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As obsolete tanks rolled in Washington for the Fourth, and fighter planes howled in adrenal provocation, and the truculent classes reveled, besotted by in America’s eternal martial priapism, the alert might have asked: What, exactly, has der carrot-topped Fuhrer actually accomplished?

A look at Trump’s report card:

North Korea: A negligible country of twenty-five million, it made itself into a nuclear power despite Washington’s opposition. Kim Jong Un, who has more balls than a pool table, faced down Trump and his bluster about fire and fury. Trump’s repeated trips to see this micro-dictaor have given Kim importance in the world that he otherwise would not have.

American sanctions, upheld by Trump, have kept the population of the North miserable while having no effect on Kim’s luxurious way of life. They have accomplished nothing else. Kim has his nukes and would be crazy to give them up, which he isn’t. Net results: Zero.

Iran: Trump’s sanctions have accomplished nothing except to keep the Iranian population miserable and without medicines. His customary rants about destruction and obliteration have had no effect. Net results: Zero.

Venezuela: The Empire has not succeeded in controlling the country’s oil. The elected president remains in charge. Washington’s attempts at coups and assassinations have proved wet squibs. Trump has succeeded in keeping thirty-one million people in a state of privation. It is all he has done. Net result: Zero.

Cuba: He has prolonged the hardships of eleven million Cubans people who have done nothing wrong. But nothing else. Net results: Zero.

Afghanistan: His regime continues butchering large numbers of Afghans and making life unpleasant for most of the rest. This comes after his lying, as Obama did, about ending this very profitable war. Net result: Zero.

Russia: His gratuitous sanctions have coerced Moscow into doing nothing that Trump wants. Instead Trump has pushed Putin, a grown-up, to take Russia out of dollar holdings, trade in local currencies, seek an alternative to SWIFT, and ally with China for protection against Washington. Net result: Strongly negative.

Turkey: Trump’s threats against Ankara for buying the S-400 have failed, with deliveries due to begin this month. Washington presumably thought Trump’s promise of withholding the F-35, an overpriced dog of an aircraft, would frighten Erdogan into submission. It didn’t. Instead, Erdogan has said that if he doesn’t get America’s flying Pentagon subsidy, he may buy the Russian Su-57, in effect taking Turkey out of NATO. Net result: Below zero,.

And actually funny. (Funny because if he doesn’t follow through and deny Ankara the F-35, he will lose face and, if he does withhold the airplane, he will lose Turkey. Brilliant.)

Syria: Trump has managed to kill a great many people and ruin the lives of others for generations while failing to accomplish anything else. Net result: Zero.

Europe: The Continent (actually a peninsula of Asia) has ignored Trump’s bombastic orders to spend more on the military, meaning buy more of America’s expensive weapons, have met with disobedience. with Germany actually lowering its spending. Net results: Zero.

Trump’s further order, that Europe scrap Nordstream Two, thus making Europe dependent on America for energy, has met with disobedience. The pipeline has not been finished, and Europe may yet engage in its traditional boot-licking, but it appears that we will have the pipeline. Probable net result: Zero.

China: Unclear. China shows no signs of submitting and letting Washington run its economy, which is what is desired. It may buy American soybeans. Beijing continues to fortify the South China Sea, despite the US Navy’s frequent GBW missions (Grr. Bow-wow. Woof.) The Belt and Road Initiative grows apace. Net results: Probably far under zero.

Huawei: The company says that it now has fifty-one orders outside of China. Europe is getting on board. Huawei is currently installing 5G in fifteen Spanish cities–presumably Spain because it is not in NATO and thus less subject to American orders. This means that in a few months Spain will have a greatly more advanced telecommunications system than the United States. Go, Donald!

Since Trump has prohibited the use of Huawei equipment in the US, which has no competing 5G, he appears on course to lock America out of the emerging 5G world. Net result: Probably well under zero.

Immigration: In his presidential campaign, Trump promised to deport all illegals within two years. He has not. He would build The Wall. He has not, beyond bits and pieces. He would punish sanctuary cities. He has not. He has succeeded in getting Mexico to slow the transit of Central Americans to the US. Net result: Close to zero.

Jobs: He was going to bring them back to America. He has not. General Motors recently announced the transfer of more jobs to Mexico. Net result: Zero.

And he has pulled America out of the Paris climate-change treaty; the Transpacific Partnership (allowing China to fill the resultant influence vacuum); the Iranian nuclear treaty (entirely for the benefit of Israel, which seems to be his chief concern); UNESCO (because it criticized Israel); the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty, (likely to start another arms race very profitable to military industry but a serious loss for everyone else); NAFTA; UN Human Rights Council, and the UN Relief and Works Agency.

On a less concrete level, he has succeeded in turning the world away from the United States. For example, he treats European countries openly as imperial domains. They are imperial domains, of course, but in the past it has been thought wiser not to make this obvious. He peremptorily tells Europe ban Huawei, block Nordstream, don’t trade with Iran, roll over, bark, beg. He seeks to cripple the economies of China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba,and any other country that doesn’t do as he likes.

The world does not change overnight, but it is backing fairly hard away from America. Fewer countries and fewer obey Washington robotically. Even Europeans, frightened little things that they are, seek ways of trading with Iran.

China looks to make itself independent of American tech products, meaning that American firms will be locked out of the Chinese markets. If Trump pushes 1.4 billion increasingly prosperous people to find substitutes for American products, or to manufacture them for themselves, those markets will not come back when Trump leaves.

When the aging tough guy in the local saloon says, “I can whip any man in this bar,” it may be that he still can–barely, since the young bad-asses get bigger while the old fellow gets slower. But when the aging champ says, “I can whip every man in this bar all at once,” it will likely be hair, teeth, and eyeballs on the barroom floor.

Write Fred at [email protected]. Put the letters “pdq” anywhere in the subject line to avoid autodeletion as spam.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, China, Donald Trump 
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  1. Trump Derangement Syndrome. Let’s take just one of these:

    Syria: Trump has managed to kill a great many people and ruin the lives of others for generations while failing to accomplish anything else.

    This is a lie. In fact, Trump is one of few sane voices in Washington preventing the wholesale slaughter of Syrians.

  2. Rurik says:

    And actually funny. (Funny because if he doesn’t follow through and deny Ankara the F-35, he will lose face and, if he does withhold the airplane, he will lose Turkey. Brilliant.)

    Ironically, this would be brilliant.

    The sooner NATO disintegrates, the better for humanity.

    Just as much of your list describes, the more Europe and Russia and China and Latin America repudiate the ZUSA, the better it is for the world’s people, and especially the American people.

    The ZUSA needs to be marginalized on the world’s stage, as an arrogant and unaccountable rogue state. The sooner the rest of the world, hates the ZUS government as much as I do, the better things will get.

    When the entire UN boos unanimously whenever an Israeli / ZUS politician gets to the lectern, and gets treated the way Chavez treated Dubya, (in that beautiful and historic moment) the better things will get for the world.

    Putin, a grown-up, to take Russia out of dollar holdings, trade in local currencies, seek an alternative to SWIFT, and ally with China for protection against Washington. Net result: Strongly negative.

    Strongly negative for the ZUS and it’s ((federal reserve note)), strongly positive for the beleaguered people of this planet, (including those of us stuck in the ZUS of A)

    • Agree: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @animalogic
  3. MEH 0910 says:

    Immigration: In his presidential campaign, Trump promised to deport all illegals within two years. He has not. He would build The Wall. He has not, beyond bits and pieces. He would punish sanctuary cities. He has not. He has succeeded in getting Mexico to slow the transit of Central Americans to the US. Net result: Close to zero.

    Less Than Zero

    • Replies: @willem1
  4. Anonymous [AKA "fgm"] says:

    presumably Spain because it is not in NATO and thus less subject to American orders.

    Unfortunately Spain has been a NATO member since May, 1982!

  5. If the Orange Buffoon had stuck to America First and used all his once-considerable energies to build the Wall and reverse immigration/invasion, the rest could’ve been easily forgiven.

    If he loses next year (a distinct possibility) he’ll blame the gop (partly true) and voter fraud, the latter which he gave up investigating almost immediately.

    • Agree: Ace
  6. Anonymous [AKA "Fakeologist"] says: • Website
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    Good comment.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @HammerJack
  7. AceDeuce says:

    Have another enchilada, then take another nap.

  8. Brendan says:

    Trump is responsible for Cubans suffering? Holy shit.

  9. Anonymous [AKA "grampster"] says:

    Fred seems to be getting crabbier. Maybe a lot of PFAS in the water.

  10. Anonymous [AKA "ksw"] says:

    How do I unsubscribe from emails from fredoneverything?

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  11. Haole2 says:

    So, Fred is going to vote for Kamala Harris??? Doubt it.

    • Replies: @Truth
  12. @Sick of Orcs

    If the Orange Buffoon had stuck to America First and used all his once-considerable energies to build the Wall and reverse immigration/invasion, the rest could’ve been easily forgiven.

    I’m afraid that was never going to be the case. Trump is deeply embedded in ZOG just as much as any other politician. No matter who won in 2016, we were going to end up with a President whose son-in-law is a member of the Tribe. The tone and rhetoric might have been different, but immigration will never be resolved so long as the USA as we know it exists. It’s owned by the Jews. They’re the ones who rewrote our immigration policy in 1965. It is this way because they will it, same as they’re willing it in Europe and South Africa and Oceania and everywhere else whites dwell.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  13. Biff says:

    A bit of over conflating Trump with Washington’s business as usual modus. But otherwise, good work.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  14. @Kloss Tummybag

    I believed Trump was sincerely America First. He was unbeatable as long as he trusted his gut.

    You can see the change in his demeanor starting mid-2017.

    Two takeaways:

    We were never going to vote our way out of this, even if Trump had stayed true. He bought us some time, just not enough.

    The Tribe CAN be defeated, subdued and put in its proper place, which is NOT in charge.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  15. anonymous[350] • Disclaimer says:

    Fred: only interesting when singular. As herdbeast, not remotely interesting or even readable. I want the 39 seconds I wasted on first three grafs BACK, dammit.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  16. I guess Fred overshilled for the Mexicans last column so he had to make up for it by boosting extra hard for the Chinks and their technology theft. I look forward to the next piece about how Israel dindu nuffin and Zionism is really a plot by anti-semitic Evangelical Christians or something.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @Montana Guy
  17. A counter contrarian view–

    Trump’s effect on revealing the deep state and much of its nefarious activities. What is not to love about this? People, please criticize for heaven’s sake if you love the deep state or say it is make believe like Hussein Obama or Jackie-O’s Camelot. Net Result: knocked it way the f*ck out of the park, America is not going back.

    • Replies: @Sbaker
  18. @Anonymous

    Syria was a situation created in Obama’s time. Trump inherited it.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Isabella
  19. @Johnny K. Arate


    A man who rightly recognizes that China is continuing to build the South Sea Wall as a sign of aggression-with underlining shopkeeper mentality because he who controls that sea has the trade-is not really shilling for China.

    He’s been to China and noted that they do not have the issues the US has like thousands of homeless or street crime, but this is merely an observation. Facts can be bad or good or neither, but are in themselves intrinsically amoral. Facts simply exist.

    Fred never lived in the Southwest on a budget, so he has not experienced anything but sexual rhapsody on shoestring thanks to his social security check. He would feel differently if Brown Pride or MS-13 or some other barrio gang set upon him on the streets of Phoenix because they were bored. He’d feel differently if his kids had to attend a public school in Phoenix or Los Angeles.

    • Replies: @Johnny K. Arate
  20. You know in many ways Trump is yet stumbling towards achieving some of his campaign promises. He is removing the USA from world affairs by default. He is actually hastening the end of the Empire by his actions and words. He’s wrecking NATO. Improving alliances between China and Russia and forcing the US dollar into the toilet. He’s on course to help “Israel” in their overreach which is what will end their game once and for all as well. His failures almost seem designed to do what he promised 2 years ago.

    The immigration thing may also yet have a similar blowback. In fact he’s being more lenient than Obama for all the screeching yet he’s also forcing the issue to become bigger and increasinly on everyone’s radar. This isn’t over yet.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  21. ‘…Huawei is currently installing 5G in fifteen Spanish cities–presumably Spain because it is not in NATO…’

    Spain is a NATO member.

  22. Yeah — but ya gotta consider the alternative.

  23. Hi again Fred,

    It seems almost impossible that each and every article you produce turns out to be the best of the day, week, month or year.

    The reason being, quite simply, is that you are constantly pointing out to your former fellow country women and country men just how stupid some of them really are. In fact, so stupid that most of them are responsible for putting yet another real turkey in the White House. Unless he quits in frustration or for medical reasons, is assassinated or impeached in the interim, these same folks will do so again in 2020.

    Keep well and keep the cards and letters coming.


  24. @Anonymous

    presumably Spain because it is not in NATO and thus less subject to American orders.

    Unfortunately Spain has been a NATO member since May, 1982!

    Fred runs on, so forgive him. He knows not (much of anything) of what he speaks. But the general tenor is on-key. I’m not getting what I wanted from Trump. Fred forgot the number one reason many voted for Trump: Get Hillary. They’re nibbling around the edges, but two and a half years in, we know what the SOBs pulled, but no one has heard the prison doors slam behind them except Trump’s crooked fellows, lawyers and such. It has the feel of a Justice Department still run by Hillary. Epstein, a massive donor to Democrats candidates and interests (especially the sexual) is being successfully hung around the Donald’s neck and Republicans in the House and Senate aren’t answering back. The corruptions are breathtaking. That nothing will be done, far less so. Seems like the deeper the evil of the ruling and wealthy classes, the less is done. We are a Corruptocracy of the lowest order.

    The best that can be said of Trump is that, well, he’s not Hillary. If that’s all there is in the tank, it’s still winning, I’ll take it. But it’s turning into disappointment in fairly short order. Worse, with every misadventure I find myself saying, “WTF are they thinking?”, and in several situations, from Iran and the Norks to Russia and Europe’s lousy gas pipeline that we begrudge, I find myself rooting for our Kleptocrats to lose. They don’t represent us anymore, if they ever did. They are, in short, gangsters. And Trump ain’t making any hay. If he did, they’d probably shoot him in the face.

    • Replies: @Montana Guy
  25. @Rurik

    Great comment. The ZUSA is indeed the principal danger the earth faces.
    And, incidentally, assuming Russia would sell them, Turkey WOULD be better off with the SU 57. China also has some great aircraft here or in the near future.

  26. @The Anti-Gnostic

    My thoughts also. I was appalled when Trump bombed Syria in2017, but it seems he fired off a bunch of missiles where they wouldn’t kill people.

  27. Bill H says: • Website

    “Since Trump has prohibited the use of Huawei equipment in the US, which has no competing 5G…”

    Then why does Verizon advertise 5G service in multiple cities? I think we all know the answer to that question.

  28. @jeff stryker

    Trump inherited it and hasn’t done a damned thing to stop it. He owns it.

  29. @Sick of Orcs

    Do we really want to be walled in with a tyrant like the Orange Buffoon?

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  30. Ragno says:

    For a minute there, I was worried: Fred’s now-regular Puto Trump column was running late. Maybe Violeta was out of town visiting family.

    In any event, here is the second in a series of Fred Before the Pod People Took Him; published only a scant three years ago at the dawn of Rule By Antifa, back when Mr Reed seemed to intuit that the forces massing against Trump were a hundred times worse than Trump’s rhetorical excesses and bumbling compromises could ever possibly be: “enjoy”, I guess.


    Whither the Shards of America? — It’s Us, or Them

    by FRED REED

    Enough. This can’t last. If people want to demonstrate against anything at all, fine. If they detest any politician at all, fine. If they are vulgar subliterate rabble, let them be vulgar subliterate rabble where I am not. But when they run wild over and over and shut down politics, they need to be stopped, right now, with nightsticks and dogs and long jail sentences.

    A country that allows a feral underclass to run unchecked, to attack and beat anyone it doesn’t like, to loot and burn and disrupt political rallies, to block highways and intimidate the citizenry, will not last. It is time to put an end to it. If we still can.

    Look at them. They are the muck at the bottom of the national drains, stupid, half-educated at best, without regard for notions of law or democracy. Many couldn’t spell democracy. They need to be stopped, hard.

    They do it because they can. They know there won’t be consequences because governments are afraid of them. They sense it and do as they please. They will do so increasingly. They are in charge, and they know it.

    These things are no longer incidents in the cute “culture wars,” half amusing and half-exasperating. We see something more like Weimar Germany, with organized mobs making targets of politicians and breaking up rallies. It is a deliberate, conscious assault on what America is supposed to be and to a reasonable approximation, was.

    Somebody needs to take command to end this nonsense before it becomes irremediable. But is it possible? There is no nice way to do it. The scum will ignore niceness. The police would have to beat the living dog-snot out of rioters, charge them with assault, and put them in slam for the maximum. Controlling them would require martial law in cities in insurrection and the shooting of arsonists and looters. Universities would have to expel without recourse of misbehaving college children. These would take stomach, which we do not have.

    It is probably too late.

    Yes, there is a culture war. Behind the rabble, and supporting them, are the media, New York and Washington and Hollywood, the open-borders crowd, the racial lobbies and etiolated epicenes of academia, Obama and Hillary and the Neocons and Wall Street.

    Cracking down appears to be beyond the powers of government. If we have Hillary, she will do nothing. It is not clear that Trump could change much, though he would try.

    The conflict is between freedom and social totalitarianism. Somebody has to win. There is neither a desire for compromise nor room for it. No happy mean exists between affirmative action and advancement by merit. The ghetto cannot cohabit amicably with the library.

    Reads like a dispatch from another century now, doesn’t it? But I suppose if you guzzle enough cerveza out of a metal pail, waving a giant Beijing #1 foam finger while tossing darts at a Trump poster with your free hand eventually comes to represent the logical conclusion to a career in journalism.

  31. @Johnny K. Arate

    I guess you missed Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s column yesterday, ‘At Its Core, Christian Zionism Is Anti-Semitic’. Don’t take just his word for it. Listen to Jewish Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb a Jewish Rabbi say that instead of supporting the Jewish people, Christian Zionists actually practice anti-Semitism.

    Surely you realize there is no connection between Zionism and Judaism, so anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, which is just another code word.

    • Replies: @Johnny K. Arate
  32. @Jim Christian

    Think free. Think outside of 2 boxes, both controlled by the same elites.

    Yea I know. You vote and think you are free. But like Bill Buppert stated, ‘Secession is the only vote that ever mattered in history’.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  33. @RoatanBill

    Trump inherited it and hasn’t done a damned thing to stop it. He owns it.

    Exactly RoatanBill! The global elites have their perfect scapegoat in place for when they initiate their ‘global economic reset’ (their words not mine).

  34. Rurik says:

    He is actually hastening the end of the Empire by his actions and words. He’s wrecking NATO. Improving alliances between China and Russia and forcing the US dollar into the toilet. He’s on course to help “Israel” in their overreach which is what will end their game once and for all as well. His failures almost seem designed to do what he promised 2 years ago.

    The immigration thing may also yet have a similar blowback.
    In fact he’s being more lenient than Obama for all the screeching yet he’s also forcing the issue to become bigger and increasinly on everyone’s radar. This isn’t over yet.


    who knows if it’s by design or not, the results will be the same.

    By allowing the immigrants to simply flood in, he’s giving the liberal-progressives exactly what they all want, until they choke on it.

    Sort of like allowing the shitlibs in San Francisco free rein to implement their utopia, until the ubiquitous stench of urine fills their lungs with every breath.

    The only way out of this is though the collapse of the dollar.

    Drudge Headline:


    The federal government spent a record $3,355,970,000,000 in the first nine months of fiscal 2019

    • Agree: Rabbitnexus
  35. @Montana Guy

    You may be right there. Republicans could have done something when they had the White House and both houses of Congress, on this and many other issues.

    Namely, something to make secession unnecessary and less attractive by dramatically devolving power from DC — and from the governments of existing leviathan States — to more politically and morally like-minded, socially cohesive, culturally compatible groups of people.

    New States, freed from rule by Sacramento (really electoral domination and welfare exploitation by the 14 million residents of LA and Orange Counties), in East California and North California.

    A new State, freed from rule by Olympia (really Seattle), in East Washington.
    A new State, freed from rule by Salem (really Portland), in East Oregon.
    A new State, freed from rule by Albany (really NYC), in western NY.
    Several new States in Texas, as specifically contemplated by its Constitution

    A serious problem that we have now, especially in geographically larger States, is the lack of other States as options for living or shopping/dining nearby. CA can raise the sales tax all it wants, because most people live far, far from the nearest state with no sales tax (Oregon) and have no choice. Especially now that amazon and other major online companies are collecting sales tax rigorously.

    Same is true of any excise tax (gasoline, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana). People need a way to buy goods and services in another State without spending too much time and money getting to that other State. Can’t do that in coastal CA. Can’t readily do that in much of New York.

    More and smaller states can mean more competition for more-reasonable tax rates.

    More and smaller states would also enable more people to commute to leftist authoritarian places like LA without living in CA and being, for example, largely disarmed.

    You can’t commute to Nevada to gain whatever greater liberties or efficiencies are available there compared to CA — such as being allowed to protect yourself or your family with a firearm, not subjecting your children to quite as an extreme indoctrination in politics and perversion in government schools, having homo marriage or not homo marriage, whatever one’s values and policy priorities are — but you might do the much shorter commute to east California.

    People living in massive states and/or far from other States have even less leverage against state government than others.

    We ought to work towards devolution and increased local autonomy, decreased federal authority over most things, as an alternative to secession. But tyrants and bullies usually aren’t real receptive to the “bend so you don’t break” approach, are they? They will keep forcing us all to live and even think alike, 350 million people increasingly with different languages and beliefs and expectations, and people of all backgrounds will resent it.

    Our family doesn’t want to break up the USA or move abroad, but we’d seriously consider a move to “East California” if its laws were somewhat less intrusive, its curriculum less extreme, or its taxes less onerous.

    Failing this extremely unlikely scenario, the USA will come to resemble California demographically, culturally, politically, and economically, and moving abroad will seem like a better option to some of us. Never thought I’d say that.

  36. @The Anti-Gnostic

    Om the contrary, it’s not a lie. If it was not for orange clown’s continuing occupation of Syria and continuing support for terrorists there, the fighting – which is still killing Syrians – would be over with by now.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  37. Trump is a Reality TV star who knows how to play to his audience that gave him a plurality in 30 states and the College.

    Trump tweeted nukes at the DPRK, Moon got nervous, put together a meeting, and Trump proclaimed complete victory, and the Trumpeters bought it.

    Now Trump is trying the same thing with the Ayatollahs, but no luck. Trump has tweeted nukes then offered a meeting, but, since they know they won’t get anything but Trump proclaiming victory to the Trumpeters, they refuse to even give Trump that much.

    The big thing in Trump’s favour is no new shooting war, something we haven’t seen with any other president beginning with Reagan, something for which I’m willing to cut Trump some slack.

    But if Trump starts a shooting war with Iran, he’ll lose the election and a lot more.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  38. @Harold Smith

    Trump, under pressure from the entire political, media and think tank establishments, has a token force in the desert and some bombings of empty buildings, broadcast loudly well beforehand. The fighting in Syria is essentially over. Russia and Syria are just trying to figure out what to do with the rounded-up fighters (mostly foreign) that everybody else is calling “refugees.”

    He has defused the Korean peninsula. He took the US out of onerous, hyper-legal, and economically insane treaties–and suddenly Fred’s all multilateral on us.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
    , @Pericles
  39. Rich says:

    Usually, the best we can hope for is that pols get nothing done because they always make everything worse. But I think we can give Trump points for cutting hundreds, if not thousands, of government regulations, cutting taxes for low tax states and not being a tax raising, reparations paying health care ruining democrat. Better than nothing, probably the best we can get.

  40. bluedog says:

    The choice was yours to read his his article or not so don’t bitch when it didn’t please you.!!!

  41. bluedog says:

    Be quite my friend don’t tell the meatheads that, for he also owns N.K. Iran Venezuela and a host of others for regime change.!!

  42. @The Anti-Gnostic

    “Trump, under pressure from the entire political, media and think tank establishments, has a token force in the desert and some bombings of empty buildings, broadcast loudly well beforehand. ”

    Nonsense. Upon being inaugurated, Trump immediately betrayed his supporters and reversed himself – his campaign rhetoric that is – and escalated in Syria, increasing the illegal, immoral and unconstitutional U.S. military deployment there.

    Trump’s murdered lots of innocent people in Syria, and he continues to do so. Trump continues to support terrorists there, and Trump is apparently trying to recruit other countries’ military forces to replace any U.S. forces withdrawn from Syria.

    The U.S. has made and continues to make life miserable for Syrians.

    Here’s a link where you can see a list of ongoing killings by the “U.S. led coalition” in Syria by date:

    And what about this atrocity:

    Clearly, Fred Reed is correct in his description and you’re the liar.

    • Replies: @WJ
  43. @The Anti-Gnostic

    The problem with Fred including this, is that The Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act was passed by Congress in December 2003. If anyone thinks CIA spooks and Special/Black Ops forces haven’t been in Syria, stirring the pot, since that time, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

  44. @Montana Guy

    Tyrants, at least, get sh*t done, even if they’re wrong.

    The Orange Buffoon tweets tough then does nothing while his enemies call the shots.

    The exception is when Mother Israel wants something. Even then the OB still doesn’t have to think, just defer to president kushner following orders from a Rabbinical walkie-talkie.

    • Replies: @Rich
  45. WJ says:

    It’s all about Mexico to this old man. Trump said mean things about Mexicans and suddenly Trump has somehow been responsible for the Syrian bloodbath. Of course, the obvious fact is that Trump refrained from escalating the blood bath. His opponent vowed to institute a No Fly Zone over Syria to assist the homicidal jihadis. Trump said mean things about Mexicans and now all of the sudden the Paris Accords were a good thing and backing out of them was wrong. It’s all about Mexico to this one trick pony writer.

    • Agree: Sbaker
    • Replies: @Sbaker
  46. WJ says:
    @Harold Smith

    HRC aka The old skaynk vowed to institute a No Fly Zone over Syria in her first one hundred days. She was the chief architect of the Libyan slaughter. Trump’s actions in Syria were harmless cruise missile strikes that accomplished nothing and he has left the troops deployed by Obama.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  47. Rich says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    When you write something ridiculous like “orange buffoon” you immediately lose all credibility. But keep it up, it helps my side.

  48. bluedog says:

    You do mean the swamp side don’t you for after all the orange clown is one of those swamp creatures, and has yet to keep any of those lol campaign promises of making America great again as he piles debt upon debt,but keep dreaming for as the motto goes “a dollar and a dream will make you rich”. and look at the bright side next year you can compound your mistake and do it all over again.!!!!

    • Replies: @Biff
  49. @WJ

    You’re full of shit. Go away, liar.

  50. buckwheat says:

    Keep this shit up Fred and you’ll go the way of Andrew Napolitano. I don’t read your column to listen to this bullshit and next you’ll probably next tell us how great Hildabeast Clinton would have been for this country. Mexican poon has addled your brain, time for humor or shut the fuck up.

  51. @Rich

    “When you write something ridiculous like “orange buffoon” you immediately lose all credibility.”

    I agree; “orange buffoon” is far too complimentary.

    I prefer something more reasonable, e.g., “the psychotic-psychopathic-demon-possessed-devil-worshiping-hard-core-militant-PNAC-zionist-extremist-ideologue-and-consummate-warmongering-nuclear-armed-jihadi-suicide-bomber-presently-holed-up-in-the-white house,” or something like that.

    • Replies: @Rich
  52. @RoatanBill


    Syria is an internal beef. They do not threaten the US. Syria is not even a proxy war, though Russian and Turkish are sort of on the fringes of it.

    What would you have Trump do? His first campaign promise was to stop wasting American money and lives in foreign toilet bowl countries in ME. He’s done that, albeit with some half-assed threats leveled at Iran.

    Trump is no good at foreign policy and we cannot expect him to be. He was largely elected to deal with US internal issues. Chiefly illegal immigration. He’s attempted that. Considering the fight Congress and the Democrats have put up it is a miracle he made in progress on this at all.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Rabbitnexus
  53. buckwheat says:

    On second thought your stuff has been bullshit for the last year or so and my wasting my time reading your drivel has reached its end. You were a great writer once, now you are just a tedious asshole who isn’t worth the time it takes to read this shit.

  54. @jeff stryker

    Syria is absolutely NOT an internal issue and it IS absolutely a proxy war. Where do you get your info from?

    The US has supplied arms for the crazies fighting Assad’s gov’t. I call that having a proxy. The US has US soldiers in the country illegally under international law. Within the first 5 minutes after inauguration Trump could have issued orders to leave the Middle East starting right now. He didn’t. He sent missiles into Syria using a bogus pretext. He has allowed the fat slob and the mustache to run foreign policy while he tweets.

    The Afghan war is now 18 years old. Afghanistan did absolutely nothing to the US and the US invaded. Trump could have stopped that too. He didn’t.

    Guantanamo is still open. Hillary is still walking around. I could go on about how much of an abject failure Trump is, but that would be a small pamphlet.

    Trump is owned by Israel. Not only is he no good at foreign policy, he is completely missing in action as concerns the ME.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  55. Rich says:
    @Harold Smith

    Are you Jaques or Jeremiah? How many identities do you have on this site?

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  56. @jeff stryker

    He’s been to China and noted that they do not have the issues the US has like thousands of homeless or street crime,

    Well that’s easy when you kill off all the hobos to harvest their organs. China also has an Orwellian state surveillance system, poisonous drinking water, an unfortunate tenancy to bulldoze churches that don’t hang up pictures of Mao next to Jesus, a stagnating birth rate, and an inability to create without stealing from Western companies. Fred saw what his tour guide wanted him to see. He’s just an impressionable old faggot who was easily impressed by some shiny choo-choo trains.

    • Replies: @Q. Shtik
  57. @Rich

    If by “your side” you mean Israel, neocon warmongers, welfare parasites and infinite invading armies of 3rd worlders, the Orange Fugazi is indeed the best pal you’ve ever had.

    • Replies: @Rich
  58. Rich says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    I mean those of us against higher taxes, reparations, crazy government regulations and spineless leftists who bow down in front of every special interest group, except real Americans.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  59. Biff says:

    Pay no attention to the kid with the crayons.

    • LOL: bluedog
  60. @Montana Guy

    ‘At Its Core, Christian Zionism Is Anti-Semitic’.

    So was the Nazi Party, but that didn’t stop the Jews from collaborating with Hitler before the war.

    Or how about the fact that Zionism was unheard of in the Christian world until the 20th century and especially after 1945 when the Jews made Holocaust guilt into a cottage industry to dupe the goyim into feeling bad enough to make a special place in Palestine for the Jews.

    Don’t take just his word for it. Listen to Jewish Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb a Jewish Rabbi say that instead of supporting the Jewish people, Christian Zionists actually practice anti-Semitism.

    Given how two-faced the Jews are on this matter, the words of another rabbi mean absolutely nothing to me, especially when the chief Rabbi of Israel says that the goyim only exist to serve the Jews.

    Surely you realize there is no connection between Zionism and Judaism

    Tell that to Moses Hess, Theodor Herzl, the Rothchild family and AIPAC. I’m sick of all these Christ-Killing sheenies trying to pass the blame for the mess they made, and their dumb goyim apologists like Fred Reed who let them get way with it.

  61. @Rich

    Well unlike you, chump, I at least have my own identity and my own opinions.

  62. @jeff stryker

    Trump has NOT attempted to alleviate the illegal immigration situation even if he has promised to and may indeed be committed to doing so.

    Fewer deportations in his time than during Obama’s. Fewer being turned away at the border. Interestingly things have worsened under his ‘rule’ compared to previously whilst the media and Demoncraps have persisted in claiming the opposite. Either he is allowing them to have what they claim and basically force feeding the cretins till they choke, or he is a total sack of lying shit.

    I’d say the latter just on historical precedent. My assumption is that the two wings of the phony US political spectrum are just placebos and in fact the USA has ceased to be a nation with a democracy in the normal meaning of such things. Whatever the elites have decided will be your future, will be your future and any appearance there is a choice is just a placebo. Since you’re force fed shit, you’ll never know the differnce anyway.

    Yanks even burp shit smells.

  63. @Rich

    Seriously? Orange buffoon is as good as Trump can expect at this point from people who supported him at the election. Anyone who doesnt recognise this by now, is also a dunce.

    This descriptor has legitimacy since it is instantly recognisable as to whom it refers. Your attempt to muddy the waters not withstanding. Since your reaction to this term is the extent of your comment, why should anyone see you as anything except a useless little troll to be honest? You have literally got nothing to say after several comments of yours I have read. You have NOTHING to say except to be rude and insulting to those who insult your orange god. Why do you think you should be anything except a joke to people?

  64. So, we need to take down the “Mission Accomplished” banners?

  65. Mefobills says:

    How do I unsubscribe from emails from fredoneverything?

    How is he wrong?

    If somebody is wrong part of the time, doesn’t mean they are wrong all of the time.

    The good thing is the Trump is accelerating dissolution of the empire, so he is doing good by doing bad.

  66. @Sick of Orcs

    Agree with your remarks, except the last one which provokes the question How?

  67. @RoatanBill

    Trump is owned by Israel.

    Correction: Trump is owned by the same people who own Israel. They also own the USA by the way and frankly, as awful as he is, Trump is probably as good as it gets in such a place. He has essentially the entire society opposed to his every breath. Media, corporations, institutions, everything. It’s a miracle every day that he survives.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  68. Q. Shtik says:
    @Johnny K. Arate

    It’s tendency not tenancy. Always re-read what you have written before submitting…or maybe you did.

    • Replies: @Johnny K. Arate
  69. @Q. Shtik

    Are you a woman? Because passive-aggressively taking swipes at typos instead of making an argument is what women tend to do.

    • Replies: @Q. Shtik
  70. @HammerJack

    You drilled a bit deeper and I have to agree with you. The fact that he is owned, regardless of by whom, is the problem. I’ll also agree with you that the stupid system known as the Fed Gov is the root problem.

    The US is too big to be ‘led’ by one idiot, one swamp of Congress critters and a handful of ideologs that make up stuff as they go along. The Fed Gov is a giant liability for the people of the 50 states and those states should rescind the charter that created the Fed Gov.

    50 new countries with 50 different opinions on how things should be. In short order, failures would show up the ridiculous policies that survive today due to transfer payments from the Fed Gov. With 50 new presidents, etc to bribe, it will be more work for the powers that shouldn’t be to function.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  71. njguy73 says:

    To everyone who thought Trump was going to do what he said he was going to do:

  72. willem1 says:
    @MEH 0910

    And let us not forget—he couldn’t get the wall built even with Mexico paying for it! (Oops……)

  73. Anonymous[226] • Disclaimer says:

    Fred I have been following you for some time and mostly you make great observations and good sense. But sometimes you are a stupid bore and a dolt. Please try to do better.

    Get well soon!


    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  74. @Anonymous

    History is really about Fight and Dong than Right and Wrong.

  75. @RoatanBill

    Agreed. Though I don’t think 50 countries would be practical, we’d surely have a much better chance at freedom if the U.S. were broken up into several.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  76. @HammerJack

    The governors would become interim presidents. I can’t imagine any governor/president voluntarily giving up his position to merge his state with another one. Therefore, I see 50 new countries for quite some time if the Fed Gov were to disappear.

    I can dream can’t I.

  77. @Rich

    We agree on all that. But the Orange One now wants “record numbers legal” immigrants taking American tech jobs.

    Every alien we stupidly take in–legal and illegal–means odds of reparations and higher taxes to pay for them increase.

  78. KenH says:

    Fredrico forgot to add tech censorship of Trump’s supporters and mostly right of center people and the unwillingness of Trump to do anything about it. Trump has been a big disappointment in many ways but if he extolled the virtues of Mexico (if there are any) and the messican people inside the U.S. then Fred would be madly in love and making all kinds of excuses for Trump.

    If you love messicans than Fredrico loves you. If you don’t want to import half the nation of Mexico and interbreed with the 85-90 IQ squat brown masses that Mexico doesn’t want then you are a white nationalist (used in the pejorative sense) and on the wrong side of history.

  79. Truth says:

    Kim Jong Un, who has more balls than a pool table, faced down Trump and his bluster about fire and fury. Trump’s repeated trips to see this micro-dictaor have given Kim importance in the world that he otherwise would not have.

    Oh, is that what happened?

    It’s getting hard to tell…

    Oh, and by the way, Frijole Fred; the purpose of 5G technology is to kill 95% of the earth’s population.

    So I say, Pepe, go ahead and be first!

  80. Truth says:

    Nah, probably Beto O’Ramirez.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  81. @Truth


    No matter what anyone says about Obama, at least he brought a grave presence to his role. He was a serious man with serious business.

    Democratic candidates like O’Rourke and Yang seem like aging hipsters who’d rather be passing a joint and flipping their skateboard in the park.

    • Replies: @PaulX
  82. PaulX says:

    It’s amazing that people can look at the same set of facts, and come to such radically different conclusions.

    I’m sitting on the fence. Is Trump bought and paid for, or doing the best he can in the swamp? Is he a doofus stumbling from one crisis to the next, or playing 3-D chess? I have no idea any more. However, it’s all a lot more entertaining than Hillary would have been; that I’m sure of. There is no way Trump loses next election, unless the economy crashes; in that case it won’t matter who is president because we will all be at war along with scrounging for our next meal.

  83. PaulX says:
    @jeff stryker

    Who needs a grave presence in the Presidency? Hell, Stalin brought that to his position. I prefer someone with a fine sense of the absurd.

  84. @Anonymous

    Fred drops these errors into his text, to see how smart you, dear reader, really are.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  85. Me says:

    Orange is still better than red Hillary.

  86. Is not Fred’s wife a Chinese communist? I read Fred’s recent adventure to communist china and his glowing attributes to all things china and subsequent revile of all things America. I do not thing Fred is who we think he is.

    • Replies: @Jay Igaboo
  87. “If Trump pushes 1.4 billion increasingly prosperous people to find substitutes for American products, or to manufacture them for themselves, those markets will not come back when Trump leaves.”


    Thankya Jesus!

    Once Trump leaves ALL those Chinese are gonna buy ALL our stuff…

    …like they have been for the last 25 years?

  88. Fred should get acquainted with Cuban reality. He is either an idiot or follows a hidden agenda. Blaming the Cuban problems on the US (either Trump, the blockade or whatever) is an argument for mentally deficient people. In 1492 there was no commerce between Cuba and North America, or Europe, but there was plenty of food in the island. Any private enterprise in Cuba is heavily regulated or forbidden and illegal. Any donations made to the “Cuban people” are confiscated by the government and sold at high prices to the population. There was a time when not working was illegal, don’t know now. Thus you were (are?) forced to spend the day somewhere, submitted to the control of others. In order to be given the right (a coupon, a paper stating so) to buy a bicycle, refrigerator, etc, you had to have proved that you were reliable, by having snitched on others, participated in many endless discussions studying the wise speeches of F. Castro, and so on. Farmers have always been especially ridiculed (sounds familiar, Hollywood?) and prosecuted: people can not be allowed to be independent from the authorities to be self sufficient. And one of the best tools for control of the population in the communist countries is scarcity of food, goods, resources, etc. It is by design. The system is designed for population control. When the population is most of the time occupied in basic survival, worst instincts surface, and there is no opportunity for thoughts outside the allowed frame. People from small towns that are surrounded by occasional country people, when returning to town in public transportation (the only available to 99.9% of Cubans) are subjected to search, and even a pound or rice that they may have been able to buy (about 453 grams) is impounded by the authorities. The “famous Cuban doctors” are just slave force working in other countries. In short: You are “selected” to go in one of these groups if you have close relatives that stay behind and can be used to stop you from escaping. In the given place you are paid in the local money a basic fraction of your salary. The rest is paid directly to the Cuban government. The Cuban climate is such that a seed that casually drops on the ground will bear fruit. But there is no food. Most people live in cities, because in cities you are given the right perhaps to buy three eggs instead of one in the week. The country side has been devastated, farms were confiscated since the early sixties, thus the chances of being self sufficient are small. If you have a cow, you don’t own the cow. If it breaks a leg, you must inform the authorities, who then come, kill the cow and give you perhaps 10 pounds of meat (don’t know exactly), taking the rest with them. If you slaughter a cow for food you go to jail, because it belongs to the government. Already three or even four generations have been born in these conditions, all they know is how to survive by hiding and lying to the authorities. No surprise then that among the new Cuban arrivals to North America (USA and Canada) there are many inherently conditioned to be slaves, who would vote for many leftist proposals. Canada is deeply brainwashed, and they don’t know it. Justin Castro-Trudeau at the helm. If you pay attention you will notice how the above described Cuban reality resembles the outlined by the crazy left future reality. The question is: are we going to allow this to happen? The time is coming when the only solution will be very clear even to those that are still slumbering.

  89. Sbaker says:
    @Proudly Unaffiliated

    True enough. Trump has also revealed the deep connections between the deep state criminals and the old media empire controlled mostly by the Semites.

  90. @Former-Cuban

    You can’t have everything. At least they don’t have problems of obesity in Cuba and all this consumerist materialism. I don’t think anyone is starving there and people seem quite healthy and good looking. But if you think the American model should be imposed on them, I’m sure you’d find many supporters there. Still it could end up becoming another Haiti or Guatemala instead.

    • Replies: @Former-Cuban
  91. Sbaker says:

    Never underestimate the number of Muslims and leftists posting to this site. Trump has also turned the corner on the economy. If you pay attention to the futures market and the value of the dollar it becomes obvious he is doing some things right. Trump is also an outsider which the lawyer politicians hate.

  92. Sbaker says:

    Thank you sir for taking the time to post this message that outlines the reality. The leftists here will hate you and this site has its share.

  93. bluedog says:

    “Trump has turned the corner on the economy”,what economy is that, certainly not the economy for the working class as their wages stagnate and inflation eats away at what little they have left, as prices are going ever higher while we hear the stupid blather that the orange clown is the savior.The orange clown is part of the billionaire club, the so called deep state which has occupied the oval office ever since they murdered JFK, and their man will continue to occupy it no matter who’s elect to fill the empty space.!!

  94. @Commentator Mike

    You see, the oral history of Cuba is related in the folk lore as “antes de la revolución” and “después de la revolución”, or just replacing word “revolución” with word “castro”, either way goes. Thus, before castro Cubans would look at Haiti, Jamaica (and Guatemala) as backwards countries. Nobody would ever dream about going to live there. Back then the stupid insanity of the leftist ideologies was not so widespread, and people generally had more common sense. I refer here, for example, to the white women (Canadians are famous for that) that go to Jamaica for the only purpose of having sex with natives. Anyhow, the best proof that your argument is pure marxist idiotic nonsense is the fact that many Cubans now, “after castro” (purposely written with lower case where it fits), dream about going to live in Jamaica. About Haiti: In some of castro’s speeches, in order to establish Cuba’s success, he would compare the country with Haiti, the only country in America with which the island’s status could still be favorably compared. Have you ever seen hundreds of thousands of Americans (or Haitians) trying to escape to Cuba? Probably not. Look instead at the many times when the opposite took place. Look for example for the Mariel boatlift (warning, wikipedia entry is fixed, the number was much, much higher, but, what can you do, when the media and the information is controlled by the same leftist dark forces behind the bolshevik revolution?) The fact that those trying to escape the communist countries were shot and killed on the spot is very well known and documented. How can someone dare to escape the “worker’s paradise”? Once there was a dispute among some farmers from Galicia (Spain) and their government. F. castro invited them to Cuba and offered them free land (which he stole from and never offered to Cubans). They came, looked around, thanked that s.o.b and politely refused, going back to Spain.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  95. @Former-Cuban


    I’ve read that Fidel Castro’s parents were both from Galica and also Andy Garcia the actor’s family.

    This is a bit off-topic but why do Cubans of Galician descent seem to have special privileges or importance in Cuba?

    It would seem to me that the wealthiest and most influential Cubans are from Galicia.

    There even seems to be a differentiation between Spanish groups in Cuba with Canary Islanders being of lower status than Galicians.

    Is this true?

    • Replies: @Former-Cuban
  96. Marcus says:

    He has succeeded in getting Mexico to slow the transit of Central Americans to the US.

    This seems pretty significant in the long run, though we need to tighten the screws more, including cutting off the pensions of creepy gringo expats like Federico

  97. Marcus says:

    Obviously Batista sucked, but wasn’t Cuba the wealthiest country in LatAm before the revolution? Also the US deserves some blame for pushing Castro into the USSR’s arms, even after the revolution, it wasn’t guaranteed that he would turn gommunist.

    • Replies: @Former-Cuban
  98. Jolo5 says:

    Did Fred really want Hillary Clinton as the US President?

    It seems like it from all his Trump bashing.

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Montana Guy
  99. Marcus says:

    He wants whoever will surrender to Mexico the fastest

  100. @Marcus

    In the 70s there was a slogan going among the “worms” (this is how castro called freethinkers that did not agree with his b.s.) : “Preferimos a Batista con sangre que a Fidel con hambre” (We prefer Batista with blood over Castro with hunger). This was painted over walls of buildings and other places, and from my recollections, among the youth of those years, it was a very popular saying. About the US pushing castro into USSR’s arms, I will say the following: The Cuban communist party collaborated with him since the times when he was on the mountains (this I know with 100% certainty), his brother was a known communist, same as guevara. Also, according to some sources (for example, Leuren Moret), he was a guest of honer in the Rockefeller’s mansion in NY in the 50s (surprise, surprise!) before he started his destruction. Is true that Cuba had a good life (example: Cubans didn’t need visa to enter the US, they didn’t stay either after visiting for the weekend). Another factor to consider is that what was implemented in Cuba was known (in the USSR) as “castro-comunism”, a Caribbean version of the soviet system. Consider also the planned convergence of the systems by the NWO cabal (see for example the works of Antony Sutton proving that the antagonism between the USSR and the USA was a tale for dummies).

    • Replies: @Marcus
  101. @jeff stryker

    I don’t think that there is such differentiation. Even more, Cubans call any Spaniard “gallego”, meaning from Galicia. This is due to a large immigration to the island from that province, which had as consequence that the words became synonymous. The immigration from the Canary Islands was also large, one consequence is that the Cuban dialect (a few words here and there, for example “guagua” for bus) and pronunciation is very close to the Canary Island’s version. The last wave of Spaniards to Cuba took place after the civil war in Spain in the 1930s, the same war where the “lingua franca” was Jidish (on the communist side, the international brigades), according to Gilad Atzmon.

  102. Marcus says:

    You’re right that Raul was already a communist, but I’m pretty sure the communist party denounced his rebellion as “bourgeois putschists” at first, then switched sides when it looked like it was winning. Or do you think that was just the party line?

  103. PJ London says:

    “When the referendum eventually was set for March 2, 1986, Gonzalez engaged in a vigorous campaign for continued, but limited, NATO membership. The government presented NATO membership as a corollary to EC membership, and it warned of the serious economic consequences of a vote to withdraw.”
    They stayed as they did not at that time want to leave the EU that was pouring money into Spanish infrastructure.
    Spain, with approximately 0.92 percent of its GDP spent on defense in 2017, is one of NATO’s lowest contributors thus far, alongside Belgium and Luxemburg.
    I suggest that you look at the Spanish Legion for a glimpse of Spain’s military capability.
    Its only NATO value is the airfields built by the US, they far enough away from Russia to be defensible from missile attacks unless Russia uses its later versions. Gibraltar also is a choke point for much trade traffic between Suez and N Europe.

  104. Hey Fred!

    Did you see Wes Pruden died this morning? You worked with or under him back when we were in DC? I had little to do with you, but remember him from servicing the phones for several years in the new place. I vaguely remember him even writing Redskins stories back in the Eighties. And you, running around with the cops. WashPost forgot to mention the roots of WashTimes was the Washington Evening Star. The Washington Post is just heinous. And their comment sections are filled with complete morons.

    Worse than me, even.

    The link:

  105. Q. Shtik says:
    @Johnny K. Arate

    Did you ever notice it’s never stupidity, it’s always a typo.

    • Replies: @Johnny A. Karate
  106. @Jolo5

    Jolo5. think if Hillary had been elected. Would we be in the midst of a civil war by now? Maybe. If so, how would the war be framed?

    Let’s assume you and I shared the beliefs delineated by our Founders in the DOI. They would not even recognize the monstrous tyrannical Big Brother government of today.

    In a civil war today, one side would be using Big Brother to squash the so-called ‘revolutionaries’ or ‘freedom fighters’. Which side would you rather be associated with?

  107. Paulo says:

    “The world does not change overnight, but it is backing fairly hard away from America. Fewer countries and fewer obey Washington robotically.”

    That is something you would hear in the Carter era. Still waiting for this big change.

  108. Anonymous[322] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually…as you probably know…Fred has eye problems post-VA surgery. It’s hard to type accurately when you can’t see accurately. Like him or not, though, Reed has a superb command of the English language. Any grammatical errors are due to his failing eyesight.

    • Replies: @Johnny A. Karate
  109. @Q. Shtik

    So you don’t have an argument? I guess you are a woman.

  110. @Anonymous

    If Fred had any real command of the English language, he wouldn’t need to use so many cliches.

  111. buckwheat says:

    I think Fred the lazy asshole is paying Andrew Napolitano to write his column for him.

  112. Anonymous[136] • Disclaimer says:

    I voted for Trump and would do so again because he has been rather good on social conservative issues.

    I am particularly against LGBT. It is destroying the country.

    Trump has been good on that. Not excellent but good.

    Look up It’s sick. It is in most major US cities and hundreds of schools and libraries. I am not against homosexuals as individuals but their LGBT agenda is just plain destructive.

    I dislike many aspects of Trump’s foreign policy. But would a Democrat be any better? I doubt it.

    The elephant in the American room is the Jewish lobby and Israel. We Americans cannot talk about them. How cowardly are we? Very.

    That is one reason I appreciate Unz. It has straight talk.

  113. Pericles says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    Yeah, Trump seems to be looking at his watch wrt Syria but some people just won’t take the hint and get up and leave.

    Furthermore, terrorism inspired by Syria has basically disappeared from Europe since he was elected. For which I thank him.

    He’s also so far avoided various suggested wars with Venezuela, Iran, etc. Again, well done.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  114. By-tor says:

    The Russians, Syrians, Iranians and Hezbollah defeated the US-NATO-Saudi-Jordanian-Qatari-Turk-backed Sunni mercenaries inside Syria by attacking and driving them to the east and to Idlib Province. The US military is still illegally inside Syria with staging bases next to ISIS camps in the eastern parts of Syria near the borders with Iraq and Jordan.

  115. Yep – I get it you don’t like Trump and I am not enamored with him either.

    But the previous POTUS didn’t do crap. Oh wait he did win a Peace Prize and for what nobody has yet to figure out.

    Bush – I warned my sister about him. His administration spent money like a drunken sailor and we went to war. Hm….when don’t we go to war.

    As a matter of fact, in my 66 years on this earth I can’t remember a POTUS that I was enamored about but maybe someday.

    Usually you make me smile at what you write and I can nod, somewhat, more often than not, in agreement.

    So ya can’t hit a home run every time at bat and to me this was just a rant about trump. Wait – Ross Perot and his sucking illustration may have been a good one. But the powers at hand, the Dems, the Reps, etc. could not have any of it. It would have possibly closed the money pit of the lobbyists that so cravenly wanted NAFTA.

  116. @Biff

    Aren’t those his campaign promises. Fred is just going down the list and tallying the progress.
    Instead of fred, you are the one making excuses for trump, at least an attempt.

    Unless you were implying the president don’t matter in anyway or form, which I would agree with.

  117. Isabella says:
    @jeff stryker

    True. But he was supposed – in fact stated he would – pull American troops and equipment of there, leaving it to the Syrians [who own the damn place] to sort out. He hasn’t and in fact has increased Americans who are turning Idlib into a murderous, horrendous hell hole of killers, Uighur insane drugged up head choppers and others who murder innocents because their brains are so fried on American supplied hard drugs they’d eat their own mothers if so directed.
    And Trump has done NOTHING to stop all this. So he deserves as much blame as Obama.
    If this mess is ever sorted out I have one bit of advice for Americans – dont go there for a holiday. Most of you might be able to blind yourselves to what your “boys” in uniform are doing there – but the Syrians know. And they are never, ever going to forgive you.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  118. @Isabella


    Americans don’t regard mercenaries for the government as our boys. Half of them are not even American now-the US army has become like the French Foreign Legion with Sikh and Hispanic and even Arab volunteers who joined in exchanged for US citizenship. This is reflective of how few Americans patriotically support these wars. That is why the US government ended conscription and now relies on offering citizenship to foreigners who will serve. Few Americans want to die for Syria.

    Yours is merely the typical European response to perceived American Imperialism.

    Here’s news for you Izzy. France and Spain and England were Empires for 400 years. America could not manage to be one for 100 years.

    Let me tell you why, Izzy. White and Asian Americans whose ancestors left Europe and Asia voluntarily had the mindset that they care nothing for their home countries and only for their own self-improvement. This is why Donald Trump was not born in Germany. His grandfather avoided conscription by fleeing to the US and when he returned to start a family in Germany, he was stripped of his citizenry.

    Trust me, Americans are not interested in Syria.

    And Syrians cannot reach America, so how they feel about Americans is unimportant.

    The irony of the Iraq War was not one Iraqi did anything on US soil. They could not get there. They can get to Europe. But America is separated from the rest of the world by huge oceans.

    Fundamentally Izzy, we are both in agreement. The ancestors of white Americans left Europe because they only live for themselves and want the old “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”. And money of course.

    I should add that endless wars have bankrupted the US. It is a miasma of poverty and homeless and crime because half the budget of the country was swallowed in the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan. Walk up to any American and ask them if they truly care about those places or would prefer to use the military expenditure to repair our crumbling infrastructure, invest in businesses and have a better standard of living.

    Most Americans would.

    We ignore what US soldiers do for the same reason we ignore what the murders some none-too-bright kid from a shabby Italian-American city does for some crime boss because it is either pull a trigger or flip pizzas. They are mercenaries, doing distasteful things. I think Americans would care less but the problem is the budget of the US has to go to paying for it.

  119. bluedog says:

    Nam was the reason the draft was ended and all those drafted men coming back in body bags,and of course all the anti-war demonstrations came from the same reasons,and coupled with a crippled free press no one really gives a shit if all the mercenaries get slaughtered for you will never see their body bags being unload from a plane.Other than that pretty much right…!!!

  120. Let us not forget why nothing really gets done. CONGRESS! Not only does the loony left have no interest in giving any victory to Trump hence blocking everything, but the spineless rino’s,
    do nothing to help. I do get a bit tired of Fred and his America bad everybody else good rants. And perhaps someone has all the solutions here?? The world is off the rails and there is no turning back. And I know nobody wants to hear this, but the Bible is looking increasingly more and more correct and just a matter of time when even God has had enough of the destruction of His world and will send Jesus back to fix it.

  121. @Average Blagnard

    No, his current wife Violetta, is Mexican, IIRC they have been married about 5 years or so.
    Fred likes to stir things up, that’s his schtick–he hits out in all directions, pointing out the faults of the entire political spectrum.
    Sometimes ,no, usually, it’s great , delivering well-deserved pin-pricks to inflated egos, and well- crafted ripostes to some fashionable idiocy (usually PC idiocies, , but also those of The Right and centre).
    He’s an equal opps satirist/essayist , although occasionally (more so recently) it’s factually inaccurate and pointlessly mean.

    His old columns are well worth a read, often extremely well written, funny, wistful and nostalgic homages to small town America to the 50’s and early 60’s. Think of a cross between Mark Twain and PG Wodehouse.

    I have to thank him(or rather I did thank him years ago) for his unintentional help in enabling my oldest son to read.
    My oldest son who was is dyslexic, and struggled greatly in school with his reading and writing , in part due to the feminisation of Western schools: there is little in the English curriculum here in the UK that appeals to a boy.
    When I was a kid, in my three years of secondary school ( I left just before my 15th birthday to start work) as well as a Shakespeare play, we had to learn every year, we got great, adventure-packed stirring stuff like Jack London, Kipling and Robert Service, not soppy, feminised kitchen-sink pap about “relationships” that encourages boys to make a choice between suicide or truancy.

    I grew up here in the post-war austerity of Britain of 50s and early 60s, when we were a much poorer, but much freer, more tolerant of different opinions, less constantly supervised, less overly cossetted, less of a Nanny -State.
    Boyish adventures were tolerated and often encouraged, and recognising the fact that boys and girls were different critters was not yet a capital offence.
    When I first stumbled upon Fred’s columns about 15 years ago, I loved them.
    I thoroughly enjoyed his descriptions of a care-free and adventurous childhood and teen years in a booming Virginia, and, having and served 11 eventful years in the British Army, I laughed wryly/fondly at his descriptions of the enjoyable (in retrospect, at least!) hardships, and the comradeship, eccentricities and outright lunacies of military life. Pretty soon I knew they were just the ticket to literacy that my oldest son needed.
    I started reading them to my lad, encouraging him to try to read what he could; when he got stuck I’d take over and explain the “big words” to him.

    A fair bit went over his head, but the rhythm and the flow, the drama and the humour of Fred’s unapologetically masculine tales magically kept him eager to hear more, and to try to understand more.
    His reading and comprehension improved more from a couple of years of Fred than it did from the six years of primary school schooling that his well-intentioned, but blind-to-boyish needs self-congratulatory female teachers. By the time he was 15, he was reading for fun ( One of his English(male) teachers helped a great deal by choosing books that were male-friendly) .
    But Fred’s columns were what knocked the wall down.
    Fred’s OK, just getting a little pointlessly mean at times, maybe due to his wounds and his disastrous operation at the VA hospital?


  122. @Former-Cuban

    Very interesting post, thank you. Unfortunately, I have no means of verifying the claims you make, but they fit in with the usual realities behind Leftist agitprop, and with the reality of totalitarian societies, (all though not all totalitarian societies are Leftists, and not all representative democracies are much better than totalitarian societies, as their representatives are bought and paid for.

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