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White Art Collective: 3rd Annual Spooky Short Film Contest Hosted Saturday October 30th
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The White Art Collective is hosting their 3rd Annual Spooky Short Film Contest & Festival, Saturday, October 30th! For the CONTEST, there will be a \$1,000 1st place prize for the best overall short film and subsequent prizes for other categories such as “Best Cinematography, Best Acting, Best Animation, Best Music Video, etc” based on the quantity and type of films submitted.

For more info, please visit

Spooky Shorts 2021 Promo:

Watch last year’s Festival:

2020 \$1,000 Cash Prize Winner:

2019 \$1,000 Cash Prize Winner:

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Arts/Letters, Ideology • Tags: Alt Right 
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  1. Tom Verso says:

    It seems that ‘White Art’, as presented here, is not significantly different than ‘mainstream’ Jewish art.

    Much of what I see here is amateur versions of Netflix.

    Why do ‘White Artist’ mimic Jewish Netflix Art?

    Sadly, this ‘White Art’ is in fact creative and shows high technical and acting skills.

    Hans Ewers’ winning file is excellent in this regard; and the ‘facial acting’ of the characters shows acting talent.

    And yet, Ewers’ and the others do not chose to project the mighty history of ‘White’ (i.e.European heritage) Art. Instead they follow the Jewish Hollywood film aesthetic tradition imposed on White Folks.

    For the most part, these shorts do not manifest the mighty ‘White’ (European) people and their glorious artistic values and tradition.

    When talented artist such as these become imbued with a profound sense of their magnificent 4,000 year cultural history, then they will produce truly genuine ‘WHITE ART’.

    Lest wise, that’s the way I see it.

    • Replies: @Catdog
  2. Catdog says:
    @Tom Verso

    What specifically are the differences between White and Jewish film aesthetic?

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  3. Tom Verso says:

    Well of course the answer to that question would take at least a book.

    Indeed, E. Michael Jones is on the cusp of publishing a book on ‘beauty’; which I am excitedly look forward to read.

    I don’t know what his thesis will be; but, based on his publishing and speaking tradition, I would be surprised if the distinction between Jewish and European (aka White) aesthetics is not discussed in some detail.

    I short, regrading my comment; I would simply note that mass film in the US, since the beginning of film in the early 20th century, has been virtually (literally?) owned and operated by Jews.

    In the 1920s and into the early 1930s the Jewish filmmakers made significant representations of nudity, sex, homosexuality and generally people and scenes that stood in stark contradiction to the European (aka White) Christian value tradition.

    In response, Catholic Bishops organized a boycott of these films. This cost the Jews an enormous amount of money, so they agreed to a movie code that would not portray nudity, homosexuality and blasphemy. This code was honored until the 1964 film “The Pawnbroker”.

    This clash between the Jewish filmmakers and people of European (aka White) heritage is a good example of what I mean.

    Coming to the present, much of what is on Netflix, which I occasionally watch for purposes of social science research, is violence, vampires, supernatural, mixed race ideology, etc.

    Netflix is one of the primary indoctrination tools Jews are using to virtually (literally) destroy European (aka White) culture.

    I would hope that young talented filmmakers like those who produce the films for the “White (aka European) Art Collective” would stand against this Jewish cultural assault and produce films that manifest their European (aka White) cultural heritage; films that will instruct and inspire their (European/White) people

    I would hope that they would use their obvious talent and motivation to promote intellectual ideas or aesthetic values that are consistent with the dramatic history of their European (aka White) people and primordial homelands, and inspire their people to embrace and celebrate their historic cultural heritage.

    White is the color of our skin.
    European is the essence of our cultural being.

    Jews have lived IN Europe but they are not OF Europe.
    They do not share European values.
    They hate European values and their aesthetics manifests that hatred.

    Just say’n.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
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