saying, Mark Twain would have been proud. After he had a might too many cigars.

    Oh, I am a Southern boy. I was near eighteen when I figured out “Damn Yankee” was two words.

    P.S. I sure hope they have “short time” and San Miguel on the other side else it’s going to be boring as hell.


  30. Sulu says:

    I have news for you. As Fred quite eloquently put it once upon a time. “I didn’t leave America. America left me.” The country we both grew up in is long gone. There is no use crying over it but the Jews, the feminist, the blacks, and the politicians have ruined it for damn near everyone. When something you love dies you put it in the ground, have a moment of silent contemplation, then you move on.

    This country hit its high mark about 69 or so. It’s been downhill ever since. I wouldn’t be a damn bit surprised that if Trump wins in November the loonies on the left coast of California secede. They are just stupid enough and arrogant enough to do it. Who would you spit your vitriol at then?


    • Replies: @Anon392
  31. Anon392 says:

    I have news for you. As Fred quite eloquently put it once upon a time. “I didn’t leave America. America left me.” The country we both grew up in is long gone. There is no use crying over it but the Jews, the feminist, the blacks, and the politicians have ruined it for damn near everyone. When something you love dies you put it in the ground, have a moment of silent contemplation, then you move on.

    Then why don’t you fuck off, just like Fred?

    Who would you spit your vitriol at then?

    The Shitbag Leftists who made it this way, and of course faggots who have no fight left in them, kinda like you.

    Fuck the expats. They can rot and die in whatever shithole they currently reside in. I will die fighting in the same land my forefathers settled, fought and died for. The place that I love and the place that nurtured me.

    • Replies: @Sulu
    , @Stan d Mute
  32. Sulu says:

    Fuck the expats. They can rot and die in whatever shithole they currently reside in. I will die fighting in the same land my forefathers settled, fought and died for. The place that I love and the place that nurtured me.

    Such eloquence! Such a stinging riposte, Anon392!

    You sound quite angry. My guess is that some of that anger comes from the fact that you would like to leave this country but you have neither the monetary means nor the balls. You’re stuck aren’t you? No way out for you.

    I started traveling the world when I turned 30. It was quite an eye opener. It was quite obvious after a few years that America just didn’t live up to its own hype. Few countries do. But then I discovered something interesting. I couldn’t get anyone to join me in my travels. I even went so far as to offer free round trip tickets to two of my friends and both ducked out with the flimsiest of excuses. Then I realized the truth. Most people are scared to death to travel. I’m not talking about a 3 hour plane ride for a vacation to Florida but a 26 hour plane ride to the other side of the world. Almost no one has the guts to hop a plane to the other side of the world. I suspect that describes you too.

    I bet some of your anger comes from another place. What’s the matter? Did you catch the wife fucking around on you? Are you going through a bitter divorce? Is your soon to be ex wife’s lawyer bending you over and putting it too you all the way up to the elbow while at the same time shaking the money out of your trousers that are down around your ankles? Are you pissed that you got married young before you were old enough to figure out what a huge mistake it would be? Do you wish you could escape all of this but can’t? That’s America, pal.

    Enjoy your anger and bitterness at your plight. It will eat you alive. Hope it doesn’t chap your ass too much that I didn’t get married but instead enjoyed hundreds of beautiful girls in S.E. Asia. I would have told you not to get hitched, but you never asked.


    • Replies: @Anon392
    , @Stan d Mute
  33. Anon392 says:

    Do you wish you could escape all of this but can’t? That’s America, pal.

    Au contraire pussy boy. I look forward to the fight.

    With relish.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  34. Sulu says:

    Of course. In all your dreams of conflict you fancy that you will always be the one meeting out the death. Not the one receiving it. Unfortunately in real life it seldom turns out that way.

    I don’t think even a Civil War is going to fix this country. We will probably eventually balkanize and the fucks on the left coast as well as perhaps New York will become a separate nation. If we are lucky we might get a central core of “fly over” states that will be White or largely White. But what ever will rise out of those ashes will not be the America we both knew. That America is gone forever.

    If you wish to spend your life for revenge against those that took America from us…well, I can’t say that I blame you. But don’t kid yourself. America, such that is was, is gone.


    • Replies: @Anon392
  35. Anon392 says:

    If you wish to spend your life for revenge against those that took America from us…well, I can’t say that I blame you. But don’t kid yourself. America, such that is was, is gone.

    lol…Please fuck off with Fredo to MEH HE KO, pussy boy.

    You know I’m getting a big time “ex pat” vibe from your retard ass.

    Yup, I’ll bet you’ve already tucked tail and ran. Just like ol’ Fred.

    • Replies: @Sulu
    , @Biff
    , @Anon
  36. TKK says:

    Retard Possum is a keeper.

    On the theme of WV, strange happenings are afoot.

    I have been pricing properties south and hard west of Beckley, WV for a 50 mile radius. Low crime, lots of acreage, no urban centers. We know why.

    But as soon as any properties at 100K or lower hit the market, they are swooped up in 24 hours. I go back to look- UNDER CONTRACT.

    Every single house. I got paranoid. Is Soros buying them to transplant blacks and immigrants there? Has the forced urbanization of the rural areas begun?

    Or are disgusted New Yorkers buying them for cash? I can’t imagine they could stomach the only shopping experience being Piggly Wiggly and Dollar Tree. Or the WV mating call (rattle an Oxycodone bottle).

    I hope some of you look into this or just peruse a house and then go back the next day and see UNDER CONTRACT. Look around Beckley Welch Logan and vicinity.

    Six months ago, you could get a brick 3/2 on 15 acres for $110K usually with a water source. Someone is vacuuming them up as soon as they hit the MLS.


    • Replies: @botazefa
  37. Sulu says:

    Oh, Shit! Internet bad ass. And he knows all the dirty words too. I’m so scared!


    You sound like a broken record. Probably just a mental case. Likely someone with anti-social personality disorder that is off his meds. One thing is for sure. You are in some situation that you find intolerable and are looking for a way out. What you are feeling right now is impotent rage. Get used to it. It’s going to be there for the rest of your miserable life.

    Judging by your use of the English language you have the mental capacity of a turnip.


    • Replies: @Anonymous
  38. ‘lol…Please fuck off with Fredo to MEH HE KO, pussy boy.

    You know I’m getting a big time “ex pat” vibe from your retard ass.

    Yup, I’ll bet you’ve already tucked tail and ran. Just like ol’ Fred.’

    So are either Fred or Sulu the enemy?

    I once read a long, tedious book about the French resistance. They seemed to spend most of their time and energy fighting each other rather than the Germans.

    • Thanks: Sulu
    • Replies: @RVBlake
  39. neutral says:

    I was wondering about something, the term “jungle fever”, is there an equivalent one for those that are in love with Mexicans (like this Fred Reed is).

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  40. roonaldo says:

    Come and listen to my story
    ‘Bout a man named Fred.
    A poor mountaineer
    Just tryin’ to get ahead.
    And then one day
    While writin’ for some food
    On up in his head came some
    bubblin’ crude.
    (Prose that is, black humor, tee-hee tea)
    Well the first thing you know
    I fell right off my chair.
    The Unz folk said
    “Fred, move away from there!”
    They said south of the border
    Is the place you oughtta be.
    So he smoked a load of dope
    And figured it was time to flee.
    (Guadalajara that is, women in pools,
    titty bars)
    Well now it’s time to say goodbye
    To Fred and his sharp pen.
    And here’s to hopin’ that he’ll send
    Some more fine writin’ in.
    So let’s invite him back again
    To this locality.
    To have a heapin’ helpin’
    Of “Titless Hillary”.
    (Hildabeast that is, read a spell,
    laugh yer ass off)

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
    , @Sulu
  41. @Uncle Al

    Snickering while Rome-on-the-Potomac burns is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks, Fred.

    • Replies: @Uncle Al
  42. gotmituns says:

    I liked this essay but as I read it, it came over me that Fred Reed is doing a bit of, Mark Twain’s “A Connecticut Yankee in King Author’s court.” I would think that’s some sort of “cultural appropriation.” He should have given credit to Mr. Twain I think.

    • Replies: @botazefa
    , @Majority of One
  43. Fred, Fred, Fred. I am actually rolling on the floor laughing my ass off at this one. What is sad is this hill-billy logic makes more sense than anything any fcking politician or medical hack is pushing today. Please keep up the good words, as you are the lone ray of sunshine in an otherwise every dreary day.

    We used to think rednecks were idiot’s, but the morons running the world today make them look quite sane. Here’s to the current state of “Murka”.

  44. RVBlake says:
    @Colin Wright

    Albert Camus said that a Frenchman would rather have been ruled by the Germans than by a Frenchman of another political camp.

  45. @Anon

    Some expats get some Shadenfreud out of it. I’m not one of them, but you cannot help but feel like you snowed the world when you are sitting on a tropical beach with a dusky young beauty and a cool drink watching a nice tropical sunset while people in your hometown are worrying that their daughter will be sexually bullied in the lousy local public school and the latest drug craze is causing the druggies to OD in the street and everyone stands in line fearing a chimp out at Popeye’s or on a public bus and their son is acting like a whigger and they are worried that Fed Housing will build a Section 8 in their neighborhood and the blacks are rioting again.

    The good thing about living overseas is the underclass are too stupid to live overseas. They are too poor, too uneducated, too deep in legal trouble, too hooked on drugs, too wrapped up in child support payments. Thank heavens.

    A real weight lifted from my shoulders the day I got on a bus in Dubai. No more chimp outs. No Mexican crackheads hawking swag in the back of the bus. I’ve enjoyed riding the bus in Dubai, India (A little crowded) and Asia. Everyone is so well-behaved. No disruptions.

    I never felt afraid again like the time that PCP-smoking Mexican Brown Pride gang members glared at me at the Tempe bus stop. No more huge, oafish hood rats followed behind me shouting childish insults like “white bitch”.


    You meet a better class of people overseas.

    Over the years I would communicate with a few people I knew from Central Michigan. One was Stanley the Polish-American guy, stuck in Flint. His formerly modest pleasant Polish Catholic neighborhood turned into a giant crack house he could not escape and he could not liquidate. He’s stuck there like some peasant in Transylvania.

    Then there is Tanya, a girl in my class. She made good in Los Angeles, but fresh-out-of-prison Cholos moved into her Culver City neighborhood and she fled to some small town in Idaho run by Mormons. She said she could no longer raise a child in Los Angeles. She moved to some old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in some small town with six feet of snow in the winter.

    Some of my college friends did well and others just wasted away in the coffee shop working McJobs and then the Great Recession came along and they had no job in cold, bleak Michigan. Meanwhile, I had a wonderful time in Dubai during the Bush years when everyone was paranoid about terrorism and here I was living an exciting life in the Middle East working in my profession. There was no crime and no blacks and no Mexicans and tweakers running down the street with their pants down like the redneck meth head I saw in Phoenix, even though my circumstances were modest in Dubai.

    The final laugh of the Bush era was when Dubai wanted to purchase the New York Port Authority! For five, six years the Bush Admin had been talking about the War on Terror and delivering Democracy to the Middle East and a Middle Eastern country nearly buys the ports just to pound in how stupid Bush was.

    I remember a black guy from Michigan coming into my bar in the Philippines. He was from Southeast Michigan. The place was godawful during the Great Recession with poor people living worse there than the average Indian I had known. He was one of the ex-military guys who comes back to the Philippines to relive his glory days overseas-many blacks would live overseas if they could because more than other Americans they have no attachment to the country at all. We talked about Michigan. “It’ll come back” he told me. Yeah, right.

    I had my own bad experiences with police as a young man though I’m a white law-abiding citizen. Just random stop and frisk idiocy that US police do. One time I was filling up my tires at a truck stop full of street prostitutes and a policeman accused me of “soliciting” although I was fifty feet away and ran my license. Just looking for something-a joint, expired insurance, whatever. This happened quite a few times. One time undercover police in Phoenix roared up to me because my bike got a flat and a parked it in an alley where it could not be stolen and I am not even sure why that caused them to believe something untoward was going on.

    So when the George Floyd case occurred I felt a bit resigned Shadenfreud. Overseas, police can be bribed cheaply. They’re corrupt, but unless you are in a narco-economy this works well for the expat. Minor things can be fixed. For the most part, you won’t get arrested or detained unless you deserve to be.

    I also felt some delicious shadenfreud at the foolish older American men in the Philippines who were totally scammed and had their life savings taken by some Filipina scam artist. When Lester met a Filipina and he bought her a house in planning for the wedding and walked in and found her husband drinking a beer and it turned out she was married and her husband had planned the scam, i laughed. When Ken the NYC architect built a hotel for his 23 year old wife and she had an affair and then told the security guard to kick him off the property and he found himself on the Filipino streets aged 60 with his life savings spent on some broad who had the property in her name (Philippine Law) I could not help but laugh. I also once witnessed a chimpout from a black serviceman at a girly bar and was reminded why I moved overseas and stayed there.

    When I think of most of my friends in Michigan I feel as if I snowed the world. I was able to travel the world as a young man. In April of 1999 I was in Phoenix getting hassled by dickhead cops behind a shopping mall who demanded to see the receipt for a power drill I had purchased and by December of 1999 I was on a beach in Goa, India. I spent three weeks in London in the summer of 2000. I visited Europe and even lived in India for a couple of years. Compare that to my friends, most of whom became teachers, whose idea of a vacation is paddle-boating on Lake Michigan.

    Meanwhile my college friends got older in America dealing with its problems. One guy Mark fled Michigan to Alaska just to get away from the hood and ended up doing backbreaking work in a cannery. Others just stayed where they were as the economy tanked and Southeast Michigan became Haiti with snow.

    I’ve often heard it said that Americans become expats because of women. I’m damn grateful that my college girlfriends broke up with me. I don’t miss white women at all. My girlfriend in college could only find work as a biology teacher in small towns and played hopscotch from Idaho to the Northwest and finally ended up back in Ann Arbor, middle aged. Another girl friend ended up managing running a catering company in Detroit.

    Sorry, but that just does not compare to floating in bathtub warm water watching a tropical sunset and getting a girlfriend whenever you want one and being a rock star to local women because you are white (I was a young man when I moved overseas and reasonably handsome).

    Think I would trade that to bust heavies in America? Worry some 23 year old Human Resources cooze who was blowing frat guys the year before all over campus would force me to take sensitivity classes? This does not happen when you run a girly bar in the Philippines.

    In point of job history, I had more impressive gigs overseas than I could in America. They did not pay as well, but the quality of life was much higher.

    What do you define as American? The Cholo in Phoenix who likes to smoke PCP and then assault middle-class Anglos? The crackhead Congoid who stomps behind whites at the bus station downtown calling them “bitches”? Some crotch-grabbing Afro-Saxon whigger?

    A bunch of paranoid rednecks who can be made to believe that Arabs actually give a shit about the squalid environment they live in and would invade it, which is probably the lie Biden will sell to get more lumpen his party contemptuously calls deplorables to volunteer for a war with Iran.

    Things got way, way worse since I last lived in the US in 1999. Had you told me then, aged 25, that white people would be homeless I would have thought you were crazy. The only homeless whites in America in 1999 were crackheads.

    I rolled my eyes at the Epstein case, thinking how far working class whites had degenerated to the point that an entire homeroom class of 15 year old girls would do anything for $200. The white working class, which I was never really part of, really seemed to bottom out in the 21 years I was gone from the US. When I was young and living in the US, the highest caste in America was still the WASP Establishment from old money like the Bush family. Now (THEY) were openly the highest caste in the US and did not even bother to hide out.

    Predictably my brother called me long distance-I had not seen him in 10 years by then-and told my grandmother’s condo sold for 20 percent of what it was worth in 1986 when she died. That was how much property value crashed in Macomb County, Michigan.

    And my brother himself had to flee Orange County when his daughter was old enough to enter Kindergarten. Which is odd, because he is an urban planner and earned a good salary-maybe 90 grand a year and he still could not afford to send his daughter to a private school in Los Angeles and did not want her to be around Cholos. They even ruined the former “Orange Curtain”.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I would not want to live in Mexico. I’ve avoided Latin America my entire life, though I visited Spain and enjoyed it. Why any expat would want to live in a narco-economy is beyond me.

    Nor, thus far, did I get wealthy overseas though I got by. But my daughter will never come to me and say she is pregnant by some Congoid thug because I could not afford private school and she took to hanging around blacks to fit in. I would not have to break the news to her that she could have her orphan Mulatto baby in an alleyway for all I cared because I was not going to be one of the white grandparents who raised my feckless daughter’s kid.

    I no longer have to worry about Cholos. I no longer have to see their disgusting Richard Ramirez mestizo visages with mirthless smirks and glaring eyes.

    Or some big grunting oaf like Floyd.

    Or a redneck tweaker. I’ll never be followed again by some blank-eyed 19 year old meth addict with a moronic grin who is trying to aggressively panhandle me.

    I don’t have to be a [email protected] who blames my behavior on the “narrative” because I cannot know what the “narrative” is overseas. I haven’t watch US television since the Sopranos first came on the air and the US news is a joke.

    As for wanting to be American, I deliberately took a post-graduate course in Ontario so I could pretend to be Canadian when I returned overseas. That way Eurofags and Arabs would not lecture me.

    My view on that is purely functional. And maybe fundamentally expats see things in functional terms.

  46. Anonymous[634] • Disclaimer says:

    Judging by use of the English language, Sulu is clearly either a homosexual or a woman.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  47. macilrae says:

    Brilliant, Fred, this is one of your very best!

  48. Enough with the Tom Sawyer schtick, Fred. We get it. You were brought up in a rural district. So was I. But you live in Mexico and you’re married to a Mexican. Hmm. I’m from the South and I’m married to a Southern woman. And we live in the South.

  49. Perhaps Entropy McWilliams could explain to you and your buddy Unz that:

    MASS IMMIGRATION of CHOLOS isn’t going to save America either, dumbass.

    You are importing yet another large group that hates whitey.. unless they have money to give them… then they are nice as apple pie…

    But when they get political power they are going to join your hated black folks in taking bad old whitey’s money via government taxation…

    But you are blind to that as is your compatriot Unz… you fcking idiots…

  50. Biff says:

    Want some more expat “vibe”? Look at the idiots still stuck with the worst craptiod ripoff social contract on the planet – no healthcare, no jobs, no future in the land of plenty – plenty of crime, plenty of homeless, plenty of prisons, plenty of bankrupt fucks looking for company for their misery.

    Does your misery enjoy company?

    • Replies: @Sulu
  51. Fred, it’s time for an intervention. You need to dry out for a spell.

    I wasn’t sure what kind of gender fluid she meant

    Get off the sauce hillbilly! No more gender fluids!

  52. @Anon392

    I will die fighting in the same land my forefathers settled, fought and died for.

    Be sure to have someone post your real name and prisoner ID number after you’re sent to the gulag so we can anonymously send you some commissary money.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  53. @Sulu

    I didn’t get married but instead enjoyed hundreds of beautiful girls in S.E. Asia.

    Hmm, odd that you think this a boast. “I can’t score any hot chicks from my own sub-species so I am a hero for doing any slant-eyed boygirl in the jungle!”

    • Replies: @Sulu
  54. M.Anthony says:

    Enjoyed this article and needed the laughs, thanks Fred.

    “titless Hillary” is priceless and should go on a t-shirt in big letters along with sloppy Joe’s wrinkly mug shot. I definitely smell a new meme…

    Jeff Stryker (comment 49), I can’t hit the “Thanks” button but I enjoyed reading your comment.

  55. G.D. Freddy,
    You best git home n make sure the dogs is on the porch!

  56. Anon[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh great, along comes expat douche Biff who skedaddled long ago.

    You boys can trade Walter Mitty stories of chasing gook pussy in SE Asia. Americans are glad to be rid of both you losers…lol

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  57. @Haxo Angmark

    He and the owner of this blog’s insistence on how the US is better off with Cholo mass migration makes his articles like this a load of bullshit…
    Right… the US is circling the toilet and mass immigration to these fools is somehow going to save it? Importing poverty, a different language, low IQs..
    What a formula for success to these two dolts…

    But they don’t like blacks much… Unz with his charts on black crime rates and Reed with his general commentary. Well fellas… they aren’t gonna change but importing allies in the fight on whitey isn’t a good idea either..

  58. @turtle

    Intending to

    That’s right up there with the reason GM chopped a car line to prevent car theft:

    • LOL: turtle
  59. Sulu says:

    You win the prize with that one brother.


    • Replies: @roonaldo
  60. Dr. Doom says:

    America is a continent, with North and South.

    The South always gets looked down on, due probably to maps.

    This soil is the soil my Father fought for, and Uncle too.

    Not Uncle Sam, clown show with big shoes.

    We have a string of unfortunates that mistake America for some charity.

    They give little and get less, but they are settled to make a fuss about it.

    We have blood in this soil. Our lives are tied to it.

    Geography is a zero sum game, and zero is what we should “give” to aliens.

  61. Sulu says:
    @Stan d Mute

    “I can’t score any hot chicks from my own sub-species so I am a hero for doing any slant-eyed boygirl in the jungle!”

    Who said I couldn’t score with any White girls? That’s your fantasy pal. I graduated from a Southern College and I had more blondes than a Hollywood producer. When I went overseas the eternal summer and scuba diving was what captivated me. Asian women were just the cherry on top and I screwed them because that’s what was there. Oh, and they were all girls. Boygirl is just another one of your faggot projections.

    When I hear criticism from people like you my first though is… Here is just one more loser that’s is scared to travel or doesn’t have the means so it greatly chaps his ass that someone else can do it. In other words sour grapes pal. Unless of course instead of a pal you are a gal and that’s why you are pissed. But, in either case, I hardly need the permission of some internet loser to live my life.


    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  62. Sulu says:

    You have the unmistakable fetid odor of a mentally ill turd. The extreme anger, the outbursts of said anger… It’s all there. And the fact that you can barely string a coherent sentence together bespeaks a low I.Q. and a lack of education. Also, considering that you are probably mental we might just throw in alcohol and or drug abuse too because these are frequently found in conjunction with mental illness and a low I.Q. In short, you are a real piece of work.

    I suspect occasionally you look in the mirror with at least one eye open and realize the truth. Then comes the anger at the realization. I bet your life is a roller-coaster of shit. Up on top with a manic episode and drug use. Then later, down in the valley of shit dealing with the aftermath. I suspect it’s living hell. No wonder you are pissed at the world.


    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Chinaman
  63. Sulu says:

    I remember getting in the boat after a night dive. We are motoring back to shore with the bowl of heaven above us and the rhythm of the sea below. Everyone in the boat is laughing with the euphoria that comes right after a dive and passing around a bottle of rum (a Filipino tradition) and I would look at the sky sprinkled with about a billion stars and I would think…the dumb fucks back in the states are just now getting up to go to a job they hate, to pay for a mortgage they hate, just so they can come back home every night and listen to the mouth of a fat wife that is planning to divorce them and take them for everything they have. And then I would laugh and take another drink of rum.


  64. botazefa says:


    The Federal Reserve, either directly or indirectly.

    Or foreign cash buyers.

    The deed info won’t be in the public records immediately, unfortunately.

    In a related item, home sales spike in July:

    It is curious. Thanks for bringing it here.

  65. botazefa says:

    It seems to be Reed’s standard style from his days as a newspaper columnist. If you enjoyed it, I am happy to recommend his Nekkid in Austin compilation. Available on Amazon for pretty cheap.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  66. Sulu says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Well put and it largely mirrors my time as an ex-pat. Though my playground was S.E. Asia exclusively.
    After graduating college and briefly considering going for my Phd. I took what was originally intended as a short vacation to the Philippines, and as they say, the rest is history. I stayed for about 20 years. I never owned a girly bar. Spent most of my time scuba diving and screwing. But I feel like I put a down payment or two on a couple of girly bars. If you know what I mean.


    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  67. Agent76 says:

    Aug 20, 2020 Ongoing Portland protests fanning out across city

    PPB said there have been 13 riots in 83 nights of protests.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  68. Anon[245] • Disclaimer says:

    You are without a doubt, one of the biggest shit talking retards in this place. And that’s saying something….lol

    Once again, fuck off with the other pussy expats and tell your bullshit stories to them. You can practice your amateur psychoanalysis as well.

    Americans who intend to stay and fight for their country, certainly do not need advice or suggestions from shitbirds like you, Fredo, Biff or Jeff Stryker etc… Capische?

    What really amazes me about you idiots is that even though you’ve long since departed this horrible place, you never seem to stop running your mouth about it. Put a sock in it and go about your business in whatever shithole you currently reside. Thanks in advance.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Sulu
    , @Biff
  69. @Sulu

    The worst and most sordid red-light districts are not in SEA, they are in the graveyards of post-industrial cities of the US.

    Go to Detroit or any other ghetto and offer some crack cocaine and you can arrange any sort of unimaginable sexual act possible….Go to a Detroit bus station and tell a crack head you want him to mount a German Shepherd…He’ll do it.

    Red light districts are full of danger in the US. Men are regularly killed with their pants down. Watch FIRST 48 and half the cases involve some middle-aged guy found dead with his pants down because some hooker shot him.

    Red-light districts are everywhere. Big deal.

    Then again, I’m free of the BS of the sexual marketplace in the US. I don’t have to bust my ass and pretend to be things I’m not just to get some cougar to have sex with me.

    I would not have traded being able to be married to a white woman to have missed out on the last 21 years I was overseas.

    • Agree: Sulu
    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  70. haha says:

    “Kids at universities might actually learn something.”

    Do you really think so? Kids now go to universities not to learn but to become social justice warriors. And they don’t even have to “learn” political correctness, it is simply thrust into them from all orifices until it begins to ooze out.

  71. “Lupita Marimacha”?

    Laurie Lightfoot’s lesbian cousin from south of the border?

    Or is Marimacha one of those traditional Mexican strolling bands?

  72. “Dang. I got real innarested when you put young Mr. Crumpler’s name in the title…”

    “What? You must mean Crump. Rhymes with ‘Trump.

    “??? Whatever. I thought you interviewed him.”

    “Moron, You’re trying to remember Chandler Crump.”

    “Yeah, the 16-year old Conservative Black YouTuber.”

    “…Is that a kind of vegetable?”

  73. Anonymous[164] • Disclaimer says:

    Reed is actually not copying — or inspired by — Mark Twain but George Washington Harris, who created the character Sut Lovingood:
    “Harris is considered the greatest of Southwestern humorists before Twain. His great achievement was his creation of Sut Lovingood, ‘a nat’ral born durn’d fool.”Sut is one of the cruelest characters encountered in Southwest humor. He grossly exaggerates the qualities of conniving, cruelty, brutish behavior and coarse speech–the qualities that enable men to survive the harsh life of the frontier. In turn, respectability, kindness, and brotherhood are characteristics for derision as they constitute the personalities of the weak. Sut furnishes the reader with a self description which should give a fair idea of the qualities this character possessed:

    ‘Every critter what has ever seed me, if they has sense enough to hide from a coming calamity…jist knows five great facts in my case…Firstly, that I hain’t got nary a soul, nothing but a whisky-proof gizzard…Secondly, that I’s too durned a fool to come under military law. Thirdly, that I has the longest pair of legs ever hung to any carcus, excepting only of a grandaddy spider…Fourthly, that I can chamber more corkscrew, kill-devil whisky, and stay on end, than anything excepting only a broad-bottomed churn. Fivety, and lastly, kin get into more durned misfortunate skeery scrapes, than anybody, and then run outen them faster, by golly, nor anybody.’”

    Reed himself has described his writerly persona as “Sut Lovingood in a Members Only jacket.”
    The Members Only jacket was a popular fashion c.1980, which is the time-frame Reed seems stuck in.
    I enjoy Reed when he produces original copy, but in recent times he mostly recycles, sometimes with a few updating sentences, sometimes not, and as time passes, the recycled passages become less and less relevant, or even understandable.
    Reed also recycles the same handful of topics that he seems to have gotten from a couple of books:
    Behe’s 1996 edition of “Darwin’s Black Box” for his evolution stuff; and Wrangham’s 1997 edition of “Demonic Males” for his men are monsters who love war stuff. He probably got his anti-military shtick from a book I don’t know, especially the lines about pointlessly sending out fighters to intercept an approaching Russian bomber because its just an old “propeller”plane.
    Reed also exaggerates his military experience by saying things like, “I have stood on the bridge of an Aegis-class destroyer….” — doubtless some press junket, but he doesn’t say that. His actual experience with the military is restricted to his single hitch as an enlisted man in the Marines well over half a century ago, and is no more remarkable or insightful than that of millions of others who have done much the same. Nothing wrong with that, but he sure has milked those few years bone dry.

  74. Sulu says:

    Sounds like my psychoanalysis hit a bit too close to home. I may not have been exactly on target but I bet I was close. Just judging by the anger in your posts I would say you have some form of mental health issues.

    Not unlike a neutered dog you still just don’t get it do you? The America I knew as a boy is dead. You are talking about fighting over a festering corpse not some fair young maiden that still has warmth and life and virtue. America is gone. Destroyed by the Jews and the left. It’s not coming back. No matter who you manage to shoot it will at best be an act of revenge. But you can’t resurrect the corpse of the America that was.

    And the thing you are truly loathe to admit on this blog is you don’t have a way out. You don’t have the money to leave. You probably have a family and a wife/ex wife and a few kids. So you, my friend are stuck. But instead of admitting even to yourself that you would like to leave, you try and cloak your inability to do so as a virtue. You are going to stay and fight for the land of your birth. Well, good luck with that plan. Even if it happens and even if you somehow survive the carnage there won’t be a Goddamn thing of value left for you when the fight is over.

    America may end with a bang. But it’s just as likely it will end with a whimper. And the glorious battle you envision taking part in will never materialize. You are just going to be facing day after day of increasing desperation. I hope you are ready for that.


    • Replies: @Anon
  75. anon[233] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m a former WV, live in NC. Fred, much of your commentary, hidden behind the ad hominem bullshit attack on my home state, is on target.

    But everyone in WV, from the high to the low, is tired of the stupid characterization. I really doubt if you know much more about the state and it’s citizens than you’ve learned from Hee Haw.

    Fuck off.

  76. Anon[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Jeeesus, you are one long winded goofy fuker.

    Thanks for looking into your crystal ball and telling us how it will all shake out, Mr Sulu.

    So you, my friend are stuck. But instead of admitting even to yourself that you would like to leave, you try and cloak your inability to do so as a virtue.

    If I desired, I could have left long ago, dipshit.

    In any event, we’ll think long and hard on all your wise pontifications/prognostications and try to muddle through as best we can.

    Are we done now?

    I hope so.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  77. @Jeff Stryker

    I would not have traded being able to be married to a white woman to have missed out on the last 21 years I was overseas.

    Without white women there are no white children. Removing yourself from our gene pool is an honorable way to go, better by far than miscegenation back home anyway. Frankly, we need to encourage a whole lot more disaffected youths to emigrate. Our race was at its healthiest during our age of exploration and conquest. And as a bonus, as Freddy will attest, the conquistadors certainly improved the gene pool down south.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  78. Biff says:

    Once again, fuck off with the other pussy expats

    • LOL: Sulu
  79. Blacklivesmatter is a communist, bolshevik, zionist front for the destruction of America.

  80. @Jeff Stryker

    My view on that is purely functional. And maybe fundamentally expats see things in functional terms.

    Dude….that was awesome.

    My expat experience was much more modest, but I hear what you are saying.

  81. Sulu says:

    Judging by your posts you were done a long time ago.
    I realize that all this is too much for your limited intellect.
    Enjoy your divorce.


  82. @gotmituns

    Neer the twain shall meet. Alas, poor Frederick, if words could tell, that twain could jell, the bell would knell and we’d all be well. Ah, that wasn’t exactly Mister Dylan’s ‘Copper Kettle’ and I plum don’t have me no shine—too far from possum-trot country here in Manysnowta.

  83. @Anon

    In cur frogging reddible. Some buddy is ken to that thar Mitty feller.

  84. So you’re a dope-smoking conservative. Hypocrite.

  85. @Agent76

    What I totally dislike about these incidents is when they go after private, free-enterprise stores, restaurants, etc. No!!! I am NOT talking about corporate crap. So far as I’m concerned, the mega-corporations are totally controlled by the enemies of humanity, the financier elite who headquarter in City of London, seconded by Wall $treet. Such demonstrations, as long as person to person violence is not employed, have some air of righteous indignation about them.

    Ditto, the United $tates of America’$ Inju$tice $ystem. That entire apparatu$ is absolutely corrupt, what with Federal di$trict court convictions rates now approaching 99 percent. It is clear that they aim to join the Big Dogs, Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s USSR, where the conviction rate was a full 100 percent. Over the past five years the U$ Fed’$ rate has jumped from 97% to that 99 figure, so they are proving themselves to be true progressives.

  86. Seems to me that Fred has been partaking of the Padre Kino again. This article was offensive on so many levels…I loved it!

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
    • LOL: Sulu
  87. Anonymous[127] • Disclaimer says:
    @Stan d Mute

    they didn’t improve anything. if anything, mexico is worse off. also, the number of people they mixed with is greatly exaggerated. most of them were converted moors and jews, not germanics anyway. and the age of exploration and things like it were degenerate, that was when jewish money took control of the euro kingdoms and forced people to have to leave their homes for the americas, not to mention slavery, which obviously did not work very well.

  88. Tom Welsh says:

    My thought too, Avianthro. In fact when he moves on I can just imagine ol’ Fred sipping whisky with Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, H.L. Mencken, Edward Abbey, Eric Hoffer, Izzy Stone, Gore Vidal… and maybe Bob Heinlein.

    There might be some saturnine conversation.

  89. @Stan d Mute

    With respect, I think you’ve rather missed the main point, old sport. The one good thing about finally standing and fighting against the hordes of lower ones orchestrated by the alien overlords is that, if and when the last barricades finally fall and burn and it’s all over, you don’t actually get to see the Gulags – just a quick makeshift funeral pyre on the corner without any honours.

    But the only REAL Honour – and the only one worth having – is the loyalty of ultimate self-sacrifice to your nation, race and future – which, at a distant time in that future, when the world has turned the full circle and the madmen and demons have been dispatched back to hell, will be recognised and recorded for all posterity.

    Meine Ehre Heisst Treue

    – Impressed onto every single SS ceremonial dagger in Germany a little while ago.

    “My Honour is Loyalty”

  90. @Sulu

    Twenty two years after I left Arizona and put an ocean between myself and put an ocean between myself and the Cholos and black thugs the same tired problems just got bigger.

    It was with weariness that I got in touch with an old college friend named Tanya who told me she had given up her lucrative in Los Angeles and moved to some tiny Idaho town run by a syndicate of Mormons so small-minded they gave Tonya crap for moving from California and possibly being Democrat.

    My brother also left Los Angeles-and he was an urban planner who made good money-because the Cholos ruined the schools and despite his 80 grand a year salary he could not afford a private school…so he had to move to another state.


    I hiked the mountains of Wales, lived in London for two months in Earl’s court, swam in the Arabian Sea in Goa, climbed the sand dunes of Dubai and swam in its oases, partied on tropical islands in the Philippines, watched the sunset on the Gulf of Siam from my apartment in Pattaya…met Bollywood actresses in India.

    And meanwhile in the US the Cholos got worse and the cops were still strong-arming the hood rats who burned down buildings and everyone I knew was living through 9-11 and war and the Great Recession and Katrina and the Florida vote recount back in 2000 and now a bunch of looting and rioting while I was overseas tasting sweet Asian monsoon rain.

    A couple of my friends went through wretched divorces while I moved from country to country getting laid with some exotic and interesting women-one a Bollywood body double, one a South African journalist, a Spanish Filipina from an affluent family, a British woman, even an Arab woman. Being an expat can lead you to meet some interesting women (Of course I was under 40 so I was passably attractive). One occasion, I did actually have an brief affair with a female US sailor who came ashore to the girly bar I then co-owned and got steaming drunk. It was okay, but I would not have rushed back to the US just so I could have sex with white women.

    Would not trade that to have married my bitchy college girlfriend. She became a science teacher. We broke up because I wanted to leave Michigan. She ended up leaving for a few years and then returned.

    Another one of my college friends became an economics teacher at a rough Detroit high school. No thanks. His only affordable hobby is paddle-boarding in Lake Huron. My hobby is travelling to new countries.

    Who would want to shovel a foot of snow off their car in the winter to get to their stagnant-wage job or ride the public bus with screeching passengers when you can float in the Cebu channel sea under a vivid tropical sunset in bathtub warm water?

    I read Unz to see how America has changed and to bask in Shadenfreud. The Cholos got worse and destroyed all of California. The blacks got worse and were torching things now and rioting for months. The war in Afghanistan stretched on for 20 years. Bush was long gone. He was giving self-congratulatory speeches for $5000 a plate as Taliban refitted old US Army Personnel vehicles left behind in the hasty retreat.

    What land of my forefathers? My family was playing hopscotch from the day my great-grandparents immigrated to Germantown, Detroit. My grandparents moved to Ann Arbor in the forties because even then Detroit was getting bad. Finally, it collapsed into a wilderness. There are potholes in the runway.

    My grandmother’s condo, which she bought for half a million in Macomb county, sold for 70 grand. That is how far property values plummeted.

    My friends had now spent their entire lives toiling to pay for lousy wooden frame houses with tiny yards while I relaxed in clean tiled bungalows in Asia and India, some of which were right on the beach.

    Sometimes I derived some Shadenfreud tracking down old acquaintances. “Scary Larry” the pedophile who lived in my off-campus apartment at Central Michigan ended up in prison for molesting children. Scott, the white trash pot dealer who hung around campus but was never a student and worked in telemarketing ended up living in a trailer with his mother after serving a two-year prison term for stabbing someone at a raucous party.

    Mostly though, none of the people I knew could get out of Michigan. Things got more rundown. Crime rose. New drugs hit the street and more tweakers appeared.

    I really hated a good many of the people I met among the urban underclass. I don’t want to get into another tangent about redneck tweakers aggressively panhandling, but it was a pleasant relief not to ever be around one again.

    I also felt a self-congratulatory air of self-satisfaction. While they trudging through the snow to their job in Michigan as young people, I was celebrating New Year’s Eve in India smoking Kashmiri hashish. My friends from college were sitting in the same Sports Bar stools that supported their ass since we turned 21 but I was partying somewhere new.

    Let someone else fight and die for Phoenix or Southeast Michigan. I’ll have spent my life doing interesting things overseas in Dubai, Oman, India, Philippines, Thailand. Traveling through Europe and London.

    I’m not crying in my beer somewhere that marrying my college sweetheart worked out to $500 a screw when she finally divorced me and used my life savings to hit the Cougar Bars and by drinks for frat boys who wanted a MILF quickie for shits and giggles.

    I did not spend my life circumventing the Mestizo Aztec savages with their Richard Ramirez glares and mirthless smirks or the grunting huffing puffing line backer sized hood rat oafs by moving to some small town.

    I enjoyed Asian cities with a buzz. I did not have to move to the sticks with the rubes and the rednecks and the sheriff’s like the one in First Blood. Overseas, police were deferential to me because I was a Westerner. I never endured another stupid cop hassling me in the hope of filling a quota. I don’t smoke pot very often but when I did I was assured that if I got caught I could simply bribe the police. And I smoked the finest pot in some interesting places. London cemeteries. Hotel rooms in Delhi, India. Mangrove swamps in the Philippines. Dubai compounds.

    Every so often I would meet 60 year old men who had moved to SEA because their life collapsed in the US. I’ve shared some of their stories. The divorce rapes. Many of them had liquidated and were happy to live in a warm tropical country that was dirt cheap and I’m sure they’ll die much happier there.

    Only other expats can understand what I’m talking about. The townies here who still live at home or down the same street they were born that never traveled further than Florida whose idea of international experiences was the Florida Epcot center have no idea what I’m talking about.

    Only other expats understand what it is like to be utterly beholden to nothing and nobody on earth, to not really care if you live somewhere the next day or not, to be able to travel to new countries whenever you want to.

    As for women and how pathetic sexpats are, the detractors here can keep hitting the same club on Ladies Night sitting around watching the same slags flirt with the DJ and hoping maybe they’ll get laid. They can keep on busting their sack for some white woman with sky-high expectations because her father was a Yuppie and she was raised in a McMansion in the roaring nineties.

    Not me. An expat doesn’t have to work that hard to get laid.

    I follow no narrative. I can’t, because I don’t have US cable. I have a television, but my wife only watches Thai and Korean stations, so all I know is what I read on Yahoo News and on Unz. Hollywood is not telling me what to believe.

    And like most expats, I look down on townies and rubes who have their opinions controlled by Saul the cocaine addict out in Hollywood.

    I can remember watching the film THE KINGDOM in Dubai and hearing the Arab audience laugh and laugh at the stupid propaganda. The dumb hicks and rubes actually believe that. I sat in a Middle Eastern theater and laughed and laughed.

    Most of the posters here who criticize expats would not last overseas anyhow. And I don’t consider Fred to be a true expat because he is not living overseas, just over a border. A real expat lives across an ocean.

    Being an expat gives you a sense of perspective and townie and rubes and hicks have no idea what that is. They have to adhere to PC, and the demands of blacks and Cholos, and everything else. I adhere to nothing. I call people whatever I want to call them.

    I do what I want.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Sulu
    , @Susan
  91. Anon[428] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Yada Yada Yada…

    Thanks again for another big bag of hot air, Jeff.

    If you’re so very self-satisfied, with your expat life and all it’s many adventures (roll eyes) why is it you’re here constantly bloviating about the US?

    Maybe it’s just that you really dig talking about yourself, like this Mr Sulu jerkoff.

    I personally don’t give a flying fuck what’s going on in Thailand or Mexico etc…

    Just can’t seem to leave the Good ol’ USA behind, huh?

    Just like Fred.

  92. Rubicon says:

    Fred’s got some real wisdom there. America being in a pretty bad state, we’re thinkin it might be time for a resettlement. Maybe some hilltop in the Ozarks; build a shanty and return to our rural roots.

    Or a real right escape – to the mountains in B.C. The people there don’t mess with ya; you spend time fightin’ mountain lions, wolverines, and bears. Real nature is where it’s at. It doesn’t mess with
    your mind. You either survive it, or it will kill ya off.

    The point bein, you either escape from The Hell Hole or it’ll take you down every time. No media, no Internet; just you and Nature. It’s called puttin’ your mind in the right mode.

  93. Sulu says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    My ex-pat friends used to constantly laugh about the rubes back home that just didn’t get the lifestyle. I actually had one of my childhood friends ask me why I spent money on a vacation when I could have a pickup truck.

    I showed a friend of mine a picture of a stunning Filipina I was dating. His first question was,”Is she a hooker?”
    I told him she didn’t have any money so I was paying for everything in the relationship then I asked him if his wife worked. (She didn’t) He then asked me if I was saying his wife was a hooker. I told him. “No, she is a house wife. That means when she leaves she is going to take your house.”
    In a couple years she divorced him and took his house.

    Got another friend. Known him for 40 years. He stayed home and made millions. Got married about 23 years ago to a stunning blonde. He has two daughters. He is now going through a divorce in a community property state. His net worth is probably 8 or 9 million. The guy is literally crying to me about his divorce. He even wanted me to buy a piece of property from him a few years ago to shield it from his wife. Naturally I wouldn’t do it. His first kid looks like him but his second doesn’t at all. I have to bite my tongue to keep from telling the poor schmuck that if his wife didn’t cheat on him he wouldn’t have any good looking kids.

    I knew when I was a teen ager to never let women know anything about my money. I’m not saying any one told me. I just knew intuitively. And I have never had a woman take a dime off of me that I didn’t allow. And I have had more beautiful women that all my friends combined. That’s why I laugh at some of the anti-ex-pat posters here. But we really need them. If they all woke up and came overseas it would fuck things up for all of us. Let them stay where they are. Dumb fucks!


    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Susan
  94. Anon[428] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey Uncle Sulu, can you tell us the cool stories about drinking and getting laid in Southeast Asian again?

    C’mon Uncle Sulu!….Please!

    LOL…I swear you fukers remind me of Junior High school boys.

  95. Biff says:

    His first kid looks like him but his second doesn’t at all.

    17% of American fathers are raising children that are biologically not their own, and they don’t know it.

    • Replies: @Sulu
    , @Jim Bob Lassiter
  96. me he divertido mucho. gracias freed. y acertadisimo

  97. Chinaman says:

    It is just IQ. Not I.Q.

    You seem quite self- conscious of your own IQ and need to talk about it incessantly.

    Oh! My bad…I got confused. You must be talking about the Idiot Quotient Have you measured your own I.Q. ?

    • Replies: @Sulu
  98. Chinaman says:

    Of course, I guess a Chinaman could say whites do it too when they use paper and gunpowder

    The Chinaman thinks it is more bizarre to see whites using Tiktot and soon to be 5G.

    In 2500, there will be holograms that project white people dancing to Tiktot on a wetware download called “ “White Inventions” which explain that whites “invented” Tiktot and the Transgender toilet…just as Gutenberg “invented” the printing press even though he stole Chinese intellectual property.

    It is program to make white people feel better since everything will be invented by the Chinese then And infused with direct subconscious hacks to the amygdala to suppress feelings of inferiority.

    The only problem is that this wetware download is only available in Chinese.

  99. Sulu says:

    The only thing that shocks me about that is that the percentage isn’t higher.


  100. Susan says:

    Clever but not one of my favorite Freed Reed essays. Too much kitsch, but some good information.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  101. Susan says:

    You sound VERY cynical.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  102. Susan says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You sound very unhappy. Your need to criticize others’ life choices and life styles makes you seem petty and gloomy. I think we all enjoy a bit of schadenfreude occasionally, but you seem to have made it your raison d’être. That’s not emotionally healthy for you and will drive away your friends.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  103. Sulu says:

    Cynic is just a word used by a romantic to describe a realist.


  104. Sulu says:

    I don’t know. He sounds pretty happy to me. The guys that are unhappy are the idiots that sign up for the program and marry some woman that is going to gain ten pounds for every year she is married and then when she is about 70 or 80 pounds “heavier” than she was on her wedding night drop the “Big D” on her husband and take him for everything he has.

    The World is a book with many pages. If you never get out of America you only know one page. Remember about 20 years ago for a short while the American media tried to put a negative spin on ex-pats? They called them “sex tourist”, what a loaded phrase. They tried to imply than any man that spent much time out of the country just had to be some kind of deviant. One of my Navy friends laughed when he heard about it and claimed, rightly so, that it was an effort to keep the rubes in their place with the noose of marriage around their necks.

    Meanwhile the Epstein scandal pretty much points to the fact that the elite politicians of our country and others are all a bunch of Satanic pedophiles that not only rape but murder children with impunity. The hypocrisy and depravity of these people is beyond belief. Yet they think they have the right to not only make but enforce the rules for the rest of us.


  105. @Susan

    Let me guess; you prefer his Aztec worship essays.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  106. @Biff

    Where did you get that statistic? I wonder if there are any breakdowns by races, social classes, bio-dad milkman, mailman, office co-worker/boss etc.

  107. roonaldo says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Thanks–that’s some awesome caterwaulin’ from The Fugs. My older brother had a couple of their albums back in the day.

  108. anon[386] • Disclaimer says:

    When I was 20 I might have felt the same way you do because you are a young woman who may or may not live at home in the suburbs and your social circle is the most important thing in your life.

    When you are a 47 year old expat who has lived outside the US for 21 years and spent those years in 7 different countries…you really don’t care about who is having a party on Friday night in your neighborhood.

    I went overseas as a young man so four years after feeling stung that I couldn’t get the hot sorority chick to go home with me from an off-campus party I was swimming in the Arabian Sea of Goa and partying it up at New Years at the Indian Full Moon party and riding elephants…so I really no longer cared about the HQ scale world I left. And after a year on the mean streets of Phoenix, it seemed terribly irrelevant anyhow.

    Once you are hiking in the green hills of Wales about the grey-blue sea one thousand feet below or partying on a beautiful tropical island in the Philippines or climbing the sand dunes of Dubai to dive into freshwater oasis…having a social circle in jerkwater Michigan just make no difference. Some of my college buddies would e mail me as they would get together drive back to the old college bar…but by then I was overseas and climbing dunes in the ME to jump into oasis or body surfing in the Arabian Sea of Goa was much more interesting.

    And that is alright because I’ve made good friends overseas. When I first went overseas as a young man I befriended other backpackers in hostels. You probably have not traveled and have not had that experience but it can be bonding. But, you know, everyone goes back to their respective countries. And expats stay overseas. And overseas in places like Dubai people’s work contracts are always ending and they are always moving on.

    But again, as a young woman who has lived in the same community her entire life and never been overseas, your world is smaller and things like local friends you went to high school with are more important. For an expat like myself, I don’t care what happened to Todd my next door neighbor when I was a kid who I have not seen since 1990.

    White women cannot really live overseas. You could, and a few of you do for work, but you always return home to your communities. It is men, primarily, who move to new countries and adapt because the small things in life don’t matter to us as long as we are free and getting laid and have some money.

    For example, I had a brief affair with a female sailor who docked in the Philippines and got steaming drunk at my girly bar. We became intimate enough for her to complain that she could not use toilet paper in the Philippines because it blocked the plumbing and had to wash with a water spray. See, such a thing does not bother a male. At one point, she asked me where she could by Yogurt in Cebu because of a yeast infection. White men, obviously, don’t worry about this. I could care less, but that alone probably would have kept that woman from staying in Philippines. She is back in Missouri now, but I won’t say her name.

    White women occasionally tour SEA but none of them want to live there. I’ve never seen a black American woman or Mexican woman overseas. Generally, women live in the worlds that men create, and usually they don’t leave them.

    Also, most white women are not married to Asian men. I don’t see that very often. I cannot think of one case where a white woman in Philippines was married to a local.

    So anyhow, as a result of all these reasons, like having the right linoleum in your kitchen or being invited to a PTA party or knowing the DJ at Ladies Night at the club…white women don’t become expats very often.

    Which is not to say that it is not possible to live in filth and squalor in the US. Many white women do. But they stay there and don’t move. For one thing, men make women pregnant and then women are stuck somewhere. Then the man can move on. Many men fleeing child support are in Asia, though most of them seemed to be Australian.

    Males are wired to care most about living where life is easiest. It is easy to live in a clean sparse $100 a month bungalow in Philippines. It is not as easy to live-or pay the mortgage on-a house in the Midwest where there are long cold winters and a man has to shovel snow out of his driveway and maintain his car in winter. Of course the South is warm but you have Cholos.

    So in summation, when a man’s biggest priority is simply not to be somewhere like Michigan in a lower-class/working-class environment, then you don’t care about friends or social circles. Overseas, they come and go.

    It’s hard for you to grasp this because you are a white woman who would never live overseas. However, I should warn you that in South Africa and in Detroit, there have been cases where white men fled and left white women. Just packed their bags and took off and the woman was stuck. And in those cases, some of those women found themselves in bad situations.

    See, Susan, if you look at the history of the planet earth it is always about men showing up somewhere and impregnating women. As a woman, you know our first priority is sex and the way our garden looks or the nearest mall is a distant second.

    So for example, European men sailed to Latin America and had sex with Indians and created the Cholo. They also sailed to the Philippines and had sex with local women there.

    Thousands of years before that, white men traveled to India and had sex with Dravidian women and created the North Indian with his caste system.

    Vikings sailed to Canada and American Indians handed them a few women to and they took these back to Iceland and created the Icelandic population.

    Norman men came to the UK and shafted Celtic women and created the English class system.

    History is all about restless and unhappy white men going somewhere and having sex there.

    That is why the Latin Americas don’t look white and don’t look completely Indian is because white Spanish women really did not want to move to another country that was hot and tropical and had insects. But males did not care as long as they were having sex.

    If you are American or Australian, you might have a male like that in the family. In the past, males moved from Europe or the UK. Some of them were vagrants or criminals who were deported, but most of them just decided to leave.

    Let me finish this by telling you a story about Michigan. I took leave from Dubai to return to the US because I had a problem with a college landlord over a damaged carpet. I flew back-college three years behind by then-and had to drive 3 hours from Ann Arbor to Mt. Pleasant Michigan to deal with this.

    The situation was resolved. But I ran into the maintenance man outside. “I heard you went to Iraq” he said to me. I had gone to Dubai, not Iraq, but he was a redneck and back then not many people in America knew of any countries in the ME besides Iraq and Kuwait. At least not semi-rural rednecks.

    I asked about some of my fellow tenants from college days.

    Jason was busted with a bunch of marijuana and ended up informing on other stoners to keep from going to jail. “He didn’t even take his things,” the maintenance man mused. “He just called his Dad and said Dad come and get me some guys are going to kill me”.

    Craig the local townie who was also a maintenance man moved to Grand Rapids to work as a maintenance man there.

    Gabriel inherited some money and moved back up to Northern Michigan and dropped out of school.

    Meanwhile, I was in Dubai and had already traveled to India and swum in the Arabian sea and spent time in London and Amsterdam.

    I looked around, marveling that nothing had changed.

    Whew, get me out of here, I thought. And that was the last time I bothered to go to Michigan at all.

    I did return to LA on business in 2007. After that, I just never returned at all.

    I consider myself lucky. I have no concerns about BLM stomping into my neighborhood. Or looters. Or what will happen in Louisiana now that some other deranged crackhead with a knife was just shot.

    I’ll be here, with a fan keeping me cool and feeling reassured none of it will touch me.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  109. Sulu says:

    It is men, primarily, who move to new countries and adapt because the small things in life don’t matter to us as long as we are free and getting laid and have some money.

    Bingo! You just described the ex-pat philosophy in a nut shell.

    You mentioned Cebu. If you owned a girlie bar in the city there was a fair chance I was in it at one time or another since I lived on the Island. But mostly if I wanted to go bar hopping I would take a flight to Clark and hit the bars in Angeles. I was quite familiar with them from the mid nineties to about 2013 or so. I probably pulled hundreds of girls out of there.

    I first hit the P.I. in early 92 when Ermita, in Manila, was still roaring before Mayor Lim closed it all down. It was like something out of Dante’s Inferno. I just couldn’t decide which circle I was in. You walk into a bar and after a minute when your eyes adjust you see about 100 teen age to early twenties girls wearing string bikini’s with numbers on them. The girl that had number 69 usually got a bit of teasing. My favorite bar from those days was Visions on Del Pilar. A favorite ex-pat hang out was Rosie’s Bar on the corner of Del Pilar and I think Mabini. It was fashioned after a 50’s bar with an oval bar and red circular seats all around it. It had pictures of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe on the walls. Last time I was there was in 13 and it had changed to the L.A. Café.

    If you did any scuba diving on Cebu Island from the late 90’s through about 2013 you might have been with me on a dive boat. I have got about 600 dives, most of which were in the Tanon Strait between Cebu and Negros Island.

    Happy trails.


    • Replies: @anon
  110. Anon[163] • Disclaimer says:

    Most of you expat-haters remind me of my tubba’gut loser son-in-law, When I retired in the late 90’s, and announced I was going to GTHO, he called me a coward and said he was going to stay and fight.

    To him, fighting meant once a year taking a plane into DC, staying in a nice hotel, and marching as anonymously as possible in the middle of 100,000 other tubba’gut losers. Then, returning home and all year boasting about his brave fighting for the nation.

    For me, fighting meant a ten year period which included 20 hours a week on various aspects of social issues. The governor of our state knew who I was, and I used to get calls for assistance from 130 miles away. Fifteen years of a very militant op-ed every two months in the local newspaper with my name at the bottom.

    The expats are correct. It takes cojones to leave the nation where you were born and raised. Which is why the USA became a strong immigrant nation, until dearies took over.

    I have communicated with many ‘men’ who claim to want to expat. In the end, most aren’t brave enough and many admit it.

    Every civilization eventually comes to an end. In 1934, Dr. Unwin, a British academic, wrote a scholarly work, SEX AND CULTURE. He studied many societies and civilizations and found a common cause of final collapse, from Babylon to the Roman Empire to Canadian tribal life. Every parameter involved in the final collapse is present in the USA. Just when the pandemic struck.

    But, if the USA were not already at the collapse point, the pandemic would not have been such a big deal. There have been civilizations destroyed by barbarian in vaders, but this will be the first civilization destroyed by stupid medical doctors.

    (Program rejected my i.d., said it was not my usual which was prohibited. If I have posted under another i.d. I certainly do not remember it.}

  111. Uncle Al says: • Website
    @Bard of Bumperstickers

    This is not about winning, unconditional surrender, or hegemony; This is about stomping the enemy so hard that it ceases to be an entity, that its very soul overflows with fear, horror, and agony; the sobbing threnodies of its women, forever.

  112. Most of you expat-haters remind me of my tubba’gut loser son-in-law, When I retired in the late 90’s, and announced I was going to GTHO, he called me a coward and said he was going to stay and fight.

    Well, your whore daughter married him, so talk to her about it…lol

    Is there a website/message board devoted to the brave, intelligent, hard scrabble expat community where all you dbags can high five, pat each other on the ass and trade bullshit stories?

    If so, why don’t you go there and reaffirm each other to your heart’s content? Americans have the drizzling shits from listening to you drone on and on about it.

  113. anon[386] • Disclaimer says:

    You might enjoy this English-language Filipino horror film that I invested in that was shot in Cebu starring Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  114. Sulu says:

    Thanks, I will give it a look.

    The replies from the ex-pat haters makes me laugh my ass off. You can just hear the envy dripping off their posts. Envy which turned to hate because they know in their heart that they are the losers that stayed behind and got their ass reamed out by the system. Either they didn’t have the money to go, or they got married early or they simply didn’t have the guts to leave or were just too stupid to see it. I bet ever one of them either has a wife whose fat ass they have to kiss constantly to keep from getting the “Big D”, or they have already been financially raped by a divorce, or is such a loser that they can’t get any pussy. As Mr. Burns from the Simpson’s would say, “Let them wallow in their own crapulence.”


  115. roonaldo says:

    Thanks. Your adventurous spirit has served you well. When I was young, I, too, eschewed pursuit of the Ph.D (“Piled higher and Deeper,” as my multi-Ph.D boss used to say) for freedom to explore. Forty years ago I landed in the East Village, got a pretty good job in a couple of days, and for the helluvit got scuba certified at a Midtown Manhattan YMCA. The certification dives were made on a wreck in Long Island Sound in March and it was exhilarating, though I came to much prefer the waters of Florida, the West Indies, Cozumel, and Hawaii.

    I think it is easier to do this while young, as conversations with old friends who went straight from college to career to wives and kids attests. They’ve expressed envy, but I also missed out on many of their joys.

    When it comes to women, God bless ’em, I benefitted greatly from older sisters who gave me “the talk” at age 17, seriously warning me about girls seeking to trap a man through pregnancy, and from a Yaqui/Mexican girlfriend who said, “We women are spiders, the trick is to know what kind of spider.”

    I can’t blame anyone for leaving the U.S. for other pastures. I am considering it–it’s a big world. One rolls the dice and takes one’s chances. And I understand those that are determined to stay and fight for those they love against the SOBs bent on ruining the land of their birth.

    • Thanks: Sulu
  116. I salute you, sir.

    Don’t these townie never-went-anywhere local yokels realize how sad their narrow perspective is when they whine that Cardi-B the ex-stripper is screwing up their morality and personal behavior? That their entire outlook on the world is controlled by Saul the cocaine addict and Hollywood cog in LA because they have no perspective because they never traveled anywhere and cannot think for themselves?

    They all go to the same “Club” every Thursday and hope the same sluts that screwed the DJ and everyone else will allow them to buy them a Ladies Drink. Maybe they hire a Craigslist hooker and she turns out to be a cop.

    I remember my sophomore year of college. I was a junior. I had a gay roommate and he came on to me and I called him a “Mangina”. As a result, I had to go in front of a black Head RA who shouted at me about how concerned he was that this anti-gay slur was made. The black guy was only in college because of AA and was given a position because of it.

    Two years later I was in Dubai. And suddenly there were no Affirmative Action apointees because nobody will give them a job as a bureaucrat. You can only live overseas on the basis of your IQ and ability.

    In Dubai I told that story to Arabs. How a whiny gay had come onto me and I called him a “mangina” and had to bow and scrape just to keep from being kicked out of university. The Arabs just scoffed.

    But it was worth it. I had an undergraduate degree and back in 1999 an unmarried white male who was under 30 with no wife and no kids and no mortgage and no legal problems and no addictions could go far overseas.

    Should a man want to sit around the same county and his idea of a vacation be jet skiing on some local lake and his idea of a big adventure to be going to a water park 40 miles away that is his choice.

    There is nothing like some guy from Michigan contacting you that you knew in college and telling you that he was in the parking lot of his lousy management job and he was shot by some passing black for no reason from behind like Stanley the Polish impregnating ex-roommate and he still cannot or will not move from his birthplace to make you grateful that you can simply pull up stakes and move whenever you feel like it to wherever you feel like.

    Should I have a boss I don’t like, I quit. Should my wife want to divorce me, she gets a house I invested $20,ooo in. No child support, no alimony, I walk.

    If a cop bothers me, I got to his superior and by him a bottle of Tanduay Rum and slip him $100 and that is the end of that cop.

    Expats control the horizontal and vertical in their lives.

    Did my property values plummet in Asia? My grandmothers condo did. She bought it for half a million in 1986 and by 2006 it was worth only 20 percent of that in Southeast Michigan. Meanwhile, my Asian property value rose and rose.

    I have this theory that the US media deliberately portrays other countries badly in films like BROKEDOWN PALACE or MIDNIGHT EXPRESS so that millions of white men won’t just liquidate and move. Because if any of these guys knew what it was like, they’d all sell their house and move tomorrow.

    Millions of them would move and the US would be like Detroit was after the white people left.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
    , @Sulu
    , @Rich
  117. MEH 0910 says:

  118. @Jeff Stryker

    Uh… Hey guys, you’re out of here, remember? The nightmare is over. No Niggers, no Cholos, no Tweakers to be petrified of anymore. No “police state” where you boys are at. Right?

    Just the good life.

    So why the obsession with talking about the US and all the stupid, fat broke dick hillbilly white Americans who still call this place home?

    Sounds like some serious insecurity to me.

  119. Corvinus says:

    Yes, it’s called being in love with a sexy senorita.

  120. Sulu says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Expats control the horizontal and vertical in their lives.

    He he. I love the Outer Limits reference.

    I recall that I was trying to make up my mind whether or not to bury myself in academia and go for my Phd when I decided to take my “big trip” for a couple months to clear my mind and also as a reward for graduating. My friends were all supportive, as long as they thought it was a one off. But then I went again, and again. Staying longer each time. Then I decided to live there full time. And I could see my friends tepid support turn to envy. Which is part of the reason I offered two of them a free ticket. As I said none of them went. Except for one guy that was a Navy friend of mine that had been to the P.I. when he was 19 and no doubt screwed his brains out. He was instrumental in getting me to go the first time. And I went alone. When I stepped off the 747 in Manila for the first time and smelled the piss and diesel smoke I new we were not in Kansas anymore.

    My friend told me his first trip to the P.I. he was flown in and his ship was not yet there so he simply had to pass muster in the morning and be let go. He said the first time he walked into a bar there was some hot young thing playing pool alone and making eyes at him and making suggestive moves with the pool que. Long story short he said they went to her house and she had a sister that was even hotter than her. My friend did both of them at once. If I hadn’t been to the Philippines myself I might think it was B.S. But after living there for about 20 years I know that is just an average daily sexual encounter if you are a White man.

    One of my Irish dive/drink buddies told me that most people in the first world look out of their windows at their country and think, “This is the way it is.” But they never consider that it’s way different if you are looking out of another window.

    I had a time in my life for about a year that I kept running into this hot girl. We weren’t trying to find each other but by chance we somehow did. I would take her out for dinner and barhopping and after that we would always end up in bed. One day I ran into her and she wanted to go out. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet at a club later. I was at the club early and got a text. She asked me if it was ok if she brought a friend. I told her fine as long as it was a hot girl. In a few minutes she showed up with her hot room mate and I noticed one sat on each side of me. He room mate got up to go to the CR and the girl asked me if I wanted to have a three way. Of course I acquiesced and I immediately quit drinking Jack and coke and started pouring the margaritas to the girls. 3 or 4 clubs and about 10 drinks later we went to my hotel and I gave a performance that a satyr would have been proud of. Well, I was young.

    And the moral of the story is…ex-pats can only talk to other ex-pats about stuff like this. Why? Because other ex-pats are the only people that understand.

    Here’s one that I bet you may have had to do. After being “in country” for a couple months and screwing my brains out I found I had to sometimes skip a day or two and abstain from having sex. Why? Because I was getting so much pussy I was getting to the point that sometimes I couldn’t cum. Imagine that. I was in my early thirties and had to sometime go a day or two without sex just so I could cum! Try explaining that one to the rubes back home.

    I have crossed the mighty Pacific over 50 times. Regrets? I have a few. But then again, too few to mention.


    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  121. @Sulu

    Tell us the story about how you crossed the Pacific and got drunk and scuba dived and got laid in the Phillipines again, Uncle Sulu!

    And don’t you be shy, Jeff. We all want to hear your deering-do bullshit expat adventures again… and again… and again.


  122. Rich says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You have some very interesting stories to tell, and I enjoy them. Fact is, though, I would never have chosen your life. I like being a married man with kids and a wife I’ve been with for a hundred years. I like mowing the lawn on Saturday, maybe having a beer with a couple buddies on Sunday. True, I have to deal with “gangstas” here and there, and keep a close eye on my kids, but that’s my job. Is it really any different anywhere else? There’s crime, and criminals everywhere and parents the world over have to protect their children. That being said, you should write a book, it sounds like you’ve got some really good tales to tell and it would make interesting reading.

    • Replies: @Sulu
    , @Jeff Stryker
  123. Sulu says:

    If you chose that lifestyle who am I to argue with it? To each his own. But if you have a good wife and good kids and a stable marriage you are certainly in the minority. I know of only one couple that I was friends with in college that got married about 30 years ago and are still married. All the rest of my male friends that married got their guts ripped out by divorce and had their hides tacked up on the barn door.

    Marriage is one of the biggest scams that first world countries have set up for men. Let’s face it. Most young men can’t control their own sex drive. When a hot girl is giving it up and whispering in your ear telling you how good you are and how much she loves you a lot of men lose their sense of perspective and want to get married. But women are transformers. The frequently age like milk while men age like wine. Of course there are exceptions to this but as a general rule it’s true. So a handful of years later a man that still has his looks finds himself with a wife that has somehow transformed from a slim cute thing to a fat slob that starts threatening him with divorce. And we all know that in a divorce a man pays and a woman cleans up. And God help the guy if there are kids involved. He is on the hook for a minimum of 18 years of child support and more likely 23 years. And the woman gets the house even if she didn’t contribute one red cent to the mortgage. And the man pays for it all. Sorry but that doesn’t sound like a future I want to envision for myself.

    Marriage is a form of debt slavery that is aimed at men. It keeps the corrupt so called justice system afloat and keeps men down. The entire JEWdicial system is set up to prop up women at the expense of men. I even suspect that one of the reasons for it is to keep men from considering revolution. I mean it’s pretty hard to make trouble when 60% of your paycheck is being garnished. A man can’t even legally get a passport in America if he owes more than $5000 in child support. At least in my state. What utter fascism! The right to travel where you wish is a basic human right. But apparently not if you owe your ex and friends of the court money.

    Now I didn’t know all of this when I was 18. But by my mid twenties I had it figured it out. Mostly because I saw my male friends that got married right out of high school start to get divorces. And the story from them was universal. They got financially screwed and the women cleaned up.

    Intelligent people learn from observing other’s mistakes. Average people learn from their own mistakes and stupid people never learn, even from their own mistakes.

    I learned early on that the relationship between men and women is chiefly adversarial. Men that never learn this simple fact are in for a lot of pain. I have had a few women hurt me emotionally. But I have never put myself in a position when one could hurt me financially. And I never will.


    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Truth
  124. @Rich

    Because you are a cop, you would understand that the craziest things I personally saw were not overseas but in Phoenix, in particular. Or major US cities in general. London would be a close second. Dubai would be almost never, though I nearly got into a situation there when I had an affair with an Indian guy’s wife-which was stupid, and it could have turned into a serious life-and-death fight, but I talked my way out of it. That was my own stupidity. But random tweaker-idiocy (Which a cop would see more often than anything else) and Mestizo menace and white trash depravity…Nah, the most outrageous things I witnessed were in the US.

    I can remember one instance where some Brown Pride Cholos at a bus stop in a nice, average Tempe area glaring at me considered jumping me. As I climbed the bus, the Mexican maintenance man at my condo cast a fearful gaze at them out the bus window. “That is Ray and Eduardo. They smoke too much sherm. Ray just got out of prison. Their family is in the Mexican mafia.” And not two weeks later they shot two people in a nearby park.

    No, I never felt the same sordid sweaty real human fear again. And I had a friend who fled Los Angeles and moved to some small Idaho town (She complained that it was run by a Mormons more or less). My own brother told me he had to flee Orange County, even, because he dare not enroll his daughter in a public school filled (I don’t know why) and could not afford a private school (He earned 80 grand then) so my brother had to move from California altogether. The next time I spoke to him, it was because he had somehow found a buyer for our grandmother’s condo in Greater Detroit (Macomb county). The condo was sold for a mere 70 grand in 2006. It had been purchased in 1986 with my grandfather’s life insurance money for $400,000.

    So on that note, make sure that the property values in your white picket fence neighborhood don’t plummet. Keep abreast of the real estate market. Curiously, in Asia I don’t have to do this. Which leads me to a question. Why does real estate rise in the rest of the world and plummet in the United States?

    I’ve seen some interesting things overseas and you can view these free clips of places I happened to be which other people put on film to see what they were like


    They were interesting, but the horrifying (And somehow amusing) sight of a fat pedopile in a grungy apartment nicknamed “Scary Larry” running through the halls shrieking because he was smoking pot with white trash couple Scott and Tasha and their pit bull bit him on the head is something I never had to witness again. My Dubai apartment was modest but white trash couples with dangerous pit bulls did not live there.

    Here’s something else, which would not surprise a cop, which I take you to be. On the rare occasions when the dregs of the American population do end up in Dubai, they do something that gets them kicked out quick. Some of the rig hand oil workers were white trash and did things to get kicked out of Dubai-one of them jokingly called an Arab Sheikh “grandpa” and his sponsor was telephoned and he was kicked out the next day. Another American was a black ghetto type who converted to Islam and moved to Dubai and her son was a typical feral hood rat who shoplifted from a supermarket and the Dubai police deported all of them.

    But these were very isolated incidents. The dull, vapid malice and disruptive behavior a cop in uniform or just some college graduate who got a lousy entry-level job like I did would witness in the United States doesn’t exist overseas.

    Too many times I was detained by silly police officers in the US who were never around when I was experiencing real danger (That is a common refrain). On one occasion I was stopped walking on a cold night wearing dark clothes as hot prowler. On another occasion I was detained for putting air in my tires at a truck stop where some prostitutes were milling around. And another-the most unnerving-was when my bike got a flat and I propped it against a wall in an alley in Phoenix and some plainclothes cops leaped out of an unmarked vehicle with their guns drawn-I’ve never yet figured out why the sight of a clean-cut white man under 25 shoving his bike up against a wall was so suspicious-but in that instance they had their guns drawn. In all of these detainment episodes, there were no charges and I had to stand around for 20 minutes.

    And, quite the cliche, now I will inform you of course that police were never around on the occasions when something injurious might have occurred to me.

    I don’t mow my grass because I live in a bungalow and also have an apartment in Bangkok in a high rise. I don’t have beers with friends on weekends. I crack beers wherever and whenever I want except religious temples. I would crack a beer in a police station if I chose and tell a policeman to fetch me a glass. Politely of course.

    One of the beauties of living overseas in a warm climate is that you don’t have to do all the nightmarish home maintenance of the Midwest. Shoveling snow off a roof in the howling freezing cold winter.

    I’ve had a few unnerving experiences overseas too. I was riding a London Underground talking to another American I happened to meet and a homeless Scottish madman began howling about how much he hated Americans. I contracted a bad foot infection in the Philippines. I experienced a great deal of diarrhea.

    As a cop, you might have preached about taking personal responsibility. I got a useless degree. It was only applicable in major cities and would never pay very well, which put me on the margins of society. My parents house was sold when I was seventeen, so I was never going to be living in the suburbs again. And as a snotty son of a somewhat distinguished scientist I turned up my nose at living in the sticks and at hicks in general. So moving to a rural low-crime area was out of the question. I like to be around other international people and go to various restaurants and meet exotic women (That is not such an issue now, I’m married) of various nationalities.

    Sorry, but I just would not trade all of this to go back to living in bleak Michigan apartments where landlords never fixed anything.

    I’ll hear Americans talk about “dirt world poverty” and squalor. The worst squalor I ever saw was among the unemployed Polish-American autoworkers of Michigan. That and Michigan trailer parks. On one occasion I was hired by a white trash kid named Scott to move his furniture. I had a car. We went over to his trailer in the most squalid trailer park I ever saw-and I have been to Bangladesh-and his mother was stoned and came on to me and Scott shouted “CAREFUL! MY MOM IS A PERVERT!”

    I’ve seen many poor people overseas, but none of them had the complete lack of dignity and restraint of the white trash and Mexicans. Curiously, I never got close to ghetto blacks. Whenever they shouted at me, I went totally quiet. That is the best thing to do. Keep silent.

    In 2007 I was on a business trip to Los Angeles. I was walking to a bus stop and a large young black man began following me shouting “I’LL KILL YOU BITCH” as I walked down the street. He would have attempted to, maybe, except that I blended with bus riders boarding a bus. So he stood on the sidewalk and shouted “Coward”.

    You would say these are minor experiences that are common, being a police officer. You see these sort of chimp outs everyday. But in Dubai, although there are many Africans, none of them behave this way. You just don’t see these sort of chimp outs in other countries. One curious thing about American urban blacks is that they don’t seem to care about consequences at all. I’m not a small man-I’m a husky Mark Wahlberg type German-American-and yet the black charging down the street after me that day or the glaring Cholos showed no fear at all. No fear of jail. No fear of the pain that I might possibly inflict upon them in self-defense.

    I should also state I visited Spain. The dry Spain. It was a very civilized country. The people were in no way like Cholos. There was not the slightest similarity to Arizona. I was told about a so-called Arab influence, but did not see it. It seems inexplicable to me that Spanish colonies are so awful and dangerous. Spanish men are white. Why did they create such a wild, uncivilized, demonic, primitive, anarchic mixed-race in countries like Mexico?

    By the way, I have unpaid traffic fines going back 22 years in Phoenix that I never paid. As a police officer can you tell me what would have happened to those? Do they leave my record at some point?

    See, when I moved overseas I did not want to pay for anything in America again. I liquidated what little I owned and traveled to Los Angeles and rushed on an LAX flight to London and never paid for anything again. I’ve kind of wondered what happened to those unpaid traffic tickets over the years.

    It is not so much about having interesting experiences as it is about simply avoiding the dangers and nuisances that you and every other American put up with. What if my daughter gets into hard drugs in middle school trying to fit in with the wrong crowd? What if my son’s school is bad? How will he learn if his change is falling into the toilet as black teen felons who are 19 and still in high school are sticking his head in the toilet? What happens when the Mexican mad scientists decide to flood the US with the next soul-destroying narcotic (As a cop you’ve seen crack go to meth to Opoids)? What happens when I am standing in a fast food line and there is a Chimp Out.

    Interesting experiences overseas? Why don’t you watch some clips of these films which were made (Sometimes with me as a share partner) in some of the countries I lived.

    One hundred years with the same wife? I got married about seven years ago. Happily.

    But you’ll never have sex with an Irish woman on the deck of a ferry going from France to the UK.

    You’ll never have a foursome with South Africans in a London hotel room.

    You’ll never have an affair with a Bollywood body double.

    And in all fairness you don’t want that. I would not want to deal with what you deal with either.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  125. anon[314] • Disclaimer says:

    The funniest one did not happen to me. It happened to Lester the boat-builder. He built yachts for rich people.

    Lester was the kind of guy who insisted he never bar fined girls. Instead he would trawl the Korean hotels for Korean tourists.

    This turned fateful one day when his Colorado investors showed up. He was building a yacht for them in a boatyard at a Yacht Club.

    Lester was behind schedule and they flew out to see about when he was going to put their investment in the water.

    Lester had picked up some Korean woman at the Plantation Bay hotel after getting her soddenly drunk on Soju. He would have been better off bar fining girls but Lester always insisted that the he did not have to pay for it, though he was always broke from getting Korean tourist women drunk.

    Anyhow, his Colorado investors showed up and climbed aboard the yacht to show off their investment to their wives and Lester was naked on his back on the above-deck bar of the boat getting a BJ from a Korean woman just as these Colorado investors walked on board.

    It was the first thing they saw.

  126. Sulu says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Susan looks to be a “shit bomb” poster. She flies in over the deck, drops her shit, and never looks back. Damage assessment is apparently someone else’s job. Probably just a woman that is scandalized that there are a few men in the world clued up enough that they don’t want to hang around America just so they can have the privilege of buying her fat ass free drinks in a meat bar. Even if you had enough “beer googles” on to take her home you would have to have invested in a Power Douche 2000 to wash the old cum out of her twat before you hit it. Then in the sober light of morning when you woke up to the reality of what you did while drunk you would need a couple years of therapy at $200 an hour just so you would be able too look at yourself in the mirror again.


    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  127. @Sulu

    Now that you put it that way . . .

  128. Anonymous[127] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    what part of spain? Most of that country is complete shit, and they aren’t ”white” except for the north, they could be put in a lot of the MENA region and fit in.

  129. Rich says:

    You’re not wrong, marriage can be a rough go and I’ve seen relatives, friends and associates ruined by divorce. The laws are one-sided and the man almost always takes it hard to the chin. A large minority of American women have also succumbed to hedonism and have as many sex partners as a prostitute would’ve had in the old days, making them unworthy of marriage. Luck probably has a lot to do with my 30+ years marriage, similar backgrounds helped as well as my wife’s strong commitment to the Catholic Faith she was raised in. Anyone getting married should always choose a religious gal, doesn’t mean she won’t go bad, but it increases your odds just a bit. I have a feeling my traditional lifestyle is going to make a comeback.

    That being said, I do get a kick out of reading the interesting tales you and Stryker write about. Keep them coming.

    • Replies: @Sulu
    , @Jeff Stryker
  130. Sulu says:

    A large minority of American women have also succumbed to hedonism and have as many sex partners as a prostitute would’ve had in the old days, making them unworthy of marriage.

    Truer words have never been spoken. Another great reason to not get married. Who wants to be the guy that marries a cum dumpster? Back in the day many women would marry young. Most, I suspect, had had few sex partners. Now, a lot of pretty women seem to be drunk with the power of the vagina. They think they can ride the cock carousel forever. They don’t realize that it’s all going to end when they hit the wall in their early thirties. You see a lot of them on dating sites in their 30’s looking to settle down and have a family. They should have done that 10 years ago. A promiscuous girl in her mid 30’s is something only a low status male would be willing to settle for. I see these adds and I know most of them have had enough cum inside them to float a battleship. I wouldn’t have one for a casual shag, much less marriage. I mean it’s one thing to screw a girl that’s 20 that’s had a few dozen partners. But who wants an old slag that’s 35 and has had close to a thousand?

    Sometimes I think that the invention of the pill did more to destroy civilization that the invention of the H bomb.


    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
    , @Truth
  131. @Sulu

    You obviously don’t like women screwing around.

    What do you think about men screwing around?

    • Replies: @Sulu
  132. @Rich

    I didn’t move overseas because I wanted to meet women. I had girlfriends in college and post-college in Phoenix. The idea that I left the US because white women wouldn’t screw me is absurd. That was not even on my list of reasons. I certainly did not get as much sex in Dubai and my one ill-advised tryst with an Indian woman nearly got me into some trouble.

    I’m glad I didn’t get a white girl pregnant in America though. That would have been the end of my life. No summer days feeding the swans in Hyde Park London. No climbing the dunes of Dubai at sunset. No drinking sweet wine in Spanish olive groves. No Celtic mysticism in the hills of Wales. No India.

    And when I did once have sex with a white woman-a sailor in the Philippines-I wasn’t ready to move back to the US just to have access to white women.

    Kicking back overseas and watching events in Kenosha I’m glad I wore a rubber and never hit a girl up on the wrong night in college.

    Who knows if I would ever have even been able to get a job in my field in Michigan. Phoenix was so awful I would not have stayed there.

  133. Sulu says:
    @Pat Kittle

    Please point out in my post where I said I don’t like women screwing around. I just don’t want to be in a relationship with a woman that’s a cum dumpster that has had a thousand cocks up her ass. If I want any kind of a long term relationship with a woman I want her to be young, reasonably attractive, not too crazy, not too stupid and not too many sexual partners.

    Men screwing around is the norm. Why you say? Biology. Nature made it where men have to input very little energy into the reproduction process. All we have to do is produce sperm. If you postulate that the meaning of success from an evolutionary point of view is to reproduce one’s genes then the best reproductive strategy for men is to screw as many women as possible. Not so for a woman. They have to put much more into reproduction than do men. So, women basically drew the short straw when it comes to reproduction. If you object to this because you find it unfair please be so kind as to blame God, or alternatively blind evolution. But don’t blame me because I had nothing to do with it.


    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  134. anon[454] • Disclaimer says:

    What a useless conversation but then again I suppose old men do that as they try to live out their fantasy’s with only one thing on their minds,well if you can call them minds that is.!!!!!!!!

  135. @Sulu

    If I want any kind of a long term relationship with a woman I want her to be… not too many sexual partners.

    So how many is “too many”? Would you prefer a woman with no sex experience at all?

    You invoke “blind evolution” — in blind evolution rape is normal & the number of previous sex partners doesn’t matter. More recent developments are also evolutionary — such as romantic attraction and birth control.

    Your view of women as “cum dumpsters” is rather sad.

    “Single White male seeks single White SMALL cum dumpster”

    • Replies: @Sulu
  136. Truth says:

    I learned early on that the relationship between men and women is chiefly adversarial.

    Zulu, with all possible respect, this post makes you sound like a real incel-loser. I have done wrongly with a few women and broken up with many, but EVERY woman I have been with more than a handful of times was wonderful. Smart, attractive, if not beautiful, sought-after, good personality. No exceptions.

    I was definitely the problem not them. But hey, keep doing what you are doing if you like being miserable.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  137. Truth says:

    Every woman is simply a reflection of the men she is around.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  138. Sulu says:
    @Pat Kittle

    Your view of women as “cum dumpsters” is rather sad.

    What is even more sad is the fact that so many women today fit that description to a tee.

    Women wanted “equality”, whatever the hell that means, without considering the inescapable fact that biology dictates that women and men can never be equal. They wanted to ride the cock carousel in their twenties without realizing that a promiscuous woman in her twenties frequently becomes a “desperately seeking” by the time she hits her thirties and an overweight, lonely cat lady by her forties.

    A male friend recently sent me a current picture of a little girl that I dated in college. At the time I knew her she was a stunning twenty year old strawberry blonde with blue eyes, beautiful face, and a perfect dancer’s body. She was also a rocket ship in bed. I was involved with her for about a semester until I figured out that the relationship we had that I thought to be exclusive was far from it. She was playing the field while pretending to be faithful. After finding out the truth I started asking around and found out many men had had her. Of course I dumped her.

    The current picture showed me a 52 year old woman with a face that looked like a catcher’s mitt with teeth. Her neck had more wattles than a barn yard of turkeys. The dissipation of her once beautiful features was writ clear for all to see. My friend said that she never married. I can’t imagine she is happy.

    Had another girl I knew in college. Slim brunette that looked a hell of a lot like Audrey Hepburn. I dated her briefly only to find she was a “demi-virgin.” She wouldn’t put out but oral sex was ok. She told me she was going to only go all the way with the man she intended to marry. Apparently that wasn’t me. She ended up marrying a friend of mine. They had several children and have been happily married for over 30 years. I will leave it as an exercise for the student to guess which woman made the better life choices and is happier.

    I know quite a few women from my college years that were attractive little party girls that put their asses up in the air at the drop of a hat. Any hat. They thought the pussy ride was going to last forever. Now, most of them are unmarried and desperately lonely. At best they had failed, childless marriages. Some are dead. The people that are most hurt by female promiscuity are the women that engage in it. So many wounds in life are self inflicted. But hey, they got equality. So it’s all good. Right?


  139. Sulu says:


    You giving me advise on women is as laughable as a Chihuahua trying to give hunting lessons to a Wolf. Your presumption is exceeded only by your ignorance. If you could conjure up the ghost of Errol Flynn I suspect he would be able to teach me a thing or two about women. But you? Not so much.

    I don’t know how closely you have followed my posts but I lived for over 20 years in South East Asia. Any man that has never been to that part of the World hasn’t the faintest conception of the amount of tail available there for a White man that hails from the first world.

    Let me explain it to you. The amount of sex a man can get there is limited only by the number of erections he can have. Taking two women at a time to bed was a common occurrence. I had a few times, in a fit of youthful enthusiasm, that I had three beautiful women in my bed at once. I just went down the line and the lucky girl (or the unlucky girl, as the case may be) caught the prize. I limited myself to three at a time just because I didn’t want to be excessive. But I knew men that had more.

    My own personal best was having 4 girls in a 24 hour period. And all of it was unplanned. I didn’t start out to do it but it all fell into my lap, so to speak. It was only marred by the fact that by the last girl I couldn’t manage to cum. It was a shame too because she was a beautiful half White mestiza that I put on top due to my delicate condition. To this day I still have a vision of a pretty face and perfect boobs bouncing as I tried desperately to cum. Oh, well.

    I am also painfully aware that most people just can’t comprehend things that are out of their own personal experience. If you haven’t been there you just can’t understand it. If you think it couldn’t possibly be true just wait till this covid bullshit is over and hop a plane to Manila. Then take a taxi (probably 500 piso by now) to the Swagman hotel in Ermita. There they have a bus that will take you to Angeles City. Angeles is the pussy capitol of the known Universe. Of course Angeles is ground zero if you have limited time and just want all the girls you can have in the shortest amount of time. If you live in the country, like I did, you can take your time.

    One of my favorite hunting grounds was the make up counters at all the major department stores like S.M and Robinson’s. It is there they have the prettiest girls and if you are White, reasonably young, and don’t look like Homer Simpson you can get all the phone numbers you want. As the girls say, “Collect and select.” Most girls will fuck you on the first date because they are afraid if they don’t you will just go on to the next girl. But on the off chance a girl won’t fuck you on the first date she will on the second. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Another thing I used to do was hang out near the colleges in Cebu city during school hours. There would always be a steady stream of young late teen early twenty something girls to meet. Just get a half a dozen numbers and you were set for the next few days.

    I even used to get fan mail. A White man’s phone number is a kind of currency with the girls there. They will trade them around. It wasn’t unusual to get a text from a girl you have never heard of that wants to meet you. I know people think blind dates can be hairy but in most cases the girls I would meet that way were hot. I would frequently meet them at McDonalds and even if I didn’t fuck them (usually due to conflicting schedules) the girls would get a free burger and rice ball for lunch so it was a win for all concerned.

    You know how you can tell that a White man there is a newbie? He has a constant shit eating grin on his face because he just can’t believe all the tail he is getting.

    No matter how much experience you have had with women I have had more. And not just double or triple your numbers but orders of magnitude more. One of my friends that never left the country confessed to me that in his life he had had 8 women. I have beat that number by over two orders of magnitude. You do the math.


    • Replies: @Truth
  140. Sulu says:

    Don’t even presume to correct me Chink boy. I.Q. or IQ Either is correct. If English wasn’t your second language you might know that.


  141. Truth says:


    Old Sport, I was in The Philippines in January, but not to monger, I’ve done that, I’m over 50, I was there to see a girl I may marry next year whom I met in the Middle East a few years back. I have to say, your post does not impress me. Yes, any American can get laid in Thailand or the Philippines. How about Long Island or Malibu? That’s the quesiton. I had girls from Norway to Nigeria and a whole bunch of other letters, and that is not bragging, it was the silly, mistaken behavior of a young guy. Of course a guy from the Westcan get laid going to a country where $2 and hour is a good salary, whooptie-doo. When are you going to build a family?

    You strike me as a miserable dude, Bud. I hope it works out for you.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  142. Sulu says:

    Old Sport, I was in The Philippines in January

    Yes, I’m sure.

    If I told you I had been to the moon I bet you would tell me you had been there too.

    By the way you still haven’t told me if you are being paid in shekels or dollars for all your post here doing damage control for the Yids.


    • Replies: @Truth
  143. Sulu says:

    You strike me as a miserable dude, Bud.

    And you strike me as a total poser.

    As for your upcoming marriage? Please do get married. I further suggest you do so in a community property state. And don’t bother with a prenup. It detracts from the romance, you know.


  144. Sulu says:

    Every woman is simply a reflection of the men she is around.

    Once again you reveal how utterly clueless you are with respect to your understanding of women. And of course statements that are absolute sound more authoritative, which no doubt increases the illusion that you are somehow imparting great knowledge to the unwashed masses that so desperately need the benefit of your wisdom.

    But I can make that statement true by changing only two words.

    Every woman is simply a reflection of the society she is in.

    If society demands that a woman can’t be seen in public without a corset and a Victorian era dress that covers every part of her body save her face then that is what she will wear.

    On the other hand if society says it’s ok for women to go topless in public, like say Tahiti about 250 years ago, she will find it quite normal to appear outside her house with exposed breasts.

    The rules society imposes on all of us is what defines what is acceptable behavior and what is not. For both men and women.


    • Replies: @Truth
  145. Truth says:

    you are somehow imparting great knowledge to the unwashed masses that so desperately need the benefit of your wisdom.

    Wow, nice Zulu, you said it better than I ever could have and I have spend 50 years trying to describe my life purpose.

    But I can make that statement true by changing only two words.

    Every woman is simply a reflection of the society she is in.

    A “society” is formulated of two groups; “men” and “women.” And who creates the rules for that society?

    OK, great.

  146. Truth says:

    By the way you still haven’t told me if you are being paid in shekels or dollars for all your post here doing damage control for the Yids.

    Well, the dollar is collapsing… (wink).

    • Replies: @Sulu
  147. Sulu says:

    I hope someday I have the opportunity to “wink” at you, Schlomo.


    • Replies: @Truth
  148. Truth says:

    I’m only into girls Bro., but I’m flattered.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  149. Sulu says:

    I was thinking to “wink” at you through a scope. The (((elites))) continue to let the violence escalate out of control. They think they will be able to put the djini back in the bottle when ever they want. I’m not so sure. We may get past the point that anyone can accomplish that.

    Oh, I think you are an absolute liar when you claim to have been in the Philippines. You just couldn’t stand to make the admission that you haven’t been there when I have. So naturally you had to make the claim. I think if you were an ancient Roman your name would be Erroneous.


    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Truth
  150. Truth says:

    Flew into Clark, Pampanga, went through a few of the northern provinces, Pampanga, Benguet, La Union, Alaminos; Stayed at Lennox hotel in Dagupan. Best restaurant I ate at was Silverios. Swam at 100 Islands Natioinal Park and made a day of it, as I did in the highlands in Baguiao.

    Second time in PH, have never been south of Manilla. Maybe when all this blows over.

    Anyway old sport. I apologize for ridiculing you, it is my worst habit. Of course I will do it again, drunks can’t quit; but consider it a temporary cease-fire.

    I hope all is well with you and your family.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  151. Truth says:

    BTW, I do not consider myself a real-experienced traveler compared to some I know, but I have been to, I believe 18 countries, have worked in three; Kuwait, Bahrain and South Korea and can almost get by in a three foreign languages if the other guy is patient.

  152. Sulu says:

    Fair enough. I know enough Tagalog to ask for a beer and to get my face slapped. I have been all over S.E.A. Thailand, P.I. Cambodia also S. Korea and Hong Kong. And have also spent time in Alaska and Hawaii. When I was a kid everyone talked about Europe but I wanted to see Asia. Probably because my old man was career military and was fascinated with the Orient.

    If you like the Philippines I might suggest Cebu Island. Pretty girls, World class diving and not nearly as shitty as Manila.



    • Thanks: Truth
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