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"Trump Slump": Waning Liberal Outrage Is Killing Antifa
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The “Trump bump” of liberal outrage that helped propel psychopaths and sadists to positions of cultural authority following the shock 2016 election result is in a free fall.

Yesterday, Buzzfeed-owned HuffPost announced that it would be laying off 47 in-house bloggers, a digital media massacre that may be a harbinger of wider industry trends.

One of those terminated, Luke O’Brien, made a name for himself over the years for using his press credentials to terrorize entire families, including getting them fired and inundated with death threats, over online political disagreements.

O’Brien’s behavior, enabled by former Editor-In-Chief Lydia Polgreen (who saw the writing on the wall and left HuffPost in March 2020), even led to a New York Times chastisement after he made the mistake of subjecting a wealthy Jewish family to his abusive practices. O’Brien openly and proudly flaunts his high status in Antifa circles, credentials typically earned by engaging in low-life behavior. His social media profiles are loaded with the amplification of violent left-wing extremists, which in the long term is bound to make him unhireable in more professional outlets.

The HuffPost staff is by no means the only casualty this week.

The Intercept, a once respected publication that brought us the Edward Snowden leaks, is in dire financial straits according to a recent email appealing to the public for funds. The online magazine lost its star and co-founder Glenn Greenwald to Substack in October 2020 due to the stifling nature of his editors and colleagues. The Intercept in recent years made a decision to depart from its traditional editorial line, which focused on criticizing and exposing government abuses, in order to chase shallow liberal identity politics and engage in generic Democratic Party partisanship. After the inauguration of Joe Biden, the wealthy donors they calibrated their message to attract suddenly stopped writing checks.

Also this week, Antifa doxer Jamie Peck appears to have been booted from Sam Seder’s Majority Report. Seder, who is Jewish, is an MSNBC liberal that in 2017 sought to integrate violent communists and anarchists like Peck into his network to help build a post-Charlottesville anti-white “resistance.” Now in the Biden-era, Seder has made a decision to dispose of the mentally unstable and drug-addled Peck and replace her with the younger and more docile “Young Turks” DNC loyalist, Emma Vigeland.

Many were surprised when transvestite “Antifa” celebrity Emily Gorcenski released a letter on Sunday announcing its retirement from militant anti-white activities. Gorcenski, who enjoyed 15 minutes of fame after Charlottesville, has seen its online engagement decline steadily over the years. According to its farewell statement, Gorcenski has suffered significant personal financial and mental strain and a low return on their time invested, ultimately coming to the realization that being a full time “Antifa” troll just isn’t worth it when all is said and done.

Aside from rich liberals getting bored with outrage clickbait, a number of other developments have put pressure on the Antifa/”SJW” industry. The popular patronage site Substack has allowed anti-woke leftist personalities that identity politics inquisitors thought they had canceled like Freddie DeBoer, Matt Taibbi, Michael Tracey and Glenn Greenwald to operate free of ideological commissars, billionaire donors and corporate sponsors.

There is nothing stopping the 47 laid off HuffPost journalists or the staff at the Intercept from opening up their own Substacks, but the problem is ordinary people don’t feel their opinions and “reporting” on who made a racist joke when they were in middle school is worth anything.

Also contributing to their crisis is that energy is leaving the intellectually oppressive environments of Twitter — where “SJWs” and “Antifa” are given an artificial advantage by CEOs and NGOs — for alternative apps like Clubhouse and Telegram that, while imperfect, tolerate a wider range of ideas and debate.

Last but not least, the biggest pushback against the “Judeo-Left” is coming from other leftists themselve. Alexander Reid Ross and Shane Burley, two Jewish men who are some of the American Antifa movement’s most prominent ideologues, have been collaborating with the Zionist/neo-conservative Daily Beast to accuse socialists that are anti-war, anti-Israel or do not fear talking to people on the right of being National Bolsheviks and Third Positionists. Their article attacking various sensible figures such as Norman Finkelstein for writing for or Jimmy Dore for going on Tucker Carlson was widely panned, while Burley is now routinely humiliated and mocked by his own side.

It is hard to see whether this is the end of the inquisition or if the “Antifa” gatekeepers have simply become obsolete. If Merrick Garland and Kristen Clarke are confirmed, the FBI and Department of Justice will have finished morphing into bonafide instruments of open, unconstitutional anti-white tyranny (a process that began under Trump).

Regardless of what comes next, innocent people on both the left and right who have had their lives destroyed by cruel and nasty sociopaths can enjoy a bit of schadenfreude.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. With Trump gone, the spigots of money flowing to ‘the resistance’ are being throttled, and the activists didn’t see it coming.

    Last summer, in the run up to the stolen election, the police cleared a park that had been occupied by BLM/Antifa. The signs of lavish spending were everywhere: tents, kitchens, generators, pallets of bottled water, a booth for voter registration, medical supplies, printed posters and handbills, and the list goes on.

    The ‘resistance’ was equal parts fools who thought they were part of something grassroots, and grifters who showed up to feed at the trough.

    • Replies: @Firefinga
  2. “evil white man” is becoming scarce and the outrage economy will start producing synthetic knockoffs

  3. All good things must come to end. I salute the ANTIFA heroes for ousting Platinum Plan Trump. I hope they key in on whites without college diplomas next.

    • Troll: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  4. sarz says:

    Erik, I see you have been banned on Twitter. I looked for you on Gab. Why not try it out?

  5. In the context of this post-Trump slackening of TRANTIFA & friends domination, it will be interesting to see what happens after Derek Chauvin is acquitted. Will there be the sufficient infrastructure in place, and the desire despite DNC political control, to incite riots across the United States once more?

  6. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    As much as I enjoyed the schadenfreude I don’t cheer anyone losing their job, even the nasty a-holes like Luke O’Brien. What I hope, for their good, is they find honest work where they can be productive members of society. They need a heavy dose of real world.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @anon
  7. Firefinga says:

    Oh they will need at least some infrastructure intact to deploy them again three, four months before the Midterms. You can count on BLM being re-activated in early/mid dummer of 2022.

  8. Antifa is on the wane? Just wait till Derek Chauvin gets acquitted! They’ll burn the rest of the country down.

  9. unwoke says:

    “It is hard to see whether this is the end of the inquisition or if the “Antifa” gatekeepers have simply become obsolete. If Merrick Garland and Kristen Clarke are confirmed, the FBI and Department of Justice will have finished morphing into bonafide instruments of open, unconstitutional anti-white tyranny”

    Garland was confirmed by Senate vote of 70-30, so there are plenty of Republican cucks who are on board the establishment train to wipe out any nationalist resistance. Garland made it clear – in his own garbled way – as did Wray, in his recent Senate testimony, that they intend to target nationalists as their top priority. They will keep antifa thugs & media hounds in reserve when & if needed. It’s not hard to see that this is no time for schadenfreude. It’s out of the frying pan now & into the fire.

  10. MarkinLA says:

    is they find honest work

    I bet this clown never lifted a hammer in his life, not even the ones in the kiddie tool boxes your dad gave you when you were five to keep you busy while he was fixing something.

  11. anon[412] • Disclaimer says:

    They need a heavy dose of real world.

    Hey, maybe they can learn to code!

  12. Richard B says:
    @Supply and Demand

    There’s no option for Tiny Duck. So I had to go with Troll.

  13. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    They’re on layoff, mission accomplished, Trump is out of office. They’ll be recalled should they be needed again. Although a nasty bunch it’s the hidden paymasters who collected them and set them into motion. They are hidden behind corporate and foundation fronts and probably don’t look like their scruffy hirelings. This whole thing was financed by some deep pockets and it would be nice to know exactly who and what they are.

  14. wtfup says:

    JULIE GRACE WARNER of valley center california. Radical white woman. Refuses to wear masks and exposes her disabled son and elderly mom to covid has people over without wearing masks too. Sells life insurance. License: 0C18271: TWO dead husbands. Allegedly collected life insurance on both husbands. Moves in aging mother in her 80s around 2017.. Allegedly has life insurance on this aging allegdly liberal mother too, living on her property. Doesn’t take the aging mom out of home much keeps her confined ot the little house. Mom complains her back hurts on old bed. ..Warner doesn’t fix it. Uses the mom’s money to build a home she wants to rent out in future. Warner a passive aggressive personality type. Speaks i baby voice when confronted, but will shrill and shriek at mom when nobody is around. Has aging 80 year old mom TERRIFIED. Fraudster. Warner: Likes to pretend she is something she is not. Lies to neighbors. Appears to be a very evil person. LIes and lies and lies and lies to everyone aruond her. Can’t seem to take care or protect her disabled son wither. Left a pool filled with water maybe hoping her dissabled son will fall into it since YES she has life insurance on her OWN DISABLED child…and has life insuranceon her AGING mom..stay tuned..dateline in the making..Warner known for havng alleged drug dealer white supremists on her property sometimes livig with her….radical….

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