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Trump's Latest Pardons: Jewish Gangsters and Murderous Mercenaries Win Out Over Prisoners of Conscience
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As the Trump administration winds down, the growing movement calling for a pardon of physically ill incarcerated Australian journalist Julian Assange has been snubbed once again in favor of thugs and fraudsters connected to the Chabad-Lubavitch sect.

The latest clemency proposal granted to the Aleph Institute, which is controlled by members of Chabad-Lubavitch, is Philip Esformes. Esformes was sentenced to 20 years in prison last year after swindling $1.4 billion dollars in tax payer money through Medicare fraud. Esformes’ family made a large donation to the Aleph Institute prior to Trump breaking him out of jail. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Trump ally Alan Dershowitz, both active Zionists, are being credited with the decision.

Esformes is by no means the sole beneficiary of Aleph’s special access to the Trump White House. Five of Trump’s last 24 presidential pardons were granted at the behest of Aleph, including Charles Kushner, Jared’s crooked real estate mogul father, Daniela Gozes-Wagner, another Medicare fraudster, and Mark Shapiro and Irving Stitsky, two men who schemed to raise $25 million dollars from 250 investors in a fake development project.

It should be noted that the third defendant convicted for aiding in Shapiro and Stitsky’s scam, a Gentile named William B. Foster, was not pardoned.

Trump’s fixation on pardoning war criminals has also been put on full display. The four Blackwater contract killers who orchestrated the Nisour Square massacre in 2007 have now been freed by Trump. The incident, where over a dozen Iraqi civilians, including two children, were shot in cold blood became an international public relations headache for Washington’s occupation in Iraq at the time.

But Trump’s love for war criminals should not be confused for loyalty to the military. Duncan Hunter, a Republican congressman who stole funds collected on behalf of needy veterans to buy gifts for his mistresses and flights for his pet rabbit, was also exonerated by the president’s pen.

While pardoning patriots like Edward Snowden or genuine journalists being tortured by the US government like Julian Assange would be popular moves that could salvage Trump’s presidential legacy, the White House is doubling down as it reaches the bottom of its descent into naked cronyism.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Jews, Julian Assange 
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  1. This cast makes the “Night Gallery” tame by comparison. Those names –Kushner- Shapiro ( is this the aame Shapiro who wrote Trump’s College Entrance Exams?) – Stitsky –( Roy Cohn is gone) and “Mark Twain – Blackwater !” These rogues are indeed bad but on the other hand we have the combined team of Hunter Biden—Dmitry Firtash and Epstein with Weiner? I can hardly wait for the outcome of this upcomiing match–should be a ring a ding dandy –Referee Whitey Dropko .

  2. We were hoping that Assange, Snowden, Schulte, Manning, and other whistleblowers would be pardoned! Instead, Charles Kushner was pardoned! This loser destroyed his own sisters family and had the audacity to claim that he believed that God and his parents would forgive him, but not his sister and brother in law for helping the government, after his brother in law testified that Charles Kushner was involved in 16 counts of tax evasion, and vio,ation of election laws and campaign contribution violations, so, Charles did what any low life thug would do, higher a prostitute to lure his brother in law into a hotel room, video tape it, ancsend it to his sister! Does Charles Kushner believe that God and his parents will forgive Jared, Ivanka, and Donald for helping the governments imprisonments of Assange, Schulte, and other whistle blowers,  charges 
    against Assange and Snowden, and the imprisonment of millions of Americans over victimless, non-violent, drug and alcohol charges? Or is Charles Kushner more important than they are to God in his belief? If they were Jewish would Charles Kushner think that the charges against them enabled by Jared, Ivanka, and Donald were unforgiveable as well? Is it that their lives don’t matter because they are not Jewish in Charles’ Jared’s, and Ivanka’s eyes? You know who else isn’t Jewish? Donald Trump. Remember? People may have forgotten that since he has foccussed on normalizing relations between Israel and Islamic countries while simultaneously ficcussing on abnormalizing relations between America and the rest of the world and has signed many confessions of high crimes for 1st amendment violations which have made Judaism a defacto establishment of religion in America through many double 
    standards in censorship, self-determination, free speech, etc.

    Andrea Iravani–intimidation-whos-charles-kushner-a-man-pardoned-by-trump/

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  3. What a total disgrace. Zion Don the forever-fellator of Chabad devil-worshippers. A fitting end to decades of grift. Guess he owed them money. Smells as every bit as putrid as Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  4. Trump = A pile of turd.

  5. Given that the anti-9-11-truth, Israel-shielding Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, are long established to be CIA fakers, as every major world government knows –

    And given that the ‘colour revolution’ CIA gang is closely tied to George Soros and Dominion voting systems and to the anti-Trump election fraud … Trump has every right to make the CIA angry by not ‘pardoning’ these fakers, as the CIA tries to wind down the scam

    Assange & Snowden were both made ‘famous’ by core CIA media vehicles, NYT and Guardian, who systematically ignore real dissidents … They serve as ‘rat traps’ to identify and destroy real dissidents lured into contacting Assange, Greenwald etc … several people who did contact them, are dead or in jail … we don’t know how many real whistle-blowers they helped silence and murder … they also de-legitimise any real dissidents who don’t have corporate media touting them

    – Zbig Brzezinski on 29 Nov 2010, USA PBS TV News Hour, admitted Assange was intel
    – Bibi Netanyahu blurted out to Israeli media long ago, that Assange was an Israeli asset, Julian hiding any major anti-Israel ‘leaks’

    Julian ‘never really lived in the London Ecuador Embassy’ Assange, pre-staged faker ‘Edward Snowden’ – first allegedly ‘leaking’ to Dick Cheney’s biographer (!), then pumped by ‘brave Jewish journalist’ and ex-seller-of-gay-pornography Glenn Greenwald, working in turn for 3 billionaire families (Gates, Rothschild, Omidyar)


    – Good CIA boys Assange & Snowden both suppress files on USA Virginia federal judge bribery & extortion corruption which helped block other extraditions, even tho key to their ‘defence’
    – Assange shared lawyer with Rothschilds, Rothschild sister-in-law posted Assange bail
    – Assange helped Rothschilds destroy rival bank Julius Baer in Switzerland with his ‘leaking’, Snowden stuff was nothing substantially new, NSA-CIA spying was well known previous decade
    – 3 people trusting Assange dead – Peter W Smith, Seth Rich, John Jones – others jailed
    – Assange lawyer John Jones of Doughty Chambers, thrown under a train & killed in the UK, apparently about to expose Assange was CIA-Mossad fraud, never really ‘living’ at the Ecuador embassy
    – Putin openly hints he knows Snowden is fake, he plays along under long-running CIA-Russia deals (Russia supports 9-11 story, US keeps quiet about Chechnya crimes / false flagging)
    Link above for more

    • Thanks: Malla
  6. Trumps sucks, what else to say.

  7. Franz says:

    the White House is doubling down as it reaches the bottom of its descent into naked cronyism

    If there be fury, let it be for the hope Trump inspired and betrayed. Whistleblowers are the tip of the iceberg, it’s citizens who have to watch out now.

    This is beyond cronyism and into criminalism.

  8. KenH says:

    Given Trump’s Jewish son in law and his close ties to the Jewish community I figured there’d be pardons for a number of Jewish gangsters and criminals. This will probably buy Trump some protection from politically motivated prosecutions when he leaves office.

    It should enrage all normal white Americans that in a nation we founded and built we must kneel before Jewish power to secure a measure of freedom from prosecution.

  9. anon[281] • Disclaimer says:

    Naturally you only get this relief if the president gets a kickback from skimmed foreign military sales to Israel, but one of Trump’s pardons happens to be pretty damn good. Shapiro and Stitsky, a couple of Kushner’s real estate mobsters, Who gives a shit, right?

    Government DoJ scumbags dictated them a plea bargain. When the kosher nostra mobsters exercised their rights of trial, DoJ pulled charges out their ass to multiply the term by more than ten. From 5 or 9 years to 85. DoJ scumbags, they think, This is the procedure, what’s the problem? It’s the same as when the Inquisition says to you, confess or we’ll rip all your joints out. Confess or you get a life sentence. That’s one of the many reasons why the US judiciary is a global laughingstock.

    The DoJ scumbags don’t know this, they’re pig-ignorant hacks, and neither does Trump, but DoJ’s plea bargaining bullshit breaks the supreme law of the land: coerced confessions in breach of ICCPR Article 14§g. Trump inadvertently became a human rights defender. Trump pardoned them on the basis of common human decency. But DoJ scumbags do not know that common human decency is not just a good idea, it’s the law. Like they used to say about seat belts.

    People need to start pushing this precedent into court, and into treaty bodies, because this is exactly the kind of reform that the Human Rights Committee can compel.

  10. @brabantian

    I thought you’d check and chime in …

    But what has your generic, Pavlovian comment about Assange and Snowden to do with the article?

    While we’re at it, it might be helpful to plumb the depths of your rabbit hole: Is John Pilger, for example, a mere dupe, or another CIA asset?

  11. JimDandy says:

    Announcing the annual William B. Foster award for being hung out to dry after getting into bed with the tribe. This year, William B. Foster was edged out for the award by Donald Trump.

  12. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Does Trump really want to keep hustling America Firsters, patriots, “the Deplorables,” and opponents of the mass murderous CCP for another four years, or is he simply going to pardon his criminal Zionist cronies and call it good? We have our answer.

  13. sarz says:

    You know who else isn’t Jewish? Donald Trump.

    I have brought this up many times in Unz comments and wrote about it in:

    There is by this time a lot more, and more accurate, to say about the topic, but the general thrust is right. Trump is like his father a Jew pretending in the interest of Jews to be a Christian. Trump’s much nicer elder brother Freddy was supposed to follow in those footsteps, but he balked at being such a shit. His path of rebellion was coming out as a Jew by joining a Jewish fraternity at Lehigh. Jewish fraternities don’t take goys, not even shabbos goys. Freddy told them that his famous father Frederick Christ Trump, despite the middle name, was a German Jew. After Trump’s election the frat brothers told the story to the Times, and in the interest of having it both ways, kvelling with deniability, the Times controverted in a single sentence the news it had just retailed, and it didn’t bother with evidence.

    World Jewry was united when they carried out 9/11. But a few years on, Israel was getting to be a burden and a potential threat to Jewry’s number one asset, the control of debt-based high finance. The Iran deal was put in place under Obama’s administration under instruction by the big guys—let’s call them the Rothschilds.

    For years Google had erased an event once on the front page—with pictures—of the Washington Post. I see it’s back. Warren Buffett had flown Arnold Schwarzenegger over to Waddesdon to be vetted by Lord Rothschild in August 2002, before he ran for governor of California. Buffett was quite candid about what he had done. He suggested it was the most natural thing in the world. But those were the days of the free Internet, and there was a huge outcry. The Jews must have realized they had made a mistake being so blunt. In any case, the facts were that to run for high office you had to follow the Judaic rules. They were there for Democrats and for Republicans. Different rules.

    By the time of the nuclear deal, to be either a proper Democrat or a proper Republican you had to be ready to put Israel in its proper place. But there was a considerable movement of ultra-Zionist billionaires who had their own idea. Trump, whose daughter had been dating Lord Rothschild’s son, and who was known as a Jew to the whole Kehillah, decided to take that route (later neatly encapsulated by the Saker as National Zionism) to slake his high ambition, to be the biggest macher of all.

    And what better license for traveling that route than his trump card as a pretend heritage American? That’s what his whole presidency has been about, Trump the Jew contending for the title of King of the Jews with the uncomprehending weight of heritage America behind him. With sincere heritage American thought leaders like Striker thinking his lightning rod son-in-law is the Jew in the White House.

    Remember the early days of Trump’s Q-Anon, when they taunted that they could sense Lynn Rothschild breathing in her bed? Those were the days. But now Trump knows he’s lost. He’s cementing his favor with Chabad and with Prince’s mercenary army. They—and the Iranis—will think twice before rubbing him out. If you’re still waiting for him to do something for heritage Americans, while you’re waiting I can get you a fantastic deal for the Brooklyn Bridge with special near-zero financing.

  14. ATBOTL says:

    Given that the anti-9-11-truth, Israel-shielding Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, are long established to be CIA fakers, as every major world government knows –

    Brabantian is an insane person who pollutes alt-right spaces with garbage. His comments should all be deleted and he should be permanently banned from our entire sphere.

  15. anon[382] • Disclaimer says:

    While pardoning patriots like Edward Snowden or genuine journalists being tortured by the US government like Julian Assange would be popular moves that could salvage Trump’s presidential legacy, the White House is doubling down as it reaches the bottom of its descent into naked cronyism.

    The pardons in which Jerod had some managerial, if not approval control over, and which later accrued to his own family and entourage to some degree, are so blatant and egregious that I would fully expect an effort to not necessarily overturn them, but examine charging for the underlying conspiracy.

    I did not vote for Trump the second time, and I am not attempting to paint over his judgement shortcomings or reliance on hucksters who promise him whatever they know he wants to hear, in order to get into his inner circle, but I am just generally wondering if this may actually be a type of elder abuse?

    Trump reminds me of my own dad’s personality, when he was alive, to the degree that he is highly sociable, enjoys being the center of attention, and he forgets any trespass if someone simply emotes friendship or kindness towards him. That is probably the mark of someone who grew up lacking a lot of examples of kindness or care in their daily life.

    Only people in his inner circle can say for sure, but when you look at the last ditch legal team that he surrounded himself with, the inescapable conclusion that you immediately reach is that he does not appear to be able to detect or select for even a base-line level of realistic competency.

    I am not saying that everyone who was opposed to his presidency should immediately feel kindly toward him, but if you have had older relatives who display similar gaps of judgement, this could easily be exploited by those who see the opportunity in manipulating an older person who has placed a trust in their loyalty.

    It does seem that some of the seeming joy at the mans’ confusion and unhappiness might be overlooking the potential for some one of his age being taken advantage of, for what he can offer, instead of looking after the interests of someone who needs it.

    I would not vote for him again, but I dont ever want to be someone taking joy in someone elses misery.

  16. @Exalted Cyclops

    For the man who said he “loved Wikileaks” as the dirt Assange dug up on Hillary arguably helped to get him elected, what is keeping Trump from doing the right thing and pardoning this beleaguered political prisoner? Trump has a little over 3 weeks to issue a pardon, so there’s still hope, especially with millions of Americans demanding it. IMHO, Assange made a terrible mistake when he wasted several years hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy, but that’s a story for a different day. The way things are going with Trump pardoning so many Jewish financial crooks, I wonder if Bernie Madoff will be next.

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
    • Replies: @Wyatt
    , @Greta Handel
  17. Katrinka says:

    Trump pardons sub human trash.

    Trump’s closet must be stuffed with skeletons.

  18. Wyatt says:

    Trump has a little over 3 weeks to issue a pardon, so there’s still hope, especially with millions of Americans demanding it.

    I’m hoping he’s waiting for a Hail Mary and will do it at the last minute. Of course, even if he does, they’re still gonna try and kill Assange if he does get the pardon. Deep state, jews and deep state jews are vindictive cunts.

  19. @follyofwar

    For the man who said he “loved Wikileaks” as the dirt Assange dug up on Hillary arguably helped to get him elected, what is keeping Trump from doing the right thing and pardoning this beleaguered political prisoner?

    Has it still not dawned on you that he was lying, a politician no better than the others in the puppet show except, apparently, in duping his loyal fans?

    Those charged with the “crime” of exposing Washington’s — Assange, Snowden, and Manning, too — should receive a full pardon.

    I hope I’m wrong, but:

    1. None of the three will be pardoned. After all, they weren’t part of his administration or otherwise supporters of of the unprincipled Mr. Trump.

    2. This episode of cowardly selfishness will, like all the rest, go ignored by his exploited enthusiasts or, if that’s not practicable, rationalized. (“Those treacherous Jews he naively trusted hid the pardoning stationery!”)

    3. Mr. Biden (if he makes it) and Ms. Harris won’t do the right thing, either. (Cf., President Harding and Eugene Debs.)

    4. If ever given the chance, you’ll vote for Mr. Trump again.

  20. Malla says:

    That is why Right Wing political movement of the WEST has to completely separate from Zionism. EDL will not do, gotta go full BNP.

  21. Heymrguda says:

    The Snowden and Asssnge pardons a re kind of a litmus test for me. If Trump does not issue them I’ll have no choice but to admit that, yes he’s the sham that the doubters always claimed he was.

    • Thanks: Greta Handel
  22. It smells like backroom horse trading to me.

    Trump giving something in order to get something, but what?

    What did he trade the Jerusalem recognition for? Or the assassination of an Iranian General for? If Trump is negotiating again, he’d better have options if the parties renege.

  23. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    I think a study of the dominance of Jews among the recipients of presidential pardons is long overdue.

    I’d certainly be fascinated to see one. I’m inclined to count Jonathan Pollard among Trump’s beneficiaries.

  24. B. Anazzi says:

    source on the greenwald porn-peddling?

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