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Senate Investigators Scrutinize Another Presidential Candidate: Jill Stein
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WASHINGTON — Senate investigators are scrutinizing links between Jill Stein, the Green Party’s 2016 presidential nominee, and Russia’s campaign to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, searching for evidence of possible conspiracy.

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina, the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said on Monday that the committee was “just starting” to look at Ms. Stein’s campaign along with another campaign, which he declined to name, as it continues its investigation of the Trump campaign. Mr. Burr has previously suggested the committee is looking at aspects of the Clinton campaign.

Democrats have seethed for more than a year at Ms. Stein, whose tens of thousands of votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania either exceeded or nearly matched Donald J. Trump’s margins of victory in those states, which delivered him the White House. At least in certain quarters, they greeted news of the queries enthusiastically.

Jesse Ferguson, a former Clinton campaign spokesman, said Americans ought to know if a presidential nominee, no matter how minor, had become a Russian asset or was simply boosted in an effort to chip away Democratic votes from Mrs. Clinton.

“Russian operatives were not promoting Jill Stein because they thought she would win,” Mr. Ferguson said. “They were promoting her because they thought it would hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump.”

Ms. Stein confirmed late Monday that the committee had contacted her campaign to request documents, including emails. Such requests usually precede an interview with the committee. In a statement, she pledged to cooperate but warned against such inquiries being used to “intimidate and silence principled opposition to the political establishment.”

“We strongly support legitimate inquiry into any illegal activity in our elections — including quid pro quo deals, money laundering, corruption and violation of campaign finance laws,” Ms. Stein said. “At the same time, we caution against the politicization, sensationalism and collapse of journalistic standards that has plagued media coverage of the investigation.”

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s request to the Stein campaign was first reported by Buzzfeed News.

Senate investigators are interested in unraveling what was behind the apparent closeness between Ms. Stein, a Harvard-educated doctor and perennial Green Party candidate, and Russia.

Ms. Stein traveled to Moscow in 2015 for a dinner celebrating the tenth anniversary of RT, the state-run news organization that American intelligence agencies have concluded was being used to spread propaganda during the presidential campaign.

Photographs from the event show Ms. Stein sitting at a table with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and other prominent Russian government officials. Sitting across from her was another American, Michael T. Flynn, Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser who has now entered a plea agreement with Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel investigating Russian election interference.

A year later, RT hosted the Green Party’s presidential debate, and showered attention on Ms. Stein’s campaign.

In her statement, Ms. Stein said she attended the 2015 dinner at her own expense in hopes of “reaching an international audience and Russian officials with a message of Middle East peace, diplomacy, and cooperation against the urgent threat of climate change.”

Also drawing scrutiny is Ms. Stein’s relationship with Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. Mr. Assange called in via Skype to the Green Party’s convention in August 2016 to discuss the hacked Democratic National Committee emails that were published by WikiLeaks. And Ms. Stein praised Mr. Assange as a hero for exposing the emails.

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  1. Anonymous [AKA "Jimjim Salabim"] says:

    It is just so incredibly ridiculous that the one nominee/candidate, known to have subverted the electoral system has no accountability for having cheated.

    Furthermore, the entire ‘Russiagate’ narrative was a planted fake news story to deflect from Hillary Clinton cheating to win the Democratic Party nomination, and in the context on the apparent complete control of the Israel lobby, over all aspects of U.S. policy, all of this should be a moot point, unless they are serious about foreign meddling, and then the place to start fixing it is clear.

    The image of the U.S.A. in the rest of the world is past redemption; its too bad the people won’t/can’t make things better.

  2. neutral says:

    The image of the U.S.A. in the rest of the world is past redemption; its too bad the people won’t/can’t make things better.

    The vast majority of people in America are irredeemable, the vast majority are clearly happy with their regime, and thus I have exactly zero sympathy for all pain that is coming for them.

    • Replies: @JackOH
    , @The Alarmist
  3. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Every leftist has to learn the Ralph Nader rule the hard way.

    Democrats are angry with Stein for drawing votes away from Hillary and maybe costing Clinton the election. Republicans have zero interest in helping out someone as left-wing as Stein. Right now, Stein is in the position of becoming the scapegoat for Democratic failure. She’s going to be crucified if there’s even a shred of anything to hang her with, whether she accepted any Russian aid or not. Democrats have not been rational creatures for a year, and their anger is out of control. Leftists have been purging leftists ala Robespierre in a complete and utter rampage for the last two months, and they will not spare Stein. She has a good chance of heading to prison.

  4. @Anonymous

    It’s already way past absurd.

    The people are either the stupidest in American history, or the most corrupt. To have this playing out before our eyes – Comey, Mueller, McCabe, Clinton on the tarmac with Lynch, etc. As if nothing were amiss. Nothing to see here.

    And Israel First, yes.

    I’m pessimistic.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  5. Roberto says:

    Good propaganda contains a high level of truth.

  6. JackOH says:

    “The vast majority of people in America are irredeemable, the vast majority are clearly happy with their regime, and thus I have exactly zero sympathy for all pain that is coming for them.”

    I mostly share your sentiment regarding the American public, a feeling I share too often for my liking. There is some “exceptionalism” among individuals and institutions: grandparents ably raising their grandkids because of their own children’s drug addiction and incarceration; individual, street-level acts of charity; the local city mission recruiting squads of college kids to help in feeding and clothing my area’s under-bridge dwellers.

    There’s a young lawyer who chucked his career at an upscale boutique law firm to do charitable work. His Mom told me he’d been asked to take on clients who wanted him to argue dubious cases to achieve unpalatable, but big-money, results. He said no, then good-bye. There’s a university official who’s shaking up in a good way the lard-assed professors and time-serving political hacks at my local Podunk Tech. He’s risked his job several times.

    But, yeah, there’s a lot of darkness among the “happy robots” in shop-till-you-drop America.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Alden
  7. Yet, conveniently, nobody mentions the fact that RT also “lavished attention” on Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and covered the debate between “minor party” candidates in the US.

    Johnson got far more votes than the Greens’ Jill Stein, and the very free-enterprise Libertarians are customarily thought to draw more votes away from the Republicans than from the Democrats.

    On the asinine “logic” of the witch-hunters, I mean Senate “investigators”, one could conclude that Russia was trying to boost Johnson and thereby help CLINTON win in close States.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  8. AnonFromTN [AKA "Anon"] says:

    The show goes on. When God wants to punish a country, he takes away the minds of its elite. The US has already made itself a laughing stock of the whole world with “investigations” of alleged Russian “interference” in the elections. Even in banana republics the people joke that they elect their presidents themselves, whereas in the US Putin appoints the President. I resent that my country looks like a lunatic asylum where the inmates took over. Anybody knows how to stop this madness?

  9. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Backwoods Bob

    Alas, poor Hillary Rodham. Always the victim. Of Bill and of men in general. The Russians. The Deplorables. The vast right wing conspirators. Now — Jill Stein. Tomorrow it’ll be someone, or something, else.

    Alas, poor Hillary Rodham. Always the victim.

  10. Noah Way says:

    Funny how the “other” candidate (Hillary) gets a pass despite mountains of evidence.

  11. @AnonFromTN

    ” Anybody know how to stop this madness?”

    Yeah I do, and here it is :

    Now is high time to finally realize that ALL leftists are insane, and that their actions must considered accordingly.
    There is no reasoning to be accomplished with them, there are no 50/50 compromises to be achieved, there is no chance of them coming to their senses : They are fricking insane, and they must be treated precisely as the lunatic enemies they are, period.

    And regarding the image of the US in other countries : They, almost the whole of the globe, they simply hate US conservatives, and they love it when a leftist US gov is in charge.

    The deranged Germans, the great majority of them hate the US, had be hoping and praying for a leftist such as BO to finally take the WH and then to bring the US to it’s knees, to cut it “down” to size”, and they went out of their collective minds, in collective extasy, when he showed up in Berlin, as their dream of an anti-american pres had finally come true.

    So finally Americans have to learn to give a shiot about the external opinons of the US.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained uS ARmy Vet, and pro Jazz musician.

    • Replies: @Alden
  12. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    I’m afraid your lawyer is going to find the underclass just as much of a pain to deal with as his more corrupt big money clients. People who make of habit of screwing up their lives badly are not nice, honest, or ethical. They’re have the same mentality as the corrupt big money people, except they’re a lot less competent.

    • Replies: @JackOH
    , @Alden
  13. JackOH says:

    According to his Mom, he finds the work rewarding, and he has no regrets about leaving the law and the chance at partnership. He prepped for his decision, and deliberately sought a position where he could be useful.

    I don’t disagree, as a general proposition, that the poor and powerless are as much of a pain as the rich and powerful, or the middling-income and confused or apathetic. Agree generally the poor are less competent, but the incompetence of the rich can ruin a lot more people, plus those same rich are often shielded from their own misfeasance.


    Mr. Assange called in via Skype to the Green Party’s convention in August 2016 to discuss the hacked Democratic National Committee emails that were published by WikiLeaks.

    How many times does Assange have to state that it was not a hack, it was a leak, before it is reported as a leak?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @El Dato
  15. JackOH says:

    ” . . . “Senate ‘investigators’ . . .”.

    The sneer quotes are not misguided, that’s for sure. I know a senior law enforcement official whose big-ticket investigations are said by colleagues to go nowhere, and political interference and personal bias are said to be responsible. By “political interference” I mean the Mob and one major local businessman. By “personal bias” I mean pulling your punches to serve your career path.

    I was placed under police surveillance and investigation after I began a mess of local writing and speaking, issue-oriented, non-electoral stuff motivated by a sense of civic duty. “Chilling effect” doesn’t begin to describe the feeling of being targeted by your local government apparatus for political reasons.

    I don’t follow the Russiagate “investigation” much, but I’ll guess it’ll offer democracy-in-action cover for the machinations of Deep State players. For a lot of our fellow citizens, the existence of an official investigation, like an indictment, plus the usual MSM arm-flapping, is sufficient proof of wrongdoing.

  16. @Anonymous

    The irony of Trump and Sessions bending over backwards to not investigate/prosecute HRC out of fear that we might look like a banana republic is that it precisely makes us look like a banana republic.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  17. @Curmudgeon

    They’ll only start using Assange as a trusted source (again) when he returns to attacking the GOP and Trump. Til then, he’s nothing more than Putin’s stooge.

  18. @neutral

    “The vast majority of people in America are irredeemable, the vast majority are clearly happy with their regime, and thus I have exactly zero sympathy for all pain that is coming for them.”

    No, the majority of Americans are still decent, kind-hearted folk who go out of their way to be charitable… I’ve spent more than a quarter-century abroad, and can say that while they are not as exceptional or indispensable as they might think they are, and while they are too blindered or misled by the MSM to what is going on around them, they still compare favorably to most of the rest of the world.

    They don’t deserve the fleecing they are getting from the criminal elite running the show, and they don’t deserve the world of hurt the criminal elite are bringing down upon them.

  19. Alden says:

    “grandparents ably raising their grandkids because of their own children’s drug addiction and incarceration”

    Every welfare department, public housing department school district, police, criminal court and prison system statistics prove that the grandparents who step in and raise the children of their own criminal druggie children turn out grandchildren as criminal and dysfunctional as the first generation they raised.

    A major major motive is the family benefit given to the grandparents for raising their soon to be criminal welfare mom grandchildren. Unlike TANF, the money doesn’t dry up after 5 years. And the money is about $150.00 per month for relatives raising kids than for the moms raising the kids with TANF.

    It’s generation, after generation after generation. And you should see the difference in how the 38 year old grandma dresses from when she is at the welfare office and family court to how she dresses in real life.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  20. Alden says:

    You are absolutely right about how the Germans, French, Scandinavians, Dutch and other N. Europeans absolutely hate America because of the communist propaganda they have been subjected to in school and the media since the end of WW2

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  21. Noah Way says:

    You just have to love an article that starts by stating “Russia’s campaign to interfere” as fact but then goes on to say they are still searching for evidence of “a possible conspiracy”.

    Gotta hand it to those sly Russians, it’s been over a year and there’s still no evidence of collusion.

    Except with Hillary, of course.

  22. Alden says:

    You are absolutely right. By the way, helping the homeless is a multi billion dollar industry,just as the dog rescue business is a billion dollar industry. Instead of getting paid in the $100,000 scale for hustling up volunteers, the homeless industry executives should concentrate on building cheap housing. Or lobbying for old fashioned mental hospitals.

    The reason for homeless ness is lack of affordable housing.

    The reason for lack of affordable housing in the massive invasion of immigrants aided and abetted by our own government, elites and churches, well, religious organizations of all denominations.

    Look at Seattle. The city claims 12,000 homeless. That’s probably a vast undercount, so triple it to 36,000. The city budget for the homeless is 200 million a year. The money doesn’t go to housing anyone. Instead it goes for salaries of what is usually called poverty pimps and non profit hustlers.

    The non profit sector is a big, big business. Just as there are MBAs in business, there are masters and even PHDs in non profit hustling. It’s called Social justice entrepeunership. Also Environmental entrepeuronship.

    I’m sure you’ve seen those pitiful rescue dog commercials. There are so few actual dogs needing rescuing is America they rescue dog grant hustlers are now bringing in rescue dogs from Asia and S. America.

    The religious charities are the worst. One group is bringing in immigrants to take up all the section 8, projects and cheap housing in town. Another is caterwauling about the homeless and making big bucks doing studies about how to cure homelessness. Meanwhile, environmentalists are filing lawsuits to prevent developers from building new housing.

  23. If 100 percent of the people who voted for Jill Stein, instead voted for Hillary Clinton, then Trump would’ve lost in the Electoral College. Of course, this represents a sort of shit-tier, spent Boomer level of political analysis that is positively absurd (the Democratic equivalent of thinking Jeb Bush was a great candidate for President in 2016). I know several people who voted for Stein, and they all loathed Hillary Clinton. Most would’ve voted for Gary Johnson, I suspect, had Stein not been on the ballot. Or one of the various, lesser-known leftoid 3rd party candidates that appeared on many state ballots. In reality, if Stein had not been on the ballot, I suspect fewer than 20 percent of her votes would’ve gone to Hillary.

  24. @AnonFromTN

    Anybody knows how to stop this madness?

    It’s not really happening, so cease reading the noosepaper stories, and otherwise perusing the various media outlets that are lying to you?

  25. JackOH says:

    Alden, surely there must be some grandparents who are ably raising the children of their own drug-addled and incarcerated children, and those grandparents are the ones I was referring to in my reply to “neutral”. We look mostly on the dark side here at UR, and for good reason. I was trying to train some light on those few good things I see in my area.

  26. Elsewhere says:
    @Kevin O'Keeffe

    Yes. Voters in swing states would have understood keenly that, if they had any inclination to favor Hillary over Trump, they must simply hold their noses and vote Clinton. The fact that they didn’t shows that they would never have voted for her. If there were no third-party candidates, they would have stayed home or left that choice blank.

    • Replies: @Kevin O'Keeffe
  27. El Dato says:

    Assange also phoned Vince Foster shortly before his sudden end-of-life event to discuss the hacked Democratic National Commitee emails.

    Assange: Dealer of Democratic Death!

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    First Franken, and now Stein. My dream ticket is dead.

  29. No I do not think so! Most of the Steins voters were those who were furious that Sanders was cheated out by Democratic establishment. They were Sanders supporters. They would never vote for Trump.
    So in a way Stein did help Trump to win.

  30. @The Alarmist

    The fear/apprehension of prosecuting these scumbags is rooted in the knowledge/fact
    that they, the GS puppets, the BLM stooges, the “Pxxy hat” lunatics, and zillions of other crazies will begin to burn the cities to the ground, if an attempt is initiated to prosecute these bastards for any of their myriads of crimes.
    BC, HC and BO are Gods to these degenerates and they, BC, HC and BO are, for reasons beyond my “Mensa” comprehension, invulnerable and invincible and untouchable and any, even the most minute attempt to bring them to justice, will bring mayhem and bloodbath to the nation.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro jazz artist.

  31. @Kevin O'Keeffe

    JS is crazier then a loon, she makes the rest of the deranged Democrats, ( and Rhinos) starting with NP and MW seem almost sane.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army Vet, and pro jazz musician.

  32. @Alden

    Italy is just about the only european country in which Americans are still held in high regard.
    There is however a massive leftist/communist block, and of course they detest the US with a purple passion.
    I love Italy, the most beautiful place on earth, and somehow electric and stimulating on a day-to-day basis.
    The prolific baroque architecture being otherworldly and beautiful beyond description.
    My mother was born in a lovely mountain village in the central range (Abruzzen), to an educated family of disenfranchised nobles.
    My grandfather was a diplom-architect, graduated from Milan university, and who immigrated to the US alone and established himself before bringing the rest of the family, so as not to subject them to the hardships of newly-arrived settlers.


  33. @Kevin O'Keeffe

    In what state did she hold the balance between Trump and Clinton please?

    • Replies: @Kevin O'Keeffe
  34. El Dato says:

    Looks like the neocon-oligarchic-complex (NOC) is looking at turning up the heat a bit more?

    New US sanctions on Moscow would ‘make Cold War look like child’s play’ – top Russian banker

    Trump’s approval of lethal arms to Ukraine is a sideways move to nowhere

    Gonna be destabilizing, it looks like the US absolutely wants to get Europe to buy that LPG off it. Short nuclear exchange over Europa when?

    He bolted across Ninsei, scattering a pack of strolling sailors. One of them screamed after him in Spanish. Then he was through the entrance, the sound crashing over him like surf, subsonics throbbing in the pit of his stomach. Someone scored a ten-megaton hit on Tank War Europa, a simulated airburst drowning the arcade in white sound as a lurid hologram fireball mushroomed overhead.

  35. @Father Coughlin

    In what state did she hold the balance between Trump and Clinton please?

    Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all fit that criteria. And if Trump lost those three states, he would’ve lost the election.

  36. @Elsewhere

    Voters in swing states would have understood keenly that, if they had any inclination to favor Hillary over Trump, they must simply hold their noses and vote Clinton. The fact that they didn’t shows that they would never have voted for her. If there were no third-party candidates, they would have stayed home or left that choice blank.

    The only quibble I can raise against this, is that the media made it seem like Hillary was going to win in a landslide, so some people who might’ve voted for Hillary (had they understood she wasn’t going to walk away with 400+ Electoral Votes), might’ve been effectively duped into voting for Stein. Which is hilarious.

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