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In newspapering, in which your scribe slaved for many years, great weight was placed on factuality. The rule was verify, verify, verify. (“If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”) The reasons were several, such as integrity, avoiding embarrassment, and fear of libel suits, which can result in judgements of millions of dollars. A reporter costing his paper such sums experienced a sharp reduction of job security. We learned early on: Check it out. Then check it out again.

This attitude sets poorly with conspiracy theorists. I have discovered to my sorrow that insistence on substantiation infuriates them. Today, though, a couple of such theories may actually influence events, so perhaps they deserve a glance. Let us start with electoral fraud. Such fraud can occur, has occurred, and may have occurred again. It has certainly been essayed, notably with the attempt of Mr. Trump to get Georgia’s Secretary of State to lie about vote counts.

Over and over comes the assertion: “The Dems stole the election.” Well, all right, but the newspaper habit kicks in. OK, the Dems did it, but…all of the Dems? No? Only some of them? Which ones? Names, phone numbers, job titles? How do you know? Are you sure it wasn’t the Communists? Or the Girl Scouts? Substance?

If you tell me that Joe Smith, the high-school principal in Farmville, Virginia, supplied fraudulent ballots while being an observer at the voting station, I could check it out. So could Smith’s libel lawyer. But “the Dems” seems lacking in specificity, narrowing the accusation down to perhaps eighty million people. Vague assertions are fine for conspiracy afficionados, but these do not have to face a gimlet-eyed desk editor.

I have read many times that at some voting station observers were prevented from observing, with cardboard being taped over windows when the observers endeavored to look inside. OK, perhaps it happened. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. But which observers? Names? Phone numbers? In an age in which everybody is a videographer, I would expect there to be video of the event. Is there? How do I find it? Who reported this misfeasance? Name and phone?

Supposedly cars drove up to vote-count locations at night, delivering large packets of fraudulent ballots, all for Biden. Maybe so. I wasn’t there. But who, specifically, reported this? Can I talk to him? The only people who would know that the large bloc of ballots were for Biden would be those tallying votes. Which of these divulged the homogeneity? Name?

The voting machines are said to have been hacked. Said by whom? Name? Evidence? To the conspiracy theorists I would say, either you know who did the hacking, a criminal charge, or you have the technical knowledge and the access to the machines to prove hacking. Do you? For example, are the machines Unix boxes? What software do they run? Are they reprogrammable by Internet? Do they have email addresses to which you could send malware? A URL? Voting machines would have security measures built in. Can you describe these measures? Have you done the minimum journalistic requirement of talking to Dominion, who makes the machines? In short, do you have the slightest freaking idea what you are talking about? Do you care?

Like so many conspiracy theories, including Covid below, this one would require collusion of a great many people managed by some controlling entity with a means of communicating secretly with a few thousand trusted agents. Sure. Any day now.

Then there are the Covid theories. These come in many flavors. The virus was an attack by china against the US, and by the US against China, and it escaped from laboratories in both countries, and its purpose is to depopulate the earth or allow imposition of dictatorship and to make money by Big Pharma.

Let’s pick a theory at random: The death count is being greatly exaggerated because we have reached herd immunity and Big Pharma needs to make it appear that people are still dying of Covid so they can sell vaccines. See, if people knew they were immune, they wouldn’t buy the vaccine. So deaths caused by other things are being attributed to Covid.

How would that work?

To begin, a whole lot of doctors and hospitals would have to be falsifying death certificates for it to make a statistical difference. Falsifying a death cert is a crime and can lead to loss of medical license. I haven’t seen a death certificate, but presumably it involves the patient’s name, date and cause of death, over the doctor’s name and signature. This would seem to constitute a paper trail. Why would a doctor document his criminality?

So when his patient dies after three months on the cancer ward, he puts Covid on the certificate. Precisely why would he do this? You would think the family would wonder why the cert says Covid when Uncle Rolfe had cancer, but maybe families aren’t too alert. The doctor might get away with this once, though I doubt it, but soon the nurses who took care of Uncle Rolfe would notice, and so would the hospital administration. These would therefore have to be part of the conspiracy.

Why would a doctor spontaneously falsify a death certificate? Slow day? He’s bored, and figures it would be a hoot? Obviously Big Pharma would have to persuade a lot of doctors to do this. How? Mass emailings? Or is there a telephone boiler room of people calling doctors to solicit a criminal act? “Dr. Jones, this is Big Pharma. Yeh, God, the Big One. We want you to risk your ticket by lying about….” Mightn’t this also leave a trail? This is making more and more sense.

And of course, most doctors wouldn’t do it, and some would call the FBI, which must be part of the conspiracy since it seems to have done nothing about all of this.

If the alleged number of Covid deaths aren’t really happening, then the actual deaths are about the number occurring every year. Thus the constant stories in the news about ICUs overflowing or being about to must be false. This would require the hospital personnel to be part of the conspiracy, since they would know whether their ICUs were overflowing.

Then there are the stories I have seen from at least a couple of cities reporting refrigerated eighteen wheelers being used as overflow morgues to handle surges in deaths. Now, I grant that these trucks may be full of furniture and that the hospitals, which are part of the conspiracy, and probably the reporters, who also are part of the conspiracy, are lying because, well, they are part of the conspiracy. See? Isn’t this reasonable?

The figures for deaths come from Johns Hopkins, which must be part of the conspiracy or else extremely gullible about medical matters. Governments have been crippling the economy with lockdowns, devastating many of the public and perhaps eventually threatening the military budget. It presumably is doing this for the benefit of Big Pharma. Airlines are in screaming desperation because of lack of passengers, yet do not complain of the fraud. Clearly they are part of the conspiracy. This shows the power of the vaccine industry.

A yet further demonstration of the influence of the Pharma lobby is that most of the countries of the world, to include Russia, are feloniously reporting high rates of death. This can only happen if all of these governments are part of the conspiracy. See? Vladimir Putin is an agent of Pfizer. Or something.

A more plausible explanation is that someone invented a selective hallucinogen that affects only Republicans and put it in the drinking water. I figure China did it. Crafty, squinty-eyed rascals, they are.

Check out Fred’s books!

The exclamation point is to give you a sense of feverish urgency. Buy several copies before the thought police show up. Amazon will mail them in a plain brown rapper marked “Kinky sex books” so you will appear to be within the limits of acceptable culture.

Write Fred at [email protected]. Put the letters pdq anywhere in the subject line to avoid heartless autodeletion. All read, reply not guaranteed due to volume.

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  1. I used to enjoy Fred’s prose; he had a bit of Mencken in him.

    Now, he just wants to dismiss what’s going on because he hasn’t been properly informed of who did what. I suspect that if the courts would have seen fit to review the evidence that many people have gathered and wanted to have it inspected, then in good time we, the little people, would have heard about the details.

    Fred’s slipping. He’s becoming irrelevant.

  2. Jokem says:

    Fred –

    In order to prove a doctor falsified a death certificate, there must be evidence beyond reasonable doubt, right? This is hard to do. Even if proven, what are the consequences to the doctor? Will this result in loss of license, a sizable monetary award? If so, can the doctor go to India, Pakistan, Brazil or Mexico and mitigate the consequences? What if the cancer patient shows symptoms of Covid 19, then dies? Maybe the patient was not infected, but the doctor can claim ‘the symptoms were consistent with Covid 19’ and inject reasonable doubt into the prosecution.

    Why would a doctor do this? Are there subsidies tied to Covid 19?

    It takes a lot of resources to investigate this kind of thing, taken away from pursuing the axe murderers, child molesters and dealers of narcotics to schoolchildren.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @journey80
  3. TG says:

    I hear what you are saying, and I think that mostly I agree. But you have missed something critical.

    “To begin, a whole lot of doctors and hospitals would have to be falsifying death certificates for it to make a statistical difference” – that is so 20th century. No, in order to spread misinformation, we don’t need armies of doctors and nurses falsely filling in death certificates. We just need the mainstream media falsely reporting the summary statistics. Really, who has time to go back to the raw data and check that all four million death certificates filed in a year are consistent with what is reported by our de-facto corporate monopoly press? And if someone does go back and check the primary data, and they see and report an inconsistency, who would believe them? They are outliers, stuck in the wilderness of the internet between the flat-earthers and the people with tinfoil hats. Nobody will care.

    And if someone points out a discrepancy between medical journal reporting and what’s listed as fact on CNN, so what? There are increasing career penalties for not practicing “doublethink.”

    George Orwell is a hero of mine, but he got one thing wrong. He imagined that when the current politically-approved truth was changed, then armies of scribes would scurry through the libraries re-writing old books and making everything consistent. That’s silly. If the politically-approved truth is changed, the libraries etc. are left alone, it’s only the public truth that is changed, with perhaps the potential for career destruction to deter any lone souls from actually checking the primary records…

    I’m not saying that is going on here with Coronavirus reporting, but if it (or something similar) was going on, that’s how the establishment would do it.

    • Agree: Carlo
    • Replies: @AKAHorace
    , @pbrooks
  4. The idea that claims should not be made until something can be verified is a good standard to go by in journalism but has been made much more difficult by the advance of technology. Before computers, signed documents or affadavits were usually all one needed for proof. To fake a photograph, one needed a high degree of skill and a sophisticated darkroom. Now signed documents, affadavits and photos can be faked or changed by persons with a moderate level of computer ability. Proving computer fraud needs hours and hours of forensic computer analysis by people with doctorates in computer science and even then it isn’t 100% accurate or admissible in court. The mainstream media newscasts usually just say that such a such a claim is made by “experts” or “sources” and that’s enough for the proles that watch their newscasts. In our world of ten second sound bites, the average person just wants to hear news that verifies their viewpoints and prejudices and the media know that, so that’s what they give the public. It’s called “confirmation bias”.

  5. ia says:

    A Minnesota doctor/legislator says CDC changed the contributing cause of death protocol concerning covid:

  6. Ghan says:

    Fred must be read for entertainment value, which he has in spades. His is performance art, and he is good at it. His writing has no less veracity (often more) than the media, and is far more entertaining.

    • Replies: @Norham Foul
  7. FortHay says:

    Thanks Fred. Clean reasoning is hard to find these days on either side. Was the election steered by interested parties? Sure, but the sheeple surely voted in the party they deserve. Is the COVID hysteria overblown, considering the excess seasonal mortality increase? Sure, but a rushed mRNA vaccine with uncertain long term side effects does not make for a world-wide plot to control humanity.

  8. Sawbuck says:

    The issue for me is that NO ONE in your former profession are asking these questions but merely reporting the DNC press release.

    There is enough smoke for the questions to be raised yet all we hear from media is “You are nuts, there is not, and never has been any fire you racist!”

    Fred, that dog won’t hunt.

    • Agree: sulu, Rogue, InnerCynic
  9. zimriel says:

    Fred Reed has expressed curiosity about Darwin but never was curious enough to learn sufficient biology.
    Fred Reed is, frankly, a lazy thinker. I don’t go to Fred Reed to answer, really, anything.

  10. mpc105 says:

    In our current health care system if you tell a hospital or physician that payment is guaranteed if you have covid-19 then a lot of patients will have covid-19. The problem with the test being used (PCR) is that it can easily be run so that there is a 90% false positive rate. Even if all the positives are true positive there is a difference between dying with covid and dying of covid. Fred, you need to read a little more especially medical journals.

  11. DocDictum says:

    Well here is a conspiracy theory for you: Soon, the VA will reduce nearly ALL opioid prescriptions to a daily maximum of 50 mg. This is now backed up via “studies” and “medical certainty” that this is the maximum daily dose of benefit. I have severe neurological pain resulting from back injury and the resulting 5 surgeries; scar tissue and a snipped nerve during the 5th procedure, an anterior/posterior fusion. My current dose is 120 mg. I beg to differ with the medical people in that I have asked them how to stretch 50 mg over an entire day. They have tried several alternatives, all so far with zero benefits. The latest drug they are trying to prescribe me, Duloxetine, a drug originally prescribed for mood alteration has been an absolute failure as with others such as Lidocaine Patches, a ridiculous substitute. I have seen an arbitrary reduction 10 years ago when the VA determined my particular hospital was among those prescribing large doses of opioids. My doctor called me to inform me of my reduction saying “your contribution is…” Of course, the VA is smart enough to realize that sort of approach will not work in today’s world so they are using “facts” to support this initiative. With the government’s “war on drugs” an abysmal failure, the target is now the segment of society least able to fight this initiative, patients. Instead of pill mills and the Dixie Mafia, it is the patients that are bearing the brunt of an ineffectual government.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  12. JasonT says:

    “To begin, a whole lot of doctors and hospitals would have to be falsifying death certificates for it to make a statistical difference.”

    Where I live, it is only the Head Coroner’s Office that is allowed to enter a cause of death on a death certificate. Essentially, only one person out of over 14 million people is allowed to enter a cause of death on a death certificate. What does that one person know about the cause of death of someone 500 km away? This is how counting fraud can happen in Covid deaths. It takes only a few corrupt people in key places,

  13. I’ve read your columns for years. Most all were great, until this last year anyway, your opinions are not well thought out. You seem to be in denial and you seem to becoming anti-American. Just not with it, and this is the last column I’ll read.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  14. @RoatanBill

    Being conservative/libertarian, I start my day going to websites that have that perspective. On Townhall and American Thinker, the comments section wreak of Denialitis and Trumpian-level name-calling. They attack Ann Coulter but don’t offer any convincing evidence to dispute her. Now they claim Fox News is part of the MSM against Trump. So many of Trump’s cabinet members just resigned but now they, too, are in on the effort to get Trump. As much as I wanted Trump to win and wanted Republicans to win the two Senate seats in Georgia, they didn’t. They all lost and now Trump is criticizing Pence for honoring his Constitutional oath. I’ve been a featued speaker at 4 Tea Party rallies but now any criticism of Trump results in calling me “a liar,” “liberal,” and foul names I will not lower myself to repeat. I do not always agree with Fred but he’s not “becoming irrelevant.” Donald Trump has turned out to be the best thing that ever happend to the Democratic Party. (Maybe FDR was more important.) He’s outdoing Hillary in denying reality. He refuses to accept any blame. He lost to the guy he called “Sleepy Joe.” The self-proclaimed “king of debt”–go ahead, verify that– certainly had no problem loading the country up with it even when, pre-pandemic, the unemployment rate was 3.5%. I am now embarrassed I own two MAGA hats and a pair of MAGA socks. I feared Trumps narcissism, immaturity, and impetuous nature would turn out badly for Republicans. It has. That he went out with so little class does not surprise me. He’s the guy who said “it’s not the Conservative Party it’s the Republican Party.” Go ahead, verify it…

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  15. LM says:

    Fred talks a good game about “verify, verify, verify”, but obviously he’s too lazy to do so himself. There is mountains of evidence of election fraud, with affidavits bearing names and signed under penalties of perjury attached to some of the complaints files in courts. The internet is rife with videos of election workers blocking access to observers, including covering windows, excluding them from the room, even physically having them removed. In Philadelphia observers actually got a court order granting them access but the police refused to honor it and still kept them out. A truck driver who claims that he delivered hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots form NY to PA has publicly identified himself. All of this is in the public record, but Fred can’t be bothered to do the least bit of research. He is content to whine about “no evidence”.

    RoatanBill is correct. Fred is slipping and becoming increasingly irrelevant. Also, his humor has lost its edge.

    • Agree: Mark Hunter
    • Replies: @Wobble
  16. I’m an anarchist as far as political persuasion goes. I’ve never encountered a government that I thought was doing a good or even fair job. All I see from gov’t is force and fraud no matter where I look. Even what I thought was the best gov’t on the planet, Switzerland, has joined the destroy your currency club albeit not as energetically as the US.

    I never had any use for Trump because, to me, he’s just an opportunistic blowhard. The only thing I liked about him was his irreverence and not following the script. His tariffs did nothing but increase the consumers costs and didn’t bring any jobs back. The bull in the china shop tactics against other heads of state made him look like the fool he is.

    However, I do think the election was stolen from him. I’m a professional software developer / white hat hacker that broke into corporate installations under contract. I know what I could do with a voting machine. Any machine that can account for fractional votes is compromised as a matter of design and shows intent to defraud the process.

    In some respects, I’m glad Biden and Harris are the new team because they and their Democrat loonies are going to destroy the economy much faster than Trump would have. I just want the inevitable to happen as quickly as possible to get it over with.

  17. Re “inflated” Covid death numbers, it’s well-acknowledged by all sides that the vast majority who die have pre-existing conditions. That these were all recorded as Covid-caused deaths was admitted by Birx.

    Fake election, fake pandemic.

    • Agree: Jokem
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @animalogic
  18. @mpc105

    Thank you, MPC. This is a guy that criticizes others here for not getting to the facts, yet he obviously doesn’t know jack squat about health care.

    Why would a doctor spontaneously falsify a death certificate? Slow day? He’s bored, and figures it would be a hoot?

    No, you lamebrain, there are plenty of incentives, both monetary and political. I myself got told by the insurance plan co. back in April that and care of any sort that was the “result” of COVID-19 would have the deductible waived AND the co-pays waived. The deductible can be as high as all of the costs, if you haven’t (thank God) used the plan that year. The co-pay is 20% at the in-network hospital. Do you even know what any of that means, Fred Reed. (I doubt it.)

    There is a HUGE monetary incentive to mark deaths off as due to COVID. My doctor friend who had 3 offices at one point with 51 employees had 11 of them just doing billing. That is medically unproductive work, but the leaning on patients and insurance companies to get paid is a big effort. If an office in which you get some treatment for some respiratory thing, possible COVID, but who knows, wants to collect, they will save lots of effort by marking it this way, and the patient will be very happy to boot.

    Then you write about the doc writing off a cancer death as COVID. Do you know what happens when patients have lots of medical problems together? “Well, the ABC treatment will help with this, but we’ve got to get your DEF levels down before we can do it, which is why we’re going to give you drug GHI. Only thing is, GHI is bad for your other condition, so we need to keep an eye on that, or give you drug JKL to help.” It’s a freakin’ puzzle, and you’ll be very happy just to get home. When someone dies with all these problems, who can really say what that last straw was? Let’s call it COVID-19, so the hospital will get even more special funding.

    Fraud? You have no idea what goes on. Peak Stupidity wrote about this early on (April ’20) in Are Kung Flu death counts being goosed for insurance reasons?

    (I didn’t even discuss the political incentives due to comment length.)

    • Agree: Adam Smith, InnerCynic
  19. That’s 2 pieces of Reed-quality stupidity in one column, so this 2nd comment will address the 1st piece.

    There’s evidence of all types of election fraud in areas all around the country! This is discovered by locals, whose information can only be disseminated with a lot of effort. This is because the fraud is on the side of the D-party, and our 4th, the Media branch of government, only reports the news that fits the narrative. You won’t hear about it in old Mexico, and we don’t even hear about it from the legacy news in our own States.

    The different pieces of evidence, from all types of cheating, and from many places, is so overwhelming that you wouldn’t have time to go through it all. Perhaps, each State should handle this itself, but then that’s what the electoral college is about. This whole thing was just rubber-stamped the other day with no input except those good patriots who stormed the Senate. There will be more of this. People have had enough.

    But, then again, what do I know compared to a crack on-the-scene reporter in Old Mexico?

    • Agree: Polemos
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @Polemos
  20. It’s sad to see what Fred has become. Is Unz where the greats – Fred, Sailer, Buchanan – come to die. (And, yes, you can reasonably ask why I’m still here. The answer: To help newbies move on faster than I did.)

    As to election fraud, I’ll point to something there El Frederico. How about 50 years of massive legal and illegal immigration bringing in tens of millions of 3rd world voters who everyone knows will vote 2-1 (at least) in favor of the Dems. Pretty obvious, Fred.

    Yeah, we let it happen, but it’s still electoral fraud. The old Fred would enjoy pointing that out.

    As to Covid, it’s real but not the Black Death. Simple as that. It’s a very nasty flu-like virus, the kind of which we see every couple of decades. There. Done.

    I stupidly keep hoping that the old Fred will find his way back. That’s on me.

    People, time to move on. Fred ain’t going to save you. Neither will Sailer. They did good things, but they’ve quit. They’re waiting out their time. But for us, now is the time to start organizing. Very carefully start finding people in the real world who are on our side of the great divide. Start forming friend groups but take your time to make sure that everyone is both safe and, well, not an idiot.

    The world is changing fast. We’re about to become a persecuted minority. Get ready for it.

    Fred doesn’t care. He’s going to run out the clock in Mexico. Good for him. Me, I love my people (something Fred doesn’t), so I’ll fight it out here.

    • Replies: @ruralguy
    , @Rogue
  21. To begin, a whole lot of doctors and hospitals would have to be falsifying death certificates for it to make a statistical difference. Falsifying a death cert is a crime and can lead to loss of medical license. Why would a doctor document his criminality?

    I don’t know, we should ask this guy.

    Oh wait, he’s dead.

    Anyway Fred should know doctors are clever enough to put “Covid” on the death certificate to keep the money rolling in while leaving enough wiggle room to cite secondary causes that also factored in. Also, no “front line medical worker” is going to be censured or prosecuted in our current climate, where they’re nothing short of gods.

  22. AKAHorace says:

    I’m not saying that is going on here with Coronavirus reporting, but if it (or something similar) was going on, that’s how the establishment would do it.

    Well I actually believe most of what the mainstream media says about Coronavirus, but I have to admit, if they were falsifying the story this would make sense.

  23. Bite Moi says:

    I am a a med/surg RN. From first hand experience,i can tell you the Covid-19 pandemic is horseshyte. Anybody out there wondering why the flu has totally disappeared?

    • Agree: meamjojo
  24. Bite Moi says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    As the husband caught cheating famously said,”Who are you going to believe,me or your lying eyes?????

    • Replies: @meamjojo
  25. If Covid were a conspiracy, then a lot of countries that dislike or hate the U.S. and/or China would have to be in on it to a near impossible degree.

    I’m not in the U.S. or China, and the media here reports a lot of Covid problems.

    I have heard from more than one medical professional now that they think it’s possible Covid IS an “escaped lab experiment” but also that at this stage that doesn’t matter. One comment that followed this conversation up with folks was that it looks more like a lab leak than an intentional release and the other was that any usefulness it has as a weapon is moot when it’s everywhere and everyone’s working on vaccines. The information about the disease is too widely known to even vaguely put that genie back in it’s bottle.

    I do worry for my friends and family in the U.S. that seem to get a lot of bad information from the Internet.

    And I am concerned, however, that Covid combined with the U.S. medical insurance system may economically destroy America. Maybe that’s what China wanted… But they’ve screwed themselves up badly enough that I can’t roll with the conspiracy theory that they did this all on purpose. I’d find it more likely a low-level lab flunky got hungry and stupid and took a former lab animal home to eat instead of euthanizing it like he was supposed to.

    I don’t follow conspiracy theories because never assume maliciousness when idiocy is more likely.

    • Replies: @Paulbe
  26. Excal says:

    Apparently there are numerous people who have testified under oath to quite a bit of the stuff you are wanting evidence for. Things like vote count observers being allowed into a gymnasium where the votes were being counted, then the Republican ones being forced to stand on the other side of the room from the counters, where they couldn’t possibly see what was going on — but they were in the room, so it’s legal!

    I remember seeing video from a counting facility in Detroit, I think it was, having boards taped over the windows. I’m sure you can easily find it if you search for it.

    Then there’s video from Georgia of people pulling suitcases full of ballots out from under the tables, in the middle of the night. No idea how that got onto the Interwebs. Maybe it’s a fake. I’m afraid I have some first-hand knowledge of Fulton County, though, which no matter how I try, I cannot forget; but that suitcase video doesn’t seem the least bit implausible to me, especially given that Trump is the Most Evil Man in the History of the World. Wouldn’t *you* fix up a few ballots to save humanity?

    But then there’s my own lyin’ eyes: I remember what they saw on election night. Vote counters in multiple states, including Pennsylvania and Georgia, mysteriously stopped counting, and the numbers stopped increasing, around 11 PM, while Trump was ahead. In Pennsylvania, they were sent home because, apparently, they were sooo tired, and it was suuuch a long night.

    In Georgia, they went home because a water main broke. The water main later became a slow leak in the wall, then became a slow leak in a pipe in another room, then an overflowing toilet somewhere, maybe not in the same building. Of course, this was all reported by reporters, who are afraid for their jobs lest they publish anything unverifiable.

    Anyway, when the sun rose, it turned out that Biden had miraculously leapt ahead in the night, to *just* the needed margin of victory, because of course votes don’t come in from the major urban centres until 3 AM (fortunately, there were brave, wet counters ready to go in Georgia to count those urban votes). Or at least, that’s how it worked this year, because now we have computerised voting systems, and those require hordes of Democrat volunteers to lick their fingers and rifle through huge stacks of paper ballots, counting, counting, counting, all night long, after taking a well-deserved pizza break from 11 PM to 3 AM while they wait for the water to drain away.

    Florida, by the way, which has 21 million people, had its counts basically done and dusted by about 11 PM. So did Texas, and Washington, and California. No idea why Pennsylvania, with 12 million people, or Georgia, with 10.5 million and a brand-new computerised voting system, couldn’t manage something similar.

    It may be because Florida got well and truly sick of being made fun of for its former incompetence in holding elections. Or it may be that they finally got rid of civil servants like Brenda Snipes, a Democrat, who was suspended in 2018, after a particularly wild election. Her replacement was one Peter Antonacci, a 71-year-old Republican associate who has done a lot of work for Rick Scott. I don’t know what all that means, but I can say that the Florida election seemed suspiciously normal, compared to the ones in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Maybe they’re all just Trump stooges though. We’ve seen how devoted GOP types are to Trump.

    I’ve seen other stuff too. For instance, I have friends in Arizona who never did manage to get their votes counted. They were required to vote by mail, and then their ballots were rejected for having a mark in the wrong place, or something. These are not stupid people who carelessly marked all over their ballots. They have lived in Arizona for decades, and successfully voted many times before, and this is the first time something like this has happened to them. They voted for Trump, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with it.

    So yeah .. fraud? Absolutely impossible. That’s what all those reporters say (who are terrified of losing their jobs lest they publish something that wouldn’t hold up in court). After Kennedy 1960, the benevolent Experts who benevolently rule America figured out how to never let that happen again. Only the Russians can hack elections, which they traditionally do by buying ads on Facebook and hacking into voting machines. Such a relief they didn’t do that this time.

  27. meamjojo says:

    “To begin, a whole lot of doctors and hospitals would have to be falsifying death certificates for it to make a statistical difference”
    The question isn’t about knowingly falsifying a DC when it comes to Covid but whether someone died OF Covid or WITH Covid. It is the contention of many non-sheelp that the WITH’S shouldn’t be counted as a Covid death. But they are because it makes the death numbers bigger, which is what the narrative needs to maintain the public fear.

    In recent years, something like 8k people die every single day in this country (that’s 3 million/year). Now we are getting reports that 4k people are dying of Covid every day. Are those 4k in addition to the usual 8k? Or part of the 8k under a different name? This is the open question that no one in the MSM seems to want to tackle.

    And even if we are up to 400k Covid deaths, that is still only 15% of the usual 3 million annual deaths. it’s a small number and not anywhere big enough to close down the economy of so many local places and throw so many people out of work. And if you really want to make that 400k number even smaller, compare it against the total population of the USA at around 340,000,000! For this we paralyze the country?

  28. meamjojo says:
    @Bite Moi

    Actually, I believe that quote was by the famous Groucho Marx.

  29. just a word from experience. my father died in 1983 at age 67 on a tennis court in orinda, california. he was playing with a doctor friend. my mother did not want an autopsy. to this day we do not know if the cause was stroke, heart attack, or other…the exact number of covi-caused death that cnn has been displaying on the upper right part of the tv screen for months is a disgrace to “thinking” humanity…that number has been enough to have me doubting cnn on just about everything. let it be known that i doubr the other side too

  30. Fred,

    I have always enjoyed your articles and books over many long years. Given your intelligence, knowledge and a wealth of worldwide lifetime experiences, you make most of the people who reply to your articles look really stupid. Either that or they are poorly educated which a majority of Americans really are. Stupidity combined with a lousy education system always produces misfits and is a lethal combination.

    Oscar Wilde, which very few of your American readers/commenters have ever heard of, said it the best:

    “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.” – Oscar Wilde

    This was amply demonstrated this past week in Washington.


    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  31. sulu says:

    Fred lost a lot of credibility with me when he stubbornly refused to even consider the possibility that 911 was either an inside job done by our own intelligence agencies or perhaps an attack on our country by Israel in order to justify unleashing the U.S. war machine in the Middle East.

    I admit my memory is far from perfect but I can’t recall Fred ever even mentioning the infamous “dancing Israelis” much less coming to the obvious conclusion as to what it was they signified.

    I also seem to recall that his reason for dismissing anything other than the official narrative on 911 was the fact that he had a personal friend that lives near the Pentagon that told him he saw a large airliner flying very low overhead and a moment after it passed from his sight his friend heard a large explosion in the direction of the Pentagon and assumed the jet he had just seen had hit the Pentagon.

    Fred takes all this as gospel, no doubt because he trusts his friend, but he never once mentions that the first news people on the scene stated there were no jet engines to be found and no seats. Also the amount of wreckage was much too small for a plane crash of that size. The reporter goes on to say they can find no evidence of a plane crash at the Pentagon. I still have the short video clip of it that I downloaded years ago. I think the title was “911 clip that was aired once.”

    My guess is that a large plane was flown over the pentagon and then out to sea while at almost the same time a missile was launched, perhaps from a sub that targeted the Pentagon. I assume the plane was ditched at sea.

    Fred also has neglected to mention that building 7 collapsed without ever being hit by any planes. Fred, not unlike the Jews, seems to favor lying by omission.

    Of course all of this is much too conspiracy minded for the likes of El Fred. He is quite careful to say nothing about the possibility of Jewish involvement in 911. My guess is his social security check makes up the lion’s share of his retirement and he knows if he speculates too convincingly about Jewish involvement in 911 he might just start having problems receiving his money from Uncle Sam. So Fred’s silence is probably being bought with about $1500 a month. Pretty cheap by Jewish standards.

    I had my initial suspicions when the very first news reports stated that as many as 10,000 Americans may have been killed in the attack on the towers in N.Y. From that point on the number dwindled and I think the official number is now somewhere close to 2500. It was amazing how many Jews just happened to have doctor’s appointments that particular day. Everything I have learned since then leads me to conclude it was probably an attack carried out by the Mossad in order to advance Jewish interests.


    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  32. Jimbobla says:

    So what you are saying, Fred, is that you have not engaged in any inquiry on these subjects. So what is this column about?

  33. @sulu

    As soon as I saw the single relatively small hole in the Pentagon wall and didn’t see the holes the massively heavy and dense engines would have made I knew it was a missile that hit the building. No other proof is necessary and no amount of bullshit via the official pronouncement is going to convince me otherwise.

    The missile killed the Navy team investigating Rumsfeld’s announcement, just the day before, of DOD not being able to account for $2 Trillion. Building 7 was the Navy’s back up site for their investigation records and it was demolished to get rid of those records.

    The figure is now $21 Trillion that DOD & HUD can’t account for.

    9/11 was an operation to cover up the worlds largest heist, plus start the transition to a totalitarian gov’t in the US. The reaction to Covid is part of that long term operation.

    • Replies: @Sulu
    , @Adam Smith
  34. This is probably the first time that I’ve agreed 100% with Fred.
    Conspiracies happen, but they are rare.

    We come from different sides of the political spectrum, from different countries, probably different worlds.
    I follow Fred, like I follow others, to prevent me from living in an online echo chamber.

    It doesn’t hurt to see a different point of view.

  35. Gene Su says:

    I somewhat agree with Mr. Reed on this one. I had an uncle who recently passed away from cancer. His death was NOT marked COVID. I don’t think he will be tallied as one of the statistics.

    Maybe the Dems are cynically using this crisis to their advantage but there is a limit to what they could do behind our backs.

  36. Uncle Al says: • Website

    “Why would a doctor spontaneously falsify a death certificate? Slow day?” Federal five-figure bounty paid for each Covid-related death.

    Why would witnesses personally not own-up? To go against the One Party is to invite prosecution (the entire US judiciary, Justice of the Peace to SCOTUS is purchased) or a memory hole (personal, re Jeffrey Epstein to “peaceful protesters” pillaging, plundering, and burning). The police smile at insurrection and arrest self-defense. DAs are purchased.

    All three branches of US government and all their multiferous pseudipodia are in this so deep… oppose, depose, dispose, Desaparecido.

    Oregon, Soviet of California, Chicago, New York…are only the beginning. There is so much of the US to impoverish, crush, and sell to the highest bidder. Late afternoon, 20 January 2021, the One Party will have 5800 deliverable nuclear warheads in its quiver.


  37. Uncle Al says: • Website

    Late afternoon, 20 January 2021, the One Party will have 5800 deliverable nuclear warheads in its quiver.


    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  38. Tedwardo says: • Website

    Fred…you are my favorite author and funny as hell, but the names and proof of what you are asking for here has already been substantiated. Perhaps you have been living in the deserts of Mexico too long, my friend. It happens to all of us. Shock and awe soon to follow. Stay tuned.

  39. Tedwardo says:

    If the vaccine is not about population control, then will somebody please explain to me why Gov. Cuomo of New York had the first victims of COVID in NYC admitted to old age nursing homes, instead of the hospital ship which had arrived in NYC and announced they had hundreds of beds available. Think about it! Are we to assume that old people in nursing homes are expendable, and no longer an asset to society, but a liability, so they must go first? Uh huh!

  40. So those who disagree are mad then? From where I am standing compared to where this author stands I would have to agree, but not in the way he thinks.

  41. @Not Woke but awake

    I am now embarrassed I own two MAGA hats and a pair of MAGA socks.

    MAGA stands for “Make America Great Again” not “Make Trump Great”. A noble sentiment but probably not possible now. Wear your socks with pride so long as they are concealed by long trousers. Leave the cap at home. For the present.

    I feared Trumps narcissism, immaturity, and impetuous nature would turn out badly for Republicans. It has. That he went out with so little class does not surprise me.

    He is a New Yorker. Lack of classiness is a local requirement. As far as his effect on Republican members of the ruling class goes, what difference does it make. Republican, Democrat. Democrat, Republican. All the same. When you hear them calling each other names, think “rasslin”. It’s all just theater.

  42. @Uncle Al

    Is that you, Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper ?

    • Replies: @Uncle Al
  43. You have a point sir but there were One hundred twenty people that signed an affidavit (can be prosecuted for in case of lie), that they saw and experienced things that were out of ordinary in voting places. Then there was a case in Wisconsin with a ballot machine malfunctioning (if there is a such word) and it turned out the same machines were used in many states.
    Here is a big question, if there were no fraud whatsoever, why is there so much censorship by the media? Why did google remove any references about election fraud in its search engine? Why do Facebook, Tweeters and almost all social media censoring people? If you have nothing to hide why make an extra effort in shutting down all the dissent?

    • Replies: @Sulu
  44. By the way, that header, “northern Guatemala.” I assume Fred means that as an insult, to both the U.S. and Guatemala. Tsk tsk, Fred. Your racism against your (largely Mayan) brown brothers a few miles south of you is showing. It’s also hypocritical given your long history of telling Americans to lie back and accept the immivasion, while calling critics of it racist. Ah well, I guess we’ve uncovered Fred Reed’s blind spot–he really despises Native Americans. This bit of racism combined with last week’s column seals the deal.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  45. Wobble says:

    With this plethora amount of evidence can you supply at least just one link? I’ve never seen anything of this fraud. No doubt with all the power of politics and the vast amount of money involved in US elections there must be fraud. Thanks.

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  46. unit472 says:

    There were hearings held by state legislatures with affidavits given and sworn testimony but they probably weren’t shown in Mexico so, to Reed they don’t exist. They weren’t much shown in the US either as our news media likes to look the other way when their corruption risks being exposed.

  47. I guess OJ really didn’t kill his wife and her boyfriend, and Jimmy Hoffa is just on holiday somewhere.

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  48. Sulu says:

    I have to pretty much agree to that assessment. And it also convinced the American public to sign up to go fight the enemies of the Jews.

    It’s all the biggest lie in the world. And not any effort at real journalism from Fred on the issue. He is probably even now writing a story as to how Latinos are the full flower of Western Civilization. Like you said irrelevant.

    Fred is like a statue devoted to the memory of journalism you see in a park somewhere. At first glance it evokes memories of better days in America. But upon closer inspection you notice it’s covered in bird shit.


  49. Well Fred,

    We know that the voting machines operate on “proprietary” (secret) software and that the politicians who purchased them shortly before the election here in Georgia refuse to allow anyone to examine them or to examine the ballots that were run through them. We know the names of those politicians and we have their written documents refusing access.

    We also know, from the published records of the election results over time that Trump lost votes several times – an impossibility when counting votes. In some cases, the amount of votes he suddenly lost was the same as the amount that Biden suddenly gained. Those are official facts, not theories.

    Your pattern, Fred is to always find something to ridicule in the majority position, often an entertaining theme. The majority position is often wrong, but not always. This time, your “shtick” is misplaced. You should do some homework to look for the answers you claim “conspiracy theorists” are not looking for.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  50. @RoatanBill


    The taping of windows during vote counting in Detroit was all over the MSM – well Fox , Newsmax, OAN and other independent on-line news sites. I live across the river from where the voting takes place, so made special note of the nefarious activities in the early morning hours of Nov.4…My point is, if you haven’t seen even these well advertised transgressions, you are writing on a subject you admittedly know nothing about. Your credibility as a political commentator is simply pathetic!

    • Agree: Sulu
  51. Here’s what I wrote on my FACEBOOK page in response to all the comments condemning the patriots who took over the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.:

    When all legal efforts have been nullified, violence becomes the only recourse, and that is why we are seeing these events unfold.

    Were the election not so blatantly fraudulent, with even the courts in collusion, this would not be happening.

    What we’ve seen is only the beginning, and it’s going to get much worse, just like in 1775 and 1861.

    To most American patriots, the impending prospect of Kamala Devi Harris as President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces (with the certainty of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. being deceased or incapacitated) is terrifying and unacceptable, due to her obvious intended implementation of destructive anti-American foreign policies, and continuing negation of traditional white Christian family morality.

    Personally, I hope the purpose of the growing violent insurrection would be to preserve and enforce our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States and to restore our lost Republic.

    But unfortunately, whenever there is a disorganized violent insurrection, there’s no proof the desired result will actually be obtained.

    Throughout history, the pendulum always seems to inevitably swing back and forth, as the changing values of society dictate.

    Which way is that pendulum swinging now?

    The violence in Washington, D.C. would not be happening if President Donald John Trump had previously acted boldly and used his powers to declare a National Emergency and mobilized the Armed Forces to overturn this blatantly fraudulent election, and forcefully restore our divinely inspired Constitution of our United States of America as the supreme law of the land.

    This violence is happening, and over time, will probably grow worse, because voters feel they have no other recourse, since the courts refused to even consider their righteous pleas.

    As I watch the events currently unfolding, I am increasingly of the opinion that what is needed (and probably will eventually happen) is another Adolph Hitler.

    I would be opposed to Socialism, although under Adolph Hitler, it obviously did miraculously revive the German economy.

    Could something similar be done here to restore free enterprise and a capitalist economy?

    No, this time around, it wouldn’t be the Jews who would be threatened by a resolute dictator freely elected by the populace, as was Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party.

    Instead it would be Communists, Muslims, negro savages, and ignorant hordes of mestizo illegal aliens who would feel the long overdue outraged wrath of unapologetic white Christian citizens seeking to preserve their own endangered heritage.

    I really think this is coming, whether we want it or not, and whether we agree with it or not.

    The reason the German people voted for the Nazis to take power was because of their utter disgust of, and fear of, the Bolsheviks, who had already promoted nationwide sexual immorality and perversion, a direct result of destitution and starvation.

    And, is that not what we’re now dealing with here in America today?

    There are times when the ugliness of violence becomes necessary, and good people are compelled by circumstances to do bad things.

    Both the United States of America and the State of Israel were born amidst reluctant violence, rebelling and seceding from their legally established governments.

    John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS
    Disabled War Veteran, United States Army
    Ashley Valley Shadows
    Vernal, Utah 84078


    I signed my name and location because I think is cowardice to anonymously post a controversial personal opinion in public.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  52. Adrian says:

    Fred do you apply the same criteria to predominant MSM narratives? If so what is your take on their account of 9/11, JFK’s murder etc. If not, why not?

  53. fred?!?

    ¿qué onda contigo?

    all of a sudden, it seems you trust ¿¡¿américa?!?

    when it comes to américa, i verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify, verify,

    and still don’t believe it.

    remember, compadre, these no election fraud/no covid b.s. people ARE THE SAME ONES WHO TOLD YOU THAT RUSSIA PUT EL TRUMPERO IN OFFICE.

    for four years. millions upon millions have been wrong.

    ándele, fred..

  54. Wow. Fred is the Ultimate Conspiracy Theorist.

    He thinks 100 million voters -reps, dems, indpnts-have only imagined, or most likely, have colluded!!… to construct a Fake Story that we all read of and viewed incidents, reports, analysis of experts, good evidence of machine fraud and 1200 affidavits. We conspired in forming This Great Pretense to reinstall Trump, of course; thereby infuriating grieving soccer moms, Hollywood seers and wise reporters.

    Fred whallops the folks in Flyover Country with his ratiocination: I don’t have the phone number in my rolodex of the guy who reported hauling a big load of ballots from NY to Pa. Therefore it never happened. The Mai Lai massacre? Abu Ghraib? Ridiculous. Were you there? Julian Assange locked up in torment for life to keep hidden Vital National Secrets? Only depraved jihadists would complain. Epstein murdered in his cell? It’s a federal prison for chris’ sake; they don’t allow that!

    It is defamatory to accuse the dem machines in big cities to have stolen votes. Heck, the party was named after democracy!

    • LOL: Sulu
  55. Uncle Al says: • Website

    An alternative with military and political components – or a counter-proposal from the other side.

  56. Paulbe says:
    @Hello from Asia

    It is not hard for maliciousness to hide inside a cloak of “aw shucks” idiocy.

  57. Jokem says:
    @The Saigon Kid

    ‘Which way is that pendulum swinging now?’

    Trending Blue… I think it is unrecoverable.

    ‘The violence in Washington, D.C. would not be happening if President Donald John Trump had previously acted boldly’

    I think Trump would have won if he would have put his abrasive personality on a short leash.

    ‘I would be opposed to Socialism, although under Adolph Hitler, it obviously did miraculously revive the German economy.’

    The Versailles Treaty was a burden on the German Economy, once that was received the German Economy would have took off under nearly anyone.

    ‘The reason the German people voted for the Nazis to take power was because of their utter disgust of, and fear of, the Bolsheviks’

    The Communist influence was a factor, but the promise of a recovering economy did it.

  58. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Fred Reed-riguez and the other smug plan-demic hysteric at unz, the Chechen Swordsman, can’t seem to grasp this.

  59. @Freda Lobshitz

    Not real confident that Fred is “well educated”, let alone Mexicans generally. But by all means focus on Americans being poorly educated and ill informed: like Fred, they often are.

    • Replies: @Freda Lobshitz
  60. Very good impression of typical low information voter.

  61. @RadicalCenter

    Radical Center,

    Casting aspersions on others be they individuals or other nations is first and foremost so American that they seem to have a lock on the patent for doing so.

    “Well educated” not only refers to classroom studies but also real life experiences and being well informed about the people and the planet on which we all live. As proven many times over by Jay Leno and Mark Dice in their walkabout interviews, a majority of United States citizens cannot even name their 3 branches of government and other issues of importance in America – let alone the world!

    Things are getting worse, not better, in a clearly obvious 3rd world country. But then I malign all “shit hole” countries!


    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  62. If Fred would do some checking, he’d know that figures of death actually come from the Centers for Disease Control, not Johns Hopkins which actually uses a computer program to calculate deaths based on information reported in newspapers. I’m about to give up on Old Possum. As a former newspaperman, he should also know that journalists report what they are told, not facts.

  63. @Bragadocious

    Thanks for explaining what Fred meant with the title. I hope he ends up with a hundred Squatamalans squatting in his gated Mexican community. Indeed, he’s a hypocritical sumbitch.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  64. Polemos says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    It is not hyperbole what you say.

    There were so many interlocking cons going on in the election that it does not take long to recognize how it was not at all a tic or slip when Biden called it “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    People don’t listen to the rest of the quote:

    After dismissing what are now clearly legitimate complaints and fears people listening to Trump might have that their votes won’t be counted and can’t be counted, Biden says, “if enough people vote, it’s going to overwhelm the system.”

    Here’s USA Today’s fact-checking re-editing of what you can hear on your own:

    Secondly, we’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. What the president is trying to do is discourage people from voting by implying that their vote won’t be counted. It can’t be counted. We’re going to challenge it and all these things

    This rewriting of what Biden clearly says in this supposed fact checking of alleged disinformation is mendacious. He acknowledges that the voting systems will be overwhelmed and encourages people to do this, to vote —even if against him — knowing that the more people who vote, the more the system will fail, as evinced by the long lines he cites. After encouraging the listeners to overwhelm the voting system, Biden says the over 1000 lawyers at 833 DEM VOTE will be there to take their calls and listen to them “if there’s any challenge to their voting.” So, Biden does exactly what he says Trump is doing when Trump warns that votes might not be counted, he warns his people that their votes might be challenged but provides over 1000 lawyers to take their calls. Are they still?

    Biden’s attempt to shore up his base ends up revealing a truth confirmed by the affidavits, the statistical analyses, the evidence and its destruction. There is so much corruption and lying.

    Did the lawyers at 833 DEM VOTE get any calls? Were they unnecessary, all over 1000 of them? Were they anticipating a lot of challenges, as though the election was going to be contested, only now we now things went smoothly enough that it’s seditious to question the election’s legitimacy? Then what did the over 1000 lawyers do that night and morning and whom did they bill for it?

  65. Vlad says:

    Look, Bill –

    You say, “if the courts would have seen fit to review the evidence…” C’mon, man. The courts reviewed the evidence placed before them. If there were any such meaningful evidence, do you not think the assembled clownshow presenting their cases (I refer, of course, to Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, and of especial note, Sidney Powell) would have presented it to them? I mean, they threw all the crap they thought might pass muster as evidence in there… why not REAL evidence?

    Vlad (but not Putin)

  66. @Vlad

    Evidence is presented in a trial where the public also gets to hear both sides, not in some back room where a partisan judge decides to not hear a case.

    Half the country is now seriously pissed off. The left is going to wish they never pushed their agenda as hard as they have in the near future. You can’t piss off half a country’s people and think they’re just going to take a reaming quietly.

    • Agree: ruralguy, Sulu
    • Replies: @Sulu
  67. For once I find Fred lacking and lacking in a huge way.
    For simplicity I limit myself with Georgia, specifically Fulton County.
    Fred, did you not watch any of the many videos showing the election monitors being kicked out of the vote canvassing area? Did you even bother to search them out? The same canvassing monitors submitted sworn affidavits to the fact and called the relevant official phone numbers to report the fact at the time of the event? Water main causing disruption? Since when an overflowing toilet, fixed earlier, is a cause for emergency evacuation but for canvassing monitors?
    Fred, did you not watch he video where the same batch of votes were scanned multiple times? The technology exists to analyze the scanned ballots to detect copies, whether they were folded, etc? Why are the paper ballots being locked away from forensic investigation even after subject to subpoena by relevant legislative committee?
    Fred, on this issue you either are being lazy and deliberately blind to the allegations.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  68. ruralguy says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Very true. Kamala Harris is an excellent example of voter fraud. Not only should she not be VP, but she should not be voting. In the only Supreme Court case on the subject of birthright citizenship, it ruled that a child born in the U.S. to non-citizen parents should be granted birthright citizenship, because the child’s parent were minimally granted permanent residency. Yet, this case makes clear, if they didn’t have residency, the child shouldn’t be granted birth-right citizenship. Most Americans think that birthright citizenship is a right, but it has never been that way in case law. They must have some form of granted permanent residency. Kamala Harris’s parents appear not to have this, as evidenced in their records. So, she is not a citizen. Yet, she votes, assumes public office as a DA and Senator, and as a VP which requires she be a natural-born citizen. 160 million immigrants and their U.S. born children have flooded this country in the last 50 years. The overwhelming majority have never been granted any form formal residency, but our country does not verify this. The States at most will just verify they were born here or at worse just verify they have a drivers license, to allow them to vote.

  69. Everywhere you go there are cameras. People have cameras in their pockets. There are so many security cameras in airports that you can never be out of sight of one except in rest rooms. Every business has cameras. Banks have cameras. Intersections and highways have cameras photographing license plates and drivers’ faces. It seems the only place in America without cameras is where votes are counted. Why?

    • Agree: ruralguy, InnerCynic
  70. Sulu says:

    Fred knows, rest assured. He is simply being disingenuous because he knows if he strays too far from the party line he may start having money issues with the U.S. government. You know, I.R.S. audits, snafus with his social security check.

    Fred needs to stick to what he does best. Writing nostalgic articles about the White America of the 50’s. As a serious journalist Fred has been done for years. He just doesn’t have the balls to buck the deep state at his age. And criticize the Jews? Forget about it. He knows how powerful they are. All he wants to do is to go gently into that great night.


    • Replies: @Barry McCochener
  71. Sulu says:

    I both hope and fear that you are right.

    Historically the Jews hubris knows no bounds. They always overplay their hand. This may be the time they did so here in America. If this election did one think it certainly woke up about half the White people here in this country. The things that are happening now are the things that typically precede Civil Wars.


    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  72. ruralguy says:

    The evidence in ALL the KEY states were NOT reviewed in the various Courts, because the Courts ruled the plaintiffs lacked standing. That means they plaintiff cannot show a connection of the harm to themselves. In most cases of this nature, almost 1/2 of the legal argument is showing you have a right to bring the case before the court, based on standing. In these cases, trying to prove you have standing is extremely difficult. So, in these cases, Trump was shot down before he could present the evidence in a pleading. Without standing, you can’t present your case. The following legal actions were rejected due to lack of standing:

    Arizona: lack of standing
    Georgia: lack of standing
    Michigan: petitioned to the U.S. Supreme court under a writ of certiorari (ongoing)
    Pennsylvania: ongoing
    Wisconsin: lack of standing
    Texas/US: lack of standing

  73. @RoatanBill

    Do you think just any lawn would look this good after a plane crashed on it?

    This is how an ordinary lawn looks after a commercial airliner crashes on it..

    What a mess!

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  74. @Sulu

    I hope more US gov’t sponsored death and destruction can be avoided.

    A peaceful dissolution of the Fed Gov would be preferable to them demanding that everyone stay in what is essentially a bad marriage. The states need to find a pair and start the process of dismantling the Fed Gov, but I see none of the supposed authorities leaning that way. The entire political system is full of people that only consider themselves in their decision making processes and the rubes that vote for them actually deserve to learn a lesson and I fear they’re going to get one.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  75. @Adam Smith

    I’m aware of the pristine lawn and the efforts made to quickly rework it to destroy evidence. The building itself offers the best evidence of what happened, and it had nothing to do with a plane.

    I have a photo of the original hole in the Pentagon. That hole then expanded for a variety of reasons to a much larger hole, but there are no side holes where the engines would have impacted the building. That alone can’t be wished away.

    My relatives are like most of the country, clueless about what happened on 9/11. When I asked them about building 7, they had no idea what I was talking about. For them, only the towers were involved. They had no knowledge about any of the other structures. They never heard of Shanksville, even though that was on TV. They’re just space cadets with their heads in the clouds about what is going on around them. These are the voters that elect the sociopaths.

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  76. @Freda Lobshitz

    Now now, Freda, who was it who first generalized in an insulting way about a whole big national group? It was Frederico.

    Anyway, didn’t I say that Americans are often poorly educated? I did. And you are entirely right about the embarrassing level of American ignorance about geography and world affairs. Also, American cities show that we are increasingly in no position to call other countries “shitholes.” So there we are in violent agreement.

    Anyway, let’s have a virtue-signalling contest about which one of is more global in our life interactions, experiences, knowledge, and outlook. I am married to someone of a different race from a far-away country — that I can even identify on a map 😉 — who speaks two foreign languages, and our children are thoroughly learning the language and culture of several different countries from a very young age, including China and Russia.

    And happy new year!

    • Replies: @Freda Lobshitz
  77. @RoatanBill

    Photos like these…

    but there are no side holes where the engines would have impacted the building.

    The engines vanished with the most of rest of the aircraft.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  78. @Adam Smith

    The engines are the heaviest and densest part of a jet. They have titanium components chosen for their heat resistance and strength. There’s no way to disintegrate a jet engine, not even if you tried.

    The missing holes in the wall where the engines would have struck, given that the fuselage struck, simply aren’t there.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  79. @RoatanBill

    There is no wreckage consistent with an airliner crash at the Pentagon. Like you say, the engines would have left holes where they would have hit the building. Large chunks of metal the size of those engines do not evaporate. There would also be airplane wreckage much larger than the fire trucks as you can see in the photos I sent joking about the grass. If an airplane really hit the pentagon there would be no doubt as the evidence would be overwhelming.

    I believe it was a cruise missile that hit the pentagon.

    • Replies: @Gordon K. Shumway
  80. @Adam Smith

    Probably was, but without any payload. Who do you think launched it?

  81. Rogue says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    As to Covid, it’s real but not the Black Death. Simple as that. It’s a very nasty flu-like virus, the kind of which we see every couple of decades. There. Done.

    Sums up exactly my thoughts on Covid.

    The worldwide reaction has been way over the top. Masks, social distancing, hard lockdowns and more, mostly unnecessary.

    Unless, of course, this is all about some other agenda. Which it might well be.

    As for the vaccine, I don’t want it. I’ll take my chances with Covid. The Spanish flu this is not.

    • Agree: Gordon K. Shumway
  82. Other issues notwithstanding, COVID suffers from conflation and politicization . . . Moreover the science is brand new, so will necessarily change rapidly. Reporters, who nowadays seem not to have any background in science, get facts wrong—I’m in aviation; whenever the news media reports on aviation every word is wrong, including “and” and “the”—then don’t bother keeping up with the rapidly changing facts.

    China’s culpability, as near as I can determine, is being less than forthright about the extent of the disease, suppressing information early on, and, probably the worst thing, NOT imposing travel restrictions for Chinese New Year. I’ve a number of friends working as ExPats who had no trouble leaving China during a plague . . . Joy.

    You might also wonder, given the millions of cases traced to carriers from China, how China’s managed to avoid cases. Articles exist on how their reporting differs from elsewhere that are informative.

    WHO and CDC are my “go-to” for reasonably accurate data. For WHO, I have to add the caveat that they accept a country’s word for it. Compare China and India’s WHO data. Key takeaway: The place to be is an island nation with meaningful entry control procedures.

    WHO and CDC are using different criteria to count a “COVID Death” but the numbers do track closely. I’m not entirely sure what methodology Johns Hopkins is using, but their presentation seems geared to providing compelling images rather than useful data. They don’t seem to be tracking CDC very closely at all. I consequently stopped keeping up with JHU.

    I recommend the CDC COVIDView report for a dispassionate display of data free of rhetoric. Link here

    I predict that 46 will make a lot of noise about “his COVID plan.” Then his advisors will remind him that “It’s YOUR recession now…” whereup he’ll make some meaningless gesture…face masks in Federal buildings seems likely…and declare victory at the end of flu season. This will be reported as “Bold Leadership.” Newswriters will immediately, as of Noon on 20 January, stop using the phrase “As COVID cases continue to rise,’ even as COVID cases continue to rise. . . . Pro Tip: The number of cases of EVERY disease EVER will ONLY “Continue to rise.”

    As the number of cases of Bubonic Plague continue to rise, I expect nothing whatsoever to be done about it.

  83. @Sulu

    “All he wants to do is to go gently into that great night.”

    that’s fine…but could he do it faster?

    • Replies: @Sulu
  84. Sulu says:

    All the mice agree that the cat needs a bell. But the real question is, how do we bell the cat?


    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  85. @Sulu

    We don’t bell the cat; circumstances will do that eventually. It would be nice if some governor announced his state is leaving the union, but that won’t happen as the initiating event.

    The US Dollar is the key to terminating the Fed Gov. Once the Dollar goes critical either via inflation or lack of international use, the Federal Reserve loses it’s power and the Fed Gov loses its ability to get something for nothing. Once the currency (not money) becomes relatively worthless, the armed thugs that work for the Fed Gov will quit and that ends the political class’s immunity from the long term consequences of their self serving agendas. That’s when it becomes retribution time.

    • Replies: @Sulu
    , @RNotR2
  86. Sulu says:
    @Barry McCochener

    In a way I feel sorry for Fred. When he was a youngster and didn’t know any better he got suckered into a war that cost him half of his eyesight. And since then he apparently got an incompetent eye surgeon that finished what the North Vietnamese started which left him with even less vision.

    Some ten years ago I thought Fred was a great writer and I agreed with about 90% of what he had to say. But after his last botched eye operation I noticed at first a change in tone in his articles and then a total change of direction. Gone was the tell it like it is Fred and in his place was a more meek Fred. That is about the time he started writing articles extolling the virtues of Latinos.

    Being old and losing most of ones eyesight is a pretty big kick to the nuts. Eventually you get to the point where you realize that you are much more dependent on the people around you that might give a shit about you. I think his writing style now reflects his situation.

    I do feel justified in pointing out his lack of journalistic integrity for refusing to point out the treason of the Jews. But at the same time I must admit that if doing so might put my money flow in jeopardy, which would result in being out on the street in a third world country while being old and blind, I might just refrain from doing so myself.


  87. Savageone says:

    We have reached the point that we should dissolve the federal government and rebuild it. The recent protest was disappointing, as the protesters didn’t burn the capitol building down or blow it up, certainly the equivalent of destroying the statues of our founding fathers. Let’s blow the damn government up and start all over. And if anyone gets in the way they will meet the same fate as the Air Force veteran. We cannot sit by and watch the Democrats ruin our proud nation.

  88. Sulu says:

    Hope I live to see it.


    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  89. @Sulu

    Just look at the slope of the curve of currency creation. It’s steeper and steeper over time, meaning it takes more and more funny money to juice the economy into cooperating with the banksters wishes.

    The latest section of curve is near vertical. Any engineer can tell you that’s a failure curve without even knowing what it represents. I doubt the Dollar can last another 5 years without hyperinflation. In the interim, we’ll have deflation in things that aren’t necessary (luxury items) that people need to sell for cheap to raise cash, and inflation in things that are necessary for survival like food, clothing and shelter. For a while, cash will be king, and then the balance will shift to where cash is trash.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @sulu
  90. pbrooks says:

    Re your comment on Orwell, I have a slightly different take: Back around 1968-72 imminent man-made global ice age was the hip thing for any self-respecting Climate Scientist to be advocating. I believe it featured on the covers of Time Magazine and Newsweek amongst many others. It certainly made big headlines in British media. Books were written about how all the particulates mankind was kicking into the atmosphere, and therefore blocking the sun, had condemned the world to entering a deep freeze by 1990 or 2000 “at best.” Too late to stop it some said. One famous British Scientist—I may be wrong but I think he was the Government’s Chief Scientist at the time—advocated mass atom bombing the Poles to warm them. “Scientifically validated” hysteria got a big press. No doubt there were naysayers, but I don’t remember any. All the Ivy League Universities from USA to Europe wrote tomes on the coming man-made Ice Age. Try finding any of that in libraries today—or in university records! Diligent searching in Newspaper archives turn up glimpses of the hysteria that existed at the time. Elsewhere? Not so much! No re-writing, but plenty memory-holing. Universities especially don’t like red faces of embarrassment. No wonder the world keeps making the same mistakes. It did achieve one thing though: In Britain, up to that point very few homes had central heating installed. By 1973 very few did not have central heating.

  91. Anon[198] • Disclaimer says:

    @Roatanbill I agree. For example, with regards to the current scamdemic, I know several people in the medical community—all honest and respected health care professionals. Based on their observations and experiences, the Covid-19 stats are being padded—artificially amped up. They told me the actual numbers are about 1/5th of what is officially being declared to the public. I do not necessarily believe the virus was made on purpose, but I do think that leaders of most of the western nations are taking this situation and running with it in an effort to impose neo-soviet policies on their citizens.

  92. sulu says:

    Weimar Germany 1923 all over again.


  93. journey80 says:

    Or you could go to the CDC website and find this:

    That way you don’t wear yourself out, Fred, doing research …

    • Replies: @Jokem
  94. @RadicalCenter

    Hi again Radical Center,

    Bonne Année!

    Thanks for your response and impressive input regarding you and your family – long may it continue!

    Like your children, I am a product of a mixed marriage as in my case my mother was an American. I have lived outside the United States for more years than you have had hot dinners – and I still do. Living in 5 different countries, having visited 100 more on business and pleasure, fluent in two languages and an ability get by on a few more, my take on America is not unlike Fred Reed’s. In fact, our backgrounds, experiences and ages are very similar.

    But that is where it comes to an abrupt halt. The great differences between us in his humor, his wit and his take on worldwide aspects, along with a particular bent on the U.S. And is so much more advanced than mine. His FOE blogs, numerous books and articles have kept me amused for years. However, I believe we share a similar view about Donald Trump and his cronies when looking at all aspects and with the benefit of doing so from abroad.

    Trump has done an outstanding job of showing the world what an absolute laughing stock the country has become over a number of decades. Generations of families have always admired and looked up to the U.S. for their many achievements during a number of years. BUT NO MORE! Trump has fully exposed to the world just how many issues are failing (or have failed) in the United States. In fact. it has taken him 4 years to convince the world as it wasn’t until his election that many foreigners began to comprehend how far the country had fallen. Trump has done an absolutely magnificent job of eliminating any doubt in the minds of most people living outside America.

    In fact, about the only MAJOR things the United States still leads the world in are war mongering, prison incarceration rates along with gun injuries and deaths. Everything else has gone to hell in a hand basket.

    Keep well and the family free of Covid!


    • Replies: @Jokem
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  95. Jokem says:
    @Freda Lobshitz

    Thank you for your admiration of Donald Trump. I am not sure I agree with everything you put here, but I do agree the USA has fallen far in the esteem of the rest of the world.

  96. @Freda Lobshitz

    I know it’s to make fun of that nutso commenter on unz too, but your handle is one of the best I’ve seen on the internet. Nice job, errr, Freda!

    • Replies: @Freda Lobshitz
  97. I just want to see the total death certificates regardless of “cause”.

  98. BigTony says:

    15 – 20 million undocumented residents in the USA . Start counting their mortality rate along with the citizens and there’s your increase.

  99. BigTony says:

    John Roberts was afraid of riots. Were these riots suppose to start because of no evidence?

  100. @Achmed E. Newman

    Hi Achmed,

    Thanks for your very complimentary input about my internet “handle!”

    To be truthfully honest when I was deciding on a name, Freda Lobshitz seemed to fit the bill as I did plan to “lob shit” over the wall at various commentators and comments. To give you some idea of my age range, it took me back to the 1940’s and the songstress Georgia Gibbs was starting to make fame and fortune. As in “If I knew you were coming, I would have baked a cake” in 1950.

    In 1943 or so she had changed her name from “Freda Lipshitz” to Georgia Gibbs as her Wikipedia biography points out below:

    As you can see, it was an easy move for me from “Lipshitz”to “Lobshitz!”


    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  101. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Where’d that headline (“Big Doings in Northern Guatemala”) come from?

    I am indeed clueless.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  102. Jokem says:
    @Jett Rucker

    I think it has to do with where the allegedly untrustworthy election software came from.

  103. @Ghan

    I think he’s at the cantina half the time and half in the bag lately, but I can’t verify that.

  104. @mpc105

    The entire US culture is corrupt in every aspect. Every monetary transaction is in one form or another a theft, every statement in large degree a lie.

    The American experiment is over. The economy is wrecked, and getting worse by the day. Years of ever-accelerating emergency money printing foreshadows the death of the dollar and total US economic implosion. Despair, fear and desperation grips everyone but the rich, who now scramble to strip out the last of whatever value remains.

    The information stream is composed entirely of tortured narratives, a pastiche of lies tailored for sale to diverse and warring tribes. Political war, culture war, and class war obliterate social cohesion. A phony foreign war to create a moment of national unity before The End, suggests itself to the political/military/corporate class with no plan for national rescue. Meanwhile, the imminent outbreak of genuine civil war or violent tribal balkanization looms.

    This is the moment, before the darkness closes in, when those whose brains have not been broken and who possess the minimum necessary resources, may yet escape.

    Good luck.

  105. @Wobble

    Go to YouTube. Find Giuliani’s presentations to panels of legislators from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona (and maybe Wisconsin). Then watch the hours of witnesses reporting what they saw. Many of these witness reports are weak, but a few are absolutely damning. The witness reports I found most damning was those who reported stacks of unfolded mail-in ballots, and multiple identical ballots whose little oval was filled in so identically and perfectly — with a tiny space beteen the boundary oval and the perfect interior oval so as to suggest that they could not possibly have been filled in by a human.

    Then on YouTube look up Liz Harris’s Citizens Investigation in Maricopa County, Arizona. She deployed 800 volunteers to canvas voter records for voters whose registration and voting record was publicly available. Approximately 30% of the list of suspicious voters turned out to be fraudulent.

    That is, if they haven’t been purged from YouTube.

  106. Murican says:


    You’ve been in Mexico for way too long. Logic and facts no longer have any meaning in the USA anymore. Up is down, left is right, a man is a woman, a dog is a cat, an illegal is a patriot and an American is a criminal, a terrorist is a moderate rebel, and it’s hunky dory if homosexuals and IV drug users donate blood.

    Stay where you’re at, you’d not fit in up here anymore.

  107. Eleanor says:

    I usually like Fred´s commentary, but in this case he has not done due diligence in actually looking at data. I have, just in the course of casual reading, seen much more verification of both conspiracies than he, a journalist has.
    For example, the standard for reporting deaths used for the last 17 years was changed, for covid. No testing required, hospitals paid extra if reported as covid death. Therefore, doctors forced to lie via policy.
    As for the election, I have seen dozens of outraged, and apparently credible reports of dead people voting, people receiving multiple ballots, ballots not folded (therefore not mailed), and affidavits of employees from Italian defense giant Leonardo, saying they wrote the jiggering code, and sent it via satellite. One has to wonder, just pure logic, how a guy who got only 1000 people to watch his Thanksgiving address, got 15 million more votes than Obama. The fact that all attempts of forensic examination of either ballots or machines were denied. Or the fact, from election integrity activist for the last 16 years, that there are multiple security flaws (16, as I remember) in the machines, and that due to fractional voting, they are designed for vote flipping. And then why was Goolgle allowed to give 500 or 600 million to election officials, and fix algorithms to benefit Dems?
    Both cases stink to high hell, and deserve examination, not censorship or facile pooh poohing.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  108. @mpc105

    “there is a difference between dying with covid and dying of covid.”
    Excellent point.
    It needs the legal “but for” test.
    But for the covid would the patient have died? If the answer is yes, then covid is responsible (ie if there was no covid it’s highly unlikely the patient would have died).
    The Law often uses this test in negligence cases: ie but for the defendant leaving spilt detergent on the supermarket floor, would the plaintiff have slipped breaking bones etc. (there are more tests that both P & D must “pass” before judgement).

  109. @DocDictum

    You can thank big pharma & fucking Purdue for this ridiculous over reaction. I sympathize with your predicament & hope you can find a way to manage your pain.
    I hope the family & biz associates/Dr’s etc behind Oxiconten rot in hell, AND rot in this life….

    • Replies: @Jokem
  110. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    One point that does need addressing. If country A shows an increase of, say 400K deaths this year over the average of each of the last 10 years say — how is that accounted for? A statistically large increase of deaths YonY does need explanation. (of course, you can just reject the stat’s……)

  111. Jokem says:

    I would like to hear from Fred on this issue.
    Can pain killers be obtained in Mexico from the local pharmacy without a script?
    If so then move to Mexico…

    • Replies: @Gordon K. Shumway
  112. @Jokem

    You can get some pretty strong drugs from the cartels.

    • Replies: @Jokem
  113. Jokem says:
    @Gordon K. Shumway

    By cartels you mean the illegal narcotics dealers? No thanks, I am talking about legal drug suppliers.

  114. I’m a Fred fan, actually, but this piece was… different. Has Fred been hacked?

    • Replies: @Gordon K. Shumway
  115. @Beobachter

    All his years of tobacco and alcohol use have affected the blood flow to his brain. He isn’t the first smoker/drinker to have this happen.

  116. Cornfed says:

    For one thing the standard set is completely ridiculous – a bit like not believing the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour unless everyone involved was somehow documented – but the fact is that in the cases of the election fraud and the covid hoax there is extensive documented evidence easily searchable online, as if the situations were not blindingly obvious anyway. Fred seems to be losing his marbles. I guess it happens to all of us if we live long enough.

  117. I get what Fred is saying – conspiracies need to be supported by evidence, not just by vagueries or what I might WANT to be true.

    However, I think the problem lies with what Fred himself explained – the “Journalist Instinct” to ask questions; or rather, the perceived lack of it. Gallup polls are showing media distrust at all time highs, and I think it’s because many Americans (basically anyone other than conventional progressive liberals or neoconservatives) perceive that mainstream journalists are no longer asking questions and seeking truth – rather, Americans perceive that mainstream journalists are just seeking political patronage and are eager to parrot the party line.

    Add Big Tech censorship into the mix and it gets even worse. Now not only is the mainstream media refusing to look at questions such as “Are the lockdowns worse than COVID?”, which is a valid question which many Americans have wondered, but Big Tech is willing to censor you merely for expressing the viewpoint.

    So I agree with Fred that we should always be asking, “Show me the evidence”. That is the problem – Americans sense that mainstream media is no longer interested in evidence either, and just relentlessly tells us what they want us to believe is true.

  118. RNotR2 says:

    From your keyboard to God’s ear…

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