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America Goes Away: Fred Left Behind in Mexico
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Mail arrives in my inbox all the time, telling me that by going to Mexico I have sold out, fled, abandoned the United States. I’m a coward and a traitor, just like Lord Haw Haw, and Kim Philby, and probably hate America more than Barack Obama does.

It is is irrational. They think that just because I went to Mexico, I left the US. They don’t understand. I didn’t leave the United States. It left me. It was a bait-and-switch operation. I signed on to one country, and they slipped another in under me. I want my money back.

In the country where I grew up, if you woke up and found a naked intruder headed for daughter’s bedroom with a Bowie knife and a hard-on, you shot him and arranged to have the rugs cleaned. The sheriff wasn’t greatly interested and the county prosecutor didn’t see anything to prosecute. The scum floating on the gene pool wasn’t a protected species. It wasn’t the driving engine of the culture. It was just scum.

Today you would be charged with the use of excessive force. The cadaver’s family would sue. They would end up with your house unless they just ran you broke with legal bills. The outcome would depend on the racial make-up of you, the intruder, and the jury. Your daughter would be married with grandchildren before the courts reached any conclusion.

Think I’m exaggerating? When I used to have the police beat for the Washington Times in the Yankee capital, the cops told me, dead serious, that if I ever shot an intruder, I should shoot him again to make sure: You can’t afford to have two stories, they said, especially if he’s black which, in Washington, was pretty much a foregone conclusion. They’ll hang you, said the cops.

In the country I grew up in, you got on an airplane by walking up these funny little steps with wheels on them. Then you sat down. That’s all you did. I know, I know: You don’t believe this. It’s true. You just walked on. Further, the stewardesses were not merely civil but — so help me — friendly and pretty. Flying was actually enjoyable. The seats were big enough that you didn’t sit with your knees beside your ears and your feet in your pockets.

Today, getting aboard is like going into max security at some ghastly penitentiary. I once flew a bit around the old Soviet Union, as distinct from our new one, on a junket. Security was less oppressive, though the food was marginally worse unless you liked green chicken. The service was just as peremptory.

Maybe that’s what I miss most about the Old Country. People were courteous. They could afford to be because everyone else was too. It’s hard to be pleasant when the odds are even that the next official you deal with will be an ill-mannered lout who knows he can get away with it.

I think people were courteous also because they lived in an agreeable country and were pretty happy with things. The new country seems angry — quietly so, not sure what to do about it, but looking for someone to hit.

Yet further still, in the Old Country they didn’t have these funny little Japanese cars with itsy-bitsy four-bangers. Nope. They had great virile monsters thirty feet long with eight huge cylinders like buckets. A dog could have slept in them. Sure, those rocket-barges were probably ridiculous and left a trail of parts that fell off because quality control wasn’t that great, but they were real cars. They embodied a spirit I liked. Today cars seem to be designed with hair-dressers in mind.

The Old Country music was vibrant, vigorous, much of it springing from the great black bluesmen of Mississippi and then Chicago, some of it from the mountains and from the jazz dens of the big cities. In the music of the new country, the whites whine and the blacks grunt angrily and the lyrics seem to have been written by a retarded computer. From Tampa Red to Eminem is a long way down.

In the country I signed on to, things worked on the principle of individual responsibility. If you robbed a bank, which people generally didn’t, everyone figured you did it because you decided to, and you went to jail and everyone was satisfied, except you, which was the idea. Most people knew how to behave, and did. It saved a lot on police departments and you could walk around at night.

In the new country of course everything is somebody else’s fault, unless you are a white male, in which case everything is your fault. Never mind that if it weren’t for white males everybody else would be living on low-hanging fruit and saying “ugga-wugga” because they couldn’t figure out how to make a big-block hemi to crash into things with. Or figure out how to make anything else.

In the Old Country, the government was pretty much benign or actually useful. It built roads and largely left you alone. The public schools were not great but neither were they terrible. People ran their own lives. The federal government tended to be somewhere else, which was a splendid place for it, and you mostly didn’t notice.

In the country that is now where America used to be, the government is the cause of most major problems instead of a solution, however inefficient, to a fair number of them. The government keeps you from educating your children, holds standards down, prevents you from hiring the best people you can find to work in your business. It won’t allow local jurisdictions to control crime, prevents localities from enforcing such moral standards as they see fit, virtually illegalizes the religion of most of the population, and generally won’t permit people to live as they like.

Now, I used to be fond of the United States. Granted, I wasn’t much of a patriot. The word nowadays seems to mean one who doesn’t so much love his country as to dislike other people’s. I figured live and let live. A lot of other countries struck me as fine places. But America was my favorite. It just suited me. I liked the people in their wild variety and the countryside and the music and the brash independence. It wasn’t perfect. Still, given the sorry baseline for comportment in human agglomerations, it was about as good as you could get.

I’m still fond of the United States. I just can’t find it.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness 
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  1. Dave37 says:

    Most of the Mexicans that live around me in this part of California remind me of 1950’s Americans, except for the language and the Mexican flag waving of course. But I wouldn’t be surprised someday to see Mexico just like we are today, either that or we will be the US of Mexico.

    • Replies: @L Garou
    , @Jefferson
  2. RD says: • Website

    Wrong, Fred. The “United States” is a political collective, and not even a legitimate one. It most certainly is NOT a country. It is operated by a death cult centered on the Potomac River.
    Eliminate the “United States” and the country, AMERICA, still exists!

  3. TWS says:

    I used to think I was blessed to be born into the finest place, in the finest country on earth. It was everything Fred says and more. Little did I know I would be forced to watch it change growing up.

    It is not my country. The elites broke the law and installed strangers where my neighbors used to live. Tyranny where there was freedom. Perversion where there was decency. Intolerance where there used to be free public appreciation of our shared history and culture.

    It was truly great while it lasted.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  4. TBA says:

    A good article, Fred, but you’ve posted it before.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Ace
  5. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    US came to be owned by the Jomogro Mafia: Jewish-Homo-Negro Mafia.

  6. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    Fred Fred Cabbage Head, you have lost your nationalism cuz we are living in a globalized world, and globalism is a form of imperialism. In Old Imperialism, the dominant nations invaded and colonized the weaker nations. In new globalist imperialism, all nations get invaded and mixed up while globo-elites in their Elysium in the sky, like in Battle Angel Anime. Because all nations get invaded and remade, many fail to see the imperialist nature of globalism. They fail to see that the main beneficiaries are the Jewish oligarchs and their collaborators. Globalism is about elite-minority-supremacism.

    For most of history, before there was nationalism, there was only tribalism(very local), monarchism, and imperialism. Tribes were often kinfolk over limited area. Kingdoms were bigger, but there was no real sense of unity between rulers and the ruled. The kings felt closer to other kings and noblemen than with their own people. And imperialism conquered and mixed everything. But then came nationalism that fused rulers and ruled over a definite territory. Vertical unity and horizontal unity made for a solid formula for stability and pride. But globalism is smashing that now.

    US and Mexico were both created through imperialism. But US was the bigger success because it was created more or less on a blank slate. There weren’t too many Indians in the US, and they could be driven out almost entirely out from whole swaths of areas. So, even though US was created through imperialism, it quickly became a nation-state because there was unity between rulers and ruled. Both were white folks. And white folks gained control over vast territory.

    Spanish imperialism in Mexico was different. As there were more many natives, they remained a big part of Mexico. So, if north america served as blank slate for white takeover, the Spanish couldn’t use Mexico as a blank slate. There was too much brown ground. Also, Spanish didn’t come in big enough numbers and most were men, so they mixed with native women and created the mestizo. So, Mexico had a hard time turning into a nation-state since the marks of its imperialist past remained in the very bloodline of Mexico.

    Because most Indians were removed from most of the US, much of US seemed like another Europe, a bigger and richer one. Indeed, one could almost believe there never were a native people in the US.
    But look around Mexico, and the racial diversity spells IMPERIALISM because mestizos are the racial/sexual product of white conquest of natives. Mexico still looks like a nation ruled by an alien elite who are racially distinct from mestizos and indios.

    Now, with increasing diversity in the US(which is under the power of the GLOB), America is also looking more like an imperialist order than a nation-state.
    US used to be like a giant European nation transplanted to the New World.
    Now, it looks more like Latin America, Asia, Africa, and etc.

    The blank slate opportunity that allowed white Europeans to create a nation-state over a vast territory — unprecedented in history — is slipping in the US.
    California was once mostly white and looked like a mini-nation-state.
    Now, it looks like an imperial possession where diverse peoples are mere subjects of globalist oligarchs in Hollywood and Silly Valley.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Fred only has a half dozen columns that he recycles endlessly.

    Yet I never feel cheated. He is either very good at polishing these old chestnuts so they look fresh every time.

    Or — much more likely — it’s my Alzheimer kicking in and I keep forgetting the previous iterations :/

  8. Yeah, I miss the old country too. Ten years ago I was asked when I would return, and I smiled and said, “When the Republic is restored.” I have difficulty finding that smile nowadays. As for other places, it seems the Free World is being taken by its leaders to the lowest common denominator rather than reaching for the stars. As Derbyshire says, We are doomed!

  9. Marcus says:

    In Mexico you can’t legally own guns period.

  10. I’m an ex-pat too, and I miss the old America. But there’s no going back to it. And what were the seeds in the old America that led to this new one? They must have been there: there was no violent conquest of the U.S. by a foreign army and the imposition of the system of 2016–it evolved, even if unnaturally, from the America of the 1940s and 1950s. I remember a Pat Buchanan column from several years back in which he said that one of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood (Egyptian but I don’t remember the name) visited the U.S. in the 1950s and was horrified by what he saw in Dwight Eisenhower’s America: the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and men and women dancing in nightclubs. It seems silly, but sometimes the outsider saw more truly. Was it the delayed effect of the disruption of two world wars? What role did the invention of reasonably safe, effective and inexpensive female contraception lead to the dysfunction we now have. What role did the Civil Rights Act and immigration rule changes play.

    I guess these questions will be the subject of debate among Russian and Chinese historians for the next 300 years.

  11. MJJB says:

    Honduran Woman Brutally Beaten By Mexican Smugglers Attempting To Rape 11-year-old Daughter…

  12. @Marcus

    Mexico has a constitutional right of gun-ownership. It applies to expats. For a link to the clause in the constitution and the application form, here:

    near the bottom of the page.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  13. Faust says:

    Fred and I are of an age. I remember America. Here is an incident I still recall. I had just turned 14 and had to pay \$1.00 for a fishing license for the first time. Before I paid, I looked at the price schedule (this is 1958) it ran up to \$150.00. That price was for “aliens”. I asked the city clerk why it was so much for aliens. He looked at me, scowled and said “That was to keep the Irish moving”.

    Still, it was as Fred says. The door was never locked, we were expected home when the streetlights came on, we “let out” the dog. Once a teacher came out to my car to admire my shotgun. I live in the house I grew up in, I lock the door, my guns have been stolen and there is a “leash law” for the dog. I have been handcuffed, arrested and slapped around in the street for not having my smoke detectors inspected.

  14. Marcus says:
    @Fred V. Reed

    Mexico has one gun store in the entire country… and it’s operated by the military. So yes, guns are de facto illegal, but it’s not hard to get one.

    • Replies: @Giles
  15. Pepe says:

    I’m a lot younger than Fred, but I agree with his sentiments.

    I moved down to Mexico 12 years ago. The ex-pat population down here tends to very liberal. Everyone just assumes if you left the US for political/social reasons, you must be a lefty fleeing the racist, war-mongering US, etc.

    I left in 2004 because I saw Obama’s America coming. It’s great to be down here and not be bombarded daily by angry feminists, blacks, and queers.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  16. Marcus says:

    I’ve given some thought to leaving the country as well, I think I’d prefer South America, but I’m not sure how I would support myself.

  17. Pepe says:

    South America would be great, but I like being only a 12 hour drive from S. Texas. I go up there twice a year for visa and truck permits – and for Pilsner Urquell beer. I also pick up my mail in a P.O. box there.

    I’m lucky to have a job that allows me to work from my home down here using the internet. I’m even in the same time zone as my colleagues in the US, a benefit not available if you’re living in Europe or Asia.

    You can always make a decent living selling something in a little store somewhere. I did that for a few years down here before I got established with my internet work.

  18. @Marcus

    In Mexico you can own a gun that you keep in your home only — not far from the actual state of affairs here in Los Angeles, actually, after recent additional State of CA restrictions on both “open carry” AND “concealed carry” of handguns.

    Yet another area where we here in “the land of the free” actually have the same degree of freedom as those supposedly inferior backwards countries, or even less freedom than they do in many cases.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  19. Some Latin American country that is smaller, less violent, and less dominated by drug cartels, seems better than Mexico.

    In the smallest countries down there, including Costa Rica and Panama, a meaningful percentage of the whole population is English-speaking ex-pats, mainly retirees, from the USA and to a much lesser extent from Canada, the UK, and Germany.

    If enough Americans retire to Baja California next to CA, there could eventually be more Mexicans on the “American” side of the border than on the Mexico side immediately over the border.

    Just a thought: if widespread violence along racial lines comes to the USA, as it probably will, it may well involve (non-white) Mexicans and whites killing each other and driving each other out of territory –with Mexicans having the ability to exterminate or drive out all whites, and all non-Mexicans, for that matter, from much of California and later Texas. How safe would whites living in Mexico be then? They’d surely be an easy target for surging racial hatred.

    • Replies: @bomag
  20. Fred….My wife is from Columbia, and we both appriciate every word you type.
    The people who evade the nuance of your circumstances DO NOT want to understand your position.
    My country died…..Not my life.
    All Respects to you.

  21. Marcus says:

    Only of a small caliber, less than .380 for handguns. Of course you can get most anything you want extra legally, so why bother?

  22. Fred,

    You and I are of different ages. However, by luck of the part of the country that I was raised, I more or less grew up the way that you describe. The changing of my country was far more jolting for me because it happened much faster.

    I’m “only” in my mid-40s. I’m tired of the arguments. I simply want a divorce. This country doesn’t seem to much like me, and, frankly, I don’t much like it. Unfortunately (and fortunately), I am happily married with two great kids so running off to Uruguay isn’t an option.

    I would stand and fight, but no one much seems to want to stand by my side. You talk of simmering anger. I don’t see it. Granted, I live in the distant DC suburbs that you know so well. These people continue to do well – as do I; however, unlike me, they seem oblivious to the future that awaits their children and grandchildren.

    I wonder sometimes when it will come to a head, but then I look at Texas, California and, even, Brazil, and I see that it may never come to that. Upscale whites will simply insulate and isolate and leave working class whites to their fate. If that’s the case, I suppose that we deserve our fate.

  23. @Diversity Heretic

    “I remember a Pat Buchanan column from several years back in which he said that one of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood (Egyptian but I don’t remember the name) visited the U.S. in the 1950s and was horrified by what he saw in Dwight Eisenhower’s America”

    I am positive it was Sayyid Qutb

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
    , @bomag
    , @utu
  24. BenKenobi says:

    I’m sure most of the unz commentariat feels this way.

    Patriots without a nation.

    Soldiers without an army.

    We’ve become ex-pats without emigrating (well, most of us).

    In the interim between now and the conflagration you will find me rocking in the rubble of the free world. The downfall of civilization is not without its perks. Still lots of fun to be had.

    And if that conflagration never comes, or I’m too old to handle a weapon… well in the words of my soulmate Early Cuyler: “don’t time fly when you drunk as hell.”

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  25. @Diversity Heretic

    His name was Sayid Qutub! And yes, he was pretty surprised by the moral laxity of American society but would be downright shocked and suffer a heart attack if he could see how depraved, debauched and degenerated the society has become. In the 40’s and 50’s America was still a relatively moral country where the institution of family, faith and marriage was still relatively intact! Instead, today we are confronted with these kinds of stories as the norm….

    And no, I don’t blame the cops as much as the slutty girl! Where are/were her parents? What is she, look at the way she is dressed, an aspiring porn star??

    Folks, I hate to say this and I wish I were wrong, but from here on it it will only get worse!!

    • Replies: @Ace
  26. @imnobody00

    I haven’t found the Pat Buchanan column, but your identification of Sayyid Qutb certainly appears to be correct. Thank you.

  27. I am a stranger in the land
    where my forefathers trod;
    A stranger I unto each heart,
    but not unto my God!

    I pass along the crowded streets,
    Unrecognized, my name;
    This thought will come amid regrets,
    My God is still the same!

    I seek with joy my childhood’s home,
    but strangers claim the sod;
    Not knowing where my kindred roam,
    Still present is my God!

    They tell me that my friends all sleep
    Beneath the valley clod;
    Oh, is not faith submissive sweet!
    I have no friend save God!

    “Death” by “Beatrice” 1858.

    • Replies: @DH
  28. AndyBoy says:

    To mention 4 cylinder cars as a problem in the same category as the the genocide of our people is silly.

  29. @AndyBoy

    Good point, tom. I owned a ’73 Eldorado convertible once, sick! Anyone who’s seen the “air” in LA on a smoggy day knows things need to be cleaner and soon. I was recently in Mumbai and if they don’t convert to electric cars and solar power systems very soon they’ll suffocate.

    The big car thing is for chest-thumpers and for those who sign up to be soldier heroes.

  30. Lisa says:

    I am also an expat who remembers that great sparkling place that lived for a moment – a dream that became a nightmare. Sadly most of the people in the country have no ideawhat it means to be an American, or they don’t care, are totally ignorant or hate everything that made America great. You really and truly understand the great loss and I will now refer my America as “the old country” – so perfect.

  31. bomag says:

    I don’t imagine Qutb would be too thrilled with the moral arc of the current Muslim Arab world.

  32. bomag says:

    Nah, Mexicans aren’t that dumb. The future is more like New Mexico: half and half; poorer than otherwise; but livable with everyone in their place and the gringos keeping the lights on. Blacks are the ones that are anxious to kill everyone who doesn’t look like them.

  33. Faust says:

    If you do not see Fred’s point, that indicates a youth deprived of “American Thunder”.

    If you would criticize him, I would suggest picking him up on “Big Block Hemi”. There was no “Small Block Hemi”.

    • Replies: @AndyBoy
  34. @Marcus

    You white? Friendly, or at least cordial? Good work ethic? From what I understand from a few ex-Army buddies living down in SA, most places it’s one of the few genuine opportunities to utilize your white privilige.

    I’d say if you have the means and motive, do leave. Your quality of life might even go up. No GMO foods, no constant threat of annihilation from every little thing (as presented by the mass media), hell…no mass media like what you’re used to, simpler folks, better food in general, cheaper living., no Trump or Hillary (or more precisely, not dealing with a system that even needs the former and allows the latter).

    Mind you, you’ll have to use your noggin a little more to survive, but man, it can work if you do it right.

  35. @AndyBoy

    *sigh* Hyperbole, not sarcasm, is a lost on most folks these days.

  36. Flavius says:

    Thank you Fred, well done.
    For some reason your honest words, simple words, put me in mind of Eliot’s lines from The Fire Sermon:
    By the waters of Leman I sat down and wept…
    Sweet Thames, run softly till I end my song,
    Sweet Thames, run softly, for I speak not loud or long.

    The sweet times have been carried away, the mean, the low, and the loud are everywhere among us.

  37. Biff says:

    virtually illegalizes the religion of most of the population,

    If only it were true.

  38. You’re dead right about once-upon-a-time America. I reply to ask why Mexico? I’ve never been there – just to Nuevo Laredo twice – but a German friend of mine named Harald who lives in Mexico confirms that generally Mexico is garbage strewn throughout and that the ambient noise of Mexican life is deafening. So why Mexico?

    • Replies: @Pepe
  39. L Garou says:

    I see the same thing. 50’s and 60’s good stuff is a lot of how they roll. Close families.
    Clothes hanging on the line, cars jacked up, elbow grease and sweat flowing.
    Fishing poles and of course, what’s more American than baseball!
    Yes, I noticed the same thing when I moved to Texas in mid 70’s.
    That said, Fred is spot on, as usual. He’s the Prince of Americana!
    (RIP Joe Bageant)

    • Replies: @Jefferson
  40. Seems like every ‘Amarikan’ has forgotten, that their ancestors left their home countries for some reason or another, fleeing oppressive conditions and seeking a better life. Most came here with very little, not speaking the language, etc. and made it… In my opinion, these were a very brave, intelligent, and resourceful people.

    Now, because some of their offspring wants to do the same thing, leave the ‘Amarikan Plantation’ to seek freedom and flee an oppressive government, we are the unpatriotic cowards, in most ‘Amarikan’s’ opinion…

    No my ‘Amarikan’ friend, YOU are the coward by staying here, because you are to scared, to stupid and not resourceful enough to leave the ‘Amarikan Plantation’ and make a successful life somewhere else.

    You are stuck on your “40 acres and a mule” that the govt provides and resent the ones that have escaped. Well, keep hating us, because doing so will not stop us from leaving. Soon we’ll all be gone, and you will have this future ‘Kommunist Utopia’ all to yourselves and your fellow slaves to the State…

    Winston S.

    And as always… Dobro pazhalavat’ v GULAG

  41. Hello, Winston Smith.
    Can you kindly be less cryptic.
    Does your last line means that you live in GULAG and invite others to join you ?
    Or it is a sarcastic comment,
    meaning that if your readers are in American GULAG already,
    they may well continue to stay there ?
    Somebody has correctly accused me of low sensitivity
    of my sarcasm-detector. I agree with that.

    1) I actually like my adopted home country, USA;
    where my kids have got educated, were all of my 3 grand-kids live.
    It does not necessary means that I approve of
    all the actions of the Government of the USA,
    or of all the customs of American society.
    2) I actually like what Fred Reed writes.

  42. KenH says:

    I’m also much younger than Fred and don’t recognize this country any longer. It left me as well. There was a time when the difference between a liberal and conservative meant the former just wanted a little more spending on social programs and slightly higher taxes. And of course they were mildly critical of America’s treatment of the Indians and negroes, but never took it to the point of calling the existence of America or the white race into question or promoted sexual degeneracy, and most still retained some sense of love, normalcy and patriotism for the nation.

    The political left and right are now nearing the point of raw hatred for each other and open warfare. The fringe, anti-white left gained a beachhead in the Bill Clinton Administration and now rules the Democrat party with an iron fist while purging the remaining moderates and conservatives.

    Of course, in explaining America’s steep decline Freddy is a subscriber to the accidental theory of history. But this didn’t happen by accident or in a vacuum as Fred and other Unz writers always seem to suggest. The loss of the older, better America that Fred bemoans has largely been accomplished through Jewish power and influence that has radically transformed America into something alien, ugly and unrecognizable to most of us. Not that we lack for corrupt and venal white gentiles, but Jewish power has always been the force multiplier.

    Trump will fail in his quest to “Make America Great Again” unless he reverses our Brazil like demographic trends and the rapid decline of the white majority who built this nation. But he’s not willing to do that, so civil war, break up and racial partition are in our future.

  43. DH says:

    Beautiful and sad poem. Sometimes I see myself there.
    Who is this “Beatrice”?

  44. utu says:

    CIA and Israel were working with Muslim Brotherhood already in 1950’s. The Mujahedins, Al Queda, Al Nusra, Daesh….

  45. eggtooth says:

    Hey Fred,

    I’m here too…Mexico..have been for ten years. Left USA for the same reasons…the true ones you write about. The last year I lived in the USA, I was so uninspired and discouraged about all I
    could do is stand on my front porch and yell expletives in the middle of the night. I write about
    what I see happening in our lost country, knowing, at least, the FBI won’t be knocking at my door some night. I don’t need to add to what you wrote. I just wanted to say: “Yup.” Best wishes.

    An anonymous co-patriot.

    • Replies: @Fandrich
  46. @Diversity Heretic

    ” What role did the invention of reasonably safe, effective and inexpensive female contraception lead to the dysfunction we now have…”

    That is the crux of the matter. Scratch the surface of the American internet and it reveals the true psychic degeneracy of American women in their full pornographic glory.

  47. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    We speak of how US defeated the USSR in the Cold War.

    But maybe two collapses took place almost simultaneously. Of course, the collapse in the USSR was much bigger and more disruptive & more eventful, indeed calamitous.

    But there are certain parallels between what happened in the USSR and US.

    In the USSR, the ruling elites got sick of communism. Indeed, the elites tired of communism more than the people did. Though Soviet folks didn’t get much from communism, they got enough to live on. In contrast, elites felt squeezed because so much of their responsibility was running the vast system to take care of the workers.
    Why not end communism so that the elites could just concentrate the wealth in their own hands? So, the collapse of the Soviet working class meant opportunity for the oligarchic class to hog so much of the wealth for themselves.

    Now, look at the US. With Clinton, the New Democrats became the ascendant party… but how? By dumping their traditional alliances. Democratic Party used to be the People Party. It used to represent farmers, factory workers, the coal miners, the working class folks. And then, it also began to represent black s and others who had less.
    But the Democrats decided to dump the working class and blacks as burdensome and tiresome. So, the new darlings became homos who were part of the elite. By adopting ‘free trade’, the Democrats favored the elites over the American working class who got screwed big time. As for blacks, many were headed for prisons built under Clinton. Clinton made a lot of pro-black noises but it was to hide the fact that he was favoring the white/Jewish urban gentry and homos over all others. And to seal the fallen fate of white working class and blacks, the Democrats pushed massive immigration to use as scab labor.

    Because America is so much richer and had a much bigger talent pool — and still the legacy of Anglo rule of law — , certain classes were able to prosper from this massive transformation in the 90s. But what happened parallels what happened in the USSR because both were cases of elites dumping their traditional mass allies to rake in more for themselves.

    When the Cold War was on, the Western elites felt compelled to show that they cared about the workers and people. But with communism fallen and gone, there was no more ideological or moral competition for the globalist-capitalist West. The elites could work mainly in their own interest.
    Of course, Western elites pretend to be on the ‘progressive left’ and yammer incessantly about ‘equality’, but their BS is betrayed by their support of ‘diversity’ that only increases inequality between the elites and native majority masses. More ‘diversity’ via immigration means lowering of wages and more competition for jobs for the middle class, working class, and poor native folks and citizens. If the elites are truly interested in more equality, they would end immigration right now. But they push immigration because they want to use docile immigrant laborers who will work for low wages against white middle/working class and blacks.

    The elites of the world conspire together in a globalist club.

    But ironically, Putin put a damper on this by restoring some degree of nationalist themes to Russia. And Donald Trump is threatening to do the same for the US. This is why globalist elites hate them so much.

    The elites in both USSR and US engineered a COMING APART so that the elites could dump National Economies and rake more profits by favoring the Global Economy.

    The themes of Putin and Trump have been to COME TOGETHER so that the elites must primarily focus on the interests of their national brethren and sistren. But the elites want no such bridge. They want to burn the national bridges between the elites and native masses. Their favored bridges are among the globalist elites(political and economic) around the world. So, the likes of Obama and Hillary and GOP cucks feel closer to elites of EU, Asian, Latin America, and Africa than to the economically challenged citizens of their own nations.

    Because the elites in the US are so Jewish, homo, or cuckish, they sneer at the national hoi polloi and prefer the company of fellow globalist elites. They are globo-hobnobbers or Globnobbers.

    Sure, they like to act like they care about the People with publicity stunts like Zuckerberg donating money to some troubled inner-city school, but it’s all for show.
    Their main emphasis is on globalism and zero concern for their own native majority masses.

  48. I was born and raised here in America and I have never lived anywhere else, and I can honestly say that it has never felt like home to me. I don’t know what it means to be an American because I have never felt like one. But unlike Fred, I cannot say that the country left me, because in my experience it has never been otherwise. There is no Golden Age I can look back on and compare the present with.

    However, I can also say that I would have felt equally out of place in the America that Fred once called home. The more I think about it, the more I realize that the pathologies of the present moment were baked right into the cake of the whole post-War, New Deal era, and indeed right into the Reconstruction years as well. The last America that I could have honestly called home was the Antebellum South, and even that only because it resembled the splendor of the ancien regime and was itself never truly “American.”

    There is something that Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, and Oswald Spengler all alike understood: America has always been the land of oligarchs and con artists. It has always been a criminal syndicate masquerading as a state, even unto its founding ideas, even unto its founding personalities. The comparison with Bolshevik Russia is more than merely incidental. The greatest Soviet state to ever exist is not the USSR but the USSA.

    But with that being said, there were times in the past when American life was a great deal more tolerable than it is today. I blame the Baby Boomers for finally pushing the system into meltdown. The stability of previous ages rested upon a tacit gentlemen’s agreement: even though America was never officially a class-stratified and segregated state under the rule of an absolute monarch, we would behave in most respects as if we were anyway, in order to preserve the social fabric. Even though everyone theoretically had equal rights before the law, we would not press the point too far, especially when the peace of the majority outweighed the rights of the minority. Even though we never set up an established state Church, we all knew that Christianity and its moral laws were the basis of our civilization and the acknowledged substrate of our positive law.

    It was a dangerous agreement to begin with, which is why I am not a fan of the US Constitution. Our constitutional notions about the individual’s rights and the limited powers of government only make sense from within the context of a very definite and historically conditioned tradition, and even then only if not taken too literally. This arrangement was always a fragile one, requiring careful grooming and shaping of each successive generation so that the unwritten rules would supply what was lacking in the written liberties. The Boomers are the ones who finally broke the agreement by pressing every right and privilege into domains where it was never meant to apply, until Constitutional rights became mere license and the unchecked pursuit of personal advantage. Barack Obama (may he rot in hell) for example, lives in the ambiguity between the written laws and the no longer operative unwritten tradition. That is why all of his smarmy, tyrannical tactics can transpire under the color of law, and why “true Constitutional conservatism” of the sort represented by the idiotic and feckless Ted Cruz is absolutely powerless to stop it.

    I see in Donald Trump the first glimmerings of what may be called “post-Constitutional conservatism,” which is to say, the will of the moral majority protected by a strongman’s iron scepter. I, for one, am happy about this development. Perhaps we will one day have an America worth living in again.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Giles
    , @Corvinus
  49. Boris says:

    Today you would be charged with the use of excessive force

    This is a profoundly stupid statement. Glad you left. Maybe the morons that agree with you can to the same.

  50. Svigor says:

    In the country where I grew up, if you woke up and found a naked intruder headed for daughter’s bedroom with a Bowie knife and a hard-on, you shot him and arranged to have the rugs cleaned. The sheriff wasn’t greatly interested and the county prosecutor didn’t see anything to prosecute.

    It’s like that in many parts of the US now. E.g., the southeast.

    As far as I can tell, it is not this way in Mexico, nor has it ever been.

    And lawsuits generally come from the disabled, who can claim a lifetime of reduced earnings, as well as physical hardship, not from the families of their dead relatives, who cannot.

    God bless the Japs and their cars. They made great product, and forced everyone else to up their game. Cars stay on the road far longer than they used to.

  51. expeedee says:

    I’d have chosen Argentina or Uruguay, more culturally European.

  52. Fandrich says:

    In my humble opinion, Fred Reed is the typical American clown who has his A– on both chairs. Run away from your country to a nation that by its own admission, has no love lost for the U.S., and sit around there knocking both…. Go away Fred, serious people are not interested in “when the going gets tough, the tough get going—back to Mexico types….LOL

    • Replies: @LiveFreeOrDie
  53. Fandrich says:

    Do us a favor, stay there.. You probably never worked to do anything positive for this country anyway…

  54. ryanwc says:

    In the country you grew up in, Seasons in the Sun was a Top Hit!

    I could go on, but I think anyone who babbles on about Tampa Red vs. Eminem has already shown he didn’t actually know the country he grew up in.

  55. utu says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    ” the land of oligarchs and con artists” – There is something to it.

  56. Jefferson says:
    @Priss Factor

    “US came to be owned by the Jomogro Mafia: Jewish-Homo-Negro Mafia.”

    Don’t forget that Mexicans in The U.S are also part of that Mafia. Mexican Americans are part of the coalition of the fringes because they overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton. Any Mexican who votes for Hillary Clinton is an enemy of the White Nordic race because they are voting for more open borders and more anti-White identity politics.

  57. Jefferson says:
    @L Garou

    “I see the same thing. 50′s and 60′s good stuff is a lot of how they roll. Close families”

    Over half of Mexican households in The U.S are headed by single mothers, so close families. You have to be on crack to use Mexicans as the epitome of the nuclear family.

    The Chinese are much better examples than Mexicans when it comes to immigrant groups who are the epitome of the nuclear family.

    • Replies: @AndyBoy
  58. Jefferson says:

    “Most of the Mexicans that live around me in this part of California remind me of 1950′s Americans”

    So 1950s Americans disroportionately joined gangs and most American females in the 1950s became teenage mothers? I don’t remember Annette Funicello from The Mickey Mouse club becoming a teen mom in the 1950s.

    You must have grown up in an extremely White trash area in the 1950s, if you grew up in a neighborhood where Whites were in the same economic boat as peasant Mexican Amerindians and Mestizos.

    You definitely did not grow up around solid middle class Leave It To Beaver type White families.

    • Agree: Marcus
    • Replies: @Hare Krishna
  59. AndyBoy says:

    Most 4 cylinders today are more powerful than 8 cylinders were 50 years ago. Cars have never had as much horsepower as they do today.

  60. AndyBoy says:

    You are right. Seeing Mestizos as 1950s White Americans comes from some serious wishful thinking.

    “Hispanics” have over 10 million square miles in 20 different countries. None of them are like Leave it to Beaver.

  61. @NoseytheDuke

    The big car thing is for people who like big cars. Some of us have long legs and don’t enjoy long drives while being scrunched in a box designed by small Japanese people.

  62. @Winston Smith

    Please learn the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too.’ And you made the same mistake several times, so it was no typo.

    As for the rest of your silly post, you appear to have a greatly inflated view of the extent to which other people think about you at all. I doubt that there is anyone here who cares about you or your life one way or the other.

    • Replies: @Klokman
  63. Giles says:

    You defend yourself barehanded on the street or in your house and you are one walking dead gringo about to do hard time in mex jail pay a fortune or flee the country before family of the bandido has you assassinated for 1000 pesos and you know it. What do you think the bars on your window and the razor wire on your fence are for pendejo? Lay low.

  64. @Diversity Heretic

    The Egyptian author was Saayid Qtub.

  65. Giles says:

    At this point so much shtf in latin america between narcos and mosquitos the only safe place is patagonia in the frigid far south. It was good enough for nazis, it’s good enough for me.

  66. Giles says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Mussolini Fascism is better than Lenin Bolshevism. Putin and Trump are better than Merkel and Clinton. Hitler Nazism is off the charts and as hard to copy as in the boys from brazil. Trump Fascism is simply the conservative socialism answer to neoliberal global socialism.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  67. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    FYI- an aside comment: Regardless of how many want to ignore the use of proper language, Mexico IS part of “America”. Full stop. “America” is the name of 3 CONTINENTS. Call it North America or Central America, the fact remains the same. Look it up for yourself. There are 3 “Americas”, North, Central, and South. The place you call “America” should be called US or USA since “America” is only the last part of the term. Hijacking the name of 3 continents is one thing, but that doesn’t make it correct. Too bad Fred and his readers ignore such things – he/they should know better. It ain’t rocket science. BTW, other than that, I agree with most of what he says.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  68. Klokman says:
    @Unapologetic White Man

    Me too. I got a kick out of “to stupid…”

  69. bomag says:
    @Winston Smith

    their ancestors left their home countries for some reason or another, fleeing oppressive conditions and seeking a better life.

    This is current meme-plexing. Immigrants are mainly restless/adventurous/curious. Historically, half of them went back from where they came. Most I talk to today say life was better where they came from; the general trend is to re-create the homeland. Witness Europe, where something like 90% of the recent “immigrants” are young men loaded down with the latest in fashion and electronic accessory; hardly the type who were suffering oppression.

    you are “too” (insult), (insult), (insult) “too” make a successful life somewhere else.

    Life is mainly about maintaining and improving where you live. Immigration carries as many negatives as positives.

  70. @Marcus

    You can have hunting weapons if you belong to a hunting club or shooting club, and concealed carry is possible if you can show a need, such as carrying large amounts of money. Overall, though, restrictions are far tighter than in the US. For example, your home-protection gun can’t be a military-type weapon, or more than about .38 caliber. And God helpl you if you are caught smuggling a gun into the country. It is this, I will guess, that gave rise to the idea that guns are illegal, period.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  71. Klokman says:

    Such a parochial colored view of US history for someone who has traveled the world. The title is so misleading–as if the US government, or its nebulous society, somehow took Fred to Mexico, and then abandoned him there as a waif.

    Such lamentation is typical of some senior people who reflect back on their youth as a more delightful and safe world, comparatively. The Sumerians in 2800 BC lamented about how their world was going to hell in a hand basket too. Somehow they managed to survive despite the government’s corruption.

    My understanding from Fred’s own scribbles is that he moved to Mexico for economic reasons, not to escape a messed up nation. But then perhaps he has changed his tune to suit his curmudgeonly blog.

    • Replies: @Son of Dixie
  72. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “I used to think I was blessed to be born into the finest place, in the finest country on earth.”

    What mawkish nonsense. The US has been a predatory state from the outset. Genocide, slaves, invasions everywhere. Truly the “great whore” of the Apocalypse, which took over the global destructive role of the Brits after WWII.

    • Replies: @bomag
    , @Ace
  73. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Was the US ever really what people hearken back to in nostalgia? The ‘golden age’ was all of about twenty years, from ’45-’65, approximately, which could be pushed a few years either way. Prior to that we had a depression, medicine was quackery so good luck with your illness or accident, travel and communication were slow, robber barons and crooked cops were the rule, most people only went to school for ten or so years, and so on. Life was harder and life expectancies shorter. It’s only glamorous in hindsight through a hazy lens.

  74. Marcus says:
    @Fred V. Reed

    Yes the American consulate issues warnings to that effect. Why go through all the trouble to get a small caliber pistol when you can get anything extra-legally? I doubt that corrupt Mexican law enforcement will be interested in searching gringos.

    • Replies: @Lucius
    , @Pepe
  75. Lucius says:

    I doubt that corrupt Mexican law enforcement will be interested in searching gringos.

    There you would be wrong. Mexican law enforcement is interested in searching anyone from whom a buck can be made via impuestos (taxes). They are therefore completely disinterested in searching business travelers, vacationers, or pensioners, but extremely interested in searching wealthy (by Mexican standards) expats who likely are violating some obscure provision of the law for which they can be shaken down. “Claro que si, you can pay the fine to me directly, or you can go to court…”

    Of course, as I’ve said numerous times, Mexico (far more so than the US) is not one country, and your mileage may vary depending on the state you are in. In the two states I visit most often – Guanajuato and Aguascalientes – I have never seen nor heard of either municipal, state, or federal police hassling any gringos, rich or otherwise. In Jalisco (where Fred lives) and Zacatecas (next door), I emphatically have.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  76. Pepe says:

    On my trips to the border from central Mexico, my truck and I are often searched quite extensively by the Federal Police or the Army. With my Mexican girfriend or traveling alone. Not when pulled over for speeding, etc., but at those highway checkpoints they set up. During a 12 hour trip north, I pass through two or three.

    Never carry a firearm in your vehicle in Mexico. If you can obtain one illegally, just keep it in your Mexican home.

  77. Marcus says:

    Ok, I thought gringo expats would have the reputation of being starving artist types.

  78. Ace says:

    Can’t be repeated often enough. Once we grasp it’s been betrayal and lies 24/7, then it all becomes clear.

    It’s unwise to hope that one man, Trump, can turn this around but the other two candidates are our enemies and will only hit the accelerator. Decency has up and lef’ out.

  79. @Klokman

    Fred is living it up in Mexico with his unfaithful Mexican wife fathering Mexican kids that are not biologically his on the dole of the White American taxpayers. His function is to justify the millions of illegal immigrants crossing our borders.

    Disgraceful behavior on his part.

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Ace
    , @RadicalCenter
  80. bomag says:

    The US has been a predatory state from the outset.

    …and is currently being eaten, so I guess it all works out in the end.

    Remember that with all its faults, the US fostered a lot of innovation and commercialization of technology which lightened burdens, extended lives, and allowed many more to exist.

    Maybe that just gives us and others farther to fall, but the race is not over.

  81. Bobo says:

    It’s not always easy to quantify deterioration in the quality of life in the US. One indicator is the quality of jobs. Some years ago I interviewed for various insurance sales jobs, 2006-2010 or so. In the 1980s these companies would have had no takers for these jobs because the pay and benefits offered was completely inadequate. These were very large companies and in a white collar field that attracted few immigrants. I had been self employed for around 20 years and hadn’t sought employment since the 1980s. I couldn’t believe how much the quality of jobs had declined in the interim.

  82. woodNfish says:

    We’ve become ex-pats without emigrating (well, most of us).

    I couldn’t have said it better.

  83. Marcus says:
    @Son of Dixie

    At least he moved there, most immigration activists wouldn’t be willing to take that step

  84. Pepe says:

    generally Mexico is garbage strewn throughout and that the ambient noise of Mexican life is deafening

    It’d be stupid to deny that Mexico is noisy. Mexicans aren’t very considerate of their neighbors when they play their music or hold parties in the streets. That’s why I have several fans and several sound machines to block outdoor noise. The bottle rockets are the worst, and even the sound machines can’t block that, but they’re usually only a real bother a few times a year.

    Some irritating sounds you WON’T hear in Mexico: Lawn mowers, weed eaters and leaf blowers at 7 a.m. Jackhammers. Those gargabe trucks that empty the hotel or business dumpsters at 5 a.m.

    Most construction in Mexico is much less noisy than in the US. It’s guys digging and laying bricks. No huge dump trucks and earth moving machines.

    It’d also be stupid to deny that Mexico has a litter problem. But as Fred has noted before, the streets are generally kept quite clean. The litter is usually found in vacant lots or on the side of the road outside town. The worst litter or pollution problem involves lakes and rivers that are unfit for recreative purposes. You just have to get used to that.

    On the other hand, there can be an upside to Mexico’s litter problem – you can litter if you want!! Remember those high school days driving around drinking and throwing the empties out the window? In Mexico you can still do that! If I want to dispose of something funky smelling and I’m still a few days away from taking out the trash, I walk to the nearby railroad tracks and just leave it! After all, when in Rome….

  85. Ace says:

    SQ was a strange guy and he seemed to be fighting his inner lecher when he looked at the gyrating hips of the American harlots. Men and women mixing in church was proof of our degeneracy.

    A Muslim Brotherhood zealot who probably had night sweats over our fondness for bacon and eggs.

  86. Ace says:

    Fred is talking about the people not the traitor, morons, grifters, prigs, satyr, despots, liars, killers, or oversized Eagle Scouts who have run the government.

  87. Ace says:
    @Son of Dixie

    He’s not on the dole and leave his wife and kids out of it.

  88. Corvinus says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    “I was born and raised here in America and I have never lived anywhere else, and I can honestly say that it has never felt like home to me. I don’t know what it means to be an American because I have never felt like one.”

    To me, that’s really odd to have this feeling, because chances are at some point in your younger life you clearly understood what it is like to feel and act American.

    “The last America that I could have honestly called home was the Antebellum South…”

    That’s nostalgia talking.

    “and even that only because it resembled the splendor of the ancien regime and was itself never truly “American.””

    Read documents from the era and the people living there would tell you differently.

    “It has always been a criminal syndicate masquerading as a state, even unto its founding ideas, even unto its founding personalities.”

    No, that comparison is not even remotely accurate.

    “The comparison with Bolshevik Russia is more than merely incidental. The greatest Soviet state to ever exist is not the USSR but the USSA.”

    Again, that is a wild generalization.

    “The stability of previous ages rested upon a tacit gentlemen’s agreement: even though America was never officially a class-stratified and segregated state under the rule of an absolute monarch, we would behave in most respects as if we were anyway, in order to preserve the social fabric.”

Absolutely false. There has been repeated instances in which people challenged those who acted in such a manner, those who considered themselves as the “nobility” to “lord” over the “masses”.

    “The Boomers are the ones who finally broke the agreement by pressing every right and privilege into domains where it was never meant to apply, until Constitutional rights became mere license and the unchecked pursuit of personal advantage.”

    You had just stated that America had “always been a criminal syndicate”, yet you are focusing exclusively on one group of people. It’s easy to blame Boomers these days for our current problems.

    “Perhaps we will one day have an America worth living in again.”

    Considering that you said that you never felt as you were an American, I find this statement to be confusing.

  89. Corvinus says:

    “Mussolini Fascism is better than Lenin Bolshevism…Putin and Trump are better than Merkel and Clinton.”

    What are your standards as constituting “better”?

    “Trump Fascism is simply the conservative socialism answer to neoliberal global socialism.”

    Define “Trump Fascism”. Is this a new meme in the same vein as “cuckservative”? See, if you are going to make these grandiose statements, they require some background.

  90. “God bless the Japs and their cars. They made great product, and forced everyone else to up their game. Cars stay on the road far longer than they used to.”

    and they took to heart the ideas of an American to go from being a joke to great: W. Edwards Deming.

  91. mtn cur says:

    In Dixie land, I’ll take my stand, to live and die in Dixie.

  92. As for me, I will live in Lewis Couinty WA the rest of my life. And if I die in a pile of spent brass, then that’s just fine, because if I do so, it would be defending the liberty my dad, my brother, and his two boys served this country for. So there.

  93. “Slack Lives Blather”.

  94. @Fandrich

    I agree with you Fandrich…. I think Fred went to Mexico looking for nookie, so his political rationale is in hindsight.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  95. @Jefferson

    Because TV shows are so representative of real life….

    • Replies: @Marcus
  96. Marcus says:
    @Hare Krishna

    Then look up the statistics: illegitimacy, for example, was pretty rare (especially among whites) before the late sixties

  97. @Anonymous

    I didn’t know that Central America was a continent.

  98. @Son of Dixie

    It is both sad and disappointing that Fred didn’t have any (more) children, and that he chose a Mexican.

    Did he ever have children?

  99. @LiveFreeOrDie

    Beauty really must be in the eye of the beholder. How about the beautiful Gernan women in some parts of Brazil? The Ukrainian women in Ukraine?


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