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Washington and "Liberal Order" Dealt Another Blow As Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Is Completed
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Despite years of pressure and sanctions from the United States, Russian state-owned energy company Gazprom has finally completed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Nord Stream 2 will exponentially increase the supply of natural gas to Europe, primarily to energy-starved Germany.

The completion of the project is historic, as it is one of the few times in post-war history that Germany has asserted itself and openly defied the will of Washington to pursue its own interests.

Construction of the underwater pipeline began in 2018 and was immediately attacked by the US and Ukraine. In 2019, ambassador Richard Grenell and other Trump administration officials threatened both Russia and the European Union with sanctions if the project was not immediately aborted, but the German government ignored the threat. Last July, Washington caved and signed a deal with Germany that centered around verbally condemning Russia and expressing support for the Ukraine.

The new mechanism for energy transportation to Europe could hurt the already struggling Ukrainian economy. While the Ukrainian government is openly hostile to Russia, they make billions from transit fees when Russian gas is transported through their territory to Western Europe. In has in recent years attempted to use its geographic position to engage in economic attacks by levying tariffs on Russian gas transit. With Nord Stream 2, Russia will be able to circumvent the Ukraine by moving gas through pipes under the Baltic Sea.

Though the European Union insists it will be energy independent in the 2040s through the use of renewable sources, in the short term they hope Nord Stream 2 will be saving them from an energy crisis as winter approaches.

This may be false hope. Many European Union leaders, including Merkel, have assured the US that they will not allow Russia to politicize the pipeline and continues to reiterate that Russian gas will no longer be needed in 25 years anyway. But Gazprom is only contractually obligated to provide 183 billion cubic meters of liquid natural gas until 2022 — not enough to avoid a steep increase in energy bills this winter in Western Europe — and there is no sign that it is feeling particularly generous in providing more.

The reason is not political, but a question of global demand. Global liquid natural gas supplies have been diverted away from Europe to Asia and Brazil during the summer due to the fact that the latter nations were willing to pay a higher price. The European Union is being pressured by the United States to continue attacking Russia and how it conducts affairs on its border, but ultimately, they are in a diplomatic bind due to their need for Gazprom to send more gas.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. A123 says: • Website

    SJW/DNC Washington, Germany, Globalism, and TransAtlantic “Integrationism” achieve a huge milestone at the physical completion of Nordstrom 2. Germany gains power in their quest to force White Christian nations to accept destabilizing numbers of non-white Muslim rape-ugees.

    Christian Hungary and Christian Poland will be the biggest losers if NordStream 2 obtains permission to start up. Right now, pro-Islam German aggression is constrained by the need to receive gas that transits Christian Poland. Given access to energy that does not transit Christian Poland, expect an EU that is less Christian and less White.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @Rahan
    , @Bookish1
  2. Cold Wars are a racket.

    The US will lead a NATO presence in Eastern Europe, pretending they have to defend against a Russian land invasion to impose the Kremlin’s will on Berlin and Paris.

    Meanwhile the Russians have outflanked them, and are delivering energy to Germany in a mutually beneficial bi-lateral trade arrangement.

    Russia and Germany profit, while the US pretends it has to spend almost a trillion dollars annually on military preparedness.

  3. Murica

    • Thanks: schnellandine
  4. Rahan says:

    Right now, as the federal institutions in the US are taken over completely by the deep state and their liberast allies, on the sub-federal level, some red states are trying to assert some autonomy.

    For example after Biden’s speech just now how the kid gloves are off and it’s jabbing time.

    IMO it is crucial for the Red States of the US to start forming first Visegrad-type sub-unions, and to then create bilateral and inter-organizational connections and unions with relevant Eastern European EU states, and even non-cucked states of any other federation, should they exist there, including Brazil, Canada, Australia etc.

    This should have begun yesterday, but it’s not too late. 2021-2022 is the time to start doing this for real–for US and EU member states to start communicating and helping each other out on an intercontinental but sub-federal level.

    Unfortunately, the most patriotic small town Americans are the ones least capable of appreciating that an external world exists. They need to get their heads out of their asses and act now.

    Texas, Florida, Missouri, exchanging envoys and signing pledges with Poland, Hungary, Slovakia. This would instantly strengthen the healthy forces on both continents.

    Later aggressive exchange of students and scientists and shit can begin. Joint police and trooper exercises. Red State kids getting a taste of the cosmopolitan life in Budapest and Prague universities as opposed to Globohomo central. Understaffed businesses in Latvia and Romania bringing in underappreciated professionals from Appalachian depressed zones.

    All of this should be happening already. Damn provincials on both sides. Can’t think strategically for shit, only reacting to current events like textbook dumbfuck reactionaries.

    • Replies: @donut
    , @A123
    , @Notsofast
  5. Bookish1 says:

    Germany has an election coming up soon and some strong anti Islam parties are doing well.

    • Replies: @A123
  6. donut says:

    “They need to get their heads out of their asses and act now. ” And you need to get your head out of the clouds .

  7. A123 says: • Website

    A more effective map would stay inside the EU. Both Italy and Austria are ready to flip to resistance against Muslim rape-ugees.

    The main reason why Italy has not already done so already is Left/Right animus as they are on both sides. The current, failed Pope also poses problems for Italian resistance. Fortunately, he is losing credibility daily (much like Not-The-President Biden).

    I keep hoping that France will get its act together and become a proper resistance nation, but that looks less and less likely.

    PEACE 😇

  8. A123 says: • Website

    You can use this link to look for updates about Germany.

    The site focuses on Visegrád 4 news, so it does not have the usual multicultural gibberish.

    Sadly, the biggest gainer from Laschet’s collapse is the Green party. It is hard to see immigration resistance parties being included in the next coalition.

    The only good news is as an anti-hydrocarbon fuel party, The Greens may refuse to start NordStream 2. However, this also seems unlikely.

    PEACE 😇

  9. Anon[408] • Disclaimer says:

    The big 3 Germans parties (CDU, SPD, and Greens) are all extreme vassals of Washington in foreign policy questions.

    Take a look at the Green Party platform on foreign policy – This could have been written by Wolfowitz or Bolton.

    On another note – the Levantine refugees/immigrants to Germany are 40-50% Christian.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  10. @Priss Factor

    Everything is fake and staged.

    — RAMZPAUL (@ramzpaul) September 10, 2021

    Has AOC seen this yet. I’m sure she could pick up a few pointers from that pair of grifters. Although, I can’t blame the kid too much seeing as how his mother was coaching him.

    One thing I know for sure. When it came to her orgasms she could probably pull a good Elaine Benes, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  11. …energy-starved Germany.

    Maybe they shouldn’t have scrapped their nuclear program to invest a trillion Euro in hippie power. France has two nuclear units on the Rhine that does nothing else than service Germany when their green toys don’t produce.

    The completion of the project is historic, as it is one of the few times in post-war history that Germany has asserted itself and openly defied the will of Washington to pursue its own interests.

    American power in Germany was broken when Kohl – the last German chancellor worth a damn – decided to re-unite the Fatherland, effectively bringing the European theater back to 1914.

  12. Cking says:

    What did the great ‘Liberal Globalist Elite’ expect? Wasn’t this the plan all along, you’d think? Would Germany actually defy the Western powers? No, Germany obeys. Germany was forced to terminate its’ own, very safe and technologically sophisticated, national, nuclear fueled, energy grid and was lucky that Russia and the West made it happen. The real threat is coming from the ‘West’, so dedicated to their special project, ‘radical population reduction’, that unleashes economic collapse on us all, we’re not supposed to notice.

  13. Anonymous[349] • Disclaimer says:

    This site needs to stop approving A123’s comments.

    • LOL: A123
  14. Notsofast says:

    what you’re failing to take into account is that the majority of these red states including florida and texas have servile israeli ass licking governments and nothing is more deep state than israel.

    • Replies: @Rahan
  15. Rahan says:

    Welp, let’s see how the whole Israel dynamic goes after the 4th and 5th jab start to reveal the nature of “the new variants”.

    The US contains like another whole Israel as Jewish population numbers. After the fall of the USSR the non-patriotic Jews got filtered out into Israel and America, and those who remained in Russia are mostly “normal Jews” with the exception of the occasional obligatory liberast blogger or reptilian oligarch.

    The US also has a serious hidden strata of normal Jews like in Russia (and Israel, for that matter), who are invisible due to the hyper-influence of the US liberast Jews, US zionist Jews, and US reptilian oligarchs.

    But mark my words. Very, very soon, the more it become obvious what the reptilians and liberasts did to Israel and the rest of the world, the more the Jews in the red states will become equivalents of modern Russian Jews.

    I.e. turbo-patriotic anti-Zionist like Solovyov or Zhirinovsky, who are called antisemitic monsters by globohomo Jews, when they say things like that “if Jews stop behaving like kikes antisemitism will disappear”.

    Perhaps soon enough anti-kike Jews will start playing important roles in red states. Hell, Shapiro himself might go through a Solovyov cathartic metamorphosis once the jab-fiesta facts go public.

  16. When it comes to the concrete needs of people, they will do what they have to and regardless of politics.

  17. @My SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    I have always believed Jerry Seinfeld and still do, that his show was about NOTHING.

  18. @Anon

    I could not agree more. One only needs to see what they do. It’s utterly illogical and in most cases in no way serves the best interests of the German population.

  19. JLK says:

    Can’t blame Germany for wanting this pipeline completed. They want to trade with Russia, not fight. A lot of VWs and Mercedes on the Moscow ring road.

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