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Weapons of Mass Distraction
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The most remarkable thing about the Iraq war debacle isn’t the trillions of dollars wasted or hundreds of thousands of innocent people and US servicemen killed, but the fact that all of the journalists who promoted the lie to the American people were never held to account.

During the 2000s, a bipartisan cabal of overwhelmingly Jewish media personalities coordinated with American intelligence services to concoct the lie that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction to use against the United States.

The role of neoconservatives in this endeavor, primarily as Bush administration officials coordinating the war, is well known. What has been forgotten is the integral role “liberal” publications like the New York Times, Washington Post and others played in selling the WMD hoax.

The Times’ Judith Miller is credited with being one of the first to plant unsubstantiated WMD tales in popular consciousness, but other Jews — many of them also seen as unambiguously “liberal” — also played an active role in lying to drum up support for Bush’s war for Israel: Ezra Klein (currently of Vox), Jeffrey Goldberg (now editor of The Atlantic), and Jonathan Chait (star columnist at the New Yorker). That’s just a shortlist.

Amazingly, every one of these individuals has only grown in prestige and influence in the press in the aftermath. Even Iraq war sin chicken Judith Miller remained unapologetic in her 2015 rehabilitation tours. She has since 2016 been hired by conservative outlets like Fox News and City Journal, now dedicating her columns to promoting foreign election meddling claims.

The gravest problem now with our Jewish controlled media is that all of the Iraq war disinformation agents, not just Miller, are now amongst the loudest amplifiers of the US intelligence community’s latest baseless hysterics alleging that every act of low-level trolling, dissenting political opinion, or news report (including initially the Hunter Biden story) that they find inconvenient is an inorganic product of Russian, Chinese or Iranian “election meddling” or “disinformation.”

To what ends? To lower public confidence in liberal institutions? To cause division and polarization? To make people afraid to vote and even more afraid of the outcome? The intelligence community’s Chicken Littles are doing this on a much wider scale than any supposed foreign agent.

Earlier today, the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe held an “important” national security conference besides American NKVD leader Christopher Wray claiming that crudely written emails sent by someone impersonating the pro-Trump group, Proud Boys, telling registered Democrats in Florida not to vote was in fact an act of “election interference” by Iran. Intelligence operatives at the announcement also mentioned that Russia was conspiring with them by harvesting US political registrations for ill-intended reasons. No evidence was provided for either allegation.

The claim is ridiculous because, first of all, Florida political registrations are publicly available and easily found online. Anyone can obtain them without engaging in cyber crime or hacking.

Secondly, unflinching hostility towards Iran and over the top loyalty to Israel first is an issue Joe Biden and Donald Trump both enthusiastically agree on.

Trump and Biden are equally bad for Iran in distinct ways. Biden supports escalating Washington’s military presence in Syria and placing pressure on Iraq to cut ties with Iran.

Trump on the other hand has for the last few years attempted to starve the Iranian people into submission with “maximum pressure” sanctions, but this has been paired with military retreats in geostrategic zones of the Middle East that Israel believes are important to maintain a foothold in.

The Iranians and Russians don’t have a dog in America’s 2020 election fight between Oreo and Hydrox. Seeing how only 67% of Democrats are excited to vote for Joe Biden, it looks like Biden’s uninspired and mailed-in candidacy is the foremost act of interference in his campaign.

Meanwhile, Iran has responded with fury typical of a falsely accused man. The nation’s diplomats have lodged an official complaint at the United Nations demanding the FBI and DNI stop making frivolous accusations of trying to intimidate voters in America. President Hassan Rouhani’s counter is that both candidates — who are just spokesmen for Washington’s permanent bureaucracy — are enemies of the Iranian nation.

Today’s press conference by Wray and Ratcliffe was more akin to the despots in 1984 switching back and forth between blaming Eurasia (Russia) and Eastasia (China and Iran) during Hate Week. It’s a moronic distraction from their moronic failures, corruption and the artificially induced climate of fear they have created in our homeland.

It’s an attempt to shoehorn into tonight’s debate the non-issues of “election interference” and “disinformation” that most of the American public, which is suffering from problems like hunger and unemployment, has tuned out.

From weapons of mass destruction to weapons of mass distraction, both personify the Jewish post-truth order.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Yep, those Jewish warmongers, Bushberg, Cheneystein, Rumsfeldovitz, and all the Jews who voted them into power.

    The most remarkable thing about the Iraq war..

    The massive street demonstrations against the war, held in dozens of countries, constituted at the time the largest global protest in human history.

    (There weren’t any seriously big ones in any Arab country.)

    Who organized them and who agitated most energetically against the war? Mostly progressive liberals and leftists.

    In the USA, progressive liberal and leftist networks have disproportionately high Jewish representation.

    Who attended the demonstrations in the USA? Overwhelmingly, people who tend to vote for Democrats (which helps explain why team Bush could so easily dismiss the protests), and again this is a demographic with disproportionately high Jewish representation.

    There are exceptions to the leftist tilt of citizens speaking against the war — people like Ron Paul & Pat Buchanan — but their followings were small and unwilling to pay to play. For the most part politically engaged right-of-center people were busy hyperventilating about taxes (as if war fighting was magically free), abortion (neither American soldiers nor Iraqi citizens were deserving as much concern as eight week old embryos) and gay marriage.

    And here at Unz we have nazi shitstains and russian shills like Yusuf Yarden trying to extract some moral high ground, and trying to concoct more blood libels against Jews, by appropriating the memory of those morally serious citizens who took it upon themselves to apply pressure to the USG to not rush to war on flimsy pretexts. So despicable.

    • Agree: Wielgus
    • Troll: fnn, GazaPlanet
  2. El Dato says:

    Today’s press conference by Wray and Ratcliffe was more akin to the despots in 1984 switching back and forth between blaming Eurasia (Russia) and Eastasia (China and Iran) during Hate Week. It’s a moronic distraction from their moronic failures, corruption and the artificially induced climate of fear they have created in our homeland.

    I’m sure there were news reports in any empire about to go terminally titsup about incompetent and craven manlets doing their to eminently political schoolboy-level performance in positions where actual intelligence, foresight and competence would have been direly needed, read or heard by fat oligarchs as they were sucking a concubine’s toe.

    But the generals will be of the same caliber.

    Trump and Biden are equally bad for Iran in distinct ways. Biden supports escalating Washington’s military presence in Syria and placing pressure on Iraq to cut ties with Iran.

    It’s come to the point where there is not even a discussion of outright criminal imperial projects that used to be hanging offenses at one point. Carry on!

    (Also, Biden “supports” something in the same way an NPC “supports” something in a video game. You can press “X” to skip the cutscene.)

    Here’s hoping there will be big heaps of corpses of certain people of the mediasphere and big tech inspected by hungry crows when all this is over.

  3. It is outright psychological warfare against the white Christian population of the United States.

    • Agree: Not Raul
  4. fnn says:


    Ever since the rise of the neocons, my liberal Democratic mother and I have had the same argument. I say, “They’re Jews, and they’re representing Jewish political aims.” She says, “No they’re not. They’re a bunch of rightwing nuts. You keep talking about the Jewish support for the Iraq war; every Jew I know was against it.”

    I’ve never had a very articulate answer for my mother. Till I read James Petras’s wonderful piece on an AJC poll that makes her point–most American Jews opposed the Iraq war and oppose an attack on Iran…

    One reason for the gap between the ‘progressive’ polling results and the actual pro-war behavior of the major American Jewish Organizations is found in several of the opinions not cited by progressive analysts but emphasized by the 52 leaders of the major communal organizations (Daily Alert, December 13, 2007). Over eighty percent (82%) of American Jews agree that ‘the goal of the Arabs is not the return of occupied territories but rather the destruction of Israel’. Only 12% of Jews disagree. And 55% to 37% do not believe Israel and its Arab neighbors will settle their differences and live in peace. On the key issue of a compromise on the key issue of Jerusalem, by 58% to 36% American Jews reject an Israeli compromise to insure a framework for permanent peace.

    Given the high salience of being pro-Israel for the majority of American Jews and the fact that the source of their identity stems more from their loyalty to Israel than to the Talmud or religious myths and rituals, then it is clear that both the ‘progressive, majority of Jews and the reactionary minority who head up all the major American Jewish organizations have a fundamental point of agreement and convergence: Support and identity with Israel and its anti-Arab prejudices, its expansion and the dispossession of Palestine. [my emphasis] This overriding convergence allows the reactionary Presidents of the Major Jewish Organizations in America to speak for the Jewish community with virtually no opposition from the progressive majority either within or without their organizations. By raising the Israeli flag, repeating clichés about the ‘existential threat’ to Israel at each and every convenient moment, the majority of Jews have bowed their heads and acquiesced or, worst, subordinated their other ‘progressive’ opinions to actively backing the leaders ‘identity’ with Israel. Their franchise on being the recognized Jewish spokespeople intimidates and/or forces progressive Jews to publicly abide to the line that ‘Israel (sic) knows what is best for Israel’ and by extension for all American Jews who identify with Israel.

    Petras has just about nailed it. The crazy rightwingers are actually speaking in the name of progressive Jews. These rightwingers aren’t fringies. They are supported. They dominate the leadership of Jewish organizations and as I have noted here before, gained support for the Iraq war from an overwhelming majority of anti-Vietnam-war Jewish Democratic congressmen. The Jane Harman type. Which is to say that neoconservatism has been licensed by the larger Jewish community, because secretly or unconsciously that community feels that these guys are standing up for Israel. The neocons are the tough brother-in-law.

  5. fnn says:

    The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it’s possible. But another journalist, Thomas Friedman (not part of the group), is skeptical.


    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  7. nsa says:

    Very common disinfo technique, but only effective because the tribe owns the paper of record. Cheney planted the concocted WMD fabrications with the jewess Miller, with the jew owner and the jew editor signing off on the project. Cheney then cited the fabricated stories he planted as proof of his WMD allegations. Millions of dead, maimed, and displaced mean nothing to the paranoid jew tribe and their traitorous bloodthirsty crissie acolytes.

  8. The idea that “everyone was fooled by bad intelligence” about WMDs in Iraq was the greatest lie of that decade. Everyone had perfect intelligence that Iraq had no WMDs after Hans Blix and his UN inspectors were allowed to roam Iraq and inspect all the sites Colin Powell had just told the UN were making WMDs, and the dirty, rusty conditions at the sites showed noting had been made there for years. This happened before Iraq was invaded.

    More details here, and note the USA now steals most of Syria’s oil too!

  9. Tom Verso says:

    Striker, off topic if I may:

    Would you pass along to Jazzhands that I think his analysis of the Karabakh War surpasses his usual analytical brilliance. Dissident Mag doesn’t have comments.

    I have put a ‘plug’ in for his piece in the comments section of Anatoly Karlin’s current ‘cliche’ article. Karlin would do well to listen to Jazzhands’ podcast and learn a few things about the difference between perceptions and reality.


  10. @04398436986

    Yep, those Jewish warmongers, Bushberg blablabla

    Weak pilpul is weak. Not that long-debunked semitic canard again: “The Iraq War was a war for oil, goy! Not for Israel! HONEST!!!”


    “The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish”

    Who said this? I mean, it’s clearly a vicious “anti-semitic trope,” right? A so-called “blood libel” promulgated by those evil KKK white supreemist not-see “anti-semites” at… Haaretz:

    At this point, the average ignorant, hate-filled semitic supremacist will whine: “Yeah but those are ‘liberal” jews, goy! That doesn’t count, because reasons!” How about we ask the people at Arutz Sheva? Are they also a notorious hive of “liberal jews?” Or perhaps a bunch of blond-haired, blue-eyed goy supremacists?

    This is an interesting quote from the above rant:

    “of course this war is for the Jews and Israel, and instead of hiding from the accusation, or crying, ‘anti-Semitic slur’, we should gratefully acknowledge… Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat, Bashar Assad… are the modern day Hamans

    But what’s a Haman? Oh, I see — it’s a reference to an old Hebrew folk tale/ revenge fantasy. So when they call someone “Haman,” it means that they want to kill them and 75,000 or so of their closest associates… and <a title=”";;eat their ears. Oh, and what’s this?

    “for Jews Haman was a stand-in for Jesus”
    That’s… interesting. Not just hatred of Arabs; some pretty virulent Christophobia associated with the Haman hate legend as well.

    See also the original plan for the Iraq invasion, laid out in 1996 in a “A Clean Break,” a position paper authored by a number of dual-citizen neocons… and presented to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. None of those authors had significant connections to the oil industry (which generally opposed the war). ALL of them were rabid Israel Firsters, and several played leading roles in the W administration in promoting the Iraq War — most notably Douglas Feith and Richard Perle (a known Israeli spy), as well as David Wurmser. Just a cohencidence, I’m sure…

    • Agree: Bro43rd, GazaPlanet
    • Thanks: Craig Nelsen
  11. Bro43rd says:

    But where were all the anti-war leftists during the obama years, hiding in the attics to avoid their persecution, lol. It seems to reason that the anti-war left is really just anti-republican. Proved true by the last 3.75 yrs of virulent orange man bad when he’s been the least war making potus since carter. Otoh, I would guess the author is directly over the target since he’s taking flak from you.
    BTW, I am voting for Jo Jorgensen, not either of the evil candidates. Just can’t stand to let such partisan disinformation go unchallenged.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  12. @Bro43rd

    They were busy in Syria —Assad gassing his own people and white helmets . Likewise Libya ” we came– we saw – he died !!! ( HA HA HA HA HA) –and likewise there was still action brewing in Yemen.

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