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College Admissions Scandal: Actresses, Business Leaders and Other Wealthy Parents Charged
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A teenage girl who did not play soccer magically became a star soccer recruit at Yale. Cost to her parents: $1.2 million.

A high school boy eager to enroll at the University of Southern California was falsely deemed to have a learning disability so he could take his standardized test with a complicit proctor who would make sure he got the right score. Cost to his parents: at least $50,000.

A student with no experience rowing won a spot on the U.S.C. crew team after a photograph of another person in a boat was submitted as evidence of her prowess. Her parents wired $200,000 into a special account.

In a major college admissions scandal that laid bare the elaborate lengths some wealthy parents will go to get their children into competitive American universities, federal prosecutors charged 50 people on Tuesday in a brazen scheme to buy spots in the freshman classes at Yale, Stanford and other big name schools.

Thirty-three well-heeled parents were charged in the case, including Hollywood celebrities and prominent business leaders, and prosecutors said there could be additional indictments to come.

Also implicated were top college athletic coaches, who were accused of accepting millions of dollars to help admit undeserving students to a wide variety of colleges, from the University of Texas at Austin to Wake Forest and Georgetown, by suggesting they were top athletes.

The parents included the television star Lori Loughlin and her husband, the fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli; the actress Felicity Huffman; and William E. McGlashan Jr., a partner at the private equity firm TPG, officials said.

The scheme unveiled Tuesday was stunning in its breadth and audacity. It was the Justice Department’s largest ever college admissions prosecution, a sprawling investigation that involved 200 agents nationwide and resulted in charges against 50 people in six states.

The charges also underscored how college admissions have become so cutthroat and competitive that some have sought to break the rules. The authorities say the parents of some of the nation’s wealthiest and most privileged students sought to buy spots for their children at top universities, not only cheating the system, but potentially cheating other hard-working students out of a chance at a college education.

In many of the cases, prosecutors said, the students were not aware that their parents were doctoring their test scores and lying to get them into school. Federal prosecutors did not charge any students or universities with wrongdoing.

“The parents are the prime movers of this fraud,” Andrew E. Lelling, the United States attorney for the District of Massachusetts, said Tuesday during a news conference. Mr. Lelling said that those parents used their wealth to create a separate and unfair admissions process for their children.

“The real victims in this case are the hardworking students” who were displaced in the admissions process by “far less qualified students and their families who simply bought their way in,” Mr. Lelling said.

At the center of the sweeping financial crime and fraud case was William Singer, the founder of a college preparatory business called the Edge College & Career Network, also known as The Key.

The authorities said Mr. Singer used The Key and its nonprofit arm, Key Worldwide Foundation, which is based in Newport Beach, Calif., to help students cheat on their standardized tests, and to pay bribes to the coaches who could get them into college with fake athletic credentials.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Academia, Corruption, Meritocracy 
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  1. anon[394] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t see a thing wrong with White parents lying cheating and bribing to over come the vicious ferociously monitored discrimination against White college applicants.

    Of course given the vicious discrimination against Whites, especially men, Whites would be far better off using that 150,000K + tuition and 80,000 K dorm fees to buy an apartment house in a neighborhood full of immigrants desperate for housing.

    Honestly, honor, morality fair play the law holding to all those goody goody western civilization things has made Whites, rich and poor, intelligent and dumb; helpless in the face of marxist criminality for the lat 60 years.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
    , @m___
    , @Wally
  2. anon[394] • Disclaimer says:

    When The Sopranos was still on I thought of a great subplot to run through 5 or 6 episodes. the son AJ was dumb as a stone manic depressive and useless.


    Carmela decides to use one of those college admission counselors. Its an agressive woman who runs the business. She counsels Carmela that the only chance is for AJ to check the black box. OKAY
    Some one, probably a poverty stricken genius Asian kid is hired to take AJ’s SAT’s using a forged ID
    The counselor writes a splendid “poor, poor’ pitiful me” essay about the trials and travails of growing up a rich black kid in private school in one of the wealthiest towns on the east coast. ” I was discriminated against, beaten abused blah blah blah. My grandma was active in the Scotttsboro case. MyDad was an original black panther who robbed the and killed the police officer. I march to free mumbai mumbo jumbo. His transcript is of course tampered with, maybe they hire a hacker who helps the husband with his nefarious rackets disguised as legitimate business.

    The best will be AJ’s Harvard interview. They go to New York and hire a black man teen actor, well young man, not very well known. The actor takes AJ’s place at the Harvard interview. The admissions interview committee consists of hideously ugly Jews with obvious Jewish names. there is an Alan Dershowitz, a Woody Alan some truly hideous lesbians a Fran Liebowitz look alike.

    The actor has memorized all his statements about “Why I want to go to Harvard and how I plan to change the world when I graduate.” The admit committee encourages all this and are overwhelmed with this articulate young black firebrand who promises to be the next Al Sharpton but with an education.

    AJ gets early admission complete with full scholarship, dorm fees book store voucher and speding money.


    And no, AJ doesn’t flunk out. He will get gentleman’s A-s because he’s black.

    One would think, having faced affirmative action since the oldest were 22 and the youngest 8, thebaby boomers would recognize reality. But no, they’re still stuck in some 1870 bourgeois fantasy that intelligence, hard work, merit and honesty will prevail.

    • Replies: @m___
  3. Biff says:

    “The real victims in this case are the hardworking students”

    State Actions always have to include victims(from the Civil War up to Venezuelians sitting in the dark). It’s propaganda 101. The State is simply on the take and doesn’t give a flying fuck about “hardworking students” – not in the abstract any way. Payoffs are simply notched up one more tier.
    Do you really think State investigators will be allowed to chase and charge wealthy Jew administrators at Harvard doing essentially the same thing – getting unqualified students admission into an Ivy League college? Fat fucking chance. What they got today is low hanging fruit – while the lead investigator gets his photo op, and then runs for office next year and ironically – will be taking bribes to get elected.

  4. Alfred says:

    When are these parents and their kids going to realise that they can get a far better education for their kids in Europe?

    It seems to me that this is totally a prestige thing. It is not what they learn, but who they can network with.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  5. George says:

    I object to US Fed Gov resources being used to provide quality control for university admissions. If Harvard has a problem, Harvard should be spending Harvard money to discover it and solve it. Maybe Fed Gov should be providing WalMart with G-men as security personnel.

    If you want to solve the problem, eliminate high school for the smarties, let them go to university directly, they will be lawyers in their teens. Whining Asians, in particular, should start their own university system and educational institutions, if they think they can do it better. Don’t hold your breath as Asians are whining about not being able to partake in a corrupt system, not that the system is corrupt.

    It is also amusing that the scandal is that bogus universities took their bogus sports teams bogusness to the next level and recruited bogus athletes. Why do universities maintain sports leagues? The whole thing is retarded. Go UConn Gators!!!!

    Tragic is the insane death of Kelley Catlin, Stanford Student and Olympic bicyclists, who apparently committed suicide because who cares, she is partially a victim of the whole stupid college sports system but mostly a victim of her own stupid, so I don’t really care other than she was cute.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Syren123
  6. Mike-SMO says:

    It is all just affirmative action for a different minority that was tired of university slots going to individuals who were “smart” and deserving even if they could not write a sentence in Standard English. The people in the current “minority” could just spell meritocracy with dollar bills.

    This is the traditional Chicago means of admission. Nothing to see here.

    Why are “service fees” wrong but political favors acceptable?

    Maybe the parents had not been informed that Hillary and her corruptocrats didn’t win this time. There had to be enough of those hired and promoted by the Chicago mob to just make this go away for another “donation”. That is the “Progressive” way, isn’t it?

  7. Rich people buy special favors for themselves. WHO KNEW?

    Well, this will put a stop to it. Not.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Endgame Napoleon
  8. Those people have more money than good sense. Just think, they could have just checked the “Native American” box and their children could get in to any school they liked, become a lawyer, a senator, or even president someday!

  9. anon[315] • Disclaimer says:

    the real question is how much will jews be overrepresented among the parents bribing to get their undeserving children in?

    5x? 10x? 20x?

    place your bets

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  10. @anon


    But This is practice went even before your mischaracterized description. But it’s interesting to see that a life of no integrity is touted as virtue.

  11. m___ says:

    Escalation is called for. The enemy decided on the tools and the methods. Covert, is obligatory. Meek is cowardice. Never respect someone who did not return your honoring in the first place. As an individual, a family, whether as a group.

    White elites have sold out, it is either being plastered to the bottom or bite and claw. White middle classes have sold out, …time to retract still further into oblivion?

    Whites have been bred for submission, as the supreme quality. Christianity has a hand in this. The times require different tricks out of the bag, they are in there. The Three Musketeers, the Malinois dog, Godefroy de Bouillon, the Jester of Richard the Third.

    Not the Muslim, the Negro, the Latino is the meaningful enemy, it is the own bosom. The cancer within. Jewish mindsets are to learn from, not to whine about. Loyalty to the inside, anything goes to the outside. Principle, loyalty, psychological smarts, rational long term behavior must be grasped in a single sentence. In group prevalence, the healthy zest for adventure.

    Ask yourself, “are the stakes my little misery cocoon, or passing genes into the pool, and thus the future to vouch for”. Of course a White Russian is closer to the hart, then Metropolis Jewish, a Turk that is not one’s personal acquaintance or Muslims anonymous.

    Again you Whites no longer have the power to decide on the rules, rules of Enlightenment and individual rights are burned to the ground, you White Proles and Middle class hangers on, are on the defensive. Action, not whining is being called for. Then show some leniency, when the margin allows, as an expression of art and culture, merit, and principle. Practice different rules with your own, and extrovert into conqueror mode to the outside.

    We do not want to sound like Jordan Peterson, peddling self-help for the masses, but others are hard at work against your interests, and taking you by the nose, around any bend without you realizing. Tricking you into irrelevant crags and pockets, side-stepping, overloads of junk “intelectualism” and “science” is part of it.

  12. m___ says:

    Nice take, you fully marked the frame.

  13. Wally says:

    The reason for the NYT & others making a big deal of this to obscure the fact that it is Jews who really rig the admissions game in their favor.

    Ron Unz’s work has been very effective in proving this.

    • Replies: @TheJester
  14. @Alfred

    There are a very limited number of spots for foreigners in European universities. The majority of countries do have free tuition for their students, but their centralized standardized testing is rigorous (as it is in Asia), and it is only the cream that end up being admitted to the limited number of spots available. As I understand it, the student with the highest marks is offered his/her choice of program, then the second highest, etc. You may be number 11 in the country, but if the 10 before you take all of the available spots in the program you wanted, then you are s.o.l.
    The education isn’t cafeteria stile as it is in North America – one of these, a couple of those, etc. Your program is specific. If you want a degree in English Literature, then all but one, perhaps two courses over the length of the degree will be English literature. The other will be a course of “interest” to you.

    I know an architect who got his degree in Germany. His architecture degree wasn’t recognized here, so he returned to university in the evenings, took three courses, and was awarded a degree as a structural engineer. Think an architect here could do that?

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  15. @anon

    Undeserving in reality, but not undeserving in the eyes of the tribe for continuing the battle against Auntie Shemi-tism.

  16. onebornfree says: • Website

    Cripes! People scammed the crooked , government run education system so that their kids could all be the “beneficiaries” of even more government brainwashing? Whodathunkit?

    You can”t make this stuff up !

    And on top of that, the findings are the result of another crooked/scam org. the FBI, which means that this is most likely not about what it superficially appears to be about, but is instead some kind of political hit on someone, or some out of favor group.

    So what will be the proposed solution[s] to this “problem”?

    Let me guess: more government funding of colleges [ to pay for more government “oversight”, don’t you know]. More stricter,mandatory admissions laws blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda.

    In other words: same old shit, different day. Like any of that is actually going to work.

    Here’s what won’t ever be proposed [ except by “lunatics”like yours truly]: get the government entirely out of all education, at all levels, from kindergarten through university.

    And while we’re at it, get rid of the wholly criminal FBI, and replace it with: nothing.

    Regards, onebornfree

  17. What a bunch of suckers who would pay several hundred $K to get their brats into a so-called “elite” school! Their brats, if they aren’t smart enough to get in on their test scores, are going to do no better than the affirmative action babies who get into the so-called “elite” schools and can’t cut the mustard.

    Moreover, the status of “elite” schools is a bad joke. Take look at the list (citation below) of the colleges with the most Fortune 500 CEO grads–Harvard is only no. 3, behind two land grant colleges, one of which is Texas A&M (!). And then look at the rest of the schools–land grant colleges are HEAVILY represented. Which is why my father, a half century ago, sent me to Penn State when we lived in PA, and when he moved to Kentucky, to the University of Kentucky. His theory–and my life experience shows it to be correct–is that as long as you go to a decent land grant college, you are gonna do fine in life. An argument can be perhaps be made for going to an “elite” grad school for professional training (which is what I ultimately did) but at the end of the day, your “elite” undergrad degree counts for very little.

    By prosecuting these sad sacks who pay for their brats to get into “elite” schools, the DOJ is simply perpetuating a myth. The reaction ought to be laughter, not prosecution.

    • Agree: Thomm, Johann Ricke
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  18. From the article:

    “At the center of the sweeping financial crime and fraud case was William Singer, the founder of a college preparatory business called the Edge College & Career Network, also known as The Key.”

    I found it more than interesting that the authors of this NYT article identified 4 European-sounding family name parents as examples of this sort of corruption – especially when the person they admit to being, “At the center of the sweeping financial crime and fraud case was William Singer…” because William Singer is jewish. I wonder how many of the other unmentioned 46 of the original 50 parents who have been charged with bribing these admissions staffs and sports coaches share Singer’s tribal roots?

    I’ll bet a majority of them do. But hey! It’s the NYT. They would never print or admit to that.

  19. Thomm says:

    How dumb must some rich chick be if she can’t even get into USC after private school, every other advantage, and more? I mean, other kids her age suffer from a broken home, public schools, lack of money that leads to working odd jobs, no access to role models in desired careers, etc.

    I mean, Lori Loughlin was willing to pay $500K per kid to get her two bratettes into USC (which is hardly Stanford). This is above and beyond tuition, as well as private school for K-12.

    It is amazing to me that chicks with this much privilege still can’t get into USC (as women, they get affirmative action that men don’t get). A large number multiplied by zero is still zero.

    But perhaps it is about time that rich white parents start to examine the 14x overrepresentation that blacks are granted into the Ivies + Stanford due to AA alone. Many of the blacks who get into elite colleges (not just USC) are even less intelligent than Lori Loughlin’s daughters.

    • Replies: @Charles_Martel
  20. Realist says:

    The final years of all empires are rife with corruption and greed.

  21. Realist says:

    Why do universities maintain sports leagues?

    To raise revenue. But I agree colleges and universities so restrict themselves to endeavours of higher learning.

    • Replies: @Realist
  22. Realist says:

    Rich people buy special favors for themselves. WHO KNEW?

    Yes, this is something the middle class has allowed for decades.

  23. APilgrim says:

    The CORRUPT DOJ/FBI is trying to deflect attention from their crimes.

    DOJ/FBI, Hillary & Mueller DAILY commit: sedition, insurrection, espionage & treason.

    If the Washington DC Junta is not arrested, don’t arrest anybody.

    • Replies: @CB
  24. APilgrim says:

    That would be a laugh.

    The English Nobility OWN the UK Admissions Process & everything else.

    And the European continent is worse.

  25. TheJester says:

    The reason for the NYT & others making a big deal of this to obscure the fact that it is Jews who really rig the admissions game in their favor.

    Good call. This news story might be a “fake”. Really, 300 FBI agents involved in arresting 50 people when many of these were husbands/wives living at the same addresses?

    If wealthy whites are arrested for university admission fraud with a lot of hullabaloo in the press, it is less likely that there will be media attention left to focus on similar scams that wealthy Jews use to get their kids into elite universities. The stories about Jews will not find traction; those who rig university admissions have already been caught; the story has already been told; down the memory hole.

    A focus on white admission scams also provides a backhanded legitimacy to race-based and minority-based affirmative action admissions. If it’s proven that wealthy whites cheat to provide their children access to elite universities, then it is harder to eviscerate special admission programs for poor blacks and other persecuted and victimized minorities who also have uncompetitive grades/test scores.

    “Issues related to Black and Jewish admissions to elite universities … nothing to see here. Move on!”

  26. APilgrim says:

    Expel Dual-Citizens from school, and the nation.

    Expel unqualified Blacks from unearned University spots.

    Those represent the ACTUAL Academic Scandal.

  27. APilgrim says:

    Is sMOTHERING a sufficient reason to arrest the Mayor of Hope Valley, Canada.

    Mayor Abigail Stanton needs to cook the ‘Lunch-Special’ and bake pies at Abigail’s Cafe.

    Meanwhile, OUR borders are unprotected and the DOJ is still trying to overthrow the president.

  28. APilgrim says:

    [Stop cluttering up this thread with totally off-topic comments if you want them published.]

    Arrest: Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, James Comey, & James Clapper.

    Build the Great Wall of Trump.

    Ban & mass deport Muslims.

    Deport ALL ILLEGAL Aliens.

    Until then, leave the citizenry … The Hell Alone!

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  29. The targets of this bombshell seem more geared towards clear safety schools.
    Yale and Stanford I am somewhat surprised at them showing up on the list.

    Now if we had a new treasure trove of this pattern hitting the Duke/Penn/Columbia/Dartmouth/etc. tier of private schools (Top safeties for Harvard), now that would be a real story. This honestly just sounds like clueless wealthy parents overpaying for private schools that their kids could probably get into with the “right essay and activities” or god forbid, overcoached SAT scores.

  30. Syren123 says:

    The one and ONLY reason this is even a federal case is because the parents deducted the bribe payments as charitable tax deductions. And reason 1a is because the schools receive more than $10K in federal aid. And don’t forget ‘mail fraud’ in perpetuation of a crime.
    Contrary to the entirety of the past, these folks may actually do some time in the pokey.

  31. Art says:

    This has been going on for a long time.

    It would be interesting top see what kind of grades the kids got, who had bought their way into elite schools.

    Hmm — how many worthless “Harvard A’s” did they get.

  32. @WorkingClass

    Rich people also fund the private universities, including all of those scholarship slots for the underrepresented—i.e. the poor-unless-their-single-breadwinner-parent’ scholarship students. Unlike in previous eras, today’s 1%er-funded scholarship students mostly happen to be motley hues from A to Z except the palest shade of W.

    It’s not racist when the truly underrepresented are poor whites—poor, white applicants, spawned by people who consumed a lower percentage of society’s increasingly snug blanket of welfare-for-womb-productivity privileges. From cradle to campus, some poor people should have all of the publicly and privately allocated privileges.

    You could say donor-class elites should not be able to buy private-university slots for their children, like they buy our elected leaders who are nothing but employees of bigly corporations and bigly donors, but elites might not contribute so much money to keep up those private universities, which are really just a privilege, anyway.

    You do not have to attend a private college, and if you really are one of the best grads of a public university, you can sometimes get grad school funded at a private university.

    The rich definitely should not be able to game public universities any more than they should be able to game our elected government to suit their private needs. But America’s universities, especially the private ones, have a much better historical reputation than America’s cesspool public secondary schools. If you slap the hands of the super-rich donor class too hard, you might end up throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    The 1%ers don’t have to keep up Harvard, Yale or any of the other world-class universities.

    But university administrators might just be more worried about the diminishing market value of degrees, even from elite universities in many of the less marketable subject areas. Never mind famous multi-millionaire donors, how are universities going to keep their broader, paying clientele’s willing disbelief in suspension? If (in addition to the loss of market value due to too many degree holders) the degrees they hand out are sullied by admissions gaming, it will be a harder sale to close.

    Their broader clientele is dual-high-earner professional couples, the parents “burdened” by the cost of $60k-per-year tuition for their kids. “Upper-middle-class,” six-figure, dual-earner parents are still able to afford that $800k house, that lake house, those $50k feminist-princess weddings in Europe for themselves and the kiddos, nine expensive and lengthy overseas vacations per year for busy-working parents and all of the small-scale mom-pampering treats.

    Still, compared with donor-class elites, those top 20%ers might have to cut back a little on the fine dining out to afford Jr.’s posh campus spread, with everything from a CEO-grade gym to coordinated, university-scheduled, European tours that are not vacations, but educational adventures, just like his parents’ many work-week trips to fancy convention hotels abroad.

    It’s like with hospital accounting——-so many students do not pay full tuition.

    Administrators have to balance their books. With all of those C-suite accommodations for 18 year olds to finance, university administrators have to close the sale with a large enough group of top-20%er parents who are below donor-class level, but wealthy enough to pay in full, thereby helping to float all of those “poor” boats, giving the children of say part-time-working single moms (and immigrants with just enough traceable income to stay under the earned-income limits for welfare). Those deserving and “poor, poor” single moms (and immigrants), getting their housing, food and electricity paid by taxpayers, in addition to monthly cash assistance and up to $6,431 in yearly, refundable child tax credit spending money, need the help.

    The deserving poor must have one more consolation for being “disadvantaged” due to skin-pigmentation hue, and who makes that more feasible: top-1% big donors or full-tuition-paying top 20%ers who might be very, very concerned with a non-rigged admissions process since $60k per year means a little more of a sacrifice to them.

    Maybe, the battalions of six-figure university administrators (and vice administrators, and vice-vice administrators) did the math, finding out that keeping enough true believers among those full-tuition-paying top 20%ers was more important to their bottom line than keeping the deepest-pocketed donor-class parents happy.

    To me, it seems like private schools are a little more like luxury businesses than public universities. Private schools should be able to be more flexible in terms of considering the needs of their clientele, just because they are private entities and because of their historically stellar performance. Obviously, letting a few rich kids break the rules over the years did not sink Harvard’s reputation, and how many poor kids’ scholarships were funded by those rich kids’ parents?

    Life is not black-and-white. And this is not a life & death matter.

    But universites have brand to consider. And the brand of private universities is all about being measurably elite.

    The amazing thing is the pressure that these incredibly rich people feel to get their kids into the schools. If you have that much money, it just cannot be that important. Your kid is free to do whatever. S/he could start a business or anything. They obviously regarded it as make-or-break for their DNA dynasties to the extent that they were willing to take great risks. It also amazing that actors are among the accused. Do most great actors even have a degree? Most of them learn from the masters of their craft, like the guild-trade artists of past centuries.

  33. CB says:

    Yes, our FBI heros raided Felicity Huffman’s house with drawn weapons. And though William H. Macy, Huffman’s husband, was present at the meeting with Singer and both parents agreed to pay Singer’s fee, Macy wasn’t arrested. Now kingpin Singer is a confidential witness against his own marks. Great job, Feds.

  34. schrub says:

    Did anybody notice anything curious about the list of parents involved in this scandal ?

    There isn’t one single Jewish name on the list. This seems strange considering the fact that that Jewish parents (like Jared Kushner’s) have been bribing elite colleges for decades to secure placements.

    Stanford University, for example, has for many years utilized a contractor/employee in California whose job is to specifically target Jewish parents (in the Los Angles area) for large donations that would allow their dim little darling to attend Stanford.

    I met this fellow in the 1980s during a trip to India that was put on by a travel club in which both of us were members. During our conversations, I noticed after only a short time that he seemed to target only Jewish parents. He got a percentage of any donations made to the university and was very well off. I was surprised to find that he was one of the very few Stanford employees who made enough money to afford a rather palatial home in posh Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles.

    Notice also how the head honcho of the group that arranged these bribes is, in fact, a Jew (Rick Singer) and that he became a cooperating witness for the prosecution in order to receive a lesser penalty.

    His cooperation seems to have only extended to the implication of gentile parents, however. Jewish parents were mysteriously shielded/ignored.

    He should get a medal for protecting the tribe by implicating only the gentiles.

  35. Hillbob says:

    So much for the diminished or diminishing power of ‘whites’. I was believing this until now.
    But when they can make a non athlete(or perhaps someone who never played a particular sport), into a (real) imagined athlete , that’s power for you.

    Look at WMD Bush, Trump , Dan Quayle , Pompeo , Bolton etc are you surprised?

  36. APilgrim says:

    The moderator/censor is disappointed @ indifference to petty admissions irregularities.

    When TYRANNY reigns supreme, across the land.

    The FBI/DOJ wants to make examples of a few well-to-do parents.

  37. Realist says:

    Should read….universities should restrict…

  38. Skeptikal says:

    Well, Yale is “elite.”
    But USC?
    It is pretty sad that these richos apparently didn’t convey to their children the need to do your homework and learn your ABCs before you hit adulthood, and have no more excuses for being a public moron, like the daughters of this Loughlin babe. I saw a video clip of the two of them. Paul Watson is right: civilization has already crumbled!

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