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John McCain: Homo Americanus
Anyone who cares about the American idea should mourn McCain’s diagnosis.
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When considering the case of John McCain, I have often recalled an old rule from William Hazlitt, a partisan of the radical movements in the age of revolution: “It has always been with me, a test of the sense and candor of anyone belonging to the opposite party, whether he allowed Burke to be a great man.”

McCain is as close to a great man as his generation produced. Over the years, however, recognizing that fact has presented as much of a challenge to those within his party as it has to those in the opposite party. If this weren’t so, a man who famously contested McCain’s status as a war hero on the despicable grounds that he was captured in combat would never have become the standard-bearer of the Republican party.

While the center of gravity of today’s Republican party has shifted to the South, McCain never claimed any association more insular than being an American, which stands to reason given that he was born in the Panama Canal Zone into a tradition of military service. His grandfather and father, John Sidney McCain Sr. and Jr., respectively, served with distinction in the United States Navy, one as a naval aviator and the other as a submariner, each rising to the rank of admiral. In his affecting family memoir, Faith of My Fathers, McCain tells of their last meeting aboard a submarine tender, the USS Proteus, in Tokyo Bay a few hours after the Second World War had ended. Decades later, near the end of his life, McCain’s father recalled those precious final moments together: “My father said to me, ‘Son, there is no greater thing than to die for the principles — for the country and the principles that you believe in.’”

Even before this message was passed on to McCain, he had rendered imperishable service on its behalf. On October 26, 1967, McCain was engaged in his 23rd bombing run over North Vietnam. Within seconds of releasing its bombs on Hanoi, McCain’s A-4 aircraft was struck by a surface-to-air missile that brought it spiraling to earth at over 500 miles an hour. After ejecting, McCain plunged into Truc Bach Lake in the heart of the enemy’s capital. Fading in and out of consciousness, he was taken to the infamous prison Hoa Lo, which American POWs had named “the Hanoi Hilton,” where his mangled body would remain under duress for more than five years.

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  1. We cannot allow this great website to be stained with a tribute to one of the worst Americans in our history. Allow me to disparage Mr. McCain (again), with facts. By several accounts (“The Nightingale’s Song”, for example) he only got into the Naval Academy for a free college degree because Dad and GrandDad were Admirals, and should have been kicked out several times if not for that too. He was a lousy pilot who got into trouble often and crashed two aircraft because of neglect. He was shot down on his 23rd mission over Vietnam, and getting captured is not heroic.

    What happened over there is difficult to pin down, but upon returning from POW status, he passed a physical and regained flight status as a pilot. Yet after he finished 20 years of service that allowed generous retirement pay, he obtained a 100% VA disability rating allowing him to collect some \$36,000 a year, tax free too! The LA Times mentioned this when McCain was insisting he was fit to serve as commander in Chief. He now hauls in over \$240,000 a year from the Feds for military retirement, 100% VA disability, social security retirement, while all the while working full-time in the US Senate. So is he retired, or disabled, or gainfully employed? He is all three! This is textbook case of abuse and why or system needs reform to protect workers against rich welfare kings like McCain.

    McCain’s loyal wife was disabled in a serious auto accident while he was a POW. Soon after he returned, McCain dumped her for a wealthy woman 20 years younger. The Reagans were so angry they never spoke to him again. He then married his new babe before he officially got divorced, so there’s that bigamy thing.

    I don’t know why any Arizonian votes for this crazed man, especially since he’s a big advocate for open borders. At a union meeting, he told workers illegals are needed because Americans are too lazy to work farm fields, even for \$50 an hour. McCain has never labored his entire life, always on the government dole now earning ten times minimum wage worker pay, whose increase he opposes.

    McCain grew up wealthy and enjoyed free government health care his entire life, yet thinks it’s nothing commoners deserve. While running for president and attacking the poor, a rare good reporter asked how many houses he owned. He was unsure, but thought maybe seven.

    His Senate career began as he profited off the savings and loan scandal (providing cover for fraudster Keating). McCain became a a warmongering neocon, always anxious to bomb everyone and start WW III. Despite his recent illness , he was quick to denounce Trump when he ended American support for mass terrorism in Syria.

    John McCain supported the slaughter of millions of people on Earth, with the loss of thousands of American lives, and a trillion dollars wasted on pointless military adventures. How can any decent person mourn his demise?

  2. Dan Hayes says:

    I suspect the reason for reprinting this National Review puff piece” on McCain was to incite UR responders to offer a much more measured and honest discussion and evaluation of the Senator’s many transgressions.

    (And it looks like the immediately preceding comment has gotten the ball rolling!)

    • Replies: @SMK
  3. MEH 0910 says:

    John McCain: Homo Americanus

    That would be more appropriate for his buddy Lindsey Graham.

    • LOL: utu
  4. What a shock: a paean to one of the most odious men to ever be elected to office in the US (and that’s a VERY crowded field) comes from the spineless chuckleheads at the National Review, who have become nothing less a fifth column, promoting a brand of “conservatism” that is obsessed with proving they’re “the non-racist, non-Islamophobe, civic-nationalism-is-awesome good guys” to leftists who will always hate them anyway.

    I wish I could put a big flashing neon border around Carlton Meyer’s post, because he nails it. Fortunately, it’s right at the top, so it will be hard to miss regardless.

  5. El Dato says:

    It is unclear how getting shot down in a foreign land by local communist/nationalists during a bombing mission in the context of a war waged for unclear reasons, unclear goals and unclear morality elevates someone to greatness.

    But maybe the author wants to say that being born into a “military family” is the thing that confers greatness instead? Are we in Sparta yet?

    McCain’s father is also wrong. Dying for principles is exactly not the thing to do. It will leave evil men at home with reflected glory, unchallenged and in control if not enriched. You have to live for your principles instead.

    • Replies: @c matt
  6. All hail His Grace, Norm of House McCain, The last of His Name, King of no Andals or First Men, Destroyer of the Seven Kingdoms, Non-protector of the Realm, Winter has come for Norm McCain, A man will soon be no one.

  7. The Scalpel says: • Website

    The man was an automatic advocate of the US fomenting or participating in armed warfare at any opportunity. For him, war was always good and all the death and destruction was necessary. He had no empathy at all for the individuals suffering and dying and other human costs of the wars he fostered. When possible, he cynically used the suffering as propaganda to justify his support of those conflicts.

    When involved in war himself, his took full advantage of his political connections to obtain special treatment. He willingly betrayed his comrades to obtain further preferential treatment.

    For someone who believes in justice, there is no possible way that John McCain can suffer enough to balance out the misery he intentionally caused.

  8. Randal says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Thank you for that useful corrective, containing lots of additional information pertaining to McCain’s personal depravity of which I wasn’t particularly aware.

    Were I American I would have been be more interested in his personal failings, and in his gross betrayal of his own nation by promoting mass immigration. Since I’m not, my primary concern in US politicians is in relation to foreign policy, in which area McCain has always been one of the worst of the worst.

    In a world with any remotely consistent justice, McCain would have been convicted of the same crime many of the German Nuremberg defendants were found to have been guilty of – conspiracy for the accomplishment of a crime against peace.

    He has been a consistent voice calling for the waging of interventionist wars of aggression, and therefore for the slaughter of innocents in order to achieve his policy and ideological goals. He should be categorised with the similar men of violence on the other side, that he and his ilk call terrorists.

  9. McCain has been a pox on the soul of American life for decades. he is among the most odious public figures to come down the road in a long long time.

    his policies have subverted and profoundly weakened this nation while making us a laughing stock among other nations.

    whenever he finally departs it will be far too late to undo even a tiny bit of the damage this embittered maniac has caused.

    McCain is among a handful of current public figures whose policies make it a source of shame to be called American.

    • Replies: @schmenz
  10. Rod says:

    I would like to think of Mr Meyer as the real ‘Homo Americanus’ and not the warmonger McCain.

  11. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Vietnamese should have kept him.

  12. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Not that I could rejoice this evil lowlife’s current fate, as it could happen to the best of us all.

    But, Hell rubs its hands and awaits its fodder.

  13. hyperbola says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    McCain was a traitor (for money) to America from a very early stage.

    John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 2)
    The political genealogy of Arizona Senator John McCain is firmly rooted in (jewish) organized crime. Gus Greenbaum, an influential mobster, was close to Meyer Lansky in New York before going to work for the Chicago Outfit. In 1928, Greenbaum moved to Phoenix….
    “During the 1920s, the Bronfmans made a bonanza in bootlegging. The company may have accounted for half of the illegal liquor crossing the border. Some claimed that Bronfman had a distribution deal for his booze with the infamous Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky….When Prohibition ended in 1933, it left a legacy of bloodshed, racketeering, and one of the wealthiest family dynasties in the world, the Bronfmans.” The Bronfmans used that fortune to found and fund the Zionist World Jewish Congress….
    …. Jim Hensley hired his son-in-law, John McCain, to manage public relations, a post he quickly vacated to run for Congress. A 1982 gift of \$689,000 from a Hensley & Co. affiliate to Cindy McCain enabled the son-in-law to lend his campaign \$167,000….
    …McCain’s mob-saturated political pedigree ensured his assistance with the Savings and Loan fraud of the 1980s. That massive skimming operation was a warm-up for the far larger subprime mortgage fraud—in which McCain acquiesced.
    His key role in delaying essential S&L reforms boosted by 50% the taxpayer cost of the bailout. By then, the tally was \$153 billion. Ringleader of the corrupt “Keating 5” Senators, McCain not only received \$112,000 from Charles Keating, he and his family were routinely guests at a posh Keating retreat in the Bahamas.
    In a sweetheart deal, McCain’s mobbed-up in-laws even invested \$350,000 in a Keating-backed shopping center. Compare that with the cost imposed on taxpayers when the Keating-led Lincoln Savings & Loan went belly-up. Our tab for that skim: \$3.4 billion.
    Ever since this syndicate ran him for Congress in 1982, the hand of John McCain has been found on the policy levers whenever organized crime found its way into the taxpayers’ pocket…..

    John McCain; A Closer Look at Evil (Part 4)
    The career of John McCain offers a textbook case confirming how war is waged on the U.S. by way of deception—with the help of senior lawmakers. Despite the constancy of his treasonous conduct, …
    After McCain conceded his role in the S&L fraud, his organized crime handlers repackaged him as a champion for campaign finance reform.
    Like McCain, this syndicate is also consistent: one fraud typically leads to another.
    There’s no shortage of recent frauds: Iraqi WMD, Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda, Iraqi meetings in Prague, Iraq’s yellowcake uranium from Niger, Iraqi mobile biological weapons laboratories.
    All were false. Yet a consensus emerged around a fraudulent belief that induced us to war.
    John McCain played a key role in creating the political dynamics that enabled this fraud. First he championed a change in the rules for federal elections. Then he personally marketed the lies that took us to war on false pretenses. Those two frauds are closely related.
    In practical effect, “McCain-Feingold” campaign finance reform strengthened the hand of organized crime due to legislation he co-sponsored with Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin….
    After McCain-Feingold became effective in 2003, any experienced AIPAC-identified bundler could raise \$1 million simply by contacting 10 pro-Israeli friends.
    The bundler and spouse “max out” for \$9,200 and call ten others, say, in Manhattan, Miami Beach and Beverly Hills. Each of the 10 max out (10 x \$9,200) and call 10 others for a total of 111. When everyone contributes \$9,200, the candidate’s total is \$1,021,200.
    With AIPAC’s blessing, one call can fund a \$1 million campaign. It’s difficult to overstate the impact wrought by the Israel lobby’s political operations over the past six decades. John McCain guaranteed their impact would become far more threatening to our national security…..

  14. anarchyst says:

    Let’s not forget John McCain’s Admiral “daddy” who whitewashed the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty (GTR-5) in 1967. Admiral McCain refused to send help to the stricken ship as well as handling the “investigation”, steering it away from the deliberate attack that it was.
    Another interesting note is that “Doors” frontman (rock star) Jim Morrison’s “daddy” was also an admiral, who attempted to send help to the USS Liberty (GTR-5) but was countermanded by Admiral McCain. There must have been one hell of an argument between the two, as Admiral Morrison never achieved the next rank.

    • Replies: @for-the-record
  15. hyperbola says:

    So, given the zionist control of much of Canada,

    The Long History of Zionism in Canada


    it is no surprise that this article is written not by an American, but by a “Canadian” who also writes this kind of article.

    In Defense of the Tribe
    Your humble servant recently came across a report showing that Israel scores highly in surveys of human happiness. The World Happiness Report 2016 Update ranks Israel 11th in the world out of 158 countries. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Life Satisfaction Index rates Israel fifth out of 36 countries — ahead of many other advanced democracies…..

    in a magazine that is clearly anti-American.

    Why Anti-Zionism Is Modern Anti-Semitism – | National Review

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    John McCain: Homo Americanus
    Anyone who cares about the American idea should mourn McCain’s diagnosis.

    People… become skilled at obeying to they whom have to be obeyed, and being obeyed by they whom you can make obey you.

    If you do a very good work, and get a terminal disease diagnosis later, some outlet of prestige, as for example National Review, will have good words for you.

    Isn’t it worth the effort, and a proper reward?

  17. McCain is privileged scum. He got into Annapolis solely through the intervention of his admiral father. His class rank was abysmal yet he became a carrier pilot, a position usually reserved only for the best graduating cadets. It’s reasonable to assume that Dad intervened again. He was a lousy pilot. He had several crashes any one of which should have – but never did – result in a court martial. I’m guessing that was Dad again. There are a lot of questions about whether he collaborated with his captors or not while a POW. I guess Dad got him off again because there was never any investigation. He’s proven a malevolent loon for most of his subsequent life. The decent thing now woulds be for McCain to resign his Senate seat, check into an Arizona hospice, and die as dignified a death as he is capable of achieving. But McCain has never opted for the decent or dignified. Good riddance to him and may it be soon.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  18. I wrote the next 3 paragraphs already under a Steve Sailer post, but I think this National Review sack-hanger of the Deep State needs 100 comments at least to tell him what we think of his outburst of stupidity.

    I was commenting on a different website about the death of Ted Kennedy back in 2009. I got in a long back and forth discussion with a lady who was scolding me for saying I was glad he had finally died (and a few things ruder than that, of course). It came down to one thing, I finally summed up to her – really simple – Ted Kennedy was still in the US Senate when he died. He also had been, and still was, very bad for our country.

    Had he been retired at time, well dying is a sad thing, and it would have been something to just remark on – I may have spoken ill of the dead, because his whole life was kind of something to make one ill. I would not have written “I’m glad he died .”, though. However he was a US Senator till the end, and if his dying was the only way we could have Ted Kennedy gone from the Senate, then, hell yeah I was glad he died!

    I would say the very same about Juan McCain. The damage to America that this sick so-called “maverick” caused most likely can’t be reversed.

    • Replies: @SMK
    , @Simply Simon
  19. @Carlton Meyer

    John McCain is a living “portrait of Dorian Gray.” He embodies everything that is wrong with America. Why keep him locked up in a closet? He belongs on center stage, so the entire world can view America’s soul.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  20. CK says:

    In law, treason is the crime of disloyalty to one’s nation or state. A person who betrays the nation of their citizenship and/or reneges on an oath of loyalty and in some way willfully cooperates with an enemy, is considered to be a traitor. In the United States Of America, treason is defined at Article 3 of the Constitution.
    This should be his epitaph:
    ” Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason?
    Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”
    There was a PBS special a few years ago titled The Spy in the Hanoi Hilton.
    Some of the POWs there managed to arrange to get information out of the prison and
    to the US govt. Many of the POW officers were interviewed and many stories of
    bravery and valour were brought to public attention. If you watch the special, there is
    one famous senatorial name that is never mentioned. One officer who contributed no bravery no valour no aid to his fellow prisoners. That officer later in his life killed the MIA-POW hearings in the Senate.
    The songbird of the Hanoi Hilton …

  21. polistra says:

    I’m praying for the cancer. I don’t want it to win speedily and decisively; I want it to go on for years and years and years, turning the territory into fiery chaotic ashes but never ending, just like the two dozen wars McCain started.

  22. schmenz says:

    “Embittered maniac”. A perfect description if ever there was one.

  23. @Carlton Meyer

    I could not agree more. As further reasons for not accepting McCain’s alleged “greatness” I would add McCain’s deliberate suppression of the MIA issue in congress and elsewhere in support of Nixon and Kissinger’s bad deal with NV- leading to hundreds of american POWs never being repatriated; and his frequent documented trips to war zones where he hangs out with the bad guys – fascists in Ukraine, Al Quaida reps in Syria. Funny we never hear anything about his violations of the Logan Act. And what kind of a great man calls his wife a “dumb c**t” over a live mic at a public function?

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @larry lurker
  24. I’ve lost family members to brain cancer, so I ought to be sympathetic. But upon hearing of McCain’s diagnosis, I was cheering for the cancer.

  25. WPT says:

    As a politician, McCain represents everything I despise about the GOP – neocons who are also open border advocates. It’s the GOP that many Trump voters like me want to toss out en masse from DC. McCain is very much the swamp that needs to cleaned out of DC, along with Lindsay Graham, both are arguments for term limits, along with other swamp creatures like Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, etc. RINOs like these two endanger America and the World with their neocon politics and open borders stance. As Rand Paul once quipped, “there isn’t a war McCain doesn’t like”. I think Trump had a point when he questioned whether McCain received special treatment as a POW and why. POWs should be people who hate wars, not people who want more.

    That said, I am very sad for him and his loved ones for his diagnosis. I hope he has a good team of doctors around him who can help him recover, so he can retire to enjoy his remaining years as a private citizen.

  26. nsa says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    You left some nasty stuff out. 1) Tokyo Rose McCain’s recordings from Hanoi are still available online, 2) near sank the aircraft carrier Forrestal. Rose pranked the plane behind with an after-burner pop setting off its missiles…..resulting in the death of 134 sailors and disabling of the carrier. His admiral father covered it up, 3) treason runs in the family…his admiral father led the coverup of the vile Izzy attack on the USS Liberty, 4) he married into a lucrative mafia beer distributorship in AZ, 5) reporters have talked to Rose’s jailers who claim the torture stuff was all made up to avoid a court marshal, 6) McCain was one of the Keating Five in the S&L corruption coverup. Lots more dirt if anyone is interested……..

    • Replies: @anonguy
  27. @low voltage

    He belongs on center stage, so the entire world can view America’s soul.

    I doubt they could stand the stink.

  28. @polistra

    I want it over quick, to make sure they don’t prop him up as a sock-puppet a la Gaby Giffords or Stephen Hawking for years to come.

  29. Sowhat says:

    “My father said to me, ‘Son, there is no greater thing than to die for the principles — for the country and the principles that you believe in.’”

    -spoken like a true follower of the MIIC, before it was known to be the MIIC.

    I could say the same words about dying for principles and country but, NOT blindly following principles that I don’t believe in. I’ll, today, become a grunt in the Army that believes that his country has trashed the Constitution and carries on their foolish hegemony in order to secure the riches of few for generations to come while they have effectively stripped prosperity from those workers that do the grunt-work in the work force.

    I personally do not feel that you can lump generations together as the author has done, here, to make some point…What point? Sowhat? So they followed their fathers’ footsteps. Big deal. I served in ‘nam…not to stand for the Capitalist Imperialism as the anti-war protesters called it. I served in the Air Force to increase my odds of coming out on the other side, alive. And there were a number in my high school class of 1966 that didn’t come back from their Army “tour” in Vietnam.

    I know which stories about his p.o.w. experience are true and which aren’t. I wouldn’t want to be a P.O.W. in the first place. But I SURELY wouldn’t want to be John McCain, third-generation military man or not. I’m in Carlton Meyer’s camp.

  30. He shall pass into the pantheon of saints of the cult of American Exceptionalism.

  31. SMK says: • Website
    @Dan Hayes

    As awful as 8-years of Obama was in sundry ways -distinctly so on race and racial issues, of course, including immigration- 8-years of McCain would have been far worse. He would have bombed and invaded Syria to depose and kill the Satanic Bashir Assad, inciting a war with Russia the nature and duration of which I can only imagine. He might have even bombed and invaded Iran. If so, imagine the number of American troops now occupying Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and who knows what other nations. And for how many decades? He might have even started a war with Russian over the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, the duration and nature of which I can only imagine in horror.

    And besides all the wars and invasions and occupations -the hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded, including who knows how many U.S. soldiers, men and women; the trillions and trillions of dollars squandered, etc.- he would have been almost as bad on race as Obama and just as bad if not even worse on immigration.

    And a Democrat would now be President -probably Obama, triumphant in his second attempt to become the first black president- rather than Trump. Imagine how much more harm Obama could do from 2017 to 2025 as compared to what he did over the last 8-years. There’s no way a Republican would have been elected President in 2016 – not even Trump, assuming he even ran and won the nomination- after 8-years of Bush and 8-years of McCain, Bushism on crack and steroids.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  32. SMK says: • Website
    @Achmed E. Newman

    But, alas, McCain is as mean and tough as he’s evil and crazy. And he’ll receive the best medical care possible, funded by the tax-payers even though he’s “filthy rich,” net-worth 21 million, with 7 houses. Thus I envision him surviving the cancer for 2-3 more years, most likely, hopefully long enough for him to see Trump impeached and perhaps even convicted of a felony and sentenced to federal prison. And if so, he’ll lead the jihad and witch-hunt and efforts to prevent Trump from building a wall on the Mexican border and enacting other populist and America-first policies.

    Few people are more dangerous than “principled” moralists/moralizers who are wrong. No wonder left-liberals and Democrats and their voices and votaries in the MSM love and admire him despite his warmongering and support for other mainstream Republican laws and policies.

  33. Um, no. Race traitor Juan “Batshit Crazy” McAmnesty can’t die soon enough or painfully enough.

    I savor his impending demise, as do most White Americans.

  34. @MEH 0910

    “John McCain: Homo Americanus

    That would be more appropriate for his buddy Lindsey Graham.”

    Okay, okay, I will grant him that: Never did I suspect Juan McAmnesty of heterophobia or any desire to rape little boys, as I strongly suspect the pedo triumvirate: Lindsey “Pedoface” Gramnesty, Mitch “Pedoface” McConnell, or Dirty Disgusting Filthy Harry “Pedoface” Reid.

  35. Anonymous [AKA "I\'m already Against The Next War"] says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    ~~ Roger THAT ^^^ !!!….

  36. @SMK

    “No wonder left-liberals and Democrats and their voices and votaries in the MSM love and admire him despite his warmongering and support for other mainstream Republican laws and policies.”

    Democrats love some wars and dislike other wars, but they always love a White-hating race traitor like Juan McAmnesty.

    100% Diversity is achieved when there are 0% White people.

    Ergo, Diversity = White Genocide.

    Juan McAmnesty supported maximum Diversity, he sought the destruction of his own race, his own people.

    May his suffering be long and painful — exquisitely, excruciatingly painful.

  37. Dan Hayes says:


    “McCain, Bushism on crack and steroids”

    Very well said and unfortunately how true!

  38. melanf says:

    Explain to a foreigner – this is a parody? Or the author writes it seriously?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  39. [Too many comments, all essentially similar. Vent somewhere else.]

    • Replies: @Je Suis Omar Mateen
  40. Druid says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    And a mindless warmonger to boot!

  41. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’m praying for the cancer. I don’t want it to win speedily and decisively; I want it to go on for years and years and years, turning the territory into fiery chaotic ashes but never ending, just like the two dozen wars McCain started.

    LOL. I hope some daring anti-neocon slips into hospital scrubs and into McCain’s room and his final hours whispers in his ear, “Senator, Russia just invaded Ukraine and the rest of Europe. And Russian troops have invaded and have taken over D.C. Trump and Putin are high-fiving it. Oh, and Iran and Syria attacked Israel and wiped it off the map. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I thought you’d like to know this.”

    • LOL: Randal
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  42. @SMK

    Thus I envision him surviving the cancer for 2-3 more years, most likely, …

    Well, I’m no doctor, and have never even played one on TV.

    (but, what the hell…)

    It may go down more like this:

    “Yes, this is Juan McAmnesty, what’s the news, Doc?”

    “Well, Mr. McAmnesty, I’ve got some BAD news, and then some …
    … REALLY BAD news, sir.”

    “Oh, yeah, just give me the BAD news first.”

    “Sir, our diagnosis is that you only have 2 months to live.”

    “OMG, what could possibly be the REALLY BAD news, then?”

    “Sir, you’ve had the phone lines down due to all the irate Americans calling ….
    I’ve been trying to reach you for 2 months.”

  43. @melanf

    Explain to a foreigner – this is a parody? Or the author writes it seriously?

    We have people in Soviet America who are write for, we call Lyin’ Press. People such as these, we call, how you say, imbeciles. Subversive comrade Unz on, how you say, site for webbing, is contain information on correction of imbecile.*

    *doing my damnedest to imitate wise zerohedge commentator name of Boris Alotovkrap. ;-}

  44. Anonymous [AKA "Thomas Evans"] says:

    National Review trash.

  45. @Achmed E. Newman

    In regards to Ted Kennedy I often wondered why he was treated with such respect by his fellow senators despite the evidence of his cowardice at Chappaquiddick I finally came to the realization that the same fellow senators were more than happy to keep quiet about him in turn that their own sins and indiscretions were not publicized . After all it is a “Gentlemens’ Club. As for John McCain the comments on this site would make interesting reading for him should he care to do so.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  46. @Anonymous

    I like it! In addition, get the imposter to show him an old National Geographic photo ripped out of the magazine of the Great Wall of China – “Sir they’ve done it, the bastards! We did everything we could.”

  47. yeah says:

    This article is an ode to an odious man. It made painful reading. McCain, it now turns out, has had a diseased brain; perhaps that explains his love of bombing, war, bloodshed, and calls for actions that would qualify as war crimes anytime, anywhere, and by any moral compass.

  48. @Simply Simon

    That’s the case, I agree. However, the crowd in this millionaire’s club 5 decades later is a vastly more degenerate bunch than back in Mary Jo Kopechne’s time.

  49. McCain’s impending death reminds me of what someone did when Buddy Rich died. He called Rich’s widow and said “is he really dead?” She replied yes and he hung up. He called back 5 minutes later and said “is he really dead?” She said “you just called and asked me that!” He said “yes but I wanted to hear it again.” That’s how I feel about this monstrous psychopath dying.

  50. Dwright says:

    Both National Review and John McCain are on their last legs.
    Now drop dead will ya.

  51. @Je Suis Omar Mateen

    Ha ha. Go worship your White-hating avatar McShitStain elsewhere, punkboy. Every commenter here are rooting for the cancer and would happily defecate in McShitStain’s mouth, dead or alive.

  52. @anarchyst

    Another interesting note is that “Doors” frontman (rock star) Jim Morrison’s “daddy” was also an admiral, who attempted to send help to the USS Liberty (GTR-5) but was countermanded by Admiral McCain.

    That’s interesting, hadn’t realized it was Morrison. He got around — was also the Commander of US Naval forces at the Gulf of Tonkin.

    Also interesting that Wikipedia has removed all reference to Morrison’s involvement with the Liberty. This was from an earlier version:

    Some believe his Naval career may have been slowed by political undertones surrounding his analysis of the USS Liberty incident which occurred in 1967. Morrison opposed the official US Navy response to the attack, and proposed an immediate and swift economic and military response against Israel for the attack on an official US Navy ship. Morrison’s analysis and political motivation was at odds with the soft non-militaristic response ultimately taken by the US State Department and US Navy. Morrison asserted Israel intentionally attacked the USS Liberty, trying to disguise Israel torpedo boats as Syrian vessels in an attempt to provoke a war between the United States and Syria. This would have increased United States military and financial assistance during the Six Day War.

  53. And while we are all piling on McCain, let’s not forget his shameful treatment of the families of other POWs.

    John McCain and the POW Cover-Up
    The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.


    John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home. Throughout his Senate career, McCain has quietly sponsored and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about these men buried as classified documents. Thus the war hero who people would logically imagine as a determined crusader for the interests of POWs and their families became instead the strange champion of hiding the evidence and closing the books.

  54. Anonymous [AKA "McCain promoter"] says:

    I cannot argue with the national review article. It correctly appoints a standard bearer for those in decimate-the-world uniforms. According to the article, McCain’s efforts produced a Republican Party, now famous for its global wars, its human abuse record, and its use of force acquired immunity to international laws. What more could the people of Arizona want from their elected representative?

  55. David JW says:

    He worked for the Vietcong and worked tirelessly to leave his comrades behind in Vietnam.

  56. par4 says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    With that resume I think he makes a great representative of this republic.

  57. The comments on this article really warmed my heart. Thanks to all!

  58. Thirdeye says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    I’m with you except for condemning his marital life. He and his first wife made a go of it for a while but they had grown apart. Separation can make that happen, then couples rejoin and find out. Their divorce was essentially a buyout sponsored by Cindy’s family. McCain is no Newt Gingrich.

  59. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I just skimmed through this article, knowing that since it was published by NR it would be a puff piece–and so it is. Initially I like McCain but my enthusiasm quickly soured, starting with the “Keating Five” scandal from which he never completely escaped. Yes, McCain served his country–I get it that– but so what ? So did Richard Nixon. Leaving aside the Schanberg allegations (of which I have only general knowledge), McCain was foursquare behind Bush Junior’s invasion of the Middle East and as such bears responsibility for all that has followed. On a human level I can only wish Sen. McCain luck in his battle against cancer, but this does not change my opinion of him as a politician. He was bad for America and bad for the rest of the world.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  60. Tulip says:

    “McCain is as close to a great man as his generation produced.” -Brian Stewart

    Enough said, and a sentiment we can all get behind! He is De Gaulle, if De Gaulle had been born without testicles and collaborated with Vichy.

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  61. c matt says:
    @El Dato

    Whether dying (or living) for your principles is good depends entirely upon the principles, no?

  62. @Carlton Meyer

    You have just served some appetizers.

    Let’s get to some of the entrees.

  63. @Tulip

    He is Sitting Bull, if Tatanka-Iyotanka had been born without testicles and had collaborated with Custer.

  64. @anonymous

    After the Keating 5 Affair, McCain went out of his way to please the MSM. And they reciprocated with gushing coverage, which cooled off during the 2008 general election, but came back when McCain dutifully played the good loser.

  65. anonguy says:

    near sank the aircraft carrier Forrestal. Rose pranked the plane behind with an after-burner pop setting off its missiles…..resulting in the death of 134 sailors and disabling of the carrier. His admiral father covered it up,

    That is not true. Not only that, it is not possible. The planes on the Forrestal were aligned with their exhausts outboard as is normal/standard.

    There is enough true bad stuff about McCain, even in the Forrestal incident perhaps – he certainly wasn’t any hero leading ad hoc Damage Control teams after the assigned/trains ones mostly died in the in the first explosion or two – that you don’t have to make up more stuff.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  66. Anonym says:

    This is how a war hero gets shot down behind enemy lines.

  67. These barking mad whack jobs at NR need to be stopped by any means necessary.

  68. @polistra

    As long as the people of Arizona recall the diseased insane fart and get themselves a Senator.

  69. @Jus' Sayin'...

    And Insane McCain’s treasonous filth of piece dad was the one who covered up the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and the murder of 100 plus Americans.

    He should have glassed the place.

  70. scoops says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    what did you do in nam? or any other conflict for the USA!

  71. MarkinLA says:

    NO with Gramnesty and Durbin’s newest amnesty, one less vote for amnesty in the Senate would be a good thing.

  72. How many innocent Americans have been murdered, raped, robbed, assaulted and injured by McCain’s beloved illegal aliens?

    I personally know people who’ve lost family members to illegal alien violence and drunk driving.

    McCain has inflicted terrible damage to our nation.

    And the people of Arizona who voted for that traitor bear much guilt for their complicity in McCain’s crimes against Americans.

  73. Jake says:

    John McCain is garbage. He has always served Empire and globalist billionaires. He has been indispensable in flooding America with illegal immigrants.

    I think the odds are good that Sydney Schanberg’s analysis of McCain as a cowardly traitor is spot on.

  74. Z-man says:
    @MEH 0910

    Homo Americanus
    That would be more appropriate for his buddy Lindsey Graham.

    My LOL button was not working, LOL!!!

  75. In the 2008 primary season, McCain won the South Carolina primary to put him on the road to the GOP nomination. In exit interviews, the “conservative” voters said they voted for McCain because he was a “war hero.”

    When told McCain favored illegal alien amnesty, they were shocked and “had no idea John McCain was for amnesty.” They hadn’t bothered to check his position on a crucial issue.

    And this is typical in my experience, especially for self-described “conservative” voters. All they had to hear was “John McCain is a war hero” to vote for him.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  76. MarkinLA says:
    @David In TN

    John McCain got the GOP nomination in Arizona after telling people in 2010 that he would “build the damn wall already”, then promptly going back to DC to work on various amnesties. He flat out told people in town hall meetings in 2016 when confronted on that issue to “run against me” giving conservatives the finger.

    He easily beat Kelli Ward in the 2016 GOP primary because Arizona is full of elderly whites too stupid to look beyong McCain as a veteran. Many of those whites were drafted in the 50s and 60s and have their heads full of Red Menace nonsense and McCain embodies this herd mentality stupidity.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @Honesthughgrant
  77. @MEH 0910

    “That would be more appropriate for his buddy Lindsey Graham.”
    Nah, Little Linda, the Kiddie Didler is “Pedo Americanus”

  78. Wally says:

    Is this April 1st?

  79. Anonymous [AKA "Dagger"] says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Didn’t McCain also screw up while piloting his jet on an aircraft carrier?? I believe Rolling Stone did a hit ( but truthful) piece on McCain when he was running for Prez. McCain was pilot of an A4 or A6 jet and while on the deck accidentally released some of his ordnance ( I think they were Zuni rockets) killing 2 crewman… This was whitewashed and covered again by his admiral Daddy….

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  80. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    McCain just cast decisive vote to prevent repeal of Obamacare. Now that he has approximately a year to leave, he has nothing to lose and will vote with Dems out of disgust for Trump.

  81. @MarkinLA

    You’d think that after McCain lied to them in 2010, just like he liked to Republican primary voters in 2008, they wouldn’t have renominated him.

    But I guess, Arizona Republicans will keep nominating him till he dies. No matter what he does.

  82. @sailor1031

    Hey, he didn’t call her dumb!

    Cindy playfully twirled McCain’s hair and said, “You’re getting a little thin up there.”

    McCain’s face reddened, and he responded, “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c**t.”

  83. Just to add another prehumous comment here to try to get the count up to 100, let me mention more about McCain and the Lyin’ Press. The big meme, so to speak, about this guy, going back to 2005 or beyond, is that he was the maverick in the Senate.

    The term maverick first of all was helpful in leading readers and viewers of the LP to think about McCain’s “war hero” status. He was like “Top Gun” (it was 20 years after the movie, but some things stick in our minds). “Watch my 6, Goose, I’m coming hard left, and I’m gonna do a coupla snap rolls to lose this guy.” “Wow,you’re my hero, Maverick, let’s buzz the tower of the Forestall now.”

    Secondly, the unwritten/said deal between McCain and the LP is that, as he was the maverick, he would not go along with the usual Republican agenda. You’d think the writer, Brian Stewart, in National Review would have some memory or had at least read a little bit of recent US political history to know this – I didn’t think NR took too kindly to mavericks on conservatism or at least on the Red Wing of the party. The Lyin Press could talk up this great maverick of the GOP who would trash any conservative plans (“the damn fence”), and McCain would have more of the spotlight than any other GOP senator.

    Because I remember exactly what I was doing at the time, I remember talking about how much I hated Juan McCain back in early 2005.

    Which’ll be first, 100 comments or McCain going straight to hell?

    “Keep your eye on the lady, and lay your money down …..”

    You gotta love that Dicky Betts …..

  84. MEH 0910 says:

    I believe Rolling Stone did a hit ( but truthful) piece on McCain when he was running for Prez.

    John McCain: Make-Believe Maverick

    • Replies: @David In TN
  85. MEH 0910 says:

    There is enough true bad stuff about McCain, even in the Forrestal incident perhaps – he certainly wasn’t any hero leading ad hoc Damage Control teams after the assigned/trains ones mostly died in the in the first explosion or two – that you don’t have to make up more stuff.


  86. Like his father whose ship, the SS Liberty, was bombed for hours by the Israeli Air Force killing 34 Americans on board in 1967, McCain (whose father did not release a SQUEAK of protest or outrage in public) is a whore to Zionists and therefore a traitor, responsible for caring not at all about the loss of life of many thousands of his American military ‘buddies’ that he wilfully committed to pointless wars for israel and the Zionist globalist project.

    Mind you, the entire western political/media class had and still have no complaints to make about the obvious “inside job” that was 9/11 so his (lack of) character in this regard is not particularly out of the ordinary.

  87. @MEH 0910

    Rolling Stone didn’t want McCain to beat Obama. Hence the hit piece.

  88. “John McCain is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

    • Replies: @GourmetDan
  89. Anonymous [AKA "nutter"] says:


  90. Missing in most of these criticisms of John McCain is that he currently is, and has been for many years, a proud member of the nefarious Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the most anti-American organization in the world. Key CFR members have openly expressed their belief that the US. Constitution must be abolished and the borders opened. Their ultimate goal is to fuse the U.S. into a global government under the control of international bankers, oil magnates and CEOs of transnational corporation — a government they euphemistically call the New World Order.

    Actually, the New World Order is very old. It is a return to feudalism with only two social classes, the hyperpoor, comprising 98 percent of the world’s population, and the all-powerful 2 percent hyperrich.

    So, McCain is basically a traitor. There is no other name to qualify his actions against America and the American people. Nevertheless, I don’t blame him but the brainless idiots who have elected him in every election and still think they are patriots.

  91. @Carlton Meyer

    I voted for McCain in the primaries, going way back.. but not in 2012.

    By then I voted libertarian, and I had realized what a sham McCain was and is. A crappy officer, a crappy pilot. His dubious history of firing his Zuni rockets on the carrier USS Forestal, is shameful.

    Of course McCain was cleared of blame, and it was written off as Electromagnetic interference (EMI).

    Having Admirals in your family has big pluses.

    I thank this blogger “Carlton Meyer” above for also detailing what a personal financial leach on government McCain was.

    This is the beauty of the internet.. more information that government and its so called free press does not fully control.

  92. Anonymous [AKA "Merkun"] says:

    McCain is a self-serving, traitorous tool of the international banking cartel and its military industrial complex. His impending death is too good for him.

  93. If this article is meant as some kind of National Lampoon parody, it is not funny. John McCain is no hero and much, much less a great man. He was the spoiled brat son of and grandson of admirals or he would have been tossed out of Annapolis after a week. His irresponsible conduct led the “accidental destruction” of a number of expensive aircraft. As for his war record. he may or may not have collaborated with the North Vietnamese; his suffering were certainly no more and probably far less than those of his fellow POW’s. He may also hold the distinction of being the only American aviator to very nearly sink one of our own aircraft carriers, the USS Forrestal. There are claims that his hijinks led to a series of explosions that killed scores of American sailors. His biography claims he “volunteered” to transfer to the USS Oriskany after the Forrestal was almost sent to the bottom. The truth is that such a reassignment was out of his hands and may have been made to save him from a lynching at the hands of the Forrestal’s enraged crewmen. Back from the Hanoi Hilton he dumped his loyal wife – disfigured in an automobile accident – and married the daughter of a Mafia stooge who had spent five years in Federal prison taking the fall for Las Vegas hoods. He was richly rewarded with a beer distributorship. That is the foundation of McCain’s huge fortune. Do we forget that he was a charter member of the Keating Five, the scam that collapsed the U.S. Savings and Loan industry and cost the taxpayer hundreds of billions? His support for open borders is notorious and has flooded this country with foreigners ever ready to vote for Democrats or swell the welfare rolls. His insane obsession with bombing every country on the planet has cost the lives of millions. Many politicians support Israel out of fear of the corporate media or the loss of campaign donations. McCain, however, is in a class by himself. He is at all times willing to throw away the lives of young Americans for his masters in Tel Aviv. McCain is the epitome of everything that is wrong with this country. He will sit in a place in American history flanked by Benedict Arnold and Al Sharpton. That is the measure of his “greatness”.

    • Replies: @ANONymous
  94. @Ghost of Bull Moose

    “John McCain is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

    “Robert Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.” – The Manchurian Candidate

    An in-your-face truth bomb that many people just didn’t understand…

  95. ANONymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Bridges

    National Catholic Reporter on line commentariat is praising McCain to the high heavens for his brave move to save the ACA

    It’s an indicator, or a response, to a question anon asked elsewhere:

    I don’t really get the Kennedolatry. Why was he so great?

    Answer for anon: It’s an Irish Catholic thing.
    Where “Irish Catholic” rhymes with ‘stuck on stupid.’

    (To be fair, that applies more to McCain than to Kennedy: the latter did not sell out his country, and actually tried to do some good things for USA, in contrast to McCain.)

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  96. Fergus says:

    McCain was a songbird while a POW, made propaganda broadcasts for the enemy and has been sinking lower ever since. He is about as popular as a social disease and about as well respected.

    Since you shouldn’t say bad things about the dead I rejoice in the thought that I may still cast stones at this slimeball. If any generation produced a liar on this scale they should be ashamed. But having produced Hilary, Obama and McStain, there is a generation that needs to be taken out to the woodpile.

    One can rejoice in the sure knowledge that he will soon face judgement. One can only hope he receives what he has worked so long and hard is finally delivered to him. Hope he likes the heat.

    • Replies: @CK
    , @Prusmc
  97. @ANONymous

    Which Kennedy do you mean, sir?

    Ted, aka “Tiny Duck”, Kennedy did indeed sell out his country, while I have greater respect for J.F.Kennedy, the more I learn about his resistance to the deep state.

    The only good Kennedy is a dead Joyce Kennedy. Here she sings back-up vocals on “Piece of the Rock“:

    Mother’s Finest from “Another Mother Further“. Imagine, a black ROCK band! You don’t see that too often.

  98. Realist says:

    McCain is a scumbag warmonger and the North Vietnamese landed the greatest blow to the US by sending this prick back alive.

  99. Some of the cuck writers have been wringing their hands over McCain’s latest betrayal. They claim to be surprised.

  100. OK, Brian Stewart of National Review, you’ve got over 100 posts of reader opinion regarding your pre-eulogy of Senator John McCain. Not one of them has anything good to say about the swine. Will you learn anything new here? NO, not a damn thing, I imagine. As a National Review writer, you are like a member of the Board of Directors of Conservatism, Inc., hence your job requires you not to learn anything of the real truth. You just want to keep profits up for the quarter.

    This commenter used to get the print version of your magazine for about 3-4 years, back in the late 1990’s, as I recall. Yes, true, but I’ve grown, and National Review has not.

    You’re just an errand boy, Brian Stewart, sent by grocery clerks.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  101. lavoisier says: • Website

    The voters in Arizona could not get rid of the traitorous bastard. It required a mutated cluster of insensate cells to do the job.

  102. Sam J. says:

    We should give McCain credit where it’s due. Although he wasn’t the best pilot anyone who can land on a an aircraft carrier is admirable. He talked when tortured. Big deal. I couldn’t have done any better. I don’t fault him for getting disability. He was disabled and couldn’t raise his arms.

    The rest of his life was despicable. I really, really don’t like the Man.

  103. Anonymous [AKA "Ken S."] says:

    I am old enough to remember when National Review was worth reading. Pre-1988 or so it still had enough fusty old Catholic intellectuals to be right on a few things. Now it is the home of unimaginative and not very well-read Jews and dull as dishwater moderate gentiles vaguely ashamed to be right-of-center.

  104. Seneca says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Thank you!

    I very much agree with the sentiments you so ably expressed.

  105. CK says:

    Hillary is an early boomer.
    McCain is not a boomer, he was born in 1936; he is from the generation between “the greatest” and the boomers.
    Obama was born in 1961 a very late boomer.
    Boomer = approx June 1946 to Dec.1964

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  106. Prusmc says:

    Would not surprise me to see him stand for re-election in 2022. Sad to say, I once was a big supporter of his 2000 primary. I was a veteran and retired military who was impressed by his background.I drove 110 miles at 85-90 mph to see him in person, stopping at a book store(they actually existed back then) to purchase a copy of his book which he signed for me along with a couple of photos. I voted for for him( considering the alternative) in 2008. Recently, I was weeding through my past life and found signed book and blown up photos that quickly went to the trash. I had not heard of the Nightengale’s Song or the Unz expose until recently but I remember Col Harry Summers in Militart Times suggesting that McCain was less than a sterling patriot. His clear desire not to win in 2008 and his subsequent activities soured me and then I began to do some research. My estimation changed from authentic American Hero to disgusting American disgrace.

  107. @CK

    McCain is neither “Boomer”, nor ” GI”, nor “Silent” generation, as per the terminology used in “The Fourth Turning”. He is of a special cohort, dubbed the “Traitorous Scum”, born between August 28th and August 30th of the year 1936 AD. Everybody else turned out fine.

    A little Stealer’s Wheel:

    • Replies: @CK
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