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War On Free Speech: Brooklyn Politicians Call On NYPD to "Investigate" Man for Flag Inside His Home
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Nosey Jewish groups and yarmulke-wearing politicians are demanding the NYPD take action after looking into a Brooklyn man’s apartment and spotting a Swastika banner hanging from his wall.

Councilman Mark Treyger, a Ukrainian-Jew who represents South Brooklyn, requested a police investigation into the man engaging in First Amendment activity in his own home. The NYPD informed him that no crime was being committed, and in response, Treyger has decided to try and whip up hysteria in his community even after the man in the apartment in question acquiesced to his demands to take the flag down.

Treyger’s response is one of many instances of the First Amendment being rapidly whittled down in American life, particularly in New York.

Last month New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law banning the display or sale of Confederate flags, Swastikas and “other symbols of hate” on public property. In practice, this means a protest group cannot legally display these symbols nor can they be sold by street vendors. Under the poorly thought out piece of legislation, no exemptions are made for an individual wearing a t-shirt with a Confederate flag or Swastika walking on the streets of New York, who in theory could potentially be charged with a crime.

Governor Cuomo and others admit that the ban is a flagrant violation of the First Amendment, but don’t seem to care. The transition of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) into an exclusively left-wing activist organization that will not defend the rights of political dissidents has created a legal vacuum that NGOs, Jewish activists and politicians have capitalized on to shut down free speech.

The Supreme Court ruling in Smith v. Collin (1978) makes it clear that Americans have a right to display flags and engage in political speech even when the content offends Jews.

The lack of respect for American values in the name of protecting feelings also goes one way. The Israeli flag is seen as a symbol of hate, racism and genocide by numerous classes of people, yet the right to display it is not being questioned. Enrique Tarrio of the Proud Boys was arrested in Washington DC earlier today over a previous incident where a group of men expressed their offense over a flag representing the highly polarizing Black Lives Matter movement.

Ultimately, without a new legal organization that fights in the courts to consistently defend political and artistic speech, the government is free to push through hate speech legislation, unimpeded.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Freedom of Speech, Political Correctness 
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  1. Phantom says:

    Bad enough the kikes run all of the banks, now the hook-noses want to run your homes, too.

    • Troll: botazefa
    • Replies: @Dago Shoes
  2. Stick says:

    Looking forward to NYC dying in a fire.

  3. Exile says:

    Jews are outraged when any White man anywhere is not under constant Jewish surveillance.

    We cannot live with these people. They have to go – Israel, the Pale, the Moon, I don’t care where.

    As the man says at closing time, “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

  4. Anonymous[157] • Disclaimer says:

    This story makes me want to buy something with a swastika on it.
    What about people with swastika tattoos?
    What about Swastika, New York,
    Swastika Lake, Wyoming,
    Swastika Mountain, Oregon, or
    Swastika, Ontario

  5. @Phantom


    What … have you somehow missed the last 100+ years of our US History … and how the jew$ have manipulated US every which way from Sunday to act against our interests (remember how the US was conned into getting into WW1?) and solely in the interests of jews and israelis (the perpetual wars in the Middle East — WMDs and all that BS) … and we haven’t even gotten to legitimate questions about their involvement in the assassinations of JFK and RFK … and the whole 9/11 episode.

    Read Philip Giraldi’s column from earlier today on this site …

  6. What … have you somehow missed the last 100+ years of our US History … and how the jew$ have manipulated US every which way from Sunday to act against our interests

    The ACLU defended Margaret Sanger, and later backed Planned Parenthood of Connecticut in having that state’s Comstock law overturned. The birth rate in Connecticut has since gone down the toilet.

    They helped replace compulsory Christian prayer with evolution in the public schools. You saw how that turned out this summer.

    Then Roe… Are we up to 50 million dead white babies yet? In the US, there was a Protestant-and/or-atheist figurehead in these cases. In Canada, they didn’t even bother with that:

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