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I recently asked a friend of long standing, involved in law enforcement in California, how the state’s massive immigration looked, in the streets and court rooms, to someone actually there. The following is his answer, edited only to remove identification. It is consisten with what I have seen myself, though a decade ago, and what other friends in other parts of the US report. I have put in bold type parts that seem to me indicators of what we will see in the future.


The following are my opinions based mostly on anecdotal evidence–what I’ve seen and heard in this area (Central California), including things told to me in some cases by deputy district attorneys thoughout this state. I attend frequent state wide conferences wherein we are given week long seminar courses to update our knowledge and to maintain our “continuing education” required to keep our State Bar memberships current. Where my opinion is based on provable facts, I will so note.

The future of Hispanics in California: California will gradually revert to a Mexican/Spanish majority state, thanks both to legal/illegal immigration as well as the higher birth rate amongst that population, particularly in the lower income brackets (this is of course the case with any lower income population, which relates directly to education levels: the higher the education, particularly of women in a population, the lower the birth rate goes).

Politicians in this state are already splitting between Hispanic (meaning mostly Mexican-Americans) and White, with a very few Asian politicians, including Indians. I am not certain of the percentages, but in places like the state legislature, Hispanics have occupied the key positions in the recent past. The mayors of some of the larger cities are Hispanics. Places like San Francisco and its nearby Silicon Valley (actually mostly Santa Clara County/San Jose, and San Mateo County) will continue electing white liberal politicians, coming from the wealthier enclaves whose inhabitants live behind gated communities and use cheap Hispanic labor whilst decrying discrimination against the same folks they are exploiting.

The fantastic wealth generated in Silicon Valley remains firmly in the hands of whites, for reasons too complex to relate here. That money buys elections for “people like us” meaning the white liberals will contribute lots of money to white campaigns in their communities. I don’t see white liberals donating money to Mexican-American citizens for elections within their own communities, although I know they are willing to help elect hispanics to run Los Angeles, Stockton, and other major cities.

Cities are seeing more and more Hispanics running locally for office, though they still don’t have as much political clout as their numbers would suggest. For instance, it is believed that San Joaquin County is nearly 50% Hispanic, with a significant portion of that being from illegal immigration. I see that in court every day. I handle a lot of midsdemeanor cases, which include domestic violence (DV), drunk driving (DUI), drugs, shoplifting and minor thefts, and so on.

I can say from my perspective that around 50% of the DUIs are hispanic, and of those, the majority are here illegally. We cannot ask them in court their legal status in the US, but it is fairly obvious. We keep a Spanish language interpreter on hand every day, as we usually need him for a few of the cases. Most of the illegals speak enough English to make it through a court appearance without an interpreter, so the ones who need it are rare and stand out as illegals even more than others. But we have DUI cases where the driver is carrying a Mexican driver’s license–not recognized in California–or presents a Mexican Counselor ID card to prove his identity.

Those ID cards, by the way, are obtainable for the asking, without proof of birth in Mexico or other evidence, so are virtually useless in determining ID–critical in finding out whether the subject has prior arrests, convictions, etc.–but are accepted in court and law enforcement.

DV is so common amongst Mexican-Americans and the illegals that we call it “Mexican foreplay”. Probably 60 to 70 percent of my DV cases involve Mexicans/Hispanics. The remaining cases are mostly white, often precipitated by drugs or alcohol. Tweakers and alcoholics seem to have tendencies to beat their wives/gfs–or sometimes the tweaker girls beat their boyfriends. For some reason, DV is rare in the black community.

DUI seems to be a Mexican national hobby. I get far more hispanic defendants in that category than any other. And they seem to be most likely to repeat.

As for overall crimes, Mexican gangs pretty well drive the shootings, drug wars, and murders in this area. When I arrived here seven or eight years ago, the area was well saturated with black, asian and hispanic gangs, seemingly of equal status and numbers. The whites who had gang tendencies ended up in the biker clubs, which avoid gang wars, handle meth distribution, and ride motorcycles. Kind of an “odd man out” syndrome for the whites.

The black and asian gangs here have been fairly well marginalized over the past few years since I began here, by the Mexican gangs. The real power is in the Norteños here. The Norteños pride themselves in being mostly “legal” Mexican Americans, whereas the Sureños have a lot of illegal Mexican immigrant kids in their gangs. The drug cartels in Mexico are beginning to run the drug distribution networks in California, whereas in the past it was rather like a contract deal: whatever gang could handle the drugs and get rid of the competition got the drugs to sell. Now, it seems as if the cartels are sending direct orders to various gangs–all Mexican.

We are hearing of direct murder orders as well coming from the cartel bosses, which was not the case in the past. I expect then that the Sureños will ascend in power, given their more direct dealings with the Mexican cartels. The real dividing line in this state between where the Sureños are the most powerful gang and where the Norteños are the leading gang seems to be Bakersfield, from what I’ve been told and have seen. Meaning of course, that the Norteños are more powerful north of Bakersfield, while the Sureños rule in the southern California areas. That is not true everywhere, as some areas are disputed and some are changing all the time.

This has implications not recognized by most people. When you get sentenced to county jail (and most crimes are being turned into county jail crimes, not state prison, under a series of new laws “liberalizing” criminal behavior) as a Sureño in San Joaquin County, you are in for a rougher ride than most; the jails are populated by a majority of Norteños, who make life Hell for their Sureño rivals. The state prisons have to provide separate dorms, cell blocks and facilities to keep Sureños and Norteños apart. I’ve toured state prisons and was told by guards that this or that entire cell block/buliding was “ruled” by Nortenos or Surenos–the guards really didn’t have control.

Whites and blacks often are housed in the same cell blocks together as there are not enough whites or blacks to take over entire cell blocks in some prisons, whereas the Mexican gang members are present in large enough numbers to require that in order to maintain peace and provide for the safety of the felons. Yes, yes, the State is responsible if they whack each other and will lose millions of dollars in lawsuits by families represented by weird “civil rights” lawyers who hate themselves for being rich, white or male, or all the above.

How widespread is crime? One city of which I am aware had a murder rate two years ago that was six times the national average–virtually all due to gang fights and drug deals gone wrong.

The past year, following saturation by combination patrols and sweeps of Federal, State, County and City police, the murder rate there dropped to about two to three times the national average. It is climbing again this year, rapidly. The drop was brought about by an interesting strategy: numbers-crunchers noted that about 50% of the major crime was caused by only 5% of the criminal population (repeat offenders–most of what I deal with are people with rap sheets–prior crimes). Those same 5% also committed about 80-90% of the murders and other violent crimes. Focus on those, it was opined, and violent crime should drop.

So they went after those people ID’d as violent, repeat offenders, most of whom were on parole or probation–virtually all of those were “searchable”, meaning their conditions of parole or probation, agreed to by them in order to obtain relase from prison, included a requirement that they submit themselves, their persons, property, homes, vehicles, etc. to search without probable cause. Those types were followed, watched, monitored in every way possible and legal, and when a search condition arose (in spite of the “anytime, anywhere, no cause needed” terms of the probation/parole, the cops still need a valid reason to stop them like broken taillights, suspicious behavior, etc.), they would be searched immediately. They nearly always carry something wrong: a baggie of MJ, a rock of crack, a knife, a gun, a crystal of meth–or the stolen property they just lifted from somwhere. And they would go back to the prison on a parole/probation violation.

Parole and probation violations are dealt with rapidly–no waiting for trial, some hearsay testimony is okay, and the case gets a hearing within days or weeks, not six months to a year–and no release on probation (after all, he is in court because he couldn’t meet the terms of his probation).

The joint task force efforts are on-going but I think have eased up because of the enormous cost to other agencies whose mandate doesn’t include local policing, like BATF, FBI, DEA, Highway Patrol and others. In addition things are changing about probation and parole–most cases will now go to county jail instead of away to state prison. And the county jails are overflowing, releasing prisoners every week per Federal court requirements.

Thus, we’ve seen the murder rate jump up again. And it is again mostly Mexican gangs doing the killing. I can read the reports on local murders and see the hispanic suspect names, the fact that the victim was hispanic, in the local park after dark (usually around midnight or up to 4am), and the age and know immediately that it was a gang event.

Relations between white, brown and black? The hispanics generally despise blacks. I have been told by people who know that once hispanics move into a low income neighborhood in Los Angeles, the gangs go down the street and warn young black males to be out of that neighborhood, ASAP–move, run away, whatever, but just don’t be seen here next week. Neighborhoods that were once “black” and had a black gang culture have been transformed–the blacks driven out. The black gangs don’t seem to have it together as well as the hispanic gangs. Can’t say why but you can speculate as well as I can.

As for whites and hispanics, first the whites don’t generally have gangs except for the Aryan Brotherhood in prison and the occasional biker gangs, but they don’t operate like the other racially oriented gangs. Perhaps because, as the dominant culture, they don’t have to. The Mexican gangs don’t usually bother the whites, unless something affects both cultures.

One example about “cultures” and the gangs: I’ve been approached in a health club locker room by Nortenos who were upset by the fact that white and asian men were walking nude with their towels from the lockers to the showers–a “normal” behavior for both cultures. But Mexicans frequently do not want to show their bodies off; I often see them showering with their shorts on. They may then change into dry shorts at the locker, but are half hidden when they do. Or they put their outer clothes over their wet shorts.

So the Norteno gang members let us know they were enforcing “community standards” (meaning both Mexican and Mexican gang culture) on us and the locals. They emphasized to us that they were “soldiers” tasked with that job. We were advised not to walk nude to and from the showers again. There was no doubt they were Nortenos and what they were doing. Their actions became the subject of some activity by our local police gang task forces–we were never bothered again, and in fact, we haven’t seen obvious gang members at that health club since.

The relations between whites and hispanics on a macro level are reasonable, though some whites are aware that they are losing political power in this state to hispanics. There is some friction at the political area where that is becoming obvious as some hispanic activists make political demands of white politicians and point out the demographics and projection figures, which favor them. I think the friction between the black politicians and hispanic politicians is more egregious, given that their activists are splitting the same pot: entitlements, special consideration, and handouts. But that doesn’t spill over into the general populations of both races/ethnic groups.

At least with the hispanic politicians and activists, they span the spectrum of income levels and education: hispanics, like whites and asians, promote education, work ethic, and moving up the socio-economic ladder, whereas the black activists assume their racial demographic will remain uneducated, low income, etc., without any movement, needing help like children for generations to come. It’s all caused by slavery you know.

(Fred note: “The University of California has admitted more Hispanics than whites for the first time….”:Wall Street Journal.)

Crime has definitely increased due to recent Mexican immigration. And it’s been the worst sort of crime: murders, drug dealing, cartel stuff, and so on. Add to that the significant “minor” crimes of DV and DUIs, and you have quite a drain on our criminal justice/court system.

Assimilation? Mexican Americans are becoming a bit more isolated from other races as they gain demographic advantage, meaning that they retain much of their culture rather than assimilating. Unlike German, Irish, English, Danish, Nowegian, Indian children of immigrants, they don’t try as hard to be “American” but keep calling themselves hispanic or Mexican, celebrating–and demanding the rest of America celebrate–Mexican national holidays and adopt Mexican habits and lifestyles. (I like the food, but really, insisting that Cinco de Mayo be an American holiday??) I don’t see much antagonism to mixed race marriages/relationships between hispanics and whites, though I am sure it exists–just not at the level of mixing blacks and whites (to both races–many blacks, especially black women, hate any black male who mates with white women). And by way of note, the prejudice against mixing Asians and any other race, whether white, black or hispanic, comes from Asians–they are tremendously racist, as a general attitude. (I am speaking in sweeping generalities here–but one cannot speak truth any more, as it is not politically correct).

I think I gave you far more than you expected, Fred. In fact, I have to work for the taxpayers now…. got to go!!

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: California, Hispanics 
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  1. Jim Sweeney says: • Website

    It is tragic to see my home state become like Mexico, which is nothing more than a failed country despite Fred’s numerous rants about how great it is to live there. I wish it were so that its millions of citizens would stay there and not pollute California with abysmal latin culture.

    Like others, I agree that California is demographically doomed. Among other problems that brings is an endless river of latins coming into California for export around the rest of the country. It is truly unfortunate that the historical America, that can-do country of yore, is being overrun with the non-contributors from the latin countries. And, of course, traitors like our president and his immigration followers, are helping to muddy up America’s complexion.

    The more latins who arrive here, the less American America becomes as few, very few, latins ever add much to this country but more dependant latins. It is blindingly obvious that, world-wide, only white run countries are worth living in. If you disagree, name a couple. Or, alternatively, name a spanish-speaking or African majority country you would like to live in.

    I can’t either. There are none.

  2. No such thing as a “Mexican American”. You can be Mexican or American, not both.

    I would imagine that blacks commit even more DV, but it is accepted in their culture and not reported.

    • Replies: @The Scalpel
  3. Many thanks to Fred and his friend for providing this informative look from inside California.

    There are no surprises here.

    One thing that stands out starkly (other than the Mexican contribution to crime) is how American people (this means European/White people) do so little to promote and defend their culture, as compared to the severely prejudiced way Mexicans, Asians, Muslims and virtually every other group impose their ways wherever they go.

    Evidence #1: We have borders, like every other nation, but we do not use them. If we did, this whole issue would be moot. Somehow we refuse to defend our own way of life; we allow in those who truly want to destroy it!

    I was born in California in ancient times, and I lived there until I was eight. I have nice memories of a white, American childhood there. That California no longer exists, and I blame my government and business leaders for this, as much as my Mexican enemies. That’s right; they are my enemies. With all this evidence, how could I not conclude that they are?

    After reading what Fred has provided here, no one but a Mexican criminal or a Mexican bigot could ever claim that our policies and our naive tolerance have brought about anything but shit. That’s the most accurate English word for it; that is the truth, and so I think it should be said here.

  4. Truth says:

    Hey Fredo, that’s really good news, Chief; You can move the family back to America now, there are cities you’d feel comfortable in!

  5. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    The writer should at least join a better gym.

    Also, in my experience, there really is less domestic violence among blacks. The men who engage in such tell to be the objects of swift street justice from the females’ relatives.

    Fascinating read, all in all.

    • Replies: @BurplesonAFB
    , @anon
  6. @Anon

    I’ve read that there’s also a strong culture of not bringing the police into matters like that, can you confirm? I’m fortunate to have very little exposure to that demographic.

  7. “And by way of note, the prejudice against mixing Asians and any other race, whether white, black or hispanic, comes from Asians–they are tremendously racist, as a general attitude.”

    Back before Larry Elder got let go by KABC, he had a caller to his show, an Asian guy, who expressed pretty much that attitude. He talked about how he did not like to see Asian women with white boyfriends — a very common site here in Orange County, CA. Sensing that there was something lurking beneath the caller’s comment, Elder asked a follow up question: “what if she’s unattractive?” The caller’s response? “Oh, then I don’t care.”

  8. Dennis Dale says: • Website

    The fantastic wealth generated in Silicon Valley remains firmly in the hands of whites, for reasons too complex to relate here

    Uh, because they generated it? What’s “complex” here?
    It will be interesting to see what happens when Ca comes after more and more of that wealth to pay for the ever-growing numbers of poor.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  9. The Scalpel says: • Website
    @Chris Mallory

    Chris M,

    “America”extends from the Arctic Sea in the north to Tierra Del Fuego in the south. Hence there are Mexican americans just as there are Chilean americans just as there are USA’n americans.

    I do, however, understand the point you are trying to make. You don’t believe that, at heart, it is possible to be a “dual” citizen.

  10. anon • Disclaimer says:

    “For some reason, DV is rare in the black community.”

    Reporting it to the police is rare. The thing itself is extremely common.

  11. For some reason, DV is rare in the black community.

    Dem bitches be sumpin’ big. Leroy get his ass in a sling.

  12. Kyle a says:

    Decent article until the norteno shower room verbal scolding. What type of facilities are you a member of ? I’m calling bullshit. The whole bit about the Asian guy walking around with his Johnson on display ……we know that don’t happen in the real world. They are intelligent though.

  13. Jefferson says:

    Mexicans they lie they cheat they steal.

    Mexicans can’t be weak because they are coming from the streets of the ghetto, at the end of the week they get to keep your dinero, your fast asleep they sneak in your casa, rob your belongings because they represent thug life La Raza.

  14. Lovecraft says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    Spain or Uruguay are good, but they are white Europeans.

    • Replies: @SFG
    , @Jim Sweeney
  15. I guess that’s why they want to split California into 5 states or so. I imagine that redistricting States will continue to favour the majority white population as they are probably the most rural and spread out population in the land.

  16. iSteveFan says:


    “America”extends from the Arctic Sea in the north to Tierra Del Fuego in the south. Hence there are Mexican americans just as there are Chilean americans just as there are USA’n americans.

    You do understand that a word like American can have separate meanings depending upon whether it is used to identify an inhabitant of a specific nation, or an entire continent? For example, people from New York City call themselves New Yorkers. But a New Yorker is also the term given to people who live in any part of the state of New York. So people from Albany are New Yorkers in another sense. Thus, New Yorker can mean different things based upon the context of its use.

    We in the US are not called United Staters. We are called ‘American’. Likewise, Canada and Mexico, fellow North American nations, have the demonyms Canadian and Mexican, not American. When it refers to the citizens of a specific country, American is taken to mean people from the United States.

    • Replies: @The Scalpel
  17. The Scalpel says: • Website

    Most citizens of the United States would agree with your point of view. Most everyone else in the world would not. Calling only citizens of the United States Americans, is chauvinistic, and geographically imprecise, although it is a tradition in error among US citizens .

    But, in any case, you miss the point of my response. The post I was responding to was basically a semantic argument and not a very good one. In addition, it was a bit xenophobic. My point was that if he wanted to go the semantic route for his argument, he would lose on semantics. Perhaps he should support why he feels a person cannot at heart be a dual citizen with some reasoning, not just word play.

    As a sort of nonviolent anarchist, I see myself as a citizen of the world, more than a dual citizen, a “pan-citizen” if you will. I am not the only one who feels that way so I believe, yes, a person can, at heart, be a dual citizen and more.

  18. Ace says:
    @The Scalpel

    When you get into a jam in Angola, do you thing “the world” will give a darn about your plight? There’s no such thing as a citizen of the world. Renounce your U.S. citizenship and see where that gets you.

    Not intended as a hostile observation, mind you.

    • Replies: @The Scalpel
  19. donut says:

    Come on man sometimes a man has to say enough is enough . Maybe Islam has some things right.

    “even if you want your camel or donkey to start walking” Priceless.

  20. The Scalpel says: • Website

    If YOU are in Angola and you find yourself face to face with a lion, do you think your US citizenship will help you?

    I’d say that it is best to stay away from the lion unless you know how to deal with lions and are equipped to do it. Relying on your US citizenship only is a pretty weak toolkit.

    Having said that, why should I throw away a perfectly good survival tool? Just because I do not recognize the moral authority of the US government, does not mean that (a) I do not recognize it as a dangerous beast, and (b) that I should not use this dangerous beast to further my own survival if I can do so.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  21. @The Scalpel

    dwiggmd: “Chauvinistic?” WTF??

    Stop wasting O2 or in the case of this blog, electrons, you fricking idiot. What a libtard!

    I am second generation American of Mexican ancestry. My father was career Army and served in Vietnam. I am American, period. The nomenclature hispanic, mexican-american, chicano, latino, etc. is all crap made up by others including the US government for census and other nefarious reasons.

    You want to be a citizen of the world. Renounce your US citizenship and see what that gets you. I can tell you first hand, if I go to Mexico, I am not recognized as a “mexicano” you can bet your sweet ass on that! When I travel around the world and am asked where I am from, I am an “American.” I have never been asked to clarify the meaning of that statement. They understand I mean from the U.S. of A.

    You are an ignorant fool.

  22. SFG says:

    I do think it’s funny how Uruguay has legal marijuana and same-sex marriage.

  23. I lived in California from 1972-2011 (mainly Santa Clara County, but also San Diego, Orange, and Merced counties, during about half of the 90s), and I grew up in a milieu where a lot of the guys I knew wound up getting involved in “Biker”-type outfits, and going to the state pen (I myself spent 231 days in the Santa Clara County Jail, in ’99-2000), and so I have some direct knowledge and experience of the things this man has written about (albeit from the opposite perspective, LOL), and I can vouch for the accuracy of pretty much everything he said here (the thing about the health club was kinda weird, but I don’t doubt the veracity of the claim; I’m just noting it doesn’t sound typical).

    For the record, I wound up in jail due to my involvement in a so-called “hate” crime. That was back when I was, for all practical purposes, a Nazi activist. Today, I have what I like to think of as a somewhat more sophistictaed worldview, but in fairness, the reason I became a National Soocialist back in my 20s (today I’m 44), was precisely in order to stave off California’s becoming what it, in point of fact, has become. So while I may not feel vindicated in my earlier socio-political leanings, I do feel like I was something other than the morally degenerate fool that folks tell me I must have been, in order to embrace such notions. Its difficult to escape the conclusion that, in some fundamental way, I was right.

    • Replies: @anon
  24. a hispanic and or foriegn majority in Cali, NY and or other large states and even a nonwhite majority in the USA as a whole would be a great thing for the whites of america.

    Here is why: it would wake up the white majority and motivate them to call a constitutional convention of the state legislatures. That would end the washington DC dominance over the states and possibly even effectively end the USA itself.

    Here’s how it would go down: as foreigners continue pour in, unfettered by the deliberately feckless federal immigration enforcement, the large states, CA, FL, NY, IL, TX, will become majority nonwhite. That will probably mean a nonwhite majority in the USA as a whole. However, the vast majority of the states, 40 or more will remain majority white.

    Of course affirmative action will remain in force because that is how the mega-corporations are able to make workers and consumers out of all that nonwhite foreign human cattle. More workers, more consumers, higher GDP, higher profits for the mega-corporations.

    As time goes on, the mainstream media will continue to grow less important and online media sources will take over. That means the interests and perspectives of the white majority will be more strongly expressed online than they are now in the mainstream media.

    As nonwhites dominate in the workplaces of the large states, affirmative action will allow them to dominate the workplaces. Whites will be marginalized and the downgrading of white social status will continue apace via the laws handed down from the supreme court and its upper class sensibilities.

    The online media will play to its white audience and expose and even sensationalize the abuses of the affirmative action system at work in the large states and large metro areas. This will enrage much of the white majority.

    But what to do about it? The federal govt in DC controls and the states have little say in it.

    The federal constitution allows for the state legislatures to call a constitutional convention of the state legislatures. Once 34 state legislatures call for such a convention, it must be held. At such a convention the state legislatures may propose and ratify any desired federal constitution amendments, even amendments that radically modify the federal constitution or even replace it.

    Any such constitutional amendments from a state legislature constitutional convention require ratification by 38 state legislatures.

    The GOP now controls both house in 30 state legislatures. It is very close to getting the 34 states needed to call the convention. And control of 38 state legislatures is very doable.

    Once the convention is called, the state legislatures could then pass amendments putting civil rights, immigration, commerce and other aspects of governance into the hands of the states.

    End of affirmative action, mass immigration, white demonization etc.

    • Replies: @TomB
    , @Aguila1952
  25. I don’t see much antagonism to mixed race marriages/relationships between hispanics and whites

    Perhaps this is because Hispanic men marry white women, and Hispanic women marry white men, in roughly equal numbers, so no one is losing out on potential mates. Black/white pairings are mostly black men/white women, which hurts black women and white men. Asian/white pairings are mostly white men/Asian women.

    If domestic violence is rare among blacks, perhaps that’s because there’s not much domestic anything in that culture.

  26. @Lovecraft

    I don’t see much in the way of immigration into Spain by white people. As for Uruguay, that’s mostly retirees who can live well there on relatively small money. There’s no swell of whites inundating the place.

  27. @The Scalpel

    Actually, your words describe you as a non-citizen as you see/feel/think there’s no distinction among citizenships. Fine by me though to be consistent, you should give your citizenships up as none means anything to you. I would especially like you to give up your US citizenship as we don’t need citizens who think their citizenship meritless.

    • Replies: @Biff
  28. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Let’s remember the real reason this country is overrun with illegals and also legal immigrants. A sick alliance of businessmen and white liberals have undermined the immigration laws while the rest of us stood around and let them get away with it. Tools like Pete Wilson and the GOP majority legislature did nothing to stop it just like Reagan and Bush when they had the national political power to stop illegals. I put the Chamber of Commerce and other biz groups in the same category as LaRaza when it comes to immigration. Traitors all.
    Now we are leaving Cali to the 1%ers and the Mexicans.

  29. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Crime, crappy schools, overloaded and expensive healthcare, dirty parks and streets. Parts of the state are virtual mexico. Huge barrios. Come visit!

  30. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Unless you are a pro athlete.

  31. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin O'Keeffe

    BS. A Nazi is a violent criminal, I am sure you deserved your jail time.

    • Replies: @Kevin O'Keeffe
  32. Biff says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    “I would especially like you to give up your US citizenship as we don’t need citizens who think their citizenship meritless.”

    Who’s “we”…?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Jim Sweeney
  33. @Jim Sweeney

    Spain. Chile. Uruguay. Possibly costa rica.

    • Replies: @Jim Sweeney

  34. The fantastic wealth generated in Silicon Valley remains firmly in the hands of whites, for reasons too complex to relate here.

    really? It’s fairly obvious, they generated it because they are smart and hard-working.

  35. Spudwhite says:

    What of the hoards of Chinese and dot Indians in Silicon Valley and Blacks in Oakland and such?
    I’m an ancient White Native Californian, as was my late father, but I haven’t lived there since 1979. Lived in seven other states since then and now in what will no doubt be my last, Idaho. Worked with and been both neighbor and friend to truly a multitude of folks of various races, ethnicities, orientations and enjoyed it but I also like being with a solely White crowd nowadays.
    Still, my family did and does live in California and the Chinese who bought my Dads house sold it to a dot Indian. That house is maybe as far as two miles from Apple headquarters. When my parents bought it back in the ’70s it cost them 36K. Sold the tiny tract house that had no renovation for 1.2 million.
    No Mexicans are ever going to live in Silicon Valley with such prices. They will continue to be used as day laborers as is their traditional role. Northern California will be Chinese eventually as the Whites die or move out and the Indians move elsewhere for easier pickings, that’s my prediction.
    My sister lives in Southern Cal and affirms it’s all going back to being completely Mexican there.
    The blacks will probably move to Denver or to their natural home the Southern USA. Mexicans in the California South, Chinese with a smattering of Whites in the North, it won’t be a desired benefits hunting ground for Blacks.
    California was a dream, a hazy, lovely, ultimately sad one for Whites anyway. All and all, I wish my ancestors had stayed in Europe.

    • Replies: @anon
  36. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Us citizens who love America.

  37. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Obviously you don’t know much about Europe. Disneyland for adults. But no opportunity.
    As a sili valley escapee I agree with the rest of your post.

  38. @anon

    “A Nazi is a violent criminal, I am sure you deserved your jail time.”

    Perhaps I did, but the way you phrase that, it almost makes it sound as if you think I was complaining about the fact I went to jail, or that I was attempting to elicit sympathy from others, whereas I most assuredly was not doing either of those things. The event occurred over 15 years ago, and I’m well over it. And to be fair, I DID do something rather foolish, and yet I can’t help but note that your characterization of anyone who holds political views (or former views, as the case may be), which you find sufficiently distasteful, as indicative of being a “violent criminal,” to be both slander, and an example of profound stupidity. First off, I have never physically harmed another human being,* so when you call me “violent,” you are a damned liar. And when you claim that anyone who has ever expressed even a transient affiliation with National Socialism, is a “criminal,” you reveal yourself as a simple-minded buffoon. Ideas do not transform one into “a violent criminal,” you sanctimonious half-wit.

    *Admittedly, there are times when that fact inspires a sort of wistful regret within my soul.

    • Replies: @leftist conservative
  39. NAZI is an acronym for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party; NSDAP). Being a nazi simply means you agree with this largely defunct form of government and has nothing to do with being a criminal.

  40. TomB says:
    @leftist conservative

    Kudos for trying to think through the consequences of all this.

    That said I can’t help feeling it has a … Occam’s type problem in terms of all its extended suppositions and forecasts: Just so many, each of which even alone might be questioned but then linked together necessarily…

    In any event my prediction is one that not only takes from some hints that have already appeared, but from other similar historical situations too and that is what we will see is a secession movement. That is, to have California (So. Cal. for sure) and New Mexico (and possibly Arizona but I don’t see all of Texas being claimed at least by the time things get going) secede and join/rejoin Mexico.

    Of course in some slices of the Hispanic community there’s already long been talk of same, or an “Aztlan,” and then there’s the example right on our doorstep of Quebec.

    Funny but this actually brings up a thought to my mind: What if, instead of being outraged at this and promoting that outrage, one started and succeeded in promoting the idea that … the sooner the better? That when that movement gets going it should not be resisted but indeed hastened?

    If, after all, it’s gonna happen anyway, why wait and have all the rest of the U.S. pour our money and etc. into those states?

    Be interesting to see the effect on those living in those states/areas now. Just how … welcoming they’d be towards the ever-increasing hispanicisation they are not only seeing but indeed welcoming. Especially amongst the elites who seem to be the most welcoming: I.e, facing the prospect that the locus of wealth and privilege would soon be subject to the wonderful governance Mexico City provides for Mexico. Wonder how Silicon Valley would react?

    Might be a veery interesting thing indeed to see a mainstream call to start not caring if indeed some areas start demanding secession. To … give away Los Angeles and San Diego… To do away with all those wonderful national legislators that California and Arizona has been sending us… To settle once and for all where we could have a border, and give so much economic resource over to Mexico we could say let us hear no more about us needing compassion for wanna-be immigrants trying to escape Mexican poverty. And if (!) Mexico were to go and screw it all up–i.e., the same way it’s screwed up what land it already dominates—well so be it. At least we can’t be blamed and we did our part…

    Wouldn’t you love to see the expressions on the faces of so many of those elites there faced with even just the possibility that the rest of this country would throw them under the bus when the inevitable secessionist calls start being made?

    • Replies: @Bob
  41. @Biff

    Most Americans I would venture to guess. There surely are others who agree with his non-valuation of US citizenship – you may well be one; I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind a bet as to whether the “we” referenced is a materially larger cohort that those who would opt out. I would say that wherever one goes with the green passport one is the envy of most who notice it. Why do I say that? Well, first, it’s true at least in my experience. Not that I think all Euros/Aussies et al want to come here but those poor souls in turd world countries surely do. But I digress somewhat.

  42. @Penguinchip

    I’ve already commented on Spain and Uruguay. I’ve no experience in the other countries though, again, I see no stampede to them by Americans of any color. Somehow, I don’t find them appealing but don’t know from experience. Do you?

  43. @leftist conservative

    Dear “Leftist Conservative”: Man! What a circle jerk name if I ever heard one.

    Your logic is impeccably left as should be expected.

    The premise of your “Here’s how it goes down …” is so full of crap. It all hinges on a Constitutional Convention when everything that supposedly leads to your build up of this event even happening is built on completely disregarding the Constitution of the United States. So what makes you think that all of a sudden, when it is appropriate for your non-white group to call for a Convention, that the Constitution will suddenly be recognized and obeyed? Nada, my man! Nada.

    Plain and simple. There is no more Constitution. The system is already broken. You can talk about marginalizing the white man but who will run the infrastructure, the great businesses, create the inventions, and make the wise decisions that created this great country called the United States of America? Who? The illegal immigrants?

    Just look at where they came from. Did they create anything close to what the USA is like back in their home countries? NO! That is why they fled north. From wherever they came from, all they will do is drive this country into the ground once the freebies stop. And mark my words, freebies do not last forever because the American citizens who work and pay taxes will go Galt one day and without their tax money, there are no freebies.

    When I say they will “go Galt” I don’t mean literally, at least not the majority. The non-whites will create an underground economy so they don’t have to pay taxes, ha, how smart they are! They will suck off the teet of those stupid Gringos. As your numbers grow and the demand for more free stuff grows, who is going to pay for that? Not me! I don’t even live in the U.S. any longer cause I saw the writing on the wall many years ago.

    So you go on with your foolish thinking and enjoy your reconquista! Enjoy what the white man built. But I know I helped build the Bay Area with work as a teen hanging drywall to pay for college and then working in Silicon Valley. My uncles worked in cement finishing laying curbs and sidewalks all over the valley. So they helped build it also. But they built something and were proud of it. They did not come here to take and destroy. They were proud to be Americans. Suck on that!

    • Replies: @Jim Sweeney
  44. @Aguila1952

    Surely you are correct in your observation that all our illegals come from failed states; turd world countries is my name for them. None of these vibrant people nor their equally vibrant ancestors could even conceive of a nation like ours much less create and build it. In this world, only white people have ever done it. To those who try to sell me Japan, I give them President MacArthur who made them into an Asian America with elections even.

    Is truth racist? I don’t think so but the progs do of course.

    • Replies: @Aguila1952
  45. snorlax says:
    @Jim Sweeney

    As others have mentioned, Spain and the Southern Cone countries (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay) are perfectly livable, if Full Retard in their politics. Of course, they’re all white-majority countries.

    As for African-majority places, Bermuda is pretty nice. For the more misanthropic amongst us, a ranch in rural Namibia or Botswana could be a pleasant, if quiet, life. The governments of those two countries are remarkably sensible for the continent and do not interfere with the natives’ traditional tribal ways of life, figuring that if they’re running around with spears in loincloths, they aren’t packed a million strong in the capital, firing AK-47s in every direction and relieving themselves in the middle of the street. Someone mentioned on a blog (might’ve been Steve’s) that when they visited Windhoek, they noticed it has so little crime that people will leave their cars unlocked when they park them on the street. Possibly BS, but interesting if true.

  46. @Jim Sweeney

    Jim Sweeney: As Joe Friday used to say “The facts Ma’am, just the facts.”

    The media today including renown’s like History Channel, Nat Geo, PBS, Discovery, etc., go to great lengths these days to “reeducate” the populace on how great other cultures are relative to Americans. The Chinese, the Aztecs, the Byzantines, the Arabs invented all kinds of crap and built huge civilizations thousands of years ago! We should be amazed and impressed and not so full of American exceptionalism! After all, we are not so great. Look at what these other peoples accomplished … a thousand years ago. Never mind the “What have you done lately?” question.

    My issue stems from exactly these facts. Civilizations were built and great discoveries were made by people who had the creativity and forethought to invent, to challenge nature, who had the will to survive and do so on their own terms. They did not need the UN or missionaries to provide well water , food, medicines, or houses for their families. The not only survived but they prospered. What happened to that? But of course, I should say the same thing about what has happened to the American citizen who lets white collar crime steal their retirement, allows an out of control government to violate their God given rights, and then not only elects but reelects a communist as President. Go figure. Might as well shoot yourself in the head if you voted for that piece of crap. But I digress because Barry is simply a front man. It is the big money behind him that is directing the undoing of this once great country. And I fear it is too late. The only hope is to be on God’s side and to pray. Oh, and keep your powder dry cause the lead is gonna fly.

    • Replies: @Jim Sweeney
  47. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @Dennis Dale

    California tax rates are an atrocity.
    Businesses have been fleeing California in droves.
    So, plundering Silicon Valley will simply encorage them to leave.

    In the high tech world nonsense like “diversity” are for the most part merely token talking points. The nature of that business is that they cannot afford to hire a lot of low IQ freeloaders. Gray matter matters.

    The question that California’s increasingly anti-white Marxist government just doesn’t seem to undertstand is that soon there there won’t be enough white people to pay the bills.

    So why do so many want to change California into Mexico?

  48. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Why do I get a note saying my post was marked as spam when I try to edit a typo?

    • Replies: @Sunbeam
  49. Sunbeam says:

    “In the high tech world nonsense like “diversity” are for the most part merely token talking points. ”

    You know for the past few days I’ve been trying to think of a single famous person from Europe that has middle eastern ancestry.

    I’m drawing a complete blank. Not in entertainment, the arts, the sciences, business, I got nothin.’

    I know there are a few politicians, and soccer players I think. I do not follow European politics at the local level, and do not follow soccer so I don’t really know.

    I know this thread is about California, but still…

    Why are we so gung ho about diversity being good?

    • Replies: @Jim
  50. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @The Scalpel

    dwiggmd said:
    “Most citizens of the United States would agree with your point of view. Most everyone else in the world would not. Calling only citizens of the United States Americans, is chauvinistic, and geographically imprecise, although it is a tradition in error among US citizens .”

    Absolutely wrong.

    I have traveled all over the world and people from the US are generally referred to as ‘Americans’ by the people within the many countries in which I have visited.

    Take your issues to the foreigners who routinely call us ‘Americans’.

    Maybe you should get out more often.

  51. Jay Fink says:

    I had to laugh about the towel story. I am sharing a house with a Mexican family (not gang members in the least). The bathroom is directly across the hall from my I used a towel to enter. Soon a sign appeared on the bathroom door. The lady wrote “Wear clothes to shower NOT a towel”. One day her brother in law was staying over and he walked out of shower with towel. When he saw me he turned bright red. I never saw anyone so embarrassed in my life. So yes there is a Mexican cultural taboo against being seen in a towel after shower.

    I strongly dislike criminals of all races and ethnicities. But I like the non-criminal Mexicans (which seem to be the majority). They are generally really nice people. I find their lack of status striving to be refreshing. Plus they mostly have nice families. You will never find so many intact family units among whites (and certainly not blacks) in lower socioeconomic levels.

    I would like to find a Mexican girlfriend because that’s who I’m mostly attracted to. I love how most Mexican girls wear a lot of makeup and wear tight sexy clothes. There seems to be a movement among white women to wear no makeup and look as plain and unsexy as possible. Many lower class white women look like monsters while many of the rest are taking the natural look to the extreme. This might seem trivial to many of you but it’s the most important thing in life to me. So I am cheering for maximum Mexican immigration. The more hot Mexican girls all dolled up wearing sexy clothes and shoes the happier I am.

    • Replies: @JSM
    , @Ron Mexico
  52. JSM says:
    @The Scalpel

    Hi, Mr.
    Citizen of the World. Why don’t you go ahead, then, and trot on down to Mexico or Chile, and try out that Citizen of the World stuff on them? When they toss your sorry ass back OUT of their countries, you’ll hypocritically come on sneaking back into U.S. where you can crow about being Citizen of the World in safety, now, won’t you?

  53. JSM says:
    @Jay Fink

    “So I am cheering for maximum Mexican immigration”

    Screw you. Go to Mexico and make us BOTH happy. I *don’t* want ’em here.

  54. @Aguila1952

    Those ancient civilizations of which you speak were usually slave labor built, with human sacrifice rather standard I believe.

    And if they were so great, where are they today? They exist only in Western museums and schoplarly works. Never has there been a major nation where such a percentage of its people live as well as we.

    The ancinet Aztecs and Egyptians were hierarchical, religious monarchies and never got off their ancient ways as they were unadaptable. They would not change and so they decayed to zero. Is the Great Wall a magnificent feat? You betcha’ but it isn’t as good for the world as apirin, clean water systems and sewers. The Romans did some of that with their aquaducts but, darn it, they turn out to be white – a little dark but still white.

    I don’t denigrate the ancients but I stand by my statement that whites have built the only civilization readers and posters here really want to live in. There are few posts from Non-whiote run or built countries.

    And Bermuda? That’s funny. It’s Olde England in blackface. And quite nice to visit but only rich people really want to immigrate and live there. None go to China and few to the Cone countries.

  55. Jay Fink says:


    It doesn’t matter what you (or the rest of the majority) want.Democrats want Mexican immigrants for votes and Republicans (not the voters but the politicians and the Chamber of Commerece) want them for cheap labor. So those in power will keep getting more Mexicans. . Nothing is going to stop it. I am pleased about this but for totally different reasons.

    I don’t need to move to Mexico. The town I live in is over 50% (some say 80% if illegals were counted) Mexican. I am in heaven seeing all these sexy ladies.

    • Replies: @Chris
  56. “they lie they cheat they steal”

    our entire economy seems to be based on that, i call it swindelism, forget all those other isms, swindelism sums it up.

    I’ve also called it a “big payday” economy since everyone just wants to get that big payoff even if that means suing someone

  57. Jim says:

    “single famous person from Europe thst has middle eastern ancestry”

    Michael Atiyah.

    • Replies: @Sunbeam
  58. Sunbeam says:

    “single famous person from Europe thst has middle eastern ancestry”

    ‘Michael Atiyah.’

    Uhhh I always have google I guess. Who is that? Is there some reason I should know that name?

    Interesting I stand corrected. It appears though that he is of “Lebanese Christian Origin,” and his mother was apparently not Lebanese (nee “Levens”).

    Still I’ll take your point on this.

  59. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @The Scalpel

    Angola the prison or Angola the country ?

  60. @The Scalpel

    “Most citizens of the United States would agree with your point of view. Most everyone else in the world would not”

    That’s crap – to people outside the Americas, ‘American’ means citizen of the USA. I’ve never met a Brazilian or Columbian who claimed to be ‘American’ either, so I suspect this is just North American Cultural Deconstruction.

  61. Jon Pakon says: • Website

    Thanks for the informative article, great read.

  62. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is a great article.
    It perfectly displays the fearful, cowardly and racist mindset of cops, and why they are so predisposed to murder and assault against people of color.

    I am bookmarking this, as a way to spread the word to anyone who naively imagines that police officers are brave neutral enforcers of the law.

    • Replies: @abj_slant
  63. Jefferson says:

    California Love


    Long Beach in the house, Oaktown Oakland definitely in the house. Frisco Frisco, hey you know L.A up in this. Pasadena where you at ? Inglewood, Inglewood always up to no good. Even Hollywood trying to get a piece baby. SACRAMENTO, SACRAMENTO WHERE YOU AT ?

  64. @Jay Fink

    You can troll quinceaneras. The quinceanera crasher!

    Glad you aren’t in charge of immigration policy, it f’ed up enough already.

  65. Chris says: • Website
    @Jay Fink

    I grew up in a central CA rural town that was about 50/50 white and Mexican. I have to second Jay Fink’s comments. Most Mexicans I knew were fun and friendly people and the women were pretty.

    The article itself seems pretty accurate to me. I do think California is doomed long term, not because of Mexican immigrants per se but because of the idiotic state legislature pissing money away on frivolous nonsense, bloated inefficient government, and insane pensions. I still find California a great place to live (on the coast) but the business climate and personal taxation rates are becoming unbearable. Another ten years and then it is probably time to leave.

    Regarding the health club comments, I’ve always found the older white male insistence on strutting around a health club changing room naked to be sort of odd. Yeah, look at you! You are naked! Well done indeed.

  66. Jefferson says:

    “Most Mexicans I knew were fun and friendly people and the women were pretty.”

    I find most Mexican women unattractive. Caribbean and South American countries on average have prettier Latina women than Mexico.

  67. Bob says:

    Wouldn’t work. Why secede back to a nation they escaped from? Figuring those areas going back to Mexico would become as bad as the rest of Mexico we’d only have to deal with the same people jumping the new border back into whatever remains of the U.S.

  68. abj_slant says:

    The author sounded pretty objective to me. We all need to be willing to see truths, else how would we be able to effectively change the truths we don’t like?

  69. Jefferson says:

    In the areas of California like where it is mostly Mexican and you see very few to no White Gringo gentrification, you see a poverty rate similar to the region in the South known as the Black belt.

  70. The state has gone from melting pot to pot. It’s going to see increased illegal activity with more intoxicated useless breeders and legalized drugs aren’t going to help matters. It made a good ATM for Washington when times were good in the dotcom era. Post NSA revelation era? All the social media investments are losers and the droughts are ruining growth. It’s going to be a huge welfare state with a star studded history. With more mud slides and wildfires they’ll need cheap labor to clean and rebuild. Mexico has them covered.

  71. Svigor says:

    I’ve read that there’s also a strong culture of not bringing the police into matters like that, can you confirm? I’m fortunate to have very little exposure to that demographic.

    From what I understand, California law says that someone goes to jail on a DV call, period (what I understand could easily be flawed here). And participants don’t get to decide if the police get called to their domestic dispute by a neighbor. On the other hand, blacks do have a strong pro-criminal/anti-police ethic, so maybe the neighbors just aren’t calling the police as much.

    “America”extends from the Arctic Sea in the north to Tierra Del Fuego in the south. Hence there are Mexican americans just as there are Chilean americans just as there are USA’n americans.

    Haha, crock of shit. Like all the Mexicans who have lived their whole lives in Mexico refer to themselves as Mexican Americans. Like any of them do.

  72. Svigor says:

    Of course in some slices of the Hispanic community there’s already long been talk of same, or an “Aztlan,” and then there’s the example right on our doorstep of Quebec.

    I love how La Raza identifies with the Aztecs. The Aztecs are the #1 contenders for the title of The Most Vile, Evil, and Depraved People in History. Think Temple of Doom, if it ran an Empire. Great choice of heroes.

  73. Johnny says:
    @The Scalpel


    You’re exactly wrong.

    The only country in the “Americas” with the name “America” in it is the United States of America. That’s why their citizens are commonly referred to as “Americans.”

    What you’ve said is a trifling and annoying little nit-picky conceit that left wingers and anti-Americans have used for decades to try to “teach” white Americans about their “insensitivity” and “racism” by referring to themselves as American.

    When in fact it’s simply part of the country’s name and how they refer to their nationality.

    A parallel would be Mexico. I believe it’s called Estados Unidos de Mexico (United States of Mexico) and they refer to themselves as “Mexican.”

    Got it?

  74. jbrennan says:

    Ya mean when Mexicans are in court you can’t ask them if they are here legally or not? Wow what a crazy country. Who thought of that rule?

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