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Thomas Rousseau of Patriot Front Arrested for Posting Stickers Protesting Drug Abuse
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Patriot Front’s Thomas Rousseau was arrested last weekend in Weatherford, Texas for Criminal Mischief Under $100.

According to the arrest report filed by Parker County Sheriff’s Department Deputy B. Wilson, Rousseau and two others placed stickers on street signs urging young people to reject drugs.

North Texas is known for its opioid and heroin problems. The region has been linked to a recent spike in fentanyl overdoses in neighboring states as well.

Rather than giving Rousseau a citation and releasing him, the police decided to treat him like a criminal for what they perceived to be Patriot Front’s political beliefs.

A source familiar with the incident told National Justice that Deputy B. Wilson decided to book Rousseau for the minor infraction so that they could photograph him in a convict’s uniform and release it to the press. Rousseau was let go shortly after the photo-op.

The image has been published throughout the media, paired with dishonest polemical coverage to create the impression that Patriot Front is some kind of violent or illegitimate organization.

The whole incident appears to be a media stunt manufactured by the local cops. Another source told us that the police initially started the rumor that the men they arrested were posting “antifa” stickers. Local residents have been unhappy about the police’s lack of will to keep anarchist and communist disrupters away.

The community of Weatherford is on edge after anarchists and Black Lives Matter protesters were bused into their town to try and topple their Confederate statue. In response, hundreds of residents showed up to protect the monument and show support for the police.

Local patriots successfully protected their community from the “antifa” mob without any serious injuries. In spite of this, the Parker’s County Sheriff, Larry Fowler, decided to arrest multiple local townsfolk while letting the anarchist rioters and outside agitators go free.

Dallas press described the standoff in Weatherford with shock and amazement, as they did not expect locals to resist the interlopers.

Most normal Americans, on the other hand, would be in shock and amazement to know that the local Sheriff of a town in Texas treats protest against drug abuse as a crime and left-wing terrorism as “protest.”

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Coorta says:

    How very telling that they opted to arrest him for nothing. Even in a majority white town that supports them, the police are cowards, trained by the ACLU, SPLC, and ADL to see friends as enemies and enemies as friends. The police are dumb, and malicious. They should know which side their bread is buttered. But I guess to a pig, slop is slop

    • Agree: Realist
  2. The SPLC is serious about stickering, leafleting, flyering, and bannering–all “hate incidents” depending on the color of the persons involved.

    In Bolshevik Russia, the penalty for posting a political flyer was immediate execution on the spot. Even though the Bolsheviks controlled every single newspaper, not one PEEP of dissent was allowed. Say a silent prayer for those noble young dissidents who paid with their lives for daring to make a peep against the depraved monsters who’d seized control of their country.

  3. Biff says:

    The dumb oof should know he lives in a police state, OR this was a political stunt on his behalf.

  4. In a way, this is more disturbing than all the craziness in Seattle and Portland. This is Texas, ya’ll! We’re doomed …

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  5. Realist says:

    Most normal Americans, on the other hand, would be in shock and amazement to know that the local Sheriff of a town in Texas treats protest against drug abuse as a crime and left-wing terrorism as “protest.”

    Even Texas has lots of assholes.

  6. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Local sheriff and cops acting in this way? What’s the reason? Seems out of character, rather unexpected. This photo-op stunt is abusive and an attack on the ordinary citizens of the country. It also shows you how crappy cops can be when given free reign, for all you cop worshippers out there. Even though they have to be backed up right now you can also see how many are just hirelings of the politicians.

    • Replies: @RVBlake
    , @Chris Mallory
  7. RVBlake says:

    I am surprised that a small town police force (2010 population 25,250) would practice this type of politicized crap. I guess Mayberry is gone for good.

  8. @anonymous

    The cops are not your friend. They do not exist to protect you or yours. They only exist to protect the politicians and to raise revenue for the government. Expect the worst out of cops and you will never be disappointed.

    • Replies: @Anon
  9. Exile says:

    Voting in national and even most state elections may be futile because of kosher sandwich options but local races, particularly in justice and law enforcement positions are important enough to flex some effort in traditional political organizing and most of these cucked sheriffs and their ilk live close enough to home for people to let them hear our opinions in person as well as at the ballot box.

    Soros et al have been running pozzed ringers in these local races for some years now and we’re seeing the swampy results – like the St. Louis DA who let every rioter in the city out like it was a public intox offense – and this clown who treats an infraction like a felony.

    We may have few good options in traditional politics but calling out the system as illegitimate is always a good play for opposition activists.

    Keep shining a spotlight on these roaches.

  10. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Perhaps anti-drug posters are bad for a local politicians’s import business and the sheriff is just doing what his employer is expecting him to do.

    • Agree: Piglet
  11. R.C. says:

    These ain’t cops; they’re pigs.

  12. fnn says:

    Aren’t Texas Republicans bad even for Republicans? I mean “bad” as in cartoonishly pro-Israel, pro-military, pro-FBI, pro-CIA, pro-“muh free enterprise.”

  13. @Digital Samizdat

    This is Texas, ya’ll! We’re doomed …

    This was Texas. It’s slipped into Bluelandia. It’s no longer just Austin that is weird. You are indeed doomed.

    It’s time to give Texas Divisionism some serious thought.

  14. kuraudo says:

    A man is arrested for putting up anti-drug stickers.

    Was Weimar ever this bad? To hell with this evil empire.

  15. Anon[369] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Mallory

    The cops are not your friend. They do not exist to protect you or yours. They only exist to protect the politicians and to raise revenue for the government. Expect the worst out of cops and you will never be disappointed.

    They only care about numero uno and the nice salary and pension.

    A conservative law professor from a conservative law school in the video below says “citizens should never talk to police under any circumstances.”

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