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Transgenders Are 58% More Likely to Commit Murder Than be Murdered
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Transmania has taken cultural elites in the English speaking world by storm. Famous left-liberal JK Rowling is currently being hounded on Twitter for “transphobia,” chic celebrities are now stating their pronouns, and presidential contender Elizabeth Warren has promised to read the names of transgender martyrs (mostly killed prostituting or in drug deals gone wrong) every year from the White House lawn if elected.

The transsexual movement’s driving myth is that there is an epidemic of murders targeting them for their stated “identities.” The controlled press in America and the UK has been the main culprit in building this fictitious narrative, constantly reminding us that 24 trannies were killed in 2019, as if their lives are more special than the 17-18,000 victims of homicide every year.

What the propagandists omit is that individuals identifying as transgender are not only less likely to be victims of murder than biological women (and far less than men), their small population is well represented among murderers, serial killers and pedophiles.

The Human Rights Committee, which meticulously tracks transgender deaths across the country, is conspicuously not tracking them when they commit crimes. But in the UK, analysts found that during the period of 2007-2017, transsexuals were 58% more likely to murder than be murdered.

Violent Transgender Crime

In the US, 2018-19 has put a number of transgender murderers in the spotlight. In court, they often state that they are justified in killing others due to bigotry.

In Colorado, a transsexual and its partner shot 9 students at their school, later claiming that they deserved it for their “transphobia.” No evidence has been produced so far to substantiate this claim, not that “bullying” would justify taking a gun and murdering a classmate anymore than it did for the Columbine shooters.

In Maine, another transgender argued that it had to murder both of its parents and the family dog because they did not accept its new gender. Once again, this was unfounded.

In Maryland, a transgender mass shooter killed three and injured another three before turning the gun on itself.

In California, a Berkeley trans activist was recently slapped on the wrist with a rarely granted insanity plea for stabbing two women, one to death.

In Texas, a transgender beat a baby girl to death and is facing the death penalty.

Painting a full picture regarding the extent of transgender violence has been made difficult due to the fact that the media often omits the “gender identity” of culprits unless it’s absolutely necessary or can be used to bolster the prefabricated pro-LGBT party line.

For example, “Mia Williams” in Florida, a balding man with a beard who was being reported according to his female “gender identity,” is being charged with homicide after dousing a woman with gasoline and lighting her on fire, as well as arson for burning down a local church.

Transgenders Least Likely to be Murdered

Simple math shows that transgenders are less likely to be murdered than normal people.

According to FBI crime statistics, Americans are victims of homicide at a rate of about 5 per 100,000. For men, the number is 6.6 per 100,000 and for women, 1.8.

According to gay activist groups, 24 transgenders have been killed in 2019 out of a population of 1.4 million , making their homicide rate 1.7 out of 100,000 – less likely to be killed than the average woman.

This is a remarkably low number when factoring in the dangerous lifestyles transgenders live, and the fact that many of them are black men living in zones with murder rates far above the national average.

For example, 11% of transsexuals are involved in the risky world of prostitution, compared to 6% of average Americans admitting to accepting money or favors for sex.

The low murder rate transgenders enjoy is thanks to the plethora of specialized public and private employment, health, housing and other services they have in big cities, which average people have no access to.

The media, law enforcement and political class’ prioritization of their well-being above everyone else also contributes to this inequality.

The fact that a man is six times less likely to be killed if he takes female hormones and wears women’s clothing is proof positive that it’s normal people who are in dire need of advocacy.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Sean says:

    Female to male transexuals are even less likely to be murdered and more likely to commit murder I suspect.

  2. Yaakov says:

    All one needs to do is look at the percentage of f**gots in prison. Guess what, they aren’t nice people. Can we say Richard Arlen Speck boys and girls?

  3. Mulegino1 says:

    Everyone here knows that “transgenders” are mentally ill, and that of course the statistics are sound with respect to their rate of homicide, but, as in all matters dealing with sexual deviancy, the bed of Procrustes has replaced the scientific method.Empirical studies or facts simply do not matter anymore.

    Once a critical mass of the general public accepted that a man can marry a man, or a woman a woman, critical thinking and objectivity was relegated to the basement of America’s collective psyche.

    We now have biological males demanding to be treated by gynecologists, and drag queen story hour for children in public libraries has become the latest fad. Hormone blockers and other methods of sex changes have become acceptable medical procedures in large swathes of the western world. Little boy “drag queens” are celebrated as “amazing” by the MSM.

    I believe the next thing will be lowering the age of consent to 12, then to kindergarten. Within the current political and social circumstances, this trend is unstoppable, not because it was ever inevitable but because of the somnolence and sheepishness of a critical mass of the American public in its acceptance of the mainstream/Mockingbird media narrative.

    The only possible solution is a spiritual and political Kulturkampf waged relentlessly and courageously against this abominable war contra naturam.

  4. anonymous[356] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not the facts, it’s the propaganda windstorm they create in order to obtain favored treatment via legislation. AIDS was hyped as the next bubonic plague and thus they were able to steer public money towards it and away from diseases that affected mainstream Americans more. AIDS was mostly a lifestyle disease affecting promiscuous homosexuals but that was deliberately distorted. Living in a large urban area one can often see these trannies and note how bizarre and crazy they are. These are not normal people by any means but are prone to outbursts. That they commit homicide at a higher than average level is not surprising.

    • Agree: anonymous1963
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Kratoklastes
  5. Stick says:

    Transgenders are stone cold nuts.

  6. 6% of average Americans admitting to accepting money or favors for sex

    Does this include married women?

    • Replies: @Jayliam
  7. Thomm says:

    The fact is, chromosomes cannot be changed, so if someone is born as an XX or XY, that is what they are. Period.

    The good thing is that MtF transgenders are attacking radical feminists (who no one else ever attacks), so that is good. They even have an acronym for that – TERF.

  8. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Poofters are responsible for 1 in 3 murders.

    Most of the time the victim is another poofter who they’ve been intimate with, and the

    Media avoid the subject like the plague.

    Another aspect is the incredible negro like brutality toward the victim.

    It’s as if the African gene and the Poofter gene are very closely related.

  9. @Mulegino1

    The age of consent used to be at 12 in many jurisdictions.

    Interesting how this one taboo got stronger while morality went down the drain in all other matters.

  10. I would like to see discontinued use of the terms “homophobia” and “transphobia”, as if people who opposed homosexuals and so-called “transgenders” have some kind of irrational fear (in other words, have psychological problems). I don’t believe those terms have legitimate standing in the field of psychiatry, they just sound good as weapons. And even if someone responded by citing some authoritative work that the terms have been accepted, I wouldn’t care. That guy in the picture? I don’t accept him as being a woman. I do accept him as a person trying futilely to change his sex. I also do admit that I would be nervous making statements like this in public. This is because radical leftists believe that violence is justified if they don’t like your attitude (as referenced by the article). These are the ones with the problems.

    • Replies: @Roger
    , @Kratoklastes
  11. BHO says:

    “24 transgenders have been killed in 2019 out of a population of 1.4 million”.

    Maybe there are just much fewer “trans” people than we are let to believe, leading the the relatively low homicide rates.

  12. Rebel0007 says:

    I had no idea that this was going to be part of the New World Order. This group of people probably represents one of the smallest groups of people on Earth, and they have evidently been enlisted by the establishment to take the heat off of them.

    Don’t fall for it! Transgenders should not be permitted to use the bathroom of their choice, for the protection of women! I have seen several in cities, years ago, and one at a McDonalds that was working a drive trough window. That is how rare they are! One was running for State Party chair and was talking to me non-stop at a convention. It made me very uncomfortable.

    Over 50 years on earth, and I have seen a dozen perhaps, that I am aware of anyways. Now, they are the national narrative. It is ridiculous!

  13. Roger says:
    @Sir Isaac Newton

    I agree with you on the terms “homophobia” and “transphobia.” I have no liking for either of these positions and would be glad to see them fade away into the darkness they came from, yet I am not afraid of them in any way, rational or irrational.

    In the culture war we are waging, these terms are weapons, very effective weapons, because many people have become afraid of being labelled “homophobic” or “transphobic”, which allows the homo/trans movement to steamroll anyone who stands in its way.

    What would you suggest be used instead?

    • Replies: @Sir Isaac Newton
  14. Mulegino1 says:
    @but an humble craftsman


    If the pederasts have their way, though, the lower age of consent will probably apply only to “man- boy love.”

    Normal men will still be subject to statutory rape laws with the age of consent remaining much higher than for the pederasts and perverts of all stripes.

    The people pushing this agenda do not care about the consistent or equal application of the law- they only care about advancing their agenda.

    • Replies: @BannedHipster
  15. In the empire of lies, telling the truth is an unlawful act. These deviates have seized the narrative with the support of the MSM, corrupt, syphilitic-thinking politicians, and Hollywood money. In Spokane, WA about four months ago, the local Marxist-deviate coalition sponsored a “Drag Queen Story Hour”. When a Christian minister and members of his congregation showed up and started PEACEFULLY protesting, they were threatened with arrest and Spokane PD even had a sniper on the roof targeting them!
    I worked as a Peace Officer in SoCal for over 30 years. I had a lot of contact with the homosexual-lesbian community. As a group, they struck me as the most miserable, dysfunctional, self-hating collection of human beings I have ever dealt with. They were quite violent towards one another. And, for the record, the most prolific serial murderer in the history of Orange County, CA, was a self-hating homosexual.
    I know all of the professional eggheads, clueless “wimmen”, and deviates will attack me for what I have written, vis-à-vis empirical data and statistics. But, I know what I and my co-workers saw. As time has marched on, the inevitable decline of the culture, morals, and mindset of this corrupt country has contributed to a sociological situation which would have been unthinkable less than 20 years ago. That is why it is so important for those with children and grandchildren in the: “Public School System” to be ever vigilant about curriculum and educational philosophies embodied by their local school boards. That is where the infection starts and spreads. I have seen it with my own eyes. Remember Voltaire: “To find out who has power over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” God Bless you all during this Blessed Season. Stay safe.

    • Agree: Mulegino1
    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  16. Dumbo says:

    “24 transgenders have been killed in 2019 out of a population of 1.4 million”.

    I doubt that there are 1.4 million “trans”, those numbers are all inflated. I have no idea how many there are, however, and considering that the number of people that are mentally unbalanced or just plain deranged has increased exponentially in the last few years, it may be true, I don’t know.

    Gays won, trans won. I wonder what will be the next perversion pushed on the unsuspecting public?

  17. anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    These are depicted or happening within a few blocks of each other
    About 6 months ago the same billboard announced a festival celebrating the nearby Black community
    Gilead Sciences produces PrEP, an HIV preventive drug.

    Gilead’s PrEP website assures potential users that they can obtain the drug for free:

    On May 9, 2019, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced that Gilead Sciences will donate Truvada, the only drug approved to prevent infection with H.I.V., for free to 200,000 patients annually for 11 years.

    But free is not an unqualified adjective:

    On December 3, 2019, HHS explained how the government would distribute the donated drugs. The new program called Ready, Set, PrEP is accepting applications from any patient who doesn’t have health insurance, has a valid prescription for PrEP and has had a recent negative H.I.V. test. To apply, patients can call 855-477-8410, online at or in person at participating health care provider.
    HHS Secretary Alex Azar explained that the U.S. government will pay Gilead $200 per bottle for 30 pills for costs associated with getting the drug from factories into the eventual hands of patients

    According to CDC,
    You must take PrEP daily for it to work.
    PrEP medications are expensive, but we’re proud of the fact that 99% of Nurx PrEP patients pay nothing out-of-pocket for their medication.

    “Without insurance, out-of-pocket costs can be as high as $13,000 per year.”

    In 2017 Gilead posted “annual revenue of $26.1 billion,”

    Gilead has $32 billion in cash, but $27.4 billion is outside the U.S. and is unavailable for acquisitions unless Gilead pays U.S. tax on it, though it could borrow against it. Gilead would benefit from proposals to let companies repatriate offshore capital with minimal further taxation

    That is, while Gilead most likely takes a charitable tax deduction for its donation of as much as $28.6 billion in drugs over the next 11 years, US taxpayers will pay $5,280,000,000 over that same period.
    the local library 10 blocks from the billboard, above, hosted Drag Queen Story Hour after postponement due to community protest.
    However, the American Library Association (ALA) is undeterred:

    “Many libraries across the country have been hosting or participating in Drag Queen Story Hours. A few have experienced pushback from some members of their community.

    To support libraries facing challenges we have established this collection of resources. We will continue to add to it and welcome your contributions.
    Through its actions and those of its members, ALA is instrumental in creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive society. This includes a commitment to combating marginalization and underrepresentation within the communities served by libraries through increased understanding of the effects of historical exclusion.”

    The public library in my town is supported by a tax specially and identifiably included in the property tax bill; that is, failure to pay the library tax could result on a lien on real property.

    In addition, the public library system has routine fund drives and requests for donations and sustaining bequests.

    ALA has not published a declaration of their concern that its activities are promoting risky behavior that has the potential to cost taxpayers billions, not to mention the disruption to the lives and families of persons affected by a risky lifestyle nor the psychological harm to young children exposed to the activities of Drag Queens like Moon baby and Lil Miss Messy.

    Lil Miss Messy’s story provides an insight into the origin of the Drag Queen Story Hour movement, on which E. Michael Jones and Tablet author Marjorie Ingall concur: It’s a Jewish thing:

    When I saw a picture of Lil Miss Hot Mess, I promptly thought, “That is a Jewish girl.” So I reached out to the Feminist Press for confirmation, and was promptly emailed a link to a video of Lil Miss Hot Mess performing Peter, Paul and Mary’s “Light One Candle” as a sexy gold light-up human menorah. So yes.

    She-pronoun Lil Miss Mess has since reverted to he-pronoun Harris Kornstein and moved from the West Coast to New York City to teach communications and work on a PhD, then back to the West Coast where his university has established an annex.

    But before all that gender-bending, Lil Miss Kornstein explained to Ingall why he/she does what he/she does:

    “[It’s] transgressive, duh,” she told me. “It’s the final frontier for drag queens! Kids don’t have the baggage of gender . .

    It’s the final frontier: debauching children in their classrooms and via TV and internet has not covered all the bases.
    Parent groups have attempted several tactics to shut down Drag Queen Story Hours: Moms have prayed at libraries and had police train guns on them to force them to disperse; pastors who protested have been arrested.
    But if the library is the “last frontier” for debauching children, and if, as Kornstein’s website claims, “Reading is fundamental,” why not take your children to the gay bars that Drag Queens frequent and read to them?
    Interrupt their act with a 6-year old’s stammered reading of Winnie the Pooh.
    Surely Drag Queens are just as eager to be exposed to culture as Kornstein avers little children are eager to be exposed to hairy-chested men with their nipples exposed dressed in chiffon and ridiculous wigs.

    Lil Miss Kornstein continued:

    “In San Francisco I was doing a shoot for an ice cream store and there was a little girl watching, just staring at me. I was like a princess or a superhero to her. . . as if I were the queen.”

    Ingalls wrote, “And yes, Lil Miss Hot Mess is very, very Jewish.”
    Based on Lil Miss Kornstein’s comments about feeling the love from “gender fluid children,” I concur: it seems to be a “very, very Jewish” compulsion to behave “transgressively,” to crave love, and to shatter the innocence of highly impressionable children to satisfy those compulsions.
    Blessed is he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.… Psalm 137,8

    Similar to Lil Miss Kornstein but scaled down, Moon baby has taken her/his act from one side of the state to the other, and back, but appears to have had a more difficult time eking a living out of his/her ““lounge lizard-y” cabaret act,” which s/he is scheduled to perform on Christmas Eve at a downtown hotel:

    “Besides indulging in a little adult fun, moon baby says the event also provides a space for queer people to express what the season means to them. Among the festivities, for example, is a parody of the famous holiday song “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas” titled “I’m Beginning to Want to Just Say F*ck This,” which moon baby says is about the current political climate.

    But because Moon baby is, apparently, not an ALA member:

    “We save that for the end,” she says, adding that they plan on performing it in the hotel lobby area well after any lingering children have gone to bed.

    Neither Lil Miss Kornstein nor ALA has demonstrated the same concern to protect children.

    Not to worry.
    PrEP is free.

  18. @Roger

    I don’t know what to suggest.

    • Replies: @Roger
  19. @anonymous

    AIDS was hyped as the next bubonic plague

    As Anthony Jeselnik quipped:

    “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Give a man AIDS and you don’t have to give him any fish”

    I wasn’t even 20 when the whole HIV/AIDS thing started, and it didn’t change my behaviour one iota: it was extremely clear from the outset that I had near-zero lifetime risk – being a non-Haitian, non-IV-drug-using, non-haemophiliac, non-homosexual. (The non-zero bit of risk was the risk of a tainted blood transfusion in the event that I needed a transfusion; that was roughly the same as contracting BSE/Creutzfeld-Jakob).

    Haiti, Heroin, Haemophilia and Homosexuality – the four groups identified by 1983.

    My mates and I understood the last 3 fairly intuitively: each provides access for the pathogen to enter the bloodstream. We never did understand why Haitians made the list (except for alliteration, which is not really what epidemiology is supposed to be about).

    Our working hypothesis – as 20-year-old know-nothing proto-gymbros[1] in rural Australia – was that Haitians secretly take it up the pooh chute.

    In 1985 they came off the list: I found that out seven minutes ago when trying to find the statistical reason for their inclusion.

    That shows 2 things:
    ① that I took no active interest in the HIV/AIDS hysteria between 1983 and eight minutes ago;
    ② that it’s possible to carry around outdated ‘facts’ unless you actively keep on top of things (of which more below).

    [1] Proto-gymbro because gymbro (and the various brosciences generally) weren’t a thing in 1983.

    We did believe some truly fuckwitted things though – like “muscle weighs 4 times as much as fat per unit volume“.

    Despite the fact that I aced high school chemistry, it did not cross my mind to apply it in this context: think about what it means for X to be 4× as dense as Y, when Y is slightly less dense than water.

    It means that X is roughly 1.5× as dense as concrete, or 1.2× as dense as granite.

    I carried the “muscle is 4x more dense than fat” factoid around in my head until about 1989, FFS.

  20. @Dweezil the Weasel

    To find out who has power over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize

    Not Voltaire.

    It seems to have originated with a guy called Kevin Alfred Strom – if he made it up he ought to get the credit for it.

    Contrary to the prevailing practice, I don’t think that Strom’s various unsavoury qualities make the quote less relevant, or that it’s proper to cast aspersions on people who use the quote innocently.

    Strom seems to be a bit of a douche, but interdum stultus opportuna loquitur, even if the stultus in question has been convicted for possession of child pornography.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  21. @Kratoklastes

    Dammit – editor timed out before I remembered to add that Strom also has the fairly notable distinction of having been selected by the trustees of Revilo P. Oliver’s estate, to be the archivist and publisher of Oliver’s papers.

    That’s pretty weird.

    It would also point to a plausible original source for the aphorism that would be a nice fit (i.e., Oliver’s unpublished writings), except that the aphorism was coined in 1993 and Oliver died in 1994.

    So we’re left with a sensible aphorism that was coined by a bit of a douche (with an interesting backstory) and misattributed to a smart Frog.

  22. @Sir Isaac Newton

    I don’t believe those terms have legitimate standing in the field of psychiatry, they just sound good as weapons.

    That’s the point of them: they are rhetorical devices. The epistemic inversion is deliberate: distaste (or dislike, or even hatred) being rebranded as ‘fear’ is designed to give the impression of psychological weakness in the -phobic.

    This is exactly the same function as the term ‘antisemite’: it is applied to opponents of the Eurotrash occupation of Palestine despite the invaders being non-Semites; it’s applied to #BDS to give the impression that it’s racist to express concern about breaches of international law.

    This despite it having been pointed out for centuries, that most people who express hostility to (((YKW))) do so on the basis of their behaviour, not their religion or their culture [sic]. (Evidence for this: the same hostility is usually also directed at others who engage in the same behaviour: nepotism, hubris, outgroup dishonesty etc).


    Also, there is little point in whether or not the field of psychiatry is capable of conferring ‘legitimate standing’.

    As a field it is similar to, but worse than, the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream: rather than feet of clay mixed with iron, the foundation of psychiatry is made of purest shit.

    Let’s not scratch the surface too hard, lest we determine that the various sub-genres of psycho-charlatanry turn out to be dominated by (((YKW))).

    In time it will go the same way as phrenology: its major findings are already utterly discredited as hopelessly biased and incapable of replication – the field is anti-scientific to the core. Hence the ability of the field to stay on the ‘right side of power, by diagnosing power’s enemies as crazy.

  23. @Mulegino1

    MGTOW, incels, manosphere types obsessed with the age of consent are the worst part of the right-wing.

    Sure, no one really wants to see a 17 year old boy prosecuted for having sex with his 16 year old girlfriend – and that rarely happens.

    Frankly, a 20 something man marrying a 17 year old is no big deal; in real, monogamous marriage, even a large age difference is no scandal.

    But what this amounts to is people like Jeffrey Epstein trying to normalize adult men sexually preying on teenage girls.

    A father might be quite happy if his 16 year old daughter gets married to a 22 year old man – that is biologically appropriate and typically leads to grandchildren.

    But some 30 year old man complaining that he can’t fornicate with a teenage girl is nothing but sexual exploitation – it’s disgusting and rightly denounced by normal people.

    The age of consent in the USA is between 16-18. Even if it was set federally at 18, that is no problem.

    This is one of the grosser parts of the right-wing, frankly. Teenagers will do what teenagers do, but as a society there is no reason we should accept adult men preying on teenage girls.

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
    , @Dr. Evil
  24. lauris71 says:
    @but an humble craftsman

    Not directly comparable
    12 used to be the “age of marriage with parental consent”. Modern consent laws gives parents zero say about whether the affair is legal or not.
    As in other areas, the erosion of morality is directly associated with tearing down traditional family and community control over people (The Patriarchy TM) and replacing it with state control.

  25. Roger says:
    @Sir Isaac Newton

    Well, trans-itory would cover half of the duo quite well. What cannot go on forever will end.

  26. Mulegino1 says:

    Nobody is complaining about a thirty plus male not being able to fornicate with a teenage girl.

    I was simply pointing out that most types of sexual perversion (including pederasty and pedophilia) will soon become the province of protected minorities while normal heterosexual relations will still be subject to strict laws. There is nothing wrong with strict laws governing heterosexual sex with individuals below the age of consent, but I would wager everything in my possession that similar age of consent laws will not apply to homosexuals, pederasts or pedophiles within a few years. The same goes for child abuse- as in the case of the child drag queen who danced for dollars in front of queers at a homosexual club. Suppose the parents, instead of having their son perform striptease or dance for queers, were putting their eight or nine year old daughter on stage at a regular strip club- which in itself would be horrendous child abuse. There are obvious double standards where deviant behavior is involved.

    • Agree: Duke84
  27. @but an humble craftsman

    I have noticed that as well. Two possible explanations:
    1. The left needs to take at least one position on sex that is reassuring to traditional folks.
    2. The left sees all sexual immorality in terms of power and imbalance of power, and that carves out rape, “harrassment” and pedophilia as proscribed behavior.

  28. Dr. Evil says:

    Many of these TV murder victims are/were flaming red commies. No, I am not saying this is right, or justified. But you won’t see me shedding any tears for them. It’s funny how so-many conservative hearts bleed for the wrong victims, like for the murderous criminal thugs in Saudi Arabia who richly deserve beheading.

  29. Dr. Evil says:

    Sure, no one really wants to see a 17 year old boy prosecuted for having sex with his 16 year old girlfriend – and that rarely happens.

    Feminists and the most extremist Religious Right types would.

  30. 1.4 million drag queens in the USA? Says who? I would have thought that 140,000 would be a better estimate, particularly as that would agree better with their claims of suffering a high murder rate. 1.4 million would mean that they are the most beloved and well protected group in the country, the ultra-entitled.

    The total number should dramatically increase in the future. The “woke” claim that any boy who isn’t stereotypically masculine is really a female and should be castrated. That means there will be few adult Buttigiegs in the future (there are tough homosexuals who love collision sports but they seem to be a minority). Most homosexual boys will have been transitioned into eunuch drag queens. It would be interesting to know whether Buttigieg supports that wholeheartedly. Perhaps he will try to prove it by volunteering for castration improvement.

    It would also be interesting to know whether there any Unz Review readers who hate homosexual men as much as the “woke” do. My prediction is that there are none but trolls could confuse that count. There’s the added complication that even somebody who hates homosexuals may worry about false positives among the boys. At least the “woke” don’t have to worry about that. When you define yourself as virtuous by taking part in rote recitation, you can never think you’re evil no matter what evil you do. Think ISIL member or a Christian in heretic burning times. A religion is a religion is a religion and there’s nothing new about religious fanatics.
    [email protected]

  31. Jayliam says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    It’s very sad that you believe marriage, the very foundation of the family unit, the very basis of a healthy society, is anything akin to prostitution.

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