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In the comments, provide links to suggested external articles as starting points for Forum discussions, along with brief descriptions or justifications.

Articles dealing with controversial or provocative topics published in influential outlets are preferable, especially if the publications or the particular authors do not allow comments themselves or heavily censor them.

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  1. Immigration Around the World

    Given that whites have an innate and unique tendancy to be racist and xenophobic, for their edification post articles that show how the rest of the world deals with immigration.

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  2. @Hippopotamusdrome

    Terror on the streets of South Africa
    16 April 2015

    A woman [Carol Lloyd] has become the latest victim of violent anti-immigrant protests sweeping South Africa after she was left covered in blood when rocks were thrown through her car window.

    In the latest show of violence around 200 protesters, shouting that they wanted immigrants to leave the country, pelted passing vehicles and the police with rocks.

    Protests began two weeks ago and six people have been killed, and dozens of foreign nationals have emptied their shops and fled over fears of attacks.

    Violence flared days after Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini said in remarks reported by local media that foreigners should leave South Africa. He has since said his comments were misinterpreted.

    In the past two weeks, shops and homes owned by Somalis, Ethiopians, Malawians and other immigrants in Durban and surrounding townships have been targeted, forcing families to flee to camps protected by armed guards.

    More than 1,000 foreigners in Durban have fled their homes and are now living in makeshift camps under police guard.

    Fear spread throughout South Africa after people received text messages warning them they would be attacked or killed if they stayed

    10,000 flee South Africa as army is called on to streets to end anti-foreigner violence
    Published: 19 May 2008
    More than 10,000 Mozambicans have fled home from South Africa to escape anti-foreigner violence that has killed at least 42 people and left more than 30,000 homeless.

    Armed mobs, who have forcefully driven thousands of immigrants from their homes before looting and torching their shacks, accuse them of stealing jobs and fuelling crime.

    The violence, which has since spread from Johannesburg to Durban, has also seen the return of necklacing – the brutal practice of filling a tyre with petrol and throwing it over the victim’s neck.

    Fears of attacks have led to thousands of immigrants, mainly from Zimbabwe and Mozambique, fleeing the country.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I always wondered what the deal was with Indians and rape.

    Sure all people can rape, but India seems to take rape to another level.

    Alls you have to do is put in India and rape into google news at any time of the year and you will always see new India rape stories come up.

    What explains this? It is not Islam as Hindus also rape, so what is it then?

  4. A black guy was rejected by the 1500 Asian women he confronted (catcalled?) so he brutally murdered a handful of them and then killed himself. The NYT fondly remembers the murderer:

  5. Ron Unz says:
    @Fritz Pettyjohn

    Excellent suggestion—it’s now up….

    Ann Coulter
    November 14, 2012

    More white people voted for Mitt Romney this year than voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980. Barack Obama lost white voters by 20 points — the widest margin since 1984.

    But in 1980, whites were 88 percent of the electorate. In 2012, they were 72 percent of the electorate. Not only that, but the non-white electorate is far more Democratic than it was in 1980.

    If the same country that voted in 1980 had voted in 2012, Romney would have won a bigger landslide than Reagan did.

  7. The Z Blog says: • Website

    Ron, why not put up a vBulletin forum. It’s cheap and secure. You can integrate posts here into it and have a forum for suggestions, questions to authors, etc. I’ve used it for years on a site I run and it would make you site stickier.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @The Z Blog
    , @Bleuazur
  8. Ron Unz says:
    @The Z Blog

    Well, I’ll admit I don’t have a clue what a “vBulletin” forum is or how it works. So maybe I’ll investigate the idea…

  9. Why is the suicide of the murderous tools who kill on behalf of the political filth a matter of any concern to any decent person?

  10. The Z Blog says: • Website
    @The Z Blog

    You have a lot of regulars here trying to have conversations via comments. Putting them on a message board would save you and your bloggers a lot of time. vbulletin is PHP and modular so you can modify the heck out of it if you want.

  11. Svigor says:

    Ron: IME, vBulletin rocks. I heard someone dissing vBulletin just the other day, but from a user perspective, it’s pretty solid and full-featured, if you’re buying in now. No idea how it costs or what it’s like to run it, though.

    Someone please tell me this is a hoax:

    Soylent Greenbacks. It’s Made of People.

  12. Svigor says:

    “Less Crunchy”

  13. What will Trump get for his eventual endorsement of the Republican nominee? This is his Trump Card, discussed below.

  14. Can you provide a link to Svigor’s comments on the main page: He’s the best writer on this site.

  15. @Chad Buffington

    A SQL query search page would allow that.

    SELECT *
    FROM comments
    WHERE commenter_name = “Svigor”

  16. In the “Comments Archive” area, there are buttons to show aggregated comments from all of a selected bloggers posts, or all comments from all bloggers.

    I would like to be able to select multiple bloggers, but not all.

    Row of comboboxes left to right:

    1. checkbox for each blogger’s name
    2. date limit. hours or days in past to show
    3. number of posts to show per page

  17. Ron Unz says:
    @Chad Buffington

    Can you provide a link to Svigor’s comments on the main page: He’s the best writer on this site.

    Well, it’s not exactly on the front page, but it’s very easy to access the aggregate collection of anyone’s comments, just by clicking on the commenter’s name, with full archiving features. Or you can use:

  18. Ron
    I read Steven Pinker’s “How the Mind Works” nearly 20 years ago and learned of Judith Rich Harris’s work (and perhaps David Rowe’s as well) which rebutted most of 50 plus years’ fashionable fussing about parenting and its presumed effects on children. I then read David Cohen’s marvellous “Stranger in the Nest” which detracted nothing from Harris’s key finding that the peer group is much much more important than parents. Now my own observations come in and I proffer some tentative views that Steve Sailer or someone more directly involved in thefield might care to write about.

    Observation 1. Young couple with three bright vigorous children within 2 1/2 years while the parents themselves still had a bit of growing up to do. In retrospect they joked that the trio did a good job of protecting each other from their parents and when another child turned up 8 or 9 years later and had a few problems initially (though now a sporting success with a PhD) they took a “been there- done that” relaxed unfussy attitude.
    2. A couple in their 40s with d and s of 12 and 9 who can and do give a lot of time to their children and whose children obviously respond to it enthusiastically.

    So, I suspect that the lastmentioned parents who see so much of their children and, at least pre-adolescence, get on so well with them, are effectively part of the highly influential peer group (45 per cent of the variance in personality characteristics I seem to remember from Pinker on Harris).

    Probably few parents can do what that couple does to supplement the peer group experience of just being a pair of children no more than about three years apart. And, sadly, the little tribe of 5+ children who effectually constitute, under perhaps matriarchal supervision, their own principal peer group is gone from most of the rich world.

    So my thesis is that the parents can be and are a major part of the vital peer group in some cases, and in enough cases to qualify the Harris view.

    What is more parents should not be discouraged from trying to parent as peers if they can find the time and have the capacity.

    Steven Pinker would be the ideal person to seek a contribution from that I am aware of. I wonder if Steve Sailer is still in contact with him.

  19. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    “The Hypocrisy of Helping the Poor”:

    Good column by Paul Theroux on US billionaires who profit from outsourcing prefer to donate their money to foreigners rather than the American communities hollowed out by outsourcing.

  20. Art says:

    Glen Greenwald – The Intercept

    LEAKED INTERNAL EMAILS from the powerful Democratic think tank Center for American Progress (CAP) shed light on several public controversies involving the organization, particularly in regard to its positioning on Israel.

  21. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Leading “White Nationalist” Jared Taylor gets in bed with the worst of the worst neo-cons:

  22. Svigor says:

    Leftist gun-thief says fourteenth amendment means 2nd amendment is void because blacks have “right” to be “free” from black violence.

  23. Svigor says:

    Can you provide a link to Svigor’s comments on the main page: He’s the best writer on this site.

    Why, thank you sir. 🙂

    (Ron: plz no link to me on the front page!)

    • Replies: @FX Enderby
  24. Art says:

    Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar and Right — Tucker Carlson

    Very topical:

    But just because Trump is an imperfect candidate doesn’t mean his candidacy can’t be instructive. Trump could teach Republicans in Washington a lot if only they stopped posturing long enough to watch carefully. Here’s some of what they might learn:

  25. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Donald Trump: the case for the defence, by Gideon Rachman.


    The death of Nancy Reagan over the weekend served as a reminder of the horror and condemnation that once greeted the rise of her husband, Ronald Reagan. Like Mr Trump, Reagan was labelled a fascist, accused of race baiting and derided as a moron. As a student when Reagan took office, I remember the widespread predictions that he would provoke a world war. And yet Reagan is now securely in the pantheon of “great presidents”. Might Mr Trump make the same journey from odium to acceptance?

    Rachman ultimately answers “no”, but this is the most reasonable column on Trump so far in the Financial Times.

  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Ivanka Trump gives birth to ‘beautiful Jewish baby’

  27. Anoymous says:

    I think this information site will benefit from more “forum entries” supporting points of view alien to the site’s audience like the ones I have read of late.

    However, I think you want to discuss over, or take into consideration, only articles above a quality and honesty threshold.
    You recently republished a piece by a (I presume) woman on a motion picture (to contrast it with your own piece on that film, if I remember).

    I checked out other articles by that person on (if I remember) The Nation and she repeatedly argues that “racism is a white people problem”, although, sadly, “not all white people have realized it yet”.
    This is below the thresholds we should stick to I think, and should warrant a person’s articles not to be taken into consideration.
    Who wants to even listen to what racists have to say?

  28. Hey Ron,
    This page is a cool feature, too bad it’s not more active.

  29. Steve

    You might want to have a look at Cornel Law Professor Jeb Stiglitz’s recent Twitter comments about the Trump victory. Nobel Prize winner Joeseph Stiglitz’s son….

  30. FKA Max says:

    I would like to submit the following article by Robert Skidelsky for consideration as a featured article on the Unz Review, because it is the best and most balanced article I have read on Trump’s election so far:

    Slouching Toward Trump

    Trump has also promised an $800 billion-$1 trillion program of infrastructure investment, to be financed by bonds, as well as a massive corporate-tax cut, both aimed at creating 25 million new jobs and boosting growth. This, together with a pledge to maintain welfare entitlements, amounts to a modern form of Keynesian fiscal policy (though of course not identified as such). Its merit is its head-on challenge to the neoliberal obsession with deficits and debt reduction, and to reliance on quantitative easing as the sole – and now exhausted – demand-management tool.

    As Trump moves from populism to policy, liberals should not turn away in disgust and despair, but rather engage with Trumpism’s positive potential. His proposals need to be interrogated and refined, not dismissed as ignorant ravings. The task of liberals is to ensure that a third coming of liberalism arrives with the least cost to liberal values. And there will be some cost. That is the meaning of Brexit, Trump’s victory, and any populist victories to come.

  31. @Svigor

    I know you tried your own blog(s) in the past and decided not to continue. How can we get you to reconsider? Do you have a twitter feed or something (maybe not now, prolly get banned)?
    You embody the new sensible centrism, Svigor. Shouldn’t let that worldview go to waste.

  32. Ivan K. says:

    James Petras on ‘leftist’-imperial-collaborator apologists: /

    Bill Quigley about these dark times, & keeping spirits high: the text contains some universally applicable messages, and is pretty amusing.

  33. Anonymous [AKA "Veritas Publius"] says: • Website

    For others, the election of Donald Trump will be an opportunity to bitch about how stupid our “hick” country is. Some may even take the Monday morning opportunity to bitch about Hillary Clinton, a woman who offered her exceptional mind and experience, and bravely took a bashing like no other simply to serve the American people.

    Comrade Penn feels that America is under the new despotic rule of Donald Trump, and would benefit from some enlightened socialism, such as practiced by that venerable bastion of democracy, the late Fidel Castro. I fisked the majority of the article on my website, thought it might be entertaining to anybody who saw Penn’s idiocy on display at the Daily Beast yesterday.

  34. Ivan K. says:

    Here is a valid critique of Trump’s pick for Treasury Secretary:

    Unfortunately, it does not quite work as an ‘author’s work,’ because over 50% of the article is quotes.
    Still this blogger is well qualified to discuss the matter (,
    and intent to position himself as a rational critic of Trump’s presidency (as he says at the end of this interview:
    So, this is a guy to watch.

  35. Svigor says:

    A note to Ron Unz: lately, the link (@name part) after “Replies:” doesn’t take me down to the appropriate part of the page like it used to (much the way the html# links work (like at Wikipedia), if memory serves). Instead, they reload the entire page first. I browse with a user agent plugin that IDs my browser as IE7, and I keep JavaScript turned off.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  36. Ron Unz says:

    lately, the link (@name part) after “Replies:” doesn’t take me down to the appropriate part of the page like it used to (much the way the html# links work (like at Wikipedia), if memory serves). Instead, they reload the entire page first.

    Actually, if you’ll check, you’ll see that those “@name” links actually just *are* “html#” links, so I’m a little puzzled why they’re behaving strangely in your case (they seem to work fine at my end).

    My best guess is that your URLs contain a query string, i.e. something like “?junk=something.” Since the @name links don’t, the system treats it as pointing to a different page, which it then reloads.

  37. FKA Max says:

    My suggestion:

    I’m guessing the person who wrote this op-ed piece did not read Mr. Unz’s piece:

    However, if we separate out the Jewish students, their ratio turns out to be 435 percent, while the residual ratio for non-Jewish whites drops to just 28 percent, less than half of even the Asian figure. As a consequence, Asians appear under-represented relative to Jews by a factor of seven, while non-Jewish whites are by far the most under-represented group of all, despite any benefits they might receive from athletic, legacy, or geographical distribution factors. The rest of the Ivy League tends to follow a similar pattern, with the overall Jewish ratio being 381 percent, the Asian figure at 62 percent, and the ratio for non-Jewish whites a low 35 percent, all relative to their number of high-ability college-age students.

  38. NYT on immigration to Japan

    Show the amazing pressure that business puts on govts to allow immigration in some form or another even when the society explicitly does not want it.

  39. FKA Max says:


    Meet Silicon Valley’s Secretive Alt-Right Followers

    The Unz Review is mentioned in the article:

    Before Gamergate, Larry, the Google software engineer, was “a standard Democrat straight-voting person,” as he puts it. But reading about the movement in the tech press and on pro-Gamergate websites “did highlight some of the inconsistencies and hypocrisies with positions on the left,” he says. A comment in a Gamergate thread led Larry to the Unz Review, a website run by Palo Alto tech entrepreneur and former GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron Unz. There, Larry says he was exposed to treatises on “human biological diversity” expounding on the supposed cognitive differences between intellectually superior and inferior races.

    Human biological diversity has also gained currency in the Valley through computer scientist Curtis Yarvin, who writes under the pseudonym Mencius Moldbug.

  40. FKA Max says:

    Mr. Unz is mentioned in this article:

    The Lightning Rod: Race and Admissions at Harvard

    More recently, outspoken conservative Ron K. Unz ’83 criticized Harvard’s treatment of Asian Americans in the admissions process. Last spring, a group of alumni led by Unz ran for Harvard’s Board of Overseers, the University’s second-highest governing body, on a platform that accused Harvard of using quotas for Asian Americans and pledged to reform the University’s admissions policies.

  41. Ivan K. says:

    Charles Hugh Smith:
    Who’s Playing The Long Game–and What’s Their Game Plan?

    This is what’s called a sober analysis. Excellent.

  42. fnn says:

    ” influential outlets ”

    Not influential, but blogger Jim has a lot of well-argued posts on controversial and provocative topics.

  43. vinteuil says:

    The well known “new atheist” Sam Harris interviews Charles Murray, and admits not only that Murray got everything pretty much right, but that he has been the victim of a campaign of vilification that set the pattern for the suppression of free speech that we see today on elite college campuses everywhere.

  44. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    a triggering article that locates the origin of Trumpism in the counterculture of the 60’s (yes, really) and its post-modern approach to truth, with Trump voters being the deluded ones (of course!)

  45. FKA Max says: • Website

    One cannot comment on this article and its content is related to many of the topics discussed on the Unz Review.

    Suggested article:

    Fraud Scandals Sap China’s Dream of Becoming a Science Superpower

    But the pressure to produce original, groundbreaking research remains. Many say that appears to have been the case with Han Chunyu, a scientist at Hebei University of Science and Technology who made a big splash last year by claiming that he had found a new way to edit human genes — a technique that could one day make it possible to eliminate hereditary diseases, or allow parents to tailor their unborn children’s height or I.Q.

    The claim, contained in a paper published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, made Mr. Han an overnight celebrity. The local government even offered to build a $32 million gene-editing research center at his university, which he would run.

    Then, late last year, other scientists began reporting failures replicating Mr. Han’s results. Facing mounting pressure, he and his co-authors finally retracted the paper, though they have since vowed to clear their names.

  46. Yogowotsi says: • Website

    This is not a comment on a particular article, though I have found much to think about on the Unz Review.

    I would like to recommend that Ron Unz or any other contributor to this review offer learned comment on the following article:

    “Blast From The Past” – visible to me at: — and apparently published recently in Foreign Affairs magazine.

    This lengthy and extraordinarily well researched series of articles by various nuclear policy experts, points out that Jimmy Carter and every subsequent president including Obama has maintained a fiction; that is, a lie, that Israel did NOT test a nuclear warhead in the ocean off the coast of South Africa on September 22, 1979–as was indicated by a U.S. surveilance satellite called “Vega 6911” bs two other independent forms of collaboration. A series of articles by various nuclear policy experts ends with an editorial by Leonard Weiss suggesting that “Jimmy Carter should come clean” after so many years of cover-up, whose motivations had entirely to do with fear by Carter that his reelection bid would be ruined by a revelation that the Israelis had violated a nuclear test ban treaty not so long after signing it.

    Following is a lengthy excerpt from this article in which the nakedly political dimensions of Jimmy Carter’s rather consequential and self-serving Big Lie are pointedly discussed.

    I will only comment that the parallels between nuclear test ban-obsessed Jimmy Carter (of all presidents) and our own treaty-busting Donald Trump, today, are appalling to me. I mean, consider the illogic of the entire U.S. defense and intelligence establishment knowing exactly what Israel had done and yet covering it up and letting the country get away with it simply because of the power of the Israeli lobby in the U.S. has for so long been a sin qua non for any president or would-be president.

    Such a SMALL country. Yet it has had the power brokers of the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth under its total domination for 70 years. I can think of no more air tight refutation of American “exceptionalism” than this.


    ” As president, Carter had taken a hard line toward Pakistan in 1977 and 1979, cutting off economic and military assistance because of Pakistan’s violations of laws forbidding the import of nuclear reprocessing technology and unsafeguarded enrichment technology. In addition to its requirements against reprocessing, the Glenn Amendment, passed in 1977, forbade nuclear explosive testing. Less than a year later, Carter would sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Act of 1978—a law I took the lead in drafting while working on nonproliferation issues in the Senate—that was motivated by India’s 1974 nuclear test, under which nuclear trade with India would ultimately cease.

    Carter also tried to forge a Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty with the Soviets in the face of conservative political opposition claiming that verification of such a treaty was problematic and perhaps impossible. The Vela event presented several political dilemmas for Carter: If the administration claimed that Vela did not detect a nuclear test, then the disagreements from expert scientific observers of the satellite system would suggest a large element of uncertainty as to whether the satellite system for detecting nuclear explosions was reliable, which would translate into the unreliability of verification of a comprehensive nuclear testing ban.

    On the other hand, if the administration admitted that Vela detected a nuclear test, then it would have to identify the perpetrator. If Carter named Israel as the perpetrator, he could not avoid the imposition of sanctions under the Glenn Amendment without declaring in essence that the United States had a double standard in its policy on nonproliferation and that Israel was subject to different rules than Pakistan and India.

    And imposing sanctions on Israel would have caused a furor among the large pro-Israel element in the Jewish diaspora, an important locus of political support for the Democratic Party and for Carter himself, especially after the success of his efforts to broker the Camp David Accords that brought peace between Israel and Egypt.

    Because the panel was kept from delving into intelligence information relevant to the Vela event, they could not consider whether reports of Israeli nuclear and missile cooperation with South Africa could have been motivating factors for a nuclear test involving both countries. The panel was tasked instead with searching for technical explanations of the double flash other than a nuclear test.

    In defense of the Ruina Panel’s conclusion, Richard Garwin has put forth arguments suggesting uncertainty in the Vela signal because of specific phase anomalies in the recorded bhangmeter data. These arguments have been countered by observers like Hawkins who contend that such anomalies were the result of aging of the bhangmeters and began to be seen so regularly that their appearance became a mark of authenticity in judging whether a test had occurred.

    The sensitivity of the U.S. government on the subject of Israel’s nuclear weapons is such that federal employees with security clearances are still today regularly admonished to refrain from publicly discussing Israel’s nuclear capabilities, as I was in 1979, and this wall of silence extends to subsequent presidential administrations. As a result, the full political ramifications of an Israeli test have been avoided thus far. After four decades, there is a constituency within government, arms control think tanks, and political organizations for letting sleeping dogs lie.

    In the age of President Donald Trump, it is natural to avoid raising an uncomfortable issue that is now 40 years old when there are virtually daily assaults on the U.S. Constitution and the liberal international order. But if there is any hope of a successful international movement toward a world without nuclear weapons there must be a serious commitment to the enforcement of international treaties, regardless of the diplomatic or domestic political problems such enforcement might create.

    Carter famously ran on a promise of never lying to the American people. While Carter did not lie about the Vela event, he allowed the truth to be obscured by means of a White House panel whose creation was politically motivated. In his golden years, he should consider setting the record straight as yet another important contribution to his legacy as a peacemaker committed to


  47. Bleuazur says:
    @The Z Blog

    That would be a really great idea. This would also enable that the forum members write personal messages to one another, a feature which absence I really regret.

    And to be honest, I don’t see any difference between this ‘forum’ and the comments after the articles.

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