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Why Black Rifle Coffee Threw Kyle Rittenhouse Under the Bus
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Black Rifle Coffee Company, a staple of conservative consumerism, has been exposed as yet another soulless grifting operation run by people with no serious attachment to the pro-2nd Amendment, patriotic stances they use to appeal to their audience.

On Saturday a drama unfolded between BRCC and The Blaze after reporter Elijah Schaffer, host of the network’s “Slightly Offens*ve” podcast, tweeted a picture of Kyle Rittenhouse wearing a BRCC shirt. Schaffer captioned the image “Kyle Rittenhouse drinks the best coffee in America” and put a discount code for the coffee under the tweet.

Rittenhouse is the 17-year-old who defended himself against anarchist rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during another round of “protesting” racism by burning down American cities in late August. Several videos show his attempts to flee anarchists on two separate occasions before being forced into self defense. All three men shot by Rittenhouse turned out to be violent criminals, one a pedophile.

Despite video evidence showing that he had obviously acted within his rights, Rittenhouse was charged with first degree murder and only released from jail a few days ago when his \$2 million bail was raised with the help of My Pillow founder Mike Lindell and actor Ricky Schroder.

A spokesman for BRCC, which brands itself as a patriotic, pro-2A, pro-military, and pro-police coffee company with a tough, outdoors aesthetic, took offense at the association and initially stated that they would be ending their ad sponsorship of the podcast. She later clarified that this was not the case and the matter had been sorted out between the two parties. Schaffer’s tweet was deleted.

A statement on the company’s website attempts to qualify their disavowal by stating that they “do not support legal advocacy efforts” and have no relationship with Rittenhouse, whom they refer to as “the 17-year-old facing charges in Kenosha, WI” and do not even mention by name (though he is named in the video by Hafer).

BRCC’s attempt to remain aloof reeks even more when contrasted with a publicity stunt they pulled last year, when a Starbucks employee in Oklahoma wrote “Pig” on a police officer’s cup. BRCC founders Evan Hafer and Mat Best were able to make a show of their donation to the police department through Fox News, which was happy to promote their generosity.

Founder and CEO Evan Hafer recorded a video which is also posted on the company’s site. In it he states in his video that he has “zero interest in collecting one dollar” from the Rittenhouse “tragedy.” It is apparent that his real interest is in collecting millions of dollars from a conservative audience by an aesthetic appeal to being pro Second Amendment, but when a real case of institutional persecution against a citizen exercising his rights emerges, all of that clout and profit cannot be put on the line.

Hafer, who is Jewish, is former military, having served in the special forces and as a contractor with the CIA. A screenshot of his twitter shows that the account liked at least two comments attacking Rittenhouse, calling him a “larp warrior dweeb” and a “wannabe douchebag.” A recent review of his account found he appears to have unliked the comments.

Meanwhile, a twitter user dug up Hafer’s FEC receipts, which show that he donated to anti-gun Democratic politician Tulsi Gabbard in 2019. In 2008, “Evan Hafer” is also recorded as having donated to Obama for America. The Gabbard donation is clearly Hafer, as the employer is listed as “Black Rifle Coffee Company.” The Obama donation lists the occupation as “Advisor” for the Department of Defense, and it is not clear that this is the same person. It is worth noting, however, that either way, Hafer defended against the allegation not by saying that part of the record was someone else, but by calling it photoshop, which is impossible and anyone can check the website for themselves.

This saga reveals yet again that ‘conservatism’ is not an ideal, it’s a marketing brand, where both politicians and salesmen craft an aesthetic of rugged patriotism but have no intention of ever putting their comfortable careers on the line when an actual fight arises.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Hafer, who is Jewish

    • Agree: nickels, Pheasant
  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Wherever there is greed, hypocrisy, corruption and toxic, lethal superficiality, there is almost certainly a Jew somewhere to be found. ((Hafer)) is just another.

    In America, the Jews have their “Critical Race Theory” designed to keep whites off balance and on the defensive. But “Jewish Race Theory” is real, and again gaining gravitas as the only explanation that makes sense for America’s rapid decline. Indeed, for the West’s rapid decline.

    ((Critical Race Theory)) vs. Jewish Race Theory will be an interesting debate when it finally and inevitably happens.

    • Replies: @Occasional lurker
  3. All of these megacorp coffee roasters are generally selling you bum, half-stale product anyway.

    When I was studying abroad in Japan, I was blown away by the coffee there at the cafes and “kissatens”(imperial era restaurants). My assumption that the Japanese had always preferred tea, but I guess they picked up the taste for coffee due to their relationship with Brazilian expatriates.

    Anyway, the secret is that most joints, whether they’re restaurants or bars, or even farms in the countryside, roast their own green coffee in-house. The freshness quotient is maintained by the fact that they do it in small batches — if you order a cup of coffee for your breakfast set, it was likely roasted the day before and left to de-gas in a mason jar.

    They assert that the recency of the coffee’s roasting is the #1 factor — and not the method that it’s brewed. I’m not much of a coffee nerd because I teach morning classes and like to sleep as late as possible. As fancy as I get is a pour-over on a weekend. Rest of the time it’s Nespresso pods. But even then, the freshness difference is very apparent.

    If there is a small local coffee roaster in your town, try and support them. You are getting a superior quality product just by the probable recency of the roast, at least in relation to BRCC or Folgers.

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Biff
    , @PhilK
  4. Half-Jap says:

    This saga reveals yet again that ‘conservatism’ is not an ideal, it’s a marketing brand

    Hafer, who is [Ashkenazi] Jewish

    At least these guys are consistent, gotta give them that.
    They are neither left or right, as they (religiously believe) are above it/us all.
    And more power to them in exploiting what the US, far more than others, seems to have in abundance: hope and ignorance.

    • Agree: Franz
  5. Biff says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Yes, the coffee in Asia is quite outstanding. I live near here:

  6. Sean says:

    Some are born violent like the black dogs that are not adopted from shelters (because people think they will be difficult to control) , others have it thrust upon them.

    All three men shot by Rittenhouse turned out to be violent criminals, one a pedophile

    May have been when he went into the Arizona prison system to spend most of his adult life, but by the time he was living in Kenosha, he was a very different kettle of fish.

    Like Biden’s bone breaking rescue pooch Rittenhouse looks dangerous, He has some characteristics (nose and upper lip area) that suggest the recklessness that goes with high prenatal testosteronisation. In the above link on Rosenbaum, one of the vigilanties is reminding his colleagues to stay together. Rittenhouse played Lone Ranger, and gave hard rock ex con “Shoot Me!” Rosenbaum–pushing 40 years old and with little to be proud of–the chance to alter how Wisconsin and maybe the whole US went in the election. As if ‘fine people’ was not bad enough, Trump said Kyle ‘would’ve been killed’ . Rosenbaum seems to have been Jewish, but in a volatile combination he was also an undersized Texan, like Lee Harvey Oswald (and Audie Murphy).

    Hafer, who is Jewish, is former military, having served in the special forces and as a contractor with the CIA.

    He was a Green Beret. The toughest soldiers are not Special Forces or even Airborne. I speak of the Ranger Regiment. They are younger and that makes the difference, as with the 17 years’ old Rittenhouse. Didn’t pause for reflection.

  7. BuelahMan says:

    Hafer, who is Jewish…

    Every. Single. Time.

  8. fnn says:

    The left and Jews control all the institutions of American society, so it’s not surprising they control a fake patriotic grifting coffee company. Anyone who started a non-fake pro-American coffee company that became successful would quickly be quashed by the FBI/ADL and their allies in the financial sector.

    • Agree: cronkitsche
  9. When I first saw BRC in the store I thought, who is gonna buy coffee just because it has an AR-15 on the box?

    Then I go to the gun store 6 months later and there is a sign-up list for BRC coffee.

    Con Inc radio hosts could tell their listeners to buy pink buttplugs with ar-15s on them to support the 2A and they would do it.

  10. JimDandy says:

    It would seem like an opportunity for a relatively meaningful boycott. I assume that very few non-“conservative”-types drink the stuff, and that a significant percentage of the people who do drink it strongly support Kyle.

    Anyway, the stuff is swill–spread the word.

  11. PhilK says:
    @Supply and Demand

    All of these megacorp coffee roasters are generally selling you bum, half-stale product anyway.

    Another factor is the characteristics and prices of the various types of beans used, and the sophistication of the customers.

    The megacorps save millions by using slightly cheaper beans, and the vast majority of their customers don’t notice or care. If the local coffee-house roaster used the same beans, it would only save him a buck or two per roaster-load, and lots of his customers would notice.

    If there is a small local coffee roaster in your town, try and support them.


  12. @Chris Moore

    There has rarely been a theory in the humanities with so few Jewish theorists. CRT is anything but not Jewish. OTOH, Jews are very well represented among CRT’s critics in Academia. Bret Weinstein is a case in point.
    A theory that sounds a lot like traditional antisemitism, only this time with whites as the evil parasite race, is bound not to appeal all that much to intelligent Jews.

    • Replies: @fnn
  13. fnn says:
    @Occasional lurker

    Then it’s very strange that ADL supports Critical Race Theory:

    Please don’t try to tell us that ADL is anti-Semitic.

  14. Ragno says:

    Hafer, who is Jewish…

    Trope? Cliche? Truism? Historical inevitability? Self-fulfilling prophecy? Does one’s choice of terminology even matter?

    Like Hafer’s record of political contributions….to say nothing of MEIN KAMPF….clearly indicates: meet the (((new boss))); same as the (((old boss))).

  15. I’ve said for years that BRCC is not, nor have they ever been conservatives. They wouldn’t know a conservative principle if it bitt them in the butt. What they are are foul mouthed ex-military. I’ll give them kudos all day long for serving our country. Too bad, they’re more interested in pleasing the MSM than knowing and following the principles on which this country was established. If you’re looking for a real conservative coffee company then just search the internet for “conservative coffee roaster”. You’ll find several.

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