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US Response to China's Hypersonic Missile Test Fails for Third Time
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Earlier this week, the Financial Times broke the story that China successfully tested a hypersonic glider capable of delivering a nuclear payload.

The alleged launch, which Chinese officials are publicly denying, occurred in late July. American defense systems are incapable of countering the technology, which travels through space to complete a revolution around earth.

The combination of a glider with an orbiter is not groundbreaking and has been replicated in the past by the US. What makes the Chinese prototype unique is that it is designed to strike a target with a mounted nuclear weapon that evades current radar and missile defense technology.

The timing of the Pentagon leaking this story to the Financial Times appears to have been a deliberate act to build hype for the US’ most recent hypersonic weapons tests this week.

Yet, in a shocking embarrassment, the booster rockets meant to propel America’s version of the device failed during a trial in Alaska. The hypersonic body could not tested.

This is now the Pentagon’s third failed attempt at launching the space-age weapon since April. Analysts are now warning that China and Russia may be further ahead of the US in the ongoing arms race than previously thought.

The weapons contractor Lockheed Martin is the most prominent among those developing America’s hypersonic missiles industry. The company is able to secure contracts from the Pentagon by lobbying and buying off politicians in Congress.

The amount of corruption involved in the Department of Defense’s (DoD) contracts with the military defense industry appears to be catching up to Washington. Last February the US Air Force admitted that Lockheed’s expensive F-35 jet, which was meant to revolutionize American air supremacy, is a failure. The F-35 program in total is expected to waste an eye-watering \$1.7 trillion by the time it has run its lifecycle.

China’s military budget is \$252 billion a year while America’s is \$733 billion. US military spending has long been criticized as a source of graft and fraud that appears to be causing problems for America’s ability to project imperial power as competitors arise.

The Biden administration’s appointment of Lloyd Austin to lead the DoD despite his massive conflicts of interest related to his deep financial ties to the weapons industry has been noted as a personification of this issue.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, China, China/America 
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  1. Llyod Austin

    Planet of the Apes

    The Civil War wasn’t worth it……

  2. BuelahMan says:

    All the colors on his chest will never erase the color of his skin (nor the mental deficiency contained within.)

    • LOL: Unit472
    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  3. Elites are a reflection of the culture and vice versa America needs to change both and the only successful model of that has been war and conquest. America needs to be conquered by a superior culture, regrettably no superior culture has any interest in America and America is only attractive to those with American values of easy money. Those Haitians at the border are very American. The best thing for Americans of superior culture to do is flee to a nation of superior culture, any other action is impossible because Americans are incapable of collective political action.

    Remembered how they rigged the primaries against Ron Paul, against Bernie Sanders(not even a threat to the system)? They force decisions on you and you just take it. You can’t have grassroots democracy at the same time that they’re is a loneliness epidemic.

    • Agree: Daemon
  4. Notsofast says:

    it is amazing how china and russia can steal our technology that we haven’t yet developed.

  5. anon[219] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    A lot of myths circulating.

    Defied the laws of physics? Please. What stupid ass said that? And no description of why someone was lead to believe that.

    No idea how they did it? Please, it’s nothing new. They’ve been testing these for some time, even in cooperation with the US military.

    If they attack from the South we have no early warning system? Please, the NORAD has advanced radars that can track any craft coming from any direction within or outside the US. This sounds like a rehash of the 9/11 lie that NORAD is only set up to defend incoming planes. A lie.

    This craft is invulnerable to ABM? When the glider re-enters it has to maintain a rigid posture to absorb heat properly. If it maneuvered then it would burn up or be destroyed by aerodynamic forces. So it is completely vulnerable to ABM during re-entry.

  6. Eric

    Stay away from IQ test score psychometric jibber-jabber for it is a confussing morass of spurious correlations that has 0 relevance to the race-replacement issue. Jared Taylor did terrible damage to the movement against post-1965 race-replacement policy…Jared got a thrill in the 90s and 2000s going on TV…radio….telling Huwhite America that they were less intelligent than the Han People…..

    As for as the sexual pervert Vaush goes….he is a race-replacement enthusiast for economic reasons…but the existential axiom for Native Born White American Working Class People is that there is no economic case for White Race Replacement for it is White Genocide…..Therefore, why are you even debating debating the creepy sexual pervert Vaush? For to debate this subhuman sexual pervert is to legitimize the economic case for race-replacing The Historic Native Born White Working Class Historic Majority with Chinese and Hindus and Muslims…street by street…town by town….County by County…State by State….across America…

  7. @War for Blair Mountain

    The photo

    Military Analyst The Saker’s favorite demographic color for his new anti-white America…..

  8. Realist says:

    China’s military budget is \$252 billion a year while America’s is \$733 billion.

    That is the official government number…in reality, it is probably over one trillion dollars…when the cost of the CIA, NSA, and other off-budget expenses are considered.

  9. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Way back in the Kennedy years it was the ‘missile gap’, now it’s the ‘hypersonic gap’. It’s always the same fear peddling to the American public, a fixture of American politics. Foreign baddies are always coming to get us when in reality it’s been the reverse, the US going overseas to attack other countries. Alarm bells are ringing because some country has demonstrated they might be capable of fighting back. Now’s the opportunity to jack up greater military spending, a transfer of income scheme from the middle classes to the upper.

  10. BorisMay says:

    Don’t trust anyone.

    Follow the money.

    These are what you need to apply to understand the current situation.

    Lloyd Austin, sophisticated weapon systems, amounts of fiat currency spent on warfare, capitalism and communism etc are all window dressing for the vain or gullible.

    The future of nuclear war is not the Planet of the Apes scenario, but the Israeli nuclear attack on Beirut harbour complex…clean small accurate devices, usually placed by hand in advance of use.

    After all, who wants to inherit a useless wasted landscape?

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
  11. BorisMay says:

    Lloyd Austin is an interesting man.

    What he proves is how utterly incompetent his predecessors were!

    They all were as incompetent as him, and many were significantly worse, which only goes to prove that it is the military culture and the Mickey Mouse uniform that is the problem and not the colour of the man.

    If you doubt me maybe you should read up on Shaka Zulu…

    Still, Austin occupies the minds of the dumb racists and diverts their attention from the real problems of an inflated military (more generals and admirals than there are military units), that are more concerned with political correctness than fighting efficiency.

    • Agree: anyone with a brain
  12. KenH says:

    America is now like the Soviet Union and China and Russia are like America was in the 1980’s as concerns military spending. Then the moribund Soviet Union spent large sums of money on massive quantities of older, technologically inferior weapons and weapons systems and a massive standing army while the U.S. focused more on technological advancements that would give us a tactical and strategic edge and a smaller standing army.

    Today China and Russia spend far less but are more innovative than the U.S. I think Russia’s military budget is only about 55 billion a year. The roles have been reversed. Now the Jew controlled U.S. is moribund and sclerotic.

    But if anyone can right the ship an affirmative action black man with a chip on his shoulder and hatred of white American can!

  13. Unit472 says:

    The German V-2 was the first hypersonic weapon and it wasn’t that effective. It could only attack large stationary area targets like London or Paris. Germany had more effective alternative weapon systems ( the Me-262 jet fighter and the Arado 234 jet bomber) that could have used the resources poured into V-2 production and actually affected the outcome of the war.

    As already noted hypersonic projectiles have to decelerate at lower altitudes or burn up from air friction. Targeting is also a problem. X-15’s could go 4500 mph but not below 100,000 feet. A US warship is relatively slow ( lets say 30 mph ) but that is fast when your fire and forget interceptor weapon is launched from 1000 or more miles away. Even at 5,000 mph it will take a hypersonic missile more than 12 minutes to reach the vicinity of the putative US warship target which can be as much as 5 miles from where you thought it was when the interceptor was launched.

    Operation Crossroads on Bikini Atoll in mid 1946 showed the limitations of kiloton range atomic explosions against warships. The press was disappointed few ships even close to the detonation point were sunk during the first airburst test. The 2nd test, which was detonated underwater, was more successful in sinking nearby vessels from the tsunami created but this was in a shallow lagoon not the open ocean.

    Nuclear weapons have gotten smaller and more powerful since 1946 but even a 100 kiloton warhead is going to have to get closer than a couple of miles to destroy a modern aircraft carrier and at that range can be attacked by carrier point defense weaponry.

  14. Unit472 says:

    I should have added this caveat.

    You fire a nuclear warhead at a US Navy ship you have opened the door to Hell for very little gain.

    If it hits its target and destroys a US warship you still have the rest of the US and allied Navy fleets to deal with. Since you have used atomic weapons first you will now have to expect the US to reply in kind, Our SLBM will reduce China ( or Russia) to former nation states. Depressed trajectory launches can hit coastal cities in less than 30 minutes. Then the rest of the US nuclear arsenal arrives.

    Nuclear armed hypersonic missiles are just expensive bluffs. Their use only means the megatons arrive soon afterwards.

    • LOL: Verymuchalive
    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  15. @Unit472

    In return a large stationary target like America will be completely destroyed by Russian and Chinese nuclear weapons.
    I suggest that the American MIC could better spend its money making America mobile, preferably extra-terrestrial, literally. I’m sure they could justify the expenditure.

    • Replies: @Unit472
  16. Altai says:

    In fairness, the problem for the US military is not that they don’t have their own hypersonic missiles, their advantage was always the massive scale and ability to launch attacks, both conventional and nuclear on enemies.

    What hypersonic missiles do pose a problem with is when they are in the hands of enemies, the US having their own doesn’t change much.

    What the US should be investing in is means to defend and defeat these weapons that will almost surely have to come in the form of lasers that can be pointed and aimed in a timely fashion. The kinds of missile intercepting lasers that the US has been testing are huge and take too long to rotate on their mountings to intercept a properly planned attack on a US carrier group with the kinds of weapons that will be available to Russia, China and, presumably Iran, in the near future.

    In the 70s the Soviet naval doctrine changed to be about putting as much ordinance on their ships as possible. The plan was to nullify US carrier groups by posing the threat of being able to saturate the carriers defenses. (The much smaller Soviet carriers that appeared in the 70s were even redesigned to have some valuable deck space taken up with some launchers)

    A major coup for the US occurred when the Aegis systems were developed in response and it was the Soviet fleets that found their threat and whole tactical doctrine nullified in the late 70s.

    Now, however, the development of hypersonic missiles which would likely have occurred in the 90s had the Cold War not ended when it did, have come around full circle to make saturation of US carrier group defenses a reality again as a viable strategy.

    The correct way for the US to respond is to find a way to defend against them not spend resources making their own.

  17. Unit472 says:

    Given the composition of America’s biggest urban centers a nuclear war might be the only way to save the original United States. Am I really going to weep if New York City and its millions of ersatz Americans is obliterated. Chicago and its gangs? Houston and its negroes and Mohammedans? Not likely. The Chinese or Russians would just be annihilating the Democrat parties demographic base.

  18. @Unit472

    Germany ran out of fuel before any of your ordinance arguments could be effectively tested anyway.

    And they had no nuclear warheads.

    “Even at 5,000 mph it will take a hypersonic missile more than 12 minutes to reach the vicinity of the putative US warship target which can be as much as 5 miles from where you thought it was when the interceptor was launched.”

    So are you saying that these new fangled weapons have no en route course adjustment capabilities?

  19. antibeast says:

    The USA tested a hypersonic glide missile which was supposed to travel at Mach 5 or above, after reaching near atmospheric levels from a booster rocket, before descending to its intended target. But the booster rocket failed which didn’t allow the hypersonic glide missile to even reach near atmospheric levels.

    China tested a hypersonic space vehicle which reached low earth orbit and encircled the globe, after reaching outer space from an orbital rocket, before descending to its intended destination. Contrary to Western media reports, the Chinese space test wasn’t any missile, hypersonic or nuclear, but an orbital space vehicle.

    • Replies: @Unit472
  20. Unit472 says:

    That is just a MIRV- a multiple independent re-entry vehicle which have been around since 1970 and deployed on American and Soviet ICBMs. Calling it a hypersonic weapon is, I guess the Russian and Chinese equivalent of their “MIC”. Repackaging the old as a new weapon system.

    Do you really think that no American design team has looked at increasing the speed of weapon systems? What in the hell do you think Dornberger and Crossfield were doing when they built the X-15 or Convair the B-58 in the late 1950’s

    • Replies: @antibeast
  21. Unit472 says:

    The physics haven’t changed since then. The atmosphere is still the same. The aerodynamic factors are known. Adding microchips does not allow you to exceed them. Might gain some small improvements through material science but nothing radical enough to overcome them!

  22. antibeast says:

    Not really as MIRVs can’t “glide” through airspace near atmospheric levels nor perform mid-course corrections. The only thing MIRVs have in common with HGVs are the usage of booster rockets. But the similarity stops there because the booster rocket for MIRVs serve as the ballistic missile which traverse a pre-determined arc through space and re-enters the atmosphere before the MIRVs detaches from the booster rocket and heads towards the target. You’re also wrong about their inability to withstand extreme heat at MACH 5 or above as they use special alloys for high-temperature conditions. Lastly, hypersonic anti-ship missiles such as the DF-17 don’t need nuclear warheads as the kinetic energy alone would be enough to destroy any ship.

    Both China and Russia have developed, tested and deployed hypersonic missiles including HGVs such as the failed test by the USA. What China tested wasn’t a hypersonic glide missile but rather a hypersonic orbital vehicle which used a booster rocket to propel it into low-earth orbit and then re-entered the atmosphere as a hypersonic glider. Missiles don’t orbit the earth but traverse through outer space in a pre-determined arc (ballistic) or glide near the atmosphere with mid-course correction (hypersonic).

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