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Allahu Akbar! - the View from 2018
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In May of 2018, the second year of Mrs. Clinton’s administration, national puzzlement was high over the continuing wave of mass killings. A week before, nineteen children had died in the Blaintree Kindergarten massacre in San Francisco when Mohammed Shah Massoud, Faisal ibn Saud, and Hussein al Rashid burst into the school and began firing.

As in the shooting three months earlier of thirteen in Washington by Mohammed Faisal and Sala al Din Hussein, and in the preceding fire-bombing of the Hancock Tower in Chicago by Farouk ibn Mohammed, experts struggled to make sense of events. The head of Homeland Security, Chupamela Sanchez-Jones, explained it succinctly: “It is almost impossible to prevent attacks when they have nothing in common. What do you look out for? What is the connection between killing children, firebombing a restaurant, and flying aircraft into buildings? There is none. It is baffling.”

Everyone of importance—the New York Times, MSNBC, NPR, the Huffington Post, Mother Jones, and Salon—agreed that there was no obvious motive. Time and again for many years attackers had come from nowhere and killed for no reason. There was no pattern except the strange cry, “Allahu Akbar.”

Mrs. Clinton’s Secretary of Defense, Wilhelmina “Creepy” Crawley, offered an explanation.

“My staff at the Pentagon have determined that “Akbar” is a combination of “AK,” automatic Kalashnikov, which I am told is a form of gun, and BAR, Browning Automatic Rifle. This shows an unwholesome fascination with guns. We are investigating links to the NRA:”

Logic indeed urged control of guns. In October of 2017, three gunmen—Mohammed Massouf, Mohammed Ali ibn Hussein, and Abu Bakr ibn Saud–had shot and killed fourteen people at Starbucks in Philadelphia. They too had shouted about Browning Automatic Rifles.

Priscilla Latvi-Germond, Director of the FBI, offered another possibility. “We think the killers may be white-supremacists, perhaps linked to the KKK.” When it was pointed out that few of the terrorists were white, she said that this was evidence of a dangerous spread of White Supremacism to people of color.

Some suggested that the killers were troubled youth who had suffered the trauma of broken homes. Others suspected the aggregate effect of microaggressions over the years.

Desperate to find some common thread, scholars looked to historical events. For example, on November 12, 2015, at a school for retarded adults in San Bernardino, Syed Rezwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik shot dead 14 people. They too had shouted the mysterious “Allahu AK-BAR.”

Then-President B. Hussein Obama was as puzzled as anyone else by this massacre.

He said ,“It is possible that this is terrorist-related, but we don’t know; it is also possible this was workplace-related,” adding, “we don’t know why they did it.”

But there were clues. Rachel Maddow summed it up thusly, “What do all of these shooters have in common? Guns. Whenever someone is shot, a gun is involved. It’s a hundred percent.”

It was inarguable.

Yet inconsistencies persisted. When Omar ibn Osama Mohammed suddenly cut the throat of little Martha Clark, age nine, on the streets of Santa Cruz, neither AK nor BAR was involved. Yet he shouted “Allahu Akbar!” California authorities suggested that the heinous act might be a cry of desperation from a man so impoverished by an unjust society that he couldn’t afford a Browning Automatic Rifle.

Investigation revealed that the young men who had shot up the Starbucks in Philadelphia were of the 150,000 Syrian and Afghan refugees brought in by former President B. Hussein Obama. Perhaps the stress of immersion in a racist white society had proved too much for them, said Salon. Perhaps slow service at Starbucks had produced unbearable frustration. They were responding the only way they could.

The inexplicable bloodshed continued.

In Paris, Ahmad Al Mohammad, Bilal Hadfi, and Brahim Abdeslam among others conducted a murderous rampage, but again no motive, no commonality could be found. Were they out of work and sunk in despair? Were they recently divorced?

Mrs. Clinton’s Attorney General, Lasagna Woodley-Park, said, “As a woman of color I deplore these killings, but I think we need to remember that some of these men were suffering from recent trauma reflecting cultural insensitivity resulting from colonialism, White Privilege, and institutional racism.”

She was referring to the death of Al Mohammad’s daughter of septicemia following a botched genital mutilation, and of Hadfi’s daughter, whom he had been forced to drown in an honor killing after finding the seventeen-year-old kissing her boy friend.

Psychologists agreed that drowning a daughter might cause PTSD, but most of the killers in recent years hadn’t drowned their daughters, only mutilated them. Once again, there seemed to be no commonality.

At Harvard the sociologist Barbara Levin-Oslieber said, “Some studies suggest that it is a matter of malignant hyper-masculinity caused by addiction to violent video games.”

Or perhaps, as B. Hussein Obama had suggested, the killings were due to problems at work. People having disagreements at work often shot up schools and firebombed restaurants. But many felt that there must be some other underlying cause, some pattern. Drug addiction? Extended use of methamphetamines sometimes triggered violence. Failed marriages? Schizophrenia? Bullying in middle school?

Michelle Obama, then the First Lady, had a novel explanation of the Twin Towers that demonstrated the value of a Princeton education. “I think they were trying to land those planes. They weren’t very good pilots, and those big planes must be very hard to fly.”

This actually made a great deal of sense. The Pentagon is close to National Airport. A terribly inexperienced pilot could easily miss the runway.

Mrs. Clinton, not yet a candidate, had made an impassioned plea for control of box-cutters. “We cannot allow these vicious devices to be used to kill thousands of innocent Americans,” she said. The Association of Department Store Managers pointed out that without box-cutters they would not be able to unpack Chinese merchandise. Mrs. Clinton had replied with a magisterial “Unopened boxes are a small price to pay for national security.”

On November 5, 2009, at Fort Hood, Major Nidal Hasan shot and killed 13 people. Outraged, President B. Hussein Obama said that it showed the insanity of the Second Amendment and argued for disarming the military.

Finally a break came. Roberta Prangle-Dinwiddie, head of the American Psychological Association, said in a press conference, “We keep searching for a common thread, but there seems to be only one: perpetrators are all male apart from the ones who aren’t. In a post-colonialist society in which men—ugh!–can no longer batter people of color, their innate aggressiveness seems to be fueling this.”

In his retirement home in Jakarta, Hussein Obama returned from prayer and said that the incident was “regrettable, but understandable in light of the history of oppression and colonialism, and that guns need to be outlawed.”

That, everyone agreed, must be the case, as the killers otherwise had nothing in common.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    • Replies: @geokat62
  2. Wait, I’m confused. Last week Fred wrote a depressing column basically telling us we’re doomed, because we can’t stop terrorism. He even offered tips for would-be jihadists (and thanks so much for that Fred, I wish you the best too in your expat ghetto in Ajijic). Now through some mildly amusing satire he suggests we can stop terror if we recognize it for what it is and control our borders. So which is it Fred?

  3. Jeff77450 says:

    Mr. Reed, *how* *could* *you* *have* *missed* *it*?? The “common thread” is that they were all wearing *clothes* when they committed their heinous crimes! Outlaw clothes! Problem solved! >>>accepts Nobel Peace Prize; stands and bows to thunderous applause<<<

  4. Tee Hee. The names are fun. My fav – The head of Homeland Security, Chupamela Sanchez-Jones

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Dear Reed,
    Although I may agree with some of your ideas (like the absurdity of pathologization of crime rather than examining it in a larger socio-political context; or the extremity that political correctness has reached), I still think your article cannot go beyond being yet another Islamophobic comment. Being an established author you create expectation in the reader to be analytical, yet you don’t fulfill that promise. The satirical element in your article could have helped distinguish it from thousands of similar articles online, if exactly the same had not been done before in the video SmoothieX12 posted.

    • Agree: geokat62
    • Replies: @Heather
  6. attonn says:

    Fred is a treasure. Should get a Pulitzer for “Chupamela” alone.

    • Replies: @Ad Victoriam
  7. Ragno says:

    But – given Mr Trump’s unspeakable position on Mexican immigration – can we presume that Fred was one of those Hillary voters? (Via an absentee ballot, of course.)

  8. WGG [AKA "World\'s Greatest Grandson"] says:

    Now, now, Mr. Reed. Let’s not get too drunk on the smell our own farts; for, you see, one of the plotters in this most recent of coordinated acts of war was one of your own precious pet Mexicans. Surely there must be some mistake. We both know Mexicans are a blessing of peace, prosperity and rule of law wherever they are found since the prophet himself, Pancho Villa (Peace be upon him), roamed the dusty terrain.

    • Replies: @Ad Victoriam
    , @Chico
  9. More garbage from Mr. Reed.

  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I applaud your reference to Creepy Crawley. Sadly the Gov has failed to deploy its most potent weapon. The Belle’s of St. Trinians.

  11. Kamran says: • Website

    Hey asshole, take my name out of this, or I’m suing you for defamation.

    And believe me, I have a legal team that could squeeze money from Mother Theresa.

  12. Wyrd says:

    Al an’ Huey’s Snack Bar! Just go online to find the franchise near you!

  13. I’m trying to figure out how to work the Jews into this before other commenters beat me to it. (There’s a No-Prize involved.) But seeing it’s 2018, Israel must have disappeared, already, as Farook’s father said was gonna happen within two years.

    • Replies: @another fred
  14. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    You forgot to add that the NSC was trying to figure out why so many refugees were still fleeing the ME and North Africa.

    Besides the refugees fleeing the already destroyed nations of Libya, Iraq and Syria, they were also fleeing in droves from Lebanon, since Israel had decided to ‘clean up’ southern Lebanon by bombing Beirut to rubble and invading southern Lebanon up past the River Litani, establishing a security zone Israeli’s said was so that Israel could defend herself.

    Although Israel denied they planned on staying, several hundred Hasidic Jew settlers had moved in and were being protected by a large contingent of US Marines that President Clinton had sent in to help keep the peace.

    Also, the US Army was further strengthening it’s role in southern Syria, to protect the homeland from those wishing to do the US harm.
    The current number of troops will be increased to 75,000, but only on a temporary basis with many being used to protect Israel’s oil field drilling platforms in that area.

    No word yet on whether or not President Clinton, who’s visiting Israel this week to talk to PM Netenyahu, will send more US troops to Libya, which has been wracked by internal conflicts since the USA and NATO destroyed that nation to “help protect the world from madmen armed with WMD’s, who want to kill us because Americans are so exceptional,” said the president.

    In budget news, the 20% cut to Social Security recipients was finalized, with the president waiting for the right time to sign the bill into law. And the discovery of more missing money from the Pentagon, rumored to be around 4 trillion dollars, will be investigated with all the vigor we can summon, said FBI head Rahm Emanuel.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  15. @attonn

    I like “Lasagna” best. Thanks, Fred. That was really freaking funny.

  16. @WGG

    Come on guys … don’t be tools. We have real enemies who really hate us and want to destroy us: Islamists, globalists, and radical leftists. I expect the first will kill more of our people soon, before or on Christmas Day, because the second keeps letting them in our country with the third ready to pounce “wayciss!!” if we object. Let’s save our ire for the enemy.

  17. JEC says:

    Hayek’s Road to Serfdom ought to have a modern counterpart. A suitable title might be, The Road to Dhimmitude.

  18. Rehmat says:

    Fred – tell something new. We have all read this unproven crap in the Zionist-controlled media before. People like still believe that 9/11 was pulled by some sick man dying in Afghanistan’s Tora Bora caves.

    American Islamophobia watch group, Fear Inc. has claimed that Jewish and Zionist individuals and groups are funding tens of millions of dollars into anti-Muslim propaganda network. American Muslim advocacy group, CAIR has claimed that these groups have poured $119 millions (during 2008 -2011) to cry ‘Muslims intend to kill every Jew and Christian in America’.

    Interestingly, since 9/11, even FBI claims that Americans have more chances to be killed by boy/girl friend than some so-called “Muslim extremist”.

    According to FBI report – between 1980 to 2005, Muslim extremists carried out 6% of total terrorist acts against US interests as compared to Jewish extremists (7%) and Christian extremists (66%).

  19. @Fran Macadam

    I’m trying to figure out how to work the Jews into this before other commenters beat me to it.

    13 minutes.

    • Replies: @Fran Macadam
  20. geokat62 says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Congrats. The smart money is on this storyline coming true in 2018, notwithstanding Fran’s sarcastic comment.

  21. geokat62 says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    I wonder if people would have found it just as funny if there was a comedy skit about Jewish terrorism during the final years of Mandate Palestine in which the Stern Gang and Irgun were assassinating British diplomats and blowing up buildings… and they used names like Schlomo Israel and Yitzhak Judah, etc?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  22. today´s reality would have been seen as some kind of dystopian parody for the average western citizen a few decades ago. It has really been like the frog who doesn´t notice how the water he sits in slowly gets boiled.

  23. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    If the proposal is to bring in a million Moos and settle them in SF, I’m all for it.

  24. Heather says:

    Go look at Fred does not DO politically correct, never has. This article is classic Fred, slaughtering all sacred cows. 🙂

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  25. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Ryan is right. So much hypocrisy.

  26. Rehmat says:

    Fred Reed – you will never find these stories of Jewish terrorism at the NYT, WT and WSJ …..

    victims of the Jewish terrorism.

    1. The two 20-year-old British Army sergeants, Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin, who were kidnapped in Palestine by Menachem Begin (latter prime minister of the Zionist entity), head of the Irgun Jewish terrorists, and then on 31st July 1947 were hanged with piano wire in the eucalyptus groves at Netanya. Their bodies were booby-trapped in the hope of killing those who came to cut the bodies down (see picture on top).

    2. The 100 British Army personnel, Crown servants and civilians who were murdered by means of a huge bomb planted by the Irgun in the basement of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, on 22nd July 1946;

    3. The murder by parcel-bomb in May 1948, in Britain, of Rex Farran, brother of Captain Roy Farran DSO, MC – an SAS anti-terrorism specialist. Rex opened the parcel addressed to “R. Farran” at the Farran family home.

    4. Tthe murder of Walter Edward Guinness (Baron Moyne) DSO, and Bar, Secretary of State for the Colonies, and his British Army driver, Corporal Fuller, on 6th November 1944. The hand-gun assassinations were carried out in Cairo by the Lehi (also known Stern Gang) Jewish terrorist group.

    5. The massacre of Arab civilian villagers at Deir Yassin, Palestine, in a combined operation by the Irgun and the Lehi on 10th April 1948 – killing 100 villagers half of them women and children.

  27. nickels says:

    Boy, isn’t this the truth. Enjoyable.

  28. Renoman says:

    You always make my day Fred, thank you.

  29. Hunsdon says:
    @Priss Factor

    The Priss Factory: Yup. In my own little sphere, I’ve been banging on about this. The “moderate anti government elements” we support in Syria are the worst form of Islamic radicals, we are allied with the al-Nusra Front, most likely with ISIS . . . against a secular, multiconfessional state.

    I still don’t really think we need a lot of new Muslim immigrants, but then I don’t think we need a lot of new immigrants of any kind.

  30. Our female assault troops will handily defeat terrorist armies. But new ideas for integrating women in combat will need to be developed for that to come to fruition.

    In reading the latest SBIR solicitation I found an interesting topic calling for anatomically realistic female simulators to aid in training combat medics.

    Can we push this viral? Please forward to your favorite journalists.

    Army Prepares for Mass Female Casualties in Wake of DoD Women in Combat Ruling

  31. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Maybe we should look to Singapore to see why Muslims act sane over there.

    Singapore is a PC nation, but it’s a conservative kind of PC.

    Singapore has a Chinee majority but also Hindus and Moos(mostly Malaysian minority, and most Malaysians are Moos). But they seem to get along.


    Singapore’s PC is different from prog PC of the West.

    It is mutualist. Chinee are not allowed to indulge in ‘hate’ speech/politics against Moos and Hindus, but Moos and Hindus are also not allowed to indulge in ‘hate’ against the Chinee either. So, all sides have to be nice. There is no such logic as ‘hindus cannot be racist’ or ‘moos cannot be racist’ or ‘ONLY Chinee can be racist cuz they got the power’. No, all groups must not be ‘hateful’ and all groups can be accused of ‘racism’.
    Chinee must be mindful not to offend Moos and Hindus, and Moos and Hindus must be mindful not to offend one another or the Chinee.

    In contrast, prog PC in the EU and US says whites must not be ‘hateful’ to non-whites, straights must not be ‘hateful’ to the tooters, men must not be ‘hateful’ to women or womyn, and gentiles must not be hostile to Jews. But non-whites can spew filth and hatred against whites, homos can hiss & seethe against straights, and feminists can act like nasty biatches. And Jews sure can be hostile to gentiles, especially whites in America and Moos in the Middle East.

    So, PC in EU and US only partially promote social peace. It restrains whites and straights, but it gives free range for ‘victim’ groups to act nasty, vile, shitty, and biatchy.

    In Singapore, there is official curtailment of speech that offends religions. You cannot say ‘Muhammad blah blah blah’ to offend Muslims. And Singapore government says this is necessary for social peace.

    In the West, things are more schizo. On the one hand, West shows off with its unfettered belief in free speech and liberty. So, Muhammad cartoons are allowed in France. Certain groups can be offended in a very nasty way.
    BUT, the West, via speech laws or economic pressure, also goes out of its way to destroy people who vilify or ‘defame’ certain groups.
    So, Muslims feel awful envious of Jews in France. How come the Jews are more protected than the Moos in France? The Muslims wanna know.
    The West sends all these kinds of mixed signals and contradictory messages.
    Prog PC confuses a lot of people.

    So, if we are gonna have PC for social peace and harmony, the Singaporean conservative PC works better than prog PC that prevails in France and US colleges.

    Moos in Singapore know they better behave. But in turn, they are not defamed and their beliefs are not mocked. And they know the same pressure is applied to Hindus and Chinee.

    Also, as conservative PC in Singapore doesn’t tolerate class demagoguery. Lee dealt with communists long ago. And he won over the socialists by offering some degree of welfare and conditional distribution of wealth.

  32. @Kamran

    Suggest you start with her and see how it goes.

  33. Hrw-500 says:

    I guess it might inspired novelist Tom Kratman for a future dystopian novel or some independent film makers could do a better remake/reboot of “Red Dawn” then the current one. Just as one terrorist said “Allahu…” and was cut short by a guy who shout “Wolverines!”

    And for once someone won’t said “That’s racist”.

  34. Wyrd says:

    And Allah offers you eternal Las Vegas as your reward for dying in His service(? Dude, that’s pretty weak theologically-speaking right there. “Don’t go to Vegas in this world; earn it in the next!”

  35. @Rehmat

    CAIR is of the devil, as is AIPAC.

    Both (and all their related ilk) are anti-Christ, and therefore anti-White.

    It’s not a choice of whether to go with the Jews or the Muslims, but rather of standing up to both.

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  36. @Priss Factor

    Keeping our Freedom of Speech intact and evicting all races and cultures who are hostile to White Christians from our White Christian homelands is the only real solution.

    • Agree: Priss Factor
  37. @Rehmat

    And the Lavon affair…

    And the U.S.S. Liberty incident…

    And Jonathan Pollard…

    so on and so forth…

  38. @Priss Factor

    What hypocrisy?

    I stopped watching the video when he got to the part about ISIS killing more muslims than they kill of any other group, to which I say: So what?

  39. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    You know, Golan-Globus made lots of profits by cranking out cheapie ninja movies in the 80s.

    When I see these Muslim warriors, many of them look like ninjas.

    Maybe someone should start a new genre, the Jihanjas.

    Make these movies, sell them to Moos and rake in the dough.

    These can be anti-terrorist movies. The good Jihanjas would be Moos who don’t kill innocents. They worship Allah and protect the innocent from the bad renegade Muslims like ISIS who torture and kill the innocent and helpless.
    The Jihanjas have a sense of mercy. It will send a good message to the Moos.

    Maybe they should be called Ninjihadis.

  40. dfordoom says: • Website
    @Unapologetic White Man

    It’s not a choice of whether to go with the Jews or the Muslims, but rather of standing up to both.

    Maybe Trump could be persuaded to extend his proposed ban on Muslim immigration to Jews as well? If it’s acceptable to target Muslims in this way why not Jews?

  41. dfordoom says: • Website

    Fred does not DO politically correct, never has. This article is classic Fred, slaughtering all sacred cows.

    Unless it relates to Mexicans.

  42. dfordoom says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    So, if we are gonna have PC for social peace and harmony, the Singaporean conservative PC works better than prog PC that prevails in France and US colleges.

    The Singapore approach at least makes some sense. Either everyone should have the right not to be offended, or no-one should have the right not to be offended.

  43. Art says:

    2018 — with Hillary as pres (how disgusting) – questioning any woman’s actions is politically incorrect and thus forbidden. Penalty for a man – death.

    As to this article — great anger would resulted in an army of feminist officers and homosexual enlisted men (our crack troops) being dispatched to Mexico to get the author of this article. If Mexico resisted – nukes would follow.

    p.s. Of course Hillary would clear this with Netanyahu first.

  44. @geokat62

    In the late 1940s the answer is almost certainly Yes – and it is far from beyond belief that the skit’s producer and script writer would both have been Jewish.

    The other answer involves making distinctions such as asserting, correctly or not, that there was comparable PC foolishness and reluctance to tell the truth.

  45. Rich says:

    “Christian extremist”? How, pray tell, does the FBI define a “Christian extremist”? I would wager that Timothy McVeigh falls under their criteria as a Christian even though he said he was an atheist. It’s similar to how they often classify Hispanics as Whites in crime statistics.

  46. Rdm says:
    @Priss Factor

    Priss, you pulling out garbage from youtube?

    Singapore founding father LKY has publicly denounced muslim practice over and over again in his memoir and books. Read it up rather than pulling something out of thin air.

    The practice in Singapore that at least makes sense to me is “Censorship” in press deemed to be sensitive to the general public.

    In the West, esp France, mocking Muhammad is considered under “Freedom of Speech”. But if you try to mock Christian, you’d find yourself limited venue to spread your mockery. That’s one-way street. It’s like playing field is slanted towards Majority. Neither you should mock other people practices nor you should all mock each other till the world collapse.

    What the West has been playing is “Taunting, Offending, Teasing” practice under the name of “Freedom of Speech”.

    This anti-muslim sentiment has been taking roots in everybody’s mind. It all started with 911 Suicide bomber. The MSM has planted “Muslim and Terrorism” sentiment ever since then.

    But MSM never planted this sentiment “Christian and Terrorism” ever since Timothy McVeigh blasted 168 people in single bombing in 1995.

    Or PhD candidate James Holmes shooting 12 people dead in the cinema. No Christian were brought up. A guy with 3.9 GPA, highest honors in Neuroscience somehow automatically become “Mental Illness” in MSM mouthpiece. It’s just an another retarded guy who somehow got into higher institutions for PhD program.

    The bottom line is simple. Every race or religion has crazy people. It doesn’t matter Christians, Muslim, Hinduism, or whatever. If you mock, there’ll be Blowback effect in coming years.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  47. This is genius:

    “We think the killers may be white-supremacists, perhaps linked to the KKK.” When it was pointed out that few of the terrorists were white, she said that this was evidence of a dangerous spread of White Supremacism to people of color.

    Reminds one of Dave Chappelle’s blind black KKK leader who divorced his wife after finding out that he is actually black because she is a (negro) lover. The utter absurdity goes to a level shockingly funny.

  48. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “Singapore founding father LKY has publicly denounced muslim practice over and over again in his memoir and books. Read it up rather than pulling something out of thin air.”

    RDM, you dumbass, you are totally missing the point.

    Lee has said many politically incorrect things over the yrs.

    He surmised that Catholics are dumber than Protestants cuz of practice of celibacy that forbade intelligent priests from marrying in past.

    He surmised that Chinese are smarter than SE natives cuz of Confucianism and Chinese reverence for learning that favored smart genes.

    He said stuff like a single Korean can whup a single Japper, but Jappers as a group can whup the Kors. (He said this on Charlie Rose.)

    So yes, if we listen to his personal remarks, he sounds like one un-PC cookie with even HBD leanings.

    BUT, what we are talking about is general practice of public discourse in Singapore.

    You cannot go around burning Korans in Singapore. You can inflame tension with Charlie-Hebdo style anti-Muhammad cartoons. You cannot be like American Talk Show hosts who holler about all those Moooooooooslims.

    Try doing Charlie Hebdo stuff in Singapore, and they’ll come after your ass.

    So, even as Malay Muslims know that Lee wasn’t crazy about their religion, they know that they will be protected and shielded from overt hostility from Chinese or dotter mobs.

    Also, even as he condemned certain Muslim practices, he’s done the same with Chinese and dotters. He’s criticized all groups for their backwardness and told them to ‘shape up or ship out’. For example, he made Singapore a cleaner place by saying, ‘why you open window and piss? That no good. It dirty and smelly. You wanna piss, then do it into bowl and dispose than pee all over.’

    You dammy.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  49. Satire is lost on a society lacking shame.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  50. Rdm says:
    @Priss Factor

    You’re so dumb that you can’t decipher that we’re both saying the same thing.

    “The practice in Singapore that at least makes sense to me is “Censorship” in press deemed to be sensitive to the general public.”

    LKY and Tun Mahitir have been trashing each other for ages.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  51. Rdm says:

    When French press start mass-mocking their rival Britons for their crooked teeth, Or
    When Britons press spent their time mocking frogs eating, horse eating, French pygmies, Or
    When German press start joking Semite crooked noses peaking from a gas chamber,

    And those countries (British, France, Israel, Zionists) grin with their mouths from ears to ears with daily doses of their crookedness, I will accept a true society that does not have shame.

  52. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “LKY and Tun Mahitir have been trashing each other for ages.”

    That’s over issues of international politics, you dammy.

  53. Dr. X says:

    Yes, indeedy.

    Interestingly enough, just last week, Amatai Etzioni, professor of international politics at Georgetown and formerly Harvard, wrote an article for the Huffington Post calling for the evisceration of the Second Amendment and the actual disarmament of Americans.

    Turns out that, if you research Prof. Etzioni’s bio, you’ll find that he’s an Israeli who was a member of an elite Haganah commando unit in the 1940s.

    So I guess that guns are OK if you use them as part of an illegal Jewish terrorist militia attacking the British in pre-Israeli Palestine… but not if you’re an American exercising an enumerated constitutional right and defending your own life, liberty, and property.

  54. Chico says:

    Yes, this fearmongering about Muslims is a mirror image of the fearmongering about Mexicans Fred complains about. If ‘ol Fred was fucking an Arab, we’d get a different story.

  55. Truth says:

    Yeah, but Fredro, Mexico has such beautiful, Arab-inspired architecture

  56. annamaria says:

    A food for thought: nuclear reactors in war zones, “peaceful atom” and terrorism:

  57. Art says:

    The other side of the story.

    As an American, I am Terrified of Muslims
    by Parisa Pirooz / December 12th, 2015

    As an American, I am terrified of Muslims. And you should be, too.

    That’s certainly what the media conveys. Every news source we encounter is debating whether we should trust or distrust “those” Muslims, as if over 2 billion people can be painted by a single brush. …..more…..

  58. @Kamran

    It’s not Fred’s fault all you Dune Coons only have like a dozen names which you use in different combinations to differentiate yourselves, especially since you all basically look the same, especially when yelling LOL

  59. FUNNY AS HELL! See no Islam, Hear no Islam, speak no Islam! Got that, Monkey Boy!

  60. NickG says:

    I see the Muslima in the photo has the AK’s sights set at 800-900 metres.

    I’m betting this is down to ignorance rather than pretensions of shooting out to that distance.

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