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What the Bourgeois Bolsheviks Want
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The ongoing anti-white rampage of the Unpopular Front — Millennial lumpen-bourgeoisie, black criminals, academics, journalists, and woke capital — has led to more questions than answers.

Some call them communists, but the terrorists do not have any economic demands. On the contrary, they have a close relationship with corporate America. Conservatives are desperate to link them to the Democratic Party, but they don’t support Biden and have long forgotten Bernie. Others wish to blame foreign intelligence services to build energy for discredited neo-conservatism, but the Chinese are mostly sitting back and laughing at America.

The Unpopular Front’s targets for violence (social, economic and physical) are usually white working people not educated in the cutting edge of political correctness. The primary target is local police officers, who have a median salary of $52,000 a year, which is paltry compared to the $21,000 Black Lives Matter figurehead Shaun King charges to speak for an hour. All they do is punch down.

They have no party. They mindlessly repeat slogans and use their power to crush those who disagree, due to a lack of policy proposals or ideas. They’re a headless chicken running around attacking any figure and person with a white face. Their terrorist acts more or less enjoy immunity from prosecution by the Department of Justice, whose prosecutors and agents share Bourgeois Bohemian class solidarity and sympathy with the rioters.

As far as direction, the rioters appear to be activated largely by the Jewish press, targeting statues listed by publications like the New York Times or Washington Post as racist. The ideas and history of the 1619 Project, christened official institutional ideology by New York Times Magazine editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein, is the only important text the anarchists and Black Lives Matter groups seem to be inspired by.

So What Do They Want?

So the question is, what do the rioters want? The jobs and power of their older colleagues.

Peter Turchin’s elite overproduction theory partially supports this view. When it comes to societies on the the cusp of civil war, Turchin has found a pattern: universities producing a glut of lawyers, academics and other ambitious professionals vying for managerial positions that outnumber job openings

The result of this in the American context has been the quiet collapse in the compensation and social status given for legal, media and academic work.

Over 50% of college professors today are adjuncts — part time workers making about $3,000 per three-credit course. The numbers are even more lopsided if we select for generation, e.g., Millennial professors. 75% of college professors are not on track to tenure, a guarantee of academic freedom that is now little more than a relic.

In the legal field, only 63% of law graduates obtain employment in their trained field. Many of these people go on to work for anti-white nonprofit litigation firms funded by oligarchs, where they generally make less than $40,000 a year despite being saddled with debt. This appears to be the case of at least one of two of the anarchists arrested for throwing bombs at a rally.

In the media, a freelance journalist could once upon a time support himself and his family. This is no longer true in the age of digital publishing, which has become an extended internship for those aspiring to work at a real newspaper or corporation. Major digital publication figures like HuffPo’s black lesbian Editor-in-Chief Lydia Polgreen or Buzzfeed’s Jewish EIC Ben Smith have in 2020 moved on greener media pastures. Most Millennial freelance journalists, the majority who grew up in wealthy homes, live in cramped Brooklyn apartments with others like them, rationing their Extra-Firm Whole Foods Tofu and Ketamine supply until Mom and Dad wire money at the end of the month.

The outcome of this is that the politically important fields of higher education, media and law select for left-liberal fanatics– largely Jewish and white but also some upper class nonwhites — who 1) require a privileged background in order to have families supplementing their income indefinitely, 2) must demonstrate particular ideological fervor in advancing the ruling class’ agenda in order to score a job and advance, especially if they are of non-Jewish European descent.

This helps explain the ‘Bourgeois Bolshevik’ phenomenon. The bloodiest terror is happening inside our institutions, with a younger class of hate filled demagogues scalping their older colleagues in order to replace them.

The starving and scorned Millennial professionals are tired of warming the bench and waiting for older liberals to retire. Many of these older white liberals being driven out of administrative positions in academia, media and other important institutions still believe in some form of free speech and don’t necessarily want to kill people for their race.

The Millennial professional middle class ghouls, mostly white sexual deviants, careerists and Jews, have allies in the Jewish super-elite.

Many scratched their heads when Jewish New York Times heir A.G. Sulzberger sided with young extremists in his newsroom over the publication of a sitting US Senator’s Op-Ed, which led to the firing of 54-year-old opinion editor James Bennett.

Some claimed it was cowardice from the neo-liberal establishment, but Sulzberger is eager to acquiesce. Jews at the New York Times have recently gone to war with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and its editor for resisting an internal Millennial revolt and standing by an opinion piece called “Racism is the new McCarthyism.” The New York Times then spit vitriol against the paper after asking two young “journalists” on staff who openly support Black Lives Matter to recuse themselves from covering the riots.

At the prestigious Cambridge, the English faculty’s external affairs officer — the Jew Lisa Gold — responded to outcry over critical theory malcontent Priyamvada Gopal claiming “white lives don’t matter” by recommending her for a promotion to full professorship.

Generally speaking, academics in the hard sciences ignore the absurdities of what is taught at the humanities at their schools. But no longer. At the University of Plymouth, an activist gave administrators a long list of tweets liked by acclaimed physicist Dr. Mike McCulloch. He is now under investigation.

Anarchists in particular have weaponized accusations of sexual harassment and racism to dislodge the old guard and turn popular institutions into circuses they are the ringleaders of. The work of “antifa” members like Jamie Peck and others like her to frame men associated with the Vice brand for sexual assault allowed for people in her social circle to infiltrate and take over the company’s news and commentary room. Vice went from a bastion of transgressive free speech, publishing Jim Goad under the direction of Gavin McInnes, to a publication that seems to only hire rabid political correctors in “antifa.”

The majority of college educated Millennials do not believe in the right to free speech, due process, or democracy — a number that would come close to 100% if we only polled the media, law, government or academic classes.

For this reason, Jews appear to be accelerating their ascendance to power in a time when baby boomer liberals, with watered down views, continue to hold on to positions past their primes. The promise of their moment about to arrive will encourage professional Millennials on the fence to double down on their vocal signaling in favor of psychotic and unpopular policies favored by the elite.

Powerful Jews are overseeing and encouraging these internal revolutions at newsrooms, FBI stations and corporate boardrooms because the Millennials they have working for them have been selected for the anti-white fanaticism Jews feel needs to be tapped to end the rise of white populism through force.

The good news is that white Millennials outside of these tiny cliques are also radicalizing in the direction of nationalism and racialism.

The outcome of this Kosher revolution will be the crowning of Millennial Yagodas and Dzerzhinsky the dispensers of terror in our country in what Jews perceive to be a national emergency of white consciousness.

The Unpopular Front’s attacks on the majority will intensify as boomers begin to pass on. An era of violence and strife that makes current left-wing antics look mild lies ahead.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. “On the contrary, they have a close relationship with corporate America.”

    So did Trotsky. Who sent him to Russia with a pocketful of money? So did the USSR. Who do you think built and supplied all their industry?

    Marxism is at bottom a philosophy of man, his relationship to the cosmos, and his telos. This needn’t have anything to do with economics. Economic communism was one instantiation of Marxism, as the current critical race and gender theory is a later instantiation of it.

    To say that what we are seeing is not Marxist because it doesn’t exactly replicate the Wobblies of the 1920s is as retarded as saying that Protestantism isn’t Christianity because it doesn’t recognize the Apostolic tradition.

    It is a fundamentally theological position, not an objective one.

    The fact is that what is unfolding before our eyes tracks exactly with what happened in Russia in the teens and ’20s, what happened in Spain in the ’30s, and what happened in China in the ’60s and ’70s. The struggle sessions, the snitching and purging, the destruction of things symbolic of “old values,” the desecration of the dead, this all comes out of the tradition of Marx, Lenin and Mao, not the tradition of Smith, Locke and Jefferson. To claim otherwise is fundamentally dishonest.

  2. martin_2 says:
    @N word sayer

    Surely what happened in Russia, Spain and China had a lot to do with economic conditions. There was a lot of real poverty. In the USA no-one actually starves, and the latest uproar seems to be more of a racial or cultural thing, and the mass of white working people are never going to side with it since it offers them nothing, or less than nothing.

  3. Baxter says:
    @N word sayer

    I’m going to have to disagree because of one major difference between modern America and Russia, Spain and China in the 20th century.
    In America we have experienced a century of feminism, or women’s empowerment or whatever you want to call it. Modern America is a very feminized society. The Federal government, the courts, the military, the universities, public schools, day time television programming, marketing. This is not a masculine country. The transformation is probably more profound than I can appreciate. Russia in 1917 was a very masculine society. Spain in the thirties was a very masculine society. China in the sixties was a very masculine society. But America in 2020?
    I’m not going to underestimate the destruction people are capable of doing, but how many of these milquetoast dilettantes have the balls or fortitude to see anything through?
    These poor cretins, God help them, aren’t capable of doing much of anything appreciably useful. I predict much destruction.
    Watching America descend into the ranks of third world is baffling.

  4. John123 says:

    Ann Coulter needs to start a National Party. Immigration reform. Immigration moratorium. Etc.

  5. This is the best analysis I’ve read in the past few months. Excellent writing.

    • Agree: mark green
  6. R.C. says:

    Excellent demographic analysis of this movement of the absurd, ‘directed.’

  7. fnn says:

    Spain in the thirties was a very masculine society.

    All the books I’ve read on the Spanish Civil War and the Spaniards who fought on the Eastern Front indicates the Spaniards were mostly inept combatants but brave fighters nonetheless.

  8. Anonymous[398] • Disclaimer says:
    @N word sayer

    christian boomer anticommunism is such a fucking cancer.

    not everything that fails to exalt your semitic fairytales is a a knockoff of your semitic fairytales.

    You present the worse image of Christianity in which the persecution/martyr complex is so engrained into your psyche that you wholeheartedly believe anything outside of christ is the devil.

    What you write is antiknowledge-disinformation but of such low quality and effort it is devoid of the information part of disinformation. It is not even false information, but false assertions built on false premises. A shadow of a lie.

  9. anonimo11 says:

    Good analysis on the academia part, but if anything, these events are showing how much of a scam modern academia is, with students getting into debt to get a meaningless, way overpriced piece of paper. So it does not matter whether there are more or less adjuncts. I add to your numbers stating that in the last decade upper admin (provosts, deans, vice-presidents, etc.) have increased by 20%, while faculty (all faculty) has decreased by 10%+. A colleague calculates that by 2046 there will be no faculties left, it will be all upper administrators.

  10. Jews have a great deal to answer for.

    • Agree: anonymous1963
    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  11. People should join BLM protests and hold up big signs

    BDS NOW.

    Especially hold up the signs before TV cameras.

  12. Ace says:

    What on earth are you saying?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  13. @N word sayer

    “…and what happened in China in the ’60s and ’70s…”

    Yes indeed, the destructive insanity of Mao’s Red Guards comes to mind.

    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  14. Malla says:
    @N word sayer

    Marx was a scumbag secretly funded to destroy true Socialism and create an ideology to bring about a World slave state.

    From Douglas Reed’s book Controversies of Zion:
    “The ruling passion (and original motive) of all Bakunin’s work was a horror of despotism; Marx
    planned to destroy a ruling class in order to establish such a despotism as the world had never known. This was the profound difference between the two men, and it throws up a question never to be answered: what would the effect on the world have been if Bakunin’s Anarchism, instead of Marx’s Communism, had assumed leadership of the world-revolution? For Anarchism was opposed to every kind of forcible government, and to the State as the embodiment of the force employed in the government of the community; Communism was the deification of force wielded by the State.
    Everything about Bakunin is genuine: his struggle, sufferings and death. Everything about Marx is
    bogus: his thirty years of incitement from the British Museum reading-room, his comfortable life on Friedrich Engels’s bounty, his obviously calculated marriage to a “von”, his genteel funeral with graveside orations; all are typical of the petty bourgeois who so loudly declaimed against
    [170] the bourgeoisie. The most bogus thing of all was his Communist Manifesto, which diagnosed an ailment (“The proletarian is without property”) and prescribed suicide as the remedy
    (“The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property”).
    This was a plain intimation to the proletariat that it had nothing to gain but chains from Communism, and if revolutionary outbreaks all over Europe followed the publication of the Manifesto in January 1848, the oppressed masses cannot have roused to them by its logic. Within a few weeks of publication, revolts occurred all over Germany, in Austria, Hungary, Italy, France and Denmark. This was proof that the individual “secret societies” in the various countries were fusing together, that some means had been found to co-ordinate and synchronise their outbreaks, and thus, for the first time, to demonstrate world-revolution in action, through simultaneous eruptions in numerous countries.”


    “About the same time, Karl Marx founded his International (the International Working Men’s Association) in London, and the next few years were filled with the decisive struggle between Bakunin and Marx for the soul of the revolution. During Bakunin’s long absence in Saxon, Austrian and Russian jails and in Siberia, Marx in London had established his hold on the international revolutionary organization (in several countries he had sons-in-law as lieutenants, on the Napoleonic model), but Bakunin’s renown was great and he was deprived of the leadership only by a series of tricks which Marx, through his control of the General Council, was able to use against his rival. In 1872 the General Council called a congress of the International at The Hague, where Bakunin and his friends could not go on account of governmental hostility. At this congress charges were made against Bakunin (reminiscent of those which sixty years later were to be raised against any Communist leaders of whom Stalin wished to rid himself and he was expelled from the International by vote of the Council, packed by Marx’s handpicked men.”


    “Precisely such a State as that, Karl Marx designed to set up through his international revolutionary movement, and it was to be a world State. Bakunin in 1869, when his contest with Karl Marx was reaching its climax, like Disraeli in 1846 and 1852 identified the leadership of the world-revolution as Jewish and in this he saw the cause of the perversion, as he considered it, of the revolutionary idea. His Polemique contre les Juifs, written in 1869, was mainly directed against the Jews of the International, and from what we have since seen of these affairs we may assume that his expulsion by the Marxist General Council in 1872 became certain at the moment of that publication in 1869.”

    …to be continued further….

  15. Malla says:

    More from Douglas Reed’s book Controversies of Zion:

    “The sequence of events is significant. In 1772 Poland was partitioned and, after more than 2,500 years, the “centre” of Jewish Government “ceased to exist” (according to Dr. Kastein) or became a secret Jewish government (as the Russian authorities believed). In 1776 Adam Weishaupt founded his Illuminati. By 1846 Disraeli was writing that “the revolution is developing entirely under Jewish auspices”. In 1869 Michel Bakunin, the disciple of Weishaupt, attacked the Jews in the revolutionary movement. In 1872 Bakunin was expelled and the united Communist movement plainly emerged, under Karl Marx (in 1917 it produced an almost exclusively Jewish Bolshevist government)”


    “While Zionism thus took shape in the Eastern ghettoes during the last century and at the start of this one emerged as a new force in international affairs (when the British Government offered it Uganda), the world-revolution, in those same Talmudic areas, prepared its third “eruption”. The two forces moved forward together in synchronization (for Zionism, as has been shown, used the threat of Communism in Europe to gain the ear of European rulers for its territorial demand outside Europe). It was as if twin turbines began to revolve, generating what was in effect one force, from which the new century was to receive galvanic shocks.
    According to Disraeli and Bakunin the world-revolution had come under Jewish leadership around the middle of the century, and its aims then changed. Bakunin’s followers, who sought to abolish the State as such because they foresaw that the revolutionary State might become more despotic than any earlier despotism, were ousted and forgotten. The world-revolution therewith took the shape of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, which aimed at the super-State founded in slave-labour and in “the confiscation of human liberty” (as de Tocqueville wrote in 1848).


    ” Next, Karl Marx. The Protocols say, “The aristocracy of the peoples, as a political force, is dead. . . but as landed proprietors they can still be harmful to us from the fact that they are self-sufficing in the resources upon which they live. It is essential therefore for us at whatever cost to deprive them of their land. . . At the same time we must intensively patronize trade and industry . . . what we want is that industry should drain off from the land both labour and capital and by means of speculation transfer into our hands all the money of the world.. …”
    Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto exactly followed this formula. True he declared that Communism might be summed up in one sentence, “abolition of private property”, but subsequently he qualified this dictum by restricting actual confiscation to land and implying that other types of private property were to remain intact. (In the later Marxist event, of course, all private property was confiscated, but I speak here of the strict parallel between the strategy laid down before the event alike by the Protocols and Marx).”


    “His first major action (and President Wilson’s) is to introduce “a graduated income tax exempting no income whatsoever” (Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto demanded “a heavy progressive or graduated income tax”; the Protocols, “a progressive tax on property“).”

  16. Is there a list of those who’ve paid Shaun King $21,000 an hour to speak? I’d be interested to see it.

    • Replies: @Truth
  17. I’m not sure that millenials are becoming more nationalist, or starting to consider data on racial/cultural differences much. In London at least, they are all depoliticized, and if you tell them that, they suffer a tampon tantrum because they believe they are very much politically informed. What from? Netflix documentaries! Get Me Roger Stone (actually pretty funny imo), or the AQ White Helmets propaganda to name a couple.

    Then when you say, let me send you a link to some named Swedish doctors from a human rights group who analyse videos of how these ‘medics’ kill babies they dosed with heroin, with fake procedures, they tell me I’m ‘gross’, and ‘they don’t want to see that shit’.

    The younguns are lost – they aren’t accepting debate at all anymore, for them debate is instant psychological trauma.. some will wake up when their heads are cracked by the people they are rioting for, but that will be too little too late.

  18. All this iconoclasm seems appropriate.

    We live in the age of tattoos. What are tattoos but a form of I-conoclasm? It is a debasement of oneself with body graffiti. It is self-vandalism, self degradation. And then, there are also piercings and green/pink/purple hair.

    A people who do such things to themselves will surely attack any statue that looks normal and dignified.

    In a way, it’s a war by freaks on symbols of normality and health.

    Of course, such mutant morons would revere George Floyd, a piece of street scum, as the messiah.

    The 20th century, for all its great horrors, was a great century.

    The 21st century is turning out to be the stupidest. This century may avoid world wars, but it will be more tragic as we are witnessing the total and permanent fall of Western Civilization to decadence, dementia, degeneracy, diversity, and savagery(esp of blacks).

  19. neutral says:

    These new woke elites assume that once they have seized power they will be secure in it, well they will not. This is the big difference between them and other civil wars mentioned in this article, we know who they are and where they live and them counting on their black and brown mobs to protect them (let alone run the country) is laughable.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  20. this article is so fucking stupid it makes you reevaluate the gentile mental threshold. these same dynamics take place in all social structures and always have: dysfunctional elites are replaced, defective ideologies (that no longer deliver power and are no longer even believed by their adherents) are recirculated. imagine, to repeat, how fucking stupid and devolved your gentile monkey brain has to be to think these stale, encrusted anti-semitic slogans and this disney-princess-tier racialist cosplay somehow represents a direction forward. talk about a degenerate civic religion….

    better to simply pop open another coors ultra, order up a jimmy johns, and cue inglourious basterds on the blu-ray, as you wait for final replacement, you nazi cocksucker’s apprentice

    • Troll: Twodees Partain, Alfred
  21. @Anonymous

    You reds sure are a sensitive lot.

  22. I can simplify it.

    jews want white people dead.

    And jews have enough money to spread around to make it happen.

    • Agree: CBTerry
    • Replies: @Beautiful Evidence
  23. anaccount says:

    Another great article from Eric Striker.

    Good-white cuckolds can’t do the job and their Black demigod’s are too few and stunted to hunt down all those well armed White folks. As Andrew Anglin has pointed out, Jews are going to focus on getting southern Amerindians whipped up next.

  24. If it’s just the college-educated millenials, the military angle is probably not too bad. That takes mercs + SIGINT superiority.

  25. TomJ says:

    At this point it no longer matters what the Bourgeois Bolsheviks want. They have brought pain and misery to thousands of people by destroying those beautiful statues that stood majestically for so long which were not only historical landmarks but also works of art. They destroyed family businesses. They emboldened their useful idiots to punch 90 year old ladies in the face.

    Never thought the day would come when I started to really feel sorry for and very concerned about the safety of White Americans.

    Tucker Carlson and InfoWars will try to convince you it’s the Chicoms and Islamofacists, but there aren’t too many of those types in the picture above.

    Because of all the wars waged against people in the Middle East and Asia, you lost an opportunity to gain friends and now will have to fight this losing battle against Antifa and BLM alone.

    It is going to be like that caustic Robert Crumb comic but much worse.

  26. @N word sayer

    Your views on Marxism as something quasi-religious & inherently destructive are bizarre & completely bigoted, Wow — Trotsky took money & Russia used Capitalists to help its industrialization: so what ? .Marxism is in essence a view about political economy. Your examples of “Marxism” the 20’s – Russia – 30’s – Spain & 60’s – China are about power generally, not Marxism. Spain was an example of a reactionary destruction of republican democracy. Russia in the 20’s was a nation in a shambles which has just fought 2 major wars, the civil war itself killing more than 10 million. China’s cultural revolution was controlled by the leader himself for his own political purposes. It is only by over stretching that you can compare these matters with contemporary US.
    The whole point of this article is economic.
    “So the question is, what do the rioters want? The jobs and power of their older colleagues.”
    “The result of this in the American context has been the quiet collapse in the compensation and social status given for legal, media and academic work.”
    PC gives the younger generation a stick to hit AND dislodge older generations out of their jobs. These actions, the author believe, have been weoponized by Tribal Elites as it plays so well into their own goals of reducing the power & influence of the whole of non-tribal society.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  27. @Anonymous

    That is because for some reason Evangelicals in the United States are morons.

    Not Catholic whites, for the most part. Italians, for example, show some genuine cunning and shrewdness. Irish Catholics seem equally capable of this.

    But the Evangelicals in America are poor and the regions they live are poor.

    One problem with the white American population is that you have a bunch of Leftist hipster PC mavens in the cities and then mouth-breathing uneducated rural morons who have no education past high school.

    The suburban middle class whites who were the normality of US existence are slowly dwindling.

    As for Boomers and the rest, I’m a Gen X born in 1974 and Gen Y and Zoomers are porn-addicted, gender-confused homos who all grew up in single homes with no father.

    A good many of them are so mixed now-racially-that when I watched the protests I was thinking “What is that guy?”

  28. Sally says:

    You took the words ” these nobodies have a close relationship with the big somebodies that are representative of corporate America.” right out of my mouth.. Looks very much like the corporate led and financed exploiters of human labor have eaten a few Wheaties.
    You can track the anti labor movement 1890s to 1941.. and see there “nearly the entire working forces were at war trying defend corporate exploitation of labor in America, if we return to the American Revolution you see there the same: the American revolution happened because the exploitative British Aristocrats, born into the British Colonial Society of Colony America during the 1740-50s and onward, were at war with the corporate Aristocrats born and resident in Britain. The chasm between these American born, corporate and landed gentry owners and the British born and bred corporate owners who were trying to make the American colonies produce for the benefit of the East and West Indies type companies all thru the colonial period were desperate as American colonist labor was less and less easy to exploit. .. The Boston Tea party was about British ship exemption from the British Tea Tax which american owned ships had to pay..

    There are some major labor laws in American history which make it easy to track the powerful advantage between corporate greed and human need in being the faction to control the USA. Labor learned to harness that political power, to control the make up of congress, and to be at every hearing that appointed a new judge. Labor learned that any one claiming the USA election process was democratic was either blind or a part of the subterfuge. For a short while labor defeated corporate control over the Hoax, that the USA electoral college system was democratic but soon the top of labor was infiltrated and Jimmy Hoffa was eliminated.

    Whoever owns the white house controls the behaviors of All Americans and pays homage to the corporations that funded that persons ascension to the the thrown. .

    The same banking and corporate power that sent Trotsky to Russia with a pocketful of powerful Solonkia based opium and corporate money. But Czar controlled the USSR and from 1905 on Wealthy Jewish corporate control of the press that made the Czar look to those he governed as if he were a thief and a corporate stooge. this image , made leadership impossible..The Russian Czars, were not Russian (, abdicated <=because his image as portrayed by corporate and rebellion intent propaganda prevented his ability to rule. also don't forget the British and French based banking effort to take over the oil rich Ottoman Empire. see the migration of Christian Armenians (Genocide and great exodus) of Christian Armenians into Russia, Syria, and Persia ( and <=the result of British corporations with economic interest in Ottoman territory pushing the British Government to intervene..

    Who do you think built and supplied all industry in Russia? that question is very interesting.

    Marxism is at bottom a philosophy of man, his relationship to the cosmos, and his telos. This needn’t have anything to do with economics. Economic communism was one instantiation of Marxism, as the current critical race and gender theory is a later instantiation of it.

  29. Miro23 says:

    A very good article. I would call them Neo-Bolsheviks.

    Like their predecessors, they are aggressive totalitarians aiming to destroy society and gain power.

    The key point is that they promote disorder, rioting and chaos only as a means to power. When they have it, they institute the harshest police state, execute dissenters and violently crush opposition. Bolshevik Russia didn’t allow the smallest squeak of dissent.

    Russia’s Bolshevik Jewish leadership then styled themselves the “leading cadre of the proletariat” (while personally living like Belle Époque aristocrats).

    Similarly, the US’s Neo-Bolshevik Jewish leadership would no doubt style themselves the “leading cadre of anti-racism and equality” (while maintaining their billionaire lifestyles).

    From this POV, the crowds of gentile white activists are the Useful Idiots.

    • Replies: @Wally
  30. Of course, it is impossible to cover everything within the limited space of an article. That is one of the reasons for having a comments section.

    One of the most baffling phenomena of the last few decades has been the proliferation of all those new sexual and gender identifications. I believe in England today there are over seventy of these. Fundamentally, all those poor wretches identifying as something other than a man or a woman are psychiatric cases that need compassion and treatment. They are so desperate and miserable they are constantly shouting for attention.

    I suspect that this phenomenon constitutes a biological corrective mechanism to help prevent overpopulation, much in the way that after a war, more boys than girls are born to make up for the loss of life on the battlefield.

    The proliferation of those new sexual identities somehow seems to tie in with Eric Striker’s description and analysis of the situation on the labor market. If only because the sexual and gender deviation agenda lends added pungency to the current wave of iconoclasm.

    In the final analysis, what is taking place around us is a cultural, social and political revolution that accompanies a demographic transformation.

  31. @restless94110

    The article

    Best article yet on the “riots”. This and “Remodelage du Grand Moyen-Orient” par Thierry Meyssan are intuitive keys to understanding the twenties of our century and elite infighting/interaction(coherence) at once. A purge at the top!

    Peter Turchin is quite vague about the glut of the elites, and not sure he intended the interpretation of Striker. Although Turchin would gladly acquiesce probably. The measuring quantitatively of the phenomenon, can indeed be a fast road to understanding that upwards mobility is dead, that the phenomenon was hi-jacked by a fraction of insider-billionaires in the elites who then armed their infighting. This can also explain the tolerance for the public politics figures to be painted as clowns and trash. The Jewish bit of it all(including Peter Turchin), …the Jewish kids must understand better what is at stake since their closeness, generational, inside the power broker world. The pressure on the Jewish youngsters of the “middle class” is also larger, the ambitions accordingly. Jewish loyalty and matrimony of interest makes them willing mercenaries. Since the “thing” requires little physical courage, that will not hold back the Jewish kids either. There are enough dumb goyim to fill their ranks lest arming their own “revolution”.

    Somebody who understood society´s dynamics intuitively as an individual, Assange(White), was kegged, of course, since he was nobody´s whore. The kids referred at in the article are somebody´s whore.

    As said earlier on different occasions, all groups that have ambitions and organizational capacity should be out in the streets. The financing follows later. There are other groups within the billionaire class that will follow up on logistics. Bring the fight to where it matters, imploding the bulge at the top of society. Or does the US wants to be ruled by the daughters Clinton and Gates? The weakness grand in the open of our Western Societies? Money as a power scale does not translate to the real elites that are harder to trump. Talent, energy, testosterone, loyalty, based on effective progress and long term vision.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  32. @martin_2

    In the USA no-one actually starves …

    Just give it a few months.

    • Agree: Realist
  33. @neutral

    Oh yeah? And when ever did the Bolsheviks lose control of the USSR? When ever did Mao lose control of China? You’re being a bit naïve. You have no idea how power really works. This is not a true civil war like the one we had in the 19th century; this is revolution from above.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  34. gotmituns says:

    Pretty much, it’s decided, We’re going to civil war. There’s no turning back now.

    • Replies: @Brian Reilly
  35. @Hans Vogel

    And who wants to reduce the population? Why that’d be the Globalists: the very same people who promote ‘gender fluidity’ and refuse to pay a wage sufficient for a man to raise a family on.

    There is nothing natural about what’s happening. All is running according to plan … a very dark plan, to be sure.

  36. afogert says:

    This is the white middle class product of jewish and freemasonic education by the american educational system

  37. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Excellent analysis of the current situation.

    To know what the future holds just read Solzhenitsyn, it’s all there.

  38. anon[242] • Disclaimer says:

    There was a lot of real poverty.

    The English have suffered plenty of “real poverty” but when was the last time there was a revolution in England? “May I have another bowl, please, guvner?”

    So that’s the mystery of 20th century Europe. Every nation burns down their past except the wankers in England. There is this link-mule joker over in another “dissent” forum that keeps talking about the “Outlaw American Empire”. He claims to be an “American”. Never mentions the City of London, which is the Dragon’s Lair.

    The Empire is British Zionists and “Jews” are merely partners in the British-Zionist empire. That letter from Lord B. regarding Palestine is evidence. Current project is regaining control over the far flung Empire from the custodianship of the Yanks.

  39. The New York Times regards African-Americans as Shvztzes- a Yiddish word, which can be aligned with the N— word.

    For more than 50 years The Sulzbergers have allowed the rape of women and children by prominent members of society.

    In 1968 I first learned that Leonard Bernstein had molested children. I was provided with the names of two classical musicians. I only remember one- an African-American concert pianist, whom Bernstein had molested when the pianist was a teenager. I spoke to someone at The TImes- but I cannot remember that reporter’s name.

    I do remember that circa 1972 (it had to be before either 1971 or 1972, but I believe 1972) I spoke to Grace Glueck, a reporter for The New York Times. I provided Glueck with the name of the African-American concert pianist, who had been molested by Bernstein.


    But I also provided Glueck with information that Thomas Hoving, Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, had received kickbacks from art galleries (yes, I remember the name) for purchasing paintings from the art gallery.

    I also related that I had been informed that Hoving was involved in smuggling ancient sculptures from Italy and Greece into the United States by packing them with other artifacts.

    Note: The above was confirmed to me in later years by Sydney Schanberg, who provided me with details concerning diamond smuggling and how Punch Sulzberger became Chairman of the Board of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Yes, that is correct- Punch Sulzberger was concerned solely with his advancement in society. Eventually, the rapacious nature of Thomas Hoving became too much for the Met and the patrons, who had donated paintings. Hoving was forced to resign.

    Prior to being featured in the 26 April 1999 BusinessWeek cover story, “Scandal On Wall Street,” I had spoken on numerous occasions to Floyd Norris, business reporter for The New York Times. I had provided information to Norris concerning rape and drug smuggling at the American Stock Exchange. Norris laughed at me and said “yor the fellow, who hates the Amex.” Well, the daughters of Floyd Norris were not raped at the Amex; ergo, Floyd did not care.

    But the Sulzbergers, three of them, did not care that children had been raped. They ignored the rape of children, so why should I expect them to care about the rape of women.

    The rape of children by prominent musicians has continued to the present. The Sulzbergers and their minion reporters refused to write about the rape of young boys by James Levine Conductor of the Metorpolitan Opera.

    Ashok Pai was raped by James Levine. The Sulzbergers refused to run the story and it was exposed in other media.

    Even now The New York Times with its Me Too and Black Lives Matter campaigns refuses to expose the rape of women by Wall Street millionaires and the smuggling of drugs by these same individuals.

    The Sulzbergers only care about their friends- Arthur Levitt, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Robert Morgenthau, New York County District Attorney.

    If you wish to read more, visit my

    Google: “Strauss-Kahn: No Friends in the Right Places in New York, which was published in The Black Star News, and my letters Jo Ann Harris + Robert VanCaneghan. (I also wrote to Eleanor Acheson, granddaughter of Dean Acheson. Eleanor Acheson was named an Assistant Attorney General by Hillary and Bill Clinton. Eleanor Acheson was HIllary Clinton’s roommate at Wellesley.

    Robert VanCaneghan admitted to the Board of the Amerian Stock Exchange that he had raped his female employees. You can contact Frances Townsend at Macandrews and Forbes and ask her about her part in the cover up.

    Robert VanCaneghan is a confessed serial rapist. The New York Times and The Sulzbergers protected him.


    • Thanks: Truth
    • Replies: @Alfred
  40. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    What on earth are you saying?

    He is saying “I’m going to destroy you and your friends too, so I can have a shot at taking your job.”

    • Replies: @Ace
  41. Rahan says:

    Tucker Carlson for prez, Ann Coulter for vice, THAT would be fun.

    BTW some of the most exciting thinkers in the East are reactionary Marxists.

    Even the communist party of Russia sounds like white nationalists in comparison to western leftists. Hell, they sound like white nationalists in comparison to western conservatives.
    United Russia (238)
    Communist Party (92)
    A Just Russia (64)
    LDPR (56)
    That’s some manifesto by their leader they’ve got there.

    “We Communists are staunch supporters and adherents of internationalism. We understand that every nation is interested in preserving its language, developing its culture, preserving its faith, maintaining its traditional way of life, and strengthening its well-being.

    But it’s the ethnic Russians who are the spiritual, moral, and power core of this country.

    This is how our common destiny was formed. This is the History. This cannot be undone. To deny, reason, and act contrary to this is madness, which is fatal to all the peoples of Russia. If the Russian nation should finally weaken and withdraw from the main historical arena, which is inevitable if the course pursued in the country since the early 1990s is maintained, this will entail an irreversible catastrophe. I emphasize that this is a disaster for all citizens living in our vast Eurasian expanses. Russia will simply be trampled and torn apart by stronger and more successful neighbors.

    ….Russia is a country where 80% of the population is ethnic Russian, and the most important element of national policy should be a program to save the original Russian civilization and revive the Russian people as the backbone of the Fatherland.

    Moreover, the preservation and well-being of the Russians — the largest European nation — is a global issue. If the crisis of the Russian ethnic group, generated by the destructive processes of the past 30 years, continues, if its number continues to decline at such a rapid pace, it will have a fatal impact on the Eurasian space and on the entire planet. It will finally bring down the geopolitical and economic stability in a world where the Russians have been one of the key Nations defining its image, history, and moral and ethical ideals for many centuries. “

    • Thanks: Denis
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Mefobills
    , @Denis
  42. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    And when ever did the Bolsheviks lose control of the USSR?

    When Stalin took over.

    When ever did Mao lose control of China?

    Right after the Cultural Revolution failed. He was kept as a figurehead by a government that had lost its internal legitimacy and was doing marking time until he died.

  43. @Baxter

    I suspect the ongoing effort to shame and humiliate white Americans for slavery derives from White Chad Envy. It took high-testosterone white badasses to enslave Negroes and make them productive in the white agrarian economy. These slave owners also had no trouble finding white women who wanted to marry them and bear their children, despite the current propaganda about women’s superior moral conscience and empathy with the oppressed. These guys show us the real level of manhood that today’s soft, fear-ridden, risk averse, often women-repelling white American men have lost, and their example sheds light on why the Wokeviks want to destroy their statues and monuments.

  44. dearieme says:

    Peter Turchin’s elite overproduction theory

    Turchin’s my left foot. Schumpeter described the problem in 1942.

  45. Ironically the original Bolsheviks operated on a vision of human excellence, if not superiority. Lenin himself tried to stay physically fit, even in prison; and depending on where he lived in exile, he would go walking, bicycling, hiking, swimming, rowing or ice skating. Given his fault-finding personality, he would scold other revolutionists who didn’t follow his example, saying that they had an obligation to the revolution to stay fit and healthy.

    Trotsky also famously speculated that under a functional communist society, the people would conduct experiments on their physical and mental transformations so that eventually the average human type would reach the level of Aristotle, Goethe and Marx; and then the superior individuals would rise beyond that level.

    Lesser known Bolsheviks published similar aspirations, often inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s writings whose philosophy seemed to complement Marxism.

    But I just don’t see this tradition reflected in the physical reality of today’s Wokeviks. They come across as a fat, unfit, sexually damaged and emotionally dysfunctional bunch. If they showed some low time preference by investing into their self-maintenance, regular people might take their grievances more seriously.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  46. Excellent article! This could well be Eric Striker’s best yet.

    … which is paltry compared to the $21,000 Black Lives Matter figurehead Shaun King charges to speak for an hour.

    Ha, ha! Shaun King … otherwise known as Talcum X.

    This helps explain the ‘Bourgeois Bolshevik’ phenomenon.

    Good one, Eric. Thanks to you, ‘Bobo’ now has a whole new meaning.

    The outcome of this Kosher revolution will be the crowning of Millennial Yagodas and Dzerzhinsky the dispensers of terror in our country in what Jews perceive to be a national emergency of white consciousness.

    Where, oh where is our Führer?

  47. Arnieus says:

    Somebody write this on a time capsule.
    Maybe some future generation if there is one, will look through rubble trying to understand why the great western republic of Washington and Jefferson failed, and learn from our fatal mistake. I am really old. Here is an old saying, I made up:
    Soft woman make hard man.
    Hard woman make soft man.

    Women liberated themselves from husbands, and their critically essential role of bearing and developing citizens. We are seeing the result, a population of spoiled fatherless children. A population with little sense of reason or responsibility and no knowledge of history. Thousands of them are marching around demanding participation-award status they didn’t earn while Rome burns.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy

    BLM is a Ford Foundation Biden Democrats CIA covert operation to win support of the black population. V clever.

  49. Emslander says:

    I’m going to have to disagree because of one major difference between modern America and Russia, Spain and China in the 20th century.

    I see no one wants to mention the other, most perfect, example, Germany of the 1920’s.

    Feminism is a big problem, because women in the world are basically derivative creatures. When new and unique challenges come along, they become hysterical, their default emotion. Only men, and only a few of them, are able to see the way through a crisis of novel dimensions and unprecedented causes.

  50. @Anonymous

    I can tell when I’m reading a lame-ass attempt at influencing the conversation by a Chinese Commie college drop-out by the writing.

    Look, you guys, it’s bad enough that you won’t pay the extra 50 bucks ONE TIME on a million units to pay an American translator to write up readable directions for a kid’s Hot Wheels set or the like. I know you cheated on the TOEFL to get this gig. Still, put some effort into the translation of whatever bullshit they are paying you to write. Don’t you people believe in doing a quality job anymore, … I mean ever?

    Sorry, readers, I’ve just seen too much of this unreadable garbage in the comments. On the article, I was very impressed by Mr. Striker’s simple but well though-out analysis of what is going on in the institutions (he focuses on academia mainly) and in the streets. “Bourgeois Bolsheviks” is an excellent term too.

    I agree with commenter #1 very much too. It doesn’t matter that these people not only wouldn’t, but COULDN’T, read Marx and Engles and don’t distribute copies of Mao’s little red books. They have the stupidity and mentality of the Commies of old, and therefore, that’s what I call them. As noted by Peak Stupidty over 2 1/2 years back, because people forget, the Commies are crawling out of the woodwork again.

  51. “…the Chinese are mostly sitting back and laughing back at America…”

    The Peking duck won’t be quacking so loudly as it’s fond of doing now once its scrwany arse is knocked down flat by the pâte making machine … America is longing for some good chow by now!

  52. @Baxter

    You bring up a good point, Baxter, but I have a small correction on the Chinese version of Communism. Chairman Mao and the Red Chinese did not institute feminism as we know it today in the West. However, they did force the society to treat both men and women, or boys and girls, as equal cogs in the Commie production machinery. You’ve seen, I’m sure, pictures of the iron-rice-bowl haircuts that took femininity away from women, along with the Chairman Mao jackets. (You were FREE to pick either color, blue or gray!).

    The Chinese Reds had them all work together in whatever asinine projects Mao came up with, with almost no separation in work and treatment by sex… unless one was very sexy, in which case there’d be a special job for her in headquarters.

    The main point for both the radical feminism that has been pushed on the West for 55 years and the rest of the methods used by the Commies is that the nuclear family must be broken. This is very important to them, so THE STATE can do the indoctrination early on, with minimal input in child development from the parents – breastfeeding and toilet-training is still left up to the parents, so we’ve still got that, right …

    Think of the push for mandatory “pre-K” now, when Kindergarten was optional when/where I grew up. Amazingly, government schooling is still optional in the US, and that is by far the biggest way families can fight the evils of Communism at least as the latter part of “think globally/act locally”. Homeschooling, something that this Kung Flu Panic-Fest introduced to 50 X more parents (one silver lining) is just like “poking the Beast in the eye with a big stick. . (See also Part 2 and Part 3.

    OK, well O/T from your comment, Baxter and just a small quibble. What will be the difference between then and now due to the ultra-matriarchic society America has?

  53. What monstrous union produced Lydia Frances Polgreen? Is it a man or woman or an alien from an unnatural world?

  54. Pericles says:

    not everything that fails to exalt your semitic fairytales is a a knockoff of your semitic fairytales.

    I’d just like the audience to recall that communism is a semitic fairy tale.

    • Replies: @HBM
  55. The kosher millennials will win over because the money supply isn’t limited.

  56. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Identity politics-PC-cult-think is a capitalist creation that has become a cultish religion with negro-fetish worship as a feature. It is not communism nor particularly leftist since these emphasize class relations and this new belief system doesn’t. It was created to substitute for real leftism thus the oligarchs money and positions are not attacked. They can pretend to be champions of the people by ordering tranny bathrooms to be instituted. It’s a capitalist bait and switch scheme. It’s a very clever move on their part and their main ideology for themselves is to hold onto the money and power; whatever ideological front suits them at the moment can be changed like a set of clothes.
    A lot of the youth in the streets are obviously, when you look at them, out of the service sector of the economy. The lousy gig economy has left many millions working in dead-end service jobs with no future, just one gig after another, living with roommates or family. They’re open to radicalization. After all, what do they have to lose?

    • Agree: Nosquat Loquat
  57. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Evangelicals in the United States are morons.

    Why unnecessarily antagonize a large segment of white America? As a group they seem resistant to the current hysteria and don’t seem to be contributing any followers to the mobs in the street. Can’t ask for perfection and they have votes (if that matters now) so can be part of a chain of bulwark groups such as police unions, traditional religious groups, conservative workers, small business owners, etc.

    • Replies: @Zeroh Tollrants
  58. @Baxter

    The “milquetoast dilettantes” have support of corporate America, all levels of government, the deep state, and 99% of all things Jewish (or is it Zionist? ) They are, as they have always been, little princesses of helicopter moms. The twits have just upgraded mommy to the establishment. The end goal is obviously to cull the human herd. Call it post birth abortion or something in honor of girlie world.

    Also the corporate and investment world needs the deep state wars to continue. They are just training a new bunch to die for their cheap resources. Just call the Assads of the world fascist instead of Muslim terrorists. Viola… a fanatical army of color and estrogen. It’s not like winning has exactly been the objective of the US military since WWII.

    Also may I adopt your apt description of “milquetoast dilettantes”?

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Baxter
  59. @gotmituns

    gotmituns, Civil war? Directed, taking, holding and governing real estate? Not so much. Violent, destructive, murderous reaction by people to the predation of a wannabe uberclass that has badly miscalculated, Yeah, I see that, in spades.

    Keep your head down and avoid the debris field.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  60. What bolsheviks want , is the total overthrow of the government and the destruction of Christian churches and Christians as happened in Russia in 1917 and the purge ie killing of anyone who stands in opposition to their demonic satanic communist agenda, which is backed and funded by the elites in the ZUSS.

    This also happened in Mexico in the 1920’s and it can happen here and will happened if current events are not stopped.

  61. CIA divide et impera FTW! Striker falls for it. Hook line & sinker.

    Because your enemy is… broke eggheads in lifelong educational debt peonage brainwashed with statist false consciousness. Yeah, that’s it.

    Everybody hates this kleptocracy and the police state that props it up. Left and right. R and D. Sometimes the right rises against it. Sometimes the left rises against it. Then CIA gets you to attack the self-identified left. Or CIA gets the self-identified left to attack you. They make the Ds fight the Rs, the BLM dupes fight the equally synthetic boogaloo boyz. And when you’re all worn out fighting each other, CIA jacks up your taxes to hire more asshole cops to kneel on your windpipe Jewstate-style.

    The actual vanguard of this incipient rebellion bears no resemblance to your Jewy nightmares. They see white supremacy not as your shameful personal character trait but as a trick of state that justifies violence, to blacks of course, to wogs worldwide, or to you, if you don’t knuckle under quick enough. As you know, there’s about an equal amount of white and black lumpen in prison slavery making cop handcuffs and squishing up Spam. Could be jigs, could be you. They don’t care.

    The people in the thick of this rebellion aren’t fighting you. They’re not thinking about you. They welcome white supporters but they expect to do the heavy lifting themselves, with support from the outside world. What do they want? They want their rights. Do you even know what yours are?

    So maybe dream up less aggravating stuff and try asking people what they think. You might not be so downtrodden all the time.

    • Troll: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @Henry_Bowman
  62. aandrews says:

    Douglas Lancelot Reed (11 March 1895 – 26 August 1976) was a British journalist, playwright, novelist and author of a number of books of political analysis. His book Insanity Fair (1938) was one of the most influential in publicizing the state of Europe and the megalomania of Adolf Hitler before the Second World War. By the time of his death, Reed had been largely forgotten except for….

    Except for what?? Gosh, a cliffhanger.

  63. Trinity says:

    These non-Jewish Whites ( personally I, nor do Jews themselves, consider Jews to be “white.” Well, the Jew will claim to be “white” when and if it benefits him or her) marching in these anti-White protests are akin to Blacks marching with the KKK. Do these “porn addicted,” “gender confused”, edumucated Gen Xers, Millennials, and Zoomers really think that Blacks and other nonwhites are their bestest friends forever and will accept them after all the “evil White racist” are put down? lmao. That shows you indeed that these modern day Bolsheviks are more from privileged than bourgeois class, and they definitely aren’t proletariat class. The number of working class Whites who grew up attending schools that were at least 20% nonwhite, working with useless lazy negroes who couldn’t be fired, or witnessed more than share of Blacks attacking Whites for being White, and are over the age of 35, won’t be anywhere near those marches for “racial justice.” And sorry to all you Boomer haters, but where I grew up, Baltimore, Maryland, Georgia and Florida, I didn’t personally know a single one of my comrades who bought into this obsession with negro worship, race mixing, or self hatred, maybe that happened with your parents, grandparents where they grew up, but not me or my friends. Hell, we actually stood up for each other when one of us were being threatened by Blacks and we actually had White football players that we rooted for like Larry Csonka, John Riggins, Johnny Unitas, etc. These white traitor trash bags are not revolutionaries, hell, they are the complete antithesis of a revolutionary, they are cowardly non-thinking useful idiots for the anti-White Jewish establishment that will use them and discard them like the trash they are, they are blatant cowards with not an independent thought among them.

    • Agree: PetrOldSack
    • Replies: @ANZ
  64. Jews are naturally revolutionaries. This BLM/racial justice movement is just another one of there dumb ass ideas. Jews hate objectivity and reality. The whole black lives matter thing is sick and evil and based on nothing but lies.

    • Agree: Trinity, GazaPlanet
  65. Emslander says:

    In the photo that accompanies this very inciteful article, the protestors all appear to be white women in their twenties. Is it possible that this problem of having contracted tens of thousands of dollars of debt for worthless degrees in law and journalism has fallen mainly on them? The lies of feminism are hitting the fan and these cute girls now understand that the true purpose of their preparatory years was to make them into cheap prostitutes for ugly old men, like Weinstein and Epstein.

    • Agree: mark green
  66. @Robert Dolan

    The simplest theory that explains the data is the best.

    You have connected the dots that so few have not. I often wonder why others are not able to make the same connection. Here’s my attempt at an explanation: In science there is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. The idea of this principle is one cannot know the exact position of an electron because any type of energy one uses to locate an individual electron changes its position. If effect we can see the results of what electrons do but we can’t know exactly where they are. I find that analogous to how the Judaic syndicate operates. Their influence is ever-present but never recognized.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
    , @jack daniels
  67. Truth says:

    For this reason, Jews appear to be accelerating their ascendance to power

    Ascendance to power?

    What year is this, 1951?

  68. Truth says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    I hear he slashed his rate in half to do the AMREN conference next year.

  69. Truth says:

    Tucker Carlson for prez, Ann Coulter for vice, THAT would be fun.

    Yes, two people who make their living talking in front of a camera, and writing insipid, purposefully divisive books, neither of whom having run so much as a hot-dog stand, in charge of the world’s largest economy.

    “Fun” doesn’t cover it.

    • Replies: @usNthem
    , @Hibernian
  70. @animalogic

    Spain in the early ’30s was a de jure “republican democracy” but a de facto failed state with secession movements, mob killings, vandalism and much else similar to the current USA collapse. The “National Movement” (Franco & Co.) rescued the nation from a death spiral that needed stopping.

    • Agree: Miro23, GazaPlanet
  71. Anonymous[231] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    White Evangelicals are one of the few groups, and the largest white group, to be resisting the poz. They also have above replacement fertility levels.

    As all other institutions, the SBC and other organizations have gone homo and black, but at the individual level Evangalicals remain startlingly clear thinking and non pozzed. Poor people seem to be more prone to shitty life choices, but less prone to throwing all reality out the window to embrace a fantasy.

  72. Anonymous[231] • Disclaimer says:
    @Hans Vogel

    The abortion rate reached its highest ever in England, for 2019, due to an increase in women over 28 terminating pregnancies. 77% of abortions were to white women.

    The childfree movement is also popular among young people, I guess with those who still have a gender that is capable of reproducing. You’re probably right that it’s again a reflection of overpopulation.

    This overpopulation is artificial, due to mass immigration. Europe is already quite dense and a decline in population there is not a bad thing.

    • Replies: @Ray Huffman
  73. Bread and games!
    It is always about bread and games.
    Romans did figure that out two millennia ago.
    And so what is happening US is the ultimate in Jewish social engineering.
    They did put all goym in the arena.
    All people now are actors and audience the same time.
    And that is the true oxymoron.

  74. HBM says:

    Greek mythology (and the like) is fairy tales. The Abrahamisms are Semitic ethnic propaganda– as is Communism.

  75. gotmituns says:
    @Brian Reilly

    Yep, as we used to say way back in the sixties, “Stay Low.”

  76. Culpepper says:
    @Priss Factor

    Awsome Scottish idiocracy

    • Replies: @Druid55
  77. @N word sayer

    With the rule of opposites you can decode the mass media, big corporation and Antifa message.

    You are not supposed to discuss masters and slavery because their goal is to make themselves masters and the rest of us slaves.

  78. Mefobills says:

    “We Communists are staunch supporters and adherents of internationalism. We understand that every nation is interested in preserving its language, developing its culture, preserving its faith, maintaining its traditional way of life, and strengthening its well-being.

    Isn’t the above statement cognitive dissonance?

    The “international” reduced all people to a class. By joining all people of the world together into a class system, it ignored national, race, and other differences. If a nation is an extended kin-relationship, then internationalism undoes kinship relations.

    For example, U.S., as early as 1968 had kin relations. U.S. was 89% white European derived with Christianity being dominant religion. U.S. was mostly ethnically homogeneous and had radiating waves of Kinship where most people were either children of European settlers or later European immigrants. Blacks were birthed on American soil and could trace their roots backward in time as Black Americans.

    (American Indians are their own nation on reservations, and there were so few Mexican’s and Asians they were statistically insignificant.)

    Finance Capitalism (aka Globo-homo) imports labor to drive down labor’s wages. Globo-homo is finance “internationalism.” It should be no surprise that it was international finance capital that funded Bolsheviks.

    Russian “nation” was upheld by Stalin in order to fight WW2. No sane Russian serf would fight for some nebulous Jewish concept of “international” man; where said “international” could give a damn about what it is to be Russian, and deep Russian ties to hearth and Kin.

    We Communists are staunch supporters and adherents of internationalism? Seems impossible to me given Russian history.

    • Agree: anon8383892
    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  79. Wally says:

    “Similarly, the US’s Neo-Bolshevik Jewish leadership would no doubt style themselves the “leading cadre of anti-racism and equality” (while maintaining their billionaire lifestyles).

    – And who is that aggressively pushes for massive non-white immigration into the US & Europe, but refuses any non-Jew immigration into that “shitty little country” of Israel?

    • Agree: Trinity, FLgeezer
  80. Wally says:

    – Yet not a word about what enables The Usual Enemies of Free Speech to silence critics and pull it all off.

    – That being the fake & ridiculously impossible “holocaust” narrative.

    – It works like a charm, just as intended.

    • Replies: @DextersLabRat
  81. GeeBee says:
    @Priss Factor

    Tattoos – ye gods how I agree with you! Especially when the victims of this auto-maculation are otherwise beautiful white women. Their bodies, once they are covered in these hideous and permanent disfigurements, are not merely no longer beautiful, but have actually become repellent. It is like graffiti on the walls of a beautiful renaissance cathedral (with the crucial difference that it cannot be removed). For these women, that’s it, it’s the end: their beauty is finished for the rest of their lives. And they do it deliberately.

    It is surely one of the chief totems of our infinitely sad times. It is part of a deliberate policy of promulgating ugliness, be it cultural, civic or – as with tattoos – personal. I used to think that the total lack of self-respect inherent in the dismal and ubiquitous ‘jeans and trainers’ fashion in clothing was bad enough. But tattoos…

    • Agree: Montefrío, Tlotsi
    • Replies: @Tlotsi
    , @schnellandine
  82. This is a downstream consequence of universal suffrage.

    MSM, State Education, Pols couldn’t spew BS if there weren’t idiots susceptible to it.

  83. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    An interesting article.

    Turchin talks about “an overproduction of elites” and leaves it at that broad overview. This article points out that the overproduced elites will attempt to actively empty employment slots and to make new slots.
    Add a few other things to that:
    * When things were good, in the early days of the American Empire while the USA still had a manufacturing base and a unified population, there was essentially no feedback. That is, there was no serious penalty for bad decisions. The US could withstand failure of the Cuba invasion, loss of the U2, former POTUS Kennedy being killed, his successor destroying the Black family while simultaneously tolerating Black revolt, the highly inept invasion of S. Vietnam, and so on and still say that (paraphrase) “we can do whatever we want to do, so our decisions are more important than any reality”. This delusion of omnipotence lasted decades, down to the “indispensable nation” era.
    While the delusion of omnipotence lasted it was possible to legislate paid positions into existence, fill them with utter incompetents, and suffer no obvious short term harm. It was also possible to pursue utterly destructive government programs (e.g. support of urban areas as vote farms, expansion of post High School education by hiring incompetents to politically indoctrinate incompetents, NASA as showbiz, export of almost all manufacturing capital) with no major short term consequences. This is essentially why the American population did not stop such legislation — no feedback.

    This phase of Western society is not unusual. It closely follows the “Kondratiev cycle” (KC) theory. While now presented as a sterile form of numerology, the KC essentially says that engineering may be superseded. Standard example is transportation: Canals -> Railroads -> Airlines. Another is power/information: human -> animal ->steam (mechanical transmission by belts/chains/gears -> electrical power -> vacuum tube electronics ->solid state -> microelectronics.

    When an engineering method is replaced/supplemented by a new method, as above, profits are high. This leads to a KC Summer — something like the software bubble — and more investment in the profitable area. Eventually, investment returns decrease as all rewarding applications are filled, but investment continues as there is nothing else to invest in and there is a “track record of success”. That’s the KC Autumn. When the repayment stream doesn’t appear for Autumn investments, investments in the current engineering stop, and that’s the KC Winter. We’re in a KC Winter now.
    Note the investments in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) access; such speculative investments are only made during a KC Winter, as such speculative investments are better than investments certain to fail. Some of the speculative investments pay off, and the KC restarts with a Spring, which turns to Summer, etc.

    We’re at the start of a KC Winter, as is the rest of the world. The delusion of omnipotence is ending, but hasn’t entirely ended. The current generation of aspirants think they can get jobs by forcing out the Old Guard and by political spending (e.g. infrastructure programs, medicare for all). The previous KC Winter, the 1930s, was characterized by similar.

    KC theory is compatible Turchin’s theory. Note that the only time economically productive leadership is rewarded promptly by feedback is during the KC Winter. At other times, leadership can be appointed by nepotism or as a way of gaining and maintaining political power. During a KC Winter, appointing an incompetent leader has the same effect as throwing a drowning man an anchor.

    So we get this description of the current US cycle:

    * US wins WW II, transitions from a KC Winter to a KC Summer consisting of income from international political power, income from the chemical industries, the maturity of the airlines (thanks to RADAR developments during WW II), TV, etc. Federal spending on solid state electronics and aviation continues airline boom and consumer electronics boom, which is prolonged by computer / software / internet boom, also Federally funded for military purposes. Other areas, most notably nuclear power, are not funded massively, and languish at early 1950s levels.
    Federal construction of Interstate Highway system, engineering developments in containerization, improved electronic communication, and finally computers make cities economically obsolete by 1960, but cities are funded politically. Political spending is extended to higher education, c.a. 1960s, after Sputnik surprise. and higher education has becomes political by 1970s.

    * KC Autumn kicks in by c.a. 1990. Vastly profitable investments have been made. Internet starts to invest in areas that are less profitable, takeoff startups become much less common. Most corporations sell their capital, de-capitalizing giving their know-how / equipment to Asian countries to increase profits (“offshoring”). Federal government supports offshoring to stabilize critical support coalitions. Political support of stock market becomes significant. All institutions are now less effective because staffed with politically powerful incompetents mandated by extensions to the 1960s era Civil Rights act. Government acts more strongly to support stock prices and mandate hiring and retention of political patronage personnel.

    * KC Winter starts c.a. 2008. Investments made during KC Autumn fail. Repayment streams don’t exist. General Electric becomes zombie corporation. Political stabilization of business produces many zombie corporations (See: Mayer & Zuker; _Permanently Failing Organizations _, if you can get a copy — used is now $ 270 on Amazon).
    Unemployed / underemployed attempt a revolution (there were similar attempts in Western Europe during the 1930s), are highly critical of previous generations (for good cause, but the critics are actually worse than the people they criticize), reject rationality as oppression ( Postmodernism), try to become leaders of people who may or may not want them to be led. Unemployed shop floor / retail employees are not politically active outside of voting, and their death rate increases. Existing leadership is incompetent (has been chosen for incompetence, in fact, since that promotes political loyalty), and is rejected. A charismatic leader arises (FDR, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Churchill), reorganizes in order to re-staff (that is, out goes the Deep State, or the Anglo Saxons, or the Old Bolsheviks or whoever it was). At the same time, speculative investments are made (right now, it’s Green Energy, electric cars, space transportation, fracking) and eventually some of them pay off.

    So, we’re at the start of a KC Winter. These can result in catastrophe (as it did for Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill), or it can succeed (as it did for FDR). KC Winters are ordinarily characterized by big wars that help clear away incompetent staffed organizations and provide employment for the younger generation (often as 12-B bullet stoppers), and eliminate some competition to the newly developed engineering companies. Brutal, wasteful, but apparently Nature’s Way once an industrial society arises.

    Looks coherent to me, but what do I know? Comments?

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
    , @ThreeCranes
  84. I think you nailed it, my friend.

  85. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:

    In the USA no-one actually starves…

    Tell that to 1/3 of American children who go to bed hungry every night, which is the second worst out of all developed nations.

    The Numbers are Staggering: US is `World Leader’ in Child Poverty (in “Developed” Countries)

    The callousness of America’s political and business leaders is shocking. A new report from UNICEF, on the well-being of children in 35 developed nations, turned up some alarming statistics about child poverty. More than one in five American children fall below a relative poverty line. The United States ranks 34th of the 35 countries surveyed, above only Romania and below virtually all of Europe plus Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. (The Washington Post)

    • Replies: @Wally
  86. You see… Jews who control the media learned from Christianity and concocted the Cult of Raciality with the Negro.

    Combine compassion and awe, and it leads to the biggest kind of reverence.

    Christo-mythology says Jesus is the Son of God or even God. The King of kings. The Master of all that is. BUT, Jesus was so full of love that He chose to die for the sins of humanity. He offered Himself as sacrifice. He was abused, tortured, and killed. Thus, He became both an object of awe and pity. And this also amplified the guilt and fear level. After all, one is bound to feel more guilt about the mistreatment or murder of a great being than of a little being. People feel worse about whales being killed than pigs being killed. People feel worse about people killing bears and moose than people killing rabbits and raccoons. And there is the fear factor. While Jesus died helplessly at the hands of mankind, He really could have destroyed His tormentors if He really wanted to because He had the power of God. He suffered nobly out of choice. So, you better get on your knees in atonement mode.

    Same combination of emotions affect white progs and even conzos on the matter of blacks. It’s a combination of awe and compassion. Black domination in sports, pop music, and sex culture(big dongs and twerking butts), the three most lucrative and popular entertainments in the West, has led to white awe of blacks. Also, the Civil Rights Movement, black oratory, and black representation in Hollywood(usually as wise figures of authority, like judges or voices of higher truth) have led to the image of blacks as godlike. No wonder, ‘black’ is now to be written as ‘Black’, like the Biblical God is God than merely god. Apart from this awe factor, there is the compassion factor. The fact that blacks had been slaves and faced discrimination, this history makes whites sympathetic toward blacks. So, blacks are both like gods over whites and like little children to be taken care. But then, there is the cult of Jesus as both King of kings and cute baby in Mary’s arms. Thus, the Negro is both Wilt Chamberlain and Emmanuel Lewis in the minds of whites.

    From the perception that blacks are physically powerful, spiritually wise, and historically tragic, a a quasi-christo-narrative has been spun. Since blacks are wise, they must be noble. And that must be why they suffered so much under whites. (You see, they weren’t merely losers in the historical conflict but willing victims, like Jesus before the vicious Jews and vile Romans.) You see, they weren’t merely oppressed but accepted the oppression like the Son of God out of the goodness of their souls. Negro suffered and even died for the sins of white folks. So, most of black history up to the Civil Rights Era is seen as one long crucifixion or noosifixion. (Never mind most black victims of lynchings were murderers, rapists, and other scum.)
    The Civil Rights Era is like the Resurrection of the Negro. He has risen, and it is time for whites to finally realize the truth of Negro Nobility, get on their knees, and revere at the feet of blacks. Wash Negro feet. When Jack Johnson appeared on the scene, whites rejected him. When Joe Louis was champion, whites tolerated him as a ‘credit to his race’. But it was with Muhammad Ali that whites finally accepted and celebrated the Negro as the superior man. Whiteness came to be all about being in awe of Negroes. And white rockers imitated blacks. This awe, in combination of pity and compassion for the oppressed Negro, has made white folks see blackness as the new christ.

    So, the only way to understand what is going on is through psychology, not ideology.
    Ideologically, none of this makes sense as progs claim to reject the notion of race and believe in equality. But BLM and Afro-mania we see all around us is clearly black-supremacist. But it’s especially potent because it’s black-moral-supremacist. If it were only black supremacist, it might turn off many people as merely nasty and arrogant. But because blackness has been so moralized by the Narrative, elevating blackness above others is regarded as moralist than ‘racist’. But same goes for Jews. As Jews are branded as the Holy Holocaust People, Jewish supremacism, as in Zionist imperialism, is regarded as morally justified because it’s about holy Jews, tragic Jews, sacred Jews.

    Lesson: Best way to push racial supremacism is to moralize the race. Identify the race with some tragedy spun into an Eternal Lesson for mankind; and then, promoting that race above others is seen not so much as supremacism but as moralism, even the new spiritualism. So, even though Jews crush Palestinians and practice Zionist supremacism, it’s seen by so many people as Holy Holocaust People just seeking security and freedom in the world. So, even though blacks commit most crime and acts of violence, everything they do is part of their struggle for justice. Sheeeeeiiit.

    In the end, religion is bigger than ideology. Spiritual righteousness beats critical rationality or political principles.
    So many white are under the quasi-spiritual spell of the Noble Negro as spun by Jewish supremacists.

    • Agree: Malla
  87. @Malla

    If only this information could be gotten in front of every American.

    I think it was Ayn Rand who wrote; The reasons tyrants hate free speech is because they know their arguments can’t stand up to reason.

    • Replies: @Stan
  88. Trinity says:
    @Priss Factor

    I have a cure for Whites that are “under the quasi-spiritual spell of the Noble Negro as spun by Jewish Supremacists.” Have them live and work or attend public school in the city limits of Detoilet, Baltinog, Da Lou, Nawlins, Apelanta, Filthydelphia, Chimpcongo, or any other negro city or town of their choice for 24/7 for an entire year. Of course, the odds of them actually surviving a year would be long odds even for a racially aware White person, but a naive, negro worshiping traitor trash White who has been indoctrinated for years by Jewish lies living a year in some of America’s darkest, filthiest and crime infested places in country and living to tell about it are slim to none at best. Ever notice that most of the victims of Black on White crime are like the very people you see pictured above at the top of this page?

    Anyone remember the “white girl” who peddled her bike from San FranSHITgo to Nawlins while campaigning for the Magic Negro in 2008? A crew working on still cleaning up from Katrina in 2005 found the girl shot dead execution style. She apparently had been dead for days and was left to rot in the streets of Chocolate City. Remember the girl in Brooklyn, Iowa who tweeted, “she hated White people?” ( she might have been a Jew) Anyhow, she was stabbed by a Mexican illegal. Wonder how much she loved nonwhites while she was being stabbed to death by a “diversity?”

  89. @PetrOldSack

    Bravo! Your reference to Jewish kids’ better understanding of how things work is spot on. I don’t live in the USA, haven’t for over 20 years, and can’t really speak to the black issue as we have none where I live, nor anywhere within over a hundred miles, but there are many mestizos (aka “Latinos”) who understand that Euro-descended folk are not their enemies. I strongly believe Euro descendants and/or “Latinos” must initiate a united front against the principle enemy:”tribal finance” and its functionaries and political destabilizers. None of us benefit from the imposed system in which “money” is controlled by those who would control all of us. Any genuine nationalist revolution must begin with this premise.

    I’m a grandfather and more and more concerned about what sort of world my grandchildren will inherit. The young must be indoctrinated at home to combat the indoctrination they may encounter in publicly funded “schools” and in all mass media. They should also understand that having a skilled trade is as essential if not more so than a “humanities education”, which can be obtained at home if the family has a library and/or a member qualified to instruct. Skilled trades and STEM studies will form the foundation of a nation that emphasizes smallholdings and self-sufficiency in as many areas as possible.

    Begin with the end of finance capitalism.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  90. @dreydl smasher

    “this article is so fucking stupid it makes you reevaluate the gentile mental threshold. these same dynamics take place in all social structures and always have”

    another self-made jewish princess! my but this saves God a lot of embarrassment

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  91. Agent76 says:

    JUNE 27, 2020 Black Community Elders Shutdown And Shame Anti-Statue Protest

    After a Tuesday rally promised to return to tear the statue down on Thursday, Park Police surrounded the monument with fencing re-enforced by Jersey barriers and stood guard night and day. Tension in the usually busy community park had been building since then, broken by short moments of music and happy protest.

    May 1, 2020 Joe Biden Asked About Sexual Assault Allegations

    “On Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Biden addressed an allegation — made in March — that he sexually assaulted Tara Reade in a Senate corridor in 1993.

  92. @Malla

    I have long opined that the biggest political fraud perpetrated was that Marx was a “socialist”. The real socialists who were his contemporaries, detested him, yet it was Marx who was promoted.
    Unfortunately, much of Reed’s bordering on obsessive dislike of Hitler, never came to fruition. The NSDAP a stalking horse? Well, the USSR was in bed with the international bankers, while Italy and Germany were “at war” with them. If the NSDAP were a stalking horse, why was the USSR planning to invade? Why did Hitler make it abundantly clear that communism, not Russians, was the enemy? Megalomania? Internally, perhaps, but the “world conquest” narrative doesn’t hold water. Somehow it escaped Reed that Hungary had occupied part of Czechoslovakia, as had Poland, before Munich, and before the German “occupation” of the Sudetenland. All three occupations were recognized by the Munich Agreement. If Hitler was a megalomaniac, why not Poland’s Rydz-Śmigły (who had also forced Lithuania to capitulate) and Hungary’s Imrédy? Reed completely ignored the cause of the “megalomania” – the treachery of the Zionist inspired Treaty of Versailles. Without it, and the illegal Entente blockade that followed WWI, there would have been no Danzig and its corridor question, Anschluss, or Czechoslovakia problems.
    All of us have “blind spots” when viewing issues. Unfortunately, Reed never seemed to get over being scooped by Sefton Delmer at the Reichstag fire, and couldn’t see Germany through any other eyes than a British Imperialist.

    • Thanks: Theophrastus
    • Replies: @Malla
  93. JimDandy says:
    @N word sayer

    It’s actually pretty funny. After a month of intensified left wing terror, wherein police stations have been burned down, scores of historical statues have been toppled, and hundreds of millions of dollars of vandalism damage and politically-motivated looting…. today’s headline in The Guardian is:

    Violence by far-right is among US’s most dangerous terrorist threats, study finds

    The “study” of course was funded by a D. C. think tank (Zionist front).

    • Replies: @Miro23
  94. Dumbo says:

    They don’t know what they want. They are zombies.

    Young people are easily manipulated. They are like dumb little machines, to be used then thrown away.

    That’s why they will support BLM, gay marriage, immigration, or WHATEVER they are told to support. Zero independence of thought.

    No need to overthink it. That’s all there is.

    The more important question is, what do those who manipulate them and use them want?

    • Replies: @Ragno
  95. Interesting post Mr. Striker. My opinion? Most of these (call them what you will, but Bourgeois Bolsheviks pretty much sums it up) are one, seeking Soros/Craig’s List money; two, seeking attention since they can’t all be rap stars or pop stars (or rock stars, since rock died a decade ago IMHO and Bennington and Cornell are passed on anyway); three, have not been raised by responsible parents and/or are affluenza kids (not quite Eric Crouch, but still)…

  96. Wally says:


    As if UNICEF is credible.

    It’s in their interest to lie for more funding. They are hardly an unbiased source.

    Recall that they also trumpet the laughable ‘global warming effects on children’.

    • Replies: @Anon
  97. If you believe that there is a Jewish conspiacy to incite race wars, then I must aske you who the Jew is that hired you, since you are calling for a race war, Eric Striker. I would also like to know why a crazy Jew would enlist people to fight Jews in a race war, as well as why it is that you are crazy enough to conspire with a Jew that you have clearly stated that you would like to be dead.

    Could it possibly be that both of you have been contracted by a corporation or the government, and have both sold out?

  98. @TomJ

    The US, in any state of civil war, will ideally look to Vladimir Putin for assistance of some sort. If he succeeds in convincing conservatives that their best play is to employ the Chechen Method — pulverizing the opposition into submission — then the “war” will be short.

    We should probably have begun this process already.

    Beyond that, who cares if WA and OR are jettisoned for the sake of the greater good?

    NY too, as long as the markets are relocated to the Loop (i.e., downtown Chicago).

    I disagree, by the way, that American Jews are behind all of the mayhem.

    And, if they are, why not engage Israel in the process of cleaning house hereabouts?

    I do think that American conservatives MUST begin to view themselves as having greater sense of shared identity with conservative forces in, say, Russia, Israel, Hungary, Austria, and elsewhere than they can ever hope to have with their totalitarian liberal countrymen.

    Americans at the far ends of the political spectrum from each other might as well be sworn enemies.

    It didn’t need to be this way, but the Left has thrown down the gauntlet — given up rhetoric and picked up bricks and incendiary devices

    Here’s to hoping that Trump will do the right thing, by pummeling the rioters, and spare me the expense of purchasing an AR-15, along with hundreds upon hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

  99. @Desert Fox

    If will come down to whom the police and military point their guns at after the Democrats eventually control all 3 branches of government.

  100. @Let's You and Him Fight

    A drug overdose killed George Floyd.

  101. Miro23 says:

    It’s actually pretty funny. After a month of intensified left wing terror, wherein police stations have been burned down, scores of historical statues have been toppled, and hundreds of millions of dollars of vandalism damage and politically-motivated looting…. today’s headline in The Guardian is:

    Violence by far-right is among US’s most dangerous terrorist threats, study finds

    Not really so funny. What matters to them is the NARRATIVE. It’s a propaganda script. The owners know it’s BS, the journalists know it’s BS, and people who witnessed it know it’s BS.

    However, it serves a political purpose. Some percentage of dopes in the general public will believe it – and they will help to confuse some other know nothings.

    Trotsky (Bronstein) had a lot of success in dominating situations by repeating pre-prepared propagandist formulas/lies.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  102. Rurik says:
    @N word sayer

    The fact is that what is unfolding before our eyes tracks exactly with what happened in Russia in the teens and ’20s, what happened in Spain in the ’30s,

    and Spain of the 8th century

    We can’t understand modern Marxism without acknowledging (and opposing) the religious-ethno aspects of it. Together they’re all just psychological/cultural tools in the arsenal to subjugate, dominate and destroy the (envied, and therefor hated) people of the West, and yes, that included post-revolution Russia, just as it includes Europe and Weimar-America today.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  103. @Montefrío

    Thanks for appending my comment from the empirical angle. Fully agree on your addendum. Education as it is now, including the university level is a scam in more then one way. Then this is aggravated by groups having sectarian agendas (the finance elites, the middle class Jewish parents that help massage the media, complete the list as you see fit) educating their own off-spring, and building their social networks meticulously to off-set the public propaganda for the masses, the rest of the middle-classes, the surplus population. Double speak vertically and horizontally.

    Finance which is Jewish owned must be busted to stabilize society internally. That is if that is desired, I tend to like the absurdity streak, the ying(Corona and homogeneity of the elites in all parts of the globe) and the yang(BLM-Antifa pissing up the wind locally to suit some sectarian billionaire agenda of a local US coup d´etat) as entertainment, knowing that disruption is the remedy to the US´ adjusted pH balance.

  104. @Hank Roberts

    I do think that American conservatives MUST begin to view themselves as having greater sense of shared identity with conservative forces in, say, Russia, Israel, Hungary, Austria, and elsewhere than they can ever hope to have with their totalitarian liberal countrymen.

    Americans at the far ends of the political spectrum from each other might as well be sworn enemies.

    You are touching upon a very essential point. Which is always misunderstood here at . Globalization can have many faces, and since the enemy is globally ambitioned(finance, media, policies in the Middle East and other outlands, resources being allocated territorially afar) and globally organized the choice is simple. Organize you younger generations globally, albeit with a different agenda, be it within your own race if that is tactically sound. The stereotyped reasoning here to off-set globalism against nationalism is a recipe for certain loss of battle. Productive ideas and concepts must cross borders, …as the gutter oil of finance and Hollywood does so well.

  105. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:

    As if UNICEF is credible.

    I agree with you that UNICEF isn’t a credible source as they’re an agenda-driven, globalist organization just like the UN itself. However, I believe there’s truth in these findings and I say this from personal observations. I’ve extensively traveled throughout the country over the last several of years by vehicle, in addition to doing church-related humanitarian work in some of the poorest [White] regions, and poverty in this country is a lot worse than most people realize.

    For example, if you drive south on I-35 in Texas from Dallas, you’ll see many of locally-funded and sponsored billboards illuminating how bad child hunger is not just in Texas — but in the US as a whole.

    It doesn’t take much to realize how bad things are in this country when it comes to the wealth gap. Just in the last two months, the top five billionaires (whom are mostly globalists and modernists) have amassed $535B in profits while there are over 40m unemployed Americans and small businesses have been decimated. Furthermore, even Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money has recently said that COVID has caused the greatest transfer of wealth in this country ever.

    And who benefits the most from these lock-downs? Vaccines? Draconian measures? This is a simple question to answer.

  106. Exile says:

    Agree. I’ve done the fever swamps of anti-Communism as an Objectivist and Cold War baby and watching these geezers, physical and spiritual alike, whipping Marx’s dead horse is so tired.

    Communism died 30 f-ing years ago. Their pathetic dog-whistling is a confession of how soulless, uninspired and both morally and intellectually bankrupt neoliberalism is.

    They’ve gone from the “End of History” to simply “The End.” Their legacy will be a pile of cheap Chinese consumer widgets and their tombstone will be a fast food sign.

    Ultimately these nihilistic bohos of antifa are the future for all of the Last Men of the managerial state. Conservatism is just lagging Leftism by 10-20 years as it always does.

  107. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:
    @Hank Roberts

    I disagree, by the way, that American Jews are behind all of the mayhem.

    Then who do you believe is behind it? The financier of the infiltrators and ultimately the Bolshevik Revolution was Jacob Henry Schiff, a Wall Street Jew and “philanthropist”.

    The financier of the current insurrection [and soft Coup] is another Jew by the name of George Soros. He’s generously donated to the DAs in several prominent cities from St. Louis to Houston, all of whom released “protesters” without bail and dropped there charges in most cases — and in full in St. Louis, a city that just weeks ago was a reminiscence of The Battle of Mogadishu.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  108. Anonymous[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Certainly these current VIOLENT movements of protests, sunversion and Insurrection are riddle with abundant paradoxes, BUT they are in NO way popular, spontaneous or in any way DISOrganize quite the contrary. ANTIFA was born out of the halls of Academia-Berekeley, Chicago Us- not underground studies groups BUT formal Academic Courses Seminars along the lines of Marxist-Salinsky-Frafurts ideologos. BLM was and is a creature of the ACLU-ADL-SPLC..with alleged Chinese$$, Soros, funding. Paradoxes…BOTH ANTIFA, BLM left Marxist are financed by big Capitalists financiers and corporations I bet Marx did see this one coming….Many of the BLM are not blacks most are WHITE…yes White women…that according to the DOJ stats are more than 60xs more likely to be sexually assaulting by black males…Millenials that were saddled with UNpayable students loans during 20yrs of DEM economics from Clinton to Obamanomics. Millenials that are unemlpoyment due to excessive abuse of H1B visas, Chinese outsourcing, lavish tax breaks, and open borders, DEM free traders multiculturalists with FAILED states cities schools, decrepit urban standards and infraestructure. ..IT is NOT overproductin is DEindustralization in the cities and mega corporate farming. The BIG Mistake on the part of Coservative Nationalists both whites and non whites is that they think that these BLM ANTIFA will pass, and they are disorganazed..HENCE MAGA bases remain DISORGANIZE themselves disjointed without any National Movement minimally approaching the level of sophistcation of the LEFT…Maga forces think that the GOP Rinos will rescue them,,,that some White messiah will come with the calvary to rescue them…Back in the late 60s when whites males middle class were the majority they elected Nixon in 68…The silent Majority led by Jerry Falwell made the Reagan Revolution possible that ended communism in the URSS..Today MAGA are isolated from without and from within…no Centralized Formal movement anywhre approacging the sophistication of Jewish power in America with its plethora of aphabet soup organziations, fronts, often times at the expense of TAX free moneys…LEGAL cow webs that had institutionalized eectoral CORRUPTION like mail votings, motor las, illegal mexican votes, and now declaring WHITE majoriy districts Racists and illegal…wtf?? without a National Movement PAC white and NON white bases are doom to be like Custers Last Stand in Trump 2020. the KEY is winning ELECTIONS can MAGA do it??? can MAGA morphed into a Nationalists the USA bodypolitics????

    • Replies: @Alden
  109. Miro23 says:

    a close relationship with corporate America


    IMO these organizations know who can cause them the most trouble (not traditionalist America) – so they come out supporting BLM. SJWism is now more or less obligatory in corporate America, so they conform – their personal opinions don’t come into it.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  110. fnn says:

    The BLM-loving CEO of Coca Cola comes across like a James Bond villain:

  111. lol these comments MY SIDES

    wallow in your mental filth, white refuse; the cut will be clean and quick. your last thought will be of a sonic 2-for-1 chipotle-ranch chicken sandwich. then: silencio

    • Troll: usNthem, Tlotsi
    • Replies: @trickster
    , @Jeff Stryker
  112. Awash says:

    The class and intergenerational analysis of this article is good. He spoils it by putting it in a white natiotinalist framework.

    • Replies: @Alden
  113. Dumbo says:
    @Priss Factor

    Yep. It’s not surprising that tattoos and graffiti are the preferred communication mode of Antifa/young SJWs. It is a compulsion for ugliness and self-destruction.

    As for the picture at the top… Is there anything more depressing than white women with BLM signs?

    • Replies: @Alden
  114. Awash says:
    @N word sayer

    In Russia, Spain, China and other places people rebelled to bring about capitalist democracy or socialism. What do you expect people to rebel for in America? Communism?

    They are just letting steam off. At most some reforms.

  115. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Together they’re all just psychological/cultural tools in the arsenal to subjugate, dominate and destroy . . .

    That’s essentially the cultural role that Judaism has followed in the West and the Middle East since, roughly, the rise of Islam. Individual Jews have worked for the elite as specialists in activities that the elites need to have done, but that would reduce their support by the larger population if the elites did them. Individual Jews had roles in estate management, financial advising / tax farming, petty crime, selling alcohol, scouting for Islamic slavers, and so on. Essentially, they were part of the resource extraction that made the elites possible by collecting necessary money from the general population and from the estates, and culling the weak and the sick (remember, seeing a physician increased the chances of death until the invention of antibiotics, c.a. 1940). Jews also concentrated ownership of properties where it could be seized by the elites in times of need. Two vital functions. (See American Pravda re: Judaism for an expanded version of the above precis.)
    Eventually, Western societies developed their own ways of performing previously Jewish functions, and Judaism was no longer treated as untouchable by the elites. At that point, Judaism went into business for itself as a revolutionary organization. Generally speaking, the result has been the same as the “servants of the elite” method — psychiatrists who sell useless psychoactive drugs to insane people, for example, and intervals of prosperity interspaced with absolute disaster (USSR experience).

    And that’s why the Jews seem to be at the bottom of things. They are not, anymore than grass is responsible for springtime or roosters are responsible for sunup. Or that the old Aztec sacrifices really kept the sun shining. The constant association is strong enough, Judaism is highly proficient at exploiting weakness, but does not cause it.
    Prior to WW I, England and the US had no trouble resisting the sorts of critiques stated by the Frankfurt school. By the time WW II was over, the West had lost faith in itself and would believe literally anything – even the Frankfurt school. The problem is not defeating the opposition (what is there to defeat in Postmodernism, which is clearly itself a form of its own worst evil: domination by deception). The problem is in providing something else that is believable.

    Right now the West is at the “Everybody has to believe in something, so I believe I’ll have another drink” stage – that has to be replaced by something a little less drunken. The West is about to awaken on a cold hillside

    Then the world seemed none so bad,
    And I myself a sterling lad;
    And down in lovely muck I’ve lain,
    Happy till I woke again.
    Then I saw the morning sky:
    Heigho, the tale was all a lie;
    The world, it was the old world yet,
    I was I, my things were wet,
    And nothing now remained to do
    But begin the game anew.

    This next cold hillside is going to be a very brutal one. Whoever comes out the other side (and I don’t know who it or they will be) is going to have a simple and and inflexible set of rules intended to prevent the sort of free-riding fraud we are now staggering under.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  116. @Anonymous

    Coherent to me in all. As to P. Turchin, indeed, co-opting him in the optic of the author Striker, is elaboration of the writer, to his credit.

  117. @Beautiful Evidence

    Prodigious way of putting things.

  118. Alden says:

    What’s more depressing is the middle aged White male elite and CEOs of companies like Coca-Cola cola funding and cheering for BLM.

    Or the White male advertising industry flooding every print internet and TV ad with black actors and models. Or the White male owners of the major newspapers and other media leading an anti White crusade for the last 60 years.

    • Agree: Dumbo
    • Replies: @Druid
  119. Alden says:

    White Nationalism is the only framework the BLM protests and the way the elite power structure has enabled it can be discussed.

  120. usNthem says:

    Sounds like obomba…

  121. JimDandy says:

    Laughin’ to keep from cryin’, man.

  122. Cleburne says:
    @Priss Factor

    Actually the whole equality idea came from the French Revolution. I recommend Lothrop Stoddards “French Revolution in San Domingo.” It entered Christianity thru various clerical admirers of the Revolution in England (Burke wrote about them) and then the dreadful abolitionists in New England. That said, Protestantism has completely taken a knee to the egalitarian lunacy and cannot be considered Christian any more.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  123. Anon[356] • Disclaimer says:

    Need a moratorium on all new non-profits.

    We also need college “vocational” degrees that eliminate all classes not directly pertinent to your major if you want to take the vocational track. There is no reason for your accountant to have to sit through sociology, psychology, history, gym classes, or English. He should have gotten History and English in high school. Only accounting, business, and math.

    Unemploy these protestors totally. Let them be lawn care and factory labor with their useless degrees. They’d develop a work ethic and know the value of a dollar and would actually contribute to the national wealth. They’d be traditionalist consevative in 2 election cycles alao if kept away from the foundation and university goons.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @anarchyst
  124. Alden says:

    Do you have any idea what Nixon did to White men? He, not Johnson was the affirmative action president.

    Nixon created the affirmative action entitled Hispanic race in early 1970 just in time for the 1970 census. Nixon opened America’s economy to China and made it possible for the capitalist pigs to move most manufacturing and a great deal of clerical work to low wage countries.

    He even ordered his DOJ to file a friend of the court brief on the anti White side of the most important, landmark affirmative action case , disparate representation case, Griggs vs Duke Power 1973. Not the pro White side, the respondent, but the anti White side, the plaintiff.

    Johnson May have established the EEOC, but Nixon saw to it that White men need not apply to that agency and that it would rule against White that had been discriminated against would have no recourse.

    After Nixon lost a presidential race in 1960, David Rockefeller sponsored him to move to New York and controlled him from then on. David Rockefeller, the man behind the move of American industry and clerical work to low wage countries like China was Nixon’s controller.

    • Replies: @Malla
  125. Stan says:

    Do you think if Ayn Rand were alive in 2020, she would be an advocate for free speech?

  126. @Anon

    Simple way to prove that jewish money funds the political agenda.

    Generally the jews run foreign policy through the GOP, and domestic policy through the DNC.

    Notice that jewish interests almost always win, and white goals are NEVER realized.

    jews want massive third world immigration, open borders, feminism, porn, abortion, marxism, affirmative action, race replacement, gay rights, etc.etc.etc,

    and obviously whites do not want these things.

    The simple fact that the jewish agenda always wins is certain proof that they are indeed behind the nation wrecking and globohomo degeneracy.

    Furthermore, the idea that “boomers” are responsible for any of it is absurd. At this point I am convinced that the boomer blame is a calculated diversion to throw people off the scent of the jews that socially engineered and financed the nation wrecking.

  127. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    In the end, religion is bigger than ideology. Spiritual righteousness beats critical rationality or political principles. So many white are under the quasi-spiritual spell of the Noble Negro as spun by Jewish supremacists.

    The Jewish establishment did not start the US Civil War. Fact is, Jews were prominent as estate managers and traders of anything that could be sold in the Old South.

    The New Englanders did provide the propaganda that started the US Civil War. It is the Seven Sisters ( that were the mainstay of Civil Rights, and what is left of them still are. The Jewish establishment just saw a weakness and exploited it. The Jewish Establishment did not make the weakness, and could not repair it if they wanted to. I would say that the Jewish Establishment is, in fact, doing its best to end the weakness by getting the weaker people to join Antifa and commit illegal acts, for which they can later be prosecuted. Not much of a “best”, but still the best possible for the Jewish establishment(s). The Jewish Establishment(s) are also in deep trouble because the cities Jewish populations live in and depend on are deteriorating sharply and irreversibly.

    The real question is whether the American Protestants can maintain their influence. I, personally, am tired of sermons that say:
    a) You in the congregation are all worthless SOBs.
    b) I intend to give money to your enemies.
    c) You can serve your enemies directly by volunteering to do so.
    d) Give me money, and I will use some of it for tax-free vacations for selected parishioners (“volunteer work”) and the rest I will give to your enemies.
    e) If you have problems, don’t inflict them on me or I’ll sic the government on you.

    Perhaps others are also.

  128. Rurik says:

    IMO these organizations know who can cause them the most trouble (not traditionalist America) – so they come out supporting BLM. SJWism is now more or less obligatory in corporate America, so they conform – their personal opinions don’t come into it.

    I suppose that’s part of it, but no doubt there are a lot of corporate CEOs who’re ideologues, opposed to white people for assorted reasons of tribalism, homo-ism, J-supremacism, et al.

    But the reason I posted the link, is so that hopefully, those ‘traditionalist Americans’ you’re referring to, can finally take an interest in their survival, and boycott those corporation that fund organizations that exist to see white people (traditional Americans) destroyed.

    We need more of this

    And so we should be paying attention to whom it is that are funding our humiliation, marginalization, disenfranchisement and ultimately ~ destruction.

    If they only care about the wokes, then the rest of us are not doing our part..

    Any self-respecting white man that buys a Gillette razor, well.. isn’t.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  129. Trinity says:

    Has there ever in the history of the world been a more traitorous race to their own people than the White race? Sure, different American Indian tribes would often fight alongside and with the U.S. army and cavalry against a more dominant Indian tribe that had conquered them, but that is a different scenario altogether. The weaker tribe was still about self preservation in joining forces with a more powerful tribe ( the U.S. army) to defeat an enemy Indian tribe who had previously conquered them or sought their destruction. These white traitor trash bags are throwing their own people under the bus, it doesn’t matter if the Whites happen to be of German, Irish, or Italian ancestry, unlike the Indian, no tribal love among the White traitors, anyone and everyone who happens to have white skin, who doesn’t seek their own demise or wish to worship Jews, Blacks, Browns, and other sorted nonwhites will be singled out for punishment. NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD HAS A RACIAL GROUP VOLUNTARILY SOUGHT TO DESTROY THEIR CULTURE, GENOCIDE THEIR RACE BY FORCE ASSIMILATION AND RACE MIXING, ETC. How did a people who invented flight, space travel, the automobile, television, the internet, etc., become so damn stupid???

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Rurik
  130. @John123

    Broke: Current Republican party policies.

    Woke: Immigration reform. Immigration moratorium.

    Bespoke: Separatism into a white-only American ethnostate.

  131. @Wally

    The Holocaust is the One Ring.

    Destroy it and their ultimate source of power is gone. The Jews are no longer immune to criticism, no longer victims of the greatest crime in history, Hitler is no longer the devil, white ethnic solidarity no longer inherently leads to genocide, you can start naming the power structure of the world and waking people up to it, you can discuss the last century of history more openly and honestly.

    “6 million Jews were systematically murdered” needs to become “half a million Jews at most died of mostly typhus after being taken to work camps in poor conditions, unfair and barbaric and a crime for sure, no one should be stripped of rights and taken to a camp against their will, but kind of pales in comparison to what half the world was going through in WW2”.

  132. Rurik says:

    Jews seem to be at the bottom of things. They are not, anymore than grass is responsible for springtime or roosters are responsible for sunup

    very interesting post..

    and a lot of it rings true.

    However, I suspect that the reality that you’re (correctly) referring to, is the one where Gentiles effectively run things, and Jews are their tax collectors, and so forth.

    But today, in the modern (and dying) West, it seems more like Jews are in the driver’s seat.

    Our presidents and congress and universities and courts, and certainly our media and Big Tech, (likely the most powerful institutions of all), are all being owned outright, or controlled in absolute (Senate) or near absolute terms, (House) – by Jewish supremacists.

    So it is more and more looking like the rooster is calling forth the sun, rather than announcing its arrival.

    The Eternal Wars for Israel, do not benefit the American people, or 99% of the corporations, in the slightest way. Quite the opposite in fact, as untold thousands of young Americans are either dead or maimed, untold trillions are squandered and America is earning the well-deserved hatred of billions of people the world over, for it’s slavish and murderous fealty to all things Israel.

    That to me doesn’t sound like a den of wrinkly old Anglos, plotting some new scheme to make them all richer. But they certainly are willing to go along with all the Zio-scumbaggery, so long as doing so doesn’t hurt their ill-gotten bottom lines in any appreciable way.

    And yes, in the great scheme of things, the Anglo elites of the dying West, are a thousand times more execrable and contemptible than the J-supremacists that order them around like dogs, and demand that they toss their citizens into Moloch’s fires, to sake the insatiable hatred of the Jewish id.

    • Thanks: FLgeezer
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  133. @Trinity

    It is not that white people have become stupid.

    It is that the reward and punishment system has been set up to reward bad behavior.

    To become a top corporate executive, for example, you need to be a master at gaming the system, using the rules that are in place at the time.

    Folks who have any sense of honor or decency dropped out of the race early in the game.

    It is the folks that set up the reward and punishment system that are the problem.

  134. Miro23 says:

    We need more of this

    And so we should be paying attention to whom it is that are funding our humiliation, marginalization, disenfranchisement and ultimately ~ destruction.

    Never seen that ad. We use Gillette, but I’ll get rid of that stuff.

  135. Mefobills says:
    @Priss Factor

    Christo-mythology says Jesus is the Son of God or even God. The King of kings. The Master of all that is. BUT, Jesus was so full of love that He chose to die for the sins of humanity. He offered Himself as sacrifice. He was abused, tortured, and killed. Thus, He became both an object of awe and pity. And this also amplified the guilt and fear level.

    Jesus started his mission on the Jubilee year. Jesus was in rebellion to the overlord Pharisee class, who asserted that debts must be paid.

    The Christianity we know today is not the Christianity of Jesus,” says Professor Hudson.

    Indeed the Judaism that we know today is not the Judaism of Jesus either.

    The economist told Renegade Inc the Lord’s Prayer, ‘forgive us our sins even as we forgive all who are indebted to us’, refers specifically to debt.

    “Most religious leaders say that Christianity is all about sin, not debt,” he says. “But actually, the word for sin and debt is the same in almost every language.”

    ”‘Schuld’, in German, means ‘debt’ as well as ‘offense’ or, ‘sin’. It’s ‘devoir’ in French. It had the same duality in meaning in the Babylonian language of Akkadian.”

    The idea harks back to the concept of ‘wergeld’, which existed in parts of Europe and Babylonia, and set the value of a human life based on their rank, paid as compensation to the family of someone who has been injured or killed.

    ”The payment – the Schuld or obligation – expiates you of the injury caused by the offense,” Dr Hudson said.

    The Ten Commandments were about debt…..

    One of the reason we are in the shitter today, is because Christianity has been perverted beyond its original meaning. I’m making the case, that the Bible needs to be rewritten with new footnotes, something like the Jews did with the Scofield bible.

    Normie Christians, including Pastors, need to go through the difficult process of rethinking what they think they know.

    Judaism as well is perverted, to enshrine a predatory “creditor” class as their god.

    No mainstream Christian intellectual has come to grips yet with the fact that the bible is not about sexual sin but instead is a compound word relating to debt, with no good translation to English.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  136. Rurik says:

    become so damn stupid???

    it isn’t that they’re stupid,

    it’s that their rotten.

    venal, corrupt, and treacherous – in the eternal pursuit of their own self-interest.

    fight alongside and with the U.S. army and cavalry against a more dominant Indian tribe

    that might be understandable, but what the whites like the Koch brothers are like, are the Apache who served as scouts for the US Calvary to root out their own tribe of Apaches. The Calvary needed Apaches, because the renegade Apaches were so entrenched and knew every crevice of their lands. But many of their brothers were all too willing, (like the woke whites) to sell out their own kind for trinkets and some perks.

    They probably felt underappreciated by their tribe and their chief, and so helping the ‘white-eyes’, was their way of getting ‘social justice’ for some slight from an Apache women or tribal elder or whatever.

    And! They were issued US Calvary uniforms! and rifles

    and likely given whiskey and other perks, perhaps even a dalliance with an undiscriminating white whore. Yankee dollars talk, after all.

    I’ve often considered guys like Tim Wise or Michael Moore to be like those Apache scouts, willing to toss their own under the bus, for some shiny trinkets in this life, while bearing the burden of betraying their own, in the next.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
    • Replies: @Anonymous

    Allan Bloom was prescient though he didn’t mention the radical Jewish role in the madness, preferring to blame the German thinkers on all the mess.

    Still, he wrote about why he left Cornell when its administrators caved to gun-wielding blacks. What offended Bloom was not so much the student demands as the fact that the elites acted out of cowardice, albeit posturing as compassion. Spinelessness masquerading as magnanimity.

    As 60s nuttery finally abated, followed by Silent Majority wins by Nixon, Reagan, and Bush I — and Carter was far from a radical — , it seemed like sanity was returning to colleges. But in the 80s, Bloom noticed a certain gutlessness at the core of higher education. He noticed that ‘being nice’ was the main conviction of most whites. There was a void, a hollowness, one of empty materialism and lack of confidence in the Western past. Not all was well.

    Then, the boomers took over as the new elites, Jews came to control all the narratives and idols, jungle fever came to define pop culture, and globo-homo became the new mass cult. (Bloom was a homo, but kept his personal life to himself.)
    All such emptiness, decadence, hollowness, trashiness, and etc. led to the current moment. It’s the moment at Cornell in the 60s played out with 100x intensity. Trashy mobs call for the demolition of just about everything, and the craven spineless elites just cave into all those demands in every town, city, college, etc.

    On the surface, there seems a lot of moral passion, but it’s really a sign of spiritual desperation. These antifa freaks and BLM morons are damaged goods. Products of garbage culture, terrible parenting, worthless education. They are moral zombies and cling to SOME kind of crusade to feel justified in their lives. They are morally and spiritually famished morons who are feasting on the trash morality of George Floyd cult.
    But then, if you’re thirsty, you will even drink piss or sewage water if that’s all that’s around. If you’re hungry, you will even eat rotten food if that’s all that’s served. Then, it’s not surprising that these freaks are feasting on the ‘spirituality’ of homo-celebration and negro-thug-worship. Our culture is filled with little but filth and garbage.

    Even though CLOSING OF THE AMERICAN MIND was a huge best-seller and set off much discourse, it failed in the long run for two reasons.

    1. Bloom failed to discuss the role of Jewish Power in anti-Western radicalism. Being Jewish and Zionist himself, he didn’t go there.

    2. His message was caution, but as essential as caution is, history is driven by ambition and passion. If conservatism could only caution against dangers, it means it took no risks and offered no visions. Conzos only knew how to yell ‘stop at history’.
    If there’s a car and a bunch of guys, the fella who wants to go somewhere may have bad ideas, but he’s gonna excite the other guys because he has a vision. The guy who’s only into stepping on the brakes or staying put doesn’t generate much excitement. History is like a car, and it has to move. If conservatives offer no inspiring direction, then others will take the wheel and step on the accelerator. It’s like the cautious guy in FANDANGO is also the least likable… even though he has the most sense.

  138. What the Bourgeois Bolsheviks Want?
    They want to make a whole lotta’ money and do no work.
    They want to pal around with other PC/SWJ types and destroy everything that was built by someone else.
    They want to be judge, jury, and executioner in all things political and/or racial.
    They want it ALL and to sacrifice NOTHING.
    They basically want to be just like their Jewish/Marxist/Fascist overlords, which of course very few will be able to do.
    Welcome to the Idiocracy folks.

    • Agree: FLgeezer
  139. @Cleburne

    Actually the whole equality idea came from the French Revolution.

    French Revolution was a bourgeois revolution. It was freedom in terms of liberty, not about equality in outcome or communism. There were, to be sure, radical proto-communist elements, but the core of the revolution was about equality for all Frenchmen under the law. It was vastly popular, and when it became the basis of the Napoleonic code and spread all throughout Europe, much of it remained EVEN with the victory of reactionary forces.

    French Revolution should be the model for white liberationists. It was about unity of French elites and French masses. It was a rebellion against the globo-aristocratic system whereby the French aristocrats identified more with aristocrats of other states/kingdoms, all of whom who regarded their people as subjects than fellow national brethren.

    Today’s white cuck-elites are like neo-aristos. They identify with globo-elites of other races than care about their own people. And the current church is like the churches that catered to kings and noblemen than to the needs of the people. Look at the national cathedral with homo flags and sucking up to Jewish supremacists.

    Bring out the guillotines. Who cares about the likes of Bezos?

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
  140. @DextersLabRat

    You’re exactly right, and I would add that 55 MILLION non-jews were slaughtered in that stupid war, and that number is not in dispute.

    You could stop people on the street and ask them how many people died in WWII, and they would have no idea, but you can bet your ass they would know about the phony six million.

    The H is key to their power and the main way to deflect any and all criticism of jews.

    Slavery and the H are the two main issues that are used to whip whites, which is why they need to be debunked.

    • Replies: @DextersLabRat
  141. Denis says:

    Thank you for translating.

  142. @Baxter

    Watching America descend into the ranks of third world is baffling.

    Baffling? Between the ((( underminers ))) and their deliberate flood of non-White Takers, not even Scooby Doo would bother with this “mystery.”

  143. @advancedatheist

    Thanks for that information.

    And Wokeviks? Hilarious!

  144. Abhraka says:
    @dreydl smasher

    You seem to be unable to address who we are not allowed to speak about and the annexation(such a polite tactical phrase) as we speak of the West Bank. No Zionist Master puppet-masters you say?
    Merely one Jewish State of Israel absorbing over 70 years another one violently while the International Community…is led by the nose by a media conglomeration led by? led by? Who? What did
    Herzl say? ….. about the rich Jews making wars by financing both sides and banking the profit….
    isn’t this the father of Israel telling us the reality which forms the backdrop of our present world Eco-holocaust? You say dysfunctional elites are replaced? My dear friend the article you condemn says that the elites are controlling you like a candy cane in the hand of a toddler. Anti Semitic slogans?
    The article says you ain’t got no slogans …MAN…..Don’t bullshit us MAN…. I’m down with criticism
    of the Radical Jewish Fanatic Terrorist Apartheid Racists …MAN…. You are against free speech
    this is the main rational for objecting to the devolution of human rights in the academic circles controlled by the plutocratic ethnicity you claim must never be discussed.
    Bye. Have a Nice Day

  145. seeuhay says:

    The white flagellants shown in the cover picture for this article deserve neither pity, nor help. They are a malignant cancer, that will be soon converted into a putrid biomass. The survivors will become whiter, purer, stronger, smarter, and very willing to return the favor to their butchers, with interest.

    It, frankly, puzzles me that the Priests of Reason did not consider such scenario in their, otherwise so immaculate, Grand Plan. That everything they do turns out eventually to be solely in the service of, and for the benefit of, as they euphemistcally came to call it recently, the “white man”. But, then again, the children of Cain are genotypically impotent of the Common-Sense. That is, incidentally, why Abel was given the Earth for his exclusive domain. Cheers!

  146. @Robert Dolan

    The fact that the vast majority of whites did not own slaves, and the fact that Jews were greatly overrepresented among slaveowners, should be made common knowledge.

    • Replies: @Andre Citroen
  147. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    That to me doesn’t sound like a den of wrinkly old Anglos, plotting some new scheme to make them all richer. But they certainly are willing to go along with all the Zio-scumbaggery, so long as doing so doesn’t hurt their ill-gotten bottom lines in any appreciable way.

    That’s my point, all right. Thanks for re-phrasing it! There is no organized resistance to “wokeness” or to idealization of the Blacks, or apparently to much of anything that can boast organized supporters. Trump voters are a bloc, but not an organized bloc. Whites have lost the initiative. Hard to win if you lose the initiative and don’t so much as try to get it back.

    “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars,
    but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
    I’ll add: and apparently intend to stay that way. Gotta change that.

  148. @Malla

    There are many other books of Douglas Reed which echo the same feelings. He was a great, courageous man. The Controversy of Zion is just one of them.

  149. Rahan says:

    De nada:) it’s mostly online translate plus a few tweaks.

  150. @Beautiful Evidence

    I think they have merely figured out to punish exposure or opposition. The key is that they must be seen as reacting to someone else’s offense against them. They are never in the wrong. I asked a friend to give me ONE example from all of history where they were in the wrong. He couldn’t do it.

  151. @DextersLabRat

    Isn’t that interesting? I live in Rhode Island. In Newport, RI, there is a large Jewish cemetery separated by a large chain-link fence from the goyim cemetery. Don’t forget Jews cannot be buried next to the goyim .

    I began to wonder why there were so many Jewish graves in Newport with one of the earliest synagogues, 18th century, Truro synagogue at the top of the hill, is so important. These Jews were not fisherman, they were not workers, they were slavers who owned many ships in the african slave trade with much written about it.

    And on and on it goes. This is real history. Look it up.

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse, FLgeezer
  152. ANZ says:

    The number of working class Whites who grew up attending schools that were at least 20% nonwhite, working with useless lazy negroes who couldn’t be fired, or witnessed more than share of Blacks attacking Whites for being White, and are over the age of 35, won’t be anywhere near those marches for “racial justice.”

    Got that right. The whole magic negro worship fantasy being pushed is divorced from reality and only works on sheltered whites with no real-world contact with black masses. Working or living with the upper 10% of blacks might lead priveledged whites to think that blacks are being maligned with the tales they have heard of black disfunction. But for those of us who have actually lived among the bottom 90% of blacks, we are mostly hardcore redpilled from genuine experience and don’t like blacks as a group, minus a few crazy white hoes who run with feral negroes.

    Maybe it was different when black families had fathers in the home instead ODing on fentanyl in Minneapolis, but from my experiences in this world, I’d never bow to blacks or buy this victimhood bullshit. Fact is that blacks prey on whites, as well as one another. They are the most predatory race in America aside from Jews. Jews do it with finance. Blacks do it with physicality.

    Only naive and inexperienced morons would buy into this crap and make it their mission to march for people they don’t even have life experience with. It’s such an abstraction. They are fighting for a misguided ideal.

    If whites were so congenitally evil and guilty for their whiteness, they wouldn’t even be capable of fighting for this misguided ideal in the first place. Fighting for an ideal is an advanced form of social function. Too bad it’s being perverted by our Semitic friends.

    • Agree: Trinity, Sick of Orcs
  153. Alfa158 says:
    @The Soft Parade

    I don’t think you get the point of the troll. He is telling us he is anti-Jewish (Note dreydl smasher pseudonym) and attacking people for yakking about the problem instead of rising up to take direct action. That was why he mentioned people who are supposedly anti-Semite and Nazi wannabes are burying their heads in Hollywood entertainment, watching Inglorious Basterds, a viciously anti-White pro-Jewish masturbatory fantasy instead of “doing something”
    Dreydl is asking why people aren’t rising up and doing something drastic like seizing the airport and radio station.
    Now he is possibly another government or NGO provocateur, and so this was just another Fedpost rather than an authentic call for a putsch.

  154. What a beautiful turn of words…Bourgeois Bolsheviks.
    Added to the lexicon and memory banks
    EPIC essay is chock full of WIN!
    Be of good cheer because soft weak feminized peace and safety über alles Karenocracy societies have no future and don’t deserve to have one.

  155. @DextersLabRat

    Yep, you’re right. Debunking the Holohoax is the key.
    Funny thing is with reasonable people it’s not that hard to convince them that something funny is going on with regards to the Holohoax.
    The hard part is getting people to even listen.
    I always start with ” victors write the history of wars”.
    And then point out that, that in and of its self is enough reason to the question the history of WW Jew.

  156. @Anonymous

    This overpopulation is artificial, due to mass immigration. Europe is already quite dense and a decline in population there is not a bad thing.

    If it declines too fast (as it is now) you get a distorted population pyramid and the 4-2-1 problem. (google it.)

    In fact, one of the main reasons for importing so many Muslims to Europe is to try and rescue old age benefits from this problem. Just not enough people at the bottom of the pyramid.

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  157. @advancedatheist

    Europeans didn’t enslave Africans for the American slave trade. They bought them from their black masters. That was easier and cheaper. At times, Europeans did enslave native americans but they had too high a death rate from the diseases of Europe, Asia and Africa. Slave owners want their slaves to live. In North America, there was also the problem of the French and English selling muskets to their allied tribes. [email protected]

    • Replies: @anon
  158. Don’t insult the Bolsheviks. Bolsheviks got shit done. These are just upper/middle class radlibs being manipulated by the elite, fooled into blaming everyone and everything for their “troubles” other than those who are actually to blame. Much like the alt-right.

    Sorry but these are not Bolsheviks, communists, or marxists. These are the counter revolutionaries, much like the alt-right. These are people used as puppets by the corporate elite to STOP socialism. The identity politics of both these radlibs and the alt-right are used to divide the working class, not unite.

    Alt-right and the radlibs/BLM are two sides of the same coin. Fact! They want to keep people divided by only thinking of themselves as white, black, tranny, gay, mexican, midget, eskimo, Christian, Muslim, anything and everything but people who have to work for a living.

    Keep people hostile towards one another to prevent labor solidarity and union organizing. You know the things that give ordinary workers a little power.

    In the end they’re just like the alt-right. They’ll defend neoliberalism, just as the alt-right will act as apologists for the empire. They pretend to hate capitalism/imperialism, but they don’t. They just hate the symptoms of it, the immigration and austerity at home. They’ll complain all day about the “invaders” showing up at the border, but don’t want to confront the causes. Thats not an accident, its complicity.

    Just like most of the alt-right and conservatives will show up and vote for Trump, the radlibs will fall over each other to vote for Biden.

    People that like to talk about the Bolsheviks so much should probably learn a little about them, outside of the CIA and Nazi propaganda, Solzhenitsyns campfire tales, or other right wing sources. Looking at most of the comments here, no one has any idea what they’re talking about.

    • Replies: @NobodyKnowsImADog
  159. Striker’s analyses are pretty much always right on. He pisses off the right people too – fanatical economic libertarians and ‘race-blind’ pinkos, to name just two.

    Good political analysis contains a sociological aspect and Striker is good at that.

    • Agree: gsjackson
  160. Albator says:

    Exactly. And the fact that almost no one is calling it out in the mainstream media (Save Tucker Carlson) is very worrysome but at the same time, not surprising.

    If only it was McCarthyism. It is reverse McCarthyism.

  161. @TomJ

    Because of all the wars waged against people in the Middle East and Asia, you lost an opportunity to gain friends

    What possible friends are you referring to? Muslims? Chinese?

  162. @Jeff Stryker

    … and then mouth-breathing uneducated rural morons who have no education past high school

    Guido, you really know how to win friends and allies.

  163. A compelling argument that I hadn’t thought of. Who would have thought MAGA country would look like this? I agree that the Chinese (and Russians) are laughing. Heartily. Why destabilise your rival when they can do it to themselves so effectively? (And by “themselves” I include the cohort of dual national billionaires working behind the scenes.)

  164. Ragno says:

    That’s why they will support BLM, gay marriage, immigration, or WHATEVER they are told to support. Zero independence of thought.

    The more important question is, what do those who manipulate them and use them want?

    The zombies will discover that when they land, with a thud, at the bottom of the ditch they’ve just dug.

  165. ANZ says:

    Although the holohoax narrative is a powerful scheme of international Jews, it is not their ultimate source of power.

    On this site, it is agreed upon that Jews had a leading role in instigating WWI and WWII (along with wars even before that time). These were the major destructive events in modern western history. Jews instigated the Russian revolution that led to the murder of 10s of millions of white Christians. This was all before the WWII holohoax narrative became part global lore, right?

    So if Jews were so powerful as to orchestrate these events pre-holohoax, then it cannot be their one ring.

    The taproot of Jewish power is USURY. Usury allows the FED to own the money supply and then skim the country/world. The fruit of usury buys the media that pushes the narrative. The fruit of usury buys the universities that give the narrative the petina of legitimacy. The fruit of usury equips golem armies to further enrich the tribe.

    Always follow the money. Jews are the priests of the modern day money system. They use this position to enrich themselves to the detriment of any society that works with them. So if you want to go for the jugular of Jewry, go after the money power. Create state run banks. Abolish the FED and its BIS master. Reinstate the religious and secular ban on usury.

  166. Alfred says:
    @edward manfredonia


    I think the correct word is schvartzes which pretty close to the German word for blacks Schwatze

    • Disagree: TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  167. Malla says:

    Agreed, but Nixon also outed Alger Hiss, the Commie Soviet agent from FDR days. For this, Nixon is been hated by the Communist mainstream media, like forever. Check out that cartoon series, Futurama, the evul Nixon head. Like how Commie media hates U.S. senator & patriot, Joseph McCarthy.

  168. Malla says:

    Unfortunately, Reed never seemed to get over being scooped by Sefton Delmer at the Reichstag fire, and couldn’t see Germany through any other eyes than a British Imperialist.

    Very true, I also think Reed’s hatred for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich was rooted in his deep Christian beliefs, he thought that National Socialism was anti-Christian.

    I have long opined that the biggest political fraud perpetrated was that Marx was a “socialist”.

    The Philosopher Otto Weininger, who was himself Jewish, wrote:
    “It is notable that the Jews, even now when at least a relative security of tenure is possible, prefer moveable property, and, in spite of their acquisitiveness, have little real sense of personal property, especially in its most characteristic form, landed property. Property is indissolubly connected with the self, with individuality. It is in harmony with the foregoing that the Jew is so readily disposed to communism. Communism must be distinguished clearly from socialism, the former being based on a community of goods, an absence of individual property, the latter meaning, in the first place a co-operation of individual with individual, of worker with worker, and a recognition of human individuality in every one. Socialism is Aryan (Owen, Carlyle, Ruskin, Fichte). Communism is Jewish (Marx). Modern social democracy has moved far apart from the earlier socialism, precisely because Jews have taken so large a share in developing it. In spite of the associative element in it, the Marxian doctrine does not lead in any way towards the State as a union of all the separate individual aims, as the higher unit combining the purposes of the lower units. Such a conception is as foreign to the Jew as it is to the woman.”

    Adolf Hitler in his own words

    “Socialism,” he retorted, putting down his cup of tea, pugnaciously, “is the science of dealing with the common weal. Communism is not Socialism. Marxism is not Socialism. The Marxians have stolen the term and confused its meaning. I shall take Socialism away from the Socialists.”

    “Socialism is an ancient Aryan, Germanic institution. Our German ancestors held certain lands in common. They cultivated the idea of the common weal. Marxism has no right to disguise itself as socialism. Socialism, unlike Marxism, does not repudiate private property. Unlike Marxism, it involves no negation of personality, and unlike Marxism, it is patriotic.”

    “We might have called ourselves the Liberal Party. We chose to call ourselves the National Socialists. We are not internationalists. Our socialism is national. We demand the fulfilment of the just claims of the productive classes by the state on the basis of race solidarity. To us state and race are one.” – Adolf Hitler, interviewing with George Sylvester Viereck

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  169. @Hank Roberts

    “American conservatives MUST begin to view themselves as having greater sense of shared identity with conservative forces in, say, […] Israel”

    You mean guys like Yoram Hazony:

    I think not

  170. Malla says:
    @Priss Factor

    Reminds me of this Cultural Marxist MK Ultra mind control brainwashing in action.

    Pop star Maddona (the super whore of Babylon to be honest) worshiping/ loving her black saint.

    • Replies: @Druid
  171. bmx557 says:

    Disenfranchising women is step one toward restoring sanity to Western civilization. If you don’t have the nuts to explain that to your wife/gf/so you are part of the problem.

    • Replies: @Whitewolf
  172. Malla says:
    @Priss Factor

    Check out this document : The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour

    Down from page 121 some of the comments of the commentator ‘Conservative Swede‘ are very good. I quote some of his comments.

    “In Christianity the Germanic people cannot (as a people) have a relation with god, only the Jewish people has. Germanic (and other) people can only have a relation with god as individuals.”


    “What we should hold on to are our ethnic groups and European civilization and culture in the deeper sense. Western Christian civilization is a novelty and now it failed. Western Christian civilization is just the tip of that iceberg. It’s just a way of politically organizing our peoples. We should not save this format, but save the matter. The Western Christian civilization is what happened when Germanic people met Christianity. But nothing lasts forever. ”


    “It is unsustainable for Germanic people to keep Christianity. It would indeed mean their death. And since the Western Christian civilization is all about Germanic people meeting Christianity, the necessary turnaround for Germanic people also means the definitive end of Western Christian civilization.”


    Thus the Western Christian civilization caused the population explosion in the Third World. It is entirely caused by the Western Christian civilization, since these Third World countries were completely unable to do this themselves. Christian ethics commands that every single human life should be saved if possible. Before, more than half of the children in Third World countries died. Now virtually all survive, and we have the population explosion

    It’s the Western Christian civilization that feeds all these processes (population explosion etc.). So the Western Christian civilization is in fact the worst enemy of what I call European civilization: another reason for wanting the Western Christian civilization to go away. If it would continue a few decades more it will mean the definitive goodnight for all of us.

    So to summarize: When I speak of civilization as in the Western Christian civilization, I speak of a concrete manifestation, an empire. And when I speak of civilization as in European civilization, I speak of the existence and self-government of white people, and the values and life style that is integral in our beings. But now we have come to a point where the former is the greatest threat to the latter.
    In Aristotelian terms European civilization is the matter to the Western Christian civilization, which is the form. That is, white people is the matter for the current Western Christian “empire.” But now the form is suffocating the matter.

  173. @DextersLabRat

    The Holocaust is the One Ring.

    No it’s not. It’s very important, but it came about as the result of them having already gained control. At least as far back as the 1920s they owned all the major newspapers and could almost at will choose who the common man hated or sympathized with. Hence Hitler was demonized while “Uncle Joe’s” crimes could be swept under the rug. But what gave them such powerful control?

    Money. Money is the One Ring. Specifically, usury and fractional reserve banking. The first is a one-sided open ended contract, the second is legalized counterfeiting. Given enough time, bank assets will grow with a mathematical certainty that far outstrips actual material progress, and hence all real assets will fall into the hands of the bankers. Britain and its entire empire have been owned wholesale by the Rothschilds since Waterloo, while the USA has been owned since 1913.

    All of the anti-white, or even anti-civilization, narrative would be impossible without an army of petty traitors willing to destroy everything for a few slips of paper. That is the real mind control.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  174. @2stateshmustate

    I think you’ve mis-spelt your last word there. Isn’t it WW Tew?

  175. @redmudhooch

    People that like to talk about the Bolsheviks so much should probably learn a little about them, outside of the CIA and Nazi propaganda, Solzhenitsyns campfire tales, or other right wing sources.

    Stalin was denounced by his own party almost immediately after he died, and none in the communist era ever tried to revive him. Mao was also denounced by his successors even though he’s officially still venerated as the founder of his country. Pol Pot was removed by another communist country after completely destroying his own. All of the major countries have abandoned original communism in everything but name. Right wingers don’t need to bad-mouth communism, you’ve done plenty of that yourselves. …Or has real communism never been tried?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  176. Janos says:

    I am shocked by what I see as the primitive anti-Semitism of this article. To interpret what is happening as a Jewish plot because the NYT and the WP (as well as Nancy Pelosi) kneel down, is ludicrous. What about Neocon Jews, for instance? Not to mention the majority of Jewish Americans who are clearly outraged by the BLM riots.

    • LOL: GazaPlanet
    • Troll: Trinity
  177. Whitewolf says:

    It took high-testosterone white badasses to enslave Negroes and make them productive in the white agrarian economy.

    They didn’t enslave them. Their fellow Africans did. They were then sold to slave traders and bought by whites at auctions. Going to an auction and bidding on slaves isn’t really badass or high-testosterone.

  178. mastodon says:
    @Hans Vogel

    Correct I think…..
    It is called the GAS, general adaptation syndrome. Have a look into universe 25, Calhoun with the rodents…. perfect example of population density effecting behaviour, increase density and what happens…. aberrant social behaviour all the way from infanticide to homosexuality to gangs and . This was discussed many yrs ago on the dieoff group, the general consensus was that it was a system to prevent mammals (who have really good ability to overshoot) destroying total ecosystems. The problem with it then was that from an evolutionary aspect there was no way for group selection to occur. Today we know different, the human brain is considered part of an extended social mind, with necessary input/control supplied by our creators….. viruses!!! Who really are good at quorum sensing and other smooth moves. Have a glance at Luis P Villareal, one of his books covers group identity, cooperation and addiction.

    • Replies: @Hans Vogel
  179. Whitewolf says:

    So how do you explain the fed being set up before women even had a right to vote? You can’t blame women for the decline of the west. The damage was already done while they were disenfranchised.

    • Replies: @bmx557
  180. mastodon says:

    Correct 100%, while we believe that money today is real we are playing their game and are heading toward disaster for ALL… Every decision made today by individuals and nations and in essence our species is based on money, and this system today is a total human construct that is not connected to the planet upon which we rlive in any way means or form except human belief…. and as we all know we humans can believe in all sorts of weird shite!!

    The problem is of course how does one get people to understand this when all media is controlled by the money men…

    • Replies: @ANZ
  181. @Ray Huffman

    “In fact, one of the main reasons for importing so many Muslims to Europe is to try and rescue old age benefits from this problem. Just not enough people at the bottom of the pyramid.”


    BUT, there wouldn’t even BE “this problem” if individual taxpayer contributions to old age benefits hadn’t been so badly mismanaged — if not outright stolen!

  182. @Alfred

    ‘schwarz’ is the German word for ‘black’, with the final ‘rz’ sounded as ‘rtz’

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  183. @Anonymous

    If there were a “Very interesting, a lot there to chew on.” button, I’d push it.

    I always like an account in which the leadoff hitter is the state of technical development.

  184. trickster says:
    @dreydl smasher

    OOOOOOOH. Another tough guy hiding in a corner of his grandmothers basement scaring all of us. And such a fearsome name too, the Smasher !! Tenemos miedo pequeno puto !

  185. @NobodyKnowsImADog

    Marxists complain that real Communism has never been tried.

    Libertarians complain that real Capitalism has never been tried.

    They are both correct.

    Homo sapiens always turns ideology into kleptocracy at the first opportunity.

    Ideology is never your friend.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  186. @dreydl smasher

    The forefathers of Cholos were white refuse, weren’t they? Isn’t that what a Cholo is? The product of the white dregs of Spain and an Indian cannibal? A Spanish white rogue drunk on Mezcel?

    And what will a Mestizo society be but another narco economy?

    Once the whites are gone, who will you sell your coca too Cholo?

    How bad will the corruption be? As bad as Philippines? Mexico? Brazil?

    Will the Hispanic elite be white men like Vincente Fox and Castro as usual?

    Will you have your torture chambers and dictators?

    It’s alright that you pollute the desert wastelands of the Southwest, but it would be a shame to lose the rest of North America?

    Will your cartels sell their cocaine out of the White House when you take over America?


    • Replies: @Truth
  187. Adûnâi says: • Website

    Thanks for the links! I would mark your comment with the “Agree” sign, but I cannot.

    Still, isn’t modern China’s revisionist policy going to be their doom?

  188. @Justvisiting

    Why do countries like Australia have regulated markets and less raw capitalism but manage to have a higher living standard than the US?

    If the US has no real capitalism, why are the cities full of homeless people. Why does San Francisco look like India?

    Why does Australia, with higher wages, have lower unemployment and less gross poverty of poor people in the street doing a dump on the sidewalk?

    Why do Americans think the US is the greatest country in the world when there is so much poverty and despair?

    One odd thing about my fellow Americans is that they never look at other countries like Australia and realize the US is not the greatest country in the world.

    Why doesn’t the US have free college like Europe?

    Why is Opoid death common?

    In what way is the US better than Australia?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Anonymous
  189. DaveE says:

    The taproot of Jewish power is USURY.


    Without endless funds, Zion would have no way to buy politicians, destroy our companies, outsource our labor (leading to more shekels for themselves), infil-trait our educational system, our churches, take over our (((their))) media, etc. etc….

    Running the oldest, largest and most diabolical ethnic “Mafia” don’t come cheap, don’cha know.

    “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” – Al Pacino – Scarface.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
    , @Truth3
  190. @Anon

    Need a moratorium on all new non-profits.

    I believe that what is needed is a rethinking of what a non-profit or not-for-profit can be.
    I was aboard member on an organization that started as an arm of the local Arthritis Society. We dealt with providing physio and occupational therapy in people’s homes and nursing homes on contract. We had small reserves, but otherwise, all “profits” went into providing more or better service.
    Many Foundations and NGOs are non-profit or not-for profit that exist only for political purposes. Those are the ones that need to have their non-profit or not-for-profit status revoked.

  191. anarchyst says:

    I would go one step further.
    Christianity must divorce itself from judaism, PERIOD!
    The jewish “god” is a vengeful “god” attempting to reign in its evil people–jews.
    Every jewish “holy day” is an amalgam of battles and successes against “enemies”.
    The “god” of judaism is NOT the same as the “god” of Christianity.
    Abandon the “old testament” and concentrate on an unexpurgated pre-king james version of the “new testament”.

    • Replies: @Druid
  192. 4truth says:

    “With usura hath no man a house of good stone”

    — Ezra Pound

  193. anarchyst says:

    Go after the “foundations” such as the “Ford Foundation” among others. Henry Ford is rolling in his grave over the left-wing bent that his foundation has taken.
    End tax-exempt status for ALL foundations, and re-enable tax-exempt status on a case-by-case basis. To receive tax-exempt status, foundations would have to prove that 95% of their funding is being used for its original mission, according to the founder’s mission statement.

    • Agree: FLgeezer
  194. Ragno says:
    @dreydl smasher

    I knew when I saw your entire comment is in lower-case that your genius-level intelligence is matched only by your martyr-level integrity.

  195. anarchyst says:

    I devalue and debunk the “holohoax” from an engineering standpoint. For thinkers, this is a sure way to prove that it never happened. The impossibilities of the claims made by “holohoax” “survivors” are easily proven. From lampshades, soap and shrunken heads made from jews to using “bug spray” as an execution agent in unventilated shower rooms, all can be proven to be fabrications of the highest order. Let’s not forget the “electric floors”, “masturbation machines” and other wildly impossible execution methods.
    The logistics of transporting “victims” hundreds and thousands of miles only to execute them by an energy-poor country is questionable.
    These claimed “death camps” had hospitals, recreational facilities, swimming pools and other facilities for use of the occupants as well.
    Add to that, the advent of “holohoax” “thoughtcrimes” which prosecute and incarcerate those who go against the “original holohoax story”. Most people are unaware that, in many countries, it is a crime to go against the “official holohoax narrative”. I use prominent cases, mentioning Ursula Haverbeck, Monika Schaefer, and lawyer Sylvia Stolz, all who have been incarcerated for “holohoax” “thoughtcrimes”.
    These avenues in which to invalidate the “holohoax” among thinking people usually work to plant the seeds of doubt about the “hoax of the twentieth (and twenty-first) centuries”.

  196. bmx557 says:

    I’m not saying we weren’t on the wrong track before women started voting, I’m saying that without removing their congenital idiocy from the public square, there is no hope. Like I said, step 1.

  197. @DaveE

    Iran appears to be doing remarkably well economically under the beastly US sanctions. And Iranian Jews love Iran, have never been expelled in 2,500 years, and Islam doesn’t allow usury.

    Assuming Iran holds to that rule, and doesn’t allow anyone, including its Jews, make money by charging compound interest, maybe Iran is more civilized than America, socially more advanced, and is without a Jewish Problem even though it has Jews.

    So there is a model for America to follow, adopt Iran’s financial system, and the issue of the Jews owning the media, owning America, will cease to exist.

    And that solution can be achieved without the slightest anti-“Semit”-ism.

    • Replies: @ANZ
  198. ANZ says:

    Every decision made today by individuals and nations and in essence our species is based on money, and this system today is a total human construct that is not connected to the planet upon which we rlive

    High levels of sociopathy, greed and a lack of self-reflection seems to be vital traits in western politicians. This is what allows them to survive in the midst of a sea of other politicians of the same ilk in our corrupted system. These sociopaths are incompatible with worshipping benevolent gods. Instead they worship Mammon as their god. Mammon rewards their anti-high society traits. When in power, they steer a nations resources to the service of Mammon.

    Mefobills is a commenter here who understands money power (among other things) and made the following straightforward comment on how insatiable money-lust leads to destruction of land and cultures:

    The Mammon god is anti-humanity. Who worships Mammon? Who was explicitly against worshipping Mammon?

  199. Ragno says:

    What the Bourgeois Bolsheviks Want?

    Apologies for repeating myself – but the CCP-styled Cultural Revolution is now over.

    Now they trade Mao’s Little Red Book for the ANC Style Guide. “Truth & Reconciliation” hearings, followed by the “Land Reform” program. You can almost hear them chanting “Kill the Boer” like it was the B-side of “Michael, row your boat ashore”.

    I was horrified at Anders Breivik when it happened, just as I was aghast at the Charlie Hebdo massacre. But the most shaken and appalled I’ve ever been was when I came to understand why they happened. If civilization is to survive the 21st century, Breivik’s face will be on money, and rightly so.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  200. anon[280] • Disclaimer says:
    @Donald A Thomson

    Slave owners want their slaves to live

    actually the Spaniards and Portuguese in South America made the decision to basically work them to death in 5-6 years because it was cheaper to just go back to west africa and get more than to treat them decently, which is why about 10 times as many slaves were brought to the Caribbean and South America compared to what became the U.S.

    they were ground up, used up

  201. ANZ says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I do not know if it’s that simple.

    Did Iranian Jews see the greatest increase in their prosperity after the CIA led execution of Mossadegh? Cui Bono?

    Iranian Jews loved their country so much that since 1948, 95% of Jews emigrated away from Iran. Why would an increase in prosperity be coupled with a mass exodus? Sound like a smash and grab to me. However I haven’t really studied the issue so I am only speculating here.

    I would be genuinely surprised if Jews didn’t play an important role in the failed green revolution in Iran or any future revolution for that matter.

    I do agree with you that an anti-usury stance is a good feature is Islam. However because of civil rights laws and the protected class status of American Jews, it would absolutely be considered anti-Semitic to implement in the U.S.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  202. Tlotsi says:

    Tattoos are a sign of mental illness.

  203. @Priss Factor

    Bring out the guillotines. Who cares about the likes of Bezos?

    Spoken like a true Bolshevik. “Let there floods of bourgeois blood–more blood–as much blood as possible…”

    Divide and conquer, eh?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  204. @Craig Nelsen

    Those boojins you love so much are the ones behind Great Replacement, Globo-Homo, Afro-Worship, and Wars for Israel.

    What we are seeing is NOT cultural marxism but cultural capitalism.

    Why are Jews, homos, and blacks favored over others?

    Because they have more Market Value under capitalism.

    Jews make more money and control media and dominate discourse.

    Homos make it big in fashion, celebrity culture, vanity industry.

    Blacks make it big in sports and pop music.

    That’s why the three groups have become the Holy Three. Not because of cultural marxism but cultural capitalism.

    Yet, you suck up to the boojins. That big boojie Jeff Bezos pisses on you.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
  205. @Jeff Stryker

    In what way is the US better than Australia?

    I lost my flag somewhere, or I don’t remember waving it….senility I guess….

  206. @GeeBee

    Their bodies, once they are covered in these hideous and permanent disfigurements, are not merely no longer beautiful, but have actually become repellent.

    Thought I’d found a great girl years ago, but seeing her tattoos in bed was ultimately too much. Repelled me straight out the door. Hideous and permanent is correct.

    On the other hand, they’re an efficient filter. Would not again be associated with a woman who’d do that to herself. Same with breast inflators, and almost as much with hair colorers.

    • Replies: @Culpepper
  207. Anonymous[293] • Disclaimer says:

    Tim Wise and Michael Moore are not whites.

  208. Anonymous[293] • Disclaimer says:

    The ANC had a deep fear of units such as Koevoet and Buffalo Battalion. They did everything in their power to systematically dismantle these units in the police and the army, using all international organs and media propaganda possible. Unfortunately traitors such as de klerk aided them. B/c these units were the only thing standing between them and power. That tells you that they have a mentality of violence. Why should the whites then not answer them with violence, in the form of regulated military units like Koevoet and Buffalo Batallion, and not violent mobs or terrorists.
    All the white women bleating about social justice in the US and Europe will be the first ones being raped and killed by the real hard-core mob. It happened in South Africa

  209. What is this article about? Striker could not have written this

  210. @Anonymous

    Not only am I not a Christian, I don’t like Christianity at all. LOL. Not a boomer either, nor does what I wrote have anything to do with Pompeo and Trumps attempt to rally their base using specters of long-dead totalitarian states.

    I’m sorry that the facts I mentioned are so upsetting to you. You swung hard and missed hard.

  211. @John123

    Yes yes More women running things!#?

  212. Poco says:
    @Hans Vogel

    The time for compassion for the mutants has passed. Time for elimination.

  213. @NobodyKnowsImADog

    A Jewish professor of mine was fond of saying “A man you can buy is a man you can trust. The man to fear is the one you CAN’T buy.” Makes sense from an outsider’s point of view.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
    , @Malla
  214. @ANZ

    I recently saw on SOTT an interview with Iran’s chief rabbi saying the Jews felt safer in Iran than in Europe. Sure, under the US sanctions one would think the Jews would want to leave unless they are actually attached to the country, but it seems they are. I don’t know where you get the 95 from. Or why there would be huge migration away from the real historic homeland of the real Jews to the fake stolen one of the fake Jews.

    But I wonder how the Book of Esther is viewed among them.

    • Replies: @ANZ
  215. @jack daniels

    So a man you can bribe to betray others or act in bad faith towards them is a man you can trust. Hmm. I guess it was a Jew who said that, right? Oh, makes sense to you? Jake Daniels? I see.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  216. ANZ says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    According to

    there are currently around 8,500 Jews living in Iran. This is down from 100-150k Jews in Iran as of 1948, depending on the source used. That makes for only about 5-8.5% left. Maybe they loved Iran, but they loved somewhere else more. Los Angeles alone has more Persian Jews than Iran. Fact is, they do not primarily identify as Iranians or Americans. They are first and foremost Jews, no matter where they reside. They are not attached to their host countries, on the whole. You cannot entrust a foreign ethnicity with so much power when history conclusively shows Jews do not maintain loyalty to the host country. When there is a better deal, they leave.

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse, Mefobills
  217. Truth says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Strykey, come back to the MI; your people NEED you.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  218. Henry Bowman, No. 103. I see. An OD. So says the ME. You believe the government? So, you think Oswald was a commie hitman? And 2 dozen pencilneck wogs knocked down the WTC with box cutters and divebombed the Pentagon?

    I am a Nigerian Prince. I need 80 US dollars to wire my millions to an American account. If you will please help me, I shall favor you with a rich royal bounty of 50,000 US dollars.

  219. @Priss Factor

    What’s a boojin? What the hell is cultural capitalism? What about the Market Value of Iranians who make it big in car dealerships?

  220. @anonymous

    Because Evangelicals are THE WORST and ARE idiots.

  221. Anonymous[872] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Canadian whites disappeared so fast that people aren’t even mad because nobody knows what happened.

    Canadian grads have trouble finding work right now because there are so many foreign imports. Problem is, 80% of “Canadian” STEM grads are non-white, 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants themselves. Where did whitey go?

    Plenty of white boomers around. Then, everyone else is brown, or Chinese, or black, it seems. I honestly don’t know where all the white people disappeared to.

    We are going to have big problems here, for sure. But it won’t be whites dying from opioids, or black on white race war. There are just not that many whites left.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  222. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The idea is that if you are a member of a group that people don’t like you can bribe people to tolerate you but some people who don’t like you will be impervious to bribes and then you are in trouble.

  223. Culpepper says:

    Where does the notion that thick lips and big behinds are attractive come from? Are the girls being programmed?

  224. Malla says:
    @jack daniels

    A man you can buy is a man you can trust. The man to fear is the one you CAN’T buy

    One of the many reasons why they are flooding Western countries with uz darkies. We darkies are bribe eatin supremos.
    Life in third world is one big cheatin swindlin fest. Every day someone tryin to cheat swindle me from the poor vegetable seller to the rich banks with their insurance salesman slimeballs. haggle haggle, cheatin swindle, haggle, haggle, cheatin swindle. Life goes on and will go on for ever like this.
    Yes ofcourse the darkies will make bombastic claims (with a straight face) about “ancient culture, superior culture ” or whatever B.S.but deep inside the “cheater swindler hustler” is deeply admired by the populations of the darkie world. That is why the Jews want to convert the White Western world into Venezuela or India. It will be a natural corrupt society , such a low trust society is a society they Jews can naturally trust.

  225. @Truth

    I went to the Landing Strip in college once. Back then, crack was the drug of choice. Only Seattle grunge bands smoked heroin and crystal meth had not hit Michigan yet.

    So I know that strip club. It was off Michigan Ave on 8 or 9 mile. I was a college kid the last time I went there. Spring 1998, the year I graduated from Central.

    But looking at her reminds me how lucky I was the phone rang from Dubai in Spring 1999. I might have ended up stuck around a generation of stumbling tattooed once-middle class junkies as the infrastructure around me crumbled.

    Good thing I left when I did. Michigan is a depressing state. The weather is depressing, the economy is depressing and the children of respectable middle-class teachers are heroin addicts.

    You’ll never see a white woman like this in Dubai, Asia or India.

    And maybe some genius here with a real insight can answer that question…

    Why don’t you see women this used and strung out peddling their heroin-addict skinny butts in countries like Dubai or India or Asia?

    Why are white women reduced to such squalor in the US?

    In another generation, she would have been a decent woman. College educated. Married. Two children. A respectable husband.

    In 2020 she is a heroin-addicted street whore.


    What happened to the white middle class youth of America after I left in 1999?

    Someone tell me that?

    What happened to the US?

    • Replies: @Blaque Knee
  226. @Anonymous

    Really? In Northern Canada?

    When I lived in Northern Ontario there were no blacks or Indians or Chinese. It was all whites and Natives.

    Asians and blacks were only in Toronto and border towns.

    But then Gen X women did not have kids. They rode the old carousel and were professional students until age 40 and never settled down and one day they were spinsters and had no kids.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Saxon
  227. @ANZ

    Mefobills is a commenter here who understands money power (among other things) and made the following straightforward comment on how insatiable money-lust leads to destruction of land and cultures:

    “Mefobills” has the unique combination of finance insight, leadership ability and tenacity to lead us to freedom from the #JewMoneyTYRANNY which fuels Jew destruction of our culture and our nation as part of the #Jew$4whiteGENOCIDE initiative, an initiative which if successful will leave blacks wishing whitey, history’s sole abolitionist/emancipator and the best friend blacks have ever had, was still around to again liberate blacks from enslavement for the benefit of Jews as was black reality in the New World prior to white Christians’ successful abolition campaign.

  228. Anonymous[872] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Oh, I don’t know about Northern Ontario, I’m talking about the Toronto area. Whites disappeared here.

    I guess if Gen X Toronto women stopped reproducing, that would make sense. I’m younger than Gen X, but millennial and Gen Z women in Toronto are also into careerism and being on the carousel. Given the high cost of housing, I don’t think many will have kids.

    Actually the majority of women <30 I've asked have said they don't want kids, it seems that being a spinster with several cats is what they're striving for.

    Professional brown / black / arabs / Chinese are not having kids either, though. It's really just the most deplorable, welfare sucking Pakistanis / Somalians that are having many children.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  229. @Priss Factor

    “People should join BLM protests and hold up big signs:


    You’ve pointed out the Achilles heel of Black Frankenstein. The propagandists want the riots to be called, quote, “protests against anti-black racism”, unquote. It’s practically in the style book.

    When you see your adversary’s weakness, rise and kill. He’s doing the same to you.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  230. @Desert Fox

    The Jew Bolshevik overthrow of the USA was launched August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, the first American casualty being James Alex Fields, age 21, subsequently sentenced to over 400 years in the gulag for being involved in a minor car collision as he attempted to escape a lawless mob of shabby goyim revolutionaries, some of whom had high-powered rifles aimed at him. To the great delight of the Jew Bolsheviks, one of their shabby goy bots present in the vicinity of the collision died of a heart attack due to obesity and over-exertion in the hot sun amidst the excitement, so all legal standards of causation were ignored in the sentencing of this American hero, first victim of “The Jewish Terror” (to apply Solzhenitsyn’s terminology) now come to The United States of America.

  231. Beavertales, where you guys been? M4BL is already doing exactly what you suggest. Gives the kike state fits. The Zionazis can only coopt the dumbest 2 deciles of the protesters. Politically sophisticated jigs have already linked the Jew State knee here and in the Zionist entity. What do you think, they listen to Soros and not Nation of Islam?

    Hard as it is for priss to imagine, blacks do what they want despite the weasel hebes.

  232. @ANZ

    Hope it’s true there’s a consensus in recognizing this reality:

    On this site, it is agreed upon that Jews had a leading role in instigating WWI and WWII (along with wars even before that time).

    Know this is true:

    The taproot of Jewish power is USURY.

    No doubt this is what must be done:

    So if you want to go for the jugular of Jewry, go after the money power. Create state run banks. Abolish the FED and its BIS master. Reinstate the religious and secular ban on usury.

    • Agree: Pheasant
  233. @Jeff Stryker

    Globalism born from globalization birthed via the internet

  234. @N word sayer

    Thing to learn is this support evil abroad and leave the doctrine of peace = you get back violence .

    Support those that call themselves jews = death to civilizations

  235. Hibernian says:

    purposefully divisive books

    George III couldn’t have said it any better.

  236. Johan says:

    The question in these matters is always: what does ZioPower want. Which is: to divide, to disrupt, to break down, and finally, to reshape in accordance to their goals. In this case, through an instance of events which are the product of their highly professional global network of demagogy.

  237. Czarlazar says:

    Unfortunately, Ann Coulter is a Zionist plant and shill for the chosen, thus not the right candidate to represent the interests of white people. A better idea would be to draft Tucker Carlson as a Republican presidential candidate in 2024. You’ve got a better chance to get elected under a mainstream party banner. And unlike Trump, he’s not bought and paid for before the process even starts.

  238. @Hank Roberts

    Hank, if you’re just now thinking of buying a rifle, you don’t have much to say that anyone needs to hear.

  239. Emslander says:

    It’s really just the most deplorable, welfare sucking Pakistanis / Somalians that are having many children.

    I guess your having to spout that kind of bullshit is why you have to be anonymous. You don’t even have the sense to come up with a moniker.

    I say that as the Roman Catholic father of five adult children of one wife with whom I’ve been married for 51 years. Try it. You’ll like it.

    • LOL: Truth
  240. Yes. Jews are driving this insanity. Absolutely.
    BLM and Antifa are classic insurgencies. Billionaire Jews are absolutely terrified of Europeans refusing their leadership and demanding that America conform to their vision of America: Christian, European, Free enterprise and without foreign entanglements to the abomination that Marxist Israel is.

    Israel has been siphoning money from America while it simultaneously steals the high tech military R&D that it then sells to China and Russia. This betrayal is decades old and is treasonous. At a fundamental level, Jews seem incapable of loyalty to America. They can only view the country as a parasite does. This is becoming clearer and clearer to more and more Americans and it is becoming Increasingly unacceptable in how brazen it is. The most recent example of this is Israeli partnering with America on the Space Program. Are you kidding us? Americans fund the R&D so that Israel can steal it and sell it on, yet again, to Russia and China? Really? In a sane country this would be a cause for war.

    Jews need to decide if they want to be Americans or not. If not, it is time to leave for Israel. If yes then it is time to abandon their destructive political maneuvering and play nice. Failure to do so leaves America with a Jewish Question that must be solved.
    If the choice is between expelling our Jews or having our Nation destroyed it is not much of a choice: the Jews must leave and with violence if necessary. Asset stripping for criminality will be part of that process; the thievery that has been going on through the Federal Reserve and the IRS since 1913 has been astronomical. America is on the verge of bankruptcy due to Jewish treachery. Perhaps all people of color who arrived after Hart-Cellar need to leave as well. Blacks have a birthright in America and have been here for 200 years. If they wish to stay they can but if they cannot contain their criminality then they will continue to be locked up.

    It is long past time that a reckoning occur.
    America cannot simply continue to be destroyed by betrayal from within.

    • Agree: Druid, anarchyst
    • Thanks: FLgeezer
  241. Druid says:

    Those “White males are probably Jews”.

  242. Druid says:

    Just practicing her kabbala

    • LOL: Malla
  243. Druid says:

    I agree! I think even Allah is not the same god of the Jews. The Jewish god is a hateful, murderous, vengeful pr man for the Jewish cult of elitists!

  244. Saxon says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Almost no one lives in northern Canada but the same problems you see in Michigan are endemic all over southern Ontario. Outsourcing, offshoring to hollow out the ability of people to earn a living, and then mass importation of foreigners with affirmative action on steroids. Affirmative action makes no sense in Canada because it was a 99% white country, but there you go. Truth doesn’t matter, only power. Imported American narratives and fake overblown made up ones like the schoolocaust are used to justify racially punitive measures with an end outcome of ethnic cleansing. The drug problems are there too. Almost everyone I know from that region knows someone who died of drugs, usually fentanyl.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  245. @Mefobills

    I don’t see that there is a contradiction between being an internationalist and wanting to preserve the traditions and life of your own people. Unless of course the traditions you are trying to preserve include the sort of behaviour the US has engaged in in the last 70 years for example! That is to say that I do not see any contradiction between feeling that one’ own country should extend a helping hand to another country in trouble and thinking that it is a bad idea to import a lot of fast-breeding hostile immigrants who have no intention of assimilating.

  246. Truth3 says:

    They don’t even need Usury any more…

    They just print and steal the money.

  247. @anonymous1963

    And they will.

    What’s hardest of all to believe is that they are far, far too arrogant, too ignorant of their own history and too grossly intellectually stupid to understand that.

    Why should I care about their fate ?

  248. @Priss Factor

    Yes, of course.

    And get beaten to a pulp, arrested, charged with sedition or hate-crime, lose your livelihood and become Fascist-Racist-Black-hater-Nazi-Jew-Killer public enemy number one – whilst the tens of millions of dozy, stupid, idle, useless, armchair-stuck cretins you were trying to reach just change the channel and reach for another doughnut.

    Personally I prefer the… umm… “classical” model of revolution. You know – the one that wins.

  249. @Priss Factor

    This century may avoid world wars

    Regrettably, with the century only 20 years in and Trump on the way out, to be replaced by a demonic, deranged, White-hating, Black-supporting, war-profiteering Democrat /Jew alliance itching to flatten Iran, then China, I suspect we won’t actually be clear of world war for very much longer.

    Sort out your life, and say your goodbyes. In a line from one of my favourite though flawed movies, “I’m sorry it went down like this”.

  250. @TheTrumanShow

    But more importantly:

    Although ‘schwarz’ is the German word for ‘black’, as has been pointed out in another forum here very recently, ‘schwartzer’ is in fact the Yiddish word for ‘nigger’.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  251. @Robert Dolan

    Re: the Boomer meme. It is classic division.
    To look at the boomers fairly is to recognize they were the first generation raised not only with radio and movies but also tv. The Jew box in every living room has done more destruction than can be enumerated.
    Blaming an age cohort who were viciously attacked by their own Leadership? All one needs do is read the history of Laurel Canyon. Every major act of the 1960’s ‘counter culture’ were either sons/daughters of military/military intelligence, like Jim Morrision, or blue bloods like David Crosby. The whole counter culture was a massive, disorienting psyop with free acid. Literally, the largest acid producer in the 60’s used to lab massive quantities and distribute it at little to no cost. By leading the counter culture, the ptb prevented the anti-war effort from having effective anthems and venues. Not only that, it was a major power grab as every institution was brought into question and attacked intellectually. Many boomers had no idea what hit them.

    If anything, Boomers deserve our understanding and compassion. Many were severely traumatized by one of the largest organized psyop history. We need to learn not to fall for this divisive crap and reject it. You or I may consider some boomers to be clued out. Fine, that is a legit observation. To be blatantly disrespectful or even contemptuous is taking it way too far. They went through a lot. They were the first generation to be mind controlled by modern electronics. If anything they need help and healing.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  252. gsjackson says:

    Agreed. Speaking as an early boomer who was there, to go from, say, 1963 to 1967 was to undergo maybe the most disorienting period of time in history. Some of us are still trying to figure out what happened. And how it all ended up in Idiocracy. The JQ thesis does seem to be the one accounting for most of the facts.

    One correction: We were the first generation raised on TV, but radio and movies started decades before our time.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  253. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “Speaking as an early boomer who was there, to go from, say, 1963 to 1967 was to undergo maybe the most disorienting period of time in history.”

    This is what my mom says about the fall of the USSR in 1989-1991! That it was too disorienting to gather up and protect their own country (from an invasion by homosexual Christians – me)!

    Still, you cannot deny that those judges in America who removed segregation in schools actively betrayed their own children, their own grandchildren. And nobody protested against it! Nobody killed and died for it (aside from a few individuals such as Rockwell)!

    And you cannot deny that to the contrary, Americans had been eager to kill their countrymen en masse for the sake of Negroes and Jews – in the 1860s and 1940s.

    > “One correction: We were the first generation raised on TV, but radio and movies started decades before our time.”

    And the first generation of Europeans raised on worshipping the Jew was in the 4th ct. CE. The Civil War generation did not have radio or even the Jews to free the Negroes.

  254. @Anonymous

    Edgy kid is edgy. Yeah let’s reject semitic ideas like the Christian one that motivated Europe for fifteen hundred years+… in favor of the based white realism of Marx and Trotsky.

  255. The bolshevikings wish to rape and pillage the tired and humbled asses yearning to be free

    They are the shock troops of the zombie apocalypse Main Scream Media preparing the way for Herr Hitliary

    aka the MadAm not president

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