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One wearies, or I weary anyway, of the endless news stories reporting that children can barely read or not at all, can’t add, and don’t know anything.

Detroit Public Schools: 93% Not Proficient in Reading; 96% Not Proficient in Math” Nationwide, only 33 percent of public-school eighth graders scored proficient or better in reading….

This in the United States? The exceptional nation, shining city on a hill, guiding light of mankind? On and on it goes: the national toleration of the stupid, the inferior, the lazy, and the uncultivated. More specifically, toleration of substandard teachers, substandard races, substandard approaches to schooling, and intellectually shiftless people bitching about everything being somebody else’s fault.

These laudable thoughts came to me when, having spent recent decades reading of the godawful effects of American schooling, I stumbled across a column I wrote thirty years ago about the same things, and about my daughter Macon. In it I proposed a simple solution to many of our gravest national problems. It can be effected in the home.

Let’s start at the beginning. The alphabet consists of all of twenty-six letters, as mysterious as potatoes. Big deal. How long can it take to learn two dozen little squiggles? Herewith my experience from the aforementioned ancient column:

A story: When my elder daughter was barely two, my wife and I came back from a junket to Russia. We were on the sofa looking at a coffee-table book from Moscow when Macon waddled in and began hollering, “Bee! Bee!” Thinking that a wasp or some related monster had invaded our sacred domestic precincts, I went into protective-male mode and prepared to make war on the beast. No wasp. No bee. Perhaps the child was delusional, a paranoid schizophrenic.

Well, no. She was looking at a balalaika on the front of the book which looked like a lower-case B. “Hmmm,” I thought with my accustomed preternatural perceptiveness. The kid appears to be on to something. She was.

I got a set of those magnetic stick-em refrigerator plastic letters and began showing them to her for five minutes a day, about all the attention span she then had. Before reaching twenty-six months, she knew all of them, upper and lower case. It is true that her pronunciational mastery lagged her alphabetic grasp. You may not know of the letter “Bubble Dew.” It exists.

At three, she was reading. Yes, it was, “Billy chased the cat up the tree,” not “the eschatological significance of the kerygma.” Still, it was reading. It was what millions of kids who have finished school cannot do, even at the cat-and-tree level. She thought it was splendid fun. It did not occur to her that any effort was involved. Of course Daddy was making an enormous fuss over her, which was not a discouragement. Daddy is that way about his girls.

How did I bring about this onset of literacy? The same way I later did with her sister, who also was reading well before kindergarten. I told her that “c” said “kuh,” that a said “a” and t said “tuh.” Kuh-a-tuh. Cat. And look here, Pumpkin, “r” says “err,” and if you put it in front of “at” you get err-a-tuh, rat. Ain’t that something?

She agreed that it was. Indeed she received all of this occult lore with attention and no visible puzzlement. It quickly dawned on her that you could string these letter things together to express interesting thoughts. Soon she could sound out words she didn’t remotely understand and, when the multitudinous exceptions and peculiarities of English intruded, she simply learned them.


A literate American. Currently university professor of art. It is what happens if you feed them.  Credit: Fred Reed.

A literate American. Currently university professor of art. It is what happens if you feed them. Credit: Fred Reed.

I didn’t regard this as a miracle, because it wasn’t one. Kids have been learning to read practically forever. They are absorptive creatures, awash in curiosity. A couple of dozen letters, associated sounds, retentive memories, and voila! There is nothing to it. Patience, encouragement, and phonetics.

Now, if I can teach a not-three-year-old to read in a few months in under a half-hour a day, how in god’s name can the schools fail to do it in twelve years? Only three answers come to min: The kids are stupid, the teachers worthless, the parents shiftless, or some felicitous combination of the foregoing.

Stupidity: If some kids, or some races, simply lack the mental horsepower, it would make sense to separate them, teach them what they are able to learn–and not let them drag everybody else down. Shiftless parents: Ask how many hours a week the parents, or parent, of those failing kids in Detroit spend with them, teaching them to read? If the parents can’t read, they might try learning with their kids. Worthless teachers: A large part of the problem is exactly this, as has been multiply documented and as multiply ignored. In 1984, writing an article for Harper’s, I discovered:

…the results of a competency test given to applicants for teaching positions in Pinellas County, Florida (which includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater), cited in Time, June 16, 1980. To pass this grueling examination, an applicant had to be able to read at the tenth-grade level and do arithmetic at the eighth-grade level. Though they all held B.A.’s, 25 percent of the whites and 79 percent of the blacks failed. Similar statistics exist for other places.

They still do.

This is not just sick. It is sickening. We have teachers with a tenth-grade education teaching the twelfth grade. Bright kids read at the tenth-grade level in the third grade. Most of the black “teachers” and a horrifying proportion of the whites couldn’t do it after four years of college. With such a percentage being that retarded, we can be sure that many who passed barely did. It is insane. Why do we put up with it?

Political correctness. Or we don’t care. Or we are a nation of peasants.

In middle or high-school, my younger daughter brought home a chemistry worksheet with common chemical terms badly misspelled–on the order of “pollyefflememe.” Clearly the woman who wrote this was pig-ignorant and lacked even the minimal self-respect to check. In the third grade I could spell “polyethylene” because I had Gilbert’s fifty-bottle chemistry set and liked funny chemical words. This creature was “teaching” my daughter?

Without thinking I asked, “What color is your teacher?”

Anguished “Daaaaaaaaaady!”

She had made the connection. Everybody has. You just can’t say it or don’t want to admit it. You can’t criticize the blacks, because den you be ray cyst, so you can’t criticize the whites, who aren’t all that much better, so you have protected, unionized mediocrity at best and often way worse who, lacking the intelligence, education, or culture to value actual learning, instead play psychobabble feel-good games. A country deserves what it tolerates.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Public Schools 
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  1. Gene Su says:

    All you have to do is Google “Samuel Blumenfeld.” He has written profusely on the subject. The problem is that the public schools are not serious about teaching literacy. Traditionally, in English and other alphabetic languages, you are supposed to teach children the letters of the alphabet, the phonetic sounds they make, the difference between vowels and consonants, and how to form syllables and words.
    In America, for the last half century, public schools have drifted away from this methodology. They have used some form of the “whole word” method. The goal is to limit literacy by only teaching a few thousand “key commands.” Commands like “go, stop, look, work, rest.” This is to create a docile work force. It was John Dewey who thought this up. Doctor Seuss books use this methodology (just look at “Cat in the Hat”). Children who learn through this method have trouble learning more than a thousand words and won’t be able to read anything more difficult than a third grade level book.
    Our schools were never meant to make children literate. This is why so many blacks can’t read. They weren’t allowed to go to school before this farce was already in place. It has nothing to do with being genetically stupid. Most of the teachers can barely read as well. As someone who has been in public schools for 8 years, I can attest to this.

  2. AnalogMan says:

    Likewise, a nation is no stronger than the thing it fears. Being reduced to abject terror by the threat of being called a name (racist) must be the lowest point in our history. It’s a disgrace.

    What’s the big deal? What is a racist? One who believes that race is a biological reality, with implications for behaviour. Once that was axiomatic. Science is proving it anew.

    It’s turning. Young people today are not so easily cowed, though they all have decades of brainwashing to overcome. Soon, you will all be anxiously trying to establish your racist cred; some of you will be trawling your online comments to find evidence that, like me, you were racist before racism was cool. More strength to you. Break this idiotic phobia that is paralysing our people.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @joe webb
  3. AnalogMan says:
    @Gene Su

    Being genetically stupid is a real phenomenon, and of course it will have an effect on literacy rates.

    Intelligence is limited to a potential set by our genes. There are environmental effects, too; for example Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, or a blow to the head can reduce intelligence further, but there is no known way to increase it beyond the genetic potential. Not even with Head Start or No Child Left Behind. That’s why so many blacks can’t read.

    In Africa, the measured IQ in various studies average about 70, with pygmies estimated at 54 (some researchers concluded that their IQ was too low to measure). In the USA they average 85, due no doubt to an admixture of White genes in the majority of blacks.

    Incidentally, though many teachers may be sub-optimal, that’s no excuse for illiterate children. A child with the requisite intelligence will learn in spite of poor teachers.

    • Replies: @another fred
    , @Jim
    , @Biff
    , @Truth
  4. @AnalogMan

    Poor teachers can be overcome with a lot of effort on the part of a child, but they are a handicap. What really destroys learning is lack of discipline. The general chaos and unruliness makes teaching impossible.

    • Replies: @Gene Su
    , @rod1963
  5. So, not long ago the world was ruled by George Bubble Dew Bush.

    Explains a lot.

    • Replies: @cjc
    , @marylou
    , @Ace
  6. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “What’s the big deal? What is a racist? One who believes that race is a biological reality, with implications for behaviour. Once that was axiomatic. Science is proving it anew.”

    This is why we must legitimize the term race-ist and use it with positive connotations.

    Sadly, I’m the only true race-ist.

  7. Jim says:

    Environmental conditions in SS Africa probably contribute to the low IQ. Lynn estimated genotypic SS African IQ as around 80. The average IQ of the US Virgin Islands is 78. The population of the VI is mostly SS African though with some Amerindian. As a US Territory environmental and social conditions are far superior to most of SS Africa.

    • Replies: @Ace
  8. Jim says:
    @Gene Su

    Plomin’s research on behavioral genetics indicates that reading ability is about 50-70% genetic. English orthography is quite a bit more difficult than many other languages.

    • Replies: @Gene Su
  9. cjc says:
    @Cattle Guard

    Bush surely wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, to be sure. But I believe that Obama’s intellectual abilities are surely overrated. His ideological rigidity, and poor judgment, are testaments to his intellectual limitations.

  10. Gene Su says:

    You want a difficult language to learn? Try Chinese. It requires memorizing thousands of hieroglyphics.
    English orthography is not that difficult to master. It has only 26 letters – creating 42 sounds. When the blacks convert to Islam and start educating their progeny in Arabic (another alpha-phonic language), all of the HBD busybodies are going to eat their words and shake their hands.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  11. Gene Su says:
    @another fred

    And don’t go around telling me that only ghetto kids engage in rowdy, disruptive behavior. White kids from Fishtown do the same – albeit to a lesser degree.

    • Replies: @Ace
  12. marylou says:
    @Cattle Guard

    Schools were bad before Bush.

    Lack of discipline and TV.
    Two major tools in the dumbing down process.

    If you know nothing, even a bad teacher can teach you a lot. If you pay attention.

    Besides, books are filled with knowledge. Every town has a library.

  13. @Gene Su

    When the blacks convert to Islam and start educating their progeny in Arabic (another alpha-phonic language),

    Here is the Nation of Islam’s website:

    From a quick review, the only “Arabic” I could see was the phrase, “As Salaam Alaikum (Peace be upon you)” in the header.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  14. When you make a Xerox of a Xerox of a Xerox, etc. you get an ever dwindling result in terms of quality. I could also use the phrase: garbage in, garbage out. We allow the ever changing, always to the lessening degree, of the accepted baseline by which we measure current expectations. My grandfather, born in 1898, had an 8th grade education. Some of you might have seen on the internet examples of tests that had to be passed to actually achieve an 8th grade level of education back in 1911. College level students 30 years ago would have had a hard time with much of the tests’ subjects. We are willing to expect less and generally those that have those expectations placed upon them are more than willing to meet and even exceed those lowered expectations. You get what you give and you get what you expect. And it’s not just the degrading of scholastic achievement. The decline of our morals, ethics, manners, accepted comportment are all easily graphed in a continuous downward curve over the decades. And those that have a stranglehold on this process will continue it. I saw a poster the other day: If all those illegals we’re letting in were voting Republican the Democrats would have erected a fence so fast that 100 fence contractors on crack couldn’t have kept up. But that’s why they are letting them in and fudging it around so they can vote. Pretty soon the takers will outnumber the makers and it will then be definitively OVER.

  15. WhatEvvs [AKA "Internet Addict"] says:
    @Gene Su

    Thanks for the tip about Blumenfeld. It is ironic to learn of someone like him in Unzworld, which is full of anti-Semites.

    • Replies: @Wally
  16. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    In a way, the Right has an advantage over the Left.

    Right is about Being.
    Left is about Believing.

    A Right can exist even without ideas and ideology.
    A Left is impossible without ideas and ideology.

    Right is rooted in life, history, nature, community, memory.
    Left is based on ideals of ‘what should be’, the impossibles of absolute universalism and equality which no smart ‘leftist’ really believes in. After all, Jews only use leftist formulations to really serve their crypto-rightist interests of Jewish tribalism and Zionism.

    A Right need not be intellectual to survive and thrive.
    A Left needs to be intellectual to exist and survive.

    This is why the left is really dead when it is dead. Ideas can totally die. Take communism. It is dead.

    But the right can survive even when wrong ideas prevail. Rightist Russia was suppressed under the leftist idea of communism, but it did not go away since the basis of Russian-ness is simply Russian people, Russian culture, Russian land, and unity of Russian men and Russian women. So, when communism died, there was Russia.
    For Russia to be rightist, it only has to BE.
    For Russia to be leftist, it had to BELIEVE in an ideology.

    It is like you are you no matter what you believe.
    But for you to be a ‘libertarian’, you have to believe in an -ism.
    Rightism at its core if the preservation of the basic ‘me’ or ‘you’.

    This makes the left more fragile than the right since it is so dependent on beliefs.
    But paradoxically, this fragility makes the leftist more aggressive and passionate since its survival must rest on the hysteria of ideology. So, leftists are more tireless and energized with ideas. Leftism is like a fire. It must burn or it is gone.

    A rightist need not think to exist. But a leftist must think and believe to justify his existence as an ideologue. So, it is not surprising that the leftists are more engaged in ideas and academia.

    Because the Right has a solid foundation, it could unite BEING with BELIEVING. That is Neo-Fascism. And it is stronger than a non-thinking rightism that just exists(but doesn’t think) and intellectual leftism that requires belief to exist.

    Once the unity of ink and blood is achieved among White Folks, they could be unstoppable.

  17. Samuel Blumenfeld has written good books on the subject. Two other good authors to read about schooling are John Taylor Gatto and Charlotte Iserbyt.

    Fred makes a good point – learning to ready is so easy, that failing to learn to read means that pupils, teachers and parents all find reading unimportant. And that’s not good. Instead of telling people they are victims, maybe someone should tell them that not being able to read is bad, and that extreme ant-intellectualism is barbaric. The Derb had a column recently about how one of his sons doesn’t like to read. (Which is not the same as not being able to read.) That’s fine – we can’t all be bookish. But an entire population that can’t read despite having every opportunity in the world to learn to read, has no right to demand anything from anyone, or to complain about anything.

  18. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    “When the blacks convert to Islam and start educating their progeny in Arabic (another alpha-phonic language)”

    It’s more the case that Muslims are converting to Rap-ism dominated by Negromancers.

    Negromania and Homophilia are the religious pillars of globalism, along with Holocaust-Worship.

  19. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Breeders don’t have to be readers.

    As long as blacks breed more and breed more with white women, white race is cooked.

    White males may do better in school, and some do very well. But they face tremendous problems. Among the educated, white males meet white females who want sex or relationship but not long-term commitment. Of course, there are plenty of white males who feel likewise. Among the under-educated, you have men with no economic prospects, and that means no sexonomic appeal. They may have fun with games and drugs, but that is not where life comes from.
    Rich white nerds may fare better, but they don’t know it is played.

    Then, look at the Asian-American community. You’d think it’s a success story cuz Asians do well in school. But nearly half of Asian women are not breeding with Asian men, and that means Asian men will not pass down their genetics, and Asian women will use their wombs for other men, and their kids will grow up as white, black, Jewish, or etc. Academic success but breeding failure.

    Success can be failure. Secular and Christian Arabs in Lebanon were more advanced and modern, but they had fewer babies than Muslims, and now Lebanon is majority Muslim. What to do about this? Breeders beat readers in the end. Will the EU become Lebanonized.

    Pregnators beat programmers.

    This is why Israel ensures that some Jews get paid to get laid and have kids.

  20. @Gene Su

    Well, it does seem that persistent, substantial genetic differences in average intelligence have a lot to do with the permanent achievement and aptitude gap between whites and blacks, between Asians and blacks, hell between EVERYONE and blacks.

    Having said that, though, the government schools do a dis-service to children and parents of every background. We need more competition and choice, and we need to facilitate productive children, especially the more-intelligent children, getting the hell away from reprobates who prevent them from learning and excelling.

    • Replies: @Gene Su
  21. @Priss Factor

    There still aren’t that many white-black couplings, married or otherwise. Far, far more common are white/Asian couplings (many leading to marriage and children, like my own) and white/Hispanic couplings. For whatever reasons, fairly or unfairly, the great majority of people aren’t sufficiently brainwashed to consider Africans desirable mates & spouses compared to EVERY other alternative.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  22. @Priss Factor

    1. Have children, minimum 3-4 for each civilized couple medically able to conceive and raise them.

    2. Devote serious resources to finding and deporting people who entered illegally or over-stayed their visas.

    3. Seal the Mexico-US border with our troops, order them “shoot to kill” any invaders, and officially acknowledge that our countries are at war.

    4. End all taxpayer-funded benefits and programs for non-citizens, including those who came here “legally.”


    6. Enact legislation confirming that employers may fire people who refuse to speak English or cannot speak it well enough to communicate with customers, co-workers, and managers IN ENGLISH.

    7a. Test all federal government employees, military and civilian, for basic English proficiency, and TERMINATE those who cannot pass.

    7b. Make all government publications, programs, benefits, and ballots available only in English. If you can’t understand English well enough, you shouldn’t be voting in our elections or taking our money.

  23. Paul S. says:

    Here is how my son’s class has worked for 3 years. They take 30 kids and make 5 clusters of desks. They are no longer tracked, nor do they perform tests of cognitive ability. They simply group them according to perceived ability. There is one cluster of desks of kids who need almost no extra help. There are 3 groups who need some extra help and then there is one cluster that requires the most help. My son is in the one group of desks that needs no help. He is almost always the only boy there. Interestingly the group always seems to have a black girl, but they are always of Haitian descent. The middle is a Mish mosh, but the problem cluster is almost always boys, mostly of African-American and white descent. Schools are failing boys left and right.

  24. Gene Su says:

    I don’t think there is a genetic difference between blacks and everyone else. There is a cultural and discipline gap. If Chinese parents learned that the school they sent their child to was inferior, they would do everything in their power to transfer the child out whether it is through moving away or saving money for a private school. As a Chinese, I can attest to this. I also know many whites and nearly all blacks would not do this. Thomas Sowell wrote quite a bit on this.

    • Replies: @Jim
  25. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “There still aren’t that many white-black couplings, married or otherwise. ”

    It is increasing exponentially, and in some communities, you see so much of it.

    It’s like this. Sexuality is like sports. The rational mind shuts down.

    Suppose a white guy is whupped by a bunch of nasty blacks. He should be wary of black muscle power.
    But come superbowl, he will be cheering for Negro athletes all over again. His love of sports and worship of superior Negro athletes totally shuts down the rationally aware fact that Negroes are a menace and threat to white males.
    Same mentality goes for white women. Sure, many of them know that black males are poor bet in relationship, dangerous, criminal, and etc. But they are addicted to rap music and jungalo fever, and they see the Kardashians, and they see it as the New Normal.

    It’s all gonna end terribly for the white males.
    And with all those Africans invading Europe, I shudder to think.

    Love is like sublime stupidity, and lust is like hypnotic madness.
    Rational faculty shuts down. Indeed, even longterm survival instinct shuts down.

    Look at Uther in EXCALIBUR. He had a kingdom to rule but the dufus threw it all away cuz of

    If Uther was undid by lust, his son Arthus is undone by love. Love is higher than lust, but it too blinds. Even though Merlin warned him that it will not end well, Arthur still married Guinevere.

    The white race now worships the Negro morally(white guilt and MLK cult), athletically(Patton: Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser), and sexually(twerking and black bad boys be dominating and defining mainstream culture).

    One reason why EU is slow in resisting the tide of Africans and Arabs is cuz European women have the lust for them. European women know that such men are dangerous and ruinous, but their libido welcomes them.

    It’s like this. Suppose 3 million bodacious big-boobed women were invading Europe. Suppose European men know that these bimbos will undermine the EU finances and project. But their boing-lust will go, ‘Wow, more opportunity for sex with the bims.’

    People are like that.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @Rich
  26. @Priss Factor

    “One reason why EU is slow in resisting the tide of Africans and Arabs is cuz European women have the lust for them. European women know that such men are dangerous and ruinous, but their libido welcomes them”

    What utter drivel.

    • Replies: @rod1963
    , @Truth
  27. Rich says:
    @Priss Factor

    I think you’re wrong. A very small percentage of Whites miscegenate with Coloureds. Those that do, usually appear to be of very low intelligence, thereby taking lower IQ Whites out of the White gene pool and increasing the IQ of the rest of Whites. After all the evidence of Black male violence towards White women, a White woman who still chose to mix with Blacks obviously can’t be too intelligent. Because a group has a larger population doesn’t mean it won’t be ruled over by the smaller population. A few examples are the English being ruled by the Normans, Chinese by the Mongolians, and Indians by the Brits.

  28. rod1963 says:
    @another fred

    If a kid wants to learn on their own they can and will. They will just simply tune out the idiot teacher in school.

  29. rod1963 says:
    @Bill Jones

    Yep, most white women despise black men, they know what total diseased pigs they are. About the only ones attracted to them are welfare momma’s.

    Even then those women are often horribly abused by black men. The average black man has no self-control whatsoever, has no work ethic, has no ability to be loyal to his mate or children, has no real interest in anything except thugging, drinking beer and smoking pot.

    IOW a creature unfit for civilization.

  30. Fred never misses an opportunity to slam Black people, even Black children. A horrible article for the most part. Blacks are not interested in education, in fact, they mock and belittle those in their race who value an education. The South brought them here and they should be held to account to feed and clothe the negro.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  31. joe webb says:

    all you Real Men out there with the balls you came into the world with….repeat after me:

    I am a racist, or I am a racialist, or, I am a race-realist.

    There will be only a few takers, and probably from the gals here, who got more balls than the putative men, like Garibaldi or what’s his name, and the rest of the scribblers.

    Joe Webb

  32. Biff says:

    In Africa, the measured IQ in various studies average about 70

    And the average IQ of Unz review posters has got to be a least 69. Maybe 68.

    • Replies: @Realist
  33. Truth says:

    Uh Oh…here we go again…

    In Africa, the measured IQ in various studies average about 70, with pygmies estimated at 54 (some researchers concluded that their IQ was too low to measure). In the USA they average 85, due no doubt to an admixture of White genes in the majority of blacks.

  34. Truth says:
    @Bill Jones

    Hey you and Priss need to have your own show, maybe on Fox, like Hannity and Colmes. You could do point-counterpoint on racial issues (which would really just be “point” as you are both racist).

    But you guys constant tete-a-tete is the best thing going on Fred’s threads; I’d watch.

  35. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Even when students do learn to read to a passable extent, when they become adults the majority don’t read much of anything at all; newspapers, magazines, mystery novels, celebrity biographies, self-help psychobabble, yoga and diet books, romance novels and so on. Most people are incurious and don’t care about much that’s not job or sports related.
    I got everything I was going to receive from public education by the age of thirteen. After that it was just a holding pen and a total bore. College was a great escape from dreary public education. Most teachers are just going to be average people so it’s pointless to look to them for miracles.

  36. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    They are starting to introduce literature into math education to bolster reading skills.

  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I self taught to read sight word, which caused me a lot of trouble with saying new words, and spelling used to be an issue because I had to rote memorize my most used words. Not an issue now thanks to spell check on everything including my phone.

    It did result in a very high reading speed and comprehension.

  38. Macilrae says:

    Well done, Fred – as usual you have dropped a bomb and elicited an outpouring of comments: most of them supportive, including this one.

    Rather than making “race” the central issue (because we can’t do anything about that) – why don’t we concentrate on “culture”? The culture and mind-set which predominate in the schools come from the surrounding community. The culture is the poison that is wreaking destruction, not only on the education system but on the whole society: initially the black society but it has spread much wider.

    The culture that says education is a white man’s thing, to be despised, ridiculed and rejected. The culture that applauds the uncouth and the degenerate and overt racism towards whites; that speaks of young women as “hos” (which role they are encouraged to adopt, and do, in droves). The culture that fixes the police as the common enemy and advocates killing them. The culture of violence glorified and drugs galore; which will bring you riches.

    How can any teacher, illiterate or not, step into a class full of youths who’ve been raised with such a mindset? It would be a waste of a good teacher to do so.

    So, if the fundamental problem of the black community is a rotten, destructive culture, what are we doing about it – indeed, what are they doing about it? The answer is of course nothing but, on the contrary, it is being encouraged and applauded through the pop industry and the media. Far from denouncing the evil, putting our finger on the problem and saying “Here, look, THIS is what we have to fix!” that finger is waved around and, as we hear so monotonously in these columns, the blame for black misery is all put on the consequences of white racism – the PC consequence.

    The mass marketing of black culture is of course vastly lucrative – the margins are huge because there is an endless supply of ‘stars’ who don’t have to be paid a lot and can be dumped as soon as they get out of hand – “talent” being neither here nor there. Some have suggested a darker motive behind all this – that this strategy achieves a mass degeneration of our society, the better to control it – the deliberation with which it is being carried out, despite consequences visible to everybody, lends credence to this view.

    One day we shall be forced to confront this problem but we can’t start to do that until its fundamental cause is generally accepted: no matter how hard we may try to teach the ABC.

  39. Leftist conservative [AKA "radical_centrist"] says: • Website

    as a former teacher, I can tell you something–in general, the better a teacher reads, the higher the teacher’s SAT score, the worse the teacher is in the classroom…why? Because people skills reign supreme in the classroom…you have to control the kids with your people skills….and the more time you spend reading, the higher you score on tests, but the lower your people skills…let me try another way—> the more time you spend talking with other people, the more people skills you have. Classrooms are not reading contests, but they are arenas where the teachers must engage with the kids in order to control them…the teacher controls the kids with people skills, not with reading skills.

    Trust me on this. You WANT teachers who score do not score very well on standardized tests. why? Because that lower-end score tells me that in general that person spent more time talking to people and less time reading books…and control in classrooms today is not about how well you read a book, but how well you read people….

    A good teacher should be able to read and write, but not all that well. Just OK is good enough.

    You are reading a comment written by a former teacher who could join Mensa. But one who could not control a classroom.

    • Replies: @OutWest
    , @nannerglans
  40. Is this any way to thank daddy?:

    She does, however, show an admirable concern for the visually impaired.

  41. @Priss Factor

    I don’t think whites regard Asians as even belonging to a different race as far as dating and mating are concerned. Whites and Asians are pretty compatible and want the same things.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  42. Rurik says:

    American students are being deliberately dumbed down so that criminals and psychopaths who own and run the country can use them as assorted tax-slaves and cannon fodder. They’re taught the basics, in one degree or another, but the last thing our elites want is a populace that can think.

    from about 1:12 on

    “they control all the news and information”

    is he talking about who I think he’s talking about?

    “they don’t want people capable of critical thinking”


    “so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street”

    he is talking about them!

    by now I think we all know the score

    Not just Americans but all (even putatively) white people and all white countries are to be inundated and blended into a morass of conflicting humanity that can “Never again!” raise their hands to the bankster class who George is talking about. We must all have our countries and communities destabilized and transformed into places of ethnic conflict and strife and misery and crime. That will give them the pretext to stomp us down with their hyper-militarized police/surveillance state.

    First they came for the Palestinians…

  43. Wally says: • Website


    any thought or person that a Jew doesn’t like

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  44. Rurik says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Whites and Asians are pretty compatible and want the same things.

    when they have their own countries and their own women sure, but when they’re forced into proximity and there are dearths and shortages, then you get this:

    As soon as the young minority men feel they’re being condemned to involuntary celibacy because of reasons they suspect might have to do with race, there is always the threat of the incel going berserk and taking out his rage on the “racists” who he blames for his intolerable situation.

    same with this guy

    half Asian and suffering incel, he targeted blondes for their snubs

    nothing wrong with Asians in Asia, but like all other minorities, once they’re here, they’re marinated in the ubiquitous celebration of ‘thug life’ and ‘hate whitey’ that our media force-pumps into every niche of our culture.

  45. JustJeff says:

    Maybe this is partly why the elites favor so much immigration. Intellectually speaking, Americans really are lazy. They don’t want to do school work and get mad when their kids’ school work is too much or too difficult. Less is expected of every generation. This is true for both blacks and whites. Inmigrants on the other hand, have high standards for their kids and push them hard.

  46. @Jim

    How is Gene Su nuts? He or she says:
    – Culture explains the racial achievements gap as well as (or even better than) genetic determinism does.
    – The Chinese have their Mandarin culture and put extreme value on getting a nice diploma from a nice school. Blacks and many whites do not care as much about diplomas and schools.
    – Thomas Sowell elaborated on the above points.

    Which point do you disagree with and why?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  47. Realist says:

    “And the average IQ of Unz review posters has got to be a(sic) least 69. Maybe 68.”

    If you would quite posting it would be 120.

  48. OutWest says:
    @Leftist conservative

    A good teacher is a relative thing. For bright students it’s important that the teacher has an in depth knowledge of the subject since that is what will interest the good student. For poor students it is important that the teacher be charismatic but needs have only a reasonable grasp of the subject.

    A prime mistake is targeting education towards the least capable. It is more important that our more intellectually capable students be educated to their fullest capability. It is they who will make to advances that provide occupation and sustenance to the less capable like me.

  49. @Wally

    Or someone with an irrational dislike of Jews. Or attributes almost everything bad that goes on in the ME to Jews. You know, like so many here at Unz do.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
    , @Bill Jones
  50. @Son of Dixie

    Actually, it was Yankee owned ships that brought the blacks here and Yankee force of arms that freed them. Let the Yankees feed and clothe them. I support shipping as many blacks to the north as possible.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  51. @Chris Mallory

    Sure, blame the pusher, not the junkie. The latter lacks agency.

  52. @Quartermaster

    Well, people have been irrationally disliking Jews for a thousand years.

    Perhaps their plethora of homegrown high function psychopaths are giving them a bad name.

  53. Ace says:
    @Cattle Guard

    Name three things that that explains.

  54. Ace says:

    So inferior environmental and social conditions lead to low IQ for blacks who are in SS Africa and superior environmental and social conditions in the V.I. lead an even lower IQ for SS blacks who live there?

  55. Ace says:
    @Gene Su

    There’s no meaningful difference between white and black students where rowdy and disruptive behavior is concerned, so we have to find another explanation for lousy schools other than percentage of blacks?

    I knew we could cover up the nature of the problem somehow.

  56. @Quartermaster

    The majority of the folks here have a very rational dislike of jews.

  57. Gene Su says:

    Jimbo Jones, I’m a he, just to let you know.

    Jim, how am I nuts? I never said that there were absolutely no genetic differences between blacks and whites. I just don’t think they are as significant as racialists and racists claim. You can say that blacks lack cognitive ability but they are very good at chess. How can they be so good at cognitive thinking games, but are at horrible at school work? The reason is that their culture doesn’t value study and honest, hard work and they have little discipline. Thomas Jefferson noted that blacks don’t seem to be interested in the “investigations of Euclid.” It doesn’t have to be caused by genetics. The problem is cultural. Having said that, I also think that no amount of schooling will fix the problem and liberals are deluded for thinking that we can just educate blacks away from their culture.

  58. Wally says: • Website
    @Gene Su

    ” but they [blacks] are very good at chess”

    That’s ridiculous. Get serious.

  59. ” What is a racist? One who believes that race is a biological reality, with
    implications for behaviour.”
    Saying race is a biological reality does not say much — except to the terminally politically correct.
    However, acknowledging a reality says little about its form and substance. …
    I believe that “nature” has a far greater influence on both the individual and society than it is generally given credit for. But “race” as an expression of nature affecting society /individuals has far less explanatory power. Often when race is mentioned i can only see culture….
    African american popular culture often seems to me to be positively anti-educational…maybe i’m unfair, ignorant….Yet, i often see an overwhelming emphasis on a merititicious material success by Af-Am culture. A crude desire for money, fame, sex etc often seems to be the legitimised goal of Af-Am culture….but some would say that its the legitimised goal of ALL westerners….?
    Its very difficult for an child of average intelligence and drive to succeed at school whatever their race. Our western culture, our schools, simply do not value intellectual activity for its own sake…of course, as an instrument to acquire money, power, etc it has its place…. But if you can get money etc without using your mind…all the better.
    In short, in our degenerate culture, i think that biological race should not be the first–or second, explanation for individual or social failure….

  60. Ragno says:

    When we make ignoring or excusing racial reality exponentially worse – by encouraging and rewarding dysfunction and mediocrity so that every frown magically becomes an upside-down smile – what we end up accomplishing (without ever articulating it officially) is the slow-at-first, but relentlessly accelerating, degradation of our own.

    You can fool some of the people all of the time, and vice versa, but you can’t fool kids. Not for long, at any rate. Teach Billy and Janey that Jamaal and T’shingaa are every bit as bright as they are, no matter how glaringly they’re not – and that if they aren’t, it’s the fault of Billy and Janey’s lack of melanin – and it won’t be very long before Billy and Janey can name that tune in two or three notes, and adjust their efforts accordingly.

    By the way: nobody’s more hip to this state of affairs than the screechy white uberlefties who staple Skittles to their shirtfronts while waving BLACK LIVES MATTER placards for the cameras, then write out five-figure checks to pay for their progeny’s exclusive private kindergarten programs. Apparently, being down with the people is a nifty way to trigger a dopamine rush, but being one giant step up on those same people is a longer-lasting high.

    Moral: it’s fine for “Billy and Janey” to wallow in mediocrity until they’re trapped in the whirlpool, but “Noah and Madison” are destined for greater things.

  61. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Gene Su

    “You can say that blacks lack cognitive ability but they are very good at chess”

    LOL. So good that there were three (3) black chess grand masters in the entire history of chess.

  62. Gort says:

    If you have watched Ken Burn’s “Civil War” and listened to the letters quoted in that documentary, written by soldiers and wives, you probably noticed how eloquently they spoke. Odds are that most of that generation had no more than a few years of lessons in a one-room school house. Yet they mastered the language and were the ones who began or participated in the Industrial Revolution.

    Our education system that we have in place now is going backwards, not forward, in its ability to teach. Wait till Common Core kicks in, our future generations won’t be able to read, write (cursive is already DOA) or do simple math. Can’t wait to get on/in a plane or building built or maintained by this upcoming group. Or pushed into the operating room, last thing you see before going under, is them holding a scalpel as they look slack-jawed at a YouTube how-to video on bypass surgery.

    But they are being taught very well to look toward in DC for all their comforts and needs.

  63. @Gene Su

    Ok thats fair. According to studies, whites are one standard deviation higher in iq than blacks. That’s actually pretty significant. Thats like two white guys-one a construction worker and the other an engineer. The engineer is at least one SD higher (on average) than the construction worker. Pretty significant difference in my book, but you may have a perspective I’m not aware of.

  64. @Leftist conservative

    Not buying that at all. Teachers don’t have to be Mensans, but they should be expected to have thoroughly mastered the subjects they teach and to have at least the facility with the entire core HS curriculum of all but the very brightest of high school students.

    White kids, especially white kids with parents like those I had (and those of 90% of the students I went to high school with) are not especially hard to control, at least to the extent of not disrupting the others if they don’t care to focus on learning the material themselves.

    I had little intellectual respect for some of my teachers, but I didn’t show contempt for them in the classroom, because I knew what the consequences would be.

    There is no question but that it’s a different world out there today, but still, separate out the few kids that are determined not to learn and the kids who can’t, who should not be there in the first place, and ordinary skills are all that are needed to manage the classroom.

    All too often today, teachers are like the people who drive limos and school buses and so forth. They are there not because they are particularly good at driving but because they are not particularly good at anything else. I would get rid of the Schools of Education wholesale and go back to normal schools for elementary teachers and requiring degrees in subject for high school teachers.

  65. Anonymous [AKA "HowManyNuffinsDidADinduDo"] says:

    The Chinese have their Mandarin culture and put extreme value on getting a nice diploma from a nice school. Blacks and many whites do not care as much about diplomas and schools.

    Yea the CHINESE ,they are CHINESE,all of them.Their CULTURE! America WAS MAJORITY WHITE and they used to put extreme value on everything because WHITES built this country and pretty much invented everything. Whites were OVER 95% of the population. Not half-breeds,not white hispanic…Euro descended WHITES! Gee,what happened. Oh,that’s right.We have ALL kinds of muds running around,more Black ghetto trash,which White trash is still smarter than Black trash and doesn’t suck three quarters of the gdp to support .There you go. Not hard to see. Detroit used to be called The Paris of the West.Hmmm,gee ,I wonder why that was and who made it that way.I guess maybe when your favorite,just as intelligent Black mayor took over and Blacks became the majority.Nope,Detroit became what Blacks and their destiny and genetics revert back to without Whitey to support them…Africa in America. A shithole,if you will. Look at Haiti.The only place where a REAL genocide took place.Where a people were actually exterminated from the face of the earth. WHITE HAITIANS ,every last one of them.Down to the last butchered,cut to pieces,White Baby.And the few White Women they kept,they bred out and then murdered.And then,eventually they murdered the half breed descendents of those White Women.And so how is Haiti doing.You know I can’t really tell after the earthquake,if there really was one,because I can’t see any difference in the lanscape.So,was there really an earthquake. Before ,after,it all looks the same. P.S. The only reason someone like Thomas housecoon Sowell was educated in the first place and had a chance to become an uppity Negro, was and is because he lived and was raised among White Western Modern advanced civilization.What,you think that if all these so called educated just like us Blacks and their descendents that were brought here ,would have ever become anything worth noting in history if they had all been left in Africa. LMFAO! NOT ONE Black,any historical Black figure,EVER,would have become anything but a witch doctor or Kang or wakandan scientist. If they hadn’t been raised in White Western civilization you would never even know these Black figures would have existed. They are all a product of being raised amongst White Western civilization.End of story.

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