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The National Justice Party Inauguration -- What I Saw
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It’s a rare privilege to be able to record history while partaking in it. Yet there I was.

I arrived on Friday August 14th after a long drive to our venue, somewhere in the Northeast. It was around 10 o’clock at night and there was already a lively yet anxious atmosphere. A number of people were working on setting up professional lighting, a number of cameras and volunteers were even building a stage from scratch. Many of the comrades there have known each other for years now. Our collective persecution at the hands of the system and the solidarity we have shown to one another to survive has strengthened our friendships to something akin to a family. To see our hard work begin to take shape was exciting.

After the work was done we broke out in festivities. Many assume nationalists are dour and dry puritans, but this energy has largely moved to the left. Our world is full of laughter, love and hope, while anarchist and communist groups are riddled with paranoia, violence and privilege-checks.

In the modern world, it’s the closest you can get to what Ernst Junger described in his memoirs without getting shot at. To watch the bridge behind you burn alongside others is an intense experience that will change your soul for the better, forever.

The next morning I was up and at’em, though a bit off my axis. It’s tempting to make fun of Matt Gaetz’s photo with Laura Loomer, but on the big day I shared his unfortunate fading sallow sun tan and hangover raccoon eyes. For those of us who color outside the lines, even for cynical careerist reasons like Gaetz as portrayed in the documentary The Swamp, you are sometimes excluded from “polite society,” so you always make your reprieves from politically correct solitary confinement worth it.

After pounding a few cups of coffee it was time to receive our guests, approximately 150-200 (the maximum capacity at the venue), who were invited to bear witness to a tide turn. Many came with their infant children. The quality of people, in comparison to a random sample of people on the street, was unusually high. When spotted in a public venue later on, patrons and staff were attracted and curious about us, we embodied the aura of men on a mission.

The Central Committee of the party, which includes this author, Michael McKevitt, Greg Conte, Tony Hovater, Warren Balogh, Alan Balogh and the National Justice Party’s chairman Michael Peinovich (“Enoch”) planned the event to provide plenty of time for socializing, followed by an 11 minute video, and then the crescendo: Peinovich’s speech.

Meeting friends I have not seen in months and making new ones brought me great joy, especially after months of lockdown across the country.


The 11 minute video was depressing but informative. An unelected Zionist cabal arbitrarily chooses who has rights and who doesn’t, every institution loaths America’s European majority on racial grounds, the traditional family is under attack, working people suffer food insecurity while the oligarchs grow in power, all while the cloud of pedophile suspicion threatens to start pouring rain on virtually every major elected figure and personality who steps out of line thanks to the Epstein scandal. This is America?


Peinovich then took to the stage to give the greatest speech of his life. It was rousing, loud, direct and animated, everything consultants and public speaking trainers tell you to avoid.

The energy in the air was inexplicable. People were hanging on his every word. The room was in a pure transcendental state. Men, including myself, lost control of their inhibitions and began chanting, cheering, booing and shouting, akin to the experience one enjoys at a rock concert or a sports match. At the end of the speech, the women had tears in their eyes, the men hugged, laughed and celebrated. People then broke out in song.


Neo-liberal societies plan architecture, art, music and social life around avoiding organic transcendence and bonding through it. This system encourages you to pop a pill or shoot heroin to artificially obtain these fleeting moments humans crave by circumventing your soul, just like in the dystopia portrayed in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. But this event was alive and everyone emerged from it with a life experience nobody will ever be able to take from them.

The National Justice Party’s platform is not yet available for public release, but a tentative version was released to attendees.

Every demand is sensible and pro-social.

–Extend the protections of the Civil Rights Act to the white majority.

–Officially declare America a European majority state, as the Founders intended.

–Let people pray in public, protect the right to bear arms, and guarantee the right to free expression — all proud aspects of the American tradition to be upheld against all tyranny, whether private or public.

–A complete end to immigration of all kinds as well as full enforcement of existing laws against those here illegally.

–An end to usury.

–Restoration of the right to free association, including in respects to race and sexual “preference.”

–A new economic system where those who work and contribute to society can live with dignity, as well as the embrace of automation to shorten the work week, lower the retirement age and increase pensions.

–A culture of respect for motherhood, the family and a complete ban on unnatural sexual practices being taught in schools.

–No more war or foreign entanglements, especially not in the service of foreign interests like Israel.

–Put the banks, big business, mass media, universities and other institutions back in the hands of the nation to serve their fatherland first, with an affirmative action program that caps Jewish representation at their population number of 2% so their power can be checked by public accountability.

These ideas transcend left and right. The National Justice Party advocates primarily on behalf of Americans of European descent — who have no advocates despite being the majority — but there are also universal buy-ins for other groups, including a principle that states none of America’s historic minorities shall ever be subjugated for the benefit of another, ever again. This is a question of justice and equal representation, not “hate.”

Ultimately, the current oppressive climate makes this project a weighted hike up a steep mountain. But anything is possible when men develop the moral confidence to know that when they do right, they have nothing to fear.

On August 15th, the age of humiliation began its end. This is a Constantinian shift in American political life, one that will be resisted but will be met with historical inevitability. The National Justice Party will be a scythe through the repetitive and scripted controlled discourse of right-liberal vs left-liberals.

The plutocracy that controls America is not only illegitimate, it is nakedly greedy and corrupt with outmoded and failed ideas.

It’s time for something new.

For more information and to see Chairman Michael Peinovich’s inaugural speech, follow

And so the adventure begins.

*The National Justice Party is a seperate entity from National Justice the publication as well as The Right Stuff radio network.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Wouldn’t it be more effective to infiltrate an existing “conservative” party? The ground is already fertile and everything is already set up. Start really small and local, like school trustees, and work up from there. In other words, do what the left has done over the past seventy years, which has obviously been very successful.

    The obvious comparison here is to Jews, who don’t actually build or create anything but just take over.

    • Thanks: Craig Nelsen
  2. Rahan says:

    Well, well, let’s hope this is the start of something serious.
    Even if this party remains on the very fringes, it can exercise a strong corrective influence upon the mainstream, if GloboHomo does not start with the “he raped me with his mind back in 1994” about the participants.

    Topical meme collection:

    And also:

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Commenter
  3. The FBI are already debating among themselves which ‘crimes’ they will conjure for the purpose of prosecuting this new organisation.

    Better off just sticking with doing a podcast.

    • Replies: @Exile
  4. Exile says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Existing parties have their own prior messaging and agendas to contend with and no existing party is compatible with NJP’s platform.

    The GOP obviously doesn’t work as a vehicle – see MAGA. Smaller parties like the Libertarians, Reform, Constitution, Greens etc.. don’t embody enough of the values and policies NJP stands for.

    If anything that shows that tens of millions of White voters are effectively disenfranchised and deserve to be heard. NJP’s platform is based on policies and values strong majorities of Whites have supported for decades that have been frustrated by the two-party kosher sandwich.

    NJP might benefit in the short term from some of these groups being qualified on ballots or otherwise having established infrastructure but it’s better to build a solid foundation with your own people for the long haul.

    Once again, the Trump “takeover” of the GOP and the prior Tea Party demonstrate the problems you invite when trying a “merger/acquisition” with an existing party structure. Both movements to the extent they had legitimate grassroots support were co-opted by entryists and opportunists from the beginning. Their true loyalists wasted their money, time and emotion on hijacked and corrupted agendas.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  5. Exile says:

    This amounts to “if you fight your enemy, they win.”

    A pro-White nationalist and populist social and political movement is part of what Whites need to survive the coming decades in American and Europe alike.

    You can’t do that solely on the internet. Risk is part of every movement that challenges power. It’s good to see guys who are still willing and able to accept that. They should be admired and encouraged, not black-pilled.

    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  6. Vlad says:

    So Ron I mean Erik I’m encouraged if you’re sincere in your approval of this general approach. Though it doesn’t square with a lot of other things you seem to support. While I’m skeptical the west can survive without repatriating the non Europeans or at least the vast majority of them at least recognizing the western nations belong to Europeans is a start. The JQ is also depressing I really would like a solution that isn’t final but have reluctantly come to the conclusion Jews simply never can assimilate and always scheme to take over and the takeover tactics are insanely destructive to euros and their culture and states. This platforms idea seems like a sincere attempt to have the best of both worlds but wouldn’t it just be a challenge to you guys. I’d like to think at some point you get wore down and truly assimilate this might encourage a neo converso but that didn’t work so well did it. AKZJs are as euro as say Bulgarians so it’s not really genetics but despite the loss of religion the identity and worse antipathy for our culture and people remains.
    I suppose if some like you would explain how the fuck you. As a Jew would sign on to such a scheme it might make us trust more.

  7. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Read this article:

    Here is a key paragraph:

    It all begins to make sense once one accepts that the sole purpose now for the existence of the United States is the never ending global accumulation of US Dollar fiat debt across every sector of every society of every nation so to initiate the simultaneous financial, cultural, and spiritual destruction of all people’s collective will to exist separately as nations.

    The Fed bankers (“Jews” and their Marxist-Zionist bodyguards) need the US subsumed to the Dollar as global reserve currency. That is their foremost agenda. Then the mantle will be handed to a supranational, international currency, let’s call it the Global.

    Whites stand in the way of the Dollar cum Global agenda, because of their (Western) history of successfully flouting the “Jews.” So do Christians. So do Muslims.

    So even as the “Jews” wage a blatant war of genocide against each, and wage a blatant war of genocide against the world (read the linked article) they proclaim themselves champions of human rights around the world. They are adept hypocrites and liars and killers. They have a ton of enemies.

    It shouldn’t be that hard to beat them. The only thing preventing it is corrupt White, Christian, Muslim, and”multicultural” collaborators, and their own skill in using their (crumbling) fiat currency to buy off the media, the political class, and millions of useful idiots.

    So the character of a people to resist the (currently limitless wallet) of the “Jews” and their noxious collaborators is important. But so is their willingness to make international common cause with others who have a successful history of resisting the “Jews.”

    That means, like it or not, an alliance with authentic Muslims and authentic Christians. Because the failure of the Dollar cum Global could happen tomorrow, or it could happen a century from tomorrow, or if the “Jews” have their way, it might not happen at all.

    To increase the odds of defeating it (and let’s be clear, the very idea of a Global currency, inevitably built on human genocide, is what needs to be destroyed) are going to increase with alliances.

    Whites tend to be concerned with minutia and perfection, when if fact they should be thinking bigger, if for no other reason than to save themselves.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Polemos
  8. @Exile

    More power to your elbows! @Emblematic is almost certainly correct to fear what will be thrown at you. Clearly you have to be as sneaky as “They” are and tougher than old boots. Better get your spies in the alphabet soup agencies and the militaries as quickly as you can, you are certainly going to need them, but finding out which of them you can trust, Ah! That’ll be hard! Worse, you can almost guarantee that one or more of your founding members is from one of them.

    Anyway, you had better be prepared for a really hard time, but nothing really worthwhile comes easily!
    An inspiring read in your circumstances would be Agnes_Smedley’s “The Great Road”. All the very best of luck to you! I hope you have a great success!

  9. @Rahan

    Seems your meme collection is defunct. 404!

    • Replies: @Rahan
  10. Went to to view Chairman Michael Peinovich’s inaugural speech and the video is non-functional. Went to download speech and that link stated, “The item is not available due to issues with the item’s content.” Really?

    • Replies: @Exile
  11. Lot says:

    Your party’s first event was in a barn?

  12. Exile says:

    Just worked for me a minute ago.

    To the extent some interference is going on, welcome to American democracy. I downloaded before the powerless persecuted minority that everyone hates for no reason exercised their powerlessness over it. It will be available again – worth watching. Are you on a VPN?

    Everything they do to shut Whites up proves our point. In a free country we wouldn’t need to learn Snowden tactics to see a speech.

  13. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    Just doesn’t make any sense really. White people are not united by interests particularly. I have nothing to gain from banding together with other white people on racial grounds. That being said, I generally do think black people are useless morons prone to criminal violence. You don’t have to be all that organized to defeat them. They usually take themselves out of the game long before anyone else bothers them. Or you just ignore them and they move on to people who will pay attention to them.

    You watch too much tv and look at too much bubble infused content on the internet if you think black people and jews are going to somehow completely take over the world. Sure, they are on an upswing right now but eventually people are going to want to get paid and sitting around like you are talking about politics in a college dorm all the time isn’t going to cut it.

    Quit being a wuss, man up, support yourself and let the whole racial identity thing go. Just because other people are pushing it hard right now doesn’t mean it’s a worthwhile way for you to approach life.

    They want you to identify as white in the same way that an evangelical christian preacher wants you to identify as a sinner.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Reg Cæsar
    , @Jim Brewer
  14. Exile says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    Quit being a wuss, man up, support yourself and let the whole racial identity thing go.

    Conservatives and libertarians have been saying this my whole life. Has America gotten better or worse since the 80’s?

    Kin, clan and race are necessary for human mental health. We anchor our sanity and security in others, not in the atomized self.

    You’re preaching a creed that has led to multi-generational angst, alienation, purposelessness, nihilism, despair, narcissism, neurosis and shallow materialism.

    Zoomers (male and female) are so “manned up” that almost 1/3 of boys are virgins at 30 unless they’re gay – in which case they probably got molested at a median age of 12.

    We evolved as social animals over millions of years. “Support yourself” in the sense you preach it is an anti-human creed.

    No wonder you’re trolling NJP.

  15. As soon as I hit the lotto I’m with you guys 100%.

  16. Anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s rather interesting that Unz hosts this Striker fellow. His reputation is extremely sketch. Both Jared Howe and Chris Cantwell are convinced Striker is a federal informant running a giant scam with other questionable people such as the TDS crew and the in the closet homosexual Richard Spencer.

    Beware of this character. Very sketchy individual with shady ties as well

    • Troll: Exile, zimriel, Craig Nelsen
    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
  17. A complete end to immigration of all kinds as well as full enforcement of existing laws against those here illegally.

    I am not an American, and not even a Nationalist, so my question will be purely theoretical and, since, as far as I can remember, Striker does not reply to comments, addressed to other readers rather to Striker himself.

    If your aim is to make America a European-descended-majority country, and seeing as the competition is fierce, what with other ethnicities overbreeding Euros in America by far, wouldn’t it be best-suited to your interests to *enhance* immigration of Europeans as well as of other European-descended foreigners, and end only the immigration of Non-European ethnicities?

    It’s things like this that make me think Ron Unz is right when he says American White Nationalists have a somewhat lower than desirable IQ, and that he publishes this column with the sole purpose of proving it.

    • Replies: @Brás Cubas
    , @Exile
  18. With all due respect, the National Justice Party needs to lose the 1980s suits and replace them with normal clean casual business clothing. You guys look like you’re at a high school prom.

    Then, get a decent photographer to help build the image.

    Seriously man, not even a placard or banner on the speaker’s podium?

    You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you if you haven’t even figured that out yet. Because, yes, it is important.

    Cathartic. Yeah.

    BTW, the American Solidarity Party is Distributist.

  19. This is just an attempt to push the pendulum the other way.

    The real solution is to scan the laws and find every reference to race, religion, sexual preference, etc and replace it with the word ‘person’. If the law still makes sense, then leave it alone. If the law no longer makes sense, get rid of it.

    There shouldn’t be any civil rights laws. There shouldn’t be special laws for gay, trans, etc. There shouldn’t be special laws for corporations because they aren’t people. All the laws on the books should simply reference the universal ‘person’. That’s when laws are fair. That’s when laws are equally applicable to all.

    What we have now is discrimination written into law purposely. Stop it.

  20. @Exile

    The GOP obviously doesn’t work as a vehicle – see MAGA

    MAGA didn’t work because Trump tried to take over from the top with no support from the party structure beneath him. The GOP has actively rebelled against him and blocked him at every turn because none of his own people are under him to carry out his will.

    The Tea Party was infiltrated by neocons and that killed it as a movement for ordinary Americans.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Wyatt
  21. Polemos says:
    @Chris Moore

    That means, like it or not, an alliance with authentic Muslims and authentic Christians.

    So, two-thirds of the group who worship the same Godcomplex will unite together against the other one-third, and all of them together will bring about freedom for everyone regardless of their affinity for that Godcomplex? But that Godcomplex exists because it intentionally tears its followers apart and uses them against one another in a multigenerational strategy to take over and destroy all other gods and traces of the divine, and advances its goals through this fear, hatred, self-loathing, and lust for power.

    I don’t think the answer you are seeking will be found in finding the people most committed to that Godcomplex and somehow having them form alliances. They’ve already been doing that, shifting their attacks on one another and reforming alliances against the other ‘excluded’ third, even simultaneously across the planet. Sometimes somewheres it’s the Jew who is the victim, sometimes somewheres the Christian, sometimes somewheres the Muslim, but always, always, always the one who benefits from this planetwide internecine struggle-unto-death is the God behind it all, to the detriment and destruction of the local gods and other divines and the people who sustain their influence, and these believers who want to win the enduring war amongst themselves whittle away what remains of their love for others, themselves and the One who lives in all life.

    I know for some I come across as a deluded jackass (so, not much worse than ordinary believers in “fairy tales” 🙃! ), but I’m not alone in knowing that the Black Cube, the Rugged Cross, and the Six-pointed Star are all the same Entity flattened into distinct shadows. You’ll see this, too, with time.

    After all, you said it, you should be thinking bigger if for no other reason than to save yourself!

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  22. Wyatt says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    To be fair, he left in a bunch of Obama appointees that undermined him at every turn. He should have had someone source people who were loyal to him first. Also, Kushner. Ivanka was poison as well.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  23. This seems really sad and pointless … how many friggin alternate political parties have their been over the years, all in the end going nowhere, thanks in part to the USA lack of proportional voting like in Europe?

    And the oligarchs have all the lawfare and tech censorship weapons to use against this party

    Some years back I remember reading about the 3rd party movement of that fairly harmless consumer advocate Lebanese-American Ralph Nader, running for President a few times

    They tied him up in lawsuits across many states trying to restrict his being on the ballot etc … Donations to Nader going into the pocket of Nader’s lawyers?

    And the alt- or whatever right wing in the USA cannot even come up with one damn lawyer – out of 1.3 million USA lawyers! – for even one high-profile, media-highlighted case … as with James Fields who had excellent defence arguments, but was abandoned to be railroaded by a dodgy ‘public defender’ lawyer with ties to the local political mafia

  24. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    I graduated from high school at the end of the 80s in a state that was 90% white at the time. We were truly white trash. My mom rented a mobile home that we lived in and worked at a manual labor job. Not a waitress. Not a receptionist. A job you would probably find Mexican men doing now. (I don’t say what it was specifically or the name of the company for internet doxxing reasons). My first job outside of highschool was pounding steel rebar apart with a sledgehammer for $3.85/hr at 5 am so that concrete teams could pour early in the morning. Everyone I worked with was white. Everyone who owned the company was white. We had no health insurance and one time I crushed my foot with a huge metal rod and the foreman told me that if I left work I wasn’t getting paid.

    So, my experience of being a white person and living around white people has never once involved people being nice to each other or helping each other. If you can’t work you will just get poorer until you are sleeping in your car hoping you can get a job in fast food.

    Has life gotten better since the 80s? Yes. People are a lot less mean spirited. But I have never known any white people to help any other white people unless they were at the same church and even then it’s pretty minimal. I don’t buy into this political concept of whiteness because it’s just a job for those guys. If you want to help white people, go help some poor white people but you aren’t going to get anywhere by starting the long march to political power for your race. It’s a waste of time. Rich white people literally don’t care if you starve to death in the street and never have.

  25. Rich says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    It would and the Republicans are ripe for the picking. A new White party only divides us more and gives power to minorities. These bright, inspired young men should join their local Republican parties and try to build from within the system.

  26. @Brás Cubas

    Some amendments to my comment:

    addressed to other readers rather to Striker himself

    should be:

    “addressed to other readers rather than to Striker himself”

    and that he publishes this column with the sole purpose of proving it

    is really supposed to mean:

    “and it also makes me think that he publishes this column with the sole purpose of proving it”

  27. Exile says:
    @Brás Cubas

    This is mean-girl snark couched as high-mindedness.

    You’re not arguing the Euro vs. non-Euro point in good faith, you’re just using it as a straight line to set up your “WN are dumb, right Ron?” punch-line.

    Mass immigration is very disruptive even between more compatible groups like American and European Whites. The primary reason for the 1924 immigration moratorium in America was to help assimilate the enormous numbers of Europeans we’d taken in. America has been overwhelmed since the 1960’s with chain-migration of more incompatible groups in mass numbers.

    This position is not one bit different from that advocated by guys like Derb, Buchanan and Sailer here. Is Ron platforming them b/c “WN dumb?”

    And your transparent attempt to sow dissension between Unz and Striker here is further proof that you’re not arguing in good faith.

    • Replies: @Brás Cubas
  28. anonymous[589] • Disclaimer says:

    A WISE first step…Trump win or lose…the fate of the NON jewish WHITE America First populations is in deep jeopardy. Whites will lose their country, nationhood unless they are able to ORGANIZE their resistance politically, ECONOMICALLY, culturally (schools,academics). and the priority MUST be building majority WHITE cities, states, that vote for their own self preserving policies, WHITES must reverse their declining Birth rates, abandone white reproductive guilt specially among white young females…and other white soy men. The battle cry for whites is ORGANZIE VOTE WIN…Locally, state, federal…otherwise they will lose their country like in SAfrica…Addiuo Africa..

  29. Anon[132] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Where have you been since 2016? What happened to Steve King, Patrick Casey, and Kris Kobach? Hello!?

    The GOP exists precisely for the purpose of corraling and boxing out white nationalism. Wake up, Neo.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  30. @Exile

    As I said, I am neither a Nationalist nor an American. I live in Brazil, and was born in Brazil. That being said, I will just analyze your comment as a theoretical exercise.

    Mass immigration is very disruptive even between more compatible groups like American and European Whites.

    I am sorry if I seemed to be advocating *mass* immigration. Whatever the ideology one clings to, there are economic constraints that should put a limit at the number of immigrants at any given time.

    This position is not one bit different from that advocated by guys like Derb, Buchanan and Sailer here. Is Ron platforming them b/c “WN dumb?”

    Sailer is a smart guy, and so is Derb (don’t read Buchanan much). But their position on immigration is clearly at odds with White Nationalism, for the reasons I have explained in my previous comment. Well, Sailer has always distanced himself from, say, hardcore White Nationalism, preferring what he calls citizenism. Would he vote for this National Justice Party? Would Derb? You’d have to ask them.

    A lot of people who label themselves ‘conservative’ on immigration issues seem to be crypto-White-Nationalists, as Ron Unz himself has remarked on occasion. They come forward with economic arguments, or cultural ones. Those people claim to be against “mass immigration”, or to be against “Muslims”, but it’s just a mask they wear because they cannot or would not come clean about their racial motives. Then they end up voting for Trump, or any Republican available. But when one is dealing with a party which openly declares itself to be White Nationalist, like this NSJ, to use the same strategy would be senseless and actually purpose-defeating.

    As for sowing dissension between Ron Unz and anybody else, all I can say is that you think in very childish terms.

  31. Too bad the leader is a Jew, and is married to a Jew.
    He is a spook. Why else would a Jew be a leader of a neo-nazi group?
    Keeping Hitler and NAZI in the news cycle.
    Who benefits from that?

    The author started the big day of the launch of the new political party with a hangover. Prematurely celebrating?

    • Troll: Exile
  32. orionyx says:

    YAPP – Yet Another Political Party, whose platform will reduce to the common denominators of all platforms: We’re no worse than the rest, and we’re your mishpoche.
    Meanwhile, as political movements multiply, there is no science of good government. This is like choosing your doctor because he’s a nice guy and was a jock at college, or your mechanic because she thinks the same as you do about same-sex marriage, and for that matter, intersex marriages too.
    Until someone comes along with a science of good government, along with the engineering necessary to implement it, I will continue to regard voting as an exercise in futility, only to be outdone in futility by not voting.
    And don’t bring up poli sci. That’s nothing but gossip and speculation, which is why it’s been dominated for so long by hags and fags and fag hags – they live to gossip and speculate.

    • Replies: @Exile
  33. @American Citizen 2.0

    White solidarity was never a thing because it was neither pushed from above by powerful factors nor required from inside by necessity. In the US as in Europe. A race war as it’s being sketched out now might change that real fast. Time will tell, but your categorical denial is a bit weird, since the current situation is unprecedented. The rich whites don’t have to be on board for this to happen.

    • Replies: @American Citizen 2.0
  34. @Anon

    Bullcrap, Striker sounds legit and his ideas are good. Like many readers of his, I too wonder how many moles were part of this inauguration, but as to why Unz is publishing him, maybe simply because of good ideas or maybe he’ll enlighten us.

  35. Kuraudo says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    This has been tried. As Mike points out in the njp speech, what we’ve learned about the republican party is that the thing they are best at is exposing and expelling anyone who holds pro white sympathies.

  36. Exile says:

    No society ever had good government before? We can’t simply copy the past but clearly there were societies that had better government in the past and human nature hasn’t changed. Government’s an art not a science and it’s not something that has yet to be discovered.

    • Replies: @orionyx
  37. orionyx says:

    Some societies did indeed have good governments for a time, but always they turned bad. Also, there are no objective metrics that all can agree on. The American constitution was an attempt at systematizing good government, but it is as far from doing so as Galen was from outlining the basis of modern medicine. if we scrap all of it except for the separation of powers, with modifications, and the Bill of Rights, also with modifications, we will have lost nothing.

    When I was studying medicine, it was common to hear older doctors and teachers say “medicine is an art and a science”, to which the cynical reply was the art lies in picking the pocket of the patient and keeping him grateful to you for doing so.

    Government, like software, involves multiple complex recursive and non-linear systems. Such systems are well described but seldom with explicit reference to government. There are taboos in approaching the subject. The substrate of government is people, and it seems obvious that if you want to govern people, you have to be honest about you and about them. Politicians are notorious for being dishonest about themselves, and they are compelled by political correctness to be dishonest about their citizens. indeed, we are obliged to be dishonest if we are to retain any belief in the absurd idea that the way to run a complex system is to get people of all levels of intelligence, ability, education and morality to vote on matters, and indeed to allow practically anyone to run for office.

    If we are to move forward, we should drop democracy down the well where Fred Reed suggests we drop our inner child, and good riddance to it; and then set up a well-governed state run for the benefit of its citizens, without exploitation of one class by another. A planet covered in small states like that – perhaps 2000 or more – given openness and good communications would pretty soon pick out the systems that work, and the general principles behind them.

    It won’t be easy, but it seems essential that we do it, or our inner baboons will kill the rest of us with the weapons we so carelessly left lying around. I shudder to think of a USA with the red football in the hands of a BLM or Antifa supporter, or indeed any other sort of fanatic – a Zionist, or a believer in spreading ‘American values’. Would the rest of the world be able to put us out of their misery before we put an end to all life?

  38. anon[365] • Disclaimer says:

    You folks know ‘mike enoch’ is a jew, right? I thought TRS crashing and burning all those years ago put an end to that fat sloppy faggot.

    • Troll: Exile
  39. @Wyatt

    Trump is a successful businessman. He should’ve done a better job at management and hiring. When a corporation buys out another, one of the first things they do is clear out management in the old company and replace it with their own.

    The excuses need to stop. Trump is either part of the deep state or he lost his business instincts in 2016.

  40. @Anon

    Sadly it’s too late for them. Those guys were all running for higher office when the entire party apparatus below them was anti White. We need young, future Kings and Kobachs taking over from the bottom and working their way up so that next time there’s no party to cockblock them. And not just that, but filling every position with like minded people.

    Read up on how communists infiltrated the US government beginning in the forties. They would run for small local positions not as communists but as regular folks, always furthering their agenda, step by step.

    One of the books on Ron’s banned books list is The Iron Curtain Over America, it illustrates clearly how this takeover was accomplished. It should be considered a blueprint for how to do this.

  41. Tom Verso says:

    “The National Justice Party advocates primarily on behalf of Americans of European descent”

    Paise the Lord they say: “Americans of European descent” and not White people!!

  42. Chris Moore says: • Website

    So, two-thirds of the group who worship the same Godcomplex will unite together against the other one-third, and all of them together will bring about freedom for everyone regardless of their affinity for that Godcomplex?

    Christianity shows the way out of the “Godcomplex.” Jewishness most definitely doesn’t, as Godcomplex is the Jewish franchise. Islam, like Christianity, has always been reactionary to Jewry/Godcomplex. That’s why Christians and Muslims make natural allies on their way to what Germany started to achieve before Marxism and Mammon, two of Godcomplex’s tools, destroyed it.

    The reason the Jews/Zionists have a totalitarian God complex is not because of Islam and Christianity. The people that comprise Islam and Christianity were victims of Jewry’s God complex before they found a way to fight back. The reason that Jews have a God complex is that their sick and sadistic cult instills it into them. For the money. For the power. For the ego gratification.

    True enough, the Jewish franchise parasitically infiltrates every Empire, nation and religion in order to turn it into their tool. But that is why Godcomplex needs to be monitored closely, and dealt with when its power and ego get out of hand.

    Eventually, as the fight goes out of it, its primitive megalomania will wither away.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  43. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    The history of the Pinkertons breaking strikes would suggest that rich white people do need to be on board. You will not have any jobs or investment unless wealthy white people agree to your political movement growing. That’s what happened to South Africa with the sanctions movements all over the world. Unless you have buy-in from very powerful white people, you aren’t going anywhere with this idea. Merely having a lot of participants in your movement won’t accomplish anything.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Parsnipitous
  44. Exile says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    Wealth above a certain scale divorces the very rich from the interests of the working class populace.

    If you cater to the interests of mega-donors to court their cash, all you do is create “jobs and investment” for consultant-class grifters and shills. Look at Conservative, Inc. and the Alt-Lite.

    No one is turning down someone’s money if they offered it with no strings attached – but since when has any mega-donor given money for a nationalist populist cause without demanding his own “slant” on the message?

    Businesses that operate on a human scale and respect their workforce have nothing to fear and everything to gain from populism.

    If we’re not in this to bring money-power to heel and rein in guys like Bezos & Zuck who wantonly abuse their wealth and act like godlings, what’s the point?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  45. @Johnny Smoggins

    Jews have brains and MONEY. The Alt Right has neither. However, a little exploratory infiltration could be a useful supplement to a separate movement.

    Principle: If an idea has appeal let the public see it in its purest, most naked form. Do not let its opponents blur it. Camouflage is mainly an asset to bad ideas and people.

  46. @jack daniels

    Interesting. Can you expand on your principle, perhaps make an example?

  47. @American Citizen 2.0

    So glad we checked with you first, could have wasted so much time without you!

  48. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    No problem. Just here to make sure you aren’t re-inventing the wheel with that whole invasion of Poland thing. Pro-tip: Gdansk is not today known as Danzig for a reason.

  49. @American Citizen 2.0

    White people are not united by interests particularly.

    The problem with the “white” identity is that it only comes into play when whites are, or are faced with becoming, a minority. Sure, there was a base identity in Europe; other countries were horrified when the French used black colonials in the fight against Germany in 1914. But how is that any different from using horses? It was frogs vs. krauts; the nig-nogs were just a tool.

    Otherwise, there is no thought of “white” interests per se, only our nation’s, or tribe’s within a larger nation.

    We should start from our families, and work outward. It may be better for whites to shatter in many, many parts than to unite into one giant target. There are over 3000 counties in the US alone, and the vast majority are white. Often very.

  50. @Exile

    Wealth above a certain scale divorces the very rich from the interests of the working class populace.

    America has 400 years of experience with this, mostly in the hotter latitudes, but in recent centuries in the major ports as well.

  51. Thomasina says:
    @jack daniels

    “Jews have brains and MONEY. The Alt Right has neither.”

    I don’t know whether these guys deserve to be called “Alt Right”. Who started the term “Alt Right”, anyway? They’re called the “National Justice Party”. If they stick to strong principles, free speech, freedom of association, they’ll do great. Keep it simple. Truth always lies in the simple.

    And I don’t know about Jews having more brains. They just play a different game, that’s all, one involving less conscience. When you own the media and can churn out lies, that’s a big advantage, as is controlling Hollywood and academia. When you own politicians, you can pretty much do anything.

    Bring back the Fairness Doctrine whereby the media have to at least give “some” time to the other side of the debate. And split the media up. No way six corporations should be owning 90% of the media.

    You can win at this game, but you must play it smart. Have a tight position because, sure enough, they will try to push you off it. Do not play their game. Do not defend yourself. If you start, you won’t stop. They will tell lies about you, twist your words, and then try to make you defend yourself, justify. They will want to create chaos and confusion. You want to be on the offense.

    At least half of the commenters on this post are against you. You can see this in the belittling comments. The trolls are out.

    Study narcissism and psychopathy. These are the people you will be up against. Good luck to you, Eric Striker.

    • Agree: Exile
    • Replies: @Jim Brewer
  52. American Citizen 2.0 says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    I think you make a good point about the majority white counties and dispersion.

    But for me “white” is a kind of artificial grouping anymore. It seems like people back in the early 20th century especially wanted to create a pan-European identity in America and so the idea of the melting pot was pushed on everyone as a way of getting them to stop identifying as German or English or Irish. All that did was make it possible for America to invade Europe to fight a war that honestly seems like probably the worst catastrophe ever, a major historical blunder. There wasn’t really a moral difference between the British Empire and the Nazis and we shouldn’t have sided with the British. It basically destroyed Europe and the European identity.

    And then we also had the census and all of the racial politics cementing this non-black identity coming out of the South in the US and South Africa.

    But now the overall globalist agenda seems to be to destroy whiteness as concept. In other words, they don’t want white people to see themselves as a single unit the way Chinese people do or Jews do or even Black people do. I don’t know if “hispanic” has ever worked to unite everyone under the umbrella they intended with that name either.

    I am actually fine with not identifying “white” people as such anymore. We always were people who had a specific national origin. We should, in my opinion, focus on in-group preference at the family level and also assert our national origins as being our identity rather than “white”. I am genetically a Northern European (I won’t say it more specifically online because of doxxing). My people moved to the United States during a specific historical chain of events.

    Do I have some huge desire to identify with Italians or Albanians? No.

    We still have rights and functional political institutions. This who race game is not workable. There is absolutely nothing about life that you are missing out on simply because you are white. You can go to college. You can read books. You can make friends. You can buy a house. The fact that black people feel like they have not been able to do these things and therefore they must band together politically and seize the reigns of power is nonsensical but at the same time what is it really getting them that they didn’t have before? In my opinion, absolutely nothing. Trying to get white people to emulate this tribal mass culture for the sake of political power doesn’t make any sense. I get absolutely nothing from knowing that the governor of my state is “White”. I get absolutely nothing from knowing that my Senator is “White”. And we never did. Having white people be in power in elected offices isn’t something that translated into white people getting anything specifically for being white. Every single job imaginable was shipped off to a foreign country if it could be and there was a rich person who benefited from it. And on and on.

    I guess that’s the main thing I see as being different between “white” people and “black” people when it comes to political power. They really do seem to feel like it benefits them in some way to have the newscaster on tv be a black person or to have the mayor of their town be a black person. Regardless of what that translates into politically for them personally. On the other hand, I really don’t get anything from the newscaster being a white person and I genuinely couldn’t care less.

    People are overly focused on media and political representation as if that is reality. You might say: well if we don’t have political power as a group, other groups are going to screw us over! Well, to that I would say… White politicians have been massively screwing us over for as long as I have been alive, so having white people in political roles hasn’t resulted in us “not being screwed over” either.

    We are adventurers and explorers and pioneers. If everything is being swamped by non-white people who want to take the administrative and political jobs, all that means is that those roles are no longer going to be places where you need adventurers, explorers, and pioneers. I want to find something where I can live a fun adventure. I do not want a desk job in a city office where simply being there is treated as if I have overcome some huge historical injustice and now I am a hero. I don’t want to identify with a group and derive my self-worth from someone who “looks like me” being in a position of authority. I think that idea is stupid.

    • Replies: @Exile
  53. Exile says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    We’re not being attacked for being English, Irish, German, Italian, etc…

    White is a “thing” and it’s meaningful in the here-and-now, not just some “pan-Euro” past.

    It’s being fought over in the streets, not in academic conferences of historians, scientists and philosophers.

    Arguing about your sub-racial ethnicity while everyone else is hating Whitey sounds evasive and incoherent to both your supporters and enemies.

    You may have no “huge desire to identify with Italians or Albanians” but non-Whites don’t really care. We’re all White to them.

    Solidarity is a necessity in the time and place we live.

    Your post-racial libertarian pose is a luxury Whites as a group can’t afford. If you have the means and circumstances to still enjoy this lifestyle and worldview, be my guest and good luck to you.

    But others should not be following your lead or taking your advice.

    • Replies: @American Citizen 2.0
  54. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    From the point of view of “Hating Whitey” in the sense of academics etc… “White” in that sense is defined as the pinnacle of the power hierarchy in political society, the place from which oppression emanates. It’s a political category and “black” is the opposite category, i.e. the most oppressed people. White and Black appear in every society. So, the problem you seem to be overlooking is that if you identify as “white” in that narrative then you are literally saying you should be the person who oppresses everyone. And so then of course they are going to hate you. Why should you occupy the place where all of the norms and values of society come from? And what makes you so important and valuable that all of society should revolve around what you want as a white person? It’s a losing proposition. You can simply abandon the idea of white people being the focus of everything in society. Asserting that white people should be the focus of everything in society is racism. So when you are fighting for whiteness, what are you really getting from that that you wouldn’t get from fighting for human rights in general and the equal protection of everyone under the law? Nothing other than that you are adding a racial element to it by saying that such things are specifically related to whiteness. But then suppose you were in India or China where “whiteness” as a racial category does not dominate but the overall position in the political hierarchy that is occupied by what we call whiteness does exist. Do you think that society should revolve around caste hierarchy. I doubt you do. But that is what asserting “whiteness” means. There is a caste-like political hierarchy and you were so lucky as to have been born at the top of it and it should never change because white people are the best people.

    The point is that white people in the US have an opportunity to do something historically unique and that is to articulate a multicultural sense of power and human rights that doesn’t involve castes and race. People who are asserting whiteness are retrograde reactionaries tied to an old idea that their rights as citizens are linked essentially to their race being the hegemon politically.

    But that has never really been true in actual life for me at least. That’s what I have been saying in these comments. That the president of the united states is a white man hasn’t made my life any better. That John Keats was a white person doesn’t make me the inheritor of some great poetical gift.

    It’s like how we keep seeing stories where academics say that Orcs are really a coded way of saying “Black”. You don’t want to be an Orc. But who or what is making people see Orcs as Black? Who or what is making you want to be “White”?

    You don’t want to be a White person. It’s a made up thing. Like being “Hispanic”. It was made up not very long ago in human history to serve a certain political purpose that doesn’t benefit you in any way and only ends up causing a ton of problems. It’s like clinging to the idea of being a Nazi. There so many negatives attached to that label that it’s better to give it up. So, why is your identity so tied up with this invented political category? Do you want to have “whites only” water fountains? It’s just ludicrous.

    Quit looking at racist websites and watching racist videos and you will see that in real life you are not losing anything. Nothing is in danger. You don’t have to defend anything. “Hating Whitey” is something that doesn’t have to apply to you if you don’t identify with it. Hating Whitey is basically the same thing as Hating The Man or Hating Nazis. If you want to be The Man, fighting for your whiteness sure isn’t going to be the way to be The Man. There are lots of non-white people who want to be The Man too.

    So is there something being Being White that is really clicking with you that you can’t already just be anyway? Compassionate? Friendly? Altruistic? Concerned with Justice? Wealthy?

    Do you see that freighting all of these ideas with “Whiteness” isn’t adding anything positive to them in the context of American political life? Do you think you should get something special because you are white? I never did.

    What do you really want to fight for aside from the political category “white”… identify what that is and fight for it for everyone, not just white people. I want everyone to be friendly and altruistic. Those aren’t just applicable to white people.

    Ultimately there is a lot of really awful propaganda coming out of the old white nationalist movement that is really creating a lot of problems. Like the idea that non-white people are incapable of being sane citizens and therefore the only people who can live harmoniously around each other are white people. I have fallen for that too over the last few years. It’s complete nonsense. People are trying to force racism to the fore in political life in America because they are attached to some weird idea of whiteness that is serving no civic purpose in reality at all. Even the highest level corporate people are saying… you will still be rich even if white people are not the dominant political group. It’s over.

    The world will remember a multicultural place where all kinds of people lived really awesome lives. History will remember “white people” as segregationist monsters who had nothing valuable to add to political life in a world of all kinds of different people.

    I just think you are clinging to a fictional identity that is long past having any relevance in America and is rapidly becoming a huge liability for you and the people you care about. You are choosing to be “white” knowing full well that identifying as such is intentionally designed to insult and denigrate non-white people. So yes they hate you for that.

    The South lost the civil war. I am not a Southerner. I do not care about Whiteness as a category. It was taught to me for someone else’s political agenda. I always check the correct box when I am asked about my race on a form but then who is making those check boxes and why can’t we change them? We can.

  55. Eric Striker acknowledges the wisdom of both Dr. Duke and Minister Farrakhan on the JQ as can be seen by searching the comments under this screen name.

    • Replies: @Suicidal_canadian
  56. Thomasina says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    “So, my experience of being a white person and living around white people has never once involved people being nice to each other or helping each other.”

    That wasn’t my experience at all. Where I grew up, everybody knew their neighbors and knew them their whole lives. Children played on the streets together and watched out for each other. We had a very strong community. There was a very high level of trust, something we don’t have now.

    I’m sorry you never had that. You need to think a lot more on the topic, read about it, and then come back. Life should be about more than just eking out a living, getting enough food, and then you die. Maybe you just don’t know what you don’t know.

  57. @Suicidal_canadian

    Yes, and best efforts have been made here to document significant comments made during those editions of The David Duke Human Rights Radio Show, particularly when Duke and/or Striker praise the bold leadership courage of Farrakhan who speaks to free blacks from exploitation and manipulation by Jews.

    Just as the Jews have succeeded at using the US Military as their golem to attack Jews’ targeted enemies in WWI and WWII as well as all these Middle East wars of the 90s and 21st Century to the grave detriment of our brave uniformed personnel, Jews have since their founding of the NAACP, an Astroturf organization instituted long before Astroturf was invented but every bit as far from the black grass roots as synthetic is from the natural green blades, and right up to today with BLM being as unnatural as anything Jews have ever stoked, Jews deceive blacks into self-destructive violence as a way to use them as tools for the Jew goal of destruction of ordered society instituted by whites as a way to destroy their culture and then whites themselves.

    “Black leaders” promoted by the Jews’ media are as much puppets of the Jews are white politicians.

    Duke and Farrakhan are the two men most vilified by the Jews’ media, so we know they are speaking the truth about Jews’ exploitative manipulations.

    As has been suggested by others, a Truth Summit Meeting of Minister Farrakhan and Dr. Duke would capture the attention of the American people at the grass roots level like nothing else could. Striker, being a big Farrakhan fan, possibly Cynthia McKinney (who has been Striker’s radio guest in a show which produced great interpersonal chemistry) and/or Alice Walker, and whomever Minister Farrakhan might choose to include from among his people, would make such a forum a historic turning point for freeing all of us from oppression by subversive Jews.

  58. Anon[233] • Disclaimer says:

    Apparently Richard Spencer has endorsed Biden for President. LOL It’s blatantly obvious Striker and his group are controlled opposition and working with the government.

    • Troll: Exile
  59. @American Citizen 2.0

    Neither whites nor blacks have indelible bonds that hold everywhere. White advocacy makes sense for the same reason as black or secular Jewish advocacy: If people target others with a certain characteristic, the targeted automatically acquire an interest in defending their group. If there were pogroms against left-handers, it would make sense for them to band together.

    Also, blacks are obviously too poor and uneducated as a group to push whites around, but the black population is weaponized by white liberals as a vote plantation and iconic means of rationalizing anti-traditional and anti-white policies. Duh.

  60. @Thomasina

    I just can’t see your ideas gaining a critical mass of effective advocates. Money is at the bottom of it. Suppose the billionaires were all evangelicals or trad Catholics. There would be no Women’s Studies or Queer Theory Department, no BLM, no liberal media, etc. I’m afraid it’s the money.

    But there are techniques to reduce the influence of Woke money on congress. Check out this video by Rep. Thomas Massie (R, KY):

  61. @Anon

    Striker is so disappointed and disgusted with Trump he’s struggling to recognize Trump as the necessary vote for anybody seeking to avoid the #Jew$4whiteGENOCIDE initiative.

  62. @Jim Brewer

    Also, blacks are obviously too poor and uneducated as a group to push whites around, but the black population is weaponized by white liberals as a vote plantation and iconic means of rationalizing anti-traditional and anti-white policies. Duh.

    Three assertions, the later two about use by the Left being accurate observations.


    blacks are obviously too poor and uneducated as a group to push whites around

    is the exact opposite of reality psychologically for the very reason it has been demonstrated daily for many decades since the black militancy era of the 60s to be likewise physically.

    The black militant murderers of that era and black violence since integration put permanent mortal fear into whites.

    Thus the “kid gloves” treatment of blacks by whites ever since. This physical bullying brought overwhelming short term benefits to blacks – Affirmative Action; grade inflation; immunity from 1) criticism as a group and 2) accurate assessment of individual shortcomings in performance and capacity; the welfare $ windfall; etc.

    But now in the long run we see all these artificial returns resulting from intimidation have only harmed blacks individually and as a group because absence of 1) standards; and 2) social pressure doesn’t just stunt growth but puts individual and group behavior and performance into free-fall.

  63. @Reg Cæsar

    White identity was a major force in pre 1950s America. Sometimes this took on radical forms. Whites violently expelled Chinese from the pacific coast in the late nineteenth century. The whites involved stated explicitly that they were advancing white interests. Many of the race riots, such as the Tulsa riot, were stated to advance racial interests of whites over blacks. To say nothing of the various Indian wars.

    I’m not saying I approve of those actions, but white identity was very much a political force in early twentieth century American life, even when whites were a supermajority of the population. Sure whites can be quite mean to other whites, but so can any racial group. If actual murder is the meanest thing imaginable, the black on black murder rate is the highest per capita in the world, yet blacks hang together to advance black group interests like no other group in contemporary America, right?

  64. Polemos says:
    @Chris Moore

    Ask Jesus a simple question:

    “Who is your Daddy, and what does He do?”

    Do you know what His answer is? Have you met the Father of Jesus, yet?

    True enough, the Jewish franchise parasitically infiltrates every Empire, nation and religion in order to turn it into their tool. But that is why Godcomplex needs to be monitored closely, and dealt with when its power and ego get out of hand.

    The mythology of Jesus Christ was originally confined to a small group of dispossessed Judeans, but it was Paul who began the great work to turn more and more non-hebrews, the Gentiles, into people who worshipped the oiled-one as God incarnate, and it was his efforts to have all of those Gentiles acknowledged and recognized “within the fold” that also enabled him to have enough power to force himself upon the original core group of disciples. But who was guiding and whispering to Paul?

    I talk in cryptic riddles at times, I’ll admit. But let me say more clearly what I mean by pointing to the dominant geometric symbols at work in the (so-called) Abrahamic mono-theisms. The Cross, the Cube, and the Six-pointed Star are all the same geometric symbol; each can be folded into the other in a higher dimensional space, the same space from which this Power descends. This is why Paul speaks of battling with the “world-rulers” or the “wicked spirits in the heavens” — seeing everyone else in its “time zone” as evil as its self, the war in heaven for the whole of the planet is a war begun in the higher dimensions pervading into the lower ones. The Power at work in the monotheisms is the same corrupting influence that seeks to destroy all the various local divine beings whose interrelationships and cooperations and struggles make up the more transcending forms of life on our planet. This entity wants for us to believe it is the only god there is, even usurping both the significance of One and the denotation of our capitalized word ‘God’. It even wants us to think of it as The Most High, the Creator, the Unmoved Mover. Indigenous or autochthonic religions grew out of the soil, and some also fell from a gap in the sky, but over time, we’ve seen many of these local practices destroyed as the people and the soil became polluted. You are correct: money and its thoughtform is one such tool of our destruction, but it is limiting to your own spiritual growth to think that it was used only by Jews. Each of the monotheisms carries the same problem while openly announcing, though to the spiritually inclined, their foundational sameness.

    I think people trapped inside the herd’s fold have a hard time seeing, with eyes to see, and hearing, with ears to hear, the kind of message I give to you, precisely because the all-consuming nature of the monotheisms makes it seem as though you only have one of the three choices before you. You might have forgotten in this lifetime that you have far more choices, but each of us works out the karma of our choosing, just as the Power must work out its karma in the longest of runs, too.

    So, I don’t fault your zeal. I hope your heart, guided by love for others, triumphs over the slavery and genocide your mind predicts for itself. But, suppose you really are right, that there is an insidious, nefarious, and world-destroying spirit among the Feds, the banksters, the ones who feed off debt, and this spirit has infilitrated all the limbs and extensions of the Empires of this world — how might they have already changed what you know about your own history on this planet, how might they have deeply guided the culture you live within, and how would you know what the future will bring if the very way you embrace the past is something they already control?

    Or maybe I totally misunderstand you and speak nonsense. That’s also an option.

  65. Oscar C. says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    Sorry to hear that. I am not an American and I am an ocean away, but you have made a pretty strong case for the reasons of white America’s plight.

    I have talked to a handful of white Americans throughout the years, some English teachers, tourists, etc. and my impression has been positive, I think there is truth to the stereotype that US citizens are friendly, much more so than Northern Europeans.

    However at the same time there is a certain callousness that seems to permeate American life, not just in the big cities where you would expect it but pretty much overall. Callousness as in “I don’t want to pay more taxes to have good public services for the majority”. Now, the racial diversity factor certainly distorts the whole thing, but I am not so sure that even an America that was 90% white today would have single-payer healthcare.

    This short video of Ron Paul saying that the uninsured should die is really a case in point for all this:

    Notice how the public starts cheering when he mentions “muh freedom”. One can be sympathetic to the white nationalist idea but just like in South Africa, where Afrikaners kinda prefered being killed in their beds than make them, one is left with the impression that whites are their own worst enemies.

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