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US Government Funded Antifa "Private Spies" Launch Program to Dox Nationalists In 20 Eastern European Nations
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Private intelligence outlet Bellingcat is planning a US government backed “anti-fascist” information war against right-wing political activists in Eastern Europe, according to a wanted ad on their website.

The program, titled the Anti-Equality Monitoring Project, will focus on the following nations: Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

Bellingcat, which is funded by the CIA front known as National Endowment for Democracy (NED), mimics Julian Assange’s Wikileaks in style and methods, but functions purely to advance US intelligence operations around the world.

According to the Bellingcat Monitoring recruitment ad, groups espousing nationalist, anti-LGBT, and anti-feminist beliefs in Eastern Europe are not sufficiently attacked or surveilled locally, so they will be picking up the slack.

Fit with an origin story and fawning astroturfed media coverage, the US and British governments have been eager to promote their “private spies” at Bellingcat as idealistic and innovative Millennial internet sleuths.

They have been largely unsuccessful in selling this image. The organization has been widely panned by both the anti-war left and the right as a government disinformation outfit.

In one stark example, last year Bellingcat was forced to apologize to respected British intellectual Peter Hitchens, who they targeted in a coordinated defamation campaign for questioning the Douma chemical attack story that neo-conservatives were trying to use as an excuse for military intervention in Syria. Bellingcat held that the attack was real and that all those who disagreed were nefarious Kremlin trolls. They received a black eye when whistleblowers at the OPCW later testified that their Assad gas attack report was indeed a contrived fraud.

In most of Eastern Europe, American style “Antifa” groups do not hold much sway and are often heavily outnumbered in the street. Sources in Serbia have told National Justice that self-described journalists from the United States have been trying to help organize “Antifa” groups to use as a bludgeon against nationalists in their country for a few years now.

It is clear that like Black Lives Matter, “Antifa” style activism is a tool of US government soft power. Governments in Eastern Europe have a duty to protect their citizens from malicious foreign espionage regardless of their beliefs, but it remains to be seen if they will.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. sher singh [AKA "Jatt Aryaa"] says:


  2. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    It is clear that like Black Lives Matter, “Antifa” style activism is a tool of US government soft power.

    Yes, these supposed anti-establishment groups are put together as part of government subversion policies everywhere, foreign and domestic. Of particular dislike are nationalists because they generally espouse sentiments for what’s good for their people. What’s wanted are internationalists and corruptible types who’ll sell out their people for exploitation by the US. The US apparently has plenty of money to throw around as it seeks to tighten its grip on everything and everyone.

    • Replies: @Realist
  3. Cutler says:

    They will be unsuccessful in these pursuits just as the EU planned tv channel in Russia to counter the Kremlins will be, They are however very good at wasting money in woke projects that go nowhere.

  4. Anon[124] • Disclaimer says:

    This is a FOREIGN Government interfering with another Nation’s ELECTIONS.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  5. “self-described journalists from the United States have been trying to help organize “Antifa” groups”

    If they try that on the streets, they will attract a lot of attention from East European counter espionage, who are well informed about America’s color revolution tricks. Like Pussy Riot, they will be exposed as Western intelligence assets and suffer for it.

    Antifa live in fear of being physically assaulted in Russia if they go public.

    • Replies: @anon
  6. Realist says:

    The US apparently has plenty of money to throw around as it seeks to tighten its grip on everything and everyone.

    There is always plenty of fiat money.

    I agree with your comments.

  7. El Dato says:

    I suppose Petrov and Borisov are currently boarding.

  8. dvorak says:

    If you ever wondered why FBI is soft on antifa, now you know it’s because antifa is a CIA tool.

    And because antifa is our pro-government militia.

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
    • Replies: @El Dato
  9. El Dato says:

    In that context, the CIA putting out recruiing ads about deranged ultra-intersectional people working at the company makes sense as convincing their elected Tonton Macoutes that they are on their side.

  10. Before the worldwide bioterror/psy-op attack of Covid-19, when France was in turmoil because the working class, represented by the passionate, ragtag Gilets Jaunes, was having no more of the stranglehold of neoliberal policies on their already meager livelihoods, illegitimate bankster stooge President Macron tried to cast the Gilets as “neofascists” and “Russian stooges.” Then, lo and behold, at a number of Gilets Jaunes demonstrations in southern cities like Marseille and elsewhere, “Antifa” groups suddenly began to show up and clash with elements in the Gilets crowd whom they deemed “right-wing.”


    “Antifa” thugs in Germany also like to harass skeptics of the Covid narrative, when they take to the streets to protest having all their civil rights suppressed.


    “Antifa” mercenaries are also known to take part in the Kurd-held “Rojava” pseudo-experiment in Syria, which has all the hallmarks of a CIA propaganda ploy, with all these dusky hot babes posing for US magazines in their badass military gear.


    At any rate, the spooks, with all these new “woke” ads, have decided to let the cat out of the bag. We no longer need “theorize.”

    • Thanks: beavertales
  11. The best thing Europe could ever do for itself would be to kick America out once and for all.

  12. Tom Verso says:

    To: JazzHands McFeels c/o Striker
    Jazzhands I am attempting to communicate with you through Striker because I am not a subscriber to TRS network and the comment section for your Sunday show is behind a paywall.

    Accordingly: you may be making a serious misrepresentation of China’s constitution visa vis BlackRock at about 55 mim on the tape of your 5/23/21 show.

    You suggest or say, more or less (its hard to quote you because of you lace ad lib shtick into your rambling narrative) that China’s constitution had be changed to allow BlackRock to do business with China state owned companies.

    According to Michael Hudson ‘state owned financial’ companies are wholly owned by the government. As I understand him, the constitution does not prohibit state owned companies from entering into minority positions with non-state owned companies or foreign companies.

    Essentially, state owned China Construction Bank Corp has simply made what it judges to be a good investment (i.e. benefit the people of China) in a joint venture with BlackRock et al. BlackRock is not part of the ownership or management of the CCBC as per the constitution.

    There is no basis for comparison of BlackRock in US banking and China’s state owned banks.

  13. anon[768] • Disclaimer says:

    now I get the masks bit, they will be able to shift antifa activists from country-to-country when they have a psy-op planned in a city. Then a eastern european country will suddenly have a suprising number of antifa on the ground ( because half are foreigners, some military).

  14. I doubt the USA/UK will be able to ruin most of these places. Their power is in fairly rapid decline, soft and otherwise. My people might still exist in 500 years. I have hope, not for the US/UK, etc., but for elsewhere, I have hope.

    Attempting to engineer the extinction of a sub-species is a very evil thing. It’s why I’m not too bothered about leaving the US, it wasn’t our land to begin with. If it wants to become a third world country I guess that’s what it will become. I do find it strange that SJW’s and the media seem to almost completely ignore native americans. Guess it just shows how shallow and unnatural their ideology is. Blacks in the US have it better than they ever could have had it anywhere else on the planet, especially in Africa. NA’s are the only ones with a legitimate grievance.

  15. IHLRB says:

    Wow! This is the first I’ve heard about this. On the other hand, I wouldn’t worry too much. The people of Eastern Europe are collectively proud of their race, they are against liberalism in any form, they secure their borders, they’re very anti-Islam and they WILL NOT put up with Antifa or leftist behavior there. Hell, even in Georgia some Georgian guys climbed up to remove an LGBT flag. Eastern European men will fight invaders or leftists. Eastern Europeans have had a long history of being invaded and ruled over by ‘others’ and they don’t want it again. Again, Eastern European men will fight!

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